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China Weather 0.2.15
Original App
The application China Weather for Android smartphones offersanexperience of innovative weather. China Weather has aninterfacewith simple and intuitive features for easy access todata. It alsoprovides access to real-time weather and air qualityat any time ofthe day. See a full set of forecasts to 5 days.Features: ★ Simpleand intuitive interface ★ More than 100 citiesand places in China★ Configurable Widgets : small and medium size ★Daily temperature,with daily highs and lows ★ Wind speed and winddirection ★Humidity level ★ Sunrise and sunset times ★ Forecasts upto 5 days★ Air quality for the most of cities ★ Configurable listof citieson the Front interface ★ A new interface of weatherconditions foryour current location ★ Background selection ★ Chooseyourpreferred temperature unit - Celsius or Fahrenheit
中国天气版本:1.0Designed by We Software Limited慧讯软件 Allrightsreserved.特色功能:支持5天城市天气预报。支持同时浏览多个城市当天的天气状况。方便快速切换。支持全国包括港澳台地区3000多个城市。支持拼音,电话区号,中文查询。离线功能,在没有网络连接的情况下显示最后更新的数据。**支持显示12个城市。##天气数据来自中国中央气象台客户服务:如果你有任何问题和建议,欢迎联系我们:[email protected]
Weather for the World 3.4.8
ID Mobile SA
Every day you can quickly and easily find a 10 day weatherforecastfor the world supervised 24/24 by MeteoNews and updated inrealtime! - Weather forecast for the morning / afternoon / evening-Rainfall radar images - Value of forecast reliability -Probabilityof sunshine and precipitations - Perceived temperature -Average,mimimum and maximum temparature - Wind force, winddirection, gustforce - Limit of snowfall - Limit zero degrees - Fog- Humidity andpressure Find your favorite ski resorts and snowconditions forFrance and Switzerland - All resorts and snowreports; Skiing -cross-country skiing - sledding - Check the snowconditions throughlive webcams - See the last snowfall in a snap -Flash TV of theweekend weather, road weather and currents - Alpinewebcam Exposurefor 10 days in landscape mode. - Choose your town orany othercity: Bruxelles, Antwerp, Paris, London, New York, LosAngeles,Barcelone, Rio de Janeiro, Zermatt, Milan, Vienna,Berlin,Amsterdam ... and even small villages around the WorldContentdelivered by MeteoNews
China weather forecast climate 1.0
Weather forecast, conditions for today & long term. ClimateinChinaWelcome to our weather app - with offline mode and supportformultiple languages!App present detailed weather forecast per 3hourperiods for 6 days, daily weather for 12 days and 30 days longtermweather forecast basedon archive data. Accurate and localforecastsfor locations worldwide, now can work offline in yourdevice. Bestapp for traveler and mountain hikers!App shows detailedcurrentweather with information about: - conditions - min &maxtemperature at night, evening and morning - humidity - pressure-wind speed - clouds cover - sunrise and sunset - length of thedayApp can work in offline mode, weather forecast can beviewedoffline, after data is cached. You can use this weather appwithoutdata roaming and hidden costs!Please note that hikersbayappprovide data created by community. If you think thatwe'republishing incomplete or incorrect data let us know byclicking"report incorrect data' below thecontestedinformation.DisclaimerThis app is created to providing themostcomprehensive information about traveling to othercountries.However, it does not guarantee100% accuracy of data. Wedo notaccept responsibility for any loss or damage that you sufferas aresult of using this mobile app.Authors do notacceptresponsibility - including, but not limited to, damages forloss ofprofits, business interruption, loss of programs orinformation,and the like.
Weather for Germany 3.4.8
ID Mobile SA
A quick and easy way to get the weather forecast for yourregionupdated in real time by meteorologists! - Video weatherpresentedby weather experts three times a day - Weather forecastfor themorning / afternoon / evening - Rainfall radar - Value offorecastreliability - Probability of sunshine and precipitations-Perceived temperature - Average, mimimum and maximum temparature-Wind force, wind direction, gust force - Limit of snowfall -Limitzero degrees - Fog - Graphics - Humidity and pressure Exposurefor10 days in landscape mode. Select your city or location:Berlin,Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart,Düsseldorf,Dortmund, Essen, Leipzig, Dresden, Hanover, Venice,Paris,Marseille, London, New York, Barcelona, ​​Rio de Janeiro,Berlin ,Milan, Amsterdam and all your favorite villages. Contentdeliveredby MeteoNews
Weather for Italy 3.4.8
ID Mobile SA
A quick and easy way to get the weather forecast for yourregionupdated in real time by meteorologists! - Weather forecastfor themorning / afternoon / evening - Rainfall radar - Select anycity inthe World - Value of forecast reliability - Probability ofsunshineand precipitations - Perceived temperature - Average,mimimum andmaximum temparature - Wind force, wind direction, gustforce -Limit of snowfall - Limit zero degrees - Fog - Graphics -Humidityand pressure Exposure for 10 days in landscape mode. -Select yourcity or location: Milan, Rome, Messina, Bologna,Florence, Bergamo,Naples, Turin, Treviso, Venice, Paris, Marseille,London, New York,Barcelona, ​​Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Milan,Amsterdam and allBookmark villages. Content delivered by MeteoNews
USA Weather forecast 3.4.8
ID Mobile SA
Every day you can get quick and easy access to weather forecastsforthe United States and any other place in the world. Supervised24/7by MeteoNews and updated in real time! Our long-time userslike the"day at a glance view" and the "10 days panoramic view".Still youcan get all the details. - Weather forecast for themorning /afternoon / evening / night - Get your own weatherchannel when everyou want - Rainfall radar - Value of forecastreliability -Probability of sunshine and precipitations -Perceived temperature -Detailed charts of sun, rain and wind -Average, minimum and maximumtemperature - Wind force, winddirection, gust force - Limit ofsnowfall - Limit zero degrees -Fog Find your favorite ski resortsand snow conditions for Franceand Switzerland - All resorts andsnow reports; Skiing -cross-country skiing - sledding - Check thesnow conditions throughlive webcams - See the last snowfall in asnap - Flash TV of theweekend weather, road weather and currents -Alpine webcam Chooseany place like New York, Los Angeles,Washington DC Paris, London,Barcelone, Rio de Janeiro, Zermatt,Milan, Vienna, Berlin,Amsterdam or get the same layout orinformation any where in theworld while travelling. Display thequick view or 10 days inlandscape mode. Content delivered byMeteoNews
Weather for Turkey 3.4.7
ID Mobile SA
Every day you can quickly and easily find a 10 day weatherforecastfor Turkey supervised 24/24 by MeteoNews and updated inreal time!- Weather forecast for the morning / afternoon / evening- Rainfallradar images - Value of forecast reliability -Probability ofsunshine and precipitations - Perceived temperature -Average,mimimum and maximum temparature - Wind force, winddirection, gustforce - Limit of snowfall - Limit zero degrees - Fog- Humidity andpressure Exposure for 10 days in landscape mode.Content deliveredby MeteoNews
Weather for Austria 3.4.8
ID Mobile SA
A quick and easy way to get the weather forecast for yourregionupdated in real time by meteorologists! - Weather forecastfor themorning / afternoon / evening 7 night - Rainfall radar -New,cleaner "details view" - Select any City in Austria and intheWorld - Value of forecast reliability - Probability of sunshineandprecipitations - Perceived temperature - Average, mimimumandmaximum temparature - Wind force, wind direction, gust force-Limit of snowfall - Limit zero degrees - Fog - Graphics -Humidityand pressure Exposure for 10 days in landscape mode. -Choice ofcity or anywhere; Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna, Graz, St.Anton,Feldkirch, Kitzbühel, Zurich, Zermatt, Paris, London, NewYork, LosAngeles, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Milan, Berlin,Amsterdam ...and even villages around the world Content deliveredby MeteoNews
China Weather 1.1
The weather forecast for China. Accurate weather forecast.
特色功能:支持5天城市天气预报。支持同时浏览多个城市当天的天气状况。方便快速切换。支持全国包括港澳台地区3000多个城市。支持拼音,电话区号,中文查询。离线功能,在没有网络连接的情况下显示最后更新的数据。Features:Supportfor5-day weather forecasts for cities.Support while browsing theday'sweather conditions in a number of cities.Quickly andeasilyswitch.Support the country in more than 3000 cities includingHongKong, Macao and Taiwan regions.Support Pinyin, phone areacode,Chinese query.Offline function to display the last updateddata inthe case of no network connection.
날씨와 먼지 - 대기오염, 날씨, 미세먼지, 위젯 2.9.4
Jiyoung Kim
날씨와 먼지는 사용자의 현재 위치 혹은 지정한 지역의 기상청 일기예보, 한국환경공단(에어코리아)의 대기오염 정보를한번에볼수 있는 앱입니다. (날씨는 기상청을, 대기오염 데이터는 에어코리아의 정보를 표시합니다.) 사용자가 현재 위치한곳이나사용자가 추가한 최대 5개 지역의 아래 정보를 볼수 있습니다. * 날씨 정보 - 현재 날씨 - 모레까지의 날씨 예보-일 단위 날씨 예보 - 기상 특보 표시 - 기상레이더 표시 - 태풍 정보 표시 - 자외선 지수 예보(3~11월에만표시됩니다.) - 예상 체감 온도 (11~3월에만 표시됩니다.) - 어제/오늘/내일 날씨 비교. (사용자가없는 지역은서버에 데이터가 없으므로 표시되지 않습니다.) - 전국 날씨 (화면을 왼쪽으로 밀면 전국 날씨, 전국 현재대기오염상황을 보실수 있습니다.) - (노르웨이 기상 협회) 날씨 예보 *대기오염 정보 - 현재 위치나설정한지역과 가장 가까운 측정소의 대기 오염 정보 (미세먼지(황사)-PM10, 초미세먼지-PM2.5,통합대기환경지수-CAI등) 를 표시합니다. - 미세먼지, 초미세먼지 예보 표시 (내일 예보는 오후 5시 이후표시됩니다.) - 다양한 대기오염등급 표시 및 설정 (에어코리아, 에어코리아 1시간, US EPA 등급) * 위젯 -1X1, 2X1, 4X1, 4X2,5X1, 5X2위젯 지원 - 위젯 각각 개별 지역 설정이 가능합니다. (안드로이드 위치설정이 꺼져있어도 지역 지정으로사용할 수 있습니다.) - 업데이트 주기를 수동, 1~8시간으로 지정할 수 있습니다.(위젯의 오른쪽 색상에 따라대기오염도, 미세먼지, 초미세먼지 등급 표현. 도움말 참고) * 상단바 - 상단바 현재 날씨,대기오염 정보(대기오염도,미세먼지, 초미세먼지) 표시 (현재 위치 혹은 특정 지역 1곳 지정 가능) - 업데이트 주기를1~8시간으로 지정할 수있습니다. - 상단바에 온도가 표시됩니다. * 알림 - 요일이나 시간을 정해서 현재위치의 대기오염상태 (대기오염도,미세먼지, 초미세먼지)를 알려줍니다. - 주기적으로 대기오염도, 미세먼지, 초미세먼지 등급을 확인하여설정한 등급이거나그보나 나빠질 경우 알려줍니다. (사용하는 대기오염등급은 에어코리아-기본 입니다.) - 방해받고 싶지않은 시간을지정해서 알림을 하지 않도록 설정할 수 있습니다. * 기타 - 기상예보텍스트 - 오늘/내일의 날씨와 대기오염데이터를앱이 분석하여 좀 더 자세한 정보를 표시합니다. ---- 개발자 연락처 : 010-8636-0078 Weatheranddust is the user's current location or see the app in airpollutioninformation of a specified area of ​​meteorology forecast,KoreaEnvironment Corporation (Korea Air) at a time. (The weather isthemeteorology, air pollution data display information from theKoreaAir). The user can see the information currently in place orunderthe maximum of five areas that the user added. * WEATHER -Currentweather - Weather forecast for the day after - DailyWeatherForecast - Display weather Newsflash - Weather radar display-Display hurricane information (Displayed only from MarchtoNovember.) UV Index Forecast (Displayed only from NovembertoMarch) expected Feels Like - Yesterday / Today / TomorrowCompareweather. (No local user is not displayed because there is nodataon the server.) - National weather (slide the screen to theleftyou can see the country weather the current national airqualitysituation.) - (Norwegian Meteorological Institute)weatherforecast * Air Pollution Information - Displays thecurrentlocation or air pollution information of the set area andthenearest metrological (particulate matter (dust) -PM10,ultra-finedust -PM2.5, integrated air quality index -CAI, etc.). -Fineparticles, ultra-fine dust forecasts show (Tomorrow forecastisdisplayed after 5 pm). - A variety of air pollution ratings,anddisplay settings (Korea Air, Air Korea 1 hours, US EPA rating)*Widget - 1X1, 2X1, 4X1, 4X2, 5X1, 5X2 widget support - Eachwidgetcan have individual settings area. (Even if the Androidsetting offlocations are available in designated areas.) You canspecify theupdate frequency, manually, 1 to 8 hours. (Express airpollution,dust, micro dust levels as the right color of the widget.HelpNote) * Top Bar - Top Bar current weather, airpollutioninformation (air pollution, dust, micro dust) display(currentlydesignated locations or specific areas 1 place) You canspecify theupdate interval from 1 to 8 hours. - Top bar displaysthetemperature. * notice - Jeonghaeseo the day of the week ortimetells you the current position of the state air pollution(airpollution, dust, ultra-fine dust). - Periodically airpollution, aRatings Set to check the fine particles, ultra-finedust or ratingtells you if the Vonage worse. (Air pollution gradesfor use Korea- is the default.) - To specify the time do not wantto bedisturbed, you can disable the notifications. * Etc -Weatherforecast text-today / the app to analyze the weather andpollutiondata tomorrow will show more detailed information.
周辺便利天気 - 気象庁天気予報雨雲レーダーブラウザアプリ -
スマホとタブレットで、いつでもどこでもお手軽にお天気をチェック!スマホとタブレットに最適化された6分割画面であなたの周辺の降水・雨雲・落雷のレーダー画像・気象衛星画像等を簡単にチェック・比較できます。日々のお天気確認も楽々!起動してすぐ表示される情報はカスタマイズ可能!スマートフォンの大画面だからできた分割画面表示により簡単、素早く便利に現在地を中心とする周辺の各種気象情報を確認・把握できる「周辺便利天気」アプリが登場!AndroidOSVer.2.3以降対応。周辺便利天気は気象庁又は各種電力会社サイト等の天気予報、週間天気予報、高解像度降水ナウキャスト、レーダーナウキャスト、解析雨量情報、落雷情報、雨量情報、気象衛星画像、アメダス(気温、風向風速、降水量、日照時間、積雪深)、全国のお天気・気温、気象警報注意報、台風情報、地震情報、津波情報、噴火警報・予報、天気図など、および国土交通省のXバンドMPレーダー雨量情報が画面を遷移することなく素早く・簡単・便利に確認できることを目的とした気象庁Webサイト、各種電力会社Webサイト、XRAINサイトのビューワ(ブラウザ)アプリです。お出かけ前に周辺の雨量・雨雲・落雷などをレーダー画像で気軽にチェック!明日の天気、週間天気を簡単にチェック!できますので日々の生活にお役立てください。※電力会社雨量情報は関東地方のみで他地域では表示されません。電力会社落雷情報は東北、関東、中部、近畿、中国、四国地方のみで北海道、九州、沖縄地方では表示されません。初回起動時の画面は、雨雲がどの位置にあるか、落雷は発生しそうか、といったレーダー画像を中心に素早く見られる設定になっております。特に夏場のゲリラ豪雨、夕立、大雨、雷雨、落雷の発生具合などに役立つ情報構成です。起動して一発目で天気の状況が素早くわかります。素早く見たい情報は人それぞれだと思いますので、下部ボタンとメニューを選択して起動時の表示をカスタマイズできますのでより自分にあった便利な設定でご利用ください。---アプリの特徴---・現在地を取得し、各気象情報・レーダー画面の中心が現在地付近になりより周辺の天気の状態が把握しやすい。・6分割・又は4分割の画面による雨・雷・竜巻・衛星画像などの同時表示によりより周辺の天気の状態が把握しやすい。・各分割画面はショートカット・お気に入り代わりに活用でき自分の知りたいお天気情報に簡単にアクセスできる。各画面右上の「拡」ボタンで素早く全体表示もできる。・レーダーナウキャスト、解析雨量、アメダス、全国のお天気・気温は全国版と地域拡大版があり全国の状況と地域の詳細な情報を比較し、気象状況が素早く容易に把握できる。・レーダーナウキャスト、解析雨量、アメダス、衛星画像、XバンドMPレーダー雨量情報、天気図は左下の三角再生マークによりアニメーションが見られる。・現在地の県名を取得し、天気予報、週間天気予報、気象警報注意報の詳細などへの自分の地域の情報に簡単にアクセスできる。・高解像度降水ナウキャストに素早くアクセスできる。---ご利用上の注意---気象庁や各種電力会社、XRAINサイトのURL変更その他により閲覧ができなくなる場合があります。Wifi又は3G/4Gのネットワーク環境下でご利用ください。---エラーで読み込まれない場合---・インターネットに繋がっているか確認してください。・日付と時刻が現在時刻に設定されているか確認してください。---上記確認後もエラーで読み込まれない場合---・アプリを一旦終了してください。メイン画面で戻るボタンを押し、ダイアログが出ましたらアプリを終了してください。その後アプリを再度起動してください。・(それでも駄目な場合)端末(スマホ)の電源OFF→電源ONで本体の再起動をしてください。・サーバがおかしい場合もあります。時間をしばらくおいて、アクセスしてみてください。最後に・(それでも駄目な場合)※※データ(デフォルト地域、画面分割)の再設定が必要になります※※:アプリをアンインストール→再インストールしてください。画面分割の設定を一旦初期化して再設定したい場合もアプリのアンインストール→再インストールで初期化できます。・その他リンク切れと思われる状態でしたら、メールにてご報告ください(の問い合わせをご参照ください)。---分割画面数の変更---6分割や4分割画面から4分割、2分割、分割無し画面にすることができます。スマホをシェイク(縦に何回か振る)すると分割数が変更されます。普通に使っていて突然分割数が変わった場合、端末を振ったことが原因です。さらに何回か振ると(一周回って)元に戻ります。この機能を無効にするには周辺便利天気を起動後設定ボタン>シェイクで分割数変更をオフにしてください。詳細はまで○AndroidOSVer2.3以降に対応○動作確認端末[ドコモ]SO-01F、SH-01F、SH-06E、SH-02E、F-02E、F-03D、F-12C、SO-03D、SO-03C、SonyTabletS、SC-04D、P-01D、P-07C、N-06C[au]HTV31、SOV31、KYT31、SOL26、SHL25、KYY21、HTL22、HTL21、IS11CA、IS11SH、IS12F、IS11T[ソフトバンク]203SH[ワイモバイル]404KC[Simフリー]Nexus5X、arrowsM03、arrows M02、Zenfone 2、Priori 3S LTE、Moto G3rd、TORQUESKT01、Polaroid pigu、Xperia Arc LT15i、Galaxy YDuos[Wifi]Nexus9、Nexus 7(2012)、ICONIATABA100◇◇周辺便利天気はアンドロイダー公認アンドロイドアプリです。◇◇◇◇デベロッパーkatapu.netはアンドロイダー公認デベロッパーとして認証されました。◇◇◇◇アンドロイダー様に紹介動画を作成して頂きました。◇◇
China Weather
Finding China country's weather is very difficult. Onlylessprovider will provide weather information in english.Thisapplication provide the details weatherinformation,temperature,humidity, include feature 4 days forecast.Besides that, user canfind the location of china not only by text.They can use map tofind out the current weather. We hope user ofthis application canget the most update weather information and canenjoy the useexperience of this app.
china weather forcast 中国天气预报
此应用支持中国各省各市各县的天气预报, 支持各种手机分辨率, 平板支持800X1280分辨率,这是一款简介的天气预报软件,用户操作相当简单!This application supports China's provincesand cities andcounties weather forecast, supports a variety ofmobile phoneresolution, flat-panel support 800X1280 resolution,which is aprofile of weather forecasting software, the useroperation isquite simple!This application supports China'sprovinces and citiesand counties weather forecast, supports avariety of phoneresolution, tablet support 800X1280 resolution,which is a briefintroduction of weather forecasting software, useroperation isquite simple!This application supports China'sprovinces and citiesand counties weather forecast, supports avariety of mobile phoneresolution, flat-panel support 800X1280resolution, which is aprofile of weather forecasting software, theuser operation isquite simple!
Weather for Portugal
ID Mobile SA
A quick and easy way to get the weather forecast for yourregionupdated in real time by meteorologists!- Weather forecast forthemorning / afternoon / evening / night - Rainfall radar- Valueofforecast reliability - Probability of sunshine andprecipitations-Perceived temperature - Average, mimimum and maximumtemparature-Wind force, wind direction, gust force - Limit ofsnowfall - Limitzero degrees - Fog - Graphics- Humidity andpressure- Choose yourtown or any other city: Porto, Lisbonne,Bruxelles, Paris, Ibiza,London, New York, Los Angeles, Barcelone,Rio de Janeiro, Zermatt,Milan, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam ... andeven small villages aroundthe WorldExposure for 10 days inlandscape mode. Content deliveredby MeteoNews
UK Weather forecast
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Every day you can get quick and easy access to weather forecastsforyour home and any other place in the world. Supervised 24/7byMeteoNews and updated in real time!NEW: - All ski resorts inFranceand Switzerland with states for tracks; Skiing -cross-country -sledding- Check the snow through live webcams fromthe ski slopes-Flash TV / Video weather presented by experts threetimes a day-Weather forecast for the morning / afternoon / evening/ night -Rainfall radar- Value of forecast reliability -Probability ofsunshine and precipitations- Perceived temperature -Average,mimimum and maximum temparature- Wind force, winddirection, gustforce - Limit of snowfall - Limit zero degrees - Fog- Graphics-Humidity and pressureChoice of city or any location:London,Manchester, Liverpool, Ipswich, Aberdeen, Sydney, Oslo,Paris,Bordeaux, New York, Los Angeles, Barcelone, Rio deJaneiro,Zermatt, Milan, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam ... and evensmallvillages around the World.Exposure for 10 days in landscapemode.Content delivered by MeteoNews Ltd
날씨나라(기상청 날씨, 미세먼지) 2.48
# 오류가 발생할 경우, 앱을 다시 설치하시기 바랍니다. # ▶ 주요 기능 * 위젯 출시 - 현재날씨2종(2x1,4x2), 시간별날씨(4x1), 주간날씨(4x1), 미세먼지(4x1), 레이더영상(2x2),위성영상(2x2) 등 7종출시 - 위젯 배경화면 선택 및 투명도 설정 가능 - 자동업데이트(30분), 수동업데이트 -자동업데이트 주기(안함,30분, 1/2/6/12/24 시간) 설정 - 현재날씨 위젯에 글씨크기 확대 모드 및 강수량표시선택 기능 추가 -안드로이드 특성상 롤리팝에서는 기기 재부팅을 해야 위젯이 보이는 경우가 있습니다. 1. 한국날씨 -읍/면/동의시간별예보, 일별예보, 주간예보, 일별/시간별 바람, 강수, 미세먼지 정보, 일출일몰 시간정보, 어제날씨 제공-골프장을 지역으로 추가할 수 있습니다. - 지도에서 현재 위치의 날씨와 읍/면/동을 조회할 수 있습니다. *자주조회하는지역은 등록하여 사용해주세요. - 설정에서 글자크기가 확대된 화면을 선택할 수 있습니다. 2. 미세먼지/황사 -미세먼지등 6가지 오염물질에 대한 정보와 수치 제공 3. 기상특보 및 태풍정보 제공 4. 날씨영상 제공 - 레이더,태풍영상,황사, 낙뢰, 안개, 위성사진, 수온, 지진 영상 제공 - 날씨영상별 타임라인 조회 기능 5. 산악날씨 정보제공 -전국 주요산의 산악날씨 예보 제공 6. 전국날씨 - 현재의 전국날씨 및 바다날씨 정보 제공 7. 해외 주요도시(날씨 및기후정보) 날씨 정보 제공 - 5개 도시를 저장할 수 있습니다. 8. 생활지수 - 즐겨찾기 지역의자외선지수,식중독지수, 불쾌지수, 열지수, 감기가능지수, 천식-폐질환가능지수, 뇌졸증가능지수, 피부질환가능지수 조회 ▶사용 방법1. 한국날씨 - 지역추가: 상단의 '+'를 클릭하여 원하는 지역을 검색하여 선택 - 지역삭제: 상단에 추가된지역을길게 클릭하여 삭제 가능 - 업데이트: 상단에 추가된 지역을 클릭하면 업데이트됨 - 애니메이션: 날씨아이콘의애니메이션은아이콘을 클릭하면 시작/중지 토글 가능 - 배경화면: 기온을 클릭하면 배경화면 순차적으로 변경 -현재위치날씨조회:현위치 버튼 클릭(설정에서 현위치버튼 활성화 후 사용가능) - 미세먼지: 미세먼지를 클릭하면 미세먼지종류 선택 가능 -간략화된 주간날씨 보기: '날짜' 클릭 - 기상청 홈페이지 연결: '날씨' 클릭 2. 미세먼지 -전국단위의 미세먼지,초미세먼지 등 6가지 오염물질에 대한 정보를 제공합니다. 3. 기상특보 및 태풍정보 - 기상특보 및태풍정보가 있을경우에 표시됩니다. 4. 날씨영상 - 위쪽의 버튼을 클릭하면 각 영상(레이더, 태풍영상, 황사, 낙뢰,안개, 위성사진,기압, 바다, 수온, 지진)을 볼 수 있습니다. - 타이틀을 클릭하면 시간순으로 영상을 조회할 수 있고,시간을 클릭하면해당 시간의 영상을 조회할 수 있습니다. 5. 산악날씨 - 전국 주요산의 산악날씨 중기 예보를 제공합니다.6. 전국날씨- 한국지도에 현재의 전국날씨 및 바다날씨를 제공합니다. 7. 세계날씨 - 최초 서울로 세팅되어 있으며,상단의 +버튼을 클릭하여 도시 저장 가능(영어 입력) 9. 설정/이 앱은? - (기능선택) 지역 5개 추가(총 10개)-(기능선택) 현위치 검색 버튼 활성화 - (기능선택) 날씨 아이콘 세트 선택 - 이 앱에 대한 상세한 설명 제공 ▶앱권한 - 위치정보(선택) - 지도에서 현재위치 및 원하는 지역 날씨조회 (앱 설치시 위치정보를 거부하셔도 앱실행은되나, 지도에서 현재위치를 조회할 수 없습니다)
China Air Quality Index 空气质量指数 2.7.2
App and widget providing detailed air quality data of over190cities in China. Also include US Consulate dataofShanghai/Beijing/Guangzhou/Chengdu.* Hourly real time data ofover190 major cities in China* US Consulate PM2.5 data forShanghai,Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu* Including PM2.5 PM10 SO2NO2 O3 CO*24-hour/30-day/12-month history view* Support widget*Sharepic/text to other apps (twitter, email etc)* SwitchingbetweenUS/China AQI standard* Support air quality warningUsage:*Useinitials to find a location* The default data shown is theprimarypollutant (max AQI), click on station to expand the detaileddata*Slide left on station to activate history view* Long pressonstation to delete/share* Reset can be used to recover fromunknownerrorsAbout Permission:WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: for screencaptureand shareINTERNET: for data retrievingUSConsulateData:
天气万年历(原中华万年历经典版)-实时空气质量,污染雾霾预警 4.8.0
天气万年历,愿生活处处晴好。(原中华万年历经典版)正版软件无广告。做产品,清清爽爽,干干净净。传统的大道至简、现代的高效快捷,天气万年历完美结合。老黄历与云储存、天气预报与周公解梦、黄大仙灵签与经期小助手,让您万事无忧。【产品介绍】1、天气雾霾PM值,值得关注;2、日历黄历万年历,历历在目;3、所有城市全覆盖,预报准确;4、背景唯美实况图,一目了然;5、闹钟约会和提醒,铭记不忘;6、记事图文云笔记,刻录生活;7、云同步至全平台,完全覆盖;8、微博微信朋友圈,一键分享。【抱紧我们】QQ交流群:204980346(安卓用户)、76724787(苹果用户)客服电话:010-84159031(周一到周五09:00~18:00) 官网及网页版:http://www.zhwnl.cnWeathercalendar,May life sunny everywhere. (formerly the Chinese calendarclassicversion) Genuine software without advertising. Doproducts,refreshing cool, clean.Traditional Road to Jane, modernefficientfast, the perfect combination of weather calendar.Huang Liandcloud storage, weather and Dream Dictionary, Wong Tai SinLingsigned with menstruation assistant, so youworryeverything.【product description】1, the weather haze PMvalues,worthy of attention;2, calendar almanac calendar, vividly;3,fullcoverage of all cities, the forecast accuracy;4,backgroundbeautiful live view, at a glance;5, alarm clock andappointmentreminder, never forget;6, notebook graphics cloud notes,burninglife;7, cloud synchronization to the whole platform,completelycovered;8, microblogging letter circle of friends, a keyshare.[We]holdQQ exchange group: 204 980 346 (Android users),76724787 (Macusers)Customer Service Tel: 010-84159031 (Monday toFriday 09:00 -18:00)Official website and the web version:
Weather for Denmark 3.4.6
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Find quickly and easily every day the weather forecast forDenmarksupervised 24/24 by MeteoNews and updated in real time! -Weatherforecast for the morning / afternoon / evening/ night -Rainfallradar - Value of forecast reliability - Probability ofsunshine andprecipitations - Perceived temperature - Average,mimimum andmaximum temparature - Wind force, wind direction, gustforce -Limit of snowfall - Limit zero degrees - Fog Exposure for 10daysin landscape mode. - Choose your town: Aalborg,Kolding,Copenhague, Kuusamo, Bruxelles, Antwerp, Paris, London, NewYork,Los Angeles, Barcelone, Rio de Janeiro, Zermatt, Milan,Vienna,Berlin, Amsterdam ... and even small villages around theWorldContent delivered by MeteoNews
Hisense Weather Widget 1.06
Jimmy Huang
Test functionality, do not download. This widget will notworkproperly without China Weather app installed.
澳門氣象局SMG 2.1.0
為了方便澳門居民及遊客掌握最新的澳門天氣資訊,澳門氣象局推出相關流動應用程式。無論身處世界的每一個角落,都可以更輕易、更靈活及更有效地取得澳門的天氣信息。設繁體中文、英文及葡文版供選擇。內容:- 即時天氣 - 七日天氣預報 - 惡劣天氣警報
Weather of the World - USA 1.0
Weather of the World is an incredibly easy to use app in ordertoalways be aware of the weather and its evolution on all citiesofthe world.Weather of the World is an app specially designed tobeas simple and intuitive as possible. With one click, theweatherconditions for the area you are in is displayed in yourstatusbar.Superb realistic animations show the weather at home anditsevolution without you need to get out.The application is basedonreliable data source and real-time updates are so light thatyourdata plan will be hardly affected.FEATURES- The applicationallowsyou to check the weather in every city you want on theworld-Weather of the World is one of the lightest weather appsavailableon Google Play!- Animated weather conditions: see theweatheroutside and evolution for next 7 days !- Intuitive andfriendlyuser interface- Weather of the World is compatible withallexisting screen resolutions- Tap to change the temperaturefromCelsius to Fahrenheit- Widget Integrated - Choose yourself thenextdepending Weather Bulletin! Leave us a comment or send us anemail.You will help to shape the best weather app in its class.Youcancheck the weather on all cities of the world , you have just toaddthe location you want to check.For the united states:Weathervaries widely across the continental USA, as well as inAlaska andHawaii.In general terms, summers are hot and humid in theplainsand southern states, while the southwest is very hot andquite dry.Endless summers are southern California and Floridatrademarks,while in the Pacific Northwest and New England states,summers arewarm with cool mornings and pleasant eveningconditions.Winters inthe southern states are mild, while in thenorth, northeast, plainsstates, and in the western mountains,conditions are often quitecold with heavy snow and sub-freezingtemperatures.Severe weatherin the form of thunderstorms is a normalspring and summeroccurrence; devastating tornadoes are also commonin the spring andsummer months, especially in the central part ofthe U.S.Hurricanesoccasionally strike the eastern coastline andGulf of Mexico statesfrom June through October.