Top 49 Apps Similar to A Rounded Corner Screen

Round Corners Pro
Give your phone a modern look with a rounded corners theme.Nowyoucan customize the corners of your screen and make it looksmoothand very pleasing to the eye.By using rounded corners, youcan makea smooth transition between your phone's body and thescreen.Remember, you can choose the color of the corners so thatitmatches the color of your phone.What can you customize?- Theradiusfor each corner separately.- The color of the corners.- Eachappmay have its own settings.Why Round Screen CornersPro?-Customization with a big amount of options.- Clean interface.-Easeof use.- Here at Tools Bucket Lab, we focus on delivering asolidexperience to our users.
ON Protractor
ON PROTRACTOR turn your smart phone into a useful protractor setforquick angle and slope measurement. It helps you measure theangle ofeverything conveniently and accurately with your phoneanywhere,anytime. It combines four most important angle measuringmodes inone app, which is Touch Measure On Screen, Touch MeasurewithCamera, Plumb Measure On Screen and Plumb Measure With Camera.Eachmeasuring mode operates differently to cater for your needsinmeasures the angle of different types of object from smallobjectto huge object and even objects far away such as buildings.ONProtractor is very easy to use, as described below. You canalsoswitch the protractor measurement unit between degree andradian byjust a click.With ON Protractor, now you always bring ananglemeasuring pack with you as in your smart phone. Measuring Mode1:TOUCH MEASURE ON SCREENPlace measured object on the screen andmovethe two line limiters to aligned with object's boundaries.Thismeasuring mode normally used for small object in the rangeofscreen size (Refer preview image 1) Measuring Mode 2: TOUCHMEASUREWITH CAMERAAim the camera at the target object, at the sametimemove the two line limiters to aligned with the object'sboundaries.This measuring mode normally used to measures largeobject. (Referpreview image 2) Measuring Mode 3: PLUMB MEASURE ONSCREENRotatethe orientation of device in clockwise orcounter-clockwisedirection until the plumb line and protractorcenter line alignedwith the boundaries edge of measured object.This measuring modenormally used to measures stationary and objectlarger than screensize. (Refer preview image 3) Measuring Mode 4:PLUMB MEASURE WITHCAMERAAim the camera at the target object androtate theorientation of device in clockwise or counter-clockwisedirectionuntil the plumb line and protractor center line alignedwith theboundaries edge of target object. Press 'Lock' to fix thescreenand take the measurement reading. This measuring modenormally usedto measures the slope of huge object. (Refer previewimage 4) Formore details information about how to use thismeasuring tool,please refer User Guide in this app. KEY FEATURES:★4 AngleMeasuring Modes★ 2 measurement unit: Degree and radian★Displaydevice verticality/tilt angle in plumb mode★ Lock/Unlockscreen★Customizable theme, line color, text color and text size★Simple& smart user interface design, HD image★ Keep screenawake ONProtractor is a free protractor set with a lot of usefulfeatureslets you measure angle of anything easily and accuratelyindifferent situation. We hope this protractor set is useful toyouin angle measurement. If you have any comments, suggestionsorquestions, please feel free to contact Thank you!!
Pocket Bubble Level
Pocket Bubble Level - perfect app for every handyman, DIYandsmartphone holder. Accurate, nice and easy to use, at the sametimevery functional.Install this application and you will have aspiritlevel is always handy.Our pocket bubble level on Android usestheaccelerometer and gyroscope (depending on smartphone model) tohelpalign / leveled , suspend horizontally, vertically or at anyangleto set each object to which you hold the phone.Features oftheapplication:- Show angle or inclination- Precisely showstheinclination angle in each plane (like laser level),- You canlockthe orientation ,- You can measure the angle or slope of anyobietu(eg Roof pitch , table , wall , etc.)- Easy to read displayandindicators- No Internet access requiredThe application is free,and it could be by we using the advertising inside. You canalwaysremove the ads, for minimum charge, using the "Remove Ads ".If youlike the Examobile's applications, like us on FacebookorGoogle+.If something doesn't work, write to us will fix it !We recommend also other apps from Examobile :-Tiea tie - Thermometer- Kissing gamesand many others.Enjoy yourworkand fun !
Smart Tools Laser Level 📷🔦🔧📏📊
Smart Tools Laser Level is a tool to measure angle, slopeorinclination using gyroscope, accelerometer and camerawithaugmented reality measurement lines. Features•3differentmeasurement modes(Laser level, angle by dragging with yourfingeror drawing angle with your finger)•Touch screen to set pointofmeasurement or touch reset button to reset it toorigin.•Measureangles using very accurate Rotation Vector Sensor,Accelerometerand Camera. (Check sensor availability from SensorsList)•Displayazimuth, direction, inclination or rotationangles.(Magnetic FieldSensor is required)•Fast and accuratecalibration option.•Freezescreen to have more precisemeasurements.•Leveling option displayspitch and roll angles asline, square or circle which makes iteasier to align your deviceand results more precisemeasurements.•Use back and front(ifavailable)camera tomeasure.•Turn on/off flash light(if available)easily•Visualizeyour measurement progress using charts.•Imagegallery with details,Exif info(Some Exif data requires Android 7.0and above), and otherfeatures such as image sharing andediting•Highly customizable appsettings and userinterfaceInstructionsMeasurment ScreenRotate yourdevice on laserlevel measurement mode to make a precisemeasurement. To get moreprecise reading make sure that levelingline is aligned with laserlevel. You can freeze preview andmeasure any slope or angleeasily.Swipe your screen right to openNavigation MenuRecordsScreenYou can review your recordedmeasurements and get xls fileusing diskette button. Excel filesare stored in selecteddirectory.Charts ScreenRecords can bereviewed via charts usingCharts section.It's possible to get imageof the charts in JPGformat using camera icon. GalleryScreenGallery screen displaysimages inside the image directoryselected using Settingsscreen.Touch an image to displaydetails.Important: To display someof the Exif data your devicemust be Android 7.0 and above. Touchingimage on gallery openszoomable version of image anIMPORTANT: If youfind a bug using theapplication, PLEASE write with yourphone model name and thedescription of the problem, before writinga negative comment.🤝 ✅👍Customer satisfaction is our priority, andwe will do our best tofix the issues as soon as possible!
Drawers 1.0.3
Organize your apps in drawers along the side of your screen
Laser Level
Laser level (leveling instrument) is an excellent measurementappequipped with: laser pointer, regular 3-mode spirit level /bubblelevel (libella) and clinometer (inclinometer) formeasuringvertical angles and determining the exact horizontalplane. It'sperfect, handy and precise bubble level tool foreveryhandyman.Main modes of this laser level:- innovative laserleveling/ laser pointer - using built-in sensors (gyroscopeandaccelerometer), camera and extended / augmented reality, helpsyouto determine the vertical and horizontal levels aroundyou,-regular spirit level (bubble level, libella) - works likeatraditional bubble level tool, place your smartphone or tablet,onthe surface or on the object to be measured or set at anyangle,-clinometer, also called an inclinometer, is primarily usedtomeasure vertical angles and to determine the angle ofinclinationof any object from the vertical determined by thegravitationalforce.These modes are equipped in precision digitaland analogindicators. Data are presented in degrees and percentagesand anydifferent units which you choose.Additional features, youcan:-calibrate level of your device,- adjust the precisionofmeasurement,- read data in different units,- lock theorientation,-take pictures while measuring and you can sendmeasurement resultsto anyone,- this app does not require internetaccess.Sampleapplications:- you can measure the angle orinclination of anyobjects (including distant), such as roof,buildings, columns,mountains, trees, etc.- you can set any angle ofinclination of thesurface and the level of home installedappliances, devices, suchas: install a refrigerator, washingmachine or hang a shelf,painting etc.- suitable for repair andconstruction work, you canuse it as a digital measuring tape orlaser measuring tape,- usefulfor interior design, exterior works,in house and in garden,- manyothers.You can use this levelingapplication wherever you are. Thislevel app is accurate, intuitive,easy to use and veryfunctional.We wish you successful and accuratemeasurements.
3D measurement app - Plumb-bob
Need to check a vertical or horizontal alignment, to measureadistance, or an angle?And no tools on hand?Try this app. Youwillbe surprised by its accuracy.This app displays a virtual frameontop of the camera image. This frame remains vertical regardlessofthe position of your device. Frame length and width aredisplayedin real time.You can take a picture and save it as a 3Dscene. Thisallows you to continue making your measurements later,when youhave more time, or when you want to check another dimensionin theroom.There are multiple frame shapes that are suitable foravariety of uses.Do you move to a new place, and want to measureifthere will be enough room for your sofa?Are you hanging apictureon the wall and do you want to be certain that it ishorizontal andwell centered?Do you want to take the dimensions ofthe oven beforereplacing it?Do you want to indicate some dimensionsto a craftsmanwho will come to do work at your home?Do you want toknow whatsurface will be lit by the new spotlight on theceiling?Are youinstalling an antenna and do you want to make sureit is perfectlyvertical?Are you an interior designer? An architect? Ahandyman?Download this application now and give it a try! Youwillnot be disappointed.NEW: Thanks to a magnifying glass, you canmoreprecisely adjust the position of the frame.NEW: This appcontainsan internal tutorial which will guide you to the first timeyou useit.If you like this application, please give it a 5 starsrating.If this application does not work for you, please providesomefeedback by email and we will help you.This app is freebutcontains ads. If you find that this is annoying, there is apaidversion which does not contain ads. And for a small price, youwillalso get extra features!
Bubble Level, Spirit Level
Spirit Level is also known as: bubble level, level,waterpas,electronic level, laser level, nivel, plumb bob, leveltool,clinometer, leveler, protractor, inclinometer, carpenter'slevel.It uses accelerometer sensor (g-force) to help you test anyobjectfor plumb and level, measuring angles of slope, elevationorinclination of an object with respect to gravity. It isbeautiful,functional and easy to use tool on every smartphone ortablet.Bubble level Features:- accuracy of measurement;- easy touse; -stylish design;- vertical and horizontal water levelindicatorfeature;- show angle or incline; - ruler (dimensionlength);- zerolevel with audible indication;- calibration;- 3different displaymodes;- definition of angle with or withoutdecimal;- anglemeasurement with hold function and the calculationof the angle;-display can be kept active;- lock icon to stop fromautomaticallychanging screen with inclination;- support for 15languages.Digitallevel (bullseye level, pitch & roll indicator,surface level)will help You to install the refrigerator or washingmachine, hanga shelf or picture, measure the angle of any surfaceto scan yourDesk or pool table in the bar. You can use this levelerappanywhere. Try building level and much more examples You willfindin practice.
Bubble level
A bubble level, spirit level or simply a spirit is aninstrumentdesigned to indicate whether a surface is horizontal(level) orvertical (plumb). Bubble Level app is handy, accurate,simple touse and incredibly useful tool for your Android device.Hold any ofthe phone's four sides against an object to test it forlevel orplumb, or lay it down on a flat surface for a 360°level.●Calibrate any side independently● Calibrate relatively(anotherobject surface) or absolutely (earth gravity)● Show angleindegree, inclination in percent, roof pitch or inches perfoot(:12)● Sound effects to calibrate without looking at thephone●Install on SD● Orientation lockingWhere can you use BubbleLevel ?Abubble level is usually used in construction, carpentryandphotography to determine if objects on which you're working onarelevel. Used properly, a bubble level can help you createflawlesslyleveled pieces of furniture, help you when hangingpaintings orother items on the wall, level billiard table, leveltable tennistable, set up a tripod for photographs and much more.It’s a musthave device for any home or apartment.● Alignment of thepicture,board, furniture, wall and etc.! ● Calculation of differentanglesin various situations! ● Checking your table, shelf andsurfacelevel of every face-up objects! ● Tracking the inclinationof bike,car and etc.These are the main occasions of app usage, butyou’llfind much more in practice! This application can also be usedas aclignometer or inclinometer to measure angle of slope usingthreedifferent units of measure: degrees, percent, and topo. It isalsoknown as a tilt meter, tilt indicator, slope alert, slopegauge,gradient meter, gradiometer, level gauge, levelmeter,declinometer, and pitch & roll indicator.
App lock
Lock your applications with keypad and patternEasy to use,smoothand very niceApplication lock, best app lock & privacyguard ,is the most smart Application lock !Lock message, gallery,facebook..Lock by pattern, password, keypad many types for lockapps. veryinterestingNobody can open apps without passwordDo notworry aboutthe kids buy the game!Lock settings to prevent othersfrom changingsystem settings. Really lock your phoneapplications.Lock Galleryphotos, contacts, text messages and otherpersonal privacyapplications.Lock by pattern, password, keypad manytypes for lockapps. very interestingApp Lock can lock Facebook,Whatsapp,Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings,incoming callsand any app you choose. Ensure security.You havecustomize yourlock, eg: change lock type, change background★ WithApp Lock, youwill:- Never worry about a friend borrows your phoneto play gameswith mobile data again!- Never worry about a workmategets yourphone to look the gallery again!- Never worry aboutsomeone readsprivate data in your apps again!- Never worry aboutkids mess upSettings, send wrong messages, paying games again!★★★Feature- Lockany apps(sms, Game, Photos, Videos ...)- Lock appsusing FakeForced Close pop-up- Lock apps using multiple password-Lockincoming calls- Lock system settings to prevent a mess bykids-Lock Google Play to prevent buy games, movies, books- Lockveryeffective and high security- Easy to use and fast.- Lockmessage,Lock call, Lock phone setting ...- Lower capacity, lessmemory.-Power saving mode to save battery.- App Lock can lock yourphotos ,gallery and messages from prying eyes and nosy friends . Tobe yourprivacy guard !- Full protection for your phone.- Neverworry abouta friend borrows your phone to play games with mobiledata again!-Never worry about a workmate gets your phone to lookthe galleryagain!- Never worry about someone reads private data inyour appsagain!- Never worry about kids mess up Settings, sendwrongmessages, paying games again!- Lock any apps(message, Game,Photos,Videos ...)- Lock Google Play to prevent buy games, movies,books-Support multiple devices- Support multiple language
Smart Level
Smart Level is in the 1st set of the Smart Tools collection.Thisappmeasures the angle or slope of an object simply andaccurately.Putthe back of your device against a desk, or put itsshort/long sideon a frame.* Main features:- Surface level (bubblelevel)- Spiritlevel (clinometer)- Zero calibration- Tilt units(degree, percent,radian, roof pitch)- Lock screen- Materialdesign* Pro version addedfeatures:- No ads- Multi-Touch mode-Ruler, Protractors, Threadpitch* Do you want more tools?download[Smart Ruler Pro] and [SmartTools] package.For more information,watch YouTube and visit theblog. Thank you.
Clinometer + bubble level
This professional tool called Clinometer is the most precise(allyou can get with some calculations) slope measurement toolforAndroid devices using all sides of the device plus the camera.Itcan be used for simple applications like aligning a frame aswellas for more sophisticated fields of applications where anarbitraryslope needs to be measured exactly. Read the reviews (andwriteyour own) for all the applications you find! Thank for allyourpositive feedback! Please use our support link if youhavequestions and suggestions, we don't read the Play Storereviewsevery day. Common description of an inclinometerA clinometerorinclinometer is an instrument for measuring angles of slope(ortilt), elevation or depression of an object with respecttogravity. It is also known as a tilt meter, tilt indicator,slopealert, slope gauge, gradient meter, gradiometer, level gauge,levelmeter, declinometer, and pitch & roll indicator.Clinometersmeasure both inclines (positive slopes, as seen by anobserverlooking upwards) and declines (negative slopes, as seen byanobserver looking downward) using three different units ofmeasure:degrees, percent, and topo (see Grade (slope). Astrolabesareinclinometers that were used for navigation andlocatingastronomical objects from ancient times to theRenaissance.Inaircraft, the "ball" in turn coordinators or turn andbankindicators is sometimes referred to as an inclinometer.Drawingofan inclinometer, Museo Galileo, Florence.Inclinometersincludeexamples such as Well's in-clinometer, the essential partsof whichare a flat side, or base, on which it stands, and a hollowdiskjust half filled with some heavy liquid. The glass face of thediskis surrounded by a graduated scale that marks the angle atwhichthe surface of the liquid stands, with reference to the flatbase.The zero line is parallel to the base, and when the liquidstandson that line, the flat side is horizontal; the 90 degreeisperpendicular to the base, and when the liquid stands on thatline,the flat side is perpendicular or plumb. Intervening anglesaremarked, and, with the aid of simple conversion tables,theinstrument indicates the rate of fall per set distanceofhorizontal measurement, and set distance of the slopingline.TheWell's clinometerThe Abney level is a handheld surveyinginstrumentdeveloped in the 1870s that includes a sighting tubeandinclinometer, arranged so that the surveyor may align thesightingtube (and its crosshair) with the reflection of the bubblein thespirit level of the inclinometer when the line of sight is attheangle set on the inclinometer.One of the more famousinclinometerinstallations was on the panel of the Ryan NYP "TheSpirit of St.Louis"—in 1927 Charles Lindbergh chose the lightweightRieker IncP-1057 Degree Inclinometer[1] to give him climb anddescent angleinformation.Measuring slope with a clinometerAforester using aclinometer makes use of basic trigonometry. Firstthe observermeasures a straight-line distance D from someobservation point Oto the object. Then, using the clinometer, theobserver measuresthe angle a between O and the top of the object.Then the observerdoes the same for the angle b between O and thebottom of theobject. Multiplying D by the tangent of a gives theheight of theobject above the observer, and by the tangent of b thedepth of theobject below the observer. Adding the two of coursegives the totalheight (H) of the object.The forester stands at afixed distancefrom the base of the tree. The most common distancesin the UnitedStates are 50 feet (15.24 m) and 66 feet (20.12 m).[2]To obtainaccurate readings it is best to use taped measureddistance insteadof paced distances. For the most accurate readingsit is best touse a distance that is not less than the height of thetree beingmeasured,[3] that is, that the clinometer will measure anangleless than 45° (100%).
Smart Protractor
Smart Protractor is in the 1st set of the SmartToolscollection.This app measures the angle and the slope of anobject.It has three protractor modes.1. Touch mode : for angle.Afterputting an object on the screen, touch the screen.2. Plumbmode :for slope. A weight shows the slope of your device.3. Cameramode :goniometer, inclinometer. It uses camera view.* Mainfeatures:-Tilt units (degree, percent, radian)- Zero calibration-Orientationsensor on/off- Material design* Pro version addedfeatures:- Noads- Various Tilt units- Screen capture- Ruler, Level,Threadpitch* Do you want more tools?download [Smart Ruler Pro] and[SmartTools] package.For more information, watch YouTube and visittheblog. Thank you.
Multi Clinometer
Includes a 2D spirit level, a 2D clinometer and a roll &pitchclinometer (inclinometer)Perfect for measuring roll and pitchofvehicles, leveling of hobby constructions, leveling pictures onthewall etc.Accurately calibratable without the need ofexactlyvertical or horizontal surfacesThe clinometers have bothanalogueand digital displaysYou can continuously adjust theresolution ofthe analogue displays using pinch gesturesTheresolution of thedigital display is selectable. Choose eitherdegrees or tenths ofdegreesAdjustable noise level/time constantYoucan choose anyorientation of your phone/tablet as zero for yourdisplayAfterzeroing, small angle changes can be accuratelymeasuredSelectportrait or landscape orientation, backgrounds andcolors accordingto need and taste.All settings including thecalibration are savedwhen you close the appSupport/
Protractor & Angle Gauge
Protractor and angle gauge allows you to measure any angle orslope.You can measure the angle between any line and a verticalusing abuilt-in gyroscope. Or you can measure an angle based onthe photoyou made and nodes you selected. You can learn exactlyhow slopedthat Leaning Tower of Pisa actually is. It is possibletorecalibrate your device and use some line as a base level foryourmeasurements.
Cross Wallpapers
Collection of Awesome Cross Wallpapers and HomescreensCrossbackgrounds are classic, inspirational, modern andcool. Useapplication without internet connection- Set CrossWallpapers toyour device home screen- Ability to share the imageand the appwith your friends.- Easy to save Cross wallpaper to yourSD card-Pinch to zoom-in and zoom-out images- Supports allscreenresolutions and devices
Angle Meter PRO
Angle Meter PRO lets you measure the angle or slope. Note thatyouwill be able to measure a variety of slope forms. You can choosetodirectly measure the surface by the second mode, which makesitrelatively easy to measure up,or to measure the angle of thetargetaway a short distance away from you after kilo meter. Bymeasuringthe angle from the camera aperture. This is a referenceline,respectively, and the angles are measured while the display onyourphone continuously. You also can take what you measure byshowingthe angle to keep a check on it later.Featured1) Real timedisplayangle value reference by horizontal axis.2) 2 mode forusing(mode 1and mode 2).3) Support measure angles with the cameramode.3.1) youcan take screen short can be a target for record storeat a latertime.4) Support the ability to measure the angle from theimage.5)Graphics Animation display related by mode.6) Display 0 to90degree reference by horizontal axis. 7) Calibrate optionforaccuracy.8) Support Level Meter allows you to measure the degreeoftilt in the vertical plane and can take many forms.Themeasurements in each axis is locked to the screen, still moreeasyto measure.***For Level Measurement1) The three models at thesamelevel. Including horizontal and vertical axis. 2) Sound awarningwhen it finds that the measure in the horizontal plane. Thatis theangle measured in the plane is less than 1 degree (you canenable /disable this). 3) While the display is illuminated at alltimes,making the work easier.
Spirit Level
Spirit Level. No Permissions Required. Free & No Ads. •Bullseye level with roll & pitch gauges screen• Horizontalandvertical bubble level and angle gauge screen. • Calibrationfeatureto correct for accelerometer misalignment & differentaxissensitivities.For best results touch CAL and calibrate first.TheSpirit Level is only as good as your accelerometer. Forindicationonly. Don't damage your tablet or phone, use a realspirit levelwhen appropriate.• Pause button to hold the currentreading. • Zeroand reset button to make measuring angles easier. •Option to autoselect screen based on inclination.That's it. Enjoy.
A simple, but very handy on screen ruler. No Permissions, Free&No Ads.Automatically sizes to most screens. However, checkscalingwith a normal ruler on first use. If it is not correct,touch CALand stretch the ruler to the correct size.• Centimetersand inches.•Measure length between two markers.• Copy toclipboard.
Handyman Toolbox
Image Dimensions Tool- Input of measured values (e.g. measuresoflength, angle, etc.) directly into a picture- Addition ofsidenotes- Creation of new projects- Transmission via e-mail oranyother applicationLevelerThe leveler is programmed to let youlevelhorizontally, vertically, and at 45° angles. Ruler Just setthetool to the scale you want with your finger, then quicklymeasureheight, length, and width with no fuss. Choose betweenclassicruler or nonius.Plumb bob Hold your phone against any objectandthe plumb line shows deviation from the X and Y axesindegrees.Torch - Flashlight You won't just bring light intodarknesswith this flashlight. Choose whether to flash screen incolors orto turn on device flash. Both options come withblinkingoption.Calculator Add, subtract, multiply, divide,calculatepercentages, and much more. With our pocket calculator noproblemgoes unsolved. Save calculations for laterusage.StopwatchMeasuretime with unlimited number of lapsTimerSettimer to get notifiedeven you are not in the app. Choose between 10differentsounds.Unit converterConvert most common unitsCompassACompass canbe used for most of your outdoor activities such astravel,picnics, camping, hiking or boating.Picture AlignCheck ifobjectare perfectly vertical or horizontalMagnifierMagnify glass upto10x zoomGeometry calculationsCalculate most common 2d and3dgeometry objects' areas, volumes, circumferences, ...
Precise Level (Spirit Level)
Precise Level is professional spirit level or just bubble levelwithnice bubble physics. After correct calibration you can goahead anduse this app tool instead a real spirit level. Thisbubble level isalso a great tilt meter, angle meter professionallyknown asinclinometer. Any spirit level or inclinometer needcalibration dueto the production defects of mobile devices or justbecause ofprotruding camera. You can upgrade your spirit level toPRO versionon whole day by watching short add or forever bypurchase. Afterupgrade to PRO you have access to calibration guideand to theclipboard that store spirit level results. Spirit levelis alsoknown as: bubble level, tilt meter, angle meter,inclinometer,level, waterpas, protractor, nivel. This gadget thatuseaccelerometer can be really handy in your home and work.
Protractor for measuring Angles. Free & No Ads.• Cameraviewwith Pause button.• Measure angle between two markers.•Horizontaland vertical plumb lines (Tap to snap nearest marker toline,double tap to track, tap again to release).• CAL buttontocalibrate Accelerometer if plumb lines are out. • Copy angleindegrees and radians to clipboard.
Bubble Level 3D
Intuitive application of bubble level that helps to determine ifaplane or a surface is in perfectly horizontal (at level)orvertical (plumb) position. It is very useful in case a realbubblelevel, or inclinometer is not available and a tool is neededtoperform some work in the area of construction, masonry,carpentry,or simply if it is required to adjust the inclination ofan objectin home.It has two views, one for horizontal use and oneforvertical orientation. The first view determines whetherthehorizontal surface is correctly leveled, and the second viewactsas a plumb line to know, for example, whether a wall isperfectlyvertical. When placing the phone in any orientation,theapplication will automatically adjust the view so that itiscorrectly viewed.In addition to bubble level, it has thefunctionof digital inclinometer, which through a display showstheinclination more accurately and in a practical way.Thesimultaneous tilt can be observed in two axes (roll and pitch).Thedigital display also displays arrow icons to know the directionofthe tilt (right or left, and forward or back) at all times.Thedisplay rotates according to the orientation of the phone,makingit easier to read the recorded value.The application hasthefunction to choose the type of unit of deployment, allowing toshowin degrees, percentage, millimeters / meter and inches / foot,asrequired.For a more precise and professional work it providesthepossibility of calibration. This feature helps to adjustthecorrect nivel of phone in the horizontal and verticaldirection,since the measurement delivered by the sensor of thephone may bedeviated from the correct angle.So also as professionalbubblelevel or inclinometer you have the option to set sound markstohear when you are at any desired tilt angle. Marks can be setbyselecting any angle in the range of zero to forty-fivedegrees.Ifyou need to level items remotely, you have the option todisplaythe image delivered by the phone's camera as the backgroundof theview. In this way it is easy to level objects that are faraway, orit is more practical to rotate them without having thephone on theelement.It also has the option to save the informationrecorded bythe inclinometer, allowing to store the angle ofinclination,orientation and date of registration.Additionally itoffers theoption for relative measurement, which serves tocalculate theangle that exists between a reference surface(relative zero) andthe current inclination.
Millimeter Pro - ruler and protractor on screen
Millimeter is a screen ruler app. It uses full screen ofAndroiddevice for distance and length measurements as caliper ortapemeasure. Place an object on the scale paper screen and simplytouchand move rulers to measure it. Check features for moredetails. Proversion measures area, circle, radius and diameter,angles, ratioand splits into equal parts, angleNO POP-UP ADS onyour screen inthe app unlike other free ruler apps on market. Bestand real fullscreen ruler.☛ ANY DEVICE can be calibrated foraccuratemeasurements in Calibration Mode, where common standardobjects(coins, credit cards, etc) can be used as a reference.Moreaboutapp:📖 posts about app:📏What youcan do in Pro version of the app:- Calibrate Millimeterwith customor standard objects (💳)- Ruler Mode for measure inmetric andimperial units: mm and inch- Use fractions for inchunits- Use appas standard ruler- Use full screen mode for betteruser experiencein Ruler mode- Additional vertical ruler for 2Dmeasurements (📐)-Area measurement for 2D measurements (⬛)-Calculate W/H ratio ofthe rectangular objects in 2D- Parts Mode tosplit length orobjects in equal parts- Thread per inch ( TPI )measurement pattern(🔩) in Parts mode( Circle Mode tomeasure circularobjects (🔴)- Split circle into equal sector /angle- Protractor /Goniometer Mode - measure angles (⚪)- Lock /Unlock rulers in anymode for better usability (🔒)- Set exact size,length, diameter,number of parts manually with keyboard input (⌨)-Change backgroundto BW night mode for power saving (🔋) and bettervisualization (🌓)-Read interactive Help / Guide about allavailable features in amodeUse this screen ruler in differentareas to measure smallobjects that fit your phone or tablet screen: jewelry, jewels,rings 💍 , stones, screws, bolts, buttonsdiameter, nuts, knittingneedles, knitting pattern, washers,insects, mosaic tile, hooks,thread, frame wrap angle, etc.Units:millimeter (mm), inch (in).Fractions are supported for inchunits.Supported languages:-English, German, Russian, Japanese andFrench languages.☎ If youhave any problems with the app on yourdevice, please first and wewill help you. Thankyou.VisTech.Projects Team.Note:measurementrange limited by size ofyour screen and with fine calibration theapp gives you accuracycomparable to standard ruler or measuretape.
Ez Screen Recorder (no ad)
Ez Screen Recorder help you get your screen recorded moreeasilythan ever before. You could record your game screen, livechat,live streaming, live broadcast, and everything you like withjustone click. Most importantly, all of the functions are totallyfreeand with no ads.★ no Root needed★ free and with no ads★supportandroid 6.0 ★ light weight sizeMain features:➤ FrontCameraRecording Customizable front camera preview window that canbeplace at anywhere, you could even enable/disable itduringrecording➤ Mic Recording Record your speech in realtime ➤HighQuality Recording/Screenshot Record with HD quality (720P,1080P),multiple bit rates and fps are supported➤ Customized MenuHighlycustomizable menu that you can decide it's transparency andsize➤Instant Start/Stop Control your record with drop-downnotificationwith just a simple click➤ Video Manager Built in videomanager thatmanages all your clips, playback and edit them with nopain➤ TrimVideo Trim the videos you recorded with this app ➤Instant SharingShare your clips instantly to other platforms likeYoutube,twitter, and whatsapp
You only need one touch to change current display brightness tooneof the predefined values or select the "Auto" mode, if devicehas alight sensor.Press and hold any of the buttons to changetheirvalues.This app only needs single permission - to modifydevicesettings. No ads, no "read your sms" or other malware.Brightnessapp does only one thing - changes brightness.
Toolbox - Smart, Handy Carpenter Measurement Tools
"Toolbox" is a set of handy and elegant measuring tool kit. Itturnsyour smart device into a swiss army knife that measureeverythingyou will ever need.Currently, this carpenter tool boxincludes 14metering tools:- BAROMETER- ALTIMETER- COMPASS- DECIBEL(Sound LevelMeter with dBA, dBC)- TESLAMETER (Metal Detector)-METRONOME-STOPWATCH- TIMER- SEISMOMETER (Vibrometer)- PLUMB BOB-SURFACELEVEL- SPIRIT/BUBBLE LEVEL- RULER- PROTRACTORTry "Toolbox"for FREEnow today.
Faith Wallpapers
Collection of Awesome Faith Wallpapers and BackgroundsUseappoffline without internet connection- Set your personalizeFaithwallpapers- Share Faith Wallpapers with your friends andfamily-Save Faith Wallpapers in your device locale storage(SDCard)- Pinchto zoom-in and zoom-out images- One tap to change yourhome screen-All device and screen resolution supported
Wallrox Wallpapers 🔥
❝ Wallrox is a cloud based wallpaper app which has a hugecollectionof Material Design Wallpapers crafted by Ankit Anand.All thebackgrounds are designed in 2K (3200x2560px) QHD quality orUHDquality to make your screen look crispy and you can easily setanddownload them from the app itself. New images will be addedwheneverpossible and there is no need to update the applicationbecause ofthe cloud power. ❞👑👑👑 Key Features:-👑👑👑💥 800+ HighResolutionWallpapers.💥- New Dashboard with the features you alwayswanted!-Search Bar - To search any wallpaper by name or its'sauthor name.-Mark wallpaper as favorite.- Apply wallpaper to homescreen or lockscreen.- Inbuilt wallpaper cropping mechanism.-Light and Dark ThemeColor Options.- Muzei Live WallpaperIntegration with AdvanceSettings.- Now the application iscompatible with Tablets.- LanguageTranslations.🌟🌟🌟 Categories ofWallpapers: 🌟🌟🌟🔗 Black & White🚀Blur🎅🏾 Christmas💎 Crystal📐Geometric🚀 Gradients🌄 Landscapes🚀 Lines🚀Liquify🔺 Low Poly🚀Material Design (Inspired by Android 5.0Lollipop)🚀 Matexial(Material + Texture)🎴 Minimal🚀 Mosaic🚀 Patterns🚀Sign &Sayings🚀 Special Edition📝 Side Notes:💥 Wallrox Pro BETA(Ad-Freeversion) available now -💥 Youneed toinstall Muzei app in order to take advantages of MuzeiSettings inWallrox.💥 Get Muzei App from here -💥 You canfollow me on Google Plus -💥 Some vectorsused from to makefew walls.💥 Freebies for DesktopUsers -💥 Join our G+ community forexclusiveupdates and more -⚠️DISCLAIMER:PLEASE DON'TRE-UPLOAD OR SHARE ANY WALLPAPER FROM THISAPP.YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TOUSE ANY IMAGE FROM THIS APP FOR YOURPROJECT WITHOUT AUTHOR'SPERMISSION.🙏👍🙏👍🙏 Thank you for all yoursupport! We welcome yourfeedback and suggestions and if you likethis app, please rate it 5stars! 🙏👍🙏👍🙏
Alone Wallpaper
If you feel lonely or alone, then this Alone Wallpaper &Imagesis the best app for you.Sad Images are another popular amongbrokenhearten people. This Alone Wallpaper are the the reflectionof theboy’s mood when the got hurt by someone special they love.WalkAlone photos also share one’s emotions that sometimes help youtomotivate yourself and often depress you more. But many peopleLoveSad Pictures when they feel lonely. Personalize your homescreenwith the Alone pictures and make your Android devicemoreinteresting.Choose among hundreds of Alone Wallpaper HDandexperience the best phone customization ever, It has ahugecollection of Alone Wallpaper.Alone Wallpaper 2017 isspeciallycreated with nice realistic and beautiful Lonelybackground, Alonewallpaper is very beautiful look on your phone ortablet!HD AloneWallpaper & Images App Features:- Alone ThemeWallpaper to setlove wallpaper on your screen.- nice collection ofHD AloneWallpaper- you can add Alone Wallpaper into your favoritelist-Save & Share HD Alone Wallpaper and Images to you familyandfriends.- its totally free and easy to use.HD Alone Wallpapershasthe best and huge collection of all Best Alone Images, and itseasyset as wallpaper or share to your friends and family. There arealot of amazing Alone Wallpaper HD Images, HD AloneWallpaperImages, Alone HD Wallpaper, Latest Alone Wallpaper, LatestHD AloneWallpaper, Alone Images, New Alone Wallpaper, New HDAloneWallpaper, Alone Wallpaper HD, Lonely Wallpaper HD, HDLonelyWallpaper and much more! Alone Wallpaper app and set itaswallpaper on your screen.Alone Wallpapers & Images foryourscreen, you can set image as wallpaper on your phone, save itorshare it with friends by Whatsapp Line, upload to socialnetworksFacebook, Twitter, email, etc ...DISCLAIMER: All wallpaperandimages used in this app are believed to be in public domain. Ifyouown rights to any of the images, and do not wish them toappearhere, please contact us and they will be removed.
Durga Maa Live Wallpaper HD
Idroid Software Inc has developed Durga Maa Live Wallpaper Hdforeveryone.Decorate your Android home screen with thisawesomewallpaper which include Durga maa Live Wallpaper with showerofanimated randomly appear flowers.Features::1. High QualityDurgamaa Live Wallpaper2. You can interact with moving items justtouchto interact with them.3. You can select speed of movingobjects.4.Free Of Cost5. No Additional Battery Consumed.SetWallpaper Guide::Home -> Press the Menu -> Choose Wallpaper-> SelectLive Wallpapers ->Select Durga Maa live wallpaperfrom the listfrom the list.If you like it send Durga maa LiveWallpaper to yourfamily and friends, Very Soon we will be releasingmore wallpaperof other Gods like Mata Vaishnavi Live Wallpaper, SaiBaba LiveWallpaper, Jesus Christ Live Wallpaper.Enjoy lovely livewallpaperfor free.If you like our application please shareonFacebook,Twitter,Linkedin,Google+ also don’t forgot to givegoodrating.
Touch the shortcut to lock your device. (Quicky lockyourphone)NOTE: “This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.”only for lock your phone screen task**To uninstall theapp, pleasego to the setting page and click the "Remove deviceadministrator"button**Have a bug happen on Android 6.0.1 Samsungdevices. Whenyou lock and unlock, it requires password to unlock-Will find afix soon
Screen Dimmer
If your screen is so bright and you want to reduce thebrightness.You need this application called "Screen Dimmer"."ScreenDimmer"application helps you adjust screen brightness to any level.Youcan adjust brightness from 0% to 100% with thisapp.Features-Adjust screen brightness to the minimum.- Auto startafter reboot.-Able to open application via notification bar.-Stable, lowestmemory usage, minimum battery usage.- Easy to use.Just choosepercent of brightness you want to set from seek bar.-Smallest sizeof application.- No permission required.- Emergencybutton to turnoff the service in case of black screen in somedevices oraccidentally set the brightness to 0%.
Keep Screen On
This app will keep the screen on for the apps you choose.Annoyedbyyour screen turning off when you're using certain apps?Don'tchange your display settings and waste battery by keepingthescreen on when the home screen is open. Just install this appandtell it which apps you want to keep the screen on for. Whenyouhave one of these apps open, the screen will stay on - whenyoudon't, your phone's screen timeout will work like normal.•Neverlet a screen timeout interrupt you again• Choose which appsyouwant to keep the screen on for• The display will no longer turnoffwhile you have a selected app open• If you don't have aselectedapp open, the screen will shut off like normal based onyour screentimeout display setting• Works on Android 4.0.4 andabove• No ads!
No Screen Off
Allows to suspend the automatic screen off.Then, reactivate itwiththe previously memorized delay.Click on the widget totogglebetween the two modes.Changing of the screen off delayremains thesame :Parameters/Display/Screen timeoutTo get access tothepreference screen, double tap on the application icon or thewidgetwithin 2 seconds.For automation, pass "com.k2.set/on"or"com.k2.set/off" in data field (-d parameters for am commandforex.) to change the state.Access required :MODIFY SYSTEM SETTINGSTochange the screen timeout (goal of the application!)Thisapplication doesn't require Internet or Telephony access, sokeepcool !
Allah Live Wallpaper
☪Allah Live Wallpaper☪ is perfect brand new wallpaper foralldevoted Muslim brothers and sisters out there! Decorate yournewGalaxy smart phone with beautiful wallpapers hd images of Allahandmake your faith even stronger! If you have been looking forbrandnew live wallpaper for your mobile phone or tablet then looknomore, because this Android™ live wallpaper application is thebestapp available on the market and it is completely free!Download☪Allah Live Wallpaper☪ now and have an amazing set of 10beautifulpictures with motives from Quran. Get the best “freelivewallpapers” now and celebrate the glory of Islam! Allah isgreat!Main features: ☪ The fascinating Muslim wallpaper is idealfor yournew smartphone! ☪Cool 3D parallax effect! ☪ These highdefinitionimages will mesmerize you! ☪ Refresh your screen with oneof manycool natural background images! ☪ Both landscape modeandhome-screen switching are fully supported! ☪ Our freepicturesawait you! ☪Follow the installation instructions: Home-> Menu-> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers ☪ Choose from lotsofdifferent desktop images. ☪ HD graphics and open GL. ☪ Thefullcontrol over the speed and density of particles. ☪ Compatiblewith99% mobile phone devices. ☪ When you do not use your phone,thislive wallpaper will sleep and it will not wear your batteryout. ☪“Allah Wallpaper'' fully supports horizontal orientation andlooksfantastic on both mobile phones and tablet devices.If youarereligious and inspired by quotes from Quran daily, then ☪AllahLiveWallpaper☪ is a perfect Android application for your newGalaxysmart mobile phone or tablet. This wonderful livewallpaperapplication will provide you with the most beautiful“Allah LiveBackgrounds” for you to enjoy every day. “Allah LiveWallpaper”contains an amazing collection of HQ pictures withIslamic symbolsthat every true Muslim will enjoy every day. Thiswonderful Androidapp has the best live wallpaper images for all ofyou who believein Allah and appreciate Muslim religion. Pictures ofMuhammad,Mecca, and Muslim sayings are waiting for you! ‘Allah isall inall. Allah sees you, and is with you, wherever you are,whateveryou do.’ Now, with the amazing “Muslim live wallpaper” app,Allahis closer than ever! The display of your new Galaxy phonewillalways be beautiful with amazing “Quran quotes”. Every timeyouwork on your phone, beautiful “pictures of Allah” will alwaysbethere to inspire you and guide you through life. If you'relookingfor a religious application that will provide you with achance tostrengthen your faith and devotion, you're at the rightplace.Images of Allah's name, Mecca, mosques, and a star and acrescentwill beautify your mobile phone display in an elegantreligiousmanner. Have beautiful HD images of the prophet on yourphonedisplay and you will surely be blessed and peaceful. Get itnow andwalk with Allah! Allah is great!*Android™ is a trademark ofGoogleInc.*This app is not affiliated with or endorsed bySamsung.*Thisapp is ad supported.
lock screen kpop
lock screen kpoplock screen photo with kpop stylelockscreenpassword with photo in buttonEasy to use, fast, simple, andverybeautifulfeatures of lock screen password :- support 2 typesoflock screen: photo lock screen, lock screen password (PINpasswordrequired)- change image for button- support lock screen for- youcan set lock screen for Samsung galaxy S8 style- Super cool OS11lock screen for android.- simply slide to unlock OS 11styledevice.- it's a perfect lock screen on Play store.- support"Slideto unlock" on your lock screen- Set lock pattern withyourfavourite photos, images from gallery- Create a separate imageforeach lock button, set your photos into buttons- Setcustombackground, theme, wallpaper for your lockscreen - Setpatternphoto/avatar with your own photo (your lover, your baby,friends,etc…) - you can custom shape button by heart, star,diamond, apple,circle, etc...- Crop or re-size the photo you chooseto haveincluded.- Personalize your lock screen- create widget homescreenfor easy settings- create live wallpaper HD- set patternlockscreen to enhance the security lock of your phone.- showbatteryhealth on screen lock- consume less battery- can changecolor andfonts of time, date- multiple HD Wallpaper beautiful-dynamicwallpaper from our repository- many beautiful girls tosetwallpaper- display real time clock and date.- changebackgroundwith wallpapers- support over 50 languages- custombackground fromgallery.- optimized battery usage and battery saver-work well onphone, tablet device- OS style to Slide to unlock- Lockscreensliderhow to use:1. open the app, and tick the "EnableLockscreen"check box to enable it.2. click the Disable System Lockin case youuse the system lock.3. click the Lockscreen Wallpaper toswitch todifferent beautiful backgrounds.4. For screen off option:you mustactivate system admin to enable screen off feature.5. youcanchange button pictures. You can place your photo (baby,friends,parents, lover, etc...)please email us if your device isnotsupported, we will try our best to support it.if you lovethisphoto love locker application, please give 5 stars toencouragedevelopers.
Stay Alive! Keep screen awake
IMPORTANT: Fix app detection for Android 6 and 7 users. See inappinformation in about box for more details.Make your devicescreenStay Alive! when you need it.Most options are FREE anddonatoroptions are cheaper than simillar app on the store!Downloadour newapp Auto Exec! Easy Tasker! Stay Alive! donators get 10%rebate onAuto Exec! Easy Tasker.Keep your screen on when yourdevice isrunning your GPS application, favorite remote control,playing amovie or slideshow, etc... Perfect to keep your screen onwithoutdimming for application development. Your screen will nevergo backto sleep until you want it to...Choose when you want yourdevice toStay Alive!:FREE OPTIONS!• NEW: Full Android 5, 6 & 7support•On except if one of the applications you selected is inforeground•Only when you have power• Even if you are running onbatteries•When one of the applications you selected is inforeground• Can beautomatically disabled when you connect to yourcar or desktopdocking station• Prevent or allow Stay Alive! to dimyour screenwhen active• Protect your battery with minimum batterylevel autopause option• Easily pause Stay Alive! when not neededfrom thenotification zone. No need for a widget!• NO annoying ADS!•HOLOlight and dark themes!DONATORS OPTIONS!• NEW: Black screenfloatingclock• Display a black screen to prevent screen lock andsavebattery on AMOLED screens. Just touch the screen to wake up.•Autostart on boot• Hide top bar icon (Android 4.1+)• Automaticallykeepscreen on when plugged even if configured to stay on forspecificapps when unplugged• Keep screen on even when locked•Automaticallypause SA! with proximity sensor• Change configcolors!Easy poweroperation mode changes with the notificationicons! It will showyou which power mode you are using and allow youto quickly changebetween modes. You can also quickly activate theStay Alive forspecific application mode!Stay Alive! willautomatically disableitself then you manually turn off your device.It won't keep yourscreen on if your device wakes up when itreceives anotification.Stay Alive! will not change your displaytimeout valueor brightness settings. It will prevent your devicefrom going tosleep based on your needs. We made this application AdFree.Please, support this initiative by donating using the menuoptionin the application.Please use our email address for supportorfeature requests, as comments on Play Store don't allow metogather enough information or contact you.Privacy Policy: Wetakeyour privacy seriously. All permissions are needed for theapplocal operations and no information is used orexchanged.ContactUs:SupportForum: Needed to getforeground app name to keepalive.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS - Needed toget foreground app name tokeep alive on lollipop.READ_PHONE_STATE- Needed to disable StayAlive! if the device is off.WAKE_LOCK -Needed to keep the deviceAlive!WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Needed towrite the userconfiguration.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Needed to readthe userconfiguration.BILLING - Needed for thedonationoption!RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - Needed to auto start StayAlive! onbootWRITE_SETTINGS - Needed to be compatible with XIAOMIdevices.Do not use XIAOMI compatibility with other devices it isnotneeded.Tags: Screen Alive, Screen Awake, Galaxy Dim,Brightness,Timeout
control screen rotation
Control your screen orientation very easily from yourdevicenotification bar.Prevent screen auto rotation and choose thescreenorientation that you want with anyapplicationAvailableorientations:LandscapeReverselandscapeSensorlandscapePortraitRevers portraitSensorportraitSensor orientation(auto rotation)PLEASE NOTICE THAT:Somescreen orientations may notavailable in some devices
It is an ultra small app for locking screen. No ads init!Note:1.Ifyou want to uninstall, first deactivate the proceduresin "Settings-> Security -> Device Manager", then uninstallit.2.The appis currently not suitable for use with "FingerprintUnlock".3.Thisapplication uses the administrator's privilege of theterminal
Screen recorder
Screen recorder provides an easy way to record screen videos,likegame videos, video calls and morerecorder screen for game,createclip guide use phone or applications for friend oruserScreenRecorder is the best app to record the screen of yourAndroid. Itdoes NOT require root access, no time limit, nowatermark and veryeasy to use with one action to start and stoprecording. What doyou need phone screen video recording for? ★You're playing a gameand want to share your outstanding resultswith friends – what doyou need? Right! Video recording makes gamingmore attractive!Record mobile game videos on screen and get likesfor gamescreenrec with this gamescreen recorder app.★ You had avideo call withbusiness partners and want to send the video screenrecord to yourboss. And again the video screen capture app willright the ship.★You've got an urgent matter to attend to, and someimportantwebinar starts in a few minutes. From now on you don'tneed to betied to your device. Web recorder makes video screenrecording, andyou become a master of free time.★ You want to recorda video ofyourself? Easy with our screen recorder with hd facecam!★ You needto something secretly? Do it with a secret and invisiblevideorecorder.★ Like to chat with friends and share some fundialogs?Use this screen recorder for example for shapchat app.★Examples ofuse of a display recorder app are numerous. The onlything you mustremember is that Screen Recorder will always help youwith itsoutstanding display recording option.Everything is evidentwithvideo recorder appYou don’t need special skills and knowledgetorecord screen video. Here you can find an absolutelyuser-friendlyinterface and fully customizable phone screenrecording app. Allnecessary functions within one reach!Minimalistic and functionalcontrol of screen capture video app isclear on the first try.Record, edit and save all your video screencapture. Replay videosmade by high-quality video recorder unlimitedtimes.As we stateabove there is no limit for our video recorder.Video screenrecorder app has no watermark and root. Number ofrecordings arelimited only by the device memory size. Soon we’lladd more optionsnot only to record video of mobile screen but alsoto edit it asyou want.Screen Recorder advantages:- video recorderprovides aneasy way to record screen videos, like game videos,video calls andmore- video recorder on phone allows to displayrecords and sortthem out- this is a totally free phone screenrecorder withoutlimits- crop your screenshots- trim your videos-you may usescreenrecorder offline- share your videos andscreenshots to yourfriends and family What do you need to makehigh-quality videoscreen capture? Almost nothing! Just download ourvideo screenrecorder and video editor for Android. Make sure thatthe best andquick video display recorder for Android is here!If youhave anyquestion or anything you want to improve in ourapplication, feelfree to email me. I am happy to answer all of yourrelatedquestions.5 stars rating from you will support us to createanddevelop more and more free and useful applications.
ON Dimension Store
ON DIMENSION STORE is the most elegant and powerful applicationforstoring, saving and sharing object dimensions on theandroiddevice. It helps you keep in mind the exact dimensions ofanyobjects by just take a photo and quickly write them on it. It issoincredibly convenient and perfect for your own work aroundthehouse, and handy for creating plans to bring to a contractor.Itissuper easy to use. Just take a photo from camera or importphotofrom gallery and directly draw measures (length, angle, textornotes) on it. There are 3 ways to store your dimensionsandmeasurements:a) Save the dimensions raw file for edit or modifyinfuture, b) Export the dimensions as an image and saved inphotoalbum or gallery.c) Share or send your dimensions to othersviaemail, bluetooth, facebook, whatsapp, instagram, messenger,etc.With ON Dimension Store, all the dimensions are stored and youhavethem always in your pocket wherever you go. Now you no longerneedto bring along any paper sketches in your wallet. ONDimensionStore is super useful especially to those who work asdesigners,engineers, contractors, architects, constructors,carpenters,builders, landscapers, real estate agents, auctionsellers,mechanical engineers, students, etc. For more detailsinformationabout how to use the app, please refer User Guide inthis app. KEYFEATURES★ Take photo from camera for dimensiondrawing.★ Importimage from gallery for dimension drawing.★ Camerasnapshot,auto-focus and flash light★ 3 Draw modes: Length, Angleand Textnotes.★ 5 types of length arrow★ 10 different color styles★9measurement unit: mm, cm, m, yd, ft, in, degree, radian,%★Auto-fitting and auto-sizing text note★ Save as dimension rawfile(Can be opened for edit in future)★ Export dimensions ashighresolution png image to photo library★ Instant share &senddimension snapshot★ Open previous saved dimension raw fileforreview or continue edit★ Zoom View with 5x magnifier forhighprecision drawing★ Edit measures and input dimensions with averyintuitive interface★ Keep screen awake ON Dimension Store is afreeapplication on android with PRO features. We hopes thisapplicationcan really helps you save time and simplify yourdimensionrecording tasks. If you have any comments, suggestionsorquestions, please feel free to contact Thank you!!
Lock screen pattern photo
Lock screen photo, lock screen pattern with photosLove photolockscreen, lock screen by patternLock screen very highsecurityThislock screen app has a beautiful lock screen withmanyphotosPersonalize your lock screenCreate lock patterns to lockyourphone★ Create pattern for lock screen★ Fast, simple, smooth,easyto use and very beautiful★ Create image for button fromyourgallery★ Create a separate image for each lock button, setphotoson button in heart (for example: your wife, your husband,yourflowers, your pets..)★ You can add photos of relatives for thelockscreen button in heart★ Set your photos into buttons★ A lotofbeautiful wallpapers★ Photo Lock Screen also allows tousewallpaper from Your gallery★ Security: easy to set patternpasswordto protect your phone ★ Support your languages★ Supportalmostphones and tablet devices★ Consume less memory and batteryHowtouse:Open application:1. Activate lock: + Tick Enable lock screen+Create pattern (password) + Confirm pattern2. change wallpaper+Click change wallpaper + Choonse wallpaper availble or in gallery+Crop wallpaper and save3. change photo + Click Change photo+Choose button to change + Choose image from gallery + Crop,editimage and save4. change password + Click Change password + Drawoldpassword + Draw old pattern + Confirm pattern If you loveLockScreen Photo please write review to encourage developers
Full Screen Caller ID
Full Screen Caller ID This Full Screen caller ID is bestapplicationto demonstration you the Caller ID Information on fullscreen forincoming call or outgoing calls. The Full Screen CallerID is areplacement of old small caller screen for your phone.Instead ofold caller ID screen you now have a different option forCaller IDnotification and the option to see it on Full Screen.
Full ScreenCaller is the best contact photo app to set contactphotos. This HDCaller ID app is both beautiful and highly usefulfor day to daycalling purpose.Download today our Free Full ScreenCaller ID app,it will display high quality full screen photo ofthe caller whenyou have a phone call, make a phone call, miss aphone call. You donot have to guess who it is when you are drivingor othersituations, or when you just missed a call. The FullScreen CallerID will let you quickly recognize the caller and helpyou to makethe decision on the phone call. It’s FREE. Features •Full Screennotification for incoming calls• Full Screennotification foroutgoing calls• Full Screen notification formissed calls• Usepictures from SD card, internal camera•Customizable design forcaller background screen• Convert old smallcaller Id to FullScreen• Select contact from your contacts list•Best caller id appfor call screenDownload and Share this caller idapp with yourfriends and family. So they can also use and set bigcalleridentification screen for incoming and outgoingcalls.Disclosure:Weare using contacts, phone and storagepermission in this appContactsto change the calling screenPhone tocheck the phone calls, incomingand outgoing callsStorage to savethe wallpaper/background images ofthe caller screen
Screen On
Screen OnApp and widget to keep the screen on.Features:-Keepdisplay bright or dim display- Set timer to endautomatically-Automatically start when charging- Automaticallystart whenconnected to computer- Automatically disable on lowbattery level-Automatically start when headphones attached-Automatically starton bluetooth connection- Flashlight widgetWidgetincluded toquickly enable or disable.No Ads.- Available languages:--English-- German-- Svenska (by Göran Helsingborg)-- Portuguese(byMarco Silva)-- Turkish (Zeyneddin DİLEN)ideas? issues?Write meane-mail:
Screen Stream over HTTP 2.2.1
The application allows viewing the device screen in yourwebbrowser.No need of any additional software except for this appanda web browser.No annoying ads or pop-ups.The application worksviaWiFi and/or 3G/LTE network.App sourcecode: main idea istoshow your device screen during presentations and demos.ItusesMJPEG to encode screen images and send them through thenetwork. Soit works with any desktop or mobile browser whichsupports MJPEG(Chrome, Safari, EDGE, Firefox).Fast and stable WiFirecommendedbecause of high traffic and low network delayrequirement. NoInternet required, however, there must be a networkconnectionbetween the client and the device.The number of clientconnectionsis unlimited, but be aware that each of them requiressome CPUresources and bandwidth to send data.Application usesAndroid Castfeature and requires at least Android 5.0 torun.WARNING: This isnot a real time streaming app. Expected delayis at least 0.5-1second or more on slow devices, bad WiFi or onheavy CPU load byother apps.WARNING: This app is not designed forstreaming video,especially HD video. Use Chromecastinstead.WARNING: This app doesNOT support SOUND streaming, becauseMJPEG does not supportsound.WARNING: Some cell operators may blockincoming connectionsto your device for security reasons, so, evenif the device has anIP address from a cell operator, you may not beable to connect tothe device on using this IP address.WARNING: SomeWiFi networks(mostly public/guest) block connections between itsclients forsecurity reasons, so you may not be able to connect tothe devicevia WiFi. For example, a laptop and a phone in this sucha WiFinetwork will not be able to connect to eachother.Knownproblems1.On some devices, system returns image inunknown format.Mostly on devices with no official Android 5.0 orabove. PossibleAndroid bug. App will show an error message. Nosolutionavailable.2.On some devices no notification icon showingbutnotification is present. Android bug: 213309.3.BrowserMJPEGsupport check is inaccurate. You can disable it inapplicationsettings.If there are any issues or ideas feel free tocontact me.
Smart Ruler Pro 2.6.6
Smart Ruler Pro is the 1st set of Smart Toolscollection.Itintegrated 6 simple and useful tools into this app.Here is thelist.1. Ruler - length2. ProtractorⅠ(Touch) -angle3.ProtractorⅡ(Plumb) - slope4. ProtractorⅢ(Camera) -goniometer,clinometer5. Surface level - sprit level6. Thread pitch- screw,bolt, nut* Pro version added features:- No ads- Multi-Touchmode-Caliper mode- Ruler Extension- Architectural andEngineeringScales- Various Tilt units- Screen capture* Do you wantmore tools?Get [Smart Tools] package.For more information, watchYouTube andvisit the blog. Thank you.** No internet support : Youcan openthis app without any connection. After installation, openthe app2-3 times with your device connect to WI-FI or 3G/4G.
keypad lock screen
Lock screen droplets waterAnimations of water dropletsnaturallyLockscreen by passcodeThe best lock screen keypadThis appis easy to useand very beautifulVery simple and nice, multiplebeautifulwallpaper* Features:- Lock screen droplets water, verynice andlively- Enter Passcode to Unlock- Set password withnumbers- Showstate of mobile as network, wi-fi, battery ..- Highsecurity,prevent accessing your phone without password- User canchangebackground of lock screen- Multiple wallpaper to choose, youcanchoose your own wallpaper from gallery too.- Consume lessmemory andbattery,simple and clean design