Top 49 Apps Similar to A Rounded Corner Screen

control screen rotation 2.1.1
Control your screen orientation very easily from yourdevicenotification bar.Prevent screen auto rotation and choose thescreenorientation that you want with anyapplicationAvailableorientations:LandscapeReverselandscapeSensorlandscapePortraitRevers portraitSensorportraitSensor orientation(auto rotation)PLEASE NOTICE THAT:Somescreen orientations may notavailable in some devices
Screen Recorder - No Ads
Screen Recorder is an app help you easy Record Screen andTakeScreenshot anywhere. Betaversion: Why the app doesn't support record internal sound? A:Androiddoesn't public API to support 3rd party app. NOTE: If yourare usingXIAOMI device, please do the following: You must go tosecurity->choose permission -> permission -> ScreenRecorder andturn on pop up window. Follow up, you go to security->Permission -> AutoStart -> turn on Screen Recorder.Pressrecently app button and look at Screen Recorder, if Recorderhasn'tlocked (lock icon over Screen Recorder), please pull down it->OK [Main Feature] + Support multiple languages: English,French,Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese(Brazil), Italian + Supportsave a videoin SD Card or anything location which you want. +Record screen +Take screenshot + Support facecam while recording +Support MagicButton help stop, pause and show time record +Support pain to youcan note by the way draw while record + Trimvideo after screen orany video has format MP4 available on device+ Record sound of MICwhen record screen video + Insert logo text,logo image + SupportDay/Night theme [User guide] + To user appfirst open app and pressvideo button on screen --> allowcapture screen + To stop recordyou can click notification or openapp again after press pausebutton on screen [Note] + For devicerunning Android 6.0. You needmust allow OVERLAY_PERMISSION andother permission If you like,Screen Recorder app don't forget ratefive stars ★★★★★ or review.They are appreciated for me. Thank youso much Help me translateinto your language.Thanks translator: oliviermario13 - French mobile46 -Turkishjcdelacruz15 - Spanish Alison Souza - Portuguese(Brazil)zannilorenzo - Italian iPlayRadio Networks - Greek ChineseTraditionalBengali Polish Indonesian Simplified Chinese (Kurdish)کوردیCroatian Arabic Swedish Dutch (Netherlands) Persian RussianKoreanGerman Uyghur Hindi (India) Norwegian Hungarian RomanianPortuguese(Portugal) Ukrainian Czech P/s: Communicate withme
Hidden Screen Capture 1.0.4
Hidden Screen Capture is the best free and stable applicationforrecording the screen. It does NOT require root access, notimelimit; you can record long videos without worrying while savingonExternal Memory (SD Card)! No watermark, Record a cleanscreenWithout a Watermark with Clean Recording Mode! Only one tapstoaction to start and stop the display recording. HiddenScreenCapture lets you record your screen to HD and Full HD videos.Itrecords everything on the screen of your phone, while you canuseyour phone normally. Hidden Screen Capture records everythingyoudo or someone else on your phone with the feature of hidingtheicon of the app. You can also record audio from the mic and itisautomatically mixed with recorded videos. That makes itveryconvenient to help you create tutorial, promotional video,recordyour gameplay or record video chat. Additionally, there aremanyother features in this Hidden screen recorder such as settingvideoresolution, bit-rate, view/share or delete your recordedvideos,hide recorded videos and hide the icon of the application...All ofthem are free for you! Capture your reactions freelywhilerecording game sound and your voice with Hidden ScreenRecorder!The recorded videos are accessible from the applicationitself, oryou can find them on your gallery. It can be used as akey loggerwith the function in the security settings that allowsyou to hidethe app icon. You can record with the screen off. HiddenScreenRecorder is also a black screen video recorder. You can useit tocontinue playing videos when you're a YouTube recorder or torecordgame videos to watch whenever you want. + NOTICE: CALL # 5555TOOPEN APP after hiding it. + Simple and pleasant interface + Youcanrecord all actions with or without external sound. + recordinginfull screen resolution + Customize the setting for videorecording+ It records the video in the background using thebackground videorecorder. + Low memory warning + Unlimited videoduration + Easysharing on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.+ Manyresolutions, frame rates, and bit rates available; supportfor HDvideo
Screen Dimmer 2.3.3a
Screen Dimmer enable you to lower the brightness of your phoneortablet more than what you can do by default in order toavoidheadache and eye pain in a dark environment or at night. Ifyou ownan Amoled screen, this app will even save your batterybecauseblack pixels actually turn off on an Amoled screen. It isalsoscientifically proven that blue radiations can causeinsomnia,preserve your sleep by changing the filter's color to redor brown!(pro version only)Its design is simple and appreciable,you can'tdislike it!Great notification : click on the brightnessicon tostop Screen Dimmer or click on the progress bar to changethefilter's opacity.• Functions:- Variable opacity.- Displayanotification or not when Screen Dimmer is on.-Scheduling.-Minimize or not the screen's brightness.- Disablebuttons'backlight.- Quick launch widget and widget of opacityadjusting.-[PRO] Change the colour of the filter and the widget.-[PRO]Automatically toggle the app with the sunset/rise to useScreenDimmer at night.- [PRO] Choose the apps to launch whenScreenDimmer starts.- [PRO] Activate the silent mode when ScreenDimmerstarts.- [PRO] Do an opacity transition when the launch ofScreenDimmer is scheduled.If you like my app, feel free to rate itandbuy the PRO version (in app) to support its development andunlockthe pro features!• Permissions :- DRAW OVER OTHER APPS:needed todisplay the filter over other apps.- RECEIVE BOOTCOMPLETED: neededto preserve scheduling over reboots.- COARSELOCATION: needed bythe sun scheduling feature.• Known issues :-When Screen Dimmer ison, you can't install apps manually or allowroot access withSuperSu, please disable Screen Dimmer when doingso.- Disablingkeys' backlights doesn't work on most Samsungdevices.• Taskersupport:-sebmorand.brightcom.action.START-sebmorand.brightcom.action.STOP-sebmorand.brightcom.action.TOGGLE-sebmorand.brightcom.action.MORE_OPACITY-sebmorand.brightcom.action.LESS_OPACITY
App lock 1.3.2
Lock your applications with keypad and pattern Easy to use,smoothand very nice Application lock, best app lock & privacyguard ,is the most smart Application lock ! Lock message,gallery,facebook .. Lock by pattern, password, keypad many typesfor lockapps. very interesting Nobody can open apps withoutpassword Do notworry about the kids buy the game! Lock settings toprevent othersfrom changing system settings. Really lock your phoneapplications.Lock Gallery photos, contacts, text messages and otherpersonalprivacy applications. Lock by pattern, password, keypadmany typesfor lock apps. very interesting App Lock can lockFacebook,Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail,Settings,incoming calls and any app you choose. Ensure security.You havecustomize your lock, eg: change lock type, changebackground ★ WithApp Lock, you will: - Never worry about a friendborrows your phoneto play games with mobile data again! - Neverworry about aworkmate gets your phone to look the gallery again! -Never worryabout someone reads private data in your apps again! -Never worryabout kids mess up Settings, send wrong messages, payinggamesagain! ★★★ Feature - Lock any apps(sms, Game, Photos, Videos...) -Lock apps using Fake Forced Close pop-up - Lock apps usingmultiplepassword - Lock incoming calls - Lock system settings toprevent amess by kids - Lock Google Play to prevent buy games,movies, books- Lock very effective and high security - Easy to useand fast. -Lock message, Lock call, Lock phone setting ... - Lowercapacity,less memory. - Power saving mode to save battery. - AppLock canlock your photos , gallery and messages from prying eyesand nosyfriends . To be your privacy guard ! - Full protection foryourphone. - Never worry about a friend borrows your phone toplaygames with mobile data again! - Never worry about a workmategetsyour phone to look the gallery again! - Never worry aboutsomeonereads private data in your apps again! - Never worry aboutkidsmess up Settings, send wrong messages, paying games again! -Lockany apps(message, Game, Photos, Videos ...) - Lock Google Playtoprevent buy games, movies, books - Support multiple devices-Support multiple language ★★★ This app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission. I use this permission forfeature:Prevent someone uninstall the app lock app.
Smart Screen On/Off Auto 3.6.6
Smart Screen On Off application is simple utility toautomaticallyOn or Off screen using proximity sensor and double tapon HomeScreen, instead of having to press the power buttonmanually. SmartScreen On Off have a power head floating in aconvenient locationis also provided to quickly turn off thescreen.Sometimes difficultto press the power button, or you want topreserve the physicalpower button. Smart Screen On Off applicationand the power headfloating can help you minimize the use of thepower button anytime,anywhere."This app uses the DeviceAdministrator permission." It isnecessary and used only for lockingthe device when you use featureturn off the screen. You need toenable Administration before itcan be used that feature. Touninstall the app, please open my appand click the "Uninstall"button."This app uses Accessibilityservices." It is necessary andused to detect home screen.Functionhave in Smart applicationson/off screen auto:- Double tap on HomeScreen to turn off screen.-The sensor will automatically detect,and auto power on / off screento help you.- You can disable thefeature when the screen rotateshorizontally.- You can set separatedelays when the screen on / offto avoid accidentally enabled.-Support power to quickly head offthe screen.- Support for usingthe same cover.- Auto screen off whenput your phone into pocket.-Improve best performance. Only use amaximum of 5 MB RAM.GUI TOUNINSTALL:- Open my application. - Clickbutton uninstall.SUPPORT:-Website:[email protected]
Screen Off and Lock 1.17.4
**Please consider the donate version (with more functions!) ifyoulike this app or support my apps development.Thanks!****Touninstall the app, please go to the setting page andclick the"Remove device administrator" button**With over 2 millionof usersand over 30 languages support, Screen Off and Lock is theNo.1screen off application in Google Play Store.Screen Off andLockallows you to switch off your devices from:1. Launchershortcut2.Launcher widget 1x1 - 4x4, resizable in Android 4.0+(Alsoavailable in lock screen for Android 4.2+) (Donateversion)3.Notification4. Floating button over all apps! (Double tapto useit) (Donate version)5. Search button (if your device hasit)Otherfeatures:1. Screen off animation (including the most famousOld TVstyle)2. Screen lock/unlock sound effect3. ScreenoffvibrationNotes:For those who cannot see the screen offanimationeven the app is reinstalled, please follow theproceduresbelow:Android 4.x: Go to "Setting > Developer options>Transition animation", and then select 1x for thisoption.Android2.x, Make sure you selected the option "Allanimations" under"Settings > Display > Animation".This appuses the DeviceAdministrator permission.
Lock screen password 3.35.3384.118
Lock screen Lock screen password The best lock screenapplicationThe best lock screen application, to help you protectyour privacy,prevent others invade your phone illegally Someapplications do notperform the origin of the HOME button, BACK,RECENT while thisapplication can do that. Some applications do notprotect yourprivacy when just a phone call to your phone, yourphone willautomatically open to allow strangers intrusion ... andthisapplication will do all that too. We support many types oflockscreen: - Lock screen pattern - Lock screen password - Lockscreenpassword framework of - Lock screen slider - Lock screenlikeIphone - You can change wallpaper - Many different typesofbackgrounds to choose from, these wallpapers are exquisitedesign,beautiful. - Also you can select your favorite wallpaper, itcouldbe someone you love, your love, your child ... - Theapplication isreally simple and easy to use, you just selectfunction allows key,then enter password so that your device isprotected. We always tryto bring you the greatest convenience.Thank you for using theapplication. More information, contact [email protected]
Screen Recorder With Facecam And Audio & Editor 2.0.3
Cicely Tso
This is a modern screen and voice recorder. You can recordscreenand audio with our recorder screen recorder. You can recordonscreen with the floating button on main screen and takescreenshotwithout button press. Things you'll love about our screenrecordingwith internal audio app: ✔ Screen recording with soundappabsolutely FREE, NO in-app-purchase ✔ NO LOGIN required, NOlimitedtime with game recording apps ✔ Screen camera recorderwithout root✔ Edit video title after saving with recording screenapp ✔ Nowonder how to record your screen with HD quality ✔ Simpleinterfaceof screen recorder and editor app, EASY to record videocalls forbeginners ✔ High quality screen recorder app supportsmultiplemodels and languages Features of the recording onscreenapplication: 1.Screen recorder with facecam and audio andeditorScreen recorder with audio and editor & screenshot isextremelysmooth on the mobile platform. Use this video callrecording app torecord games on your phone or video call video withthe followingunique features: - Control video screen capturethrough thenotification bar or floating button - Pause / resumescreenrecording no root - Turn off / on external audio - Displayclickoperations in the hd game screen recorder - Shake your phonetostop game recording screen 2. Screenshot captures with onebuttonand edit photos You can take screen shot captures easily evenwhenyou're recording screen video via 1 touch. You can takescreenshotsand edit photos in 3 seconds with the followingfeatures: -Screenshot button on screen. Or you can use thenotification bar -Crop photos: After taking screenshots, you cancrop photo to getthe best picture - Mosaic effect: to blur theimage and mask areasyou do not want to display - Draw on the photoeasily in your style- Merge photos into one 3. Video recorder andeditor - VideoCutter: Choose the best part of the video afterrecord your screenand gameplay and face - Add background music tovideo - Addsubtitles to videos - Change the speed of video fastvideo/slowvideo - Add a photo at the beginning/end of the video -Merge video- Edit title/delete/preview video - Invert color video4. Setting acamera that can record your face and screen and sharevideos -Share your videos on popular social networks - Setresolution,video quality, countdown time Everything will be mucheasier andfaster with our game screen recorder with facecam. Agreat camerarecorder with facecam application will help you keepevery moment.So, download this game recorder with facecam app for alot of funexperiences! Our development team strives to create thisno rootrecord screen to video & game recorder hd app. If youhave anyrequests about face cam and recorder screen recording,pleasecomment below. We appreciate your contribution to thescreenrecorder no root application. Please rate 5* a videorecording thatwill record while you re playing games with facecamera toencourage us! Sincerely thank.
Keep Screen On
USAGE • Open app and toggle checkbox “Keep backlight on”toenable/disable application. • Select appropriate backlightoptions.FEATURES: • Keep your screen backlight switched onpermanently. •Keep your keyboard backlight switched on permanently(only for somephone models!!! ). ABOUT Application is free and doesnot containan ads. ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONALITY Application is simple,stable,lightweighted and run on all Android devices. Thisapplication wllnot be updated with additional functionality, onlybugfixes.
ADV Screen Recorder 3.5.2
Featured on Android Community, TuttoAndroid and!Need to record your screen in a easy way and without a menuthatcovers your whole screen? ADV Screen recorder was designed tobefully featured, without any kind of restritions andwithoutrequiring root. ADV Screen Recorder lets you: - Recordingwith 2engines (Default and Advanced) - Pause Recording (RequiresAdvancedEngine) - Draw on the fly with your favorite color - UseFront orBack Camera while recording - Set your Text with fullcustomization- Set your Banner with full customization - Trim Video- And muchmore!... Feel free to let us know of any sugestions! Iwould tolike to say thank you to the following people forhelpingtranslating the app: Italian - Vasc Nizz PortugueseBrazilian -Celso Fernandes German - Yellowbear007 Arabic - JetSubSpanish -TBandroid
Lollipop Screen Recorder 2.1.3
Lollipop Screen Recorder is a simple and easy to use screenrecorderfor devices running Android 5.0+It uses official APIsadded inAndroid Lollipop+ so it requires no rooting.Videos arestored in aneasy to find folder, so you can use your favoriteapplications toview, edit, and share them.Features:• Use camerasaspicture-in-picture• Store recordings on SD card• Record atfullscreen resolution• Set resolution, orientation, andbitrate•Recording start delay• Stop recording on screen off•Recordaudio"... aptly named..." - Android Police:)
Screen Stream over HTTP 3.0.10
The application allows viewing the device screen in yourwebbrowser. No need of any additional software except for this appanda web browser. No annoying ads or pop-ups. The applicationworksvia WiFi and/or 3G/LTE network (If cell operator does notblockincoming connections to device). Supporting IPv4 and IPv6.Appsource code: Themainidea is to show your device screen during presentations anddemos.It uses MJPEG to encode screen images and send them throughthenetwork. So it works with any desktop or mobile browserwhichsupports MJPEG (Chrome, Safari, EDGE, Firefox). Fast andstableWiFi recommended because of high traffic and low networkdelayrequirement. No Internet required, however, there must be anetworkconnection between the client and the device. The number ofclientconnections is unlimited, but be aware that each of themrequiressome CPU resources and bandwidth to send data. ApplicationusesAndroid Cast feature and requires at least Android 5.0 torun.WARNING: This is not a real time streaming app. Expected delayisat least 0.5-1 second or more on slow devices, bad WiFi or onheavyCPU load by other apps. WARNING: This app is not designedforstreaming video, especially HD video. Use Chromecastinstead.WARNING: This app does NOT support SOUND streaming, becauseMJPEGdoes not support sound. WARNING: Some cell operators mayblockincoming connections to your device for security reasons, so,evenif the device has an IP address from a cell operator, you maynotbe able to connect to the device on using this IP address.WARNING:Some WiFi networks (mostly public/guest) block connectionsbetweenits clients for security reasons, so you may not be able toconnectto the device via WiFi. For example, a laptop and a phone inthissuch a WiFi network will not be able to connect to eachother.Known problems 1.On some devices, system returns image inunknownformat. Mostly on devices with no official Android 5.0 orabove.Possible Android bug. App will show an error message. Nosolutionavailable. 2.On some devices no notification icon showingbutnotification is present. Android bug: 213309. If there areanyissues or ideas feel free to contact me.
Screenshot Capture Recorder 3.0.9
App Doodle
Screenshot Capture is the simplest and easiest way to capture,editand share your device's screen with friends.Important:Screenrecording functionality is only available for devicesrunningandroid 5.0 or above.TriggersOverlay buttonAn easy tocapturebutton that is displayed on top of everything.ShakeShake thedeviceto take a screenshot.NotificationClick the notification totake ascreenshot.Buttons ComboPress POWER + VOLUME DOWN or POWER +HOMEbuttons at the same time to take ascreenshot.BrowserCapturescrollable web pages into a single imagewith an in appbrowser.EditingDrawingAdd meaning to the screenshotby drawing textand shapes on top of it. Draw all kinds of shapesincluding line,circle, rectangle etc.CroppingCrop important thingsout of yourscreenshot.Image FiltersTranscend your screenshot byapplyingBoost, Brightness, Color Depth, Contrast, Emboss, Gamma,Gaussian,Gray scale, Hue, Invert, Noise, Rotate, Saturation, Sepia,Sharpen,Sketch & Vignette filters.ThemesYou can also applydifferentcolour themes everyday. Following themes are available tochoosefrom:Blue, Blue Grey, Brown, Cyan, Orange, Deep Purple,Green,Indigo, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, RedandTeal.TranslationScreenshot Capture needs your help intranslation.If you want to earn money by helping us in translatingthisapplication, please send us an [email protected] with your quote.Keywords: Screenshot
Bubble level 4.1.1
A bubble level, spirit level or simply a spirit is aninstrumentdesigned to indicate whether a surface is horizontal(level) orvertical (plumb). Bubble Level app is handy, accurate,simple touse and incredibly useful tool for your Android device.Hold any ofthe phone's four sides against an object to test it forlevel orplumb, or lay it down on a flat surface for a 360° level.●Calibrate any side independently ● Calibrate relatively(anotherobject surface) or absolutely (earth gravity) ● Show angleindegree, inclination in percent, roof pitch or inches per foot(:12)● Inclinometer ● Sound effects to calibrate without looking atthephone ● Install on SD ● Orientation locking Where can youuseBubble Level ? A bubble level is usually used inconstruction,carpentry and photography to determine if objects onwhich you'reworking on are level. Used properly, a bubble level canhelp youcreate flawlessly leveled pieces of furniture, help youwhenhanging paintings or other items on the wall, level billiardtable,level table tennis table, set up a tripod for photographs andmuchmore. It’s a must have device for any home or apartment.●Alignment of the picture, board, furniture, wall and etc.!●Calculation of different angles in various situations! ●Checkingyour table, shelf and surface level of every face-upobjects! ●Tracking the inclination of bike, car and etc. These arethe mainoccasions of app usage, but you’ll find much more inpractice! Thisapplication can also be used as a clignometer orinclinometer tomeasure angle of slope using three different unitsof measure:degrees, percent, and topo. It is also known as a tiltmeter, tiltindicator, slope alert, slope gauge, gradient meter,gradiometer,level gauge, level meter, declinometer, and pitch &rollindicator.
No Screen Off 1.16
Allows to suspend the automatic screen off.Then, reactivate itwiththe previously memorized delay.Click on the widget totogglebetween the two modes.Changing of the screen off delayremains thesame :Parameters/Display/Screen timeoutTo get access tothepreference screen, double tap on the application icon or thewidgetwithin 2 seconds.For automation, pass "com.k2.set/on"or"com.k2.set/off" in data field (-d parameters for am commandforex.) to change the state.Access required :MODIFY SYSTEM SETTINGSTochange the screen timeout (goal of the application!)Thisapplication doesn't require Internet or Telephony access, sokeepcool !
Screenshot & Screen Recorder 1.1.28
This app provides an easy way to take and edit screenshots!Capturescreen by one touch! Easily record your screen as a highqualityvideo - Support recording screen as video - Click thenotificationbar to take screenshots - Shake the phone to takescreenshots -Double click overlay icon (Floating button) to takescreenshots -Support capture web page screenshots - Support quicksettings sinceAndroid Nougat - Share screenshots - Painting on thescreenshot -Add mosaic - Add text - Add stickers - Browse and editall historyscreenshots
Screenshot touch 1.6.4
Daejeong Kim
Screenshot touch supports Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher. [Basicfeatures ] • Capture by touch (Notification area, overlayicon,shaking the device) • Record video cast of screen to mp4withoptions (Resolution, Frame rate, Bit rate, audio) • Web pagewholescroll capture (with an in-app web browser) • There are twoways toscroll capture. One is to share the url in a web browser andselectScreenshot Touch. The second is to call the in-app browserdirectlyby pressing the globe icon on the settings page. • Photoviewer •Image cropper (Crop ratio, rotate) • Drawing on capturedimage(Pen, Text, Rectangle, Circle, Stamp, Opacity and so on) •Sharingscreenshot images to other installed apps (user controlled)[Dynamic features ] • Capture options (choose the savedirectory,optional subfolders, file format, jpeg quality, capturedelay andso on) • Persistent notification (optional): This allowsthenotification to always remain present which cannot be swipedaway.It quickens the accessibility of Screenshot touch. •Multiplesaving folders: This allows you to create subfolders inacategorising manner for grouping your screenshots. Thisespeciallyhelps when taking a series of screenshots of differentscreenactivities by organizing what gets saved where avoidinghaving touse a file manager afterwards. For example; you might notwant yourFacebook screenshots mixed up in the same folder withyourscreenshots of your favourite app, game or homescreen. [ Notice] •Unable to capture secure pages (e.g. banking apps) thathaveLayoutParams.FLAG_SECURE option • Media Projection Service isanAndroid OS function for sharing screen activity. The screencapturefunction uses this service, so a confirmation window isdisplayedto obtain user consent. [ Ads and Purchasing ] • This appcontainsads (advertisements) but not annoying fullscreen ads :) •In-apppurchasing can: “Remove all ads” + “Unlock full Multiplesavingfolders” + “Unlock full Settings-Backup/Restore feature(GoogleDrive)”. [ Privacy and Permissions ] Screenshot touchrequires theRECORD_AUDIO privilege to record the user's voicewhilst recordingthe screen. This is a useful feature when creatingany tutorialusing video from a mobile phone. The sound recordingfunction usingthe microphone is turned off by default. INTERNETpermission isrequired for error log transfer and ads module. User’simages andvideos remain private and are not automatically shared toanywhereor anyone outside of this app. Access contacts permissionisrequired for backup or restore all settings to Google Drive.
Night screen 12
Arrows app
Night screen main goal is to reduce the brightness of yourscreenlower than you can achieve with the default settings.Thisapplication applies an overlay filter that acts as a dimmertodarken the screen. It helps to avoid headache and eye pain inadark environment or at night 🕶️Features:- easy to use 💡-canautomatically set default brightness settings in Android totheminimum 📱- restore default brightness settings after stop theapp🔧- keep the screen on while the app is running 📗(optional)-amazing blue light filter to help you have a bettersleep ❤️(optional)- supports dimming the transparent navigation barinAndroid 4.4 and higher 🔅- extra-content: auto-enable &disablefeature and one-click widget ⏰How to make it work on Xiaomiphones: go to Settings - Apps - this app - allow popup
ScreenShot - Capture Screen 1.0
ScreenShoot - Capture Screen for Android with onetouch!!ScreenShoot- Capture screen, Screen recorder , video screenis the simplest andeasiest way to capture, share and edit yourdevice's screen withfriends very fast.Capture screen -ScreenShootRecorder ScreenvideoOne touch button widgetCapturescreen gameCapture screenfacebookCapture screen application andScreen recorderRecorderscreen video ,clip with one touchFloatingwindow / Floating gadgetalways remain on top so that you can startthe recording any time,and even stop too. Also you can pressrecord button from the widgetitself to see the recorded videos.Doyou want to know how youperformed during a particular stage of agame? Then start recordingthe game using Screen Recorder No Rootapplication.
Screen Recorder No Root 2.1
Houssamos app
Screen Recorder pro is a simple and easy free app to usescreenrecording for devices running Android 5.0+ withoutrequiringroot.apps that record your record screen andaudio.acamera that can record your face and screen. Recorder VideoScreenis a simple and easy free app to use screen recording fordevicesrunning Android 5.0+ no root screenrecorderproFeatures:• screen recorder no root android• record myscreen hdwith facecam• screen recorder with facecam • screenrecorder foryoutube with facecam• screen recorder app• avd screenrecord• HDquality video• free screen recorder no root at fullscreenresolution• screen recorder and editor • on screen videorecorderwith audio• easy screen recorder no root without audio•screenrecorder with sound• screen recorder video editor• cutvideo•capture video screen• screen recorder for youtube gaming•screenrecorder snapchat• screen recorder for samsung• gamescreenrecorder where you can play and put on youtube• screenrecorder forandroid• screen recorder for minecraft pe• screenrecorder fortablet• rec screen recorder pro for free to post onyoutube• Setresolution, orientation, and bitrate• in game screenvideorecorder• screen recorder without pcScreen Recorder• srcscreenrecorder HD clear• screen recorder best• Recording startdelay• onscreen recorder free• screen recorder with audio goodquality• recscreen recorder• record on screen• Stop recording onscreen off•.Notime limit.• Screen Recorder and Capture Lollipop•Record audio•display recorder• show screen touches• shou tv screenrecorder pro•scr screen recorder pro• free screen recorder no rootno pc• splitscreen recorder with audio and facecam• youtuberecorder.• videorecorder for screen while playing games on phone•castillo recordshuo li
Lock Screen 1.10
Lock screen is one of the best Android lockscreens password appwithprivacy guard, the best app locker with password & patternlockscreen, screen locker that provide high secure features in theoneapp.This is the super lock screen that will protects yourprivacy,give your phone all-round passwordprotection. Privacy yourPhoto, note, call, sms, email,settings..., all the privacy guardfunctions for you to ensure yourphone security and keep yourprivacy safe.With this lock phone app,your privacy is wellprotected with password lock screen &pattern lock screenLockscreen apps can lock to ensure personal& phone security.Thisscreen locker app also has option toenable invisible pattern lock.No more worry people may peep thepin or pattern. Keep safe!Withthis lok screen password app, youwill never worry about somethinglike your kids mess up settings,paying for games! its so cool childlock feature!Simple to say toanyone! Haha you don t know mypassword wallpaper.===Features===-Password for lock screen, patternpassword safe with anyone- Freepassword manager: free passwordssetting up in what you like, makecool passwords for your phone.-Lot of beautiful password lockthemes, pattern lockscreens themes-Customized lock screen passwordtheme for the app, make privacyscreen with style you wanted-Option to make invisible pattern onunlock screen, people can notsee your pattern lock screen while youare unlocking. More safe!-Immediately lock phone when screen isoff, unlock screen appearthen when turn screen on.- Explorer morelock apps and the lockerthemes from the “More apps” feature.-Password manager free: Changepassword type between passcode,pattern, DIY and reset -Pattern maker in your way you want,pattern maker by your ownphoto.- Very simple & nice screen lockapp: only a passwordarea and system clock.- Option to set lockscreen wallpapers orhome screen wallpapers or set both at once.-Easy and freepasswords changing at anytime, less risk and keeppassword safebetter.Available very soon:- More lock screenwallpaper: can applyfor lock screen wallpaper & home screenwallpapers- Passwordkeeper, password protection by a feature toreset password when youforget it.- More digits for pin lock screen,up to 12 digitssupported.- On/off screen shortcut: Create a shortcut by pin lockscreen app into home screen. Easily double tapscreen on and off,this soft button will keep your hard button fromdamaged.- Morepassword mode: Lockscreens with pin password lock,pattern lock orDIY. The keypad lock screen with passcode, DIY helpyou to makeyourself keypad lock screen, pattern lock screen usingyour photoon the gallery===FQA===1. How to change password ?Tochange apassword for apps, open the lock screen then click changepasswordbutton.2. How to stop or uninstalling lock screen apps?Youmusthave a password to uninstall this screen lock app, if youforgotpasscode you can reset it via security email.
3. I forgotpasswordfor lock screen, how to find it ?Not yet but we will addthisfeature very soon.
Download screen locker right now, bestscreenlock app, security for everyone.
Camera with screen turned off 3.0.2
The screen remains completely black while taking photos orvideos,as if the phone was off ... You can also watch frame byframe ofyour shooted video and extracting a specific image. How toshootPhotos? Just press volume down button. How to shoot videos?Pressvolume up button to start and stop shooting videos. How toaccesssettings and gallery? Touch your screen two seconds, thenoptionsbutton appear: - access your private gallery - change forfront /back camera - enable / disable the preview of the camera -enable /disable vibrations on shoot photos and videos
S8-Note 8-S9 Rounded Corners 1.1.6
Rounded Corners Screen is simple app have settings which allowyouadjusting the corners radius easy same with LG G6, SamsungGalaxyS8, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note9..."Thisapp uses Accessibility services." It is necessary and usedto keepmy app always running.
Ultimate Rotation Control 6.3.5 (Google)
The one and only rotation control app that can REALLY LOCKyourscreen in ANY orientation and also FORCE the automaticorientationto override app specific settings. This 7-day trialversion allowsyou to fully evaluate the app. Afterwards you canobtain a licensevia Google Play. This app uses Accessibilityservices. Theseservices are used to determine the currentforeground applicationvia the TYPE_WINDOW_STATE_CHANGED event toallow per-apporientation settings. This allows users withdisabilities to keepthe screen in the preferred orientation.The"Forced Auto" mode forexample is very handy on tablets where someapps force portraitmode while you are holding the screen "upsidedown". It also allowsusing the launchers many devices in landscapemode. Some launcherswill have the bottom row of icons cut off orother display issues,this is not something I can fix unfortunately.For a device likeNVIDIA SHIELD it allows you to use most apps inlandscape even ifthey normally do not work in landscape (likeSpotify). Features:-True orientation lock- Forced automaticrotation- Per applicationsettings- Two widgets and a status barnotification with shortcutbuttons for easily changing your rotationpreference- Ability tocreate shortcuts to specific modes- Can actas Tasker / Localeplugin to automate your screen orientationsettingSupported modes:-Auto: normal automatic mode, not overridingapp preferences- ForcedAuto: automatic mode, but overriding otherapp preferences!- 3/4Forced: automatic mode overriding other apppreferences (onlyportrait, landscape and reverse landscape, NOTreverse portrait;this only works on phones, not on tablets)- Lock:truly locks thescreen in the current orientation- Portrait: trulylock the screenin portrait- Landscape: truly lock the screen inlandscape- ReversePortrait: truly lock the screen in reverseportrait- ReverseLandscape: truly lock the screen in reverselandscape- AutoPortrait: automatically select between portrait andreverseportrait- Auto Landscape: automatically select betweenlandscapeand reverse landscape- Manual: normal manual mode, notoverridingapp preferencesRemarks:- This is a 7-day trial version.If you wantto continue using this app after this period you need tobuy“Rotation Control (License)” from the Android Market.- Thisappdoes NOT require root access.- Certain applications mightnotdisplay properly when forced to work on portrait/landscape. Youcanset a per application preference to normal auto or manual modetoworkaround these issues.- Auto and Reverse Portrait andLandscapesupported from Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread)- Statusbarnotification direct shortcuts supported from Android version3.0(Honeycomb)
Screenshot 1.2.97
This software provides a easy method to take screenshot, andthefollowing functions: - Share Screenshots - Press the powerbuttonand volume down to take screenshot - Set the path to savethescreenshot - Screenshot display, you can decide to save ordiscardscreenshots - Trim the captured screenshots - Painting onthescreenshot - Add mosaic - Add text - Browse and edit allhistoryscreenshots
Screen Recorder - Record with Facecam And Audio 2.0.8
Screen Recorder HD makes it faster and easier than ever torecordyour screen, record your apps and video games. You can eventurn onthe camera and microphone and cast right from your phone.Join over4 million people who have already downloaded ScreenRecorder HD. Itreally is the easiest way to screen record. KeyBenefits + HDscreen recording + Record audio with your built inmicrophone +Record your camera on top of the app you are using +Unlimitedrecording length + Top of the line user interface KeyFeatures +Simple to use + Create high quality screen recording withcamera
Snipping Tool - Screenshot Touch 1.12
Aloha Std
Snipping Tool is a free application that help you capturedevice'sscreen easily, conveniently. You can take a screenshotquicklywithout pressing any hardware button, just one touchforscreenshot. You can also edit screen capture image after thatwithmany powerful tools then share your file. With Snipping Tool,youcan: - Capture screen easily by: + Touch the overlay icon. +Waveyour hand over proximity sensor. - Edit screenshot with manytools:+ Rotate, crop image. + Draw on the captured image. + Addtext toimage. + And many other powerful tools. - Manage screencaptureimage (change name, zip, share and so on) - Support savescreencapture images as png, jpg, webp. Let's try capturing screenbySnipping Tool - Screenshot Touch free for android, you willenjoyit ^^ Note: - Application support Android 5.0 and up. -Applicationrequires WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Permission to savescreen captureimages to device storage. - ApplicationrequiresSYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW Permission to draw the fast captureicon overother applications. Thank you for using Snipping Tool -ScreenshotTouch. Any questions please contact email:[email protected]
Screenshot Assistant 1.0.6
Capture screenshot by holding the Home button.Features:•Cropscreenshot to the desired size• Save screenshot to thedevice•Share screenshot with your friendsMake sure batteryoptimization isdisabled for Screenshot Assistant:Huawei:• From theHome screennavigate to Settings• Open Advanced Settings• OpenBattery Manager•Open Protected apps• Activate the app protectionfor ScreenshotAssistant by pressing on the switch from the rightsideHow toconfigure the app:• From the Home screen navigate toSettings•Select Apps• Press Settings icon in the upper rightcorner• SelectAssist & voice input• Press Assist app and selectScreenshotAssistant
Private Screenshots 1.11.11
Intro Some apps detect when you're making screenshots onyourdevice. They also notifies person, which you're chattingwith,about the fact that you made screenshot. Now you canmakescreenshots completely privately. How it ensures privacy? Allfilessaved into private app's directory. App doesn't broadcastanymessage about new screenshot. Any other app can'taccessscreenshots directly. Only you can browse them, share ordelete.How it works? App launches 'presentation' mode on yourdevice andcaptures whole screen's content. It displays screenshotbutton, sojust press it and app will save current display's frameasscreenshot. How to use? ● Press START button ● Grant permissionstoallow capturing content of display ● Press screenshot buttoninorder to make screenshot ● Press and hold screenshot buttoninorder to return back to app ● Press STOP button in order toexitfrom 'presentation' mode What else? ● Everyone can vote fornewfeatures directly through app. Find menu item 'New features'andchoose the one you need first of all. ● App's shortcut forbuttonsStart/Stop available instantly from Home screen for usersofAndroid 7.1 and higher. Other users may add this shortcut viaapp'smenu.
Keypad Lock Screen 1.35
Keypad Lock screen is one of the best parallax effect LockForincreased security You have to just enable pin lock in settingsinthis application and create own password for unlock phonescreen.Features *Slide to unlock. *Enter pin to unlock. *A lotofbeautiful wallpapers to choose *Choose Unlock Animation*KeypadLock Screen also allows to use wallpaper from Your gallery*Unlocksound enable/disable. *Unlock vibration enable/disable.
Stay Alive! Keep screen awake
IMPORTANT: Fix app detection for Android 6 and 7 users. See inappinformation in about box for more details.Make your devicescreenStay Alive! when you need it.Most options are FREE anddonatoroptions are cheaper than simillar app on the store!Downloadour newapp Auto Exec! Easy Tasker! Stay Alive! donators get 10%rebate onAuto Exec! Easy Tasker.Keep your screen on when yourdevice isrunning your GPS application, favorite remote control,playing amovie or slideshow, etc... Perfect to keep your screen onwithoutdimming for application development. Your screen will nevergo backto sleep until you want it to...Choose when you want yourdevice toStay Alive!:FREE OPTIONS!• NEW: Full Android 5, 6 & 7support•On except if one of the applications you selected is inforeground•Only when you have power• Even if you are running onbatteries•When one of the applications you selected is inforeground• Can beautomatically disabled when you connect to yourcar or desktopdocking station• Prevent or allow Stay Alive! to dimyour screenwhen active• Protect your battery with minimum batterylevel autopause option• Easily pause Stay Alive! when not neededfrom thenotification zone. No need for a widget!• NO annoying ADS!•HOLOlight and dark themes!DONATORS OPTIONS!• NEW: Black screenfloatingclock• Display a black screen to prevent screen lock andsavebattery on AMOLED screens. Just touch the screen to wake up.•Autostart on boot• Hide top bar icon (Android 4.1+)• Automaticallykeepscreen on when plugged even if configured to stay on forspecificapps when unplugged• Keep screen on even when locked•Automaticallypause SA! with proximity sensor• Change configcolors!Easy poweroperation mode changes with the notificationicons! It will showyou which power mode you are using and allow youto quickly changebetween modes. You can also quickly activate theStay Alive forspecific application mode!Stay Alive! willautomatically disableitself then you manually turn off your device.It won't keep yourscreen on if your device wakes up when itreceives anotification.Stay Alive! will not change your displaytimeout valueor brightness settings. It will prevent your devicefrom going tosleep based on your needs. We made this application AdFree.Please, support this initiative by donating using the menuoptionin the application.Please use our email address for supportorfeature requests, as comments on Play Store don't allow metogather enough information or contact you.Privacy Policy: Wetakeyour privacy seriously. All permissions are needed for theapplocal operations and no information is used orexchanged.ContactUs:SupportForum:[email protected]:GET_TASKS- Needed to getforeground app name to keepalive.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS - Needed toget foreground app name tokeep alive on lollipop.READ_PHONE_STATE- Needed to disable StayAlive! if the device is off.WAKE_LOCK -Needed to keep the deviceAlive!WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Needed towrite the userconfiguration.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Needed to readthe userconfiguration.BILLING - Needed for thedonationoption!RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - Needed to auto start StayAlive! onbootWRITE_SETTINGS - Needed to be compatible with XIAOMIdevices.Do not use XIAOMI compatibility with other devices it isnotneeded.Tags: Screen Alive, Screen Awake, Galaxy Dim,Brightness,Timeout
Battery Saver 3.0
Battery Saver is a FREE battery saving app that makes yourbatterylast longerFeaturesOne-Click OptimizationInstantly find andfixbattery power consumption problemsPhone Cooler AlertsThe cooldownfeature works by systematically monitoring, managing, anddisablingCPU-intensive apps in order to reduce phone temperature toa safelevel and protect your hardwareApp Monitor Monitor and list'sallapps that drain power while not in use and remind user abouthighconsumption appsHealthy ChargeDisplay charge status in realtime,accurately estimates the remaining charge timeThis app isthesimplest and easiest way to keep your Android phone workingwellwhen you need it, and protect against poor charging,batteryhogging apps
Battery Saver 4.0
Battery Saver is a FREE battery saving app that makes yourbatterylast longerFeaturesOne-Click OptimizationInstantly find andfixbattery power consumption problemsPhone Cooler AlertsThe cooldownfeature works by systematically monitoring, managing, anddisablingCPU-intensive apps in order to reduce phone temperature toa safelevel and protect your hardwareApp Monitor Monitor and list'sallapps that drain power while not in use and remind user abouthighconsumption appsHealthy ChargeDisplay charge status in realtime,accurately estimates the remaining charge timeThis app isthesimplest and easiest way to keep your Android phone workingwellwhen you need it, and protect against poor charging,batteryhogging apps
Screenshot Easy 2.9.6
Ice Cold Apps
Screenshot Easy lets you take screenshots on your tablet, phoneorother Android device the easy way! The screen recorder allowsyouto capture a video which you can easily share with yourfriends.Capture full screen scroll pages, with the scrollingscreenshotfunctionality. Website screenshot captures a full sizeweb page inhigh quality. Use the easiest screenshot app to not onlytakesnapshots but also view, edit or share them directly. ★Forfree★Depending on your device you can use the following triggers:•Overlay icon • Hidden overlay area • Notification icon click•Shake • Camera hardware button • Custom shortcut • Widget •Locale,Tasker plugin support • Power connect/disconnect ★Featuringscreenrecording using the screen record functionality!★ Screencapture: •Screenshot • Screen Record • Website Screenshot •ScrollingScreenshot Features: • Scroll capture (Browser: Share URL)• Imageeditor • Drawing • Layers • Emoticons • Text • Transparency•Website screenshot: Full size!! • Screen recorder • Encoder (MP4)•Framerate • Bitrate • Audio • Crop (Rotate, Aspect ratio, Shape)•Customize • Join: Images / Videos • Trim: Video • ZIP •Viewer(Photo / Video) • Delay • Image format (JPG, PNG, WEBP) •Quicksettings tile • Folders • File Manager • Shortcut • Norootrequired • And more! Use the subfolders option to categorizeyourscreen captures to, for example, prevent Instagramscreenshotsmixing with Facebook captures. This way you can createseparatefolders for your favorite app, site or game video and don'tneed touse a file manager. For questions, comments or featurerequestsjust contact us! Visit us on: https://icecoldapps.comFollow us onTwitter: Like us onFacebook: Notice: Some devicesare notable to capture secure pages like banking apps or Youtubeprotectedcontent. Permissions: Internet: Website Screenshot Audio:ScreenRecording
Screenshot 2.0.97
Easy Screenshot gives you the easiest way to capture yourscreeninto images, it is the best snapshot tool. 1. You can takeascreenshot by touching the shot icon (only support on rootedphonesand OS 2.3) or pressing power button and volume down buttonat thesame time, or pressing power button and home button at thesametime(on most Samsung phones). 2. You can specify the folderswhichthe screenshots will be saved as images. 3. You can previewthescreenshot and decide saving it or discarding it. 4. Cropinganypart of the screenshot. 5. Drawing on the screenshot. 6.Makingmosaics on the screenshot. 7. Inputing custom text onthescreenshot. 8. Sharing the screenshot after it’s taken.
LockScreen 3.0
Touch the shortcut to lock your device. (Quicky lockyourphone)NOTE: “This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.”only for lock your phone screen task**To uninstall theapp, pleasego to the setting page and click the "Remove deviceadministrator"button**Have a bug happen on Android 6.0.1 Samsungdevices. Whenyou lock and unlock, it requires password to unlock-Will find afix soon
Proximity Service 2.2.2
Proximity Service uses your device's proximity sensor to controlthescreen on/off state. Simply covering the sensor will turn thescreenoff whilst keeping the device awake - perfect for games thatneed tobe running in the foreground but don't need yourcontinuousattention. Flip your phone on a table, place it in yourpocket, oruse any other means to cover the proximity sensor. Assoon as thesensor is uncovered, the screen will come back on. Thisapp is opensource - follow the website link at the bottom of thisPlay Storelisting for the GitHub repo.
Butterfly locksreen 2.9
A beautiful lock screen with Butterfly live wallpaper themeforAndroid devices, surport pin/pattern lock for lock security,Thisapp will give you a chance to watch beautiful and relaxingscenerydirectly on your lock screen, The flying butterflies andflashingfireflies will turn your phone into a insects wonder. It isthebest choice for you if you like to relax after work or studybywatching beautiful scenery. Features: 1. Simulate the animationoffluttering butterflies. 1. Simulate the flashing signalsanimationof firefly. 3. Support unlock sound settings,you have tenniceringtones to choose. 4. Support set pin password via keypadlockscreen for lock security. 5. Support pattern lock forlocksecurity. 6. Support customize unlock text,device name andoperatorname. 7. Support customize wallpaper. 8. Supportdisplaynotifications such as unread messages ,unread mail,missedcall andso on in lock screen. 9. Support 'slide tounlock',including 'slideup to unlock','slide down to unlock','slideleft to unlock' and'slide right to unlock'. 10. Support displaywidget in lockscreen(Recommend music widget) 11. Support changeclock/date textcolor,text size and text fonts. 12. Support swipe toremovenotification 13. Support change themes for settingbackground. 14.Blur wallpaper with unread notifications. 15.Support random keypador password to enhance the security for yourphone 16. Supportunlock animation. 17. Support music control How touse? thisapp's settings,then this 'Butterfly live wallpaperlock screen'will start to work. 2.You can preview the screen lockby clickingthe 'preview' option no matter when you change anysettings. 3.Youcan change the unlock ways by clicking the 'Slide tounlock style'option and select the corresponding option. FAQ Q:What should I doif I encounter double lock screen? A:You can click'Disable SystemScreen Lock' option to close system screen lock orset to none.Q:When I turn on the notifications,it talks back to mewhileoperating my phone. A:Please turn off 'Talkback' inAccessibilityof System setting. Q:This lock screen sometimes notwork? A:Itmeans that this lock screen had been killed,This happenswhen thesystem is in low memory while you are playing games or youstarttoo many applications. In order to avoid this you can toggleon the'Advanced Settings' to tell the system not to kill it whileon lowmemory. Q:How to uninstall?A:Settings-->Security-->Deviceadministrators,Deactivate theapplication,then you can uninstallnormally. This ‘Butterfly livewallpaper lock screen’ has beentested on latest devices such asSamsung Galaxy S3/S4,Nexus 5/7,HTCone and Sony Xperia Z. Pleasecontact us if your device is notsupported. This application iscompletely free of charge,sodownload it to enjoy the wonder worldof butterflies, In addition,share it with your friends if youreally like thisapplication,Thanks!
Zip Lock Screen Prank 1.9.4
Zip lock screen is a fun and free application forentertainmentpurposes.Zipper Lock Screen is a stylized lock screenapplication.A funny photo zip displays on your lock screen whileyour phone islocked and you can unzip the image to unlock yourphone. It comeswith cute HD wallpapers and beautifulbackgrounds.You can use theapplication to lock your phone screen.Slider lock screen is veryeasy to use. All you have to: drag theslider down and the phonescreen is unlocked. Inside of theapplication you will findbeautiful backgrounds in highdefinition.Zip lock screen is atotally free application for yoursmart phone.Features:✔ Full HDgraphics.✔ 4 Beautiful themes.✔Customized wallpaper changer forlock screen.✔ Can be set as ascreen locker.✔ Awesome soundeffects.✔ Zipper Lock Screen is one ofthe best Lock screen app inplay store.✔ Zipper Lock Screen Works aseven offline also.✔ ZipLock Screen is free for you to download.ThisZip lock screen isdesigned for entertainment purposes only.
Screen Master: Screenshot & Longshot, Photo Markup
Screen Master is a free, easy-to-use, no rooting requiredscreenshot& photo markup tool. With Screen Master, you cancapture screenby touching the floating button or shaking device,lets you takescreenshots on your tablet, phone or other Androiddevice the easyway! Screen Master also provides a variety ofannotation featuressuch as crop, add text, pixelated image, drawarrow, rect, circleand more. Lets you easily edit and markup yourscreenshots andquickly share it with your friends! ► Advantages:1. Small size,less than 5MB 2. Totally FREE, without any in-apppurchase 3. Norooting required, No restrictions on use 4.HIGH-QUALITY screenshot,saved without any loss, support PNG format5. A variety of imageannotation features 6. Web page wholecapture, quickly save webpageas image 7. Support save screenshotsto external SD card 8. SupportAndroid 7.0 Shortcuts and QuickTilefeatures 9. Support longscreenshot and stitching photos ► KeyFeatures: ★ Take Screenshots:Screen Master provides a variety offeatures to take a screenshot -Floating button: An simple buttonthat is displayed on top ofeverything, just one-click to take ascreenshot - Shaking device:Shaking your device to take ascreenshot - Web capture: The simplestway to take a full pagescreenshot of your web page, just share theurl to Screen Master -Long screenshot: Support long screen capturefunction to easilycapture the entire screen ★ Photo Markup: - Cropand rotate image:can be cut into rectangular, round, star, triangleand other shapes- Blur image: pixelate the image to cover areas youdo not want toshow - Magnify image: zoom in your selected sectionwith loupe -Add emoji sticker: Make your pictures look lively andinteresting -Add text on photo: can be customized text color,background,shadow, stroke, style, size and more - Annotate picture,all toolsyou need: Arrow, Rect, Circle, Pen - Large picture can bedirectlyannotated and do not have to be cropped first - Notonlyscreenshots but all pictures are supported, you could importphotofrom gallery, HD save and share with your friends ► Notice:ScreenMaster can't capture secure pages, such as Youtubeprotectedcontent, pages in a banking app, or a password input pageIf youhave any comments or suggestions on Screen Master, pleasecontactus at [email protected] We appreciate your feedback!
Rotation Control 2.3.1
HDM Dev Team
Can force a particular rotation on apps with fixedscreenorientation. A simple design with functions that are easytounderstand and use. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Recommendedforpeople who: - Want to use their smartphone home screen inlandscapemode - Want to use landscape mode games or video apps inportraitmode - Want to always use their tablet in landscape mode -Want toswitch between fixed orientations with one tap via thestatus bar=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Features ►Rotationsettings Canconfigure the rotation of the screen. ►NotificationsettingsControl the rotation of the screen easily from thenotificationbar. ►Per App rotation settings Can configure differentrotationsfor each apps. Rotates to your preset screen orientationuponstarting the application. Returns to the originalscreenorientation on closing the application. ►Special casesettingsDetects when chargers or earphones are connected androtates toyour preset screen orientation. Returns to the originalscreenorientation when they are removed. This is a free versionthatallows you to check the app's operations and functions. Itwillexpire 2 days after installation. Proversion : the screen rotates based on a sensor.Landscape : thescreen is fixed to a horizontal orientation.Landscape (Reverse) :the screen is fixed horizontal upside down.Landscape (Auto) :rotates automatically to a horizontalorientation based on a sensor.Portrait : the screen is fixed to avertical orientation. Portrait(Reverse) : the screen is fixedvertical upside down. Portrait(Auto) : rotates automatically to avertical orientation based on asensor. * Some of the direction ofrotation may not corresponddepending on device specifications.This is not an issue with theapp. This app uses accessibilityservice. This is used to detectwhen an app is launched or closedand allows you to change therotation actions for each app. Thisinformation is not stored orshared.
Gravity Screen - On/Off
It turns automatically the screen off when you put your phoneintoyour pocket or onto a table. And turns the screen on when youtakeit out or up. No need to touch any button and you are ready togo.It's especially helpful if your lock key is hard to reach orthepower button is broken. The most popular screen on/offapp.Reviewed by LifeHacker, MakeUseOf, TheNextWeb, Gizmodo andmanyothers ... KEY FEATURES • Pocket Sensor: Turns the screen offifyour phone is in your pocket. • Table Sensor: Detects your phoneislying on a table and turn it off if not in use. • Turn Screen OnbyMotion: If the screen is off and it's facing up the device canbewoken up by moving it. • Keep Screen On by Motion - Rise toWake:It keeps the screen on while you are watching the screen. Itrelieson the small movements of your hand while holding the device.•Smart Lock support: It's a workaround to make the Smartlockfeature work fine on devices with Lollipop. • Locale plug-infor:Tasker, Llama and others UNLOCKED by IN-APP PURCHASE •Betterperformance • Widgets, Shortcuts • Wider range for Rise toWakeTimeout • Wider range for Table Sensor • Suspend in Landscapemode• Exclude Apps option BATTERY USAGE It should be notsignificant. Iexperienced about 6 per cent extra consumption on thetest device.However it can be much higher by often using the Riseto Wakefeature. Thus, keep your phone face down if you want tosaveenergy. UNINSTALL Please, use the Uninstall button in the app.Dueto Android restriction the app cannot be uninstalled on anormalway. FAQ: This app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission. This app uses Accessibilityservices.
AZ Screen Recorder - No Root 5.1.1
Featured on Google Play Home Page, Android Police, Yahoo News,CNET,Android Central, Droid-Life and more. AZ Screen Recorder isthe bestapp to record the screen of your Lollipop. It does NOTrequire rootaccess, no time limit, no watermark, ad free and veryeasy to usewith one action to start and stop recording. Thisscreen recordingapp will let you make beautiful screencast videosby providing everyfeature that you need in a simple and elegantuser experiencedesign. AZ screen recorder lets you record yourscreen to HD andFullHD videos and it is the only screencast app inthe Androidmarket that can be paused and resumed while recording.You can alsorecord audio from the mic and it is automaticallymuxed into thescreencast videos. That makes it very convenient tocreate tutorial,promotional video, comment about your game andgameplay or recordvideo chat. The floating window always stayingon top will let yousnap at the exact moment on any screen. In thesettings, you canenable screen touches so the people who arewatching your videoswill know exactly what you are doing.Additionally, there are manyother features in this free screenrecorder such as setting videoresolution, bit-rate, screenorientation, customized timer to stop,saving directory selection,view/share or delete your recordedvideos... All of them are freefor you! Our goal is to develop thebest free screen recorder thatmakes everyone satisfied but if youwant to support us and/or wantto upgrade to pro version, you canbuy the donation package and getthe super cool and unique featuresthat cannot be found from anyother screen recorder in the market :★ Magic button : a buttonthat controls your recording withoutshowing anything on thescreen. Thus, your video viewers will solelyfocus on the app, thegame or whatever you want to screencast. ★Overlay front camera :you can record your face and your emotions ina small overlaywindow, which can be dragged freely to any positionon the screenand customized to any size and opacity. ★ Countdowntimer : isthere something you have to prepare before recording ?Don't worry,the countdown timer will wait until you are ready tostart and snapat the moment you want. ★ Draw on screen : thisunique feature ishuge when making a tutorial. You can emphasize,draw a symbol ormark something with any chosen color directly onyour screen. ★Trim videos : the screencast can be long and containsunnecessaryinformation, you can trim the parts you don't want tomake yourvideos even more impressive. ★ Live stream: you can recordyourscreen and live stream to different social networks Our HUGEthanksto Bruno Mioto, Jose Castillo, droidiat, Chau Thai andSimonMehringer for helping us translating this screen recording apptoPortuguese, Spanish, Arabic, German, French and Korean. If youhaveany feedback, bug reports, suggestions or you can help withthetranslations, please contact us at [email protected]
Dimly - Screen Dimmer 0.7.2
With Dimly you can easily decrease the brightness of yourscreenbeyond the default lowest setting and block light harmful toyoureyes. It's ideal for late night reading/gaming or general useofyour device in low light surroundings.FeaturesDisplayback-lightdimmingBlue light filteringCustomizable minimum andmaximumbrightness levelsShake to restore brightnessAuto stoptimerSimpleuser interface designed for ease of useLightweight &smallmemory footprintPremium featuresAd freeAuto start timerUsingtheshake to restore brightness featureJust toggle the power buttonandshake. This allows you to restore brightness to your screen ifsettoo low or the surrounding light is too bright (e.g. youwentoutdoors and you can't read the screen).What usersaresaying"Extremely useful and simple to use. Better thanotheralternatives.""...It's now part of my bedtime routine : ) Andit'ssuper easy to use...."Permission detailsdraw over other apps.Usedfor dimming your screen.view network connections and fullnetworkaccess. Used for serving ads.
Mobizen Screen Recorder for SAMSUNG
The Screen Recorder you were looking for! ▶Recepient ofGoogle's‘Best of 2016 Apps’ Award. ▶The Screen Recorder Chosen by100million users worldwide. ▶Featured by GooglePlaystore-----Featured in many markets, such as Korea, USA, Europe,Japan,North America, South America, etc. How to Make the PerfectFirstVideo? ㆍClear Screen Recording in FULL HD! ※ HighestQualitysupplied ▷ 1080P(2k) Resolution, 12.0Mbps Quality, 60 FPSㆍCaptureyour reactions freely while recording game sound and yourvoicewith Facecam! ㆍYou can record long videos without worryingwhilesaving onExternal Memory (SD Card)! ㆍ(Trim, Cut, Images,etc.)Raise the quality of your video with a Variety of VideoEditingFeatures! ㆍPut in your favorite BGM and an Intro & OutroVideoto make a personalized video! ㆍRecord a clean screen WithoutaWatermark with Clean Recording Mode! Available Only withMobizenㆍAnyone can use it with No rooting starting from OS 4.4!ㆍUseScreen Recording, Capture, and Editing all for FREE! ㆍYoucanRemove the Watermark for FREE! Have Any Question whileUsingMobizen? You can keep up-to-date with Mobizen Features, News,andthe continually growing Mobizen Community through thefollowingsites! ㆍHelp Center: support.mobizen.comㆍㆍCommunity: UsBetter the App Have you seen any weird words in Mobizen?ㆍLanguageVolunteer☞ ※ Note -Storerecorded file: screen recorded with Mobizen will be saved ontheuser device only. - To experience all the features ofMobizenScreen Recorder, you must agree to Storage, Camera, Mic, andDrawover Apps Permissions. Don't hesitate and download Mobizen now!
Screen Dimmer 1.0.2
If your screen is so bright and you want to reduce thebrightness.You need this application called "Screen Dimmer"."Screen Dimmer"application helps you adjust screen brightness toany level. Youcan adjust brightness from 0% to 100% with this app.Features -Adjust screen brightness to the minimum. - Auto startafter reboot.- Able to open application via notification bar. -Stable, lowestmemory usage, minimum battery usage. - Easy to use.Just choosepercent of brightness you want to set from seek bar. -Smallestsize of application. - No permission required. - Emergencybuttonto turn off the service in case of black screen in somedevices oraccidentally set the brightness to 0%.
photo keypad lock screen 1.3
Photo keypad lock screenLock screen by keypad (passcode)withphotoLock screen password photoLock screen by keypad with photoinscreenLock screen very high security, nice and smoothFast,simple,easy to use and very beautifulCreate a separate image foreach lockbuttonThe best lock screen application, to help youprotect yourprivacy, prevent others invade your phoneillegallyFeature- Thisapp is easy to use and very beautiful- Easyto customize your lockscreen- Support set pin password for locksecurity- Enter pin tounlock.- Create password to lock your phone-A lot of beautifulwallpapers to choose, have mutilple beautifulwallpapers- This alsoallows to use wallpaper from Your gallery-Create a separate imagefor each lock button- You can add photos ofrelatives for the lockscreen button- Personalize your lock screen-Consume less memoryand battery- Disable HOME/MENU/BACK button inPattern Lockscreen,it means that no one can access your phonewithout right passwordor passcode (very security)- Consume lessmemory and battery,simple and clean design- Support mutiplelanguage and devices-Support over 60 languages- Support almostphones and tablet devices
Ez Screen Recorder (no ad) 2.1.4
Ez Screen Recorder help you get your screen recorded moreeasilythan ever before. You could record your game screen, livechat,live streaming, live broadcast, and everything you like withjustone click. Most importantly, all of the functions are totallyfreeand with no ads.★ no Root needed★ free and with no ads★supportandroid 6.0 ★ light weight sizeMain features:➤ FrontCameraRecording Customizable front camera preview window that canbeplace at anywhere, you could even enable/disable itduringrecording➤ Mic Recording Record your speech in realtime ➤HighQuality Recording/Screenshot Record with HD quality (720P,1080P),multiple bit rates and fps are supported➤ Customized MenuHighlycustomizable menu that you can decide it's transparency andsize➤Instant Start/Stop Control your record with drop-downnotificationwith just a simple click➤ Video Manager Built in videomanager thatmanages all your clips, playback and edit them with nopain➤ TrimVideo Trim the videos you recorded with this app ➤Instant SharingShare your clips instantly to other platforms likeYoutube,twitter, and whatsapp