Top 1 Games Similar to U.F.O Escape

UFO Asteroid Run 1.0.4
*** ANY AND ALL PROCEEDS FROM MY APPSGOTOWARDSAFFORDING MY CAT'S MEDICAL EXPENSES DURING RELAPSES FROMACONDITIONCALLED "MEGACOLON" PLEASE HELP AND THANK YOU ***Stay alive in this side scrolling action game whileavoidingenemyrockets, ships, asteroids, walls and incoming laserfire! Thelongeryou stay alive the higher your score!You have a choice of three corridors to fly through. Onewillberandomly blocked!Enemies will fly at you at random speeds and intervals.Somewillshoot at you!Your ship has one shield that absorbs one hitfromanything.Regain your shield with a green powerup. You can onlyhaveoneshield at a time. They do not stack. Getting a greenpowerupwhilehaving your shield gains an extra point!Grab the red powerup for an extra life!You begin with one life! How far can you go?GOOD LUCK!(The full version is ad free!)