Top 48 Games Similar to Destruitor FREE

Bubble Shooter Sweety
Come and enjoy the most interesting shooting game in theBubbleShooter Sweety!There are lots of raccoon and mushroom elf intheforest waiting for your rescue.Bubble Shooter SweetyFeatures:-Hundreds of bubble shooting levels- Different game modesfor you-Unlimited lives to challenge- Three kinds of powerfulprops- Fluentand great game experience- Beautiful and well-designedbubbles-More levels will be added in timeYou can download BubbleShooterSweety in Google Play for free now!Invite your friends tocreatehigher score together!
Bubble Shooter Rider
Streak across space in this awesome bubble shootingpuzzleadventure, shoot and pop all the colorful bubbles andcollectcrowns to win levels!You don’t want to miss this super funbubbleshooter game, play now and test your color-matching skillsinhundreds of neon-bright levels filled with cool puzzlesandpowerful boosters. Clear the board and win levels to advancealongthis amazing bubble popping journey. POP BUBBLES!+Makecombinations of 3 or more the same colored bubbles to pop.+Clearall the colored balls from the board and win.+ Collect thecrownsby popping the bubbles that trap them. + Bubble swap optionistotally free- use it wisely! All you have to do is tap onthebubble to change its color.COOL BOOSTS+ Use powerful booststoadvance. + Save your boosts until you need them!+ Use boosterstoblast through the levels.FUN FEATURES + Easy to learn and play.+Enjoy hundreds of awesome levels.+ Solve the fun puzzles.+ Beatthechallenges and complete the missions. + Play online or offline,nointernet connection is required. + Play at your own pace andenjoythe game. + Free to play!Immerse yourself in the thrillingworld ofbubble shooter, explore hundreds of awesome levels andovercome theobstacles to win. In your journey you will encounterplenty ofcolored bubbles packed with puzzles, so pop your way up tovictoryand clear all levels using some powerful boosters!All rightsofBubble Shooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Bubble Shooter
HELP! These cute little doggies need to be rescued! They aretrappedby colorful bubbles. Shoot and match bubbles of the same toreleasethem. Immerse yourself in the world of incrediblyinteresting BubbleShooter.- SHOOT & MATCH 3 or more bubbles ofthe same to burst-Play almost 200 fun and challenging bubbleshooting levels,challenge your brain- RESCUE all the doggiestrapped in colorfulbubbles by shooting- Smooth bubble shootinggaming experience- Lotsof amazingly powerful props: Fire Bubble,Aiming Line, Color Bubble,Extra Bubbles etc.- Enchanting andrefreshing background music-UNLEASH the power of special bubblesand props to win difficultlevels- Enjoy beautiful bubble designand enchanting backgroundgraphic- Completely FREE bubble shootinggame- Easy for kids toplay, difficult for even adult to master-Casual game for ALL:Commuters, Domesticated Wives, DelightfulYoung Ladies, ElderlyPeople, Children etc.- Addictive gameplay:Kill your boring time byshooting bubbles and rescue cute littledogsPlay Bubble Shooter withyour WHOLE FAMILY & share the fun!
Bubble Shooter Rescue
Bubble Shooter is a sweet and fun bubble shooting game. Match 3ormore sweet candy bubbles. Rescue all lovely birds trappedbycolorful candy bubbles!☂ Aim, tap, shoot, pop and match 3 ormoresame bubbles☂ Near 200 sweet candy bubble levels☂ SAVE birdiestobeat levels☂ Shoot smartly and unleash power of sweetbubbleboosters☂ Ramble around amazingly sweet candy bubbleparadise☂Relaxing and fresh background music makes you enjoy sweetcandybubble shooter even more☂ Sweet candy bubble game forplayersthrough ALL ages and ALL countries☂ Addictive sweet candybubbleshooting gameplayDon’t wait any more and download sweetcandyBubble Shooter immediately!
Bubble Shooter
Are you ready for exciting ocean exploration? Welcome towonderfulocean world in Bubble Shooter!Bubble Shooter is aninteresting andchallenging bubble shooting game. While maintainingtheauthenticity of classical bubble shooting game, there are lotsofnew gameplay added to Bubble Shooter.Match 3 or more bubbles,shootstrategically, rescue all the adorable marine animals andpasslevels which are filled by colorful bubbles. DownloadBubbleShooter and reach to the bottom of the ocean!Features:- Morethan200 well-designed bubble shooting levels- A variety of propstohelp you pass levels easily- Fresh ocean style UI design-Unlimitedlives- Play with friends- Smooth gaming experience- Easyto Play,hard to masterDownload now in Google Play for FREE. Joinand startamazing ocean travel in Bubble Shooter now!
Bubble Island 2 - Pop Shooter & Puzzle Game
THE BUBBLE SHOOTER WITH BOUNCE, BANG AND POP! From theaward-winningteam that brought you the original smash hit BubbleIsland comesBubble Island 2, a berry-bursting puzzle adventurefest and ballshooter game that’s bigger and better than ever! Useyour skill tosize up the perfect shots and shoot bubbles like acharm. It’s a funand addictive shooting ball game! Experienceadventure and join RicoRaccoon as he races around the world, hoton the tail of the fowlpigeon mastermind, Simon Von Adler! This isa real shooting ball& puzzle game that contains nice graphicsand an adventurestory.Rescue cities from Simon’s evil clutches torestore theirstolen monuments. From Paris to San Francisco, HongKong and Delhi…the world needs your help! You’ll need skill andaccurate shots.Butdon’t worry, Rico’s not alone. There’s a wholecast of crazy palsready to jump into the action, like Mr. Wong,Hong Kong’s residentPanda Berry Master!With awesomenext-generation physics,mind-boggling puzzles and spectacularchain reactions, Bubble Island2 takes your gaming experience tothe next level. 90 million BerryMasters conquered the originalBubble Island. Have YOU got what ittakes to send those pigeonspacking in the amazing Bubble Island2?It will become addictivefrom the very first bubbles you shoot byusing the cannonballs fromyour cannon. Your ultimate goal is toshoot bubbles and fruits thatmatch the ball color in your cannon.Once you’ve finished somelevels, you can move on to anotheradventure. Play over one hundredpuzzle game levels. All you need isan accurate shot. It’s a uniquebubble shooter game and puzzle funthat won’t leave you bored.*PHYSICS-BASED FUN!*BIG BANG – Pick theright ball color and makeperfect shots to set off awesome,city-shaking chain reactions!RICORETURNS - Join your favoriteraccoon on a bubble shooter adventurearound-the-world tour. Justdon’t call him “Trash Panda!”SKILLSHOTS – With beautifulphysics-based puzzles and hundreds ofmissions to play, there’salways a new way to match and pop!PANDAPALS – The gang’s alwaysgrowing with a crazy new character to meetin every city, fromViolette the Parisian poodle to Raj the Indianelephant!Grab yourround-the-world ticket to FUN! Join Rico andpals in Bubble Island 2and let the berry-bursting action begin!Team up with an all-starcast for a bubble shooter puzzler withunbelievablechainreactions!-------------------------------------------------------------------------BubbleIsland2 is a physics-based bubble shooter and puzzle game that isfree todownload and play. However, it also allows you to purchasevirtualitems with real money inside the game. You can disablein-apppurchases in your device’s settings.You may require anInternetconnection to play Bubble Island 2 and to access itssocialfeatures. Bubble Island 2 maycontainadvertising.-------------------------------------------------------------------------TermsofUse:’s90 million Berry Master fans for a non-stop round-the-worldtourpacked with brand new bubble shooter puzzles! Download oniPhone,iPad or Android! Start your adventure journey and shoot thebubblestoday!
Bubble Action Rush
Get ready for an action-packed bubble shooter puzzle. Don’t missoutthis fun game! In this amazing game you will need to aim&shoot, to drop & burst all bubbles. Aim, match and smashallthe balls in this relaxing color-matching adventure.Thisincredible shooter is simple and easy to learn, perfect forbothadults and kids to enjoy! Ready to start the action? Putyourstrategy skills to the test! Compete against friends and familyandsee who can reach the highest score and get 3 stars on everylevel.Earn coins while you play and use them to get cool boosters.Useyour logic and puzzle solving skills to complete the funmissionsand clear the board.FUN FEATURES: ★ 800+ Exciting levels,with moreadded all the time. ★ New elements and great prizes.★Brand neweffects and sounds. ★ Clear obstacles and beat thechallenges. ★Pop 7 bubbles in a row to unlock the fireball.★ Drop10+ bubbles atonce to get a bomb.★ Play anytime and anywhere, noWiFi connectionis required! Tap on the screen to drag the laser aimand lift it totake a shot. It’s important to form a strategyaccording to thedifferent bubbles layout in each level. Shoot andpop all thecolored balls in this fun free game, aim carefully andhit thetarget! Work your way through all the different challengesandpuzzles, solve the brain teasers and win levels.Shoot thecolorfulballs to advance to the next amazing puzzle level, trainyour brainand test your matching skills while playing thisaddictive, casualgame for free. Hurry up and join the ballooncrushing mania, but becareful - once you start popping bubbles yousimply can’t stop!Allrights of Bubble Shooter™ are owned by IlyonDynamics Ltd.
Pharaoh Pyramid Shooter
Enjoy a new and exciting bubble shooter puzzle game, sneakinsideone of the seven wonders of the world and unlock Pharaoh'ssecret!Take part in a fascinating legend and solve incrediblelogicpuzzles to win amazing boosters and power-ups! Play thousandsofchallenging levels and use powerful boosts to advance.Jointhemythical adventure, clear the board and overcomeamazingchallenges. Blast the bubbles away by hitting 3 or morebubbleswith the same color. See which bubble color you are going togetnext so you can plan your moves ahead. Download for free todayandjoin the exciting and epic fun! How to Play:• Form a group of 3ormore bubbles of the same color to pop. • Drag your finger tomovethe laser sight.• Release your finger to shoot bubbles. •Makespecial bubble combinations to earn powerful boosters thatwillassist you in your quest. • Bubble swap is totally free, simplytapon the bubble to change its color. Win with less shots to getmorestars!• Win boosts and power-ups by making 7 shots in a roworpopping more than 10 bubbles in a single shot. • Overcometheobstacles and reach high scores.Why You’ll Like It+ Plentyofunique and challenging levels.+ Awesome graphics and designs.+Nointernet connection is required so you can play anytimeandanywhere.+ Free to play and super fun. + Addictive game mode.*Easyto pick up and play!Keep the myth alive and experiencethethrilling puzzle game, play it for free on your Android device,andput your strategy skills to the test. Download the game todayandjoin the incredible Pharaoh Pyramid Shooter!Set foranunforgettable adventure with bubble shooter. Pop the balls,solvepuzzles and clear levels. This game is amazingly fun andtotallyaddicting.Download for FREE now and start working onyourcolor-matching skills!
Bottle Shooting Games
Love Shooting Games ? Be an expert shooterinthis Bottle Game. The 3D effect of the game looks veryrealistic.You can shoot and break the bottles as many as you canwithin givetime. Accuracy is the most important factor in any typeofshooting, so you have to be very careful about it. If you likefunand addictive - Just aim and shoot!! Act as a shooter andbreaker,create the wonderful shots, challenge yourself and yourfriends,and build up your high score. Let's see who will be thebest shootmaster in this realistic 3D game.Features:1. 3D graphics with realistic bottles.2. Get ready for 40 intense challenges.3. Realistic sound of broken glass.4. Challenge your friends and test who are the best shooters.5. Simple and intuitive interface and controlsDOWNLOAD the app for FREE now and don't miss amazing new contentonregular updates. If you like shooting games, you will love thecoolBottle Shooter
Bubble Shooter
Help, these little sheeps need to be rescued! They are trappedbybubbles. Shoot and match bubbles of the same to releasethem.Immerse yourself in incredibly interesting world.BubbleShooter NewFeatures- Around 200 levels of challenging puzzles andnew onescoming out all the time- Stunning and fascinating new maps-Lots ofamazing props (color bubble, fire bubble, bomb bubble,etc.)- Freshand bright bubble graphics- Relaxing background music-Easy and funto play, hard to masterHow to Play- Tap screen to shootbubbles-Match 3 or more bubbles to burst- Save animals to passlevels withlimited bubbleLet’s start to pop in Bubble Shooter!
Bubble Farmer
Bubble Farmer shooting adventure goes to farm lands! From themakersof Gummy Pop & Bubble Blossom comes an adventurousbubbleshooting adventure – Bubble FarmerExplore farming and bubbleshooterin apple farms, wheat farms, corn farms and more inBubbleFarmer!Play as Rodger the dog, Suzy the Sheep and Randy theHorseand rescue cute little birds from evil dogs in this epicbubbleshooter saga. This is the best free bubble shooter experienceonmobile. Hone your bubble shooter skills in this challengingfarmthemed bubble shooter and be the ultimate champion!When youthinkyou are alone in the fields, connect to Facebook and inviteallyour friends to your bubble shooter adventure and explore thefarmlands with them. Enjoy more than 2000 levels andsurroundyourselves with magical bubbles waiting for you to popthem. Happybubble shooting!Bubble Farmer features:★ Simple yet funbubbleshooting by matching three or more bubbles★ Rescue birds anddefeatthe evil wolf Mandy★ Explore different farms in this bubbleshooteradventure such as wheat farms, apple farms, orange farms andmore★Play as 6 different characters such as Rodger, Suzy, Maxy andmore★Connect to Facebook and take your friends to your farmthemedbubble shooter adventure★ Use powerful boosts such as bomb,rainbowball, fireball and pop those bubbles★ Lots of FREE rewardssuch ascoins, powerups, lives and more when you play★ Backup yourprogressand take your bubble shooter adventure on multiple devices★Meetlots of different animals in your epic bubble shooting saga★Over1700 free bubble shooting levels with more addedeachmonthAvailable in English, Français, Deutsche, Italiano, 中国,日本語,한국어, Türk, Español, Português, Русский, Dutch,Danish,Swedish☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆Bubble Farmer-http://bubblefarmer.comMadOverGames-http://madovergames.comFacebook-
Bubble Shooter Superb
Bubble Shooter Superb is a wonderful bubble shooting game!Cometorescue those panda trapped in forest and explore this wholenewworld!- More than 500 exciting levels- Unbelievablepowerfulboosters- Group same bubbles to collect- Hold and aimbubbles toshoot- Challenge levels as you want- Lovely panda andwell-designedbubbles- Easy to play but hard to be masterNow you canfree todownload this adorable bubble shooting game in GooglePlay!Playwith your family and friends in the Bubble Shooter Superb!
Cupid Bubble Shooter
Love is in the air, and it’s time to pop some bubbles and helpCupidcollect all the hearts!Get the most fun bubble popping puzzlegameand take part in this sweet love story. Pop bubbles and winlevelsat the fun and addictive puzzle game for FREE. Play now anddiscoverthousands of addictive puzzles and challenges designed totrain yourbrain and to take you to another level of entertainment.Be surethat you’ll never get bored playing this amazing bubbleblastinggame, so warm up your fingers, clear your mind and begintheexciting adventure. Can you find all the hearts cupid islooking forand save Valentine's Day? Try it out and explore plentyof excitinglevels, challenges, and puzzles that will keep youengaged forhours!Play & Enjoy:♡ 1000+ lovely levels filledwith sweetpuzzles and challenges.♡ Collect Cupid’s hearts andcrush your wayto the top!♡ Aim and Shoot cupid’s arrow to hit thebubbles.♡ Popall the colorful bubbles in the most romantic settingand reach highscores. ♡ Use wonderful boosts and power-ups toblast through thechallenges!♡ Enjoy beautiful graphics and visualeffects. ♡ Acompletely addictive and free-to-play puzzle game.Playthe fun CupidBubble Shooter game and shoot and pop all the bubblesin over 1000lovely levels. Fire the Arrow of Love and Win Big! 💘*Makecombinations of 3 or more bubbles of the same color to crushand winpoints. * It’s important to form a strategy according tothedifferent bubbles layout in each level. * Bubble swap optionistotally free. Just tap on the bubble to change its color. *Boostyour gaming experience with great power-ups: the bomb andthefireball will take out surrounding bubbles and cut through asafepass.* Collect cupid’s hearts and win points! * Use theseboostersto hit and blast the bubbles and advance through theromantic map.* Reach high scores and try to earn 3 stars on everylevel. With somany exciting levels, amazing boosters and bonuses,Cupid BubbleShooter is a must have game for play on Valentine’sDay!All rightsof Bubble Shooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Ace Bubble pop - Bunny Bubble shooter
Bubble game inspired by classic shoot the eggs, is usuallythetime-killer game of many gamers because of its playability andmanychallenging challenges.Play Ace bubble pop - Bunny bubbleshootergame you will enjoy the relaxing moments, the gentleentertainmentthat the game bring, it seems that it makes it"interesting,attractive" than ever.Pictures of cute rabbitcompassion to collectcarrots for food storage for winter cold willcertainly make youenjoy. Join the baby rabbits to discover newlands and enjoy thebubbles of the world right now!*** How to playAce bubble pop -Bunny bubble shooter:• Use your skill to aim andshoot the eggs intwo or more bubbles of the same color to shatterthe magickingdom.• Shoot the eggs in the bubbles that containcarrots tocollect them. When you collect a lot of carrots, you canchange toget more help on the way to the finish• Rabbit is beingmonsterball around the ball so you have to remove all the ballsaround itto rescue the rabbit baby.• On the way you will encountermonsters,the wooden ... be careful because you may lose the firstleg.• Thefirst level is usually straightforward, but the higherthedifficulty, the more difficult it is for you to calculate foreachof your moves because of the limited number of balls.***Featuresgame Ace bubble pop - Bunny bubble shooter:• With 120challenginglevels of fun and fun• Cute characters, HD images,background musicto feel relaxed while playing• This game is bothintellectual andentertaining, allowing you to kill time, releasetension and Playgames anytime, anywhere.• Game bubble free, youplay without wificonnectionIf you are a fan of any kind of shootinggame, you mustjoin Download and download our best, newest Acebubble pop - Bunnybubble shooter game. Bubble games are free!
Turtles Hero Bubble Shooter
turtles hero bubble shooterthis is a new bubble game!shootbubblesnowTo play Bubble Shooter is really simple just makecombinationsof 3 or more bubbles with same color to make themfalldown/crush/burst- Never get bored from all bubble poppingpuzzlesand new ones coming out all the time- Aim and tap to shootbubbles-Match 3 or more same bubbles to pop- Burst all bubbles tolevel up-Pop bubbles strategically to make more combos andpower-ups
Panda Jungle Bubble Shooter
panda jungle bubble shootershoot bubble panda: a greatpuzzleGameShoot bubbles with your trusty bubble shooter, and popyour wayto victory! Aim, shoot, and pop all the bubbles in thisFREE toplay bubble shooter game!The evil witch with so many magic,andpower. Your quest is shoot bubble to matching them,and be likeadynamite,blast pops will beat him to save baby panda pandabubblecombines a classic bubble shooter arcade game with fun powerupitems and various game modes in hundreds of levels! More than900levels are waiting to challenge your bubble shootingskills!Addictive game modes, helpful booster bubble, and constantNEW gamelevel updates so you can enjoy never ending bubble games!Lookingfor free bubble pop games with rich colors and cutecharacters?Check out the eye popping, bubble popping Bubble now!Not just thebest matching games for adults, but also matching gamesfor kids!Blast away boredom with the best bubble shooter game! **Beautifulgame graphics and smooth user control** Multiplechallenging bubbleshooter levels** Track your score while playing**Know your bestscore and challenge your friendsSo, what are youwaiting for? Justdownload this amazing bubble ball shooter andexperience one of thetop bubble shooting games out there!
Balls Shooter
This unique mix between brick breaker and bubble shooter gamesisthe perfect time killer!Balls Shooter is very easy to play butveryhard to reach high scores. It's popular with kids &adultsalike.==============How To Play Solitaire==============Justswipeto shoot the balls and break the bricks. When brick'sdurabilityreduce to 0, brick breaks.Try to break as many bricks aspossiblebefore they move down to the bottom. Get additional ballsand makean endless ball chain! Don't forget the angle is thekeypoint!==============Features==============- Free to play-Endlessgameplay- Can play without internet connection- Challengeyourfriends with the best highscoreHave fun playing Balls Shooter!
Bubble Bots
Take a spaceship ride into space in an all new bubble shootinggame- Bubble Bots! Fly across the galaxy, and pop colorful bubblestoclear the board to win amazing rewards! Use boosters andpowerupsto help you complete the challenges, and make sure torescue yourrobot friends in time!Play this game for FREE, and enjoyhundredsof amazing levels filled with beautiful graphics and asmoothgameplay. Rescue all your robots friends to complete levelsand winhigh scores. Play this galactic cool game anytime andanywhere - noWiFi required! Shoot and hit bubbles in this funaddicting onlinegame and beat all the challenges! Play for FREE,clear levels andwin points.Cool Features• Totally free and superaddictive, play asmuch as you want!• Explore hundreds of awesomelevels. Overcome allthe obstacles on your way and clear the board!• The more bubblesyou remove from the board in one shot, the higherscore you’ll get.• Win powerful boosters that will help you clearchallenges and winlevels. • Rescue the cool robots to complete thelevels!• Coolgraphics and visual effects that make the entiregaming experiencesuper fun. How to Play- Drag your finger to movethe laser sight inthe direction of the bubbles.- Lift your fingerto shoot bubbles. -Match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to popthe group. - Popall the bubbles and clear the board. - Bubble Swap:you can changethe color of your bubble with a tap, it’s completelyfree. - Solvethe bubble packed puzzlers and beat the challenges. -Compete withfriends for the highest score!Get ready for a newbubble poppingadventure! Pop all the bubbles by matching 3 colors -it’s superfun! Try out this cool exciting game, aim carefully tohit thetarget and make these bubbles pop!All rights of BubbleShooter™ areowned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Fruit Shooter
Play this Fruit Shooter, is FREE, best fun game andAddictiveshooting bubble buster gameFruit Bubble Shooter is themost classicand amazing fruits shooting bubble buster game,is themost classicand new bubble pop shooter fruits games 2017.FruitBubble Shooteris a very juicy arcade game with beautiful sceneryand fruits,fruits shooter is a wildly addictive match-3 shootinggame.How toplay Bubble Fruit Shooter:1. Tap where you want thefruit to go.2.Make combinations of 3 or more fruits that have thesame fruit tomake them burst.2. Group 3 or more fruits to make thempop.3. Clearall the fruitss on the screen and reach highscore.4.Challenge withmany levels.Features:- Beautiful themes.- Day/nighteffect-Weather: rain. snow effect- Levels will updatecontinuously-Addictive gameplay with 2 mode.Play Fruit Shooter now!
Bubble Micky
HELP! These lovely little bears need to be rescued! They aretrappedby bubbles. Shoot and match bubbles of the same to releasethem.Immerse yourself in the world of incredibly interestingBubbleShooter.SHOOT & MATCH 3 or more bubbles of the same toburstOver500 fun and challenging bubble shooting levelsRESCUE allthe bearstrapped in colorful bubblesLots of amazingly powerfulprops: FireBubble, Aiming Line, Color Bubble, Extra Bubblesetc.Enchanting andrefreshing background musicUNLOCK the power ofspecial bubbles andprops to win difficult levelsCompletely FREEbubble shootinggameEasy for kids to play, difficult for even adulttomasterAddictive gameplay: Kill your bored by shooting bubblesandrescue adorable bearsPlay awesome Bubble Shooter with yourWHOLEFAMILY & share the fun!
Bubble Shooter Aliens
Explore area 51 and research the alien technology of the starsinthis amazing bubble shooter game! Solve the space challengesandadvance along the galactic map. Play this exciting bubblegame,meet the cute alien and help him smash all bubbles inthisincredible space adventure. Plan Your Path:Make sure to aimwell soyour bubble will land exactly where you want it. Drop thebiggroups of bubbles first so you can clear a path. See whichbubblecolor you are getting next so you can work out a strategy topopyour way to victory and clear all the bubbles from thescreen.Match and Pop:Drag your finger to move the laser aiming andlift itto shoot bubbles. Match at least 3 bubbles of the same colorto popthe combination and clear the cosmic board. Win all thelevels bypopping all the bubbles in limited shots.Boosts andBonuses: Pop 7bubbles in a row to get a Fireball. Drop 10 bubblesin a singleshot and a Bomb will take out the bubbles. Explore over1300awesome levels in space filled with fun puzzles andchallenges.Help the alien to pop bubbles and clear the screen. Youcan switchbubbles for free. Play and enjoy this fun and addictivebubblepopping game that will train your brain.
Pharaoh Quest Bubble
pharaoh quest bubbleexplore the secrets of the mysticalpoppyramidVisit all the famous sites and places and explorethesecrets of the mystical bubble pyramid. Welcome to the ancientlandof Egypt! Explore all its magic and try to find your way out otthebubble puzzles! Fun, addictive and adventurous bubbleshootgame!Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up,and tryto get3 stars on each level.Relaxing yet challenging game withwonderfulpirate graphics.Why You’ll Like It+ No internet connectionisrequired so you can play anytime and anywhere.+ It’scompletelyfree.+ Hundreds of unique and challenging levels.+ Coolgraphicsand designs.+ Addictive game mode.Try to collect as muchtreasureas possible!Use amazing boosters and bombs to help you onyour way.
Fruit Bubble Pop - Bubble Shooter Game
Fruit Bubble Pop is the most classic and amazing fruitsshootingbubble buster gameShoot fruit bubbles to create massivefruit blastin this new bubble games!Fruits Bubble Shooter is awildlyaddictive match-3 shooting game!With 1000+ puzzle levels youwillnever get bored with this gameLet's get a adventure withfruitbubble popShoot and crush fruit match 3 item to completeyourjourney fruits game around in your farm.BubbleFruitFeatures:♥Lively graphics and designs! ♥Play anytimeandanywhere!♥Totally Free for download!♥Exciting boostsandpower-ups♥Fun for all ages and gender!♥No wifi/dataneeded!♥Reallyaddicting to play and helps relaxing your brain andfinger!How toplay this Fruity Bubble Games:1.Press your finger andadjust thedirection to shoot~2.Release finger, if you hit at fruitswith thesame color, they will blast and fall!3.Use magic tools suchasbubble bomb to blast at hard level!4.In Classic Mode, shootdownall the fruits
Action Bottle Shoot 3D Challenge1:New Shooter Game
If you like causal and addictive games –Action Bottle Shoot3DChallenge1:New Shooter Game is for you!Action Bottle Shoot3DChallenge1:New Shooter Game is about shooting as many bottlesasyou can in limited amount of time. Only if you can do bothyoubecome a real Bottle shooter Master. Every round is harder,thanthe last.Practice more and more bottle shooter to becomerealbottle shooter hero.Also for Kids game, as well.How toPlay:Gamerules are simple. You throw the stone by swipe your fingerto breakbottles.There is also combo to get higherscore.FEATURES:-Realistic glass bottles - Cool sound effects ofbroken glass -Fantastic effects- HD Graphics
Bubble Shooter Bomb
Welcome to this wonderful bubble shooter world! Plan your everyshotcarefully to save lovely baby penguins, destroy all thebubbles byusing the minimal shots. The uniquely challengingobstacles willstop your footsteps, while there are still many proswould help you.What are you waiting for? Join NOW!Game features-Over 200well-designed levels to challenge- Different maps withdifferentgame play- Completely free and fun to play How toplay-Tap relaxedand target cautiously-Match more than 3 bubbles torescue babypenguins-Special boosters and functions let you takecare of everystep, such as: Aiming line, Color bubble, gift box,bomb and firebubble, etc.-Collect enough penguins to complete themission
Wish Bubbles
Make a wish to pop all the cool, colorful bubbles, and beat allthechallenges in this incredibly brilliant and addictivebubbleshooter game! It’s simply impossible to stop playing thisawesomegame, so all you have to do is pop and pop until youdrop.Experience the magic, pop bubbles, and win fabulous boostersandcoins.Hop to the world of charming bubbles and magic, join thefunand experience hours of pure entertainment. Play the mostaddictivebubble pop game for FREE, match 3 colors and clear levels.Trainyour brain with this original puzzle as you blast balls onlineoroffline - anytime! We know what you wish for!Aim, match andsmashall the balls in this relaxing color-matching adventure.Thisincredible shooter is simple and easy to learn, perfect forbothadults and kids to enjoy! There’s no time limit, so play atyourown pace, relax and have a blast playing the game.FUN FEATURES:*1000 + Exciting levels, with more added all the time. *Newelements and cool graphics!* Brand new effects and sounds.*Collect awesome daily rewards and charms.* Clear obstacles andbeatthe challenges. * Pop 7 bubbles in a row to unlock theFIREBALL.*Drop 10+ bubbles at once to get a BOMB.* Play anytime andanywhere,no WiFi or internet connection required! Get ready, takeaim andshoot the balls to see the magic happening!! Earn coinswhile youplay and use them to get cool boosters and charms. Useyour logicand puzzle solving skills to complete the fun missionsand clearthe board, and make sure to collect special daily bonuses.How toPlay Wish Bubbles:- Form a group of 3 or more bubbles of thesamecolor to pop the combination and clear the board. - Win levelsandadvance along the bubble map. - You have a limited number ofshotsto clear a level so use them wisely and plan your moves. Playthecool and exciting Wish Bubbles bubble shooter game, Shoot andpopall the colored balls, aim carefully and hit the target! Youcanstart any level over and not have to wait for lives, as theyareunlimited! Get the best online color-matching app and enjoythesmooth and addicting gameplay. Hurry up and join theballooncrushing mania, but be careful - once you start poppingbubbles yousimply just stop!
Magnetic balls: glowing neon
Shooting balls is fun, challenge yourself in the best bubbleshooterof 2016 year.Features:* fast bubble shooting by tap orslidingactions* laser beam helps to shoot precisely tap on thefield*supports gyroscope and accelerometer* realistic physics ofmagneticballs* precise geometry of shooting by sliding ortapping*combination of the best old school addictive arcadesandpuzzlesTop-10 reasons install bubble shooter:* if you loveshootbubbles - install glowing neon bubbles with magnetic physicsandgeometry in futuristic style of hi-tech minimalism, sci-fi,tron,or cyberpunk* challenge yourself and have fun - casual andveryinteresting challenges at each level* have fun - play while ontheroad or take your mind off your problems* addictive arcadebubbleshooter for training ability to judge by eye, speed andreaction -challenge yourself by quickly shooting bubbles by simplyuse tap orslide, balancing gyroscope and aiming with laser beam*immerseyourself in the exciting world of casual puzzles of bubbleshooterwith geometry, physics and graphics glow neon bubbles at thetoplevel of year 2016* search new games of 2016 - this is yourchoice,casual puzzle in futuristic style of glowing neonhi-techminimalism, sci-fi and tron films* if you love old schoolgames,this is your choice - dynamic arcade puzzle gameplaycreatesatmosphere of old school classic games of the 80-90es inacyberpunk style* dynamic gameplay is addictive bubbleshooterpuzzle at gyroscope, use pressing on field for laser aimingbyslide shooting balls, bombs or lightnings* search best mobilegames- top-ranked first part of this game "Magnetic balls" of morethan5,000,000 players* if you nostalgic sci-fi, hi-tech, tron filmsorclassic old games in cyberpunk style - this is your choice
Bubble Shooter
Pop, match and blast bubbles to savebabysquirrels!Play Free! No Network Required! Fluent shooting experience!Play the brand new exciting bubble shooting puzzle game and enjoyanamazing tour in the magic woods. Baby squirrels were kidnappedbyBig Wolf and trapped in special bubbles. You need to plan everypopand burst colorized bubbles to get them out!Features:- New levels will be added every week.- Super easy to pick up and play! Applicable to Any Ages!- To Kill the Boring Time!- The levels will get harder gradually and you’ll nevergetbored.- Beautiful graphics and cool animations.- Four different dramatic Boosters that help you win the game.TheBoosters are all easy to master!- Smooth and perfect operation of the game! Fluentshootingexperience!- Free download and free level updates!How to play ?- Move your finger to the target, aim, and shoot!- Match 3 or more Bubbles to Burst!- Burst all the bubbles to rescue baby squirrels and try to getmorescore on each puzzle.Please Note:-While the game is free to download and play, some in-game itemsandfunctions can be purchased for real money.- Any time at Any Place! The game is an off-line game, so NoNetworkRequired!The game makes a commitment developing your brain and exerciseyourfingers! It will get much relaxation and happiness!Start an adventure to rescue cute squirrels and collectshinypinecones NOW !You will find it so addictive!For every 5 levels you pass you earn coins. But no need toworry,the first coins are on us! Use the coins to buy fireballs andbombsby simply tapping on them.So get ready, take aim and shoot bubbles!!
Doggy Bubble - Free Bubble Shooter Game
Play and enjoy Doggy - Free Bubble Shooter for Free !🐶🐶🐶Amazing,funand addictive these 3 things define our game ★ This amazing andcuteMatch 3 it's a relaxing Game and is being presented for freeon allAndroid devices,the magical puzzle shooting adventure offersyou agreat deal of joy and unlimited casual matching entertainmentinyour boring time.take aim,shoot and pop all bubbles until youclearthe screen and you will save all the puppys★ You canexploremultiple colored bubbles and will find new interestingfeatures anda cute bubble dog theme, making it a magical bubbleshooter wichchallenging gameplay,the puzzle interface is just likeother bubbleshoot games where you have to pop similar color ballsby shootingthem using amazing colored guns.this Doggy theme makesthis gametrendy and interesting with multiple colored balls anduniqueinterface.★ The newest game in the popular Bubble shooterseriesoffers you unlimited joy and pleasure ,but the uniqueshooting gunand different colors of toy makes this game the perfectBubbleShooter for you.Tap to town building blast and drop out thediscoducks and beehives.★ Don’t get angry, keep yourself calm togetspecial items to rescue the babies. The special dogcharacterhandling the shooting gun allows you to point towards therightdirection and shoot the toy balls to pop similar colorsThisgame isfun for 2018 .stay in touch we will release new updatesevery 2months .★ You have to make the strategy to blast the similarcolorballs to pop them up. The more balls combinations you willpoptogether, the higher scores you will get.The environment isverysimple ,fun and smooth because you can easily navigatethedirection of bubble shooting gun according to amazing bubblescolorcombinations.Be the good friend of your little doggy and entertothe magic funland.Once you start playing it, you will getaddictedto it. 👍Features:- Match 3 bubbles to pop them in thismagicalpuzzle shooting adventure - Challenging levels game-SpecialBoosters and power ups to increase your win- 300+ funnychallenginglevels- An addictive puzzles magic game, fantasticgraphics, fluentshooting experience- Available to play on Androidphone and tabletdevices- HD graphics with amazing audio effects👍Howto Play :-Match 3 bubbles or more of the same color to save thepuppy and winpoints.- Move your fingers and shoot the target- Shootbubbles withsame colors combinations- Get special items to makehigh score- Useboosters and power ups- Hit and pop all the coloredballs to clearlevels.👍Why you should download and Play !🙃It bringsmore fun andjoy to your life👨‍👩‍👧‍ Perfect for both adults and kidsto enjoy! 😒It relaxes you when you're bored or restless🙏 it trainsyourintelligence through thinking😍 You can save puppies ,manypuppies🐶🐶🐶👍 Download it now for free and have Match 3 fun with“Doggy -Free Bubble Shooter Rescue “Please send us your preciousfeedback 👇
Marina Bubble
Join the adventure at the bubble shooting marina and pop alltheballs to win levels!Play and enjoy this super cool puzzle gameandset on a thrilling adventure at the calming underwater world.Theocean holds many challenges and different puzzles for all ofyoububble shooter fans, so dive into the fun and use the coolmarineboosts and power-ups to solve all the fun puzzles. How toPlay:-Drag your finger to use the laser sight, and lift it tosmashbubbles. - Match at least 3 bubbles of the same color to popthegroup and win levels. - Swap bubbles and plan ahead yourshots.Unlock Cool Marine Boosts: - Pop 7 bubbles in a row to earntheSuper-Trident. The super-trident will clear your way up tovictory.- Drop 10 bubbles or more to get the Water-Mine. Thewater-minewill create a big explosion and take out surroundingbubbles. - Usethe Super Swap boost to swap between 3 bubbles. - Usethe Super Aimboost to make a precise shot. Play and explorehundreds of splashylevels packed with colorful bubbles, beautifulgraphics and funpower-ups. It’s the most incredible bubble burstingsea adventure!
Bubble Shooter Star
Help, these cute fairy and specters need to be rescued! Theyaretrapped by bubbles. Shoot, aim and match bubbles of the sametorescue fairy and specters. Dip your fingers into thismostinteresting game ever!How to Play- Tap screen to shootbubbles-Match 3 or more same bubbles to pop- Save specters andfairy withlimited bubbleWhy you will like Bubble Shooter- Lots ofamazinglevels of challenging puzzles and updates are available allthetime- Stunning and fascinating new maps- Lots of amazingbubbleprops- Fresh and bright bubble graphics- Relaxing backgroundmusic-Easy and fun to play, hard to masterLet’s enjoy theunstoppable funin Bubble Shooter puzzle adventure!
Kitty Pop Bubble Shooter
Fan of bubble pop games? You must try this brand-new colorblastpuzzle! Kitty Pop Bubble Shooter is a fun bubble shooting gamewithhundreds of addictive levels, beautiful graphics andawesomeboosts. Pop all the bubbles by matching 3 colors - it’ssuper fun!Try out this cool exciting game, aim carefully to hit thetargetand make these bubbles pop! Get ready for a new adventure!Thisaddictive bubble shooter game offers some fun puzzles,challenginglevels and amazing graphics and effects. Get it now forFREE andexperience an easy and fun gameplay. Use your bubblepopping skillsto help Kitty shoot and blast all the colorfulbubbles and clearlevels! Pop the Bubbles!* Show off your colormatching skills andcomplete all the different missions. * Reach thelevel target andsolve the fun puzzle to advance.* Tap where youwant to shoot.*Match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to createa line blastand win points. * Reach high scores and try to get 3stars on everylevel. * The more bubbles you remove from the boardin one shot,the higher score you’ll get. Boost your experience withspecialpower-ups:* Pop 7 bubbles in a row to unlock the FIREBALLthat willburn every bubble on the way.* Drop 10+ bubbles at once toget aBOMB that will take out surrounding bubbles.Try out the bestappand experience a simple yet super addictive puzzle game. Thereisno life or time limit - you can start any level over and nothaveto wait for lives, as they are unlimited! Awesome Features!🐱Asuper cute cat character! Meet Kitty and help her clear theboardfrom all the colorful balls.🐱 Colorful graphics and designs,jointhe exciting adventure in the animal world!🐱 Explore hundredsofthrilling levels filled with fun puzzles and challenges.🐱Smoothgameplay and cool animations.🐱 Completely free-to-play, hoursoffun are guaranteed!Play through hundreds of exciting levelsandenjoy the most amazing gameplay anywhere and anytime.Competeagainst friends and family and see who can reach the highestscoreand get 3 stars on every level. Have a blast shooting andsmashingall the bubbles!All rights of Bubble Shooter™ are owned byIlyonDynamics Ltd.
Bubble Shooter 2018
Welcome to all new Bubble Shooter 2018 Game , this will spreadjoyof playing Bubble shooter with more than 130+ levels. we arehappyto take this bubble to next level with best style andamazingpuzzle with this game .Shoot and match bubbles of the samecolorsto release them. Immerse yourself in the world ofincrediblyinteresting Bubble Shooter game of 2018 .- SHOOT &MATCH 3 ormore bubbles of the same color to burst them.- Play130+challenging bubble shooting levels, challenge your brain withfunand joy.- Smooth bubble shooting gaming experience withbeautifuldesign and animation.- Power at your finger tip get FireBubble,Color Bubble, Extra Bubbles and many more features-Enchanting andrefreshing background music which will connect youwith the game.-Enjoy beautiful bubble design and awesome backgroundgraphics .-Completely FREE bubble shooting game which you can enjoyat anytime, anywhere.- Easy for kids to play.- Casual game forALL:Commuters, Domesticated Wives, Delightful Young Ladies,ElderlyPeople, Children etc.- Addictive gameplay: Kill your boringtime byshooting bubbles .Coming Soon Bubble Shooter 2018 withmoreexciting levels.
Bubble Shooter
Classic puzzle game BUBBLE SHOOTER is coming nowSince thebeginningof the arcade machines, this game is the most played ofthe bubbleshooting games.Fun and addictive bubble shootgame!Another classicbubble match-three game Clear all the bubbleson the screen tolevel upBubble Shooter provides fun and addictivegame play,entertainment for the whole family.FEATURES:1. Bubbleshooter - funand challenging levels to challenge your brain2.Coloring bubbles3.Easy to learn, challenging to master!4. Fantasticgraphics, fluentshooting experienceHOW TO PLAY:In the web versionof this game, theuser moves an arrow with the mouse and use it toaim the bubblesfor precise shooting.Bubble Shooter - Download andplay now !
Lucky Bubbles
Grab your lucky charms and pop all the bubbles to winfabulousrewards, boosts, and power-ups! Drop the bubbles into thegoldenpots, and explore hundreds of levels of excitement andfun.Complete the cool challenges and solve the bubble packedpuzzles tomove along the leprechaun map. Match at least 3 bubblesof the samecolor or more to bust and clear the screen. GameFeatures:- Amazinggraphics and effects. - Addictive gameplay - youwon’t be able toput it down! - Get an extra score when the bubblesfall into thepots!- Win all the levels by popping all the bubblesin limitedshots.- 100+ levels filled with challenges and coolobstacles.- Winenough points and try getting 3 stars on everylevel.- Free bubbleswap, just tap on the bubble to change its colorHow to Play?- Dragyour finger to move the laser sight in thedirection of the bubblesand lift it to blast bubbles. - Pop all thebubbles until you clearthe board. - Match 3 bubbles or more of thesame color to pop thegroup and win points. - Earn amazing boostsand power-ups by making7 shots in a row or popping more than 10bubbles in a single shot.- Reach high scores and try to earn 3stars on every level. - Planahead your shots and pop your waythrough challenging levels.Testyour luck to find the gold in thisfun adventure! Blast thebubbles, and make sure they fall into thepots to get extra points.Play today and experience endless hours ofexciting bubble fun!
Bubble Shooter Legend
Aim, tap and shoot to burst 3 or more bubbles of the samecolor!Objectives differ in more than 100 bubble bursting levels.This isyour bubble shooting legendary world. Come and join to popnow!✪Never get bored from all bubble popping puzzles and new onescomingout all the time✪ Aim and tap to shoot bubbles✪ Match 3 ormoresame bubbles to pop✪ Save lovely puppy!✪ Burst all bubbles tolevelup✪ Pop bubbles strategically to make more combos andpower-ups✪Venture in stunning worlds. Burst bubbles in Jebel,Desert, Hoodoo,Lawn, Iceworld✪ Rainbow Bubble, Fire Bubble,Boresight, Shield andmore props to skyrocket your fun✪ Masterbubble shooting joy bycollecting interesting bubble popping propsin sprees for FREE✪Small size bubble shooting game (around10MB)Stay tuned forupcoming addictive and entertaining new levelsin Bubble ShooterLegend!
Bubble Shooter Christmas
Get into the Christmas spirit with Bubble Shooter game forfreeand enjoy over 500 exciting levels filled with magical boostsandpower-ups! Travel across the bubble shooter winterwonderlandand clear the board from all thebubbles. Features:- Specialholiday boosters- Tap on the topbubble to define your target- Matchat least 3 bubbles of the sameto pop the group- Swap bubbleswithout limit and plan your shotsahead- Hundreds of exciting levelswrapped with awesome puzzles andchallenges- BeautifulChristmas-themed graphics and visual effectsthat make the entiregaming experience super funSuper addictivebubble shooter for thewhole family to enjoy!Download today and getyour favorite bubblepopping Christmas blast! SeasonGreetings!
Bubble Shooter Splash
Do you get bored of plain and mindless bubbles games? Well it'stimeto get excited with Bubble Shooter- the best bubble puzzlesoutthere! Now tap on where you specifically want the ball andmatch 3meets bubble burst in this legendaryworld!Features:-Objectivesdiffer in more than 200 amazinglevels-Aim and tap to shootbubbles-Pop bubbles strategically tomake more combos andpower-ups-Save all the lovely chickens tolevel up-Exquisite gameinterface-Super small size bubblegame-Applicable for any ages toplay at anywhere and anytimeKeephaving fun by downloading BubbleShooter in Google Store for FREEnow!!!
Bubble Shooter
The famous game of balls, embodied in a new life.Play aclassicblasting game in balls. You need to form rows of three ballsof thesame color and blow up the entire chain. You are expected tomorethan 2000 levels in puzzle mode. The game will be interestingforyoung children, as well as for adults who want to developtheirbrains.Do not wait. Start the game in an exciting, explosiveandrelaxing game of balls.
One More Brick
Addictive as hell you will always need one more shot! Thisuniquemix between brick breaker and bubble shooter games is theperfecttime killer!Take your time to aim. Shoot and watch the chainofballs hit, bounce and destroy the bricks. Think strategicallyandmake the most of the power-ups. Beat your highscore and compareitto your friends.Features:★ Relaxed gameplay, perfect timekiller.★Low on space? You won't believe it, the size of the game islessthan 10MB!★ Ideal for playing one handed. One fingercontrols.★Unlock new balls with special skills!★ Customize your ownball inthe Balls Editor!★ No wifi or internet? Don't worry, you canplayoffline!★ Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards
Bubble Shooter - POP
Bubble Shooter is playful and classic bubble shooter game.HelpFairy Ruby to rescue all lovely kittens trapped bycolorfulbubbles!♥ Almost 200 bubble blasting puzzles♥ RESCUEkittens tocrack levels♥ Travel across amazingly spectacular bubbleblastingworld♥ Aim, tap, shoot and pop bubbles by using bubbleslingshot♥Pop strategically and unleash power of bubble boosters(ColorBubble, Bomb, Aiming Line, Fire Bubble, Shield, etc.)♥ Funbubbleshooter game with FREE updates all the time♥ Cheerfulandrefreshing background music♥ Pleasant bubble game forALL:Housewives, Beautiful Girlfriend, Chic Girls, Kids, Elderlyetc.♥Addictive bubble popping gamplayBring the #1 bubble shootergame inGoogle Play to your phone and tablet NOW!
Bubble Shooter
Play the classic and most addictive bubblepopgame for FREE, match 3 colors and clear levels. Don’t miss outthisfun relaxing game! In this good old version you need to aim&shoot, to drop & burst all bubbles. Train your brain withthisoriginal puzzle as you blast balls online or offline -anytime!Bubble Shooter is the best FREE app available on GooglePlay.Ready to start the action?Aim, match and smash all the balls in this relaxingcolor-matchingadventure. This incredible shooter is simple and easyto learn,perfect for both adults and kids to enjoy!Put your strategy skills to the test! Compete against friendsandfamily and see who can reach the highest score and get 3 starsonevery level. Earn coins while you play and use them to getcoolboosters. Use your logic and puzzle solving skills to completethefun missions and clear the board, and make sure to collectspecialdaily bonuses.Download NOW the Best Bubble Breaker Game & StartCrackingBubbles!Play the Classic Game Mode - So Simple, So Fun.Match 3 balls to blast and clear the board, complete themissionsand win coins & awesome rewards. Tap on the screen todrag thelaser aim and lift it to take a shot. It’s important toform astrategy according to the different bubbles layout in eachlevel.Shoot and pop all the colored balls in this fun free game,aimcarefully and hit the target! Work your way through allthedifferent challenges and puzzles, solve the brain teasers andwinlevels.Enjoy the Arcade Game Mode – Never get bored!Pop the balls in this cool retro mode, and rediscover theclassicarcade experience straight on your Android device. Advancealongthousands of fun puzzle levels as this addicting game getsevenmore challenging. Enjoy the best retro gaming experienceanywhereand whenever you want, no internet connection is required.You canstart any level over and not have to wait for lives, as theyareunlimited!Try the Puzzle Game Mode and Discover the Ultimate BubblePoppingFun!This shooter is a thrilling balloon popper free app withthousandsof challenging puzzles to master. Shoot the colorful ballstoadvance to the next amazing puzzle level, train your brain andtestyour matching skills while playing this addictive, casual gameforfree.Hurry up and join the balloon crushing mania, but be careful -onceyou start popping bubbles you simply can’t stop!Retro game, new featuresWe took the classic arcade game and added some new featuresthatyou’ll definitely love.FUN FEATURES:★ 2000 + Exciting levels, with more added all the time.★ New elements and great prizes.★ Brand new effects and sounds.★ Collect awesome daily rewards.★ Connect to Facebook and share the fun with friends!★ Stay in the loop: now you have the option to send a directmessageto support.★ Leaderboard, challenging achievements.★ Clear obstacles and beat the challenges.★ Colorblind mode – so everyone can enjoy fun matching gamesforfree.★ Pop 7 bubbles in a row to unlock the fireball.★ Drop 10+ bubbles at once to get a bomb.★ Play anytime and anywhere, no WiFi connection is required!What are you waiting for? Warm up your fingers and startpopping.Experience this fun casual shooter and explore thousands ofamazinglevels filled with puzzles and surprises. Get the bestonlinecolor-matching app and enjoy a smooth and addicting gameplay.Withso many exciting levels, powerful boosters and awesomefeatures,you simply won’t put it down!Get ready, take aim and shoot the balls!!Download and play this fun arcade game for free. It’s theperfectapp to play without wifi! Every 2-3 weeks, we add newfeatures andnew levels. Come and join the fun!Bubble Shooter is a completely free to play, but someoptionalin-game items will require payment.Follow us for updates and fun surprises!Visit our FBpage: channel:
Daily Bubbles
This fun shooter game is for all you puzzle fans who want totrainyour brain, matching colors and popping bubbles. Get the appNOW,beat levels and enjoy this addicting and relaxing bubble popgame!Match 3 bubbles or more to blast and win with less shots togetmore stars. Clear the board and advance along the map, winamazingrewards and enjoy fun new elements and features. Newboosts,power-ups, daily rewards, cool bubble elements, andmore!Enjoy thetop bubble breaker online game and solve all theawesome puzzles.Game Features: ✔ Addicting gameplay, once you start– you simplycan’t stop playing.✔ Awesome rewards and cool puzzles ✔Excitingfeatures and elements ✔ Free to play bubble game How toPlay:✔ Dragyour finger to move the laser sight in the direction ofthebubbles. ✔ Lift your finger to take a shot. ✔ Match 3 bubblesormore of the same color to pop the combo and win points.✔ Hitandpop all the colored balls to clear levels.Daily Bubbles isanawesome online puzzle game you can play anytime and anywhere,nointernet connection is required. Beat all the challengesandovercome obstacles.It’s the perfect game to play when you wanttorelax and clear your mind!All rights of Bubble Shooter™ areownedby Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Galaxy Shooter
If you like space shooting and survival games and like tosimulatesky shooting in for glory and duty, then galaxy spaceinvader isthe one you should be shooter playing.Galaxy Shooter isafast-paced top-down perspective shoot space wargame.Requiredskills are more than fast reactions and memorisingenemy invaderattack patterns.This space shooter is an excitingaddictive epicgalaxy war game with 200+ missions, 100+ invaders anda lot ofspaceship upgrades.Start your spaceship engines and join tothisultimate galactic war game.FEATURES:★ Beautiful levelswithimmersive missions to complete. ★ Multiple extreme bossbattles. ★Upgrade your shields, guns, missiles, lasers, mega-bombsandmagnets. ★ Risk everything to rescue civilians. ★ Brand newweeklytournaments against other players. ★ Boost your final scorewith ahost of in-game achievements. ★ Rescue fallen opponents towinextra lives and stars. ★ Accessible to beginners, as wellashardcore shooter addicts. ★ Full voiceover andincredibleelectronic soundtrack.★ Seven gorgeous scenes,Vividsoundeffect!Download Galaxy Shooter & Enjoy it !!!
Bubble Shooter Abysmal
Bubble Shooter Abysmal is one of the most popular bubblepuzzlegame!Go down the bubble ocean and collect more bubbles as youcan!-Over 500 interesting bubble levels- Special and powerfulboosters-Fluent animations and graphics- Group 3 or more samebubble to pop-Drop bubbles into jar will get more score- Challengelevels all thetime- Easy to play but hard be masterBubble ShooterAbysmal iscompletely free to download in Google Play now! Play withyourfriends and enjoy your bubble journey!
Bubble Shooter Bunny
In this classic bubble shooting game you have cute bunny byyourside to help you feed your bubble shooter and pop countlessbubblesto set new high-scores. Try to get 3 stars for being abubblemaster in this bunny pop adventure. Game Features:- Pressyourfinger and adjust the direction to shoot- Match and hit thegroupof bubbles with the same color to pop them blast- Completeyourmission by popping bubbles to win and level up- Specialboosters& bubbles help you pass tricky levels- Easy to startandunlimited fun- Play offline in anytime & anywhere- AllFREETimeto pop!Download today and be the best bubble shooter!
Galaxy Shooter : Squadron Shooting
If you like space shooting and survival games and like tosimulatesky shooting in for glory and duty, then Galaxy SpaceInvader isthe one you should be shooter playingAboard yourspacecraft, youwill have to get rid of a large number of enemieswhile dodgingtheir attacks. Will you be skilled enough tounderstand yourenemies strategy and attack patterns?In this "bullethell" shootergame, you will be faced with an increasingly largenumber ofprojectiles and enemies. As the game progresses, you willearn theright to upgrade your spacecraft to bring it to fulllethalcapacity.squadron is a classic Shoot'em Up. Your goal will bequitechallenging as you will have to save the Universe from itsevilenemies.==================================================FEATURESofGalaxy Shooter:★ Boost your final score with a host ofin-gameachievements. ★ Rescue fallen opponents to win extra livesandstars. ★ Accessible to beginners, as well as hardcoreshooteraddicts. ★ Risk everything to rescue civilians. ★ Fullvoiceoverand incredible electronic soundtrack.★ Seven gorgeousscenes,Vividsound effect!★ Beautiful levels with immersive missionstocomplete. ★ Multiple extreme boss battles. ★ Upgrade yourshields,guns, missiles, lasers, mega-bombs and magnets. ★ Brand newweeklytournaments against other players. Gameplay Tips of GalaxyShooter:If you ran out of LY, you can finish accomplished missionsagainto get more. Rerunning a mission on Hard difficulty increasestheLY gain. Different enemies may require differentstrategies.Although a weapon with great amount of damage can beefficientagainst large and strong enemies, weapons with smallerdamage butfast rate of fire could be better against smaller foes.If you finda mission too hard, finish another mission first! Youmay alsochange difficulty setting to Easy for that specificmission.Startyour spaceship engines and join to this ultimategalactic wargame.Download Galaxy Shooter & Enjoy it !!!
Cat Pop
Cat Pop is an excellent bubble shooting game with more than600levels! Don't stop the interesting match 3 trip!# Shootingbubblesto rescue the cute cats.# Challenge more than 600 levels andgetfull stars in each level! # Shoot and pop the same colorbubbles.#Get high score by combos and dropping balls.# Powerfulprops– bomb,colorful bubble and more magical props.# Endless mode –the longeryou persist, the more rewards you will get.# Achievements–complete achievements to get great rewards.# Real time scorerankwith your friends