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Mahakal Status and Mantra in Hindi 4.1
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॥ श्रीगणेशाय नमः ॥॥ॐ नमः शिवाय॥ओम नम: शिवाय।- 'ओम' प्रथमनामपरमात्मा का फिर 'नमन' शिव को करते हैं। 'सत्यम, शिवम और सुंदरम'जोसत्य है वह ब्रह्म है:- ब्रह्म अर्थात परमात्मा। जो शिव है वह परमशुभऔर पवित्र आत्म तत्व है और जो सुंदरम वही परम प्रकृति है।अर्थातपरमात्मा, शिव और पार्वती के अलावा कुछ भी जानने योग्य नहीं है।शिवहै प्रथम और शिव ही है अंतिम।This application is a small giftforall Lord Shiva's fan or who loves Lord Mahadeva from us.Wemakethis application so everyone can read sloka, mantra, and statusofLord Mahakal and know more about Shiv.*Shiv Maharatri Pooja:Thisapplication contains Mantra, sloka, aarti, Mahadevawallpaper,Pooja and status of Lord Shiva for Mahashivratri and holyShravanmas.You can copy text message and share viaApplication.*MahakalStatus: This application has 200+ latest ShivMahadev Mahakalstatus in Hindi.*No Internet connection: Status ofLord Shiv isalso available in this application. For getting astatus Internetconnection is not required. *Mahakal Wallpaper: Thisapplicationcontains 100+ cool animated colored wallpaper of Hindugods andgoddess like Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Hanuman, GoddessLaxmiand can download this wallpaper and you canalsoshare.This feature requires internet connection on yourdevice,while other features not require an internetconnection.*MahakalPhoto Editing: In this feature, you can choosestatus and Image ofmahakal and edit this. You can modify text,change text color, zoomin or out text, give a different style tothe text, you can changethe background, resize the image. You canchoose mahakal image fromour online mahakal gallery or from yourphone's imagegallary.*Multiple languages: Now you can selectMahakal mantra indifferent three language(Hindi,Gujrati,English)with itsmeqaning.*1000 Names of Lord Shiva: In this app you willfind morethan 1000 names of Lord Shiva Mahakal in two languagesSanskrit andGujrati.We tried to write All sloka and mantra withouterror but ifyou find any mistake in our sloka or manta or anycontent, weapologize. You can inform us, we will definitely do itcorrect.Thenew version of this application will have multiplelanguages andaudio of sloka and mantra of Lord Shiva.Lord Shiva isknown byvarious names such as Shivay, Shiv Shankara, Mahadev,Bhairava,Bholenath, Bhootnath, Kailashnath, Mahakala, Omkar,Pashupati,Rudra, Sadashiva Shambhu, shivaay, etc. , all these namesareavailable in this app with their meaning in Hindi which youcancopy and share it.You can find more simillar apps , you canrateour application if you loved it and you can support us bywatchingad.You get more than 200 Mahakal status Hindi and 150+Mahakalwallpaper, mantra, sloka like Shiv Aarti, Shiv Mahamrutunjaymantra, Shiv Chalisa, Shiv Manas Pooja,Shiv bilvastakampath,Shivrudrastakam path,Shiv lingastakam path,Shivastakam path,ShivNirvastakam path, Shivpanchaxar mantra,ShivjyortilingStrotm,shivtandav Strotram, natrajstruti,ShivmahimnStrotam,Shivmantra Pushpanjali,Shiv vedasar mantra. शिवजी कीआरती,ॐमृत्युंजय मंत्र,श्री शिव चालीसा,शिव मानसपूजा,बिल्वाश्टकमपाठ,श्रीरुद्राष्टकं पाठ,शिव लिङ्गाष्टकं स्तोत्रम्,शिवअष्टकम्,निर्वाण षटकम्,शिवपञ्चाक्षरस्तोत्रम्,द्वादशज्योतिर्लिङ्गस्तोत्रम्,शिव तांडव स्तोत्रम्,नटराज स्तुति,शिवमहिम्नस्तोत्रपुष्पदन्त,भगवान शिव मंत्र पुष्पांजली,वेदसारशिवस्तव:,द्वादशज्योतिर्लिंग ,भगवान शिव के 108 नाम.Lord Shiva blessall of us.ThisApplication dedicates to the Mahadeva.Mahakalattitude status hindi2018Mahakal statusOm Namaha Shivay
Bhajan Sangraha(भजन संग्रह) 38
|इस अप्प में भगवान शिव,श्रीराम,श्रीकृष्ण,गणेश,देवी पे रचितभजन,श्लोक , स्तोत्र ,मंत्र और उनके आराधना के बारेमे प्रस्तुत किसभीरचना और जानकारी उपलब्ध है| इस app मे नीचे दिये काव्यप्रकारमौजूदहै| १)भजन २)स्तोत्र ३)मंत्र ४)Wallpapers ५)भजनो के विडीयोBhajan isa form of music that was particularly developed along withtheBhakti movement in India. Teaching and tales of gods andtheirsaints are usually the central topics of most of the Bhajans.Buttheir significance is far beyond just bhakti. Bhajans havetheirown styles of singing and renditions. The songs or bhajans canbeenjoyed both by kids and adults. We have also given links tothemusic in audio or video format for some songs. These songs aresobeautiful that you can use them as your status, messages orforsending SMS. The good thoughts or suvichar presented in themwillfreshen up your mind every morning. Along with booksanddictionaries, also keep this app as a companion. It will helpyouin good times and bad. This app presents several Bhajansdedicatedto Lord Shiva,Ganesh,Shrikrishna,Shriram & Devi.
100 Shiva Songs - Bhajan, Aarti & Tandav 1.10
ॐ नमः शिवाय | 100 Top Devotional Songs of Lord Shiva | LordShivaChants (Om Namah Shivaya) | महा मृत्युंजय मंत्र Lord Shiva,alsoknown as Mahadeva (Great God), is one of the five primary formsofGod in Hinduism. He is depicted as an omniscient Yogi who livesanascetic life on Mount Kailash, with wife Parvati and histwochildren, Ganesha and Kartikeya. Shiva is also regarded asthepatron god of yoga and arts. Specially handpicked a selectionofthe Top 100 Devotional Songs, Shiva Mantra, Shiva Aarti,ShivaBhajan of Lord Shiva specially for this app. Download it nowforfree and spread the bhakti and devotion through this app. Nowenjoyall the beautiful songs of Lord Shiva on a single tap andgetengrossed in the devotion. This app is dedicated to all devoteesofShiv. This app brings you a collection of Lord Shiv Aarti foryoufilled with devotion. Worship Bholenath by keeping these aartisonyour Android device. Shiva (शिव), meaning "The Auspicious One"isone of the three major deities of Hinduism. He is the chiefdeitywithin Shaivism, one of the three most influentialdenominations incontemporary Hinduism. He is one of the fiveprimary forms of Godin the Smarta Tradition, and "the Transformer".App Features: -Very easy interface - Lord Shiva’s Bhajan &songs in mp3 format- Bhajan & Songs can be downloaded in mp3format on SD Card. -Songs & Bhajan of Lord Shiva can be set asphone, sms or alarmringtone. - Inbuilt mp3 player for hassle freelistening withrepeat and shuffle option. Download now 100 ShivaSongs - Bhajan,Aarti & Tandav absolutely free and get to listento Lord ShivaSongs.
Shiv Tandav Stotram with Audio 1.0
Shiv Tandav Stotram with AudioShiv Tandav Stotram in 9differentlanguages.You can read lyrics and listen shiv tandavstotram audiosame time.If You like this application then don'tforget to shareand rate the app wit your friends and family, itencourage us forthe future development of the application.
Shiv Ringtones Wallpapers 1.3
This App is collection of Lord Shiva Ringtones, WallpapersandBhajans. In bhajans you can watch videos as well as find lyricsforsame. You can easily set Bhole Baba Ringtones, Alarm, WallpaperandNotification. You can set your language in Hindi and English.Someringtones are like: - Bahubali Shiv Tandav - Shambhu ShankarNamahShivay - Peeke Mast Bhaang Ka Pyala - Shiv Kailasho Ke Waasi -ShivTandav Strotam - Kaun hai wo kon hai wo - Saj Rahe Bhole Baba -HeyMahadev - Bum Lehri - Jal Barse Bheege Jata Dhaari -ShivayNagendaray - Mela Bhole Da - Jiske Andar Basa Shivay -KapoorgoramKarunavtaram - Hey Shamboo Baba Mere Bholenath - Yahi WoTantra Hai- Bolo Bam Bam Bhole - Laman -Om Trayambhkam Yajamahe -Om NamahShivay - Om Namah Shiv Jai Jai ||Om Namah Shivay||
Shiva Mantra- Om Namah Shivaya 2.5
Mantra lyrics in sync mode with the music, Set Mantra asRingtone,Alarm Feature available, Notification Feature available,MinimiseApp Play/Pause/Continue/Stop options available for audio.ShivaMantra: Om Namah Shivaya Om Namah Shivaya Har Har BoleNamahShivaya Rameshwaraye Shiva Rameshwaraye Har Har Bole NamahShivayaGangadharaye Shiva Gangadharaye Har Har Bole NamahShivayaJatadharaye Shiva Jatadharaye Har Har Bole NamahShivayaSomeshwaraye Shiva Someshwaraye Har Har Bole NamahShivayaVishweshvaraye Shiva Vishweshvaraye Har Har Bole NamahShivayaKoteshwaraye Shiva Koteshwaraye Har Har Bole Namah ShivayaOm NamahShivaya Om Namah Shivaya Har Har Bole Namah Shivaya
Morning Mantra : Aarti,Meditation,Darshan 8.6.0
It includes best melodious mantras of Indian Gods. Everymorning,when start with mantras the whole day will be full of joyandenergy. Playing morning mantra can reduce your tension andbringpeace in your mind This App includes Hindi Bhajan, Aarti andVideoStatus that will increase positivity in your life. 1) Mantras:-This section contains 28 different Indian God Mantras. Youcanlisten this offline. Select any god mantra and you can selectthenumber of times you want to play the mantra. ☆ You can getMantrasInfo ☆ Set Rigntone option available ☆ Set Wallpaperotionavailable 2) God Darshan :- This section contains Darshan ofHinduGods ☆ Ganesha ji Darshan with Mantra ☆ Krishna Ji DarshanwithMantra ☆ Tirupati Balaji Darshan with Mantra 3) Meditation :Thiswill heal your mind and remove all negative energy. 4)DailyHoroscope : If you want to know what will horoscope says youjustselect your Horoscope sign and it will tell you about ☆TodayHoroscope ☆ Weekly Horoscope 5)Aartis : This section containsmanyhindu god aartis with audio and text. Learn and play any aartianytime with just single click. 6) Gyan Darshan : Thissectioncontains many new motivational stories,mantras,shloks andnews forincreasing knowledge of individual. 7) Stotras : If yoursearchingfor stotras then this section will help you. 8)Motivational Quotes: Every time when app open a new motivationalmessage will pop upthat you can share with your friends and familymembers. LiKe Us(Facebook) :- App includes following God Mantras :-> LordBalaji Mantra -> Hare Rama Hare Krishna Mantra ->NamokarMantra -> Shri Nath ji Sharnam mantra -> SaraswatiMantra-> Navgrah Mantra -> Vishnu Mantra -> Shani Mantra->Surya Mantra -> Kubera Mantra -> Ik Onkar Mantra->MahaLaxmi Mantra -> Shanti Mantra -> Krishna Mantra->Durga Mantra -> Lord Hanuman Chalisa -> Ganesha Mantra->Shivji Mantra -> Guru Mantra -> Maha Mrityunjay Mantra->Gayatri Mantra -> Sai Mantra (Total 26 Mantras) Available!!Apphaving gayatri mantra, krishna bhajan, ganesh ji ki aarti, omnamahshivaya, mata ke bhajan, mahamrityunjaya mantra, ganeshaarti,hindi bhajan, om jai jagdish hare, ganpati aarti, laxmi jikiaarti, ram bhajan, balaji ke bhajan, hanuman ji ki aarti Note :-Ifyou have any issue regarding content and mantra or wantsomemodification in App please feel free to send Feedback uson"" surely we help you. Thanks to belief onus!!App features:- ★ 100% Free App ★ Mantra description ★ HighQualitySound. ★ Repeat Mantra 11,21,51,108 times ★ Count AvailableWhyMorning Mantra needs following permissions:*READ_PHONE_STATEReason: When their is a call during playingmantra. We uses thispermission to detect a call and pause mantra.*GET_ACCOUNTS Reason:For sending notifications we use Google CloudMessaging so thispermission needs for verify if user synced Googleaccount inmobile.
Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra 5.0
Sai Soft
Lord Shiva Mahamrityunjaya Mantra (Tryambakam)Introduction toMahaMrityunjaya MantraMruthunjaya Manthram, the great mantradedicatedto Shiva as Mrityunjaya is found in the Rig Veda. It iscalled theMaha Mrityunjaya mantra, the Great Death-Conqueringmantra. It is amantra that has many names and forms. It is calledthe Rudramantra, referring to the furious aspect of Shiva; theTryambakammantra, alluding to Shiva's three eyes; and its issometimes knownas the Mrita-Sanjivini mantra because it is acomponent of the"life-restoring" practice given to the primordialsage Shukra afterhe had completed an exhausting period ofausterity. The MahaMrityunjaya mantra is hailed by the sages as theheart of the Veda.Along with the Gayatri mantra it holds thehighest place among themany mantras used for contemplation andmeditation.SimpleTranslationOM We worship Shiva, the Three-eyedLord who is fragrantand who nourishes and nurtures all beings. Asis the ripenedcucumber (with the intervention of the gardener)freed from itsbondage (to the creeper) May He liberate us fromdeath for the sakeof immortality. OM.APP FEATURES★ Very easyInterface★ 6 Differentaudio tracks ★ Background sounds(Rain Sound,Shruti sound)★ Setnumber of repetition ★ Auto off timer★ Set theimage as wallpaper★Set the track as ringtone★ Play, pause, next,previous for easynavigation★ Counter to show number of completedrepetitions★ Nogaps between looping★ Automatic stop and continuemusic duringphone calls★ App notifications★ Bell and Conch sounds★No unwantedPop-ups, Spam, Ads and Notifications★ Absolutely Cleanapp★ App canbe moved to SD Card
All God Mantra 1.0.6
This app provides 21 most famous Hindu God mantras at one placewithsoothing audio. This app is for all religious people who wanttohear all gods mantras at a single place with complete devotion.Thisapp can be used as morning mantras and for meditation purposesalso.Following are the 21 mantras which have been implemented inthe app:>> Shri Ganesh Mantra - Om Gan Ganpataye Namo Namah>>Gayatri Mantra - Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha >>Mahamrityunjay Mantra- Om Tryambakam Yajamahe >> Mool Mantra(Guru Nanak) - IkOnkar Satnam >> Balaji Mantra - OmVyankateshwara Namo Namah>> Navkar Mantra - Om Namo AriHantanam >> HanumanMantra - Om Namo Hanumate Bahy Bhanjnaay>> Sai Mantra - OmSai Namo Namah, Sadguru Sai >> GuruMantra - Gurur BrahmaGurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Mahesh Varah>> Shani Mantra -Nilanjan Samabhasam Raviputram Yamagrajam>> Vishnu Mantra -Shantakaram Bhujagasayanam >> ShriKrishna Mantra - ShriKrishna Sharanam Mamah >> SwaminarayanMantra - SwaminarayanNarayan Hari Hari >> Shri Ganesh Mantra- Vakratunda Mahakaya>> Devi Sooktam - Ya Devi SarvaBhuteshu >> SaraswatiMantra - Ya Kundendu Tushara HaraDhavala >> Lakshmi KuberMantra - Om Yakshaya KuberayaVaisrananaya Danadhanya Pathaya>> Sai Mantra - Om Sai NamoNamah, Shri Sai >> ShivMantra - Namah Shivaay Om NamahShivaay, Har Har Bole Namah Shivaay>> Shiv Mantra - Om NamahShivaay >> Buddha Mantra -Buddham Saranam Gacchami, BrahmamSaranam Gacchami, Sangham SaranamGacchami >> Shri RamGayatri Mantra - Om Dashrathaye Vidhmahe| Sita Vallabhaya Dheemahe| Tanno Rama Prachodayath || APPFEATURES: ★ Beautiful collectionof HD images. ★ Option to loop sametrack. ★ Set the wallpaper onbackground. ★ Set as ringtone option ★You can minimise app easilyby minimise button. ★ Play/Pause optionsavailable for audio. ★ Appcan be moved to SD Card from devicesettings. Note: Please give usfeedback & ratings for support.Thanks.
श्रीरामचरितमानस 11.0
1 गोस्वामी तुलसीदास का जीवन परिचय 2 रामचरितमानस की रचना 3श्रीरामचरितमानस अर्थ सहित बालकाण्ड अयोध्या काण्ड अरण्य काण्डकिष्किन्धाकाण्ड सुन्दर काण्ड लंका काण्ड उत्तर कांड 4 तुलसीदास कीअन्य रचनाएँबरवै रामायण (new) हनुमानबाहुक बजरंग बाण रामलला नहछूतुलसीदास केदोहे 5 आरती श्री रामायण जी की आरती श्री रामचन्द्र जी कीआरतीहनुमानजी की आरती 1 Goswami Tulsidas Biography 2compositionRamacharitmanas 3 Shri Ramcharitmanas means BalakandaAyodhya KandAranya Kand Kishkindha scandal Sundara Kanda Lanka KandNorthscandal 4 Other works ofTulsidas       Brva Ramayana(new)       Hanumanbahuk       BajrangBaan       LallaNhcu       couplets of Tulsidas5Arti Mr. Arti Ramayana G Sri Ramcndra ji arti Hanuman Aarti
महा मृत्युंजय मन्त्र: AUDIO 1.9
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The great mantra dedicated to Shiva as Mrityunjaya is found intheRig Veda. It is called the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra, theGreatDeath-Conquering mantra. It is a mantra that has many namesandforms. It is called the Rudra mantra, referring to thefuriousaspect of Shiva; the Tryambakam mantra, alluding to Shiva'sthreeeyes; and its is sometimes known as the Mrita-Sanjivinimantrabecause it is a component of the "life-restoring" practicegiven tothe primordial sage Shukra after he had completed anexhaustingperiod of austerity. The Maha Mrityunjaya mantra ishailed by thesages as the heart of the Veda. Along with the Gayatrimantra itholds the highest place among the many mantras usedforcontemplation and meditation. त्र्यम्बकं यजामहेसुगन्धिंपुष्टिवर्धनम् उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान्मृत्योर्मुक्षीय माऽमृतात्OmTryambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushtti-VardhanamUrvaarukamIvaBandhanaan Mrtyor-Mukssiiya Maamrtaat Meaning- OM. Weworship andadore you, O three-eyed one, O Shiva. You are sweetgladness, thefragrance of life, who nourishes us, restores ourhealth, andcauses us to thrive. As, in due time, the stem of thecucumberweakens, and the gourd if freed from the vine, so free usfromattachment and death, and do not withholdimmortality.Significance- It is said to be beneficial for mental,emotional andphysical health and to be a moksha mantra whichbestows longevityand immortality. According to some puranas, theMahamrityunjayaMantra has been used by many Rishis as well as Satiduring the timewhen Chandra suffered from the curse of PrajapatiDaksha. Byreciting this mantra, the effect of the curse of Daksha,whichcould make him die, slowed, and Shiva then took Chandra andplacedit upon his head. This mantra is addressed to Lord Shivaforwarding off untimely death. It is also chanted whilesmearingVibhuti over various parts of the Body and utilised in Japaor Homa(havan) to get desired results. While its energy protectsandguides the initiates a mantra re-links consciousness to itsdeeperand more abiding nature and repetition of the mantraconstitutesJapa, the practice of which develops concentration thatleads to atransformation of awareness. Whereas the Gayatri Mantrais meantfor purification and spiritual guidance, theMahamrityunjaya Mantrais meant for healing rejuvenation andnurturance. The true meaningis as follows: Tryambakam: The threeeyed lord (Shiva) who seeswhat we can see but who also sees what wecan not see. Hence 3eyed. Yajamahe: Yajanam is invocation; I invokeSugandhim PushtiVardhanama: Increase my good vasanas (not ofmaterial aspects likegold, money,sex, anger, the 6 enemies etc.)Urvarukam ivabandhanaan mrityor mukshiya ma mritaat: When I die mysoul shouldleave the body as easily ( without attachment) as thecucumberfalls from its plant. --Method for attaining great and rareresultsfrom this Mantra: Although even one round (ONE MALA-108Mantra) ofthis mantra starts giving the desired results, but it issaid thatwith the 41 days practice of 125000 mantras with faith andVIDHIthe devotee (sadhaka) surely gets the Result. Thisapplicationcontains Mantra jaap on count base. 11 count 21 count 51count 108count This application also gives the below informationabout MahaMrityunjaya Mantra: महामृत्युंजय मंत्र का अर्थ / MeaningofMahamrityunjay Mantra in Hindi महामृत्युंजय मंत्र के फायदे/Benefits of Mahamrityunjay Mantra महाशिवरात्रि 2017 Ratethisapplication if you like this application.
Navaratri Songs 2.1.4
APP FEATURES ★ Beautiful collection of Goddess Nava Durga &MaaDurga wallpapers. ★ Set the wallpaper on background simple clickonimage. ★ Beautiful collection of Goddess Nava Durga & MaaDurgawallpapers. ★ Set the wallpaper on background simple clickonimage. ★ 28 Different audio tracks. ★ 28 Different highdefinitionGoddess Nava Durga & Maa Durga wallpapers. ★ Showcurrentsong's current & total time with title. ★ Continuousupdatesong's current time according to playing songs. ★ Set thecurrentsongs as Ringtone/Alarm to simple click on image. ★Smoothtransitions & full of animations. ★ You can use bell ,shankh,hand bell & aarti lamp. ★ You can use marigold,dahaliya, whitelotus, sunflower, rose & hibiscus garland(foolon ka haar). ★You can minimize app easily by minimize button.★Stop/Previous/Play/Pause/Next options available for audio.★Notification feature available. ★ App can be moved to SD Cardfromdevice settings. ★ Nava Durga Aarti & Navaratri Songs Title★ →01. Shailputri Mata Aarti → ०१. शैलपुत्री माता आरती →02.Bramhacharini Mata Aarti → ०२. ब्रम्हचारिणी माता आरती →03.Chandraghanta Mata Aarti → ०३. चंद्रघंटा माता आरती → 04.KushmandaMata Aarti → ०४. कुष्मांडा माता आरती → 05. Skanda MataAarti → ०५.स्कन्द माता आरती → 06. Katyayani Mata Aarti → ०६.कात्यायनी माताआरती → 07. Kaalratri Mata Aarti → ०७. कालरात्रि माताआरती → 08.Mahagauri Mata Aarti → ०८. महागौरी माता आरती → 09.Siddhidatri MataAarti → ०९. सिद्धिदात्री माता आरती → 10. Ambe MataAarti → १०. अंबेमाता आरती → 11. Durga Mata Aarti → ११. दुर्गा माताआरती → 12. KaliMata Aarti → १२. काली माता आरती → 13. Durga MataChalisa → १३.दुर्गा माता चालीसा → 14. Aao Aao Re Sawaliyo → १४. आओआओ रे सवालियो→ 15. Aao Meri Sherawali Maa → १५. आओ मेरी शेरावालीमाँ → 16. BhejaHai Bulawa → १६. भेजा है बुलावा → 17. Bhor Bhai DeenChadh Gaya →१७. भोर भई दीन चढ़ गया → 18. Chalo Bulava Aaya Hai → १८.चलो बुलावाआया है → 19. Dharti Gagan Mein Hoti Hai → १९. धरती गगनमें होती है→ 20. Hey Naam Re → २०. हे नाम रे → 21. Maha Gouri Tu →२१. महागौरी तू → 22. Mahakali Ke Mandir Mein → २२. महाकाली के मंदिरमें →23. Main Balak Tu Mata → २३. मैं बालक तू माता → 24. Maiya KaCholaHai → २४. मैया का चोला है → 25. Meri Jholi Choti → २५. मेरीझोलीछोटी → 26. Pankhida O Pankhida → २६. पंखिड़ा ओ पंखिड़ा → 27.SunoSuno Ek Kahani → २७. सुनो सुनो एक कहानी → 28. Tere DarbarMeinMaiya → २८. तेरे दरबार में मैया Recite Navaratri Songs ontheauspicious occasion of Sharad Navaratri to invoke divineblessingsof Goddess Nava Durga. Navaratri is a festival dedicatedto theworship of the Hindu deity Durga. The word Navaratri means'ninenights' in Sanskrit, nava meaning nine and ratri meaningnights.During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Deviareworshiped. The tenth day is commonly referred to asVijayadashamior "Dussehra" (also spelled Dasera). Navaratri is animportantmajor festival and is celebrated all over India and Nepal.Diwalithe festival of lights is celebrated twenty days afterDasera. Sodownload it and listen Navaratri Songs to invoke divineblessingsof Goddess Nava Durga. Note: Please give us feedback &ratingsfor support. Thanks.
Lord Shiva (Om Namah Shivaya) 4.4
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Lord Shiva Chants (Om Namah Shivaya):Om Namah Shivaya(PanchaksharaMantra, five syllables) is a most potent and popularmantra, whichis at the heart of the Vedas and Tantra, and is widelyused in thisand other variations in the Himalayan tradition, aswell as byothers. While there are other descriptions of the mantra,thefollowing focuses on meanings for mantra meditation leadingtoSelf-Realization.The Om Namah Shivaya mantra or chant consistsofsix syllables - om, na, mah, shi, vaa, ya. When chantedproperly,each syllable activates certain energy centers within ourbodies aswe meditate upon the energy of Lord Shiva. Shiva is oftenreferredto as the part of the Hindu trinity which has dominion overdeathand destruction. Shiva is also considered the greatest oftheyogis, the lord of meditation, and the lord of all that ismysticand mysterious in hindu practices. Legend has it that theholyriver Ganges (or Ganga) is in fact a representation of LordShiva'slong hair.Some texts refer to the five letters as the formsofShiva - Na-gendra (one who wears a garland of snakes),Ma-ndakiniSalila (one who is bathed by the water of the Ganges),Shi (thesupreme Lord), Va-shishta (one who is praised by the sageslikeVashishta), and Ya-ksha (one who takes the form ofYaksha).APPFEATURES ★ Very easy Interface★ Different audio tracks★Backgroundsounds(Rain Sound, Shruti sound)★ Subtitles for eachtrack★ Setnumber of repetition ★ Auto off timer★ Set the image aswallpaper★Set the track as ringtone★ Play, pause, next, previousfor easynavigation★ Counter to show number of completedrepetitions★ Nogaps between looping★ Automatic stop and continuemusic duringphone calls★ App notifications★ Bell and Conch sounds★No unwantedPop-ups, Spam, Ads and Notifications★ Absolutely Cleanapp★ App canbe moved to SD Card
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This is a free android app containing complete informationofGoddess Shri Saraswati Devi vandana aarti chaalisa mantra andpoojavidhi. Maa Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge,wisdom,music & arts and is one of the most worshiped goddess byhinducommunity. She is also known by names of Veena vadini shaarde.देवीमाँ सरस्वती संगीत, ज्ञान और कला की अधिष्ठात्री देवी मानी जातीहै ।इन्हें अन्य नाम जैसे वीणावादिनी, शारदे, वीणापाणि,वाग्देवी,हंसवाहिनी, वागेश्वरी, वाणी से भी जाना जाता है. गायक औरविद्यार्थीकिसी भी कार्य को शुरू करने से पहले माँ सरस्वती की वंदनाअवश्य कियाकरते हैं. हिन्दू धर्म में बौद्धिक क्षमता विकसित करने,चित्त कीचंचलता एवं अस्वस्थता दूर करने के लिए सरस्वती साधना कीविशेषउपयोगिता है। हमनें इस एप्प में माँ सरस्वती की सभी वन्दनाओंआरतियोचालीसा पूजा कथा आदि को शामिल किया है. Primary categories ofthisapp are:- * सरस्वती आरती * Saraswati vandana * सरस्वतीप्रार्थना *सरस्वती चालीसा * सरस्वती की स्तुति- 1 * Saraswati maa kiaarti *सरस्वती की स्तुति - 2 * सरस्वती वंदना - 1 * सरस्वती वंदना -2 *Saraswati aarti * सरस्वती वंदना - 3 * सरस्वती स्तोत्र *saraswatichaalisa * सरस्वती मंत्र * सरस्वती माता महाविद्या जी 108नाम * माताश्री सरस्वती * Vidya mata saraswati * सरस्वती पूजन केपीछे पौराणिकमान्यताएं * यूं ही नहीं प्रकट हुई थी श्री सरस्वती, श्रीब्रह्मा जीको करने पड़े थे बड़े जतन * Devi saraswati katha * देवीश्री सरस्वतीका वाहन हंस क्यों है? * लक्ष्मी, श्री सरस्वती और श्रीगंगा कापरस्पर श्राप देना बसंतपंचमी के पर्व पर सरस्वती माँ की पूजाआराधनाकरने का विशेष महत्त्व माना गया है. Enjoy the devotionalaartiskathas chaalisa mantra and pooja vidhi of Saraswati Maa!
श्री रामचरितमानस 6.0
गोस्वामी तुलसीदास रचित श्री रामचरित मानस भारतीय संस्कृति मे एकविशेषस्थान रखती है। Goswami Tulsidas composed Mr. Ramacharit holdsaspecial place in the psyche of Indian culture.
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This is a free android app which contains complete collectionoflord Shiva songs aartis chaalisa & vrat katha etc. ShivShankaror Bholenaath is one of the most worshiped lord in Hinducommunity.Mahashivratri is one the major festival of hindu devoteesand iscelebrated with huge charm and devotion. हमने इस एप्प मेंभगवान्भोले शंकर की सभी आरतियों चालिसाओं कथाओं और मंत्र आदि कोसम्मिलितकिया है. शिव शंकर भारतीय भक्तों के अतिप्रिय और पूजनीयदेवताओं मेंसे एक हैं जिनके स्मरण के बिना कोई भी पूजा या विधि विधानअधूरा हीमाना जाता है. हिन्दू महीनो के अनुसार सावन के महीने में भोलेशंकर कीपूजा का विशेष महत्व समझा गया है. महाशिवरात्रि एवं कांवरयात्रा शिवभगवान् के ही त्यौहार हैं, जिनमें भगवान् शिव की आरती कथाओंचालीसाआदि का गुणगान अवश्य किया जाता है और बड़े धूमधाम से मनाया जाताहै.Primary categories are:- * शिवजी की आरती * महादेव जी की आरती *शिवचालीसा * सोमवार व्रत की कथा * सावन सोमवार व्रत कथा * भैरव देवआरती* शिवरात्रि आरती * केदारनाथ जी की आरती * शिव स्तुति * शिव कवच*भगवान श्री शिव के मंत्र * भगवान श्री शिव के 108 नाम * भगवानश्रीशिव के 108 मंत्र के नाम * भगवान के बारे में जानें * भगवान श्रीशिवका मंत्र * भगवान श्री शिव का परिवार * शिवलिंग * भगवान श्री शिवकीप्रिय वस्तुएं * कहां से आया भोलेनाथ के पास त्रिशूल, डमरू और नाग*भगवान श्री शिव के 19 अवतार * कैसे स्थापित हुआ प्रथम शिवलिंग *भगवानश्री शिव क्यों कहलाए त्रिपुरारी * जब भगवान श्री शिव की बहनसेपरेशान हुयीं माता पार्वती * महाशिवरात्रि * अमरनाथ धाम से जुडीश्रीशिव-पार्वती कथा अक्सर हम पूजा विधि के दौरान कथा आरती चालीसाकरतेसमय कुछ शब्द या पंक्तियाँ भूल जाते हैं या गलत उच्चारण कर देतेहैं,इस एप्प की सहायता से आप भगवान् शंकर की सभी आरतियाँ कथाएँआदिसम्पूर्ण विश्वास से पढ़ और गा सकते हैं. Enjoy aartis kathaschaalisaof Lord Shiva!!
Mantra Sangrah ( Hindi ) 2.2
छोटा मंत्र गुटका = मात्र 2 mb के लगभग साइज़ ....इस अति उपयोगी एप्पकाउद्देश्य भारतीय प्राचीन गौरवमयी संस्कृति के जीवन मूल्य को उजागरकरनाऔर जीवन को सफल व मोक्ष प्राप्ति कराने वाले मंत्रो को संकलितकरना है, ताकि साधक अपना जीवन स्तर सफल कर शान्ति युक्त जीवन बितामोक्षप्राप्ति कर सके ! इस एप्प के बारे में अपने बहुमूल्य विचारबताये...साथ ही समय- समय पर सुझाव अनुसार एप्प को और उपयोगी बनाअपडेट कियाजाता रहेगा ! हर हर महादेव संकलित मन्त्र =1. महामृत्युंजय मंत्र2.सप्तश्लोकी दुर्गा3. श्री राधाकृष्ण वंदना4.गायत्री मंत्र5. एक श्लोकीभागवत6. एक श्लोकी रामायण7. दुर्गानाममाला8. श्रीरुद्राष्टकम्9.शनिअष्टोत्तरशतनामावलिः10.श्रीलक्ष्म्यष्टोत्तरशत नामावलि ( महालक्ष्मीके १०८ नाम )11. दुर्गा सप्तशती रहस्य12. श्री राधाकृष्णसहस्त्रनामस्तोत्रम्13. सन्तानगोपाल स्तोत्र14. वाल्मीकि द्वाराश्रीगणेश कास्तवन15. गणपति अथर्वशीर्ष16. देवी कवच/चण्डी कवच17.श्रीकालभैरवाष्टकं 18. ।। दुर्गासहस्रनामस्तोत्रम् ।।19.||शनैश्चरस्तवराजः ||20. ॥ शनैश्चरस्तोत्रम् ॥21. श्रीअङ्गारकाष्टोत्तरशतनामावलि22. ||चन्द्र अष्टोत्तरशतनामावलिः ||23.ऋणमोचन मंगलस्तोत्र24.||बुध अष्टोत्तरशतनामवलिः ||25.गुरुअष्टोत्तरशतनामावलिः26. ||शुक्र अष्टोत्तरशतनामावलिः ||27.||राहुअष्टोत्तरशतनामावलिः ||28. || केतु अष्टोत्तरशतनामावलिः||29.||द्वादश ज्योतिर्लिङ्ग स्तोत्रम् ||30. ॥ अथ चन्द्रशेखराष्टकम्॥31. ||दारिद्र्य दहन शिवस्तोत्रं ||32. || विश्वनाथाष्टकम् ||33.||वैद्यनाथाष्टकम्||34. ॥ अथ श्री शिवाष्टकं ॥35. ||श्री सिद्धिविनायकनामावलि ||36. ॥ श्री गणेश अष्टोतर नामावलि ॥37.।।दुर्गाष्टोत्तरशतनामस्तोत्रं ( विश्वसारतन्त्र )।।38.महालक्ष्मी-कवच39. || देवकृत लक्ष्मी स्तोत्रम् ||40.॥श्रीलक्ष्मीस्तव ॥41. दशरथकृत शनि स्तोत्र42. शनि वज्र पञ्जरकवच43.श्री विष्णु सहस्त्रनामस्तोत्र44. श्री नारायण कवच45.।।श्रीशीतलाष्टकं ।।46. श्रीऋण-हरण-कर्तृ-गणपति-स्तोत्र-मन्त्र47.श्रीगोपाल सहस्त्रनामस्तोत्रम्48. श्री-कृष्ण-सहस्त्रनाम-स्तोत्र49.।।श्रीशुक्रकवच सतोत्रम ।।50.श्रीविचित्र-वीर-हनुमन्-माला-मन्त्र51.हनुमान मंत्र स्तुति 52.श्रीचण्डिका-हृदय-स्तोत्र 53. श्रीबगलाकीलक-स्तोत्रम्.54. भैरव आराधनाके खास मंत्र55. श्रीबगला पञ्जरस्तोत्र56. काल भैरव को प्रकट करने कामन्त्र57. ।।श्री बजरंगबाण।।58. सिद्ध वशीकरण मन्त्र अचूक शनि मंत्रदूर्वा तंत्रमाता बागलामंत्र श्री गणेश के 14 नामो का उच्चारण ॐ नमोभगवते सदा-शिवाय बिक्रीमन्त्र भैरु मन्त्र देवी हा-काली कीकृपा-प्राप्ति मन्त्र श्रीबटुक--मन्त्रः आकर्षण मन्त्र उच्छिष्ट गणपतिप्रयोग मंत्रशास्त्रमेंवेदोक्त मृत्युंजय मंत्र हनुमान जी कापंचाक्षरी मन्त्र ॥ श्री गणेशद्वादश नाम स्तोत्र ॥ श्री रुद्राष्टकमसंस्कृत प्रार्थना हिंदी अर्थसहित गायत्री मन्त्र महामृतुन्जय मन्त्रशिव प्रार्थना हिंदी अर्थसहित सरस्वती वंदना शिव पंचाक्षर मंत्र शिवमन्त्र पावन गायत्रीस्तोत्र गुरु वंदना नवग्रह पीड़ाहर स्तोत्रश्रीगर्भ रक्षाम्बिकास्तोत्रं श्री लक्ष्मी नृसिंह ऋणमोचन स्तोत्रशक्तिशाली श्री नृसिंहस्तोत्र रामरक्षास्तोत्रश्री हनुमान जी की 12नामों की प्रभावशालीविलक्षण स्तुतिदारिद्रयदहन शिवस्तोत्रम्‌ संकटनाशनगणेश स्तोत्र श्रीशिवाष्टक स्तोत्र श्री शिवरात्रि भजन शिव भजन :शिव-शक्तिरावण रचितशिव तांडव स्तोत्र हिंदी अर्थ सहित धनवंतरीस्तो‍त्रअन्नपूर्णास्तोत्रम्‌ खाटू श्याम जी का भजन सरस्वतीवंदनादोहेश्रीपद्मपुराण संकटाष्टकस्तोत्रम्‌ पंचश्लोकीगणेशपुराण,शुक्रस्तोत्र.श्री तंत्र ,मानस के सिद्ध मन्त्र,कुंजिकास्तोत्र आदित्यह्रदय ,पुरुष सूक्त ,कनकधारा,राधा,नव दुर्गा,राम,सत्यनारायण,तुलसी,शाकम्भरी,सरस्वती,रामायण,भागवत,शक्तिशाली ,बिजमन्त्र , रुद्रचमक मन्त्राः. वैदिक शिव-पूजा. श्री गणेश , नवरात्रिपूजन . सम्पूर्णशिवपूजन. . लक्ष्मी पूजन की विधि. करवा चौथ व्रत. बीजमंत्र की महिमा.तंत्र क्या है?. रुद्र चमक मन्त्राः . नए शाबर मन्त्रडाले . दुर्गासप्तशती पाठ **चालीसा संग्रह** व **आरती संग्रह**- गणेशचालीसा ,शिव ,हनुमान चालीसा ,महावीर , गंगा , राम ,सरस्वती ,कृष्णा,विष्णु चालीसाआरती ,भैरव , नवग्रह ,रविदास , श्री विन्ध्येश्वरी,पितर चालीसा,गिरिराज जी ,चित्रगुप्त ,अग्रसेन , बाहुबली आरती !आपका =योगेश कुमारअमाना .powerful mantra shabar shiva gorakhnaath ramdev =(YogeshKumar Amana) Yoguru ,Mantras ,hindi ,sanskritTechnologiesयोगुरुShort spells pocket = average size of only 2 mb.... thisvery reason useful application is compiled to highlightthe values​​of the ancient glorious culture and chants ofprovidingsuccessful and beatification life, so seeker your lifepeace cansucceed with life could get to spend salvation! Sharedtheirvaluable thoughts about this app ... as well as suggested bytheapp from time to time will continue to be updated to makeuseful!Everywhere ShivaCompiled mantra =1. General Mrityunjayaspells2.Sptsloki Durga3. Mr. Radhakrishna Vandana4 Kgaytri spells5.SlokiBhagwat6. Sloki Ramayana7. Durga Nammala8. Srirudraashtkm9.SatAshtottrstnamavliःL0ksrilcshmyshtottrst Namavli (General 108namedLakshmi)11. Durga Sptsti Mystery12. Mr. RadhakrishnaShstrnamStotrm13. Sntangopal Ode14. eulogy debuted by Valmiki15.GanapatiAthrwshirsh16. Divine Armor / Armor shrew17. Mr.Kalbarwashtkan18... Durgashsranamstotrm ..19. || Snashcrstvrajः||20.Snashcrstotrm.21. Mr. Adagarkashtottr Stnamavli22. ||ChandraAshtottrstnamavliः ||23. acquittance Tue Ode24. ||MercuryAshtottrstnamvliः ||25. Master Ashtottrstnamavliः26. ||VenusAshtottrstnamavliः ||27. || Rahu Ashtottrstnamavliः ||28. ||KetuAshtottrstnamavliः ||29. || XII Jyotirlidag Stotrm ||30..OpeningCndrasekharashtkm.31. || Poverty combustion Shivstotrn ||32.||Biswnathashtkm ||33. || Vadyanathashtkm ||34.. OpeningMrShivashtkan.35. || Sri Siddhi Vinayak Namavli ||36..GaneshaAshtotr Namavli.37. .. Durgashtottrstnamstotrn (Biswsartntr)..38.Mahalakshmi-armor39. || Devkrit Lakshmi Stotrm||40..Srilkshmistw.41. Dsrthkrit Saturn Ode42. Saturn ThunderboltPtrgrarmor43. Mr. Vishnu Shstrnamstotr44. Sri Narayn armor45.KksriShitlashtkan..46.​​Srihrin-abduction-active-Ganapati-Ode-mantra47. Mr.GopalShstrnamstotrm48. Mr. Krishna-Shstrnam-Ode49. ..SrishukrkvcSatotram ..50. Srivichitr-heroic-Hanumn-beads-mantra51.Hanumanmantra praise52. Sricndika-heart-Ode53. Sribglarivet-Stotrm.54.Bhairav ​​special spells of worship55. SribglaPtrgr Ode56. Calmantra to reveal Bhairav57. Kksri Bajrang Baan..58. provencaptivate mantra Surefire Saturn mantra LawnsystemMataBagla spellsTo 14 names of GaneshNamo BgwateeverShivaya Sales mantra Baru mantraDivine HA-blackpleasedacquisition mantraMr. Batuk -Mntrः Attractionsmantra Pickings Ganapatiuse Mntrshastrmen VedoktMrityunjaya spells Hanuman thePanchakshari mantra .Ganesha XII named source. SriRudraashtkm  Sanskritprayer and Hindi means GayatriMantra Mahamritunjaymantra Including Shiva prayer Hindimeans SaraswatiVandana Shiva Panchakshr spells Shivamantra SacredGayatri Ode Guru Vandana Navagrahaanalgesic OdeMr. wombRkshambika Stotrn Sri Lakshmi NrisinhacquittanceOde Powerful Mr NrisinhOde RamrcshastotrHanumanimpressive singular praise of 12namesDaridraydhnShivstotrm Snktnashn Ganesh Ode Mr.ShivashtkOde Sri Shivaratri Psalm ShivBhajan:Shiva-ShaktiIncluding Ravana composed Shiva orgy hymnalHindimeans DhanvantariOde Annpuarnastotrm Khatushyampraises SaraswatiVandana coupletsSripdmpuranSnktashtkstotrm PancslokiGneshpuran Thank OdeMr. mechanism,proven mantra in mind, KunjikaOdeAditya Hridaya, male hymns,Kanakdhara, Radha, Nav Durga, RamaSatyanarayana, basil,Shakhambari, Muse, Ramayana, Bhagwat,powerful, bij mantra, Rudrabrightness Mntraः. Vedic Shiva worship.Ganesha, Navratri puja.Total Shivpugn. . Lakshmi method of worship.Get fourth vow. Gloryof mantra. Mechanisms do ?. Rudra brightnessMntraः. New Shabarcasts mantra. Durga Sptsti text** ChalisaCollection ** and **Aarti Collection ** - Ganesh Chalisa, Shiva,Hanuman Chalisa, Maha,Ganga Ram, Saraswati, Krishna, Vishnu ChalisaArti, Bhairav,Navagraha, Ravi Das, Mr. Vindhyeshwari, manesChalisa, Giriraj G ,Chitra, Agrasen, strongman Arti! Your = YogeshKumar Amana.powerful mantra shabar shiva gorakhnaath ramdev =(Yogesh KumarAmana) Yoguru, Mantras, hindi, sanskrit TechnologiesYoguru
Shiva Songs 2.1.2
APP FEATURES ★ Beautiful collection of Lord Shiva images ,whichchanges itself during use of app. ★ Set the wallpaper onbackgroundsimple click on image. ★ Image Switching by default setfor 5seconds. ★ If change it then tap on showing green 5 digitbutton. ★11 Different audio tracks. ★ Show current song's current&total time with title. ★ Continuous update song's currenttimeaccording to playing songs. ★ Set the current songsasRingtone/Alarm to simple click on image. ★ Automatic stopandcontinue music during phone calls. ★ Smooth transitions &fullof animations. ★ You can use bell , shankh, hand bell &aartilamp. ★ You can use marigold, leaf of wood apple, redlotus,dahaliya & white lotus garland (Foolon Ka Haar). ★ Youcanminimise app easily by minimise button.★Stop/Previous/Play/Pause/Next options available for audio.★Notification feature available. ★ App can be moved to SD Cardfromdevice settings. Recite Lord Shiva songs on the auspiciousoccasionof Mahashivratri to invoke divine blessings of Lord Shiva.LordShiva, also known as Mahadeva (Great God), is one of thefiveprimary forms of God in Hinduism. He is depicted as anomniscientYogi who lives an ascetic life on Mount Kailash, withwife Parvatiand his two children, Ganesha and Kartikeya. Shiva isalso regardedas the patron god of yoga and arts. So download it andlisten ShivaSongs to invoke divine blessings of Lord Shiva. Note:Please giveus feedback & ratings for support. Thanks.
रामायण मनका 108 1.5
Trust Worthy
रामायण मनका 108,श्रीराम चालीसा,श्रीरामरक्षास्तोत्र,श्रीरामस्तुति,रामायणजी आरतीपलकें झुकें और नमन हो जाए ,मस्तक झुके, और वंदनहो जाए ||ऐसी नज़र, कंहाँ से लाऊँ कि, तुझे यादकरूँ और तेरा दर्शन होजाए ||Ramayan Manka 108 is for whom Shri ramdevotees, those arenot able to read Sampurna Ramayan by GoswamiTulsidas. It said thatwho read this Makna Ramayan will get sameblessings as he readSampoorna Ramayan.In this app we tried to addas much possiblerelated things so user will never need to searchanything else.Youcan start in following way1) "Aawahan" for Ramayan- In traditionalenvironment devotees first do Aawahan then startreading2) Ramayan108 Manka - Here Manka means Pearl (In HindiMOTI). There are 108shloks which consist Shri Ram's Whole storydescribed in SampoornaRamayan by goswami tulsidas. Those pearlscollected together andbecome a MALA (Here Manka)3) Ramayanji Aarti- Once you completedwhole reading of Ramayan, You should PrayRamayanji (In Hindu casteeverything that can give something to youis Holiness, thats whyeven we worship stone as symbol of god. So AsRamayan is holy bookfor Hindus we should do Aarti once we completedreading)4) RamayanKatha Visarjan - Collection of few Doha andStuti.5) Jai Siya Ram -After All thing is complete, you should dosome Jaikara.There arelot of things which need to improve, Kindlyshare your feedback andsuggestions that how can we improve thisapp.
Shiva Songs 2.0
This app Shiva Songs contains many Shiva devotional songs Theappcontains the following Shiva songs 1. Shambo Shiva Shambo2.Chidananda Roopa 3. Daridraya Dukha Dahana 4. Hara Hari Stuthi5.Kaalabhairava Ashtakam 6. Karpoora Gouram 7. Mrityunjaya Stotram8.Namaskaratha Mantra 9. Namo Bhagavathe 10. Om Namah ShivayMantra11. Rudrashtakam 12. Shambho Mahadeva 13. Shiv AshadaksharaStotram14. Shiva Stothram 15. Shiva Tandava Stothram 16.Totakashtakam 17.Vishwanathashtakam 19. Yogeshwaraya 20. ShivaShiva Shankara Theapp is offline capable so you can play theseShiva devotional songswithout internet also. These Shiva devotionalsongs can be playedduring Maha Shivaratri, Karthikamasam (KarthikaMasam), everymonday or any time to awake Shiva devotee in you.
All Bhakti Ringtones Free 1.2
Enjoy and experience the eternal divinity by listening tothefollowing very nice collection of Bhakti Ringtones. 1. OmGanGanpatye 2. Aarti Ganesh Ji 3. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra 4. ShivDhun5. Hanuman Raksha Mantra 6. Aarti Hanuman Ji 7. Sai Chalisa 8.SaiBaba Aarti 9. Radhe Radhe Govinda 10. Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki 11.HariOm Namo Narayana 12. Om Jai Jagdish Hare 13. Durga Hai Meri Maa14.Ambe Tu Hai Jagdambe Kali You can also set these as yourphoneringtone, alarm and notification tone. You can also set theimagesas your phone wallpaper. Kindly rate it 5 star and provideyourvaluable comment.
com.sendgroupsms.MantraPoojaBook 1.5
Alka Tyagi
This is a free app containing complete collection of Vedicpoojamantras of all Hindu god and goddesses. There are many mantrasinHinduism that are chanted by devotees in daily worshiping andotherrituals. Almost every hindu ritual begins with chantinglordGanesha mantra and others. हिन्दू धर्म में पूजा अनुष्ठान मेंइष्टदेवी देवता के मन्त्रों का जाप करना अनिवार्य समझा गया है. ऐसामानाजाता है कि मन्त्रों का जाप करने से मन की शांति प्राप्त होतीहै.लगभग सभी पूजा कार्य गणेश जी के मन्त्रों के जाप से ही आरम्भकियेजाते हैं. हमनें इस एप्प में सभी हिन्दू देवी देवताओं केवैदिकमन्त्रों को शामिल किया है जिन्हें आप अपनी पूजा विधि के समयआसानी सेपढ़ और जप सकते हैं. Primary categories are:- * भगवान गणेश जीकेमंत्र * Shiv mantra * लक्ष्मी गणेश मंत्र * लक्ष्मी जी के मंत्र*Gayatri mantra * विष्णु जी के मंत्र * राम मंत्र * Hanuman jimantra* सीता जी के मंत्र * मीनाक्षी गायत्री मंत्र * भगवान शनि देवकेमंत्र * भगवान शिव के मंत्र * गायत्री मंत्र * Durga maa mantra*पार्वती जी के मंत्र * मां दुर्गा जी के मंत्र * हनुमानजी के मंत्र*सरस्वती मंत्र * Saraswati mantra * भगवान कार्तिकेय के मंत्र*वैष्णो देवी के मंत्र * भगवान कृष्ण के मंत्र * तुलसी पूजा के मंत्र*चामुण्डा देवी मंत्र * सिद्ध शाबर मंत्र * संतान गोपाल मंत्रकाप्रयोग * भगवान सूर्यदेव के मंत्र * कुबेर मंत्र Enjoy thecollectionof vedic mantras of god and goddesses!!
Mahadev Status In Gujrati - Mahashivratri Status 1.1
Hindu God App
Latest Mahadev Status in Gujrati ॥ॐ नमः शिवाय॥ओम नम: शिवाय।-'ओम'प्रथम नाम परमात्मा का फिर 'नमन' शिव को करते हैं। 'सत्यम, शिवमऔरसुंदरम' जो सत्य है वह ब्रह्म है:- ब्रह्म अर्थात परमात्मा। जो शिवहैवह परम शुभ और पवित्र आत्म तत्व है और जो सुंदरम वही परम प्रकृतिहै।अर्थात परमात्मा, शिव और पार्वती के अलावा कुछ भी जानने योग्यनहींहै। शिव है प्रथम और शिव ही है अंतिम।simple application allowsyouto create HD Mahadev wallpapers with quotes!Features:=>Choosefrom 50+ quotes and status about Mahadev.=> Choosefromhand-picked Mahadev wallpapers.=> Set lord Mahadev quotesonMahadev Diffrent background.=> Adjust opacity of quotesandbackground image.=> Change font color & pinch to zoomin-out,Roted text.=> Save the photo and share it onFacebook,Instagram, Whatsapp etc.
Shri Ramcharitmanas Gitapress 0.0.1
N Narendra
Shri Ramcharitmanas is the most excellent piece of work inHindiliterature written by Goswami Tulsidas, is an excellentspecimen ofideal duties of a sovereign, ideal household life, idealconjugallife and other ideal rights of human beings. It is quiteimpossibleto find some other literary work in the world whichcontainshighest level of devotion, knowledge, renunciation,dispassion etc.Reverently recitation of the verses of this book,and acting uponthe instructions as given in the book make humanbeings able toattain divine bliss. Procedure of recitation ofverses, briefbiography of Goswami Ji and Aarti have been given inall theeditions of Shri Ramcharitmanas.श्री गोस्वामी तुलसीदास जीमहाराज केद्वारा प्रणीत श्रीरामचरितमानस हिन्दी साहित्य कीसर्वोत्कृष्ट रचनाहै। आदर्श राजधर्म, आदर्श गृहस्थ-जीवन, आदर्शपारिवारिक जीवन आदिमानव-धर्म के सर्वोत्कृष्ट आदर्शों का यह अनुपमआगार है। सर्वोच्यभक्ति, ज्ञान, त्याग, वैराग्य तथा भगवान की आदर्शमानव-लीला तथा गुण,प्रभाव को व्यक्त करनेवाला ऐसा ग्रंथरत्न संसार कीकिसी भाषा मेंमिलना असम्भव है। आशिर्वादात्माक ग्रन्थ होने के कारणसभी लोगमंत्रवत् आदर करते हैं। इसका श्रद्धापूर्वक पाठ करने से एवंइसकेउपदेशों के अनुरूप आचरण करने से मानवमात्र के कल्याण केसाथभगवत्प्रेम की सहज ही प्राप्ति सम्भव है। श्रीरामचरितमानस केसभीसंस्करणों में पाठ-विधि के साथ नवान्ह और मासपरायण केविश्रामस्थान,गोस्वामी जी की संक्षिप्त जीवनी, श्रीरामशलाकाप्रश्नावली तथा अंत मेंरामायण जी की आरती दी गयी है।
Powerful Shiva Mantra 1.3
प्रस्तुत है आशुतोष भगवान शिव को प्रसन्न करने के अत्यंत सरल औरअचूकमंत्र। यह एप बहुत सरल और सुग्राही है.इन मंत्रों का प्रतिदिनश्रवणया रुद्राक्ष की माला से जप करना चाहिए। जप पूर्व या उत्तर दिशाकी ओरमुख करके करना चाहिए। इसका प्रतिदिन श्रवण अत्यंत फलदायी,विप्पत्तिटालने वाला और मोक्षप्रदायक है ! आशा है सभी शिवभक्तों कोअतिआनंदमिलेगा ! हर हर महादेव !1. 12 ज्योतिर्लिंग दर्शन 2. रुद्राक्षजपमाला से 108 मन्त्र जाप 3. अमरनाथ , एकलिंगनाथ , पशुपतिनाथ,गणेश,कार्तिकेय ,पार्वती माँ के छिपे मंदिर ढूंढें 4. शिवलिंग काबिल्वपत्र,सहस्त्र जलधारा , दुग्धाभिषेक करें 5. इयरफोन का इस्तेमालकरध्यान का आनंद ले .. meditation sound के साथ 6. घंटी का प्रयोगकरbackground sound को रोके या चलायें जप के पूर्व शिवजी को बिल्वपत्रअर्पित करना या उनके ऊपर जलधारा लगाना चाहिए।@YoguruTechnologiesआपका = योगेश कुमार अमाना .= (Yogesh KumarAmana)Yoguru Technologies योगुरु12 jyotirling darshan, amarnath 3d,pashupatinath ,3d darshan, eklingnath, karitikey skandmata,parwati, durga, mandir tempal shivaabhishekbilwpatr,omkareshwar,bhimashankar,kedarnath,somnath,nageshwar,grishneshwar,traymbkeshwar,mahalaeshwar,kashivishvnath,waranasi,baijnathay,rameshwaray,rudrashtak,tandaw,rudrpakhwaj,meditation,yog,yogeshwar,aadiyogi,mahakal,rudrabhishekIntroducingAshutosh extremely simple andunmistakable chants to please LordShiva. This app is very simpleand sensitive these should recite therosary everyday auditory orRudraksh mantras. Chanting must be donefacing east or north. Theday hearing is extremely fruitful, Vippttiavoid habits andMokshpradaik! Hope will Atianand all Shivbkton!Everywhere Shiva!1. 12 jyotirlinga philosophy2. Rudraksh 108 mantrachanting beadschanting3. Amarnath, Aklingnath, Pashupatinath,Ganesh, Kartikeya,find the hidden temple of Parvati mother4. Bilwaletters, thousandsstream Lingam, in Dugdhabhisek5. relaxed mindusing earphones ..with meditation sound6. Use the bell to stop thebackground soundor PlayTo pay Bilwa letter to former Shiva chantingor shouldstream over them. @ YogurutechnologisYour = YogeshKumarAmana. = (Yogesh Kumar Amana) Yoguru TechnologiesYoguru12jyotirling darshan, Amarnath 3d, Pashupatinath, 3ddarshan,Aklingnath, Kritikey Skanda mother, Parvati, Durga TempleTempleShiva Abhishek Bilvptr, Omkareshwar, bhimashankar,Kedarnath,Somnath, Nageshwar, Grishneshwar, Trynbkeshhwar,Mahleshhwar, KashiVishwanath, Varanasi, Bajnathy , Rameshwaray,Rudraashtk, Orgy,Rudra Pkwaj, meditation, yoga, Yogeshwar, etc.Yogi, Mahakala,Rudrabhishek
Gayatri Mantra HD 4.4
Sai Soft
Gayatri Mantra With HD Audio and Temple PoojaGayatri Mantra(themother of the vedas), the foremost mantra in hinduism andhindubeliefs, inspires wisdom. Its meaning is that "May theAlmighty Godilluminate our intellect to lead us along the righteouspath". Themantra is also a prayer to the "giver of light and life"- the sun(savitur).Oh God! Thou art the Giver of Life,Remover ofpain andsorrow,The Bestower of happiness,Oh! Creator of theUniverse,May wereceive thy supreme sin-destroying light,May Thouguide ourintellect in the right direction.Origin, Benefits andChanting ofthe Gayatri Mantra :The Vedas are widely considered tobe thesource of all true knowledge, the word "Veda" itselfmeaning"Knowledge". Gayatri Devi also gave to mankind the"GayatriMantra", also known as the "Guru Mantra" or the "SavitriMantra".It is one of the oldest mantras, and generally thought ofas beingamongst the highest and most powerful mantras of all. Thismantrais therefore often referred to as "the Mother of the Vedas".In theBhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna had proclaimed to Arjuna - "Amongallthe mantras, I am the Gayatri".Rishis selected the words oftheGayatri Mantra and arranged them so that they not onlyconveymeaning but also create specific power of righteous wisdomthroughtheir utterance. The ideal times for chanting the mantra arethreetimes a day - at dawn, mid-day, and at dusk. These times areknownas the three sandhyas - morning, mid-day and evening. Themaximumbenefit of chanting the mantra is said to be obtained bychantingit 108 times. However, one may chant it for 3, 9, or 18times whenpressed for time. The syllables of the mantra are saidtopositively affect all the chakras or energy centres in thehumanbody - hence, proper pronunciation and enunciation areveryimportant.Chanting of Gayatri Mantra removes all obstacles inourpath to increased wisdom and spiritual growth and development.Theteachings and powers incorporated in the Gayatri Mantrafulfillthis purpose. Righteous wisdom starts emerging soonafterJap(recitation) of the Gayatri Mantra is performed. Sathya SaiBabateaches that the Gayatri Mantra "will protect you fromharmwherever you are, make your intellect shine, improve your powerofspeech, and dispel the darkness of ignorance(Dhiyoyonahprachodayaath)".APP FEATURES★ Very easy Interface★ 4Differentaudio tracks ★ Background sounds(Rain Sound, Shrutisound)★Subtitles for each track★ Set number of repetition ★ Autoofftimer★ Set the image as wallpaper★ Set the track as ringtone★Play,pause, next, previous for easy navigation★ Counter to shownumberof completed repetitions★ No gaps between looping★ Automaticstopand continue music during phone calls★ App notifications★ BellandConch sounds★ No unwanted Pop-ups, Spam, Ads andNotifications★Absolutely Clean app★ App can be moved to SD Card
Shiv Aarti 2.1.0
Lord Shiv meaning "The Auspicious One", also known as MahadevaorShiva. Shiva is the powerful and fascinating deity of theHinduTrinity who represents death and dissolution. Themainiconographical attributes of Shiva are the third eye onhisforehead, the snake Vasuki around his neck, the adorningcrescentmoon, the holy river Ganga flowing from his matted hair,thetrishula as his weapon and the damaru as his musicalinstrument.Shiva is usually worshiped in the aniconic form ofLingam. Theworship of Shiva is a pan-Hindu tradition, practicedwidely acrossall of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Feel blessed bylistening toShiv Aarti by Daksha Studios which contains: MahaMrityunjayaMantra Om Namah Shivaye Chant Om Namah Shivaye Bhajan OmJai ShivOmkara Aarti "Jai Shiv Omkaara, Om Jai Shiva Omkara,Bramha,Vishnu, Sadashiv, Ardhangi Dhaara. Om Jai Shiv Omkara""AumTryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti-vardhanam | Urva -rukamivaBandhanan Mrtyor - muksheeya Maamritat ||"
Shiv Tandav Stotram with Audio 2.3
Shiv Tandav Stotram with Audio • Shiva TandavaStotram(शिवताण्डवस्तोत्रम्) is a stotra (Hindu hymn) describes theGodShiva's power and beauty. • It is traditionally attributedtoRavana, the rakshasa (demon) king of Lanka and devotee of Shiva.•In this application devotees can listen and read Shiva Tandav. •Hecan enjoy gallery with nice image and graphics. • After clickingonany particular image he can set that particular image aswallpaper.• Other new option are added like youtube video,Slideshow andLike. • During devotional song listening he canplay/pause todevotional song by clicking on screen and also goBackward orForward by swapping on screen.
com.golemtechapps.shivarudrashtakam 1.0.3
APP FEATURES: ★ Beautiful collection of Lord Shiva HD wallpaper,which changes itself during use of app. ★ Set the imageaswallpaper to simple click on image. ★ Image Switching bydefaultset for 5 seconds. ★ If change it then tap on showing 5digit withlight-green color. ★ 3 Different audio tracks(1.ShriRudrashtakam -Male Version, 2.Shri Rudrashtakam - Female Version,3.Om Chants ).★ All audio tracks in HD form. ★ Tap on song's titlefor song'slyrics. ★ Song's lyrics into hindi & english languagewithmeaning. ★ Change lyrics language from settings button ->musicsettings. ★ Set the current tracks as Ringtone/Alarm tosimpleclick on image. ★ Repeat Stotram for ∞, 11, 21, 28, 51, 108timesfrom settings button - music settings. ★ Continuous update onthepresent count/repetition of Stotram. ★ Showing current &totaltime of selected Stotram. ★ Background sounds(Rain sound,Shrutisound). ★ No gaps between looping. ★ Smooth transitions &fullof animations. ★ You can use bell , shankh, hand bell &aartilamp. ★ You can use marigold, leaf of wood apple, redlotus,dahaliya, sunflower & white lotus garland (Foolon KaHaar). ★You can minimise app easily by minimise button.★Stop/Previous/Play/Pause/Next options available for audio.★Notification feature available. ★ App can be moved to SD Cardfromdevice settings. The Shri Rudrashtakam (Sanskrit: श्रीरुद्राष्टकम्) is a Sanskrit composition in devotion of Rudra,composed by theHindu Bhakti poet Tulsidas (Sanskrit: तुलसीदास).Tulsidas composedthis eulogy in the late fifteenth century in UttarPradesh in Indiaand created many other literary pieces includingthe magnum opusRam Charit Manas. The devotional hymn "Rudrashtakam"appears in theUttara Kand of the celebrated Ram Charit Manas, whereLomash Rishicomposed the hymn to propitiate Lord Shiva. His mainpurpose was toset his pupil free from the curse of Shiva. Hesucceeded and askedalso a second boon (devotion for himself). Hispupil would be thebird ' Kaga-Bhusundi' in a next life, a devoteeof Shri Rama and anexcellent teller of the life story of Shri Rama.The Ashtakam is inreverence to Rudra, though the context pertainsto the Shiva, thepost-Vedic transformation of Rudra. It is arguablethat thedistinction between Rudra and Shiva was already lost by thetime ofTulsidas. The Rudrashtakam is lucid and simple in style andplaysan instrumental role in the Shaiva traditions.नमामीशमीशाननिर्वाणरूपं विभुं व्यापकं ब्रह्मवेदस्वरूपम् । निजंनिर्गुणंनिर्विकल्पं निरीहं चिदाकाशमाकाशवासं भजेऽहम्॥१॥Namaam-Iisham-Iishaana Nirvaana-Roopam VibhumVyaapakamBrahma-Veda-Svaroopam । Nijam Nirgunam NirvikalpamNireehamChidaakaasham-Aakaasha-Vaasam Bhajeham ॥1॥ So download itandlisten & japa Shiva Rudrashtakam with Om Mantra toinvokedivine blessings of Lord Shiva. Note: Please give us feedback&ratings for support. Thanks.
Sunderkand (सुन्दरकाण्ड श्री रामचरितमानस) RSK1.7
Shri Ramcharitmanas Sunder kand (सुन्दरकाण्ड) withHindiTranslation:- गोस्वामी तुलसीदासजी कृत महाकाव्यश्रीरामचरितमानसहिन्दी में भावार्थ सहित यहाँ उपलब्ध है। सुंदरकाण्डमें हनुमानजी कालंका प्रस्थान, लंका दहन से लंका से वापसी तक केघटनाक्रम आते हैं। Ifyou can read the text written above properly inyour mobile thanyou can install this application. Ramacharitmanasor Ramayan isconsidered one of the greatest works of Hinduliterature This appcovers following: ★ मंगलाचरण ★ हनुमानजी का लंकाको प्रस्थान, सुरसासे भेंट, छाया पकड़ने वाली राक्षसी का वध ★ लंकावर्णन, लंकिनी वध,लंका में प्रवेश ★ हनुमान-विभीषण संवाद ★ हनुमानजीका अशोक वाटिका मेंसीताजी को देखकर दुःखी होना और रावण का सीताजी कोभय दिखलाना ★ श्रीसीता-त्रिजटा संवाद ★ श्री सीता-हनुमान संवाद ★हनुमानजी द्वारा अशोकवाटिका विध्वंस, अक्षय कुमार वध और मेघनाद काहनुमानजी को नागपाश मेंबाँधकर सभा में ले जाना ★ हनुमान्-रावण संवाद ★लंकादहन ★ लंका जलानेके बाद हनुमानजी का सीताजी से विदा माँगना औरचूड़ामणि पाना ★ समुद्रके इस पार आना, सबका लौटना, मधुवन प्रवेश,सुग्रीव मिलन, श्रीराम-हनुमान संवाद ★ श्री रामजी का वानरों की सेनाके साथ चलकर समुद्रतट पर पहुँचना ★ मंदोदरी-रावण संवाद ★ रावण कोविभीषण का समझाना औरविभीषण का अपमान ★ विभीषण का भगवान् श्री रामजी कीशरण के लिएप्रस्थान और शरण प्राप्ति ★ समुद्र पार करने के लिए विचार,रावणदूतशुक का आना और लक्ष्मणजी के पत्र को लेकर लौटना ★ दूत का रावणकोसमझाना और लक्ष्मणजी का पत्र देना ★ समुद्र पर श्री रामजी का क्रोधऔरसमुद्र की विनती, श्री राम गुणगान की महिमा ★ श्री रामस्तुति-आरतीSpecial Features of App Shri Ramcharitmanas Sunderkand****************************** ★ CHANGE TEXT SIZE★****************************** You can change the text sizeofReading page as per your requirement. Just go to Options Menuandchoose "Change Font Size". You can select the font sizefromsmallest to largest. Just select and hit Save. The size ofReadingPage Text will change as per your choice (Applicable only inDetailScreen). *********************************** ★ BOOKMARKFEATURE ★*********************************** This App supportsbookmarks.Forgot from where you left reading? Now you can resumereading ShriRamacharitmanas Sunderkand from the point where youleft. Justpress the star icon[see screenshot] on the Doha Page andthe Pagewill be bookmarked. You can resume reading by selecting "GotoBookmark" option from the Options Menu. Please take out a minutetoRate and Review our app.
Shiva Tone 2.0
Har Har MahadevLord Shiva is one of the most popular GodinHindu.Lord Shiva ReferasMahadev,Bholenath,Nilkanth,Gangadhar,Shiv,Somnath &Rudra.ThisApplication Include various 10 type ofMantra,jap,dhun,ringtones& Wallpaper Features of ShivRingtones: 1. High QualityRingtones 2. HD Shiv Photo's 3. SetRingtones and Wallpapers. Howto use Shiv Tone? Just click on top ofScreen Display SettingButton set wallpapers and ringtones.
Shiva Songs Audio in Hindi 1.0.6
→ 01. Shri Shivaji Ki Aarti, → ०१. श्री शिव जी की आरती → 02.ShriShivaji Ki Chalisa, → ०२. श्री शिव जी की चालीसा → 03. ShriShivaMantra, → ०३. श्री शिव मंत्र → 04. Shri Shiva Rudrashtakam, →०४.श्री शिव रुद्राष्टकम → 05. Shri Shiva Tandav Stotram, → ०५.श्रीशिव तांडव स्तोत्रं → 06. Maha Mrityunjay Mantra, → ०६.महामृत्युंजय मंत्र → 07. Om Chanting, → ०७. ॐ का जाप → 08. OmNamahShivay, → ०८. ॐ नमः शिवाय → 09. Bam Bam Bhole Bol Ke, → ०९. बमबमभोले बोल के → 10. Chal Kanwariya Chal Kanwariya, → १०. चलकांवरियाचल कांवरिया → 11. Chalo Shivalay Chalo, → ११. चलो शिवालयचलो → 12.Chalo Shiv Shankar Ke Mandir Me, → १२. चलो शिव शंकर केमंदिर में →13. Char Dham Ki Aarti, → १३. चार धाम की आरती → 14. HeyBholeShankar Padharo, → १४. हे भोले शंकर पधारो → 15. Hey ShabhuBabaMere Bhole Nath, → १५. हे शभु बाबा मेरे भोले नाथ → 16. JaiBholeJai Bhandari, → १६. जय भोले जय भंडारी → 17. Jyotirling KaDhyanKaro, → १७. ज्योतिर्लिंग का ध्यान करो → 18. Main To Shiv KiPujarinBanungi, → १८. मैं तो शिव की पुजारिन बनूँगी → 19. Milta HaiSachchaSukh Kewal Shiv, → १९. मिलता है सच्चा सुख केवल शिव → 20.PrabhuMere Man Ko Bana De Shivala, → २०. प्रभु मेरे मन को बना देशिवाला →21. Saare Gaon Se Doodh Manga Kar, → २१. सारे गाओं से दूधमंगा कर →22. Shiv Shankar Beda Paar Karo, → २२. शिव शंकर बेडा पारकरो → 23.Shiv Shankar Ko Jisne Pooja, → २३. शिव शंकर को जिसने पूजा→ 24.Shivnath Teri Mahima Jab, → २४. शिवनाथ तेरी महिमा जब तीन लोकगायें→ Devotional Songs, APP FEATURES: ★ Top best collection ofhighquality Lord Shiva devotional hindi songs. ★ 23Beautifulcollection of Lord Shiva high definition wallpapers. ★ 24differenthigh quality Lord Shiva devotional hindi songs mp3 audiotracks. ★Show current & total time with title of current LordShivadevotional hindi songs. ★ Set the current audio track asPhoneringtone. ★ Set the current audio track as Alarm tone. ★ Setthecurrent audio track as Contact ringtone. ★ Set the currentaudiotrack as Notification tone. ★ Set the current wallpaper ondevicescreen background. ★ Automatic stop and continue music duringphonecalls. ★ Smooth transitions & full of animations. ★ Youcan usebell, conch & aarti lamp. ★ You can use dropping flowereffectwith five different type of flower (marigold, dahaliya,rose,sunflower & hibiscus) and mix too. ★ You can use toucheffectwith star & Om. ★ Previous / Play / Pause / Nextoptionsavailable for audio. ★ App can be moved to SD Card. ShivaSongsAudio in Hindi App is the collection of high definition LordShivadevotional hindi songs and wallpapers. Lord Shiva, also knownasMahadeva (Great God), is one of the five primary forms of GodinHinduism. He is depicted as an omniscient Yogi who lives anasceticlife on Mount Kailash, with wife Parvati and his twochildren,Ganesha and Kartikeya. Shiva is also regarded as thepatron god ofyoga and arts. Recite Lord Shiva devotional hindisongs on theauspicious occasion of Mahashivratri to invoke divineblessings ofLord Shiva. So download Shiva Songs Audio in Hindi Appand easilyset high definition Lors Shiva devotional songs andwallpapers asRingtone, Alarm tone, Contact Ringtone, Notificationtone andwallpaper. Note: Please give us feedback & ratings forsupport.Thanks.
Hanuman Chalisa HD Sound 2.4
Bhakti Sagar
Hanuman Chalisa HD Sound provides audio and lyrics display ofLordHanuman Aarti. Hanuman Chalisa HD is a collection of hanumanaarti,Hanuman chalisa and hanuman Song dedicated to Hindu deity,who wasan ardent devotee of Rama according to the Hindu legends. Heis acentral character in the Indian epic Ramayana and itsvariousversions. Hanuman Chalisa HD Sound brings you the feeling ofarealistic temple with flower animation in front of you nomatterwhere you are. Hanuman Chalisa is hindi poem written byMahakaviGoswami Tulsidas in the sixteenth century in praise ofLordHanuman. It is very popular among a lot of modern hindus andisgenerally recited on Tuesdays (considered a holy day fordevoteesof Lord Hanuman).-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Audio playback ofHanuman Chalisa. 2. Lyrics display of HanumanChalisa in Hindi 3.Easy to set Hanuman chalisa Sound as ringtone ofphone. 4. On andOff Flower Animation in this Bajrang Bali Aarti. 5.Lots of Hanumanstrot , Hanuman Arti, Hanuman Chalisa, Hanuman songare availablein this app.
महा मृत्युंजय मन्त्र: AUDIO 1.1.3
About Mantra:Aum Tryambakam YajamaheSugandhim Pushti-vardhanam|Urva- rukamiva BandhananMrtyor - muksheeya Maamritat ||jaap it onMahaShivratriOm Namah Shivay(We worship The Three-Eyed Lord Shivawho isnaturally fragrant, immensely merciful and who is theProtector ofthe devotees. Worshipping him may we be liberated fromdeath for thesake of immortality just as the ripe cucumber easilyseparatesitself from the binding stalk i.e. “By your Grace, Let mebe in thestate of salvation (Moksha) and be saved from theclutches offearful death and calamities”.)--Method for attaininggreat and rareresults from this Mantra:Although even one round(ONE MALA-108Mantra) of this mantra starts giving the desiredresults, but it issaid that with the 41 days practice of 125000mantras with faith andVIDHI the devotee (sadhaka) surely gets theResult.
Shiv Ringtones 1.8
ॐ नमः शिवाय जय महाकाल शिव - महाकाल की इस एप में आपको शिव - महाकालकेमंत्र (१२ ज्योतिर्लिंग मंत्र, महामृतुन्जय मंत्र), आरती, १०८नामावली,बिल्वस्टकम, शिव तांडव, शिव - महाकाल के १००+ मैसेज,व्हाट्सप्पस्टेटस, रिंगटोन्स, वॉलपेपर्स सबकुछ एक ही एप में वो भीहिंदी औरगुजराती में। इस अप्प में आपको महादेव शिव के बारे में,१२ज्योतिर्लिंग में बारे में और पवित्र शिव रात्रि के बारे मेंजानकारीभी दी गई है । शिव महाकाल के भक्त इसे जरूर डाउनलोड करे। OmNamahShivay Jai Mahakaal In this app of Shiva - Mahakal, you willbeable to get the message of Shiva - Mahakal, Mantra (12JyotirlingaMantra, Mahamrutunjaya Mantra), Aarti, 108 Namavali,Bilvastakam,Shiva Tandava, 100+ messages of Shiva -Mahakal,Whatsapp status,Ringtones, wallpapers all in one app That too inHindi and GujaratiIn this App, you have been given informationabout Mahadev Shiva,about 12 Jyotirlingas and also about the HolyNight of the Shiva.The devotee of Shiva - Mahakal must download it.
100 Shiva Songs & Shiv Mantras
Enjoy 100+ shiv songs in Hindi and shiv songs in marathi in theshivsong app. Discover Shiv Mantra Hindi audio, shivmantrajaap,mahamrityunjaya mantra 108 times audio, shiv stuti inmarathiand many more songs for Shiv Jayanti 2017. Shiva is 'Shakti'orpower, Shiva is the destroyer, the most powerful god of theHindupantheon and one of the godheads in the Hindu Trinity. Knownbymany names - Mahadeva, Mahayogi, Pashupati, Nataraja,Bhairava,Vishwanath, Bhava, Bhole Nath - Lord Shiva is perhaps themostcomplex of Hindu deities. The lord Shiva application gives youanenchanting experience of this mysterious deity, who is themostfeared in the Trinity. Fountain Music and Winjit Technologiesgetsyou the app with collection of divine tracks of Shiva. Youcandiscover the wide collection of soulful Divine Songs. Moreover,youcan enjoy this serene collection on 2G/3G and Wifi as well.Sodownload this app now. The app features various shiva tracksviz.Mahamrutunjay, Tat Purushay Vidmahe, Shiv Mahimastotra,ShivKavach, Shiv Stuti, Shiv Stotra and many more.Features:- 1.DivineShiva Songs Free Download2. Works on 2G/ EDGE network aswell. 3.User friendly Interface.4. Add favourite from differentplaylist toplay favourite songs.5. Downloaded song can be playedwithoutstreaming.6. Simple to use and Easy to Navigate.Just hittheDownload button and enjoy the Collection.Share with usyourvaluable feedback at PrivacyPolicy-
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Om Namah Sivay!!!!!! Maha Shivaratri is an annual festivaldedicatedto the Hindu god Shiva, and is particularly important intheShaivism tradition of Hinduism. God Shiva Photo frame is niceappGod Shiva Photo frame is nice app.Just paste your photo in HDourphoto frames and set the photo angle as you need make beautifulandattractive lord shiva photo banner. This app will use on“HappyShivaratri” and lord shiva hd wallpapers to send your friendsandfamily. Types of Frames -- lord shiva hd wallpapers -- lordshivafree Frame -- lord shiva mahadev status Frame -- lord shivamantaFrame - lord shiva virtual puja banner with frame -- special adaywith lord shiva frame Lord Shiva Photo Frames APP features: ManyHDLord Shiva Photo Frames available in the App with differentframelooks. Easy User-friendly interface. Just Capture Photo fromCameraand existing pictures from gallery. Nice crop image in ourapps.Like…..Move, rotate, drag options to set photos on gardenframe.Set your own custom TEXT with many font type and style withcoloroption is also available. SAVE into your album. You can wishandshare Birthday to your friends and family into the socialmediasites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Whatsapp andetc…..
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Get all collection of shiva lord ringtones like shiv tandav,shivaarti, shiv bhajan, devon ke dev mahadev, har har mahadev,karpurgauram karunavtaram, mahadev songs, shiv mantra, shivtandavstotram, shiv mahima stotra, shiv dhun, om namah shivay andothershiv ringtones.All these ringtones are free ones you downloadthisapp all ringtone save in your device you don't needinternetconnection. PLEASE DON’T FORGOT TO GIVE US RATE AND WRITE AREVIEWTO LETS US KNOW HOW WE ARE DOING. → Features : ★ This is afreeapp. ★ Good quality audio. ★ Set as a ringtone. ★ Shareanyringtone with one click. ★ Work Offline. → Disclaimer : This appisfor entertainment purpose only and we do not exercise anyrightover the songs or the ringtones.
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APP FEATURES: ★ Beautiful collection of Goddess Durga images ,whichchanges itself during use of app. ★ Set the wallpaper onbackgroundsimple click on image. ★ Image Switching by default setfor 5seconds. ★ If change it then tap on showing green 5 digitbutton. ★3 Different audio tracks Goddess Durga Amritwani, Aarti&Chalisa. ★ Show current song's current & total time withtitle.★ Continuous update song's current time according to playingsongs.★ Set the current songs as Ringtone/Alarm to simple click onimage.★ Smooth transitions & full of animations. ★ You can usebell ,shankh, hand bell & aarti lamp. ★ You can usemarigold,sunflower, rose, dahaliya, white lotus & hibiscusgarland(Foolon Ka Haar). ★ You can minimise app easily by minimisebutton.★ Stop/Previous/Play/Pause/Next options available for audio.★Notification feature available. ★ App can be moved to SD Cardfromdevice settings. Recite Goddess Durga Amritwani, Aarti&Chalisa on the auspicious occasion of Navratri & otherdays toinvoke divine blessings of Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga isthemother of the universe and believed to be the power behind theworkof creation, preservation, and destruction of the world. Sincetimeimmemorial she has been worshipped as the supreme power oftheSupreme Being and has been mentioned in many scriptures -YajurVeda, Vajasaneyi Samhita and Taittareya Brahman. So downloadit andlisten Durga Amritwani, Aarti & Chalisa to invokedivineblessings of Goddess Durga. Note: Please give us feedback&ratings for support. Thanks.
3000 Hindu Devotional songs
Times Music
Forget to download different apps to listen to the songs ofvariousGods. Lord Ganesh devotional Songs, Lord Shiva DevotionalSongs,Lord Vitthal devotional Songs of Pandharpur, Shirdi SaiBabadevotional Songs and Devi Maa devotional Songs. ArtistsincludeVijay Sartape, Devki Pandit, Suresh Wadkar, SwapnilBandodkar,Vaishali Samant, Bela Shende, Anuradha Paudwal, AshaBhosle, AlkaYagnik, Anup Jalota, Sonu Nigam, Abhijeet Sawant, UshaMangeshkarand much more. Times Music along with Winjit Technologiesbrings toyou 3000 Bhakti Geete in just one app.The completecollection ofthe audio tracks are taken from Ultra Media &EntertainmentPvt. Ltd. Ultra, founded in 1982 is a leading playerand householdname in Home Entertainment. Ultra is India's leadingfilm contentproducer and aggregator. A company with highentrepreneurexperience in the field of Entertainment. Presence inall overIndia and in International Markets. Apart fromcopyrightacquisition, aggregation & exploitation, Ultra catersto a widespectrum of services which includes Film Production&Distribution, Studio Facilities, Merchandising, DigitalDownloadingand Streaming, Online Shopping, etc.Download theDevotional Songsapp 3000 Devotional songs and get to listen tovarious Devotionalsongs, Bhajans, Aartis, Mantras, & Stotras ofGods like Ganesh,Shiva, Sai Baba, Vitthal and Devi Maa in onesingle app.Appfeatures are-1. Free Download of Bhakti Geet inMarathi, BhaktiGeet In Hindi2. Works on 2G/ EDGE network as well.5. It featuresvarious Devotional songs, Bhajans, Aartis, Mantras,& Stotrasof Gods like Ganesh, Shiva, Sai Baba, Vitthal and DeviMaa byvarious artists like Vijay Sartape, Devki Pandit, SureshWadkar,Swapnil Bandodkar, Vaishali Samant, Bela Shende, AnuradhaPaudwal,Asha Bhosle, Alka Yagnik, Anup Jalota, Sonu Nigam, AbhijeetSawant,Usha Mangeshkar and many more.5. User-friendly Interface.6.Simpleto use and Easy to Navigate.Just hit the Download button andenjoythe songs.
ஓம் நம சிவாய 6.0.0
Nama Shivaya Nama Shivaya....Om Nama Shivaya....This app OmNamaShivaya((Tamil: ஓம் நம சிவாய) features the track Hara HaraSivaneArunachalane sung by S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, with Lyrics inbothTamil and English, which is about the Lord Siva inAnnamalaiyarTemple.This song Hara Hara Sivane Arunachalane is aboutLordAnnamalaiyar sung by SPB.Features:-1. Free Download Lord ShivaOmNama Shivaya Devotional songs in Tamil.2. Works offline,NoInternet required. 3. Lyrics will be auto scrolled while theSivasong is playing.4. User-friendly Interface.5. Lyrics availableinboth Tamil and English.Some information aboutAnnamalaiyarTemple:-Annamalaiyar Temple is a Tamil Hindu templededicated tothe deity Shiva, located at the base of Annamalai hillsin the townof Thiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu, India. It issignificant to theHindu sect of Saivism as one of the templesassociated with thefive elements, the Pancha Bhoota Stalas, andspecifically theelement of fire, or Agni. Shiva is worshiped asAnnamalaiyar orArunachaleswarar and is represented by the lingam,with his idolreferred to as Agni lingam. His consort Parvati isdepicted asUnnamulai Amman. The presiding deity is revered in the7th centuryTamil Saiva canonical work, the Tevaram, written byTamil saintpoets known as the nayanars and classified as PaadalPetra Sthalam.The 9th century Saiva saint poet Manikkavasagarcomposed theTiruvempaavai here.The temple complex covers 10hectares and is oneof the largest in India. It houses four gatewaytowers known asgopurams. The tallest is the eastern tower, with 11stories and aheight of 66 metres (217 ft), making it one of thetallest templetowers in India. The temple has numerous shrines,with those ofAnnamalaiyar and Unnamulai Amman being the mostprominent. Thetemple complex houses many halls; the most notable isthethousand-pillared hall built during the Vijayanagarperiod.Thetemple has six daily rituals at various times from 5:30a.m. to 10p.m. and twelve yearly festivals on its calendar. TheKarthigaiDeepam festival is celebrated during the day of the fullmoonbetween November and December, and a huge beacon is lit atopthehill. It can be seen from miles around and symbolizes theShivalingam of fire joining the sky. The event is witnessed bythreemillion pilgrims. On the day preceding each full moon,pilgrimscircumnavigate the temple base and the Annamalai hills in aworshipcalled Girivalam, a practice carried out by one millionpilgrimsyearly.The present masonry structure was built during theCholadynasty in the 9th century, while later expansions areattributedto Vijayanagar rulers of the Sangama Dynasty (1336–1485CE), theSaluva Dynasty and the Tuluva Dynasty (1491–1570 CE). Thetemple ismaintained and administered by the Hindu Religious andCharitableEndowments Department of the Government of TamilNadu.Download OmNamah Shivaya Devotional song by SPB app forfree.It is one of thebest Tamil songs with lyrics of Lord Siva sangby SPB.This Sivasong would start like Hara Hara SivaneArunachalane...One of thebest Devotional song ever. Please shareHara Hara SivaneArunachalane Devotional song by SPB app with yourfriendsalso.Keyword: Siva, Shiva, Hara Hara Sivane Arunachalane, OmNamaShivaya, Om Namah Shivaya, Devotional, Audio, LyricsNamaNamaShivaya Shivaya Om Nama Shivaya .... ....This app Om NamaShivaya((Tamil: Om Nama Shivaya) features the track sung by S. HaraHaraSivane Arunachalane P. Balasubrahmanyam, with Lyrics in bothTamiland English, which is about the Lord Siva TempleinAnnamalaiyar.This song is about Hara Hara SivaneArunachalaneAnnamalaiyar Lord sung by SPB.Features: -Free DownloadLord ShivaOm Nama Shivaya Devotional songs in 1. Tamil.2. Worksoffline, NoInternet required.3. Lyrics will be scrolled auto Sivawhile thesong is playing.4. User-friendly Interface.5. Lyricsavailable inboth Tamil and English.Some information aboutAnnamalaiyar Temple:-Annamalaiyar a Tamil Hindu temple dedicated tothe deity is ShivaTemple, located at the base of hills in the townof Thiruvannamalaiin Tamil Nadu Annamalai, India. It is significantto one of theHindu sect of Saivism as the temples associated withthe fiveelements, the Pancha Bhoota Stalas, and specifically theelement offire, or Agni. Shiva is worshiped as AnnamalaiyarorArunachaleswarar and is represented by the lingam, referred toasAgni lingam with his idol. His consort Parvati is depicted asAmmanUnnamulai. The presiding deity is revered in the 7th centuryTamilSaiva canonical work, the Tevaram, written by poets known astheTamil saint and classified as nayanars Paadal Sthalam Petra.The9th century Manikkavasagar Saiva saint poet composedtheTiruvempaavai here.The temple complex covers 10 hectares and isoneof the largest in India. It houses four towers known asgatewaygopurams. The tallest is the eastern tower, with 11 storiesand aheight of 66 metres (217 ft), making it one of the tallesttempletowers in India. The temple has numerous shrines, with themostprominent being those of Annamalaiyar and Unnamulai Amman.Thetemple complex houses many halls; the most notable isthethousand-pillared hall built during the Vijayanagarperiod.Thetemple has six daily rituals at various times from 5:30a.m. to 10p.m. twelve yearly festivals and on its calendar. TheKarthigaiDeepam festival is celebrated during the full moon of thedaybetween November and December, and a huge beacon is lit atopthehill. It can be seen from miles around and joining theskysymbolizes the Shiva lingam of fire. The event is witnessedbythree million pilgrims. On the day preceding each fullmoon,pilgrims circumnavigate the Annamalai hills in the temple baseandGirivalam called a worship, a practice carried out by onemillionpilgrims yearly.The present masonry structure was builtduring theChola dynasty in the 9th century, while later expansionsareattributed to Vijayanagar rulers of the Sangama Dynasty(1336-1485CE), the Saluva Dynasty and the Tuluva Dynasty (1491-1570CE). Thetemple is Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowmentsmaintained andadministered by the Department of the Government ofTamilNadu.Download Om Namah Shivaya Devotional song by SPB appforfree.It is one of the best of Tamil songs with lyrics sang byLordSiva SPB.Hara Hara Sivane Arunachalane like Siva This songwouldstart ...One of the best ever Devotional song. Please shareSivaneArunachalane Hara Hara also Devotional song by SPB app withyourfriends.Keyword: Siva, Shiva, Hara Hara Sivane Arunachalane,OmNama Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya, Devotional, Audio, Lyrics
Hanuman Chalisa 1.6
The Hanuman Chalisa literally is a Hindu devotionalhymn/stotraaddressed to Lord Hanuman. It is traditionally believedto havebeen authored by 16th-century poet Tulsidas in the Awadhilanguage,and is his best known text apart from the Ramcharitmanas.The word"Chalisa" is derived from "Chalis", which means the numberforty inHindi, as the Hanuman Chalisa has 40 verses. Forty chaupaisonHanuman is included in Hanuman Chalisa. Hanuman is a vanaraadevotee of Rama, and one of the central characters in theSanskritepic Ramayana. Folk tales increasingly eulogise the powersofHanuman, and he is considered by many to be an avatar of thegodShiva. The qualities of Hanuman – his strength, courage,wisdom,celibacy, devotion to Rama and the many names by which hewas known– are detailed in the Hanuman Chalisa. There are moretemplesdevoted to Hanuman than any other deity in India, andrecitation orchanting of the Hanuman Chalisa is a common religiouspractice.Hanuman Chalisa Features: • Completely offline app. Nointernetconnection required once downloaded. • Use Bell, conch(Shankh) andGarlend (Flower maala) with only single tap. • Hindiand Englishlyrics. • Text in synchronized with audio. So you canread whilelisten The Hanuman Chalisa. • Set Hanuman Chalisa asRingtone. •Set Hanuman current picture as Wallpaper • Lord HanumanpicturesChanging meanwhile playing. • Run application in backgroundalso.You can have notifications of playing chalisa. •Realisticenvironment like temple inside app gives you peace ofmind.
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Followers of Lord Shiv( Mahadev ) can now feel the spirit, forceandblessing using this awesome app Lord Shiv Ringtones(MahadevRingtone& Mahadev Wallpaper) Get all collection of shiva lordringtoneslike shiv tandav, shiv aarti, shiv bhajan, devon ke devmahadev, harhar mahadev, karpur gauram karunavtaram, mahadevsongs, shiv mantra,shiv tandav stotram, shiv mahima stotra, shivdhun, om namah shivayand other shiv ringtones.All these ringtonesare free ones youdownload this app all ringtone save in yourdevice you don't needinternet connection. If you like this LordShiva Wallpaper app thenplease rate us and give your comment.Share this Lord ShivaWallpaper app with your friends and others.If you have any queryregarding this Lord Shiva Wallpaper app thenplease mail us. TheApplication Lord Shiv Ringtones( Lord MahadevRingtone) is speciallydeveloped to worship of Lord Shiv(Mahadev).shiva live wallpaper,shiva wallpaper full hd, shiva wallpaper 3d,shiva wallpaper hd,lord shiva live wallpaper, lord shiva songs,lord shiva hdwallpaper, shankar bhagwan live wallpaper, bhagwan kewallpaper,mahadev ringtones, mahadev wallpapers, shiv stuti, shivaradhana,shiv bhajan, shiv mp3, god ringtones, bhole nathringtone, bholenathwallpapers Using this Lord Shiv(Mahadev)Rigntones app you can setringtones and wallpaper of Lord Shiv asyour mobile defaultwallpaper or ringtone.. Download this Lord ShivRingtone app andpossess the ability to customize your phone withyour favorite LordShiv mantra, tunes, aarti and bhajans asringtones.
com.sendgroupsms.SaiBabaPoojaBook 1.4
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This is a free android app containing complete information ofShriShirdi Sai Baba aarti chaalisa mantra pooja vidhi sai smaranandvandana. Sai baba was an Indian spiritual master who is regardedbyhis devotees as a saint, a fakir, a satguru and anincarnation(avatar) of Lord Shiva and is one of the most worshipedlord. हमनेंइस एप्प में श्री शिर्डी साईं बाबा की सभी आरतियों चालीसामंत्र कथाओंआदि को सम्मिलित किया है. श्री साईं बाबा को जगत गुरु संतफ़क़ीर के रूपमें जाना जाता है. साईं भक्तों के लिए यह एप्प लाभदायी है.Primarycategories of this app are:- * साईं बाबा की आरती * साँईचालीसा *sai vrat katha * साईं व्रत कथा * साईं वन्दना * sai chaalisa* साईंप्रार्थना * sai vrat vidhi * साईं बाबा रक्षा कवच * शिर्डीसाईं बाबामहामंत्र * sai vrat katha * साईं बाबा के 108 नामावली *साईं बाबा केचमत्कार इस एप्प में साईं बाब की चमत्कारिक घटनाओं को भीशामिल कियागया है. जिन्हें पढ़कर साईं के प्रति अटूट विश्वास और भी बढ़जाता है.Enjoy the devotional aartis kathas chaalisa mantra andpooja vidhiof lord shri Sai Baba !!
Shiv Puja 2.0
Now the Lord Shiva would be with you always with this app. :)Beginyour day by performing a virtual aarti to Lord Shiva Listentochants "Om Nama Shivay"; lots more coming up Get hisblessingsanytime, anywhere;A virtual temple experience is HERE..Appfeatures : - Change backgrounds - Perform Shiv Puja with milkandflowers. - Listen to Mantras - Shiva blessing
Bhakti Ringtones 2.2
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mata ki bhetein - माता के भजन 1.36
Jai Mata Di - जय माता दी Mata ki bhetein - Mata bhajans - माताकेभक्तिगीत-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Jaikara sherawali da Bol saach darbar ki jai माता रानी के भक्तोंके लिएचुने गए 14 लोगप्रिय नरेंद्र चंचल की आवाज़ में माता की भेंटे *"bhorbhai din char gaya" - भोर भई दिन चार गया * "tune mujhebulayasherawaliye" -तूने मुझे बुलाए शेरावालिए * "chalo bulawa aayahai" -चलो बुलावा आया है * "sabse bada tera naam" - सबसे बडा तेरेनाम * omaa meri pat rakhiyo sada हे मा मेरी पति राखी सदा * Ik yugse mantarsa - एक जग से मैं तरसा शेरांवालिये * "Jay ambe gauri" जेअंबेगौरी * suno suno ek kahaani सुनो सुनो एक कहानी * nange nangepaonchala नंगे नंगे पांव चला * bhakton ko darshan de gayi भक्तोंकोदर्शन दे गयी * meri jholi chhoti pad gayee मेरी झोली छोटी पड़ गयी*meri akhiyaan wich sherawali मेरी अख्येयन विच शेरावली * aamaatujhe dilne आ मां तुझे दिल ने * aaja ve aaja pardesiya आजा वीआजापरदेशी * hey maa mujhko ghar हे माँ मुझको घर * je mein honda morजेमेन हुन्डा मोर * akhiyaan udeek diyan अखियाँ उडीक दियांCollectionof offline songs of top mata ki bhetein sung by""narendrachanchal" (नरेन्द्रा चंचल) . माता की भेटें Mata ka DarbarAll timetop mata ki bhetein & bhajans of vaishno devi peacefulmorningsfor hindu devotees by listening to collection of devotionalsongsof maa vaishnodevi All of them are top hindi bhajans of maadurga(मां दुर्गा) ,जे मा वैष्णवी ---- Jai Mata Di Songs popularmata kibhetein ---- It's wonderful devotional songs to refreshyourselfwith blessing of maa. Jai mata di. ---- Mata ki bhetein---- ( TopBhetein of Vaishno devi Maa Katra ) maa durga aarti (अंबेजी कीआरती ) jai maa durga bhajans durga devotional songsPopulardevotional app to play Navratri pooja songs during 9Navratri poojaspecial days Jai maa ambe , Jai maa durga Some of themost famousdevotional songs of Mata , After listening to thisbhakti songs youwill get the feeling of going to Mata ke darbar.Selected NarenderChanchal Bhetein. narender chanchal bhente Some ofthe bhajans areperfect for Aarti of Ambe Maa. Gulshan kumar,anuradha paudwal anddevotional songs mata devotional songs matadevotional songs mp3navratri pooja special songs mata de tappe matake bhajans Durgamaa devotional songs mata Bhajans free bhajans deviMaa durgaBhajans All in one bhajans & All in one devotional appIf youare a devotee of goddess durga, you will love this collectionofdurga goddess devotional songs Audio version of mata kibhetein& mata ki aarti. Stories of durga maa in a form ofsong.Devotional songs playlist of mata ki bhetein. GoddessDurga,devotional songs for morning we brings to you some of thetopdevotional songs of durga maa & mata rani. hindugods ,popularhindu gods , hindu devotional songs, god songsmaavaishnodevi matabhetein from films , mata songs & matabhajans hindu goddess ,hindu gods devotional songs
शिव आराधना 1.1.3
Shiv Aradhana is a devotional song to glorify the qualitiesandactivities of Lord Shiva. Daily listening and meditating onthisdevotional song brings peace in one's life. Most Powerful SongofLord Shiva : √ Satya hai ishwar shiv hai jeewan Sundar yesansarhai teeno lok hai tujhme teri Maya apram par hai Om namah shivaye namo.. √ Man mera mandir shiv meripooja Manmera mandir shiv meri pooja Shiv se bada nahi koi duja Bolsatyamshivam bol tu sundaram man mere shiv ki mahima ke gun gaye jaManmera mandir shiv meri pooja Parvati jab sita bankar jai shri ramkesammukh aai Ram ne unko mata kahkar shiv shankar ki mahimagaaiShiv bhakti mein sab kuchh sujha shiv se bada nahi koi duja √Bolsatyam shivam bol tu sundaram man mere shiv ki mahima ke gungayeja Man mera mandir shiv meri pooja √ Teri jata se nikli gangaaurganga ne bhishm diya hai Tere bhakto ki shakti ne sare jagatkojeet liya hai Tujhako sab devo ne puja shiv se bada nahi koi duja√Bol satyam shivam bol tu sundaram man mere shiv ki mahima kegungaye ja Man mera mandir shiv meri pooja Shiv se bada nahi koiduja◆◆◆ ShivShaktiTechnologyshivashaktitechnologyShivShaktiTechnologyBhakti shiv amritwani,shiv amritwani audio,shiv stotra, shiv strot, shiv strotraMahamrityunjay mantra Shivaaradhana, Shiv aradhana Lord shivwallpaper, Lord shiva bhajanShiva shakti apps, Shiv chalisa Manta◆◆◆ Download now...