Top 5 Games Similar to Kongfu Robot

Dino Robot - Dino Corps2 1.1.0
10 dino robot game in one app.Assemble the partsarescatteredStegoceras, Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, T-RexSoldierPachycephalosaurus, Spinosaurus, Ceratosaurus,Mammoth,SmilodonBlack, Lightning Parasau, Knight Ankylo,And werenot in theexistingGiganotosaurus and T-Rex Almighty!Try assemblinga largeand powerful robot dinosaur.After the assembly,You can useavariety of techniques.if you review and comment new dino robot,wewill make it soon.
Talking Robot 1.0.1
My Talking Robot repeats everything you say in afunnyvoice.Interact with My Talking Robot with fun activitieslike-tickle or tap the robot and see how he responds- kicking aball-playing catch with a frisbee- dancing along to a song- have anap-Change outfits - dress him up!- Teleport into differentrooms.-play with his cat (coming soon)- change voices (comingsoon)...andloads more!Fun for all ages!Nothing to buy - nosneakypurchases!This app does contain contextual adverts
Pixel Robot Jump Saga 1.0
Are you ready to begin your vertical jumping adventure gamesthroughthe robot world? Jump for joy and leap your way to the topof theleague. Are you curious how your reflexes are? Ultimately,it testsyour reflexes against time and movement. It is one of theaddictingpixel games. The cute little pixel robot needs to jumpout and inthe circle to collect points. Playing is as easy astapping thescreen to jump. Don’t hit the circle; this is the playrule in thisfun game. Play and gain the best score in globalranking. Share yourhighest scores with your friends and worldwideplayers. So thecompetition never ends. The thrilling action ofpixel robot jumpsaga will keep you playing until the very end!Areyou ready to beginyour race? The features await you:- Pixels andretro backgrounds;-Exciting cute colourful robots;- Collectpoints;- New fun excitinglevels;- Simple touch control;- Tabletoptimized;- Stunninggraphics, colourful visual cartoon and smoothanimation;- Enchantingorchestra and relaxing retro vintage music;- Social networksharing; - Stay tuned for updates; and- Globalleaderboard contestsand gameplay.Are you a Simple Robot or a RobotChampion? Now it’stime for YOU to climb the global leaderboardsand entrench your namein Robot Hall of Fame! Have fun!
Create Your Robot 1.03
Do you like the world of sci-fi? You are fascinated byadvancedtechnologies and smart machines that have allcharacteristics of aman but they can much more than he usually can?You are fascinatedby robots and their powers? Hello and welcome tothe best of allrobots games ever! Make yourself comfortable in yourfavoritearmchair, let imagination run wild, imagine that you are ontherobot planet, and create your own robot! This free robot game isafun and creative at the same time. Also, playing with thisnewrobot games, you are having fun and developing creativityandimagination, and at the same time you learn something new andlearnabout robots and how they look. Thanks to this fun game, kidscanlearn a lot about the robots and their parts. They candeveloptheir imagination and creativity and may wish to becomefamousrobot designer by playing this robot learning game. So,children donot lose your time, download for free this interestingroboticsgame, build your own robot and prepare them for battle!Although,we can freely say that this game is not just robot boysgame! Andgirls love robots equally! Also, the parents can jointheirchildren to this fascinating world of powerful machines,create arobot and have a great fun! Therefore, all of you who loverobots,no matter of gender and age play this robot creator gamesfor freeand enjoy! By playing this amazing dress up game for freeyou aredesign your own robot from many robot parts. While composingthepieces you create your super robot. On the menu, you have lotofheads, arms, legs, upper body and you can choose for yourrobotweapons such as guns and swords. Make of your robot smartheroready for fight or for robot defense. By playing this cooldress upgame makeover your robot, take on the crazy adventure ofmakingsteel machines and enjoy the charms of the virtual world! Letyourrobot become the best robot creature, a soldier, warrior or acop.This is the online and offline game, you can play it in bothcases.Also, you have the possibility to save the model that youmade,take a picture, set for wallpaper of your cellular phone orshareit with friends and family via email or via popularsocialnetworks. All you have to do now is to download this dress upappand to enjoy. We will try hard to make many more equally goodfreegames for your best pleasure!!!