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Thing Counter 1.6
Thing Counter is a free tool to count clicks like atallycounter.You want to count kisses, sheep, cigarettes, laps,pointsor anything else? This app is just for you!Features:- 100%free ofcharge and free of ads- homescreen widget (multipleinstances andvariable size)- overview of all active counters- labeland coloradjustable for each counter- advanced settings for resetvalue andstep size- click sound (optional)- count with the volumebuttons(optional)- speech output (optional)- history for eachcounter-simple statistical data- landscape modeThis app does NOTrequireany harmful permissions!It just uses the vibration motor ofyourdevice.Have fun counting! :)
Click Counter Free 1.11.0
Digital Fish
Click Counter is a simple Tally Counter application. Applicableinmay ways. Just press the volume up button to increasecounter.Counter value will last until pressing reset button.Features: -sound effects - optionally decrease button - speechassistant -previous value view - on screen increase button. -animated digitsPlease report problems and suggestions by email.This is free adsupported version. Internet connection permission isused todisplay adsonly.--------------------------------------------------- TallyCounterFull version available now. Benefits of paid version: -ClickableWidget - Save/Load counts function - Share saved counts byemail orother channels. - No ads.
Simple Gallery - Photo and Video Manager & Editor 5.2.0
Simple Gallery is a highly customizable offline photo vault andfileorganizer app loved by millions of people all around the worldforits great intuitive user experience. Use the photo vault toedityour photos, recover deleted photos, protect and hide photos,createsecret photo album and easily crop pictures & view ahugevariety of different pictures and video formats including RAW,SVG,GIF, panoramic and much more. Download this non-invasive photovaultand manage your albums the way YOU want them to bemanaged!------------------------------------------------- SimpleGallery -Photo and Video Manager& Editor-------------------------------------------------• A beautifulmodern photo gallery with option to recover deletedvideos and croppictures with no ads • Advanced Photo editor – croppictures, editphotos, search images. Comfortable and easy to usefile organizer +recover deleted videos • No internet access needed,giving you moreprivacy, security and stability - truly offlinesecret photo album• Quickly search images, hide photos and recoverdeleted photos,videos, GIF & other files • Open and view manydifferent photoand video types (RAW, SVG, panoramic, GIF etc) • Avariety ofintuitive gestures to easily edit & organize picturesin ourphoto manager • Lots of ways to filter, group and sort files•Protect and edit photos & videos with a pattern, pinorfingerprint • Use pin, pattern & fingerprint to protect theapplaunch or specific functions too • Recover videos from therecyclebin • Use the photo vault to toggle visibility of files tohidephotos & videos, crop pictures • Create acustomizableslideshow of your files with many options within theSimple Galleryphoto gallery •Search images, hide photos & zoomhigh qualitypictures, videos and GIFs easily with gestures • Easilyforceportrait or landscape orientation for easy video viewing •Fileorganizer - the Simple Mobile photo gallery allows you torename,copy/move, un/hide, delete images,videos, GIF • Set anyimage aswallpaper without hassle ADVANCED PHOTO EDITOR SimpleGallery fileorganizer and photo vault makes it easy to edit yourpictures onthe fly. Crop pictures, flip, rotate and resize or applyfiltersyou desire. SUPPORT FOR MANY FILE TYPES Simple Galleryphotogallery file organizer supports a huge range of differentfiletypes including JPEG, PNG, MP4, MKV, RAW, SVG, GIF,Panoramicphotos, videos and many more. HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE FILEMANAGER Fromthe UI to the function buttons on the bottom toolbar,SimpleGallery is highly customizable file organizer and works theway youwant it to. RECOVER DELETED PHOTOS & VIDEOSAccidentallydeleted a precious photo or video from your photoalbum? SimpleMobile Photo Gallery features a handy option where youcan recoverdeleted photos - all thanks to this amazing photo vaultapp PROTECT& HIDE PHOTOS, VIDEOS & FILES Using pin, patternor yourdevice’s fingerprint scanner you can protect and hidephotos,recover deleted videos,crop pictures & search images.You canprotect the file organizer itself or place locks onspecificfunctions of the app. For example, you can’t delete a filewithouta fingerprint scan Check out the full suite of Simple Toolshere: Standalone website ofSimpleGallery Pro: DEPRECATED: Thisversionof the photo gallery app is no longer maintained, get theProversionat't forget that if you uninstall any paid app within 2 hours,youwill automatically be refunded. If you want a refund anytimelater,just contact us at and you willget it.That makes it easy to try it out :)
com.ace.cleaner 1.9.1
A professional & powerful optimize tool ever for free onmarket.The unique Ace clean & boosting Engine can maximizeyour phone'sperformance. Highlight features: ☆ Ace Clean Ad junk/residual junk/cache junk/ memory(RAM) junk/ APK files all easilyerased just byAce Clean. ☆ Ace Boost One tap totally boosted allstubborn &auto start apps. Optimize your phone system and appsperformance.☆Quiet Notifications Just one tap. Keep annoys awayand focus onwhat you really care. ☆App Lock Another protection foryoursensitive apps. No snoopers any more. ☆App ManagerUninstallunwanted apps and back up important ones. ☆Clean DuplicatePhotosFind out the similar photos automatically and remove theduplicateones to release more SD card storage. ☆Clean ForFacebookSpecialized Clean Tool only for Facebook which helps youbettermanage & release more. There will be ad content shownincertain scenes in our app. For more details,visit Contact us: Thumbs uponFacebook:
Recharge King - Top up tool, Recharge phone V1.4.013.0
Recharge King is a tool with no pain when you topup. It is baseonOptical Character Recognition technology and smart enough toknowhow to topup.It is fastest tool to top up using scratchcards.Supported Operators for now : 1.Safaricom , Orange , Airtel,YUfrom Kenya 2.Vodacom , Airtel , Tigo , Halotel , Zantel , Smart,TTCL from Tanzania . 3. MTN, GLO , Etisalat & AirtelfromNigeria 4. Ethiotelecom from Ethiopia 5. Orange , MTN ,Nexttelfrom Cameroon 6. Orange , Tigo & Expresso from Senegal7. MTN ,Airtel , Africell , Vodafone , smart & UTL from UGANDA8. MTN ,Tigo , Vodavone from Ghana 9. Orange , MTN , Cellcom fromGuinea10. Vodafone , Orange , Etisalat from Egypt 11. Tigo , Airtel, MTNfrom Rwanda 12. XL , Three , Indosat from Indonesia. 13.Airtel,Tigo ,Salam from Chad. 14. Econet Leo , Smart , LumitelfromBurundi. There are more to come. How to use :  Scratch offthesilver foll to see your voucher number.  Open Recharge Kingtoscan voucher number.  Click OK if scanned voucher number isright,otherwise click rescan.  Click topup airtime or add databundleto get things done.
Likematic 21.0
Likematic tools to help you.
Electrodroid - electronics in your hand
ElectroDroid is a simple and powerful collection ofelectronicstools and references.  This is the free version,whichcontains ads; you can also buy from the Market the PRO versionofthe app to support the developer, unlock more features and getridof the ads.    The app includes:  • Resistorcolorcode decoder (3-6 bands);  • SMD Resistor Code; •Inductor color code decoder;  • Ohm’s law calculator; •Reactance/Resonance calculator;  • Voltage divider; •Resistors ratio, value/series/parallel;  • Capacitorchargecalculation;  • Operational amplifier;  • LEDresistorcalculator;  • Adjustable voltageregulator/LM317calculator;  • Heat dissipation;  •Battery Lifecalculator;  • Inductor design tool;  •Voltage Dropcalculator;  • PCB Trace Width calculator;  •SimpleFilters calculator;  • NE555 calculator;  •PowerCalculator;  • Decibel Converter;  •FrequencyConverter;  • Analog-Digital Converter;  •Y-ΔTransformation;  • Port pin-out (USB, Serial,Parallel,Ethernet, RJ, SCART, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, VGA, VESA,Display Port,FireWire, Jack, RCA, Audio DIN connector, XLR/DMX, ATXPower, PCperipheral connectors, EIDE/ATA, SATA, PS/2-AT, MIDI/Gameport,Apple 30-pin, Apple Lightning connector, PDMI, OBD-II,25-pairphone cable color code, Color Code for Fiber Optic Cables,MIDIconnector, ISO connector for car audio, Arduinopin-outs);  •Resources (USB specification, Resistivity table,Table of standardresistors and capacitors, Capacitor marking codes,AWG and SWG Wiresize, Ampacity Table, Symbols and Abbreviations,Circuit SchematicSymbols, SI Units prefixes, Battery info, Booleanlogic gate andalgebra Theorems, 7400 info and pinout, ASCII codes,Batterieslist, Coin Batteries, 78xx IC, ChipDB IC pinouts,SwitchInformation, Decibel Table, PIC ICSP/AVR ISP, SMD PackageSize,Radio frequencies);  • Full support for EIA resistorseriesfor all calculators;  ...and more to come!   Theapp has also support for plugins to expand functionality oftheapplication (e.g. PIC and AVR micro-controllersDatabase,simulators, parts search).    If you like theprogram,please rate it, and buy the full version to supportthedevelopment.  Electrodroid PROlink:  For FAQ and full change-log, visit  TheAndroid robot in the logo ismodified from work created and sharedby Google and used accordingto terms described in the CC BY 3.0License.
AirMore is a cross platform tool that allows you to connectyourmobile device to PC wirelessly. Free you from cables andclient.The only thing you need to do is to open the web browser onPC.HIGHLIGHTS Multimedia Streaming AirMore allows you tostreamAndroid music, pictures and videos to your PC easily.Transferringis no longer necessary as you can easily stream mediafiles to alarge screen and share with others. File Transfer Easilytransfervideos, music, photos and other data between your Androidand PCwith clicks. No need for cables. Android Screen Reflector Itiseasy for you to reflect your Android screen to PC from theAirMoreWeb. And a good way to play game on big screen. (Thisfeature needsAndroid 5.0+) Contacts You can manage all yourcontacts on AirMoreWeb conveniently, including editing,transferring, deleting, andmaking phone calls. Messages Tired ofsending SMS from your smallphone screen and keyboard? Try this out!Create a new message andtype it on your PC. Faster and easier thanever. File ManagementYou can upload, download and delete the filesin your Android.Manage music, photos, videos, apps, documents, nobig deal. AirMorehelps you manage all with clicks. Easy connectionScan the QR Codeon AirMore Web and get connected at ease. (For now,local networkconnection only) Secure Transfer AirMore makes thetransfer betweenmobile device and PC more private and secure, asyour approval isrequired for successful connection. OTHERS Browsersupport: Chrome,Firefox, and Safari Document format: txt, word,excel, ppt, pdf andepub. SUPPORTS Offical Website:https://airmore.comFacebook:
Smart Measure Tool Kit 17.8
PC Mehanik
Smart Measure Tool Kit is a toolkit app with 23 cool measuretoolsand utilities like ruler, spirit level, distancemeter,speedometer, magnetic field meter (teslameter),seismometer,metronome and more. Toolkit list: Ruler: Ruler size canbecalibrated; Spirit level: Check surface level. Spirit level canbecalibrated; Speedometer; Distance meter: Measure distanceandheight of different objects. Distance meter can becalibrated;Protractor: Measure the slope and angle of any object.Protractorcan be calibrated; Speed gun: Measure speed of movingobjects; Unitand currency converter; Compass; Location (map);Stopwatch;Magnetic field meter (teslameter); Seismometer: Observereal timeseismometer data, based on Richter scale; Luminositymeter: Measurethe environmental luminosity (Lux); Color meter;Heart rate:Measure your heart rate with a camera and observe a realtime pulsechart; Sound meter; Pitch tuner; Metronome; Thermometer;DragRacing; Battery tester; Accelerometer. The app supports alldevicebrands (Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, Toshibaandothers). However, not all models have the appropriate sensorstosupport all of the measuring utilities. It is tested mostlyonSamsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, Lenovo and Toshiba. Free appwithads.
ApowerManager - Phone Manager
ApowerManager is a powerful app that helps you to manageAndroidfrom PC with ease. It enables you to connect Android to PCvia USBor WiFi. Once linked, you can freely manage, transfer,backup,restore and delete your mobile files including photos,music,videos, contacts, messages, apps, documents and more onWindows PC.Besides, it also provides many useful tools to enrichyour mobilelife. This powerful file manager works perfectly withall mobiledevices running on Android and is very easy to operateeven fornewbies. ★★Highlighted features★★ 1. Comprehensive FileTransferTransfer all kinds of files from PC to Android and viceversawithout any hassle, such as photo transfer, contact transfer,etc.2. Powerful Data Manager This phone transfer can also manageyourphone data as you wish: preview photos, play media files,deleteunwanted data, set music as ringtone, set picture aswallpaper,create new contacts, copy important messages and soforth. 3.Versatile Connection Ways The data transfer programenables you toconnect Android to desktop application using bothwired andwireless ways. Moreover, you can also connect Android toweb viaWiFi. 4. Easy Data Backup Back up important files to PC withoneclick to avoid unexpected loss. It is workable for SMSbackup,contacts backup and so on. And you may restore them to yourphonewhenever you want. 5. Send Text Messages Send multipletextmessages at one time from PC. Furthermore, there willbenotifications when new message or phone call arrives. 6. SDCardManager It can not only manage internal memory of your mobilephonebut also manage files stored in your external SD card. 7.Great AppManager Install new app, uninstall unnecessary app, backup usefulapp to PC and move app to SD card. 8. 100% ads-free It isa cleanapp without any advertisements. And it is guaranteed that ithas nomalware at all. ★★Extra Tools★★ 1. Screen Mirroring Mirroryourphone screen to PC seamlessly and take screenshots withinclickswhen connected to its desktop application. 2. SpaceAnalyzerAnalyze the space of your phone memory and external SDcard.Display the amount of free and used space, and the roomdifferentfiles take up.
Today Lucky Numbers 1.0.0
Your Today Lucky Numbers are calculated based on your date ofbirth.Determine your Lucky numbers, Lucky colours, Lucky dates andLotterynumbers using this App. Enter your date of birth and press'Show MyNumber'. PS: This App also provides Daily Horoscopes Freefor EveryZodiac Sign
Friend Search For WhatsApp 1.5
Gstar Team
'Friend Search Tool' is Best & Simple Application ToGenerateRandom Contacts Phone And Find Friends on Whatsapp App-Fast andEasy way to generate random phone contats.- Deletegeneratedcontacts from App- You Can Show 'How To Use it' inApp"Tutorial"Please Rate App 5stars!:)----------------------------------------------***Disclaimer/LegalNotice ***Developer of this application is notresponsible for anyillegal use of this application.Users have totake precautions whilesending messages to strangers found usingthis Application.
Random Generator 2.0.25
Apps n Blue
Random Generator is a Simple And Easy App To Generate RandomNumbers, Roulette, Random Passwords And Create and Draw RandomTeams .Random Generator Key Features: - All Results that aregenerated inRandom Numbers ,Roulette ,Random Passwords Generator ,Dice andRandom Teams Are Totally Random Each Time You Click(GenerateRandom). - Random Numbers every Time with ability torepeat thenumbers or getting a unique random numbers each time,Generate up toNine Random Numbers In A Range of Two SelectedNumbers. - Generate aRandom Password ,You Can Control ItsContent(Capital Letters ,SmallLetters ,Numbers And SpecialCharacters With The Option Of ChangingThe Special Characters YouWant To Add). - Generate Random Dice ,YouCan Generate Random ForUp to 9 Dices. - Create Roulette, Spin TheRoulette And Get aRandom Value . - Save Players List, If You SaveThe List PreviouslyYou Don't Have To Add The Names Each Time YouWant To Draw , JustImport It From The Players List. - Create RandomTeams ,Select TheDraw Settings Then Select The Players , If YouChoose DifferentRates For Players The Draw Will Be Fair, So The LowSkilled PlayersWill Be Distributed to Teams Equitably. SupportedLanguages : -English - French - Italian - German - Spanish -Portuguese - Arabic- Chinese - Russian - Turkish *** Any Notes orSuggestions AboutRandom Generator Please Contact Us On Email
Unit Converter : All Unit Conversion 1.3
Pix Team
Unit Converter is a smart and elegant tool which used forconversionof all units in daily life. This is the only all countryand allunits converter App in Google play store. The beautifulMaterialDesign user interface allows for quick and easyconversions from anumber in one unit to another. Key Features ofUnit Converter: 1,Online Real Time Currency Converter with morethan 170+ WorldCurrencies: US dollar, EUR, RMB, Hong Kongdollars,CDN dollar,pound, peso, etc. 2, All Unit categories: -Temperature (celsius,fahrenheit, kelvin, etc) - Length (kilometer,miles, meter, yard,feet, etc) - Mass/Weight (kilogram, pound,ounce, ton, stone, etc) -Speed (km/h, mph, knot, etc) - Area(square kilometer, square mile,hectare, acre, etc) - CookingVolume (teaspoon, tablespoon, cup,pint, quart, ounce, etc) -Pressure (kilopascal, bar, PSI, etc) -Power (watt, kilowatt,horsepower, etc) - Energy (joule, calorie,BTU, etc) - Time (year,month, day, hour, second, etc) - FuelConsumption (miles pergallon, liters per 100km, etc) - DigitalStorage (bit, byte,megabytes, gigabytes, etc)
Smart Touch (Easy Touch - Assistive Touch) 3.0.8
Smart Touch is an easy touch, assistive touch tool which usingapowerful floating ball on the screen to use frequentshortcuts,functions or application quickly and easily. Smart Touchalsoprovides one hand feature to perform physical key easily.Itsupports some other useful features such as: Screen shot(Screencapture), Screen Recording, Ram booster (Ram Cleaner). Youcan alsoquickly access to all your favorite shortcuts,favoriteapplications, games, settings and quick toggle too. Inanotherhand, Smart touch seems to be a type of SmartIntelligentAssistant. It is very useful for big screen smart phone.AssistiveTouch for Android - Virtual Home key - Virtual Back key -VirtualPower key (Android 5.0 up) - Virtual Volume key, quick touchtochange volume and change sound mode - Virtual Recent Panel key-Virtual Volume Up/Down key - Ram booster and clean memory. Speedupyour device and save battery from your home screen. QuickAccess(Quick launching) - Easy touch to open your favoriteapplication -Direct opening application from circle menu - Directopeningshortcuts (Direct calls, Direct message, Direct contact...)-Direct to control quick settings Advanced tools - Easy touchtoscreen recording, supporting attached image or froncamera(included audio form mic, media system) (Require Android 5.0andabove) - Easy touch to screen shot ((Require Android 5.0 andabove)- SOS signal Quick settings - Rotation setting button -OpenNotification - Location on/off settings - Wifi on/off settings-Airplane mode settings - Bluetooth on/off settings -Flashlighton/off settings - Data settings - Sound control - Ringermode -Setting access key Customize - You can change icon of SmartTouchwith many pretty icon, totally free with more than 40 items -Youcan change icon of Smart Touch with your image (from galleryorcamera) - Customize size and alpha of floating ball - Drag anddropto change position of action - Able to customize the numberofactions (the maximum is 10) - Able to add more actions fromscreenLanguage - Supported languages: English, German, French,Thailand,Spanish, Russian Sensitive Permission - This app usesAccessibilityservices It is for physical disabilities, Smart Touchprovidespowerful single hand features, you can use one hand tooperate thephone, switch apps easily, replacing the navigation hardkeys,which can hardly be controlled by one hand. Please be assuredthatSmart Touch will not collect any of your private information,it isonly for performing global action such as BACK, RECENT, POWER.-BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN: This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission which is only used to lock screen (pressingsort keyinstead of physical power button) and turn off the screenof yourdevice. - CAMERA: To turn on Flashlight and shortcut tosnapphotos. - CALL_PHONE: Add contacts to Action so you can makecalls.It is for Direct Call shortcut not from our applicationinside.Note - To prevent the app stopped by OS: System Settings>Battery > Battery Optimization > Add apps >SmartTouch> Checked Don't optimize (From Marshmallow) - If your brandisXIAOMI, please execute the following below: you must go tosecurity->choose permission -> permission -> SmartTouchand turnon pop up window. Follow up, you go to security ->Permisson-> AutoStart -> turn on SmartTouch. - Openapp->uninstallmenu if you can not uninstall the application. Itis due to policyof google when you want to use Lock Screen featurebecause itrequires Device Admin permission. - Screen shot (Screencapture),Screen Recording is only supported Android 5.0 up If yourphonemeets some above notes, please do not give bad review. It isnotour bug, it is a limitation from Android technical. Pleasecontactto our developer for helps.
Unit Converter 1.8
This unit converter is the most intuitive and easy to use. Italsohas a beautiful and optimized UI.Features:• Completelyfree.•Beautiful UI.• Instant Conversion as you type.• Convert toallunits simultaneously.• Currency conversion with over160currencies. (Live rates provided by Yahoo Finance)•Built-incalculator.Available Units:• Angle• Area• Binary•Currency•Current• Data• Density• Flow• Force• Fuel• Illuminance•Length•Power• Prefix• Pressure• Radiation• Speed• Temperature•Time•Torque• Voltage• Volume• Weight• Work• And much more to comeinfuture updates!Unit Converter is 100% free to use.DownloadUnitConverter now!Image used:
History Eraser - Privacy Clean
History Eraser can clean history of apps by only one tap. Itcanhelp you to protect your privacy, and it can also help you tofreeup the internal storage. No root permission required! Due toGooglePlay policy changes, we can not provide SMS and Call logcleanfunctions anymore. ■ Features ----------------------------- •ClearSearch History • Clear Map Search History • Clear EmailHistory •Clear Clipboard Data • Clear Search History(Android >=1.6)(assistance) • Clear all app cache files • Clear DownloadHistory
Decrypto 1.4.7
Benoit V.
Decrypto is an application that provides a range of encryptionanddecryption tools. Over 25 traditional ciphers are implementedsuchas the Caesar code, ASCII code or the code of Vigenère.Anexplanation and a short history are provided with each typeofencryption to better understand them.If you have anencryptedmessage, but you do not know the type of cipher used,theapplication can try to decrypt the message for you! Indeed, atoolallows to test all the different types of ciphers and displaythepossible results based on a dictionary.A frequency analysistoolfor an encrypted text is also available. You can know exactlythenumber of occurrences of each letter in the encrypted text in afewclicks. Even better, the application can perform afrequencyanalysis and replace each letter of the encrypted messageby themost likely letter!You can also save your encrypted messagestoview them later or share them with your friends!Tags:encryption,cryptography, encrypt, decrypt, cipher, geocaching.
Cut video & Audio Song 3.1
Song Cutter is a very simple video editing,ringtone maker toolandsong cutting.Use as Video Editor.Best application to Use asSongCutter or Music Editor or Video cutter Sound Modifier and alsoasMusic slicer.Useful for song cutter and mixer.BestVoiceeditor.Unique Feature of Song Cutter:♪ You can also make smallclipfrom device’s default audio files and default device's song cutandmerge also as music split.♪ There is no such application onplaystore which gives you this unique feature. So This Song Cutterisan unique android application.♪ Through baseline Set anycutestaudio file as favorite, It’s truly audiotrimmer,Ringtonemaker,audio cutter and mp3 cutter, Song slicerandMerger,reverse,Use with Video Editor and tabemate.Make cutestvideoclips,two Video song mixer,music split.Also cut video file,Useasvideo converter from large clip to small clip.Works asadvancededitor. ♪ Cutter,audio cutter,media cutter,music editor,Cutdefaultsound files or Song Editor,works with short audiodownloader, Musicor Song Editor,setter,Musicseparator,too.Features:Ringtone maker:-Make ringtone forandroid.Video maker for all format of videos.♪Multi-languagessupported with sound editing.Set,shorten music tomakeringtones.Using as song cut and paste app,best song cutter appforandroid.♪ Cut any format type song,Cut mp3 song,Cut WAVsong,allformats supported.♪ Use for ringtonemaker,mp3cutter,creator,editor,video mixer,reverse, musicslicer,musicsplitter,song merger.Use Audio parellal to Video Cutterfortabemate,song cutter and mixer.♪ Record and Make beautifulandcutest tone and set as catering alarm, notification and setascontact tone.Make two more audio file together.Merge also.♪Cutsong and Cut music files stored on the device,better thentonedownloader make a creative tone or Edit music,Slice Music.MusicTageditor,song mixer,Song cutter and mixer.♪ Supports all songformatsMP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, 3GPP, 3GP, M4A,OGG.Make variety ofvideos witheffects,filter,background songs.♪ Cut video,Songmixer,song cutterand paste,Music separator.♪ Woks perfectly as songcutter andmixer,Voice editor.♪ Just like ringtone wiz,Works withfullproductively and effectively.♪ Use as best ringtonemaker.GenerateVideo mix from saved,download video.♪ Set any musicfile to asdefault tone or catering notification or alarm uptobaseline.♪Easily share Video trimmer and delete file.And Set Withaudiovideo,music split.♪ Audio editing features Filteratmillisecond-level perfect song cut, and merge,two song mixeraftercut.♪ Best working as song cut and paste app.Better usagecompareto ringtone maker wiz app.♪ Option to Rename the new createdsongwhile saving it,Merge It with tabemate,mp3 cutter,useafterringtone ,song cutter and mixer.♪ Make creative and videoswitcherto impress your friends and also share with them.Song tagedit.Useas voice mixer,Music separator.♪ Song Cutter, AudioEditor,Ringtone maker,catering,Music Editor, Slicer,mixer.♪ EditSong andmake clip using this song cutter app.♪ Make template fromcut videousing this software of ringtone maker wiz,videotrimmer.How touse:Step 1: SelectSearch any song file to edit andcut or to makesmall compact songs,video cutter.Step 2: Edit,musicsplitNow, touchand drag markers to set proper timing of song. Pressthe playbutton to preview the selected tone before saving it. Alsoyou canmanually edit start and end points of desire musicfile.CutMusic.Focus music and Filter it.ringtone maker,mp3cutter.Best songcut,paste app,Music separator.Step 3: SaveSave thefile and you canconvert it to an alarm or a ringtone or anotification tone. Andfinally set cutest tone to your lovedone,best song cut and pasteapp for android-Music splitter of alltype of songs.-ChangedStorage location of saved song clip.Upcomingfeatures:-MergeMultiple Audio files.-Video editor.-Video to MP3Converter.Enjoysong cutter
com.clogica.app_sender_apk_ar 5
برنامج ارسال التطبيقات بلوتوث (النسخة الخفيفة) هو أداة صغيرةومفيدةجدا ، هدفها الأساسي هو امكانية ارسال التطبيقات أو البرامجوالألعابالموجودة على جهازك أو جوالك إلى أي جوال اخر بالبلوتوث ، فهيمهمةوضرورية لكل جوال ، خاصة أن بعض البرامج أو الألعاب يتم تنزيلهامنمواقع مختلفة ولا توجد على متجر جوجل ، فهذه الأداة تسهل عمليةارسالومشاركة التطبيقات والبرامج والألعاب.مميزات البرنامج:1-إدارةالتطبيقات على جهازك وعرضها بالتفصيل وإمكانية حذف أي تطبيق أوبرنامجبسهولة فائقة من خلال الضغط على زر حذف.2- بالإمكان ارسال برامجوتطبيقات الجوال المثبتة من خلال الضغط على زر ارسال apk .3- يمكننشرومشاركة أية تطبيق أو برنامج بسهولة فائقة.الأن ، برنامجارسالالبرامج بلوتوث جاهز للتحميل على جهازك بشكل مجانيProgramSendapplications Bluetooth (light version) is a small and veryusefultool, its primary objective is the possibility ofsendingapplications or programs and games on your device or mobilephoneto any other mobile Bluetooth, it is important and necessaryforeach mobile, especially that some programs or games aredownloadedfrom sites There are no different shop on Google, thistoolfacilitates the process of sending and sharingapplications,programs and games.The program features:1. Manageapplications onyour computer and display them in detail and thepossibility ofdeleting any application or software super easily bypressing theDelete button.2. Can send programs and mobileapplications byclicking on the button send apk.3. can publish andshare anyapplication or program super easily.Now, the program isready tosend Bluetooth software to download on your computer isfree
Distance & Area Measure
This application can be used to measure area and distancewithminimum step. Features - Area and distance measuring - Easyaddingand removing points. - GPS Location search by inputtinglatitudeand longitude. You can paste latitude,longitude in oursearch box.- Many distance and area unit supported. - Option toshow perimeterin area measuring mode. - 3 Map types (Normal,Satellite, Hybrid) -Save/Load measured data - Beautiful userinterface. Unit supportfor area measurement - Square Feet (Sq. Ft)- Square Yards (Sq. Yd)- Square Miles (Sq. Mi) - Square Meters (Sq.M) - Square Kilometers(Sq. Km) - Hectare - Acre - ตร.วา (Thai Only)Unit support fordistance measurement - Feet (Ft) - Yards (Yd) -Miles (Mi) - Meters(M) - Kilometers (Km) - วา (Thai Only)
Measure (Material Ruler) 1.5.2
Joel Anderson
A simple material design inspired ruler application withmetricunits, imperial units, and an interactive pointer. Nopermissions,no nonsense, and always free todownload.----------------------------Source:
TallyBee 1.0.3
TallyBee is a simple app that keeps count while you do pushups,knitrows, run laps, etc. TallyBee never forgets your count.Touchthescreen to increment the count. Use the menu button to resetit.*NEWTHIS RELEASE* Option to increment (blue) or decrement(red). Touchanywhere on the screen. Stays pretty above 9999!
Your Shot Patrón 1.2.3
Divirta-se com seus amigos escolhendo aleatoriamente um ou maisdosdedos tocando a tela.Have fun with your friends byrandomlychoosing one or more of the fingers touching the screen.
Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool 1.4.1
Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool is an app allowing you todiscoverand see Ubiquiti devices on your local network. You canfilterthose devices by type (UniFi, airMAX, EdgeMAX…) or by usingsearch.The app also provides basic info about discovered Ubiquitidevices(IP address, MAC address, firmware version). Note: Devicesmanagedby UniFi® Controller cannot be discovered by this app
Network Connections 1.3.5
Powerful tool that displays and monitors (tracks) all inboundandoutbound connection from and to your Android device. Alow-levelconnections capture module ensures best performance with aminimalbattery usage. Works on NO ROOT phones too. A must have foreveryAndroid aficionado, Network Connections is the perfectaddition tothe Anti Spy Mobile app that will reveal the 'secrets'of yourapps. KEY FEATURES: - Monitors all internet connections fromand toyour Android device - Displays notification when hidden appsareconnecting to remote servers - Displays detailed IP informationforeach connection - IP address, reverse resolving (PTR), ASnumber,Abuse RBL data, administrative information, etc. - Getsdetailedinfo about each app that connects to remote servers andnetworkconnections used by it - permissions granted to eachcapturedpackage and all IP addresses used by it. - Real-time sortby mostactive, latest connections or by package name. - Log andexport thecaptured data. NOTE: The app is a FREE-Trial and somefeatures(including period of connections capture, export ofcapturedconnections (limited to first 10), and number of IPaddressresolve/information) are limited to certain amount of tries.If youlike it and want to use it, please download the Unlock keyfor it.Connections Used by The App: Google IPs - Statistics andMaps RIPE,ARIN - IP information
Friend Search For WhatsApp 1.3
Friend Search for WhatsApp Number * Friend Search Tool cansearchfriend for whatsApp and other chat App Like whatsapp,SnapChat,Hike.How to Use this app for generate and add friend:✔.Firstregister your Number on App. ✔. You have 300 free contact foraddin your list,for more your need get games.✔. Then PressCreateFriends Button.✔. You can easily delete Friends Contact justpressdelete contacts button.* This Friend Search Tool app createrandomfriend contacts and help you to make new friends on yourwhatsapp.*Friend finder for whatsapp App easily delete Contacts insingleclick which created by this App.*** Disclaimer/Legal Notice***TheDeveloper of this application would take any responsibilityfor anyillegal or misuse of this android app.User have to take hisownprecautions when will send messages to strangers found usingthisapp.* Please read Friend Search for WhatsApp NumberPrivacyPolicy.Users have to take precautions while sending messagestostrangers found using this Friend Search for WhatsApp.Wejustgenerate random mobile contacts in this application and thiswouldfind the users on whatsapp and same for othersimilarapplications.The best app for Friend Search For WhatsAppbygenerate new contact for chat.
Choose it - (Hamlet Syndrome) 1.4.1
A : What can we eat? B : Anything~ A : Pasta? B : Too Greasy. A:hmmmm, barbecue? B : If so, My clothes will smell of meat. A :Whatabout hamburger? B : We ate that the day before yesterday! A :Sowhat the freak do we eat? B : Anything!! A:???????????!@#@$%$&%^&%^$%I'm done, It's uptou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
com.lps.contactmerger 5.7
This app is combination of Duplicate Contacts Merger andDuplicateContacts Remover and it's a complete contacts managerapplicationfor Android. Its Contacts optimizer which managecontacts and makesyour phonebook clean, light, smart and userfriendly and So managecontact using Duplicate Contacts Merger andit's free. Mainfunctionalities of this Contacts Optimizer app: 1.Remove duplicatecontacts ( Duplicate Contact Remover ) 2. Mergeduplicate contacts( Merge Duplicates ) 3. Merge contacts withsimilar phone number 4.Merge contacts with similar name 5. Deletecontacts with no name,number, email or unused from long time 6.Take phonebook backup andconvert contacts to vcard / vcf file 7.Backup contacts and shareon gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc. How appworks or how to managecontacts ? 1. App read complete address bookand take backup of allcontacts. 2. Find duplicate contacts,contacts with similar name,phone number and email 3. Show useroption to merge duplicatecontacts, merge contacts with similarname, phone number and email.4. Save merged contacts to phonebook,this will make changes inyour phonebook, remove duplicate contactsand add merged contacts.How it can help you? A. Transfer contactsfrom old phone to newphone. How ? 1. Take contacts backup in vcffile 2. Share vcf fileon gmail (any email) 3. Download vcf file onnew phone 4. Open vcffile and restore contacts. It all needs 10minutes. B. CleanupContacts 1. Find duplicate contacts 2. Deleteduplicate contacts orRemove duplicate Contact by linking two ormore duplicate contacts3. Optimize contacts with duplicate numberswithin same contact 4.Remove unused contacts 5. Save mergedcontacts to phone book C.Export Contacts 1. Take regular backup foryour contacts ( addressbook backup ) 2. Share contacts backups andyou can get all yourcontacts within 5 minutes, whenever you need.E. Duplicate ContactsRemover ( Remove Duplicates ) 1. Findphonebook contacts withsimilar name / phone number and email 2.Auto merger or selectiveduplicate contacts merge 3. Save Mergedcontacts and all yourduplicate contacts will be removed fromaddress book. Allfunctionalities of application are free and proversion is only toremove ads from application. For mergingduplicate contactsfollowing options available: 1. DuplicateContacts (where allcontacts are identical) : Here app deletesduplicate contacts. 2.Similar Phone number (only phone numbernumber in all contactssimilar) : Here app merges contacts and makea single contact. 3.Similar Name (name in all contacts are similar): Here app mergescontacts and make a single contact. 4. InsideDuplicates (Samenumber is stored two times in one contact) : Hereapp removes othernumbers within contact. 5. Duplicate Email (Sameemail id in allcontacts) : Here app merges contacts and make asingle contact.After merging contacts it provides option to sync itwith youcontact book, so when you sync all merged contacts will beremovedand newly created contacts will be saved in phonebook. Usingthisapp, you can fix your address book easily. Important note:1.Please make sure that you review all duplicates and backupyourcontacts before activating the sync option. 2. Differentphoneshave different implementation of contacts due todifferentmanufacturer and Android version. If the application isnot showingyour contacts or contacts reappear after deleting ormerging,please let us know what phone you are using and whataccounts youhave. We will be happy to support it for you. App needsfollowingpermission to work properly: 1. Call Phone No: To callfromContacts 2. Send SMS: To SMS compose screen from contact 3.Modify& Read contacts: For merge & delete process 4.Internalstorage & SD card read/write: To store contact backup5.Account access: To store contacts into phonebook 6.Network(Internet) access: For share functionality and checking forappupdates, this permission required
Trace Mobile Number 2.3
Droid Copz
Are you getting calls from unknown number? Do you want to knowfromwhere that person is calling? Now you can use Mobile NumberTrackerto find from which state/telecom operator a mobile numberbelongsto. It shows caller info like Telecom Location/Providerduringincoming call. You can also view the details of mobile numberinthe call log. FEATURES: - No Internet connection required,Worksoffline as well. - Locate phone number area and state. -Findaddress from map. - Updated with latest 7XXX and 8XXX Series-Includes Videocon numbers, Landline Numbers and Tollfree Numbers-Analyses you call logs information - View call logs alongwithoperators information - View list of your Contacts with Areaandoperator name - Updated Mobile number database. - ShowsCallerInformation during the call. .Smart Call Logs: Call logs withfinedetail of every call like Location of call, SIM serviceserviceprovider name etc. Smart Contacts: Contacts with detaillikeGeographical area of Service Provider, Location etc. STD CodesofIndian Cities. ISD Codes of All Countries. PIN/ZIP Codes ofallImportant Indian Cities. All Incoming and Outgoing call infoforall calls. Full Customization settings: You can choose whetheryouwant to see location of Caller while receiving or making a call.
Mobile Number Tracker 2.6
Are you getting calls from unknown number? Do you want to knowfromwhere the person is calling? Now you can use this app to findfromwhich state/telecom operator a mobile number belongs to. Itshowscaller info like Telecom Location/Provider during incomingcall.You can also view the details of mobile number in the calllog.ONLY FOR INDIA FEATURES: * Updated with latest 7XXX and 8XXXSeries* Includes Jio numbers, Telenor Numbers, Landline NumbersandTollfree Numbers * No Internet connection required, Worksofflineas well. * Locate phone number area and state. *ShowsCallerInformation during the call. Smart Call Logs: Call logs withfinedetail of every call like Location of call, SIM serviceserviceprovider name etc. Smart Contacts: Contacts with detaillikeGeographical area of Service Provider, Location etc. STD CodesofIndian Cities. ISD Codes of All Countries. PIN/ZIP Codes ofallImportant Indian Cities. All Incoming and Outgoing call infoforall calls. Full Customization settings: You can choose whetheryouwant to see location of Caller while receiving or making acallNote: Mobile Number Portability is not supported.
Language Translator 2.8
Are you facing a problemregardingcommunication to travel to other country or to convert anydocumentlanguage to other language?This Language Translator is perfect to translate texts fast inyourphone.Features:-Language Translator has simple interface-Language Translator is totally free-copy the translated text-share the translated text-Language Translator supports more than 35 differentlanguages
Vehicle Number Tracker 16.7.9
This app will help you to Track anyVehicleNumber through out India. Just enter Any Vehicle number andyouwill get Details like State, City And District. This app willalsoshow the Vehicle Province on Map.How to use:Enter Vehicle number.Click on Search.You will get Details of the given Vehicle.Note: This app will provide Details like Vehicle RegisteredState,Vehicle Registered District, Vehicle Registered City andVehicleRegistered Area. All these information is Provided by Govt.ofIndia for Knowledge purpose only.
All Mobile Flash Tool 13.03
Welcome Zone
AMFT (All Mobile Flash Tool) WZ FLASHFILETOOL.COM The MobileRepairFlashing And unlockingFirst Info The app total news of theallflashing and unlocking box software updating umt dongle cm2donglebst dongle mtr dongle miracle box miracle falcon box volcanobox ,z3x box , infinity box , infinity best dongle Miracle Box ,OSSClient , GB KEY , Micro Box NEW All In One , Furious gold SPDTool, Z3X BOX Samsung , Chinese Miracle 2 , Octoplus Octopus Box LG,Octoplus Octopus Box Samsung , Smart Clip 2 Software ,SigmaSoftware , Cs tool ,Merapi Tool , NCK Box & NCK DongleMainModules Setup Download , Infinity Chinese Miracle 2 MTK , XTC2Tool , mtk tool , sp tool , download , ufs , rom , flash,AndMobile Flashing And Unlocking .....Flashing * Introduction HowToFlash karbonn * Introduction How To Flash micromax*IntroductionHow To Flash spice* Introduction How To Flash lava*IntroductionHow To Flash videocon * Introduction How To FlashsonyUnlocking*Introduction How To Unlock karbonn * Introduction HowTo Unlockmicromax* Introduction How To Unlock spice* IntroductionHow ToUnlock lava* Introduction How To Unlock videocon *Introduction HowTo Unlock sony* how to Frp Reset Root karbonn * howto Frp ResetRoot micromax* how to Frp Reset Root spice* how to FrpReset Rootlava* how to Frp Reset Root videocon * how to Frp ResetRoot sony*how to Frp Reset Root Htc* how to Frp Reset Root Asus*how to FrpReset Root huaweipattern unlocking software Hard ResetSoftware ForSamsung Sony Lg Htc Nokia karbonn micromax spice lavavideocon Anyupdating our server to send notification To You WithThis Appdirect latest notify to you free .our Product Supporter ,chandnisaifi rizwana malik bablu babloo Mobile haldwani nadeem9639862431raza rehman rahman raza mobitech +91 9012226222 , zahidmobile ,fayyaz faiyaz ali +91 9808303865 , +91 9720540404 , sameerkhan +919927332494 . jimmy mobile 7060400143, More Support NameTauseemKhanMobile No. 9044666727Add Shop No.1 Fahmi Mobile ShopTirangaComplax Gonda U.proot lg g3root lg l70root lg g2root lgg2sprintroot lg g2 lollipoproot lg g2 d802root lg g3 stylusroot lggflexyour lg gt540 rootandroid 2.2 gt540how to make mydevicerootedhow to root lg android phonehow do i root my lgandroidphonehow to root any android phoneroot my droidhow to rootyourphone from your phonez3x box setup windows 7z3x box latestsetupfilez3x box driverz3x supportz3x box latest setup 2015z3xboxlatest setup downloadz3x box latest setup free downloadsamsungz3xbox latest setup free downloadufs box latest setup freedownloadufsbox setup for windows 7ufs box setup 2015ufs box setupdownloadrarufs box setup file free downloadufs box setup 2014ufsbox setupnew +91 9837947232 , +91 9012664400ufs latest setup2.3.0.7downloadvolcano box latest setup full installervolcano boxlatestsetup free downloadvolcano box latest setup 2015volcanoboxsupportvolcano box latest versionatf box setup mtk spd gpgdragonuct bst nokia samsung android unlock tool frp unlockalllatestupdate direct to your mobile with one click .
Turn Off Screen 0.10
Perfect tools
Button could get broken someday when we press it frequently.Touchthe screen to turn off screen. save your button! - if youbrokeyour power button this will save your device. - reduce thestresson your power button. - just one touch on the screen locksthephone. - it's super easy to use. - no more uncomfortablepowerbutton. - turning off the screen like the power off button. -savesthe trouble of spoiling the button unnecessarily. - don't havetopress and wait for your power button to be broken. - If yourpowerbutton is broken this will help you! - it's free! How touninstall:Click on deactivate admin. Or in settings search fordevice adminapp.
Whitepages - Find People 3.3.29
Whitepages is the trusted source for people search, phonenumbers,reverse phone lookup and background checks that includecriminalrecords, arrests, and public records. More than 35 millionpeopleuse Whitepages every month to find people and search millionsofpublic records from every state in the U.S. PEOPLE SEARCH&BACKGROUND CHECKS • Find people and look up phonenumbers,including mobile numbers, addresses, and access backgroundcheckreports with ease • Our instant online background checkreportsinclude criminal records, arrests, property info and otherpublicrecords along with complete contact information • Allbackgroundcheck searches are confidential and powered bySmartCheck, thefastest way to search, find and know about people inyour worldREVERSE PHONE LOOKUP, CALLER ID, ADDRESS SEARCH &EMAIL LOOKUP• Identify who is calling, including spam calls, inseconds withone-click search from your call log or easily look up anumber •Use reverse phone lookup to find out who owns a phonenumber andget their background report including address and otherpublicrecords • Use reverse address search to find out who lives atanaddress and get property information • Use email search to findoutwho owns an email address and identify spam and phishingemailsNEARBY • Browse your neighborhood or location using aninteractivemap to find and research people or businesses nearby •Get names,phone numbers and background information for neighborsand peoplearound you • Find businesses around you and get phonenumbers,directions and business hours YELLOW PAGES • Findbusinesses aroundyou and get phone numbers, directions and businesshours JUST SOMEOF THE WAYS YOU CAN USE THE WHITEPAGES APP: •Identify unknowncallers and suspicious texts in seconds withreverse phone lookup •Need a phone number? Lookup phone numbers andaddresses foracquaintances, extended family and others • Help keepyour familysafe - lookup neighbors and others nearby and easily getabackground check • Get info on property you are interestedin,including who owns it and price paid using our reverseaddresssearch • Verify someone’s identity and background withourbackground checks that include criminal records, publicrecords,arrests, addresses, property info and more You manageyoursubscription after purchase, including cancellation, inAccountSettings. California residents, please refer to our privacypolicyfor Do Not Sell requests. privacypolicy: terms ofuse: www.whitepages.comtheauthority in people search since 1997
La Ban So 9.6.9
La Ban So is a useful tool, it supports the following functions:-To determine the direction or location that you want to know,justrotate arrow on the application to the direction you want toknow.- It displays direction East, South, West, North.. with degreeontop - You can change the color of compass - It has function toshowGPS information (latitude, longtitude, address) - It hasfunctionto see Feng Shui with age, easily know lucky or unluckydirection.- It also supports Feng Shui Lookup if your device notsupportsensor you can easily to check Feng Shui with the directionyouknow in advance. - The result depends on the accurate of yourphonesensor.
Smart Distance 1.5.0a
Smart Distance is a tool in extended set of the SmartToolscollection. This rangefinder (telemeter) measures the distanceto atarget using camera perspective. The effective distance is10m-1km.It can be very useful to golfers, hunters and sailors. Tomeasurethe distance, you should know the height (width) of atarget. Don'tworry! Man's height is 1.7m(5.6ft), a golf flag is7ft, a bus is3.2m(10.5ft), a door is 2.1m(7ft). We can guessapproximate heightof almost everything. Furthermore, if you know anaircraft model,you can measure the altitude. For reference, Boeing747's width is72 meters (236ft). Usage is simple: Input the height(width) of thetarget, and touch the screen. When the target isaligned by 2 greenlines, get the measured distance. * Pro versionadded features: -No ads - Scroll arrow buttons - Camera Zoom -Speed Gun * 3 toolsfor distance were completed. 1) Smart Ruler(short, touch) : 1-50cm2) Smart Measure (medium, trigonometry) :1-50m 3) Smart Distance(long, perspective) : 10m-1km * Do you wantad-free version?download [Smart Distance Pro]. For moreinformation, watch YouTubeand visit the blog. Thank you.
Block Incoming call 1.3.13
Block Incoming call can reject unwanted calls automatically. Ifyouhave been annoyed by spam calls from advertiser or anyone, youcanjust add the number to blacklist and let Block Incoming Call dothejob. This app is light-weighted and stable, cost very littlememoryand CPU resources. *Please enable option after adding contactfromsetting. Features: 
1. Blacklist, add numbers to blacklist toblock2. Whitelist, add numbers that don't need to block towhitelist 
3.Record logs of rejected numbers 4. Block modes:
 *CallBlocker istotally free,you can block all call as your need!Permissions forApp and reasons: SMS - This is required to verifyPhone number forregistration/reset password and to verify whilemaking transactionfor any shopping. Location - This is required toregister landdetail with current latitude and longitude. Camera -We use this totake picture for profile section. Storage - We usethis to readgallery images. Call - To read incoming calls andenabling callblock functionality.
com.maarif.jahd1 1.0
تطبيق كشف اسم المتصل من رقمه و اظهار رقم المتصل يساعدك على كشفرقمالمتصل المجهول ، كذلك اظهار رقم المتصل الرقم الخاص بكل سهولة*مميزات : * ناطق اسم المتصل بالعربية بدون انترنت * معرفة رقمموبايلمجهول مكان المتصل بدقه عاليه اسم المتصل بدون نتمعرفة اسمالمتصلومكانه من خلال رقمه بدون نت يتيح لك التطبيق اسم المتصل منخلال رقمهمع معرفة رقم موبايل .كشف رقم واسم المتصل كشف مع كشف رقممجهول واسمه* مميزات التطبيق :* المتصل اسم المذيع : اكتشاف اسمالمتصل الحقيقيا* سم المتصل بالعربي : ناطق اسم المتصل بالعربي* هويةالمتصل مصراضهار الرقم المخفي نتمنى أن يعجبكمma3rifat ismlmotasilma3rifatmakan lmotasilma3rifat ra9mApplication revealed thecaller's nameand its number of Caller ID helps to detect theunknown number ofthe caller, as well as show your Caller ID numberwith ease*Features :* Talking caller's name in Arabic withoutInternet* Findout mobile number unknown caller place with highaccuracy caller'sname without NetKnow the caller's name and hisplace through hisown net without the application allows you thecaller's namethrough its number with the knowledge of mobilenumber.Detectionnumber and the name of the caller revealed withdetecting anunknown number and name* Application features:* CallerBroadcasterName: Discover the real name of the callerA caller * cmin Arabic:Arabic-speaking caller name* Caller ID number Adhar Egypthiddenhope that you likema3rifat ism lmotasilma3rifatmakanlmotasilma3rifat ra9m
معرفة اسم المتصل من رقمه 1.0
كيف اعرف اسم رقم المتصل !! الان مع هذا التطبيق برنامج معرفةاسمالمتصل من رقمه بدون انترنت رقم اي متصل فقط بتتبيت التطبيق .مميزاتالتطبيق : معرفة اسم المتصل ومكانه من خلال رقمه بدون نت يتيحلكالتطبيق اسم المتصل من خلال رقمه مع معرفة رقم موبايل مجهول معكشفاسم المتصل المجهول ويقوم كشف اسم صاحب الرقم : appel masquémanquéجهاز كشف اسم صاحب رقم الهاتف Numero Privé inconnu كشف رقمواسمالمتصل كشف مع كشف رقم مجهول واسمه و اضهار الرقم المخفي نتمنىأنيعجبكم تطبيق كشف الرقم المجهول و كشف رقم المتصل المجهول كشفرقمالمتصل المجهول بدون انترنت جهاز كشف اسم صاحب رقم الهاتف . Howdoyou know the name of the caller's number !! Now withthisapplication to know the caller's name from his own programwithoutany Internet connected only No. Ptetbit application.Applicationfeatures: Know the caller's name and his place throughhis own netwithout application allows you the caller's name throughhis ownwith the knowledge of mobile number with an anonymouscallerrevealed the name of the unknown and uncover the owner ofthefigure: appel masqué manqué name Revealed the owner of thephonenumber Numero Privé name inconnu device Detecting number andnameof the caller revealed with detecting unknown number and nameandAdhar figure hidden hope that you like Application revealedtheunknown figure and revealed Caller ID unknown Caller ID featuretheunknown without Internet  Detector His name, phone number.
Amharic Keyboard - tools 3.0
This Ethiopian app is the first attempt to solve the problemindisplaying Geez fidel cultural alphabets in android. This appishandy to install as it does not require any expertise orrootingyour device.The Font is tested with most of the SamsunggalaxySeries that support flip-fonts, but the test did not coverallavailable android devices. This font app is a movie base forthesoon coming Android Geez calendar soft keyboard.- keyboardlooksjust like iphone- prediction/dictionary available-enable/disablesound on keypress.- enable/disable vibrate onkeypress.All-in-onelight-weight keyboard Send Amharic Ethiopiandrama messages easilyusing the built-in Ge'ez phonetic Keyboard.Freely, connect withyour friends and tv shows worldwide and makechatting extra fun.★KakaoTalk,EBC WhatsApp, TicToc★ Extremecustomizable/scalable★ T9,compact, Cyrillic phonetic (swipe ←)★Qwerty / Azerty / Qwertz /Dvorak / Left Hand / Right Hand / Colemak/ Neo / Bépo★ εχ๑тὶς,math, smiley faces, Edit Mode, Num Pad,symbols keyboard★ UnicodeIME★ Esc, Ctrl, Alt, tab keys for ssh,telnet, remote desktop★Voice calendar input★ Gestures Amharic ★Auto correction: Typeapproximately or blind type★ Autotext / ebsshorthand.★ funny Wordlearning★ Multi-touch ★ Split mode fortablets (thumb typing)★ ICS(ice cream sandwich) tested.★ Accentskey / etv dead-key★ 나랏글★ TryFontomizer SP if you have fontissue.This application complies withUS Copyright law guidelines of"fair use". If you feel there is adirect copyright or trademarkviolation that doesn't follow withinthe "fair use"guidelines,please contact us directly.or trademarkviolation thatdoesn't follow within the "fair use"guidelines,please contact usdirectly.
Memory Cleaner 1.0
Verdo Apps
Memory Cleaner is phone booster provides with ease and simplicityaproper tool to clean and optimize the device RAM.AVAILABLEFEATURES: 1 - RAM cleaner (Phone Booster): This tool helpsto stopall running background processes in device RAM (RandomAccessMemory) to save battery consumption and lack of memory, thenthedevice operating system will restart only the processesandservices that required by the operating system. HOW ITWORKS:Memory Cleaner available tools grant to clean and optimizethedevice RAM the minimum usage that is required by thedeviceoperating system. Because the operating. Hope you find ithelpful.Kind Regards, VERDO
com.happytree.apps.contractiontimer 00.00.12
As a father who has witnessed childbirth, this app aims toreducethe burden placed on mothers. Have a safe delivery and behappy~---- Contraction Timer (Labor Tracker, pregnancy) ---Thiscontraction time has been designed for mothers facingchildbirth totime the contractions easily. Focus was put onexposing thecontraction cycle (contraction period + intervals)which isconsidered to be the most important information whentimingcontractions. If you have any additional suggestions orinquiries,please leave a message. [Main features] 1. Displays thecontractioncycle (contraction period + intervals) by measuring thecontractionperiod and intervals. 2. Displays the result ofcontractions in agraph or list. 3. In case the average of 3contraction cycles iswithin 10 minutes, “Prepare forhospitalization” message will bedisplayed and in case it is within5 minutes, “Actual contractions”message will be displayed. 4. Thecontraction records measuredpreviously can be checked through themenu. 5. Provides classicalmusic to relieve tension. 6. Provides alist of things to preparefor childbirth (checklist). [How to use]It’s quite simple~ 1. Oncethe contractions begin, press the“Contraction start” button 2.Once the contractions stops, click the“Contraction end” button 3.Once the contractions begin again,repeat No. 1~2 for use. 4. Ifyou press the “Reset” button, themeasurements will be initializedand will automatically be saved inthe History menu. (The existingmeasurements can be checked in theHistory menu.) [How to read thegraph] 1. If the Graph icon ispressed when there is a record ofcontraction measurements, a graphwill be indicated. 2. The red barin the graph refers to thecontraction period. 3. The green bar inthe graph refers tointervals. 4. The bar with the combination ofthe red and greenrefers to the cycle. 5. The red horizontal lineindicated in thegraph refers to “Actual contractions”. ----Contraction Timer (LaborTracker, pregnancy) ----
com.kasoft.tasbihnum 1.1
تطبيق يسمى عداد التسبيحار او المسبحة الرقمية او المسبحةالذكيةهوتطبيق بسيط و خفيف يساعد على حساب عدد التسبيحار للمستخدميشبه خاتمالتسبيحيمكن استخدام هذه المسبحة الإلكترونية إيضا في احصاءمخلفالاشياء من قبل اي شخصThe application of the so-calledcounterAlzbehar or digital rosary or smart rosaryIs a simpleapplicationand light helps to calculate the number of Alzbehar useris similarpraise ringThese can be used in electronic rosary alsoMekhlefcount things before anyone
Find the Number - 1 to 100 1.1
Gnik Box
Find number from 1 to 100 is the favorite game of student,excitedfamily game. Game will generate numbers from 1 to 100 asrandomposition, player will find correct number from 1 to 100.There are4 mode to play: - Single Player: One player, find 1 to100. - Timemode: like single player with time count down. - Twoplayer: 2players find number together. - Odd & Even number:player 1find odd number, player 2 find even number. Especially,there ishint button, you can use hint button when you can not findnextnumber. With Night Mode, you can play at night with darkbackgroundcolor. This is very good app to kill the time. Challengewith yourfriends, relax with your family, get the highest score andshare toSNS. Download right now.
Energy Meters Log
The program to log readings on all types of energy meters. Youcanin a convenient form to keep a record of consumptionofelectricity, water or gas, and to monitor the difference foranyperiod. You can always see when you took the readings fromthemeter. Also you will be able to always evaluate how much youexpendenergy. To evaluate the efficiency savings, for example fromthereplacement of conventional incandescent bulbs to energyefficient.Also you will always be data about a service company, toavoidfraud, imposes unnecessary and costly services. The program"Energy Meters Log" - your personal assistant in monitoringandaccounting for expenditure of energy.