Top 1 Games Similar to Black Friday Assault 2014

Shop Till You Drop 1.0
Nothing brings people closertogetherthanfighting over the best deals offered ineveryone'sneighborhoodsuper store mall. That's the holiday spiritof BlackFriday! With40%-50% off on consumer products, that 90 inchflatscreen TV isworth dying for! Exactly. Play the game, shop forthebest, topdeals until you drop, and save money!!!This is a FREE game AND we'll even throw in 5 EXTRA LIVESinthegame when you check out the ads! No shipping andhandlingfeerequired!We will keep you all updated with the latest additionsonthislist:★ = new addition- Game includes 4 weapons: Molotov cocktailprojectile,sawprojectile, floor mines, and shock wave- Game includes 7 power-ups: death ring, safetyshield,quickspeed, extra life, floor mines, saw projectiles, andshockwave- There are sales tags to collect that rangefromelectronics,food, automotive parts, healthcare, etc.- This is a pick up and play game. No instructionsnecessary.Onelearns how to play just by touching the d-pad andbuttons onthescreen.