Top 49 Games Similar to Shoot Hunter Crime Asphalt

DEUL 1.8
Are you fast enough for DEUL? DEUL is a fast paced actionpackedshooting game that will test your reflexes, accuracy andtiming.Try to out-draw opponents as you clash across the world andduelyour way through China, London, Russia and Brazil. Let thebloodfly with your overkill as each victory will earn you pointsandincrease your score, get a higher score to climb upourleaderboards. Play additional mini-games modes to farmtokens!Shoot junk to not get killed or drag your ragdoll around tokickyour opponent's butt! The game will get harder as you progressandsooner or later you will find an enemy who is quicker than you.Winevery clash to level up & unlock new ways in which to winyourduels. You can also battle it out in style as your charactergetnew outfits and accessories as you get further in the game.CLOUDDATA All your game progress data is saved to the cloud(statistics,purchases and items for your character). Switch betweendevicesfreely in real-time and keep playing. By installing this appyouagree to the following privacypolicy:
CyberSphere: TPS Online Action Game 1.74
The invasion began 54 years ago. They came out of nowhere,theirrobot armies smashed our defence in a week, but we didnotsurrender. We fought, we studied out enemy, and we started towin.Now is 2077, and we are ready to stop this war. Wehavesuper-powerful energy and explosive weapons. We used someofextraterrestrial technologies to create out own battle robotsandpower armor for our soldiers. And we have a plan to stoptheinvasion. All we need is you! Main features: ★ Tools ofdestruction- 30+ powerful arms in Armory ★ Variety - You cancontrol your herowith twinstick or 3rd person mode. Gamepadsupported! ★ Team up -multiplatform online multiplayer - play withyour friends aroundthe world through internet. ★ Use tactics -choose of 16 types ofAI - controlled minions to attack, protect orsupport. ★Customization - there is a lot of characters, weapons andskins. ★The harsh beauty of the world of the future - vivid 3dgraphics,looks great and runs great even on the old phones Gamemodes: ★Survive - stay alive, kill as many robots as possible! ★Defence -protect your base from hordes of enemy units ★ Assault -destroyenemy mothership, and dont let to destroy yours! ★ TeamAssault - 2teams, 2 bases, 8 players. ★ Deathmatch - classic freefor allmode. ★ Team Deathmatch - become the strongest squad! Thegame ismade by single indie developer. I hope you will like it!
Winter Battlefield Shootout : FPS Shooting Games 1.0
Winter Battlefield Shootout : Free FPS Shooting GamesEnjoyepicaction packed shooting game. real first person shooterIt'saboutmodern world war that we are heading towards the finalwar.Commando shooting hero, you have to keep shooting as these arethetimes of global winter offensive. hunt terrorist as this isglobalwar duty. Battlefield is full of fast shooting and firingbulletssound. You are equipped most modern warfare FPS shootinggunner.All you need is accuracy for destroying plans of enemiesforces butdifferent artillery weapons are difficult to shoot withprecision.Play this awesome FPS shooting game with real onlineandroid game.FREE to download. Use your best gunner and sniperskills.Shootoutto get rid of winter season with the heat of realgunner shooting.Modern world war is ahead for you. Real FPS game.Amazing 3Dgraphics for winter missions. Best sounds & shootingeffects.Prove your critical strike missions skills. You must bestshootingand tactical skills.
Desert Storm Grand Gunner FPS Game 1.5
Desert Storm Grand Gunner FPS Game Gunner shooter strikeagainstdeadliest critical strike war in the desert storm It modernwarfarewhere enemies have started a infinite critical strikeagainst us.Commando! we are left with no choice but to start abrutaloperation against gunship and heavy weapon like machineguns,bazooka and sniper. doom the enemies with dust in this desertstormgame and eliminate there combat squad. It your duty and youarecall for the infinite war as the real combat commando. It's arealgun games as you can mobil strike against your enemieswarriorswith the most modern warfare weapons ever available in anywar gameon mobile. counter terrorist with the limit of time andsave yournation from assault of fighting games. Enjoy this tacticalfirstperson shooting action game. It's a free download game and youaregoing to enjoy this fun games. best shooting games team workedhardto give you real joy. you will experience top action gamesgraphicsand sound. there are 3 regions with helicopter fightinggame-playto offensive duty strike. Your reviews are very importantto us.Please don't forget to review this thrilling fast-paced FPSactionshooter.
Pixel Z Hunter2 3D - World Battle Survival TPS 1.0
Third person mobile shooting game for enjoying various weaponsandfree controls! Sweep zombies and complete the mission! Strikeallenemy! You will be Block World Hunter! Dead or Alive? #Anotherstory of Z World has begun. The cause for zombie occurrencethat isrevealed finally Become Z hunter to reveal that secret. ▣Easycontrol - Hunt the zombies by automatic shooting and easycontrol ▣Third person shooting action game - Third person shootinggameenjoyed by mobile ▣ Various missions - Enjoy various modeslikebeating out the boss, survival, exploration mode! ▣ Variousweaponsand equipment - Various weapons (gun, riffle, shot gun,bazooka,grenade, and Japanese sword, knife) - Various costumecharacters(Decorate your play in various figures) ▣ Mastery system- Improvethe player’s ability by upgrading the mastery! ▣ Minesystem -Harvest the jewelry in the mine by using miners! ▣ Variousenemiesand regions - Explore various enemies and various regions! #Thisgame that dont need wifi and play offline without internet. #Thisgame is pixelstar game's 3d pixel tps game. # Not yetonline(Realtime Multi-play) mode ——————————————————————————————————Thisversion of the game is not a demo. it is a full edition(PocketEdition) ——————————————————————————————————
Mountain Sniper Shooting 1.0
The enemy hides the base in our depths to be found. As the bestarmysniper, you get orders to fight with them. Because there is noonein place, you can take action freely, but victory is theonlystandard. You are a cool character, so the failure is notthere.You can not give the enemy enough time to escape and trustyoursniper skills.Use terrain and other factors that are good foryou,build your advantage, and destroy your enemies at once.The gamehasthe most real 3d scenes and sounds, giving us the mostexcitingexperience. Use your limited ammunition correctly, do notlet theenemy have a chance to target you before being killed. Asfar aspossible aim at the head shot to save your ammunition. Makegooduse of your first shot, because at the moment of your fire,yourgunfire will be heard by the enemy, and they will knowyourpresence. Can not go back, you must have no hesitation todestroythem. To ensure that your energy concentration anddetermination,and then start your shooting process it.Features:-ultra-longdistance to kill- realistic 3d perspective- verypassionate music-cunning enemies- rich task function
Mountain Sniper Simulator: Shooting Games 2
Let's play this Mountain sniper simulator: shooting gamesIt’stimeto strike with terrorists and shoot all of them. ThisMountainsniper simulator: shooting games is one of the unique gameon theplay store. This shooting game has mountains dangerousenvironment.Get ready yourself to fight a war with enemies in thissniper game.You have many fighting and shooting skills to play thisbest game.You would not be played such type of new shooting game asyet. Showyour sniper gun free skills in this snipping game. In thehistoryof action games this sniper shooting game is best for yourandroiddevices. You will shoot all the criminals with one shot at atimein new games 2018. You have unlimited bullets to kill thefoesmountain games. You are a contract soldier and it is your dutythatkills all criminals one by one with your gun shooting games.Yourmilitary camp is completely under the gangsters. ThisMountainsniper simulator: shooting games will give a differentchance toplay something else than the other boring type free gunfightgames. If you have quick aiming and shooting skills then findyourenemies in real games 2018.After finding your enemies; killthemquickly. In the history of new game this New snipercommandoadventure 2018: action games is a good fight games. Useyourpowerful sniper rifle with best ammunition and sharp bulletstoperfect shooting skills. If you are a skillful commando manthenyou can shoot all the city gangsters in the limited time withyoursharp gun shooter in the snow environment. If you face anyenemythen you are trying that you army shooting kill them. Youshould aperfect fighter games. May you will need to real fight withanycity enemy games. After completing the first level you willpermuteto the next level. You have limited time in this Mountainstrikeassassin shooter: free games. You should kill all thegangsterenemies in given limited time with your powerful sniperriflegames.If you could not kill all criminals in given time thenyourlevel will fail. Are you ready to survive all the army missionsofthis Shooting FPS mission 3D: sniper games? If your answer isyesthen be ready to face all the counter targets of this snipershootgames. You could hide yourself because if you show yourselfthenyour enemy wills real shooter you. Do you really love FPSfreesniper games? Then this 3d assassin game is best for you. Youare asniper assassin, finish your job and prove that you havespecialkilling skills. Why are you waiting? Download and play thisSnipershooting city battle: new games. Good luck!Features:Multiplecameraviews, Multiple rifles to unlock,Many skillful soldierstounlock,Many commando missions to unlock,High quality andaddictivegraphics,Difficult to play.It’s totally free toplay.Quicklydownload and play this game. Don’t forget to play thissniper 3dgame. Have fun playing this exciting commando shootingfuturisticsniper: secret sniper games offered by Gaming Globe. Thismilitarysniper mountain shooting: FPS games is not only a free gamebut isalso an offline game. Fun is locked in the install button.
Commando Sarah 2 : Action Game 1.0.11
“It plays as good as it looks.” Play Role playing actiongame.“Sharpcontrols, impressive graphics.”.Here is some strikingnews for you.We are ready to change an idea of free Android 3rdperson shootingaction game. Jaw-dropping graphics and optimizationeven forlow-performing devices. Commando modern action warfarewill begin inyour smart phones.Sarah is a female commando andprefers to workalone? Then step into the thrilling solo campaignas Sarah shoot herway through one dire situation after another tosave a world.. Thisis a commando war shooter game which hasamazing actionfeatures.Features-10 different levels .-6 differenttypes ofweapons.-Pistol: Beretta-Rifle: M16-Sniper: L96A-Machinegun:mg42-Rocket Launcher: RPG- Customize your weapon.- Healthbonus forgaining maximum game plays time..-Reliablecontrol.-Player can go tosettings on runtime.-Automatic reloadedguns.-Camera sensitivity.-High quality HD graphics.-Screenadjustment is very nice.-A playercan use different types ofvehicles in different levels like jeep,truck-It has 3 differentplayer modes-Easy-Medium-HardHow to play+touch shoot button forfire.+ touch pause button to stop the game.+Select joy stick forgame play.+ To change weapon touch weaponchange button+ touch aimbutton to lock your enemy.+ To pick medickit, ammo and weapontouch pickup button.Commando Sarah - ActionGame will be updatedconstantly. Please rate and give your feedbackfor furtherimprovement of
Sniper Special Blood Killer 1.6
Do you like shooting games? This is the latest action shootergame,giving you the real sniper experience.In the FPS game, youwillfeel thrilling action game to bring you real fun. And get thebestshooting game simulation. This game has a lot of places toattractyou, challenge the task, smart AI, the real game environmentand soon. You will get a real shooting game experience.Accept themissionto find the best sniper point to take action to destroy allthetargets. Protect allies and innocent civilians, destroyallterrorists.Before you destroy all enemies, be careful to takecareof the surroundings and ensure your safety. Every task is fullofcrisis, you need to quickly kill the enemy, before attractingmoreenemies, one by one to destroy all the enemies. Complete thetask,become a real sniper.Sniper Special Blood Killer Features: -Bestfirst-person shooter game - Simple and smooth control -trueshooting effect - realistic battlefield environment - Smart AI- avariety of challenging tasks - a lot of powerful weapons -Excitinggame
Gunner Battle City 1.0.8
Gunners Battle CityThe famous Gunner is in the town to cheerthecitizensIt’s a free gunner game about criminal domination inthecity and reputation for lawlessness! Your duty will be toperform asecret operation and destroy their stronghold. It’s not apiece ofcandy; it’s not a war of small weapons anymore! Terroristareequipped with the weapon of modern era and will be ready toyou.They are roaming around in the Humvees, surveillance oftheirstrong hold is on apache helicopters, Rpg , AK47 are thestandardweapons they have and skilled in counter attacks.It’s a new+updated idea game. The gangsters are over the city and thelaw.They openly demonstrate their superiority over the law andtheircriminal skills is way above anything it’s a wicked gangstergameand you need to show your anti criminal skills and prove thatyouare the boss of town. You will get the tanks to ride and willgiveyou the chance to storm into the stronghold ofcriminals.Unlimitedcriminal tasks would keep you on your toes.Neutralize the no goareas and clear it for terrorized innocentpublic.Feature of GunnerBattle CityUnlimited challenging battlemissionsReal Crime city 3denvironmentBest sound effectsSuperiorGunner gunDrive the battletankUse the RPG to shot down battlehelicoptersCoolanimationsfacebook: work hard to ensure thatour games run properly on every majorandroid phone and tablet. Ifhowever you encounter any issue whichdoesn't let you enjoy ourgames, please report it [email protected]
Commando Sarah : Action Game 1.9.1
> “It plays as good as it looks.” Play shooter games.>“Sharpcontrols, impressive graphics.” Role playing action game.Hereissome striking news for you. We are ready to change an idea offreeonline Android 3rd person shooter action games.Jaw-droppinggraphics and optimization even for low-performingdevices. Commandomodern action warfare will begin in your smartphones.Sarah prefersto work alone? Then step into the thrillingsolo campaign as Sarahshoot her way through one dire situationafter another to save aworld. Sarah kill all enemy to make hermission successful. This isa commando war shooter game which hasamazing action features.Features-7 different levels .-5 differenttypes of weapons.-Pistol: colt 1911 -Rifle: ak47, m16 -Submachinegun: ump -Machinegun: mg42- Customize your weapon.- Auto aimselection for enemyhunt.- Health bonus for gaining maximum gameplays time..-Reliablecontrol.-Player can go to settings onruntime.-Automatic reloadedguns.-Camera sensitivity.- High qualityHD graphics.-Screenadjustment is very nice.-A player can usedifferent types ofvehicles in different levels like bike, jeep,truck-It has 3different player modes -Easy -Medium -HardHow toplay+ touch shootbutton for fire.+ touch pause button to stop thegame.+ Select joystick for game play.+ To change weapon touchweapon change button+touch aim button to lock your enemy.+ To pickmedic kit, ammo andweapon touch pickup button.Commando Sarah -Action Game will beupdated constantly. Please rate and give yourfeedback for furtherimprovement of
Modern Action Commando Combat 1.0
Do You love to play best shooting games like commando fps ?LegendsStorm Studios present Modern Action Commando Combat which isthebest 3d action game of 2017.Modern Action Commando Combat isthefirst person shooter(FPS) are in the warzone.counterterrorist open a strike attack on your country.Hellobravo kill andshot to Defense the target in the Battlefield withthe help ofspecial operations forces,special black ops and riflemanin thesuper rescue survival missions. you have to show yourlatestmodernistic US army training skill.As a military officer inthebattlefront you have to counter attack on enemies fast and furyasjust like commander do in the war.Action Commando is ashootinggame where you will fight with your enemies use theirStrategy likeguerrilla war. Modern Action Commando Combat has Elitefront linecommando missions like hanh dong and super weapons like afullrange of weapons systems which will let you experience thethrillof Fun variety of firearms, pistols, sub-machine guns to thewholeset of firearms sniper rifle, different kinds of weapons suchasAK47 elite killer machine gun, MP5, M4, Desert Eagle, MAC10,rapidshooter, latest sniper etc.Country war begin. Let start thebattleto defend invasion of your rivals.your country at thewar.Featuresof Modern Action Commando Combat :Massive Shooting withinterestingGame playHuge collection of gunsElite Commando FreeFPSmissionsStrategy base mobile fps mission game
American Counter Terrorist Shooter:FPS Shoot War 1.0
You love shooting games. Want to enjoy the real sniper experienceofthe best 3D action shooting game?The final war action hasbegun!Find evil and cruel enemies, shoot and defeat. Turn an evilcityinto a peaceful city. After a period of hard assassination.Youhave received a superior mission, a very challenging mission.Findthe leader of the terrorist group and destroy them. Grabyoursniper rifle, search for the remaining enemies in the city,destroythem and accomplish the mission.If you encounterdifficulties,please do not give up, you are behind the people! Theysupport youand help you, and you have to guard them all!AmericanCounterTerrorist Shooter Features:- The best first person shooter-Simpleand smooth control- Real shooting effect- realisticbattlefieldenvironment- Various challenging missions- a lot ofdestructiveweapons- Addictive game
Army Secret Agent Stealth Action 1.12
Prefer to work alone? Then feel free to step into the thrillingsoloplay campaign as you shoot your way through one dire situationafteranother to save the world as you launch a counterstrikeagainst alunatic’s apocalypticplans.----------------------------------SEEAND FEEL THEACTION----------------------------------The ultimate3rd personshooter with stunning console quality visuals, precisecontrols,advanced physics and destructibles. Jump in the heat ofbattle andpush your Android device tothelimit!----------------------------------COMPLETEDEADLYMISSIONS----------------------------------Emerge fromdestructiblecover points to take down Tanks, Missile Systems andheavilydefended enemy bases. Fight off increasingly difficult wavesofenemies over a variety of combatmissiontypes.----------------------------------COMMAND AN ARSENALOFDEADLY WEAPONS----------------------------------Take tothefrontline with an artillery of assault rifles, sniper rifles,rocket launchers, med kits, armorandmore!----------------------------------RUN THROUGHTHEWARZONE!----------------------------------Battle your way intotheheart of enemy territory! Run through the battlefield. Emergefromdestructible cover points to engage wavesofenemies!----------------------------------HIGHLYCUSTOMIZABLECONTROLS----------------------------------Intuitive,highlycustomizable controls so you can play the game just the wayyouwant.----------------------------------KEYFEATURES-----------------------------------10different levels .-6different types of weapons.-Pistol:Clock-Rifle: G3-Sniper:Dragunov-Machine gun: HMG-Rocket Launcher:RPG- Customize yourweapon.- Health bonus for gaining maximum gameplays time.-Reliablecontrol.-Player can go to settings onruntime.-Automatic reloadedguns.-Camera sensitivity.- High qualityHD graphics.-Screenadjustment is very nice.-A player can usedifferent types ofvehicles in different levels like jeep, truck-Ithas 3 differentplayer modes-Easy-Medium-HardHow to play+ touchshoot button forfire.+ touch pause button to stop the game.+ Selectjoy stick forgame play.+ To change weapon touch weapon changebutton+ touch aimbutton to lock your enemy.+ To pick medic kit,ammo and weapontouch
Alpha Guns 7.8
Alpha Guns a 2D side scroller shooter with classic gameplayandunique mechanics. Features: + Classic arcade gameplay. +5different characters to choose from. + 30 Challenging levels.+Lots of bosses and tanks to fight. + Easy to use & asmoothcontrol scheme. + Amazing graphics, cool music and sound.Note:More Updates will be coming soon. Contact [email protected] if you need any help!
Metal Classic Contra 1.3
Classic Contra, destroy enemies, soldier, shooting games. NewContrawith different weapons! Enjoy!In this Classic Contra, youprovidedwith a gun, but you can find various kinds of weapons fromthe likeAK, heavy gun machine and commando etc. along withextremelydestructive bullets.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Features of MetalClassic Contra :✈Classic platform game style✈ Nice graphics,beauty gun, heavymachine, and more✈ Smooth control and easycontroler✈ Real music andsound effects✈ 14 kinds of enemies:Multiple enemies characters likesoldier, tank, boss, helicopter,commando.✈ Compete against friendsin the endless mode and shareyour score✈ No up-sells or upgrades,you get everything & freeupdates✈ The game requires less memoryand supports more mobiledevice.How to play this game soldier:1:Move soldier forward,backward, left or right with joy stickcontrols.2: Tap jump to jumpavoid obstacles
Metal Shooter: Run and Gun
In 2200s, the Earth Protection Force detects unusual signs atoneisland then they send one team to the place for investigation.Itis found out that the whole island has been occupied by aRobotteam. Immediately one squad of elite warriors armed with themostmodern equipment is sent to the island with the missionofdestroying the Robot’s base. Your mission in this game is toplaythe role of the warrior to penetrate into enemy’s place anddestroythem. Metal Shooter: Run and Gun is a game about run and gun2Dshooter action game originally. During side view stages, playercanshoot leftward or rightward while standing, as well ashorizontallywhile walking. Auto-Shoot function is recommend. Youwill deal withtouched enemies, shoot them down before they comeclosely. Jump into battles to conquer these epic bosses that makescenes. You losea life if you gets touched by enemy or an enemybullet or fallsinto the bottom of the screen when there's novisible platform.When that happens, you will revert to his defaultweapon on hisnext life. When you kill an enemy, you will get somecoins so afterlosing all lives, the player can continue byinserting more coinsor watch videos. There are many useful item inbattle that help yougot coin, bullet even life. How to play - Jumpand shoot weapons. -Keep do not die to end of mission. Features -Amazing colorfulgraphics HD. - Relax exciting map. - Classicarcade-style. DownloadMetal Shooter now FREE and enjoy!
Stickman Shooter : Modern Warrior 1.1
Let’s rock this battlefield. Time to enjoy this challengingbattle.Are you brave and courageous enough to save your arena.Criminalshave attacked your land. Pick up your GUN. Your people arewaitingfor you. Be a sniper Assassin and Use your Modern Shooterskills toneutralize all the gangsters.Stickman Shooter ModernWarrior is aFinal Epic Shooting Game 3D full of thrilling missions.It demandsyou to use your strategies and combat skills to defeatyourenemies. Be a Stickman WAR Assault Sniper and enjoy thisActionpacked game. Use different combos of sniping to eliminate alltheopponents. Features:Amazing City Environment!High Quality3DGraphics and Realistic Explosive Sounds!Smooth andEasyControls!Addictive game play and ChallengingMissions!InterestingScenarios to complete!
Call Of Battlefield:Online FPS 2.1
You will experience a limitless action in Call of BattlefieldOnlineFPS game with only 44 MB of space on your device.OMG!Zombies invadethe world and humankind is about to disappear. Theyare turningevery human into their kind. This is global slaughter.Your friendsJason, Britney and Angelina are infected. You areabout to lose allyour friends and family. It's time to counterassault.Zzz zzz ...Hey soldier wake up! Battlefield is calling youfor a harshduty.Government established a new special militaryforce fromsurvivors to destroy these immortal creatures. Theoperation name isCall of Battlefield (COB). You were also chosenone of them to savethe world and get it back from these mutants.This is not modern butold style warfare. The mere option is tokill to survive.Will youaccept this duty and help this team toprotect the world or leavethem alone? Come on why are you stillthinking! The answer is clear.YES SIR!Hey Commando! Choose yourrifle in many 14 alternatives likeM4, MP5, Shotgun, DP, AK-47,Benelli, Sniper and be ready for thefight. You born to die andthis is coded into you DNA and COD. Takeyour weapon, pull triggerand fire.You will find your self in a realbattlefield in animpossible ops and taste non-stop action whilekilling walkingdeads.You must keep yourself and your team in safeby beating backscary zombies and repairing broken doors andbarriers during game.Zombies will come in waves and you have tostop them before theybite and turn you into a zombie.You have manychoice to protectyourself from these black beasts. Buy morepowerful weapons orupgrade existing ones in your arsenal. Usepiercing bullet toexplode their skulls and heads at once.Downloadthis AAA classshooting game for free.FEATURES:• Single andMultiplayer (COOP)game modes• Team and Counter online modes• 6different battlefieldareas• 12 different creatures and zombies• 14upgradable weapons•Realistic and cinematic effects and animations•Support forJoysticks• Walkie-Talkie (Voxer) Communication•Impressing PS3 andXBOX quality SFX and georgeous VFX• OptimizedNetwork andPerformance usage• Just 44 MB on your deviceFollowupcomingversions for new features and game modes (Capture The Flag,HostageRescue, Zombie Infection) and bonus material.NOTE:Onlinegame modrequires internet connection.Please visit our Facebook fanpage forupdates and othergames.!Don't miss out ourGoogle + andYoutubechannels.
Over Touch : Gun Shooting 0.930
TheOne Games
"☆ A Mobile Gun Shooting Game of a New Concept is Born ☆AGunShooting Action Game Enjoyed on Mobile.Feel the suspense ofanaction game at your fingertip. ""Over Touch” is a stylishactiongun shooting game to enjoy various contents including numbersofepisodes and missions to conquer as a S.I.T agent. ■ Easycontrolsand various battle patterns - Play simply by touching onyourscreen! - Nonetheless, new enemies will challenge youthoughvarious styles of combat.■ Special moves and skills systemfor eachcharacter - In critical moments, choose from variousspecial movesand skill to destroy your enemy and achieve victory. ■Compete withplayers all around the world in the Trophy Ranking. -You can earntrophies through various missions including thecharacterpictorial, weapon enhancement and story missions. ■ Wannabe amaster? Challenge yourself through the various contents!! - UsetheBoss Mode to fight various bosses and earn special rewards. -Earnprecious bonuses in the Battle Mode, which is allowed fivetimes aday. - The greatest champion is determined in the weeklyranking.Be the hero of the week. Ready to take an action? Justdownload thegame now! Let’s go into the battlefield! ■Authentication can bedone through any cellular phone device ownedunder your name evenif the cellular phone to be authenticated isnot owned under yourname. ■ This game is suitable for players ofthe ages 12 and over,and each player shall go through anauthentication process inaccordance with the relevant legalregulations. Authentication isprocessed through an agency, and noneof the personal informationprovided by the players are shared to,or saved at the gamepublisher or its agency. ■ Official FanCommunity:■ Official FacebookPage:■ SmartphoneAppAccessibility - We do not request for risky accesses. ■CustomerInquiry ■The One Games- 1:1 Inquiry: [email protected]"
GUNNER'S BATTLEFIELD 2016: SUPERHERO SHOOTERThe best gunner ofthebattlefield; No Mercy! Go to Victory!You are a hero to thearmymilitary because of your previous war & special opsmissionrecord. You are the best sniper shooter military army has, atruewarrior a hero of every single shooting arena. Military armytrustsyour war, combat fighting, survival & gun shooting skills&know that you are the best rifleman & marksman they have.Thisis why you’ve been chosen for a special operation by themilitaryarmy. You will be working as a gunner & sniper shooterfrom themilitary & help to win the war against enemy forces&terrorists at the same time to save your city & country.Useyour modern military weapons & army guns to combat &killenemy terrorists. Along with your super weapons & moderngunsyou have navy & air force to help you. With navy warships& air force’s fighter aircrafts & jet you can destroy&kill enemy terrorist more easily with bombs & air strikes.It’sa war for survival & only a true commando hero soldier likeyoucan help win it by destroying & killing enemy. Enemyhasdeployed all his force including sniper shooters in order tostop& kill you so use all your skills to strike as hard as youcanin order to survive & win this war. Combat theenemyfearlessly. Shoot accurately because that’s the only way youaregoing to win this war. The only thing you can trust now areyourguns & your shooting skills.This free to play 3D actiongunshooting war game has enough missions to keep you shootingforhours. Shoot like a true sniper shooter commando soldier &winthis war to save your city. Counter all the shooting fromenemyside because it is the most important way of survival. Strikehard& continue gun shooting unless & until you kill alltheenemy terrorists & win this war like a true militaryarmycommando soldier hero for your city.Enjoy this amazing 3Dshootergame GUNNER'S BATTLEFIELD! And Please do not forget toleavecomments about this free shooter war game! Your comments aresovaluable to us!Features:- Realistic FPS (First PersonShooter)scenario- Unbelievably real ambush scene to kick off thegame-Realistic enemy forces with helicopters and tanks-Airforcesupport- Well built storyline- Efficient weapon controls&movement- Excellent environment- Fabulous war sound effects-EasyGUI and controls- First person shooting- Real warbattlefield-Enemy shooters- Best shooting game- Tanks, shootinggunmen,helicopters and aircrafts included in the gameHow to Play:-Touch& drag anywhere on the screen aim your shooting weapon-Tap thefire button on the right side of the screen to startshooting andyour assault- Use bazooka to destroy enemy tanks andhelicopters.-Use aircraft support to destroy all enemy forces inclickFollow usat facebook to be aware of best androidgames: anyquestionsand issues please contact us via e-mail. Top Action Games2015Team!
SNIPER WAR - island shooter 1.6
sniper war island is full of sharpshooter pirate &gangster.Only death can end sniper war Do you love sniper games? doyou wantto have a hardcore bloodshed battlefield war with brutalpirateswanted to kill our king. If yes! then enjoy this army sniperwaragainst pirates in the near island with full of action.
Modern Army Sniper Shooter 1.1
Dirk Game
Modern Army Sniper Shooter is an action-type first-personshooter.It is full of all kinds of advanced and destructiveweapons. the ismore than just a game, it also takes you into theworld of battleand glory.Each step of the game has differentchallenges, how doyou deal with these challenges? You may haveplayed a lot ofshooting games, but the game will bring you adifferent shootingexperience.The military base town occupied byyour criminals. Nowthat you are a well-trained warrior, your job isto eliminatecriminals. Hold your gun and pull the trigger to shootthem. Killall nearby enemies. mission accomplished. Become abattlefieldhero.Modern Army Sniper Shooter Features:- Real shootingeffect-realistic battlefield environment- Simple and smoothoperation- avariety of powerful weapons- challenging mission- Highqualitymusic and sound effects- Exciting shooting game
Impossible Assault Mission - US Army Frontline FPS 1.1.3
Blockot Games
Play as a secret agent to complete the impossible missions.Takedown mafia syndicate before it’s too late. Strikeshootingterrorists in multiple stages of free action free onlinereal game.You’re tasked with stopping war and criminal bosses intop free 3Dgun game. Load sniper guns in this life like free gungame withindustrial environment bound to make players enjoy 2018.There issimple method to winning: just use onscreen controls tohandlecharacter movement, and options to choose the type of scopetoachieve target. Select weapons from inventory: assaultrifles,shotguns, light machine guns, submachine guns, MBA7, bombandmedical kit. Defeat enemy bosses and get upgrades to buyweaponsand ammunition. The game has a well detailed screen map ofcityalong with location of terrorists. Players must eliminate alltheenemy soldiers to move up a level. - Play anywhere EVENwithoutinternet connection. - Ultra REALISTIC 3D INDUSTRIALgraphics andcool animations - Thrilling MISSIONS - Tons of lethalGUNS andmortal WEAPONS - ADDICTING gameplay (FPS) - EASY controlsandsettings - FREE game: play it both on your phone and tablet
Call of Modern World War: FPS Shooting Game 1.1.7
Blockot Games
Enjoy this epic first person shooter action game. Play as alastworld war hero to recapture army base.
Counter Shoot Fire-FPS Terrorist Strike 1.2
The new full of action and war elements of the first-personshootergame came! Ready to take action in the raid. You are apioneer of aspecial force. You have superb shooting skills andcombatcapability. The terrorists occupied the city, and yourmission wasto destroy them. The army offers you a variety ofpowerful weaponsand equipment. Pick up your gun, use the radar tofind the enemiesaround you, and destroy them with the fastestspeed, but do not besurrounded by the enemy, to protect their ownsecurity, so as tocomplete the mission. Join the battlefield, enjoythe game to bringyou the real shooting experience. Make you like areal shooter.Fight on the battlefield. Counter Shoot Fire-FPSTerrorist StrikeFeatures: - Real 3D environment - realisticshooting experience -amazing music and sound effects - Challengingmissions - a varietyof powerful weapons - Fast-paced game
Commando Sarah 3 : Action Game 1.0.14
“It plays as good as it looks.” Play Role playing actiongame.“Sharpcontrols, impressive graphics.”.Here is some strikingnews for you.We are ready to change an idea of free Android 3rdperson shootingaction game. Jaw-dropping graphics and optimizationeven forlow-performing devices. Commando modern action warfarewill begin inyour smart phones.Sarah is a female commando andprefers to workalone? Then step into the thrilling solo campaignas Sarah shoot herway through one dire situation after another tosave a world.. Thisis a commando war shooter game which hasamazing actionfeatures.Features-10 different levels .-6 differenttypes ofweapons.-Pistol: Clock-Rifle: G3-Sniper: Dragunov-Machinegun:HMG-Rocket Launcher: RPG- Customize your weapon.- Health bonusforgaining maximum game plays time..-Reliable control.-Player cango tosettings on runtime.-Automatic reloaded guns.-Camerasensitivity.-High quality HD graphics.-Screen adjustment is verynice.-A playercan use different types of vehicles in differentlevels like jeep,truck-It has 3 different playermodes-Easy-Medium-HardHow to play+touch shoot button for fire.+touch pause button to stop the game.+Select joy stick for gameplay.+ To change weapon touch weaponchange button+ touch aimbutton to lock your enemy.+ To pick medickit, ammo and weapontouch pickup button.Commando Sarah - ActionGame will be updatedconstantly. Please rate and give your feedbackfor furtherimprovement of
island demolition ops : call of infinite war FPS 1.4
island demolition ops : call of infinite warfareEnjoy Warfightinggames with modern warfare fast-paced FPS action shooterGetreadyfor fast action packed first person shooter and completeislanddemolish ops because enemies critical strike and tacticalexpertiseis originated from same island. It's call for modernwarfare andyou have to prove your shooting expertise until islandis clear ofenemies. You are on helicopter and fight against modernterroristwarfare. Start a real brutal critical strike and showyourself realgunner as a counter-terrorist. You are on criticalstrike operationand have cold-blooded commando training. Helicoptergunner, choosemost deadliest weapon and finish this call of warfareops. It'sduty of a critical counter strike to defuse the bombwithin a timeas terrorist plant a bomb and make the game as adeath-match.Simply it's a chance to show best counter terroriststrike. Useyour machine Gun against the enemies as the real combatbattlefieldstrike. ★★★ Features ★★★★ Best shooting game★ astoundenemiesattacks★ top action level in the real battlefieldenvironment★ bestshoot fire★ newfangled battlefield missions★ callof the modernwar★ modern sniper adventure★ feat of militarytraining
Critical Strike Shoot Fire 1.3
Doing Studio
Critical Strike Shoot Strike is an action game that providesyouwith a real shooting experience.As a commando, you acceptthearduous task. The game provides you with many advanced weapons.Letyou feel the exciting experience. Powerful weapons can makeyoueasily kill terrorists, better destroy the enemy base. Jointhegame, complete the mission, get gold coins, buy and upgradeyourguns, let you conquer the whole battlefield. So do not beafraid tolaunch an attack to destroy the brutal terrorists.In ahigh degreeof freedom of shooting environment, You have receivedthe arduoustask of the anti-terrorist commando, so your action isfull ofadventure. You need to fire and hit the enemy. But you needto becareful of the enemy's attack, looking for enemies, one by onetodestroy all the enemies.Everything is ready for you to join!Thebattlefield is full of the crisis, all the cutting-edgeweaponsagain, whether you can escape all the attacks, complete allthechallenges. Stick to the end, you are elite fighters!Features:-thereal battlefield environment- Action FPS game- realshootingeffect- all kinds of advanced and powerful Guns- actualgamecontrol- Simple and smooth control- realistic scenes andclimate-shocking music and sound effects
Counter Terrorist Strike Shoot 1.1
Counter Terrorist Strike Shoot is the first-person shooter thatallplayers like. Is the best of the latest shooting action games.Ifyou want to fight in the real battlefield and modern warfarestyle,choose to install this game. Battlefield operations canprovide youwith land combat experience. So activate your killermode, becomethe most courageous warrior in the game, in order tofight for areal battle victory, you must participate in endlessfighting,create blood and chaos, the earth into the battle earth.You are awell-trained military battlefield combat special forcesmembers, isthe tactical team and modern war power. You are equippedwithmachine guns, sniper rifles and grenades, you will be inthisshooting game to complete the secret task to eliminate theevilforces that hinder world peace. It is time to pick up your gunsandbecome the most brave warrior in this battle. Like to completethetask alone? Enter an exciting personal tasks in the past, whenyoupass one after another terrible situation, to save the world.Yourbase, your country is being infringed by terrorists, you havetostop the terrorists' crazy plan, you are the savior. Join thegame,scattering blood and chaos on the battlefield, to become arealarmy assassin. Counter Terrorist Strike Shoot Features: - Thereal3D environment allows you to experience the excitement of war-realistic fighting effect - Simple and intuitive control -avariety of addictive tasks - Excellent urban environment -amazingmusic and sound effects - Realistic graphics
World War Last Sniper Hero: Sniper Shooting Games 1.1.4
Blockot Games
The most amazing world war II winter sniper mission. Enjoy thisepicfirst person shooter free action game. Play as a last worldwar heroto recapture army base.
Ghoulboy - Dark sword of Goblin-Action platform 1.03
Serkan Bakar
Ghoulboy is a retro-inspired halloween style actionplatforminspired nes,snes consoles.Exciting new platformer thatcombinesthe action-rpg genre with adventure gameplay. 2D action,heroiccharacters, gloomy environments, demonic bosses, these allseem toexcite players a lot.Pixels will be combined with other coolretroelements and the result will certainly be something that willmeetthe needs of mobile gamers. Once in-game, users will get tocontrola heroic character who will often be seen throwing a speartocreate additional platforms. To boot, puzzle and combatelementswill further enhance the experience. You wouldn’t want tomiss outon it!With the gold that you collect, you can increase yourhealthlevel, your arsenal of weapons to be thrown away.Slay asmanymonsters as you can, collect loot, avoid dangerous traps anddefeatmenacing bosses.Ghoulboy brings back the look and feel of theverybest classic retro adventure free platform fun game from the90'snes,snes, introducing refreshed and engaging gameplaymechanics. Ifyou miss platformers from the 16-bit era, and thinkgames nowadaysaren't that good anymore, think twice! Ghoulboy isfor you.GhoulboyFeatures:-4 bosses-Chiptune retro musics-Puzzles-3weapons (smallsword,big sword, mace)-3 throwableweapons-Controllersupport-LeaderboardsLanguages:EspanolGermanEnglishTurkce,TürkçeAGREATADVENTURE• Explore a magical realm of dungeons, towns,treasures anddevious monsters.MAGIC AND SWORDS• Find powerfulweapons, items andspells to defeat your enemies.
Free Action Games - Super Jump 1.0.9
With three difficulty levels and 600 stages, it has lots ofreplayvalue!Features simple controls and exciting triple jumps!!■How toPlayAll you have to do is tap! Anyone can do it!A tap in themiddleof a jump turns it into a double or triple jump!!Falling intoa gapbetween blocks is game over.The aim is to reach the goalwithoutfalling. * Tap the screen to jump.■ StagesThere are threemodes:Normal, Master, and Insane!With 600 stages, you're sure toneverget bored!The difficuly gets higher the more you progress. *NormalMode For those playing for the first time * Master Mode Forthosewho want a challenge * Insane Mode For those who want to beamonggods■ You'll like this game, if: * you like action games * youneeda free game to pass the time * you need a game your childrencanenjoy * you feel nostalgic for retro-style gamesThe entiregame,from beginning to end, is free, so why not try it?
Enemy Nightmare Shooting Games 1.0
“Top Rated Shooting Game” | “Loved by Gamers!” | “ExitingMissions!”| “Ultra 3D Graphics” The “Enemy Nightmare” is firstanti-terrorist(ISIS) game on the Google Play. This popularshooting game is amongbest third person shooting games aiming tooffer you an enjoyabletime while playing the game in realisticcombats against theterrorists in Middle-East. You will join thecounter terrorist team,and start challenging missions against theISIS terrorist forces. Tosucceed the battle in this free tpsshooting games againstterrorists, you need to aim and shoot enemythreads approaching,shooting, and using grenades, RPG, and otherarmories at you tosurvive and complete the missions. This shootergame progressivelygets harder, demanding, exiting, and willrequire faster moves,heavy armory, and ACTIONS!"This game isdedicated to all brave menand women who have sacrificed to makeour world a safer place tolive in..." Join the braves, and try toexperience the challengesahead in realistic fighting scenes. Tryto shoot and kill moreenemies, especially in time limitedmissions. Enemy Nightmare is notamong dumb action shooting games,and shooting enemies alone is notenough! you need to make quicktactical decisions, select properguns and weaponry, dodge incomingfires, and take countermeasures.Put your shooting skills andstrategic thinking into practice andkill the enemies. As you play,your shooting skills will develop andyou will unlock newcharacters, weapons, boosters such as grenadesand artillery, andother surprises to experience more challengingbattles.Featuring:-7 heroes inspired from true internationalalliances at front-lineof fighting against terrorist - CoolUpgradable Weapons- Variety ofBattle Fields like logistics bases ofterrorists, cities,mountains, villages…- High quality graphics and3D game-play- Lotsof weaponry: Grenade, Armor, Mortar…-International and LocalScoreboards- Lots of Boosters: Shields,Artillery, Heavy Guns…-Challenging ARENA MODEPresented to you byTopsLiked and MemoryMakers. Have fun, defend your fields, andcompete with friends, andmost of all enjoy the game!Have you gotany question, comment,suggestion? We are looking forward to hearingfrom you. Contact us24/7 at [email protected] for any inquiriesabout thegame.Available Languages: English, Japanese, Persian(Farsi)Followgame’s social media pages for Free Weekly VoucherCodes! You willneed them!Useful Links:OfficialPage: iOSVersion: [email protected] or [email protected]
Stickman Battle : Online Shooter 3D 1.6
It’s a battlefield. Be a Stickman warrior and snipe alltheenemies.Your seaport is attacked by gangsters. It’s time toteachthem a lesson and save your arena. Its challenging GUNshootmissions offer you hours of fun and surprises.You will loveitsonline mode. Upgrade your weapons, guns, cannons and riflesanddefeat your online enemies. They are equipped with moreadvancedweapons and ready to defeat you in this war game. Be anarmy manand jump into this online battle.No need to wait. The mostamazingshooting game of 2018 is just a click away. Let’s downloadand winthis battle.Are you ready to SNIPE? Pick up your Gun!! let’sstartshooting!!Features:Amazing Battle Environment!High Quality3DGraphics and Realistic Explosive Sounds!Smooth andEasyControls!Powerful GUNS!Addictive game play andChallengingMissions!Interesting Scenarios to complete!
Counter Terror Sniper Shoot 1.3
Doing Studio
Do you want to join an exciting action class shooting game?CounterTerror Sniper Shoot is a new action class first personshootergame. It is full of action, war and combat missions. Are youreadyto fight the terrorists on the real battlefield? It is timetoattack, pick up your weapons, move forward, fight onthebattlefield. Destroy the brutal enemy, complete the mission.Yourcity is threatened. Terrorists sneaked into your city andmadechaos. You as a commando striker, accepted the mission of thearmy.Destroy all terrorists who have sneaked into the city, savetheinnocent people and restore the peace of the city. the isadifficult mission, you must use your superb shooting skillsandcombat capability, survive on the battlefield and completethemission. Counter Terror Sniper Shoot Features: - Realbattlefieldenvironment - modern weapons and various equipment -Challengingshooting mission - HD graphics - amazing music and soundeffects -Smart AI - Play anytime, anywhere
Archery 3D - shooting games 1.6.3913
Join the worldwide archery match and compete the archerymastersfrom all over the world. Great & free game to make youto bethe archery master! Just aim and shoot, easy to play.Startshooting today by join Archery Tournament! Welcome to joinArcheryOnline Battle World. Play one of the most popular modernsportgames in the Olympics. Archery Tournament is a 3D mobile gamewhichhas amazing 3D shooting graphics, animations. It’s sorealistic.You will feel like you are actually in the sports games.The aim ofthe game is shooting your arrows at the targets. Thereare avariety of levels with different features and shootingchallenges.Game Features: - V.S. mode of archery competition.Tournament ofArchery Games. - Polished animation and realistic 3Dgraphics -Lots of addictive & competitive levels - Varity ofarcheryequipment: magnificent bows and arrows - Multiple archeryshootinglocations: Forest, Archery Field, Iceland etc. Come and tryyourbest to be the archery master! Challenge the online Archerymastersaround the world, be the Archery King in this 3DArcheryBattlefield!
World Of Cartoon Tanks 1.5.0
World Of Cartoon Tanks is a classic online shooter. Earn gold inthebattles in the arena. Buy the best tank, improve yourtank!Dominate! Fight with your friends anywhere, show them who istheking of the arena!Join the battle in the online game WorldOfCartoon Tanks! A variety of ammunition and vehicles - all foryourenjoyment! - Play online: many allies and enemies!- A varietyofmaps and arenas- Chat with friends in chat- Nimble fingers:themost skillful player wins!- Pick & Win: gain an advantageonthe battlefield picking up bonuses!- New content: we arealwaysadding something new in the game - new tanks, maps, andotherfeatures!- Take part in the global opening event and get moregoldand glory!- Stunning graphics, soft shadows andlusheffectsSubscribe for newsandupdates! game requires an Internet connection, use wifi formaximumcomfort.- Received coins, open tanks are stored on yourdevice. DONOT DELETE THE GAME before the update, otherwise allachievementsWILL BE LOST!We wish you a pleasant game, and goodluck in arenas ofWorld Of Cartoon Tanks!
US Army Commando Shooting - Military War Game 1.4
Get ready for the mission to eliminate the terrorist in the USArmyCommando Shooting game is unique fight with enemies in thissnipergame. Show your sniper gun free skills in this snipping game.Shootas prefect shooter in sniper 3d game shooting free game. Theactiongame of military shooting game is best revenge of armerstrikegame. You are a contract Army soldier shooter agent and it isyourduty to kills all criminals with your gun shooting games.InCommando game army military camp under the gangsters. Usepowerfulsniper shoot rifle with ammunition and sharp bullets toperfectshooting skills. Be ready to survive army missions of thisShootingFPS mission 3D game. You are well trained US army commanderbymilitary army force for this grand mission. Secret agentcommandomilitary force alerted the terrorists, gangsters &mafia arehidden in mountain hills. Pick up your gun and start bestfrontlinesniper hero gun strike shooting skills & abilities forultimatebattle to secure frontier army shooter with fury in thiscriticalspecial rage ops shooting mission. Action packed gameEliteCommando Secret Spy Mission your opponent army attack onyourborder with tank, armor vehicles and helicopters. Fps snipergamesfor free is not easy war show good warrior skills interroristgame. Extreme real enemy strike and clean battle area zonefrom theterrorist by doing counters gun strike in defend zone.Beforestarting army combat strike counter with terrorist, take gunandstart free gun shooting in the army game 3d of best action gameandkill all the terrorist in the free shooting game of snipercombatgame. Try to focus on target and not missed any chance ofthesniper shoot to stay in top shooting game and perform well intheaction game as in military combat game. Enjoy gun shooting game.Inthis sniper 3d hitman killing games, you have to quick attacktofind rivals terrorist and kill them by doing sniper shooting asthefps sniper in the terrorist game. Full aim on the terroristandshoot as a sniper real assassin in the sniper combat game.Thiscontract assassin 3d new sniper shooting game is like a snipergamehave a feature of gun and become a frontline sniper by doingfpsshooting to do strike counter with terrorist and remove themfromcity and clean your city from terrorist to become a snipershooter.Do encounter shoot in a proper new action game of snipermissiongame. The free shooting attack game will allow agent to dosnipercommando elite military war strike in the terrorist game anddoingreal enemy strike in combat best game of top shooting game. Ingungames 3d, you have to do free gun shooting as the countersgunstrike in the shooter game. Ready to take experience of gunswatstrike of the sniper shoot in the shooting game with gun andbecomea gun shooter in the best action game 3d in the militarysnipergame. This call of sniper 3d killer shooting games will maketo dogun swat strike with terrorist and kill the terrorist intheterrorist shooting game. The free gun games will made youfpssniper shooting on the terrorist in the new action game.Thiscontract sniper 3d free sniper games is a new action game tobecomesniper shooter in terrorist game by doing counters gun strikeinthe sniper 3d game. While doing counter shoots, don’t missedtargetin the free gun shooting as the sniper real assassin insnipercombat game. Do real enemy strike as the sniper commandostrikeshooting of the sniper shoot in the action game. The strikecounterwith terrorist improve your fps shooting as the frontlinesniper inthe combat game of military sniper game. Make a goodimpact in theaction gun shooter game. Features:- - 3d stunninggraphics ofMountain. - Offline game no internet connectionrequired. -Realistic battlefield environment. - Play free game onplay store.
Sudden Assassin (Tap RPG) 1.1.2
How is your Assassin? Still fighting loneliness? This is anactionRPG different from any other! Experience fun and thrillingbattlesthat you never experienced before! Help the Assassin recoverandassist attacks while enjoying an entirely different gameplay!Keepoff the monsters and go beyond limits with endlessbattles!Numerous worlds and a variety of monsters! The pleasure ofbasicRPG, with a variety of equipment and attire to obtain throughoutthe game! Costumes that make you look forward to the nextfunandinteresting storylines, the ending of the story has a twist?!Withan urgency that keeps you on the edgelet’s help our mightymanthrough a variety of ways to bridge over his ordeal! If youhaveany inquiries or errors in the game, please contact us. Welookforward to your feedback and will reply to any questions assoon aspossible!■■■■■ Recommended point ■■■■■- Easy operation,hottestaction!- Fun game!- Monster Defense!- 1 vs 100 fight!- Ifyou likeTap RPG!- You like to grow assassin!- You can enjoy thisgame evenidle play type!
Halloween Sniper : Scary Zombies 2.2.4
Agent! Let’s dare to enter into this zombies arena and shoot alltheScary Zombies. Halloween Sniper Scary Zombies is themostchallenging shooting game available on your phone full ofthrillingmissions. Get ready to enjoy this action packed eyepopping game.Your arena is attacked by scary zombies. Zombies areon a missionto convert civilians into zombies. They want to eatcivilians. Theyare planning the dangerous missions to harm theinnocents. Its timeto save your people and kill all zombies. Useyour best assassinskills and fight with these scary zombies. Don’tallow zombies toescape. Be a commando, reload your GUN and kill allthe Zombies.Its time to prove yourself a brave stickman. Are youready toSNIPE? Pick up your Gun!! let’s start shooting!! HalloweenSniper :Scary Zombies Features: Amazing City Environment! HighQuality 3DGraphics and Realistic Explosive Sounds! Smooth and EasyControls!Powerful GUNS! Addictive game play and ChallengingMissions!Interesting Scenarios to complete!
Spider Simulator: Amazing City 1.038
Spider simulator is action, casual adventure game, where you playasa crazy, angry, frenzy and stupid spider in city. Your aim istocause destruction, mess, wreck, demolish, ram, smasheverythinginteractive and also annoy citizens. In your mission yougainpoints and experience, the faster you get them the more bonusyourecieve. Town environment contains a lot of obstacles suchasexplosive cars, pixel fence, barrels, block lawns,streetlights,street hydrants, cube dustbins and many other. Thisgame is goodfor relaxing purposes and releasing the stress. -Stunning 3Dmountain park ( hill ) graphics - Hours of fun gameplaywith thisgreat scary simulator - 8 real Spiders to pick -tarantula, arachnoetc - 6 levels, more to come - Multiplayer bossrampage included -There is no blood, gore, horror
LOSTGUNS: 2D pixel online Shooting game, PVP 1.311
** This game requires WIFI or 3G/LTE connection to play. **『Over3million downloads』 The best 2D online shootinggame,LOSTGUNS!Compete and cooperate with your friends and usersallaround the world!co-op, pvp now in real time!For new users, youcanget various free items to be the best shooter!*Features - PVPmode,Play with multiplayers online up to 8 players (1vs1 ~ 4vs4).-Various modes including Deathmatch, Bomb Installation, GoldenRobotetc - More shooting More points! Gain valuable prizesthroughladder points! - Collect different weapons like rifles,shotguns,snipers, and rare skins! - Clan system updated! Make yourown clanand receive precious rewards.**COOPERATIVE MODE - Cooperatewith upto 4 multiplayers online. - Defend your nexus against wolvesinmission mode.***COMMUNITY - Enjoy the game even better withfriendsaround the world. - Supports convenient functions such aslobby,shop, and mailbox.◆ Permissions that are used in the game-AccessContacts (GET_ACCOUNTS)(When connected) Login to yourGoogleaccount, Google will be able to identify your handsetregistered inthis app. The game will not be logged reject theauthorizationrequest.- Device photo, media, and fileaccess(WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE):Variousoptions(ex: sound, optimization, etc.) required for the game areneeded totemporarily store or load the status on the device.* Allstatementsused in the description may be slightly differentdepending on thedevice and OS version.
SKY ASSAULT: 3D Flight Action 0.2.7
The best 3D action shooting game ever! Protect the continentagainstthe enemy's invasions and become a hero!【 Introduction】Unique Herocharacters!Different terrains and altitudes presentopportunitiesfor strategical gameplay! Exciting battle!A realisticfeel to theattacks and fast-paced battles!Engaging gameplay!Putyour controlsand strategies to the test!【 Features 】▣ Enjoy thegame withoutworrying about Wi-Fi connections or free storagespace!▣ Unique Herocharacters- Each Hero uses a unique weapon.▣Growth System: Level upand upgrade!▣ Various missions- ExperienceEpisode, Custom, andvarious other missions!- Enjoy trying outdifferent strategies basedon the terrain and altitudes!▣Achievement Point-based RankingSystems- National Ranking System-Individual Ranking System▣ MultiLanguage Service- Enjoy the gamein various languages: Korean,English, Japanese, Russian, and more!
Still Alive : Survival PvP 1.0.68
Experience the action-packed survival matches of BattleRoyale.Nowprove you in the battle of glory, the Clan Battle!■Survival meansVictory! 5 players stake their lives in one epicBattle.Your onlyhope is to believe in yourself!Defeat all yourcompetitors andbecome the survivor!■ Clan battle to compete thestrongest!The timeto prove your clan!Win the clan battle and getthe glory!■ Heroeswith unique personalities A stealthy Assassin AnIntelligent BattleTactician A Lunatic that sets everything onfireFind the hero whowill lead you to victory and enter thebattle.■ A wide selection ofEquipmentBow, Taser Gun, Flamethrower,Drone , Active Ghost Suit,etc.A variety of Equipment for creatingdifferent survivalstrategies.Strengthen your Crafts with parts.■League match againstthe world! The league with world's greatestplayers.And the stageof glory, clan battle!Show off your skillsaround theworld.#Survival Game #Shooter #TPS #FPS #Multi Player
Counter Terrorist War 1.0
Counter Terrorist War will be the hottest game. The final versionofthe FPS shooter shoots works. There are plenty of weapons inthegame, as well as distinctive maps.This game is equipped withthemost fluent action, the most exquisite graphics, as a firstpersonshooting (FPS) to bring a very exciting gaming experience.Asamember of the war commando, you have been the most elite ofourarmy. And you must be the choice to complete the special taskofwar. As a shooting game lovers must not miss this game can giveyouthe real war scenes experience. You can learn through this gameallkinds of fighting, war knowledge. You can see completelydifferentfrom the usual life.You have to use the terrain indifferentlocations on these fine maps to give you the advantage todefeatthe enemy to win the game again and again. The game fortheplayer's control operation is very friendly and unique. Withthegame, you will slowly realize the difficulty of the game tobringyou the pressure. Will eventually feel a very horriblegamedifficulty, but it also means more difficult challenges, Ibelieveyou will like.The game will provide you with all kinds ofsuperweapons and guns. And in the task, give full play to yourweapons.As a member of a trained special forces, to discover andshootevery enemy in sight and complete the final task. End thisbadwar.Counter Terrorist War features- simple, beautiful, cleanUI-fine 3d real scene- all kinds of weapons- thrillinggameexperience- Multiple task settings- full of passion and makeyoufeel real first-person shooter (FPS)- a lot of distinctive maps
Anger of stick 5 : zombie 1.1.6
*StickMan Game: AngerOfStick 2, Anger of Stick 3, Anger of Stick4,Anger of Stick 5 *Scenario: A strange group of enemies appearedinthe city and have been using innocent people as experimentaltools.Lots of people have turned into Zombie so that Hero and hisfriendsshould save the people and remove the enemies. *Collectvariouscolleagues! - Please collect 6 kinds of reliable fellows. -You canarrange the stage with the total 3 fellows. *RPG's growthelements-The level up system throgh experiences (EXP). *You canenjoy bothSingle mode and Jombie mode. *A variety of movements andrealisticactions have been realized.====================================Support Information: Foradditional support, please contact: E-mail: [email protected]====================================
Ugandan Knuckles Battle Royale Online Survival 1.0
UGANDAN KNUCKLES BATTLE ROYALE is an original ugandan ONLINEactiongame where you have to find DA WAE to win! Fight against theotherKNUCKLES, look for some items and gear to stay alive andsurvive!In this game you can play Team Matches, Solo Fights,Defenders vs.Attackers game, Ugandan Zombie Mode, and much more!There are evenVehicles, Tanks and Turrets! There is also SURVIVALISLAND mode forlong play crafting and building experience! Jumpinto the action!Search the area! Find the best weapons for you:Assault AKM Rifle,GKM Rifle, Shotgun, Bazooka, Flamethrower andother weapons.Dominate the battlefield by taking on each opponentand become lastone standing! Grab your pixel gun and startshooting! Use HAMMER tobuild walls, stairs, floors and ladders!Modify your environment atyour advantage! Build your own castle andbecome the Royale King!In this game you can create your own basealong with your friends!Play the unique SURVIVAL ISLAND mode! Spendcountless hours oncrafting, gatering resources, fishing,harvesting, mining andplanting! Plant your own crops, catch fishes,gather debris fromthe island and use it to craft your home!Construct countlessobjects, including torches, chests, chairs,beds, cookers and muchmore! YOU WILL NOT KNOW DA WEY until you playthis game! Never bebored! Play and chat with friends in the reallyDE WAY style! Ourgame features: — Online And Offline Game Types —Pixel & BlockyGraphics — Many Different Game Modes — Team,solo, zombie anddeathmatch games — Survive Gun Game Against OtherPlayers — 100%Free - no special purchases needed — Crafting withUgandian Recipes— Inventory, Backpack, Equipment — Many items withdifferentfunctionality — Many weapons — Various Ugandan Skins —Ugandan AirDrops — Ultra Sonic Gameplay Pacing — High QualityGraphics —Support for up to 64 Players — Special Game Mode: BATTLEARENA withmany MAPS — Bonus Extras: Flying, Invisibility, PowerJump, SuperSpeed — Two maps for Tank Attack Game Mode — ThreeDifficultyLevels — Two types of Air Drop — Fast Play Button(Creates a randomgame) — Daily Rewards — Body armor items,including various helmets— Queen Support Extras (She helps youfight) — … and many, manymore! See you on the way! Let's play inthe real VR Chat style!
Gun War: Shooting Games 2.8.1
Offline shooting game, small size but not simple, just downloadandenjoy it! Game feature: - 15+ Multi-languages - More than124exciting shooter tasks, including 6 special game type -50+featured scenes and maps. - 50+ weapons, epic weapons waitingforyou. - Weapon upgrade system, even ordinary weapons also havetheopportunity to upgrade. - Unique mercenary and team system. -WorldChampionship leaderboards, together to challenge gameplayersaround the world. EASY TO GET STARTED: - Optimized formobiledevice operating, smooth controlling and exciting battlesound,experience the console game shooter fun! - Flexibleartificialintelligence behavior so that each enemy is unique!Compatibilityand support We're continuously working (hard) so thatall Androiddevice run the game smoothly. Please report any issueyou mayexperience by email us. Disclaimer Gun War: Shooting Gamesis afree game but it contains mature content and optionalin-apppurchases for real money. You may want to keep away it fromyourkids. Give us 5 stars rating for encouraging us to improve thegamecontinuously.