Top 50 Apps Similar to Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War

Space Hunter: Galaxy Attack Arcade Shooting Game 1.9.8
Space Hunter: Galaxy Attack Arcade Shooting Game If you are a fanofarcade galaxy attacking game, you must try out this thrillinggalaxygame! You are a space hunter - the last hope that can defeatthegalaxy invaders in this galaxy war. Your mission is to jointhespace shooting battle and attack the alien invader. Thegalaxyinvader are intriguing to dominate the space by galaxyshooting. Ifyou don't have any action ASAP, the space will nolonger belong toyou - the brave galaxy fighter. Don't hesitate tobecome the spaceshooter, the galaxy need your help! Fight! Shoot!Don't leave anyinvader enemies alive, and also challenge the galaxyboss in thisinfinity shooting game. Upgrade your spaceship andbecome thecaptain galaxy through simple move and easy play.Inspired by theclassic arcade galaxy game, the Space Hunter: GalaxyAttack ArcadeShooting game is captured with modernized design andgraphics. Youwill soon be addicted to this game. 💥 BEST FEATURES 💥👉 UNLIMITEDMAPS WITH ENDLESS BOSSES 👉 UPGRADE YOUR SPACESHIP TOENHANCE POWER👉 DAILY LOGIN REWARDS FOR YOU - THE GALAXY SHOOTER 👉TRY YOUR LUCKWITH LUCKY WHEEL 👉 THRILLING - EXCITING ATTACK GALAXYCHALLENGES 👉VARIOUS PLAYING MODES TO SHOW YOUR SKY SHOOTING SKILLS🕹 HOW TOPLAY 🕹 🚀 Move your ship with just one finger! 🚀 Drag yourship tododge the bullets and attack alien. 🚀 Use rockets in dangerspaceshooting situations 🚀 Collect floating items to upgradepowerduring the galaxy boss war 🚀 Enhance your spaceship andmini-shippower any time you have a chance! Become the alien shooteranddon't let any alien invader attack the galaxy. Are you ready? Alotof surprise missions and endless battles are waiting for you.
AFC Solar Squad: Space Attack 2.1.3
Lucas: "This is the best aircraft shooting game that I haveeverplayed in 2019." MrStick: "I can't help playing thisaircraftshooting game. It is so attractive." Bino: "Is this reallya freegame? I can't believe that such an interesting andbeautifulaircraft shooting game like this is a free game. When youplaySolar Squad, you will think that you are playing a mobile AAAgameswhich costs you hundreds of $. ***** AFC Solar Squad: SpaceShooterTHE WORLD IS IN DANGER! Our world is being threatened bytwodifferent powers: space alien and human. This is the exact timefora third power to intervene and rescue the world from theinfiniteair force combat - AFC. Launch your aircraft and use yourtop-downshooting skills and powerful items to defeat thoseformidableenemies and become the HERO of our world. “Solar Squad:SpaceAttack” will strike you with an intense impression of theclassicarcade shoot’em up AFC spirit like Strikers 1943, Tyrian,Galaxigabut with modernized visuals and design. You willimmediately cometo love with the incinerating flame and bullets,colossal bossesand diverse aircrafts and skillful squad. HOW TOPLAY ⭐ Touch thescreen to move and kill the space alien. Theaircraft willauto-shoot. ⭐ Collect coins, items to upgrade youraircraft to itsfull capacity to kill the mighty Boss ⭐ Put on theequiment toactivate skills and Click the ingame skill button on thescreen toactivate these helpful skills. FEATURE 1. Campaign Mode:You willneed to control the aircraft to pass each campaign fightingwithall those fierce Bosses. There are more than 100 levels.Overcomingthe campaigns, users will receive the items such as:Gold, Gem,Equipment, Ship Card to increase the ability. 2. EndlessMode: Thismode will allow users to play endlessly. Collect pointsthrougheach level to trade for the worthy presents. 3. World BossMode:This is the 1v1 fighting mode between player and Boss. Therewillbe a brand new Boss challenging players each week. Fightingwiththe Super Boss helps players receive more presents andspecialitems. 4. Diverse Equipment System: Equipment system isdividedinto 4 types of equipment with different skills such asactive andpassive. These equipment are classified based on starlevel. Thehighest level is 6 stars. When equipment is in 6-starlevel, Fusionwill be activated and help equipment unlock morehiddenattribution. 5. Diverse Quest System: Divese daily questsallowplayers to receive plenty of gifts. Let's save the WORLDnow!!!
Galaxy sky shooting 4.9.2
Galaxy sky shooting is the best sky airplane shooting game!Ifyouare a fan of space shooting, you must like it! Morespaceshipstochoose and cool appearance, differ airplane haveuniquebarrage,upgrade the spaceship with stronger power. Ourbeautifulgalaxy isbeing attacked, control your spaceship andprotect ourhome. Moveyour fighter left or right in the sky to avoidthebullet, Exercisecontrolling to known the regular about thebulletpath. differ modeto choose: level, boss and endless mode. Itismost exciting thingthat challenge the boss, firepowerwasconcentrated, and withdifferent bullet barrage to attack you,onlytouch screen to avoidand shoot. Skilled operation isveryimportant, protect yourspaceship safe and accumulate damage. Itisnot only a sky shootinggame, but also take your morehappinessabout life leisure timeGalaxy sky shooting Features:.Spaceshooting with airplane .10spaceships to choose .Move left orrightto avoid the damage.Upgrade the airplane to be stronger.Campaign,endless and bossmode .Challenge the stronger power boss.Differmissions tocomplete .High quality images optimized Spaceshootingis startnow, plan your battle strategy well and upgradeyourfighter toprotect our home! Follow us onFacebookat:
Galaxy Invaders - Alien Shooter - Space Shooting 2.2.0
Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter - Space Shooter One day, amysteriousalien army from a different dimension appears andattacks the borderplanets. The fight for mankind survival begins.As a veteranspaceship striker pilot, you have been called todefend the galaxyagainst invader enemies, and become one of theguardians of thegalaxy. Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter - SpaceShooter is acombination of classic shoot ‘em up game feels andmodernizedmechanics, with gameplay reminiscent of old schoolarcade shootinggames like Galaga, Air Strike Force, ChickenShooter,... Some keyfeatures: A BROAD RANGE OF ENEMIES From thelowly common soldieraliens to the powerful Elites, and thehumongous Bosses. You have touse skills to steer your spaceshipand shoot the enemies withvarying strengths and attacks. MULTIPLEMODES experience themounting difficulty with unique challengesfrom the aliens' skyforce. Now there are CAMPAIGN, HARD MODE,ENDLESS & PVP MODE. Inthe PvP mode, you can match and competeyour shooting skill withother pilots. UPGRADE & EVOLVE yourspaceship to a new form andgain new power & skills. Use yourmore powerful ship will helpyou to beat the enemies strikes. WIDEARRAY OF SPACESHIPS AND DRONESto collect, each with unique skilland playstyle. Unlock LEGENDARYspace shooter ships to get asuperpower in your aircraft collection.SEASONAL EVENTS ON AMONTHLY BASIS with special unique rewards.Build your galaxyguardian squad to be strong and marvellous. Chooseyour infiniteshooting spaceship, strike through the planets,destroy the alieninvaders and protect the galaxy. Let's show themwhat you’recapable of! As an extended version of Galaxy Attack:Alien Shooter,this version has a new modern fantasy graphic design.We alsochanged something in core game mechanics like weapon skills,itemskill, pilot skills, ship part & evolution types. Withvarioustypes of spaceship, you could build a strong air force andjoin thegalaxy shooting wars. The old style of shoot ‘em up arcadegame isnow modernized with a fantasy theme. We keep using retroshootinggame mechanics like level with waves, bullet hell bossesbut addedmore interesting content. You can see the same feeling asGalaxyAttack: Alien Shooter and the other retro free shootinggames. But,this game is a brand new one. Let’s try and enjoy it -GalaxyInvaders: Alien Shooter - Space Shooting Game! Facebookcommunitywith thousands of pilots all around the world discussingandhelping eachother: attractive minigames and tons ofgifts: WelcometoGalaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter - Free Shooting Game. Buildyourstrong guardian air force galaxy squad, and enjoy the game!ABIGame Studio
Falcon Squad: Galaxy Attack - Free shooting games
The Alien shooter attacked our galaxy and put our Earth isindanger. They destroyed all of Galactica and our FalconSquad.Defend the galaxy from alien attacks, and we need you! You-Protector of the Galaxy. The Galaxy is waiting for you! Soreadyyour airship, equip your most potent weapon and shoot them outofyour universe. Falcon Squad: Galaxy Attack - Space Shooter is abigstar of arcade shooting games like Galaga, Galaxia, Galaxian,andGalactica with the new modern combats, free fire shooter. Youaregoing to love this most recent free galaxy shooter game.Withclassic free space games genre, an old game with a newcontext,Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad puts you on fire withinfinity spaceshooting. You will be faced with lots of aliens anddeal with manyevil bosses in galaxy wars. Are you sure you willsurvive in thebattle of the alien shooter? 🚩FEATURES: - Onlineshooting games,co-op with friends, gather your space team, markyour name onleader board global. - You can also play games offlineand withoutwifi. - Fantastic visual: Gorgeous Pixel graphics, whichreminds ofold school retro games, is the best fitting for verticalshooters.Epic, exciting sky battles are waiting for the arrival ofa truehero. - Exciting Battles: More than 120 levels full ofdifferentchallenging enemies and breathtaking action! Enjoy thisgalaxyshooter game right now. - Epic Boss: Wipeout swarm ofminionsbefore challenging tough and fierce big Boss battles. TastetheDanmaku barrage of bullets! - Perfect Shoot ‘em up: Lots offighterplanes, supporting drones and gorgeous wings, ammunition,and guns,with various upgrade options to choose from. - Moreadditionalmode: Experience more real space battles in differentmodes likeEndless, Tournament,… or taking part in live events foreven morerewards and excitement. - Unique PvP battles: Challengeyourfriends or random players through PVP battles. Fight and raiseyourrank to the top of the global leaderboard! - Retromodernized:Played or didn’t play Galaga, Galaxiga, Gallga gamebefore? Nomatter what, this is a Super-easy control game for you.Thistop-down shooter will make you feel fabulous and relive theoldfeeling of playing scrolling game classic! 🚩HOW TO PLAY - Slidetocontrol your spaceship dodge enemy's bullets. - Use coin and gemtoupgrade or evolve your spaceship to fight evil enemies andalieninvaders. - Using the power-up items, booster items to levelup anddefeat the alien shooter easier. Get your ship ready forspaceattack in this arcade galaxy shooter game and become thespacehero. Falcon Squad: Galaxy Attack - Space Shooter onFacebook: Falcon Squad:Galaxy Attack- Space Shooter Community - Join Group to get oursupportquickly:
Galaxy Attack - Space Shooter 2021 1.6.9
Merry Realm
The best galaxy shooting game in 2020!!! Galaxy Attack isafast-paced top-down perspective shoot space war game. If youlikespace shooting and survival games and like to simulate skyshootingin for glory and duty, then galaxy attack is the one youshould beshooter playing. Required skills are more than fastreactions andmemorising enemy invader attack patterns. This spaceshooter is anexciting addictive epic galaxy war game with 200+missions, 100+invaders and a lot of spaceship upgrades. Start yourspaceshipengines and join to this ultimate galactic war game. REACHTHESTARS: Fly your spaceship through cosmos and galaxianhexagoncities where enemy aviators and skyrockets await. Game on!Use yoursky force and reloaded weapons to defeat galaxy invaderssince2020! Survive under this galaxy attack! This space shooter isanexciting addictive epic galaxy war game with 200+ missions,100+invaders and a lot of spaceship upgrades. Start yourspaceshipengines and join to this ultimate galactic war game.FEATURES: ★Beautiful levels with immersive missions to complete. ★Multipleextreme boss battles. ★ Upgrade your shields, guns,missiles,lasers, mega-bombs and magnets. ★ Risk everything torescuecivilians. ★ Brand new weekly tournaments against otherplayers. ★Boost your final score with a host of in-gameachievements. ★Rescue fallen opponents to win extra lives andstars. ★ Accessibleto beginners, as well as hardcore shooteraddicts. ★ Full voiceoverand incredible electronic soundtrack. ★Seven gorgeous scenes,Vividsound effect! ★ intensive arcade likearcade shoot-em-up gameplay ★vast variety of levels await ★ extremeboss battles ★ play offline★ upgrade your shields, guns, missiles,lasers and magnets ★stunning game visuals and skins ★ accessible tocasual gamers, aswell as die-hard shooter addicts ★ incredibleelectronic soundtrackSHOOT-EM-UP AND EVADE TO SURVIVE Spaceshooter, resist squadron!Take your space fighter to the battlefieldarmed with an arsenal ofcannons and missiles. Taking enough ammo tobring punishment toyour enemy. Use your agility to fly throughdeadly enemy territoryin this explosive galaxian shooting game.Space shooting is startnow, plan your battle strategy well andupgrade your fighter toprotect our home. Download Game & Enjoyit !!!
Strike Force - Arcade shooter - Shoot 'em up 1.6.2
Alien Attack is coming. Reload your spaceship cannon andsurprisethe enemies with a destructive missile. Use your skills andagilityto fly through the deadly enemy territory, defeat all thealienshooter and rescue your falcon squad Are you ready to gatheryoursky strike force to kill all the alien invaders and protectthesky? - Become the greatest Captain of the Galaxy now!UNIQUEFEATURES ►CLASSIC SPACE SHOOTER GAMES : Top-down perspective,oldschool graphic, 1942 game and superb gameplay mechanics.►VARIOUSCANNON EFFECTS: Upgrade your aircrafts, devices,andequipments tobecome the strongest sky strike force. ►CHALLENGINGPvP: Defeatyour opponents to become a space shooter champion ! ►HDGRAPHICS:Beautiful maps levels with immersive missions to complete.►ADDITIONAL MODES: Easy, Normal, Heroic. Accessible to beginners,aswell as shooter games addicts. If you are a fan of theSpaceShooter, Falcon Squad, Galaga games genre, you should not missthistitle! Welcome to space games: Strike Force - Arcade shooter-Shoot 'em up
Space shooter - Galaxy attack - Galaxy shooter 1.518
- Captain! We are in danger! - We need your help! Our galaxyisattacked by alien shooter👽👽👽 - The alien invaders beat oursquad,they destroyed all of galactica! Space team is waiting foryourorder! Please command ship to protect the galaxy andthesurrounding asteroids. - Jump on ship! NOW! If you are a big fanofarcade shooting game with the new modern combat, and want tobringthe freedom in the galaxy games, so Space shooter: Galaxyattack isperfect game for you. With classic free space games genre,old gamewith a new context, Space shooter: Galaxy attack puts youon firewith infinity space shooting. You will be faced lots ofevilenemies and deal with many striker bosses in galaxy wars. Areyousure you will survival in the war of alien shooter? 👍FEATURE-Perfect Shoot ‘em up: Choose your fighter ship, starship tobuildyour own space team! Remember to survival! - Challengingcampaign:+200 levels full of alien invaders! It should be yourinfinityshooting missions! - Epic and huge bosses: Show-off yourskills.Enjoy arcade galaxy shooter game space combat - powered up -PVP -online shooting games, co-op with friend, gather your spaceteam,mark your name on leader board global. - Stunning designs,amazinglighting and special effects. - Lucky wheel, daily quest andfreegems everyday for you. 👍HOW TO PLAY - Slide to controlyourspaceship dodge enemy's bullets. - Use coin and gem to upgradeorevolve your spaceship to fight with giant enemies andalieninvaders. - Use appropriate spaceships and strategies foreachlevel and boss. - Remember using power-up item, booster itemtolevel up easier. The Galaxy's future is now in your hands. Getyourship ready for space attack in this arcade galaxy shootergameSpace shooter: Galaxy attack game onFacebook: Spaceshooter:Galaxy attack game Community: Join Group to get oursupportquickly:
Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter - Monster Attack 6.6.4
Spirit Bomb
🌟Warning 🌟 The evil monster Tyragon has been released by theevilcorporation Galaxy Shooter. The world is in danger!! You'retheEarth's last hope. Take control of the spacecraft in animalformand protect the Earth from alien swarms. 🌟How to play 🌟 SkyChamp:Galaxy Space Shooter - Monster Attack is an offline gameofBulletstorm genre (or Space Shooter, Galaxy Shooter,ArcadeShooting, Galaxy Attack) and RPG. The gameplay is easy buthard tomaster: hold and drag the spaceship to shoot all the aliensandevil monsters. Your spaceship/ spacecraft/ starship is in formofcute monsters called Okimon. 🌟Feature🌟 - Upgrading system:collectrare items to evolve your spaceship. Catch new Okimon toevolve theultimate spacecraft form with great power! - 100+ stagesinAdventure Mode with the difficulty increasing dradually.Challengeyour skills. Become the most skillful Space Shooter ever.- 90+pets and monsters with various evolution form to catch andequip -Up to 5 Power Up (Power Buff) in-game help you survivethrough hardspace shooter, galaxy shooter stages - More than 50equipments foryour pets and monsters - Battle Pass system with lotsof rewards -Classic game but in modern design. Unlike other GalaxySpaceShooter, Arcade shooting or Galaxy Attack, Sky Champ has manyniceairship, airplane, and starship design to choose - PvP,playagainst other players via League game mode, check your rankingonWorlds Billboard in League - Can play Offline, withoutinternet,wifi or 4G. Receive more rewards when playing online Ifyou're afan of Bulletstorm offline game category (a.k.a SpaceShooter,Galaxy Shooter, Arcade Shooting, Galaxy Attack), Sky Champ:GalaxySpace Shooter is made for you Find us on FB @skychampgame orjoinour community Sky Champ Group.
AFC - Space Shooter 5.6
AFC - Space Shooter : The world's most attractive monstershootinggames or alien shooter game. It simulates a war in spaceshooter.Air Force Combat(AFC) shooting games puts you at theforefront of abattle with space intruders. You will take control ofthe spaceshipand protect galaxy from alien swarms. In this "AirForce Combat"game, you will be faced an increasingly large numberof enemies anddeal with many epic bosses in alien shooter war. Asthe gameprogresses, you will earn golds/gems the right to upgradeyourspaceship to bring it to full lethal capacity. With AirForceCombat shooting games, you will use 5 amazing battleship: ★CAPTAIN- A battleship with powerful firepower and solidprotectionproduced by the CRP Group from Venus. ★ PHOENIX - Thefastest shipin the universe armed with advanced weapons technologyhas beenstolen from the palace of the evil queen of Galam. ★ HAWK -Thename speaks all its best features - fast, powerful, sharp. Theshiprepresents the great cooperation of planet Hado and LUNg. ★TANKER-the dark ship of the monk from the mysterious Hata planet.It isgiven magical powers with the Ees curse - a kind of darkmagic. ★KAME - The legend of an unbeaten battleship born in theland ofLUNg - the birthplace of superheroes defend justice FEATUREofAlien Shooter game: - There are 2 free spaceship (Captain-Phoenix) & 3 paid (Hawk - Tanker - Kame) - You can choosemainship or tiny ship before fire - You can upgrade your ship togetmore powerful, make stronger - Amazing lighting and specialeffects- Includes Power-ups and Bosses! - Stunning graphics&exquisite sounds quality - Various spaceships with their ownuniqueweapons, missiles & special abilities to help you defeatall ofthose bosses. - Leader board global. - Lucky box.GRAPHICSCONFIGURATION: - Low: for medium Android devices - Good:forAdvanced Android devices - Perfect: for perfect Android devicesHOWTO PLAY "Alien Shooter" game - Move aircraft by your fingers -Killspace intruders - Upgrade spaceship - Change your weapons.-Complete Daily Quest & Achievement to claim more gold/gems-You can use booster, double coin, shield, Bomb, x2 health itemtoovercome each level The AFC - Space Shooter is now in yourhands.Get your weapons ready for Space Shooter. ★ Facebookpage: ★ ★ Videotrailer: ★ How to PlayAFC: Please email us ifyourdevice is not supported, we will try our best to support it. Ifyoulove AFC - Space Shooter game, please give 5 stars toencouragedevelopers.
Galaxy Glory 2.7.0
Galaxy Glory is a game of the Galaxy space shooting type. Ifyouliketo simulate a starry sky, then Galaxy Glory is definitelyyourbestchoice because it is perfect for you. In the futureexpansionofhuman civilization, suffering from the inexplicablealien attackinthe depths🛸 of the universe, the real universestarry sky teambegan,As an experienced pilot, you are called bythe state toprotect theMilky Way from alien invaders. In order tocompletethis task,Youmust show your courage and wisdom. 🌌 GalaxyGlory🌌will take you intothe front line to fight against alieninvaders.Use your rich flightexperience to operate your fighter tothe leftOr move right, up ordown to avoid some bullets to keepyourselfsafe. In addition, youcan try to record the ballistictrajectoryof some conventional enemyaircraft. It is easy tododgeafterwards. Galaxy Glory combines thesophistication of theclassicshooting game with the mechanics of thefuture.The designhasdifferent modes of choice: levels, challenges,arena, Bossandendless. During the game, you can win the opportunitytoupgradethe spacecraft and downtime to provide you with moreattackpower.🌠 How To Play🌠 ✈ Touch the screen to move up, down,left,andright. ✈ Upgrade or replace your weapon. ✈ The gamebeginswithancillary items. ✈ The greater the difficulty, themorerewardingthe reward. ✈ Eliminate alien invaders 🌠 GameFeatures🌠 🚀The gamehasmany levels and the difficulty is graduallyimproved.🚀Exquisite level design, versatile UI experience design,let youputit down. 🚀 Cool sound effects and special effects 🚀 Avarietyofsmashing machines, various lords Boss 🚀 Treasureboxluckyturntable. Galaxy Glory start now, download now!Enjoyendlessbattles that will keep you entertained for hoursofcontinuousplay. Follow usonFacebookat:
Space Shooter: Alien vs Galaxy Attack (Premium) 1.518
Do you know what interesting things are waiting for you inthisSpace Shooter: Alien vs Galaxy Attack (Premium) - the VIPversionchallenges all the excellent captains in our galaxy. SpaceShooter:Galaxy Attack is a popular Galaxy Shooter game with morethan 50millions download worldwide. If you are a big fan ofarcadeshooting games with the new modern combat, and want tobringfreedom in the galaxy games, so Space shooter: Galaxy attackissuitable for you. With classic free space games genre, oldgamewith a new context, Space shooter: Galaxy attack puts you onfirewith infinity space shooting. You will be faced lots ofevilenemies and deal with many striker bosses in galaxy wars. Areyousure you will survival in the war of alien shooter? It issuperexciting that the challenge bosses, firepower wereconcentrated,with different bullet barrage to attack you, and youhave toprotect your spaceship safe and accumulate damage. It is notonly asky shooting game, but also help you relieve stress in yourleisuretime. Control your fighter cleverly, smartly and kill allspaceattackers during space shooting attack and bring the peace fortheEarth. ★Galaxy Shooter Features ★ - Merge 2 ships to createanepic, monumental one. - Special and unique spaceships. -Hardlevels challenging. - Amazing lightning and special effects-Includes Power-ups and Bosses! - Global Leaderboard. - Luckywheel- PVP - online shooting games ★How to play★ -- Slide tocontrolyour spaceship dodge enemy's bullets. - Use coin and gem toupgradeor evolve your spaceship to fight with giant enemies andalieninvaders. - Use appropriate spaceships and strategies foreachlevel and boss. - Remember using power-up item, booster itemtolevel up easier. The Galaxy's future is now in your hands. Getyourship ready for space attack in this arcade shooter game Welcometothe enjoyable classic game. We promise to bring you therelaxinggaming experience in this premium version. If you loveoriginalaction shooter from the arcade game or handheld system thenthisgame is definitely for you. Space shooter: Galaxy attack gameonFacebook: Galaxy attack game Community: Join Group to getoursupportquickly:
1945 Air Force: Airplane games 8.69
Take control of a warplane and jump on the battlefield of 1945AirForce - Airplane Shooting Games in this thrilling combatflightaction game. In each of the 1945 Air Force campaigns, youwillassume a squadron leader of an elite airforce unit, engage inateam and solo action warfare. You will fight on the mostfamoushistorical airplanes, from classic fighters to light andheavybombers like Grumman F6F Hellcat, Lockheed P-38 Lightning,Su-5,P-51, P-36 Hawk, Schwalbe ''Swallow", Mitsubishi A6M Zero,B-17Flying Fortress... to modern generation military aircraft.Theenemy is coming. War thunder is roaring! Let's spread yoursteelwings, go on a mission by yourself and rule the sky now!FEATURE -Over 30 legendary WWII battle zones. - More than 350Challengingcampaigns. - Over 30 historical planes from the USA,Great Britain,USSR, Germany, and Japan Air Forces... with variouscustomization,upgrade, merge to create your own super planes. -Shootingchallenging arcade game free with many Additional modesfromBombarding, Bosses, Protect, Stealth to Assault. - Dailyrewards:Play every day to earn free prizes and get daily tasks andtons offree stuff! Complete daily tasks and upgrade your gear! -Crispgraphics, amazing lighting, and special effects. - Division(Clan):easily team up with like-minded Division Agents to takedowntougher enemies. - PVP - online shooting games, co-op withfriends,gather your squadron team, mark your name on the globalleaderboard. - Offline and Online games mode. - Simulator games -Manyhistorical planes you can try. The game is specially optimizedtowork on both strong and weaker devices! Don’t let the enemyconqueryour world. Pick your airplanes up, shoot for freedom, andready toattack right now! Good luck, Hero! VISIT US Join us onFacebook: Join Group to getour supportquickly: onYouTube:
WindWings: Space Shooter, Galaxy Attack 1.2.40
▶ FANTASY STORY The game is developed based on a fantasy storyabouta soldier who accidentally went through a time gap to thefuture. Inthe future, people have developed to an advanced levelof scienceand technology and began searching for distant planetsin space.They created many modern and powerful warships to fulfillthatdream. The soldier once again joins the army to join thejourney tofind the promise land and their fleet encounters manywarlikemonsters in space. They not only attacked spaceships butalso headedstraight to invade the earth. In the face of that tensesituation,the commander ordered the soldier to come to fightagainst enemy’sattacks. A real war has begun. You will play thesoldier who takescontrol of the entire spaceship, protects theearth and leads otherspaceships. Destroy and break the enemy'splans. WindWings: SpaceShooter, Galaxy Attack is a shoot’em upgame genre with many new andmodern improvements with lots ofimpressive points. ▶ NEW FUTURE •Players will bring two types ofspaceships into battle, each has aunique property. Players willuse suitable spaceships from time totime. • Many types of monstersare sophisticatedly designed withdifferent types of attacks. •Many rounds are constantly updatedwith many different challengesfor players to experience. • Manywarships, each has a differentdesign and use of a different type ofammunition. Players canoptionally customize and combine. • Besidesthe main spaceship,there are 2 assistants to increase the combatability. • Upgradeyour attack power, spaceship speed with Lasermissiles, mega-bomsand magnets. • The game has a good balance ofdifficulty, suitablefor both beginners and hardcore gamers. • Manysupport equipmentsto help spaceship increase combat ability. •Diverse tasks andattractive rewards • Diversify the map from theearth to remoteplaces in the universe. • Images and sounds combinedharmoniouslywill give players a great experience. ▶ HOW TO PLAY •Touch thescreen and move to avoid enemy’s attacks, shoot back anddestroythem. • Click to change the spaceship in accordance witheach typeof enemy. • Collect bullets and equipments to upgradethespaceship. • Use support features during an emergency orwhenfacing strong enemies.
Strike Force- 1945 War 7.2
In Strike Force battle your way across waves of fighters to meetanultimate boss who you need to take down to advance to thenextlevel! Protect the galaxy from space invaders and becomethegreatest Captain of all time! In this space shooter game, wipeoutthe pack of evil enemies before entering tough and fierce BigBossBattles. Every level has a powerful Boss for you to beat. Soshoot'em up! Features: - Different fighter planes to choose from-Beautiful and stunning graphics provide amazing visuals. -Uniquechallenges with epic and huge bosses - Easy Controls&Attractive Sound. - Challenging Environments to explore -Classicarcade shooter Do you like space shooter or arcade shootergameswhere you have to wipe out galaxy invaders? If the answer is"yes"then Strike Force will suit you best! In Strike Force - 1945War,choose your air fighter, destroy the sky invaders and protectthegalaxy. Show them what you’re capable of! Shoot 'em up and wininthis space shooter! Play the ultimate arcade shooter while yousavethe people from galaxy invaders. Get ready to be the airattackandfight off the alien invaders in this epic arcade shooter. Shoot'emup! Only the strongest can be the sky force to change the tidesandbe the sky force reloaded that everyone needs. Repel thegalaxyinvaders and become a hero who saves everyone in the galaxyattack.As you are the leader in this airattack, it is up to you todefendyour community while in the sky force. Download Strike Force- 1945War now! Contact us on if you needanyhelp! Follow Us to get news andupdates:
Dragon shooter - Dragon war - Arcade shooting game 1.1.01
Top new free game featured by store A revolution in classicarcadeshooting category. Shoot 'em up with your dragon spirit,Master!Shooting, Collecting, Upgrading and eventually Defeatingthestrongest alien enemies in one of the most popular spaceattackgame with a spirit of dragons 🐉 As ancient as 1945 years ago,thedragon world was divided into 2 legions of striker: One wasHellFire, led by Herios, the brutal who praises for war, sabotageandhavoc. These dragon attack want to conquer the Earth andevengalaxy by their superior power. The other was Sunlight, aleague ofpeace loving dragons, led by Varius have been standingagainst HellFire. And the war of the two sky army, Hell Fire andSunlightbegan. 1945 years later, a Dragon Master shows up, standsby Variusto put an end into this persisting sky shooting war. ThatDragonMaster could be you. But are you ready yet? 👉 Start yourdragonadventure with right away: Train your favorite dragons,makeitbecome powerful space shooters by every level to win overdragonbattle. In this game, you can take part in unlimited sabotageofdragon shooting , collect items and equipment and upgradepowers.With many items, options, skills,... you can upgrade yourcharacterand become stronger than ever in various ways you want.It’s anarcade shooting game, so classic as easy to play, yet newenough tobring endless shooting fun time. Just touch and move, andyourhighly trained dragon will destroy everything that stands initsway! Simple gameplay 🎮, beautiful graphics, the Dragon Shooter-Dragon Spirit retro - arcade shooting game brings you theamazingdragon games experience that you have never expected before💯****************************** ⚡HOW TO PLAY⚡ - In thisdragongames, slide to control your character to defeat spaceshootersfrom alien enemy side and avoid their attacks. As simple asgalaga- a classic shooting game! - Collect coin and gems to upgradeandtrain your dragon, to make it become stronger in the dragonfantasyworld - Remember to use power booster that recovers every30seconds to push back brutal air force invaders. - Equip andupgradeyour support dragon to help you fight against theenemies****************************** ⚡GAME FEATURES⚡ - Easy toplay: It’sa arcade shooting games . Remember when playing galagawars? - 10+dragons adventurer with unique skill sets - Unlimitedfantasy mapsto discover, from sky to space and even to galaxyattack - Play in3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard - Nointernet connectionneeded: this is a dragon games of arcadeshooting. It's totally afree offline game! - Collect coins, meatand items to enhance yourpower - Tons of amazing, unlimited questfor dragon to complete …..and many amazing features! Enjoy thedragon adventure with DragonShooter - Dragon Spirit retro - arcadeshooting game on Google playRIGHT NOW!
Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter 34.8
Earth's last hope is in your hands, take control of thelonespaceship and protect Earth from alien swarms. Your goal willbequite challenging as you will have to save the Universe fromitsevil enemies. In this space shooting game, you will be facinganincreasingly large number of enemies in hazardous environments.Asthe game progresses, you will earn the right to upgradeyourspacecraft to unleash its full lethal capacity. HOW TO PLAY:*Touch screen to move and kill all enemies. * Collect itemstoupgrade or change your weapons. FEATURES: * Multiplayer mode: 1vs1, 1 vs 3 * High quality images optimized for tablets andlargescreens. * Ability to use active skills during the spacebattles. *The game is packed with 160+ levels on variousdifficulties. *Beautiful levels with immersive missions tocomplete. * Multipleextreme boss battles. * Upgrade your guns andlasers. Enjoy classicspace combat - powered up. Download GalaxyAttack: Alien Shooternow! Follow us on Facebook: Group withus
Galaxiga: Classic Arcade Game 22.14
Galaxiga: Classic Arcade Shooter 80s - Free Games is the bestspaceshooting game that makes you feel like playing a classic game.Ifyou are a big fan of arcade shooting games like Galaxia,galaxian,and Galactica with the new modern combat and want to bringfreedomin the galaxy games, Galaxiga: Classic Arcade Shooter 80s -FreeGames is the perfect game for you. A classic free spacegamesgenre, an old game with a new context: Galaxy attack puts youonfire with infinity space shooting. You will be faced with lotsofevil enemies and deal with many striker bosses in galaxy wars.Areyou sure you will find survival in the war of alienshooter?Earth's last hope is in your hands, take control of thelonespaceship, and protect Earth from alien swarms. Download andplayit now to help you remember your own intense childhood.Features: -Multiplayer mode: 1 vs. 1, 1 vs. 3 - PVP - onlineshooting games,co-op with friends, gather your space team, markyour name onleader board global. - High-quality images optimizedfor tabletsand large screens. - Gorgeous Pixel graphic reminds oldschoolgames - Super-easy control that tutorial is not needed -Strong andvarying enemies - Tough and fierce Boss battle - Variousways forthe power upgrade - True space battle experience -High-qualityimages optimized for tablets and large screens. -Arcade games free- Arcade shooter games Galaxian - space shooter -galaxy attackoffline games for free. - Various upgradeablespaceships. Chooseyour fighter ship, starship, to build your ownspace team! Rememberto survive! How to play : - Touch the screen tomove and kill allenemies. - Collect items to upgrade or change yourweapons. - Slidethe screen to control your spaceship dodge enemy'sbullets. - Usecoin and gem to upgrade or evolve your space craftsto fight withgiant enemies and alien invaders. - Use appropriatespaceships andstrategies for each level and boss. - Remember to usethe power-upitem, booster item. They will help you complete easier.Enjoy theclassic space combat - powered up. Download Galaxiga:ClassicArcade Shooter 80s - Free Games - the outstanding freearcadeshooting game now!
Space Shooter - Galaxy Attack 1.44
Space Shooter - Galaxy Attack – If you are the fan of spaceshootinggame, you gonna love this newest pixel action game. TheAliens haveinvaded your space and put your Earth is in danger. Soready yourairship, equip your strongest weapon and shoot them outof youruniverse. HOT FEATURES of Space Shooter - Galaxy Attack2020: - 100%Free. - No need to connect to Wifi – Internet. -Beauty designgraphics. - Lots of unique boss and enemy. HOW TOPLAY: - Movespaceship - Kill space intruders - Upgrade space ship- Change yourweapons. You can play Space Shooter - Galaxy Attack2020 on allandroid devices. Enjoy playing this game anytime,anywhere you like.With the attractive, fun gameplay, this gamewill help you haveexiciting free time. Download this Space Shooter- Galaxy Attack andenjoy it! Let’s Buckle up and save your planet!
Galaxy Hunter: Space shooter 7.1.4
Our galaxy is under attack by a mysterious squad of aliens! Wetriedto fight back, but they were too strong! Now the whole earthandgalaxy are very dangerous and need a leader command squad toattackthem! We know you are an excellent commander with lots ofexperiencefrom many battles to maintain peace of our galaxy. Andyou are stillfighting! So we hope you will continue to stand up tolead thegalaxy army to fight once again to defeat these mysteriousaliens!If you are one of the fans of the classic shooting gameseries likegalaxia, galaxian and galactica, you will not be ableto miss ournew space shooter series. After many years of doing andresearching,we have created a completely new and attractive spaceshooting gameseries. With a classic play style but a completelynew way ofexpressing it will fascinate you when you play. Galaxyshooter willbring you new enemies and bosses in galaxy wars. Doyou think youare skilled enough to survive this epic battleagainst these alieninvaders? 👍FEATURE: ⭐️Select your spaceship,fighter ship to buildyour squad ⭐️Challenge Campaign with manyamazing levels design foryou ⭐️Daily Quest, Archivement, Spinlucky help you earn more gemand gold ⭐️ Daily reward with spcialreward for you 👍HOW TO PLAY⭐️Slide to control your spaceship dodgeenemy's bullets. ⭐️ Use coinand gem to upgrade or evolve yourspaceship to fight with giantenemies and alien invaders. ⭐️ Youcan earn gem and gold to usedrone to support in each combat⭐️Don't forget collect power-upitem, booster item make yourspaceship become stronger ⭐️ You aslowatch video to take morereward from game Download now Galaxy Raidin your phone to joininterested combat in galaxy shooter game. Getyour ship ready forspace attack in this arcade galaxy shooter game
Sky Raptor: Space Shooter - Alien Galaxy Attack 1.5.5
Bored of endless space shooting games lacking challenge? ThenSkyRaptor is the perfect game that you're looking for. Havingaclassic arcade spirit with modernized visuals, Sky Raptor:SpaceInvaders will ride you into the galaxy and never let you putyourphone down! Shooting, collecting, upgrading, and defeatingthealien invaders to save the Earth from a space battle now. WhentheEarth is living under the threat of a space war, Sky Raptor istheone and only squad that can fight against and shoot downtheinvaders. Your mission is to lead the squad through everybattleand be the best alien shooter in the galaxy. In thisperilousbattle, you will have to fight against and shoot down tonsofformidable enemies and powerful bosses. But don’t worry, thereareplenty of equipment and galactic drones to support you ineverybattle. 🚀 So… ARE YOU READY TO BECOME THE HERO? HOW TO SAVETHEGALAXY: ⭐ Touch the screen to move your aircraft, shoot anddefeatall the enemies ⭐ Collect coins and items to upgrade youraircraft⭐ Activate skills by selecting the equipment to activateskills andMaximize strength by combining different equipment. SKYRAPTORFEATURES: 🔥 Challenging Campaign: 150+ levels withvariousdifficulties challenging you to save the galaxy 🔥 SurvivalMode:Unlimited mode allowing you to play endlessly through eachbattle 🔥Combat Boss: Enormous and epic Bosses will prevent you fromsavingthe galaxy 🔥 Diverse Equipment System: Various equipment tosupportyou in shooting the alien invaders, which can be combinedandupgrade to activate Fusion to unlock numerous hidden attribution🔥Diverse Quest System: Daily quests, lucky wheel, free gems,badgerewards every day for you to conquer 🔥 PvP Mode: 1 vs 1 andmanymore thrilling features is waiting for you in this game.Downloadand enjoy the shooting adventure with Sky Raptor – a spaceshootingarcade game RIGHT NOW!! ********** #spaceshooter#airplane#spaceship #shootinggame #shootinginvader#shootingbattle#skyraptor 👉Follow us on Facebook: 👉JoinSky Raptor Community:
Galaxy Invader: Infinity Shooting 2020 1.51
Galaxy Invader: Infinity Shooting 2020 is a very enjoyablegame!Upgrading the spaceships is a fun grind with greatchallengeavoiding fire. In this shoot 'em up (shmup) game, you flyforwardautomatically on the aircraft, shooting large numbers ofenemieswhile dodging obstacles. If you are a fan of classic gamessuch asplane shooting, chicken shooting, fly shooting, this is agame youcan not ignore. Our planet is being invaded by alienenemies, youare the last hope of protecting humanity from thecatastrophe. Youwill take control of the spacecraft and find a wayto fight thealien monsters. In this board game you will faceincreasing numbersof enemies and dangerous ones. As the gameprogresses, you mustfind a way to upgrade your spaceship, toovercome the increasinglychallenging challenges. Galaxy Invader:Infinity Shooting 2020 is avery classic classic game! You will befascinated in upgrading yourturrets and overcoming the challenge ofavoiding bullets in thegame. The future of the universe is in yourhands. Download now toprotect humanity.
Galaxy Attack: Robot Transform Chicken Shooter 12.3
Strike Galaxy Attack: Shoot 'Em Up war Chicken Shooter is thebestshooting online games PVP - The best arcade game of 2019andpromising to create a major earthquake on Google Play. You canplayit on all smartphone and tablet. In immense space, there arealwaysbrutal forces with plots to invade Earth: May be aliens oranimalsthat is as intelligent as human… They can attack ourbeautifulearth anytime! Strike Galaxy Attack: Alien Space ChickenShooterbring you a epic war against chicken invader squadron.They’re asfalcon modern fighter - the powerful army arm withadvancedtechnology and the strongest weapons. You’re last hopefulof Earth,your mission is control Legendary Fighter and join theepic battleto protect Earth from the invaders. In the battle, youcan changefighter and upgrade power of your fighters by collectitems,booster to destroy all enemy. Please control your fightercleverlyand smartly and bring the peace for Earth. If you want towin,you’re must be an experienced player of the top down aircombatshooter games, infinity FPS squad games and you also havestrategy, don’t waste your life and get the failure that was notworth it.Play game with high concentration to become a Hero who betrueleader of Earth. *********FEATURED********* - Log in Facebooktoupdate leaderboad with your friends. - The attractivemissionsystem . - Many mode to play : Campaign, Endless, Raidboss -Greatgraphics, Amazing sounds and music. - Many levels withdifferentdifficulties, different challenges. - Various enemy :chickenfighters, chicken army, Big bosses. - Many boosters, manyitems tocollect and upgrade . - The attractive daily mission,achievements.- Many free coins and booster with lucky wheel .Chicken ShooterShoot em up is much better than shooting games 1942,1943, 1945Don’t wait. download Strike Galaxy Attack: Alien SpaceChickenShooter right NOW!!! ******************Contact***************Visit our Official site at: Follow us onFacebook at: PrivacyPolicy : Top Action Game: Top AdventureGame: Top ArcadeGame: Top PuzzleGame: Top StrategyGame: Top RacingGame: Top SportGame: Top RPGGame: Email contact:onegameinc@gmail.comFeedback:
Hunter Empire: shooting games 2.9.1
Welcome to hunter empire: The best online / offline gamesforfree.It's arcade games combat in the sea battle. It's numberoneactiongames for online multiplayer games. You can build upyourwarshipsand fight against the aliens with your friends. Youcanbuild upyour empire to be the best hunter. Your goal willbequitechallenging as you will have to save the navy fleet fromitsevilenemies galaxy attack In this shooting games, you willbefacing anincreasingly large number of enemies in sea battle.Don'tworry,you can earn the right to upgradeyourspaceship/warships/weapon tounleash its full lethal capacity.Usevarious types of spaceshipweapons to sink the enemy's navalfleetand win the battle . Fightagainst players from all around theworldonline in real time!Build your game strategy, improve yourtactics,and don't give yourrivals a chance! Increase your rank andbecomethe best hunter .How to play: * Touch screen to move and killallenemies. * Collectitems to upgrade or change your weapons.Gamefeatures: ⚓ login Youcan login this shooting games byfacebooklogin & google signin ⚓ earning You can earn golds,jewelsthrough playing levelcampaign, tournament battle, pvp games(onlinemultiplayer games) ⚓daily Unlock daily gift for free, dailyquest,collect puzzle shipsto craft fully ship. ⚓ play online gamesFightagainst players fromall around the world through the internet!⚓ranks Win battles toraise your rank and upgrade spaceship/warships to full techs. ⚓arenas Take part in battles inepicarenas, unlock new ones, andget rewards! ⚓ CHAT Interactwithplayers during battle with chatand emojis. ⚓ multiplayergamesmodes Select pvp games (onlinemultiplayer games), singlemode,choose different difficulty levelto play ⚓ join tournamentbattleParticipate in tournaments and wintrophies. ⚓ globalleaderboardsIncrease your ranking and becomethe best hunter playeron theglobal leaderboards based on yournumber of wins! Hunterempire is arpg game with beautiful graphicsand effects is amazing.Hunterempire is a free offline games /online games, but somegameelements can be purchased by realmoney. Enjoy alien shooter-powered up. Download Naval battleship:Hunter empire now! FollowusonFacebook:
Galaxy Invader: Space Shooting 2020 1.70
Invaders are taking over the galaxy. All the universe isinjeopardy. There is only one hope, that is you, the captain.Controlthe spaceship against them. In this shoot 'em up (shmup)journey,you will need to defeat each battle in differentdirections, fromeasy to difficult. Over time, the challenges willbe increasinglyfierce. It requires you to improve your aircraftcontrol skills aswell as collect items, upgrade your combat skillsand fight againstincreasingly powerful enemies. Galaxy Invader:Space Shooting 2020game will puts you in the infinity shooting war.You will have tofight a lot of enemies as well as their evilgenerals. Are you sureyou can pass through the battle? Function: 🚀Upgrade all kinds ofengines. 🚀 Collect items, complete tasks everyday. 🚀 Globalrankings. 🚀 Rotation luck. How to play: 🚀 Use yourfinger tocontrol the engine. 🚀 Upgrade & change engine. Thefuture ofthe universe is in your hands. Download Galaxy Invader:SpaceShooting 2020 to participate in the infinity battle.
HAWK: Airplane games. Shoot em up B.V.
Enemy forces blot out the sun - time for an aircraft attack! Teamupwith your bros - let your falcon squad decide the fate ofthefuture! HAWK: Freedom Squadron is a co-op arcade shooter fortrueold-school fans! Epic battles await your sky force in a wargame ofepic scale! It's time to meet enemy forces in air combat andwin!Dozens of aircrafts for your falcon squad - from fighter jetplanesto dieselpunk contraptions! Unique BRObot companions, lotsofweapons and upgrades for your strike force! Classic arcadespiritwith flamboyant modern graphics: the top down scrollershooterfeels both modern and old-school! Heroes with attitude: themostcharismatic pilots team up as a victorious air strikeforce!Conquer the leaderboard: best your rivals in online mode!Gatheryour friends and overwhelm the enemies! It's a co-opmultiplayershooter where one body is nobody! Concentrate onaircraft's specialabilities, auto shoot is permanent! Epic bossbattles! Enemy forcesare led by truly monstrous sky ships! It's aretro arcade shooteryou cannot miss! To the skies, falcon squad!Time to fight forfreedom! From the creators of Space Justice Followus on Facebook: Try out ourother games:Evolution 2 World Above Space Justice Juggernaut WarsPuzzleRaiders Rush Royale Published under the global gamingbrandMY.GAMES, the leading developer and operator ofunforgettablegaming experiences on PC, mobile, and consoles.
GUNBIRD classic 1.0.11
An adventure in the sky begins to search for piecesofmagicalmirrors that will fulfill wishes! [How to Play] You canmovethecharacter by dragging and shots are firedautomatically.[Gamefeatures] - All characters are free to play -Acquiring Pitemsincrease the power of the weapon - "FULL POWERSTART" isstartingthe game with full power from the beginning -Available toselectfor various difficulty levels [Easy, Normal,Hard, and VeryHard] -Super Shot to use special skills for eachcharacter. - Bombat themoment of crisis to protect against enemyattacks. -Available tochange the screen to the original screen inthesettings. -Available to obtain a bomb item during play. -Availableto obtaingold coins in the game for extra points. -Supportedachievementsand leaderboards. - Supported 16 languages. ©PsikyoProduced by ©CITY CONNECTION CO., LTD. Published byMOBIRIXCorporation.Homepage:
Galaxy Invader: Space Shooting 3.1
Invaders are taking over the galaxy. All the universe isinjeopardy. There is only one hope, that is you, the captain.Controlthe spaceship against them. In this shoot 'em up (shmup)journey,you will need to defeat each battle in differentdirections, fromeasy to difficult. Over time, the challenges willbe increasinglyfierce. It requires you to improve your aircraftcontrol skills aswell as collect items, upgrade your combat skillsand fight againstincreasingly powerful enemies. In the far future,humanity hasexpanded and prosper over the galaxy. One day, amysterious alienarmy from a different dimension appear and attackthe borderplanets. The fight for mankind survival begins. As aveteran pilot,you have been called to defend the galaxy againstinvader enemies!Galaxy Invader: Space Shooting game will puts youin the infinityshooting war. You will have to fight a lot ofenemies as well astheir evil generals. Are you sure you can passthrough the battle?Galaxy Invader: : Space Shooting is acombination of classic shoot‘em up game feels and modernizedmechanics. Featuring: - Upgradeall kinds of engines. - Collectitems, complete tasks every day. -Global rankings. - Rotation luck.How to play: - Use your finger tocontrol the engine. - Upgrade
STRIKERS 1945 classic 1.0.42
The first game of the Striker 1945 series was implemented inthemobile devices. Play this exciting shooting game for free. [Howtoplay] Drag to move the fighter aircraft and the shot isfiredautomatically. [Aircraft attack type] - P-38: Focused shot,option: guided shot - P-51: Diffuse shot, option : Gatling rocket -SPITFIRE: Diffuse shot, option : guide missile - Bf-109: Focusedshot,option : guided Vulcan shot - ZERO: Diffuse shot, option :dropbomb - SHINDEN: Focused shot, option : large rocket[Features]-Play a total of six aircrafts for free! -When you obtaina P item,the weapon power increases. -You can start the game withfull powerfrom the beginning when you choose "FULL POWER START"-Press SuperShot to use special skills for each fighter. -Use bombsat themoment of crisis to protect them from enemy attacks.-Available tochange the game screen to the original screen in thesetting.-Available to get bomb item while playing. -When you hitfromenemy, your weapon power level is down one level. -Earn goldbarsduring the game to score additional points. -Supportedachievementsand leaderboards -Supported 16 languages © PsikyoProduced by ©CITY CONNECTION CO., LTD. Published by MOBIRIXCorporation.Homepage: YouTube:
Space Shooter: Galaxy Wars - Alien War 14.0.7197 B.V.
Space Rangers lead the way! It's the 23rd century, and thegalaxyunites to fight against an unknown foe! The best of the beststandtogether as Space Justice - a small, but extremelyefficientspecial operations team with you as their leader! Takecommand ofyour personal battlecruiser and send deadly fightersshooting allguns against overwhelming odds to secure new victories!Or, maybe,attack and raid you rivals' spaceships in a game ofdeadlycompetition... - A classic arcade game reimagined: fast,dynamicvertical scrolling shooter gameplay meets outstandinggraphics! -Welcome to the command bridge! Upgrade and enhance yourflagshipand airplanes fleet, research new technologies and acquirecombatdrones. - Make your choice: the selection of aircraft,weapons,drones and gadgets is as huge as it can be! - Differentpilots,different tactics - make use of each race's strengths inmercilessspace combat, shoot 'em all up and win through synergy andguile! -Join efforts with your friends to overcome the common foe.It takesa coordinated attack to bring down most powerful enemies,and themission's rewards are well worth it! - Enter the PvP modeandplunder enemy cruisers for resources, shooting down allthatresist! Play hard, use all sorts of tricks to outsmart yourenemy!And never leave your own ship unprotected - lure your enemiesintotraps and ensure your wealth is well secured! It takes guts,witsand courage to fight and prevail in an addicting game ofdeadlyspace battles! Are you ready for Space Justice? From thecreatorsof HAWK Follow us onFacebook: Try out ourothergames: Evolution 2 World Above HAWK Juggernaut Wars PuzzleRaidersRush Royale
STRIKERS 1945 2 classic 1.0.11
The most popular in STRIKERS series has planted in mobiledevices.Enjoy ultimate shooting game with the returning P-38,Shinden, andfour new airfighters. [How to Play] Able to move airfighter withdragging, shots are fired automatically. Able to usebomb andcharging shot with buttons. [Type of Air fighter] - P-38Lightning:Concentrated shot, Homing Missile, Mustang AttackFormation - F-5UFlying Pancake: Diffuse shot, Automatic Laser,XB-35 BusterFormation - Focke Wulf Ta152: Concentrated shot, GiantRocketMissile, A9A10 Rocket - Ki 84 Hayate: Diffuse shot, SyusuiSuperRush, G10N Fugaku Covering Fire - J7W Shinden: Concentratedshot,Heat Missile, B7ARyusei-kai Sweep Bombers - DH98 Mosquito:Diffuseshot, Consecutive Rocket Missile, Mosquito Attackers[Features] -Able to play 6 different Air fighters for free. -Available 4different types of difficulties: EASY, NORMAL, HARD, andVERY HARD.- Able to strengthens weapon through acquiring ‘P item’ -Able tostart with full power at the beginning when you press thebutton“FULL POWER START” - Available to use unique weaponthroughtouching charge shot button. - Charge shot gauge can becharged upto 3 levels, also charge shot can be strengthens dependson gaugelevels. - Available to get bomb in game play. - Able to usebombsto call for support at the danger moment. - Able to changetheoriginal or full screen aspect ratio in the setting. - Shotandformation level is down by 1 level, when player hit by theenemyair fighter. - Able to get additional scores through acquiringgoldbar. - Supported achievement and leaderboard. - Supported16languages. © Psikyo Produced by © CITY CONNECTION CO.,LTD.Published by MOBIRIX Corporation. Homepage: YouTube:
Galaxy Shooter : Falcon Squad Premium
OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
In a near future, human conquered all planets in the SolarSystem,thus became the mightiest race in the Galaxy. Sensing thepotentialthreat, all other races rallied their armed forces,bending ondestroying the human race. Humans had suffered from asuddenattack, lost many space colonies in the process. You, once aheroof classic time, was living in seclusion, now return to rideyourown fighter aircraft in the battle against evil Alien Forces.Thegame has classic pixel style and Danmaku barrage of bullethellshooter. Defend the galaxy from alien attacks, we need you! You-Protector of the Galaxy. The Galaxy is waiting for you!ThisPremium Bundle will give you a wing among the mightiestonesoffering you enormous power, a damage-focused drone to fighttoughBosses and great amount of resources for you to upgradeyouraircrafts. FEATURES ➤ Fantastic visual: Gorgeous Pixelgraphics,which reminds of old school retro games, is best fittingforvertical shooters. Epic exciting sky battles are waiting forthearrival of a true hero. ➤ Exciting Campaign: More than 120levelsfull of different challenging enemies and breathtakingaction! ➤Epic Boss: Wipe out swarm of minions before challengingtough andfierce big Boss battles. Taste the Danmaku barrage ofbullets! ➤Perfect Shoot ‘em up: Lots of fighter jets, supportingdrones andgorgeous wings, ammunitions and guns, with variousupgrade optionsto choose from, a full armory of high technologiesto customizeyour partner! ➤ More additional mode: Experience moreof true spacebattles in different modes like PvP, Endless,Tournament,… ortaking part in live events for even more rewards andexcitement. ➤Unique PvP battles: Challenge your friends or randomplayersthrough PVP battles! Fight and raise your rank to the top oftheglobal leaderboard! ➤ Retro modernized: Played or didn’t playShmup(STG) game before? No matter, this is a Super-easy controlgame, soeasy that a tutorial is not even needed! This top-downshooter willmake you feel awesome and relive the old feeling ofplayingscrolling game! Lead the humanity and bring us back to ourgloryday again. The force is with you!
Galaxy Shooter Battle 2021: Galaxy attack 1.2.5
If you are a big fan of classic arcade galaxy free shooting gamessothis newest space shooter game : Galaxy Shooter Battle 2021:AlienShooter - Galaxy attack is the best game for you that willmake youfeel like playing a classic galaxian game. Most attractiveshootinggames or alien shooter games. It simulates a war inspace-shooter,space game. You will be faced with an increasinglylarge number ofalien invader squadron strike forces, find a way toupgrade yourspaceship engines to have a higher attack power andkill manygalaxian striker Bosses in galactica wars to save earthfrom thespace invaders enemies - alien spacecraft attackers, spaceshooter -space game. Are you sure you will survive in the ultimategalaxyshooter war ? >>> Join the battle and Start toshoot’ em upgalaxy invaders !!! FEATURES : - Many modes to play :Adventure ,Endless, Ranking. - Various enemy Minions : hundred ofmissioninvaders, spaceship attackers and aircrafts squadrons. -Over 860+challenging levels with various difficulties inspace-games. - HDGraphic : Beautiful maps and gorgeous pixelgraphic reminds oldschool games - Modern combat: alien-shooter,falcon squad and galaxyattack are all attractive galacticaelements in this galaxy wars. -Mission system : immersive dailymission and achievements to conquerin space shooter. - Fierce BossBattle: defeat the extreme bosses toprotect your spaceship -galaxy shooter safely - Amazing sound andeffects of falcon squad -space game. - Animations: Player movement,Player thruster, Enemyexplosion - Unlimited Gems / Coins: you willgain more free coinsand gems per level passing. - Power upgrade :many power-up items,boosters rewards for complete missions inspace-shooter. - Extremecombination of space-shooter, space-game,galaxy attack. - Choosethe right skills during the space battles tocontrol your spaceshipto fight - attack with giant enemies andalien invaders, alianshooter, spaceship games. - More than 5spaceships are commensuratewith many skills to play. - Skill basedwin : Fair game play, nopay to win. - Free download, no wifi needed- Simple and Easy toPlay This is a simple offline game, familiarimages , legendary andpopular games of almost all ages from 5 toover 45 years old. HOWTO PLAY: With Air Force Galaxy shootinggames, you will use amazingbattleship: 🚀 Move spaceship and dodgeenemy's bullets. 🚀 Shoot allevil alien spacecraft enemies down inthe galaxy shooter war. 🚀Upgrade your shooting weapons/ lasers/bullets and galacticspaceship by collecting sky coins. 🚀 Use gemsto buy many boosteritems to level up easier. 🚀 Complete tasks everyday to receivefree coins and gems. 🚀 Use appropriate strategyskills to changeyour guns/weapons 🚀 Challenge yourself in threemode campaigns. 🚀Use your spaceship to shoot them down and clearall enemy in thespace galaxy ( galactica ) war. Build a strong airforce and jointhe galaxy shooter wars - alien shooter ! Protect thegalaxy fromspace invaders - rescue your falcon squad and become thegreatestCaptain - That is your mission in this Galaxy ShooterBattle 2021:Alien Shooter - Galaxy attack Get your spaceship readyfor infinityspace battles, galaxy attack alien-shooter in thisarcade shootinggame - Top of casual game in 2021. Are you sure youwill survive inthis war ? Come to join our Galaxy shooter air forceand challengeyourself ! Download for free now!
Alien Attack: Galaxy Invaders 1.3.9
LIF Studio
If you are a big fan of arcade shooting game like ChickenGalaxy,Alien Attack,Galaxy Shooter, galaxian and galactica with thenewmodern combat, and want to bring the freedom in the galaxygames,so Alien Attack: Galaxy Invaders is perfect game for you.Withclassic free space games genre, old game with a new context,AlienAttack: Galaxy Invaders puts you on fire with infinityspaceshooting. You will be faced lots of evil enemies and deal withmanystriker bosses in galaxy wars. Are you sure you will survivalinthe war of alien shooter? How to play: - Slide the screentocontrol your spaceship dodge enemy's bullets. - Use coin and gemtoupgrade or evolve your space crafts to fight with giant enemiesandalien invaders. - Use appropriate spaceships and strategiesforeach level and boss. - Remember using power-up item, boosteritem.They will help you complete easier. FEATURES: * High qualityimagesoptimized for tablets and large screens. * Ability to useactiveskills during the space battles. * The game is packed with40+levels on various difficulties. * Beautiful levels withimmersivemissions to complete. * Multiple extreme boss battles. *Upgradeyour guns and lasers. Enjoy classic space combat - poweredup.Download Alien Attack: Galaxy Invaders now!
Space wars: spaceship shooting game 1.1.28
TOH Games
Space wars: spaceship shooting game, one of the games cameoutandexisted for a long time with many fans. If you are a fanofthisSpace wars game, I believe that you will feel satisfied anditwillmake you addicted This is a classical shooter game, butwehavebuilt and developed a more modern and wonderfulcontext,graphicsand script. Peaceful life on earth is alwaysthreatened byhostileforces, these are aliens. They always threatento invadeanddestroy the earth, in order to turn the earth intotheircolonyYour mission is to control the spacecraft and fighterstodestroyhostile forces, space invaders, destroy the aliens,andprotect thepeaceful life on earth. The space game will takeyouinto fierybattles, through many levels of emotion. You willfacemanychallenges, with stronger enemies and extremely modernweapons.Butdon’t worry, during the shooter game, you can collectmoregold,diamonds, weapons from enemies to equip yourself andbuymoremodern weapons against them. Function: - Great graphics-Excellentscript - Easy to control - Outstanding music - Two modeinthegame: shooting games offline and PVP (Online - multiplayer)Howtoplay - Move the plane to the left and right - Shoot todestroythetarget - Upgrade equipment - Upgrade the spacecraftDownloadandexperience the shooting game right now, we believe thatyou willbeaddicted. Don't forget to send us feedback to makethealienshooter game more complete:
1942 🚀 Free classic shooting games
An inspired world war in 1942, 1942 arcade shooting games freeisone of the top shooting games 2020. With its simple gameplayandendless fun, 1942 Squadron is a masterpiece remake of theclassicarcade experience. The controls are easy to learn and use.1942Squadron's keeping the old feeling of playing in an arcade.Youwill find more than ten types of famous World war IIcombatairplanes for military fans and more. 1942 Squadron supportedforall kinds of devices, from phones with low specificationstotablets. Offline games and more features: ● Free shootinggamesThis game is Free for everyone, You will have all history onyourphone now! ● Airplane games There are many new airplane modelsinthe game. 1942 classic arcade game Played Shmup (STG) gamesbefore?This top shooting game will make you say «wow» and revivethe bestimpressions of your scroll childhood. No matter you are afan ofStrikers, Tyrian, Ace Squad, Razor, or Airborn or youparticipatedin battle actions in Sky Force. You will become a fanof our series1942 Squadron! ● Simple arcade game Autofire, shootingthe POW fromred enemies, it will cycle between the various weaponsavailable,which can be picked to equip it to the aircraft. ●Perfect Shoot'em-up Lots of fighter jets, battle companions,ammunition andguns, and devices to choose from: your armory ispacked withhi-tech! And you can play the game offline. ● Excitingcampaign Wewill impress you with more than 50 levels full ofenemies andbreathtaking action! ● Free Multiplayer Shooting GamesPVP,Bombarding, Bosses, and Protect, each of them radicallychangingthe gameplay! ● Huge bosses battle and defeat enemies thatare sobig they don't even fit the screen! And wipe out swarms oftheirminions! ● Great visuals: Tired of space shooter and lasers?Tryout flying! Vertical shooting games have never been better.Epicsky wars are full of excitement. Choose your airplanes and freethecountry from invaders. The symphony of air war and heroes'charismaare unforgettable! Make your choice - take your airplanestovictory. Feel the bullet force. Download 1942 classicshootinggames right now 🚀
Dust Settle 3D-Infinity Space Shooting Arcade Game 1.59
🚀Most Intriguing Space Shooter Game 🏆 🚀Coolest 3D SpaceExplorationGame🏆 🥇1st Space Adventure Arcade Game🥇 🚨🚨"Warning!Space alieninvaders attack! 👾 Warning! Dust Raid! 💥💥This is not adrill, thisis Alien Invasion!!"⚠️🚨🚨 "Code Red! 🔴Space Dust hasspreadthroughout the galaxy and have become the main threaten toallsystems! We need you to defend the galaxy against invadersandclear all the dust!" "Shoot and Blast the dust with yourfingertip!"💥🔫 ⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡 🚀Dust Settle 3D -InfinitySpace Shooting Arcade Game is a free space shooter game.Tap withyour fingertip to destroy all sorts of space dust. Don'tget hit bythe galaxy dust, dodge and shoot them with yourspaceship. Rememberto develop your spaceship, weapons and collectcoins to build andarmed your space force. Ride your own fighter todefeat the evilalien forces. ⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡There are manydifferent kinds of space alien invaders 👽👽👽lurkingaround thegalaxy, seeking the opportunity to invade inhabitedplanets. Thewhole galaxy is on the verge of space war, humanagainst aliens.Caption Falcon🦅, Commander of Galactica, isgathering his elitespace squad. Join Falcon’s squad and do yourbest to keep back theenemies from the Outer Rim. "Shoot 'em up!Upgrade your squad withdifferent weapons and blast through swarmsof enemies! " DustSettle is a space shooter game with manyadventures: 🌟Various Typeof Dust: Normal Dust, Elite Dust, MiniBoss, Super Boss. 🚀🛩Lots of3D Fighter Aircraft & Spaceships:Every ship has its own skill.With higher levels, your fighters andspaceships can unlock morepowerful skills. 🎮 Amazing Space GamingExperience: Get differentsuper power through different items. Youcan also get fire supportfrom your wingman or super fire poweritems to help you destroy allinvaders and dust in an instant.ⒻFriendly Advice: Stay away fromthe red skull items, it will weakenyour power and strength, makethe enemies more difficult to destroy.😲No In-app PurchaseRequired: The game is balanced so that you canplayed and getstronger day by day. NO PAYMENT REQUIRED but spendsome in-apppower items would save your time to go further. 🎇ExtraordinaryVisual Art: Vivid graphic, Authentic 3D spaceship andspectacularexplosion effect to take you back to galactica time.⚠️🚨How toplay🚨⚠️ 👉Swipe your finger to move your spaceship to clearall dustand kill all enemies. 👉Collect items and gold to upgradeyourfighters and spaceships, fire power and weapons. The galaxyischaotic, dangerous and full of evil creatures. We need youtoeliminate threats and bring peace to the galaxy! Now chooseyourfighter, prepare your spaceship and to guarding the peaceofGalaxy! Motive, easy and engaging gameplay. Fun and Easy toplay,destroy space dust anywhere and anytime; get the most fun outofyour breaks! If you are a fan of Ace Squad, Galagtica,Strikers,you are going to enjoy this space shooter game with nodoubt. ✊🏻Play Dust Settle 3D! Join Falcon’s space squad🦅! Protectthe Galaxyfrom the invaders and space dust! ✊🏻Show your IntegrityandStrength! Commit to save the galaxy without hesitation! Enjoythe3D infinity space shooting totally for free! Enjoy the combatsandbattles in the perfect air combat classic arcade game! Let usbethe guardian of the Galaxy, fight against alien invaders andspacedust in this endless space round by round!
Neonverse Invaders Shoot 'Em Up: Galaxy Shooter 0.0.70
The future of the universe is in your hands! All types ofalienswarms have invaded your galactic neighborhood to conquer it -yourmission is to defend your planet by destroying the enemyspaceships and their giant overlords! Build your own spacecraftwithunique weapons, power ups and special abilities! HOW TO PLAY:*Touch screen to move and kill all enemies. * Collect itemstoupgrade or change your weapons. FEATURES: * High quality3DGraphics, optimized for both low & high end devices. *Abilityto use active skills during the space battles. * 30+ levelswith 3difficulty modes. * Beautiful art style with meaningful taskstocomplete. * Multiple extreme boss battles. * Upgrade yourguns,bombs, rockets and lasers. Enjoy classic space arcade shoot'em upaction - on the next level. Download Neonverse now! Follow usonFacebook:
Sky Force Reloaded 1.97
“Sky Force Reloaded” is the spirit of the retro arcade shoot‘emups,captured with modern visuals and design. New entry in theserieswill keep you entertained with all the things you’ve came tolove inscrolling shooters. Meaty explosions, incinerating lasers,collosalbosses and diverse aircrafts to pilot. “Sky ForceReloaded” is notyour average top-down shooter. It will draw you inwith itsbeautiful environments and intense effects. It will keepyou withits superb gameplay mechanics, progression system andin-gamecollectibles. It will leave you wishing for more, once it’sover.Fortunately, there’s a lot of shooting before that happens. *Master15 beautiful and immersive stages with challenging missionstocomplete. * Battle countless invaders with enormous andintimidatingbosses. Laugh when they explode, cry when they strikeyou down. *Assault ground, naval and air enemy forces. * Unlocknew difficultymodes, all the way from Normal to Nightmare. * Putyourself indanger to rescue missing operatives from thebattlefield. * Assembleand test 9 different aircrafts. Pick yourfavorite, with its uniquefeatures and play style. * Hunt down 30elusive bonus cards to addeven more depth to the gameplay. Some ofthem will grant permanentbenefits, while others will boost yourabilities only temporarily. *Install hundreds of upgrades to yourguns, shields and otherequipment. Turn your jet fighter into aflying tank. * Completein-game objectives to unlock 8 assistingtechnicians. Choose one ofthem to help you with their specialskill. * Spot the wrecks of yourfallen friends and get rewards forpicking them up. * Appreciatehighly polished gameplay and wellbalanced difficulty curve, whetheryou consider yourself a casualgamer or a die-hard bullet hellfanatic. * Enjoy professionalvoiceover and incredible electronicsoundtrack. * Enter the WeekendTournament on one of 5 speciallycrafted infinite stages. Attackyour friends’ hi-scores and claimthe top position in theloeaderboards! Welcome to your new favoriteshmup. Welcome to SkyForce Reloaded!
Metal Squad: Shooting Game 2.3.1
Metal Squad is a shooting action game. This game will takeyouthrough series of classic levels, various enemies and bossbattleswith amazing experience of side scrolling platformer games.Usevarious weapons filled with slug and power ups to fight yourwaythrough a multiple enemies, metal tanks, copters and put an endtothe evil army leader's and his world of terror. Blow up allenemiesin Metal Squad! Kill them all in this amazing shootergame.Pleasehold your arms up and face dangerous challenges ahead.FEATURE ★Different kinds of weapons, such as shotgun, heavy machinegun,rifles, rocket launchers, and grenades. ★ Different characterstochoose. ★ 5+ unique stage with 60+ Levels ★ Different kindofenemies. ★ Challenging boss fights ★ Amazing graphics, coolmusicand sound. ★ Leader board global. ★ PvP - online shootinggames HOWTO PLAY ★ Use the joypad to move ★ Tap Jump button to jumpavoidobstacles ★ Tap fire button to shoot ★ Tap Grenade button tomakedeadly explosion Download Metal Squad now and let theshootingbegin! Contact us at email: sora.gamestudio@gmail.comFollow us onFacebook: JoinGroup withus: Thankyou!
Space Force: Alien Shooter War 1.5.8
Sonat Studio
In the distant future, as people increasingly expand theboundariesof the Universe, they have to learn a lot of new thingsand face upwith countless troubles. One day, a mighty alien forcewith theirmonster and space invaders appear. They control the alienspaceshipand threaten the life of the Earth. Then a space war brokeout. Asa member of the Space Force, you will join with other spaceshooteragainst the space invaders and protect the Earth. Start yourgalaxyattack in many different ways right away: Start withSparrowspaceship, become stronger at every level to defeat spaceinvadersto bring peace to Earth.. It’s an arcade shooting games,easy toplay, just concentrate and destroy everything that stands inyourway! HOW TO PLAY - In this shooting games, hold and slidetocontrol your spaceship to attack alien spaceship and avoidenemiespower - Collect coins and gems to upgrade your spaceship andyourspace force - In each battle there will be items dropped fromspaceinvaders when they are eliminated, remember to use them in themostuseful way - Equip and upgrade your support drones to helpyourspace force defeat Boss - Use your main skills and other skillstocollect more coins, gems and destroy enemies GAME FEATURES-Attractive mission system - Many modes to play: Campaign,Endless,Event. - Great graphics, amazing sound and effects - Manylevelswith different challenges and difficulties. - Variousspaceinvaders: Mini boss, Big boss, Monster - Many kinds ofspaceshipsand drones to select with diverse weapons and skills -Easy toupgrade and promote spaceships and drones - Attractivedailymissions, achievements and events every month The future oftheEarth is in your hand. Let’s join the battle with anotherspaceshooter player in the world to protect the your family withSpaceForce: Alien Shooter War right now!
TRUXTON classic 1.3.4
Enjoy free space war games that were produced by a masterofshooting games and that were easy to see in arcade centersascombat aircraft games that were used to attack whileavoidingbullets. [How to play] Touch and move the monitor with yourfingerto move the fighter plane, and the bullet is firedautomatically.[Features] - The power of the weapon increases whenPower items arecollected. - The small fighters are created andattacked togetherwhen a fighter is powered up. - You can start thegame with fullpower from the start with "FULL POWER START" option.- You canchange weapons to Thunder laser with beams, power shotsandlaser-shooting. - The Thunder laser is an induction laserthatattacks the enemy's position. - Choose from four levelsofdifficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard and Very hard. - Use of bombsintimes of crisis protects against enemy attacks. - The bombbuttoncan be changed to the left or right, taking into account theuser'sbutton position. - Supported achievements and leaderboard.-Supported 16 languages. © TOAPLAN Co., Ltd. © TATSUJIN Co.,Ltd.All Rights Reserved. Published by MOBIRIX Corporation. Homepage: YouTube:
Pirates Of Galaxy 6.0
Play as the infamous pirate of the galaxy, a bounty hunteronanadventure to alien infested planets. Gear up and fly!PiratesOfGalaxy - Shoot'em up shooter - Hottest shoot’em up gameof2019.Created based on classic shoot’em up games, the game hasallof thebest feature of the classics but integrated a wholenewgameplaysystem. With great graphics and enticing story you won’tbeable tostop once you start. There’re a variety of airships -eachwith itsown skill - to choose from, every time you play a newship,it’llbe a new experience: new characters and uniqueweapons!twosidekicks ’ll be your companion In this grandadventure.Discoverand conquer new territory of the vast galaxywhere yourenemiesawaits. Defeat or defeated - only you can decide!Pirates ofthegalaxy FEATURE: - Beautiful graphics and incrediblemusic-Smoothly on every device - Lots of play mode:campaign,endless,pvp - Intense boss battle every 3 level HOW TOPLAY? -Touch thescreen to control the ship - Upgrade your ships,powercore -Purchase new ships - Conquer new destinations togainincredibletreasures and prizes Play Pirates Of Galaxy -Shoot'em upshooter,Gear up and fly! Get in touch with usat:-
Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter (Premium) 34.1
Are you stoked about what comes with this Premium? In thisversionof Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. Earth's last hope is inyourhands, take control of the lone spaceship and protect Earthfromalien swarms. Your goal will be quite challenging as you willhaveto save the Universe from its evil enemies. In this spaceshootinggame, you will be facing an increasingly large number ofenemies inhazardous environments. As the game progresses, you willearn theright to upgrade your spacecraft to unleash its fulllethalcapacity. HOW TO PLAY: * Touch screen to move and kill allenemies.* Collect items to upgrade or change your weapons.FEATURES: *Multiplayer mode: 1 vs 1, 1 vs 3 * High quality imagesoptimizedfor tablets and large screens. * Ability to use activeskillsduring the space battles. * The game is packed with 160+levels onvarious difficulties. * Beautiful levels with immersivemissions tocomplete. * Multiple extreme boss battles. * Upgradeyour guns andlasers. Enjoy classic space combat - powered up.Download GalaxyAttack: Alien Shooter now! Follow us onFacebook: Join Group withus
Space Invasion: Alien Shooter War 2.0.9
Sonat Studio
With ambition to dominate the galaxy, the lord of darkness–Khanthossent his army to invade the planets and collect allthepreciousresources. Now the army of darkness is moving towardourplant. Areyou ready to join the Alien Shooter Squad to protecttheGalaxy?Gather your brothers, be the captain of the AlienShooterand leadyour squad to protect this galaxy from spaceinvaders.SPACEINVASION: ALIEN SHOOTER WAR FEATURE - Over 40 levelswith 3mode foryou challenge yourself in this space shooter game. -4uniquespaceships - fully upgradable and customizable:SkyGlider,FelineDart, NightBurst and Royal Thunder. - 7 specialsupporterswill helpyou in intense space wars. - Constant updateswith tonsof newupdates to your spaceships and supporters in thisalienshooter game.- Super user-friendly game control so that anyplayercan master thecontrol of their spaceship within minutes -Stunninggraphics andeffects will not let you down. - Challengingdailymissions andinteresting daily gifts will always keep you backformore. - Tons ofstrong enemies and huge bosses in thisalienshooter game are waitingfor you to decimate. - This spaceshootergame is free. You will nothave to pay any when downloadthis spaceshooter game. - No needconnection in this galaxy shootergame. Youcan play anytime andanywhere you want. HOW TO PLAY SPACEINVASION:ALIEN SHOOTER WAR -Shoot down all space invaders andcollect cointo upgrade yourspaceship and supporters. - Collect asmany coinsas you can, youwill need more and more coin to upgradeyourweapons when confrontwith huge bosses. - Don’t forget tocollectthe booster on the wayyou fight in this alien shooter game.-Upgrade your spaceships andsupporters as much as you can.Defendour galaxy against the galaxyinvaders with your ownspaceship andsquad. Play against giganticbosses and save our life.The choiceis yours! KEEP IN TOUCH WITH US
Galaxy Airforce War 1.0.45
[Game Feature] - Over 80 different types of weapons, shieldsandupgrade systems - Spectacular effects that changes for eachweapon- Over 150 stages and various difficulty level missions -Installpowerful weapons on the Fighter Craft and your very ownultimateunit! Facebook: