Top 49 Games Similar to Monster Defence

Cotton Tree 2.01
- Cotton Tree is so cute and may stop your heart!(Watch outyourheartbeat) - You could water Cotton Tree!(Waterproof phoneisrecommended) *How to play Cotton Tree* 1. Touch and pick thecotton2. Combine two cottons and grow them into another one 3. Goon anadventure with a higher level cotton! You will meetsomethingbeyond!
My Singing Monsters: Official Guide 1.3.0
Calling all Singing Monsters fans! My Singing Monsters:OfficialGuide is the comprehensive companion to My Singing Monstersand MySinging Monsters: Dawn of Fire. Join the ranks oftheMonster-Handlers and learn the secrets of the Monster World, allinone handy, easy-to-use place.Ever wondered how to breed a Ghazt?Orhow many Coins an adult Furcorn produces on Space Island? Howabouthow to wake up the Wublins? This is the app for you -downloadtoday! Features: • An interactive guide for EVERY knownspecies ofSinging Monster• BREEDING combinations for SpecialMonsters…officially revealed for the first time!• Checklist andFAVORITEtoggles for the Monster pages you use the most• Craftingrecipesfor COLLECTIBLE items in the world of Dawn of Fire• Andmore! HappyMonstering! ______PLEASE support the Monster-Handlers byrating thegame after you update! Come sing with us. Join the MySingingMonsters community:Facebook( & SUPPORT: Get a hold ofthe Monster-Handlers by orcontacting us in the app by goingto Options > Support.
My Singing Monsters 2.3.2
Welcome to My Singing Monsters! Breed them, feed them, listentothem sing! Raise a monster pet, then feed your musical monstertohelp them grow. Take care of a collection of fun monstercharactersin this free musical game for the whole family! Create anislandfull of Singing Monsters, then watch your song evolve as youbreedand upgrade happy monster pets. Design and build uniquedecorationsto make your world look just the way you want, thenshare yourcreation with friends! You'll love exploring thewonderful fantasyland of the Monster World! Download My SingingMonsters today —Happy Monstering! FEATURES: • Collect and level upover 150 cuteand funny monsters — dragons are so last year… •Customize yourislands with cool decorations and catchy music •Enjoy awesomegraphics and character animation • Play with friendsaround theworld • Discover new updates and events year-round________ STAYTUNED: Facebook: PLEASE NOTE! MySingingMonsters is completely free to play, however some game itemscanalso be purchased for real money. If you don't want to usethisfeature, please disable in-app purchases in your device'ssettings.My Singing Monsters requires an internet connection toplay (3G orWiFi). HELP & SUPPORT: Get in touch with theMonster-Handlersby visiting orcontacting us in gameby going to Options > Support.
Stomper Revenge 1.23
Great stomping adventure outsmarting monsters, collecting coinsandpowerups, and laughing out loudSupport: email
Little Monsters 1.40.8
Welcome home, Little Monsters. This is for us. All of us.LittleMonsters is a place for all fans of Lady Gaga to gather,create,and to inspire. Share your passion and creativity in acommunityfull of art, acceptance, monsters, and Gaga. Remember tobe brave,be kind, be respectful and most importantly... beyourself!
Wrecking Squad 1.0.6
Collect a colorful cast of unique characters and smash yourwaythrough a fully destructible 3D city in an all new physicsbasedpuzzle game from Big Blue Bubble. Breaker and the WreckingSquadare the only ones capable of smashing the abandoned buildingsofToppelopolis and keeping it safe from the robo-jerks. By usingtheWrecking Squad's unique abilities like explosives, drills,andstructure destroying science you’ll be able to smash everythinginsight!Features:• Unique characters with special abilities• Levelupyour squad• Fully destructible 3D environments• Over 250puzzlinglevels to destroyEnlist today, join the WreckingSquad!:Facebook( is completely free toplay, however some game items can alsobe purchased for real money.If you don't want to use this feature,please disable in-apppurchases in your device's settings. WreckingSquad requires aninternet connection to play (3G or WiFi).HELP& SUPPORT: Get ahold of us byvisiting orcontacting us ingame by going to Options > Support.
Alone Dog Vs Monsters 1.4
Story starts in forest world where you have to fight withforestmonsters like monkeys and spiders vs your Dog.This Game smartandclassic adventure is for all Kids: and the best way to spendtimewhen you are in you home or wait pakdam pakdai or forsomething.Nowstart getting some energy and some friends to get into the forest.Invite your Friends to help you in this adventure its not easy youneed help.Rescue your dog in this adventure it s bigBravery.Yourtask in this game is to control Dog, hits enemies,avoid traps,spiders, cats crash bad enemies and others and beatingall monstersand teach them a lesson.also there are lots of hiddenbonus itemsand diamonds.This game bring back lots memories of oldcity arcadegames with many adventures world of this gamecontainswell-designed levels, various enemies ,monsters ,bosses,easygameplay, nice graphics and fun musics and sounds.
Home Arcade 1.2.0
Home Arcade is the greatest arcade collection the 1980’s forgottomake! Designed by the award winning team at Big Blue Bubble aspartof a retro game jam, Home Arcade is packed with 10fun,challenging, and nostalgic games! With Home Arcade there aresomany ways to play. Will you fight your way through a heavymetalundead corn maze in Day of RockOning, sneak and steal in theoldtimey wild west adventure game Railroaded, or maybe you’llproveyou’re the kind of squirrel that can handle Dee’s Nuts? Allthesegames and more will fit right in your pocket withHomeArcade!Features• 10 retro inspired games• Leaderboards• Highscoreshowdowns• Retro console quality, mobile portability!PLAY completely free to play, however some game items can alsobepurchased for real money. If you don't want to use thisfeature,please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.WreckingSquad requires an internet connection to play (3G orWiFi).HELP& SUPPORT: Get a hold of us byvisiting orcontacting us ingame by going to Options > Support.
CHIPS: Monster Tap 2.2.17
1. Top 15 Indonesia Google Game Contest 2017. 2. Winner ofPOPCONASIA AWARDS 2017's Best Mobile Game of The Year 2017. 3.Finalistof 2nd IMGA SEA (International Mobile Gaming AwardsSOUTHEAST ASIA)2017. 4. Indonesia's game studio representatives inTokyo Game Show2017, supported by BEKRAF. 5. Nominated for BestRising Star andBest Audio category in Level Up KL 2017 in Malaysia.----------Monsters are invading the world! Help Chips, the geniusinventor,on his way to restore peace (or at least trying to!). Youwill findgigantic cactus, spoiled bread, rotten apple and eventoilet paperlooking Monsters running amok across the world. How doyou beatthem? Why, with Chips’ latest Robot invention, of course!*DISCOVERthe whole story, the truth behind the invasion. *TAP tobeatvarious kind of bizarre and kinda cute (?) Monsters. *BUILDandcustomize your favorite robots. *BATTLE through the city,mountainand even the SPACE! *UPGRADE various tools and innovativeweapon tobeat stronger Monsters. *COLLECT rare parts and Chipscustomizablecostume. CHIPS: Monster Tap is free to play. Some gameitems can bepurchased by real money. PLEASE rate CHIPS: Monster Tap— Help usmake more games by giving feedback during your gamingexperience.Minimum RAM required : 1GB Recommended RAM : 2GB You canvisit ourpage at: see Chips’ manyother adventure on Chammyland? Visit himhere:
My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire 1.21.1
Think you know your Singing Monsters? Travel back in time towhenMonsters first erupted into song and witness the glorious DawnofFire. Experience catchy tunes, gorgeous graphics andintuitivegameplay in this exciting prequel to the hit mobilesensation MySinging Monsters. FEATURES: Each Monster has its ownvoice! As youunlock each lovable character, their unique musicalstylings willbe added to the song to build upon the symphonycreating richersounds. Some Monsters are vocal virtuosos, whileothers playsplendorous instruments. Until you hatch it, it's asurprise! Breedand grow your Monster musicians! Want to grow yourSinging Monstercollection? That's simple - breed Monsters withdifferent elementstogether to create new ones! Level them up byrewarding them stuffthey like and nurture your very ownone-of-a-kind orchestra. Crafta multitude of unique items! Buildimpressive structures, collectresources, and master the intricatenew crafting system! Learn therecipes for anything your Monstersmight ask of you, and put upwacky decorations to add that personaltouch! Discover new landsand catchy tunes! Expand your horizonsbeyond the Continent andexplore the diverse and wondrous OuterIslands. Each has its owninfectious melody, as performed by yourSinging Monster maestros!Who knows how many there are to discover?Get ready to bask in thegolden age of Monster music in My SingingMonsters: Dawn of Fire.Happy Monstering! ________ STAY TUNED:Facebook: PLEASE NOTE! MySingingMonsters: Dawn of Fire is completely free to play, howeversomegame items can also be purchased for real money. If you don'twantto use this feature, please disable in-app purchases inyourdevice's settings. My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire requiresaninternet connection to play (3G or WiFi). HELP & SUPPORT:Getin touch with the Monster-Handlers or contacting us in game bygoing toOptions > Support.
Ah! Monster 4.0.0
Wow! There are weird monsters!!!!Mysterious monsters living inamysterious world. What were they born for? What do they livefor?Still, no one knows. . .------- About this world-------Somehow, amysterious perfume ball is hanging from thesky.And mysteriousmonsters who prefer the perfume cometogether.There are many kindsof perfume ball.There are monstersthat prefer eachperfume.Perfumes have their own level, and you canraise thelevel.As the level of perfume rises, more unusual monsterswillcome together.What you need to raise the level of perfumesarecoins.Coins can be obtained by touching and destroyingmysteriousmonsters.You can develop new perfumes.If you want todevelop newperfumes, you need to gather eggs that are necessarymaterials fordevelopment.Eggs can be obtained by touching anddestroyingmysterious monsters.You already understand?To know thisworlddeeply, you should repeat the process below.1. Hanging aperfume.2.Get coins and eggs from mysterious monsters.3. Raise thelevel ofperfume with coins, and develop new perfumes with eggs.4.Change aperfume and lure new monsters.By repeating these, you canencountermore and more unknown monsters.There are many monsters inthisworld.It is the purpose of this game to meet all monstersandreveal all the collections.The secret of each monsters is statedonthe collections.Now, from today you are a resident ofthismysterious world.Please do not return to the original worlduntilyou know everything.Here we go!■ TIPS 1The point to advancethegame is to develop new perfumes.Check the "Develop perfume" menuinadvance, and know the types of egg to be required fordevelopment.■TIPS 2If you touch a image of monster on thecollections, you cansee the information of monsters.There is adescription about themonster appearance time zone.This means thatsome monsters onlyappear at a certain time!The time is linked withthe real world,and the color of sky changes with time!■ TIPS 3Whena perfume levelis maximized (Lv.6), something weird will happen!
Spore 1.7
Start a battle in the legendary arena of the ancient times!Yourbeast struggle against the rivals. Find the way to knock allthemout! Be ultimate champion and a real hero of spore world!🏆Choosethe skin to fight: thorns, blades, claws and saws andprepare forthe war! ⚔ Defend yourself from the bloodthirstyenemies⚔ Gainmoney in battles to customize your character⚔ Work outyourstrategy ⚔ Splash the arena with the blood of the enemies ⚔Wrestleall them till the last breathAchieve the glory as a highestmerit!
Monsters Catalog 1.00.04
Watch Devs
This is a complete catalog of monsters for Summoners War gamefromCom2uS.With this application you can see all data of allmonstersin the game. This data includes Stats at the maximum level,skills,awaken form, fusion materials, suggested runes and more.Youcanmark your favorite monsters.You can mark all monsters thatyouhave.You can mark your monsters that are used in arena.Youcansearch for more information about a particular monster in themostused websites for summoners war players.You can search monstersbytheir names.You can filter the monsters by stars, attribute,awakenor not.You can order the monster by name, HP, attack, defenseorspeed.And all of this packed with a nice and friendlyuserinterface. Sweet :)tags: Summoners War Guide, Summoners WarMonsterGuide
Incredible Monster Superheroes Ring Battle 3.0
Would you dare to step into the robot ring for hero monsterclashand face the skilled superhero fighters in best of actiongames?Then, let’s enter into the world of action games heroeswrestlingring to show your champion power and defeat your rivals.If you’reexpert enough to control a giant robot in top free monsterwargames then, you are absolutely on the right track to get yourdailyventure doze with this futuristic battle. This incrediblemonstercity hero war will give you the real machine fightingexperience,best of kids games. You can test your fighting andcontrollingskills in this stunning and real robot fight game. Thisis a newgenerous of top free superhero games for kids with patch upofsuper spider games with a new combat style. Be ready foractionpacked game, designed for kids to play with different andmarvelousarena, including martial arts, technical knockouts andkick box aswell. Don’t ever miss a chance for kids to play thisfightingsimulator because multi heroes’ combat is here. Thisbrilliantboxing game will definitely give you the chance to relishyour moodwith robot fighting in best games for kids. Show off yourrapidityand win the war in INCREDIBLE MONSTER SUPERHEROES RINGBATTLE,amalgam of all ring fighting games and monster battlegames.Selectyour favorite monster superhero to put him on theground and letthe fun begin in this monster game, best of kidsgames. You havethe super power steel boxing armor hands. Everymonster hero hasexclusive potential of punch, kick and jump. Takecontrol on yourreal super hero and defeat your rivals badly in thisclash ofmonsters, supreme of action games. You will have todefenseyourself from enemy attacks and keep fighting till yourlastbreath. There are 12 incredible superhero monsters ready tocomeinto the battlefield to fight. You will need to fight foryourrespect and glory. Two different game modes one on oneandchallenging modes are designed for you. In one-to-one mode, youcanselect a player of your choice as well as your opponent tofightwith but in challenging mode, you can only select your playerofyour choice, opponent will be selected by its own. You canbecomethe strongest fighter on the earth by playing thiswrestlingsimulation. Fight to save your city, knockout your allfoes withyour punching hands and showoff your brilliant superpowerslikehero games for kids. This monster war combines withactionfights and real experience of boxing simulation.IncredibleMonsterSuperheroes Ring Battle Features:
- Option to select aplayermonster hero
- Variety of multiple modern fighterplayers
-Extremely hard superheroes ring fighting simulatorchampionship forfanatic of action games
- Big boxing tournamentwith big rewards
-Fascinating 3D & HD graphics
- Stunningindoor monster heroeswrestling environment
- Outstanding fightinganimation flying kick,punches and jumps
- Smooth on screencontrols
- Brilliant soundeffectsGet ready for robot ring fightingbattle and select yourplayer to challenge any bulk incrediblemonster hero forsensational match, finest of action games. Destroyall youropponents by hitting hard on their head and body. Lace upyourboots and grab your gloves to finish your rivals in this realrobotsteel game blend of all monster hero city battle games andsuperrobot games for kids. Due to strange power of your hero youwilllove to play this simulator likehero games for kids. Be asuperfighter and create a record of winning robot fights. Amazeyourselfwith thrilling fight and become a true incredible superheroin thishero monster city war simulator, unseen in best of kidsgames.Counter the enemy attack and don’t allow them to strike backbyshowing off your hero ring fighting skills. Get enter intotheworld of war and download INCREDIBLE MONSTER SUPERHEROESRINGBATTLE, supreme of all monster hero games.
Monster Story by TeamLava™
Hatch, raise, collect, and breed strange and cute new monstersinyour own tropical monster paradise!Become the greatestMonsterTrainer - you could be the first to discover the ultra rareDiamondPegasus!★ COLLECT powerful, magical, adorable monsters!Watch yourmonsters move with lively, unique personalities!★ EVOLVEyourmonsters through 4 stages in the magical Evolution Totem toreachEPIC form!★ BREED to raise new hybrid monsters! Can youDISCOVERthe rare monsters for each combination?★ GROW magical foodfor yourmonsters. Feed them and watch them grow and evolve!★DECORATE yourisland paradise with colorful habitats, powerfultotems, tropicalplants, and more!★ QUEST alongside Captain Reynoldsand ProfessorHawa, learn their secrets, and earn REWARDS!★ Sharp,stunninggraphics, animations, and sounds bring your monsters tolife.★Invite your Facebook and Storm8 friends to play with you.Gift GOLDand help each other raise monsters!★ FREE weekly updatesintroducenew monsters, new colors, and new goals!Discover monstersof allshapes and sizes! The mighty Tree Rex, bubbly Blue Blob, andmanymore await you in Monster Story by TeamLava!Monster StorybyTeamLava is the BEST looking FREE monster game for yourAndroiddevice!PLEASE NOTE:- This is an online game only.TeamLava, aStorm8studio, is the #1 Mobile Social Game Developer on Android,iPhone,iPod Touch, and iPad. Use of this application is governed bytheTeamLava Terms of Service. Collection and use of data aresubjectto TeamLava's Privacy Policy. Both policies areavailableat and MONSTER STORY BY TEAMLAVA™ is free to play, but youcanpurchase in-app items with real money. To delete this feature,onyour device go to Settings Menu -> General ->Restrictionsoption. You can then simply turn off In-App Purchasesunder"Allowed Content". In addition, MONSTER STORY BY TEAMLAVA™ maylinkto social media services, such as Facebook, and Storm8 willhaveaccess to your information through such services.
TAMAGO Monsters Returns 3.45
The 2013 world hit game TAMAGO Monsters is back!Only 300 Hits&Surprise Monster Reward!Collect and growcountlessMonsters!Features1. ADVENTURE - forest of elves,dragonblight,zombie road2. COLLECT - normal, rare, unique, legendmonster3.EQUIP - frozen tuna, angel sword, ak-474. GROW - magicalfood foryour monsters5. FEVER - challenge! gold rush mode*TAMAGOMonstersReturns contains third party advertisements.Please see ourprivacypolicy for additional information.TAMAGO Monsters Returns isfreeto play,but you can choose to pay real money for some extraitems.
Monster City 11.02
Tap Pocket
Bored with all of the monster game??? Well time to say goodbyetoboredom, a new, exciting game of monsters is just a clickaway.Play “Monster City” and get cute, adorable, and friendlymonsters.A life time experience with monsters in the land ofadventure iswaiting for you. Feed your monsters; train them forbattle againstopponents all over the world. Crossbreed to get new,rare, exotic,legendary monsters. Explore lands full of fun andadventure. Assignthe villagers to feed the monsters. Build yourland of imagination.Explore different kinds of land. Free to playin android and allIOS devices. Features: - Free to play in androidand IOS device. -Cute, rare, adorable, legendary monsters. - Battleagainstopponents and win the ultimate battle of monsters. -Crossbreed themonsters to get rare & exotic ones. - Addmultiple habitats toevolve your monsters. - Build your ownimaginary land.
Elements vs. Monsters 1.0.6
upjers GmbH
Elements vs. Monsters - To Battle!Dive into theaction-packed,gripping gaming experience of Elements vs. Monsters.With the helpof the four elements - fire, water, earth and air -you will fendoff hordes of invading monsters. Shoot elementalfragments at slimycreatures and ravenous demons to destroythem.Each level will taskyou with defeating a certain number ofmonsters. Make sure thatyour elements are eaten alive! For everymonster you defeat andevery level you reach, you will receiverewards in the game. Youcan also improve your elements' stats andfortify your base.*Increase your elements' life force* Upgradetheir attack power*Improve your defenses* Decrease your shots'reloading time* Fortifyyour base to stop the monstrousassaultElements vs. Monstersprovides fast-paced monster fun on thego. Download the app on yoursmartphone or tablet. Prove your skilland reaction time in battleagainst monsters, improve your elements'abilities, and experiencea monsterrific game with great graphics!Get Elements vs. Monstersnow!
Monsters and Planets 6.0
Play monsters, jump on the planets!A fun game in which you havetoplay for monsters! Jump on the planets, collect coins, buynewmonsters! The game was created for entertainment, you willnotbe able to play for a long time. If you need to kill a littletimeor take a little rest, then this is exactly what you need. Jumponthe rotating planets, save on new monsters. Our game will giveyoua lot of positive emotions and good mood. Funny monsters willnotlet you get bored!Features:- fun game;- A fun arcade game;-jumpingon the planets;- Great time killer;- beautiful graphics;-anendless plot;- Different monsters;- funny music;- Free game.Howtoplay:Jump on the planets, collect coins.Here you will findallinformation about our games:VK-
Monsterfy - Monster Face App Photo Booth 1.4.2
Apptly LLC
Change your face into the face of a zombie, werewolf, vampire,orother scary creature with Monsterfy!See yourself as a ghoulorghost, or as another ghastly being, with a fun and free appforAndroid on Google Play. Monsterfy lets you swap your face withamonster and bring that scary monster to life with crazyanimations.Your zombified or ghostified self can drink blood, vomitslime, andmore.View your animated monster self through photo bootheffectsthat turn your phone camera into a monster making machine.As oneof the many monsters you can transform into with Monsterfy,you’llbe able to snarl and growl at friends and family by sharingyourfun pictures and videos online. FeaturesMonsterfy is a fun andfreephoto booth app that offers the following features:● Take aselfiewith your phone’s camera and change yourself into a scarymonster!●Choose which monster face you want to swap your face for●Snarl,snap, and flick your fangs just like a real scary monster●See ifyour friends are scared by how they react to your monstergames andantics● Take a pic or record a video of you bitingfingers, ordoing other crazy monster stuff● Download your pictureor video toshare online or saveYour Animated Monster SelfinReal-TimeMonsterfy lets you get special animations based onrealoccurrences, like full moons! Transform your pic into awerewolfthat howls or a vampire that burns in the sunlight!FunMonsterGamesPlay around with Monsterfy and have fun with games thatletyou use flamethrowers to char other zombies to a crisp. Becomeanew Monster each Month (occasionally for a small fee) and enjoynewmonster content that’s added every month (you can even giveinputon what monsters you’d like to see added)!Monsterfy alwaysadds newgames and content, including fun holiday monsters, andholidayeffects. For Christmas, turn into a Nutcracker monster andeventoss snowballs! For Valentines day become the"GhostBride"!Monsterfy is the best photo booth app in the GooglePlaystore, giving you tons of ways to have fun with monsters andmakeyourself act like a scary monster. Change into your monsterselfnow! Download Monsterfy today for free!
Gargoyle Simulator 1.0
Yamtar Games
Use your big wings as weapon in this mythic monstergaryoglesimulator. Defend your territory from invasion ofcreatures. Attackcruel monsters. Complete hard quests and getexperience as reward.Develop your character and unlock newabilities.Game features:-Manyinteresting missions-Big forestmap.-Unique characters.-Characterprogression.
com.rvappstudios.bloodymonsters 4.8.6
RV AppStudios
★ Bloody Monsters - Extremely Fun Shooting Game by RV AppStudios★Shoot the bloody monsters & survive the carnage, inthisextremely fun arcade shooter game with a bouncy twist.BloodyMonsters provides hours of entertainment as you master theart of ashooter in this fun shooting game. The monsters areeverywhere andyour job is to "Shoot The Bloody Monsters"! You havelimitedbullets but they bounce all over the place. Unlike othershootinggames your bullet can kill multiple monsters in one shot.Thebullets are super powerful and keep killing till theystopbouncing, so try to use as few bullets as possible for ahigherscore. Simply aim & fire and hope the bullets bounce yourway.••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Key Features: ☆ KillDifferentKinds Of Monsters ☆ Experience The Sensation Of FiringBulletsWildly ☆ Multiple Powerful Guns & Weapons ☆ 200 LevelsOf Fun(More Levels Coming Soon) ☆ Awesome Blood & GoreAnimations ☆Realistic & Fun BloodSounds••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Over 2300 Review &4.7 StarRated Review Highlights "It's the game you're playing whenyou tellsomeone "hang on, one more level", & next thing youknow 2hours have flown by!" "This game is awesome." "Best game Ihaveever played." "Extremely challenging zombie shootinggame,absolutely loved the physic of thegame"*************************************************************Thegame includes multiple different monsters and providesvariouspowers to help kill the monsters. While the bouncy bulletisextremely powerful, at times you'll need to use some of themorepowerful guns & weapons. Each gun has specific propertiesthatwill help you beat the level. Save your ammunition &specialpowers till you end when you might need them the most.BloodyMonsters, is a super addicting strategy shooting game thatwillkeep you entertained for hours. If you love physics game andloveblood & gore; and are in the mood for some serious gunshootingfun then this game is for you. Tip: Be sure to assassinateall themonsters with a clean headshot for bonus points & fun.Why PlayBloody Monsters? If you're into sniper shooting games,where youare the shooter looking to kill, then Bloody Monsters istheabsolutely best 'take a break game' for hard core gamers.WithBloody Monsters you get to play a shooter game in a morerelaxedmode, since one bullet can kill multiple monsters and bounceallover the place! Bloody Monsters is a relaxed fun physics game,yetit still has that awesome blood & gore feeling whenshootingthose bloody monsters. Bloody Monsters is an extremely funshootinggame. Download Bloody MonstersToday!************************************************************************BloodyMonsters offers tablet optimized UI and game play. Downloadand playthis fun shooting game on any Android optimized tablet andenjoy HDgraphics and sounds. Note To Users: Thank you for yoursupport &reviews till now! Be sure to keep telling yourfriends about BloodyMonsters. Enjoying Bloody Monsters? Learn moreabout the game!Facebook:
Sea Monster City 10.95
Tap Pocket
Welcome to Sea Monster City where you can have differentoceanmonster species, build underwater home, and build your SeaMonsterCity. Features - Free to play! - A wide variety of excitingseamonsters to breed - Fight in underwater battle arena -Acrossbreeding mechanism - Manage your water world as you wouldinreal life- this includes feeding your water Monsters, andarrangingfood resources
Monster High™ Minis Mania 1.4.2
Ghoulish treats and desserts abound as the Monster High Ministeamup to create a cafe to raise funds for their school dance!There'sa chance the next school dance may not happen and the ghoulsofMonster High are not having it. Monster High is unlike anyhighschool out there and the students come from all walks of life.Fromghosts and werewolves to vampires and sea monsters, everyoneiswelcome at Monster High and everyone wants this dance tohappen!Help the ghouls take over the Creepeteria and turn it intoaspooktacular cafe. It’s going to take a team to get thispartystarted, so work hard, hire more Minis and always upgradeyourcafe! Fangtastic Features:- 33 Monster High Minis characterstochoose from- Lucky Draw system- 8 cafe backgrounds and 8foodstations (with 5 different levels and designs)- Leader-board-4VIPs from Monster High- Creeperific voice-overs inEnglish,Mandarin, and Cantonese! ** Please note that while the appis free,please be aware that it contains paid content for realmoney thatcan be purchased upon users' wish to enhance theirgamingexperience.You may control in-app purchases made within thisappusing password protection which can be enabled from thesettingpage of the Google Play Store app. **
Minimon: Adventure of Minions 1.77.187
TFJoy Limited
Join thousands of players in this unique RPG, collect funandoriginal monsters and lead your team to victory! Battle throughanepic Campaign, and prove your strength in PvP fights! Warning:thefollowing features might cause a mild addiction to thismagicalworld!= STORY DRIVEN ACTION RPG =Join Enkobo on his quest tosummonthe mythical monster. During your journey you will encountermanycute Cyclops-like creatures called “minions”. Recruitthesemythical creatures to join your team and fight your waythroughthrilling battles and epic World Boss Fights!Scavenge loot,equipnew items and collect minions to summon the Mythical Minion.=STRATEGIC BATTLE SYSTEM =Awaken your minions in battle tounleashtheir full potentialEvery minion has 4+ skills and their ownuniquetalent treeCustomize your team to get an edge on yourcompetition!= 50+ UNIQUE MINIONS =Collect, upgrade and nurture yourminions andbecome master of the elementsCreate a team of Tanks,All-rounds,Specialists and DPSPlay to Win! = INTENSE WORLD-WIDE PVPBATTLES=Join the biggest arena battles for eternal glory and reachthe topof the leaderboardsReceive glorious rewards forparticipating inweekly eventsAwaken your minions to 5+ stars! =COLLECT MYTHICALITEMS =Empower your minions with mythicalitemsCollect DragonRings, Moonstones, Demon Skulls andSunstonesDisenchant items toreceive powerful magicka! = PARTICIPATEIN MASSIVE GUILD CLASHES=Discuss your strategy in the guild chatand defeat the legendarymonstersCollect buffs and raid theOutlandsA great socialexperience! Are you ready for an epic roleplaying adventure? FROMGAMERS, BY GAMERS, FOR GAMERSWe arepassionate about role playinggames. We support our community withreal time customer support in6 different languages (German, French,Italian, Russian, Spanishand English).If you have any questions,feedback or simply want tostay up-to date with Minimon writeusat: careaboutproviding the best and most epic gaming experience!Additionally, anetwork connection is required to enjoy Minimon.
Avatar Maker: Monster Girls 3.3.3
Want to create an avatar of a new cartoonish monster student?Ormaybe you dream of a picture of your favorite character but arenotgood at design? Our game is what you need! The app offers alargevariety of fragments for you to mix and match and make upyouroriginal monster character: angel, demon, wyvern, werewolf,vampireor anything you can think of. Customize your character’seyes,lips, hair, clothes, wings, horns and other attributes. Shareyourpic or set it as wallpaper. ☆ 10,000+ magic character options☆Save and share features ☆ Flexible color options ☆ A greatvarietyof stunning accessories Create an awesome teenager monsterin ourapp. Make it your avatar or add your characters to comics, tomakeup your own club for monster girls! 0:-)
Closet Monsters 3.0.8
> Make your own baby monster and play in the closet! >Createmonster makeup and manicure, brush and fix teeth, playbrainsurgery, and more! > Mix different monster parts andcreatehundreds of different Closet Monsters! Three little ClosetMonstersfeel so lonely in the wardrobe. They want to play! Meetyour newmonster friends - vampire girl Lisa, baby dragon Draco andfluffymonster Furry. Have tons of monster fun: grow monster hairfromflower seeds, clean mushrooms in their ears, make a greenmonstersmoothie from spider webs and worms, and more! ClosetMonsters loveto change how they look so free your imagination andmake your ownbaby monster! Mix different haircuts, monster parts,wings, eyes,clothes and accessories, and build hundreds of funnyand cuteCloset Monsters! **If your kids are afraid of monsters andcan’tsleep at night, let them play with Closet Monsters and allfearswill be gone for good! Play with VAMPIRE GIRL LISA: - Catchlittlebats in Lisa’s hair! - Clean spider webs from her dress,cleanmushrooms form her ears and fix Lisa’s teeth! - Make amonstersmoothie from spider webs and worms, and feed Lisa! - Putvampirelenses in Lisa's eyes and apply monster makeup with whitepowder,mascara and eye shadows! - Give Lisa a manicure, polish hernailsand decorate her hand with scary rings, gloves and tattoos! -Playvampire dress up and mix different haircuts, monster parts,wings,eyes, clothes and accessories! - Create your own vampire girlandtake a picture of her! Play with BABY DRAGON DRACO: - Brush andfixDraco’s teeth to fight the smelly breath! - Decorate hornsonDraco’s head and tail with cool patterns! - Grow Draco’s hairfromflower seeds, water them and make a birds nest on his head! -Takecare of little birds who settled on Draco’s head! - Choose newskincolor, haircut and body parts for Draco, dress him how you likeandbuild your own baby dragon! Play with HAIRY MONSTER FURRY: -Useyour hairstylist skills: cut Furry’s hair with scissors andshavehis fur! - Plant special seeds, water them and grow new hairforFurry! - Comb Furry’s hair and make a stylish monster hairdo!-Dress up Furry like a monster rock star! - Catch lice inFurry’shair and play brain surgery! - Dress up Furry forPhotoshoot: mixhaircuts, skin colors and monster body parts! - Makeyour ownversion of Furry monster and take a photo of your newfriend!WHAT’S INSIDE * 3 cute baby Closet Monsters, all ready toplay withkids! * 9 crazy monster games with unexpected tasks! *Creativetasks for kids like building your own monster! * Hundredsofdifferent Closet Monsters that you can create! * Cute andfunnyanimations and sounds! * Helps to get rid of monster whileplayingsuper fun games! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -About TutoTOONS Games for Kids Crafted and play-tested withkidsand toddlers, TutoTOONS games foster kids’ creativity and helpthemlearn while playing the games they love. Fun andeducationalTutoTOONS games strive to bring meaningful and safemobileexperience to millions of children worldwide. ImportantMessage toParents This app is free to download and play, but therearecertain in-game items that may be purchased for real money.Bydownloading this app you agree to TutoTOONS Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use. Discover More Fun with TutoTOONS! · Subscribe toourYouTube channel:·Learn more about us: · Read ourblog:
Monster Truck Games 2.0
Eser Soft
Monster truck game, gladly playing by people from all agescomeshere with finest levels. You can crushingly sweep to housesandcars with monster truck. You have to arrive endpoint withovercomemany obstacles. Awesome adventure with unlimited level. Getback toroad with crushingly sweep to houses, crates. You won’t giveupfrom this game.- Sensitive Accelerator and break- Difficulttracksfilled with obstacles- Unlimited level- Completely free ofcharge-Super effects- Crazy ceaselessness adventure
Monster Car Hill Racer 2.0
It’s a dark day for humanity large groups of monsters arerunningfree on earth. It seems that these underworld demons somehowfounda way to escape from there devildom realm. Reports of scaredpeopleare starting to reach the government. They have only onesolutionleft and that is to call you. A great hero without no fearas oneof the greatest car drivers you need to race through therealm ofthese monsters and fight those creatures from the inside.Al youneed to do is some hill climb racing, shoot those monsters onyourway and clear the path of zombies, mummy’s, demons andvampireswith your awesome cars, trucks and other vehicles. Use theawesomeforce of your bumper to hit those nasty zombies’ hordes thatstandbetween you and saving humanity for its doom.Crash your waythroughlevels full of scary monsters in this cool monster dashracinggame! Monster Car Hill Racer is a race game full of greathillclimbs, large drops and of course monsters that will try toslowyou down from your goal. Those angry monsters will try anythingtoprevent you from saving the world from extinction. They onlygaveyou some background information about how these monsters whereableto escape the pits of hell! It seems they have broken andremovedthe four magic seals on the gate between the two dimensions,so thegate between the human world and the underworld known asdevildomis open and those scary creatures are starting to collectsouls ofthe living. The government decides to send you in toreclose thegate! The task is clear you need to find those magicalseals toclose the gate. Travel through the different Monster CarHill Racergame worlds, drive over and crash into zombies, mummies,demons andvampires. Monster Car Hill Racer game features: • Largeamount ofdifferent kind of monsters, zombies, vampires, mummies anddemonswill try to slow you down. • Monster Car Hill Racer has alargeamount of different vehicles to drive with. Drive with commoncars,busses, 4x4, Humvee, trucks, a large construction vehicle andsomemilitary stuff like a tank and missile launcher. • Monster CarHillRacer is a monster dash game with stunning visualgraphics,vehicles and weapons.• Upgrade your car, truck, bus ortank withguns boosters and loads of other stuff to make it to thefinishline.• Crash, dash and kill the hordes of different monsters,andsave the world from its doom.• Drive your car, truck or othercrazyvehicle as far as possible before the gas is running out•Countlesshours of gameplay with 4 different adventure world •Upgrade thedifferent vehicles with unique upgrades seven differentcomponentsare available to upgrade like: engines, gear boxes,tires, yourawesome bumper, and the fuel tank.• Game is designed towork bothon low resolution and high end resolution devicesSo getready toface the challenges of this new racing game, with levelsfull ofunique hill climbing environments which you can conquerwithdifferent vehicles. Become the hero the world needs and saveitfrom the monster hordes! Enjoy Monster Car Hill RacerPleasegiveuse some support by rating our game or by liking our Facebookpageor follow us on twitter!Facebook- Twitter-
Ugly Monster Simulator 1.0
Yamtar Games
Ugly Monster Simulator is an action simulator hybrid game thatyoucontrol one of the ugliest monster in the world. Control theuglymonster horde to rule the unknown world. Raise yourcharacters,unlock new spells and survive!Game Features:- Consolequalitygraphics.- Control ugly monster horde.- Characterprogression.-Huge, well designed map.
Incredible Monster vs Spiderhero: City War 1.2
Incredible Monster vs Superhero: City Battle Get ready to playthislast battle between against wild monsters in this open worldactiongame. There are many bulky monsters in this superhero vsincrediblemonsters 3d game. They have attacked on a beautiful cityin yourstate. Peoples are crying, blasting and calling some helpfromtheir forces but nobody here to help them. Come on help them.Youare only who can help them because of hidden powers. Go, saveyourpeople and save your city from the dangerous group ofcriminals.Game features:- Easy and user friendly gui and control Abrilliantstory line that will keep you playing for hours Beautifuland eyecatching graphics No connectivity required while playingAddictive,loving & Full of fun. Gps is available to findenemieslocation. Give your feedbackat:-
Monster Truck Builder & Maker 1.0.1
Be a designer, creator and manufacturer of big lorry in thismonstertruck builder game for crazy mechanics. Best car show roomis nowopened in your city and they are providing professionalservices tomake and repair your monster vehicles. In this workshopyou can makecustomized vehicles of different models and designs.If you likesports car you can make one in this best mechanic game.Little carrepairman get ready to use your expert car builderskills toassemble heavy duty trucks.Join auto truck body parts andengine torebuild it in this service station salon. Assemble thewhole monstertruck elegantly to avoid any damages on truck body orpaint. Garagewars are going on, to compete you need to providebest servicesusing modern tools and machines. This 4x4 truck makergame isextreme fun for truck care and wash games lovers.Firstselect thevehicle to create from 3 super trucks. Assemble thepolished trucksbonnet, tyres, engine and lights. Wash the monstertruck before itleaves the workshop. Monster truck & fix it isa real likeexperience of making vehicles. Now Download thisamazing truck makersalon game and have fun! 4.0.50
Oh, My, Ghoul!!! Your favorite fashionista Monster Highmonstergirls are here to dress up and look fangtastic: FrankieStein™,Draculaura™, Clawdeen Wolf™, Cleo de Nile™, Lagoona Blue™,AriHauntington™, Silvi Timberwolf™ and Twyla™. All the fashionmonstergirls all ready for a fangtastic makeover at the hairsalon!Clawdeen Wolf™, the trendiest fashionista monsterista from“MonsterHigh” just opened her very own fashion, beauty, dress upand hairsalon - and she needs YOUR spooktacular makeover touch!HelpClawdeen Wolf™ give her ghoulfriends killer fashion makeoverlooksat the hair salon! Clawesome hairdo? Creeperific nails? Howabout anew fangtastic fashion outfit? You can get ’em all in theghoulestone-stop shop! Oh wait, that’s not all: You can getfreaky-fabfashionista looks by using our gore-geous selfie filters.You caneven create your own filters, so get creative in the monstergirlshair salon! Fangtastic Features: > Use spooky-cool hairsalontools on the Monster High monster girls, like magic growingspray,hair dyes, mousse and so much more! You can even use Znaptoelectrify hair! > Our selfie filter pack gives youmonstrouslooks, lets you dance like a Zomboy, AND you can createyour ownfangtastic filters too - how clawesome is that?! > Addyourfreaky fab fashionista photos to Spookygram to show off yourkillerlooks. > Give the boo-tiful monsters the makeover oftheirnightmares, using the best makeup tools you’ve ever laidyoureyeballs on! Add lightning stickers and spider face jewels foranextra creepy cool touch. > Dress up time with Clawdeen Wolf™andthe fashion ghoul gang! Mummy leggings or dresses fit for arockstar monster? The choices are endless! And wait till you seethecrazy shoe collection! > Dress up and accessorizeDraculaura™and the rest of your spooky fashionista Monster Highmonster girlswith clawesome jewelry like crazy-shaped earrings orspiky collarnecklaces. > Give makeovers to all of the ghoulestmonsters:Frankie Stein™, Draculaura™, Clawdeen Wolf™, Cleo deNile™, LagoonaBlue™, Ari Hauntington™, Silvi Timberwolf™ andTwyla™. ABOUT USCrazy Labs is a casual games brand, under whichTabTale developsand publishes fun and addictive games. Crazy Labspartners withindependent development studios across the globe tocreate engagingmobile content for audiences of all ages. Visitus: GooglePlus: Likeus: Followus:@CrazyLabsGamesWatch us: US Let us knowwhat you think! Questions? Suggestions?Technical Support? Contactus 24/7 at: Talk2Us@Crazy-Labs.comPRIVACY: The app is free to playbut certain in-game items mayrequire payment. The app includes: -advertising for TabTale andsome third parties that redirect usersto our sites, apps orthird-party sites - social networks links toconnect with otherswhile playing - the option to accept pushnotifications to inform ofexciting news (e.g. updates) - anage-gate to prevent access to somefeatures to protect children(e.g. restrict behavioral advertisingor information sharing). Yourprivacy matters. The app may enabledata collection for limitedpurposes (e.g. respond to supportqueries; enable, analyze andimprove the app’s features andservices; personalize contentincluding targeted ads and analysethose ads). For more informationrefer to our Privacy Policy: that referred thirdparties are subject to their own policies.By downloading, updatingor using the app you consent to thiscollection and use of deviceinformation and your data for addisplay and reporting purposes, andto our Terms of Use: MONSTER HIGHand associatedtrademarks and trade dress are owned by, and usedunder licensefrom, Mattel. ©2017 Mattel. All rights reserved.
Tunisian Monster Cave [No Ads] 5.5
Tunsoft Games
This shadow mafia monster and legendary warrior cave allow youtoact like a super puppet, a super hot list in thissuperherobreakaway mission, as you have an eagle eye to crush andattack themonsters , escape obstacles.As an incredible hero and acave offlying monsters, get ready to play this last battle betweenanamazing mutant strange monster, as a soldier managed on thisworld,connects the hero of the city and the superheroes of theflyingspider in this outdoor action adventure simulation game.Howto play:* Press right or left to jump, and collect coins on thisfunarcade game.* Try to avoid hindering your super monsterflyinghero.* Collect magical hearts as much as you can.TheTunisianMonster Cave is a fun game with a super retro jump and anadventurerace :* Many obstacles are hard, but fun.* Manyexcitingadventures.* A very interesting and fun arcadegame.Excellent 3Denvironment :* Fun and fabulous sound effects.*GUI anduser-friendly controls.* Best Shot First Person Action.
Rucoy Online - MMORPG - MMO - RPG 1.18.2
Rucoy Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role PlayingGamewhere you can fight monsters with your friends in it’s realtimeopen world. Features: √ Player vs Player (PvP) √ Guild System√Play as a Knight, Archer or Mage √ You can change yourcharacterclass anytime √ Use spells to deal more damage √ Ally withotherplayers and form a team to defeat strong monsters and getextraexperience √ Hunt dozens of different monsters √ Find thebestequipment √ Increase your level and skills without limits √Evergrowing open world √ Chat with other players √ Customizeyourcharacter √ No account registration, just link your charactertoyour Google account and that's it How to play: - To movetouchwhere you want to go - To attack simply select a target - Usethebuttons on the left side to restore health, mana or use aspecialability - Use the buttons on the right to change weapons -To pickup loot from the ground just touch the hand icon - Eachlevelincreases your health points, mana points, moving speed,attack anddefense PvP system: - Attacking and/or killing innocentplayerswill mark you as cursed - Attacking and/or killing cursedplayerswon't mark you as cursed - There is a gold reward forkillingcursed players - Standing on a PvP zone will reduce theduration ofyour curse Website: www.rucoyonline.comFacebook:
Barbaric: Marble-Like RPG, Hyper Action Hero! 1.1.00
Upopa Games
Take on the role of a mighty barbarian warrior on an epic questofmonster smashing and loot grabbing! Hack and slash your waythroughmonsters to raid their dungeons and steal theirgold!Transform intoa barbaric pinball and strike down monsters!Charge into hordes ofundead creatures and become the most powerfulGolden Hero!Test youraiming skills in dozens of levels, upgradeyour character, anddiscover powerful items!KEY FEATURES: • Reachthe top of the towerby honing your skills and your blade. • Collectepic weapons in aquest for legendary loot! • Roll through darkcaves, castles, anddungeons! • Jump right into the action without atedious tutorial!• Barbaric or Barbarik, you'll crush enemies,that's for sure! •Enhanced with Immersion TactileEffectsFOLLOWUS:www.upopa.comFacebook:
Monster Truck Kids Racing 3.62
Monster Truck Racing game for Kids! Simple to play and yet funtoenjoy for everyone! Choose your ride and guide it to thefinishline! Control your Monster Truck with just one finger and seehowit flips, jumps and rolls on it's way. This is so simple thatyoucan watch TV and play this game crushing some old cars at thesametime! Prepare for a race by picking one of the hugepowerfulmonster trucks, gain enough speed to jump over the ramps orclimbto the stiff hill made of old trashed cars! Enjoy all thesurprisesin each level! There are also plenty of goods to collectfor betterresults while rolling for the win! Start the engine anddrive theseawesome cars in the shortest time possible and get bestscore! Evensomeone who is holding a phone for the first time couldplay thisgame without any problems! The tracks are designed so thatyouwould do many stunts on the run, the truck will spin, roll, fliporeven crash some cars! Monstertastic! [Update] We have addedcarcustomization where you can build your own monster truck!
Dragon Storm 1.3.2
Dragon Storm is an action RPG of an adventure with theGuardianSpirits in search of the evil dragon Dark Lord releasedfrom theseal. Kill the monsters with the power of instinct andlevel upyour character or join the battle with the Guardian Spirit.Itemsand cards acquired in dungeons are very useful for combat.Thegoblins that have invaded the village are only the beginning.Newmonsters will block your way. Be the best warrior and defeattheDark Lord! [Features] - Level up the weakest warrior intothestrongest warrior - Upgrading various characters and variousitems- Item acquisition through exploration - Reward according tothestage difficulty - Rich story cut-scenes and Stunning endingforscenario mode - Automatic combat unlocks on completion ofstagemission - Validate my skills with Infinite Tower - Supports10languagesHomepage:
Neo Monsters 2.9.2
Form your team and battle for victory! Capture, train, and evolvetobecome the champion in one of the biggest monster battling RPGs!NeoMonsters is an addictive strategy RPG that features epic 4v4battlesbetween two teams of up to 16 monsters. The uniqueturn-based battlesystem allows you to come up with powerful chainstrategies bycombining hundreds of abilities. Hunt down thestrongest monstersand harness their power, then take the battleonline to dominate inexciting PvP battles and leagues! Are youready to take thechallenge? ▶Features: ● Build your MonsterCollection ✔ Capture andevolve over 1000 fully animated monsters!✔ Train your monsters andunleash their deadly potential. ✔ Collectevolution ingredients tocreate the ultimate power! ● Form a BattleStrategy ✔ Build theultimate team of up to 16 monsters. ✔ Defeatyour opponents in epicturn-based 4v4 battles! ✔ Create devastatingcombinations fromhundreds of abilities. ● Become the Champion ✔Conquer six Leaguesand take on the Grand Champion in 60+ hours ofadventure! ✔ Exploremultiple islands and dungeons on your journey.✔ Follow the story touncover the truth behind your late uncle’satrocity. ● Take theBattle Online ✔ Duel players from around theworld in PvP leagues! ✔Complete 100+ online missions. ✔ Take onweekly updated events tounlock big rewards. Follow us onFacebook: Join the NeoMonsterscommunity: Issues orquestions?Contact our support: Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Spider SuperHero VS Incredible Monster City Battle 1.0
Fualdev World
Mr. Incredible has to take revenge from spider boy who betrayed.Youhave to be a true monster super hero of the city full ofcriminals,terrorists, gangsters and mafia. This free to roamaction adventuresimulation 3D open world game comes with thrillinglevels andcritical missions allows you to crush monster and defeatevildefenders. Become incredible shooter and to killterrorists,gangsters, super villains and spider hero use your supermutantstrange powers & combat fighting & gun shootingskills. Youhave to act like a super soldier in this superheroescape missionas you have got an eagle eye to crush and attackmonsters, smashcities. This is a clash of monsters and you have tomake heroesalliance in order to defeat super villains and villainterrorists.Destroy traffic which is controlled by strange supervillains asdeadly criminals are taking control of the city whereweed dealermafia is getting ready for future fight with actionheroes and theyare going to take help of monster warriors.Superheroes are turningagainst each other and this time incrediblemonster has decided totake a final revenge from super spider heroesin this heroicbattle. Big Monster has joined the gangsters, jailcriminals andmafia of the crime city and destroying peace. Theyhave beencontrolled by strange super powers and they have forgottentheywere used to be the universe defender and were super mutanthero ofthis city. Get ready to play this last battle betweenincrediblestrange mutant monster city hero and flying spidersuperheroes inthis open world action simulation game. This free toroam actionadventure simulation 3D open world game comes withthrilling levelsand critical missions allows you to crush monsterand defeat evildefenders. Become incredible shooter and to killterrorists,gangsters, super villains and spider hero use your supermutantstrange powers & combat fighting & gun shootingskillsGetinto your superhero alien suit and save the world withspider boystrange rope hero powers in this new superhero fightinggame. As aflying spider boy ropes climb hero, roam free inextensive 3Denvironment where you fight people and rescue thecitizens from thedeadly criminals and gangsters incredible monstersof the of Vegascity and miami crime city to end bombs reign in thisspider boyarcade flyer. This game is a heroic battle againstgangsters anddeadly criminals of open world mafia. Play plenty ofcriticalmissions filled with thrill and action as a flyingspiderincredible brave hero, drive high speed cars and chase downthevice town open car thugs, deadly criminals and gangsters ofmiamiextreme crime city. You have been people's savior and alwaysfoughtlike a fearless fighter so fight people, arcade flyer &thesuper villains who are on verge to destroy the city and endthereign of evil from the city in this superhero fighting gamewithyour survival flight. As a Spider Web Shadow you have gotsomeamazing rope hero powers, your walk like a shadow and fightlike amonster.
Monster VS Zombie 1.6.7
9FACTORY, an independent game developer, finally broke out afteralong hiatus and came back with the new title, 'MonsterVSZombie'!9FACTORY presents you the amazing defense game, evenbetterthan the previous '9 Heroes Defense.'Super System that youhaven'teven seen before will be there to help you withyourgameplay.Eliminate the zombies swarming from multiple linesandsave the Earth!Sounds easy? It's easier said than done.Whydon'tyou try it?[Featured] - Multi LineThis is not a typicalbattlesystem that takes place in a single line - all the battleswagingin 4 lines at the same time will totally blow you away. -SuperSystemLaunch a normal monster for a certain number of timesand ittransforms into Super Monster.Use the powerful super monstersandwin your battle. - Various ObjectsObjects placed across themapsuch as portals, moving walkways and hard gravestones will addthefun to the gameplay. - Sticker SystemEnjoy various stickerstoupgrade the stats of your monsters and super monsters. -GameModeTotal of 4 exciting game modesDay time Mode: 100 stagestoplayNight time Mode: 100 stages to playStation Assault in Daytime:90 stages to playStation Assault in Night time: 90 stagestoplayZombie Rush: Unlimited stages"Monster VS Zombie" a videoad,such as advertising and data storage and management- GET_ACCOUNT-WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE -READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGESuchpermission.Server does not use the user'sinformation into the gameseparately.
Legendary Monster (Unreleased)
jiang qunxi
Legendary Monsters is asimpleyetmind-captivating game that needs you to collectmonstersduringyour adventure and fight against your enemies.1.HELP YOUR MONSTERS GROWThey become more and more mature as you advance andacquirepowerfulskills to defeat the evil monsters.2.BUILD UP YOUR OWN MONSTER TEAMThe spots on your team are limited and an intelligenttrainerwillchoose wisely to fit the qualifications andbecomeundefeated3.NEW STAGES AND CHALLENGESThere is new challenges added on the adventure here and onlythebestmonster trainers get the final victory and glory.
Monster Truck 3.3
Amazing addictive monster truck game with HD graphics. Drivethroughall obstacles to get to the finish level. Game hasinfinitely numberof randomly built levels. Enjoy it! Avoid all theobstacles on yourway, control your Monster Truck with Physicsbecause trucks tobounce, drift and tire slips as real driving! --Features: * TruePhysics realistic game, Realistic vehicle and realFUN! * Differentbackgrounds * Thrilling and addictive to everyone!* Stunning HDGraphics art design * Attractive background soundplay * Fast actionExtreme racing fun So, why you are waiting for?Everything abouttruck driving is here! Get fun.
Dynamons Evolution Puzzle & RPG: Legend of Dragons 1.1.1
Kizi Games
Catch the all cool monsters, evolve to legendary dragons,battlewith your friends and explore the fun world ofDynamonsEvolution!THE NEXT STAGE IN THE WORLD OF DYNAMONS ISHERE!DynamonsEvolution is an addictive, FREE to play match-3 gamewith epicmonster collecting and gripping RPG elements.Match, attackandcatch all those pocket monsters through tons of fun levels inthisincredible puzzle adventure.FEATURES:● HUNDREDS of rareandpowerful Dynamons, level-up and battle!● SUMMON and build yourteamwith diverse monsters and unique, devastating SKILLS withdifferentelements and dragon, beast, and ancient types.● BATTLEacross ahuge beautiful fantasy world to become a DynamonsLegendaryCaptain● EVOLVE your Dynamons to legendary and mightymonsters●COLLECT and catch all the mystic dragons in tons ofchallenginglevels● UPDATED regularly with new levels, fun eventsand Dynamons●FIGHT with your buddies and earn great rewards● SYNCyour gameacross your devices and never lose your preciousDynamonsTheDynamons™ games have been downloaded and played bymillions ofusers and Dynamons Evolution is the next step in thisthrillingfranchise. Let’s explore Dynamons Evolution now!Follow usonDynamons Evolution's officialchannels!Website:
Smart dragon in battle 1.3.5
this game talking about dragon and his friend were injungle,suddenly evil big monster fear of monsterrunningaround to the jungle and hide, charizard ran but hisfriendcouldn't run and he got captured by big monster, afterfeeling ofguilt of running away dragon decided to rescue his friendand takevictory.It’s high time for you to use all of your skills toput himout of the kingdom of big monsters.Enjoy this cute smartdragongame. Everything in this adventure game has been carefullydesignedfor you to have a lot of fun, Good luck.
com.ubimob.heroes.defender 4.0
The war broke out and dark monsters are back to attack yourcastle.Not only orcs, but also goblins, witch, spirits, devils andothermonsters are trying to destroy your kingdom! Use the power ofthebow and crossbow to defend the realm and the kingdom fromattackingenemies. Equip the castle with a bow, arrows and defeatall thedemon and zombies that are coming to your castle. You arenot alonein this battle. Choose your legendary warriors and fighttogetherwith the legendary heroes. Summon the ancient gods willlead yourarmy and defend your precious kingdom. Upgrade your heroesandcontrol their unique skill to defend kingdom from waves ofmonstersare attacking your castle. Do not forget to upgrade yourarcheryand crossbow, which will help you shoot powerful bosses. Canyoudefend your castle against intruders with your archery? FeaturesofDefender Heroes: - More than 10 heroes with a lot of uniqueskillsto collect: archer, hunter, elf, panda, demon, witch… -Upgrade100+ level of castle, archery and crossbow with amazingpower. -Explore more than 300 epic battles. Defeat dark dragon,collectgold and diamond in goblin mode. - A lot of creeps todestroybefore they attack the castle. - Talent system make heroesandwarrior stronger by powerful magic. - Totem: Increaseshootingfrequency, bonus battle gold and diamond. - Weapon andequipment:Hammer, swords, armor, bow and arrows will increase yourspell andheroes power. Download Heroes Defender - free idlestrategy gamewith tower defense style. You will enjoy the feelingof shootingthe enemy and defend your castle, and become thelegendaryDefender. Love ancient military rpg strategy games? Thendownloadnow and dive into the idle defense strategy of DefenderHeroes!Follow us for the updates!
Jammer Splash 2.8.1
Dive into Jammer Splash! The all new match 3 puzzle game fromBigBlue Bubble, the creators of My Singing Monsters! Match blocksofthe same color and pop them to solve the match 3 puzzle, butwatchout it’s a race against time and your number of moves islimited.Don’t worry though, there’s a colorful cast of charactersready tohelp you out by becoming helpful avatars and powerfulpowerups thatchange the board every time you use them!Features:•Easy and fun toplay, but takes practice to master!• CollectibleAvatars that levelup with you and help on your adventure!• FacebookLeaderboards tocompete with your friends!• Multiple ways tocomplete each match 3puzzle!• More puzzling levels than you canshake a toe at!Thank youfor playing Jammer Splash!Like us onFacebook: us onTwitter: ourwebsite: free-to-play, however some game items can also bepurchased forreal money. If you don't want to use this feature,please disablein-app purchases in your device's settings. A networkconnection(3G or WiFi) is required to play Jammer Splash.Help &Support:Visit or contactusin-game by going to Options > Support.
Zombie Bloxx 2.0.0
Do whatever you can to survive this zombie-filled nightmare!You’llface an unending horde of block hungry zombies, ready to pullyouapart pixel by pixel. But don’t panic yet! There’s a wide arrayofdeadly weapons and helpful environments to take them down.Fromknives and clubs to tanks and brain crushing trains - you’llhaveeverything you’ll need to keep one step ahead of theswarm.Features:• A cast of over 40 unique characters withspecializedweapons• 6 merciless maps filled with bloodthirstyzombies•Unstoppable hordes of the pixelated undead, including elitespecialzombies• 3D environments drenched in pixel bloodMillions ofPixelZombies were harmed in the making of Zombie Bloxx. Downloadtodayand kill some more!Facebook(! Zombie Bloxx is completelyfree to play, however some gameitems can also be purchased forreal money. If you don't want to usethis feature, please disablein-app purchases in your device'ssettings. Zombie Bloxx requiresan internet connection to play (3Gor WiFi).HELP & SUPPORT: Forsupport
Goosebumps Night of Scares 1.1.7
Cosmic Forces
VR compatible! - Featuring Jack Black as the Voice ofR.L.Stine***GOOSEBUMPS’ GREATEST MONSTERS COME TO LIFE! WILLYOUSURVIVE?***The bestselling horror series comes to life onmobilefor the first time and features Goosebumps mostfrighteningmonsters, including Slappy the Dummy, evil gnomes,werewolves, andmore. Can you survive a night in R.L. Stine’s house- a living trapfilled with his most famous monsters? Mystery,madness, andfrightening moments await!****HIGHLIGHTS****Thefirst-everGoosebumps game for Smart Phones and Tablets.Goosebumps’greatestmonsters come to life, including Slappy the Dummy, evilgnomes,werewolves, and more.Jump scares galore! Play a terrifyingsurvivalgame of hide-n-seek with Goosebumps’ most fearedvillains.Hide tosurvive! Learn the secrets of R.L. Stine’smysterious house toavoid being detected.Solve the mysteries!Collect pages from R.L.Stine’s most famous books to trap monsters.Virtual Reality mode:Place your phone in a VR-compatible headset toget even closer tothe action! Compatible with any SmartPhone-compatible VRheadset.Stop Slappy from unleashing havoc, butbeware of the TWISTthat may lead to your doom. *** READ THE BOOKS.SEE THE MOVIE. PLAYTHE GAME!***Goosebumps TM Scholastic. Movie ©2016 CPII. Game code© 2016 Cosmic Forces, Inc. All RightsReserved.Game Developer &Publisher: Cosmic ForcesGameDeveloper: Free Range Games