Top 49 Apps Similar to YPS PATIALA

Improve English Speaking 13.0
Brain 2016
Improve English Speaking Application is a basic Application.ImproveEnglish Speaking provides powerful tools to Speak Englishfluently.Who feels to hesitation in English Speaking, lack ofconfidence totalk in English but have the basic knowledge ofSpeaking English andEnglish Grammar, provides the step by steps toget fluency inEnglish Speaking. This Application is native App souse any time,any where after the download the application no needof internet,learning English and to build English skills anytimeanywhere. ThisApplication update time time to add new features tobenefits theEnglish Speaking Users to in-hence there CommunicationSkills ofEnglish.
French - Spanish Translator 4.6.5
With this translator you can easily translate words and textfromFrench to Spanish and from Spanish to French. You are abletotranslate words and even sentences, in just a split second.Thistranslator contains the following features: - Translate wordsandsentences - Translate from clipboard - Simple anduser-friendlyinterface - Instant search - Instant start - It helpsto learn thelanguage - Can be used as an dictionary - It helpsduringtravelling Traductor francés español Français traducteurespagnol
Learn Turkish 4.2
Learn Turkish is a simple app for anyone who wishes to learnTurkishfast and easy. It is perfect for beginners and advancedusers.Recommended for those who wish to travel to Turkey.Features: *Highquality translations made by Turks *Create your ownfavorite list*No Internet connection needed
Swahili To English Translator 1.4
Swahili to English Dictionary,Swahili to English Translatorofflineand free. Swahili to English dictionary free downloadSwahili toEnglish dictionary offline free It's All Feature Give InOne App. -Translate text, word or sentence from Swahili to Englishor fromSwahili to English language. You can use this apps as aSwahili toEnglish dictionary or Swahili to English Dictionary too.Uses ofSwahili English Translator are following: - SwahiliEnglishTranslator - English Swahili Translator - Swahili <>EnglishDictionary offline and free. You can search both EnglishandSwahili words offline. You can search both English andSwahiliwords. You can search words directly from "Internet Browser"orother Applications by using Sharing option. Features oftheDictionary or Translation : • Swahili To English • EnglishToSwahili • Search From Web • Pronounce & Voice Search •Nointernet connection required • Share Words • Search by Sharing•Copy Words
French - English 2.6
Save time and money while learning the language withthisapplication. This application is an offline English ↔Frencheducation app. This is a very fast education app. • English↔French dictionary.• English ↔ French translator.• English →French129,000 words and phrases. • French → English 95,000 wordsandphrases. • English irregular verbs. • English phrasal verbs.•Test, writing, flashcard, dual game and more... •2,600phrasesKeywords:offline french dictionary,frenchdictionary,frenchtranslator,learn french,french education,frenchenglish,frenchenglish dictionary,french english translator,englishfrench,englishfrench dictionary,english french translator
Speak Spanish - 5000 Phrases & Sentences 2.6.7
Play, Learn and Speak – discover common phrases for dailySpanishconversation! ✔ 5,000 useful phrases for conversation. ✔LearnSpanish in your tongue (60 languages available). ✔ Best FREEappfor learning fast. Speak Spanish Fluently in RealConversationsWith Learn Spanish application, you can now exploreover 5,000Spanish phrases for short daily conversations whilehavingabsolutely pure fun! Whether you’re a tourist having avacation inan Spanish speaking country or someone who just wants tospeak aforeign language, this application will help you learnSpanishphrases in a fast, easy and enjoyable way. Why Our FREE AppisDifferent ✔ No internet connection required – play where youwantand when you want (offline). ✔ 5,000 common phrases –audiopronunciations and phonetic transcriptions to show you hownativespeaker from Spain actually pronounce them. ✔ 11 fun games –ainnovative approach to practice your listening, writingandspeaking skills. ✔ 4 levels for learning: beginner,intermediate,advanced and expert. ✔ 20 topics divided into 145subtopics – soyou’ll know what and when to say each phrase. Topicsfor Spanishconversation: Greetings, Conversations with friends,Basicsentences, Travel, Transportation, Hotel, Restaurant,Food,Shopping, Work, Business etc. More Features to Improve YourSpanishSpeaking Vocabulary ✔ Search and bookmark your mostcommonexpressions from the phrasebook. ✔ Earn points as yourSpanishskills progress and unlock all levels for free. ✔“RandomCategories” feature to randomly select the topic, subtopicandgame. ✔ 60 languages –so you could understand and speak eachphraseeasily regardless of which country you’re from. AboutFunEasyLearn:Fun Easy Learn has developed many applications to helppeoplearound the world learn foreign languages for free. Fun EasyLearnapplications improve your Spanish skills: speaking, listeningandgrammar. The dictionary of the apps has human voicepronunciationfor each common phrase to improve your speaking skill.SpeakSpanish easily and fluently for travel, business or fun!
Learn Arabic From Tamil 5
Devi Studios
Learn Spoken Arabic from Tamil easily . Achieve Your goalofSpeaking in Arabic . This app is made to teach you SpokenArabicfrom Tamil . Now speak Arabic easily with the help of thisapp.Arabic words and sentences with Tamil meanings are providedundermany useful categories to Learn Spoken Arabic fromTamileffectively. To learn Spoken Arabic from Tamil easily ,Clearpicture with clear audio are provided for all Arabic words.Download Learn Spoken Arabic from Tamil app now to startlearningArabic Through Tamil and Reach your goal of Speaking inArabic .Tamil meanings are provided for all Arabic words andsentences.Features of Learn Spoken Arabic from Tamil app : 1. EachArabicword has clear image and audio pronunciation to makeLearningArabic from Tamil Easy. Every Arabic word has Tamilmeaning. 2.Arabic words are provided under many useful categorieslike animals, birds, fruits , vegetables , colours , people ,numbers,alphabets and sentences to learn important Arabicvocabulary fromTamil easily. 3. Learn Spoken Arabic from Tamil appcomes withBeautiful app design To make Learning Spoken Arabic fromTamil apleasant experience 4. Clear pictures and Clear audio areprovidedfor every Arabic word. Every Arabic word has meaning inTamil . 5.Achieve Your goal of Speaking in Arabic . This app ismade to teachyou Spoken Arabic from Tamil . Now speak Arabic easilywith thehelp of this app. 6. You can Learn Arabic in Tamil evenwithoutactive net connection , Learn Spoken Arabic from Tamil appworksoffline too . Download Learn Spoken Arabic from Tamil app toReachyour goal of speaking in Arabic.
French to English Speaking - French to English 28.0
* This application helps you to learn English easily. * Youcanlearn spoken English in just a few hours. * This is anEnglishspeaking course for learning English easily. * Englishconversationcan be easy if you go through the chapters properly. *And if youare wondering how to learn English, this app on Englishlanguagecan help you do so. * This app has a chapter on Englishvocabularyas well. * If you are looking forward to learning Englishonline itis better that you initially start with this application.* Thereis also a chapter on English pronunciation. * There aresimpleEnglish words as well, in one of the lessons which you canfindhelpful. * Learn English phrases and idioms easily. *Thisapplication is in fact a French to English speaking tutorial. *Ifyou are seeking to talk English the right way, this can be agoodbeginning. * Learn English using French with effectiveEnglishlistening. * You can learn how to speak English fluently.*Speaking English with French was never easier. * This can alsobeuseful for those who are seeking to join BPO or Call center. *Alsoif you want to participate in English discussions and debates,youcan begin with this application. * This application uses bothtextand voice audio to teach English the proper way. * LearningEnglishgrammar could be easier if you initially get to know thesebasics.* Learn to speak English fluently with French. * Also if youarepreparing for an English interview, spend some time learningthetools provided here. * An excellent beginning for a Frenchspeakingperson. * Start learning these English lessons and improveyourEnglish knowledge with this application which is for beginners.*These English practice lessons and tutorials will makeyoucomfortable in improving you English skills. * Learn EnglishusingFrench language and acquire the skills which are are lookingtoachieve. * You will learn some basics of English which isimportantto understand before you start learning professionalEnglish. *This application is not a mini English dictionary. Ratherit is forthose who want to improve their spoken english. * Thisapplicationhelps you get prepared for exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE,GMAT andSAT.
Almaany english dictionary 3.6
Almaany Arabic English and English Arabic dictionary is foroff-lineuse with summarized results. you may broadband your searchin site.
german to french With dialogues A1 A2 B1 B2 1.6
Dialogues and Vocabulary for learning in German withFrenchtranslations: Learn to speak German and French fortravel,business, meetings and studies. Learn quickly the mostfrequentlyused German words and conversations and travel phrasesbefore yourholiday. Dialogue and vocabulary in German 100% free forbeginners,advanced, adults and children. You can acquire a solidvocabularyin only 5 min a day. ► Listen mode only is not included ►NoInternet connection needed during your learning (offline) ►Adaptsto mobile phones and tablets ► For beginners to advancedlearners ►Accelerated Learning Methodology: The latest research inthe fieldof vocabulary learning has shown that the best languagetrainingbased on spaced repetition yields the best memorizationresults. Inaddition, optional relaxation music can increasestudents' memory(Super Learning). ► Adjustable learning speed ___ Iadvise you notto download this application if you want to learngrammar. Thisapplication is designed for quick learning vocabularyand phrasesin dialogues.
Learn Japanese Free Offline 1.19
Learn Japanese Free Offline is an educational application for youtolearn japanese effectively. With this free app to learn Japaneseforeveryone. Learn Japanese Free Offline has 1088 common phraseinjapanese language free with sound and you can use all ofthemwithout network. Very useful for you learn and go to tralvel totheworld. Learn japanese grammar is very easy! Learning Japanesecanbe a challenge, especially when it involves producing soundsyouhave never had to produce before. Japanese, especially, has afewunfamiliar sounds and patterns that are hard to get used to.Thisapplication have included a lot of pronunciation,listenning,vocabulary, speaking, garmmar, converstation, travel,stories…which help you know. 24 Big Topic * Conversation: LearnJapanesewith free Japanese conversation sentence daily. Very usefulfor youwhen to travel and go out without network! * Greetings: Theyalsouse many other Japanese greetings and expressions to sayslightlydifferent things. You can also use such Japanese greetingsto soundmore natural, and also to express yourself more clearlyandprecisely. * Direction & Place: Asking and giving directioninJapanese when you go to travel. You will find theseJapaneseexpressions useful if you are lost or want to get to aparticularplace or give directions to others. * Time and Date: Thislessonexplains different ways of asking about and telling the timeinJapanese. * Transportation: All vehicle in real world inJapanesefor you. Here are some useful words and phrases to talkabouttravel and transport in English and Japanese. Means oftransport. *Tourist Acctractions: Many phrase common for you whento travel.Spain is a surprise to those who have the image of havingto fightfor towel space at one of its crowded beaches or sippingsangriawhile watching a bull fight or flamenco. * Eating Out: Listfoodand sentence for you when to eating out in Japanese. You canuseall of them without network * Accommodation: Very useful foryouwhen to order and book room in hotel by Japanese andenglishlanguage free. * Emergency: Here are some English phrasesandJapanese phrases and exclamations for use in emergencies andotherdifficult situations. Hopefully you won't need to use them!Numbercall in UK is 999, USA and Canada is 911 Japanese is 112 *Shopping: Here are some English phrases and translate to JapaneseLanguagefree to help you when you go shopping, as well as some ofthethings you might see. * Family : Vocabulary that we usewhentalking about the family. With quiz and exercise you canlearner byJapanese Language free * Colours: Color in Japanese *Dating: Hereare some Japanese phrases for dating and romance. Ifyou would liketo learn how to ask someone out in Japanese, or arelooking forsome romantic phrases to impress your girlfriend orboyfriend, youwill find everything you need here. * Feeling Sick:You might findthese Japanese Language free phrases helpful whentalking aboutyour health. * Tongue Twisters: To tranning yourtongue whenspeaking japanese language free. Very useful for you toimprovepronunciation and speaking japanese * Occasion Phrases: Herearesome basic Japanese phrases which you can use ineverydayconversation, as well as some common words you will see onsigns. *Countries: * Regions and Towns: * Number: Let’s install andenjoy:“Learn Japanese FreeOffline”!----------------------------------------------- FEEDBACK&SUPPORT Please support us by leaving a good rating, or sharethisapp with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ if youlikeit. If you have any issues regarding this app, please feel freetolet us know at: [email protected] LIKEUS:
English Irregular Verbs 1.8.4
Complete list of english irregular verbs. Each verb hasthepronunciation for all its tenses. There is also a "game mode"forpracticing tenses that consists of completing the missing tensefora given verb.
Speak French - 5000 Phrases & Sentences 2.6.7
Play, Learn and Speak – discover common phrases for dailyFrenchconversation! ✔ 5,000 useful phrases for conversation. ✔LearnFrench in your tongue (60 languages available). ✔ Best FREEapp forlearning fast. Speak French Fluently in Real ConversationsWithLearn French application, you can now explore over 5,000Frenchphrases for short daily conversations while having absolutelypurefun! Whether you’re a tourist having a vacation in anFrenchspeaking country or someone who just wants to speak aforeignlanguage, this application will help you learn Frenchphrases in afast, easy and enjoyable way. Why Our FREE App isDifferent ✔ Nointernet connection required – play where you wantand when youwant (offline). ✔ 5,000 common phrases – audiopronunciations andphonetic transcriptions to show you how nativespeaker from Franceactually pronounce them. ✔ 11 fun games – ainnovative approach topractice your listening, writing and speakingskills. ✔ 4 levelsfor learning: beginner, intermediate, advancedand expert. ✔ 20topics divided into 145 subtopics – so you’ll knowwhat and when tosay each phrase. Topics for French conversation:Greetings,Conversations with friends, Basic sentences,Travel,Transportation, Hotel, Restaurant, Food, Shopping, Work,Businessetc. More Features to Improve Your French SpeakingVocabulary ✔Search and bookmark your most common expressions fromthephrasebook. ✔ Earn points as your French skills progress andunlockall levels for free. ✔ “Random Categories” feature torandomlyselect the topic, subtopic and game. ✔ 60 languages –so youcouldunderstand and speak each phrase easily regardless of whichcountryyou’re from. About FunEasyLearn: Fun Easy Learn hasdeveloped manyapplications to help people around the world learnforeignlanguages for free. Fun Easy Learn applications improve yourFrenchskills: speaking, listening and grammar. The dictionary ofthe appshas human voice pronunciation for each common phrase toimproveyour speaking skill. Speak French easily and fluently fortravel,business or fun!
English To Shona Translator 1.1
English To Shona Dictionary,English to Shona Translator offlineandfree. English Shona Translation Dictionary English toShonadictionary free download English to Shona dictionary offlinefreeAll In One App Easy to Use. Simple, fast and Intuitive UI46,000+English words with Shona meanings. English Shona Dictionaryis aquick reference guide with more than one meaning availableforalmost all words. English Shona translator is a quick Shona towordeasily. This free app is able to Shona words and texts fromenglishto marathi. 'English to Shona Dictionary or translator'FreeOffline is a mobile dictionary app designed to help Shonaspeakerslearn and improve their English language skills. This freeShonadictionary app can be used offline Exciting features : #English -Shona Translator Offline Easy to use. # English spokendictionary #Shona keyboard application from the play store. #Translateeverything word in this app also words Shona and wordShona. # TheEnglish Language Course is a very new and innovativeapplication tolearn English fluently speaking. # Translate app bothways fromShona to English dictionary free or English to Shona. #SpokenEnglish to Shona Shona easy to use user. # You can copy theShonadtext Shona or English. # You can easily eng to Shonatranslation inShona and English dictionary. Shona EnglishTranslator - EnglishDictionary User Easy to understand. TranslateDictionary Easy forusers and easy search English to Shonatranslation also English toEnglish dictionary, how do I learnEnglish. English to Shona ShonaEnglish to Shona. In English toShona translator keyboard withcamera in Shona. Free offline andfast search to Englishtranslation. It is also known as ShonaEnglish Dictionary ofEnglish Shona Dictionary and OfflineTranslation. The mainobjectives of this application are the EnglishTranslationApplication and English Shona's Thousand Words Storethis Shonadictionary. This Shonas English into Shona sentences asShonaTranslate to English Translate to Shona Sentence TranslatetoEnglish. It is Shona to English Sentence TranslationOfflineApplication As Sentence Translation English to hindi. It isa Shonato English dictionary translator for Indian to English ofEnglishto Shona simple English to Shona dictionary applicationprogram.This is a Shona to English dictionary en English toShonadictionary. This light weight android application worksoffline andgives faster result.
Learn Korean 1.1.0
Learn Korean is a free educational product. It is developedbyTheGlobal Language Development Project - Edu Master Pro.LearnKoreanis a language Assistant. It helps you: -Overcomelanguagebarriers, connect with the whole worl - Confidentincommunicatingwith foreigners - Travel, explore theculture,civilization ofmankind - Become a global citizen withunlimitedlanguagecapabilities FEATURES Minimum size, Maximumsubjects - Easytoinstall and use - Suggest common and popularcommunication topics-Standard pronunciation guide by native people- Record andlistento your voice - Create your favorite word list Donot forgettoCLICK 5 * to make Edu Master Pro more motivated toperfecttheproduct
com.languagedrops.drops.learn.learning.speak.language.korean.hangul.words 31.51
What if 🇰🇷 Korean vocabulary learning would be a crazy fungameinstead of boring memorisation drills? Drops makes Koreanlanguagelearning an effortless fun. Practical vocabulary is boundto yourmemories through beautiful graphics and quick mini-games.The crazypart? You have only 5 mins per day to learn Korean. Mightsoundinsane but works like charm! :) These are the ingredients ofthesecret sauce: 👀 100% illustrated: Pictures directly carrythemeaning - you don’t have to use your native language at all!Nointermediary. Faster, more effective and of course more funforKorean learning process! :) 🏎 5 min sessions: limitingpracticetime sounds crazy but it it makes it incredibly addictive -whichis cool thing for learning. The barrier of entry is close tozeroso you can’t have any excuses: you’ll have 5 minutes even onthebusiest day! 🕹 Effortless play: We know why games are funandaddictive and distilled the essence into Drops. The result isatruly immersive experience but it’s not waste of your timewhileyou play because you build a valuable knowledge. ⚡Quick:Keyboardtyping is painfully slow. Welcome rapid swipes and taps!Especiallyfor Korean vowels, and consonants.Trust us, you’ll needthose extraseconds during the quick learning session ;) 🎯Vocabulary only:Zero grammar, just handpicked practical words.That’s our focus andwe do it extremely well. The app teaches theKorean “alphabet”Hangul (hangoul) too! 💁Forge a habit: Drops wantsto make youlanguage learning addict. Effectiveness is nothingwithout a wellestablished habit. We help you build one! We areextremely proud ofour lovely word pronunciations by seasoned voicetalents! Drops isfree for casual learners: more than 2700 words in150+ topics areall available for everyone. Hardcore languagelearners cansubscribe for premium to progress faster with unlimitedKoreanlanguage learning time. 🌍 Our goal is to empower people oftheworld via language knowledge by providing a special toolthatutilizes the universal language we all speak: pictures. p.s.:becareful, this app really can get you addicted to learningKoreanlanguage. ----------------- 😍 If you love Drops as much asweenjoyed building it, please leave us a review! :)Questions?Contact us at [email protected]
Learn French free for beginners: kids & adults 2.4
How to Learn French! The French game for beginners - kids&adults 🇫🇷 ● Free
 ● Lessons and exercises to practice ( read,writeand speak ) this language by yourself ● 4 activities and exam-test for each topic. ● 36 topics and 3 levels Basic:Alphabetletters , Numbers , Colors , Verbs , Food … Intermediate:Week Days, Animals , Clothes , Body … Advanced : Sports , House ,Christmas, Music , … 500 words with image and audio , to studyvocabularyNative French pronunciation ( France ) Learning Frenchfast at homewith our course in your mobile / tablet You will notneed anEnglish to French translation or a dictionary anymore! Learntospeak French, English , Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Germanwithour apps ABC FRANCAIS One of the best games to learnlanguagesCopyright: IMPORTANT: We are owners and have copyright ofallsounds words Images have been obtained under licensedCreativeCommons CC0
French English Translator 2.0.5
This free application is able to translate words and textfromFrench to English, and from English to French. Best applicationforeasy and fast translation, which can be used like a dictionary.Ifyou are a student, tourist or traveler, it will helps you tolearnthe French or English language! French English Translator hasthesefeatures: ☆ Hear translated text in French or English ☆SocialMedia - Share your translated text directly with friendsthroughInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, SMS, Email,Messenger.... ☆French English Translator ☆ English FrenchTranslator ☆ Clipboardtranslate - copy text from other app toclipboard and paste intoour app. It will translate that text toyour selected language ☆Simple and user-friendly interface ☆ Voiceinput - input text byrecording your voice, quick and easy recognizeto translate toFrench or English ☆ Camera translation - selectregion of text fromimage captured by camera or region of text fromgallery image andour app will translate it for you ☆ History -remember all yourprevious translations for you. You can selectwords or sentencesyou've already translated in the past and see itresult. Offlineaccess for translated words, text and sentences. ☆Favoritetranslation - list all your favorite words or sentenceswhen youclick our favorite button. Free translator from French toEnglish,and from English to French. Bonus Feature – Learn andMaster thepronunciation as French English Translator has in builtaudiofeature. Hear the translated text and conveniently communicatewithyour friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, family members ortourists.We have English translator for other languages too, fore.g.French, Chinese, German, and many more. Drop us an email if youareinterested. We would love to hear your suggestions &feedbackfor French English Translator! Please continue to sendquestions,suggestions and ideas to [email protected]
Offline Urdu Lughat - Urdu to Urdu Dictionary 1.0.3
Offline Urdu Lughat is the first totally offline available UrdutoUrdu dictionary with complete details of a word. UrduLughatDictionary contains more than 2 lack words. Urdu Lughat userscanuse both the English and Urdu keyboards to search a word.Features:* User can use both the English and Urdu keyboards tosearch. *User can easily change the text size. * And Easily sharewithfriends. * Easily add words to favorite list.
Learn French for Beginners
Zeemish Labs
Learn how to speak French with lessons, courses, audio,activitiesand quizzes, including the alphabet, phrases,vocabulary,pronunciation, parts of speeches, grammar and many more.CLass 1 :Basics -Alphabets -Alphabets Quiz -Vowels Theory-VowelsPronunciation -Alphabets Charts -Numbers Theory -NumbersAudio-Numbers Quiz - Noun - Pronoun - Verb - Adjective - Adverb-Preposition - Conjunction - Body Parts - Fruits and Vegetables-100 Common Words - Vocabulary a-z Class 2: Greetings -StudyList-Slide Show -English to French Reading Quiz -French toEnglishReading Quiz -English to French Listening Quiz -French toEnglishListening Quiz Class 3: Polite Expressions Class 4 : PraiseClass5: Days, Months and Seasons Class 6 : Climate Class 7 : TimeClass8 : Common Questions Class 9 : Directions Class 10 :InstructionsClass 11 : Health and Safety Class 12 : Shifts and PayClass 13 :Around the Office Class 14 : Animals Class 15 : Tools andEquipmentClass 16 : Measurement Class 17 : People Class 18 : CropsandPlants Class 19 : Holidays and Sympathies Class 20 :AgricultureClass 21 : Food and Drink Class 22 : Love Class 23 :PhysicalAppearance Class 24 : Conversation Starters Class 25 :InternetTerms Class 26 : House
Learn Top 300 English Words 3.4
In order to communicate fluently in any language, no needtomemorize thousands of words. There are statistics, under which90%of our speech, no matter our age, educational level andthelanguage in which we speak is made up of 300-350 words. Inthisapplication, we have compiled the most frequently used 300Englishwords.
French Grammar - Learn French Offline 3.5
Are you planning to study French or are learning French athome?It's a great way to learn the French language. Getting therightpath will help you achieve your success and your goals soon.Theapp "Learn French-grammar offline French" will help you conquertheFrench language in the best way. Learn French - FrenchgrammarOffline is an application containing over 1000 phrases,commonsentences. Necessary for a beginner. In addition, theapplicationalso includes the whole system of French grammar. Thedetails helpyou not only master the vocabulary but also thegrammar. Theteacher helps you learn a way It's easier and morepractical toenhance your listening-talk ability. The applicationsupports youto search phrases quick French phrases when needed andsave thefavorite words. You can even share your apps to friendsthroughgoogle +. 18 headers of application: + Greetings +GeneralConversation + Number + Time and date + Directions &Location..... The application is free and can be used evenwithoutinternet. Hope "Learn French - French grammar offline" willbecomeyour companion on the road conquering the French. Goodluck!!!Thank you for using the application and giving ussuggestions.
American English Speaking 2.23
This useful app contains a lot of English lessons that will helpyouimprove listening and speaking abilities. All lessons of thisappare in American accent. You can also read the full transcriptofeach lesson while listening to the audios. Features: - AudiosandTranscripts of over 200 English Lessons: listening lessons anddailyconversations (American English); - Vocabulary Learning; -Hangmangame; - Offline Audio.
Learn English Speaking Offline 1.009
Learn English Speaking is a purpose-oriented application thatbringshigh efficiency in learning, practice and application whenlearningEnglish. Are you a person who is learning English, liketravelingabroad, interviewing beautiful things ...? ... Whateverthe case,there will be situations that confuse you and forget youneed to do.What and what to say to the other person. Maybe youforgot yourvocabulary or forget some basic communication, ... Donot worry, nowthere is the application "English manual", it is asimple Englishhandbook. And also a best friend is always with youto remind you.--------- * - Topics of the app include: ----------1. Basic phrases2. More common expressions 3. Emergencies 4.General conversation 5.Making friends 6. Languages andcommunication 7. Asking and givingdirections 8. Travelling by taxi9. Passport control and customs 10.At a pub, bar, or café 11. Atthe supermarket.................................................
Learn Japanese Offline (Free) 1.6
Lyric Tech
Easily learn Japanese phrases and words! Speak Japanesewithconfidence!The “Learn Japanese” app has many usefulJapanesephrases and words (e.g., “Thank you!”, “How much?” or “Atable fortwo, please!”). When you tap a phrase, the app speaks italoud.There is no guessing as to how to pronounce the words. And iftheapp is talking too quickly for you, simply tap the snail icontohear the words more slowly. And if the app is talking tooquicklyfor you, simply tap the turtle icon to hear it more slowly.Listento pronunciation recorded by native Japanese speaker andthenrecord and play back your own voice to practice yourJapanesespeaking skills!When traveling to Japan (e.g., Tokyo orOsaka),make sure you bring the app with you! Ideally, you listen toaphrase and repeat it, but if your accent is terrible, you canplaythe voice on the app to local Japanese people (e.g., a waiterorstore clerk). Language barrier while traveling abroad willnolonger exist!You want a handbook of essentialphrases,sentences!contains over 1000 commonly-used Japanese phrasesandvocabularies for travelers and beginners in 18categories.+Japanease Alphabet+ Japanese Popular Food+ Greetings+GeneralConversation+ Numbers+ Time and Date+ Directions &Places+Transportation+ Accommodation+ Eating out+ Shopping+Colours+Cities & Towns+ Countries+ Tourist & Attractions+Family+Dating <3+ Emergency+ Sickness+ TongueTwistersnativepronunciation App completely offline. No requireinternet tolearnSearch by Japanese or EnglishSave your favoritesentences forreview laterWhen you travel, business to Japan, don'tforget thisappDuolingo: Learn Languages FreeLearn Japanese AlphabetEasily-Japanese CharacterLearn Japanese. Speak JapaneseLearnJapaneseOfflineLearn Japanese FreeLearn JapaneseLearn Japanese1000sentencesLearn Japanese for Free withkawaii日本語SpeakJapaneseMemrise: Learn New Languages, Grammar &VocabularyLearnJapanese with BuchaLearn Japanese with AnnaLearnJapanese, LearnKorean or Learn Chinese FreeLearn Japanese Phrases |JapaneseTranslatorLearn Japanese PhrasebookHiragana - LearnJapaneseLearnJapanese FreeLearn Japanese Vocabulary - 6,000WordsLearn JapaneseLanguage - Japanese TranslatorJapanese Study(hiragana)JA SenseiLearn Japanese,Kanji no Owari-LearnJapanese!,Simply LearnJapanese,Talk - Speak Learn Japanese, LearnJapanese - 50languages, Learn Japanese Words Hiragana, LearnJapanese ForBeginners, JAPANESE 1 (JLPT N5), Learn Japanese &SpeakJapanese - Awabe,SPEAK JAPANESE - Learn Japanese, LearnSpeakJapanese Flashcard, Learn Japanese, Learn Korean or LearnChineseFree,Japanese Phrasebook Learning, English JapaneseTranslator,Learn Japanese communication,Japanese Remember, JLPTN5~N1Katakana- Learn JapaneseInfinite Japanese, Learn JapaneseVocabulary,Japanese Grammar (日本文法)Learning Japanese, LearnJapaneseHiragana!,Learn Japanese Communication, Learn JapanesePhrasebook,Japanese Listening Practice, Easy JapaneseLearning,Japan,Japanese, Japanese Language, Learn Language,Japanese Food,Japanese Alphabet Learn,ShortCode: Insurance, Loans,Credit,Donate, Call Trading, Software, Recovery, Mortgage,Attorney,Lawyer, Degree, Hosting, Claim, Conference, Gas,Electricity,Treatment, Cord, Blood
french conversations for beginners audio texte 3.04
New method to learn French easily and without internet Readandspeak French quickly and easily This app contains everythingyouneed to improve your French while having fun. Come improveyourmastery of French thanks to its dialogues in French mp3 pdf! Itiscomposed of 39 conversations in French easy and FrenchAuthentiquefor intermediate and advanced beginner level withcourses in French39 easy dialogue in French********************************* 1 In auniversity campus 2 in thecafeteria 3 Jérôme and geography 4ALEXANDER WORKS! 5 DO YOU DOSPORT? 6 AT BUS STOPPING 7 YOU COMEWITH US? 8 Where do you findyourself? 9 AT THE GYM CLUB 10 I knoweverything and You do not knowanything! 11 A FAMILY BY TRAVEL 12At the breakfast table 13Difficult recruitment 14 THE DAILY LIFEOF A WRITER 15 THIBAUT ISNEVER CONTENT ... 16 What are you gonnado? 17 LIKE YOU POETRY? 18PAUL VA MAL ... 19 SOLANGE IS APERFECTION! 20 AT THE TELEPHONE 21SATURDAY MORNING, FAMILY ... 22A Mouvementé Journey 23 Mystery inthe office 24 REAL HOLIDAYS ...25 Preparing a party 26 Summer inLONDON 27 BEFORE A DelicateMeeting 28 AN OLD HOUSE 29 YOU ARESOUVIENS? 30 Before, Was ItDifferent? 31 THE FALSE GUILTY 32 FamilyPhotos 33 BEFORE THEcinema 34 IN A TAXI 35 YOU DIE ME ALL? 36 AGREAT TIME 37 TRAVEL TOSPAIN 38 NEIGHBORHOOD ADVICE 39 A surprisefor Dad
Learn Chinese Offline 2.4
You want a handbook of essential phrases, sentences ! SpeakChinesePhrasebook is an easy to use Phrasebook that will givevisitors toChina and those who are interested in learning Chinese agood startin the language. Learn Chinese Free is recorded usingnativespeaker and we have tried our best to be authentic inthepronunciation whilst ensuring it is easy to understand.Recommendedapp for tourists and business people visiting China orChineselanguage country. Learn Chinese Mandarin Free contains over1300commonly-used Chinese phrases and vocabularies for travellersandbeginners in 18 categories. + Greetings + General Conversation+Numbers + Time and Date + Directions & Places +Transportation+ Accommodation + Eating out + Shopping + Colours +Cities &Towns + Countries + Tourist & Attractions + Family+ Dating<3 + Emergency + Sickness + Tongue Twisters NATIVEPRONUNCIATION: -- each phrase with speech of native speaker helpyou speakchinese correctly. ALWAYS LEARN PHRASES, NOT INDIVIDUALWORDS: ▶Meaning: Phrases are easier to remember, because they havemeaning,they paint a picture, they tell a story. ▶ Speed: When youlearnphrases instead of a word, you're learning how to use thatwordcorrectly, and it’s much faster. When we're children, we learnwithphrases, groups of words, not just one word by one word byoneword. Word by word is slow. ▶ Pronunciation: In real lifesomegroups of words are said as though it were a single word, inonebreath-group, without pausing. If you stop to take a breath inthemiddle of the phrase, you are not saying it correctly, and youriskbeing misunderstood. App is completely offline. No requireinternetto study Quick search by Chinese or English Save yourfavouritesentences to review later] When you travel, business toChina,don't forget this app
French Grammar Test 10.03.2019
“French Grammar Test" is an application with more than10.000multiple- choice exercises- For all learning levels inFrench.+Level A1: with more than 4.000 multiple- choice exercises.+LevelA2: with more than 2.000 multiple- choice exercises. +LevelB1 :with more than 1.500 multiple- choice exercises. +Level B2 :withmore than 1000 classified grammar exercises. + more than6.000multiple- choice exercises for popular grammar structuresinFrench. "French Grammar Test" is AWESOME for StudyingFrenchGrammar. "French Grammar Test" is for basic and advancedlearnerson Android! "French Grammar Test" IS COMPLETELY OPTIMIZEDfor yourandroid phone In other hand we optimization install filewith only~2MB , its will help you reduce data cost when install andmake appmore smooth. If you have any problem or any doubt, pleasefeel freecontact with us at [email protected] We will support assoon aspossible. Thanks, Dev Teams. TAG: French grammar, studyFrench ,grammar, simple French grammar, learn French , simplegrammar,French lessons, French for beginner, Grammaire française,FrenchGrammar Exercise, French Practices,Test de grammairefrançaise,testde grammaire pdf, exercice de grammaire gratuit, quizgrammairefrançaise, test de français difficile, test orthographeadulte,test vocabulaire français difficile.
Proverbs of the Yorubas 1.4
A compilation of Yoruba Proverbs, English TranslationsandCurrentDay Applications.Read with your kids to get them intouchwiththeir heritage.
English Picture Tools 19.01.08
► Application: " English Picture Tools " is the easy and fun newwayto learn English, You can learn vocabulary by seeing an imagestoillustrate words, with audio support American English andBritishEnglish phonetic transcriptions and pronunciationrecordings bynative speakers. ► It's offline and free .No moreboring whenlearning English vocabulary. Have fun and learn Englishvocabularyas easy as possible. Give it a try and download now !Features: ►Quality audio pronunciation and images. ► No internetconnectionrequired while learning (offline). ► Support EnglishAmerican andBritish English ► There are many mini games for you,playing game tolearn English. ► Add all your new vocabulary toReminder, it willremind you to learn your English vocabulary daily► Commonly-usedEnglish vocabularies ► 100% Free: No limitations ofcontent orfunctions in an attempt to make you buy a paid version.Everythingis free. Developer : Email :[email protected]
German Complete Grammar 18.06.2019
“German Complete Grammar" is an application with more than10.000multiple- choice exercises- For all learning levels inGerman.+Level A1: with more than 1.000 multiple- choice exercises.+LevelA2: with more than 1.000 multiple- choice exercises. +LevelB1 :with more than 1.500 multiple- choice exercises. +Level B2 :withmore than 70 classified grammar exercises + 2.500 multiple-choiceexercises. +level C1: with nearly 50 grammar exercises +nearly1.500 multiple- choice exercises +More than 3.000 test forVerbs,Nouns, Sentences or popular grammar structures in German."GermanComplete Grammar" is AWESOME for Studying German Grammar."GermanComplete Grammar" is for basic and advanced learners onAndroid!"German Complete Grammar" IS COMPLETELY OPTIMIZED for yourandroidphone. In other hand we optimize install file with only ~2MB, itswill help you reduce data cost when install and make appmoresmooth. If you have any problem or any doubt, please feelfreecontact with us at [email protected] We will support as soonaspossible. Thanks, Dev Team. TAG: Learn German, German grammartest,German grammar, German test, study german, german grammar,grammar,simple german grammar, simple grammar, german lessions,german forbeginner, Deutsche Grammatik, Grammatikkentnisse, Deutschlernen,imperative,daf,substantive, aleman zur grammatik,deutschkompakttest a1 a2 b1 b2
Turkish English Offline Dictionary & Translator 1.9.4
Burn the words like a dragon with Dragoma! The free OfflineTurkishEnglish Dictionary & Translator application.Internetconnection is not required! If you want to learn Turkish orEnglishthe most effective way, there's no better choice thanDragoma!Dragoma shows the definition/meaning of Turkish or Englishwords aspop up without opening dictionary app ever. No hassle ofswitchingbetween apps. You can look up word definitions whilereadingPDFs/e-books while browsing the internet and even whileplayinggames. Just copy the word, Dragoma dictionary will show youthemeaning/translation. Welcome to download the OfflineTurkishEnglish Dictionary & Translator / Çevrimdışı İngilizceTürkçeSözlük & Çevirmen Features: ♦ Super Search withpop-upbutton/hover button/floating button. ♦ Examplesentencestranslation. ♦ Voice recognition on Dictionary andTranslator. ♦Audio pronunciations. ♦ native speakers’pronunciations withvideos. ♦ Flashcards - Memorise basic vocabularyeffectively! ♦Favorites ♦ Notes. Take notes about the words. ♦Random words. ♦Tests. ♦ Search option is working on both Turkish -English andEnglish - Turkish directions. Super Search: 1. Selectand hold theword you would like to get the definition for. 2. Clickon the“copy” option from the Options Menu. 3. Meaning (translation)and apop-up button will be shown right there on the screen.RequiredPermissions: INTERNET – if text-to-speech (TTS) is notavailable,app needs to be online. Example translations, Videos fornativespeakers’ pronunciation and online machine translator alsoneeds tobe online. And to show the ads to support the freeversion.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW – app needs this permission to showthefloating icon on other screens with super searchoption.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – required to start the super searchonsystem restart so that users do not need to start supersearchfeature manually every time they restart the system. ABOUTDragomaWeb site: http://www.dragoma.comFacebook: Email:[email protected]: The text-to-speech (TTS) technology maynot beavailable in some devices. To check if your phone is able ofspeechsynthesis: Menu -> Settings -> Voice input & output->Text-to-speech settings. If not installed, your device may askyouto install the TTS engine. An internet connection may berequired.We recommend installing it before traveling as roamingdata tariffsmay be very expensive.
French English Translator 1.1
How good is it you can learning to read in french byappilcationtranslate words and even sentences fast translations.You willexperience boundless communication. That can speak andlistenfrench to english language. With translate languages wordsandtranslator fast and easy. If you need translator from frenchtoenglish or translate from english to french. You can learningthefrench Language words. Easy to translate each language byappLanguage Translator Free and Great language learning app tospeechtranslation. Have both Work with voice translations andlistentranslations. Features that not only help you learning thefrenchLanguage. To translate texts fast and Easy to use forTranslator.Think about it Great language learning app Take youanywhere,anytime to english french translator. Feature : -Translate wordsand sentences - Can use easy language translator -Can use voicetranslations to french english Translator - Do it fasttranslatefrench to english translations - Can use command translatespokenword or words All this is in english french translator fastandEasy to translate each language. If you are a tourist orarelooking to use french language or french english Translator.Verynecessary Great language learning app. To assist incommunication.Which makes you confident of french englishTranslator. We hope soGreat language learning app and frenchLanguage Translator Free. Itcan help you succeed in communicationas well about speechtranslation. We thank you for downloadingLanguage Translator Freeto translate words and even sentencesfrench to english.
1000 English Stories 1.0.8
This app speaks to us daily with good stories allowing us toshareand enrich the world with a collaborative experience. Whydelaythen, download the app and use it offline… Share this app withyourfriends and have a good time! Watch this space for moreupdates.Please rate this app if you like.
Basic Korean Speaking 2.2
Korean language is very systematic and we bring each component tobeable to learn easily and effectively. The App provided the soundofeach alphabet and take you to learn related vocabularies withthesound as well. After leaning the alphabet components, writingstyle,phonetic, suffix words then learn spoken Korean sentenceswith whichyou can use in everyday lives.
Learn Spanish for Beginners
Zeemish Labs
Learn how to speak Spanish with lessons, courses, audio,activitiesand quizzes, including the alphabet, phrases,vocabulary,pronunciation, parts of speeches, grammar and many more.CLass 1 :Basics -Alphabets -Alphabets Quiz -Vowels Theory-VowelsPronunciation -Alphabets Charts -Numbers Theory -NumbersAudio-Numbers Quiz - Noun - Pronoun - Verb - Adjective - Adverb-Preposition - Conjunction - Body Parts - Fruits and Vegetables-Colors - Family Members - Clothes - Profession - Personality-Shops and Places - Frequently Used Spanish Words - SetsofVocabulary Class 2: Greetings -Study List -Slide Show -EnglishtoSpanish Reading Quiz -Spanish to English Reading Quiz -EnglishtoSpanish Listening Quiz -Spanish to English Listening Quiz Class3:Polite Expressions Class 4 : Praise Class 5: Days, MonthsandSeasons Class 6 : Climate Class 7 : Time Class 8 : CommonQuestionsClass 9 : Directions Class 10 : Instructions Class 11 :Health andSafety Class 12 : Shifts and Pay Class 13 : Around theOffice Class14 : Animals Class 15 : Tools and Equipment Class 16 :MeasurementClass 17 : People Class 18 : Crops and Plants Class 19 :Holidaysand Sympathies Class 20 : Agriculture Class 21 : Food andDrinkClass 22 : Love Class 23 : Physical Appearance Class 24:Conversation Starters Class 25 : Internet Terms Class 26 : House
JAMB QUIZ 2019 1.1.15
Jamb Quiz is an online testengine that aims at promotingacademicexcellence and performance amongst candidates preparing forJointadmissions and matriculation examinations.It provides anonlineexam simulation where candidates are subjected to therealexamination situation. Candidates can also get latestinformationabout JAMB procedures.The answers to quiz questions aredisplayedat the end of the test quiz. SUBJECTS COVERED : EnglishMathematicsPHYSICS CHEMISTRY BIOLOGY ECONOMICS GOVERNMENT CRSGEOGRAPHYCOMMERCE
Speaking Dictionary 5.8.8
- This is English - English Dictionary. It has more than200.000words. - You can view pronunciation, syllables of a lot ofcommonwords. - You can save a word and review later. - You can viewandsearch 1000 basic English words easily. - You can view andsearch3000 common English words easily. - You can view synonymswords andsearch easily. - You can change voice into US, UK, AU, INeasily. -You can adjust speech rate into slow, normal or fast. -You canhear sound of any word even that word not found in thesystem. -Support listening test
All English Idioms & Phrases 4.4
MS apps
This is helpful app to you can learn Idioms , Phrases andProverbsin English very easily and effectively. It has more than10000idioms and phrases, it will help you search easily andeffectivelyFeatures: - Popular English Idioms - English IdiomsDictionary -Favorite English Idioms - English proverbs with theirmeaning -Most Common Phrasal Verbs - American Slang Dictionary -IdiomsQuizzes - Phrasal Verb Quizzes
Learn Portuguese free for beginners: kids & adults 2.1
How to Learn Portuguese! The Portuguese game for beginners -kids& adults 🇧🇷 ● Free
 ● Lessons and exercises to practice (read,write and speak ) this language by yourself ● 4 activities andexam- test for each topic. ● 36 topics and 3 levels Basic:Alphabetletters , Numbers , Colors , Verbs , Food … Intermediate:Week Days, Animals , Clothes , Body … Advanced : Sports , House ,Christmas, Music , … 500 words with image and audio , to studyvocabularyNative Brazilian pronunciation ( Brazil ) LearningPortuguese fastat home with our course in your mobile / tablet Youwill not needan Portuguese English translation or a dictionaryanymore! LearnSpanish, English, Portuguese, French, German andItalian with ourapps ABC PORTUGUÊS One of the best games to learnlanguagesCopyright: IMPORTANT: We are owners and have copyright ofallsounds words Images have been obtained under licensedCreativeCommons CC0
English Grammar And Test 1.8
+ 1000 Exercises follow Grammar Topics: Support offline Over1000Exercises Full Grammar Guide
English Slang 1.1.3
English slang dictionary application has following features: -Freeapplication and offline. - Around 9000 slang words - Each slanghasmeaning and example. Add slang to favorite list -Alphabeticalindex makes it easy to find slang for any word inEnglish slang -Search Slang and proposal easily and quickly. -Practice frommeaning to pharsal verb or from phrasal verb tomeaning help easyto remember the slang.
Conjugaison Française 3.5
This application allows you to learn regular and irregularfrenchverbs. It contains the most common french verbs (2,000+ andaddingmore). It shows the conjugation of verbs in differenttenses:Conditionnel, Subjonctif, Imparfait, Passé composé andothers.Features: - Tenses: Indicatif (Présent, Passé composé,Imparfait,Plus-que-parfait, Passé simple, Passé antérieur, Futursimple,Futur antérieur), Conditionnel (Présent, Passé),Subjonctif(Présent, Passé, Imparfait, Plus-que-parfait), Imparfait(Présent,Passé), Infinitif (Présent, Passé), Participe (Présent,Passé),Gérondif (Présent, Passé). - Examples, definitions,pronunciation,conjugations and notifications. - Verb translationsfor: English,Spanish and Portuguese. - Strings for: English,French, Spanish,Portuguese, German, Russian, Indonesian, Italian,Japanese, Korean,Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Chinese. - Sort by:group (1st, 2ndor 3rd), most common (top 25, top 50, top 100, top300) or color. -Quick Search. - List and card mode. - Favoritessection. Have funwhile you learn! Send feedback or feature requeststo:[email protected]
Kalima (bangla and English) 1.4
In this App you will get kalema bangla and English (কালিমা বাংলাএবংইংলিশ) Kalema Taiyeba Kalema Shahadat Kalema Tamzid KaleemaTaohidRudde al kufor
Japanese Language Proficiency Test - JLPT Test 03.01.2019
This app contain more than 50000 Test questions for allJapaneseGrammar level from N1 to N4 and cover all grammar topics.+JapaneseN1 10000 questions and answer + Japanese N2 10000questions andanswer +Japanese N3 10000 questions and answer +Japanese N4 10000questions and answer TAG: cdJapan, japanesegrammar, japanesegrammar for beginners, jlpt n1, jlpt n2, jlpt n3,jlpt n4, Jlpttest, Jlpt n5, n5, japanese language proficiency test,studyjapanese
Arabic - French 2.6
Save time and money while learning the language withthisapplication. This application is an offline French ↔Arabiceducation application. This is a very fast dictionary app. •French↔ Arabic dictionary.• French ↔ Arabic translator.• French →Arabic81.000 words and phrases. • Arabic → French 86.000 wordsandphrases. • Test, writing, dual game, flashcard, fall game,matchinggame and more... • 2,000 phrasesKeywords:arabicfrenchdictionary,arabic french translator,arabic frencheducation,frencharabic dictionaryfrench arabic educationfrencharabictranslator,arabic french,french arabic
English Dictionary 1.4
English Dictionary is for all English learners of beginnertoadvance level and high level learners of english language.Itcontains 160,000+ words with about 2, 40,000+ definitionsandexamples. English Dictionary meets the needs of allEnglishspeakers and learners of the whole world wide. Thisdictionarytells about the grammatical category, parts of speech,synonyms,hyponyms, antonyms, and hyponyms a lexical referencesystem whosedesign is inspired by current psycholinguistic theoriesof humanlexical memory. English nouns, verbs, adjectives andadverbs areorganized into synonym sets, each representing oneunderlyinglogical concepts with real world examples. Strongsuggestion basesearch and spell checking algorithm is implemented,which make yoursearch faster and accurate. Book mark facility isadded to add yourfavorite words in a separate list for futureunderstanding. You canalso check your recent search history.*Includes quality sounds forphrases and words. * Includes qualitysounds for phrases and words.* Full list of regular and irregularverbs * Fast, as it worksoffline * Includes bookmarks and history.Features * Fastest Search* autocomplete Search * Voice or audiopronunciation *internetVoice Search *Synonym, hyponyms, antonyms,hypernyms with a lot ofexamples *Offline, no need of internet * USand UK accent audiopronunciation for words anddefinitions/phrase/meanings * Searchword by voice * Differentsuggestions for your voice search *English Dictionary * EnglishDictionary offline *English voicesearch dictionary
Japanese 5000 Words with Pictures 19.01.08
► Application: " Japanese 5000 Words with Pictures " is the easyandfun new way to learn Japanese, You can learn vocabulary byseeing animages to illustrate words, with audio supportphonetictranscriptions and pronunciation recordings by nativespeakers. ►It's offline and free .No more boring when learningJapanese,vocabulary. Have fun and learn Japanese, vocabulary aseasy aspossible. Give it a try and download now ! Features: ► Theentirevocabulary has been translated into 89 languages: ✔ Afrikaans✔Albanian ✔ Amharic ✔ Arabic ✔ Azerbaijani ✔ Belarusian ✔ Bengali✔Bosnian ✔ Bulgarian ✔ Catalan ✔ Chinese ✔ Traditional Chinese✔Croatian ✔ Czech ✔ Danish ✔ Dutch ✔ Estonian ✔ Tagalog ✔ Finnish✔French ✔ Georgian ✔ German ✔ Greek ✔ Hebrew ✔ Hindi ✔ Hungarian✔Icelandic ✔ Igbo ✔ Indonesian ✔ Irish ✔ Italian ✔ Japanese ✔Kazakh✔ Korean ✔ Latvian ✔ Lithuanian ✔ Macedonian ✔ Malay ✔Mongolian ✔Nepali ✔ Norwegian ✔ Persian ✔ Polish ✔ Portuguese ✔BrazilianPortuguese ✔ Romanian ✔ Russian ✔ Serbian ✔ Slovak ✔Slovenian ✔Spanish ✔ Swahili ✔ Swedish ✔ Thai ✔ Turkish ✔ Ukrainian✔ Urdu ✔Vietnamese etc. ► Quality audio pronunciation and images. ►Nointernet connection required while learning (offline). ► Therearemany mini games for you, playing game to learn Japanese . ► Addallyour new vocabulary to Reminder, it will remind you to learnyourJapanese vocabulary daily ► Commonly-used Japanese vocabularies►100% Free: No limitations of content or functions in an attempttomake you buy a paid version. Everything is free. - Pleasesupportus by leaving a good rating, or share this app with yourfriends onFacebook, Twitter or Google+ if you like it. - If youhave anyissues regarding this app, please feel free to let us knowat:[email protected] - LIKEUS: KevinSmith: has developed many applications tohelppeople around the world learn foreign languages for free. FunEasyLearn applications improve your Languages skills:speaking,listening and grammar. The dictionary of the apps hashuman voicepronunciation for each common phrase to improve yourspeakingskill.
English Grammar Rule Handbooks 3.3
ESL Apps
"English Grammar Rule Handbooks" application is the best waytoimporve your English Grammar in anywhere, anytime! Features:-Grammar Rules - Punctuation Rules - Spelling, VocabularyandCommonly Confused Words - Most Common Verbs - Most CommonIrregularVerb - Most Common Phrasal Verbs - Nouns - Verbs -Adjectives -Adverbs - Quizzes - Grammar Pretest