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Dragon Live Wallpaper 3.1
X Soft
Dragon Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaperyoumust have if you appreciate these awe – inspiring creatures!Makeyour phone look cool and mighty like a warrior dragon!DownloadDragon Live Wallpaper now completely free and choose therightdragon image for your phone screen. Several backgroundsdepictingstrong, fire - breathing creatures in a celestial battle,mightylords of war with their wings wide spread, flying or juststandingon a cliff - you pick! They all look very cool, you'll lovethisamazing live wallpaper!- Amazing 3D live wallpaper for your phone!- Tap on the screen for the Interactive feature.- There is full support for landscape modeandhome-screenswitching!- This beautiful, free and enjoyable background iswaitingforyou!- You can choose from several different themes.- HD graphics and open GL.- Optimized Battery Usage.- Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.- Dragon Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontalorientationandlooks amazing on tablet devices as well as onphonesDo you find awe-inspiring and majestic dragons impressive? Ifso,and if you are in need of a brand new and energeticanimatedbackground, mystical Dragon Wallpaper is just right foryour“livewallpaper” collection. A dragon is a mythical being foundinalmost every mythology all over the world - from west toeast.Whether you prefer Oriental dragons, or western dragons, thiscoolapp offers amazing and breathtaking images of these awe -inspiringcreatures. Even though these fire-breathing creatures tendto bearresemblance to lizards and dinosaurs in the EuropeanFolklore, theyare by all means magnificent and mysterious, to saythe least. Onthe other hand, Chinese dragons are considered to bedivinecreatures, that bring luck and stand for wisdom, strength, aswellas for the emperor, or the king of the sea. Discover themajesticinhabitants of water, sea and ocean, the sacred animals inChina –this cool wallpaper will make your tablet or phone screenlookamazing! You have an opportunity to gaze at thesemythical,typically red and green, creatures from up close – seetheir hugeclaws, stunning wings and even scales with this freeapp.Even though in Europe dragons commonly stand for evilandaredepicted as monsters, nowadays they are often popular mangaandanime characters, which gives them a status of rather coolbeings,strong and mighty as ever, but no longer slain by heroes.Decorateyour screen with truly amazing and powerful mythicalcreatures andopen yourself to the world of mystery and magic. Seeall thespectacular Dragon Backgrounds! No matter if you prefer“Chinesedragon” to the European one, “Dragon Wallpaper” has themall.Download “Dragon Live Wallpaper” and choose yourfavoritebackground! Get the coolest “live wallpaper” on the marketrightnow for free. Enter the world of the legendary rulers of thesky -the fire-breathing mythical creatures can be decorating yourphoneor tablet screen now for free. Hurry up and get thisincrediblycool application for Android!Get ready for the new age of dragons! “Dragon Live Wallpaper” isaFREE app for Android with the most beautiful free dragonbackgroundimages. These amazingly animated mythical beings willbeautify yourphone and make it powerful.Welcome to the dragon world! This collection of dragonpicturesrepresents the most beautiful dragon art work.Fire-breathingdragon wallpapers are the most popular wallpaperbackgrounds andthe images of these mighty mythical creatures arespecially welldesigned for you. So, don’t wait any longer, set oneof theseimages and be sure that your phone looks the bestever.These scary wallpapers are fantastic when you want to trysomethingdifferent for your phone. These dragon background picturesare realworks of art so you will certainly love to have them onyour homescreen. There is no need to wait so long, because this isa freewallpaper app with dragon images that will make you love yourphoneagain.