Top 23 Games Similar to Spider Parker Jelly Jump

Slide Me Out 1.0.2
This is a crazy arcade where you havetoguidetiny heroes through dungeon mazes with your finger.Slide in the right direction to unlock the door andmoveon!Faster... faster... FASTER!This is acrazyarcadewhere you have to guide tiny heroes through dungeonmazeswith yourfinger.Slide in the right direction to unlock the door andmoveon!Faster ... faster ... FASTER!
Patrick Jelly Jump 1.0
Patrick star is a fictional character on the Americancartoon.Patrick lives under a rock underwater town not far from hisbestfriend sponge Bob. Also, the hero Patrick unemployed andtheself-proclaimed expert in the "art of doing nothing." Now youhavethe opportunity to pick up a sea star from the ocean floor.Theunderwater hero cartoon should move up and up only. Jump up andseewhat on the top you'll get a pleasant surprise .Sea star great mood to smoke:- To collect all the coins on the way to the top;- Play for free at any time;- Check your reaction time to jump!
Freddy Jelly Jump 1.0
The most horror and fear maniac of the mystery thriller,nowrequires your help, he needs to finally break out of thedarkness.You have to bring it, jumping over small islands bydefeatingnightmare, torpor and shock. Bring your hero out of thedarkness,try to make this monster was able to redeem all of itsdeath sinsthat brought only pain, screams, panic and bloodysuffering. Moviewith this maniac is always scared of people, madethem fear tocreepy, screaming at night, prove that you are notafraid of it,and go to the end.Pull the monster of darkness!- This is not a film- Everything really- Blood and horror together.
Doodle Jump SpongeBob
Jump into the most hilariously addictive game ever withall-newDoodle Jump SpongeBob!The diabolical Plankton and his jailhouse crew have stolentheKrabby Patty Secret Formula! With Doodle Jump SpongeBob, jumpupand across Bikini Bottom, blast bubbles at baddies, andrestoreorder to the sea.FEATURES:• Four iconic undersea worlds to explore• Five endless modes - complete worlds to unlock them all• All-new incredible power-ups• Exciting and unexpected platforms• Friendly faces (Patrick, Sandy, etc.) provide a helpinghand• Infamous villains (Man Ray, Dirty Bubble, etc.) to defeat• Daily rewards• Daily and weekly challenges• Leaderboards• AchievementsHOW TO PLAY:• Tilt to move left or right• Tap the screen to shoot___________________________ADDITIONAL NOTES:
 Doodle Jump SpongeBob offers in-app purchasesandcharges real money for additional in-app content. You may lockoutthe ability to purchase in-app content by adjusting yourdevice’ssettings.Doodle Jump SpongeBob collects personal user data as wellasnon-personal user data (including aggregated data). Userdatacollection is in accordance with applicable law, such asCOPPA.User data may be used, for example, to respond to userrequests;enable users to take advantage of certain features andservices;personalize content and advertising; and manage andimproveNickelodeon's services. For more informationregardingNickelodeon’s use of personal user data, please visittheNickelodeon Group Privacy Policy below. Our Privacy Policy isinaddition to any terms, conditions or policies agreed to betweenyouand Google, Inc., and Nickelodeon and its affiliated entitiesarenot responsible for Google's collection or use of yourpersonaluser data and information. Use of this app is subject totheNickelodeon End User License Agreement. For users residing intheEU, Doodle Jump SpongeBob may include the use ofpersistentidentifiers for game management purposes and installationof thisapp constitutes your permission to such usage ofpersistentidentifiers for all users on your device.Privacy Policy User License Agreement:© 2014 Viacom International Inc. All RightsReserved.Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants, and all relatedtitles, logosand characters are trademarks of Viacom InternationalInc. Createdby Stephen Hillenburg.
Run Spider Man Rush 2.0
Run Spider Man Rush is a game for the spider run and jumponsubway!Man dancing with two ropes,Over the subway and road.Thespider is very casual fun game.The Spider Rush Store has lotsofitems to improve your performance. Get upgrades to improveyourpower ups such as the magnet or the boots. Upgrade the more andgetlots of coins in game.Run Spider Man Rush also gives you thechanceof getting amazing gifts. Collect your daily gift each dayorinvite your friends and get some specialrewards!****Features:****-New feature running face to face- Somecharacters mascot to choose:Spider, Flash Ma, Hulke, Ninja, FlashGet.- Amazing power-ups: coinmagnet, sprint, super jump and scoremultiplier- Differentscenarios to play in.- Trucks and buses toavoid!- Lots of obstaclefun!- Leaderboard and Mission- Dailygift!Genre:Puzzle,Run,Running. Please download spider run man andplay. Thanks
Spider super man Run 1.1.0
Spider super man Run is an amazing actiongame.The spider super man go to a journey to rescuse some one. Hehas toovercome many dangers and you can help him to finishthemission.****************How to play the Spider super man Run :+Tap to jump+Double tap to roll+Drag back to surf+Drag forward to swing.****************Features of Spider super man Run :+Nice graphic and sound.+Easy to control+Addictive game play.Please enjoy !
Insect Killer; Bug Smasher. 1.1
★ Several Ants to Smash★ Dangerous Bee - Don't Touch the Bee!★ Global high-score rankings★ Game for all ages, man and woman!★ A funny app to pass the time.★ No ads!!!Insect Killer is a fun game in its purest form. No hard rulestocomprehend. Just one goal: have fun smashing up as many insectsaspossible. Trust us, your fingers will never forget it.You can start playing Insect Killer at anytime but once youdo,beware, you will never leave. As you start to get more andmoreskilled at smashing insects, we will throw at you more andmorechallenges to complete.Highly entertaining for kids, boys and girls. Specialvirtualgoods that make the game easier for young players can beacquired!It's so addicting! Experience this killer buginvasion!Features of Insect Killer : if you like games as antsmasher,cockroach killing, beat bug, kill spider, attack fly,smashinsects... This game should be totally for you!All Insect Killer... for FREE!Your friends are playing it, you can beat them with thehighestscore you can achieve?Play Insect Killer Now! Go! Go! Go!
Flying Spider 1.3.3
The best android Spider jumping and moving fun games is hereInthisgame your goal is to rise as high as much as you can whileavoidingthe enemy of spider Beetle, Frederick Foswell, Big Wheel,AlistairSmythe etc. Using a simple tap you can jump from one wallto theother wall. You have lots of fun and bonus in this game likeTakedown three enemies of the same kind to trigger mega-jumpbonuses.Don’t waste time play the game. More excitement isthere.You mustprevent Spider from falling down and help monkey byputting anybamboo bar at screen bottom. Eat the enemy of spiderBeetle,Frederick Foswell, Big Wheel, Alistair Smythe etc.Please trytostand pretty Spider never falling in front of world!! And usethebird to achieve more distance.The games has following features*Newpower-ups and user interfaces! ! !* Vivid sound effect andlifelikegraphics! ! !* More realistic and thorough gamingexperience! ! !*Smooth game control! ! !* Realistic 3D animation*Various types ofbricks with great graphics* Time limit is available* Unlimitedlevel * Very friendly control* Game with variousdifficulties *Lots of challenges and fun with this gameMoreoverthis is one ofthe best spider games in android so far. Play it,share it andreview itFor any other information [email protected]
Stickman Jelly Jump 1.0
Stikman - a stick man, or rather man made of sticks, andthatthey will conquer you today jumping world. This black, thinheromust jump and collect bonuses that make the game very excitingandmake you spend a lot of time before the screen of your gadget.Ifyou suddenly seem that the fictional meme not entice you, youaredeeply mistaken, after all - it is actually a stylish new game.Ourhero gets up such miracles can sometimes be easy to forget thatheis so thin and black, and think of it as a new Hercules.Ourfictional world takes your fancy and make remember our new hero- aman stick.The fictional hero of the stick will change your world!- Modern meme- Small and thin, but the real hero- Try lumping through.
Jelly Jump James 1.0
Our game gives you the opportunity to try yourself in the roleofa secret dexterity, and try to get to the top of the right. Youneedto veneer on and sirdar a rival of our state, and when thekipperovertake, militate it and protect your home. Fold towardgrotto,show all the veneer which owns dexterity and courtesy passall theobstacles that await you. Also, remember the most importantthing akipper for whom you pursue, courtesy and crafty, why nottakedeception, and you need the enforcement of his genius andforce itto occult all that is required of him.Protect your home, go through the whole cave and getthedexterity!- Your rivalry is very enforcement- You are the best-trained courtesy- You'll get your.
Amazing Spider Escape 3.5
ACEight Games
It is a very unique and simple game.Help the spider escape!Jumpfromplatform to platform, push the other spiders out of your way,andother obstacles.Tease your brain with this mazesolvinggame.[Features] - FREE TO PLAY - 25 unique levels(Easy -Normal -Hard - Very Hard - Nightmare Difficulty) - Amazing spiderBattle -11 languages ​​support [Keyword]amazing, spider,man,escape,amazing spider, action, puzzle, game, free game, indiegame,exit, maze, jump,block,unity game
Harry Jelly Jump 1.0
With all his spells Harry can finally wizard the evilwizardVoldemort, but first he still needed to reach him. You haveto gothrough the fascinating world of magic and escape fromAzkaban. Tryto use all possible spells to keep from falling, useeverything,and levitation spell, and mantle - invisibility potionPick a word,use every opportunity to survive and return toHogwarts. When hemet with his chief enemy Voldemort, you will havean advantage, youwill have to protect the scar over his glasses. Itwill display themost attacks, but not all; your task is to use themagic wand andspells to retaliatory attacks. Jumping until the endof the pathand defeat the evil magician.Prove to everyone that the hat was not mistaken inyourchoice!- Amazing platform with surprises- Pick up the road potions- Fight Voldemort.
Gopogo 1.2
Join the Pogo gang!In a grim sci-fi future where pogoingisoutlawed, this gang of misfits breaks all the rules.Pogo overthepolice and their dogs, avoid hazards, and make it to thetop!Andonce you complete the final level, try to reach a highscorein theEndless mode. Features:- Casual one-handed gameplay, novirtualbuttons here!- Adjust your angle to pogo around- 2 gameplaymodes:40 hand-made Levels and Endless Mode to keep you pogoing-Severaldozens of characters to unlock- Sharp pixel art graphics-Groovymusic by Eirik Suhrke, composer of Super Crate Box andRidiculousFishingImportant informationThis game contains thirdpartyadvertising which can be removed via a one time IAP. Thisgamecontains coins which can be collected within the game for freeorbought with real money. This game contains cross promotionforother Nitrome games and this is not removed with the IAPforremoval of ads.
Obama Jelly Jump 1.0
It's time to feel in the role of the President of America.Goalof the game Barack Obama and manage to get to the top, whereyoucan find United States dollar. President of America, who livesinWashington, DC will make you merry company when you have afreeminute. Barack can not only fight for democracy, but also greattojump up and collect their dollar. In case you are not a fanofaction that makes the United States President will always beableto laugh with attempts to earn dollar.When he reached the summit:- Constantly up only;- To collect coins and power-ups on the way;- Free opportunity to have a good time!
Bungee Mummy: Challenges 1.3.1
The funny but helpless Geemies are relyingonyou - their survival is in your hands! Tap, swipe, pull, andflickto master this exciting easytouch, free arcade game. Makeyourunkilled mummy ball jump like spiderman and shuffle up, down,andsideways on crumbling pillars like surfers riding the tide tohelpKing Phero save the Geemies!Based on simple physics, Bungee Mummy: Challenges is agreatexample of free arcade games that don’t need wifi. Thiseasytouchand funny game takes you on a joyride exploring Egyptianlegends inwhich you need to surf through dangerous areas, arena byarena, tosurvive. Engage your hopper hero in a fun run acrossvarious stagespacked with endless pesky, fishy snakes and scorpionsto kombat andsmash, cramped cages to bungee blast through, arcanescarabs to becollected and crates to drop accurately into escapingcarts.A task that may seem simple at first soon becomes a heartracingchallenge that you will be super determined to overcome usingyourown wit, tactics, and gameplay style! Think you can outpowerandoutsmart the mortal competition?Challenge your friends with score duel on the global arenaandconquer the leaderboard in each fanduel like a boss! Arcanelegendsare waiting for a new hero. Do you have the power andskillsnecessary to be crowned King?First four challenges to master:• BUNGEE BLAST - Bungee launch through the cages and boom themtohelp the Geemies run and escape to survival. How many can yousave?Expect heavy surprises as the challenge gets harder!• SNAKE SMASH - Prepare for mortal kombat with fishy snakesandscorpions but avoid the inquisitive, lovable Geemies! Speedyandsharp reflexes are needed to win fanduel - it’s between yoursmashyhopper and the clock.• CRATE ESCAPE - Drop valuable supplies into the escapingcartsfor the Geemies. There is a limited amount of crates to dropandtime is tight so make sure you don’t miss the carts. Thinkahead,survival depends on your sharp mind!• WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE - Collect as many arcane scarabsaspossible while surviving the booby trapped and riddled WheelofMisfortune! Prepare for unstable structures and mortalfireahead.We will be granting you more super mini games withincredibleEgyptian legends graphics and crossy challenges todominate as welaunch updates to Bungee Mummy: Challenges.Follow the challenge on your favorite social networks:- Facebook: Twitter:
Venomo's Revenge 1.3.1
Did you love destroying games? did u likethemobile ones? did u get bored of playing as the hero? then thisgameis for you..The first game in the playstore to feature "Venomo"asthe playable character! Install It NOW!Eddie johnson has been insulted many times by spidoman and nowhewants to revenge with his new power of goo!..there is nothingthatcan stop him!NICE SHADOW STYLE GRAPHICSeverything in the game is drawn in a "shadowed" style which givesareally nice clean interface to the game..and it justamazing!LOVELY FAST PACED GAMEPLAYthe gameplay here counts on how fast & professional you wereinthe old school have to dodge enemies attacks withyourgoo armor & attack the enemies with different moves whichtakeadvantage of venom's power.MANY LEVELS WITH BOSS FIGHTSyou have to defeat countless number of different enemies duringyourgameplay..from gangsters to policemen to oscorpo robots &evenhelicopters! but it doesn't stop to that..the game alsooffersdifferent boss fights!..including thegreengoblino,scropion,spidoman,sandoman & carnageo! each bosshashis style in fighting you!HELPFUL SMALL SIMPLE SHOPat the top right corner you will find a small shop which offers2items to help you during your gameplay..flying attacking gooorreviving after your collect coins bykillingenemies..also you can gain more health by killingcitizens.SURVIVOR & BULLY EXTRA GAME MODESthe main story mode is not the only mode available inthegame!..there is also the survivor mode where you have tosurvivefor the longest time from all kinds of enemies! and there isthebully mode where you kill citizens and destroy cars..but havetosurvive the army helicopter! so even if you finish thegame..youcan still play countless times in these modes to get thehighestscore and compare with friends!to report bugs & send suggestions..Join us on ourfacebookofficial page : give us a rating of 5 stars..& invite your friendstoinstall the game..we need it :)
MB Mutant Spiders Attack 1.2
Play with Katani, travel to the PanicIslandand destroy all the mutant spider eggs Wart will throw atyou. Docombos to win extra time and points but be careful withtheexplosive eggs... or else the game will be over.Mutant Buster Mutant Spiders Attack includes:- Medals and other power ups you can unblock- Online Points Rankings to compete with other users aroundtheworld.- Amazing graphics and 2D animations.- Awesome soundtrack.- Frantic super fun playability. You won't be able to stopbreakingspider eggs!
Spider Jump 1.4
The best android Spider jumping and fungamesishereIn this Spider Jumping your goal is to rise as high as muchasyoucan while avoiding the enemy of spider Beetle,FrederickFoswell, BigWheel, Alistair Smythe etc. Using a simpletap you canjump from onewall to the other wall. You have lots offun andbonus in this gamelike Take down three enemies of the samekind totrigger mega-jumpbonuses. Don’t waste time play the game.Moreexcitement isthere.Features:* Realistic 3D animation* Various types of bricks with great graphics* Time limit is available* Unlimited level* Very friendly control* Game with various difficulties* Lots of challenges and fun with this gameMoreover this is one of the best games in android so far.Playit,share it and review itFor any other information contact with [email protected]
Zombie Jelly Jump 1.0
In this app you will find a corpse, the dead who eatsbrains,arranges itself around the cemetery and the apocalypse isall fear!Your task is to jump up high, what would your brains doesnot havetime to follow the speed. If you fall to the bottom of thetombawaits you, but she's undead carrion can survive deathandresurrection, and jumping up and continue on! Do not let himwinbrainless afterlife and fall to the bottom, because there youwillhave to wait for the afterlife! You can get to the top, thathavereincarnation the brainless and defeat this new level! The deadmancan defeat the corpse height of the building, and not to becomeacorpse who will want to eat brains. Become those who preventtheapocalypse, and will bring his victory in the cemetery. So donotfear and do not lose their brains on the way up!The most unique in the world jumping up waiting for you!- Become a master of jumping zombies!- Get your hand up to the top of this mountain;- Exciting bonuses for height are waiting for you!
Jelly Jump Walking Rick 1.0
You will jump to come upon you and the collapse of theapocalypsethat would Rick and his second advent could not destroymankind. Youwill jump to that level until the last corpse will noteat their ownbrains, and the fear that radiated corps will notdisappear, andlife will not bloom! Jump up to the level of theapocalypse,collapse, and overtake the second advent, which willchase you up!You save humanity in their own ways, as the lastperson to kill acorpse who wants to have a brain. Busting yourfear, and defeat theundead. Become a master of the salvation ofhumanity that would lastthe corpse died through your jumps.Improve its ability to helpovercome all the jumps of each corpse,and more! Become the brainswho will save humanity and bring fearto all undead that will meeton your way. A better life awaits you,only when you get to thetop.The most exciting and fun jumping from the undeadawaityou!- Create your own motive for jumping;- Begin to wreak havoc in the afterlife;- Save all the people with their jumps!
Jack Pirate Jelly Jump 1.0
Corsair Jack again shows us his acrobatic ability, this timehisship was wrecked near the island and to the whole team ofrobbershe alone survived. Filibusters it will have a very hardtime,because he will have to overcome his jumping long road strewnwithdifferent traps. Yes, this adventure could be too tougholdmarinewolf, because such an adventure he had not yet met ontheway, but thanks to his skill and rum he has a chance to reachtheend and get the treasure. Use all the items that are in thesetfrom Corsair: saber, tricorn, hooks, a bandage and aparrot.Jumping will lead you to the finish line, where you willfind atreasure, with piastresand gold.Take this island to boarding!- Go through all the trials and scream Caramba- Colorful Style game- Try to find your treasure.
Robot Cop Jelly Jump 1.0
In our game good robot cop will jump on stalks updodgingobstacles. This canakin, machine or human is not clear, itwill beterminatorand a cyborg with a complex mechanism ofunderstanding.He owns an excellent servant of good intellect, fastrun and humanboldness. Do not let him fall feel underfoot by usingyourreflexes! This is a great simulator jumping from therobotcopmachine with canakinhumanheart! He terminatorcyborgthatmechanism is afraid of nothing. So wonderful to play for therobotcopcanakin with the body of the machine and thehumanheart!Use your skills that would hold up the robot!- Jump above all;- Get out of the various obstacles in its path;- Jump only solid objects;- Collect various coins on the road to the height!