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Mindly (mind mapping) 1.16
Mindly helps to organize your inner universe. Give a structuretoyour thoughts, capture ideas, plan a speech, take notes. It isupto you. The universe is yours. Try it for: • Thought structuring•Idea collection • Brainstorming • Planning a project • Preparingaspeech • Preparing for a meeting • Writing a quick summary Ifyouare a visual person (like us) you will love the way Mindlyworks.Mindly eliminates all unnecessary clutter and helps you tofocus onyour ideas, thoughts and concepts. FUNCTIONALITY oInfinitehierarchy of elements o Attach notes, image or icon to anyelemento Color schemes for elements o Visual clipboard forreorganizingcontent o Export as mindmap (PDF/OPML/Text) o Dropboxsync oPasscode LIMITS In-App purchase will remove the limit on thenumberof elements that you can manage. Full version has the widestrangeof export options and more features (Search / Passcode).NOTEPlease report any issues to so we canreplyand help.
Mindomo (mind mapping) 3.2.0
Unleash the power of your ideas with mind mapping. Captureyourthoughts directly on mind maps, turn them into presentations onthefly, and share them with others. Synchronize your maps tothecloud, from any device. Mindomo Cloud is availableat Mindomo Desktop is available forWindowsand Mac at NOTE:Usingthird party keyboards might cause typing and spelling errors.Werecommend that you use the default keyboard. The Mindomoplatformcreates a powerful environment where you can easilycollaboratewith others by sharing ideas and working together onmind maps inreal time. No matter where you go, you can creativelybring yourideas to life. Our Highlighted Features are: Catchy -Interactivepresentations straight from your mind maps - Unlimitedmaps andfolders which can be edited, shared and exported Mobile -Offlinework and sync - Seamless synchronization - Real timecollaborationFun - Multiple layouts (circular, concept, org chart)- Mapcustomization by adding icons, colors, styles and map themes-Image embedding on map topics - Visualization of notes, linksortasks on topics - Full map history, undo and redo functions
Train Your Brain 1.21.5
Grove FX
These small games will help you to improve concentrationofattention, focus thoughts on a specific item, pay more attentiontodetail, train spatial thinking and improve your mental skillsatall. Train your brain and improve your cognitive skill withus!Fornow application contains 7 brain training games: 'Colors' -improvefocus speed and attentiveness. 'Numbers' - improveattentivenessand memory. 'Anagrams' - improve focus speed andattentiveness.'Fly' - improve focus and train attentiveness.'Rotation' - trainspatial thinking. 'Rotation+' - train spatialthinking and improvememory. 'Schulte Table' train speed reading,peripheral vision,attention and visual perceptionOther games willbe added soon.
How to Get Anything You Want 5.0
How to Get Anything You Want By Using 3 Mind Power TechniquesHaveyou ever said, “I’ll believe it when I see it?” Isn’t that whatweusually say when someone tells us something extraordinary? Doweneed to see it for ourselves? Well, guess what? It’s true. YouDOonly believe what you see, but it’s not only with yourphysicaleyes. You believe only what you see with your inner eyes aswell.What are your inner eyes? It’s the eyes your mind—yourimagination.It’s the visual part of your brain that is alwayscreating imagesand stories that you come to believe whether good orbad. Whetherpositive or negative. Whether helpful or destructive.Your beliefscreate your reality, and your beliefs are the result ofwhat yousee. Therefore, when you can see something with the eyes ofyourmind, you’ll believe it. When that happens power isreleased—yourpersonal power. Harnessing the Power of Your Mind. ThePower ofPositive Thinking. Your mind is a powerful tool. As withany tool,how effective it is depends upon how it is used. Learningto usethe great and amazing power of your thoughts to manifestyourlife’s purpose and fulfill your goals is a primary reason thatmanypeople explore the subject of consciousness. Napoleon Hilloncestated that “goals are dreams with deadlines.” Manifestingyourdreams and fulfilling your life’s purpose is an importantreason touse the tools and techniques of meditation to harness thepower ofyour mind and make it work for your benefit in your life.Thechoice is yours. The time to activate the awesome power ofyourmind to live the life you have always envisioned is NOW. It isyourlife and your power to master. Become the Powerful Person YouAreto Get What You Most Want Out of Life! My advice would be tostartthinking, really thinking, where it is you would like to beheadingand take affirmative action to that end. Start now!Remember, manypeople only realize the true value of time after ithas gone…!Download Now “How to Get Anything You Want Guide “ Using3 MindPower Techniques To your success!
Sintelly – Best Education App 3.0.13
Sintelly Ltd.
Sintelly is a free education app that makes gaining newknowledgeeasier for you. 🌍 Expand your education and follow yourintuitionas you explore our world of free knowledge! Learn newskills,improve your emotional intelligence and find articles,quizzes anddiscussions that interest you. Embarking on a journey tolearnsomething has never been more exciting and interesting! We canhelpyou satisfy your curiosity, follow your intuition andeducateyourself using the resources we offer which can, in turn,make youmore successful at work, at school and in yourrelationships.🏫 🎓Download our free education app and gain newknowledge on topicsthat interest you. Learn how to thinkabstractly, get tips onimproving your copywriting skills or simplybroaden your educationin different areas. Whether you are a sciencegeek or want toenhance your emotion learning skills – you can getfresh insightsdaily right here!✨ ⭐️KEY FEATURES⭐️ 📙 Expert articles• Get smarterwith the help of our short, interesting andeasy-to-read articles •Learn something new every day with the helpof our carefullyselected and presented topics • Various topics -from emotionalintelligence to copywriting • We deliver knowledge,feed yourcuriosity and intellectual intuition 💡 Knowledge sharing •WithSintelly, you can publish your stories, copywriting and essays•You can share your knowledge by writing new articles, quizzesanddiscussions on the go • Get feedback on your work orlearnsomething new with each like and comment 🎲 Quizzes • Testyourknowledge in different fields, from psychology to science •Take anintelligence test, evaluate your emotion learning andcognitiveskills or just have fun solving our entertaining quizzes •Learnsomething new with each wrong answer – our explanations willmakeyou smarter • Create your own quizzes for others to enjoy💬Discussions • Engage in interesting discussions and putyoureducation to the test • Create new discussions and talkaboutthings that interest you • Let other reader’s digestandexplanations help you acquire new insights and knowledge🤸Personalised experience • Upload your profile & coverpicture,personalize your profile description and explore otherinterestingprofiles. • Add other social media sites to your profile• Meet newfriends all around the world and communicate with themthroughdirect messages • Search Filters - Find articles,quizzes,discussions or users that suit you • Follow topics,categories orusers that interest you 🚌 Learn on-the-go! Evaluateyour emotionlearning and cognitive skills or simply have funsolving ourquizzes. Once you have a clear understanding of what isexpected ofyou – behaviourally and academically – you can learnsomething newwith ease. Get prepared for logical and verbalreasoning exams nomatter where you are!✈️ 💪 Don't allow yourself tostagnate verballyor behaviourally. Sharpen your essay andcopywriting skills withthe tools we have to offer! Learn how todistinguish the essentialfrom the unessential and improve yourwriting proficiency with justone click. Whether you're an expert inemotion learning techniquesor a science lover that wants to helpothers learn something new,Sintelly is the right fit for you!✒️ 💬Engaging in discussions letsyou re-evaluate your opinions andteaches you to put yourself inidentities and experiences that donot match your own. Differentviewpoints can help you remove theunessential and learn when to(not) follow your intuition. Build upyour education, follow topicsthat interest you – such as science oreducation. Follow users whotackle topics you find interesting oruseful (from technology tobehaviourally based habits). Get directaccess to the material youfind most appealing. Download Sintellyand wise up today!🤓 🗣 If youneed help or have suggestions, pleasecontact us
IQ Test Preparation 2.2.0
This unique Application for IQ test preparation contains hundredsofcarefully selected questions on ten different topic areas tocover acomplete range for IQ test preparation along withcomprehensiveexplanations and tips and tricks to solve difficultproblems andimprove lateral-thinking. “IQ test preparation” alsoprovides anopportunity to test your level of preparation in theform of 5, 10and 20 minutes test. This is an updated version whichincludes lotof additional features along with already availabledistinctivefeatures. Our application covers many IQ and aptituderelatedcategories such as Visual Patterns, Number andAlphabeticalsequence, Mental Arithmetic, Logical reasoning, VerbalAptitude,Relationship Problems, Time and date Problems, AgeProblems, Speed,time & distance and Work, Profit & Lossrelated problems.Perfect for school, college and universityentrance test and alsofor general use to improve mental health. Nowin latest version youcan participate in daily, weekly & monthlyIQ contests &competitions. In those IQ competitions people fromall over theworld participate and at the end of the test period,positions areannounced. Now you can also participate in realtime IQTests bychallenging other online members.
Learn Psychology 1.1
ap developers
Learn Psychology app provides you useful concept &informationabout Psychology. Psychology Today is subject foreducation to manypeople. Psychology is a social subject. BasicallyPsychology is thestudy of behavior and mind of all aspects ofconscious andunconscious experience as well as thought. Our app ofPsychologyshows various useful concept. While studying Psychology,there areimportant concept to study like psychiatry,psychoanalysis,Psychologist, memory & so on. In addition wehave includedtopic like Stress Management to support the study ofPsychology.Appendix of Learn Psychology app :- Introduction topsychology-Scope Of Psychology- Basic Psychological Processes-Fields OfPsychology- Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation-OperantConditioning- Classical Conditioning- ObservationalLearning-Loneliness- Psychologist- What is Personality.-LeadershipDefinition- The Big Five Personality Traits- TheoriesofMotivation- Procedural Memory- Norms- Creativity-Motivation-Values Definition- Attitude- Attribution- Self Concept-Perception-Teamwork- Groupthink- Gratitude Definition- SelfActualization-Short and Long term Memory- Social PsychologyDefinition- CognitivePsychology- Psychiatry Introduction-Psychological Disorders-Psychiatry Treatments- Psychologist- StressManagement- What IsStress- Common Signs and Symptoms of Stress-Stress ManagementTips- Stress Relief- Fight Stress with HealthyHabits- Ways to Dealwith Stress- How Does Stress Affect YouIf youlike our app of LearnPsychology, kindly give us positive feedback& rating.
HaikuJAM - write together, feel better
The best stress-buster app for learners and creatives 🙌 HaikuJAMisthe ultimate feel-good social writing game. Createwrite-upstogether, make friends, have fun and relax. How to play 👌Write aline and pass it on. Strangers around the world will writewithyou, adding a line each to make a mirco poem, quote or story.Enjoythe magic of saying a lot with little - we’re inspired bytheJapanese poetry called “haiku” which captures the essence ofamoment in just 3 lines! Think of it as a word game that trainsyourcreative thinking and writing skills by getting you toexpressyourself in as few words as possible 👌 Why you should tryHaikuJAM💛 Research shows that even a little bit of creativity eachday canboost well-being, be it writing poetry, quotes or stories,playingword games, journaling, dancing, drawing, anything you like!Thisis because creative acts help us to reduce stress and relax,tothink clearly and to grow as people. Say bye to writer’s block👋HaikuJAM is here to help you make creative writing a part ofyourdaily life, with fresh creative writing prompts and aninspiringcreativity tracker. Plus, you'll learn to express yourthoughts,ideas and emotions and understand yourself better by usingour moodtracker and personal insights that decode your thoughtpatterns andemotions with HaikuJAM Premium. Not a writer or poet?Not to worry!😁 Just write what first comes to mind, unwind and letyour thoughtsand emotions free - HaikuJAM is designed to makepractisingcreative writing super easy and fun. You will collaboratewithother people just like you, as well as writers and poets aroundtheworld and help each other, learn from each other how towritebetter and make friends. It will feel good, trust us :)Otherthings to enjoy 😎 - Very light and free writing app thatdoesn’tuse up much space on your phone - Be creative whenever itsuits youwith personalised writing reminders - If you love wordgames, thisone is for you! Without a doubt the most sociable,creative andbeautifully designed word game around. - Practicewriting inEnglish with the help of spelling and grammar checkers-Collaborative writing means that you’re always gettingnewperspectives from writers and poets around the world - Learnnewvocabulary and writing techniques from millions of poems andquotes- Stay motivated with daily insights on your progress,creativitytracker, writing challenges, prizes, badges and earnKarma points -Set your own topics and get people writing aboutcauses that matterto you - Chat with your favourite writer and poetfriends, get toknow them better and make friends - Write on photosof your choiceand personalise your words - Use unique backgroundsand fonts andwrite solo with HaikuJAM Premium - Share yourbeautiful write-upswith friends on Social Media - Read and discoverpoetry, quotes,haiku poems, micro stories and shayari on any topic- Preventburnout and manage anxiety and depression by sharing yourthoughts,worries, feelings and emotions without filters - take careof yourgeneral well-being - HaikuJAM creates a sense of belongingas thereis always someone who will hear you out, make you feelunderstoodand less alone Follow @haikujam on social media and DM usif youface any issues. Happy jamming!
com.ascent.affirmations.myaffirmations 6.4
**Beware of other fraud apps with the same name. Want to have anewmindset in this new year and change your entire future?Thisapplication can help you constantly remind you of who you areandthe values you want to instill in your mind. Life does nothappento you, it happens for you. Your life is your creation. Whatyoubelieve in will become your reality. Affirmations helps youtochange the outlook of your life by impregnating positivethoughtsin your subconscious mind. Once you believe in a thought,thatthought begins to manifest into reality. Myaffirmationsapplication helps to impregnate positive thoughts inyour mind bygiving you reminders at specified duration. You canselectaffirmations from different categories, which you want toshow asnotification. All the active affirmations will be shown attheinterval you specify. You can modify the affirmation text,folder,recording and image by clicking the affirmation Features:*Addunlimited custom categories *Add unlimited custom affirmations*Addvoice recording to affirmations *Add images from applicationoronline or SD card as background to affirmations *19 imagesinbuiltin application *Modify existing affirmations *Fullycustomizablenotification timings *Enable or disable sound fornotification
InnerHour: Calm,Sleep,Depression & Anxiety Therapy 3.34
Make time for self-care with the InnerHour app Depression,anxiety,stress, and a host of other mental health concerns can stopyoufrom leading your best possible life. The InnerHour app is heretohelp! Our psychiatrists and therapists are dedicated to yourmentalhealth. Using their insights from therapy along with thelatestscience in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), PositivePsychology,and Mindfulness, they have replicated the real-lifetherapyexperience into a self-help app for you. Our ultimate aim istosupport you to create a happier and healthier life with a rangeoftherapy-based self-help tools and techniques designed foryourmental health needs. Think of the app as your safe spaceforself-care. If you are looking for support to overcomedepression,get anxiety relief, tackle stress, or simply experiencehappiness,the InnerHour app is for you! ▌Six self-help coursesAccesstherapy-based self-help tools for a range of mentalhealthconcerns: • Depression: Make small changes to overcomedepression •Anxiety: Attain calm and balance with strategies foranxiety relief• Sleep: Build a sleep schedule and develop habits tosleep soundly• Stress: Keep a check on your stress levels to feelcalm and incontrol • Anger: Channelise your anger and build learnstrategiesto cool down • Happiness: Develop critical skills toexperiencehappiness in life ▌Personalised 4-week plans The appidentifiesyour unique mental health needs and builds a personalisedself-careplan in your area of concern - be it depression, anxiety,orstress. Your self-help plan is a reflection of what happens inreallife therapy. Over 4 weeks, you will learn and practise skillstobattle depression, get anxiety relief, and lead a happier life.Sowhat does your plan entail? 1. Self-care activities Wehavecondensed decades of therapy experience and mental healthresearchinto short, simple activities - each teaching a strategybased onCBT, Positive Psychology, or Mindfulness. All you need is 5minuteseach day for self-care! 2. Goal setting and tracking Ourgoalsetting and tracking mechanism will help you build healthyhabitsthat will last a lifetime. With this CBT-inspired feature,staymotivated to meet your physical and mental health goals, suchaseating healthy, exercising, forming better relationships,andthinking positively. 3. Mood tracking Our specialised tracker isadigital journal that will track how you are doing each day.Themore you track, the more insights you will get! You can alsomapyour mood to different activities you do throughout the day,inorder to get finer insights. 4. InnerHour Resources We want youtokeep learning and growing on your self-help journey. Ourresourcesinclude informative articles, easy tips, and inspiringquotes tohelp you stay motivated. For instance, you will: •Understand thedifferent causes of depression • Learn about thesymptoms ofanxiety • Know how to tell if it’s time to go to therapyInaddition to the plan, you can also access support from: • Allie-relief chatbot Whenever you feel overwhelmed, you can talktoAllie, our intelligent chatbot. Allie identifies yourspecificmental health difficulty at the moment - be it intenseanxiety oroverwhelming depression - and offers support throughsimpleactivities that can help you feel calm immediately. •Qualifiedtherapists We know that sometimes, you might need a humantouch onyour self-help journey. In such times, you can reach out toanInnerHour expert for counselling, and get professional supportfordepression, anxiety, and even stress. Small changes can make abigdifference over time. Make yourself a priority, starting today!Forany questions, you can reach out to us our website:
com.power.positivity.dailycards 2.7
Norman Vincent Peale says "The way to happiness: Keep yourheartfree from hate, your mind from worry. Live simply, expectlittle,give much. Scatter sunshine, forget self, think of others.Try thisfor a week and you will be surprised." Power Of PositiveThinkingApp brings you daily wisdom of how to change your life forbetter,every day, day by day with magical wisdom of many greatthinkersThe app has some nice features: - Browse Dailytunes now& setthem as your app tune! - Weekly planner to set differenttune fordifferent day! - Set Daily tunes as Ringtone or Alarm Tone!- Sharedaily card on social network & using other messagingtools -Listen to background music, to create a serene environment -Set analarm to receive daily quote notification - Add Cards toyourfavorites - In app purchase (to make the application Adfree)Download Now & enjoy daily bliss!
MentalUP – Brain Games 4.4.8
MentalUP – Brain Games offers scientific and entertaining gamesforchildren. Develop your child’s cognitive abilities andintelligencewith fun brain teasers! 🧠🕹📈 Join the world's largestbrain trainingapp for kids with 100+ brain exercises that challenge5 corecognitive learning skills. It takes just 15 minutes a daytoincrease your child’s skills with MentalUP’s mind games!ADVANTAGESOF BRAIN GAMES FOR KIDS Regularly solving MentalUP BrainTeaserswill: ✔ Improve attention ✔ Strengthen focus andconcentration ✔Improve memory and learning ability ✔ Build upvisual andlinguistic skills ✔ Develop problem-solving and logicskillsMentalUP Brain Games for Kids helps to increase yourchild’sintelligence and maximise their cognitive performance. 🚀KEYFEATURES OF MENTALUP CHILDREN GAMES 🎮 Gamified, Scientific&Educational Brain Games: Challenge your child with 60+ funbrainexercises developed by scientists and game designers.💪Personalised Daily Workouts: Automatically generated20-minutedaily workout to fulfil your child’s learning needs. Playlogicgames, learning games, puzzle games, and many more! 📊AdvancedPerformance Reports: Track your child’s mental developmentandcompare their performance with their peer group.SCIENTIFIC,ENTERTAINING AND EDUCATIONAL GAMES FOR KIDS Each gamewill becomeprogressively more challenging in order to improve yourchild’smental skills and increase their intelligence. Childrenwhoregularly solve brain teasers will develop analyticalthinkingskills and increase their chances of academic success.Educationalgames are one of the most fun ways to improve mentaldevelopment,as well as treat ADHD. Brain games for kids arefrequently used inschools. ARE YOU READY TO TEST & IMPROVE YOURCHILD’SINTELLIGENCE WITH BRAIN GAMES? Take MentalUP’s intelligencetest toidentify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. WHO ARE WE?We’re ateam of game designers, academicians and scientists whohelpchildren boost their brain power usingscientifically-backedresearch. Get ready to have fun on MentalUP! 😉CONTACT Visit us Contact us -
1000 Powerful Affirmations 2.8
Byte Lab Inc.
Affirmation is very useful for Life Success, Money Mastery,WeightLoss, Personal Growth, Confidence, Social Skills, Health,BrainTraining, Dreaming, Metaphysical, Creativity,Business,Professions, Sports, Extreme Sports, Poker, Scuba Diving,Fitnessand Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Learning Languages,LearningMusical Instruments, Phobia Elimination, Addictions,Relationships,Success with Women, Success with Men, SexualEnhancement, etc. Whatis affirmation and why it is so powerful?Affirmation is simply aprocess of thinking, listening, saying orwriting a statement toyourself or other people repeatedly. Forexample, when you wake upevery morning, you may affirm by sayingaloud “Today is a greatday!” It will have great impact to the restof your day. Trust me!Before I explain to you the power ofaffirmation, I think it’simportant that you understand the power ofbelief. How many timeshave you heard people saying “if you believeyou can, you can”?Perhaps one of the great truths in life is thatyour belief createsyour reality. In other words, your reality isgenerally areflection of the beliefs of your subconscious mind.That’s why ifyou believe you can, you can. By the way, what is abelief? Abelief is simply a thought that is accepted by yoursubconsciousmind. Actually not all thoughts are turned intorealities. Onlythoughts that are believed by the subconscious mindare turned intorealities. The reason why belief turns into realityis because ofthe Universal and Natural Law of Attraction. Features:- Offlineapp, without internet access - Affirmation Categories -PresentTense Affirmations - Future Tense Affirmations -NaturalAffirmations - Quick and easy navigation - User friendlyinterfacePlease review and rate our app, I hope you'll give us fivestars.Thank you :) Follow us onInstagram:
D. of Psyche: rate mood, Self-knowledge 1.6.12
The Diary of the Psyche brings several useful tools so you cantakebetter care of yourself.Acquire positive habits while seekingtoenhance self-knowledge and improve self-esteem. In addition,withyour commitment you can gain greater emotional control,angermanagement and learn how to deal with anxiety. We also offertheappointment with an online psychologist.Take part in the10-weekChallenge that will guide you in building healthy andpositivehabits. Track daily health tips, using a therapeuticwriting forvarious purposes. Record in your journal and increaseemotionalcontrol through the thermometer. All this will help youidentifyand manage anxiety and other emotions.What arethebenefits?"Emotionally healthy people learn best, establishstrongemotional attachments, are more confident in their attitudestowardthreatening situations, and better organize speech, thought,anddeeds." The great key of the new century is emotionalcontrol:successful people have their They can identify, control,and modifythem, and this can be taught. "🔸 ACCESS FOR FREE:🔸 10WEEKDISCOURSE: A complete challenge for healthy habits. Getorientedand practice directly through the app. The challenges willdevelopaspects of gratitude, emotional intelligence, love,patience, overtime and with yourself and reflection on your life asawhole. 🔸 HEALTH TIPS on dealing with anxiety, distress,fear,anger management and other emotions and situations, to get toknoweach other better and about relationships, etc. 🔸THERAPEUTICSCIENCE: More than 10 writings available to exposenegativefeelings and experiences. The exercises stimulate the powerthat isin you. Just write without thinking about the finalresult,naturally and spontaneously. Write in a free, liberatingway,explore your emotions. 🔸 EMOTIONAL THERMOMETER: There aremorethan 15 emotions available to record, and to follow day to dayyourbehaviors, feelings and learnings. 🔸DIVARY: Use ourdiarydaily and follow your routine, thoughts, emotions andfeelings.Wealso have Online Therapy with a virtual psychologist(Pago).Schedule your schedule, either through video or just awrittenchat, make the payment of the session safely and easily andstateyour questions (thoughts, feelings and actions).Value thesetoolsand see how they can help self-awareness and self-esteem,gaininggreater emotional control, anger, anxiety, andotherfeelings.🌼Note: This app does not replace therapy withapsychologist. Look for one if you feel the need.Gratitude.
Spectrum | Simple Guided Meditation & Sleep Sounds 1.6.17
Huge Update! Amazing new features, content organizationandperformance. You have to try it! ------- Listen to audiocourses,music, and relaxing sounds to support your meditationpractice.Give up your everyday stress and learn to achievemindfulnessthrough the guidance of meditation experts. Find innerpeace withthis collection of relaxing sounds and courses. Discoverthebenefits of meditation in your own home or workplace.DECLUTTERYOUR MIND - Find inner peace through the powerful practiceof dailymeditation. Free yourself from anxiety and learn how toextinguishthe fires of compulsive, self-sabotaging thinking. Thisis the pathtowards simplifying your life. BE MORE CREATIVE - It’sno secretthat top performers take moments to find stillness andrelax theirmind. Mindfulness curbs stress and anxiety, and enhancesthecreative parts of your brain. It’s ancient mind hacking, andamust-have for your routine. TURN OFF THE THOUGHT FAUCET -Negativethinking has a huge impact on how we work, love, live, andplay.These looping thoughts become a powerful cycle that cloudsourjudgement and control us. Learn that you are not your thoughts,andovercome the obstacles in your way. FREE APP -This app is freetodownload and includes over 100 hours of free audio programs.Tounlock and get all content, you’ll want to subscribe.(in-apppurchase fees apply). GET ON TRACK - Audiojoy makes itsimple.Listen to a guided meditation every day and staydisciplined.Explore a rich library of tracks on zen, yoga,mind-hacking andmore. This app is your one-stop shop for all yourmeditation needs.This extensive library of sounds and courses givesyou everythingyou need to support your meditation practice. Bothbeginners andexperts can find new ways to enhance theirmindfulness. Binauralbeats and nature sounds have been proven tohelp you relax. Yourpath to mindfulness begins here. FEATURES: Thisapp is packed fullof amazing features to get you meditating: +1000+ audio tracks,100+ hours of content + Daily featured audiocontent + Search andexplore all content + Add to a favorites list +Listen whileoffline + Build a playlist of the tracks you want tohear + Readalong with the text version + Sleep and meditation timer+ Loopingrelaxation and meditative sounds (over 2.4 millioncombinations) +Daily inspiration notifications with powerfulartwork to keep youmotivated Audiojoy creates educational, how-tocontent for happierlives. We believe everyone can develop theskills to be the best.Audiojoy makes it easy to put thesetechniques into practice, soyou can master what you want and stopwhat’s get in the way.Download our apps, launch your own personalcourse, and startlearning. CONTENT INCLUDED: This app includeshundreds of hours ofguided meditative tracks. We add new stuffweekly. Here’s a sampleof the tracks offered to invite you to thatzen state of mind. + 50Beginner Mediations + 200 Meditation MusicTracks, Soundscapes andZen Backgrounds + 40 Nature SoundsMeditations (ocean waves, wind,rain, thunder, etc.) + 40 BinauralBeats Brain and Sleep MeditationWaves + 40 Meditation Chimes,Chants and Bells + Step by Step Howto Meditation Audio Instructions+ How to Relieve Stress AudioGuidebook + Hundreds of CuratedMeditations and Spiritual Readings+ Relaxation and SleepMeditations + Hypnosis Programs for Relaxingand Calm Mindfulness... and much much more!
SimpleMind Lite - Intuitive Mind Mapping 1.25.0
Mind mapping helps you organize your thoughts, remember thingsandgenerate new ideas. We've created a beautiful, intuitive app,soyou can mind map wherever you are and whenever you want.MORESimpleMind: • SimpleMind for Android FULL version adds tonsofproductivity boosting features - available in Google Play•SimpleMind Desktop is available for Windows and Mac- Free Functionality • Everything you needtoget started with mind mapping. • No ads. • No need to sign upforan account. • Upgrade to full functionality is a one-timesinglepurchase. Highlights • Easy to use. • Continuously fine-tunedbasedon customer feedback. • Trustworthy and reliable: 7 yearsofupdates and improvements. • Used in a wide range ofapplications:business, education, legal and medical. • Unique freelayout ordifferent auto layouts. • Change and customize theappearance. •Tools to help you maintain overview. • Create ○ placetopicsanywhere you want in the free layout ○ or use one of thedifferentauto layouts (great for brainstorming) ○ virtuallyunlimited pagesize and number of elements ○ supports multiple MindMaps on onepage ○ use single select or multiple select ○ notes ○apply ourpre-defined style sheets ○ collapse and expand branches ○highlightbranches by displaying branch borders SimpleMind isoptimized forboth phones and tablets. Some features are onlyavailable in morerecent versions of Android.
Stop, Breathe & Think: Meditation & Mindfulness 5.3
Slow down, take a deep are you feeling, what areyouthinking? Check-in with your emotions to receive dailymeditationand mindfulness recommendations tuned to how you feel.This calmingmeditation app experience is uniquely designed to helpyoustaymindful, de-stress, sleep better, and build the emotionalstrengthand confidence to handle life’s ups and downs. Mindfulness&meditation is the practice, Stop, Breathe & Think istheprocess. *With over 13 million emotional check-ins and4,500,000downloads our personalized guided meditation &mindfulnessexperience is waiting for you.* MINDFUL MEDITATION TUNEDTO YOU:HOW ARE YOU? Check-in with how you feel & pick atunedmindfulness session to improve your day and sleep better.Stop,Breathe & Think recommends daily meditations for beginnersandexperienced meditators, yoga and acupressure videos based onyourmood. Look no further for free meditation apps! REDUCESTRESS:Create space for yourself through mindful breathing andself-care.Practice guided meditations, deep breathing exercises andlearn tomanage stress at any age with daily meditation for kids,teens andadults. Use our meditation timer when it’s time tomeditate. TRACKYOUR PROGRESS & MENTAL WELLBEING: Track yourmood before andafter your daily meditations. TAME ANXIETY: In arecent study,users felt 46% less anxiety with consistent usage ofourapp.More: Learn to cultivate your breath to find calm,focus andfeel more grounded. Count your breaths to calm your mindand livemore mindfully. MEDITATION AND SLEEP: Meditation timer,sleepsounds, quick meditations and breathing activities to helpyou sleepbetter. MEDITATION & MINDFULNESS FOR EVERYONE: Ourmeditation& mindfulness app offers activities for all levels.Meditationfor kids, teens and adults. It’s like your personalizedmindfulnesscoach. Topics include: + Morning meditation + Guidedmeditation +Slay your Stress+ Breathe Mindfully + Tame Anxiety+Sleep Better +Strengthen Focus + Manage Depression + Meditationfor Commuting +Mindfulness techniques for College Life +Meditation for Kids,Teens& Tweens + 20+ Meditations in SpanishWhat Meditation Fans AreSaying“ Best Mindfulness App "I’m apsychologist and this is myfavorite mindfulness app. I love thecheck-in feature before andafter meditations, I love the selectionof emotions, and thedifferent durations of meditations. For yearsI had the freeversion, but I bought the yearly subscription so Icould use thelonger meditations.”“ Mindful Options "Designed tofit your scheduleand environment. Once you check in with howyou’re doing, itprovides a variety of ways to ground and engagebased on your mood.You might have a brief set of gentle yoga posesto try, or you cansit and listen to guided meditations. Choose theoption that worksbest for you at that moment. What a satisfyingapp!” SUBSCRIPTIONStop, Breathe & Think is free forfoundational meditations, andwe offer a premium membership thatunlocks 100+ premium activities.MEDITATION PACKS If you previouslypurchased a Meditation Pack youwill still have access to thosemeditations without upgrading.Moving forward all new premiumcontent will be available viasubscription. SUBSCRIPTION PRICING& TERMS Stop, Breathe &Think offers two auto-renewingoptions:$9.99/month$58.99/yearPricesare in US dollars. Your pricemay be converted to your localcurrency.Subscriptions automaticallyrenew at the end of each termand you will be charged throughyourPlay Store Account. You may turnoff subscription auto-renewalat any time through your Play StoreAccount Settings. We can'toffer a refund for unsubscribing early.Privacy Policy Terms ofService:
Mind game : memorize 1.37
Berni Mobile
It has been recently scientifically proven that regularmentalexercise cangreatly improve your memory. This app has beendesignedto do just that! Mind game, memorize, is the classic memorygamethat can help you to Improve Your Memory.Colorful images oflogosto be easily remembered.There are no limitations in age andbrainpower. This is a free game for kids and adults, people of allages.
Peak – Brain Games & Training 3.37.5
Peak is the fun, free brain training workout designed aroundyou.Peak uses brain games and puzzles to challenge memory, languageandcritical thinking to keep your mind active. With brain gamesmadein partnership with academics from leading universitieslikeCambridge and NYU, and more than 12m downloads, Peak is afun,challenging brain training experience. It takes just 10 minutesaday to complete a brain training workout. And, with 45 braingamesfor adults, and new brain training workouts every day, thereisalways a fun challenge waiting for you. KEY FEATURES - Freebraingames to challenge your Memory, Attention, Math, ProblemSolving,Mental Agility, Language, Coordination, Creativity andEmotionControl. - Learn which categories your brain excels in, andcompetewith friends by comparing your brainmap and brain gameperformance.- Coach, the personal trainer for your brain, helps youtrack yourprogress and improve. - Cognitive brain training withgames fromexpert researchers at Cambridge University, NYU and more.- Worksoffline so you can enjoy Peak brain games wherever you are.-Selected by Google as Editor's Choice. - More than 45 braingamesavailable and regular updates to keep you challenged. -Getpersonalised brain training workouts and in-depth insightswithPeak Pro. - Get access to Peak Advanced Training modules:intensiveprograms that train a specific skill, including the newWizardmemory game created with Professor Barbara Sahakian and TomPiercyin the Department of Psychiatry at the University ofCambridge. INTHE NEWS “Its mini games focus on memory andattention, with strongdetail in its feedback on your performance.”- The Guardian“Impressed with graphs in Peak that let you see yourperformanceover time.” - The Wall Street Journal “The Peak app isdesigned toprovide each user with a profound level of insight intotheircurrent state of cognitive function.” - Techworld DEVELOPEDBYNEUROSCIENTISTS Designed in collaboration with expertsinneuroscience, cognitive science and education, Peak makesbraintraining fun and rewarding. Peak's scientific advisoryboardincludes Professor Barbara Sahakian FMedSci DSc, ProfessorofClinical Neuropsychology at the University of Cambridge. Followus- Like us - Visit Say hi - For more information: Terms ofUse- Privacy Policy- Payment Policy-
Mind Power - Law of Attraction 66.0
This will tell you about the law of attraction, the power ofthemind, positive thinking, success tips, mind tips, the mapofsuccess, performance tracking and much more. Your searchformotivation and inspiration completes here. We have thebestmotivational quotes for you. Motivation can change your life.Learnhow to use complete mind power and power of habits. It willact asa brain booster for you if you challenge your mind. If youuse yourbrain potential then can result in a big success anddevelop asuccess habit. If you know the law power for the law ofattractionthen you can attract success in life. Follow the mindpowerworkshop and learn mind power facts and mind power secrets.It's amind power training app to help you with a successful life.Thisapplication was designed with the purpose of enlightening youaboutthe core of motivation and concepts like starting with why andthereason why it’s important. It includes fragments like the powerofthoughts and how the law of attraction can make your lifebetter.Motivational quotes give you a kick and you feel inspired todo acertain thing. There are Mind tips for better sleep and ahealthiermind. The law of attraction allows you to attract all thehappinessin the world to your cause and helps you feel satisfied.Mindcontrol is a very powerful tool if you can do it. Your thoughtsaresignals and the power of thoughts can be harnessed usingmeditationand simple techniques that anyone can do. We inspire, wehelp youdream, and hope for the best. Success secrets andmaintainingdiscipline are the signs of successful people. If youwant to betruly successful, this application is for you. Financialplanningsection is added where you can learn who can you manageyour moneyin a more effective way. It includes how can you savemore moneyand invest. Motivation and inspiration can be foundanywhere,motivation and inspiration can be shared anywhere. So ifyou likethe app, be sure to write back. We look forward to yourfeedback,thank you for giving us a chance.
Shivaji Maharaj:Thought Of Era 1.0.8
Want to motivate your life towards dream, get inspirationnow.Thisis the world’s finest quotes collection Of ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj.This app developed by VpMobisolution bring togetherthemost ionic and conceptual quotes of Chhatrapati ShivajiMaharaj.It's quite simple to use and even non technical person canuse thisquote app easily.So, motivate yourself right now bydownloading andsharing these inspirational quotes from this greatmind.This appcomes with the following features-:* App Contain MoreThan 100Quotes .* Share the quotes easily with friends.* Easy anduserfriendly interface is used.So download and get the best quoteappright now. It's FREE .
NeuroNation - Brain Training & Brain Games 3.3.60
🏆 Awarded with the Google 'Best Apps' prize! 🏆 WithNeuroNationpersonalized brain training, you elevate your brain dayby day.Whether it's weaker memory, dwindling concentration orthinking tooslowly - only 15 minutes of training a day can makeproblemsdisappear and give your brain new momentum. Join theworldwidecommunity of over 15 million members and treat yourself toa pieceof science - right in your pocket. Why doing brain trainingwithNeuronation? - OUTSTANDING EFFECTIVENESS: NeuroNation'sbraintraining has been awarded the AOK Leonardo Health Prize forDigitalPrevention sponsored by the German Federal Ministry ofHealth. -DIFFERENT EFFECTS: Various studies have repeatedly proventhis:With brain training, you can improve your memory, noticeablyreducestress and the resulting risk of depression, increase yourthinkingspeed and concentration and even reduce the risk ofdementia by upto 48%. - PERSONALIZATION: NeuroNation performs acomprehensiveanalysis of your strengths and potentials and createsa personaltraining plan for you that exactly meets your needs. -CHANGE ANDBALANCE: With 17 exercises on 250 levels you get a variedandmotivating training for a balanced promotion of your brain.-SCIENTIFIC BASIS: In a study conducted by NeuroNation togetherwiththe Department of General Psychology at Freie UniversitätBerlin,the effectiveness of NeuroNation memory training was proven.-DETAILED PROGRESS ANALYSIS: Thanks to many years of experienceandmany millions of users, we can give you the opportunity tofollowyour progress closely and interpret it correctly according toyourcomparison group. - FUN AND MOTIVATION: Get together withfriends,compare your results, train for a race and blast the oldboundariesof your brain together. - AND MUCH MORE: Already15,000,000 membersworldwide train your brain with NeuroNation. Joinour community andconvince yourself of the brain training of thelatest generation.NEURONATION PREMIUM - Comprehensive trainingprogram with 17motivating exercises and many more to come - Fullpersonalizationaccording to your wishes, strengths and potentials -Regularpublication of new exercises and courses - Comprehensivecustomersupport and quick help with questions Download the app nowand stayfit - for the rest of your life! VISIT US:www.neuronation.comFOLLOW US: BE
com.chanak.vichar 1.16
Viss Peram
The content of the app is in Hindi language. Chanakya was agreatscholar in ancient india. Chankaya wrote many books basedoneconomics, politics and social life. His quotes are veryfamous,problem solving and motivational. This app consists ofquotes ofchanakya. In this app There are 1000 quotes of chanakya.All quotesare in Hindi language. These quotes are based onfollowing topics:Politics Human behavior Health Women MotivationWellness prosperityetc.
Mind Power Secrets - Powerful Affirmations 2.9
DeepMind Lab
Affirmation is very useful for Life Success, Money Mastery,WeightLoss, Personal Growth, Confidence, Social Skills, Health,BrainTraining, Dreaming, Metaphysical, Creativity,Business,Professions, Sports, Extreme Sports, Poker, Scuba Diving,Fitnessand Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Learning Languages,LearningMusical Instruments, Phobia Elimination, Addictions,Relationships,Success with Women, Success with Men, SexualEnhancement, etc. Whatis affirmation and why it is so powerful?Affirmation is simply aprocess of thinking, listening, saying orwriting a statement toyourself or other people repeatedly. Forexample, when you wake upevery morning, you may affirm by sayingaloud “Today is a greatday!” It will have great impact to the restof your day. Trust me!Before I explain to you the power ofaffirmation, I think it’simportant that you understand the power ofbelief. How many timeshave you heard people saying “if you believeyou can, you can”?Perhaps one of the great truths in life is thatyour belief createsyour reality. In other words, your reality isgenerally areflection of the beliefs of your subconscious mind.That’s why ifyou believe you can, you can. By the way, what is abelief? Abelief is simply a thought that is accepted by yoursubconsciousmind. Actually not all thoughts are turned intorealities. Onlythoughts that are believed by the subconscious mindare turned intorealities. The reason why belief turns into realityis because ofthe Universal and Natural Law of Attraction. Features:- Offlineapp, without internet access - Quick and easy navigation -Userfriendly interface - Affirmation Categories - PresentTenseAffirmations - Future Tense Affirmations - NaturalAffirmationsPlease review and rate our app, I hope you'll give usfive stars.Thank you :) Follow us onInstagram:
As A Man Thinketh - Night Mode by James Allen 6.88
**** 100000 downloads **** Rated as the best book #FollowUS -checkthis option by opening side navbar Self Improvement andConfidenceBook - As a Man Thinketh is a literary essay and book byJamesAllen, published in 1903. Features provided: Night mode,Normalmode, Tracking status read or unread, mark favorites,materialdesign, increased readability, excellent UI, Simple darktheme Itwas described as dealing with the power of thought,andparticularly with the use and application of thought to happyandbeautiful issues. It shows how, in his own thought-world, eachmanholds the key to every condition, good or bad, that enters intohislife, and that, by working patiently and intelligently uponhisthoughts, he may remake his life, and transform hiscircumstances.A book that will help you to help yourself, A pocketcompanion forthoughtful people, and A book on the power and rightapplication ofthought. Written in a simple language, with shortchapters andplenty of easy to understand metaphors, this book is along-lastingclassic that will interest any person who wants totrain theirmind, or simply enjoy a good book on visualization andpracticalmental hygiene. Everyone should read this book as it is awonder
Mind Games (Challenging brain games) 0.7.7
AK Games
Mind Games is a free collection of hardest and challengingpuzzles.The game contains the most complex and interesting tasksrebusesand puzzles for training your brain. Challenges for logicmathattention. The set includes the 17 hardest puzzles, ofvaryingdegrees of difficulty and more than 200 levels. In MindGames youwill meet: Fifteen ( 15th Game) Coins Dependence (Game onattentionbrain training and logic) Puzzles with Chess and CheckersInfectionGame (Atrax) Brain game of honeycomb Variations of Rubik'sCubeChinese Checkers Blocks and jigsaw Magic Square from DominoSudoku- Dice Squares and Packer Tangoes logic game Q-Game - veryharddifficult but interesting logic puzzle NIM game MarblespuzzleSimple non-annoying interface, Not overloaded graphics Thegamewill definitely interest both children and adolescents, as wellasolder users. As I have already noted, the game is a setofinteresting puzzles. Some of them are known to each of ussincechildhood - these are the variants of the game reversi,chessproblems, tag. And some are an improved combination of twogames,as, for example, in the case of sudoku. Each puzzle hasseverallevels. Some levels differ from each other only in degreeofdifficulty. And some - set for the player task. 1.13
The Use of Civil Engineers Explains the general subject ofcivilengineering to newcomers. This Civil Engineering App is theOneFull Stop Solution for All Civil Engineering Needs, ItContainsVarious Important Civil Engineering Concepts. It almostCovers 300+Civil Engineer related topics, which is useful for allcivilengineering students as well as civil professionals.this is100%free civil engineering app for the civil college students andsiteengineers. here we had enclosed the site notes also. In thisCivilengineering app, one can review any civil subject relatedconceptinstantly through the search functionality within the app.This isvery useful for Civil engineer people who are preparingforCompetitive Gate Exams and Job Interviews as well. Not OnlyCivilEngineers get benefit from this App Other Fields likeElectricalEngineering, Mechanical Engineering, ProductionEngineering,Manufacturing Engineering, Automobile Engineering,MaterialsEngineering, Instrumentation, Mechatronics, PolymerTechnology,Plastic Technology, Physics Students, ChemistryStudents, andrelated field students. The aim of this App is toMotivate CivilEngineering Students and Professionals across theWorld intoLearning All Important Concepts of Engineering. MainlyFocusedTopics are below : - Basic Setting out in a construction -tendersamples - Preparing Bar schedule - Foundation in a building-FormWork in construction - Sustainable Construction - Barbendingprocess - RCC concrete designs - BOQ - Civil EngineeringBasicKnowledge - Civil engineering work Ethics - BasicsInterviewQuestions - Design Mix, Concrete grades, conversions,ReinforcementDetails, Material calculations. - Basics Definitions -Civilengineering Points To Remember - Bridge Work - ConcreteStructure -Drainage Works - Earthwork - Piers and Marine Structures-Roadworks - Pumping Station - Reclamation - WaterRetainingStructures and Waterwork - Pipe Jacking and Microtunellin- Pilesand Foundation - Survey - theory of structures -EngineeringMechanics - Roads & Railways - Approval Drawings -Home designs- Construction Management - Hydraulics - Structuralengineering -Engineering Mechanics - Indian Standard IS andAmerican Standardalso added - Estimation workings - Profitabilityworkings - Unitsconversions - Preparing quotations, Tender,Bills,etc. - Preparingfor exam basics. In this Civil EngineeringBasic, we mainly focusedon the below topics are - civil engineeringapp - civil engineeringbooks free download - civil engineering appsfor home planning -civil engineering dictionary - civil engineeringbasic knowledgeapps - civil engineering competitive exam apps -estimate andcosting civil engineering - civil engineering formulasoffline -steel table for civil engineering free - civil engineeringgeneralknowledge - civil engineering handbook for site free -civilengineering house Vastu plan - civil engineering learning app-civil engineering objective type questions with answers -civilengineering quiz app - civil engineering survey apps -civilengineering study material - civil engineering government jobs-civil engineering terms In Future : we had created thatCivilEngineering Basic where it to use and explaining with somemoretopics, is codes and interview questions were updated on thisapp.So please be patient with us.
IQ Test - free intelligence quiz (brain games) 6.5
iwolt apps
The average IQ is 100. Have you ever wondered what is your IQ?Takeour free IQ test game and find out what is your levelofintelligence right now!Game rulesThe intelligence test is agroupof different questions, whose purpose is to determine thelevel ofintelligence of the tested person.In this test each roundconsistsfrom 40 questions with answer options. Only one answer iscorrect.You have 30 minutes to answers all questionsWhat willyougetCompleting the test is absolutely free.After completing thetestyou can check explanations.Meaning of the IQexaminationcoefficient:<55 - Idiot55-70 - Very lowintelligence70-85 -Under the average level85-115 - Normallydeveloped115-130 - Abovethe average level130-145 - Highintelligence145-160 - GeniusTheintelligence quotient test consistsof a number of tricky tasksmeasuring various measures ofintelligence including short-termmemory, analytical thinking,mathematical ability and spatialrecognition. Like all brain gamesIQ test is kinda tricky and itdoes not attempt to measure theamount of information you havelearned but rather your capacity tolearn. Once you've providedyour answers we compare your results topeople of your age and thenwe provide a normalized score.Normalized scoring can be difficultto understand for those withouta background in statistics. It'sbest to think of your score as anumber which represents yourintelligence quotient compared toothers, not as a measure ofintelligence. Normalizing means theaverage IQ score is 100. Howfar you fall either side of this numberdetermines roughly howunusual your intelligence quotient is. Only2% of the populationhave an IQ greater than 128. Half of thepopulation have an IQscore between 85 and 115.IQ Test Free is alogical brain teasers.Try to test your thinking in this trickygame. Answer all riddlesand may be you will be another genius likeAlbert Einstein orMozart.
Mind power in Hindi 1.12
My Creation
Human mind is a very popular topic for all in theworld.Psychologist and scientist have done various kind of researchonthat and many amazing results are got by them which is helpfultochange human life. This app covered mind power or man kishaktirelated many topics and many therapy in simple hindi languagewhichcan be changed human life for better style. In thisapplicationbelow topics are covered. - What is mind. - Man keprakar. -Conscious mind ke karyo. - Subconscious mind ke karyo.-Development of mind power. - Man ki visheshtae. - Mind or soul.-Chetan aur avchetan mn ka sthan. - Different names of. -mindDifferent states of mind. - Alfa avstha ka important. -Programmingof mind. - Exercise of mind, Visualization, Meditation,Relaxation.- Low of attraction,Telepathy. - Yadshakti. - Trikalgyan. - IQ,SQ, EQ. - Antratma ki aavaj. - Healing power and paincontrol. -Ichha mrutyu. - Mental clock and mental calendar. -creativevisualization technique, - SQ, IQ, EQ, - SMART Goal, -telipathi, -low of attraction - Memory power - yaadshkti ke prakar- how toimprove memory (yaadshkti kese badhae uska solution.) -yaadshktiko kam krnevale memory blocks. - Mind test and Mind poweraudio toimprove knowledge. Exercise: - User can create their owngoal chartand work on that. - User can create their own incomechart and workon that. - Positive status for motivation. -Transformative wordswhich can be help to change life. - Selfpositive affirmation -Daily regular practice to change life usingmind power. To makeGoal chart and income chart user have to allowpermission to accessphotos, media and file from device. Thisapplication has variousgreat features as like Systematicallydescription, Mind related,All subjects are covered, Freeapplication, To support all devices,etc. Download this Mind powerin hindi (मन की शक्ति) application toget superb knowledge andchange your life...
Numerology in telugu V 4.42.5
Jhoshna media
Numerology is mystical relationship between a number and one ormorecoinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical valueofthe letters in words, names. In the numerology have two typesoftheories. one of the Chaldean and second one is Pythagorassystem.Chaldean system believes south countries. Pythagorassystembelieves west countries people. mostly Indians believeChaldeansystem. Pythagoras philosophers of the time believed thatbecausemathematical concepts were more "practical". wrote "Numbersare theUniversal language offered by the deity to humans asconfirmationof the truth. Similar to Pythagoras, he too believedthateverything had numerical relationships and it was up to themind toseek and investigate the secrets of these relationships orhavethem revealed by divine grace.-------------x---------------=>Today situation in the societynumerology most expensivesubject today, this situation created bysome numerologiests if youwant change spell in your name. they areasking high value ofrupee, because lot of people haven't any ideaabout numerology. sowe giving here free of cost numerology app withfull details inevery item. if you spend any valuable amount forname change orlucky number try this app once with free of cost. Inthe appavailable futures. 1. Name number 2. Lucky Number 3. LuckyDatesand Months 4. Lucky Colors 5. about Vehicle Numbers 6. AboutPhoneNumbers 7. About Name and date of birth Vibrations 8. Luckyplants9. videos about numerology on several topics Jhoshna media
Brain Power 7.5.4
Human brains contains unbelievable power. The good news for usthatthere are a number of different kind of ways to improve yourbrainpower, especially if you're willing to do some thingsconsistentlyover a longer period of time. Let's explore some waysthat you canboost your brain power. We hope you will accept thisapp and GivesFavorable feed back to us...!! Please rate us andleave your somecomment, or if any query regarding apps please fillfree to contactus !!! Thanking You..!!TECHNODEV TEAM
Logic Games 7.7.3
New free brain training for adults with answers. Best editorschoicefor play offline and no ads. Exercise your brain with thisgame oflogic and strategy. Solve the visual riddles 100% free andget intothe wit club of the smartest people in the world. This isthe ABC ofmental agility puzzle games to train the mind and testyourintelligence. Complete the levels and gear board forminggeometricfigures, unites all the geometric shapes. You can solvepuzzles andmental challenges with this visual game. Thisapplication willbecome the master to train your brain with riddlesand games oflogic and wit. Click with your finger on thegeometrical figures torotate them and look for the correctposition to form and completein puzzles. Show your skills andbecome part of the best players.Thinking logic game contains: -+100 levels - 100% FREE - Simple andintuitive controls - Relaxingmusic - Hours of fun - Does notcontain purchases within theapplication - Contains advertising ads  * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * Do not forget to rate andcomment on the game in GooglePlay Store to improve. Contact forsuggestions, graphic errors,translation errors, suggestions ....Twitter: @arieshgs * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * *
Mental Disorders 1.1
The application helps to boost your knowledge aboutmentaldisorders. Millions of people all over the world are affectedby awide variety of mental problems. Therefore, this app may beusefulfor everyone, both professionals and people who are justinterestedin good reading.
com.codebug.mathhindi.ninth 1.2
Language : Hindi , Please RATE & SHARE this App as it isfree:-) 9th Math Formula and Example in Hindi based on NCERT Inthisapp we tried to consolidate all Math Formulas and equationrequiredfor Solving Problem 9th class mathematics. Some Example isalsogiven with each chapter to understand and revise concept. Itcoversall the aspects of Algebra, Statistics, Geometry ,Coordinategeometry and Mensuration This App is Extremely Useful forthestudents studying in Class 9th . This app is also helpfulforstudent of UP board , Bihar Board, Rajasthan Board, and allotherHindi medium Board students whose curriculum is based on NCERTThisis also very useful for the teachers who teach Maths inhighschool. Right now its content and chapter is strictly basedonNCERT. If any chapters from some other board is missing do letusknow , we will add them in our later UPDATE. *Highlight*SimpleInterface : easily navigate to any topic. Math Formulasandequations arranged in most useful way. Great app for QuickRevisionGreat app for help while Solving Numerical Please email usat"" to add any new formulas or topicsorsuggestions. The App covers topics - Number system संख्या पध्दति-Polynomial बहुपद - coordinate geometry िर्देशांक ज्यामिति -linearequations in two variable दो चरो वाले रैखिक समीकरण - linesandAngle रेखाएँ और कोण - Triangle (Congruence) त्रिभुज -Quadrilateralचतुर्भुज - Area of parallelogram and trianglesचतुर्भुजों,त्रिभुजों के क्षेत्रफल - Circle (Theorem) वृत्त -GeometricalConstruction ज्यामितीय रचनाएँ - Heron's formula forfinding area oftriangle हीरोन का सूत्र - Mensuration : Cube ,cuboid घन और घनाभ -Sphere , hemisphere गोला व गोलीय कोश - Cylinder, and Coneलम्बवृत्तीय बेलन या सिलिण्डर , लम्बवृत्तीय शंकु -Statistics : Meanसांख्यिकी - probability प्रायिकता 9th Math Formulain Hindi - amust have app for 9th class students. The app iscontinuouslyupdated with latest details and added with new topicsfrequently.
com.alpha.physics 1.1.0
Gigantic Apps
Alpha Physics is the best physics app available on android. Thisappprovides free physics topics, definitions, formulas and abeautifulformula calculator in your pocket. It helps you torefresh yourknowledge, prepare on exams, solves your physicshomework andincrease your knowledge. This education application isformatted forall levels of physics from primary school touniversity. Itsmaterial design with clean interface allowsstudents to focus onparticular areas in the subject. Features:•Over 25 vital physicsConcepts •All Constants that you need tostudy physics •A glance ofbasic Maths for revise •PhysicsDictionary with over 500 definitions•An elegant Formula Calculator•Solve your homework instantly •Knowabout great Physicists whomade physics •Dark theme for late nightsessions •Search anythingin physics All Physics Topics Containsover 25 most vital and basicphysics concepts. Every topic is goingthrough a brief introductionto the concept and visualized with abeautiful icon. And we includebasic Maths for revise and as areference.Each unit containsformula, equations and detaileddescription which are formatted forall level of physics fromprimary school to university. Constantsthat matters A data sheetfor all the constants that matters mostand needy.This is a usefultool which you can quick look to thephysical constants to solveyour homework or revise your memory.Quick reference DefinitionsPhysics dictionary which contain over500 physics definitions orterms. All definitions are brieflyexplained with simple languageand equipped with a reference toWikipedia. User can switch betweenall and basic definitions forease. A beautiful Formula CalculatorSolves any problem or formulainstantly and accurately. Formulas areclassified into 5 sectionswith over 100 formulas. Quick look to anyequation you want withdetailed description and helps you in revisekey formulas and solveyour homework. Know about great PhysicistsKnow more about peoplewho contributed for physics to studydifferent aspects of nature.Contains more than 60 Scientistdescribing their inventions andawards they achieved. Search, getresults now Search anything youwant to know and explore the physicsworld. Users can searchtopics, definitions, formulas and physiciststo get resultsinstantly. Dark theme for late night sections AlphaPhysics isbuilt for students who are studying at night too. Darktheme withmaterial design helps students to study physics withoutany stress.This app covers following topics: •Vector operations•Kinematics•Linear motion •Uniform acceleration •Projectile motion•Uniformcircular motion •Force •Rigid body •Work, Energy, Power•Rotarymotion •Harmonic motion •Gravity •Lateral and longitudinalwaves•Sound waves •Electrostatics •Magnetic field •Directcurrent•Alternating current •Wave optics •Electromagneticwaves•Geometrical optics •Modern Physics •Hydrogen atom•ThermodynamicsThe formulas are classified into 5 sections:•Mechanics •ThermalPhysics •Waves & Optics •Electricity &Magnetism •ModernPhysics Upcoming features: •Quiz Section •Data andTables •Physicsfacts •Unit converter •Languages including Hindi,Telugu, BengaliThe app is continuously updated with new featuresand content. So,stay up to date for new app releases. MADE WITH ❤IN INDIA
Mechanical Engineering 12.7
✴This Mechanical Engineering App is the One Stop Solution forAllMechanical Engineering Needs,It Contains VariousImportantMechanical Engineering Concepts.✴ ►The Aim of this App istoMotivate Engineering Students and Professionals across theWorldinto Learning All Important Concepts of Engineering. ☆ ThisAppCovers 40 Mechanical Subjects in Detail with 4000+ topics, whichisuseful for all mechanical engineering students as wellasmechanical professionals. ☆ This App has 200+ Mechanical Videos☆This App has Animations to Strengthen the Concepts ☆ This Apphas1000+ Question Answers for Engineering Students ☆ You willgetFrequent Updates and News regarding Engineering ☆ You candiscussanything related to Engineering with other Engineers andStudents☆This is very useful for people who are preparing forCompetitiveExams and Job Interviews as well. ☆ This App providesPrevious yearQuestion Answers for GATE Exams ☆ This App containsCharts, Tablesfor Conversions ☆ It also Provides Informations onMechanicalTools, Machines and Softwares ☆ It will be Useful for theJobAspirants by Job Updates, Interview Guides, and more ❰ NotOnlyMechanical Engineers get benefit from this App Other FieldslikeElectrical Engineering,CivilEngineering,ProductionEngineering,ManufacturingEngineering,AutomobileEngineering,MaterialsEngineering,InstrumentationEngineering,MechatronicsEngineering,Robotics Engineering,NanoTechnology,StructuralEngineering,Piping Engineering,PowerplantEngineering,PetroleumEngineering,PetrochemicalEngineering,AerospaceEngineering,Architectural Engineering,NetworkEngineering,RailwayEngineering,Marine Engineering,ChemicalEngineering,TextileEngineering,Polymer Technology,PlasticTechnology, PhysicsStudents,Chemistry Students and related fieldstudents.❱ 【CategoriesGiven】 ❏ General Concepts ❏ WeldingProcesses ❏ ManufacturingProcesses ❏ Hydraulic Machines ❏Thermodynamics ❏ EngineeringMaterials ❏ Engineering Mechanics ❏Industrial Engineering &Production Management ❏ I.C Engines ❏Hydraulics & FluidMechanics ❏ System Principles ❏ MachineDesign ❏ HVAC ❏ FEA ❏Strength of Materials ❏ AutomobileEngineering ❏ Power PlantEngineering ❏ Engineering Drawing ❏CAD/CAM ❏ Machine Design II ❏Theory of Machines ❏ DisasterManagement ❏ EntrepreneurshipDevelopment ❏ Graphene Trends &Developments ❏ Nano Machines ❏Nanoparticles ❏ Quantum Dots ❏ RoboEthics ❏ New Trends inTechnologies ❏ Emerging Pollutants ❏Reliability for Engineers ❏Thermal Turbo Machines ❏ Fundamentalsof Nanoscience ❏ ComputerIntegrated Manufacturing ❏ Total QualityManagement ❏ EngineeringPhysics ❏ Petroleum Engineering ❏ PipingEngineering ❏ NonDestructive Testing Basics ❏ EngineeringMathematics Few ImportantConcepts covered in this App are ListedBelow ⇢2 and 4 stroke Engine⇢Forging ⇢Casting ⇢Super chargers⇢Thermodynamics ⇢Mechanical Forces⇢ Loads ⇢Air-cooling System⇢Internal Combustion Engines ⇢HeatTreatment ⇢Types of fluids⇢Kennedy’s,Varignon’s,Lami’s Theorem⇢Fluid Mechanics ⇢Brazing⇢Welding, Types ⇢Pattern, Types ⇢AirplaneParts, Function ⇢CuttingTools ⇢Heat Exchangers ⇢Types of fluids⇢Actuators ⇢Glass Fiber,Manufacturing ⇢Industrial Engineering ⇢HeatTransfer ⇢ReynoldsNumber ⇢Lubricants ⇢Fuel Cell ⇢EngineeringMaterials ⇢Rolling Types⇢Gears ⇢Magnets ⇢Hydroelectric Power Plant⇢Nuclear Power Plant⇢Automobiles ⇢Gas Turbine ⇢ThermodynamicEquilibrium ⇢Turbine andTypes ⇢Pascal’s Law ⇢Laws of Thermodynamics⇢Kepler’s Laws ofPlanetary Motion ⇢Newton’s Laws of Motion ⇢Gas& Grashof’s Laws⇢Super Alloys ⇢Refrigerant ⇢MechanicalProperties ⇢Cutting Fluids⇢Lubricants ⇢Centrifugal Pumps⇢Reciprocating Pump ⇢Air Vessels⇢Hydraulic Machines ⇢ThermodynamicSystem ⇢Joule's Law ⇢Avogadro'sLaw ⇢Essential Software skills⇢Magnetic Levitation and much more ✫➻
Chemistry Formula 2.1
Please RATE & SHARE this App as it is free :-) In this Appwetried to consolidate all chemistry Formula , equation andreactionmechanism required For Intermediate Student. It covers alltheaspects of Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, andOrganicChemistry This App is Extremely Useful for the studentsstudying inClass 11 and 12 also for those who preparing for thecompetitiveexam like JEE main , JEE Advance , BITSAT ,MHTCET ,EAMCET , KCET ,UPTU (UPSEE), WBJEE , VITEEE , NEET , AIIMS , AFMC,CPMT and allother Engineering and Medical Entrance Exam. SimpleInterface :easily navigate to any topic. Beautifully Designed forTabletsChemistry Formulas and equations arranged in most usefulway. Greatapp for Quick Revision Please email usat"" to add any new formulas orsuggestionsor topics. The App covers topics 1 : **Periodic Table **2 : MoleConcept 3 : Equivalent Atomic and Molecular weight 4 :AtomicStructure 5 : Radio Activity 6 : Chemical Bonding 7 : SolidState -Unit Cell 8 : Solid State - Impurity and vacancy 9:Electro-Chemistry 10 : Gas Laws 11 : Kinetic Theory of gases 12:Theory of Dilute Solution 13 : Chemical Kinetics 14 : Titration15: Chemical Equilibrium 16 : Ionic Equilibrium andSolubilityProduct 17 : Thermo-Chemistry 18 : Coordination CompoundsandNomenclature 19 : Isomerism and Metal Carbonyl 20 : Werner'sTheory, VBT and CFT 21 : Eudiometry or Gas analysis 22 : Hydrogen-Physical and Chemical Properties 23 : Hydrogen - HardnessandPeroxides 24 : Alkali Metals 25 : Alkali Earth Metals 26 :BoronFamily 27 : Boron Derivatives 28 : Carbon Family 29 :NitrogenFamily 30 : Phosphorus and Derivatives 31 : Oxygen Family32 :Sulphur and Derivatives 33 : Halogen Family 34 : Hydrochloricacidand Inter-halogen Compounds 35 : Nobel Gas 36 : d-BlockTransitionelements 37 : Potassium dicromate and Potassium permagnet38 :f-Block 39 : Alloy - Composition and Uses 40 : ImportantMinerals41 : Important Ores 42 : Important Compounds and Formulae43 :Records of Chemistry - 1 44 : Records of Chemistry - 2 45:Qualitative Analysis 46 : IUPAC Nomenclature 47 :ElectronicEffects and Application - 1 48 : Electronic Effects andApplication- 2 49 : Isomerism 50 : Alkane 51 : Alkene 52 : Alkyne53 : Benzene54 : Haloalkane or Alkyl Halide 55 : Haloarene or ArylHalide 56 :Alcohal 57 : Ether 58 : Phenol 59 : Nitrobenzene 60 :Amine -Physical Properties and Preparation 61 : Amine -ChemicalProperties 62 : Aniline 63 : Aldehyde and Ketone -Physicalproperties 64 : Aldehyde and Ketone - Chemical properties65 :Carboxylic acid 66 : Rearrangement 67 : General formula ofOrganicCompounds 68 : IUPAC Name of Some Organic Compounds 69 :AliphaticSeries Conversion - 1 70 : Aliphatic Series Conversion - 271 :Synthesis From Alkyl Hallides 72 : Name and Formula ofSomeAromatic Compounds 73 : Aromatic Series Conversion - 1 74:Aromatic Series Conversion - 2 75 : Organic ChemistryImportantPoints 76 : Properties of Functional Groups 77 : ImportantNameReaction 78 : Qualitative Analysis - Organic Chemistry Formula- amust have app for your smartphones and tablets. The appiscontinuously updated with latest details and added with newtopicsfrequently.
Free Offline Dictionary 2018 1.6
Increase knowledge of English language by going throughlearningnetwork dictionary to learn English grammar, newwords,definitions, meaning, context, synonyms, antonyms andetymology voaspecial English. Users can also understand the contextbetter withexample sentences. Even though this works as freedictionaryEnglish to English, but the proper definitions, examplesentencesand etymology of the English word can draw a real meaningandresourcefulness. Users can build on English vocabularybyconversation English, learning new English word every daythroughdefinition, sentences, context, etymology, synonyms andantonyms ofdifferent English words without wastingtime. In thisofflinedictionary, users can also learn about slang terms withtheircontext, conversation starters, definitions and meaningvoalearning. Slang terms are urban terms which are popular oninternetand youth and can be mainly seem used in sentences. Thereis also avoice input for American pronunciation of English wordsvoa specialEnglish. With this dictionary English to English, userswill be notbe learning network only definitions but also,etymology, context,synonyms, antonyms, example sentences and slangterms. How to useOffline Free Dictionary 2017: • Install and openOffline FreeDictionary 2017 on the android device & learnEnglish free •Search the English word by typing in the search boxabove • Theword definition will appear with etymology, synonyms,antonyms,context and example sentences, learn English grammar •Users canalso look up slang terms with definitions, etymology,synonyms,antonyms, context and example sentences withoutwastingtime. •Learn new English word voa special English every dayfor vocabularywith Offline Free Dictionary 2017 Features of OfflineFreeDictionary 2017: • Offline Free Dictionary 2017 has added morethan200000 english words in the database • There areEnglishdefinitions, meanings, etymology, synonyms, antonyms andexamplesentence featured for every word • There are also Englishidiomsand phrases for in depth learning of English language • Therearealso slang terms and internet terms with meaning, definitionsandcontext, learn English grammar • A voice input withAmericanpronunciation is also featured • A free dictionary with nobugs andmalwares • It work offline without having any wificonnectionnearby Thank you for the download. We will highlyappreciate yourrating and review on the playstore.
Maths Dictionary Offline 5.0.0
Dictionary Maths Offline and Formuls offline contains over4,500Maths terminology covering all commonly encountered mathsterms andconcepts, as well as terms and all basic formulas inmathematics Itincludes: - Algebra - Geometry - Analytical Geometry- Derivation -Integration - Trigonometry - Laplace transform -Fourier - Series -Numerical methods - Vector calculus - Probability- Beta Gamma -Z-Transform Best app to find your definition thisapplication isideal for Math Students it's very convenient for allstudents inhigh school or university . This app contains : Algebra- Algorithm- Adjoint - Arccos and more . Application does not needtheinternet connection. ✔ Maths Terms ✔ Dictionary Maths ✔MathsFormulas ✔ Add custom words ✔ Bookmarked favorite words ✔Offlineworks without the internet
Kadir Yıldırım
You can acknowledge your body and emotions, rule your mindandthoughts and discover your abilities from birth by spending5minutes a day. Our primary subjects: -Is seeing thefuturepossible? -Can one rule matter with their power of thinking?-CanJinnies (Jinn) hurt people? -Can we make someone fall in lovewithus by just thinking? -How to use sanative herbs andnaturalgemstones? -Are our minds being read? -Psychologicaltests!-Mythical creatures and history of them! -Updated contentboth youcan have fun and learn! You can have an easy access tothesevarious subjects in your home, office or on the road,practicallyanywhere! Now download and go out on a mysteriousjourney! You canalso have access to meditation and astralprojection music and alsoto the videos of our own wording. We aretransmitting theinformation that will guide you on your way tosuccess withcurrently updated new content. *The experience ofParapsychology isrenewed. In order to increase your awareness andbring out yourexisting powers, we added new features andtechniques. We areexcited about it. :) *We need your comments andrecommendations toimprove this application and to provide a betterservice for you.You can contact us through psisikbilim@gmail.comfor all of yourquestions and needs and also follow us from oursocial mediaaccounts. We will come back to you as soon as possible.
Millionaire Minds 2.3
Millionaire Minds is an application with content that will openyourmind to new opportunities, to understand everything related totheworld of finance and how the richest people in the world think.Itcontains a careful selection of audiobooks on personalgrowth,personal finances and business opportunities, works by suchgreatauthors as Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Og Mandino,StephenCovey, Donald Trump, and others. It also contains the bestcontentof inspirational and motivational images, phrases andquotes. Youhave access to the best audio books of motivation,personalfinances, audios about money management, investments,control ofemotions, conferences and more. And finally we deliverthe bestaudios of motivation, so spectacular stories ofcharactersrecognized worldwide that have changed the world withtheirphilosophy of life. All content has been selected for peoplewhowant to achieve success and like to educate themselves everydayand take action, who are willing to leave their comfort zone andgofor more. If you are one of these people, then this applicationisfor you ... Download Now!
BookApp - Upskilling your ethical commitments 1.1.9
Book App is like a close friend who helps you keep track ofyourmind. The app enables you, a number of times a day, to stop foramoment and be mindful of your actions, speech and thoughts inthepast couple of hours; it helps you cultivate mindfulness tothoseactions which are negative and harmful to your spiritual path,aswell as to those which are promoting you and your happiness.Theapp also enables you to take upon yourself a small act ofkindnessand merit which will bring blessing to your surroundingandyourself. All ancient spiritual paths discuss the notion of"Departfrom evil, and do good." All paths, with no exception,stipulatethe benefits and spiritual insights gained along the pathinkeeping one's ethics, i.e., avoiding causing any harm to others.Afew examples are refraining from killing, stealing, lying orusingharsh speech. On the other hand, one is encouraged to activelyworkfor the benefit of others; for example, supporting life,speakingthe truth or using pleasant and respectful speech. Thistoolenables you to keep your ethics and morality on the level ofyourdaily actions – these little deeds are the ones which transformourlives into blessing. The spiritual development is based ontheselittle, specific deeds. Simply watching yourself mindfully,youtransform. Your mind changes completely and then so does yourwholeworld. BookApp will help you with this important task youhavetaken upon yourself. Various packages of commitments orethicalcodes relevant to your practice Reminders when it is timetocontemplate on a commitment. Times of reminders can be set byuser.A user-friendly interface which allows you to writeyourselfpositive and negative feedbacks as well as decide on asmall act toimprove or correct yourself. Visual indication of thestatus ofyour performance of these acts of improvement. The optionofHistory, which allows you to visit past pages and updateyourstatus of performance. Additional features: The app changesyourcommitments daily so that you get to review them allcyclically.Your privacy is maintained. Your information is kept onyour devicesolely; it is not shared with others nor saved in aplaceaccessible to others. Bookapp is the tool to keep track ofourminds, to cultivate mindfulness so we can improve wherenecessary.For questions or any other information required, pleasecontact usat
Self Esteem Building Guide 1.0
This application give you an information about how to buildselfesteem. Self-Esteem has a big impact on how the person isbehavingand performing? A positive self-esteem may cause certainpeople tobehave confident and very competitive.This app. is a selfesteembuilder and your ultimate guide to boost self esteem toachievegoals in life.Self-esteem is what you see in yourself andhow youevaluate yourself with what you see. Everyone evaluatethemselvesdifferently because everyone have different way ofthinking. It canbe either positive or the other way round. It'swhat you believeabout yourself.Building self esteem is so notdifficult. Havefun!Application ContentsChapter 1: Be Optimistic forHappier Life -A Positive Outlook for a Positive Life - Know yourself-worth - Thebenefits of using positive self-talk - How positiveaffirmationscan change your lifeChapter 2: It’s All in Our Mind -Focusing themind on the positive - The sky is your limit - How todevelop yourcreative side - Creativity Tips and Resources - Listento yourinner thoughts - Mental imagery works - Taking care of yourmentalhealthChapter 3: Overcoming Negative Thinking - Dispellingfearsfor a more positive outlook - Overcoming dissociation -OvercomingDoubt - Overcoming Feelings of Helplessness - OvercomingInnerConflicts - Overcoming Intimidation - Overcoming the need tobe incontrol - Overcoming TraumaChapter 4: Becoming anOptimisticIndividual and Achieve Goals in Life - Developing yourself-image -Change the Shape of Your Self-Image - How keeping ajournal canhelp you succeed - Develop your intuition - Start EarlyTo CombatLow Self Esteem - Stop underestimating your worth -Developing yourfull potential - Boost your Self-Esteem byRunningApplicationFeatures:- Useful self esteem builder guide.- Youcan share thisguide to others.- Easy to use.
Remente: Self Improvement 1.0.81
This app listens. Based on your needs it provides a bunch oftoolsto help you elevate your life. Live a healthy and rich lifewith asystem of personal development tools to help you focus,beorganised, productive as well as goal and action oriented.Perfectfor a new year's resolution! The skill and knowledgeprovided willhelp you maintain your mental wellbeing and enable youto live arich and healthy life with greater self esteem, more selfworth andless stress and anxiety. The app contains the following: Adayplanner that contains daily to-do’s as well as long termgoalactions and tasks. A life assessment tool that gives youanoverview of your focus in life. A mood journal that explainswhataffects your mood and why you feel bad. A curated collectionofarticles and exercises about every aspect of life. A galleryofexpertly crafted goal plans you can use to grow. MentionedinForbes! Goal setting guide Becoming better and achievingpersonalgrowth and development can only be achieved by creatinggood goalsand habits. Remente acts as your coach and offer guidesand tipsfor setting and achieving goals that form sustainablehabits whichresult in healthy behavior. The Day Planner To reachgoals and formhabits you need to plan, and be reminded of, whenit’s time to takeaction. The day planner is a smart and dynamicto-do list whichplans your days for you based on your goals. LifeassessmentTracking how your life is balancing is important for yourmentalwellbeing and to reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Thelifeassessment tool helps you determine where you should focusyourpersonal development efforts to become mindful and healthy.MoodJournal Learn what makes you feel good with the Rementemoodjournal. By tracking your mood you will understandwhatconsequences your behaviours and habits have on yourmentalwellbeing and life. You can also use tags like “stressed”or“confident” to learn more about emotions like self esteem.Whathabits increase your self esteem? Use the mood journal to findout.Insights Integrate with Google Fit to see how your body andmindaffect each other. Expert goal plans We have a library fullofexpertly crafted goal plansto coach you. They containdetailedplans, tips and information for how to succeed with commonpersonaldevelopment goals. Courses & Articles Personaldevelopment andgrowth requires knowledge. We provide that knowledgein the form ofcourses and articles written by psychologists,business managers,life coaches and world champions in severalfields. Here are someof the topics we cover: Time ManagementProductivity &efficiency Sleep Optimization Memory TrainingFriends & SocialInteractions Better Relationships, tips ondating & sex Diets& Good Health Stress Management AnxietyRelief MindfulnessMotivation & Goal Setting Personal Financetips GoodCommunication Better Leadership Making Good DecisionsDepressionPremium We offer a premium subscription which containsseveralextra features and content that will help you grow evenmore. Thepurchase is handled by your Google-account. You can alwayscancelor change your subscription directly in Google Play by goingtosettings after your purchase. The subscription will be renewed24hours before it expires with a subscription identical to theoneyou last purchased. It is not possible to cancel analreadypurchased subscription. Terms of use & Privacypolicy The team behindRementeare experts in the fields of psychology, coaching andmentaltraining. Previously, we’ve helped Sweden win the 2014 WorldMemoryChampionships, pioneered internet psychiatry treatments andcoachedworld class athletes to achieve more and do better. So farwe havehelped over 100.000 people with their mental wellbeing andreachingtheir goals. Allow us to help you as well and become amember ofthe Remente family. Thank you.
Chemistry Dictionary Offline 1.4
Chemistry Dictionary Offline contains over 5000 "ChemicalTerms"along with their Scientific Definitions. It is very helpfulto thechemistry student. Ideal for investors and students,busyprofessionals, the Dictionary of Chemistry Terms will come inhandytime and again. Main Features: - Quick Search function -completeOFFLINE access, No Internet connection required; - hugedatabase ofTerminologies; - unlimited add your favorites term -compatiblewith almost versions of Android Devices; - veryefficient, fast andgood performance; - automatic free updateswhenever new terms getsadded; - application is designed to occupyas much as less memoryas possible. - easy to navigate throughentire app. This app willwork as a great pocket resource forChemistry terms anddefinitions. Please rate this application 5stars if you find thisapp benefited you.
Law of Attraction for Money + Affirmations in a dualinductionversion (headphones required). + Daily Money Affirmation!You canuse Affirmations consciously or subliminally. MeditationwithAffirmations and breathing: - Inhale - listenaffirmation(acceptance of energy) - Exhale - saying the affirmationaloud ormentally (energy processing) To learn, you can use "LearnActiveAffirmation" (from "Affirmations" screen) Active Affirmationsareprobably The Best Effective Technique for Creation ofReality.Subliminal Affirmations Subliminal communications aresimplemessages placed at regular, short intervals of anaudio/visualinformation signal which can directly affect thesubconscious mind.Since they are too subtle or below the level ofconscious awarenessyou cannot hear or understand them. Because youdo not consciouslyhear the communications your conscious mindcannot reject themessage. Subliminal: - Select Affirmation - Setthe volume levelfor a minimum of affirmation of her hearing - Turnthe music Youcan use affirmations to their own music. Set thevolume levelcomfortable for you and turn your music. You need notconsciouslyhear the affirmation - they are directly hit thesubconscious. "Iam a great person" vs. "You are a great person"Audio Affirmations,it's not the same as affirmations written. WhenYou hear theaffirmation in the first person from someone else -first theseaffirmations refer to the person who speaks them.Affirmation insecond person is immediately addressed to You. WhenYou hear that"You are a great person", You are not wondering who isa greatperson. You have no doubt who is the object of affirmation.You arejust a great person. When I say "You are a great person",it's notup to You! I find the fact. I express my opinion on You andmyopinion on You is just such: "YOU ARE A GREAT PERSON!" Youcanreact to it in several ways, but that does not change myopinionabout You. You can say: "No, no, it's not me, it's notworking,it's...", but I repeat it again: "You are a great person!"You canalso say: "Thank you. Yes. I am a great person!"... Reactingonaffirmation in second person is like receiving compliments.Andthat is the much greater value of affirmation in the secondperson- the affirmation is true regardless of You. So, I see you.Ibelieve in You. I believe in Your abilities. And it does notmatterto me what You think about Yourself at this moment, becauseYou arestill a great person, and it's only a matter of time beforeYourealize it and You will begin to experience the effects of howagreat person You are.
Personal Development Guide 2.0
When you think of personal development, what comes to yourmind?Personal development is a lifelong process. It's a way forpeopleto assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims inlifeand set goals in order to realise and maximise their potential.Itis the conscious pursuit of personal growth byexpandingself-awareness and knowledge and improving personalskills. Itinvolves the growth and enhancement of all aspects of theperson,the feelings the person has about himself or herself, andtheireffectiveness in living. It includes the development ofpositivelife skills and the development of a realistic andhealthyself-esteem. These life skills, skills necessary forsuccessfullyliving a productive and satisfying life, generally fallinto one ofseveral categories: feeling about self, intimacy,family, friends,community, job, leisure, and spirituality. Theyinclude being ableto recognize and describe one's feelings, givingand receivingfeedback, recognizing assumptions, setting realisticand attainablegoals, and employing problem-solving strategies. NewYear is oftena time for reflection and attempts at self improvementand PersonalDevelopment. If you’ve already broken all yourresolutions for theNew Year, then now is the perfect time to setyourself some moreachievable goals to improve your professional andpersonal life.Download Personal Development Guide Now! To yoursuccess
Deepware Rupture 2.1
► Are you tired of thinking in circles, without reachinganyconclusion? Worried by thoughts that always fall inadead-end? ► THIS IS NOT AN ORACLE. THIS IS NOT ADIVINATIONAPP. ► FREE, FULL EDITION. ► This app suppliesrandomwords, concepts and ideas that, applied to your problem, canserveas an inspiration, showing creative alternatives to yourtiredmind. Many times we do not realise that the laws of logicarenot truly creative. When we follow them, is easy to get stuckatthe same thoughts again and again. When your mind is trapped inapattern, it is very difficult to break it fromtheinside. It's not important if they are crazy or(apparently)not appropiate, because their function is to break theoldpatterns, making possible the shaping of newones. DeepwareRupture will not give you the solution to yourproblem, but canshow you the track which leads to it. ► Usageis very easy:Simply open the app and choose amongst eightcategories of answers:absurdity, advice, analogy, image, proverb,question, truth andword. ► This version has not been tested insome devices yet.If you find any issue, like badly formatted texts,please beunderstanding and contact us. We will fix it. ► Whenyouinstall a Cranfcom app, you are accepting thesepolicies: ► If you like this app, donotforget to rate it. ► Keywords: imagination, lateralthinking,problem solving, subconscious mind, strategy, unconsciousmind.
Tentacles - Enter the Mind 1.1.1397
Welcome to the mind of a mad professor for anall-you-can-eateyeball buffet.Dr. Phluff’s obsession witheverything cute hasdriven him mad, and only you can save him. Tapyour way through thelayers of the professor’s amazingly twistedmind. Set in acaptivating 3D world, odd monsters hide behind everycorner.Explore the many creepy layers of Dr. Phluff’s mind fromhisParanoia to his Super-Ego and beyond. Dispatch enemies,collectsquishy eyeballs and secret eggs, gain powers and abilities,andcompete against your friends. Features:- TWICE the limbs ofaregular endless runner- A professor with the head of adolphin-Explore Guilt, Hysteria, Shame and Regret- Upgrade yourpowers andtentacles- Achievements, Leaderboards and HatsPLEASENOTE:Tentacles: Enter the Mind is completely free to play buthasoptional in-app purchases. In-app purchases can be disabledthroughyour device settings.