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Nitnem Audio 1.9
'Nitnem Gurbani Audio ' app let you read and listen to'NitnemAudio' on your mobile. You can read Nitnem 'in Hindi' or'inPunjabi' and can read meaning of path while reading or listeningto'Nitnem Audio'. Purpose of this app is to let busy and mobileyounggeneration reconnect with Sikhism and "Gurubani" by readingpath onmobile. We hope that you will find this app useful and andwill useit daily. 'Nitnem Gutka' app - key features: - # Complete'Nitnem'- 7 paths # Select language of your preference:- 'Nitnem inHindi',or 'Nitnem in Punjabi' (Gurmukhi) # Listen to 'NitnemGurbani': - -Seek bar to control audio - move back and forward -Pause buttonwill stop audio and let you play path from where youleft - Stopbutton will stop path completely. If you play again,path willstart from current page - You can go to page of yourchoice usingGO button on top-right corner # Select from 5 themes -Sepia,Classic, White, Black, Silver # Select text sizes of yourchoice #'Read meaning' of each page using Translate option # Rateandprovide your feedback using Feedback option # Read in portraitorlandscape mode # 'Nitnem Audio with Lyrics' Ads: - # Pleasenotethat this app is ad supported # We show ad in non-intrusivemannerso as to not to disturb you during path # For more info:- About 'Nitnem Gurbani': -Nit-Nem(literally Daily Naam) is a collaboration of different banisthatwere designated to be read by Sikhs every day at differenttimes ofthe day. Sikhs read nitnems at Gurdwaras. The Nit-Nembani'susually include the Panj bania (5 bani'below) which are readdailyby baptized Sikhs in the morning between 3:00 am and 6:00 am(thisperiod is considered as Amrit Vela or the Ambrosial Hours)and'Rehras Sahib' in the evening 6pm and 'Kirtan Sohila' at night9pm.1. 'Japji Sahib' (amritvela) 2. 'Jaap Sahib' (amritvela)3.'Tav-Prasad' Savaiye(morning) 4. 'Chaupai Sahib' (morning)5.'Anand Sahib' (All 40 Shabads) (morning) 6. 'RehrasSahib'(evening) 7. 'Kirtan Sohila' (night) The 5 morning Banisareusually recited in the early morning while Rehras is read intheevening (around 6pm.) and Kirtan Sohila is recited justbeforegoing to sleep at night. More prayers may be added to theSikh'sliking. We do hope that you will really like reading/listening toNitnem Path on our app. Thanks.
com.WahegurooNetwork.SundarGutka 5.4.5
Khalsa Sundar Gutka contains the daily and extended SikhPrayersalso known as nitnem. The Sikh scriptures are known asGurbani andwere written by the ten Sikh Gurus. We have tried toinclude manybanis and features to serve the most sangat aspossible. Pleaserespectfully cover your head and remove your shoeswhen using thisapp. Currently included Banis: * Gurmantar * JapJiSahib * ShabadHazare * Jaap Sahib * Shabad Hazare Patshahi 10 *Svaiye * Svaiye(Deenan) * Akaal Ustat Chaupai * Chaupai Sahib (3differentlengths) * Anand Sahib * Basant ki Var * Lavaa * AthChandiChariter * Chandi di Var * Shastar Naam Mala * Asa di Var(Withsaloks) * Rehras (3 different lengths) * Ramkali ki Var*Aarti-Aarta (3 different lengths) * Jaitsri ki Var * SohilaSahib(3 different lengths, including rakhiya de shabad) * Ardas*Bhagauti Astotr * Baarehmaha * Akal Ustat * Salok M:9 *SukhmaniSahib * Sukhmana Sahib * Bavan Akhree * Sidh Gosht *Dhakhni Oankar* Dukh Bhanjani Sahib * Kuchji * Suchji * Gunvanti *BaarehmahaSvaiye * Salok Damale Da (Bani only) * Bhagauti Astotr(PanthParkash/Buddha Dal) * Funhe M:5 * Chaubole * 22 Vars * BhagatBani* Bhatt Svaiye * Raag Mala * Much more... Features: * SelectBanilength (effects Aarti, Rehras, Chaupai and Kirtan Sohila)*Larivaar option * Romanized option * English Translations*Rearrange indexes * Autoscroll * Vishraams * RemindersandNotifications to do bani * Font size and type * BackgroundColors *Manglacharan Positions * Bookmarks * Stay awake in appoption *Works on tablets and phones * More... We welcome any andallsuggestions, corrections and comments! We are here to do yourseva.This Sundar Gutka was originally modeled after the BuddhaDalSundar Gutka, but now includes much more. Banis are the sameasTaksal Sundar Gutka if bani length setting is set to medium(exceptAarti where it is in short mode). Please like us on facebookorfollow us on twitter forupdates! is provided by BaniDB(, the same sourcebehind SikhiToTheMax andother apps. --Daasre
Nitnem 4.2
Nitnem Gutka , ApplicationNit-Nem means Daily Naam isacollaboration of different banis that were designated to be readbySikhs on daily basis. The Nitnem bani's usually include thePanjbania (5 bani's below) which are read daily by baptised Sikhsinthe morning between 3:00 am and 6:00 am (this period isconsideredas Amrit Vela or the Ambrosial Hours) and Rehras Sahib intheevening 6pm and Kirtan Sohila at night 9pm* Japji Sahib*JaapSahib* Tav-Prasad Savaiye* Benti Chaupai* Anand Sahib *RehrasSahib * Kirtan Sohila * Asa Ki Vaar* Sukhmani Sahib* AartiSahibTheNitnem Gutka Application is designed very lite to fit withmost ofdevices,if their is issue with your device compatibilitywith ourapp do mail with your Cells model no and we would lookforward tosort out the same in further version of Nitnem GutkaApp.Withimproved updates now you can read Nitnem in Gumukhi , HindiandEnglish or Romanised version.Sewa By www.gurmatsagar.comIn caseyoufind any spelling mistake kindly mail us like to have your suggestions andfeedback.
Nitnem With Audio (Gutka Sahib) 5.0.4
Read Nitnem Now With No Ads In All Bani's , Please Share This AppIfYou Like Our Efforts Now Read In Night Mode Also Waheguru JiKaKhalsa, Shri Wahguru Ji Ki Fateh ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ , ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕਿ ਫਤਿਹ Read Nitnem Whenever You Want And Whereever You Are.ThisApp Contains: Categories: * Japji Sahib (morning) * JaapSahib(morning) * Tav-Prasad Savaiye(morning) * Chaupai Sahib(morning) *Anand Sahib (morning) * Rehras Sahib (evening) * KirtanSohila(night) * Sukhmani Sahib * Asa di var * Aardas *ShabadHazare*Aarti *Barah Maha * Sikh Status * Sikh Photos*HistoricalGurudwara Bani In Hindi Also Added Key Feature: You CanSee SikhStatus and share on whatsapp Sikh Photos Also IncludedReadGurudwara History You Can Change Font Color : Blue Red GreeMagentaBlack You Can Change Font Style Font1 To Font5 And AlsoShare ThisApp With Your Friends We Make This App Size Small SoEvery MobileUser Can Install This App. The language of thisapplication isPunjabi(Gurmukhi). And Hindi ( Devanagri) PleaseContact Us If YouSpot Any Mistake Or Have Suggestion About ThisApp, Please Give 5 RatingsIf You LikeOur Effort.. Thanks
Sundar Gutka Sahib Audio 1.4
'Gutka Sahib Path' app let you read and listen to 'GutkaSahibAudio' on your mobile. You can read 'Gutka Sahib Path' inHindi orPunjabi and can read meaning of path while reading orlistening to'Gutka Sahib Audio'. Purpose of this app is to let busyand mobileyoung generation reconnect with Sikhism and Gurubani byreadingpath on mobile. We hope that you will find this app usefuland andwill use it daily. Gutka Sahib is a collaboration ofdifferentbanis: • Japji Sahib • Jaap Sahib • Tav-Prasad Savaiye •ChaupaiSahib • Anand Sahib • Rehras Sahib • Kirtan Sohila • Ardas•Sukhmani Sahib • Dukhbhanjani Sahib Gutka Sahib Path app -keyfeatures: - # Select language of your preference:- 'Gutka SahibinHindi', 'Gutka Sahib in Punjabi' (Gurmukhi) # Listen to'GutkaSahib Audio': - - Seek bar to control audio - move back andforward- Pause button will stop audio and let you play path fromwhere youleft - Stop button will stop path completely. If you playagain,path will start from current page # Select from 5 themes -Sepia,Classic, White, Black, Silver # Select text sizes of yourchoice #'Read meaning' of each page using Translate option # Rateandprovide your feedback using Feedback option # Read in portraitorlandscape mode # All controls are 'in English' # 'Gutka SahibAudiowith Lyrics' # Nitnem Audio along with Sukhmani Sahib,DukhBhanjani Sahib and Ardas Ads: - # Please note that this app isadsupported # We show ad in non-intrusive manner so as to nottodisturb you during path Like and share on social media: - #OurGooglePage: # Formoreinfo: -
Sukhmani Sahib Path Audio 1.14
'Sukhmani Sahib Audio' path app let you read and listen to paathonyour mobile. You can read 'Sukhmani Sahib Path' 'in Hindi'','inPunjabi' or 'in English' and can read 'meaning of path'whilereading or listening to 'Sukhmani Sahib Path'. Purpose of thisappis to let busy and mobile young generation reconnect withSikhismand Gurubani by reading path on mobile. We hope that youwill findthis app useful and and will use it daily. 'Sukhmani SahibPath'app - key features: - # Select language of yourpreference:-'Sukhmani Sahib in Hindi' or 'Sukhmani Sahib inPunjabi' (Gurmukhi)or 'Sukhmani Sahib in English' # Listen to'Sukhmani Sahib Audio':- - Seek bar to control audio - move backand forward - Pausebutton will stop audio and let you play pathfrom where you left inlast session - Stop button will stop pathcompletely. If you playagain, path will start from current page -Go to currently playingashtapadee (in Settings >> Audio) -You can go to page ofyour choice using GO button on top-rightcorner # Select from 5themes - Sepia, Classic, White, Black, Silver# Select text sizesof your choice # Read meaning of each page usingTranslate option #Rate and provide your feedback using Feedbackoption # Read inportrait or landscape mode # All controls are 'inEnglish' #'Sukhmani Sahib Audio with Lyrics' Ads: - # Please notethat thisapp is ad supported # We show ad in non-intrusive mannerso as tonot to disturb you during path About 'Sukhmani Sahib Path'Ji: -Shri 'Sukhmani Sahib' is the name given to the set of hymns/path/paath divided into 24 sections which appear in the Sri GuruGranthSahib, the Sikh Holy Scriptures on page 262. Each sectionofSukhmani Sahib, which is called an Ashtpadi(asht means 8),consistsof 8 hymns per Ashtpadi. The word Sukhmani literally meansPeace inyour mind. This set of Hymns or Bani is very popular amongtheSikhs, who frequently recite it in their places of worshipcalledGurdwaras and at home. The full recital takes about 90minutes andis normally undertaken by everyone in the congregation.Accordingto Sikh doctrine, this Bani is believed to bring peace toone'smind and compoundly peace to the world. This set of 192 hymnswerecompiled by the fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev Ji.
Sikh World - Nitnem & Live Gurbani Radio 12.2
Sikh World - Nitnem & Gurbani app is one of the best appforGurbani radio stations streaming online 24/7. Play worldclassradio stations and listen live Kirtan, Katha & Gurbanianytime,anywhere. Listen to your favourite Gurbani radio stationslive andenjoy the best music online. Get all the Banis at one placein thesingle app now with near by Gurudwara finder feature in theapp.Listen live radio streaming from Harmandir Sahib, theGoldenTemple, Amritsar. NITNEM GURBANI: - Single app provide alltheNitnem Bani at one place and very useful for Sikh in daily life.-Option to convert the Bani in English, Hindi andGurmukhilanguages. - Provide following Nitnem Banis in the app: ●Aarti ●Anand Sahib ● Ardas ● Asa Di Vaar ● Barah Mahaa Manj ●Basant kiVar ● Chaupai Sahib ● Dukh Bhanjani Sahib ● Jaap Sahib ●Jap JiSahib ● Kirtan Sohilla ● Raag Maala ● Rahiras Sahib ● ShabadHazare● Shabad Hazare Patshai 10 ● Sukhmani Sahib ● Tav PrasadChaupai ●Tav Prasad Savaiye GURUDWARA FINDER: ● Gurudwara Finder tofindnear by Gurudwaras around your location and also find thedetailedinformation with photos of the places with direction totheGurudwara. ● With the Gurudwara Finder you are now never farfromany Gurudwara whether its a local or historical. SIKHISMREFERENCE:● Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji ● Harmandir Sahib (GoldenTemple) ● AllSikh Gurus with the History ● Detailed info aboutSIKHISM GURBANIRADIO: ● Stylist playback controls to star/stopplayer ● Show nowplaying songs with the artist and otherinformation ● Skip toNext/Previous Radio Station in one click ●Updates stations liveover the air ● Auto reconnection whenconnection fails ● Sharecurrent playing station info with friendsvia Facebook, Twitter,Email and Message LIVE RECORDING: ● You canrecord any of the radiostations that you are listening and playthem back later wheneveryou want ● Great sound quality with softGurbani Kirtan ● Offlineplayer for recorded streaming GURBANI RADIOTIMER: ● Provides sleeptimer option to turn off the radio playingat the given time ●Really useful feature when you want to sleepwith soft music at thegiven time it will stop playing automatically● Radio will stopafter the set time and also show count down timerin the playerscreen GURBANI RADIO ALARM: ● This is a handy tool tobe useful aswakeup Alarm in the morning or anytime and live Gurbaniwill startto play instantly ● Schedule any radio station with thepredefinedtiming and it will provide notification at the given timeand playthe station instantly on starting the app FAVORITES &HISTORY:● Add & Delete stations to Favourites in one step ●Easy accessto play stations without searching them again ● Storerecentlyplayed radio stations in the History for future play ● Easyoptionto play the recently played radio stations ● Saves timeinsearching for the previously played stations We areSHOUTcastpartner and we respect their work. If you want to supportus orlisten to radio stations from PC, please visitwebsite If you have any other questions,feelfree to contact us via email:
Sukhmani Sahib - With Audio 1.7.3
Sikh Studio
Sukhmani Sahib is the name given to the set of hymns divided into24sections which appear in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, on ang 262.Eachsection, which is called an Ashtpadi(asht means 8), consistsof 8hymns per Ashtpadi. The word Sukhmani literally meansTreasure(Mani) of Peace (Sukh). This App has following features.SukhmaniSahib Path in Gurmukhi Audio with clear sound. Audio can beplayedin background mode. Direct navigation to any Ashtpadi(section)Change Font Size (Small, Normal, Large, Huge) Chage FontStyle(Slim or Thick) Night Mode (ON or OFF)
Gurbani Searcher 13.0.3
Gurbani is the Light to illuminate this world; by His Grace,itcomes to abide within the mind. ||1|| Attention: Pleaseuse"Gurmukhi Keyboard" along with this application for typing-inthequeries in Gurmukhi. Searches Gurbani from SGGS, Vaaran andKabitSavaiye Bhai Gurdas Ji. It also supports search from DasamGranth.Recently added support for searching gurmukhi shabad from"ShabadKosh". It supports fuzzy search and is tolerant tospellingmistakes. One can add the shabad search results infavorites andcan tag them. Organize the favorites, export them forfuturereference and import them as required. Choose different fontsfromthe provided list. Can opt to display gurbani in Hindiandenable/disable the english translation and many more.Theapplication also provides "Live Kirtan" from a variety ofonlinecontent (channel) provider. This feature needsinternetconnectivity. One can listen to divine kirtans at theconvenienceof hand-held device any where, any time. The applicationalsoprovides Sikh Jantri (both original nanakshai and the onepublishedby SGPC). The reminders for important events are popedasnotification. One can modify the event definition or createhis/herown events as desired. Please use Gurmukhi Keyboard to workwithapplication. The keyboard will automatically toggle toGurmukhimode. Important: Please use second Query option i.e.AppendTrailing wildcard(*) if you face performance issues andappend awildcard at the beginning if search string is in themiddle.Following features are supported - Gurbani Search on SGGS,Vaaran,Kabit Savaiye, Bhai Gurdas Ji, Dasam Granth. - SunderGutka,Nitnem, Granth, jaapji shaib, Jap shaib, anand shaib. RehrasShaib- Jantri or Sikh Calendar - Live Kirtan Radio - Shabad Kosh,MahanKosh, Gurbani Kosh. Regards, -Surinder Pal Singh
Japji Sahib Path Audio 4.2
'Japji Sahib Path' app let you read and listen to 'JapjiSahibAudio' on your mobile. You can read 'Japji Sahib Path' inHindi orPunjabi and can read meaning of path while reading orlistening to'Japji Sahib Audio'. Purpose of this app is to let busyand mobileyoung generation reconnect with Sikhism and Gurubani byreadingpath on mobile. We hope that you will find this app usefuland andwill use it daily. Japji Sahib Path app - key features: - #Selectlanguage of your preference:- 'Japji Sahib in Hindi', 'JapjiSahibin Punjabi' (Gurmukhi) or 'Japji Sahib in English' # Listento'Japji Sahib Audio': - - Seek bar to control audio - move backandforward - Pause button will stop audio and let you play pathfromwhere you left - Stop button will stop path completely. If youplayagain, path will start from current page - You can go to pageofyour choice using GO button on top-right corner # Select from5themes - Sepia, Classic, White, Black, Silver # Select textsizesof your choice # 'Read meaning' of each page using Translateoption# Rate and provide your feedback using Feedback option # Readinportrait or landscape mode # All controls are 'in English' #'JapjiSahib Audio with Lyrics' Ads: - # Please note that this appis adsupported # We show ad in non-intrusive manner so as to nottodisturb you during path Like and share on social media: - #OurGooglePage: # Likeuson Facebook: - # Formoreinfo: - About 'Japji Sahib' Ji: -JapjiSahib Path, which appears at the beginning of Sikh Holy Book,ismost recited path in Gurbani/ Nitnem and is recited everymorningby Sikhs all over the world. It's sacred hymn of Godcomposed byGuru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Sikh guru. It is written insutra ormantra form and consists of Mool Mantra as the beginningfollowedby 38 hymns and a final Salok and elaborates all the basicteachingof Guru Nanak i.e. basic concept of Sikhism: devotionalworship,the concept of creation.
iGranth Gurbani Search 5.3
Kirpa Apps
iGranth is a Gurbani Searcher app that let's you search SGGS,BhaiGurdas Ji Varaan, read Nitnem Banis and SGGS.
Sundar Gutka (Damdami Taksal)
Sundar Gutka (Damdami Taksal) contains all the Gurbani(SikhPrayers)-with optional color coded vishraams (pauses)- oftheDamdami Taksal Sundar Gutka, Nitnem Gutka, and more. Bani hasbeenreviewed by scholars of the Taksal. Works on phone and tablet.VERYSMALL Download Size. Less than 3MB. Color Coded Vishraams(Pauses)Orange - vishraam (long pause) Green - jamki (short pause)Sewa ofadding Vishraams and proofreading Bani was performed byBabaDarshan Singh (Mallehwal), student of Sant Giani GurbachanSingh Ji(Bhindranwale). Warning - App contains Dasam Bani (Bani ofSri GuruGobind Singh Ji Maharaj) "...not recommended for thefearful" -Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale Bani from Damdami TaksalGutka(Prayer Book): Japji Sahib Jaap Sahib Tav Prasad SwayayChaupaiSahib Anand Sahib Rehras Sahib Kirtan Sohila Sukhmani SahibAsa DiVaar ... Gurbani from Khalsa Sundar Gutka (Budda Dal):-Rehras-Aarti Aarta -Ardas -Chandi Charitar Ustat -Slok Dumally Da(fullversion) -Brahm Kavach -Bhagauti Ustotar -Ugardanti -KarniNama-Shastar Naam Mala -Khalsa Mool Mantar -Khalsa Rehitnama ...BaniFrom Hazuri Das Granthi (Prepared by Giani Hardeep Singh -FormerHead Granthi of Takhat Sri Hazur Sahib and Student of SantKartarSingh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale): -Akal Ustat -Bachittar Natak-ChandiCharittar -Chandi Di Vaar -Gian Parbodh -Khalsa Mehma -33Swayay-16 Swayay -Barah Maha (Dasam Granth) -Rehras -Aarti -Sohila...Some of the features of the app include: -Color codedvishraams-Change text alignment -Lareevar option -Ability to changefontsize and font -Bani can be read in Hindi -Change backgroundcolor-Indexed for quick scrolling -Custom bookmarking allowed-FullScreen Mode -Custom List option -Rearrange bani *Bonus*Moolmantarby Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale If anyone would liketo make anyrequests or has any questions please leave a comment andwe willrespond accordingly. Tags Gurbani Apps, Gurbani, Sikhi,Sikhism,Sikh Prayer Book App, Nitnem, Bani
Sikh World 30.0
"Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh" We have createdthisApplication to make people aware about Sikhs and Sikhism. Ouraimis to spread Sikhism teachings and educate people onSikhism.Features of the Sikh World app 1) Read about Sikhism. 2)Read andlisten daily morning and evening Hukamnama/ Katha ofDailyHukamnama/ Sangrand Hukamnama from Sri Darbar Sahib(GoldenTemple), Amritsar. 3) Listen Live Kirtan from Sri DarbarSahib(Golden Temple), Amritsar 4) Read and Listen Sri Guru GranthSahibJi. 5) Dasamgranth in Gurmukhi 6) Read and listen Nitnem andotherGurbanis. 7) Recorded Kirtan, Katha and Banis from variousRaagis8) Gurdwaras detail in Gurmukhi/English 9) Sakhis of allGurus inGurmukhi/Hindi/English 10) Sikh Personalities inEnglish/Gurmukhi11) Sikh Terms 12) Sikh Jantari Read and listenNitnem- Listen inGurmukhi, Hindi and English Japji Sahib, JaapSahib, Tav PrasadSavaiye, Anand Sahib, Rehraas Sahib, ChaupaiSahib, Kirtan SohilaOther Gurbanis Sukhmani Sahib, Dukh bhanjaniSahib, Asa Di Vaar,Shabad Hazaray, Barah Maahaa Maanjh, Artee,Salok Mahala 9, AkalUstat, Laavan, Barahmah Tukhari and ArdasKirtan/Shabads/Videosfrom various Raagis Katha by Sant MaskeenSingh ji, Pinderpal SinghJi, Giani Thakur Singh ji and more SriGuru Granth Sahib ji--------------- - Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji inGurmukhi, Hindi andEnglish - Vyakhya of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji -Audio of Sri GuruGranth Sahib ji pages-wise - Dasamgranth Sahib inGurmukhi andEnglish Information on all India and Pakistan GurdwarasinEnglish/Gurmukhi - Five (5) Takhats - Punjab - Delhi - Bihar-Himachal Pradesh - Maharashtra - Rest of India - PakistanReadabout Sikhism related personalities in English and Gurmukhi-Gurbani Contributors - Sikh Martyrs - Sikh Warriors -OtherReligious Personalities - Sikh Women Read aboutSikhsimPersonalities of the Period of 18th & 19th Century-MaharajaRanjit Singh - Jassa Singh Ahluwalia - Jassa SinghRamgarhia -General Hari Singh Nalwa - Akali Phoola Singh and manymore... Wehave also added information and Sakhis about our "GreatGurus". Youcan read information about Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji SriGuru Angad DevJi Sri Guru Amar Das Ji Sri Guru Ram Das Ji Sri GuruArjan Dev JiSri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Sri Guru Harrai Ji Sri GuruHarkrishanSahib Ji Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji Sri Guru Gobind SinghJi SikhJantari - Historical dates in Sikhism -Sangrand/Masayadates/Puranmashi Dates Sakhis - All Gurus SakhisinGurmukhi/English/Hindi - Baba Deep Singh/Bhai ManiSingh/BandaSingh Bahadur Sikh Terms - Read alphabetically Termsmeanings whichis normally used in Sikh Religion Disclaimer-----------------SikhWorld is a free, non-commercial and religiousapp thatnaturally comes with no warranty, guarantee and any sortofobligation from provider side. The contents (for exampleimages,audio/videos files) included in Sikhworld are freelyavailable onthe Internet. If you own any of the content and do notwantSikhWorld to use send us an email at wewill try to remove the same in the next release ofSikhWorld."Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh"
All Nitnem Gurbani 1.0
Sahib Tibba
All Nitnem Gurbani , ApplicationNit-Nem means Daily Naam isacollaboration of different banis that were designated to be readbySikhs on daily basis. The Nitnem bani's usually include thePanjbania (5 bani's below) which are read daily by baptised Sikhsinthe morning between 3:00 am and 6:00 am (this period isconsideredas Amrit Vela or the Ambrosial Hours) and Rehras Sahib intheevening 6pm and Kirtan Sohila at night 9pmAll Nitnem GurbaniHave 3Language ( Punjabi , Hindi, English)Select Color For GurbaniLetterAnd Background * Japji Sahib* Anand Sahib * Rehras Sahib *KirtanSohila * Asa Ki Vaar* Sukhmani Sahib* Aarti Sahib* ShabadHazare*Lawan Suhi Mhala 4* Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Online)*DailyMukhwaak (Hukamnama) Darbar Sahib AmritsarSukhmani SahibSelect ByAsstpdee And Much MoreThe Nitnem Gurbani Application isdesignedvery lite to fit with most of devices,if their is issuewith yourdevice compatibility with our app do mail with your Cellsmodel noand we would look forward to sort out the same in furtherversionof Nitnem App.With improved updates now you can read NitneminGumukhi , Hindi and English or Romanised version.SewaBywww.sahiblive.comIn case you find any spelling mistake kindlymailus at: would like to have yoursuggestionsand feedback
Japji Sahib With Audio 1.7
Japji Sahib consists of the Mool Mantra as the beginning followedby38 hymns and a final Salok at the end of this composition. It isafamous and concise summary of Sikh philosophy. This app allowstoread japji sahib path in three differentlanguagegurmukhi(punjabi), hindi and english. Purpose of this appis to letbusy and mobile young generation reconnect with SikhismandGurubani by reading path on gadgets like mobile and tablets. Itisa first path in nitnem. **FEATURES** *JAPJI SAHIB READINGWITHAUDIO PLAY *JAPJI SAHIB IN GURMUKHI(PUNJABI), HINDI ANDENGLISHLANGUAGES *JAPJI SAHIB IS FREE FOR DOWNLOAD *READ INVERTICLE ANDHORIZONTAL CONTINOUS MODE *LIGHT WEIGHT AND FAST*BEAUTIFUL AND EYECATCHING UI *VERY EASY TO BE USE *USER CAN ZOOMIN OR OUT WHILEREADING *USER CAN DOWNLOAD OUR OTHER APPS
Gurbani Ringtones 1.7
Racy Infotech
This app contain best collection of Shabad Gurbani ringtones likeekonkar,amrit kirtan, lakh khushian patshahian, sat sri akal,satnamwaheguru, waheguru simran, tu prabh data and otherGurbaniringtones. Also you get best collection of Guru Nanak DevJiwallpapers. All these ringtones are free ones you downloadthisapp. APP FEATURES : ★ This is a free app. ★ Good quality audio.★Set as a ringtone. ★ Set as a wallpaper. ★ Work Offline.
Amrit Kirtan Pro 1.8
All for free, no annoying advertisements! Works for PhonesandTablets Amrit Kirtan is a collection of shabads (verses) whicharetraditionally sung by Raggis in the Sikh congregations from: -SriGuru Granth Sahib Ji - Sri Dasam Granth Ji - Bhai Gurdas ji’sKabit- Vaaran by Bhai Gurdas Ji - Bhai Nand Lal Ji Kabit AmritKirtanPothi is used by Raagis to perform Kirtan and can be used byanySikh devotee/ enthusiast to learn & understand Gurbani anditselaboration in the compositions of Bhai Gurdas and Bhai NandLalji. The application allows you to search any shabad byjustentering initials of the shabad with space and allows inputsusingEnglish translation and transliteration. It allows you tosearch byAmrit Kirtan page number, by shabad or simply browse 113chaptersand pages from 65 - 1017 pages. This digital version alsoincludecomplete Sri Guru Granth Sahib Sahib, Sri Dasam GranthSahib, BhaiGurdas Ji, Bhai Nand Lal ji bani. App also allows you tobookmarkyour favorite shabads by tapping the star icon or email asPDF toanyone you want. Guru Arjun Dev Ji emphasized the importanceofKirtan in one's life in the following words: " Har keertansune,Har keertan gaave. Tis jan dookh, nikat na aave." This is thefirstversion for Android. Please use the feedback form to sendyourfeedback/experience so that we can make it better. Frequentupdateswill be provided for Shabad database and other features. AsadiVaar is now separately available. All Shabads from Sri GuruGranthSahib Sahib, Sri Dasam Granth Sahib, Bhai Gurdas Ji, BhaiNand Lalji now included. Many more features are in development. Wewill beuploading Video user guide for the App soon on
Nitnem With Audio 3.8.6
"Dhur Ki Baani" includes Nitnem,SGGS,Dasam granth,shabadsearch,livekirtan.
Nitnem with Audio 1.1.2
Nitnem is a collaboration of different banis that were designatedtobe read by Sikhs every day. The Nitnem bani\'s usually includethePanj bania (5 bani\'s below) and sometimes Rehiras Sahib andKirtanSohila. The following Banis are normally read by practisingSikhsevery day: # Japji Sahib # Jaap Sahib # Tav-Prasad Swaiye #ChaupaiSahib # Anand Sahib # Rehras Sahib # Kirtan Sohila Thefirst 5 Banisare usually recited in the early morning whileRehiras is read inthe evening around 6pm. Kirtan Sohila is citedjust before going tosleep at night. ## New Features Added ## (1)Fullscreen mode added.(See the top toolbar) (2) Night mode featureadded. (See the Bottomtoolbar) (3) Resume audio paath featureadded: now you can resumeaudio paath from where you stopped. (4)Audio Paath paused onincoming call even the app is in background.(5) Audio Paath stopswhen another audio player/app plays theaudio. Key Features of theapp: 1) This app is developed usinglatest android meterial design.2) One can listen to path usingsoft keys(Play, Pause or Stop). 3)Meaning of the path on everypage. 4) One can change the text size(i.e. increase or decrease)within app. 5) One can select applanguage from Gurmukhi and Hindi.6) One can share this app withfriends and family. 7) Themes: Usercan change theme. 8) One canchange the bani at every page from theleft side option. The designof app is very simple. We hope youwill like our app. Please sharewith your friends and family.Please support us by clicking on theads shown in the app. Pleaserate us and if you have any feedback orsuggestion, you can contactus via
Shabads By Bhai Harjinder Singh Sri Nagar Wale 13.48
By the almighty God'd Grace this App contains more than 500+Audio& Video Shabads of Panth Rattan Bhai Harjinder Singh JiSriNagar Wale. Listed below are the features covered in app: ☬ Easetoplay/pause audio from notification bar and lock screen as well.☬Search Shabads by typing keyword of shabad easily. ☬ Addyourfavorite shabad to bookmark list for quick access.☬Increase/decrease sound with 1 touch. ☬ Simple and userfriendlyUser Interface. ☬ Search any other shabad while listening.☬ Appsupports 4.4 to Latest Android OS. ☬ Share app easily withothers.☬ Quickly jump to all or your liked shabads list. ☬ WatchVideo ofshabad or Add it to Favorite List to quickly access it.GurbaniShabads contained in this app are sikh religious hymns.About BhaiSahib Ji: Bhai Harjinder Singh (b. 1958) is a well knownragi andis recognised by most Sikhs globally. Bhai sahib hasbeenperforming kirtan from a very young age and is self-taught.Hismission is to unite all Sikhs worldwide to the Guru's paththroughhis special style of Shabad kirtan. Bhai Harjinder Singh istheelder brother of Bhai Maninder Singh; they are bothexceptionalvocalist and very able harmonium player. For almostthree decadesthe jatha has enlightened Guru-ki-sangat in all partsof the world.Bhai sahib was honored with Panth Rattan at Sri AkalTakhat Sahibat Golden Temple - Darbar Sahib [Sri Harmandir Sahib],AmritsarSahib. Future Perspectives of app: Japji Sahi, Jaap Sahib,RehrasSahib, Kirtan Sohila, Sukhmani Sahib, Shlok mehla 9 (SalokMehlaNauvan), Aarti and Ardas. Bhai ji's Facebook page, RecordedNitnemaudio/ Sundar Gutka / Sankat Mochan Shabads. Album wiseshabads inapp. If you like this app Rate 5 star🌹 and put realreviews. Yourreviews will spread this app on play store.Disclaimer: This app isnot an official app of Bhai Sahib Ji. It wasdeveloped by one ofthe Fan of Bhai Sahib Ji.
Best Gurbani App - Nitnem, & Sukhmani Sahib 1.0.3
Free Gurbani App By Webforless Media Inc. CanadaOptimizedfordisplay to consume less device battery by using light fontsoverdark background.ContainsNitnem* Japji Sahib* Jaap Sahib*Tav-PrasadSavaiye* Benti Chaupai* Anand Sahib * Rehras Sahib *Kirtan SohilaAnd* Sukhmani Sahib* Shabad Hazaray* ArdasThe languageof thisapplication is Punjabi(Gurmukhi). please let us know aboutmistakes@ Sponsored by Bobby Nagra,DestinyLimousine LTD and MyLimousine RideService Ltd https://www.mylimoride.comThanks!
Live Kirtan Harmandir Sahib 3.2
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, Listen Live KirtanfromSri Darbar Sahib Amritsar. Please note that the applicationusescontent which is freely available over the internet. If you ownanyof the content which is being used by this app and do not wantthisapp to use the same, please send us an and we will immediately remove thesame.Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
Nitnem (ਨਿਤਨੇਮ) - Sundar Gutka 25.0
● Connect with Gurbani through “Nitnem – Sundar Gutka” ●Throughautomatic notifications, you can read the Inspirational andGurbanirelated quotes. ● Apart from Nitnem, app also featuringKhalsaNitnem (Budha Dall), Das Granthi Hazuri & other banis aswell.● Listen to Nitnem's audio to help drop your stress andanxiety,and discover a lasting calm that comes from within. ●ReadHarmandir Sahib Hukamnama daily in 5 different languages inappdashboard. ● Japji Sahib Gurbani counter too appendedwhichincrements every time you do it. ● Apart from Gurmukhi, NitnemAppis now available in 2 other languages: English & Hindi.
Rehras Sahib Path Audio 1.7
'Rehras Sahib Path' android app let you read and listen to'RehrasSahib' on your mobile. Read 'Rehras Sahib in Hindi' &Punjabi.Also read meaning of 'Rehras Sahib' while reading andlistening iton 'Rehras Sahib Path' app. Shri 'Rehras Sahib Path' isthe eveningprayer of the Sikhs. It is recited at the end of aworking day. Itspurpose is to add energy to one's being and livingenvironments. Itis intended to help with physical weakness andfeelings ofhopelessness, unsuccessful-ness or worthlessness. FivedifferentGurus contributed to the evening prayer Guru Nanak Dev Ji,GuruAmar Das Ji, Guru Ram Das Ji, Guru Arjan Dev ji and GuruGobindSingh Ji. Each one enlightens another aspect of God. TheBentiChaupai (also known as 'Chaupai Sahib Path' is Guru GobindSinghJi's personal prayer for protection and is said to liberatethesoul. It is related to the element of water. This evening Baniisrecited by many Sikhs after a hard days work. When feelingtired,Sikhs, upon returning to home, have a wash and change intotheirindoor clothing and then together with the rest of theirfamilyrecite this Bani. The recitation of 'Rehras Sahib' addsenergy toyour body and mind. It allows you to conclude the day andthank theAlmighty for the completion of another successful day. Theversespeaks of the greatness of Waheguru and the ways in whichonesactions will assist in attaining spiritual elevation. ThisBaniassists the person when he or she is weakphysically,orfinancial,or with any other material and earthlymatters. When youfeel hopeless, unsuccessful or worthless, it willelevate youmentally and give you a fresh and positive view ofthings. 'ChaupaiSahib Path', which forms a part of Rehiras Sahib,is a Baniattributed to Guru Gobind Singh Ji. 'Chaupai Sahib Path',that is apersonal prayer for physical and mental protection. Itwill alsohelp liberate the mind and soul. We do hope that you willreallylike reading/ listening to Rehras Sahib on our app. Thanks.
Shabad Gurbani Songs, Kirtan, Path & Nitnem 1.0.19
Shabad Gurbani Songs, Kirtan, Path & Nitnem 2018 - appincludesShabad, Gurbani, Kirtan, Path, Nitnem and Simran. ShabadGurbani -is the term used by Sikhs to refer to any compositions ofthe SikhGurus. Gurbani is composed of two words: 'Gur' meaning 'theGuru's'and 'bani' meaning 'word'. God`s Word mediated through theGurus orWord on which the Gurus had put their seal. A hugecollection ofShabad, Gurbani, Kirtan, Path and Simran.Thisapplication the bestlistens "Shabad Gurbani Songs". 'Japji' is auniversal song of Godcomposed by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder ofthe Sikh faith. SikhDharmik Songs Punjabi Bhakti Geet Japji SahibDa Path Sikh GurusMovies Chaupai Sahib Path Guru Granth SahibKirtan Guru Nanak DevJi Shabad Punjabi Gurbani Songs Katha GurbaniAmrit Kiran SongsGuru Gobind Singh Ji Shabad Bhai Chamanjit SinghLal GurudwaraSongs Sukhmani Sahib Path Anand Sahib Path LatestShabad 2018Punjabi Devotional Songs New Punjabi Gurbani 2018Waheguru SimranBhai Sukhdev Singh Hukamnama KathaSikh ReligiousSongs Old ShabadKirtan Bhai Harjinder Singh Shabad Gurbani NitnemA-Z Sikh MusicBhai Deshdeep Singh Songs Radha Soami Shabad RehrasSahib Path DukhBhanjani Sahib Kirtan Amrit Kirtan Shared NewPunjabi ShabadGurbani Bhai Guriqbal Singh Ji Songs Non Stop KirtanBhai JaskaranSingh Shabad Khalsa Songs 2018 Radha Soami ShabadNirmolak GurbaniBhai Jaswant Singh Ji Bhai Amarjit Singh RehrasSahib Giani TarsemSingh Moranwali Bhai Gagandeep Singh Sant SinghJi Maskeen BhaiOnkar Singh Shabad Gurbani Guruwise: * Guru AmarDasji * GuruAngadji * Guru Arjan Dev Ji * Guru Gobind Singhji *Guru HarKrishanji * Guru Har Raiji * Guru Nanak Devji * Guru RamDasji *Guru Tegh Bahadurji Shabad Gurbani Singer Spl - Audio andVideo inthe voice of : * Bhai Amajit Singh * Bhai Gurpreet Singh *BhaiJoginder Singh Riar * Bhai jujhar Singh * Bhai Kuldeep Singhji*Bhai Harinath Singh Sodhi * Bhai Mehtab Singh * Bhai SatinderSinghSarang * Bhai Tajinder Singh Khanne wale * Bibi Gurmeet Kaur *SantBaba Ranjit Singh Disclaimer: - The content provided in thisapp ishosted by YouTube and is available in public domain. We donotupload any videos to YouTube or not showing any modifiedcontent.This app provided the organized way to select songs andwatchvideos.
Shabad Gurbani - ਗੁਰਬਾਣੀ ਸ਼ਬਦ All audios working now
App covers almost every famous artist/ragi/kathavachak. Some ofthemare listed as follows: Ajeet and Seva ,Ajeet Kaur ,AjeetKhalsa,Ajit Kaur ,Akal Takht Sangeet Sabha ,Akhand Path ,Alaap,AlexiaChellun ,Amandeep Singh ,Amar Kapoor M.D. ,Amarjeet Singh,AmritKirtan ,Anahata Choir ,Ananda Khanda ,Anandmurti Gurumaa,AnantvirSingh (AKJ) ,Anhad ,Annki Har Dyal Kaur ,Anuradha Paudwal,ArchanaKaur ,Asha Bhosle,Bhai Gurpreet Singh (Shimla) ,BhaiGurpreet SinghPrince (NKJ Gurdaspur) ,Bhai Gursewak Singh (NKJGurdaspur) ,BhaiGursharan Singh (Damdami Taksal) ,Bhai GursharanSingh (NKJGurdaspur) ,Bhai Gurupreet Singh etc. A lot of goodcollection ofgurbani shabads covered in this app. This isbasically a sikhismreligion related app but any one can installand listen of hymnssung by various artists, singers, kathavachaks,Dadhi, kavi, ragisahib and various singers from all over theworld. This app alsocovers : Akhand path audio path, sukhmanisahib, nitnem with katha,vaikhya of Japji sahib, jaap sahib,chaupai sahib, tav prasad svaiye, sukhmani sahib audio, dadhivaaran , sikh ardas , anand sahib pathwith audio , Sri Guru Granthsahib path vaikhya etc. A counting ofaround 1.25 lakh audioscovered in this app. 1.25 lakh in punjabi wecall Sva Lakh. Popularartists like : Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji(Srinagar wale), Latamangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Anuradha paudwal andvarious popularartists are included as well. The name of app asmentioned is SvaLakh Gurbani Shabads or we can say swa lakh means1.25 lakh incounting. This app has : Punjabi Shabad Kirtan AkhandPath (GuruGranth Sahib Ji) Complete Audio, Kirtan to download (innextversions soon) Live Gurbani 24*7 History of Sikhism/ SikhGurusGurbani mp3 files. All audios of Sikh World application GuruNanakDev Ji & Guru Gobind Singh Ji Shabads. SikhGuru-SikhHistory-Sikh Religion will be live in next version of thisapp verysoon. Nearby Gurudwaras feature is on it s way.
SikhNet Gurbani Media Center 2.6
Access the largest collection of Gurbani Kirtan! Over 35,000Gurbaniaudio tracks from over 1000 musicians, streamed to A "MUST HAVE" app for anyone who enjoys Gurbani.UserComments: ★★★★★ "Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! This app bringstheabsolute richest Sikh content ever to mobile. Best money Ieverspent on any app, EVER. Get the app NOW" ★★★★★ "It's amazingbeingable to access the HUGE amount of Gurbani audio through thisapp.Best $ I have spent in a LONG TIME. I can't believe peoplecomplainabout the fee to get this app." ★★★★★ "This app is so cool.I useit when I teach Kundalini Yoga classes. Especially traveling.I canfind all the mantras I need for meditation & kriyas evenif Idon’t have the music already on my phone or iPod andbeautifulmusic for deep relaxation as well." ★★★★★ "I am soimpressed I feltcompelled to write a review. Easy to use, quick,finds Shabads andArtists instantly, and English translation comesup automatically!Thank you so much SikhNet!" SUPPORT PROVIDED BY:The SikhNetGurbani Media Center app is now available for FREEthanks to thegenerous support of Avtar Singh Dhamija, of AkalEngineers andConsultants Ltd, Canada. SikhNet thanks Avtar Singhfor hisincredible enthusiasm to help the GMC app reach as manypeople aspossible. FEATURES: ✔ GURBANI LYRICS - Display of Gurbanitext ofthe shabad that is currently playing. For most audio youwillautomatically see the Gurbani text and have the option todisplayEnglish translation, Spanish translation or transliterationaswell. ✔ SIKHNET RADIO - 28+ channels of Gurbani Radio fromSikhNet& Live Gurdwaras around the world. Filter Gurdwarachannels toonly show "Live Now" or add to favorites. ✔ CREATE YOUROWNPLAYLISTS - You can create and listen to your own customselectionof audio easily by adding any track to a playlist youcreate. Youcan edit the name, reorder tracks and remove tracks inyour customplaylist all within the app. ✔ FEATURED PLAYLISTS - Wehave puttogether a nice selection of pre-setup playlists with musicthatyou can quickly choose from (nitnem, sleep music, simran,etc).This updates automatically as we add more playlists. ✔ BROWSEBYARTIST - You can browse or search through all the artists intheGurbani Media center & view/listen to audio by thatparticularartist or their albums. Save particular artist tofavorites forquick access. ✔ SEEK/JUMP THROUGH STREAMING AUDIO bydragging thescrubbing bar. ✔ BROWSE BY SHABADS - Quickly searchthrough all theaudio tracks in the Gurbani Media Center to find& listen toshabads by any name. ✔ SETTINGS - Customize theGurbani Lyrics thatdisplay for audio.. ✔ AUTO UPDATE - As moretracks are added to theSikhNet servers all the new Gurbani addedwill show up in your app.✔ CONTINUOUS PLAY - You can shuffle yourplaylists & randomizemost any of the audio you are listening toeasily as well as setplayer to repeat tracks or playlists over andover. ✔ Over 30,000Gurbani audio tracks available to stream SikhNetextends its thanksto the Sikh Spirit Foundation, whose grantsupported thedevelopment of the Gurbani Media Center App forAndroid. SikhNethas helped connect the world-wide Sikh communitythrough theInternet since 1995. We are a platform for people toeasily connectwith the heart and wisdom of the Guru and with eachother. Visit uson-line at: SUPPORT: Have aproblem with theapp or want to share a suggestion? Email
Sundar Gutka Minor Bug Fixing.
Features of this Sundar GutkaApp..************************************* 1. When you openapplication,it contains index of the Banis. More than 31 Banisadded in thisapp namely: ਜਪੁਜੀ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਜਾਪ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਸ਼ਬਦ ਹਜ਼ਾਰੇ ਸਵੱਯੇ(ਸ੍ਰਾਵਗ ਸੁੱਧਸਮੂਹ) ਸੱਵਯੇ (ਦੀਨਨ ਕੀ ਪ੍ਰਤਿਪਾਲ) ਚੋਪਈ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਅਨੰਦ ਸਾਹਿਬਅਕਾਲ ਉਸਤਤਿਰਹਿਰਾਸ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਅਰਦਾਸ ਸੋਹਿਲਾ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਚੰਡੀ ਦੀ ਵਾਰ (ਹਜ਼ੂਰੀ)ਕੁਚੱਜੀ ਸੁਚੱਜੀਗੁਣਵੰਤੀ ਫੁਨਹੇ ਮਹਲਾ ੫ ਚਉਬੋਲੇ ਮਹਲਾ ੫ ਸ਼ਸਤ੍ਰ ਨਾਮ ਮਾਲਾ ਆਸਾਦੀ ਵਾਰ ਸੁਖਮਨੀਸਾਹਿਬ ਆਰਤੀ ਲਾਵਾਂ ਬਾਰਹ ਮਾਹਾ ਮਾਂਝ ਬਾਰਹ ਮਾਹਾ ਸਵੈਯਾ ਸਲੋਕਮਹਲਾ ੯ ਸੁਖਮਨਾਸਾਹਿਬ ਬਾਵਨ ਅਖਰੀ ਸਿਧ ਗੋਸਟਿ ਦਖਣੀ ਓਅੰਕਾਰੁ ਦੁਖ ਭੰਜਨੀ ਸਾਹਿਬਸਲੋਕ ਦੁਮਾਲੇਦਾ (ਬਾਨੀ) ਬਚਿਤ੍ਰ ਨਾਟਕ ਚੰਡੀ ਚਰਿਤ੍ਰ ੧ ਬਾਰਹ ਮਾਹਾ (ਫਾਗਨ)ਬਾਰਹ ਮਾਹਾ(ਪ੍ਰੇਮ ਛਕੀ) ਆਰਤੀ (ਹਜ਼ੂਰੀ) ਸੋਹਿਲਾ (ਹਜ਼ੂਰੀ) ਉਗ੍ਰਦੰਤੀ (ਹਜ਼ੂਰੀ)ਭਗਉਤੀਅਸਤੋਤ੍ਰ (ਹਜ਼ੂਰੀ) ਬ੍ਰਹਮ ਕਵਚ (ਹਜ਼ੂਰੀ) ਲੱਖੀ ਜੰਗਲ ਸਿਖੀ ਰਹਿਤ ਗਿਆਨਪਰਬੋਧਖਾਲਸਾ ਮਹਿਮਾ ੩੩ ਸਵੈਯੇ (ਹਜ਼ੂਰੀ) ੧੬ ਸਵੈਯੇ 2. When you open to readbanifirst time the application contain white background with blacktextcolor. You can: ❆ Set Fonts ❆ Set Text size and color ❆ SetThemes❆ Enable/ Disable Larivaar (continous reading without spaces)❆Setting Full screen mode. This Sundar Gutka application hasbeencreated with beautiful design and of course very easy to use.3.All Sundar Gutka Audio Banis are free for download and streamingasmp3s. Also Listen Correct Gurbani Santheya from GianiSukhjinderSingh ji (Damdmi Taksal) Jatha Amritsar. 4. Bani Counter: Its adigital version of Simrana that helps count simran. Note:Pleaserespectfully cover your head and remove your shoes whileusing thisapp. App is Available for all devices that are runningAndroiduntil the last release without exception.
Dhadrianwale Kirtan online (Video Kirtan) 16.0
Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh. This application isforthe sangat want to listen kirtan of Bhai Ranjit SinghjiDhadrianwale. → We will provide you ❤ Good quality audio. ❤Fullkatha and main topics.❤ Daily new katha.❤ High speedbuffering.❤Notification when added video.❤ Different section forfavoritevideos.User reviews for Dhadrianwale app:● Dr AmrinderSingh kaler:"Nice app✔👌"● Jagtar Singh: "ਬਹੁਤ ਵਧੀਅਾ"● GurpreetSingh: "Best Appfor online kirtans"● Nav Deep: "Very Beneficialapp"● BalkarnSingh: "Very nyc ji App"● Jagmohan Singh: "Anand ji"●Nirpal Singh:"Very Very helpful"● Mehar Singh: "Exelant" ღ Pleasegive 5 starreview to our app.
Gurbani Ringtones New Best 1.0.6
APP FEATURES: ★ Best collection of high definitionGurbaniringtones. ★ 22 Beautiful collection of God Shri GuruNanakdev& Shri Guru Govind Singh high definition wallpapers. ★22different high definition Gurbani ringtones audio tracks. ★Showcurrent & total time with title of current Gurbaniringtones. ★Set the current ringtones as Phone ringtone. ★ Set thecurrentringtones as Alarm tone. ★ Set the current ringtones asContactringtone. ★ Set the current ringtones as Notification tone.★ Setthe current wallpaper on device screen background. ★ Automaticstopand continue music during phone calls. ★Previous/Play/Pause/Nextoptions available for audio. ★ App can bemoved to SD Card. GurbaniRingtones New Best app is the collectionof high definition GodShri Guru Nanakdev ringtones and wallpapers.Guru Nanak (1469 –1539) was the founder of Sikhism and the first ofthe ten SikhGurus. His birth is celebrated world-wide as Guru NanakGurpurab onKartik Pooranmashi, the full-moon day in the month ofKatak,October–November. Guru Nanak has been called "one of thegreatestreligious innovators of all time". He travelled far andwideteaching people the message of one God who dwells in every oneofHis creations and constitutes the eternal Truth. He set up auniquespiritual, social, and political platform based onequality,fraternal love, goodness, and virtue. So download GurbaniRingtonesNew Best app and easily set high definition God Shri GuruNanakdev& Shri Guru Govind Singh ringtones and wallpapers asRingtone,Alarm tone, Contact Ringtone, Notification tone andwallpaper.Note: Please give us feedback & ratings for support.Thanks.
Shri Guru Granth Sahib Darpan 3.1.9
This is Gurbani App. This app is mobile version of This is Punjabi Translation of ShriGuruGranth Sahib Ji By prof. Sahib Singh Ji. All Contents in thisappare taken from site:- Please forgivemeif any mistakes, I just used their Contents, if there isanydifference shabads in app and the site pleease inform me.Thanksfor all your supports Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji kiFateh
Nitnem Sahib 2.1
Sikh Studio
This app includes : 1. Nitnem Sahib Banis (ਨਿਤਨੇਮ) * JapjiSahib(morning) * Jaap Sahib (morning) * Tav-Prasad Savaiye(morning)*Benti Chaupai (morning) * Anand Sahib (morning) * RehrasSahib(evening) * Kirtan Sohila (night) 2. Other Banis * ShabadHazare *Ardas * Aarti * Sukhmani Sahib * Baareh Maaha * DukhBhanjani Sahib* Raag Mala * Rakhaya De Shabad * Basant Ki Vaar *Asa Di Vaar *Laawan * Chandi Ki Vaar * Dakhni Onkar
Sikhism 5.6.1
Sikh Studio
This app includes : Banis Nitnem Sahib, Japji Sahib, Jaap Sahib,TavParsad Sawaiye, Choupai Sahib, Anand Sahib, Shabad Hazare,Ardas,Aarti, Sukhmani Sahib, Baareh Maaha, Dukh, Bhanjani Sahib,RaagMala, Rakhaya De Shabad, Basant Ki Vaar, Asa Di Vaar ,Laawan,Chandi Ki Vaar, Dakhni Onkar Nitnem Sahib Banis Audio ListenNitnemSahib and other banis offline Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji SriGuruGranth Sahib Ji - Sikh Holy Book with 1430 Pages (Ang). GuruGranthSahib Ji with English and Punjabi Translation. More Banis SriDasamGranth, Bhai Gurdas Ji Vaaran, Bhai Nand Lal Ji Vaaran,Uggardanti(with English & Punjabi Translation) Nitnem SahibTeeka(Translation) All Nitnem Sahib Banis with english andpunjabitranslation. Live Kirtan Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib (SriDarbarSahib Amritsar) Live Kirtan (Golden Temple) Online KirtanRadioMore than 120 online Gurbani Radio Stations where you canlisten24/7 online/live gurbani Hukamnama Sahib Read/ListendailyHukamnama Sahib / Translation / Sangrand Hukamnama Sahib /Audiofrom Sri Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) Sachkhand Sri HarmandirSahibAmritsar Sikh Gurus Read about all 11 Sikh Gurus (Guru NanakDev Ji... Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Guru Granth Sahib Ji) SikhismSectionRead about Five Takhats, Five Beloved, Three Pillars ofSikhism,Five Symbols, 4 Sahibzade, Five Nitnem Banis, Guru GranthSahib JiSikh/Punjabi News Read Sikh News from all over the worldand readdaily all popular punjabi newspapers like Ajit, RozanaSpokesman,Jagbani etc. Sikh Videos Multiple video categories likeToday'sSpecial Video, Daily Hukamnama Video, Katha Videos etc.DailyUpdates This section includes daily basis updates likeGurbaniQuotes, Sikhism Wallpapers, Daily Hukamnama Sahib, SikhHistory,Katha Vichar etc. Hukamnama from various Gurudwaras (ShriDarbarSahib, Dukhnivaran Sahib, Akal Takhat Sahib, Patna Sahib,etc. SikhCalendar Nanakshahi Calendar (Sikh Jantri) with historicaldates,holidays, (as per SGPC) Search Gurbani Shabad Shabad Khoj(SearchAny Gurbani Shabad with English and Punjabi Translation)Searchfrom Shabads from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Shri Dasam GranthJiand from other sikh scriptures Sikh Rehat Maryada You can readtheSikh code of conduct (a guide) that was published by the SGPC(SikhTerms) (In both Punjabi & English) MotivationalStoreisInspirational and Motivational Stories section SikhStoreisInformation about various Sikh Personalities and storiesfrom SikhHistory, Sikh History Cards (English, Punjabi & Hindi)RandomGurbani Shabad Read Gurbani Shabad from various SikhScripturesSikh Historical Gurudwaras It includes information aboutSikhtemples Other Gurmukhi Clock Sant Masken Ji Kath/VicharDailyNotifications Waheguru Simran in more than 20 styles Gurdwaras3DVirtual Tour Gurbani Quotes with wallpapers Disclaimer:Thecontents(audio,images,text) included in "Sikhism" arefreelyavailable on the Internet. If you own any of the content anddo notwant "Sikhism" to use send us an email andwe will try to remove the same in the nextrelease of "Sikhism".Nitnem Sahib Translation is by Dr. KulwantSingh Khokhar SikhismApp does not stream any of the channels , allthe streaming linksare from third parties available free on theinternet. If any onefounds that we are violating by broadcastingany copyrightprotected channel email us the channel name, we willremove thechannel from our apps based on your email request.
Live Kirtan video's Harmandir Sahib v2.6
Sandeep Singh
Stay connected with kirtantube app. This app contains videos ofHolyHymns (kirtan) from various hajoori raagis of Harminder Sahibaswell as from other Gurduwaras too. Download the app now for...Watchdaily updated videos from Harminder sahib. Watch dailyhukamnamavideo from Harminder sahib,Amritsar. Watch daily kirtanvideo fromHarminder sahib,Amritsar. Watch daily katha video fromHarmindersahib,Amritsar. Watch daily katha video from G. BanglaSahib,Delhi.Watch 1000+ kirtan videos any time any where Watchvideos of allhajoori raagis of Sri Harminder sahib. Mark yourfavourite video(watch later). Share any video with others too.Daily video from SriHarminder Sahib || Daily Kirtan videos fromHarminder sahib ||Videos golden temple live || Shabad kirtanvideos || watch videos ofbhai amarjit singh ji patiala || bhaiavtar singh ji || bhai baldevsingh ji || bhai balwinder singh ji|| bhai dalbir singh ji || bhaidavinder singh ji || bhai gagandeepsingh ji || bhai gurdev singh ji|| bhai gurkirat singh ji || bhaigurmej singh ji || bhai harcharansingh ji || bhai harjinder singhji || bhai harnam singh ji || bhaiharpinder singh ji || bhaiinderjit singh ji || bhai iqbal singh ji|| bhai jabartor singh ji|| bhai jagdeep singh ji || bhai jagjitsingh ji || bhai jagtarsingh ji || bhai jarnail singh ji || bhaijaspinder singh ji ||watch daily videos from darbar sahib || dailyhukamnama videogolden temple || daily katha video goldentemple,Amritsar || dailykirtan video golden temple,Amritsar ||daily katha video from G.bangla Sahib,Delhi || bhai jaswant singhji || bhai jujhar singh ji|| bhai kamaljit singh ji || bhaikanwaldeep singh ji || bhai karajsingh ji || bhai karanjit singh ji|| bhai karnail singh ji || bhaikirpal singh ji || bhai kuldeepsingh ji || bhai lakhbir singh ji|| bhai lakhwinder singh ji ||bhai makhan singh ji || bhaimaninder singh ji || bhai manjit singhji || bhai manpreet singh ji|| bhai narinder singh ji || bhai onkarsingh ji || bhai rai singhji || bhai randhir singh ji || bhairanjit singh ji || bhairavinder singh ji || bhai sandeep singh ji|| bhai sarabjit singhji || bhai satinderbir singh ji || bhaisatnam singh ji || bhaishokeen singh ji || videos from darbar sahib|| bhai simranjitsingh ji || bhai sukhbir singh ji || bhaisukhjinder singh ji ||bhai sukhjit singh ji || bhai sukhpreet singhji || bhai sukhwindersingh ji || bhai sulakhan singh ji || bhaitajinder singh ji ||bhai tajwinder singh ji || bhai tarbalbir singhji || bhaivikramjit singh ji || Recorded kirtan video from sriharmindersahib/darbar sahib/golden templ,amritsar || Mark yourfavouritesvideos and watch them later || Live kirtan videos|| Sriguru granthsahib ji videos|| Gurbani kirtan videos|| Gurbanivideos|| Dailyupdated videos from harminder sahib|| Help us toimprove our appperformance by providing your valuablefeedback.Download and ShareKirtanTube app with your family,friendsand colleagues.For anyfurther query please contact us tuned for more features…
Gurbani Ringtones 1.1
This app contain good collection of Gurbani ringtones like ekonkar,satnam waheguru, shabad kirtan, waheguru simran, lakhkhushiyapatshaiya, bin boliya sab kich janda, aisi marni jo maresatgurtumre kaaj saware, koi bole ram ram, vin bolya sabh kichjanda, babananak dukhiya de nath ve, satguru nadar kare and otherpunjabishabad ringtones are free ones you download app. Also youget bestcollection of Guru Nanak Dev Ji wallpapers.All theseringtones arefree ones you download this app.APP FEATURES :★ Thisis a free app.★Good quality audio.★ Set as a ringtone.★ Bestcollection of highdefinition Gurbani ringtones.★ 22 Beautifulcollection of God ShriGuru Nanakdev & Shri Guru Govind Singhhigh definitionwallpapers.★ 22 different high definition Gurbaniringtones audiotracks.★ Show current & total time with titleof current Gurbaniringtones.★ Set the current ringtones as Phoneringtone.★ Set thecurrent ringtones as Alarm tone.★ Set thecurrent ringtones asContact ringtone.★ Set the current ringtonesas Notification tone.★Set the current wallpaper on device screenbackground.★ Automaticstop and continue music during phonecalls.★Previous/Play/Pause/Next options available for audio.★ Appcan bemoved to SD Card.This Application provide lots of freeringtone sodownload app and enjoy...Ringtones title are givenbelow:→ AadSach→ Aisi Kirpa→ Amitwani→ Baba Nanak→ Dukh BhanjanTera→ Guru KaDarshan→ Ik Omkar Satnaam→ Instrument→ Jiska SathData→ JiskiSirpu→ Lakh Kushiyan→ Naal Narayan→ Sadal Pawan Ke→Sadguru Pyara→Sare Paas Sukha→ Satguru Tumhare→ Satnaam→ SatnaamWahe Guru→ TuKab Data→ Tu Kahen Dole→ Wahe Guru→ Waho WahoGovindSingh————————————————————————————————————————————Disclaimer:Ownerof this application do not have any right on the audio andcontentpresent in this application,and also do not provide any kindofguarantee of this all type of content because all the contentandaudio is collected from internet. In this application, if youfoundany type of information that is owned by you or any contentthatviolates your copyrights, trademarks, intellectualpropertyrights,please contact to us at ‘’.
Gurbani Nitnem (with Audio) 1.0.12
Dotzoo Inc.
Gurbani Nitnem - is the Android Operating System compatibleversionof our Gurbani App, which is also available on iTunes. Youcanlisten to Paath audio and or read from a selection of prayers.Somekey features of Gurbani Nitnem App are: • Prayer text inGurmukhiand English • Simple interface for listening to Audio •BackgroundAudio Play capability As always, we invite our users torate ourApp on Google Play, and please contact us if you encounteranyproblems or have suggestions to help us further improve thisfreeApp. P.S.: We have tried hard to fix the Gurmukhi textasdisplayed. However, due to hardware compatability issues,certainolder Android devices may not display the Gurmukhi textproperly.
Dukh Bhanjani Sahib with audio 1.0
This path written by Guru Arjan Dev Ji. This app allows to readDukhBhanjani Sahib path in three different languagegurmukhi(punjabi),hindi and english. Purpose of this app is to letbusy and mobileyoung generation reconnect with Sikhism andGurubani by reading pathon gadgets like mobile and tablets. DukhBhanjani Sahib is powerfullpath to remove the pain(dukh) fromhuman's life.This Bani is presentin nitnem path.* Japji Sahib*Jaap Sahib* Tav Prasad Savaiye*Chaupai Sahib* Anand Sahib * ShabadHazare* Rehras Sahib Audio*Aarti Sahib* Kirtan Sohila * Ardas*Sukhmani Sahib* Asa Ki Vaar*Barah Maha* Dukh Bhanjani SahibThisApp has the advantage of doingthe regular Dukh Bhanjani SahibAudio even on your mobile andtablets.**FEATURES***ALLOW TO LISTENPATH WITH SIMPLE AUDIOPLAYER*ALLOW TO FORWARD, BACKWARD, PLAY ANDPAUSE PATH WHILELISTENING PATH*READ DUKH BHANJANI SAHIB AUDIO INGURMUKHI(PUNJABI),HINDI AND ENGLISH LANGUAGES*DUKH BHANJANI SAHIBAUDIO IS FREE FORDOWNLOAD*LISTEN DUKH BHANJANI SAHIB AUDIO PATHWHILE READINGTEXT*READ IN VERTICLE AND HORIZONTAL CONTINOUSMODE*LIGHT WEIGHT ANDFAST*BEAUTIFUL AND EYE CATCHING UI*VERY EASYTO BE USE*USER CAN ZOOMIN OR OUT WHILE READING*USER CAN DOWNLOADOUR OTHER APPS
Gurbani Ringtones 1.4
Hi, This application is best of gurbani ringtones andwallpapers.You use this application to access features free. **Features **-> Offline Work -> Special Collection of Ringtones-> HDWallpapers -> Set,Share and Save in your devicefunctionality-> User Friendly Download Free.......
Nitnem Audio 13.0
Note:- Latest Update This APP, included: - Japji Sahib (morning)-Jaap Sahib (morning) - Tav-Prasad Savaiye(morning) - BentiChaupai(morning) - Anand Sahib (All 40 Shabads) (morning) - RehrasSahib(evening) - Kirtan Sohila (night) If you have any suggestionemailus at Waheguru Ji Ka KhalsaWaheguru JiKi Fateh.
Gurmukhi Keyboard 1.7.3
Provides input method (Keyboard) in Gurmukhi and Hindi Localewithdictionary support. Automatically toggles to Gurmukhi mode withmyapplication called "Gurbani Searcher". Please followfollowingsteps to enable the keyboard:- Android version < 4.01.Settings-->click Language & Keyboard on phone 2.SelectGurbani keyboard from the list. 3. Go to GurbaniSearcherapplication(or any text field) 4. Long click on the textfield. 5.Select Inputmethod 6. Select Gurmukhi keyboard. 7. Systemwilldisplay warning, press "OK" 8. Go to settings of GurmukhiKeyboardand enable Punjabi in "Input Languages". 9. Go back totheapplication and swipe on "spacebar" to toggle between PunjabiandEnglish. One can also enable other locales by going to settingsofGurmukhi Keyboard. Android version 4.0 (ICS) 1.Settings-->clickLanguage & Keyboard on phone 2. SelectGurbani keyboard fromthe list. 3. System will display warning,press "OK" 4. EnableGurmukhi keyboard as default keyboard insettings. 5. Go tosettings of Gurmukhi Keyboard and enable Punjabiin "InputLanguages". 6. Go back to the application and swipe on"spacebar"to toggle between Punjabi and English. One can alsoenable otherlocales by going to settings of Gurmukhi Keyboard. HTCSense UIusers OS version 4.0 and greater (ICS)(Thanks to HarkamalSinghSandhu for the instructions below:-) 1. Once the keyboardisinstalled, do a hot reboot. 2. You cannot long press orswipethrough the keyboards to find Gurmukhi keyboard. 3. Whenthekeyboard is activated, you will get an icon on the top, which isofa keyboard. Drag this down and you can change the input methodfromHTC Sense Input to Gurmukhi. 4. Go to settings of GurmukhiKeyboardand enable Punjabi in "Input Languages". 5. Go back totheapplication and swipe on "spacebar" to toggle between PunjabiandEnglish. One can also enable other locales by going to settingsofGurmukhi Keyboard. Please note that without the above steps,thekeyboard will not show and by design(android feature), thekeyboardwill not get listed in application. Please do not ratetheapplication in ignorance, I would suggest to read theinstructionsand enable it correctly and after doing due diligenceand rate it.A bad rating out of ignorance may prevent othersgenuine users totake advantage. BTW, the above set of steps areapplicable for anyandroid keyboard and that's how android allows toplugin otherkeyboard. Also I would like to impress upon the factthat Androidby default has no support for Punjabi fonts and thiskeyboarddoesn't provide any magic to enable non-cooperatingapplication tostart supporting Punjabi fonts. This keyboard helpscooperatingapplication (like Gurbani Searcher) to type in Punjabifonts. Iwould like to re stress that the participating applicationshouldprovide support for Punjabi fonts for this keyboard to workinharmony with it. The keyboard supports following typesofkeyboards. Punjabi Keyboard, Gurmukhi Keyboard, GurbaniKeyboard,Gingerbread keyboard, Hindi Keyboard. Regards, -SurinderPal Singh
Dukh Bhanjani Sahib Audio 1.7
'Dukh Bhanjani Sahib' app let you read and listen to 'DukhBhanjaniSahib Audio' on your mobile. You can read 'Dukh BhanjaniSahibPath' in Hindi or Punjabi and can read meaning of paathwhilereading or listening to audio. Purpose of this app is to letbusyand mobile young generation reconnect with Sikhism and Gurubanibyreading path on mobile. We hope that you will find this appusefuland and will use it daily. Dukh Bhanjani Sahib app - keyfeatures:- # Select language of your preference:- Dukh BhanjaniSahib inHindi or Punjabi (Gurmukhi) # Seek bar to control audio.Play,pause and stop button # You can go to page of your choiceusing GObutton on top-right corner # Select from 5 themes - Sepia,Classic,White, Black, Silver # Select text sizes of your choice #Readmeaning of each page using Translate option # Read in portraitorlandscape mode Ads: - # Please note that this app is ad supported#We show ad in non-intrusive manner so as not to disturb youduringpath About Dukh Bhanjani Sahib Ji: - 'Dukh Bhanjani Sahib'pathconsists of shabads i.e. hymens composed by the fifth SikhGuru,Guru Arjan Dev in three raags - Raga Gauri,Raga Bilaval andRagaSorath. 'Dukh Bhanjani Sahib' paath is done by members of theSikhsin order to alleviate any form of ailment or hardshipexperiencedby them. The word dukh means a hardship or ailment orsufferingcausing a pain. The word bhanjani means destroyer orcrusher. Hencethe phrase dukh bhanjani means Destroyer of Pain. Allthe shabadsin this composition are chosen at achieving this goal.This bani isnamed after the Shri 'Dukh Bhanjani' Beri which is atree locatedby the perimeter of the sacred pool at Amritsar.
Kirtan Sohila Night Path Audio 1.5
'Kirtan Sohila Night Paath' app let you read and listen to paathonyour mobile. You can read 'Kirtan Sohila Night Paath' in Hindiorin Punjabi. Also, you can read meaning of path while readingorlistening to 'Kirtan Sohila Audio'. Purpose of this app is toletbusy and mobile young generation reconnect with SikhismandGurubani by reading path on mobile. We hope that you will findthisapp useful and use it daily. 'Kirtan Sohila Night Paath' app -keyfeatures: - # Select language of your preference:- ' KirtanSohilain Hindi' or ' Kirtan Sohila in Punjabi' (Gurmukhi) # Listento'Kirtan Sohila Audio': - - Seek bar to control audio - movebackand forward - Pause button will stop audio and let you playpathfrom where you left in last session - Stop button will stoppathcompletely. If you play again, path will start from currentpage -You can go to page of your choice using GO button ontop-rightcorner # Select from 5 themes - Sepia, Classic, White,Black,Silver # Select text sizes of your choice # 'Read meaning' ofeachpage using Translate option # Rate and provide your feedbackusingFeedback option # Read in portrait or landscape mode # Allcontrolsare 'in English' # 'Kirtan Sohila Audio' with lyrics inHindi andPunjabi Ads: - # Please note that 'Kirtan Sohila Sahib'app is adsupported # We show ad in non-intrusive manner so as tonot todisturb you during path About 'Kirtan Sohila Sahib' Ji: -'KirtanSohila' (also call 'Sohila Sahib') is the night prayer saidby allSikhs before sleeping. Its name means 'Song of Praise'.'KirtanSohila Sahib' is composed of five hymns or shabad, the firstthreeby Guru Nanak Dev, the fourth by Guru Ram Das and the fifth byGuruArjan Dev. This hymn is usually recited at the conclusionofevening ceremonies at the Gurdwara and also recited as part ofSikhfuneral services. -- The first shabad visualises the union ofthepersonal self with the Ultimate Reality. -- The secondshabadpresents the singularity of the Ultimate despite endlessdiversityof scriptures, teachers and philosophies. -- The thirdshabadrejects all modes of external piety and ritual, andvividlyportrays the entire cosmos making harmonious worship. -- Thefourthshabad explains the importance of the divine Name throughwhich allsuffering and transmigration is annulled. -- The fifthshabadcelebrates life here in this world: we must avail ourselvesof thiswonderful opportunity to serve others and to win divinemerit. Wedo hope that you will really like reading and listening to'KirtanSohila Sahib' app. Thanks.
Nitnem NN1.6
Nit Nem: literally means "Daily routine or habit". Nitnem isacollaboration of different Banis that were designated to be readbySikhs every day at pre-fixed times. This app containsfollowingBanis ★ Japji Sahib ★ Shabad Hazare ★ Jaap Sahib ★Tav-PrasadSavaiye ★ Chaupai Sahib ★ Anand Sahib ★ Rehraas Sahib ★SohilaaSahib ★ Sukhmani Sahib ★ Dukh Bhanjani Sahib ★ Asa Kee Vaar★ SalokM:9 ★ Ardaas ★ Aarti Morning Nitnem The following 5 Banisarenormally read by practicing Sikhs early in the morning. • JapJiSahib • Jaap Sahib • Tav Prasad Swaiye • Beynti Chaopai •AnandSahib Evening Nitnem • Rehiras The 5 Banis are usually recitedinthe early morning while Rehiras is read in the evening around6pm.Kirtan Sohila is cited just before going to sleep at night.Nighttime Nitnem • Kirtan Sohila, the Bani recited just beforeoneretires for the day; it is normally read when one is sittinginones bed about to go to sleep at night. This app is amultilingualapp with all the banis in Hindi, Punjabi (Gurmukhi) andEnglishScript. Some Features of This App ★ Choose reading language(Hindi,English, Punjabi) ★ Choose text size for better readability★Choose text colour for better readability ★ 100% free application★Beautiful user friendly design ★ App can be moved to SDcard****************************** CHANGE TEXTCOLOUR****************************** You can change the text colorofreading page as per your requirement. Just go to Options Menuandchoose "Change Font Colour". You can select the font coloursfrom alist of available colours. Just select and hit Save. Thecolour ofreading Text will change as per yourchoice.****************************** CHOOSE TEXTSIZE****************************** You can change the text sizeofReading page as per your requirement. Just go to Options Menuandchoose "Change Font Size". You can select the font sizefromsmallest to largest. Just select and hit Save. The size ofReadingPage Text will change as per your choice (Applicable only inDetailScreen). Please take out a minute to Rate and Review our app.
Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji 13.41
'Guru Granth Sahib Ji' | ਸ਼੍ਰੀ ਗੁਰੂ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਜੀ | श्रीगुरुग्रन्थ साहिब जी is more than just a scripture of the Sikhs.ByGuru's Grace this app contains following set of features: *HighlyInteractive User Interface * Settings page for customization* ANGText in English, Hindi, Punjabi with translation in PunjabiandSpanish. * LARIVAAR Text in PUNJABI * Directly jump to anyANG(holypage) in Guru Granth Sahib. * Save ANGS to read whenoffline *Audio of every ANGwith notification ease to play, pause orstop. *Pause Audio from Lock Screen or from Notification bar. *ChangeFont Size, Color etc. * Settings page that respond by talkingforyour actions. * Katha of Guru Granth sahib ji pankti wise byThakurSingh Ji. * Search shabad from anywhere in SGGS. * Changefontstyle, font size, background and text color. * Add Bookmarkatspecific Ang * Please try this app and rate accordingly bygivingreal reviews. * Fonts used in app now support every phone.AboutGuru Granth Sahib: The Guru Granth Sahib was first compiled bytheFifth Sikh Guru, Arjan Dev, in 1604 in the city of Amritsar.Itssecond and last version was the handiwork of Guru Gobind Singh,andit was finalized at Damdama Sahib in the year 1705. He addedthehymns of his father, Guru Tegh Bahadur, the Ninth Master, andacouplet of his own to the volume wrought a century earlier.Sincethen, the authorized version has been transcribed and printedanumber of times, and it abides. Its adoration or veneration isanarticle of faith with the Sikhs. Religious literature issometimessectarian and monolithic, if not partisan and polemical.It mayadmit of few variations and shades. No word but its own maybeallowed sanctity and sovereignty. One of the greatest gloriesofthe Guru Granth Sahib is its catholic character. Hardly anyotherscripture of that stature is completely free from bias, animusandcontroversy. Perhaps it is the only scripture of its kindwhichcontains within its sacred covers the songs, hymns andutterancesof a wide variety of saints, sages and bards. For, itisinstructive to note that a fairly substantial part of thevolumecarries the compositions of Hindu Bhaktas, Muslim divines,Sufipoets and other God-intoxicated souls. Of course, their hymnsandcouplets rendered in their own idiom find a ready correspondenceinthe songs of the Sikh Gurus. Obviously, the idea of Guru ArjanDevwas to affirm the fundamental unity of all religions, andtheunitary character of all mystic experience. It was, so to speak,anintegral congress of minds and spirits operating on thesamespiritual beam. To have thus elevated the songs of the bhaktasandthe bhats to the condition of the logos was to salute the powerofthe word whatever form it might take to reveal the glory ofGod.For, it may be observed that Guru Granth Sahib comprehendsthecompositions and utterances of the high-born Brahmins and theproudKashatriyas as also of the so called lowly Shudras andtheunlettered Jats. This was done at a time when the caste systeminIndia had paralysed the conscience of man. Therevolutionaryegalitarianism which such a step symbolized was,therefore, tobecome the creed of the Sikhs. Above all, a poetic andmysticcollage bespeaks the essential humility of the Sikh mind,forhumility has been given pride of place in the table ofvirtuesdrawn up by the Gurus. The Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS), then,is a suigeneris scripture in the world.It is indeed, amagnificentcompendium of the religious, mystic and metaphysicalpoetry writtenor uttered between the 12th Century and the 17th indifferent partsof India. It is, also, at the same time, a mirror ofthesociological, economic and political conditions of those days.
Ardas Audio 1.5
'Ardas Sahib' app let you read and listen to Sikh 'Ardaas' onyourmobile. You can read 'Ardas in Hindi' or 'in Punjabi' and canreadmeaning while reading or listening audio on 'Ardas Sahib'app.Purpose of this app is to let busy and mobile younggenerationreconnect with Sikhism and Gurubani by reading path onmobile. Wehope that you will find this app useful and and will useit daily.Ardas Sahib app - key features: - # Select language ofyourpreference:- 'Ardas in Hindi' or 'Ardas in Punjabi' (Gurmukhi)#Listen to 'Ardas Sahib Audio': - - Seek bar to control audio -moveback and forward - Pause button will stop audio and let youplaypath from where you left in last session - Stop button willstoppath completely. If you play again, path will start fromcurrentpage - You can go to page of your choice using GO buttonontop-right corner # All controls are 'in English' # Select from5themes - Sepia, Classic, White, Black, Silver # Select textsizesof your choice # Read meaning of each page using Translateoption #Rate and provide your feedback using Feedback option # Readinportrait or landscape mode Ads: - # Please note that this app isadsupported # We show ad in non-intrusive manner so as not todisturbyou during path About 'Ardas Sahib' Ji: - The Ardās (Ardaasor'Sikh Ardas') is a Sikh prayer that is done before performingorafter undertaking any significant task; after reciting themorningand evening Banis (prayers), at the completion of a servicelikethe Path (scripture reading - e.g. 'Rehras Sahib'),kirtan(hymn-singing) program or any other religious program. InSikhism,'Ardaas' may also be said before and after eating. Theprayer is asupplication to God to support and help the devotee withwhateverhe or she is about to undertake or has done. The Ardās isusuallyalways done standing up with folded hands and is commonlyprecededby the eighth stanza of the fourth ashtapadi of the bani'SukhmaniSahib', beginning Tu Thakur Tum Peh Ardaas. The beginningof theArdas is strictly set by the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru GobindSingh andmay not be altered or omitted. It appears as the openingpassage ofVar Sri Bhagauti Ji Ki (see Chandi di Var) and is aninvocation toGod and reminder of the Sikh Gurus. We do hope thatyou will reallylike reading/ listening to Aradas Sahib on our app.Thanks.
Chaupai Sahib Path Audio 1.7
'Chaupai Sahib Hindi' app let you read and listen to paath onyourmobile. You can read 'Chaupai Sahib in Hindi' or 'inPunjabi'.Also, you can read meaning of path while reading orlistening to'Chaupai Sahib Path'. Purpose of this app is to letbusy and mobileyoung generation reconnect with Sikhism and Gurubaniby readingpath on mobile. We hope that you will find this appuseful and willuse it daily. 'Chaupai Sahib Hindi' app - keyfeatures: - # Selectlanguage of your preference:- 'Chaupai Sahib inHindi' or 'ChaupaiSahib in Punjabi' (Gurmukhi) # Listen to audioversion of 'ChaupaiSahib Path' : - - Seek bar to control audio -move back and forward- Pause button will stop audio and let youplay path from where youleft in last session - Stop button willstop path completely. Ifyou play again, path will start fromcurrent page - You can go topage of your choice using GO button ontop-right corner # Selectfrom 5 themes - Sepia, Classic, White,Black, Silver # Select textsizes of your choice # 'Read meaning' ofeach page using Translateoption # Rate and provide your feedbackusing Feedback option #Read in portrait or landscape mode # Allcontrols are 'in English'# 'Chaupai Sahib in Hindi' Lyrics Ads: - #Please note that thisapp is ad supported # We show ad innon-intrusive manner so as tonot to disturb you during path About'Chaupai Sahib Path' Ji: -'Benti Chaupai' (also referred to as'Chaupai Sahib') is a hymn byGuru Gobind Singh. 'Chaupai' is the405th Chittar of theCharitropakhyan of the Dasam Granth and isconsidered part of'Rehras Sahib' 'Chaupai Sahib Path' begins afterthe 404 Chittarwhere two massive battles, including the laterbetween Maha Kal andthe devils, is narrated and the struggle of agoddess that was bornas a result of the first battle and her questfor the acceptance ofthe Supreme Being, by her abandoning all otherworldly desires, isillustrated. 'Chaupai Sahib' consists of threeparts: Kabiyo Bach'Benti Chaupai', Arril and Chaupai, and Savaiyeand Dohra. KabiyoBach 'Benti Chaupai' is normally referred to asChaupai in short.We do hope that you will really like reading /listening to'Chaupai Sahib' on our app. Thanks.
Japji Sahib Path with Audio 3.0.4
Japji Sahib is a Sikh prayer, that appears at the beginning oftheholy scripture of the Sikhs, the living Guru, Guru Granth Sahib.Itwas composed by Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of Sikhism. Itisheaded by Mool Mantra and followed by 38 paudis (stanzas)andcompleted with a final Salok at the end of this composition. ##NewFeatures Added ## (1) Fullscreen mode added. (See the toptoolbar)(2) Night mode feature added. (See the Bottom toolbar) (3)Resumeaudio paath feature added: now you can resume audio paathfromwhere you stopped. (4) Audio Paath paused on incoming call eventheapp is in background. (5) Audio Paath stops when anotheraudioplayer/app plays the audio. Key Features of the app JapjiSahib: 1)This app is developed using latest android meterialdesign. 2) Onecan listen to path using soft keys(Play, Pause orStop). 3) Meaningof the path on every page. 4) One can change thetext size (i.e.increase or decrease) within app. 5) One can selectpath languagefrom Gurmukhi and Hindi. 6) One can share this appwith friends andfamily. 7) Themes: User can change theme. 8) Usercan use Go optionto quickly go to any page. 9) Current / Totalplaying time of audioPath will be displayed. The design of theJapji Sahib app is verysimple. We hope you will like our app.Please rate us and if youhave any feedback or suggestion, you cancontact us via
Sukhmani Sahib Path with Audio 1.1.9
Sukhmani or Sukhmani Sahib is the title given to the Gurbani inragaGauri Sukhmani in the Guru Granth Sahib which in turn appearsin themajor musical measure Raga Gauri to which it belongs. It isalengthy composition, written by Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth SikhGuru.The sacred prayer spans 35 pages from page 262 to page 296 oftheGuru Granth Sahib. Surprisingly, many ardent Sikhs includetherecitation of this Bani in their daily regimen of Nitnem.Thephysical site, where the Guru around AD 1602-03 composedthiscomposition was once enclosed by a dense wood. The locationisstill marked on the bank of the Ramsar pool in the cityofAmritsar, near the famous Golden Temple the Harimandir Sahib.##New Features Added ## (1) Fullscreen mode added. (See thetoptoolbar) (2) Night mode feature added. (See the Bottom toolbar)(3)Resume audio paath feature added: now you can resume audiopaathfrom where you stopped. (4) Audio Paath paused on incomingcalleven the app is in background. (5) Audio Paath stops whenanotheraudio player/app plays the audio. Key Features of the appSukhmaniSahib: 1) This app is developed using latest androidmeterialdesign. 2) One can listen to path using soft keys(Play,Pause orStop). 3) Meaning of the path on every page. 4) One canchange thetext size (i.e. increase or decrease) within app. 5) Onecan selectpath language from Gurmukhi, English and Hindi. 6) Onecan sharethis app with friends and family. 7) Themes: User canchange theme.8) One can go to any page using GO option. The designof theSukhmani Sahib app is very simple. We hope you will like theapp.Please rate us and if you have any feedback or suggestion, youcancontact us via email:
Sankat Mochan 1.1
Jashan Arts
In Shiri Guru Granth Sahib, each Shabad has its own domain,power,ridhi (worldly riches), sidhi (spiritual power), and naunidhi(ninetreasures). There are many Nitnem recitations likeJapujisahib,Rehras Sahib,Sukhani Sahib.All occult powers are intheShabad. The recitation of Shabad gives you the power to redeemtheenvironments. Shabad is a part of the power of God, and whentheShabad merges in you, you become part of God.The Lotus Feet ofGodis the Shabad of God. The sound itself will uplift you andtakeaway the disease and sorrow from within you. Meditate on theLotusFeet of God in your heart. The sound of the spirit is theShabad.Decorate yourself with it. Shabad is the fountain of spirit.Itwill always keep you flowing and growing. The neutral mindrecordsthe Shabad, the Truth. When your mind is freaking out, theShabadautomatically comes. The Shabadhas the power to control youandyour mind, otherwise there is no way you or your mind canbecontrolled. Shabadbrings inner balance. The power of innerbalanceis the Shabad, and the power of the Shabad is innerbalance.Whencontrolled, our minds can create great things, becausethe power ofthe mind is also very infinite. When disciplined,it canchange thevibrations and the magnetic psyche of the earth.Gurbaniin this appis from holy book Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji.Its a Gutkaand also asundar pothi with different shabads.