Top 7 Games Similar to Run Run Robot 2!

Cosmobot - Hyper Jump 1.3.5
It's Time for Space Exploration! Control your best spacerobots,thecosmobots, and send them off to discover the infiniteexpanseofspace. Gravitate around thousands of planets whileventuringeverfarther into this infinity. 🚀 TIME FOR HYPER-JUMPS Toexplorespace,you'll need to gain altitude… At the speed of light! 🚀1… 2…1,000COSMOBOTS How many machines will you need to gofarther?Compareyour results with your friends and become thegreatestpilot or,instead, a real scourge for your little robots! 🚀AVOIDOBSTACLESStrange enemies confronting you? No problem! You'reatalentedpilot; you'll get past them easily. But could this heraldagreaterperil? 🚀 DOZENS OF BONUSES Humanity has placed its trustinyou, butstill, you won't refuse little boosts to reachunexploredhorizons!Gravity will be both your best ally tonavigate and yourreferencepoint so as not to lose yourself in thefrozen reaches oftheuniverse. Find us on Twitter! @Ankama_Mobile#Cosmobot
Ninja Gear: Cyber Ninja Unleashed (Beta Testing)
*Beta Testing Exclusively in US and Canada!* Suit UptoSaveHumanity! Cyber Ninja Unleashed! With the rapiddevelopmentofscience and technology, humans have entered an eraofcoexistencewith intelligent machines. However, group ofmilitantprogrammershave transformed these machines into mechaweapons thathasannihilated mankind. Just when the situation seemsdesperate,agroup of mech ninjas brings hope to humanity.. " -Chaincomplexcool looking attacks using intuitive controls - Mixandmatchdifferent Ninjitsu skills personalized for your style ofplay!-Random enhancement effects for your Ninja toincreasereplayability- Over 200 armored suit pieces for you toelevate yourstyle! Lookgood while destroying your enemies! -Multiple ninjacharacters,each with their own physical skills andultimateabilities, eachwith unique fighting experience! - Collectcharacterfragments,unlock eight gates, and personlize the ultimateninja! -The numberof levels and enemy types are continuouslyupdated,giving youunlimited challenges!
WarPods 1.39.1
SAVE THE UNIVERSE IN THIS TURN-BASED BLOCK BREAKER RPG! In WARPODS,you lead a gang of heroes to battle all kinds of warmongeringspaceoddities as you travel the universe. BLOCK BREAKER BATTLESBlastenemies with powerful shots that bounce all over the screen.Be themaster of ricochets and rack that damage up! WEEKLYCHALLENGES Takepart in weekly events featuring all-new challengesand stories!SPACE ODDITIES Go against many different enemyfactions, includingSpace Pirates, Nomners, Scavengers and theever-terrifyingNegasaurs, among others. TURN-BASED RPGStrategically select a comboof three War Pods to bring with you tobattle; Each with their ownperks and abilities! VARIED ALLIESSummon zany characters fromacross galaxies to join your battlesusing the all-powerfulHexachron.
Daggerhood 1.0.5
Crescent Moon Games
It's only stealing if you get caught. Every man should haveaskilland for Vincent S. Daggerhood, that skill was thieving.Quickwithhis hands, there was no loot he couldn’t plunder andnotreasurechest he couldn’t escape with. For Daggerhood, lifewasgood, untilcome that fateful day he was finally caught and inthename ofjustice, to pay for his crimes, he was cast intotheforsakencaverns. But this is not the end of Daggerhood’s story,forthis isthe beginning. Filled with the desire for freedom andacraving forretribution, Daggerhood has set his sights onstealingthe King’sgold and armed with a dagger he can throw andreclaimbyteleporting to its current position, across 100 levels,he’sgoingto need your help! Will you answer his call? Features: *5worldsand 100 levels * 5 unique bosses * In-level challengesthatrequirethe player to collect treasure and fairies * Newgamemechanicsintroduced with each world * Quick-fire platformeraction
Levelhead - Infinitely challenging platformer 100.0.62
Butterscotch Shenanigans
Play the 2D Platformer Maker from the award-winningstudiobehindCrashlands! EMPLOYEEEEEE! The Bureau of Shipping isthegalaxy'spremiere package delivery corporation. For hundredsofyears ourcustomers have trusted us to deliver their goods,realgood. Andnow you get to be part of that delivery magic. As anewEmployee tothe Levelhead Division, you are responsible fortrainingyour veryown GR-18 delivery robot for every possibledeliveryscenario.Create L.E.V.E.L.s, or "Limited Exercises foreValuatingemployEeLimitations", with the intuitive Level editor intheWorkshop, thenpublish them for the whole world to experience.Buildincrediblecontraptions and machines, craft adventurousexpeditionsthatrequire brain and brawn to complete, or just createarelaxingmusic scene for other Levelheads to chill with.Onceyou'vecompleted your Level, share it with the rest of theworld...andgain a following! The Levelhead Division comesequippedwithpowerful curation and Following systems, so you'llalways beableto find the best new Levels created by yourcolleagues. Anddon'tforget about the Training course! More than 90hand-craftedLevelsoffer a wealth of challenges and surprises tojumpstartyourcreativity. What are you waiting for, Employee? Getout thereanddo good for our goods! FEATURES + Build your ownLevels!Getcreative and make your own Levels with hundreds ofitemsincludingenemies, hazards, paths, programmable switches,secrets,weather,music, and powers. Build a sprawling adventure, apuzzlegame, apinball machine, a Level full of bosses, afast-pacedchallenge, arelaxing musical contraption, awell-pacedsidescroller, orwhatever else you can imagine!Levelhead'sintuitive Level editorlets you convert your design ideasintoplatforming adventures forplayers around the world. + Completethechallenging and funnycampaign! Take control of GR-18, adeliveryrobot in-training, asyou run, jump, and blast your wayacross 90+challenging,hand-designed campaign Levels. Along the wayyou'llunlock newAvatars, speedrun against benchmark times, andbecome astaremployee of the Levelhead division! + Gain afollowing!Publishyour Level to the entire world and see your PlayTime,Attempts,and Followers stack up. With robust search andcuration,Levelheadmakes collecting followers and playing endlessusergeneratedcontent from around the world a breeze. Plus,theMarketingDepartment lets you push your Levels to the top ofthecharts justby playing the game, meaning you don't already havetobe famous toget your Levels played! + Compete for speed andscore!Every Levelcomes with a leaderboard - take the top spot andyou'llhold thetrophy! But beware, the competition is fierce and youneverknowwho will be coming for your awards. + Cross platform,crosssave,& cross play! The Levels you create go out to thewholeworld,regardless of device! You can even back-up yourunfinishedlevelsto the cloud and transfer them between devices withease, soyoucan build and play wherever you want.
BioBeasts: Mutate & Destroy 1.5.6
Control mutant beasts as you battle waves ofrobotenemies,laboratory defenses, and mechanical bosses. Mutateyour waytofreedom and rescue new beasts with unique powers!Unlockandupgrade tons of mutations to craft your own strategy!FEATURES*Unlock unique beasts and mutate to freedom! *Activatespecialpowers to devastate your captors! * Customize eachbeastwith skinsand over 50 powerful mutations! * Master 4difficultymodes! *Shred 20+ unique robotic enemy types including aviciousfinalboss! * Conquer endless enemy waves and challenges!*Dominateonline leaderboards! * Multiplatform cloudsaving!Developer Blog:
Muffin Knight 2.0.1
Angry Mob Games
"Gaming App of the Day" - Kotaku "This is aleaping,blasting,clawing slice of fun" - PocketGamer, Silver Award“Muchlikemuffins, Muffin Knight is sweet, simple, anddangerouslyaddicting,and you can never go wrong withrainbow-sh***ingunicorns” - KotakuFertilize the forest with theunicorn, cover thesky with blackholes, flood the world with candy,but just get themuffins back!Muffin Knight is an arena basedaction-packedplatformer withstunning visuals and a myriad offairytalecharacters, each withtheir own unique abilities, whichgainstrength as you advance.Brought to you by the creators ofGuerrillaBob, Predators and AVP:Evolution! This is the story of alittleboy, on his journey toreturn the old fairy’s magical muffins.Astrange curse was set onhim: with each muffin he touches, heturnsinto a differentcreature. The old fairy promises to turn himbackinto a boy whenhe gets all the muffins back.FEATURES➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠ ★FAIRYTALE GRAPHICS ★ Stunning2.5Dgraphics, taking full advantageof the latest features in theUnityengine. Discover a colorful andenthralling world, with magicalhanddrawn artwork ★ CUTE ANDCUDDLY ★ Play as 18 differentcharacters,each with their uniquespecial attacks Make your waythrough swathesof dragons, turtles,werewolves, ghosts, bats,goblins and othercute fluffy creatures ★DEPTH OF GAMEPLAY ★ Levelup, unlock newcharacters and upgradetheir abilities 6 perks willbring you extraabilities during yourquests for the muffins ★ EPICBOSS BATTLES ★In the end, you’llhave to prove your skills bydefeating the evillava king