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Parallel Space&Multi Accounts-ES Parallel Accounts
ES Global
ES Parallel Accounts is designed for users to log onmultipleaccounts, including social media, instant message platformsandgames at the same time on one device. It would alsoprotectapp-using privacy and keep them secure in the device.ESParallelAccounts allows users to sign into duel identities on thesamedevice, so that users could easily balance between life andwork.By simply tapping on button, it could switch from one accounttoanother one. If you want to keep your work and life separate,ESParallel Accounts is your best choice. Get ParallelAccountsimmediately to manage multiple accounts, protect privacy,andcustomize your own space.☆ Sign in 2 accounts of one app onthesame device☆ Easily switch accounts through the app ☆Independentapp-install system☆ Install apps inside our app and keepthemsecure and private*Shadow app feature: Sign in 2 accounts ofoneapp on the same deviceShadow app feature is an app Clonefunction.It helps users to log in to multiple accounts of the sameapp, andit will easily balance between users' life and work. Datafrom bothaccounts won't interfere with each other. No matter onlinegames orSNS, ES Parallel Accounts provide you the double experienceatonce. * Insulated zone feature: Install apps inside our appandkeep them secure and privateIt protects user privacy by makingappsinvisible on device with the Insulated zone feature. It makesappsinvisible on device through this feature.It hides users'secretapps without worrying about other people peeking by keepingappsonly in secret space.Come and experience ES ParallelAccounts!Don’t forget to give us a 5-Star rating if you like us!Ifyou haveany problem or you just want to chat with our developers,you couldjoin our Whatsappgroup:
Do Multiple - Unlimited app cloner & dual space
Do Multiple helps clone unlimited multiple parallel accountforsocial & game accounts and keep online simultaneously ononephone to separate work and life Login multiple accounts socialappsand chat with friends on one device! Play games with twoaccounts,and keep them online simultaneously to get dual functionandexperiences! Enjoy multiple fun! Easy to manage multiplesocialaccount, separate work and personal life. DoMultiple poweredby"River Stone Tech", with the most light-weighed and powerfulcloneengine, can help you clone your app into another separatedparallelspace. What's more, Do Multiple can help you managenotificationsof the cloned app, and provide Privacy Locker functionto protectthe cloned app. It also provided the Lite Mode to reachbest memoryand battery usage for cloned app. Do Multiple iscompatible withmost instant message apps, game apps and socialnetworking apps.Google Play Service are supported, and you canconnect with yourGoogle Play Games or other services in yourclones. ★Log in to yourmultiple messaging, game and social apps •Balance between yourlife and work easily with multiple account. •Double game accountsand double fun. • Data of clones and originalapps are separated★Switch fast between dual accounts with justone-tap • Run multipleaccounts simultaneously, and will createicons with clone tags. •Enable Quick Switch to switch to clones innotification bar★Privacy Locker to protect your cloned account★Lite Mode for bestpower and memory efficiency ★Support tocustomize app icons andname ★Notification setting to managenotification of clones Notes:• Permissions: Do Multiple app itselfrequires few permissions butDo Multiple needs to apply manypermissions in advance for theclone apps. Please grant thosepermissions to Do Multiple to avoidmis-function or crash whenrunning clones • Consumptions: DoMultiple itself doesn't take uptoo much memory, battery and databy which are actually consumed bythe apps running inside. •Notifications: Please add Do Multiple towhitelist in your systemnotification settings. • Privacy Locker:Sometimes you may not seePrivacy Locker not show up even if youenabled for the clone.Please check whether you granted Do Multiplethe permission to showwindow on top of other applications in yoursystem permissioncontrol. For any problems, please feel free tocontact us via the'Feedback' feature inside Do Multiple or send usan email at:[email protected] Join us on Google+Group:
Xfinity Mobile
Want to manage your Xfinity Mobile service on the go? WiththeXfinity Mobile app, you can: · Check how much data you’ve used·Switch between Unlimited and By the Gig data options · Viewyourbill and update payment info · Manage account settings · Vieworderinformation · Contact Xfinity Mobile for support If you wanttomanage other services such as Xfinity X1, Xfinity Home, orXfinityxFi, check out those apps instead.
Clone app&multiple accounts for WhatsApp-MultiChat 1.0.1
ES Global
MultiChat supports to clone and run multiple WhatsApp accountsonone phone at the same time! It’s a special version of ESParallelAccounts for Whatsapp. Now Clone app & multipleaccounts forWhatsApp - MultiChat is created for users to log onmultipleaccounts. Try MultiChat NOW! With MultiChat, you can loginmultipleidentities of apps at the same time on one device.Meanwhile italso can protect your privacy of using the apps andkeep the appssecure in the device. ★ Log in to multiple accounts ofWhatsApp atthe same time on one device • Balance between life andworkaccounts easily. •Messages from each account won't interferewitheach other. ★ Switch fast between accounts with just one-tap •Runmultiple accounts simultaneously and switch between them fastwithone-tap to effectively manage different accounts. For anyproblem,please feel free to contact us by sending us an emailat:[email protected]
Google LLC
Google+ for consumers is shutting down April 2, 2019. Google+forconsumers is shutting down April 2, 2019. Learnmore: If you’re a GSuitecustomer, Google+ for your G Suite account should remainactive.Contact your G Suite administrator for moredetails: You can alsoexpect anew look and new features soon. Learnmore: may automatically update when new features are released ormayrequire an update from the Play Store.
Multiple Space - Multiple Account & Parallel APP 1.0.9
Velo Mobi
Super app clone & multiple account for parallelspaceOnephone,two accounts,online at the same timeMultiple spacehelpsclone unlimited multiple parallel account for WhatsApp andFacebookor other social & game accounts and keep onlinesimultaneouslyon one phone to separate work and life.You can getdouble whatsappand double facebook easily.Feature:😊 Parallel socialaccounts,including facebook, whats app, line, messenger etc. , helpyou tomanage work and life😊 Data of clones and original appsareseparated,such as double whatsapp😊 Privacy Locker to protectyourcloned account😊 Notification setting to manage notificationofclones😊 Two game accounts, help you upgrade level quickly😊Supportmost of android applications😊 Privacy Locker to protectyourprivate whatsapp clones😊 Support to customize icon and labelofclonesAdvantage:❤️ Easy to use and simple UI❤️ Switch fastbetweendual accounts with just one-tap❤️ Enable Quick Switch toswitch toclones in notification bar❤️ Provider options toenable/disableGoogle Play Service, which can save memory &power for clonedapp. Note:☆ In order to make your applicationrunning well, weapplied most of the android application. But wewon't collect anyuser information.☆ The memory of SuperClone usedis the total sizeof the cloned application
Account Class-12 Solutions (D K Goel) Vol-1 1.0.0
Sanjeev Mehta
Many of the Students find Account the hardest and the timetakingsubject at school. That's not true, indeed, if you know howtoappreciate the beauty of this app and how to use and getgoodresults in this subject. Right now we added the solutions oftheclass 12th Accountancy text book Vol-1 (D.K. Goel) in thisapp,which help you get the answers in on just single click andthroughwhich you get better understanding on the questions.Contentsof theApp:1. Accounting for Partnership Firms — Fundamentals 2.Change inProfit Sharing Ratio among the Existing Partners 3.Admission of aPartner 4. Retirement or Death of a Partner 5.Dissolution of aPartnership Firm Please RATE US:1. Please RATE thisapplication 5STARS, if you find this app benefited you.2. We arealways in thelook out on how to improve our apps. If you have anysuggestion orquestion about this app, Once again, Don't Forget toRate Us, Bczyour appreciation will encourage us to work harderandsmarter.Thanks to all.Please kindly email us at:E-mail Us:[email protected]
Google Authenticator 5.00
Google LLC
Google Authenticator generates 2-Step Verification codes onyourphone.2-Step Verification provides stronger security foryourGoogle Account by requiring a second step of verification whenyousign in. In addition to your password, you’ll also need acodegenerated by the Google Authenticator app on your phone.Learnmoreabout 2-Step Verification:*Generateverification codes without a data connection* GoogleAuthenticatorworks with many providers & accounts* Support forAndroid Wear*Dark theme available* Automatic setup via QRcodePermissionnotice:Camera: Needed to add accounts using QR codes
Parallel Accounts 2.2.17
Operating as a virtual OS on your mobile phone, ParallelAccountsallows you to run multiple accounts of the same appsimultaneouslyon a single phone, with just a tap to switch betweenthe apps. Italso helps hide apps for better privacy. Log in tomultipleaccounts: •  Dual sim phone with a single Social Mediaaccount? Notanymore. Just install the app in your parallel accountand treatyourself with a second, virtual account. • Strike abalance betweenpersonal and professional life easily. • Tired offighting yourwars on your own? Join your own clan with yourparallel account.Enhance online gaming experience with multipleaccounts, and feelthe multiplied fun. • Almost all apps aresupported for a parallelaccount, and each account works independentof the other. Hidepersonal apps: • Parallel Accounts helps blockyour apps fromprying eyes. Just uninstall the app from your phoneafter cloningit into your parallel account, and create a parallelspace foryourself. Highlights: •  Optimised for battery and RAMperformance•  Well-built, stylish interface, a friendly andeasy-to-useexperience •  Tired of Dual Apps, Dual Messaging,Dualcomplications? Meet Parallel Accounts- one app that lets youcloneall other apps with maximum ease. Notes: •  Permissions :ParallelAccounts does not require permission to run itself but forthe appsadded in it. For instance, if it is not permitted to readyourphone storage, you will not be able to share media contentswithyour friends through your parallel account. •  Privacy :ParallelAccounts does not interfere with personal data of youraccount.Rather it creates an isolated parallel space for every appit runs.•  Consumption : No additional memory, battery and data istaken upby Parallel Accounts for itself but for the apps runninginside. • Conflict : For apps which require a phone number to signup, youshould have different numbers in order to create multipleaccounts.Feel free to contact us anytime on [email protected] Note: We do notalter/modify/decompilethe code of parallel apps in any way. Also Wedo not promote orautomate any app/functionality. We will not beliable for anyviolations of policies of cloned apps. For more inforead ourprivacy policy Privacy Policy-
Delete Account 1.2
Delete Account help you to delete your social account permanently.When you create an account on facebook or instagram or anyothersocial network or web site it easy to do it , but when youwant todelete it is a nightmare . Delete Account give you the easyway todelete your account permanently . If you want to deletefacebookaccount just click on delete facebook then click on deletethen itwill take you to a delet link chose what browser you want touseand enter your facebook email and password then delete youraccounton facebook permanently . We help you by giving you adeletepermanently link because is very hard to found it . WithDeleteAccount you can delete facebook or delete instagram ordeletesnapchat and much more . We will add other websites infutureupdates .
App Cloner ❤️ Multiple accounts & Two face 1.3.1
App Cloner
Do you have multi accounts for Messaging, tired to log in and outtoreceive different message?Do you have multi game accounts, wantthemall online to get multi experience?Do you have doublesocialaccounts for work and personal life,wish them to parallel?NowAppCloner is created to fulfill your dream!"App Cloner" isdesignedfor users who log in more than multi Accounts of One Appwith onlyOne Phone, while data of your main account and otheraccount are inparallel and separate storage. ★ One app, Allmessage: We supportmost Instant Messaging. Multiple accounts canwork simultaneouslyon one device, connect different friends andshare parallelinformation.★ Multiple Game Experience :You can openmulti gameaccounts for Google Play and get experience for bothaccounts atthe same time! We now support 99% of top games!★ FastSwitchbetween Interface★ Privacy and SecurityFEATURES:- UpgradedUI,clear notification to help you fast switch between multiaccounts.-Parallel Function, separate storage, zero conflict!-Small and lowCPU consume. If you like app cloner, please give us5-starrating!If you have any comments or suggestions, please let usknow!We are looking forward to your feedbacks([email protected]).
Meelan - ملن 3.0.2
Meelan is the first social media app designed for thePakistanipeople. Free to use, more private and with the freedom todowhatever you desire. Connect with friends & family orgetacquainted to strangers. Control how you choose to usetheapp. 
 *WHAT’S NEW* Thank you for using Meelan! The waitisover! You asked, we listened. Meelan is back with a HUGEandIMPROVED update just as you wanted it! We are excited to sharethenew update with you and hope that you will absolutely loveit.Thank you to our users for giving us feedback and forreportingproblems. We work night and day to make Meelan better foryou. Thenew update comes with a lot of bugs fixes and improvementto give auser friendly and seamless experience every time you useMeelan.Thank you for the tremendous love and continuous support.For adetailed info on what’s included in the update, please seebelow.Added features: • All new video interface for anuninterruptedexperience. • Add your favourite music/dialogues toyour videosnow. Browse from thousands in library or add your own. •Now youcan keep a collection of your favourite videos, pictures andmusicto view them easily whenever you want to. • GAMES! Now you canplaygames in the Meelan app. Challenge your friends and try makingatop score! • Now you can have your private account and cansharemoments only with the people you want. • You can createacollection of your favourite videos and pictures for later watch.•Feeling bored... Not anymore! Meelan has added a feature whichwillfind you people whose online and interested in chatting. •Now#Hashtags are active and you can find the related stuff byjustfollowing the hashtag. Features • Filters: Amazing fun filterswithfacial recognition 
• Photo: Post up to 9 photos in one go.Alsofeatures full image option for those who want the bestqualityuploads. Or take a selfie with our fun filters 
• Video:Createshort videos with filters and share it.
• Free audio &videocalling: Call anywhere for free
 How to register with Meelan
1. Byusing your mobile phone number 
2. Using your Facebookaccount
 3.Using your Google account
 Enjoy a seamlessuserexperience. 
If you like Meelan, please share it withyourfamily and friends.
Thank you for using Meelan! We regularlyupdateour app to make it better for you.
If you have any questionsorsuggestions, feel free to contact uson:[email protected]
Daum Mail - 다음 메일 3.2.1
Kakao Corp.
[Key Features] 1. Multiple account support Check all yourmessagesin one app! It's an email collector that gathers all ofyour emailmessages(from work, school, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail,etc.) in acombined client. 2. Conversation view Check your sent&received messages in a thread view. To change thedefaultsetting(recent view), go to settings and turn onconversation view.3. Filters Easily categorize your messages in 4types of filter.Check all of your starred, attached, unreadmessages in one page bya single click. 4. Preview attachment Checkimages attached in oneglance by using 'attachment list.' You canalso check the fileeasily by using 'thumbnail view' while writingand reading amessage. 5. Swipe Just swipe your messages to archiveor delete. Tochange the default setting(swipe to delete), go tosettings andselect 'swipe' to 'archive.' 6. Reminder alarm Setalarms formessages that need to be checked in the future such asmeeting andreservation messages. At the time the alarm is set,notificationwill be sent. 7. Fast reply Reply while reading amessage. Click onthe bottom of the message and reply fast. 8. EmojiExpress yourselfwith emojis. Use them when writing to your lovedones. 9. Passcodelock Keeps your messages safe. Even though youlose your phone,your emails will be safe from others. 10. WidgetCheck messageswithout opening the app. Meet our new widget whereyou can write toyourself on one touch. 11. Tablet view support Mailoptimized fortablet environment. View more pleasantly with a widerscreen! *Daum Mail app requires Android 4.0.0 version. * Support :GoogleGmail, Yahoo mail, AOL(America Online) mail, iCloud,MicrosoftHotmail, Outlook, MSN, GMX, Naver, Daum (hanmail), Nate,QQ, 163,126 and more. [Daum Customer Service Center] -FAQ: - Contactus:
شیپور | Sheypoor 4.1.5
نصب و دانلود برنامه اندروید شیپور٬ نیازمندیهای آنلاین سراسر ایرانومحل درج آگهی های رایگان خودرو٬ املاک٬ استخدام٬ خدمات و خرید وفروشکالاهای نو و دست دوم همانند لوازم خانگی٬ لوازم شخصی٬ موبایل وتبلتو لپ تاپ و ... برای خرید و فروش کالا و خدمات خود، با نصببرنامهشیپور از این صفحه آن را براحتی در بین دسته بندی های مختلف زیربامادر شیپور بیابید : • وسایل نقلیه : ماشین و خودرو , موتور سیکلت,لوازم و قطعات • املاک : رهن و اجاره , خرید و فروش خانه , باغ وویلا, آپارتمان و زمین ، اداری و تجاری • آگهی های استخدام و کاریابی:فروشنده , آرایشگر , برنامه نویس , پرستار , کارگر , تبلیغاتومارکتینگ , حسابدار و سایر فرصت های شغلی • خدمات : آموزش ,آرایشگریو زیبایی , ساختمان و دکوراسیون , سقف کاذب و دیوار پوش •لوازم خانگی: مبلمان و دکوراسیون , لوازم آشپزخانه , تابلو و دیوارکوب • ورزش ,فرهنگ , فراغت : تور مسافرتی , حیوانات و لوازم , هنر وصنایع دستی،اسباب بازی • لوازم الکترونیکی : لپ تاپ , دوربین عکاسی ,کنسول بازی• کسب و کار : ماشین آلات , لوازم صنعتی , لوازم اداری وتجاری •موبایل , تبلت , لوازم جانبی • لوازم شخصی , لوازم کودک وسیسمونی ,ساعت دیوار ، خرید و فروش لباس و پوشاک برخی از امکاناتاپلیکیشنشیپور (sheypoor) شامل: • فیلتر پیشرفته جهت دستیابی سریع بهآگهی •مشاهده همه آگهی های سراسر ایران بصورت یکجا • امکان ثبت وجستجو درتمامی شهرهای ایران (1100 شهر) • ثبت فروشگاه ها بصورتجداگانه و بدونمحدودیت ثبت آگهی • اشتراک گذاری آگهی از طریق شبکه هایاجتماعی •امکان چت با آگهی دهنده • بروز رسانی آگهی و قرار دادن درویترین (جهت نمایش بیشتر آن) • تایید آگهی درکمتر از 3 دقیقه •پشتیبانی 24ساعته در 7 روز هفته اپ شیپور به صورت رایگان برای دوسیستم عاملاندروید و آی او اس عرضه شده است تا به کاربران امکان خریدو فروشسریع لوازم خانگی , خانه , آپارتمان , خودرو , وسایل نقلیه وحتیاستخدام و یافتن شغل مناسب را بدهد. ما شیپوری ها می کوشیم تاخدمات وامکانات برنامه شیپور را بهبود بخشیم. چنانچه پیشنهاد یاانتقادیدرراستای بهبود نرم افزار و امکانات آن دارید بهایمیل[email protected] ارسال نمایید و یا از طریق شماره هایپشتیبانی(۰۲۱۵۴۵۸۷) ما را در رسیدن به این هدف یاری فرمایید. شیپوربهصورت ۲۴ساعته ۷ روز هفته پذیرای صدای گرم شما می باشد. برای اطلاعازجدیدترین اخبار شیپور، ما را در شبکه های اجتماعی (اینستاگرام،تلگرام ، توییتر و لینکدین) با عنوان زیر دنبال کنید[email protected] is a free online classifieds marketplace for Iranwhereanyone can buy, sell and search goods and services quickly,easilyand free of charge. On Sheypoor, you can find anything youcanthink of from property and vehicle to mobile, laptop,furniture,antique, clothing and much more.
Multi hike----Clone Multi Parallel Accounts 1.0.1
Multi hike helps clone and run multiple Hike accountsonlinesimultaneously on one phone to improve your work efficiencyandhave a colorful life. It focuses on Hike. Multi hike is thefirstApp on Android to helps users log in more than three Hikeaccountsat the same time on one device. It’s as small as 4Mb, runsfasterthan other similar apps. It especially runs better on 1G RAMphone.What’s more? It’s FREE Forever.★Log in to multiple Hikeaccounts atthe same time on one device. • Clone as many accounts asyou like.•Each account is separate from each other. No worry aboutmixedmessages.★Protect user's privacy• Multi hike will nevercollectusers' personal information. • Users' accounts areabsolutely safewith Multi hike.★Switch fast between differentaccounts with justone-tap, much faster than other similar apps,also more steady. •Run more than three accounts simultaneously andswitch between themfast with just one-tap to effectively managedifferentaccounts.Highlights : • Powerful, stable &easy-to-use.•Unique: Multi hike is based on multiDroid, the firstapplicationvirtualization engine on Android.Notes:• Permissions:Multi hikeneeds to apply for the permissions required by the appsadded inMulti hike to function normally. It’s the same as otherapps. Forexample, if Multi hike is not permitted to acquire yourlocation,you will be unable to send your location to your friends.Inaddition we won’t collect any of your personal information.Wetotally respect your privacy. • Consumption: Multi hikeitselfdoesn't take up too much memory, battery and data by whichareactually consumed by Hike accounts running insideit.•Notifications: Please add Multi hike to whitelist orexceptionallist of some 'boost apps' to ensure that notificationfunctionswell.• Conflict: You cannot run two or more Hike accountsby usinga same mobile number. You should use different mobilenumbers torun your more than one accounts in Multi hike and ensurethat themobile number is active during your first login becausethere willbe a verification message sent to this number.For anyurgentmatters, please contact our officialFacebook: addition, you cancontact viathe Feedback feature inside the app or send us an emailat:[email protected] to contact us via Facebook. Thxforstaying with us.
اینستاگرام - فالور, لایک,کامنت بگیر با #هشتگ 4.2.1
برنامه‌ی افزایش لایک، فالور وکامنتواقعی (ایرانی) اینستاگرام! چندین برنامه دریکبرنامه! افزایش لایک، فالوئر و کامنت ایرانیو۱۰۰٪ واقعی و فعال! با اینبرنامه بصورترایگان لایک، فالوئر و کامنتخودتونو افزایش بدید ولذت ببرید برخی از ویژگیها - افزایشلایک، فالوئر و کامنتواقعی (ایرانی) - سرعت فوقالعاده بالایبرنامه  - ساختکامنت های شخصی - امار حساب اینستاگرام شما - ثبتسفارش بدون ورود -سکه روزانه و کلی امکانات دیگه توجه مهم: این برنامهبه هیچ‌ یک ازاطلاعات حساب شما دسترسی ندارد و تمام اطلاعات شما نزداینستاگراممحفوظ میباشد. این برنامه فقط از API اینستاگرام استفادهمیکند ولاگین شدن شما در اپلیکیشن کاملا توسط اینستاگرام انجاممی‌شود.Increase Likes, followers and real comments (Iranian)Instagram!Several apps in one app! Increase Likes, followers andIraniancomments and 100% real and active! This free programLikes,followers and increase the scale and enjoy yourself CommentSomefeatures - increase Likes, followers and real comments (Iran)-ultra-high speed applications - making personal comments - HityourInstagram account - Order No entry - Daily coin And othergeneralfeatures Important Note: This app does not have access toany ofyour account information and all your data with InstagramReserved.The program uses the Instagram API and just log in yourappInstagram is done well.
Unfollow Today 1.3.1
Unfollow Today is a free application to manage your unfollowersonTwitter : ✔ Unlimited follows/unfollows/blocks ✔ Addunlimitedaccounts and switch from one to the other in one click ✔Know yourno follow back and fans ✔ Know your mutual friends ✔ Knowyourinactive following ✔ Know your following who are stillnotfollowing you back after a few days ✔ Display statistics ✔Managewhite lists to prevent any error ✔ Receive a notificationwhen youhave new unfollowers Manage the frequency of updates (every20minutes until twice a day, or manually). The features ofthisapplication are reduced for accounts with more than 74kfollowers./**** * Help us withlocalizations:****/Unfollow Today is not affiliated with Twitter
Parallel U - App Cloner, Duals APP, tarallel 1.0.32
🍑Parallel U is a Top Free and simple tool for your multipleaccountslike whatsup, instag, tinde Key points: ✔️ APP Cloner 🎩 ✔️Securityand Privacy 🔒 ✔️ High Compatibility 💪 ✔️ Low SystemRequirement 🌿 Byusing Parallel U, you can clone your existingapps. When you haveseveral accounts in one app like whats app orFacebook, you can useour product to create several same apps inONE android device. Appcloning can simultaneously use multiplelogins in apps such asFacebook, Instagram or Twitter but the realfun starts by messingaround with an app. You can also create somegame apps for a bettergame experience. We now support MOST games.Our product will notinfluence the performance of your device.What’s more, our fancy UIcan help you switch among your accountseasily. Clone and runmultiple accounts of the same appsimultaneously, and use themes tostyle your unique space. Cloneand run multiple social & gameaccounts online simultaneouslyon one phone to separate work andlife. As one of the top-rankedtools on Android, Parallel U helpsusers log on multiple accountsat the same time on one device. Italso protects user privacy bymaking apps invisible on device withthe Incognito Installationfeature. Parallel U is compatible withmost Android apps. GetParallel U immediately to manage multipleaccounts, protectprivacy, and customize your own space. ❤️❤️❤️Oneapp, All message:We support most Instant Messaging. Multipleaccounts can worksimultaneously on one device, connect differentfriends and shareparallel information. 😍😍😍Double Game Experience:You can open twogame accounts for Google Play and get experiencefor both accountsat the same time! We now support 99% of top games.🔒🔒🔒Privacy andSecurity. 🔥🔥🔥Upgraded UI, clear notification to helpyou fastswitch between two accounts. 😝😝😝Parallel Function,separatestorage, zero conflict. 💪💪💪Small and low CPU consume.
Dribbble's official app for Android. Discover and follow theworld'sbest designers. Browse and curate amazing design workfaster andeasier. -- HIGHLIGHT REEL - Browse popular shots, recentshots, andshots from people you follow - Easy access to yourprofile, likes,buckets, and project collections - See designers'profiles andfollow them - Search for shots - Upload shots (imagesor GIFs) -Double tap a shot in a list to like it - Open shotsdirectly fromDribbble links - Spare your eyes at night with thedark theme ——ABOUT DRIBBBLE Founded in 2009, Dribbble has grown tobecome thepremier community for discovering and connecting withdesignersaround the globe. Our mission is to help the world’sdesign talentshare their creations and get hired. Illustrators,icon artists,typographers, graphic designers, logo designers, webdesigners, andother creative types share their work, process, andcurrentprojects.
Parallel Space Lite-Dual App 4.0.8754
LBE Tech
Do you have two accounts for instant message applications, tiredtolog in and out to receive double messages form your dualaccount?Do you have double game accounts, want to keep themsimultaneouslyonline to get dual function and double experiences?Do you have twoaccounts for the social network, want to separatework and personallife, double experience your entertainment time?As one of thetop-ranked tools on Android, Parallel Space helps morethan 90million users log on multiple accounts simultaneously onlineonsame device by virtual system. Also, the Parallel Space Litewillprovide a faster performance to simulate your dual accountthrougha high speed virtual system. Parallel Space supports 24languages,and compatible with most instant message apps, game appsand socialnetworking apps. Get Parallel Space immediately to managemultipleaccounts, protect privacy, and double enjoy the fun of yourdualapp. ★Log in to your double instant message apps, double gameappsand double social networking apps • Balance between your lifeandwork easily by the virtual system. • Double game accountsanddouble enjoy the fun. • Almost all instant message apps, gameappsand social networking apps are supported for the dual accountinParallel Space. Data from both accounts won't interfere witheachother. ★Switch fast between dual accounts with just one-tap •Runtwo accounts simultaneously on the virtualsystem, andswitch between them fast with one-tap toeffectively manage yourdual accounts. Tips • If you are using theParallel Space and theParallel Space Lite at the same time,theoretically you canachievable that running more than 2 accountsat once :) Notes: •Permissions: Parallel Space needs to apply forthe permissionsrequired by the apps added in Parallel Space tofunction normally.For example, if Parallel Space is not permittedto acquire yourlocation, you will be unable to send your locationto your friendsin some apps that run in Parallel Space. ParallelSpace does notcollect your personal information to protect privacy.•Consumptions: Parallel Space itself doesn't take up toomuchmemory, battery and data by which are actually consumed by theappsrunning inside. Details can be viewed in 'Storage' and'TaskManager', which could be found in 'Settings' in ParallelSpace. •Notifications: Please add Parallel Space to whitelistorexceptional list of some 'boost apps' to ensure thatnotificationof some social networking apps functions well. •Conflict: Youcannot run two accounts of some social networking appsby using asame mobile number. You should use a different mobilenumber to runyour second account of those apps in Parallel Spaceand ensure thatthe mobile number is active during your first loginbecause therewill be a verification message sent to this number.For anyproblems, please feel free to contact us via the 'Feedback'featureinside Parallel Space or send us an email at:[email protected] us on FB for the latestnews: Join us on Google+Group:
Conspiracy 2.5.3
Conspiracy is a Diplomacy-like online turn-based strategygame,developed by Diplomacy fans for Diplomacy fans. DownloadConspiracyand Europe will soon be yours… unless you turn your backon yourallies! You only need one Google account to enjoy theConspiracyexperience on all your mobiledevices.-------------------------------------------------------------WARNING-----------------------------------------------------------------------Thisis a game based on the "negotiation" between the players of agame.No notion of chance comes into play, only your talents as adiplomatand tactician will be challenged. This game progresseswhen allplayers have entered their orders (with adeadline)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Withthe Conspiracy strategy game (in Classic map), - Control oneof thegreat European empires at the dawn of the 20th century. -Giveorders to your troops on each turn after conciliation withyourallies. - Get support from your allies to help your expansion.-Betray your allies when they don't expect it. - Conquer newcentersto enlarge your army. - Get 18 centers to win the game! -Check yourstatistics progression as well as your contacts'.Amazing Conspiracyfeatures: - Create a game and set all itsparameters. - Chosebetween 5 different maps - Join existing gamesfrom friends'invitations or among available games. - Smooth &intuitive mapbrowsing - Negotiate with one or more players withthe in-appmessenger. - Create your avatar. - Add players to yourcontacts. -Check your statistics and rankings. - Check yourcontacts'statistics and rankings. - Receive notifications for allgameevents. - Give orders to your troops and see them on the map.-Smooth & quick browsing in the game history. - Play up to5games simultaneously. - Observe up to 5 gamessimultaneously.Languages : - English - French - Spanish - Italian -Russian -Portuguese - Turkish - German - Polish
Profile Analyzer for Instagram 5.1.2
Discover the best profile analyzer application. Meet thisstunningand elegant application. Easily analyze and manage yourInstagramprofile and instantly identify who is doing what on yourprofile. ①Profile Visitors - Find who viewed my profile ② Premiumslots -Promote yourself in app. 200K+ active users will se yourpromote. ③Multi account - Add much accounts and manage it. ④ Yourfans -Which people you don't follow back. ⑤ Safely login - We'reusingofficial API. That's why your information is most safely. ⑥Mutualfollowers - You can find users follow you and you followusers. ⑦Customization - Personalize the application by yourself. ⑧Nolimits - We have no hourly limits. ⑨ Unfollowers - Seewhounfollowed you. This application made by andallrights reserved. If you need help, please send [email protected] or rate and comment on Play Store. Note: *Wenever save or keep your Instagram password in our servers. Alsowenever share your Instagram password with any third party orstoreit in any of our servers. All this information is storedlocally onyour android device and is deleted permanently as soon asyou logout or uninstall the app. You can check our privacy policyhere: Important warning:*This app is never means affiliated to Instagram * App makes useofInstagram APIs
MoChat(Clone App)--Clone Multi Parallel Accounts 2.4.2
MoChat helps clone and run multiple social & gameaccountsonline simultaneously on 1 phone to separate work and life.MoChatis the first App on Android to help users log in more thanthreeaccounts at the same time on one device. It’s as small as 6Mb,runsmuch faster and more steady than other similar apps. What'smore,It’s FREE forever. ★Log in to multiple accounts at the sametime onone device. • Clone as many accounts as you like. Dualaccounts ormore. • Accounts are separate from each other. No worryabout mixedmessages. ★Protect user privacy • MoChat will nevercollect user’spersonal information of all apps added into MoChat. •Users'accounts are absolutely safe with MoChat. ★Switch fastbetweendifferent accounts with just one-tap and much more steadythanother similar apps. • Run more than three accountssimultaneouslyand switch between them fast with one-tap toeffectively managedifferent accounts. Highlights: • Powerful,stable &easy-to-use. • Unique: MoChat is based on multiDroid,the firstapplication virtualization engine on Android. Notes: •Permissions:MoChat needs to apply for the permissions required bythe appsadded in MoChat to function normally. For example, ifMoChat is notpermitted to acquire your location, you will be unableto send yourlocation to your friends in some apps that run inMoChat. Inaddition, we won't collect any of your personalinformation toprotect privacy. • Consumptions: MoChat itselfdoesn't take up toomuch memory, battery, and data by which areactually consumed bythe apps running inside. • Notifications:Please add MoChat towhitelist or exceptional list of some 'boostapps' to ensure thatnotification of some social networking appsfunctions well. •Conflict: You cannot run two accounts of somesocial networkingapps by using a same mobile number. You should usea differentmobile number to run your second account of those appsin MoChatand ensure that the mobile number is active during yourfirst loginbecause there will be a verification message sent tothis number.For any urgent matters, please contact our officialFacebook: In addition, youcancontact via the Feedback feature inside the app or send us anemailat: [email protected]
Account Class-11 Solutions (TS Grewal) 6.0.0
Sanjeev Mehta
Many of the Students find Account the hardest and the timetakingsubject at school. That's not true, indeed, if you know howtoappreciate the beauty of this app and how to use and getgoodresults in this subject. Right now we added the solutions oftheclass 11th Accountancy text book(TS Grewal) in this app, whichhelpyou get the answers in on just single click and through whichyouget better understanding on the questions.Contents oftheApp:Chapter 5 – Accounting EquationChapter 6 –AccountingProcedures – Rules of Debit and CreditChapter 7 – OriginofTransactions – Source Documents and Preparation of VoucherChapter8 – Journal and LedgerChapter 9 – Special Purpose Books I –CashBookChapter 10 – Special Purpose Books II – Other BooksChapter11 –Bank Reconciliation StatementChapter 12 – Trial BalanceChapter13 –DepreciationChapter 15 – Accounting for Bills ofExchangeChapter 16– Rectification of ErrorsChapter 17 – FinancialStatements of SoleProprietorshipChapter 18 – Adjustments inPreparation of FinancialStatementsChapter 19 – Accounts fromIncomplete Records – SingleEntry SystemChapter 20 – FinancialStatements of Not-for-ProfitOrganisationsPlease RATE US:1. PleaseRATE this application 5STARS, if you find this app benefited you.2.We are always in thelook out on how to improve our apps. If youhave any suggestion orquestion about this app, Once again, Don'tForget to Rate Us, Bczyour appreciation will encourage us to workharder andsmarter.Thanks to all.Please kindly email us at:E-mail Us:[email protected]
Apple Liker 1.7
Apple Liker provides you high quality, organic likes commentsandfollowers for your social media accounts. You can get most usedandactive tags from this app.
The Cash Time 1.4
See Infotech
The Cash Time - Number One app to earn rewards and make moneywithyour deviceThe Cash Time for playing games and make cashforcompleting tasks. Earn points and redeem your free gift voucherandin less than 48 hours you will get your requestedpayment/gift.HowMake Money works? - Today offer task compulsory forredeem.-Download our app, login with your Google account- Completeas manyas possible offers to earn points- Once you hit theminimumrequired points for your gift all you have to do is to hittheRedeem button and wait a few hours before we check and sendyourgift, simple as that!- Enjoy your free reward!
Newton Mail - Email App for Gmail, Outlook, IMAP 10.0.21
Newton is a subscription-based app that supercharges your emailwithpower features like Read Receipts, Send Later, Undo Send,ConnectedApps, Recap (Only English), Snooze, and more acrossAndroid Phone,Tablet and Wear. Comes with a 14-day free trial.Newton is availableas an in-app subscription for $49.99/year. Getstarted with the nostrings attached 14-day free trial and we sayyou’ll never lookback. Works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail,Hotmail/Outlook,iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365 and all IMAPaccounts. *Sign UpOnce, Use Everywhere* Your Newton account isyour key to all thingsNewton. Use it to instantly access youremail anytime, across ALLyour devices - be Android Phone, Tablet,Wear, Mac or Windows. It’sthat simple. *Why Newton is the onlyemail app you need* ● Instantpush notifications for ALL types ofemail - Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook,Exchange, Yahoo Mail, iCloud,Google Apps, Office 365 and any IMAPaccount. ● Read Receipts - Getread-status for every email you send.Also get notified as soon asthe email is read. Know exactly whoread your email with individualmail tracking. ● Send Later -Schedule emails to be sent later andhave them delivered to therecipient’s inbox at just the rightmoment. Also, you can stop thescheduled email if the recipientemails you in between. ● Tidy Inbox- Focus on emails that matter.Weed out newsletters and social mediaemails to another folder andmake your inbox distraction-free. ThinkGmail tabs for all emailaccounts. ● Snooze - Set your emails tocome back to Inbox at amore convenient time. Got an important emailwhile travelling? JustSnooze to Desktop and deal with it only whenyou’re ready. Snoozeemails, not productivity. ● Connected Apps -Complete your workflowwithout leaving your email. Add importantemails to your favoriteproductivity apps like Todoist, Evernote,OneNote, Pocket, Trelloand Asana. ● Recap - Recap automaticallybrings back conversationsthat are waiting for your reply or thatneed following up. It alsocovers other mails with due dates,reminders etc., so that nothingslips through the cracks. (Availableonly in English) ● Undo Send -Pull back that email blunder you justsent. Especially useful whenyou’re on mobile and need to reply in ahurry. ● 2-stepverification - Protect your Newton account with bothyour password& phone. ● One-click Unsubscribe - Instantlyunsubscribe fromunwanted email newsletters. ● Custom Inbox Swipes -Customizablelong/short swipes for actions like Delete, Archive,Mark as Read,Mark as Spam and more. ● Save email attachments toyour favorite​cloud storage service like Google Drive, Box,Dropbox, OneDriveetc. with ease. ● Remote Wipe your data in caseyou lose yourdevice. ● Custom Folder Sync - Get notified aboutemails that landin your folders. But wait...there’s more! - HTMLsignatures - EmailAliases - Turn on/off Conversations - Swipebetween emails -Passcode Lock - Mark as Spam - Interactivenotifications - UnifiedInbox - Available in all major languagesSupports Calendar forGmail, Google Apps, and Exchange (EWS). Manageyour email &Calendar without switching between apps. Newton isavailable as anin-app subscription for $49.99/year. Price may varyby location.Subscriptions will be charged to your credit cardthrough yourGoogle account. Your subscription will automaticallyrenew unlesscancelled at least 24 hours before the end of thecurrent period.Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings.Privacy Policy: Terms ofService:
co.itrays.calendarplus 1.2
✅ تقویم پلاس فقط یک تقویم ساده نیست بلکه گنجینه ای از امکانات رابهشما میدهد.📝 برخی از امکانات برنامه :♒️ آلارم سخنگو📳ساعتسخنگو🗨هواشناسی هوشمند🔃 هشدار و یاد آور🔰 ویدجت هوشمند💠 قلم هوشمندقرآنی💮سخن بزرگان🈹 تولد یاب☑️ تعطیلی یاب♒️ ادعیه و زیارت🚼 تبدیلتاریخ📢مفاتیح هوشمند صوتی🚺 استخاره قرآنی🔺 ویدیو های فرهنگی | مذهبی🔷صلواتشمار❇️ قبله نما✅ Calendar Plus is not just a simple calendargivesyou a wealth of possibilities.📝 some of the features oftheprogram:♒️ alarm speakerSpokesman 📳SatSmart Online 🗨🔃 alertsandreminders🔰 smart widget💠 Pen Quran💮 words of elders🈹BirthdayFinder☑️ Holiday Finder♒️ prayers and pilgrimage🚼conversiondateSmart Audio 📢 Mafatih🚺 divination Quran🔺 videoCulture |ReligiousSalavat's 🔷❇️ compass
همراه شهر 2.3.3
مشتریان بانک شهر با استفاده از نسخه نخست برنامه همراه شهر ازامکاناتزیر بهره مند می گردند: - خدمات سپرده: مشاهده مانده سپرده،انتقال وجهداخلی، مشاهده گردش سپرده، وضعیت سپرده و ... - خدماتکارت: مشاهدهمانده کارت، انتقال وجه کارت به کارت، مشاهده گردش کارت،کمک به خیریه،مسدودی کارت و ... - پرداخت قبض های آب، برق، گاز،تلفن، جرایم رانندگیو ... - خرید شارژ تلفن همراه: همراه اول،ایرانسل، رایتل و ... -مشاهده تاریخچه تراکنش ها - انتقال وجه پایا ودریافت شماره شبا CityBank customers using the first version of theapp benefit of thefollowing options: - Deposit services: Viewbalances of deposits,domestic money transfer, view the circulationof deposits, thedeposit and ... - Services card: View cardbalances, transfer fundscard to see the turn card, helpingcharities, block the card and ...- Paying the bills for water,electricity, gas, telephone, trafficoffenses and ... - Purchase ofmobile recharge: MCI, MTN, Righteland ... - View TransactionHistory - Transfer funds have received asteady and night
2Face-2 Accounts for whatsapp&social apps 1.11.17
2Face is the best multiple accounts for whatsapp, we compatiblethewhatsapp running perfectly, if you can't open whatsapp withothermulti-account apps, please choose 2Face 2Face-MultipleAccountsMaster help you clone and run multiple social&gameaccountsonline simultaneously on one phone. Do you want to receivemessagesfrom two WhatsApp on one phone? Do you want to use twoFacebookaccounts at the same time? Do you want to separate workingandliving space? Do you want double experience when playing games?Amobile phone, two accounts, two kinds of life, doubleincome,Account Master can be achieved. 2Face-Multiple AccountMaster isdesigned for users who need to handle multiple accounts ofthe sameapplication on one phone.:🖲️ One-tap to clone apps, easilyadd themultiple account for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, QQ, WeChatandother social apps, the data between the cloned account and themainaccount is stored separately and the messages do not interferewitheach other. 🌟 Run multiple accounts at the same time on onedevice.Support for multiple accounts on the same phone stable loginanduse, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, you can connectdifferentfriends through different accounts, you can alsodistinguishbetween work and living space; The data between thecloned accountand the main account is stored separately and themessages do notinterfere with each other. 🌟 Protect user privacyand socialaccounts use password lock • Hide users' secret appswithoutworrying about prying eyes by keeping apps only in secretspace. •Protect user privacy with a security lock. 🌟 One game,twoaccounts, double payoff Using two game accounts at the sametime,whether it is to complete the game task or gain doubleexperience,have become very simple; 🌟 Fake Location Fake a virtuallocationfor whatsapp to better protect privacy. 🌟 One-tap cleanupto speedup You can see the memory occupied by the apps running ontheAccount Master, the memory can be released at any time toimprovethe running speed; 💪 Highlights 🏆 easy to use and stable,designedfor multiple accounts; 🏆 occupy small memory, low CPUconsumption 🏆fake location, privacy is more secure Note ▶Permissions: AccountMaster will need to apply some necessarypermissions by the appsadded to work properly. For example, do notallow Account Master toget your location, will not be able to sendyour location to yourfriends in some apps running on AccountMaster. In addition, we donot collect any of your personalinformation to protect it. ▶Memory: The Account Master does notoccupy memory in itself, anddoes not actually consume the memory,battery and data of thephone. ▶ Notice: To ensure that messages forsome social apps aredelivered in time, add Account Master to theWhitelisted orExceptions list for some third-party apps. ▶Conflicts: Due to someapplication restrictions, you are unable torun two accounts forsome social apps using the same phone number,so you will need touse your other mobile number for your secondaccount on AccountMaster .
Divar 10.5.5
دیوار، محل انتشار رایگان انواع آگهی و نیازمندی خریدوفروش کالاهاینوو دست‌دوم است. با دیوار، در هر کجای ایران که هستید درکوتاه‌ترینزمان اجناس خود را بفروشید یا کالای موردنظر خود را برایخرید پیداکنید. از دیوار می‌توانید برای دریافت و ارائه خدمات و خریدو فروشکالا در ۱۸۰ دسته‌بندی‌ مختلف مثل این بخش‌ها استفاده کنید: -خانه وآپارتمان و مغازه - وسایل نقلیه از خودروی سواری تا اتوبوس -لوازمالکترونیکی از موبایل، لپ‌تاپ تا تلویزیون و یخچال - وسایل منزلازمبل و کمد تا فرش و تابلو - انواع خدمات فنی و بهداشتی و زیباییبرایفروشندگان: از محصول خود عکس بگیرید. عکس و توضیحات لازم را دریکآگهی و در دسته‌بندی مرتبط روی دیوار قرار دهید. در کوتاه‌ترینزمانخریدار مناسب پیدا می‌شود چون بیش از ۱۵ میلیون ایرانی ازدیواراستفاده می‌کنند! برای خریداران: به دسته‌بندی مرتبط با نیازخودبروید. از بین آگهی‌ها با توجه به عکس و توضیحات، مورد مناسب راپیداکنید. از طریق تلفن، تلگرام یا چت دیوار با فروشنده تماس بگیرید.برخیمزایای دیوار: - درج رایگان آگهی - دارای بیش از ۱۸۰ دسته‌بندیمتفاوتکالا و خدمات - امکان ارتقای آگهی برای بیشتر دیده‌شدن -چتدرون‌برنامه‌ای بین خریدار و فروشنده - پشتیبانی ۲۴ ساعته در ۷روزهفته - راحتی و سادگی استفاده - پرطرفدارترین برنامه خرید وفروشبی‌واسطه در ایران پیشنهاد یا انتقادی درباره اپ دیوار دارید؟ ازطریقایمیل [email protected] با ما در تماس باشید. همین حالا دیوار رانصبکنید و اولین معامله خود را انجام دهید! The leading classifiedadsplatform in Iran. With Divar you can sell or buy your products.Nowlook around you and any other item that you want place onthe"Divar wall" Just after the installation, the sign "+" andtouchthe top of the page to get started!
i-Akaun 2.6
Experience the new i-Akaun mobile application for faster andeasieraccess to your EPF account anytime and anywhere. Keyfeaturesinclude: • Account Summary – simplified layout allows youto viewinformation on your EPF account and transaction history. •LastContribution – check the time and amount of the latestEPFcontributions made to your account. • Nomination – checkyourupdated information on your EPF account nominees. •WithdrawalEligibility – check eligibility for any types ofwithdrawal fromyour EPF account. • Latest Information – receiveimportantnotifications and messages as well as EPF Facebookupdates. • EPFOffices – locate the nearest EPF offices for counterservices andRetirement Advisory Service, e-Corner and EPF Kiosks. •FAQs –obtain information on withdrawals and Simpanan Shariah. Ifyou havenot registered as an i-Akaun member, you may do so byfollowingthese simple steps: • Step 1: Register at any EPF Kiosk,EPFcounter or call the EPF Contact ManagementCentreat 03-89226000. • Step 2: You will be given a temporaryUserID and password as activation code. Log on to EPF officialwebsiteat within 30 days and key in the activationcode toactivate your i-Akaun. Download your i-Akaun mobileapplicationtoday. EMPLOYEES PROVIDENT FUND…HELPING MEMBERS ACHIEVEA BETTERFUTURE
Parallel Space Lite 64 Support 1.0.3032
LBE Tech
Parallel Space Lite 64-Bit Support This app helps improvetheperformance of Parallel Space Lite and solve a following issue:•Improved the stability of Parallel Space Lite • Fixedthecompatibility issue between Parallel Space Lite and 64-bitdevicesthat run Android 6.0 or 6.0.1 (e.g. fixed the issue thatscreenpossibly turns black while opening 2nd apps in Parallel SpaceLite)Note: The app is an add-on for Paralle Space. PleaseinstallParallel Space Lite on your phone first. Parallel Space Lite• Login to multi accounts of social networking apps or game apps atthesame time on one device • Protect privacy, make them invisibleonyour device through Incognito Installation
Social Network All in One 1.14
San D
Managing all your social accounts can be a task. we help youmanagemultiple social media accounts at once. With Social NetworksAll inOne app, you can access all of them in only one app so whytoinstall tens of individual apps for each social network. Youcanaccess many social networks through this app, few are listedbelow: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Myspace Google PlusTumblrInstagram Flickr Tagged Meetup MyLife Reddit Quora Hi5 andmuchmore coming soon...
com.izarebin.persiancalendar 1.3g
تقویم سال 97 را برروی دستگاه اندرویدی خود در هر زمان و هر مکانداشتهباشید. برنامه کاملا کم حجم و ساده طراحی شده و امکانات کاربردیوضروری برای شما کاربران عزیز طراحی و پیاده سازی شدهاست.امکاناتبرنامه:- تقویم فارسی سال 97 به همراه تمامی مناسبت ها-نمایش تاریخ وروز در اعلان بار- دارای اذان گو به همراه تنظیماتپیشرفته- دارایاوقات شرعی تمامی شهرها- قطب نمای ساده و کاربردی-دارای تبدیل تاریخشمسی، میلادی و هجری- دارای ویجت در سایزهای مختلف-دارای دو پوستهروشن و تاریک- چند زبانه بودن برنامه97 year calendaron your Androiddevice at any time and any place. It's compact andsimple designand functional features necessary to design andimplement yourguest.Features:- 97 Persian calendar year plus alloccasions-Display the date and time of the day at the prompt.- amuezzin withadvanced settings- The Patent All cities- Simple andfunctionalcompass- has become the solar date, AD and AH- a widgetindifferent sizes- Two light and dark skins- Multilingual program
com.mobinmobile.baloot.quran 2.0
نرم افزار قرآن مبیننرم افزار قرآن «مبین» شامل متن قرآن بههمراهترجمه فارسی و ترجمه تفسیر روایی البرهان ارائه گردیده است.ازویژگیهای این نرم افزار امکان قرائت کامل ترتیل قرآن کریماست.سایرویژگیهای نرم افزار موبایلی قرآن «مبین»: امکان جستجو امکاننشانهگذاری متعدد انتخاب اندازه قلم دسترسی به جزء مورد نظر دستیابیبهآخرین مطالعه نمایش میزان قرائت شده و باقی مانده از جزء.SoftwareTheQur'an indicatesQuran application "represents" the text oftheQuran with translation in Persian and translatedal-Burhannarrative interpretation is presented.The features of thissoftwareenables full Trtyl reading the Holy Quran.Other features oftheQuran Mobile App "explainer":    Youcansearch    Possiblemultiplemarkings    Choose afontsize    Access todesiredcomponent    Access to thelateststudy    View and read the remainder ofthecomponent.
com.dictionary.loqat 1.6
توضیحات فرهنگ لغت جامع معینفرهنگ معین با بیش از 36000 لغت یکیازکامل ترین و بهترین لغت نامه ها در زبان فارسی می باشد. داشتن اینلغتنامه به صورتی که همیشه همراه ما باشد یکی از نیازهای ضروری برایماایرانی هاست. من به عنوان یک ایرانی وظیفه خود دانستم که اینفرهنگلغت را به رایگان در اختیار همه هموطنانم قرار دهم تا گامی درجهتاعتلای فرهنگ ایرانی برداشته باشم.+بیش از 36 هزارلغت+جستجویآسان+رابط کاربری متریال+امکان نصب بر روی گوشی هایضعیف+مصرف کمحافظه+تغیر فونت متن لغت+بهینه شده برای تمام گوشی ها وتببلتها+دارای بخش علاقه مندی ها+دارای تاریخچه جستجو+تغییراندازهفونت+کپی بخشی از متن یا کل متنDescription givencomprehensivedictionaryCertain cultures with more than 36,000words, one of themost complete and best dictionaries in Persianlanguage. Thesedictionaries will always be with us if we are one ofthe essentialrequirements for Iranians. I knew it was his duty asan IranianDictionary free to all my compatriots to be taken a stepto promoteIranian culture.+ More than 36 thousand words+ Easysearch+Interface material+ Ability to install on handsets weak+ Lowmemoryconsumption+ Change font dictionary+ Optimized for all phonesandTbblt of+ Has to Favorites+ Have Search History+ Change thefontsize+ Copy of the text or the entire text
JamiiForums 8.0.47
Ukiwa na App ya JamiiForums unaweza kutumia kwa urahisi zaidi katika kifaa chako (SimuauTablet). - Utaweza kuwasiliana na wadau kwa faragha (PM) -Utawezakusoma kwa urahisi zaidi mijadala mipya - Utaweza kusomamijadalayote kwa urahisi na hata kuchangia kwa haraka - Utawezaku-LIKEmaoni ya wadau - Utaweza kupakia (Upload) picha, sauti,video n.kkwa urahisi na mengine mengi
Google AdSense 3.3
Google LLC
The Google AdSense app provides an easy way to view key datafromyour AdSense and AdMob accounts. It allows you to accessreportingfeatures anywhere, directly from your mobile device. Theappprovides you with an account overview, as well as accesstodetailed performance reports on all key metrics. Availablereportsinclude: top ad units, channels, sites, countries and more.Theaccount earnings report is also accessible via aresizablewidget.Please note: YouTube revenue is not available inthisapp.Permissions Notice • Contacts: Needed to access yourAdSenseaccount.
Gmail 2019.03.03.238017425.release
Google LLC
Gmail is an easy to use email app that saves you time and keepsyourmessages safe. Get your messages instantly via pushnotifications,read and respond online & offline, and find anymessage quickly.With the Gmail app you get: • An organized inbox -Social andpromotional messages are sorted into categories so youcan readmessages from friends and family first. • Less spam -Gmail blocksspam before it hits your inbox to keep your accountsafe and clutterfree. • 15GB of free storage - You won’t need todelete messages tosave space. • Multiple account support - Useboth Gmail andnon-Gmail addresses (, Yahoo Mail, or anyother IMAP/POPemail) right from the app.
Noob Skins 1.1.1
🌟Over 300+ New Noob Skins.🌟Noob Skins for Minecraft this is agreatcollection of top skins for free. If you just startedplayingMinecraft and looking for any skin that will demonstratethat youare an inexperienced player – Noob Skins is the perfectsolution!Griefer Skins, Bloggers Skins, Superhero Skins, AnimalSkins,Movies Skins, People Skins, Pixelmon skins, mob skins, babyskins,fnaf skins, sister location, herobrine, youtubers skins.Alsoremember to use top Addons for minecraft, we recommend:furniture,weapons mod, lucky blocks, capes for minecraft,armoraddon.🍀FEATURES:🍀+ Download in one click+ More than 300+skins+ Allthe coolest skins in one place+ All skins can bedownloaded forfree+ Noob skins by nicknames and nova skinsDon'tforget to leavesuggestions in the comments what skins you wouldlike to see and wewill implement in future versions.Disclaimer:Noob Skins forMinecraft this is an unofficial app. This app is notassociated inany way with Mojang AB. All rights reserved. Inaccordance with
تبدیل تاریخ 7.820
برنامه تبدیل تاریخ برنامه ای کاربردی برای تبدیل تاریخ هایشمسی،میلادی و همچنین قمری به یکدیگر می باشد. دقت این برنامه بسیاربالامی باشد و به صورت دقیق با محاسبه سال های کبیسه تاریخ های موردنظرشما را به یکدیگر تبدیل می کند. ویژگی ها: - تبدیل از تاریخ شمسیبهمیلادی و قمری - تبدیل از تاریخ میلادی به شمسی و قمری - تبدیلازتاریخ قمری به شمسی و میلادی - نمایش تاریخ به صورت عددی و نوشتاری-امکان ذخیره تاریخ مورد نظر در حافظه کیبورد - طراحی ساده وکاربردی--------------------------------------------------- Dateconverterapp is a highly practical application for convertingGregorian,Jalali and Lunar dates. This application uses a veryaccuratealgorithm for converting dates with the use of leaps yearsin eachcalendar system. Features: - Convert from Jalali date toGregorianand Lunar - Convert from Gregorian date to Jalali andLunar -Convert from Lunar date to Jalali and Gregorian - Dates areshownin both numeral and contextual formats - Copy your desireddate inyour keyboard clipboard - Simple and practical UIdesignApplications to become a program conversion program on thehistoryof the solar, Gregorian and lunar each other. It is a veryhighaccuracy and precision for calculating leap years, the dateyoudesire to convert. Features: - conversion of solar GregorianandLunar date - Conversion of Gregorian dates to the lunisolar-conversion of solar and lunar date to AD - Showing date fornumericand text - Ability to store date in memory keyboard - Simpledesignand functional-------------------------------------------------- -Date converterapp is a highly practical application for convertingGregorian,Jalali and Lunar dates. This application uses a veryaccuratealgorithm for converting dates with the use of leaps yearsin eachcalendar system. Features: - Convert from Jalali date toGregorianand Lunar - Convert from Gregorian date to Jalali andLunar -Convert from Lunar date to Jalali and Gregorian - Dates areshown inboth numeral and contextual formats - Copy your desireddate in yourkeyboard clipboard - Simple and practical UI design
History Eraser - Privacy Clean 6.3.8
History Eraser can clean history of apps by only one tap. Itcanhelp you to protect your privacy, and it can also help you tofreeup the internal storage. No root permission required! Due toGooglePlay policy changes, we can not provide SMS and Call logcleanfunctions anymore. ■ Features ----------------------------- •ClearSearch History • Clear Map Search History • Clear EmailHistory •Clear Clipboard Data • Clear Search History(Android >=1.6)(assistance) • Clear all app cache files • Clear DownloadHistory
قیمت موبایل 11.3
تابحال شده کسی از شما قیمت یک گوشی بپرسه و بخواهید سریع قیمت اونروبهش بگید با اینکه به بازار موبایل رفتید و دوست دارید به سرعتببینیدگوشی که فروشنده داره به شما معرفی میکنه در بازار چنده ؟پیشنهادمیکنیم این برنامه کامل رو که قیمت لحظه ای گوشی های موبایل رومیدهاز دست ندید.  قیمت به روز بیش از 1000 عنوان گوشیقیمتiphone5 , iphone6 و ... قیمت samsung s6 , samsung note 4 و ...قیمتsony , huawei , blackberry , htc و ... مزایای برنامه : -رابطکاربری زیبا - باقابلیت جستجو هوشمند - دریافت قیمت ها به صورتلحظهای و دقیق همراه با ذخیره کردن آنها - نمایش قیمت خرید جدیدترینگوشیها - حجم پایین و سرعت بسیار بالا توجه : این برنامه نیاز بهاتصالاینترنتی دارد. منبع قیمت ها ازسایتایمالز دیجیکالا  بامیلو Until someone ask youtheprice of a phone and price it fast want to tell him to go backtothe mobile market and you quickly see that the seller's phonewasintroduced to the market, is it? We suggest that you completetheprogram the moment the price of mobile phones did not losethegame. Price updated as more than 1,000 phone Price iphone5,iphone6​​and ... Price samsung s6, samsung note 4 and ... Pricesony,huawei, blackberry, htc and ... Benefits: - Beautifulinterface -Smart Search Baqablyt - Get real-time and accurateprices and savethem - View the purchase price newest handsets. -Low volume andhigh speed Note: This app requires an Internetconnection. Sourceprices from Aymalz Dyjykala Bamylv
تشخیص کشور سازنده 1.7
تشخیص کشور سازنده دوست دارید بدونید محصولی که خریدید ساختکدومکشوره؟! با این برنامه می تونید بارکد محصولات رو بررسی کنید وببینیدکه کشور سازنده محصول کجا هست. این برنامه بر اساس شماره بارکد،کشورسازنده رو تشخیص میده. شما به 2 روش می تونید از این برنامهاستفادهکنید: روش اول: با استفاده از بارکدخوان روش دوم: وارد کردنشمارهبارکد به صورت دستی توجه: در روش اول می بایست برنامه جانبیبارکدخوانرو نصب کنید (از داخل همین برنامه می تونید بارکدخوان مربوطهرو نصبکنید) Detection Manufacturer Would you like to know whichproductyou have purchased is making countries? With this app youcan checkthe barcode products and see the country where theproduct'smanufacturer. This program is based on the barcode number,countryof production after the diagnosis. You are 2 ways you canuse thisapp: The first method: using barcode reader The second wayofentering barcode numbers manually. Note: In the first method,youmust install application barcode scanner side (of the sameprogramyou can install the barcode reader)
FormsApp for Google Forms 5.1
Google Forms can be Created using FormsApp easily. - CreateGoogleForms and Edit on the Go. - Create Forms easily by usingfollowingTemplates, - Job Application Form - Contact InformationForm -Event Registration Form - Event Feedback Form - Order RequestForm- Time off Request Form - Work Request Form - CustomerFeedbackForm - Exit ticket Form - Assessment Form - CourseEvaluation Form- Questions Form - Party Invitation Form - EventParticipationForm. - Get Notified for New Google Form Responses. -Draft yourincomplete Google Forms. - Work Offline - Share GoogleForms andget Responses through Notifications. - Access MultipleGoogle FormAccounts. - FormsApp is useful to conduct Surveys onlineand toview responses in mobile device itself via Google Forms .
Delete All Contacts 2.3
Delete All Contacts is simply used to reset / empty yourphonebook.It shows you number of contacts available in yourphonebook oraddressbook and also number of contacts according toaccounts likePhone, SIM, gmail, whatsapp, etc. Simply select anyaccount or alland you will be shown a screen with delete / removecontact option.Click the button and confirm it and app will remove/ delete allthe contacts in that account or all (if you selectedall contacts).There are two modes for deleting: 1. Normal Mode :Normal modeshows available contacts in your phonebook and deletingcontactswill remove them from phonebook, but it may (not necessary)bepossible to retrieve them after delete. 2. Advance Mode :Advancemode shows all deleted contacts from your phonebook, whichyou maynot see but still available in phone memory. Advance modewill tryto remove those deleted contacts from your phonebook tocleanupyour phonebook and contacts deleted in advance mode wouldn'tbepossible to retrieve. Its recommended to keep your mobileinterneton while deleting contacts in advance mode (as in somecases itrequired to have mobile internet to delete contactspermanently).If you are changing your phone and want to give yourphone toanother person, but before giving your phone, you want toremove /delete all your contacts from phonebook, then this app isjust forthis purpose, just one click and all contacts are removed /deletedfrom the phonebook. Please make sure you really want todelete /remove all your contacts, otherwise it won't be possible togetback your contacts once delete, unless you have backupavailable.As it deletes / removes contacts all at once, so itdeletescontacts very quickly. Share with your experience ofthisapplication, you may also send us your suggestion to somenewinteresting features, we will surely try to add them incomingversions of Delete All Contacts app.
مهستی 4
بهترین آثار برگزیده و بیوگرافی کامل مهستی خواننده دلها تقدیم بهتمامجهان از برنامه های دیگر ما دیدن کنید