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Nephi's Adventures: Jerusalem 1.04
Nephi's story begins in Jerusalem where he was born. Over timehewent on to become a prophet and leader of his people.In thisgameyou handle his character and you must guide him to leaveJerusalem.This is the first installment of the different stages ofhislife.Thank you for trying this LDS game. Do not forget toleaveyour comments and rating.* "LDS", "Book of Mormon” and“Mormon” aretrademark identifiers of Corporation of the Presidentof The Churchof Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or IntellectualReserve, Inc.This Game is NOT official.
LDS Scripture Citation Index 2.8.0
Steve Liddle
The LDS Scripture Citation Index is the mobile app lets you navigate easily betweenthescriptures (LDS standard works: Bible, Book of Mormon, etc.)andthe General Conference talks and other LDS writings that citethosescriptures.For example, you can see who has cited 1 Timothy4:12 orDaniel 2:44 in General Conference (1942-present), in theJournal ofDiscourses, or in Teachings of the Prophet JosephSmith.Our userstell us that this app is very helpful for scripturestudy andlesson/talk preparation.
Book of Mormon Touch 3.1
Book of Mormon Touch brings scripture stories to lifewithimaginative and interactive storytelling designed for earlyreaders(primary-aged children) and LDS families. Withoriginalillustrations and careful attention to scriptural story,youngchildren and beginning readers can interact and engagewithfamiliar characters and important stories from The Book ofMormon(The Book of Mormon is a volume of scripture published bytheChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons).*Followus on Facebook for the latest news about upcoming MODE helps primarychildren(age 3-11) engage with the scriptures line by line withdozens ofillustrated scenes. Each scene includes interactive soundsandpop-up messages that will surprise and delight young readersandnon-readers alike.STICKER STORY MODE builds memoryskillschallenging children to place illustrated characters andobjectswhere they belong within each scene as they follow thescripturestory.BINGO-MODE allows children to play bingo withscripturalterms anytime whether at church or duringgeneralconference.PAINT-MODE lets children express their artisticside byallowing them to color simple characters and scenes found instorymode.BUILD-A-SCENE MODE encourages children to create scenesfromother Book of Mormon stories or to imagine their own storiesusingthe backgrounds and illustrations from the app. (Build-a-Scenealsoincludes a few surprise stickers and illustrations not foundinregular story modes.)NOTE: Book of Mormon Touch isneitheraffiliated with nor endorsed by The Church of Jesus ChristofLater-day Saints.
Book of Mormon Audio & eBook 1.0
This App includes the complete ebook of the The Book of MormonbyChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Smith andthecomplete audio version. All in English Language.JustAdded:Animated Book of Mormon Video PlaylistHow to use:You havethechoice of either listening via audio streaming from the internetoryou can download the files to your device.* All files arestreamedfrom the internet (internet connection needed to listen!)*You canalso download each MP3 file by using the download icon inthe topright corner* If file is downloaded, the app will serve theaudiofile directly from your device (no internet connectionneeded)*Audio (streamed and downloaded) stops automatically whenyoureceive a callThe text version e-book are available as a HTMLfiles(no ebook reader needed).Font size of text file is autooptimizedfor all mobile devices.You can listen to the audio filesor radiowhile reading the text.When you exit the app while an audiofile isstill active and playing, you can see a small music note inthenotification bar. That is how you can get back to the appandeither stop or change the audio. App will not be listed inTaskManager.Disclaimer: * All files, Text and audio, are outofcopyright and in public domain.* The audio/video content inthisapplication is partially hosted on YouTube and is availableinpublic domain. We have not uploaded any videos our self. Thispartof the application is just an organized way to browse andviewVideos.
Take a Name LDS Family History 1.0.17
Take a Name is a family history app for LDS Church members whowantto take their own family names to the temple. It requiresaFamilySearch account with access to LDS ordinances.Findtempleready ancestors. Take a Name searches the FamilySearch treeforyour deceased ancestors and double checks that LDS ordinancesareready for the temple.Request LDS ordinances and print templecards– from your phone!Try before you buy, pick your price. TryTake aName for free! You can purchase the app when you're readyviain-app purchase.Less time searching. More time serving. Take aNametypically delivers dozens of temple ready family names in amatterof minutes. It’s genealogy, but easier!FamilySearchCertified.Kinpoint is a FamilySearch partner, authorized to submitnames fortemple work.Data integrity. Take a Name performs adetailed set ofdata checks to provide confidence that an LDSordinance is templeready. It also excludes names of ancestors withunresolvedduplicates. Take a Name does far more than simplyscraping theFamilySearch website for green temples!Spend time inthe templewith your ancestors instead of outside trying tofindthem.Genealogy has never been so satisfying!
Deseret Bookshelf 4.8.1
Deseret Book
Search, study, and listen to the entire Deseret Book librarywiththis powerful app. Deseret Bookshelf has beencompletelyredesigned, making it the most comprehensive LDSaudiobook playerand eBook reader available.Start with 8 free eBooksand access toover 200 other free titles. Then you can eitherpurchase individualebooks, talks and audiobooks OR subscribe toBookshelf PLUS andaccess the entire audiobook library and over 1500ebooks and talks.Discover● Get recommendations on audiobooks andeBooks.● Findplenty of free titles, ready for you to enjoy.●Download anaudiobook or eBook with a single tap.● Add titles toyour digitalwishlist● View the items you last opened on any of yoursynceddevices.Audiobook player● Listen to over 700 audiobooks andtalks.●Navigate between chapters and fast-forward or rewind by30seconds.Better reading● Select Normal, Night, or Sepiareadingmodes.● Customize fonts, font size, and line spacing.●Switchbetween Page-view and scroll-view options.Enhanced study●Switchbetween several open eBooks with tabbed reading.● Save andrestorestudy sessions with several items open at once.● Access andback-upyour notes, highlights, and bookmarks acrossdevices.UniversalSearch● Search the entire Deseret Book digitallibrary (over6,000,000 pages) in seconds.● Narrow your searchthrough yourpersonal library, the standard works, a conferencesession, or asingle book.● Find exact phrases, any, or all searchterms.● Easilyswitch between your library and search resultsQuoteVault● Accessthousands of quotes in our quote vault which you canfind byauthor, topic, or source.● Get a spiritual thought or tohelp youbegin your day right. ● Mark favorite quotes and add themto thevault. ● Find the source of favorite quotes, and explorethecontent more deeply.● Receive daily inspiration with a newquotedelivered to your device. Set a reminder on a daily orweeklybasis.Social sharing● Easily share favorite passages withanyonethrough email, Facebook, and Twitter with image quotes. ●Tell yournetworks what books and authors you’re readingDownload theapp andcreate an account to receive 8 free classic LDS titles, plusa freeaudiobook:1) Increase in Learning - David A. Bednar2) PowerofEveryday Missionaries - Clayton M. Christensen 3) BeginningofBetter Days - Sheri Dew, Virginia Pearce 4) Be Your Best Self-Thomas S. Monson5) Jesus the Christ - James E. Talmage6)Lectureson Faith - Joseph Smith7) Teachings of the Prophet JosephSmith8)Gospel Doctrine - Joseph F. SmithPlus the entire StandardWorks,LDS lesson manuals, and General Conference talks. LDSscripturereferences within eBooks are linked to the entire standardworks,allowing you to easily explore scriptural connections withinyourlibrary.PLUS your choice of the following audio:●RecoveringCharles ● Joseph Smith, The Early Years● Jesus ofNazareth, Volume1Shop our eBook store for over 3,000 LDS eBooktitles and otherworld classics from your favorite authors. Shop ouraudio store forover 700 titles. Download many official Churchpublications forfree, including curriculum materials and referencebooks.BookshelfPLUS includes access to every single DeseretAudiobook and over1500 ebooks and talks. Need more help? Email
Book of Mormon ● FREE
The Book of Mormon, written by JosephSmithwith the help of Mormon as an e-book app featuring voiceoutput(TextToSpeech).● ENGLISH TEXT● ENGLISH VOICE OUTPUTThe Book of Mormon is a sacred text of the Latter DaySaintmovement that adherents believe contains writings ofancientprophets who lived on the American continent fromapproximately2200 BC to AD 421. It was first published in March1830 by JosephSmith, Jr. as The Book of Mormon: An Account Writtenby the Hand ofMormon upon Plates Taken from the Plates ofNephi.According to Smith's account, and also according to thebook'snarrative, the Book of Mormon was originally written inotherwiseunknown characters referred to as "reformed Egyptian"engraved ongolden plates. Smith claimed that the last prophet tocontribute tothe book, a man named Moroni, buried it in a hill inpresent-dayNew York and then returned to earth in 1827 as an angel,revealingthe location of the book to Smith and instructing him totranslateand disseminate it as evidence of the restoration ofChrist's truechurch in the latter days.The Book of Mormon has a number of original anddistinctivedoctrinal discussions on subjects such as the fall ofAdam and Eve,the nature of the Atonement, eschatology, redemptionfrom physicaland spiritual death, and the organization of thelatter-day church.The pivotal event of the book is an appearance ofJesus Christ tothe Americas shortly after his resurrection.The Book of Mormon is the earliest of the unique writings oftheLatter Day Saint movement, the denominations of whichtypicallyregard the text not only as scripture but also as ahistoricalrecord of God's dealings with the ancient inhabitants oftheAmericas. The Book of Mormon is divided into smaller books,titledafter the individuals named as primary authors and, inmostversions, divided into chapters and verses. It is writteninEnglish, very similar to the Early Modern English linguisticstyleof the King James Version of the Bible, and has since beenfully orpartially translated into 108 languages.E-BOOK FEATURES:● Standalone software - no eBook reader needed● Daylight & nighttime colors● Voice output (text to speech, TTS)● Move to SD card● Clickable table of contents● English and German program language● Contents rotate automatically (portrait/landscape)● Fullscreen images on/off by long click● Options menu+ Help page+ Settings page- Text color- Background color- Text size- Text padding- Reset+ Link to all iwpSoftware apps in Android Market+ Go to bookmark+ Set bookmark+ Set current image as wallpaper+ Link to image/item/descriptionThis app is available as a FREE and a PRO version. TheFREEedition includes ads which finance the development while thePROedition is completely ad-free. Apart from that both versionsareequal. You can first check out the FREE edition without any riskinorder to to see if you like the app. If the ads annoy you oryoujust want to support this app's development, you can buy thePROedition.
Scripture A Day Widget (LDS) 7.0
Alan Blake
Scripture A Day is a home screen widget that providesyouinspirational LDS scriptures each day. Check out the BigPrintversion for emailing and browsing the daily scriptures.In asingletap, on the widget, the verse will open in Gospel Library(makesure you have the latest version of Gospel Libraryinstalled).Thisapplication does NOT open - it is a widget and mustbe dragged ontoa home screen.For furtherhelpvisit:
Book of Mormon (LDS) FREE! 1.6.0
H Mobile
The Book of Mormon is a sacred text of the Church of the LatterDaySaint movement, which adherents believe contains writingsofancient prophets who lived on the American continentfromapproximately 2200 BC to AD 421.It was first published inMarch1830 by Joseph Smith as The Book of Mormon: An Account Writtenbythe Hand of Mormon upon Plates Taken from the PlatesofNephi.According to Smith's account, and also according tothebook's narrative, the Book of Mormon was originally writteninotherwise unknown characters referred to as "reformedEgyptian"engraved on golden plates. Smith claimed that the lastprophet tocontribute to the book, a man named Moroni, buried it ina hill inpresent-day New York and then returned to earth in 1827 asanangel, revealing the location of the book to Smith andinstructinghim to translate it as evidence of the restoration ofChrist's truechurch in the latter days.The Book of Mormon has anumber oforiginal and distinctive doctrinal discussions on subjectssuch asthe fall of Adam and Eve, the nature of the Atonement,eschatology,redemption from physical and spiritual death, and theorganizationof the latter-day church. The pivotal event of the bookis anappearance of Jesus Christ to the Americas shortly afterhisresurrection.The Book of Mormon is the earliest of theuniquewritings of the Latter Day Saint movement, the denominationsofwhich typically regard the text not only as scripture but also asahistorical record of God's dealings with the ancient inhabitantsofthe Americas. The Book of Mormon is divided into smallerbooks,titled after the individuals named as primary authors and, inmostversions, divided into chapters and verses. It is writteninEnglish, very similar to the Early Modern English linguisticstyleof the King James Version of the Bible, and has since beenfully orpartially translated into 108 languages.The Church of JesusChristof Latter-day Saints (the LDS Church or, informally, theMormonChurch) is a Christian primitivist church that considersitself tobe a restoration of the church founded by Jesus Christ.Adherents,sometimes referred to as Latter-day Saints or, moreinformally,Mormons, view faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement asthecentral tenet of their religion.The church has an open canonwhichincludes four scriptural texts: the Book of Mormon (both OldandNew Testaments), the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine andCovenants,and the Pearl of Great Price. Contains all Books from theBook ofMormon:The Testimony Of Three WitnessesThe Testimony OfEightWitnesses1 Nephi2 NephiJacobEnosJaromOmniWordsofMormonMosiahAlmaHelaman3 Nephi4NephiMormonEtherMoroniNotes:Thisapp uses Google Analytics. Downloadthe free Book of Mormon apptoday!
LDS Scriptures FREE
LDS Scriptures FREE contains the scriptures, study helps,churchmagazines, manuals and booklets. Features and tools includesortedbookmarks, one-tap highlighting, hymn notes, audio, video,tags,history, LDS trivia game, search, widget, gospel artlibrary,Facebook sharing, custom content and more.If you like thisapp,please purchase LDS Scriptures Premium.Features not found inLDSGospel Library: achievements, background skins,configurabletoolbar, custom content, embedded art, hymn notes,LDS.orgcalendar/directory, radio, random chapter selection, readingplans,reading stats, reading timer, social sharing, sortedbookmarks,trivia game, cub scouts & boy scoutingresources.Report anyproblems to: bestldsapps @
LDS Prophets & Apostles Lite 1.1.0
Evan Mullins
LDS Quiz will test your knowledge of and teach you abouttheapostles and prophets. Upgrade to the pro version formorelevels!.Do you know your LDS Church leaders? This quiz willnotonly test your knowledge, but teach you about therespectedapostles and prophets we follow.Too often they are just aname or aface, let's put the names and faces together and learnabout theirteachings and examples.There are multiple groups to bequizzed on.Either select to be quizzed on current (living) apostlesbyselecting the apostles tab, or select the prophet mode and youwillbe quizzed on presidents of the church or select the latterdayapostles group and be tested on every apostle since JosephSmith!There is also a study mode which will list all the currentapostlesalong with their names followed by all the latter dayprophets orpresidents of the church. There are also multiple levelsto eachgroup. Face - the original. Pick the right apostle/prophetfrom 4images (multiple choice) when given a name.Young Face -depictionsof the apostles and prophets when they were young (or atleastyounger). - Now available in this version!Seniority - Choosewhichleader was ordained before who. - Now available inthisversion!Biography - Choose the leader based on a brief bio. -Nowavailable in this version!Initial - Name the initial in theirname,be it their middle name or their first. - PROBirthday - Picktheapostle/prophet by their birthday and age. - PROHometown - Pickbyhometown or town they were born in. - PROAnd more inPRO!Containingthe First Presidency: President Thomas S. Monson(President)President Henry B. Eyring (First Counselor) PresidentDieter F.Uchtdorf (Second Counselor)The Quorum of the TwelveAposltes: BoydK. Packer (President) L. Tom Perry Russell M. NelsonDallin H. OaksM. Russell Ballard Richard G. Scott Robert D. HalesJeffrey R.Holland David A. Bednar Quentin L. Cook D. ToddChristofferson NeilL. AndersenAlso all the Latter-Day Prophets ofthe Restoration:Joseph Smith Brigham Young John Taylor WilfordWoodruff LorenzoSnow Joseph F. Smith Heber J. Grant George AlbertSmith David O.McKay Joseph Fielding Smith Harold B. Lee Spencer W.Kimball EzraTaft Benson Howard W. Hunter Gordon B. Hinckley ThomasS. MonsonAndevery other apostles who has served since Joseph Smithrestored thechurch.Master the faces, names and details of thesegreat men, andthen, try to beat your score and time.Now supportingEnglish andFrench.These leaders are according to The Church ofJesus Christ ofLatter-Day Saints. This app is not connected withthe church otherthan aiming to uplift it's members.
Memorize the Articles of Faith 1.1
The Articles of Faith are a summary of the basic beliefs ofTheChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Workingtowardsmemorizing them is a great way to increase yourunderstanding ofthose beliefs. From people who just having aninterest in otherreligions to people who are members of the churchthis app willhelp everyone Memorize the Articles of Faith.One wayto memorize aset of words is to read it over and over again untilyou can reciteit without help. While that is a great approach, thisapp takes thenext step and removes words so that you can see howyou areprogressing. When you start out all of the words will bevisible,but as you swipe through more and more words will beblurred out sothat you can not see them. However, if you get stuckon a word youcan just tap that word to see what it is and tap itagain to removeit again. This way you do not have to go back to thebeginning whenyou are struggling.In 1842 Joseph Smith summarizedthe faith of theLater Day Saints into a list that became known asthe Articles ofFaith. Can you memorize them all?
Prophetic Passages Free 2.2
Prophetic Passages is an award-winning reference app containingacollection of famous quotes from modern-day prophets of theChurchof Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly referred to astheMormons). This app is specifically designed as a resourceforsharing and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and is idealforpreparing talks and lessons. It's also a great way to quicklylookto modern revelation and scripture for daily faith andinspiration.Prophetic Passages won the Family App award at theLDSTech 2015Gospel App & Game Contest!This free version ofPropheticPassages has the following features:- 340 quotes frommodern-dayLatter-day Saint prophets- A newly designed feature toShare yourLDS quotes with other mobile apps- The Inspire Me!feature, fordaily instant inspiration and building faith andtestimony- Quotessorted by topic, which is especially helpful forpreparing talksand teaching lessons- Quotes also sorted by LDSauthor, whichfacilitates studying the prophet's teachings- Each LDSquote hasthe associated citation- New portrait and landscape modes-Handsetand tablet compatibility- Ad-free and requires nopermissions!ThePremium version of Prophetic Passages has thefollowing additionalfeatures:- 460 quotes from Latter-day Saintprophets- A powerfulnew Search feature for searching through LDSquotes by any word orphrase- A new Favorites feature for savingfavorite quotes, forconvenient access any time- Regular updates toexpand the quotelibrary If there are any quotes you would likeadded, any errors inthe app, or any feedback points to help usimprove, please feelfree to email us.We hope you find thesequotations inspirationaland spiritually uplifting!Language:English. This is the printedversion and not an audiobook.Disclaimer: Prophetic Passages is notan official app of the Churchof Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saintsnor of any specific Christiandenomination or religion.
Mormon Channel Kids 4.0.4
Tap into fun with Mormon Channel Kids, an interactive storybookapp.* Toss a snowball, make a snow angel, and conduct a train asyouswipe through The Coat, A Mother’s Hope, andThe Old Shoemaker.*Read as a family or let the app do the storytelling for youwithvideo and audio playback. * Let beautiful animation, music,andnarration immerse you in the stories.
Doctrine and Covenants ● FREE
The Doctrine and Covenants by Joseph Smith Jr. as an e-bookappfeaturing voice output (TextToSpeech).● ENGLISH TEXT● ENGLISHVOICEOUTPUTThe Doctrine and Covenants (sometimes abbreviated andcitedas D&C or D. and C.) is a part of the open scripturalcanon ofseveral denominations of the Latter Day Saint movement.Originallypublished in 1835 as Doctrine and Covenants of the Churchof theLatter Day Saints: Carefully Selected from the Revelations ofGod,editions of the book continue to be printed mainly by TheChurch ofJesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and theCommunity ofChrist (formerly the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christof LatterDay Saints (RLDS Church)).The book originally containedtwo parts:a sequence of lectures setting forth basic churchdoctrine,followed by a compilation of important revelations, or"covenants"of the church: thus the name Doctrine and Covenants. The"doctrine"portion of the book, however, has been removed by boththe LDSChurch and the Community of Christ. The remaining portion ofthebook contains many revelations on numerous topics, most ofwhichwere dictated by the movement's founder Joseph Smith,Jr.,supplemented by materials periodically added byeachdenomination.The Doctrine and Covenants was first published in1835as a later version of the Book of Commandments, which hadbeenpartially printed in 1833. This earlier book contained 65earlyrevelations to church leaders including Joseph Smith, Jr.andOliver Cowdery. Before many copies of the book could beprinted,however, the printing press and most of the printed copiesweredestroyed by a mob in Missouri.In The Church of Jesus ChristofLatter-day Saints (LDS Church), The Doctrine and Covenants ofTheChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stands alongsidetheBible, the Book of Mormon, and The Pearl of Great Price asholyscripture. Together they are referred to as the "StandardWorks".The LDS Church's version of the Doctrine and Covenantsisofficially described by the church as "containing revelationsgivento Joseph Smith, the Prophet, with some additions by hissuccessorsin the Presidency of the Church."E-BOOK FEATURES:●Standalonesoftware - no eBook reader needed● Daylight &nighttime colors●Voice output (text to speech, TextToSpeech)● Moveto SD card●Clickable table of contents● English and German programlanguage●Contents rotate automatically (portrait/landscape)●Fullscreenimages on/off by long click● Options menu+ Help page+Settings page- Text color - Background color - Text size - Typeface- Textpadding - Reset+ Link to all iwpSoftware apps in AndroidMarket+ Goto bookmark+ Set bookmark+ Set current image aswallpaper+ Link toimage/item/descriptionThis app is available as aFREE and a PROversion. The FREE edition includes ads which financethedevelopment while the PRO edition is completely ad-free. Apartfromthat both versions are equal. You can first check out theFREEedition without any risk in order to to see if you like theapp. Ifthe ads annoy you or you just want to support thisapp'sdevelopment, you can buy the PRO edition.
LDS Library 1.0
This application has a few of the commonlyreferencedLatter-Day-Saint documents that encompass some of thebasic beliefsof the LDS church. Currently available are:The LivingChristTheFamily: A Proclamation to the WorldThe Articles ofFaithUponrequest, more things can be added.Keywords: LDS, Mormon,JesusChris
LDS Missionary's KJV Reference 1.1.2013.11.12
Bring up every point of LDS doctrine in the KING JAMESBIBLEinstantly with this ultimate, quick-draw, must-have"membermissionary" app!Be as confident and bold with the Gospel aseverwith this comprehensive, rapid-fire, "master key" to findinganyLDS doctrinal point in the King James Holy Bible -withinseconds!You will easily lead Gospel discussions withyournon-member Christian friends just by using the King JamesHolyBible - the one book they already trust and believe in! Thisappguarantees that you will never be confounded no matterhowwell-read your mainstream Christian friend may be,fromcongregation members all the way up to their paidministry.Theresults of a comprehensive 8-year Bible study project,these arethe Gospel Doctrine points of the Church of Jesus ChristofLatter-Day Saints as found in the King James Holy Bible ONLY.Withthis app at the ready, you will be able to engage in anygospelconversation with anybody - anytime and anywhere - and youwill beable to show any non-member Christian friend what's REALLYin theirBibles!This app instantly solves the problem of"Bible-weak"members of the church who want to have Gospelconversations withtheir non-member Christian friends who trust theBible ONLY.BONUS:Do you ever find yourself on the defensive fromanti-Mormoncritics/challengers? Flip the tables by instantlyturning it into amissionary opportunity! Being able to point outevery doctrinalpoint of the LDS faith in their own Bible is thelast thing anynon-member is expecting (or prepared for) from aMormon -especially if your countering their challenges as fast asthey canoffer them - while offering LDS doctrinal points of yourown asresponses - right out of the Bible they already trust!Ihavereleased this guide as a hand-out/"packet" to the missionariesformany years, and the Missionaries have come to absolutely loveit.They consider it the "Rosetta Stone" to the King James Bible,theperfect "Master Key" if you will. And it has become a verypopularmissionary tool in its own right. And now it is my pleasuretobring it to everyone as an instant,"shoot-from-the-hip",beautifully simplistic, menu-driven pocket appthat can be used asan incredible missionary tool for any membermissionary.This app isspecifically designed to help you leadscriptural-based missionaryconversations with your non-memberfriends who already believe inthe Bible. You will definitely getthem thinking REALLY hard. Andyour days of being "Bible weak" areover.Features:-Nearly everyconceivable LDS point of doctrine asfound in the King James HolyBible. No other "specifically LDS"scriptural volume/referencerequired. -Quick-draw menu system thatallows you to get to any LDSdoctrine in the King James Bible withinjust a few seconds.- Biblereferences presented in easily-understood"LDS perspective"descriptions for quick identification andunderstanding.-Instantlymove from doctrinal point to point asgospel conversations orchallenges quickly change pace and topics.YOU are in control ofthis conversation!-Quick-n-easy, one-handed,single-touch text sizezoom function to accommodate anyone's visualtext size preferencesinstantly.-Totally safe: no special apppermissionsrequired!Compatibility: Runs on all Android phones andtablets!Supports all known standard and most non-standardscreensizes.Please feel free to leave a review, and know thatyoursuggestions and comments will be carefully considered bytheauthor.MormonLDSLatter-Day SaintsLatter DaySaintsJosephSmithBrigham YoungBook of MormonDoctrine andCovenantsDoctrine& CovenantsPearl ofGreatPriceExaltationMissionaryMissionariesMissionary Pal
LDS Missionary Prep 2.55
Are you preparing for a mission? Are you working with someonewhois? Do you love Missionary Work and want to do it better? Thisissimply a collection of lists, articles, suggestions and factsforanyone involved in this great work.MissionaryAgeAnnouncementRelationships with Other FaithsThe ArticlesofFaithDiversity in the ChurchThe Quorum of the 12TwelveApostlesMembership / Mission StatisticsCaribbeanMembershipStatisticsWhat to Expect at Church ServicesFun FactsAbout the LDSChurchEvents of April 6, 1830Challenge of the Book ofMormonD&CRevelation Locations12 myths about MormonsMormonVolunteers andHurricane SandyMissionary Parents – FAQProspectiveMissionaries -FAQJoseph Smith and the Kirtland TempleI Hope TheyCall me on aMissionChurch Statement on RacismCatholic EncyclopediaEntry –Mormonismand much much more...Updates added frequently...morelists and articles added regularly... All lists and articlesarestored on your device and will work with or without Wifi.
Book of Mormon 2.0
The Complete Book of Mormon-FREE--------------------------------------The Book of Mormon isasacred text of the Latter Day Saint movement that containswritingsof ancient prophets who lived on the American continentfromapproximately 2200 BC to AD 421. It was first published inMarch1830 by Joseph Smith as The Book of Mormon: An Account Writtenbythe Hand of Mormon upon Plates Taken from the PlatesofNephi.According to Smith's account, and also according tothebook's narrative, the Book of Mormon was originally writteninotherwise unknown characters referred to as "reformedEgyptian"engraved on golden plates. Smith claimed that the lastprophet tocontribute to the book, a man named Moroni, buried it ina hill inpresent-day New York and then returned to earth in 1827 asanangel, revealing the location of the book to Smith andinstructinghim to translate and disseminate it as evidence of therestorationof Christ's true church in the latter days.The Book ofMormon has anumber of original and distinctive doctrinaldiscussions onsubjects such as the fall of Adam and Eve, the natureof theAtonement, eschatology, redemption from physical andspiritualdeath, and the organization of the latter-day church. Thepivotalevent of the book is an appearance of Jesus Christ to theAmericasshortly after his resurrection.The Book of Mormon is theearliestof the unique writings of the Latter Day Saint movement,thedenominations of which typically regard the text not onlyasscripture but also as a historical record of God's dealingswiththe ancient inhabitants of the Americas. The Book of Mormonisdivided into smaller books, titled after the individuals namedasprimary authors and, in most versions, divided into chaptersandverses. It is written in English, very similar to the EarlyModernEnglish linguistic style of the King James Version of theBible,and has since been fully or partially translated into108languages.
My Mission (LDS) 1.0.7
The Prophet Joseph Smith declared, "After all that has beensaid,the greatest and most important duty is to preach theGospel"(Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith(2007),330).Your mission is IMPORTANT!!! It will change yourlife!MyMission makes collecting, organizing, and sharing your LDSmissionexperiences easy and fun! It is designed to help LDSmissionariescommunicate with and share their favorite missionpictures, lettersand stories with their family and friends backhome.Parents, yourchildren will always be grateful for your help inpreserving theirmemories. As you help them organize and share theirmissionexperiences, you will feel the joy that comes frommissionaryservice. You will build a deeper connection with yourchildren asyou collect and share these important events andstories. You willliterally be collecting and preserving thememories and storiesthat they will cherish and tell for generationsto come.LDSmissionaries and their families use the My Mission appto:•Organize and share the emails, pictures and stories that yoursonor daughter sends home.• Follow multiple missionariesincludingtheir friends, cousins and missionary companions.• Createmaps thataccurately pinpoint each of the places where they serve.•Sendemails, pictures and audio recordings to missionaries directlyfromthe app.• Use social calendars and missionary announcements tostayconnected with missionary events.• Share your favoriteemails,pictures and stories with the members of your local ward,stake orseminary.• Share your missionary's experiences with othersinperson or through popular social networks.• Use socialmediaintegrations to automatically post items to your preferredsocialnetworks.• Use email notifications to keep others informedandinvite them to your missionary events.• Take yourmissionexperience with you wherever you go (requires Internetaccess).•The app automatically syncs with, so you canadd andview new content from any device.• Safely store yourmissionaryexperiences on a secure platform in the Cloud.Build andpreserve afamily legacy of missionary service now that yourchildren treasureand enjoy for generations to come.Share yourmissionary storieswith your children at bedtime or in the car whiletraveling. Catchup on the current missionaries you know whilewaiting in a line.Take the app to family gatherings, and capturestories you've neverheard before. Ask your parents and grandparentsto tell you abouttheir conversion stories and missionaryexperiences; then recordtheir stories using the app. Use importantmoments from yourmission as teaching aids. Remember the stories andexperiences ofyour mission and how your faith, hardships, andendurance help youbecome a better person.My Mission is free and aneasy andconvenient way to organize and share the powerful,heartwarmingstories that will make an impact on your life and thelives of yourloved ones for generationstocome.==============================IMPORTANT NOTES: • TheMyMission App is a mobile companion to While thisappdoes make it easy to add photos, stories, and audio recordingstoyour missionary's account, adding or updating some details suchasletters, photos, and stories is not currently available.However,it's a feature that's coming!• Social media sharingincludesFacebook now with Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+to comesoon.• If you find that the My Mission App displays littleor noinformation about your missionary, sign in to ontheweb, and check the Published and Visibility settings fortheseitems.• Parents and missionaries with administrative rightsareresponsible for and control all of the content abouttheirmissionary including what content is publicly visible. Seeourprivacy policy for more details.
The Book of Mormon Book of Mormon
This is The Book of Mormon, An Account Written by the Hand ofMormonUpon Plates Taken from the Plates of Nephi. As said in thetitlepage of the 1908 RLDS Book of Mormon, the text contained inthisAndroid App is faithful copy from the original translation byJosephSmith Jr. This holy document was compared with theorginalmanuscript and the Kirtland edition of 1837, which wascarefullyreexamined and compared with the original manuscript byJosephSmith and Oliver Cowdery. The Book of Mormon was thenpublished bythe Board of Publication of the Reorganized Church ofJesus Christof Latter Day Saints. We included a convenient readaloud functionwhich you can easily control through a SPEAK ON / OFFbutton insideeach chapter. You will be able to follow your studyand learningexperience while driving, cooking or attending any kindof taskthat would not allow you to read. Please Consider: 1) Thetext sizeinside this Android App will self adjust it's sizedepending ofyour phone or tablet's screen size, aiming for aneasy,uncluttered, reading experience. 2) The Speak aloudfunctionalitymay not be installed or configured in your Androiddevice. ThisAndroid app will pop up a message box telling you aboutthe need ofinstalling or configuring the voice function inside yourAndroidDevice. You may do so by getting into your Android´s homescreen,opening the SYSTEM SETTINGS menu and scrolling down intotheLanguage & Input option. Inside you will find the TexttoSpeech configuration panel.
Bible Videos 1.8.1
The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos will strengthen your faithinthe Savior while you experience His ministry and understandHispurpose through sight, sound, and touch.A good internetconnectionis required for streaming the videos.
LDS Scripture Mastery 0.1.5
Evan Mullins
✔All 100 Scripture Mastery verses in one place! ✔Greatstudycompanion for seminary students. This app will help you learnthesescripture verses in the ★Old Testament★New Testament★BookofMormon★Doctrine and Covenants LDS Church History. ★ArticlesofFaith★Extras: Living Christ, Family Proclamation,SacramentPrayers, Mutual Theme, YW Theme, BSA Oath...✔Easy and funto usetool to learn or memorize or even re-memorize all ScriptureMasteryverses of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.Reviewall the scripture mastery verses in a clean list on one page,quizyourself on each of them in multiple ways. This app presentsyouwords from each verse all scrambled, then you tap words inthecorrect order. Multiple settings for difficulty levels, suchas:all words scrambled, only long words, only short wordsscrambled.Suggest more levels if you can think of them. You canalso adjustthe font size, activate hints (so if you are not sureand tap thewrong words a couple times, the correct word ishighlighted to leadyou in the right direction), and separate orcombine verses (forscripture masteries that include more than oneverse). This willeven record all your progress in an activity log.View the activitylog to see all the verses you complete. Yourpercentage of correctwords will be saved as well. This will showyou your progress. Ifyou are studying the Bible or Book of Mormon,you can easily focuson those verses. As each scripture mastery iscompleted, you cansee your percentage of correct word taps at thetop of the screen.Go for 100% correct and you'll be ready tocompare your scores withfriends. Don't forget to pass them off toyour seminary teacherswhen you're ready!★Coming soon★ Newdifficulty levels: random wordsscrambled, all words with a firstletter displayed as ahint.Matching levels: match the right versereference to the verseor the topic or keywords.More languages:study these verses in yourmission language, send languagesuggestions. French comingsoon.Full scripture mastery verses are asfollows:★Old Testamentand Pearl of Great Price★Moses 1:39Moses7:18Abraham 3:22–23Genesis1:26–27Genesis 2:24Genesis 39:9Exodus19:5–6Exodus 20:3–17Joshua24:151 Samuel 16:7Psalm 24:3–4Psalm119:105Psalm 127:3Proverbs3:5–6Isaiah 1:18Isaiah 5:20Isaiah29:13–14Isaiah 53:3–5Isaiah58:6–7Isaiah 58:13–14Jeremiah1:4–5Ezekiel 37:15–17Amos 3:7Malachi3:8–10Malachi 4:5–6★NewTestament★Matthew 5:14-16Matthew11:28–30Matthew 16:15-19Matthew22:36–39Matthew 28:19-20Luke24:36-39John 3:5John 14:6John 14:15John17:3Acts 2:36-38Acts3:19–211 Corinthians 6:19-201 Corinthians15:20-221 Corinthians15:40-42Galatians 5:22–23Ephesians4:11-14Philippians 4:132Thessalonians 2:1-32 Timothy 3:15-17Hebrews12:9James 1:5-6James2:17-181 Peter 4:6Revelation 20:12★Book ofMormon★1 Nephi 3:72Nephi 2:252 Nephi 2:272 Nephi 9:28-292 Nephi25:23, 262 Nephi28:7-92 Nephi 31:19-202 Nephi 32:32 Nephi32:8-9Mosiah 2:17Mosiah3:19Mosiah 4:30Alma 7:11-13Alma 32:21Alma37:35Alma 39:9Alma41:10Helaman 5:123 Nephi 12:483 Nephi 18:15,20-21Ether 12:6Ether12:27Moroni 7:41Moroni 7:45, 47-48Moroni10:4-5★Doctrine &Covenants★D&C 1:37–38D&C 6:36D&C8:2–3D&C10:5D&C 13:1D&C 18:10–11D&C18:15–16D&C19:16–19D&C 19:23D&C 25:13D&C46:33D&C 58:27D&C58:42–43D&C 64:9–11D&C76:22–24D&C 76:40–41D&C78:19D&C 82:10D&C88:124D&C 89:18–21D&C107:8D&C 121:36, 41–42D&C130:22–23D&C 131:1–4JosephSmith—History 1:15–20Study and learnall these Scripture Masteryverses from the Bible (Old and NewTestament) as well as the Bookof Mormon and D&C.★Suggest anyfeatures you'd like and let meknow if you want to be included inthe beta testing group!
Prophetic Passages 2.2
Prophetic Passages is an award-winning reference app containingacollection of famous quotes from modern-day prophets of theChurchof Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly referred to astheMormons). This app is specifically designed as a resourceforsharing and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and is idealforpreparing talks and lessons. It's also a great way to quicklylookto modern revelation and scripture for daily faithandinspiration.Prophetic Passages won the Family App award attheLDSTech 2015 Gospel App & Game Contest!This Premium versionofProphetic Passages has the following features:- 460 quotesfrommodern-day Latter-day Saint prophets- A powerful new Searchfeaturefor searching through LDS quotes by any word or phrase- AnewFavorites feature for saving favorite quotes, for convenientaccessany time- A newly designed feature to Share your LDS quoteswithother mobile apps- The Inspire Me! feature, for dailyinstantinspiration and building faith and testimony- Quotes sortedbytopic, which is especially helpful for preparing talks andteachinglessons- Quotes also sorted by LDS author, whichfacilitatesstudying the prophet's teachings- Each LDS quote has theassociatedcitation- New portrait and landscape modes- Handset andtabletcompatibility- Regular updates to expand the quote library-Ad-freeand requires no permissions!If there are any quotes youwould likeadded, any errors in the app, or any feedback points tohelp usimprove, please feel free to email us.We hope you findthesequotations inspirational and spirituallyuplifting!Language:English. This is the printed version and not anaudiobook.Disclaimer: Prophetic Passages is not an official app ofthe Churchof Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints nor of any specificChristiandenomination or religion.
Journal of Discourses 3.0
Leco Droid
The first editions of the Journal of Discourses were publishedinEngland by George D. Watt, the stenographer of Brigham Young,in1854.The 26 volume collection includes 1,438 sermons given by55church leaders, including Brigham Young, John Taylor, ParleyP.Pratt, Heber C. Kimball, George A. Smith, Orson Pratt, FranklinD.Richards, Jedediah M. Grant, and others.The 26 volumes cover awiderange of topics such as celestial marriage,spiritualcommunication, fall and redemption of the earth, thepersonality ofGod, temples, and others.Bonus book! Lectures onFaithLectures onFaith were published in the forepart of theDoctrine and Covenantsin all editions from 1835 until 1921.Although the lectures are notcurrently published as part of thestandard works, it is evidentthat they were held in high esteem bythe Prophet Joseph Smith andthose that followed him. PresidentJoseph Fielding Smith said“Theselectures are of great value andshould be studied... I considerthem to be of extreme value in thestudy of the gospel of JesusChrist,” Bruce R. McConkie hasclassified the lectures as “some ofthe best lesson material everprepared on the Godhead; on thecharacter, perfections, andattributes of God; on faith, miracles,and sacrifice. They can bestudied with great profit by allscholars.”The seven lectures inthis collection deal with thefollowing subjects:What is faith?Whatis the role of revelation indeveloping faith?What are theattributes of God?Why is it necessaryto have a correct knowledgeabout God's attributes in order toexercise true faith?What is thetrue nature of the Godhead and whatis God's purpose for man?What isthe role of sacrifice in buildingthe faith needed for eternallife?What are the effects or resultsthat flow from having truefaith?The compilation contains:Ahistorical sketch by John A.Widstoe. A treatise on true faith byOrson Pratt.A bibliography onMelchizedek by Ariel L. Crowley.Alsoincluded, the King Follettdiscourse.
Book of Mormon Devotional 2.0
Because of the increased attacks on the family there is agrowingneed for families across the world to have a firm foundationinChrist. We created this study guide to assist individuals intheirdaily scripture study and helping fathers and mothershavemeaningfully scripture study with their family.This book helpsyouanswer two basic questions, “How do I make my scripturestudymoreeffective?” and “What should I study today?” It will serveas aguide to help you, and your family, during yourdailydevotional.This study guide allows you to fully customizeyourdaily devotional based on the amount of time you haveavailable. Itis divided into seven activities: read, look for, askyourself,ponder this quote, expand your understanding, personalapplication,and pray. This format allows you to select thoseactivities thatmatch both your needs and your time. For example, ifyou find youhave limited time on a particular day you may only wantto read theassignment and pray. On other days you can use theadditionalactivities to expand your study and deepen yourunderstanding.Following this pattern of scripture study and usingthese toolswill lead you to ponder the Bookof Mormon and will helpyoustrengthen your testimony of its truthfulness as you listentotheSpirit.
LDS Ordinances & Tools 1.2.4
J Peña
This application is designed as a useful tool that facilitatesquickaccess to important and sacred information for every holderof thepriesthood. It contains a long list of important ordinancesof ourcommon use in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Afrikaans,Deutsch &French.It does not contain ads and has no cost, weseek the greatestspirit of respect and reverence.Accessinformation and featuresonline that will be of great help in yourcalling.Liahona &EnsignMormon channelLast GeneralConferenceThe Articles ofFaithPriesthood InstructionManage yourcallingLDS MediaAnd More...
LDS Ordinances
Instructions and wording for LDS ordinances: baptism,confirmationceremony, priesthood blessings, naming & blessingchildren,dedicating graves, sacrament, consecrating oil, conferringthepriesthood, etc.In the Church, an ordinance is a sacred, formalactperformed by the authority of the priesthood. Some ordinancesareessential to our exaltation. These ordinances are calledsavingordinances. They include baptism, confirmation, ordination totheMelchizedek Priesthood (for men), the temple endowment, andthemarriage sealing. With each of these ordinances, we enterintosolemn covenants with the Lord.Other ordinances, such as namingandblessing children, consecrating oil, and administering to thesickand afflicted, are also performed by priesthood authority.Whilethey are not essential to our salvation, they are importantfor ourcomfort, guidance, and encouragement.Ordinances andcovenants helpus remember who we are. They remind us of our duty toGod. The Lordhas provided them to help us come unto Him and receiveeternallife. When we honor them, He strengthens us spiritually.
LDS Prophets & Apostles 1.1.0
Evan Mullins
LDS Quiz will test your knowledge of and teach you abouttheapostles and prophets. Test the free version first!.Do youknowyour LDS Church leaders? This quiz will not only testyourknowledge, but teach you about the respected apostles andprophetswe follow.Too often they are just a name or a face, let'sput thenames and faces together and learn about their teachingsandexamples.There are two groups to be quizzed on. Either select tobequizzed on current (living) apostles by selecting the apostlestab,or select the prophet mode and you will be quizzed onpresidents ofthe church. There is also a study mode which will listall thecurrent apostles along with their names followed by all thelatterday prophets or presidents of the church. There are manylevelstoo!Face - the original. Pick the right apostle/prophet from4images (multiple choice) when given a name.Young Face -depictionsof the apostles and prophets when they were young (or atleastyounger). - PROInitial - Name the initial in their name, beittheir middle name or their first. - PROHometown - Pick byhometownor town they were born in. - PROBirthday - Pick theapostle/prophetby their birthday and age. - PROSeniority - Pick theleader byseniority. - PROSort - Arrange leaders in order ofseniority (Dragand drop). - PROBiography - Pick the leader based ona collectionof information as their biography. - PROConferenceTalks - Pick theleader based on how many conference talks they havegiven. -PROMission Service - Pick leader based on their missionservice. -PROMilitary Service - Pick leader based on their militaryserviceand rank. - PROEducation - Pick leader based on theirformalschooling. - PROProfession - Pick the leader based ontheirprofessional career. - PROReason Called - Pick the leaderbased onthe reason for the vacancy they were called to fill. -PROAgeCalled - Pick the leader based on their age at time theywerecalled. - PROContaining the First Presidency: President ThomasS.Monson (President) President Henry B. Eyring (FirstCounselor)President Dieter F. Uchtdorf (Second Counselor)The Quorumof theTwelve Apostles: Boyd K. Packer (President) L. Tom PerryRussell M.Nelson Dallin H. Oaks M. Russell Ballard Richard G. ScottRobert D.Hales Jeffrey R. Holland David A. Bednar Quentin L. CookD. ToddChristofferson Neil L. AndersenAlso all the Latter-DayProphets ofthe Restoration: Joseph Smith Brigham Young John TaylorWilfordWoodruff Lorenzo Snow Joseph F. Smith Heber J. Grant GeorgeAlbertSmith David O. McKay Joseph Fielding Smith Harold B. LeeSpencer W.Kimball Ezra Taft Benson Howard W. Hunter Gordon B.Hinckley ThomasS. MonsonMaster the faces, names and details ofthese great men,and then, try to beat your score and time.Nowsupporting Englishand French.These leaders are according to TheChurch of JesusChrist of Latter-Day Saints. This app is notconnected with thechurch other than aiming to uplift it's members.
Latter-day Apostles 1.3.13
UI-topia Labs
Explore Church History from a new perspective! "Latter-dayApostles"lets you see what the First Presidency and Quorum of theTwelveApostles looked like at any point in modern history. Tapanyapostle's picture to read biographical information.Drag thesliderfrom 1832 to the present day to see who the leaders were inthatyear. Or just spin the wheel and see what happens. Or formoreprecise control, select the calendar button in the toolbartoselect an exact date.First Presidency chronology data basedon data basedon every effort to be accurate. If you find any errors inthedates or names or pictures of the apostles, please let us knowandwe will fix it ASAP.This app is a research project funded byBrighamYoung University Hawaii, however the contents are theresponsibilityof its developers. This app is not an "official"publication of theChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
KnoWhy by Book of Mormon Central 2.2.4
Nuvek, LLC
KnoWhys are daily features produced by Book of Mormon Central intheform of short essays, videos, memes, and podcasts. Each KnoWhyisdesigned to provide unique insight into the details of the BookofMormon, through the explanation of both researched informationandpersonal application. It is our hope that through KnoWhys,thereader will come to better understand both the "know" and the"why"of the Book of Mormon, strengthening his or her testimony ofJesusChrist and his gospel.The KnoWhy app offers instant access tothehundreds of KnoWhys produced by Book of Mormon Central. Readthetext, view the images, and read through the references rightfromyour iPhone or iPad.Book of Mormon Central is anorganizationcommitted to increasing understanding of and faithfulengagementwith the Book of Mormon. Our team of archivists,researchers,writers, editors, reviewers, illustrators, narrators,audioengineers, video engineers, web designers, web andmobiledevelopers, graphic artists, and social media publishersareworking together to share the wonders of this inspiredmasterpiecewith the world.
Japanese LDS Quad 3.3
Nozomi Okada
Japanese LDS Quad is the simple LDS Standard Works appforJapanese-speaking people, including the Holy Bible, the BookofMormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price. Thisappcontains the following books:"Bible, Japanese Colloquial,1954""TheHoly Bible, King James Version""The Book of Mormon"(Japanese andEnglish)"The Doctrine and Covenants" (Japanese andEnglish)"ThePearl of Great Price" (Japanese and English)"StudyHelps" (Japaneseonly)"Hymns" (Japanese and English)English text canbe turned onand off by toggling the switch at the upper rightcorner ofscreen.This is not an official app of The Church of JesusChrist ofLatter-day Saints.
LDS Book of Mormon Promises 2.0
Jacob Burdis
This app (LDS Book of Mormon Promises) contains and organizesthepromises made to us in the Book of Mormon. The promisesaresearchable by what we promise to do and what God promisesus.Visitus on Facebook- appcangreatly benefit your personal study, talk and lessonpreparation,or finding verses to share with friends. The Book ofMormon is usedand printed by the Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day saints, orthe LDS church. This app can be helpful forany christian, LDS ornot. I will soon be doing the same thing forthe KJV of the Bible.Iappreciate any feedback about how this appcan be more helpful foryou. Also please take a minute to rate thisapp.
The Bible and Book of Mormon 1.3
The Church of Jesus Christ, headquartered in Monongahela,PA,presents the Bible and the Book of Mormon in a single mobileapp.This is only app having the two scripture volumes together,thusfulfilling Ezekiel 37:17 where the Lord declares that he willtakethe stick (book) of Judah and the stick of Joseph and make themonein His hand. The Bible is the Stick of Judah and the Book ofMormonis the Stick of Joseph.The Bible and Book of Mormon app, fromTheChurch of Jesus Christ, treats the two volumes of scripture asone,and makes it easier than ever to read, study and share the WordofGod. The Bible text is the Authorized King James Version from1611and The Book of Mormon text is carefully consistent with1830version.Features of the app include:• RED LETTER EDITION: WordsofJesus Christ in red letter• Designed for Android phonesandtablets• Verse of the Day: each day a new verse is given andiseasy to go to chapter, and share via Facebook, Twitter,textmessage and email• Browse: browse through the scriptures bybookand chapter; drop down menus make it easy to find any bookandchapter easily• Search: simple search to look for words orphrases;compound search allows search of any two words or phraseandreturns the verse that contain both; search words are bolded intheresults, sort traditional or alphabetical, filter on OldTestament,New Testament and Book of Mormon results• Highlight:highlight yourfavorite verses, either individual or severaltogether• Bookmark:bookmark verses with descriptive titles toeasily find what you’relooking for• Notes: the perfect study tool,select verses and writedetailed notes• Reading Settings: select lowlight setting fornighttime reading, small medium and large fonts•History: see yourreading history and easily find previous placesyou’ve been• Share:share the app with friends or share single ormultiple versesthrough social media, text or emailThe Bible andBook of Mormon appalso includes resources to provide feedback andto learn more aboutThe Church of Jesus Christ.
Patriarchs and Prophets 6.0
This book is the first volume in the Conflict of the Agesseriesbased on the Bible account of our world's struggle betweengood andevil. It covers the sweeping panorama of human history fromthecreation of Earth to the reign of Israel’s King David.Withunusualinsights, the author describes the role of our planet in thecosmicconflict between right and wrong, truth and error. She, EllenG.White, describes the tragic rebellion that took place inheavenmany thousands of years ago and makes plain that thisongoingconflict between Satan and God affects each person who livesonEarth. Patriarchs and Prophets shows how this conflictworkeditself out in the lives of men and women in OldTestamenttimes.Such a light is shed upon the Scripture record as torevealmore fully the character and purposes of God; to makemanifest thewiles of Satan and the means by which his power will befinallyoverthrown; to bring to view the weakness of the humanheart, andshow how the grace of God has enabled men to conquer inthe battlewith evil. All this is in harmony with what God has shownto be Hispurpose in unfolding to men the truths of His word. Theagency bywhich these revelations have been given is seen—whentested by theScriptures—to be one of the methods God still employsto impartinstruction to the children of men.In summary, this bookanswerssuch questions as, Where did we come from? Where are wegoing? IfGod is all-powerful, why doesn’t He prevent the spread ofevil andits tragic results?In addition, you will have all the bibleinaudio dramatized, so you will be able to hear the HolyScripturesin a different way.Important. In order to listen theaudio files,your device must be connected to internet.
Acts of the Apostles 7.0
This book is an extension of what you can find in theHolyScriptures. The story of the apostles after Jesus ascendedtoheaven.The Descents of the Holy Spirit, preaching on the dayofPentecost, the formation of the early church, the Stephen'sdeathas the first martyr, the conversion of Paul and hismissionaryjourneys, and much, much more, is what you will find inthis gem ofChristian literature.Understand and study in detail howwas thebeginning of the apostolic church, it is something thatallChristians should understand to apply to our times intheadvancement of the gospel with the powerful help of theHolySpirit.The christian author Ellen White leads us indetailthroughout this path traveled by the pioneers of theChristianchurch, to give us the brush strokes of what will becomethe churchtriumphant and redeemed by Jesus in heaven.We hope thatthis bookwill be of great blessing for you, your family and yourchurch.
BYU Studies 4.2 4.2.1
BYU Studies
BYU Studies, the premier Mormon Studies journal, has beenpublishedcontinuously for over 50 years. In this quarterly journal,you willfind articles from experts in a variety of disciplines—fromLDSChurch history and ancient scripture to art, music, andliterature.BYU Studies also contains personal essays, poetry, andreview ofbooks, films, and other media. This application puts eachof theBYU Studies journals in the hands of the user at the swipe ofafinger. Users can enjoy full PDF versions of our articlesandjournals through the BYU Studies app. Subscribers have accesstoour entire library, including the most recent issues of BYUStudiesQuarterly. Non-subscribers can access all of our olderissues andour free reviews. We have also included our scripturestudy lessonsand the New Testament and Book of Mormon charts.If youwould liketo subscribe to BYU Studies, check out our website.
LDS Scripture Games (old) 1.5
UPDATE: we made a new version of Scripture Games with better UIandonline multiplayer. Go checkitout: three scripture-based games: Scripture golf, scripturewordscramble, and scripture hangman. Scripture Golf gives youscripturesfrom:Book of MormonDoctrine & CovenantsOldTestamentNewTestamentBook of Mormon MasteryDoctrine &Covenants MasteryOldTestament MasteryNew Testament MasteryHow doesscripture golf work?The app gives you a random verse from thestandard work of yourchoosing. You simply have to identify whichbook and chapter it camefrom. Each guess adds a point to yourscore. You can play alone orplay with up to five people by passingthe phone around. The appwill keep track of your score. Lowestscore wins.Features: Hintsbutton - Narrows down the remainingoptions if you have noclueMulligans - Gives you a differentscripture to guessThis appalso contains a scripture reader. Ifyou're at church playingscripture golf and need quick access tothe scriptures, scripturereader can be accessed from any screen bypressing the menu buttonon your phone. Scripture reader is notintended to replace your LDSScripture app. It is very basic andcontains the standard works(minus The Peal of Great Price). Doesnot include chapter headings,only the actual verses. ScriptureWord ScrambleIn this game, competeagainst friends by passing thephone around and guess the scrambledword. Words are taken from allof the standard works. The timercounts up until you guess theword. Lowest total time in the endwins.Difficulties range fromsuper easy, easy, medium, hard, toinsane. You can also chooserandom to get words from a randomdifficulty level.Word scrambleoptions include:Choose your own words- if you are competingagainst friends, you can manually enter eachother's words.Samewords - with more than one player, turning onthis option giveseach player the same word to unscramble so thatthe game is morefair.Hints - turning on this option gives eachplayer 3 hints perround. The first hint reveals the first letter,second hint revealsthe second letter, etc.Give up - if youabsolutely can't guess theword, you can give up for a timepenalty.Scripture HangmanYou getsix chances to guess the wordbefore the hangman is complete. Eachincorrect guess adds a point toyour score. Lowest score wins.Difficulty levels range from easy,medium, to hard. Also chooserandom to get a word from a randomdifficulty level.Hangman has thefollowing options:Choose your ownwords - with more than one playeryou can manually enter the wordyour opponent guesses.Same words -just like in word scramble, thisgives each player the same word toguess each round.Coming in thefuture: Possibly a sacrament bingogame, but I'm not sure aboutthis.Nov 2013: Hey everyone. I wantedto keep updating this app butwhile migrating my code to a newcomputer I lost my developer key.Once lost Google cannot replaceit. So unfortunately I cannotrelease any updates. The app worksjust fine, there were just someminor tweaks I wanted tomake.Keywords:Mormon, LDS, Latter-DaySaints, Scriptures, StandardWorks, Book of Mormon, Doctrine &Covenants, Bible, golf,scripture golf, mulligan, verse, The Churchof Jesus Christ ofLatter-Day Saints, scripture baseball,baseball.UPDATE: pleasedownload the latest version of this apphere:
LDS Media Library
The LDS Media Library app is a companion app to the GospelLibraryapp of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Theappincludes a wide selection of Church videos, images, and musicthatcan be organized, downloaded, and presented offline whenteachingand sharing media at Church, at home, or on the go.
Mormon Channel
Mormon Channel is the media channel forTheChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We offermeaningfuland inspiring content to lighten your day. You can choosefromuplifting music, talk radio streams, video series (includingMormonMessages), general conferences, scriptures, blogs and more toenjoyand share with friends.
LDS Podcasts Free 1.6.4
A collection of podcasts selected to cover a variety ofinterestsfor members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-daySaints(Mormons). Feel free to suggest your favorites forfutureinclusion.Listen to the scriptures, hymns, church magazinesandmanuals, General Conference, devotionals, uplifting music,andfaith-promoting podcasts. Stream as you listen, ordownloadindividual podcast episodes to listen to later.ThisApplication wasnot developed by or in association with The Churchof Jesus Christof Latter-day Saints or any affiliate of the Churchof Jesus Christof Latter-day Saints. Accordingly, The Church ofJesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints and its affiliates are notresponsible for thecontent or the functioning of this Application.Rather, thedeveloper of this Application is solely responsible forits contentand functioning. Further, you should understand thatthisApplication is neither owned by nor endorsed by The Church ofJesusChrist of Latter-day Saints. However, any trademarks orservicemarks associated with The Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-daySaints that may be displayed in this Application areowned byIntellectual Reserve, Inc. or other entity affiliated withTheChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Latter Day Temples 1.23
Explore the LDS Temple World Map:• Find any Mormon temple,bothdedicated and in construction.• Look up quick informationincludingthe address, phone number, and the LDS temple website.•Read thetemple's history, milestones, and dedication prayer.• GetGoogleMap directions and distance estimations.• Browse beautifulphotosin the temple gallery.Record Your Temple Attendance• Keeptrack ofwhich LDS temples you have visited.• Log visits with thedate,temple, ordinances performed, and personal notes.• View LDStemplestatistics.• Set goals and plan visits.• Backup yourpersonaldata.Latter Day Temples is for personal use, and isnoncommercial,100% free with no advertisements.This application isnot producedby The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
LDS Reading Chart 2.2
This reading chart helps you keep track of your progress as youreadthe scriptures. After you read a chapter just click onthecorresponding chapter box on the chart so that you will alwaysknowwhere you are. This is great for tracking your readinggoals.Youcan also setup a daily reminder so that you don't forgetto readyour scriptures each day.* Optional daily reminder.*Customizablecolors.* Auto scrolls to current chapter check box.*Progress bartracks your percentage complete.* Includes: - The Bookof Mormon -The Doctrine and Covenants - The Pearl of Great Price -The NewTestament - The Old Testament* In app upgrade to removeads.Partialtranslations for: Spanish, German, Italian, French,andPortuguese.We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions,justsend us an email at canalsofind us on Facebook
LDS Music: Lds Radio Free 1.9
Already available for the Hispanic Speech: from The Church ofJesusChrist of Latter-day Saints, Mormons. Music Sud,LDS Music,ThisApplication will allow you to listen to your freemusicradios.Radio Live Streams: Best Radio Mormon stations forfree,Mormon MusicEasy to use with instant sharing feature to yoursocialnetworks.Try it and enjoy!Top Stations ********LDSRadioOnlineSounds of Sunday (24/7)Mormon ChannelLDS RadioChileMormonMusic onlineMormon Channel TalkMormon Tabernacle Choir
LDS Hymns 0.2.8
Study the LDS Hymnbook and all the LDS HymnsThe best LDS Hymnsappavailable on Google playFind Hymn by number (LDS Hymns)Find Hymnbytitle (LDS Hymns)LDS Hymnbook with hymns (LDS SUD)LDS SUDAllyouneed to know about the LDS Hymnbook and LDShymnsLanguages:Portuguese (Hinos SUD)English (LDS Hymns)Spanish(Himnos SUD)
Mormon Crush - Lds Game 4.0
504 Games
Mormon Crush is a fun puzzle game designed for children andadultLDS members, in which we will have to connect differentsacredtexts to create chains and make them disappear, as weprogressthrough the more than 100 different levels that we find inourcomplicated adventure.The mechanics of Mormon Crush are verysimpleto learn, although quite complex to master. For this reason,thegame will appeal to the younger ones, who will be abletoconcentrate on the colorful graphics and the simple movements;Aswell as the larger ones, who will find challenges in their taskofuniting different sacred texts and scrolls.If you get stuckalongthe way you can use any of the advantages that you will findat thebottom of the screen. Remove books, earn points and, inshort,solve some problem that prevents you from moving to the nextlevel.Your goal will be to get at least one star, and for this youmustearn as many points as possible.Have fun playing the mostaddictiveLDS game of late.
LDS Temple Wallpaper
This application provide to you nice pictures of all the LDS/Mormon Temples. So you can choose your favorite, and set it asawallpaper. Enjoy it!
Mormon Tabernacle Choir 1.2.2
Make your phone or tablet sing with the free Mormon TabernacleChoirapp.Since 1847, America's Choir has lifted their voices andliftedspiritsaround the world. Now carry the historic 360-memberchoruswherever yougo.Stream music anytime. Enjoy old classics.Discovernew favorites.Explore an inspirational and relaxinglibrary ofsacred music.Hear the Choir in person: check upcomingevents andpurchase tickets.Follow Choir news on the blog.Orderyour favoritealbums, books, and DVDs.An official app from TheChurch of JesusChrist of Latter-day Saints.