Top 49 Games Similar to Destruitor FREE

Kitty Pop Bubble Shooter 1.0
Fan of bubble pop games? You must try this brand-new colorblastpuzzle! Kitty Pop Bubble Shooter is a fun bubble shooting gamewithhundreds of addictive levels, beautiful graphics andawesomeboosts. Pop all the bubbles by matching 3 colors - it’ssuper fun!Try out this cool exciting game, aim carefully to hit thetargetand make these bubbles pop! Get ready for a new adventure!Thisaddictive bubble shooter game offers some fun puzzles,challenginglevels and amazing graphics and effects. Get it now forFREE andexperience an easy and fun gameplay. Use your bubblepopping skillsto help Kitty shoot and blast all the colorfulbubbles and clearlevels! Pop the Bubbles!* Show off your colormatching skills andcomplete all the different missions. * Reach thelevel target andsolve the fun puzzle to advance.* Tap where youwant to shoot.*Match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to createa line blastand win points. * Reach high scores and try to get 3stars on everylevel. * The more bubbles you remove from the boardin one shot,the higher score you’ll get. Boost your experience withspecialpower-ups:* Pop 7 bubbles in a row to unlock the FIREBALLthat willburn every bubble on the way.* Drop 10+ bubbles at once toget aBOMB that will take out surrounding bubbles.Try out the bestappand experience a simple yet super addictive puzzle game. Thereisno life or time limit - you can start any level over and nothaveto wait for lives, as they are unlimited! Awesome Features!🐱Asuper cute cat character! Meet Kitty and help her clear theboardfrom all the colorful balls.🐱 Colorful graphics and designs,jointhe exciting adventure in the animal world!🐱 Explore hundredsofthrilling levels filled with fun puzzles and challenges.🐱Smoothgameplay and cool animations.🐱 Completely free-to-play, hoursoffun are guaranteed!Play through hundreds of exciting levelsandenjoy the most amazing gameplay anywhere and anytime.Competeagainst friends and family and see who can reach the highestscoreand get 3 stars on every level. Have a blast shooting andsmashingall the bubbles!All rights of Bubble Shooter™ are owned byIlyonDynamics Ltd.
Bubble Shooter Aliens 1.7
Explore area 51 and research the alien technology of the starsinthis amazing bubble shooter game! Solve the space challengesandadvance along the galactic map. Play this exciting bubblegame,meet the cute alien and help him smash all bubbles inthisincredible space adventure. Plan Your Path:Make sure to aimwell soyour bubble will land exactly where you want it. Drop thebiggroups of bubbles first so you can clear a path. See whichbubblecolor you are getting next so you can work out a strategy topopyour way to victory and clear all the bubbles from thescreen.Match and Pop:Drag your finger to move the laser aiming andlift itto shoot bubbles. Match at least 3 bubbles of the same colorto popthe combination and clear the cosmic board. Win all thelevels bypopping all the bubbles in limited shots.Boosts andBonuses: Pop 7bubbles in a row to get a Fireball. Drop 10 bubblesin a singleshot and a Bomb will take out the bubbles. Explore over1300awesome levels in space filled with fun puzzles andchallenges.Help the alien to pop bubbles and clear the screen. Youcan switchbubbles for free. Play and enjoy this fun and addictivebubblepopping game that will train your brain.
Magnetic Shooter 1.0
Try out the classic and super fun Magnetic Shooter BubbleShootinggame, journey across space and explore thousands of cosmiclevelsfilled with awesome puzzles and challenges. Match at least3bubbles of the same color to pop, overcome the obstacles andunlockspecial boosts and power-ups on your way to victory. Hit andpopall the balls and win levels in this awesome bubble shooterspacegame. Download now from Google Play and explore plenty ofexcitinglevels, challenges, and puzzles that will keep youentertained forhours!Key Magnetic Shooter Features:- Thousands ofamazing levelsset in space.- Easy and fun to play.- Awesomegraphics and effects,tons of colorful bubbles.- Totally addictive -You will not be ableto put it down!- Completely FREE to play!How toPlay?- Tap on thescreen to drag the laser aim and lift it to hitbubbles. - Match 3or more bubbles to pop the combo and win points.- The more bubblesyou remove from the board in one shot, the higherscore you’ll get.- Reach high scores so you can earn 3 stars onevery level. - Swapbubbles for free, simply tap on your bubble tochange its color. -Solve the tricky puzzles and beat thebubble-packed challenges. Tryout this cool board game for free, aimcarefully and pop your wayto the top!All rights of Bubble Shooter™are owned by IlyonDynamics Ltd.
Bubble Shooter Sweety
5 Star Games
Come and enjoy the most interesting shooting game in theBubbleShooter Sweety! There are lots of raccoon and mushroom elf intheforest waiting for your rescue. Bubble Shooter Sweety Features:-Hundreds of bubble shooting levels - Different game modes for you-Unlimited lives to challenge - Three kinds of powerful props-Fluent and great game experience - Beautiful andwell-designedbubbles - More levels will be added in time You candownload BubbleShooter Sweety in Google Play for free now! Inviteyour friends tocreate higher score together!
Bubble Action Rush 1.0
Get ready for an action-packed bubble shooter puzzle. Don’t missoutthis fun game! In this amazing game you will need to aim&shoot, to drop & burst all bubbles. Aim, match and smashallthe balls in this relaxing color-matching adventure.Thisincredible shooter is simple and easy to learn, perfect forbothadults and kids to enjoy! Ready to start the action? Putyourstrategy skills to the test! Compete against friends and familyandsee who can reach the highest score and get 3 stars on everylevel.Earn coins while you play and use them to get cool boosters.Useyour logic and puzzle solving skills to complete the funmissionsand clear the board.FUN FEATURES: ★ 800+ Exciting levels,with moreadded all the time. ★ New elements and great prizes.★Brand neweffects and sounds. ★ Clear obstacles and beat thechallenges. ★Pop 7 bubbles in a row to unlock the fireball.★ Drop10+ bubbles atonce to get a bomb.★ Play anytime and anywhere, noWiFi connectionis required! Tap on the screen to drag the laser aimand lift it totake a shot. It’s important to form a strategyaccording to thedifferent bubbles layout in each level. Shoot andpop all thecolored balls in this fun free game, aim carefully andhit thetarget! Work your way through all the different challengesandpuzzles, solve the brain teasers and win levels.Shoot thecolorfulballs to advance to the next amazing puzzle level, trainyour brainand test your matching skills while playing thisaddictive, casualgame for free. Hurry up and join the ballooncrushing mania, but becareful - once you start popping bubbles yousimply can’t stop!Allrights of Bubble Shooter™ are owned by IlyonDynamics Ltd.
Bubble Popland - Bubble Shooter Puzzle Game 4.3.1
Bubble shooting is funnier with Emma and Tia the cat. Emmalovesplaying with Tia and her only concern is to make Tia happy.You’llsee it is not so easy to satisfy this lovely cat. Uhm, I amnotsure whether this cat is really lovely. Maybe it is a bit itchy:)Anyway, you can make Tia and Emma rejoice with biscuits andsometoys like clew and balls. Bubble Popland is a fun bubbleshootergame free for adults. Some of the levels are easy to relax,someare difficult to challenge just like brain training puzzlegame.Aim and shoot bubbles! Never get bored thanks to the surprisesandchallenges in this bubble shooter game! This shooting bubblegameoffers many puzzle game modes to avoid being bored.Deliciouscookies, cat food, milk and toys are placed among bubbles.You willpop bubbles in the same color with the bubble on thelauncher. Someobstacles like bubble spinner modes, icy bubbles onyour way makeyou shoot bubbles strategically like in a puzzle game.Don’t worry!We put some surprising bubbles blasting all bubblesunder it! Superpower-ups help you be the favorite playmate of Emmaand Tia! If youdon’t want to see Emma crying and Tia glaring atyou, you can usesuper power-ups such as marbles and peg-tops toburst bubbles indifferent colors in one move. The more stars youcollect, the moregifts you win! Each bubble popping level youachieved adds star toyour star box and after 20 stars arecollected, gifts likeunlimited lives, power-ups and coins are givento you! Some tips toget more fun of this bubble game: Shootingbubbles continuouslybrings more coins. Spend your coins to usepower-ups popping morebubbles in one move. Bounce the bubbles onthe walls to threadthrough bubbles and obstacles Win gifts with thedaily spin wheel.Connect to Facebook to synchronize your progresson all devicesUpdate the game for free when new updates areavailable on themarket How to play bubble games: - Tap the targetedarea to launchbubble to blast bubbles - Aim the same color bubbles,you need tomatch 3 at least Follow us on socialmedia:
Bubble Shooter 78.0
Classic bubble shoot eliminate shooter game, exquisitepicturequality, fun levels, no wifi, free, best time to pass thegame!Welcome to the happy life of a dinosaur mom, cute dragonbabieshiding in the depths of bubble jungle, slide yourfingers,eliminate colored bubbles, pop, pop, look, baby dragonswere youfound. How to play: - Aim and match the bubble you want toshoot inthe bubble. - Match 3 or more same bubbles. - Removebubbles tofind cute baby dragons. - Click on the props in the game,the useof props allows you to easily through the game - The gamewill giveyou the stars based on your performance in the game, thehigher thescore the more stars feature: + High quality and goodmusic + Nowifi can play + Completely free + Well designed level,not only funbut also a lot! You can download it for free for yourkids orgirlfriends or old parents. I wish you a happy life here!
Buggle 2 - Free Color Match Bubble Shooter Game 1.4.7
Aim your bubble cannon and blast away! Shoot bubbles withyourbubble shooter and pop your way to victory! Your favoritefreebubbleshooter puzzle game Buggle 2 is here! Uh, oh! GreedyQueenBee and her soldier bee army have arrived! The peacefulBubbleIsland of bubble bear games and friendly bubble bears are nowindanger! They need YOUR help! Join bubble bear Andrew's questforhoney! The gluttonous Queen Bee is hoarding all of the sweethoney,and it is up to Andrew the bear and his animal friends topreventthe tyranny of the Bee Army. Andrew and his friends onlywish forpeace on their island. But they cannot just sit there,waiting forsomeone to stop the Queen bee and her buggy army. Theyare indesperate need of your support! Save them from the evilgreedyQueen bee’s buggy army and bring peace and justice toBubbleisland! Andrew the bubble bear has great bubble shootingskills. Hecan burst many bubbles and defeat the Queen bee’s buggyarmy byusing his secret weapon – the bubble shooter! But he can’tdo italone. Your role is crucial! Use the color match bubbleshooter tohelp Andrew in his resistance against the greedy QueenBee and hersnoopy bee soldiers! Pop, whirl, and blast the bubbleswith plentyof special items and shoot that red bubble! Look out forthe helpof Andrew's bear friends, like the polar bear and pandabear!SPECIAL FEATURES of Buggle 2 ▣ Bubble popping, bubbleshootingfever! Buggle 2 is no ordinary bubbleshooter game. Buggle2combines the classic popular bubble shooter arcade puzzle gamewithfun, exciting power up items and various game modes! More than1300levels await! Play NOW and show us your bubble shootingskills.Shoot burst & blast the bubbles! BANG! POP! Join Andrewand hisfriends’ adventure for honey! ▣ Various game boosters andgamemodes to entertain all! Buggle 2 is a bubble shooter gamewithcaptivating challenges! Are you an expert at Bubbleshootergames?Ever wish for a game that’s actually going to challenge you?Noneed to worry. You’ll never stop playing Buggle 2! We updateourlevels on a regular basis and new challenges will alwaysarrive!Join Andrew on his quest to defeat the Queen bee and protecthispeaceful island from the evil Queen bee’s snoopy buggy army.▣Easy, Intuitive controls! Follow the simple steps – Aim, shoot,andpop the bubble! Simple as that! Just use your finger to controltheshooter. Aim the bubble to match the color. Shoot the bubbleandBLAST! The bubbles just popped! The fate of Andrew andBubbleisland of the bears lie right on your fingertips! Soon, thehoneywill be yours! ▣ New game EVENTS and REWARDS Look out foreventsand rewards EXCLUSIVE for our Buggle 2 Facebook Pagefollowers!Participate in these new events and you will gain awesomerewardsthat will help you through your adventure! More events! Morehoney!▣ Invite your friends to play Buggle 2 WITH you Buggle 2 is agamefor everyone! Perfect to play with your friends and family!Sharegifts, request for help, and compete against them! See who’sthebest hand at the bubble shooter! ▣ Colorful and vibrantgraphicswith cute characters! Looking for free bubble pop gameswith richcolors and cute characters? Beautiful bubble whirlgraphics withrich red, blue and purple colors! Check out the eyepopping, bubblepopping Buggle 2 now! Match the bubble colors andmake them burst!Shoot that redbubble and save the cute littlebubble bear Andrewand his friends! Help them in their challengingquest against theQueen bee and her soldiers. ▣ Enjoying Buggle 2?Visit our fan page and look outfor EXCLUSIVEevents for our followers! Don’t forget to leave 5-star★★★★★reviews and tell us what you like about Buggle 2!
Pharaoh Quest Bubble 1.4
pharaoh quest bubbleexplore the secrets of the mysticalpoppyramidVisit all the famous sites and places and explorethesecrets of the mystical bubble pyramid. Welcome to the ancientlandof Egypt! Explore all its magic and try to find your way out otthebubble puzzles! Fun, addictive and adventurous bubbleshootgame!Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up,and tryto get3 stars on each level.Relaxing yet challenging game withwonderfulpirate graphics.Why You’ll Like It+ No internet connectionisrequired so you can play anytime and anywhere.+ It’scompletelyfree.+ Hundreds of unique and challenging levels.+ Coolgraphicsand designs.+ Addictive game mode.Try to collect as muchtreasureas possible!Use amazing boosters and bombs to help you onyour way.
Bubble Shooter 41.0
The most cute bear of the history is coming! This is an epicgame,exciting levels continuously. What is more, this bubbleshootinggame for free!How to Play:- Aim and match bubbles where youwant toshoot the bubble.- To group 3 or more bubbles to make themburst.-Clear all the bubbles on the screen to get to a new level.-Morethan seven kinds of cute bear is waiting for you to unlock,youcaninvite five friends to unlock the special role.- Less movesyoupass a level, higher score you'll get.- At the end of game,youwillbe awarded coins according to the score. the higher score yougot,the more coin will be awarded. - At the end of game,you canclickthe falling bubbles to get higher score Features: + easyoperationbut lots of fun.+ Gorgeous special effects and beautifulimages.+Different roles dress+ Many interesting props to help youpass gamequickly+ A combination of multiple bubbles + No wifi canalsoplayif you like bubble shooting game,It is worth to try. Let'splayit!
Lost Bubble - Bubble Shooter 2.67
Peak Games
Get ready for the most exciting Bubble Shooter of alltime!Everything you love about bubble shooter games and much more!🍬🍬Just Like a Candy! 🍬🍬 Crush the evil forces and save the worldfromthe dark mist together with the good witch Light Sentinel! Getridof Pandora's Boxes in the levels by popping bubbles, but keepinmind that your moves are limited and you must not hitPandora'sBox. Play this addictive bubble shooter game to test yourpuzzlesolving skills. It’s fun and simple to play, but it will taketimeand skill to become a bubble pop master! 😎 💜 Unlock newepisodes,and embark on amazing journeys in mysterious lands. Playnow toenter a world full of mysteries, magic and adventures and ofcoursedifficult obstacles set by the witches of the Dark World.Popbubbles and help Light Sentinel defeat the Witches of theDarkWorld! 🎉 Fun Guaranteed! 🎉----------------------------------------Key Features: ★ More than1600 levels with unique layout andchallenges 🎁 🎁 ★ Simple andaddictive gameplay! ★ 20+ UnlockableMagic Orbs to help you duringyour adventure ★ Compete with yourfriends and help each other withadditional lives and coins ★Constant free updates with newfeatures, new levels in mysteriouslocations ★ Pop bubbles 🎈🎈 anddiscover more worlds and magic thanyou have ever imagined in abubble shooter game ★ No ads tointerrupt you whileplaying---------------------------------------- Follow us insocialnetworks to get the latest updates and win special prizes!Allrights reserved by Peak Games. Peak Games
Hunter Bubble Shooter 1.0
Go hunting and popping in the new Hunter Bubble Shooter! Aim,shootand pop colorful balls. Warm up your fingers and get ready toshowsome fine matching skills! Download Hunter Bubble Shooter,earnamazing boosters and power ups to win levels, and clear theboard.Chase and hunt with the hunters, win enough points to earn atleastone star, and complete the missions to become the winner ofthepuzzle! The hunters will never get tired to hunt, aim, shootandget their coins. Play Hunter Bubble Shooter, Manage your time,planahead, and clear all the balls to overcome the obstacles. Formagroup of 3 or more bubbles of the same color to pop bubbles,anduse powerful boosts to advance our shooting game. Competeagainstfriends and family and see who can reach the highest scoreand get3 stars on every level.Download now and enjoy hours of fun!💣Earnpowerful boosters that will help you pop and blast your waytovictory!* Hit and pop 7 balloons in a row to get a FIREBALLthatwill burn every bubble on the way. * Blast and drop 10 bubblesormore to get a BOMB that will explode surrounding bubbles.HowtoPlay:- Drag your finger to move the laser aim and lift it toshootand pop bubbles in this cool bubble shooter game. - Gethunting:Chase and match at least 3 balloons of the same color topop thecombination. - Try to complete thousands of challengingandadvanced levels. - Plan your shots ahead and reach highscores.Experience cool Features in Hunter Bubble Shooter:-Challengingpuzzle levels filled with colorful bubbles. - Completelyfree toplay and highly addictive! - Amazing and vibrant graphics. -Asmooth gameplay. - Hours of endless fun game time.- So simpleandeasy to burst and explode balls! - Great for the whole family-suitable for both kids and adults to start popping.Miss theoldarcade puzzle bubble shooter games? Go back in time and enjoyachildhood favorite! This cool bubble shooter game is fun foradultsand kids, and will let you enjoy endless hours of funandexcitement! Play this addictive and easy puzzle game anywhereyou’dlike - no wifi or internet needed! Shoot. Hit, smash, andburst thecolorful balloons, and win amazing rewards and coins! Helpthehunters hunt the balls, plan your path carefully and pop andsmashyour way to victory!All rights of Bubble Shooter™ are ownedbyIlyon Dynamics Ltd.
Bubble Shooter 2.3
Play the brand new bubble popping game today, hit the balls,anddiscover one of the most fun games to play! It’s the classicandaddictive bubble shooter ™ game with a twist - plenty ofexcitingnew puzzles and challenges. Play for free, hit the bubblesand winlevels!Think you can score? let’s test your matching skillsin thisgame - shoot bubbles with numbers, calculate your steps toreachthe goal in every level. Play online or offline - there is nowifiand no internet needed in this bubble shooter ™ game!Playthisunique trivia game to develop your mathematical skills anytimeandanywhere for free. We want to ensure that you’ll get themostentertaining experience and enjoy the most innovative features.Sotake aim and blast away all the balls in this colorfulretro-styleadventure!Brain Training Games: Test your skills andreach thelevel target. Train your brain and solve all thepuzzles.Play &Win: Overcome different challenges and completemissions. ClassicGameplay: Enjoy a classic and addicting gamemode.Share the Fun:Play with family and friends and have ablast!Develop your thinkingskills and enjoy unique and fun puzzlesand challenges. Smash allthe bubbles to clear the board and move onto the next challenge.This Bubble Shooter ™ retro game is perfectfor families to playand enjoy so make sure to get startedtoday.Reach the goal in thisall-new balloon shooting game:There arerandom numbers inside theballs. Your mission is to reach the goalof the level by collectingand adding the numbers inside thebubbles. Can you shoot and popthe bubbles, reach the target, andclear the level?How to Play:*Drag your finger to move the lasersight in the direction of thebubbles and lift your finger to shootballoons.* Explore thousandsof amazing levels.* Try getting threestars by reaching highscores.* Pop numbers inside the balls toreach the goal of thelevel.* Warm up your fingers and prepare forsome bubble poppingfun!* Enjoy the classic and retro gameplay withno wifi and nointernet needed.* Pop the balls, and win coins,boosters, andgifts!* Special boosters featuring: A Fireball and aBomb that willhelp you blast and clear groups of bubbles and winlevels.Upgradeyour Bubble Shooter ™ Gaming Experience:Earn andunlock powerfulboosters that will help you hit, pop and explode allthe colorfulballs and level up.Bubble Shooter ™ is a perfect freebraintraining game!Pop bubbles according to a target score, and trytobeat the challenges and solve all the riddles. Thousands of funandrelaxing levels are waiting to be solved, so you betterstartplaying! You can swap bubbles for free, just tap on yourbubble tochange its color. Make sure to plan your shots and workout astrategy to pop all the colored balloons.Pop, smash, andexplodecolorful balloons, win amazing gifts and prizes, andcompletethousands of challenging fun levels in this cool bubbleshooter ™free game.This Bubble Shooter ™ shooting bubbles game isveryrelaxing, addictive and super easy to learn. Hours of endlessfunare guaranteed!All rights of Bubble Shooter ™ are owned byIlyonDynamics Ltd.
Bubble Island 2 - Pop Shooter & Puzzle Game 1.52.26
THE BUBBLE SHOOTER WITH BOUNCE, BANG AND POP! From theaward-winningteam that brought you the original smash hit BubbleIsland comesBubble Island 2, a berry-bursting puzzle adventurefest and ballshooter game that’s bigger and better than ever! Useyour skill tosize up the perfect shots and shoot bubbles like acharm. It’s a funand addictive shooting ball game! Experienceadventure and join RicoRaccoon as he races around the world, hoton the tail of the fowlpigeon mastermind, Simon Von Adler! This isa real shooting ball& puzzle game that contains nice graphicsand an adventurestory. Rescue cities from Simon’s evil clutches torestore theirstolen monuments. From Paris to San Francisco, HongKong and Delhi…the world needs your help! You’ll need skill andaccurate shots. Butdon’t worry, Rico’s not alone. There’s a wholecast of crazy palsready to jump into the action, like Mr. Wong,Hong Kong’s residentPanda Berry Master! With awesomenext-generation physics,mind-boggling puzzles and spectacularchain reactions, Bubble Island2 takes your gaming experience tothe next level. 90 million BerryMasters conquered the originalBubble Island. Have YOU got what ittakes to send those pigeonspacking in the amazing Bubble Island 2?It will become addictivefrom the very first bubbles you shoot byusing the cannonballs fromyour cannon. Your ultimate goal is toshoot bubbles and fruits thatmatch the ball color in your cannon.Once you’ve finished somelevels, you can move on to anotheradventure. Play over one hundredpuzzle game levels. All you need isan accurate shot. It’s a uniquebubble shooter game and puzzle funthat won’t leave you bored.*PHYSICS-BASED FUN!* BIG BANG – Pick theright ball color and makeperfect shots to set off awesome,city-shaking chain reactions!RICO RETURNS - Join your favoriteraccoon on a bubble shooteradventure around-the-world tour. Justdon’t call him “Trash Panda!”SKILL SHOTS – With beautifulphysics-based puzzles and hundreds ofmissions to play, there’salways a new way to match and pop! PANDAPALS – The gang’s alwaysgrowing with a crazy new character to meetin every city, fromViolette the Parisian poodle to Raj the Indianelephant! Grab yourround-the-world ticket to FUN! Join Rico andpals in Bubble Island 2and let the berry-bursting action begin!Team up with an all-starcast for a bubble shooter puzzler withunbelievable chainreactions!-------------------------------------------------------------------------BubbleIsland 2 is a physics-based bubble shooter and puzzle gamethat isfree to download and play. However, it also allows you topurchasevirtual items with real money inside the game. You candisablein-app purchases in your device’s settings. You may requireanInternet connection to play Bubble Island 2 and to access itssocialfeatures. Bubble Island 2 may containadvertising.-------------------------------------------------------------------------Termsof Use: PrivacyPolicy:’s 90 million Berry Master fans for a non-stopround-the-worldtour packed with brand new bubble shooter puzzles!Start youradventure journey and shoot the bubbles today!
Bubble Shooter 1.21.4
Bubble Joy
Bubble Shooter is an addictive bubble shooter game with341+puzzles, join millions now in the best free bubble shootergameever! Bubble Shooter is a classic bubble match 3 game. Pop, tapandtilt your way through over 341 addictive bubble puzzleswithexcitement and packed with adventure! Features: - More than341magic levels to complete! And more puzzles are coming soon. -Easyand fun to play, challenging to master - 4 Special Boostershelpyou get high score. - Cute dragon pups boost your points. -Popbubble with extension line. - Bubble pop with lightning bubble.Howto Play bubble game: 1.Tap where you want to pop bubble 2.Togroup3 or more bubbles to make them burst 3.Clear all the bubbleson thescreen to level up,and try to get 3 stars on each level.4.Popbubbles to save dragon pups as target in some levels. 5.Bubblepopwhen hitting a fireball bubble. Tips: Breaking thebubblescontinuously can get points as bonus! This free bubble gameis freeto download and also good for family and kids. BubblesShooter gameis completely free to play but some in-game items suchas extramoves or lives will require payment. Enjoy this Free BubbleGame!If you have any question or suggestion, please send usemail:[email protected] Thank you everyone who playedBubbleShooter!
Bubble Shooter 42.0
🔥Classic Candy Bubble Shooter is a free game.🔥 It's a ancientpuzzleand Match-Three game. As a classic game, Candy Bubbleshooter ispopular at all over the world. No matter women, child,elderly,housewives, handsome man, pretty girls love Candy BubbleShooter.Candy Bubble Shooter is a very funny and happy game. Playit withyour family. We add 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Let show it for you. 1.a superpet feed system. You can feed your own bird and dress upit. 2. 500+funny and challenging game levels, Do you want tochallenge yourbrain? 3. More than 50 kinds of sweet candy bubbles.4. Fluentshooting experience. 5. Captivating arcade inspiredmusic. 6. Match3 meets bubble burst. 7. More strategy and morehappy. What we bringto you? 1. Bring relax and happy to you. 2.Help you kill yourboring time. 3. Help you train your brain andfinger. 4. Are youalone? We will be with you. Unlike word searchgame, Candy Bubbleshooter is suitable for all countries and alllanguage. Candy BubbleShooter is one of the best matching andpuzzle game! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟If your family have elderly, you wantthem to keep away frommahjong, card and other casino game or theywant find something tokill time. If your wife, childs or girlfriend always bother you. Ifyour husband or boy friends alwayslive you alone. You can try todownload bubble shooter. All youproblem will go away.
Ace Bubble pop - Bunny Bubble shooter 1.0.1
Bubble Puzzle
Bubble game inspired by classic shoot the eggs, is usuallythetime-killer game of many gamers because of its playability andmanychallenging challenges.Play Ace bubble pop - Bunny bubbleshootergame you will enjoy the relaxing moments, the gentleentertainmentthat the game bring, it seems that it makes it"interesting,attractive" than ever.Pictures of cute rabbitcompassion to collectcarrots for food storage for winter cold willcertainly make youenjoy. Join the baby rabbits to discover newlands and enjoy thebubbles of the world right now!*** How to playAce bubble pop -Bunny bubble shooter:• Use your skill to aim andshoot the eggs intwo or more bubbles of the same color to shatterthe magickingdom.• Shoot the eggs in the bubbles that containcarrots tocollect them. When you collect a lot of carrots, you canchange toget more help on the way to the finish• Rabbit is beingmonsterball around the ball so you have to remove all the ballsaround itto rescue the rabbit baby.• On the way you will encountermonsters,the wooden ... be careful because you may lose the firstleg.• Thefirst level is usually straightforward, but the higherthedifficulty, the more difficult it is for you to calculate foreachof your moves because of the limited number of balls.***Featuresgame Ace bubble pop - Bunny bubble shooter:• With 120challenginglevels of fun and fun• Cute characters, HD images,background musicto feel relaxed while playing• This game is bothintellectual andentertaining, allowing you to kill time, releasetension and Playgames anytime, anywhere.• Game bubble free, youplay without wificonnectionIf you are a fan of any kind of shootinggame, you mustjoin Download and download our best, newest Acebubble pop - Bunnybubble shooter game. Bubble games are free!
Vulcan Pop Bubble Shooter 5.0
Welcome to the magical vulcan island! Take a walk throughthebeautiful evergreen forest, relax and enjoy the cool air andthelovely colors of nature. Discover the new addictive bubble gameandmake sure to join the adventure, but don’t delay too much asyouhave a limited number of shots to clear the level and keeptheVolcano from erupting! Use your shots wisely and plan aheadyourevery pop. Pop all the balls until you clear the board inthisbubble popping exciting adventure! Matching at least 3 colorswillburst the bubbles and grant points, try reaching high scores toget3 stars on each level. Earn powerful boosters and power-upsthatwill help you to complete your mission. Solve all thebubblepuzzles, save the mountain and restore balance to thevolcanic fireisland. Play hundreds of free challenging levels andget ready toenjoy beautiful graphics and a smooth gameplay. Popballs away, andsave the island from the volcano’s lava. Thispopping bubbles fungame will give you endless hours of excitement!HOW TO PLAY 🔥 Dragyour finger to move the laser sight in thedirection of thebubbles. 🔥 Lift your finger to take a shot. 🔥 Match3 bubbles ormore of the same color to pop the combo and win points.🔥 Hit andpop all the colored balls to clear levels. 🔥 Make 7 shotsin a rowto unlock the Lava Fireball. 🔥 Drop 10 bubbles or more tounlockthe explosive Volcanic Bomb. WHY YOU SHOULD PLAY THIS POPSHOOTERGAME: 🔥 Discover hundreds of volcanic fire levels. 🔥 Tap thebubbleto change its color. 🔥 Completely fun and FREE to play! 🔥Trybeating the game before your family and friends. 🔥Addictinggameplay, once you start – you simply can’t stop playing!🔥 Awesomerewards and cool puzzles. 🔥 Exciting features andelements. Specialmulticolor bubbles and solid vulcan rocks bring anew challenge tothe classic bubble shooter gameplay! Competeagainst your friends,and earn amazing power-ups to see who canreach the highest leveland earn more stars. Download for free todayand let the bubble popfun begin! Vulcan Pop Bubble Shooter is thebest online poppingpuzzle game you can play anytime and anywhere,no internetconnection is required. Download today, match 3 colors,hit ballsand win. Beat all the challenges and overcome powerfulobstacles.Join the popping bubbles fun now! All rights of BubbleShooter™ areowned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Bubble Shooter Wizard
5 Star Games
HELP! These cute little doggies need to be rescued! They aretrappedin bubbles. Shoot and match bubbles of the same to releasethem.Immerse yourself in the world of incredibly interestingBubbleShooter. Bubble Shooter Features: - Play almost 500 funandchallenging bubble shooting levels, challenge your brain - Lotsofamazingly powerful props - Enchanting and refreshingbackgroundmusic - UNLEASH the power of special bubbles and props towindifficult levels - Enjoy beautiful bubble design andenchantingbackground graphic - Completely FREE bubble shooting gamePlayBubble Shooter Wizard with your WHOLE FAMILY & share thefun!
Bubble Shooter 1.1.11
Play bubble shooter game which is based on an classic game. Wehavedesigned more than 400 level of puzzles in this game. you canenjoyfor a long time. in addition to the classic type of bubbleshootergame. You can collect birds' feathers. There is a dressupsubsystem in the game, Use feathers to buy new clothes anddressthe girl up with modern clothes. The goal of the game is tosavelittle birds by shoot bubbles up. make combinations of 3 ormore tomake them burst.You can change base bubbles or make theminto afireball, then bomb a region. Game Features: 1. 400+ funlevels 2.Earn clothes by puzzle levels 3. Dress up subsystem 4.lots ofboosters to enjoy 5. Free game and offline play Downloadbubbleshooter right now, You are going to love it!
Bubble Shooter 100.0
A cute and exciting bubble game is coming!There aredifferentbeautiful scenery all year round, you will feel the beautyofnature anytime, anywhere.This is a easy to get started,strongoperation, high playability of the game, once the start thereis noway to stop。 How to Play: - Aim and match bubbles where youwant toshoot the bubble. - Match 3 or more identical bubbles -Click onthe props in the game and use props can make it easy foryou topass the game - The game will be based on your performance inthegame to give you the stars, the higher the score to your starsmoreFeatures: + Perfect smooth operation of the game and experience+Anytime, anywhere, shooting must go on.You can still playwithoutinternet access + Well-designed level, not only interestingbutalso a lot! + Easy to use but difficult to become a masterNotes:This is a completely FREE game with NO virtual items topurchase!
Bubble Shooter Express 2.8
Looking for the most addictive games? We are happy to oblige.Tryout this awesome space bubble shooter game and enjoy the mostfuncosmic adventure. Your goal is to clear the board from allthecolored bubbles and move on to the next level. This greatspaceexpress ball game is now available for FREE on Google Play sodon’twaste any more time, download today and have a blast shootingandpopping bubbles in space. - Make combinations of 3 or morebubblesof the same color to crush and win points. - See whichbubble coloryou are going to get next so you can plan ahead yourmoves andcreate big space explosions. It’s important to form astrategyaccording to the different bubbles layout in each level. -Bubbleswap option is totally free- use it wisely! All you have todo istap on the bubble to change its color. - Boost yourgamingexperience with great power-ups: the bomb and the fireballwilltake out surrounding bubbles and cut through a safe pass. Earnanduse these boosters to hit and smash the bubbles and advancethroughthe intergalactic map. Reach high scores and try to earn 3stars onevery level. Explore thousands of galactic levels filledwith funchallenges and puzzles to train the brain and work on yourmatchingskills. Bubble shooter express game will take you to anincrediblejourney across space, where you can aim, match and popbubbles inother planets and beat all the astral challenges.
Bubble Shooter Game Free 2.0.6
This is the most classic and addictive bubble shoot andbubblematch-three game on Google Play. This free version is theonly onethat contains Puzzle Mode, Arcade Mode and Play vs CPU.With 700+puzzle levels you will never get bored with this game. Howto play:Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.Clearall the bubbles to level up. Features: 1. Puzzle Mode - 350+funlevels of saga puzzles 2. Arcade Mode - The bubbles will godowngradually so you need to shoot quickly to avoid death 3. VsCPUMode - You can take the challenge with the CPU, test youtelenthere. It's a great way to spend free time on the airport, busortrain and etc.. You can continue your game to make sure thatyoudon’t lose any progress. So just sit back, relax andalongsidethose colorful bubbles. ------------------ Disclaimer:This app isbased on frozen bubble and licensed under the GNUGeneral PublicLicense. frozen bubblecode: GNU GeneralPublicLicense:
Motu Pop - Bubble Shooter, Blast, Match 3 Game 1.05
Plan your every pop to rescue cute motu's baby! Pop thebubbles& blast through tons of different games on youradventure torescue the motu's baby!Pop bubbles and rescue motu'sbaby in thisfun Motu Pop bubble shooter game! Shoot and blast yourway throughpuzzles to beat the evil baboon! Blast, match, and popbubbles tohelp beat him & return the cubs to theirworriedmother!FEATURES:★ 500+ levels with uniquely challengingobstacles★Use power ups to make smart moves★ Tons of fun & freeMotu Popbubble shooter games and levels★ Match 3 bubbles &filllanterns to create supercharged matchesGet bubble popping onyourAndroid phone or tablet today….Please Note! While Motu PopBubbleShooter is free to play and enjoy, some in-game items andfunctionscan be can be purchased for real money.
Bubble Monkey Pop 1.0.3122
Do you get bored of plain and mindless bubbles games? Well it'stimeto get excited with Bubble Shooter- the best bubble puzzlesoutthere! Now tap on where you specifically want the ball andmatch 3meets bubble burst in this legendaryworld!Features:-Objectivesdiffer in more than 500 amazinglevels-Aim and tap to shootbubbles-Pop bubbles strategically tomake more combos andpower-ups-Save all the lovely chickens tolevel up-Exquisite gameinterface-Super small size bubblegame-Applicable for any ages toplay at anywhere and anytimeKeephaving fun by downloading BubbleShooter in Google Store for FREEnow!!!
Panda Jungle Bubble Shooter 1.7
panda jungle bubble shooter shoot bubble panda: a great puzzleGameShoot bubbles with your trusty bubble shooter, and pop your waytovictory! Aim, shoot, and pop all the bubbles in this FREE toplaybubble shooter game! The evil witch with so many magic, andpower.Your quest is shoot bubble to matching them,and be likeadynamite,blast pops will beat him to save baby panda pandabubblecombines a classic bubble shooter arcade game with fun powerupitems and various game modes in hundreds of levels! More than900levels are waiting to challenge your bubble shootingskills!Addictive game modes, helpful booster bubble, and constantNEW gamelevel updates so you can enjoy never ending bubble games!Lookingfor free bubble pop games with rich colors and cutecharacters?Check out the eye popping, bubble popping Bubble now!Not just thebest matching games for adults, but also matching gamesfor kids!Blast away boredom with the best bubble shooter game! **Beautifulgame graphics and smooth user control ** Multiplechallengingbubble shooter levels ** Track your score while playing** Knowyour best score and challenge your friends So, what are youwaitingfor? Just download this amazing bubble ball shooter andexperienceone of the top bubble shooting games out there!
Shoot Bubble Extreme 3.7
Pop bubbles and beat all the challenges in this incrediblybrilliantand addictive bubble shooter game! Join the fun andexperience hoursof pure entertainment. It’s simply impossible tostop playing thisawesome game so all you have to do is pop and popuntil you drop.There’s no time limit, so play at your own pace,relax and have ablast playing the game. How to play? - Form agroup of 3 or morebubbles of the same color to pop the combinationand clear theboard. - Win levels and advance along the bubble map.- You have alimited number of shots to clear a level so use themwisely and planyour moves ahead. - Use less shots to complete alevel and try toearn 3 stars on every level. Remember: morescores-->more stars!- Thousands of great puzzle levels toexplore. You can be sure thatthis is EXTREMELY fun andaddictive!!! Game features: - Easy and fungame mode for all agesto play and enjoy. - Share your scores withfriends and see who isthe bubble shooting champion! All rights ofBubble Shooter™ areowned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Bubble Shooter 2.3.3122
Are you ready for exciting ocean exploration? Welcome towonderfulocean world in Bubble Shooter!Bubble Shooter is aninteresting andchallenging bubble shooting game. While maintainingtheauthenticity of classical bubble shooting game, there are lotsofnew gameplay added to Bubble Shooter.Match 3 or more bubbles,shootstrategically, rescue all the adorable marine animals andpasslevels which are filled by colorful bubbles. DownloadBubbleShooter and reach to the bottom of the ocean!Features:- Morethan200 well-designed bubble shooting levels- A variety of propstohelp you pass levels easily- Fresh ocean style UI design-Unlimitedlives- Play with friends- Smooth gaming experience- Easyto Play,hard to masterDownload now in Google Play for FREE. Joinand startamazing ocean travel in Bubble Shooter now!
witch pop shooter 1.9.3
witch pop shooterAdventure across a fun game bubble worldWhenyouhave free time, this is an amazing way to enjoy it. Thisbubleshoter, as any bubble games free, offers fast, bubblepopperexperience that you’ll can’t make enough of.Easy to play,extremelyfun, and requires no special skills to play. Adventureacross a fungame witch pop shooter. Witch Pop Shooter relaxingentertainingaccordant for every ages.** Throw bubbles with 3 ballsof the samecolor will explode them and rescue pet monsters beingdetained.**Break the skull bubble or monster bubble will make yourscore isreduced or lose challenge.** Fresh and beautiful style,bright andvibrant graphics & effects!** Over 300+ magicallevels.** Free& easy to play, challenging to master!**Adventure across a fungame bubble worldOur puzzle bubble game,requires match 3 andbubble pop. Think strategically like in anyother puzzle bubblegame. Like in any of the bubble pop games, youneed to match 3 ormore of the same colors so the bubble pop and youpass the level.Things can go really hard, we warn you that you showyou bestshooting games skills to master it!witch pop shooter isanextremely addictive match three game!Already a fan of popshootermagic witch?
Turtles Hero Bubble Shooter 1.3
turtles hero bubble shooterthis is a new bubble game!shootbubblesnowTo play Bubble Shooter is really simple just makecombinationsof 3 or more bubbles with same color to make themfalldown/crush/burst- Never get bored from all bubble poppingpuzzlesand new ones coming out all the time- Aim and tap to shootbubbles-Match 3 or more same bubbles to pop- Burst all bubbles tolevel up-Pop bubbles strategically to make more combos andpower-ups
Bubble Shooter 1.1.15
TOH Games
The best bubble shooter game, the excellent bubble shootergamesBubble shooter, the most cute bear of the history is coming!Thisis an epic game, exciting levels continuously. What is more,thisbubble shooting game for free! Stella the Witch is back andsheneeds your help to defeat the evil Wilbur in thisexcitingadventure! He may look cute, but he's full of magicalmischief!Travel the realm bursting as many bubbles as you can inthis bubbleshooting puzzle game. Features: - More than 160 levelsto complete!And more puzzles are coming soon. - Easy and fun toplay,challenging to master - More special boosters help you gethighscore. - Special booster bubbles to help you pass thosetrickylevels - Cute dragon pups boost your points. - Pop bubblewithextension line. - Bubble pop with lightning bubble. -Spellbindingnew game modes and cute characters! - Free & easyto play,challenging to master! How to play bubble shooter game: -Tap whereyou want to pop bubble - To group 3 or more bubbles tomake themburst - Clear all the bubbles on the screen to levelup,and try toget 3 stars on each level. - Pop bubbles to savedragon pups astarget in some levels. - Bubble pop when hitting afireball bubble.- More kinds of cute bear is waiting for you tounlock. - Lessmoves you pass a level, higher score you'll get. - Atthe end ofgame, you will be awarded coins according to the score.the higherscore you got, the more coin will be awarded. - At theend of game,you can click the falling bubbles to get higher scoreThis bubbleshooter is free to download and also good for everyone.Bubblesshooter is free to play but some in-game items such as extramovesor lives will require payment. Thank for install bubbleshooter.For any questions or suggestions, please [email protected]
Bubble Bust! 2 - Pop Bubble Shooter 1.4.5
Bubble Bust! 2 is the long awaited sequel to the highlypopularbubble shooter game Bubble Bust! - loved by over 25millionplayers! With 6 amazing islands featuring hundreds of levelsandmore than 30 unique bubbles you will have tons of fun inthistotally addictive bubble shooter game. Flying bombs, fireballsandother powerful new boosters will help you defeat the bossesandother great challenges in four exciting gaming modes. Play thegamealone or connect to Facebook and challenge friends to see whocanget the highest score! KEY FEATURES: * Compete and winamazingprizes in weekly tournaments * 6 islands with hundreds oflevels ofbubble popping fun * Four exciting gaming modes withaddictivegameplay * Tons of unique bubbles and obstacles todiscover * Manychallenging bosses with unique skills * Collectenergy orbs andunleash powerful boosters * Breathtaking graphicsand visualeffects * Easy to learn, challenging to master GET EVENMORE FUN: *Free updates with new levels and challenges * Globalleaderboards *30+ achievements to unlock * Complete daily missionsand earn heftyrewards Easy and fun gameplay - tap where you want toshootbubbles, make clever matches and defeat the obstacles andbosses tofinish the level! Do you like to play classic bubbleshooter games?Then you will love this popular sequel to BubbleBust! - theoriginal arcade bubble shooter game which has inspiredthe creationof a whole new sub-genre of bubble shooters. BubbleBust! 2 is acompletely free game to play, but there are optionalin-apppurchases available. Game On! Follow us onFacebook: Developed andpublished byGameOn
Bubble Shooter 2 1.1.22
Smoote Mobile
Bubble Shooter 2 is a very fun and addictive bubble shoot game!Onlythe same color balloons together,when the same color balloons3 ormore than 3 series when these same color balloons willexplode,Bubble Shooter 2 have different levels of differentscenes,differentlevels of difficulty,more props will be morechallenging. Game mode:1.Puzzle: use indicated move to eliminateall balls on the screen,the less moves you use the higher scoreyou will get. 2.Arcade:eliminate all balls on the screen, and earnas much score as youcan. Feature: - play it at anytime andanywhere. - easy operationbut lots of fun. - Beautiful naturalscenery graphics. - differentscenes, likescanyon,glacier,rivers,cave and etc. - a variety ofdifferentfunctions of bubbles. - up to 250 levels. - more levels iscomingsoon…
Bubble Shooter Genies 1.13.0
Bubble Shooter Genies is an addictive bubble game with 250+puzzles,more levels will be added regularly! Play #1 classic butnew BubbleShooter Genies game FREE! How to play: ★Match 3 bubblesto rescuebaby dragons! ★Tap relaxed, aim carefully, pop exciting!★So Simple,So Fun Features: ★ Professional design: more than 250magic puzzleto complete! We designed every levels so attentively!More levelswill be added regularly! ★ Addictive and relaxed: easyand fun toplay, aim carefully, pop exciting! ★ Pass level easily:4 SpecialBoosters help you pass level easily! ★ Rescue mode: cutebabydragons are waiting for rescuing! ★ Aim easily: pop bubblewithlonger line. ★ Shoot bubbles with power-up bubbles: color,fire,lightning, magic bubbles. This free Bubble Shooter Geniesgame isfree to download and also good for family and kids. BubbleShooterGenies is completely free to play but some in-game itemssuch asextra moves or lives will require payment. Enjoy this FREEBubbleShooter Genies Game! If you have any question or suggestion,pleasesend us email: [email protected] Thank youeveryone whoplayed Bubble Shooter Genies! Are you ready to aim,shoot bubbles?
Bubble Shooter 1.6.3160
HELP! These cute little doggies need to be rescued! They aretrappedby colorful bubbles. Shoot and match bubbles of the same toreleasethem. Immerse yourself in the world of incrediblyinteresting BubbleShooter.- SHOOT & MATCH 3 or more bubbles ofthe same to burst-Play almost 200 fun and challenging bubbleshooting levels,challenge your brain- RESCUE all the doggiestrapped in colorfulbubbles by shooting- Smooth bubble shootinggaming experience- Lotsof amazingly powerful props: Fire Bubble,Aiming Line, Color Bubble,Extra Bubbles etc.- Enchanting andrefreshing background music-UNLEASH the power of special bubblesand props to win difficultlevels- Enjoy beautiful bubble designand enchanting backgroundgraphic- Completely FREE bubble shootinggame- Easy for kids toplay, difficult for even adult to master-Casual game for ALL:Commuters, Domesticated Wives, DelightfulYoung Ladies, ElderlyPeople, Children etc.- Addictive gameplay:Kill your boring time byshooting bubbles and rescue cute littledogsPlay Bubble Shooter withyour WHOLE FAMILY & share the fun!
Bubble Shooter
Pop, match and blast bubbles to savebabysquirrels!Play Free! No Network Required! Fluent shooting experience!Play the brand new exciting bubble shooting puzzle game and enjoyanamazing tour in the magic woods. Baby squirrels were kidnappedbyBig Wolf and trapped in special bubbles. You need to plan everypopand burst colorized bubbles to get them out!Features:- New levels will be added every week.- Super easy to pick up and play! Applicable to Any Ages!- To Kill the Boring Time!- The levels will get harder gradually and you’ll nevergetbored.- Beautiful graphics and cool animations.- Four different dramatic Boosters that help you win the game.TheBoosters are all easy to master!- Smooth and perfect operation of the game! Fluentshootingexperience!- Free download and free level updates!How to play ?- Move your finger to the target, aim, and shoot!- Match 3 or more Bubbles to Burst!- Burst all the bubbles to rescue baby squirrels and try to getmorescore on each puzzle.Please Note:-While the game is free to download and play, some in-game itemsandfunctions can be purchased for real money.- Any time at Any Place! The game is an off-line game, so NoNetworkRequired!The game makes a commitment developing your brain and exerciseyourfingers! It will get much relaxation and happiness!Start an adventure to rescue cute squirrels and collectshinypinecones NOW !You will find it so addictive!For every 5 levels you pass you earn coins. But no need toworry,the first coins are on us! Use the coins to buy fireballs andbombsby simply tapping on them.So get ready, take aim and shoot bubbles!!
Bubble Shooter Rescue 1.5.3053
Seven Stars
Bubble Shooter is a sweet and fun bubble shooting game. Match 3ormore sweet candy bubbles. Rescue all lovely birds trappedbycolorful candy bubbles!☂ Aim, tap, shoot, pop and match 3 ormoresame bubbles☂ Near 200 sweet candy bubble levels☂ SAVE birdiestobeat levels☂ Shoot smartly and unleash power of sweetbubbleboosters☂ Ramble around amazingly sweet candy bubbleparadise☂Relaxing and fresh background music makes you enjoy sweetcandybubble shooter even more☂ Sweet candy bubble game forplayersthrough ALL ages and ALL countries☂ Addictive sweet candybubbleshooting gameplayDon’t wait any more and download sweetcandyBubble Shooter immediately!
Bubble Shooter Puzzle 4.4
Play and enjoy the classic Bubble Shooter ™ Puzzle game in asuperfun puzzle version!Pop bubbles in thousands of awesome levelsinthis addicting free puzzle game. Enjoy the most excitingpuzzlegame designed to keep your brain sharp and active! Play nowanddiscover plenty of fun challenges and amazing boosts that makethisbubble game one of a kind! Join the fun and start shootingBUBBLEStoday!Play everywhere, anywhere and as much as you want-nointernet connection is required. Share the balloon popping funwithyour family and friends and see who can reach the highestscore.There is no life or time limit, so you can play as much asyoulike!Smash all the balloons to clear the board and win coins!Fanofonline arcade games? Looking for a fun way to exercise yourbrain?Try out this relaxing bubble game, enjoy all the freepuzzles,create powerful combos and WIN BIG!Bubble Shooter PuzzleFeatures:-Classic and addicting game mode.- Plenty of fun puzzlesandchallenges.- Thousands of awesome levels.- Free bubble swap!Justtap on your bubble to change its color.- Powerful boost to helpyoublast the balls and solve puzzles.- Free to play and fun gamethatwill keep you entertained for hours!💣🔥 Boost your ExperiencewithAwesome Power-ups!Charge up with amazing boosts and power-upsthatwill help you blast through the levels and pop your wayaroundtricky challenges.* Drop 10 balloons in a single shot to geta bombthat will take out the surrounding bubbles.* Pop 7 balls in arowto get a fireball that will cut through a pass.BubbleShooterPuzzle is completely free and perfect for all ages to playandenjoy. Download now from the play store and join the funpuzzleadventure!How to Play:* Tap on the screen to drag the laseraim andlift it to blast bubbles.* Match 3 colorful balls to smashthecombo and win coins.* Challenge yourself with thousands ofexcitinglevels.* Plan your path moves and try to clear a level withfewermoves to get a higher score.* Hit and explode all the bubblesandwin free gifts!* Reach high scores and try to get three starsonevery level.* Unlock powerful boosters that will help you cleartheobstacles on your way.* Clear all the colored balls from theboardto move on to the next awesome puzzle level!* Complete themissionsto discover new exciting challenges.* Tap to change thecolor ofyour bubble, bubble swap is completely free.* Play onlineoroffline- no wifi connection is needed.Put your logic andstrategyskills to the test! Improve your matching skills and enjoya smoothgameplay. Train your brain and your fingers and beat allthechallenges. Solve all the puzzles and brain teasers and blastyourway to a smashing victory!Download to play your new favoritegameBubble Shooter ™ Puzzle game only if you LOVE fun andexcitingchallenges.POP BUBBLES AND SOLVE PUZZLES!It’s a classicbubblepopping experience you don’t want to miss!Warning:This gameissuper entertaining and extremely addictive!All rights ofBubbleShooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Bubble Puzzle Space 2.1
Favorite Bubble Shooter Space game in a new ChallengingPuzzleversion! Being lost in space, you can find you way back toEarthonly by solving the Space Bubble Puzzle. - Win all the levelsbypopping all the bubbles with limited shots!- More than 400handcrafted pace puzzle levels- Challenging and progressivelevels!-Fireball – pop 7 bubbles in a row to get a Fireball- Bomb –10dropped bubbles in a single shot will earn you a SupernovaBombBubble. - An accurate laser aiming will help you pop thebubbles-Switching bubbles is free!Travel across interstellar, blackholes,the sun and moon. Rule the galaxy and pop all planets andcomets.Space Bubble Puzzle is the classic game with crazypuzzlelevels!Enjoy!All rights of Bubble Shooter™ are owned byIlyonDynamics Ltd.
Bubble Shooter ™ Classic 2.5
Enjoy the most addictive Bubble Shooter ™ Classic game! Blast&pop bubbles to unlock new exciting challenges.If youconsideryourself a fan of vintage games like bubble shooter ™, thenthisclassic game should be on your must-have list. Play thethrillingbubble pop game for free, aim carefully to hit the targetandunlock fun boosts and power-ups. Put your matching talents tothetest in this super fun bubble shooter ™ game. Play thousands ofnewpuzzle levels, shoot and pop all the balls, beat all thechallengesand win coins. It’s extremely addictive!Bubble Shooter ™Classic issimple and easy to learn, perfect for both adults andkids toenjoy.Got a free minute to spare? Looking for a fun puzzlegame toplay during long car rides? What can be more fun thanshooting andpopping colorful balloons? It’s time to add some bubblefun to yourlife!Get this awesome bubbles game and work your waythrough over1000 brain teasers and puzzle levels, pop bubbles andunlockamazing boosters. Each new level has a different target youneed toreach, so plan your moves carefully and fire away. Sharethis funbubble game with friends and see who can beat all thechallengesand reach the highest score.Play the casual and mostrelaxingbubble popping for free. Download now to your device andstartenjoying thousands of fun levels. It’s the classic bubbleshootingfun you don’t want to miss! Join the color-matchingadventure todayand get the chance to experience the good old arcadegame in abrand-new and exciting version! Key Features:+ COOLgraphics andeffects. Hit and smash all the colorful bubbles!+Thousands ofAMAZING LEVELS with more added all the time. Challengeyourselfwith plenty of exciting puzzles as you advance through thegame.+GREAT BOOSTERS and power-ups. Earn and use the FIREBALL orthe BOMBto hit and blast the bubbles and clear the board.Conquerchallenging levels with powerful boosts in this thrillingbubblepop adventure.+ FUN PUZZLES and brain teasers. Use your logicandplanning skills to overcome the obstacles on your way.+ FREEBUBBLESWAP. Tap on your bubble to change its color and work outastrategy to burst all the balloons.+ Suitable for all ages. Ifyouare looking for fun games for adults and games for kids, you gottotry Bubble Shooter ™ Classic.+ A fun game to play with familyandfriends.+ Free to download! Bubble Shooter ™ Classic board gameisentirely free to play, no wifi is needed.+ There is no life ortimelimit, so you can play as much as you like! POP BUBBLES&WIN!Drag your finger to move the laser sight in the directionofthe bubbles. Lift your finger to take a shot and create alineexplosion. Match 3 or more identically colored bubbles to popthegroup and blast the bubbles away. Shoot bubbles in thisclassicretro-style bubble shooter ™ game and sharpen your strategyandmatching skills with fun puzzles.Clear to board from allthecolored balls and explore plenty of addicting bubblepuzzlelevels.➤ Remember the more bubbles you remove from the boardin oneshot, the higher score you’ll get. Drop the big groups ofbubblesfirst so you can clear a path!Download now and play the newBubbleShooter ™ Classic game and start popping all thesebubbles!Boostyour gaming experience with awesome power-ups: 🔥Fireball – pop 7bubbles in a row to get a cosmic fireball that willburn up bubbleson the way.💣 Bomb – drop 10 bubbles or more to earna starry bombthat will take out surrounding bubbles.Bubble Shooter™ Classic isa fun game with thousands of exciting puzzle levels.Retro gamesare the coolest, and Bubble Shooter ™ Classic is justone of them.Get it now and play everywhere. No internet connectionisrequired.Liked the game? We would love to get your feedback! Letusknow what we can add to make your gameplay even more enjoyableandearn your 5-star review.All rights of Bubble Shooter ™ are ownedbyIlyon Dynamics Ltd.
Ice Queen Game Bubble Shooter 1.3
ice queen game bubble shooterThe beautiful and powerful icequeenawaits you at her palaceice queen bubble, it is a crystalclear iceand snow game world.Now there is a rare snow is coming,let us helpthe ice princess through the storm.Very relaxing andnever toodifficult, classic bubble shooter game.What are youwaiting for?Challenge master with a limited bubble and helpprincess to solvethe problem!tips:- match three or more bubbles toscore!- use lotsof power-ups and boosters to eliminate bubbles.-swipe the screenwith fingers, pick the perfect perspective.- takeaim , tap andtilt bubbles in line of sight.- release your finger,eliminatebubbles and collect customs clearance items.- make aprecisejudgment when you shoot all bubbles.why you should chooseit?*family interactive games.* exquisite game interface!*over1000magical puzzles levels !* kill the Boring Time and feelthepleasures.* develop Your Brain and ExerciseYourFingers!--------------------------------------------Easy andfungame mode suitable for all ages people to play and enjoy.TheMorePlay and The more exciting!!! Believe us and Download it. Youwillnever regret it!
Bubble Shooter 4.4
Classic Bubble Shooter is an Addictive Game. And our BubbleShooteris not just that. It is more Simple and Amazing! It isaSingle-player Game and No Network Required. Once you start,youwill not stop playing. Just have a try, you will find EndlessFun!---WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE IT?---★-->A lot of ChallengingPuzzles!★-->Exquisite Game Interface!★-->CoolAnimationEffects!★-->Download for Free!★-->Applicable toAnyAges!★-->Applies to All Android Devices or GooglePlayUsers!★-->Any time at Any Place!---HOW TO PLAY THEBUBBLESHOOTER?---★-->Drag Your Finger can Move the Laser intheDirection!★-->Tap on the Bubble Above to DeterminetheTarget!★-->Lift your finger to have a Shoot!★-->Match 3ormore Bubbles to Burst!---WHAT YOU WILL GET INTHEGAME?---★-->Get Relaxation and Happiness!★-->To KilltheBoring Time!★-->Develop Your Brain and ExerciseYourFingers!★-->Share with Your Friends!Tips: Please EnjoyOurBubble Shooter!The More Play and The More Exciting!!! Believeusand Download it. You will never regret it!
Bubble Shooter 1.6.3051
Bubble Shooter is one of the best casual game on Google Play.Shoot,match and pop 3 or more same bubbles. Rescue honey beestrapped bymulticolored bubbles!- Aim, shoot and match 3 or moreadjacentbubbles of the same- Tons of amazing new levels- Rescuecute bees topass levels- Powerful bubble props- Travel aroundspectacular bubbleparadise- Relaxing and fresh background music-Bubble game forplayers through all ages and all countriesAre youready to be thebest Bubble Shooter? Don’t wait. Download and playnow!
Fruit Bubble Pop - Bubble Shooter Game 1.0.6
Rest Studio
Fruit Bubble Pop is the most classic and amazing fruitsshootingbubble buster gameShoot fruit bubbles to create massivefruit blastin this new bubble games!Fruits Bubble Shooter is awildlyaddictive match-3 shooting game!With 1000+ puzzle levels youwillnever get bored with this gameLet's get a adventure withfruitbubble popShoot and crush fruit match 3 item to completeyourjourney fruits game around in your farm.BubbleFruitFeatures:♥Lively graphics and designs! ♥Play anytimeandanywhere!♥Totally Free for download!♥Exciting boostsandpower-ups♥Fun for all ages and gender!♥No wifi/dataneeded!♥Reallyaddicting to play and helps relaxing your brain andfinger!How toplay this Fruity Bubble Games:1.Press your finger andadjust thedirection to shoot~2.Release finger, if you hit at fruitswith thesame color, they will blast and fall!3.Use magic tools suchasbubble bomb to blast at hard level!4.In Classic Mode, shootdownall the fruits
Original Bubble Shooter 3.0
Now a boutique game is comming !This is a combination of classicandfashion,Silky smooth feel of the game will let youcompletelyrelax,it is the best leisure way to relax youself.How toplay:- Tapwhere you want to shoot bubble- Aim and match the bubblesyou wantto shoot the bubbles.- To group 3 or more bubbles, makethemburst.- Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up ,andtry toget 3 stars on each level.Feature:+ Easy to operate, but alot offun.+ Gorgeous special effects and beautiful images.+ Use avarietyof props to easily win difficult hurdles.+ Multi-foamcombination.+Happy and relaxing background music.+ No WiFi canplay.Sugaring upyour life with this game now!
Bubble Shooter Bomb 1.3.3035
Welcome to this wonderful bubble shooter world! Plan your everyshotcarefully to save lovely baby penguins, destroy all thebubbles byusing the minimal shots. The uniquely challengingobstacles willstop your footsteps, while there are still many proswould help you.What are you waiting for? Join NOW!Game features-Over 200well-designed levels to challenge- Different maps withdifferentgame play- Completely free and fun to play How toplay-Tap relaxedand target cautiously-Match more than 3 bubbles torescue babypenguins-Special boosters and functions let you takecare of everystep, such as: Aiming line, Color bubble, gift box,bomb and firebubble, etc.-Collect enough penguins to complete themission
Bubble Shooter - Flying Pop
5 Star Games
Welcome to the Bubble Shooter - Flying Pop which is addictivebubbleshooting game. Lots of colorful butterflies are hiding inthe bubbleworld and waiting for your exploration. Bubble Shooter -Flying PopFeatures: - Challenge over 500 interesting levels - Aimand tapscreen to shoot bubbles - Awesome animations and effect -Amazingcombos and bonus time - Delicate bubbles and lovely fishes- Easy toplay but hard to be master Practice your bubble shootingskill andchallenge your friends! Now you can download this game inGooglePlay Store for Free!
Bubble Shooter Christmas 1.0.3107
Get into the Christmas spirit with Bubble Shooter game forfreeand enjoy over 500 exciting levels filled with magical boostsandpower-ups! Travel across the bubble shooter winterwonderlandand clear the board from all thebubbles. Features:- Specialholiday boosters- Tap on the topbubble to define your target- Matchat least 3 bubbles of the sameto pop the group- Swap bubbleswithout limit and plan your shotsahead- Hundreds of exciting levelswrapped with awesome puzzles andchallenges- BeautifulChristmas-themed graphics and visual effectsthat make the entiregaming experience super funSuper addictivebubble shooter for thewhole family to enjoy!Download today and getyour favorite bubblepopping Christmas blast! SeasonGreetings!
Bubble Shooter 2018 1.9.3122
Join the fun! The best FREE Android bubble shooting game is readytobe downloaded now! Rescue little foxes to travel acrossamazingbubble scenes in Bubble Shooter 2018.✓ Never feel bored:Almost 200levels of bubble shooting puzzles✓ Tap, shoot and match3 or morebubbles to pop, the more the merrier✓ Pop all bubbleswith lessmoves to win higher scores✓ Rescue poor little foxes!✓Use powerfulprops smartly - Rainbow Bubble, Aiming Line, FlameBubble, Shieldetc.✓ Outstanding and cute bubble graphics✓ SmallAPK Bubblegame(Less than 10MB)✓ Interesting to EVERYONE: Elderly,Children,Women, Housewives and Beautiful Girls