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Popcorn Cooking Maker 1.3
Are you bored of noodles or chips? Want to eat somethingdifferentand delicious? Sure, Its time to have popcorn. And do youwant totaste different kind of popcorn? Sweet, Salty, spicy,cheese,chili, choco and BBQ? What if they are wild and crazy? ThisPopcornMaking Time game allow kids of all ages to become a popcornchefwith the true experience of cooking kernels virtually on yoursmartphones. So no kitchen mess at all. Cook the hot corns andthendress up and decorate to give stylish makeover look toyourcreation. Also put some funky naughty faces on baskets for afunlook. Select your favourite flavour. Heat your tasty cornalongwith cooking oil and salt. When its ready to go, watch thempoppingout. Start decorating with your imaginations. When you aredone.Now you can share these popcorns with others (Monkeyandpeople).Features:* Attractive and colorful visuals* Popcornmakinggame for everyone* Kids friendly content* Compatible withalldevices and tablets* Topping for basket and cheseDisclaimer:*ThisFree app contains AdsPlease rate us if you like this game.
Popcorn Maker - Ads Free 1.0.2
Play Ink Studio
** Enjoy the FUN with No Ads hinderance **Do you know how to pop Popcorns? This free brand newpopcornmaker cooking game would let you find out. So come on kids,boys,girls and adults, make your favorite organic homemade popcornspopand enjoy while watching your pet movie in the theatre or infrontof your TV.♥♥♥ Story ♥♥♥You can have your homemade organic nutritious kernels in themorningas a quick breakfast as well. Or you can have YOUR darlingsalty orsweet pops with Jingo Mingo; your cute little friend ofIce CandyMaker 2, in the afternoon coffee break in place ofcupcakes, cakesor other Bakery items.Popcorn maker 2 is a versatile street food kids cookinggame.Declare war on hunger but instead of overeating, enjoy yourvirtualnaughty jumping dancing kernels that may satisfy your hungerpangsas well and keep you fit, smart and active.So everybody is invited to give it a try and learn how tomakedelicious healthy popcorns and let the Master Chef in you openhiseyes. Popcorns are not so difficult to make after all, withthisfun free maker / cooking game for anybody. This game is asweettreat especially for kids and girls who like to cook and bakeandto decorate their lovely creations.♥♥♥ Lovely ♥♥♥You can let us know at playinkstudio@gmail.comthathow the yummy Popcorns taste that you made or if you hadanytrouble making them. Have Fun and Be Happy!★★ FEATURES ★★===============• Easy finger tap gameplay• Choose the flavor you are in mood of eating like spicy, Bar BQandmany more• Cook them in the Coconut or Olive oil• See them pop in the popcorn making machine• Enjoy your homemade organic nutritious Popcorns in cinemaortheatre★★ HIGHLIGHTS ★★===============• Fun, Free fried Popcorn, Movie / Street Food GameforEVERYONE• Add Ons, Side orders, Baskets and Backgrounds for funandbeauty• Beautiful high quality HD visuals• Pleasing background MusicPopcorn Maker 2 is a lovable sweet cooking / maker game inGoogleMarket for your Android device.This App supports Android 2.2(Froyo) to Android 4.x IceCreamSandwich and Jellybean
Popcorn Factory Chef Mania 1.0.3
Hey Kids! Here we introduce the new Popcorn Factory Thrillerafterthe success of Ice Cream Factory & tomato ketchup Factorygame.Enjoy the Popcorn Factory Simulator game and the real worldfactorysimulation setting. Popcorn factory is crazy popcorn makinggamefor kids. Kids love to bake and make food in the kitchen.Let’sthink a bit bigger! Work as a popcorn factory worker andmakepopcorn in large factory plants and machinery. This game willletyou learn the whole process of popcorn making, from growingcornplants in the farmer farm to cooking of popcorn in factorymachineplants. Little boys and girls get ready to be the part offactorymania & adventure. This game is as much fun as ice creamfever& candy factory. Farming Corn In farm Land Dig up the farmlandand seed the corn plants. Water the veggies and take care ofthefarm. Wait for corn grows up and then harvest the crops. Plucktheripe corn and fill them in the boxes for delivery truck. CornGrainExtraction Put the corn in to the machine and extract thecorngrains. Then cleanup and wash the grains to remove rottengrains.Dryer Process After washing and extracting corn grains thenextprocess is drying the corn. Little star chef to dry the cornpassit through the high temperature dryers. Cooking & PopcornMakerProcess Add caramel, sweetener, cheese and other flavor intheplant. Heat it up for few hours and the delicious popcornsareready for fill. Fill the popcorn in the packets and deliver ittosuper markets, shop, bakery and different restaurants.Thiscookingmania game is fun & adventure game with real factoryprocesses.Cook like a star chef and make this carnival food withfun fair.Enjoy your popcorn!
Popcorn Maker - Cooking Game 1.1.9
Do you know how to pop Popcorns? This free brand new popcornmakercooking game would let you find out. So come on kids, boys,girlsand adults, make your favorite organic homemade popcorns popandenjoy while watching your pet movie in the theatre or in frontofyour TV. ★★ FEATURES ★★ ===============• Easy finger tapgameplay•Choose the flavor you are in mood of eating like spicy,Bar BQ andmany more• Cook them in the Coconut or Olive oil• Seethem pop inthe popcorn making machine• Enjoy your homemade organicnutritiousPopcorns in cinema or theatre• Fun, Free fried Popcorn,Movie /Street Food Game for EVERYONE• Kids friendly content •Suitable forthe whole family♥♥♥ Story ♥♥♥You can have your homemadeorganicnutritious kernels in the morning as a quick breakfast aswell. Oryou can have YOUR darling salty or sweet pops with JingoMingo;your cute little friend of Ice Candy Maker 2, in theafternooncoffee break in place of cupcakes, cakes or otherBakeryitems.Popcorn maker 2 is a versatile street food kids cookinggame.Declare war on hunger but instead of overeating, enjoy yourvirtualnaughty jumping dancing popcornflix kernels that may satisfyyourhunger pangs as well and keep you fit, smart and active.Soeverybody is invited to give popcorn maker bakery a try andlearnhow to make delicious healthy popcorns with this dora cookinggameand let the star Master Chef in you open his eyes. Popcorns arenotso difficult to make after all, with this fun free maker /cookingand a learning game for kids and girls or anybody. Thislearninggame is a sweet treat especially for kids and girls wholike doracooking games or to cook and bake and to decorate theirlovelycreations.App supports Android 2.2(Froyo) to Android 4.x IceCreamSandwich andJellybean.Disclaimer:--------------------------Thisfree gamecontains ads.OK then have a good day and get some time toplay!!
Pop The Corn! 1.0.6
Aim, fire & score points! Toss your popcorn onto guestswhileyou sitting in the theater! An addictive, cool game! Superfuncooking games! Use the microwave but make sure your popcorndoesn’texplode! Popcorn Makin’ Mania! Pop, season, decorate &gobbleup this tasty snack! Popcorn Makin’ Mania Start the maniabypulling kernels off the corn cob! Track progress & pointswiththe sidebar, Now pop it up! Choose between 4 cool methodslike:microwave, pot, pan & popcorn machine! Popcorn ChefMiniGamesCookin up popcorn is fun! Tap the kernels as they cook inthepot and watch them fly up! Careful not to let the popcornexplodewhile it’s cooking in the microwave!Delicious Decorating&SeasoningGive your popcorn a little flavor when you addseasoningfrom a delicious selection of 8 different toppings! Giveyourpopcorn bucket personality when you decorate it withdifferentstyles of hair, eyes, mouths & more!Toss In Some Fun!In thispopcorn mini game, sit in the theater, take your popcorn andaimthem at another moviegoer! Score points as you pelt otherpatrons-they’ll even give you an angry look when you hitthem!Features:> Pull kernels from the corn cob to get yourpopcornready for popping! > Slide to choose from four differentcookingmethods: microwave, pan, pot, & popcorn machine!>Watch yourprogress and your score with the progress bar! > Stiryourpopcorn to watch it color and give it some flavor! > Tapoptionsto decorate your popcorn with choice of bucket styles,mouths,eyes, hands and more! Decorate your cup and straw too! >Take apicture of your tasty popcorn and show it to family &friendsonce you’re done! What's inside:> 4 different sizes ofbucketsto begin your popcorn fun!> 4 cooking games for poppingthepopcorn: Microwave, Pot, Pan & Machine!> 4 extra minigames:Pulling Kernels, Toss The Popcorn, Poppin’ in the Pot&Microwave! > 8 different varieties of flavors to seasonyourpopcorn! > 11 different styles of cups to choose from!>20straws to select and personalize your cup!> 10 buckets tochoosefrom to give your popcorn some personality! > 50 differentwaysto decorate your bucket: mouths, eyes, ties &more!ABOUTTabTaleA Google Play Top Developer, recognized for itscommitmentto launching high-quality and innovative apps on Android.With over1.5 billion downloads and growing, TabTale has establisheditselfas the creator of pioneering virtual adventures that kidsandparents love. TabTale’s apps spark children’s imaginationsandinspire them to think creatively, while having fun!Search“TabTale” on Google Play and discover more incredibleapps.Visitus: us:@TabtaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at: FOR PARENTSThe app is free to playbutcertain in-game items may require payment. You may restrictin-apppurchases by disabling them on this device. The app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.Privacyisimportant to us. The app may enable collection of limited userdataby TabTale or its carefully selected providers (e.g. adnetworksand analytics) for limited legal purposes described in ourPrivacyPolicy (e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyzeandimprove the app’s features and services; serve contextual ads).Bydownloading or using the app you accept our PrivacyPolicy: and Terms ofUse: and permit such uses forusers ofyour device.
Movie Night - Popcorn & Candy! 1.0
Hugs N Hearts
It's movie night, let's get the food party started! Become aDIYparty chef and create your own treats such as nachos,chocolatecandies, hot dogs and much more. Make movie night moreamazing withfun and tasty food right from your own virtual chef'skitchen!Noparty is complete without a big bowl of popcorn ornachos! Spendsome time in the kitchen whipping up these delicioustreats fromscratch. Cook hot dogs and burgers, mix and make sodaflavors,decorate chocolate candy and make nachos with all thetoppings inthe kitchen. It's your party, you get to decide!MovieNight Party!lets you do more than just make tasty DIY treats, itlets youdecorate them however you like! For example, you can createbutterypopcorn or even bake up some fancy old fashioned popcornwith newflavors. No limits, just treats!Features:- Be a party chefand makeyour own DIY movie night food!- Create nachos, candy, hotdogs,sodas and more.- Decorate your movie meal with all sortsofdesigns.How to Play:- Use the touch screen to select a partyfoodto create.- Add toppings, condiments and other deliciousextras.-Share your best DIY creations with friends!Download forFREENOW!Wanna have more fun? We would love to hear from you!Find usonFacebook at onTwitterat more informationabout HugsN Hearts, please visit about Movie Night - Popcorn & Candy, pleasevisit
Popcorn Maker - Cooking Game 1.0.2
Hi girls. Let's play a new awesome girlgame.You have a shop business with a lot of customers. They came toyourshop to buy popcorn, flavor, drinks, and candies and yourmissionis to serve them as quickly as possible because they don'tlike towait to much. Get ready to begin the work because thecustomers areabout to come. As you correctly serve your customersyou mustcollect them money and complete the level. In each levelyou mustreach a certain amount of money to go further. Everycustomer asksfor something and you must serve him quickly with theorderdemanded. Select the correct popcorn box, fill it withpopcorn, addtopping and give to the customer before he leaves andcollectmoney. This cooking game is a challenge so prove that youare agood seller. Have fun and leave us a review if you likethispopcorn maker game.
Popcorn Candy Cake 1.0.11
bweb media
Do you love sweets? Well if that is a yes then you will justlovethis Popcorn Candy Cake cooking game. Now you can easily makeafantastic candy treat by preparing, mixing, and cooking allyouringredients ready before pouring it into your special tray.Nextyou can slice your marshmallows into small cubes ready forcookingwith your butter. Once you have finished cooking you canthen addyour candy treats and popcorn before mixing them alltogether readyfor freezing. Once you have frozen your popcorn candycake you canthen enjoy your hard work by eating all your popcorncandy cakeuntil it is all gone!Features: PREPARE, mix and cookyouringredients ready for pouring. POUR your ingredients into a tryandlet it sit. SLICE your ingredients into small squares readyforcooking. COOK your butter and marshmallows in your heated pan.ADDyour popcorn and candy treats into your cake mix ready formixing.FREEZE your popcorn candy cake until it is set. EAT allyourpopcorn candy cake up until it is all gone.
Popcorn Popper 1.0
Piggy Pop
Planning to go to theatre, cinema or just chill out at home?Runyourown popcorn stand and start making some crispy, salty andyummypopcorns. Popcorn Popper lets you experience the true cookingofkernels virtually on your smart phones. Dress up and decoratetogive stylish makeover look to your creation.Kids would enjoythisto the fullest, we hope.
Magic Popcorn Maker 2 1.0.1
Mr Plum
Are you bored of old popcorn making games,Noworries, Mr Plum brings you the new Magic Popcorn Makercookinggames for girls and kids who want to run their own popcornsstandor want to make fresh popcorns at home in kids kitchen game.Youcan enjoy all these features in this Magic Popcorn Makercookinggame.Popcorns are famous in street fast food and most commonlyeatenmovie food and usually served in movie theaters either sweetorsalted topped with butter or spices. You'll definitely enjoythiskids kitchen game.Download Magic Popcorn maker NOW .=Features=• Kids friendly making game.• Easy Tap and Drag cooking Gameplay.• Popcorns games Suitable for the whole family• Kids friendly contentIf you like our popcorns game, don’t forget to rate us. Visitourpage for more maker games, fun games and kids kitchengames.
Popcorn Maker 1.1.4
Want to pop some corns? Here’s your very own-Popcorn Maker! Stella loves to make popcorns to satisfyyourcraving for a snack. To provide you with the most scrumptiousbunchof popcorns you’ve ever had in the most convenient way-rightthrough your phone!Watching a movie at home, partying with friends in the theatreorout on a movie spree with your best friends in the mosthappeningcinemas of the city –it is always incomplete without somepopped upMr. Kernels. We present you the solution –your very ownPopcornMaker.Popcorn Maker – the latest cooking game of its kind, allowsyouto kill your hunger, whenever you want, wherever you want. YournewPopcorn Maker won’t ever let the teeny tiny wish of yourgrumblingbelly down- you just need to pop ‘em, salt ‘em, butter ‘emor usesome caramel topping; toss up your popped kernels just theway youwant. Be careful not to overcook, remember- burnt corns aretheworst corns! Now give your taste buds a treat and hurry up!You’vesome kernels to pop! Happy popping!Features:✔ Thousands of possible combinations for making your veryownpopcorn.✔ Several unique decoration categories, each with 10+ items –allunlocked from the very start.✔ Completely free – no strings attached.✔ You can save your created popcorns and show it to your friendsandfamily.✔ Colorful, vibrant visuals.ABOUT ICAWA growing network for Game lovers since 2013 with over 30Milliondownloads. ICAW has been trying to provide the best qualityvirtualadventure to the users in different categories i.e. Casual,Roleplaying, Arcade, Family and Educational. Our struggle continuestomeet the satisfaction of our loyal users by introducing ourgamesin more categories in their super favorite art styles!!Hit the search button and type ICAW on Google Play and discovermoreapps.Visit us: us: us: us:Your feedback is very important!! Contact us 24/7 at MESSAGE FOR PARENTS:*Most of our apps are free we don't offer in-game purchases ineverygame but some games has the in-app purchases feature that maybepurchased with real money. Parents can restrict in-app purchasesbydisabling them on your device,* By Downloading our app you agree to ICAW's Privacy policyandTerms of use at andat
Popcorn - Cooking game 1.17
Everyone loves homemade popcorn and now you can make ityourself.Master the art of making popcorn and prove that you arethe bestpopcorn maker! First you must shred the corn. Then put thecorngrains on the hot stove and watch them as they explodeintodelicious popcorns. While watching, you can also pop cornsbyyourself. When they are done you can serve them on a colorfulpaperplate, along with decorations such as cookies, chocolates,candiesor toys. Now, all you have to do is eat your crispy popcornswhilepartying or watching movies with family and friends. Aftercookingand serving your tasty snack, you can also take up thechallenge ofa slide puzzle minigame. In addition, you can take asnapshot ofyour masterpiece to show it to your friends. Features: ★beautifulhigh quality HD graphics ★ intuitive, easy to useinterface ★infinite gameplay with unlimited combinations ★ hugeselection ofingredients and decorations such as spices, cookies,sweets andtoys ★ screenshots can be saved in your photo gallery toshow themto your friends ★ slide puzzle minigame
Pop Pop Popcorn 1.2.0
Now includes:+ sound control, vibration+ difficulty settings+ link to sequel - Popcorn 2Pop the kernels of corn, but don't let them burn! Try to popthemall without burning any. A simple game to while away thetime.Check out the sequel - Popcorn 2: Pop Pop Away for an evenricherand more challenging experience
Kids Movie Night 1.0.9
It's movie time! Join the kids for a movie night packed with tonsoffun-filled activities! Run your very own movie theater!Selltickets, serve popcorn and soda, help the kids find theirseats& more! What's better than a movie night? Running yourvery ownmovie theater! Help customers find their seats, makedelicioussnacks (like popcorn & soda), & so much more! Youcan evendecorate your very own movie poster - name the movie,choose atheme & dress up the kids! Enter the movie postercompetition& vote for your favorite posters! How will thismovie nightend? Buy a ticket to find out;) Features: > Dress upthe actorsin tons of stylish outfits! > Help the kids find theirseats& the right theater! > Make & serve yummy snackslikepopcorn & soda! > Design your very own movie poster -choosea theme & movie name! > Enter the movie postercompetition.Will your poster win 1st prize? > Shine a flashlighton noisymoviegoers... quiet in the theater! > Help themoviegoers findtheir missing items in the Lost & Found! >Run the ticketbooth - assign everyone seats & hand out tickets!> Fix thebroken movie projector with real-life tools!
Popcorn Maker Game 0.0.8
The purpose of the game is to pop cornseedsand make it into popcorn.The game simulates popcorn machine and you need to pop thecornseeds while they are floating through the machine.In the game you need to develop a technique of distinguishingandupgrade your skills.The level of difficulty is increasing with the stages.
PopCorn Drop!
"Popcorn Drop" is very fun and simple gameJust Keep PopcornstoMovie bucket!Try to play popcorn time game while watchingyourfavorite movies or series."Popcorn Drop" is the ultimatepopcorngame- Very fun and simple game- Saving falling Popcorn ismostmission!- Share your high score to your friendsHave Fun!CatchthePopcorn Time to Movie Series.
Popcorn Maker - Cooking Game 1.8
Hey little chef’s! Have a movie plan or abeachpicnic party? Waiting for something hot and crispy to eatwhile yousit back and relax. So let’s master the art of makingpopcorns inthis maker cooking game for little kids, boys &girls.Run your own popcorn stand and start making some crispy, saltyandyummy popcorns. Popcorn maker lets you experience the truecookingof kernels virtually on your smart phones. Dress up anddecorate togive stylish makeover look to your creation. Put somefunky naughtyfaces on baskets for a fun look.Planning to go to theater, cinema or just chill out at home?Thenmake your favorite food virtually for you and your family.Thismaker experience lets you become a chef at home where youcreatehealthy popcorns with Spicy, Cheese, Bar BQ and many fingerlickingflavors.*** FEATURES ***• Attractive and colorful visuals• Cooking and maker experience for kids• Countless background themes & dress up items• Share with friends through FacebookLike us on facebook and stay updated***Brought to you by TenLogix Games******PRIVACY POLICY***Being a developer we truly understand that privacy playsanimportant role. You can read our privacy***MESSAGE***Your suggestions & Feedback are valuable to help us keepworkingon new concepts.***DISCLAIMER***This app is ad supported and may contain adds.
Movie Food Maker(5 Games in 1) 1.2
Movie Food Creator FREE Cooking is theonlyBranded App of its kind that combines 5 apps in 1. Makeyourfavorite popcorn flavor and watch it pop before your veryeyes…Choose from over 15 popcorn bags and decorate it with tons ofsillystickers. Add your favorite Movie Food Combo items and theneat itup! Grill hotdogs on a roller grill and then top them withtons ofcondiments, relish, sauerkraut, and other silly toppings...thenadd combo items like french fries and a soda. Select frommanydifferent types of Nachos and then choose from more than20different toppings to add to your yummy creation. Don’t forgettotake a picture of your Nacho’s to share with your friendsbeforeyou eat them! Make your favorite type of milkshake and watchitblend before topping it with more than 25 different toppingsandcombo items. Try your luck at the Combo Challenge, but watchoutfor the “banned” food. See how many trays you can make in30seconds to beat your High Score, you can even cheat by liking usonFacebook and receive an additional 15 seconds on the clock.Get it NOW, it’s FREE!Features:- The only Branded game of its kind to includes 5 Apps in 1- Your Favorite Movie Food, Silly Sounds & Yummy Toppings&Decorations!- Hundreds of decorating combinations included!- Fun for ALL Ages!- BONUS Game (Combo Challenge)
Popcorn Pro 4
Justin Pk
Popcorn Pro is a game of skill, it contains two gametypes arcadeandsurvival.In arcade you try to catch as many pieces of popcornaspossible without dropping popcorn, when the last piece fallsyoulose.In survival there is a hole in the popcorn container trytocatch it to return it to the popcorn machine if you miss itstayson the floor.Music:
Popcorn Cooking - Maker Games 1.0.5
Girls do you love to cook? Well, you have popcorn maker if youhavecooking fever with full of items like side orders,candies,sprinkles, and drinks in various flavors. Popcorn is acrispy foodfull of healthy vitamins, making popcorn is as good aseatingthem.To prepare your favorite food follow thesesteps.1-Select aspicy flavor.2-Switch on the stove add ingredients& mix themup.3-Switch on the popcorn machine pop corns willstart to bake andfall 4-Select a cone 5-Use side orders, sprinkles,and othernumerous addons6- Personalize your mobile screen with thepopcornyou have just made.Play have fun and rate us, don't forgetto playour other games for girls, cooking and maker games.
Noodle Maker - Ads Free 1.0.4
Play Ink Studio
** Enjoy the FUN with No Ads disturbance **Feeling hungry? No worries make instantly some delicioushotpasta/ noodles with noodle maker, a cute new Maker cookinggame.Eatvegetable, meat or a mix of both delicious healthyhomemadeorganicnoodles. Noodles are not difficult to make withthis funfree maker /cooking game for the whole family. Girls andkidswould especiallylike this game as girls like to cook andbake.Noodle maker is so funyet a simple game that kids would lovetoplay it.★★ FEATURES ★★===============• Easy finger tap game play• Cut some veggies and meat and cook.• Take some water and prepare your noodles• Now mix the ingredients for yummy treat• choose different forks, add-ons and side orders• fill your homemade organic nutritious noodle inyourfavoritebowl• Select different backgrounds and wallpapers★★ HIGHLIGHTS ★★===============• Free and fun, hot girls food game for everyone• Wallpapers, side orders and Backgrounds for fun and beauty• Eye catching high quality HD art work• Pleasing background Music• Kids friendly content• No violence, horror, sex or nudity• Unlike other monsters, dragons• Clans, pets, dress up or makeover games• No doctors, hospitals, dentists or sickness• Outstanding HD visuals and graphics♥♥♥ Sweet ♥♥♥And yes do not forget to let us taste your or if you had any trouble makingit.HaveFun!There are some exclusive news, updates and secret tipsandtricksfor you about our games at Facebook, do give us a visit there guys and have a hot cupoftea/coffeewith us. Also try other games like bride dressup,princess hairdress up salon, Princess toe & nail art dressup,cover girl,angel fairy & little mermaid dress up, moviestarmakeover,burger maker soup, hot dog, pizza maker and popcornmakeretc. Orfollow us on Google Plus,Mobile Games & Apps - Google+ Policy:-----------------------We respect and take care of you and your kid’s privacy.Youcanread our privacypolicyhere: (in-app purchase):---------------------------------This app lets you purchase digital content using actualmoney.OnGoogle Wallet, you can configure parental controlstoavoidunintentional purchases.App supports Android 2.2(Froyo) to Android 4.x IceCreamSandwichand Jellybean.
Pop the Corn Maker Game
We present for all children, this great game of Pop the CornMakerGame with levels in popcorn factory.You have to servecustomersthat will be coming into the kitchen of the best popcornfactory ofall. The boys and girls love to work in this kitchenwhere therichest popcorn factories.Cook the best popcorn in yourbusiness isyour duty, so you have to deliver the order as fast asyou can toyour customers.After you have prepared your order can adda gas ordifferent flavors!You think you are able to overcome allnieveles?Good luck!
Fast Food Shop - Kids Match 1.0
On Happy Days
Whether you like a mouth-watering pizza or pasta or hotdog orasweet and delicious cakes, we are sure that you will findsomethingfor you. We have lots of fast food trucks like pizza shop,hot dogshop, pop corns and many more shops. OnHappyDays brings youanotherkids matching game. It has many different street shopsnamely –Pizza shop, Popcorn shop, Cake shop, Pasta Shop, CoffeeShop andlots more. So now let’s play Fast Food Shop - KidsMatch.You willhave a delicious time playing the Fast Food Shop -Kids Match. Thegame is a timed matching puzzle game for kids. Thefirst round ofthe game is 100 seconds and each level after that is10 secondsless, so the kids can improve and do better each level.There areonly 8 different fast food shops so you will have enoughtime toenjoy your food. This is makes the game more interesting.The gameis designed for 3 years and up.Another feature of fast foodshopgames makes it more exciting than just matching games. Youmustfind the shop pictures with the same shop pictures!! Match thepairof restaurants of same type. Once they make a linked match,thematch games for kids show them the link. You will hear cutegamebackground music.Game Features –• Tap to select the fast foodtruckpictures.• Timer to complete each level• First level is of100seconds and it decreases by 10 seconds from next levelonwards.•Click the ‘Refresh’ button to rearrange the Fast FoodTruckpictures.• Click the ‘Find’ button to remove next possiblematchesfrom the puzzle board• Colorful and delicious looking fastfoodtruck pictures• Adorable music to make Fast Food Shop-KidsMatchmore enjoyable.How To Play –• Select a Fast Food Truckpicture•Select another matching Fast Food Truck picture such thatit formsa straight line. The icons should NOT be diagonally placed.Itshould form a link or a line.• Complete the level by clearingtheboard.Let’s have fun with this awesome fun learning Fast FoodShop- Kids Match from OnHapppyDays.
Popcorn Maker - Games for Kids
Cook popcorn already arrived. You are the manager of thisbusinessto serve customers who come to seek their sweet or saltypopcorncorn. Customers are entering your business popcorn factoryand willask for popcorn or popcorn. You have 3 flavors to offer.Youhave tobe Atendo because if you run out of popcorn have toencernder themachine to do more.Traditional corn popcorn or popcorncookedlightly salted, they are very easy to cook as much in a potin themicrowave with a paper bag. Of course, there is alsothepossibility of buying microwave popcorn that are cooked directlyonthose paper bags.The fact is that both boys and girls andolderalso like sweet popcorn, but not that popcorn or commercialpopcornwith dyes that are so striking small can also be done athome, butthose made with caramel or sugar.There are recipes forcaramelizedpopcorn, to make them use more than sugar, in some casesbutter orbutter, corn syrup and soda, among other ingredients suchasflavors, you know that are fashionable popcorn flavored withspicespumpkin pie, curry, parmesan, coconut ...The result may befine,baking creates a cooking candy making bubbles and provides amildlycrunchy caramel. Popcorn then have to be dried in the ovenforabout one hour.They can also ask for three types of gas.20nieveles have to overcome.Fabricas the richest popcorn, goodluck!