Top 48 Games Similar to Guess The Player

⚽Puppet Soccer 2014 - Big Head Football 🏆 1.0.127
Smash the football and score goals in this addicting pocketpuppetsoccer game! Pick your favorite worldcup big head team andplay asa famous footballer. Tactically play offense and defense asyouascend the World Cup 2014 ladder! With over 32 countries and90+individual players, this 2014 world cup football gamewillchallenge the ultimate big head manager! Do you have what ittakes?Pocket Puppet Soccer features: ⚽ 32 countries ⚽ 90+cartoonmarionette star players ⚽ 10 special bonus game - chewinggum, ice,sock slime, gypsum, super/mini power and jump spring ⚽Upgrades:kick, jump, speed ⚽ Splitscreen multiplayer for twoplayers onsingle mobile device ⚽ Achievements, highscore, big headmanager ⚽2014 Marionette world cup from noxgames in Brazil ⚽ bestphysicsfor ball and mad goals Choose your big head team and scoremanygoals as deyverson. You can destroy your enemies with kicksinsingle player mode or in 2-player mode – play with friendfunnygameplay for example nolito versus guidetti. Practice kicksinperfect physics simulation and goal like deyverson. You canjump,pass or foul like nolito. Begin Mexican waves and see yourguidettion the top of the charts. Game is absolutely customizable –4different control options to make sure the user experience isthebest. Who will be in your soccer team – big head guidettiornolito? It is only your choice. High statistics means new arenaandnew players like deyverson. Try defense strategy like nolitooroffensive game like deyverson or even wide winger guidetti andallat the same time. In overtime, the gates will increase theirsizeto speed up the match. So, create pocket puppet team and enjoygamewith special bonuses – use ice on nolito, chewing gum onguidettior sock slime on deyverson and making them harder to play.Visitour website NOXGAMES or Facebook for more information aboutPocketPuppet Soccer game. Created by NOXGAMES 2014 - 2018
4 Pics 1 Footballer [OLD] 3.18.7z
★ 4 IMAGES 1 CALCULATOR ★Try guessing all levels.Have fun with200levels with players up to the 2017/2018 season.★ HOW TO PLAY★Lookat the 4 images and try to guess the footballer.★ DO NOT WAITTOEXTEND THE LEVEL ★Ask your friends for help or use coins togethelp with.All these types of modes are described within thegame.★ATTENTION ★Initially, the game has 48 levels. To have theotherlevels available, you must be able to access the phone gallerysoyou can download the images of the various levels★ SUPPORT ★Ifthegame you like or have tips for new improvements leave a revieworyour opinion.Also, if you have any questions or questions,pleasecheck the mail below in the appropriate box.
Soccer Star Clicker 8.3
It is an easy and fun game of simulating soccer players! Pleasetryto legend! * caution* All data will be initialized when the gameisdeleted.
Soccer Fight 2 Football 2017
The epic soccer fights among football players is back!Actioncombats in every versus battle. More soccer players fightmeansinfinite fun and engagement. Football heroes will use theirspikeshoes and punches to defeat the opponent. Collect all theplayersand level up to have the most powerful fighter. There aremanylevels of power and health so apply xp points to yourfavoritefighters to build your killer squad.Now prepared with easycontrolsdesigned for the mobile devices. Forget that messy buttonsonscreen. This is the next level of fighting games. Be ready fortheepic soccer fight action. Build your own team of footballheroesand conquer the world… Soccer Fight 2! Great battles ofthefootball history are ready to be solved. Now it is time tosolvethe most epic soccer fights. Level up your team players fortheaction. Your football heroes must be healthy to fight inactionversus combats. Every classic match in every league has itsownbrawl between teams and top players stress. The referee cansolvethe fight with yellow and red cards but now... Your topsoccerplayers can fight each other to reach the football fightingpodium.Even when the match has ended players meet each other at thelockerroom and it can be a new soccer fight scenario. Topfootballplayers like fast and expensive cars. Some soccer playerswillfight because they envy other big players so they want todestroythem at the luxury car parking.+STORY MODE: In this mode youcanchoose up to 5 fighters and defeat every player in the pathuntilyou reach the big boss. There are some monsters that don´twant thegreat football players to fight on the pitch. Kill them allandsave the world of football.+CHALLENGE: Face with 15 fightersandreceive some goods, the further you go better prizes will begiven.Remember that you can´t heal your damaged soccer fighter inthisgame mode.+SURVIVAL: You´d better be well trained and havehighlevel players to defeat as many opponents in a row aspossible.Fights are performed in a soccer environment such as:footballpitch, press conference, restrooms, luxury car parking lotand ahidden and mysterious scene against the big boss.Remember thisisjust a fiction game and we don´t apologize for the bad use ofthisgame. This is a fighting game to simulate football fightsbetweentwo players in the soccer pitch.
Football Players Fight Soccer 2.6.9
Bambo Studio
Football Players Fight Soccer is an aggressive combat in thesoccerfield. Fight to knockout using kicks and punches without anyredcar. Feel the action on the pitch without any referee. Chooseanyof the most killer soccer players to win the tournament instorymode. Game disputes will be surrounded by the crowd on theline.Emotion at its finest when you fight your classic rival. Theballisn´t needed just your spike shoes and fists. A lot of playersarein the bench ready to fight for their teams, go ahead untilthefinal! Fouls will never be punished by the referee because thisisa knockout street fighting style game. No players will getinjured+Romualdo is one of the best soccer fighters in the world.Hedominates every martial art since he was a kid. +Nesi is simplythemost magic fighter ever, his movements are smooth and youcanbarely see. +Merendona is an old fight glory. He knows everystreetgang sign and so it does when it comes to fight in thestreets. Nowyou can fight with him back in the pitch. +Raben isalso a vintagefootball soccer fighter, very known in europe is wellknown for itsmega kick in the chest. Remember that this is onlyfiction. Don´ttry to fight in the street and not even in the soccerfield. Playon your mobile when you want to fight. Fighting game ofsoccerplayers, soccer players fight in 3 rounds in a bout in thefield,wins the Cup, battling all players in the world of football.Twosoccer players engaged in a fight, multiple combos to defeatyourenemy, vital waves, martial arts, thousands of tricksandcombinations of kicks, punch, air strikes, multiple kicksandpunches and many more undiscovered KOs. Three game modes,World,Fast Start and Training. Realistic scenario, the Tierencouragespublic and encourages you with their whistles andapplause on theside of the pitch of the football field. Choose yourfavorite teamplayer, every player has skills, movements anddifferent tricks,plus a different way to fight in the field. Thegameplay CupFootball season is a tie between the best teams in theworld, youhave to beat your rivals, but will be eliminated from theWorldCup. The training mode will help you learn tricks and martialarts,you can see this by pressing the buttons and checking theeffect ofyour shots to knockout your opponent. Real combat in thisfightinggame where soccer players engage in a fight between thebestplayers in the world of international teams and soccer leaguesbestknown in the world. Bambo Studio
Football Rugby Players Fight
Bambo Studio
Rugby Football Players FightFootball players started a fight in the field.Struggle to reach the final, by kicks and punches withoutbeingsanctioned by the referee. Choose any of the most world'smurdererplayers to win the tournament in story mode Super Ballfootball.The excitement at its best when you fight with yourclassic rival.The rugby ball just their football boots and cuffs isnot required.There are no injuries and failures will never bepunished by thereferee because this is a street fight knockoutgame.Fight with your favorite rugby players:- Dean Morrino: Your skill and fighting technique in the fieldofrugby are unsurpassed. Not much speed.- Barry Sandoval: The maximum speed on defense, can benefit agoodoffense.- Charly fabra: Old school, via New York and Minnesota, hisabilityto throw a good punch is of record.- Emmitt Wilson: One of the best players in the world for hisworkattacker.- Gerard Soft: Watch your kicks, low blows, hooks andpunches.- John Royce: It is better to be beaten by their opponents,theirresistance is sublime.- Robert Mass: His beginnings as a college football player willnotgo unnoticed.- Peter Morning: His way to run, your skills and yourreflexes,making it the best fighter active.This game is just fiction. Do not try to fight in the street oronthe football field. Play on your mobile when you try to fightyourenemy. Fighting game players football or rugby more known. WintheSuper Cup Ball, fighting all players in the worldoffootball.Two football players involved in a fight, multiple combos todefeatyour enemy, vital waves, martial arts, karate, kickboxing,thousands of tricks and combinations of kicks, punch, airstrikes,multiple kicks, infinity punch, punches Air and many moretodiscover knockouts.Three game modes, World, Flying Start and Training.Realisticscenario, the Tier encourages public and encourages youwith theirwhistles and applause on the side of the pitch of thefootballfield.Actual combat in this fighting game where football players engageina fight between the best players in the world ofinternationalteams, the best known soccer leagues in the world andof courseenjoy the famous Super Ball, mode history.2016Bambo Studio
King Of Soccer : Football run
"I never die!" (2017, A lonely one man developer)This is Realone!Wanna be the King of soccer?Wanna be a legendary dribbler?Likefamous soccer players?Your dream will come true!Runthroughdefenders! It's like dancing!Earn Coins and getbettersports-wears. You'll get stronger!This is not a simple'runnergame'This is 'Football Dribble runner game'!Don't letdefenders hityour ball! The ball is only for you!Be a legendarystriker.If youtrained enough, nobody can stop your fantasticdribble.*Carriermode : Dribble through hundreds of defenders. Itwould be gettingtough. But you'll get stronger too!*Endless mode :How manydefenders can you beat? Challenge! *Super-Slow mode : Doyou likeslow motion? It's truly a super power! Be a super hero anddominateenemies!* Each character has their own stories. If youclear allstages of career mode, you can watch their stories!
Отгадай футболиста 3.5.2dk
Любите футбол? Настало ваше время, чтобы угадать имя игрока вфутболи узнать, насколько глубоки ваши знания с этойигрой-викторинойОтгадай футболиста.Love football? Now is your timeto guess the nameof the player in football and see how deep yourknowledge with thisquiz-game Guess a football player.
Winner Soccer Evolution 1.7.9
Winner’s Soccer Evolution is a real 3D competitive football game.Itincludes the teams and the latest football players’ data of2014World Cup. There are various modes for you to select, such asCup,League Match and Friendly Match. It has up to 126 teams and2600players. Smooth actions and playback function let you feel likeyouactually in the game. 1.Game Modes This game has variousmodes,including Cup (World Cup, Club Cup), League Match (PremierLeague,Lega Serie A, La Liga and CSL), Friendly Match andPenaltyShootout. It also has a training mode for you to trainskills ofyour team, dividing into Primary, Medium and Advanced.FriendlyMatch Mode: You can select 2 teams from 62 club teams tocompete orshoot penalty. Cup Mode: You can select your favoriteteam from 64national teams to participate the World Cup. LeagueMode, You canselect one team from Britain, Italy, Spain or China tocompete forchampionship. Training Mode: You can select a team toperfect itsoperation skills. 2. Various Operation Skills This gameprovidestwo kinds of operation modes. You can choose the mostsuitable one.(You can change mode in Options under Menu or tapbutton || toactivate Menu in game.) You can read Control Method inHelp ofOptions under Menu. The operation adopts an internationalpopularway, setting 5 pass ball keys: Short Pass /Press andLongPass/Slide Tackle, Shoot, Through Pass/GK Rush Out, LongthroughPass and Special Dribble /Focus Change. Short Pass: It isshortpass in offense. Let controller press opponent dribbler indefense.Long Pass: Press Power Accumulate and pass the ball to amate ofappropriate distance after release. Let controller slidetacklewhen defend. Shoot: Make different shooting actions accordingtoPower Accumulate and the distance between player and ball.SpecialDribble: Including many special dribble actions: Marsilleroulette,Step over, Step over and Pull back. Automatic combinationskills:Through Pass: Pass ball to catcher according to PowerAccumulate.Long through Pass: Pass ball to catcher with Long Passaccording toPower Accumulate. Sprint: Rapid dribble, fasten speedof dribblebut worsen control of ball. Drive ball out: Stop ball faraway frombody and facilitate dribble starting acceleration. Dribblewith fardistance: Double click in front when fast dribble candribblefarther and facilitate fast run. Fake Shoot and Fake Longpass:Pressing Short Pass when (or after) Shoot or Power Accumulatewillcancel shoot or long pass. They are used to dribble pastopponentDefenders or GK. One-Two pass: Two players cooperate todribblepast opponent Defenders. Lob shoot: Press Special Dribble toshoot.Control tracks of ball: Press direction keys to control theflyingarc of ball.
Guess the Footballer 3.19.6z
★ GUESS THE FOOTBALLER ★Try to guess all levels.★ HOW GAME★Guessthe football player, coach or club corresponding of theimage.★CAN'T YOU PASS THE LEVEL ★Ask for help from your friends oruse thecoins available for use with the aid .All these types ofproceduresare described within the game.★ SUPPORT ★If the game youlike orhave any suggestions for new improvements leave a review oryouropinion .Also for any questions please refer to the belowemailwritten in the address box .
Golden Manager - Football Game
Join the best soccer management game ever with more than 5MILLIONDOWNLOADS! Make yourself become the best soccer coach inthis FREEto play game. Sign REAL PLAYERS, choose the best tactics,trainyour squad and play live matches against other users. Will youwinthe treble: the League, the GM Cup and the Masters League?GoldenManager is the most fun football management game ever, withphotosand names of real players. Sign pro footballers such asCristianoRonaldo, Leo Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Kevin de Bruyne orClaudioBravo for your dream team. And the best thing is that itiscompletely free to download. This is a free toplaygame.HIGHLIGHTS- NEW FEATURE 2016/2017: FRIENDS LEAGUES. CreateaPrivate League and play football vs your friends in GoldenManager.Who will be the best manager?- Live football matchesagainst otherplayers around the world. Show them that you are thebest trainer.-Premier League included! Sign real pro players withFIFProlicensing from FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, ManchesterUnited,Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and manyothers, foryour dream team.- Friends Leagues: create a league andplay vsfriends.- Multiplatform game: you can play from your phoneor fromFacebook. This is a social game!- Team training sessions:traintheir attacking, passing and defending skills.- Choose thematchtactics, team intensity and make vital substitutions.-Competitionsfor 2017: the League, the GM Cup, the Masters League,the ChallengeLeague and Kerad Tourney.- World tours againstauthentic NationalTeams.- Real sponsors to help your club’sfinances: Nike andCoca-Cola.REAL PLAYERSWould you be able to trainthe best playersin the world? In Golden Manager you have all thetop players fromthe best squads in the world, even from the PremierLeague: FCBarcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool,ManchesterCity, Manchester United and many more. Sign profootballers such asMessi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pogba, Neymar, DiegoCosta, Kevin deBruyne or Claudio Bravo for your dream team! Buildyour ownpersonalized line-up by signing your favoritegoalkeepers,defenders, midfielders and strikers, free kick andpenaltyspecialists.LIVE SOCCER MATCHESPlay live soccer matches inthisfree to play game against other managers from around theworld!Golden Manager is the best football management game everthatallows you to play against other users and with pro realplayers.Feel like Guardiola, Mourinho, Luis Enrique or Zidane bymakingchanges during the match, altering the mentality and thetactics ofyour squad and by training your authentic FIFA players!Decide yourteam roles: penalty, free kicks, captain...PLAY VSFRIENDSYou and 5friends can play together in the same League. 10matches perseason, a great Ingots reward for the winner and anexclusivetrophy. Have fun with the exclusive Golden Manager FriendsLeagues!You can also create a Public Friends League and play withmanagersfrom all around the world. Create the best soccer tacticsanddefeat your friends. Be the winner!MANAGE YOUR CLUBEverywinnershould have full control the club’s finances and increasetheprofits. Set your ticket prices for home matches, buy andsellplayers in the direct transfer market or through live auctionsandsign contracts with your real sponsors such as Nike andCoke!LALIGA2016-2017 KITSGive your club its own identity.Personalize yourplayers by letting them wear the kits of yourfavorite Spanish LaLiga teams. Choose shirts from a wide varietysuch as FC Barcelona,Real Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia...An activeconnection to theInternet is necessary to play GoldenManagerPrivacyPolicy:
Total Football 2016/2017 1.17.1
The ultimate football simulation manager game with reallicensedplayers from all over the world.Total Football 2016/2017lets youcreate and train your team, bid for players, build yourstadium,and compete with players across countries on yoursmartphone or onFacebook (PC/Mac). Select your team among 10,000+officialreal-name licensed players from 40 countries, such asMessi,Rooney, Gerrard, Ronaldo (CR7), and many more.Start managingyourteam now and aim to be the best football (soccer) manager intheWorld!FEATURES- Free to Play - Play everywhere, on anydevice:Android App or Facebook for desktop/laptop.- Select yourfootball(soccer) team among 10,000+ real-name licensed players,includingMessi, Rooney, Gerrard and Ronaldo (CR7) and the bestplayers fromyour favorite football club- Compete against users fromaround theglobe League, Cup, and Super League modes - Play gamesanytime inWorld Tour Mode to be matched against opponents from allover theworld- Transfer players and participate in auctions to getthe bestplayers in the world and improve your starting top eleven!-Manageyour football (soccer) matches live on mobile or Facebook,makesubstitutions or change your team formation to show who is thebestfootball (soccer) coach- Use the training center to improveyourteam by increasing your player’s abilities making thembetter,faster and stronger- Arrange friendly matches against yourfriendsanytime - Send and request items from your friendsworldwideCreateyour dream football (soccer) team now with TotalFootball 2016/2017and be the best manager in the world!Notes:TotalFootball 2016/2017is available in the following languages: English,Thai, French, andBahasa, with more languages coming soon. Becomefans on Facebook @: Website @: 20 OfficialLicensedPlayers include Zlatan Ibrahimovic Wayne Rooney Luis SuarezLionelMessi Cristiano RonaldoMario Balotelli Yaya Toure ArturoVidalSteven Gerrard Paul PogbaCesc Fabregas David Silva Angel DiMariaEden Hazard Gianluigi BuffonIker Casillas David De Gea ThiagoSilvaSergio Ramos Vincent Kompany Total Football 2016/2017 ispackedwith more than 10,000 official licensed players. Join thegame andlead them to be the Champions of the World!Play now, Messi,Rooney,Gerrard, and Ronaldo (CR7) are waiting for you to manage.
Soccer Duel
Who is the best soccer player?SoccerDuel is the clash of football superstar. Are you readyto geton the field and play epic soccer games? Only the best soccerstarsin football history can enter in this ultimate tournament. Oneonone soccer battles and just one single rule: let thebestfootballer win!Soccer Duel Special Features★ Quick Match: Play remarkable matches in this quickgamemode. Do you think you can beat Soccer Duel legendaryplayers?Soccer Duel is the best mobile game artificial intelligenceevercreated.★ Tournament: Face legendary soccer players in thisamazingjourney. To be a football champion you will need to defeatthe bestsoccer players in history at their best form. Prepareyourself toimmersive football duels matches.★ Versus (2 Player 1 Device): Exciting battles arewaitingfor you. Challenge your friends and finds out who is thebeststriker and the best goalkeeper.★ Practice: Train your shoot, practice your kicks. Freekickmode to develop your skills. Penalty must be a goal, the artoffree kick is to train hard. The ball must be yourbestfriend.★ Legendary Players. Who is the best football playerinhistory? This clash of football legends will tell. Only one canbeat the top, and they will have to prove on the field who isthegreatest of all time★ Crowded Stadiums: Soccer is the number one sport intheworld. The fans won't miss a chance to see those outstandingsoccersuperstars in action playing classic matches.★ Amazing 3d graphics: The best soccer players inhistory,stylized with very high quality level. Enjoy 3D crowdedstadiumsenvironments. Fantastic match day atmosphere.★ Quick Download less than 50MB.★ Online multiplayer mode is coming soon.★ and lots of fun...The clash of football legendsSoccer Duel is the clash of football legends. A soccer game madeforall ages to enjoy. Kids will love, Soccer Duel provideseasynavigation and intuitive game play, simple to play lots of fun!Allfamily can pretend to be the ultimate soccer superstar, be alegendand beat your heroes.Passion for soccerDownload now the best soccer game for free. Amazing free kickduelmatch. Let the football battle for the title begin! Becometheultimate soccer player in the world. Passion for footballstartshere, Soccer Duel is made for all ages to enjoy, all familycanplay flick football together. Kids will love be the newsoccersuper star!Champions aren't born. They're made. Do you have what it takes tobethe new super star soccer? Train and Improve. Make perfectfreekicks, score many penalty goals, reach fame and your fanswillfollow you to the end. Join millions of players in thisexcitingsoccer game and enjoy playing with all your favoritefootballers.Be a Soccer Legend!Who is the best soccer player ever?Soccer Duel will decide who is the best soccer player ever.Starsoccers are waiting for your download. Legendary players runstheshow in a soccer dream league. Let Soccer Duel surprise you.Enjoya free football game made for all family. Only the bestsoccerplayers will achieve the top in this flick penaltyshootout.Soccer game for free on your device, very easy to play andfilledwith lots of fun. Can you stop the best striker? Can you beatthebest goal keeper? How many goals can you score in thissoccergame?Enjoy a soccer game made with quality visual assets and a fluidgameplay. Soccer Duel brings to you the clash of football starsfor freeon your cell phone, tablet and all mobile devices.
Head Soccer Heroes 2018 - Football Game 1.5.7
Become a legend of La Liga and lead your team to victory withHeadSoccer Heroes! Live the intensity and the emotion of footballandcreate your own epic team using the players from the Paninicardpacks. Prepare your strategy with the puzzles, level up andimproveyour characters, and score astonishing goals in this gamethatcombines puzzles and RPG set in La Liga with the collaborationofPanini!Connect defensive and offensive gems to carry out thebestplay, score goals and have fun with this impressive puzzleandfootball game of La Liga with wonderful graphics. Kick offyourcareer as a professional football player and turn into a star!Yourmoves on the board have an impact on the playing field andthenumber of goals you score. Play as forward, midfielder, ordefensein the most comprehensive football RPG.Train hard to improveyourskills and abilities and there won't be a goalie able to stopyourpowerful shots! Hire new players for your team and useyourteammates' special powers to tilt the balance in yourfavor.Improve your players' abilities to win games and reach thepeak ofinternational football! Who will be the best defense,forward orgoalie? Who will have the most powerful shot, thequickest dribble,the best technique? You choose who deserves aplace in your lineup.In this La Liga football and puzzle game youare both the playerand the trainer!Play different seasons and cupsto complete yourcareer as a professional player. Overcome all thechallenges,obtain rewards for each mission and gain experience tolevel up andimprove your abilities. Take part in weekly events tobeat playerslike Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi. Win points in theevents playinggames against other players from around the world.Win the gamesand qualify for the next round. You will have specialrewards, andeven obtain players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi,Piqué, Griezmannand many more!Defeat your opponents and get playersfrom otherteams to join yours in order to be the very best. You canbecomethe most powerful football team of all time! Join 3 gems toscoregoals, win championships, gain fame, dominate the playingfield andyour fans will follow you to the end!GAME FEATURESAMAZINGGRAPHICS*Incredible graphics for La Liga fans!* Play with playerssuch asCristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Griezmann, Neymar, Suarez, Bale,Benzema,and many more!* Spectacular animations and special powersfor yourfavorite players!TRAIN AND IMPROVE YOUR ABILITIES* Trainandimprove your team throughout the game to obtain the bestlineup!*Unlock incredible powers and special abilities for yourplayers.*Gain experience to level up your players and improvetheirqualities and special attacks.COLLECTIBLE CARD SYSTEM* Getcardpacks based on Panini, open them and discover hundreds ofdifferentplayers. Can you collect them all?* Modify your initiallineup withcharismatic characters, each with his own specialabilities andcharacteristics.* Goalies, defenses, midfielders andforwards. Allthey need is a great leader to become masterscorers!TWO GAMEMODES: OFFLINE AND ONLINE* Play football offline inthe CampaignMode: from humble beginnings to international footballsuperstar.*Challenge players from all over the world in the EventMode andreach the top of the ranking.* Special tournaments,championshipsand cups with incredible rewards.FOOTBALL MEETS MATCH3* Watch yourmoves on the board and observe the effect they have onthe game.*Defend the rival attack, steal the ball, dribble theopponent, passto a teammate and score fantasy goals!* A combo offootball andmatch 3 the likes of which have never beenseen.DOWNLOAD NOW ANDSTART PLAYING THIS FOOTBALL RPG GAME!
Indovina Il Calciatore! 3.9.6z
Soccer Buddy 1.0
Soccer Players needs your help to become the New Soccer SuperStar.Train your Soccer Buddy and develop his footballer skills:Penalty,Free kick, Pass, Dribble, Juggle, Goal, Kick, Attack andDefense!Practice to collect Golden Balls. Unlock Different YouthPlayers,Unique Soccer Team Jerseys, The Most Amazing Soccer Boots.PlayersPress Interview with the talking and repeat system. Passionforfootball starts here, Soccer Buddy is made for all ages toenjoy,children or adults all family can play together. Get it nowthebest Free Soccer Game, the Fans are waiting for you! Kidswilllove!★ Special Features ★★ Penalty Free Kick! The referee givesyoua Free Kick: You take aim, shoot... and Goal! 3D Soccer GameAimSystem with an amazing and intuitive gameplay.★ Dribble! Aplayercan decide a difficult game with your dribbling skills!Practicewith your Soccer Buddy and develop the dribbling skills.★Juggle!Improve your Soccer Skills! Juggling the ball is the bestway tolearn soccer ball physics, develop ball control and to have alotof Fun! Try to beat the Juggle record.★ Locker Room! CustomizeyourSoccer Star. Collect Golden Balls to unlock amazingitems:Different Players inspired in the real Professional Players,SoccerTeam Jerseys inspired in real Football Clubs, Amazing SoccerBoots.You should definitely check out the room!★ Interview! You cangiveinterview with your player. With the repeat talking system, yousaywhat your Soccer Buddy will say in the press interview. How funisthat!★ Soccer Buddy Description ★You are the star of the showasyou launch your soccer career. Immersive free flowing 3DScore!Gameplay lets you control the action. Build your SoccerBuddyathlete skills. Be a Hero! Juggling, Pass, Kick and Score yourwayto legendary status. Customize your soccer player for a uniquelookand feel. Experience pure soccer fun an astonishingatmosphere,stunning smooth animations, simple controls, insaneaction and tonsof replay value. Made for kids and adults.Experienceevery emotionthis great sport has to offer! Equally enjoyable as asnack gamefor a few minutes or an intensive few hours. Instinctivecontrols,laced with detail, entertainment, mini-games, shocks,surprises andsheer unadulterated joy, Soccer Buddy is a delightfrom start tofinish. Experience the free-kick action of yourfavorite 3D soccergame like no other!The best football game onmobile and tablets.With intuitive freekick gameplay and greatphysics. A soccer gamewith easy controls that everyone can learn in1 second. Amazingball physics. Hundreds of hours of entertainmentat yourfingertips! Intelligent AI adapts to your passes, and shotsmakingeach play through different. Free kicks, penalties,juggle,dribbling… with your ultimate team and your powerful finalkick noteam or goalie can stop you. Score thousand of goals!Dribble youropponents. Split defenses with precise through balls,or bend shotsinto the top corner, putting you in control for anunrivaled mobilesoccer experience. Are you a really football fan?Well now you havea real experience in your pocket. Explore astunning 3D SoccerStadium Field. When it comes to Soccer what isthe best Tactical?The Squad Formation is the best way to improveSoccer Team Skills.Youth Soccer Players needs Training and Learningto develop skillsand to become Real Soccer Player.What are youwaiting for? Thishuge, detailed football universe is yours to own.Everyone else isalready playing Soccer Buddy, include Soccer Stars!Get ready forthe best football in the world! Shot and win thebestrewards.Champions aren't born. They're made. Do you have whatittakes to be the Soccer Superstar? Train and Improve. Joinmillionsof players in this exciting soccer game and enjoy playingwith allyour favorite footballers. Become the ultimate soccerplayer in theworld. Make perfect kicks, score many goals, reachfame and yourfans will follow you to the end.
Be A Legend: Soccer
**** The AWARD WINNING Football Game franchise with+3,000,000downloads worldwide! ****“An original game that showsjust howpossible it is to turn yourself into a sportsstar”( your dream and turn yourself into atrueprofessional footballer, playing for the best football teams intheworld. Personalize your own footballer and start your careerbysigning for a starter club, compete against real users andimproveyour skills to be able to sign for a bigger football cluband wingreat continental competitions.Choose one of the greatestEuropeanleagues to begin your career and convert yourself into aLegend:·Compete in matches against users from all around the world·Competein one of the greatest leagues and rise to the top of themountainwith your team.· Make yourself famous in every city andcountrythat you visit.· Improve your skills· Sign with the bestclubs inthe world· Turn yourself into a legendThe only footballgame whereeverything depends on your skills, and your actions areveryimportant ineverymatch.-----------------------------------------------------------------OFFICIALLYLICENSEDPRODUCT OF FROM THE BENCH - trademarks and copyrightedworks,including the Clubs logo, and other intellectual propertyrights areowned and/or held by From The Bench and may not be usedwithout FromThe Bench’s written consent. To be able to play thisapplication,you will need internet connection. This applicationoffers in-apppurchases which you can disable in your devicesettings.By usingthis application, you accept the "Privacy Policy"and the "LegalNotice". It contains advertisements of "From TheBench, S.L." andtheir partners, including advertisements withinthe game. It alsocollects data through analysis technology anddelivers third partyadvertisements including network and GPSlocations. The app containsdirect links to social networks forthose above the age of 13 andalso direct links totheinternet.HELP:[email protected] POLICYYTERMSOFUSE: our forums at tomeet otherplayers and be up to date on all news about the game.
Football Soccer Star! 1.1
Football Soccer Star is the new football game where youcustomizeyour player, play minigames and earn trophies to becomethe newsoccer champion! Jump, kick, head and score! World Cup 2014isgone, but the fun is back with Football Soccer Star! Forgetaboutboring stickmans or dull soccer puppets; create your ownplayer andmake it look the way you want! Play through 10 footballminigamesand win all the trophies. ★CREATE YOUR OWN UNIQUELOOKINGPLAYER★Use the money earned in minigames to fully customizeyourchampion. Personalize not just the head but the completeclothingand looks! Best 2014 and 2015 football players hairstylesareincluded.You can pick one of the initial players or create anewsoccer star from scratch. It will look better than a stickman orahead puppet for sure! You can even customize the ball!★PLAYAWESOMEMINIGAMES★Run, jump, kick, head and score goals! Playthrough 10simple and fun minigames. Some minigames requires usingyour head,others requires your striker abilities. Score as manygoals as youcan, shoot free kicks, jump as fast as you can, avoidthehooligan´s projectiles, master the Futsal court, hit therefereesand much more! Fun guaranteed! ★EARN MONEY, WIN TROPHIESANDCOMPLETE ACHIEVEMENTS★Every minigame rewards you with money youcanuse to customize your player and make it look unique. Nostandardstickmans or puppet looking players; make them look the wayyouwant. Collect all the medals and trophies including the WorldCupand unlock more than 40 achievements. Compete against yourfriendsto see who gets the highest score. Can you win allthetrophies?★UNLOCK PRO SUPERSTARS★Collect the special stars tounlockpro superstars and classic legends. Play as Maradona or Pelé,Messior Neymar!★KEY FEATURES INCLUDE★* 10 awesome minigames to playandbecome the new soccer star champion* Customize head,hairstyle,beardstyle, eyes, skin, mouth, shirt, shorts, shoes,tattoos andmore! * 12 trophies to collect including the World Cup2014 andChampions League trophies!* 30+ achievements to unlock* 8specialplayers to discover, from famous strikers to classiclegends. *Compete against your friends for the best scores* Up to 5footballstars slots to save your amazing-looking champion.* Moreminigames,strikers, and content to come!World Cup is so 2014! PlayFootballSoccer Star now and become the 2015 soccer star champion!Thank youto all our supporters in Brazil!Hope all of you enjoy thegame,please send us an email to [email protected] if you haveanyquestion, comment or suggestion and don´t forget to follow us
Soccer Career 1.1
Ready to become the new soccer star? Be a pro football playerinSoccer Career! Your soccer career starts now! Passion forfootballstarts here, Soccer Career is made for all ages to enjoy,allfamily can play football together. Kids will love! Experienceall asoccer players lifes has to offer!Soccer champions aren'tborn.They're made. Do you have what it takes to be the superstarsoccer? Train soccer and Improve your skills. Join millionsofplayers in this exciting soccer game and enjoy playing withallyour favorite footballers. Become the ultimate soccer player intheworld. Make perfect kicks, score many goals, reach fame andyourfans will follow you to the end. Be a soccer legend!SoccerCareerspecial features★ Soccer Match gameplay play football matcheswithyour customized football player in a fine tuned polishedsoccergameplay. Score the goals! Enjoy the best football gameengine.★Train and develop your soccer player You will need to trainsoccerhard to become a champion! Remember practice leads toperfection!Unlock new football training levels while you evolve.★Full seasonwith different soccer championships Play the NationalLeague,National Cup and the most important: World League. Manageyourcalendar, don't get caught by fatigue. ★ Enjoy your daysofffootball Do you like the mountains? Prefer the beach? How aboutgocamping? Ok, you can take a rest at your home too. Choose whatyouwant to do with your free time! ★ Personal RelationshipsDon'tforget to take care of your family and respect the soccercoachdecisions. Be friend of your team mates. Delight the fansandrocket sales your team shirt number! ★ Footagram (SocialNetwork)to share your special moments with your followers. InSoccer Careeryour smartphone is your best friend. Sharing contentswill impactyour relationships in many ways, be careful!★ Footbankto manageyour fortune With your smartphone you will have access totheFootbank App. Check your salary payments, performancebonus,t-shirt sales, and control your finances. ★ Hungry Pressmakinglive news coverage. Match scores, football headlines,tacticalreview, opinion, fans stories, our media guys won't restuntil athe soccer ball stops. Check the after game newspaper andthechampionship news. ★ Player Customization Choose amazinghairstyles to match your player, customize the body. Specialshoesmodels are waiting for you! Give your player the appearanceyouwant! Create your the new star soccer.★ Soccer Career is madeforall ages to enjoy kids, adults, Soccer Career is made forsoccerfans of all ages.★ and lots of fun.You are the star of theshow asyou launch your soccer career. Immersive free flowing 3DScore!Customize your soccer player for a unique look and feel.Experiencepure soccer fun an astonishing atmosphere, stunningsmoothanimations, simple controls, insane action and tons ofreplayvalue. Build your Soccer Buddy athlete skills. Be a Hero!Juggling,Pass, Kick and Score your way to legendary status. Thefans arewaiting for you!Train your Soccer Buddy and develop hisfootballerskills: Penalty, Free kick, Pass, Dribble, Juggle, Goal,Kick,Attack and Defense! The life you always dream about. Hundredsofhours of entertainment at your fingertips! Intelligent AI adaptstoyour passes, and shots making each play through different.Withgreat physics. The best football game on mobile andtablets.Dribbleyour opponents! Score thousand of goals! Splitdefenses withprecise through balls, or bend shots into the topcorner, puttingyou in control for an unrivaled mobile soccerexperience. Are you areally football fan? Well now you have a realexperience in yourpocket. Explore a stunning 3D Soccer StadiumField. This huge,detailed football universe is yours to own.Everyone else isalready playing Soccer Career! Shot and win thebest rewards.
Football 2018 - Soccer 2018 7.0
For football fans all over the world , we're glad to presentthisamazing free game for android devices ,with so manyawesomefeatures ,The realistic graphics and sound effect forfootballplayer, football field, stadiums will make the footballmatch cometo life on your screen during matches now likea profootball player ,new Football 2018 league game. A free gamethatyou can enjoy playing. Run, haggling , dribble using soccerkicks,marks a goal and win the league this year . Now it’s time tobecomethe best football player in Football 2018 - Soccer 20183D.Are youa football fan? now you have a real experience in yourpocket withthis great football simulator free.!!How To play ?:"Pass button"for pass and tackle , "Kick button" for shoot thefootball."Direction Key" to control the movement of theplayer.Please giveus your feed-back for our Football 2018 - Soccer2018 game !
KICK: Football Card Trader 9.0.14
Topps® KICK® 2019: Football Card Trader is the official digitalcardtrading app of the Premier League, Bundesliga, UEFAChampionsLeague, UEFA Europa League and Major League Soccer, with70+licensed clubs and over 700 players. Join fans from aroundtheworld for the KICK 2019 Season! Collect Aubameyang, Salah,Eriksen,Lewandowski, Pulisic, and many more! New Features! • NewHomePanel: KICK19 includes our new multi-screen home panel foreasynavigation and feature access. Swipe from screen to screen toviewyour favorited cards, active contests, pending trades, and playourin-app mini games, Golden Goal and Prize Wheel! • Level UpCards:Level Up cards return as you earn XP points opening packs,allowingyou to reach new milestones and receive card awards.ClassicFeatures! • Claim FREE CARDS AND COINS every day! •CONSISTENTRELEASE OF NEW CARDS: new series, original artwork, andeditions ofcards released every week including limited cards thatindicate thecard circulation number. • LIVE CONTESTS: compete withotherplayers to win rewards in contests that last from one match toanentire week. Our “flow of the game” scoring system allows userstopredict momentum changes, swap cards in their starting XI, andfeelthe excitement of every touch, pass, tackle, shot, and goal. •CARDEXCHANGE: trade in low-level cards for a higher boosted variantofthe same player! • GOLDEN GOAL - Golden Goal is an all ornothingluck of the draw card game that allows you to win free coinsandcards. Look for bigger coin rewards and collectible cards. •KICKCOMMUNITY: KICK '19 boasts the best football cardcollectingcommunity in the world! Execute major trades betweenPremierLeague, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA EuropaLeague andMajor League Soccer. *For the best experience, werecommend devicesbe updated to Oreo 8.0 or later. * MORE INFO -Like us on - Follow @ToppsKICK onTwitter - [email protected] on Instagram-
Real Soccer League 1.0.0
Now this awesome sport game is better than ever! The soccerplayersare fast and angry, nothing stop them in front of thewinner’spodium. You can try your abilities to go through thisfuriouschallenge. Here you have rules of the game: Score pointsbycarrying the ball from a starting point into the opposition’sendzone. Use end zone in front of your team to score and don’tletopposing team to reach yours. Run the show on offense anddefense.A play begins as usual when the ball is moved from theground intothe hands of the players. Of course you will be harassedby theother team but this is the American football.Game is dividedintofour quarters of 60 seconds each. So, build your own offensiveanddefensive teams. You have an opportunity to play asquarterback,receiver, linebacker, cornerback by yourself during thegame.Thisaction sport battle is the most immersive, streamlinedfootballexperience on mobile. It’s time to play football!Show offyourskills on the pitch like never before to be aworldchampion!Features:Fight your way forward with running plays.Playas the franchise quarterback.Practice strategy and specialplays.Cross the opposition’s goal line with the ball.
Pack Opener for FUT 18 and 16 6.08
Smoq games
Open pack simulator based on Ultim. Team 18 and 16 cards. Openpacksand collect all the cards! Find the best pack. You can openanunlimited number of packs. Ultimate FUT 18/16 version!Important!These packs are pure fantasy - there is no connection toyour FUT 18and 16 club.
Name the football player 3.9.2dk
Guess current american football players in this fun andchallengingquiz. Collect coins and use them for help if you needany. Proveyour knowledge to the world!Play Now and have Fun!If youlike thegame, please rate and share, spread it to your friendsviaFacebook, Twitter etc...Find out who is the best among you!
Shoot Goal - Futsal Indoor Soccer 2.0.5
Bambo Studio
Score goals like a professional futsal player, take a free kicktothe goalkeeper from different positions in the futsal pitch.Playsoccer championships like a striker against the goalkeeper ygetthe ball in the back of the net. Score goal, Free kick andpenaltywith spin near the poles and crossbar to get the max points.Aimright to earn the highest score in every match of this soccergameand become the best futsal player in the world. Free kicksandpenaltys with your finger on the screen and draw theball´strajectory. Score amazing soccer goals to get promoted tonextdivision. Your rival team in soccer competition is scared ofyourswerve shot that always win the match of this soccer game. ★ ★★ ★★ Futsal soccer game at its best! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Aim better witheveryshot ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Lift all the soccer cup to reach the glory ★ ★★ ★ ★Futsal stadiums are full of supporters ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Amazingsoccergoals, free kick and penalty just like reality Soccer fansare withyou. You only must aim fine and score goal of the match ofindoorsoccer. Feel the pression of free kicks and penalty when thetimeis running and few seconds left to finish the match. The squadneedyour soccer goal to win the soccer competition and they wanttocelebrate with you. Forget the referee and concentrate inscoringwith the good aim. Enjoy this soccer game, the best indoorsoccergame. 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️BamboStudio 2018 - The best soccer games for Mobile 🌐 👍 Facebook: 🐦Twitter:@bambostu
Football Wallpapers HD 4K v8.2
Are you a football fan who needs awesome football wallpaperstospice up the phone ? Well, look no more. Football WallpapersHD+4Kbrings you a lot of wallpapers in fantastic quality. Features--Wallpapers in HD and excellent 4K quality.- Includes almosteveryawesome player and Club/Team there is. - The entire collectionisabove 7000+ wallpapers. So you have a lot to choose from. -Newwallpapers updated automatically on the server. - Set asWallpaperOR Download to SD Card (Gallery). - You can even suggestto add anew Player or Club/Team to the Wallpaper Collection.NOTE -NeedsInternet to work.Disclaimer - None of the images are hosted ontheapp. Each and every image is hotlinked from a sourcewherehotlinking is allowed. All logos/images/names are copyrightsoftheir perspective owners. These images are not endorsed by anyofthe perspective owners, and the images are used simplyforaesthetic purposes. No copyright infringement is intended, andanyrequest to remove one of the images/logos/names will behonored.Theapp contains - Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid, LionelMessi,Barcelona, Neymar, Manchester United, David Beckham,ZlatanIbrahimovic Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Luis Suarez, Brazil,WayneRooney, Gareth Bale, Thomas Muller, Germany, Arsenal, ParisSaintgermain, Portugal, Liverpool, Theigo Costa, Karim Benzema,SergioRamos
Football Clash: All Stars 2.0.14s
Collect and upgrade over 100 cards starring your favouriteplayersand compete head-to-head in real-time football matcheslocated iniconic, city based Arenas across the world. Show off yourfinishingskills by curling one in the top corner, or smashing itpast thegoalkeeper from distance. Be the last line of defence bytakingcontrol of your keeper, tip one over the bar, or make anacrobaticsave for the cameras. Win trophies to unlock new levels,gainingaccess to different Arenas and more elite players withuniquespecial abilities. Compete in tournaments to win prizes,challengeto be the last team standing and prove you are the trueFootballClash champion. Form a League with friends or others fromacrossthe globe, share XP and help improve each other's playerswhilstleading your team to victory! KEY FEATURES: * Collect 5 typesofplayer cards - Good, Superb, Elite, Legacy and Legendary. *Eachplayer card has its own set of attributes and one specialability.* Select your ultimate All Star team to defeat your rivals.*Create your strategy by selecting one of the 6differentformations. * Immerse yourself in the action with a 3Ddynamicshooting and goalkeeping experience. * Outscore youropponent andtake your team to glory. * Win card packs to unlockrewards, buildand upgrade your squad with your favourite players. *Tour theworld in iconic city Arenas on your path to be No.1 * Forma Leagueto donate cards and build your own football community. *Challengeyour League members to friendly matches to determine whois best. *Compete in knockout tournaments to determine the ultimateFootballClash champion. Play Football Clash: All Stars now, theultimate5-a-side football game!
Hoshi Eleven - Top Soccer RPG Football Game 2018 1.0.2
Genera Games
Become a world soccer legend and lead your team to victorywithHoshi Eleven Top Soccer RPG! Live the intensity and excitementofsoccer as you create your own epic team using lots of playersfromthe booster packs. Strategize through the puzzle board, levelupand evolve your characters, and score amazing goals inthismanga-styled match 3 role playing game!Play soccer and makehistoryin the best puzzle manga game!Match defensive and offensivegems tomake the best play, score goals and have fun with thisawesomesoccer puzzle game with amazing manga graphics. Launchyourprofessional soccer career and become a star! Your moves ontheboard impact the results of the match on the field and thenumberof goals you score. Play as a striker, midfielder, ordefender inthe most complete rpg soccer game ever!Train hard toimprove yourskills and abilities and no goalkeeper will be able tostop yourpowerful shot! Recruit new top players for your roster anduse yourteammates’ special powers to tip the scales in your favor.Evolvethe skills of the team to win and reach the top oftheinternational soccer scene! Who will be the best defender,striker,or goal scorer? Who will shoot the hardest, dribble thefastest,and have the best technique? You choose who gets a spot inthestarting lineup. In this manga puzzle soccer game you are boththeplayer and the coach!Live an epic adventure following yoursensei’sadvice to defeat your opponents, convince them to join yourteam,and avenge your father’s death. Together you can becomethegreatest soccer team of all time! Match 3 gems to score goals,winchampionships, achieve fame, rule the pitch, and your fanswillfollow you to the end!Play various seasons, weekly tournamentsandcups to complete your professional soccer career.Overcomechallenges, get rewards from every quest and earnexperience tolevel up and evolve your skills. Will you be able torank among thetop players?== GAME FEATURES ==MANGA AND ANIME STYLEGRAPHICS*Amazing manga graphics for manga and anime fans!* Rememberclassicslike Captain Tsubasa, Oliver and Benji, Flash Kicker,InazumaEleven, and Hungry Heart: Wild Striker!* Spectacularplaysanimations and special powers from your favouriteanimeseries!TRAIN AND IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS* Train and evolve yourteamthroughout the game to be the best squad ever!* Unlockincredibleand unique powers, skills, and abilities for eachteammate!* Gainexperience to level up your players and improvetheir magicskills.TRADING CARD SYSTEM* Get booster packs, open themanddiscover tons of different players. Can you collect all ofthem?*Form your starting lineup with charismatic characters, eachwithspecial abilities and characteristics.* Goalies,defenders,midfielders and strikers… All they need is a great teamleader tobecome score heroes!TWO GAME MODES: OFFLINE AND ONLINE*Play socceroffline in the Campaign Mode: from humble beginnings toworldsoccer star!* Challenge players from around the world in theEventMode and reach the top of the rankings!* Specialtournaments,championships, and cups with awesome rewards!MIX OFMANGA, MATCH 3AND SOCCER* Watch your moves on the board and see theeffect theyhave on the game!* Defend the attack, steal the ball,dribble theopponent, pass to a mate and score fantasy goals!* Anever beforeseen combo of manga, match 3, and soccer!Check out theexcitingmanga soccer trailer for thegame: NOW ANDSTARTPLAYING THIS AWESOME RPG SOCCER GAME!VISITUS:
GameTime Football 2 1.0.3
KBJ Games
AS SEEN ON TV -- CHRISLEY KNOWS BESTWatch Grayson playGameTimeFootball with Nanny Faye on his tablet during the May 17thepisodeat 10pm ET on USA NetworkQUICK 4-ON-4 FOOTBALLACTIONDesigned forthe phone, 4-on-4 creates the most immersive,streamlined footballexperience on mobile. Get in and out of gamesin a matter ofminutes!ONE-OF-A-KIND PASS & RUN CONTROLSNopreset passes!Develop passing skills as you learn to anticipate thethrow andlead your receivers. Get your timing down and hone yourcraft withshort passes, bullet passes and deep bombs...all to leadyour teamto the promise land.PLAY WITH THE PROSPlay as ColinKaepernick orDez Bryant and leave it all on the field. These guysbleed passionand football. With them on your team, sky is thelimit.BATTLE YOURWAY THROUGH 16 BRACKETSPlay against opponents intournament format.Can you attain the coveted G.O.A.T.status?ASSEMBLE A TEAM ANDTRAIN YOUR PLAYERSBuild your team throughfree agency acquisitionsand train your players to maximize theiron-field performance!BE APLAY CALLING GENIUS!
Build a playbook thattakes advantage of yourplayer's strengths. Combine the right playswith the right playersand BOOM, you're the "Greatest Show onTurf"!JUKE AND BURNSpin,Jump, Juke, and Dive with intuitive fingerswipe controls. When allelse fails, barrel through your opponentswith the brutal truckmove. MAKE ELECTRIC PLAYSExtend a play with aQB scramble when noone is open!PLAY AS THE FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK!--- We got asituation. Your team is down by 4 with 60 seconds left.The game ison the line and you just got the ball. Are you CLUTCH?It is timeto shine! Call the play, make the pass, and march yourteam downfor the game-winning drive!
Football Strike - Multiplayer Soccer 1.11.1
You’ve never played a football game like this before. Take onyourfriends in multiplayer free-kick face-offs, or make a nameforyourself in the Career Mode! Challenge the world acrossdifferentonline game modes! Hit the targets in a fast-paced,time-limitedbattle for points in Shooting Race mode, or take turnsas bothstriker and goalkeeper in the one-on-one Free Kick mode!Customiseyour striker and goalkeeper with tons of unlockable items!Show offyour style or represent your team’s colours! Take on Careermode,travelling through different stadiums around the globe andtakingon unique soccer challenges to unlock medals! With simple,fastgameplay, Football Strike is easy to play and offersendlesscompetitive football fun! KEY FEATURES: • Take your shot andmakeamazing saves, all with the flick of the finger! • Play onlineinShooting Race and Free Kick modes! • Play against friendsorchallenge players from across the world! • Represent yourfavouriteteam! Play as FC Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, FC Zenit,FC Schalke04 and more! • Conquer an extensive Career Mode to earnmedals! •Upgrade your player and equipment and take on the world’sbest! •Fast-paced gameplay means there’s always action! --DownloadFootball Strike by Miniclip NOW! -- This game needs aninternetconnection to play Don’t miss out on the latest news:LikeMiniclip: Follow us onTwitter: out more about Miniclip: TERMS ANDCONDITIONS: PRIVACYPOLICY:
Guess the footballers 1.2
Guess The Footballer is an exciting and very interesting gameforthose who live football.The game is built as a test that allowstotest your knowledge of football and guess the famousplayers.During the game you see a picture player and four answers,of whichonly one is correct.The game has 2 modes:1. "Classic game"when youhave 3 lives (3 errors)2. "Time atack" in which you haveone minuteand can make mistakes, but every your mistake will affecttheresult of reducing the points scored.During the game, guessingnewplayers, they will becomeavailable in the "Players list", andyoucan get information about them.You can also set newrecords,information about which is stored in the menu.This is agreatopportunity to compete with your friends and determine whoyourbest football expert.So invite your friends and sharesuccess.Testyour knowledge!If you have found any flaws or problemsfound,please inform us, we will do our best to remove them.
Soccer Drills - Free Soccer Game 2.0.16
Playing soccer game has never been more exciting than in thenewSoccer Drills! Soccer Drills is a mini soccer game withsimplesoccer physics. It is really a great choice and fun to playforarcade soccer lover who loves to dribble with balls. Feel likeasoccer star in your soccer mania! Challenge your friend &ruintheir scores with your juggling and dribbling skills. Show themyouare the soccer hero and what it means to be in the World Cup! Soifyou want to be the soccer hero then you have to download andplaythis ultimate football game and dribble as much as you can! Youcanalso customize your Soccer Balls by collecting the coins andunlocknew style soccer balls! You can also unlock differentbeautifulsoccer worlds with coin! KEY FEATURES: • Amazing soccerballphysics • Play offline • Single tap to play • Experiencebeautifulgraphics • Challenge your friends & knock them downwith yourhigh score and become the winner • Customize & manageyoursoccer balls • Amazing atmosphere with beautiful stadiumsPlayensedeveloped Tapong, Penalty Shootout VS Goalkeeper, Escape,JumpStart - Helix Jump, Dunk Stroke, Kuboid, Bridge Cross,Switch,Twisty Rush - Sloper Sky Ball Rolling Race, Gift, CricketPracticefollowed by Soccer Drills! Enjoy "Soccer Drills" while youcommute,on a date, in the bus or subway, waiting at the bank and soon.Anytime, anywhere you can play Soccer Drills!!
Logo Football Club Quiz 1.0.16
Identify a maximum of logo football club in 60 seconds, compareyourscore with all other players around the world!Good LogoFootballClub Quiz!Logo Football Club Quiz : - After each question,thecorrect answer appears in green. - Training mode - Look at thetopranking players - Report a bug or a mistake - Change yournameThanksfor your comments, I hope enhance this Quiz LogoFootball Club!
Football Quiz 1.2
This is a Football puzzle Game by whereyouneed to guess the football player name by looking at theirimages.If you are reading this i am giving you the answers butdon'texpect them to be in the same order in Game :)aaron ramsey,alvaromorata, andrea pirlo, andres iniesta, andy cole, angeldimaria,arjen robben, ashley cole, bastian schweinsteiger, bryanrobson,carlos tevez, cesc fabregas, chris smalling, cristianoronaldo,david beckham, david degea, david luiz, david silva, davidvilla,deco, dennis bergkamp, didier drogba, diego costa, diegoforlan,eden hazard, edinson cavani, fernando torres, franck ribery,franklampard, gareth bale, gianluigi buffon, gonzalo higuain,granitxhaka, harry kewell, iker casillas, isco, jack wilshere,jamesmilner, james rodriguez, javier hernández, joe cole, joehart,johan djourou, john terry, joleon lescott, juan mata,karimbenzema, kevin debruyne, laurent koscielny, lionel messi,luisfigo, luis suarez, lukas podolski, manuel neuer, marcoasensio,marcos alonso, marcus rashford, mark schwarzer, matshummels, mesutozil, miroslav klose, nani, nemanja vidic, neymar,paolo maldini,patrick vieira, paul pogba, paul scholes, pepe, petrcech, philipplahm, radamel falcao, raheem sterling, rio ferdinand,rivaldo,roberto carlos, robinvan persie, ronaldinho, ronaldo, roykeane,ruudvan nistelrooy, ryan giggs, sami khedira, sergio aguero,sergiobusquets, sergio ramos, thierry henry, thomas muller, timcahill,toni kroos, valon behrami, victor valdes, vincent kompany,waynerooney, xabi alonso, xavi, xherdan shaqiri, yaya toure,zinedinezidane, zlatan ibrahimovicApp developed byhttp://dividapps.comAppPage:
Soccer Golf 1.0
Soccer Golf is a new sports game in which soccer playersusefootball shots to hit balls into a series of golf holes onamazingcourses in as few kicks as possible. You will need accuracyandprecision to make perfect shots and prove that you have thebestkick ever. Soccer Golf is a shotout game inspired in minigolfcourses.Soccer Golf Special Features★ Challenge Levels Meet awholenew sport, football mixed with golf, FootGolf in the newSoccerGolf! You will need to show accuracy and precision tocomplete thelevels★ Legendary Soccer Players Who is the bestfootball player inhistory? This clash of football legends willtell. Only one can beat the top, and they will have to prove on thefield who is thegreatest of all time★ Monthly Updates We create newspecial levels,different maps, amazing obstacles and update thegame monthly, keepSoccer Golf updated!★ Amazing 3d graphics Thebest soccer playersin history, stylized with very high qualitylevel. Enjoy 3D golfcourse environments and fantastic atmosphere★Quick Download lessthan 50MB★ and lots of fun...Soccer Golf is anice mix of Soccerand Golf!New soccer course levels and footballobstacles. SoccerGolf is a mini golf version of FootGolf. Makeperfect kicks, scoremany holes, reach fame and your fans willfollow you to the end.Can you sink some holes in one? Soccer Golfbrings to you amazingpuzzle levels for free.Passion for soccerstarts with Soccer Golf,a special game made for all ages to enjoy!All Family can playtogether. Experience every emotion this greatsport has to offer!Football is the number one sport in the world!It will have yoursinking putts and earning stars for hours! Getready to thisfootball challenge!Who has the most accuratekick?Champions aren'tborn. They're made. Do you have what it takesto be the SuperstarSoccer? Play with legendary football players. Bea Legend! InSoccer Golf the secret path to success is kickingaccurately,perfect shots leads to stars and holes! Do you enjoychallengingpuzzles? Soccer Golf level design is the best for you!Football andGolf for your brain.Smooth and Precise touch controlslet you feelthe greens and sink that clutch birdie putt to earn 3stars. Whileits simple to play, it's hard to master. Learn tomaster the puttputt courses with an innovative 3 star scorecard.There are norules, no clubs, and no wimps allowed in Soccer Golf!Play onbeautiful football golf courses.Soccer Golf is achallengepuzzle!Compete and finds out who is the best soccer playerin theworld! Practice your accuracy! Soccer free kick, penalty, andeverysingle shot demand aim training. Let the football battle forthetitle begin! Become the ultimate soccer player in the world.SoccerGolf is two great sports in one game!Fine tuned polishedsoccergolf ball physics. Amazing 3D soccer graphics and footballplayersanimation. With intuitive free kick gameplay. A soccer gamewitheasy controls that everyone can learn in 1 second. Amazingballphysics. Soccer Golf provides you hundreds of hoursofentertainment at your fingertips!Are you a really football andgolffan? Get it now the best free soccer game for mobile devices.Enjoya soccer game made with quality visual assets and a fluidgameplay. Soccer Golf brings to you the clash of football starsforfree on your cell phone, tablet and all mobile devices.
Tiki Taka Soccer
Panic Barn
Welcome to Tiki Taka Soccer. True touchscreen soccer. Createyoursoccer team and lead them to European club soccer glory. Createateam, hire staff, choose your formation and buy the bestplayers.Lead them into battle on the soccer pitch. Experienceeveryexciting moment the beautiful game can provide.The firstsoccergame with a control system designed perfectly fortouchscreencontrol. Use the super fun controls to create magicalgoals andflowing moves. It's total touchscreen soccer.Keep yourteam fit andfocused, earn enough money to improve your squad andperhaps oneday you can dominate the top leagues of European clubsoccer.Hugely enjoyable to pick up and play a quick match or falldeepinto the Tiki Taka Soccer world and play season after season inavariety of European leagues.Beautifully designed controls,endlessfootball entertainment, navigate your team throughincredibleincidents, and the highs and lows of club football.KEYFEATURESFreeto play! Thousands of hours of fun at yourfingertips!Superaddictive soccer action. Arguably the best soccergame availablefor your phone/tablet!Create your dream soccer teamand lead themto the top of European club soccer!Experience thehighs and lows ofthe soccer world, relegation, promotion and gloryare yours for thetaking!Hire trainers, accountants and fitnesscoaches to take yourteam to the next level!Buy the best players inthe world anddominate the soccer world!Incredibly easy to pick upand play buttough to master!Total touchscreen soccer!
Stick Soccer 2 1.2.0
Create your football club. Score stunning goals.DominateEurope.From the creators of the chart-topping Stick TennisandStick Cricket, Stick Soccer 2 offers you the chance to:CREATEYOURCLUBCreate your very own football team. Customise your teamname,kit design and club crest.SCORE STUNNING GOALSBe a hero onthepitch! Score amazing goals with a flick of yourfinger.COLLECTPLAYER CARDSPlayer Cards boost your team performanceand fan base.Assemble the ultimate collection of modern day stars,or unlocklegends from yesteryear.DOMINATE EUROPEYou begin yourquest forStick Soccer 2 World Domination in Europe. Do battle withthebiggest clubs and some of the most prestigious nations inworldfootball.ESTABLISH A GLOBAL FANBASEBuild an adoring fanbasebyshowcasing your silky soccer skills. Complete a huge rangeofarcade-style challenges and keep your cool in do-or-diematchscenarios. See how you stack up on the leaderboard.
11x11: Football manager
Become the manager of your very own football club and lead ittovictory in tournaments all over the world in singleplayerormultiplayer! ALL A FOOTBALL MANAGER NEEDS: - Create your teamandchoose your favorite club colors! - Buy the best players withthehighest potential on the transfer market! - Train your playersandimprove their skills. Create winning pairs and combinations!-Watch matches live and manage your team’s tactics.Makesubstitutions and share your experiences online! - Completedailyquests from the administration and develop the infrastructureofyour club. Build your own football town! - Take part in PvPmatchesagainst real opponents. Win cups and medals! - Create aunion withyour friends and lead it to world football fame! Showyour talentin the football manager "11x11"!
OurField 2.9.2
OurField is the revolutionary new app which enables you toREALLYconnect to your favourite football players and clubs.Followplayers and group chat with them and communicate their newsbeforeanywhere else.In addition, you can also use this app toconnect,follow and chat with your football friends and opinionleaders. Youcan even add videos to your posts. We provide you withan entirelynew experience, free of advertising and fully protectingyour dataand your privacy.IN SHORT:• Follow players, teams, brandsand otherfans in a rich content environment.• Registered players /clubspost here before any other source.• Chat with football playersin agroup chat.• No fake player / club / brand names.• ENTIRELYADFREE.• Connect with your friends and chat one-to-one.• Manageyourprofile and organise your photos in albums.• Highestdataprotection and privacy: your data is yours - no compromises!
Guess The Football Player 2017 3.3.4z
Balanza Games
In Guess The Football Player 2017 you aim to to guess thefootballstar that appears in the image. Lots of football starstorecognize, so you will be having fun for some time!Updated withthelatest transfers! one of the most up to date among thefootballgames in the store!Features:✓Beautiful and simple design➤Cool,flat, minimalist art and design✓Guess them all! ➤ In GuessTheFootball Player 2017 more images for you to guess will beaddedweekly. ✓Neatly Organized➤ This Football game is made so thehigherthe level the harder it gets✓Stuck?➤ Use the coins that youcollectguessing correctly to use some options that will help you tosolvethe puzzle if you're stuck. - Reveal a letter - Delete aletter -Solve the picture➤ You can also share the picture and askyourfriends for help!Download now and start testing yourfootballknowledge!
Soccer Players Quiz 2017 PRO 1.12
REAL-TIME VERSION! PLAY AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS! NEW GAME!!!2017SEASON !!! How many soccer players do you know? In this gameyoucan show us! You will find the best soccer players in theworldplaying three funny games: hangman, choose one option andwrite thesolution. There are several levels for differentchampionships inthe world, and also you have coaches and legendslevels.The soccerplayer will show you on the screen and you willhave to discoverhis name.... You have several lifes, if you hityou'll win lifeshowever if you fail you will lost lifes. Also youcan use lifes todiscover letters in the solution.You can alsodiscover whatposition you are in the world ranking. As you progressin the game,the soccer player will be more difficult ........ Youhave 300soccer players to recognize..Please, if you detect anyissues withthe application do not introduce negative comments, sendus anemail to av.androidapps @ and we will fix itquickly.
Pro 11 - Soccer Manager Game 1.0.42
Do you have what it takes to make your dreams come true and becomeatop ranked football manager in one of the best free toplaymultiplayer football manager simulators of 2018?In Pro 11 youcancoach your favorite club (like Madrid, Juve or Barcelona)anddominate the best national leagues and the legendaryChampionsLeague!It’s up to you to create the line-up, manageexchanges,conduct training sessions, negotiate sponsorship dealsand muchmore.Beat your rivals in Pro 11’s massivemultiplayerstructureCompete against friends and other real-lifeopponents andkick-off live matches when YOU want to. Join forceswith fans ofyour favorite team to create a stronger community andearn morerewards.Immerse yourself in captivating visualsWith 3Dmotioncaptured football player movement, you get a high-qualitygraphics,highlight and gameplay experience throughout your entiremanagercareer.Administrate all aspects of your Pro 11 club toensure awinning strategyTake your fantasy team to glory bycontrolling allfeatures of your football club, including:★Collecting the besteleven players from the top football leagues,such as the PremierLeague, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 or MLS★Exploring your youthall-stars for the next Ronaldo or Messi★Improving player skills bytraining in minigames★ Trading, buyingand selling players byscouting the transfer market★ Negotiating thebest possiblesponsorship contracts to establish a stable economy★Takingadvantage of advanced formation options to create themosteffective tactics★ Investing in better upgrades for yourstadium toboost fan experiencesJoin managers worldwide in Pro 11now tobecome a true leader of your professional football squad.Everygoal counts!
Soccer Real Star - Legend
Soccer Real Star - LegendYour soccer player career is abouttobegin... Start in the low leagues and prove your power as thebeststriker in the world scoring the best goals and become asoccerhero. Your soccer team needs an amazing striker to play inthe topleague, here is your opportunity to score goals as ahero.SoccerReal Star is a soccer game in where you have to proveyour skillsto achieve the highest level on soccer, become to playin the topleague and shoot the ball to the goal to make your fanscall yourname in the stadium like a hero.Real physics andaddictivegameplay, a lot of content to having fun becoming a realsoccerlegend. Start now your soccer player career and prove yoursoccerskills in the pitch scoring goals and making amazing passes.Yourcoach is watching all your soccer moves and he will decide ifyouare ready to lead the team or he'll put you on the bench.Theseasonis long and is the time to prove your soccer skills, be alegendhero and lead your team to the glory of the top league!Thedream ofall soccer players is to reach the top league and scoreamazinggoals to be a hero. Real Soccer Star, begin your soccercareer, wingames, score goals, improve your player skills and statstraininghard in the pitch to become a real soccer star. You are thestrikerso shoot to the goal and feel like a hero!Real Soccer Star,play asa hero in the top league and score the best goals intheworld!Bambo Studio 2017
Stickman Football 2.0
American Football!, designed in a way you never played it before.Bepart of the action, be the Quaterback, control your playerdirectly.Tired of just choosing moves from the playbook? MeetStickmanFootball, play and directly control your favorite hero ineverydetail, tackle, pass, run or trick the defenders while goingforyour first touchdown! Stickman Football finally joins the wellknownStickman Sports game collection consisting of StickmanSoccer,Stickman Soccer 2014, Stickman Tennis, Stickman Tennis2015,Stickman Basketball and Stickman Ice Hockey. Experiencepurefootball fun with fast paced gameplay, an astonishingatmosphere,stunning smooth animations, simple controls, insaneaction and tonsof replay value. Choose your favorite football teamand rank upwhile playing various seasons, cups in spectacularstadiums orsimple dominate in a quick game or future football stylematches.You have full control over your players with manualrunning,passing and tackling your opponents. Choose your favoritefootballteam from more than 32 different skilled teams and leadthem toglory!
 • Stickman Football supports MOGA and other iOS 7MFi gamecontrollers 
• From the makers of various top hits likeStickmanSoccer, Stickman Basketball, Stickman Downhill, Stick StuntBiker,Stickman Tennis, Stickman Cliff Diving, Stickman BaseJumper,Rope'n'Fly and more...
 Features • Bone-breaking tacklingaction •Selectable tactics: short or long passes, running, punt,fieldgoals, … • Quick game and tutorial mode with footballrulesexplained by your coach. • Different season modes: ShortSeason,Long Season, The Bowl, Djinnworks Cup, North-West Cup,South-EastCup, Top 8 Tournament • Bonus Future Football game • 32footballteams to choose from • Various stadiums and configurablegame time• 4 difficulty levels for longterm motivation (easy,medium, hard,pro) • Simple yet powerful touch controls with timingcontrol •Match statistics • Smooth animations with 60 frames persecond •Compete with your friends with the integrated worldrankingleaderboard • Various achievements to unlock • MOGA and MFIGameController support • Pure football action!

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Ultimate Football Head Goals 1.0.1
In this Fun and addictive soccer sports game, see how it feelsliketo train for head goals like our famous football heroes suchasMessi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. This is a free footballheadgoals training game in sports category. Your goal is to scoreasmany head goals as possible by moving left and right on thescreen.This is the ultimate test of your fitness and agility. Forbestresults train as hard as possible and unlock all five playersandfive soccer balls.You will be challenged to play withmultiplefootballs in same time. Grab powerups that comes your wayANDBEWARE OF THEROCKS!-------------------------GameFeatures-------------------------SimpleIntuitive Game Interfacewith HD GraphicsMove left and right withsimple swipes5 Footballplayers to choose from5 Footballs3 Powerupsa) Double score b) Timec) AutomaticPlayMode------------------------Controls------------------------INTUITIVESWIPECONTROLS Just swipe the screen left or right to movetheplayer------------------------BeSocial------------------------Help spread the word on FacebookandTwitter and challenge your friends to be the ultimateGoalieeNote:This game is supported by ads. A little price for agreat fun :)
Football Sticker 1.0.9
Download Football Sticker and take photos with yourfavoriteplayers!Football Sticker is a take and edit photo appinwhich you can add stickers to the screen and take photoswiththem.It's simple. You choose stickers from the app's library,putthem on the screen, pose in front of the camera and the shoot!Tryit to see it yourself :)
Free Kick Kings 2.6
● 19+ of the best free kick takers in the world offootball/soccer(including legends).● Every player has his own freekick shootingstyle.● 6 game Modes: Multiplayer Mode, Challengemode, Timeoutmode, Crossbar mode, Multiplayer Daily Challenge,Practice Mode.●Create CUSTOM free kicks and challenge your Facebookfriends.● Manyballs, fields and arenas to choose from.● Swipe toshoot, trace acurve to score fantastic curvy free kicks.-Leaderboards to showwho's the best among your friends andworldwide.- Availablelanguages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French,Italian, German,Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.○Challengemode: Createcustom free kicks (custom wall, shooting spot, target),andchallenge your friends to see if anyone can beat your score.Youcan play your friends' challenges too.○Timeout mode: Hit thetargetas many times as you can within 40 seconds (more seconds areaddedwhen you hit the target).○Crossbar Challenge mode: You have5shots, the objective is to hit the crossbar as many times asyoucan (time matters).▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬If you face any problem or haveasuggestion please send us an email at [email protected] willtryto fix it in the next update.▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Don't forget to rateandreview the game ;-)▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬