Top 49 Games Similar to Jibanyan Run Go

Jungle Adventure 1.0.1
So many threats are waiting for super boy! You will have themostamazing and exciting moments when playing this game. As apartnerof super jungle boy, you guys will face with a lot ofdangers andchallenges. Jump, run or use weapon, The Jungle boy cando anythingto kill monster. On the way to kill the enemies, don’tforget tocollect more weapon to become powerful!FEATURES- Play forall ages-Game is free- Spirit of old school classic platformers-Greatgraphics and music- Many items: mushroom, flower, shield,hiddenblocks...- 55 levels freeHOW TO PLAY- Use button to jump,move andfire- Find weapon in boxWe hope all our players have agreat timeplaying it, please rate and thanks a lot for playing!Whatare youwaiting for? Play Jungle Adventures World Run now!
Panda Run 1.2.5
Panda Run is a interesting running and jumping adventuregame.PandaBao is adventure in the bamboo world.But it's so dangerin it liketigers,hedgehogs,bees and so on.So he need yourhelp.Please helphim to run out of bamboo world.Panda Run Features:-Cool photographand lovely panda Bao.- Simple control just tapscreen to jump orroll.- Jump to avoid obstacles and monsters- Rollto destroyobstacles and monsters- Tiger is very strong, will beheavy attack,be careful.- Be careful to avoid sprinted hedgehogsand bees.-Bamboo raft can let you glide on the water.- Frogs willhelp youjump higher.- 2 Cool scenes bamboo world and temple world.-40different levels and more will coming soon.How To Play:- tapbuttonto jump or roll the panda.- collect drink to add energy theyou canroll.- collect more bamboos as many as youcan.Great!Download PandaRun !!And start your adventure NOW!!Enjoyit!!
Streaming for Android 2.7
Settrade Streaming for Android is the multi-market internettradingsystem designed for Android device that allows you to tradebothequity and derivatives products with real-time marketinformation.With user-friendly interface, you can easily trackportfoliomovement, real-time quotes, price charts and news whileplacingorders at your fingertips. Streaming for Android gives younot onlyease-of-use but also speed and real-time market informationso thatyou can execute buy/sell equities or derivatives from yourAndroiddevices from anywhere at any time.Key features:-Multi-MarketSupport: Easily access to equity and derivatives marketusing asingle application.- Real-time Info: Track every movement ofthemarkets, real time quotes and charts to incorporate yourinvestmentdecision.- Trading: Access to each of your equity orderivativestrading account to place orders anywhere and anytime. -Easilyaccess real time quotes and place order more quickly bySmartShortcut function- Promptly view SET Index value, pricing dataofyour favourite instruments, and your Portfolio onHomescreenWidget.- With "Click” function, you can easily placeorder bydouble tab at the desired price, or cancel by just Drag andDrop.-Enable you to promptly update with every price movement,ordermatching, news, broker's announcement, and information ofyourinterests by Sense & Notifications function.- Increase easeandsafety of login with fingerprint authentication for onlydevicessupporting Fingerprint and running on OS 6.0 andabove.-Recommended devices: OS Version 4.4 and above and at least4-inchscreen size.
DeathRun Portable 2.6.1
Rexet Studio
DeathRun Portable - addictive game in which you will choose theroleof the victim or the killer. In this game, players have twooptions:killers and the runners, they have different targetsrunners need torun to the end of the map alive, and the killer isnecessary in thatit is not, do not let them do it, placing theirtraps everywhere.Runthrough the beautiful worlds, jump onplatforms and bypass or settraps, which should fall your victim.Use your opportunity and donot let the enemy catch you either runaway from persecution basedrole you choose.
DS file 4.11.0
Synology Inc.
*You must own a Synology NAS to run this app, and be running DSM5.2on your Synology NAS to get the complete set of features*DSfile isideal to manage files stored on your DiskStation, upload ordownloadbetween the NAS and the Android device, or do basicediting tasks.And always securely with HTTPS support. Besides filemanagement, DSfile is also a useful tool to do anything frombrowsing pictures,watching videos or checking work documents whenyou are on thego.Find all detailed features about the app > DSM 6.0 > Mobile Apps>SoftwareSpecs
Quickify - Gesture Shortcuts
Having trouble finding the application iconyouwant to launch? Do you have to regularly dial, text aspecificcontact? Do you toggle wifi/ringtone/bluetooth and otherphonesettings often? Use Quickify to launch/call/toggle anyapplication,contact or settings....using custom gestures!Quickify allows you to :-1. Launch your favorite applications from all theapplicationinstalled.2. Toggle various tools and settings on phone.3. Call your favorite contacts.4. Text(Sms/Mms) your favorite contacts.5. Open a frequently visited website with just a singleclick.Quickify places a small circular floating icon on your screen.Youcan move/drag where ever you want to as per your convenience.Tapthe icon to start launching you favorite phone apps/tasks.All the permissions needed by the application are usedtoopen/toggle applications. This application does not use internetsono private information is being used/shared bytheapplication.
Hide Screen (Sneak a cellphone) 1.2.3
Team SSimple
Hide Screen is a simple and easy tool that1. Hide Screen(LockScreen)2. Save batterywhen you need "Hide Screen" or"Screenguard", such as playing game in autoplay mode or keepingscreen ONfor downloads.
Autoset - Android Automation Device Settings
MIN Studio
Apps that launch and exit apps, connect (Wi-Fi, bluetooth,Earphone)events and automatically set the environment you set. Youcan alsochange the settings of the phone depending on the timewith thescheduling and profile function.✔ function- Ability tochangesettings to user's environment by monitoring applicationexecution-Automatic termination and retention of other appconversions duringapp launch- Time setting function withscheduling notificationsetting- Change apps and settings whenconnecting and terminatingevents such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.-Save setup profile and changesettings at once, and launch launchersupport✔ Possible values- Setup a Wi-Fi connection- Bluetoothconnection setup- ScreenBrightness- Direction of rotation (forcerotation supportedregardless of app support)- Automatic screen offtime setting- Mediavolume setting- Sound mode setting- GPS andmobile data setup(security setup permission is required using ADBtool)- Hotspotsettings- Sync setting- Do Not Disturb setting- NFCsetting-Adguard, Poweramp Third Party Peristalsis - Other Rootprivilegescan be changed- Data backup/restore✔ Support Event-Wi-Fi connection/ disconnection- Bluetooth connection /disconnection- Earphoneplugged / unplugged- Battery charge plugged/ unplugged- Locationenter / exit- Root Command✔ How to acquirethe setting authority touse GPS, mobile data ON / OFF- GPS andmobile data are secure andrequire security settings permission.You can not set permissions inthe app. You can connect the PC toyour phone and use the ADB toolto enter the following command inthe command window.(adb shell pmgrantcom.kmshack.autosetandroid.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS)-Reference✔If thesetting is released during the execution of the app due totheoriginal function when switching other apps, try to solvetheproblem by ignoring the system UI event and accessing theusageinformation.✔ When do you use it?- You can prevent Wi-Fifromwasting your mobile data by automatically turning on Wi-Fi whenyourun the YouTube app.- When you launch the navigation app, youcanautomatically make the screen brighter and sound louder.- Youcanalso set the sound to be smaller automatically when you playthegame.- You can set it to landscape mode automatically whenyoulaunch a specific app.- You can also set Bluetooth to turnonautomatically when you run music app.- It is possible to switchtosilent mode automatically at work time of company.- WhencertainWi-Fi is connected, it can switch to silent mode.- You cansetvolume size and music app when connecting earphone.- WhenBluetoothis connected, you can execute the set app.This is the appthat runsthe set up or changes the phone's settings at oncethroughconnection events.Please send bugs and inquiries to thefollowinginquiry mail. Bugs should be written as much as possibleso thatthey can be quickly resolved.* Accessibility services areused inthis app.✔ Apply forbetatesters✔Community✔Translationsupport
Penguin Run 2 1.3.6
Penguin Run 2 is one of the best ICE WORLD adventuregame.Oneday,Penguin Ruba found an ancient map in the warehouse leads to a secret world.Ruba decide to explorethesecret world.But the world is so danger and also many manymonstersin the world.So Ruba need your help.Please help Ruba runout of theworld.You shound runs and jumps across platforms and atopenemiesin themed levels.GO!GO!GO!Penguin Run 2 has many challenginglevelsto play and discover.Features:-Amazing world:ice world,greensnowworld-Beautiful graphics and control-Addictivegameplay-Challenginglevel design(more than 50 levels)-Easy,intuitive controls-Manydifferent enemiesHow to play:- Use button tojump, move and fire-Kill enemies by firing or jumping on theirheadDownload Penguin Run2 now and enjoy the game.
Flock: Team Communication App v4.5
Flock is a communication app for teams. Packed with tonsofproductivity features, Flock drives efficiency and boosts speedofexecution.It lets you connect with your team, get on videocalls,manage projects with to-dos, polls and reminders andintegrate yourmost favourite apps. All of this and more over abeautifulinterface! Flock is already being loved by teams in over25,000organisations across the world.Here’s why you would too:Realtimedirect and group messaging, synced across devicesVideo andaudiocalling with hassle free screen sharing capabilitiesFilesharing onpersonal and group chatsViewing polls and to-dos createdfrom yourdesktop appintegrations with your favourite tools likeTrello,Twitter, Hubot and GitHub Flock is free to use for as manyusersand for as long as you want. You can upgrade to our paid plansformore features and increased user control.Follow us on FacebookandTwitter @flock
Task Killer 1.1.98
Do you know that your phone runs slowly when there are toomanybackground apps? Do you want to speed up your phone with justoneclick?Task Killer can help you!Task Killer can help you tokill(close or stop) the running apps of your phone, free up thememoryand increase the speed of your phone!Features:* Kill selectedapps:You can select the running apps and kill them with just oneclick.* Auto Kill: Kill the apps automatically to prevent the appstorestart after being killed. Keep your phone in good conditionallthe time.* Ignore List: Add or remove app from ignore list sothatyou can filter important apps.* Memory status: Show the usageofyour total memory, and show the usage of every running apps sothatyou know which app consumes the most memory.
Thing Counter 1.6
Thing Counter is a free tool to count clicks like atallycounter.You want to count kisses, sheep, cigarettes, laps,pointsor anything else? This app is just for you!Features:- 100%free ofcharge and free of ads- homescreen widget (multipleinstances andvariable size)- overview of all active counters- labeland coloradjustable for each counter- advanced settings for resetvalue andstep size- click sound (optional)- count with the volumebuttons(optional)- speech output (optional)- history for eachcounter-simple statistical data- landscape modeThis app does NOTrequireany harmful permissions!It just uses the vibration motor ofyourdevice.Have fun counting! :)
DS audio 3.14.0
Synology Inc.
**You must own a Synology NAS to run this app, and be runningthelatest Audio Station 6.0.0 package to get the complete setoffeatures**DS audio allows you to stream music stored onyourDiskStation with your Android device wherever anInternetconnection is available. Better yet, with the offline modeyou canlisten to songs stored in the device’s local memory for whennonetwork connection is available. You can browse music byalbums,artists, folders or genres, create your own playlists orshare themwith your friends, and even rate your music! And if youhavededicated stereo speakers at home, DS audio can also becomearemote control to stream music to them.Find all detailedfeaturesabout the app on our > DSM 6.0>Mobile Apps >SoftwareSpecs
InstaForex 1.5.3
You can trade forex wherever you are – on a business trip,atholiday, while meeting with friends. Now InstaForextradingplatform is available for your Android smartphone at anytimeanywhere in the world.All you need for trading forex on yoursmartphone is Internet connection.Thanks to InstaForexMobileTrader, youcan seamlessly manage your trading account andtrade forex freely.By downloading our app, you get:- quotes oftrading instrumentsonline;- all types of orders, including pendingones;- all types ofexecution;- access to trading history;-user-friendly interface;- 9time frames: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4,D1, W1, MN;- access to demoaccounts;- access to MT4 accounts;- lowtraffic consumption;-access to news, analytics and company news;-sell-to-buy ratio forevery trading instrument.InstaForexMobileTrader – Forex availableanywhere anytime.
Time Runner 1.13.0
This is a great and simple app for any outdoor activity suchasrunning and biking! The app supports both miles andkilometers.Youcan also do interval training based on time ordistance.Get time,distance & pace for your session. Afterwards,view your pathand pace on a map.If you enable the Google Fitintegration TimeRunner will insert all future sessions into GoogleFit!Exportresults to GPX or KML for further analysis.LiveWare™extension forSmartWatchSmart Connect extension for SmartWatchSmartConnectextension for SmartWatch 2
Run for Weight Loss by MevoFit 1.1
Whether it is your first run or you are a pro at running, RunforWeight Loss by MevoFit provides you with anything andeverythingyou need for a good run. Run for Weight Loss by MevoFithelps youin reaching your fitness goals by boosting your runningtraining.There is no better app to track your walks, jogs and runs.Join therunning community and get tips from the experts to help youreachyour fitness goals. Whether you are training for a marathon,wantto lose weight or accomplish your set goals for 5K, 10K, 15Krunthis app is just perfect for you.TRACK YOUR RUNSEasily trackyouroverall progress by having a detailed record for each and everyrunin the app:-- Get a map for every run route- Shows yourcalories,distance, time, pace and total steps- Shows your daily,weekly andmonthly performance- Click picture on your run routes andsave themin the gallery- Listen to your favorite music track whilston arun- Easily set goals in the app and see your progress alongtheway- View weather information on each workout summary FITNESSWITHFUN- Join run challenges, get rewards, and share achievementswithyour friends- Earn rewards for you run and use them tobuyexclusive fitness merchandise from the MevoFit Store-Exclusivediet plans to help you make the most of your workoutsessions- Get100+ useful tips to improve your run training,clothes, nutritionand a lot more- Share your running stats androutes with friends onFacebook, Twitter, Whatsapp & moreRun forWeight Loss by Mevois a perfect run tracker application which helpsboth beginners andpro runners to track and map their runs using theGPS tracker. Itis the best app for anyone who wants to improvetheir fitness ortrain their running skills. The app is extemelyeasy to use all youneed to do is click on the start button to startthe activitytracking. After the run is completed you can view allthe statslike speed, calories, and distance. Download the app nowto starttracking your runs accurately.Looking for overall health&fitness app? How about you download the all-in-onecomprehensiveweight loss app MevoFit now-
Princess And Sisters : Running In City 2018 1.5
Deve As
adventure princess And Sisters : Running In City 2018 gameisintended with fascinating game play and delightfulprincessgraphics. You'll undoubtedly love it!Play princessshimmeradventure game ! This game could be a super fun with arunningplatform game. Enjoy the runner mood during this sorcerousworldalong with your favorite princess! Jump, dash, run and dodge!Havea fun run along with your hero initial princess shimmer now!Dodgeall obstacles and keep in mind to gather as several gold coinsaspossible! Opt for it.Help princess shimmer to run from thecursedabandoned castle deep within the jungle. Within the jungle,there’sa temple that lives associate evil witch world healthorganizationforged associate evil spell on the castle. Avoid thattemple! Bringprincess throw off the castle and out of the jungle.Dash and runas quick as will you'll you'll be able to! Be asshimmer as youcan. Princess shine (chine) will assist you on theapproachtherefore search for her too.Game Features:★★★★★ excitingand toughgame ★★★★★ assortment assortment charm★★★★★ journey arcadeactiongame★★★★★ beautiful graphics and hd background music★★★★★ upto onehundred magic cards and levelsdownload and play the mosteffectiveshimmer run with princess sophia. This can be the mosteffectivegame for young youngsters, kids and conjointly adults!
Smart Lock (App/Photo) 5.3.0
Smart Lock provides your privacy in mobile phone from others.Youcanmeet here the most essential App which hidesApps/Pictures/MediaFiles by managing password.Do you mind somebodyexecuting Apps ortaking a look to pictures and media files on yourmobile phone?SmartLock provides you lots of features such aslocking App, stayingawake and locking auto screen-rotate.No onecan see lockedApps/Pictures/Media Files!!!Main Features :- LockingApp- Lockingeach Picture/Media File- Staying awake (Executinglocked App)-Locking auto screen-rotate (Executing locked App)-Changenotification of mobile phone number- Screen Lock Type :PINs,Password, Pattern, Fingerprint- Supported GIF(Animated)- Canusead-free App. for a while through playing the reward ads.[ Tip]- Becareful when deleting unlocked media files. If you do that,you willlost media files. Steps to recover it : Smart LockReinstall >Setting > Lock Media Recovery- If you delete".SmartLock" folderin SDcard, locked files will be deleted.- Ifyou choose "Clear data"menu(path : Settings > Applicationsmanager > Smart Lock(Free)), information of locked files willbe deleted.- App which hasfunction like cleaning up storage(ex.Clean Master) might be able todelete locked media, so do notdelete any relative files of SmartLock while cleaning up yoursmartphone.- Do not forget to unlock andback up locked mediasbefore upgrading firmware or formattinginternal/external SDcard Ifnot, all locked medias might be able tobe deleted.- Beforedeleting Smart Lock, do not forget to unlock alllocked medias andthen delete Smart Lock. If not, all locked mediasmight be able tobe deleted.- Please back up important locked mediain extrastorage. All locked medias might be able to be deleted inotherApps or outbreak situation.- App Hide : If "it is notinstalledapplication" or is not running in the launcher, because itischecked "App Hide Mode" at Set up. Please use dial #789 inyourphone and press call.- When not execute calling to dial :RunGallery(Default) on the phone > Select and share photos>Select Smart Lock and lock > call to dial #789- Settings ofapp> Recovering media file : it can recover disappearedorinvisible locked media files.
Squirrel Run 1.8
STEM Studios
Squirrel run!!! Is an adventurous run game with simple controlsandgreat graphics Squirrel run also having best sound effects,ourlittle squirrel lost all its nuts, which is taken by crazythiefdog, help the little squirrel to run and collect all the nutsbackfrom the thief dog. Just click the screen to make ourlittlesquirrel to run and jump over obstacles and collect all thenuts.This Squirrel run is one of the best adventure run game withbestgraphics and control and music.***Features***1. Tap the screentomake squirrel jump, double tap for double jump.2. Havegoodrelaxing music and sound effects.3. Have two worlds each ofhaving12 challenging and interesting levels.***How to play***1.Just tapthe screen to jump.
jungle spongminion adventure 1.0
jungle spongminion adventure Run is a free running and jumpinggamewhich has for mission Collect coins, avoid different obstaclestocomplete all levels, is a FREE game with addictivearcadegameplay.A very exciting adventure game of Minion.Thisadventureisn't bored game and you have to try it. Avoid the enemiesand runas until the finish line.This is a unofficial Minion gamesCartoonapp.Made By Fans and lover.We are not affiliated in any wayteamtrademark owner cartoon or ddora movies makers and we don'tclaimany relation with them.This application complies with USCopyrightlaw guidelines of "fair use".Run as fast as you can whilejumping,, and knocking Minion off the track in despicablyaction-packedlevels. Rush to collect Bananas and play excitingSpecial MissionsIf you feel there is a direct copyright ortrademark violation thatdoesn't follow within the "fair use"guidelines please contact usdirectly.
Notisave - save notifications 2.5.8g
Main features· Saves notification messages shown on Noti-bar·Keepsyour Noti-bar clean· Search notifications from all apps atonceRead messages privately. Don't miss anything from now on - readallmessages. Read privately, without leaving "read mark"onmessengers. Simple interface. Easy to read. Easy to manage.SpecialNoteRecently, we've seen a few Chinese phones that comepackagedwith a system task killer or battery optimizer. ThesepreventNotisave from working efficiently. Please find the "do notstop"list in their settings, and add Notisave as an exception. 1)OpenSecurity App, then open Battery, then App Battery Saver.Here,select "No restrictions" for Notisave 2) Open Security Appagain,then Permissions, then again Permissions. Here, enableautostartfor Notisave
Professional Qanun 1.0.0
Professional Qanun is a great music application for you andyourchildren. Now you can play qanun with your mobile! Thekanun,ganoun or kanoon is a string instrument played either solo,or moreoften as part of an ensemble, in much of the Middle East,Maghreb,West Africa, Central Asia, and southeastern regions ofEurope. Thename derives from the Arabic word qanun, meaning "rule,law, norm,principle", which is borrowed from the ancient Greek wordandmusical instrument κανών (rule), which in Latin was calledcanon.Traditional and Classical musics executed on the qanun arebased onMaqamat or Makamlar. As the historical relative of santurfrom thesame geography, qanun is thought to trace its origins backtoAssyria, where an ancestral homologue might have been usedinMesopotamian royal courts and religious ceremonies. Theinstrumenttoday is a type of large zither with a thin trapezoidalsoundboardthat is famous for its unique melodramaticsound.Professional Qanunmust be played in the presence of a motheror father, and it isencouraged for you to guide your kids throughthe app for a fewdays at first.This Application may be too advancedfor infantsunder 6 months old.CautionPlaying the application toomuch amountof time or leaving the children alone with the mobilephone ortablet pc is not encouraged.
MASKED 1.061
Note: This is a early version of the game, which functions asademo.Full game is still in development.Short Summary:Masked isadungeon crawler which features a boy that is stuck within astateof purgatory. He has to fight his way to freedom by defeatingmanyfoes to ensure his survival.Masked features 3D aestheticswithsword based hit and dodge based combat.Each dungeon you enterhas aprocedural generated room setup, this means every run willgive youdifferent possibilities and challenges. There are many roomtypesto find, such as treasure rooms, challenge rooms and shoprooms. Atthe end of the dungeon a boss will wait for you. Obtainpower upsto enhance your hero and fight against greaterchallenges.Inspiredby other indie roguelike and roguelite games,this has been anexperiment to execute the same genre in a threedimensional gamesetting instead of a two dimensional. Catered anddesignedspecifically for mobile devices.* Game has support forcontrollers
Typing Control 1.0.7
This app lets you use your volume keys to undo and redo texteditsand also move the cursor in any text field. Features:✓ Longpresson volume keys allows you to undo and redo text edits.✓Simplepress on volume keys lets your move the cursor in any textfield .This app uses Accessibility services This app helps userswithphysical disabilities and muscle fatigue, to easily andpreciselymove the cursor inside text fields using the volumekeys.Permissions✓ This app requires the accessibility servicepermissionin order to be able to move the cursor. ⇒ This app willbe able toretrieve the active window content in order to read thecursorposition and to move the cursor. ⇒ This app will be able toobservethe actions related to the interface in order to detectthecurrently active app and then provide contextual functioningandper-app settings. ⇒ This app will be able to observe theuser'styping in order to detect volume keys events. [ Contact]E-Mail :contact@tafayor.comWebsite :http://www.tafayor.comFacebook: plus:
Alarm and pill reminder
Application for simple or complex alarmsKeyFeatures:AlarmPillReminderGeneral RemindersSpeak the titleTypes ofrepetitions: Hour,Day, Weekly, Monthly, YearlyWithannotationsAutomatic colors, Rednext execution still today, Yellownext execution tomorrow, Greennext execution the day aftertomorrow.It allows to put multipleexecutions for the same alarm,thus ensuring a great versatility inthe repetition settings, it ispossible for example to set for thealarm to run on certain daysevery month, or to repeat daily atnon-synchronized times (aftermeals for example)Sleep time (aperiod where alarms don't ring onlyshow the notifications)You canremove the advertisements for a fairprice.
Multiple Space - Multiple Account & Parallel APP 1.0.9
Velo Mobi
Super app clone & multiple account for parallelspaceOnephone,two accounts,online at the same timeMultiple spacehelpsclone unlimited multiple parallel account for WhatsApp andFacebookor other social & game accounts and keep onlinesimultaneouslyon one phone to separate work and life.You can getdouble whatsappand double facebook easily.Feature:😊 Parallel socialaccounts,including facebook, whats app, line, messenger etc. , helpyou tomanage work and life😊 Data of clones and original appsareseparated,such as double whatsapp😊 Privacy Locker to protectyourcloned account😊 Notification setting to manage notificationofclones😊 Two game accounts, help you upgrade level quickly😊Supportmost of android applications😊 Privacy Locker to protectyourprivate whatsapp clones😊 Support to customize icon and labelofclonesAdvantage:❤️ Easy to use and simple UI❤️ Switch fastbetweendual accounts with just one-tap❤️ Enable Quick Switch toswitch toclones in notification bar❤️ Provider options toenable/disableGoogle Play Service, which can save memory &power for clonedapp. Note:☆ In order to make your applicationrunning well, weapplied most of the android application. But wewon't collect anyuser information.☆ The memory of SuperClone usedis the total sizeof the cloned application
EXORUN 1.4.0
Hello EXORUN runners~★ EXORUN infinity loading issueafterexecution..Reason: google play game app isn't installed onyourphone.■ How to install Google play game app1.Connect to googleplaystore, install (or update it) [Google Play game]2.ExecuteEXORUNone more.■ If you can't update game, Please rebootingyourphone.Play an exciting game with the stars. EXORUN!Are youready tostart the adventure with EXO?Let's run with EXO!▶ FeaturesofEXORUN- Official EXO figure characters come to life in thegameworld!- Various game modes, including Stage Mode, Ranking Mode,andGold Dungeon!- First running game to have a costume system!- Getanexclusive pet with the EXO poster collection!▶ Cute 3Dcharacters-You can find the official EXO figure characters in thegame.- Youwill see cute actions and dances.▶Ranking Mode- Competewith usersaround the world in races!- When you upgrade yourcharacter andpet, you can go farther.- Using treasures is essentialto get highscore.▶Stage Mode- KAI, CHANYEOL, XIUMIN, SEHUN, SUHO,CHEN,BAEKHYUN, LAY, D.O.- The teaser ad for our 9 EXO members hasbeenre-created in the game!- Clear many stages and getgreatrewards.▶Costume System- Try on a variety of costumes onyourcharacter.- Casual outfits, stage costumes, andfashionableaccessories!- The costumes will upgrade your character’sabilitiesas well.- Decorate your character stylishly usingdifferentcostumes.▶Poster Collection- Collect all posters of EXOmembers toacquire an exclusive pet.- Your exclusive pet and thesuper powersof EXO will trigger a huge bonus whencombined!▶PermissionRequestsThe READ_PHONE_STATE - Permission isneeded by ouranalytics tracker, to identify behaviour for specificusers.GET_ACCOUNT - Permissions is needed by our analytics tracker,toidentify behaviour for specific users.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE-Permission is needed to read credentials & images tosupportmultiple accounts login.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Permissionsisneeded to save credentials & images to supportmultipleaccounts login.Developer contact informationPuttoEntertainmentLtd.,Unit 805, Samhwan Hipex Building B, 230,Pangyoyeok-ro,Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do,
Unlimited Friends Search for WhatsApp 1.5
Lisa Studio
Search friends for whatsapp is an app which search number fromthehuge collection and add in your contactsFeature☣ No requirementofauthentication just search contact and all contact will be addedinyour phone.☣ Chat with that added number and make new friends.☣Wehave people with 200+ countries.☣ Select countries from youneednew friends so depending on that country search number willstartand get whatsapp number contacts.☣ Select gender in whichgenderyou are interested so depends on that search numberwhatsappcontact will be added.☣ Select the how many friends youwant to addin your contacts in between 150-1000 depend on thatsearch whatsappnumber execute.☣ Mostly all contacts are live inwhatsapp so youcan chat with them and share your interest withthem.☣ After addingall contact just refresh the contact list inwhatsapp so you willfind contact name with "Search@" prefix whichare added by SearchFriends for Whatsapp application.☣ If you wantto new contact thanjust delete the old contacts by pressing deletebutton than re-addfriends by depending your intrest.☣ If you haveany queries thanread help page from menu.☣ Make new girl/boyfriends by addingwhatsapp number from any country is very easy.☣Talk with peoplewho don't know user so its new experience foruser.Notes : ☣ If youfind any problem with intellectual propertyviolation or DMCA rulesbreak than please mail us☣ We are notaccessing your contact andsaving but we are adding new contactsfor that we required ContactAccess permission your contact is safeso please allow thisapplication to access contact permission.
Silent Mode ᴾᴿᴼ (Camera Mute) 1.5.0
MIN Studio
Easy one-touch silent mode!Supports silent mode according tothegenuine camera shooting and set app.Users of Android 7.0 (who)orlater can quickly turn on / off with quick setting tilesupport.*main function- Support widget, quick setting, shortcutfunction,fast silent switching with one touch- Silent automaticswitchingwhen running the set application- Basic camera shuttersoundsilence support (no rooting required)* How to use1. Turn onvowelmode after installing the app.2. Turn on the app you want tomutein Select the application to use silence.(If you want to useonlybasic camera with silence, you can turn on only "Use silentwhenshooting basic camera".)* FAQQ. Accessibility is not turnedon.A.If you have the ability to hide the entire screen of otherappsthat use the accessibility feature, policy is not accessibletoother apps. Or reboot.Q. I made a silent sound when I shot abasiccamera.A. You can not tell which is the default camera bychangingthe default camera for each phone. Check the default cameraname atthe bottom. If your primary camera is not the one younormally useas your default camera, you can select it directly fromthe appselection below.** Accessibility services are used in thisapp.**If you want to translate in your native language, please sendus anemail to let us know.* This application is prohibitedfrommalicious use. We are not liable for any consequential damages.
Parallel Space&Multi Accounts-ES Parallel Accounts
ES Global
ES Parallel Accounts is designed for users to log onmultipleaccounts, including social media, instant message platformsandgames at the same time on one device. It would alsoprotectapp-using privacy and keep them secure in the device.ESParallelAccounts allows users to sign into duel identities on thesamedevice, so that users could easily balance between life andwork.By simply tapping on button, it could switch from one accounttoanother one. If you want to keep your work and life separate,ESParallel Accounts is your best choice. Get ParallelAccountsimmediately to manage multiple accounts, protect privacy,andcustomize your own space.☆ Sign in 2 accounts of one app onthesame device☆ Easily switch accounts through the app ☆Independentapp-install system☆ Install apps inside our app and keepthemsecure and private*Shadow app feature: Sign in 2 accounts ofoneapp on the same deviceShadow app feature is an app Clonefunction.It helps users to log in to multiple accounts of the sameapp, andit will easily balance between users' life and work. Datafrom bothaccounts won't interfere with each other. No matter onlinegames orSNS, ES Parallel Accounts provide you the double experienceatonce. * Insulated zone feature: Install apps inside our appandkeep them secure and privateIt protects user privacy by makingappsinvisible on device with the Insulated zone feature. It makesappsinvisible on device through this feature.It hides users'secretapps without worrying about other people peeking by keepingappsonly in secret space.Come and experience ES ParallelAccounts!Don’t forget to give us a 5-Star rating if you like us!Ifyou haveany problem or you just want to chat with our developers,you couldjoin our Whatsappgroup:
Modi Run 5.0
Help Modi through all the states and gather the votes to wintheelection and become PM of India. Modi Run is an action gamewherepolitician Modi Runs through all the states and wins overtheelection to become Prime Minister of India.Help Modi Runthroughall of the states including:1. Gujarat2.Maharashtra3.Uttaranchal4. Rajasthan5. Kerala6. Karnataka7. AndhraPradesh8.Bihar9. Utter Pradesh10. Tamilnadu11. Assam12. MadhyaPradesh.13.Punjab14. West Bengal15. Haryana16. Odisha17. Assam18.Sikkim.HelpModi win the election by running through all theelection. If youare a Fan of Modi or a supporter of BJP this is theapp foryou.This Game is not endorsed by Modi or BJP. This game ispurelyfor entertainment made as Parody of Indian Elections.Version1.1:Now Modi will ride unicycle or cycle after learning how to Run.Newlevels 13 to 18 are added.
Interval timer HIIT Training 3.08
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When you turn off the screen by pressingthepower button to ver 3.0 during the self-timer countdown, ithasbeen improved to work properly! However, the terminal 4.0 orlateronly has been able to operation check android version. (If oneofthe 4.0 generation does not work properly, there is it dependingonterminal) The terminal of the 2.0 generation, because there isthecase that sound or no sound by the terminal, time has come,pleaseuse in the state in which to turn on the screen. While thetimer isrunning (not the background) state that launched the app,hasbecome to the settings screen does notturnoff.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Is repeated in the time you are set,suchas sports and study , practice and a break , this app isaninterval timer !Are you studying or sports you efficient ?Itissaid that the concentration of human , 30 minutes , and haveonly90 minutes at the longest .Motivation also will bebrokenconcentration is Cut Off , work efficiency will become moreandmore evil .How to recover the power of concentration , it istotake a break right out .Taking an appropriate interval , willbringgreat effect that adding sparkle or study your training , youareworking efficiently.There are no complicated settings andfeaturesin this app .With the simple design , it has beenimprovedvisibility and functionality .Background so you can changethecolor of your choice , please study sports and fun to liven upthemood .Use・Muscle training , exercise , fitness・Combat Boxing,wrestling , and judo・Study or work・Play games, etc.Feature・Thesetting is simple!・I have excellent visibility character isgreater!・Can be the design of your choice by changing thebackground!・Timer sound realistic !
KillApps : Close all apps running 1.8.11
KillApps lets you close all running apps at once by a simpletouch!it saves battery power , and improves performance. Thisappimproves your phone's performance☆ By speeding up your phone☆Byfreeing the memory☆ By saving the battery☆ By cooling yourphoneYour phone keeps many apps running in the background, whichisconsuming your system resources, and as a result drainingyourbattery and reducing the available memory. Features:✓ Closeallrunning apps ✓ Close background tasks and services✓ Supportsuserapps and system apps.✓ Widget TASK KILLERThis app is averypowerful Task Killer that kill tasks andprocesses.SPEEDBOOSTERThis app lets you speed up your phone when itruns slowlybecause of the many background running apps. RAMCLEANERThis appoptimize your phone memory by freeing up RAM, andmaking space fornew apps.BATTERY SAVERClosing apps helps savebattery power andextend battery life.CPU COOLER Closing apps helpsCool down yourphone temperature and reduces CPU usage. Your privacyis safe✓ Thisapp does not collect any data.✓ This app doesn't haveinternetpermission This app uses Accessibility servicesThis app isa greatautomated solution for users with physical disabilities andmusclefatigue, who struggle while interacting with the screen,especiallywhen doing repetitive complicated tasks such as forceclosing manyapps one by one.This app automates one of the mostrepeating taskwith the user-interface , the task of "force closingrunning apps"! and It does so, by closing all the apps, one by onein anautomated way, and hence helps users with physicaldisabilities andmuscle fatigue to avoid to manually close each appin the systemsettings. Permissions✓ This app requires theaccessibility servicepermission in order to be able to close otherapps.⇒ This app willbe able to retrieve the active window contentin order to find thebutton which forces closing an app in thesystem settings, thenemulate a click action.⇒ This app will be ableto observe theactions related to the interface in order to guidethe process ofautomating the task of closing apps , by monitoringthe transitionbetween windows during the emulation of interactionwith theinterface.✓ This app requires the permission to draw abovetheother apps in order to be able to show the wait screenwhileclosing apps. [ Contact ]Email :contact@tafayor.comwww.tafayor.comFacebookTwitterGoogle plus
Incorporates the following functions:- Magnifying glass tosearchfor names or packages.- Vertical bar to searchalphabetically.-Filter by user apps, system and all.- Find apps byvoice.Byclicking on the app is executed as if it were apitcher.Holdingdown on it a menu will then appear, delete cache,uninstall ect.
App Sharer+ 2.7.6
App Sharer is a perfect application which helps toshareapplications with your friends. Thanks to this application youcanshare applications links and apk files. Applicationproperties★Sharing application' market links, apk files by Email,Dropbox,Google Drive, Bluetooth, Facebook, Twitter etc.★ Multipleselectionand sharing feature,★ Caching feature (You can disablethis featureby choosing 'fast share' on settings),★ Clean cache nowfeature,★Used cache size on settings,★ Running selectedapplicationfeature,★ Web sharing feature,★ Blocking web sharingusing cellulardata feature,★ Cancelable sharing.* ResetingsettingsSharingoptions a)Apk and Link: Shares google play store urland apk fileb)Address: Shares only app url c)QrCode: Shares app'sencodedgoogle play store url d)Apk with Expansion files: Sharesapps withexpansion files e)Copy to folder : Selected apps will copytoselected folder f)Copy to folder with expansion files :Selectedapps will copy to selected folder with expansionfilesProproperties★ Sharing apps with expansion files which isapps' sizeover than 100MB,★ Moving .obb expansion files to defaultfolderwith a smart tool★ Ad-free, clean usageBuy Pro: share apps by selecting apps which you want to sharethanclicking 'Share selected apps' or clicking an app thanselecting'Share' on opened menu. When you're apps ready for share,you canshare by apps which installed on your phone like Dropbox,GoogleDrive, Email, Facebook, Twitter etc. or you can share overbluetoothwith other devices. You can cancel sharing on processing.Allsharing options are under the 'other options' menu item.AppsharingoptionsLink : You can share apps' google play market url bythisfeatureQRcode : You can share apps' google play market urlqrcode bythis featureApk and Link : You can share apps' Apk fileand googleplay market url by this featureApk with Expansion files: You canshare apps' Apk files, expansion files and google playmarket url bythis featureWeb sharing : You can share apps by yourown app storeover webExpansion fileAndroid apps have expansionfiles other thanApk file which apps' size over than 100MB. Thisapps could not runwithout expansion file. You must have expansionfile on your phone.Expansion files have obb extension.Movingexpansion file'App Share+Pro' have a feature to open and move .obbexpansion files. After apkfile installed you should install obbfile before open application.When you select .obb file 'App Share+Pro' asks 'Do you want to moveexpansion file to default path?',you should select 'Yes' thanmoving .obb file start. When movingfinished your application readyto start.
Gun Bullet Launcher Theme 2018 release_1.1.4
Tired of your current phone now? Want to make your phonesmarter,more personalized and efficient? This Launcher can be theexact appyou need. With this Launcher new version 2018, you cantotallypersonalize your phone to match your style and taste.NoticeThislauncher theme cannot be used independently. You need toinstallour launcher app first to apply this theme successfully. Itdoesnot support any other Launcher app.Key Features: 1. Hide appsItcan help you to hide your secret apps for your privacy. Makingyourprivate thing more safe. 2. Smart Gestures Swipe top, swipedown,swipe left, swipe right, double tap. You can also use one ortwofingers gestures. By using gestures, you can do your taskeasilyand fast. You will set your power button free just bydoubletapping home screen to lock screen. 3. Home screen Weatherclockwidget can show you today and tomorrow weather information andmoredetail. Clean and tidy desktop can make you more comfortable.4.Drawer Efficient and beautiful-designed app drawer,supportingalphabet navigation with excellent animation.(You cansuit yourselfwith vertical direction or the horizontal) 5.Dock&Folder Dockand folder can also be changed to differentstyles. 6. Totallypersonalized grid, icon and label If you feellimited of your lastlauncher app, You'd better try this one. Youwill feel totallyfree. Wherever it's home screen, drawer or dock,you can changeit's grid and icon size. Just personalize foryourself. 7.Different fancy effects Ace launcher supports differentfancyeffects feeling like 3D animation to make your phone coolerthanothers: zoom in, zoom out, rotate up, rotate down, cube in,cubeout, stack, accordion, flip, cylinder in, cylinder out, crossfade,overview, overview scale. Contact
The Lil Drive Motobike Ron Run 1.0
Lil Run Adventure With Ron game run ron adventure is a runningandadventure game for free today . help lil to collect a goldcoinswith control also collect points and comparison with resultsofyours friends .The new most addictive game for girls and boysisnow available on Android because this.Do you want to take partDonot hesitate to play this game.Of their time in the excitingandexciting adventure with ron .FEATURES:- nice maps- realisticgamephysics - fun and exciting game play- over 30 levels ofgaming-good sound how to play :- Tap the screen to make ron jump.-Collectthe points using the magnet- Override many obstacles enjoyon thisgame and achieved good numbers
R-navi 3.0.6
[Introduction]Ouen navi (R-navi) is an application that predictstheparticipant's current position and his/her finish or waypointtimefrom the record data of the running competition.Thisapplication canbe available at all races offered by RUNNET "Ouennavi" service inJAPANESE domestic races.- At Race Day (Real timemode)This app givesvisual prediction where your family and friendsare, so you can useit as a race cheering tool.- After Race Day(Replay mode)Replay modewill be available. Let's display yourselfand your friends whoparticipated in the event at the same time andenjoy the realism ofthe event day.- Features· Tracking runners whowant to cheer orfollow· Display multiple runners· Viewparticipant's prompt recordsand share them to SNS· Display yourposition· Enjoy replay mode·Send cheering messages toparticipants[Inquiries]RUNNETInquiryform*Pleaseselect "About smartphone application" as a question genre.
DS cam 2.9.0
Synology Inc.
You must own a Synology NAS to run his app, and be runningthelatest Surveillance Station 8.0 to get the complete setoffeatures*DS cam makes it possible to monitor and receivealertnotifications from all your surveillance cameras set up onaSynology DiskStation. Smart features such as PTZ, patrols orlenscontrol allow for perfect control of your cameras in realtime,while advanced filters make it easy to pinpoint any specificeventfrom large lists of recordings. You can even perform allessentialmanagement tasks, from disabling a camera to unlocking anddeletinga snapshot. Find all detailed features about the app > Surveillance > Mobile App>Specifications
Magnifying Glass Flashlight 1.0.4
Cool Guy
Please present the Magnifying glass Flashlight app foryourparentsNow you can use your android device as the perfectmagnifierand flashlight. Magnifying Glass- Magnifier Flashlight isan usefulapplication which allows you to turn your phone into amagnifyingglass.Flashlight- Magnifying Glass Flashlight is theapplicationthat the function of the lantern in a dark place.- Withthe fasteststartup, it definitely outruns the real flashlight. -Will use yourdevice's camera flash as a torch.Strobe/Blinking Modesupported
The Bridge 1.1
The Bridge helps you to share the message of God's love in afast,clear, simple and illustrative way. Centered on Romans 6:23,thispresentation of the Gospe contrasts man's condition withGod.Verses included are 1 Peter 2:24, John 6:47, John 1:12, and 1John5:13. At the end there is a suggested prayer to guide theperson toreceive Jesus Christ as personal Savior. The Bridge is ausefultool for personal evangelism and can be used anytime there isaniPhone or iPad available.
Yummy Yummy Run 1.0.8
This game increase children's nutritional awarenessSo the designwasvery simple and Suitable for kidsYou can read specialistsopinionhere and scientific studies for yummygame:! The Pleasant and Healthy Running GameEnjoy environmentswhichare rich with colors, delicious, delightful and HealthytooCombinebeneficial FoodCombine the eggs and vegetables. Combinethe milk andfruitBeware the Ice cream, Chips and others becausethey resistyouFight the harmful foodWatch your teeth andcholesterol leveltooWhat a wonder! Cholesterol yes but beware notto let thecholesterol level riseFight the harmful foodmonstersOh!!!Burger,donuts and many othersUse your own Hammer andyour own weaponsEnjoyyourself and run but delightfully
ClickMeeting Webinars 3.1.2
ClickMeeting, the world’s leading webinar solution forbusiness,just got easier. How? We combined it with the world'sleadingsmartphone and tablet.Instantly schedule or participate inonlineevents: - Schedule live webinars - Synchronize your eventswithyour calendar- Add contacts to your invitees' list-Invitepresenters and participants to your webinars, also viaTwitter-Meet with up to 25 and present to up to 5000 people- Streamup to 7live audio and video feeds- Control interaction with audiomodes-Present documents, videos, reports and presentations-Shareinteractive whiteboard to impress your audience - Enable textchatduring your online event- Record and store your events-Lock/unlockaccess to your webinar room- ViewstatisticsAboutClickMeetingClickMeeting webinars platform combinesthe best inonline collaboration, with the power of rich media andcustombranding. It is rich in features that help webinar organizerseverystep of the way: before, during and after the webinar.Theseinclude: customized invitations and registration page,webinarrebranding, multi-camera video display, real time screenandapplication sharing, remote desktop control, moderated andprivatechat with automatic translation, audio modes, tests andsurveys,interactive whiteboard, business intelligence andstatistics, filetransfer, audio and video recording, and more. Itis incrediblyeasy to set up and manage. Users can hold teammeetings on the fly,and present global webinars in high-impactvideo from a single,intuitive control panel. Platform is seamlesslyintegrated withFacebook, Flickr, Gmail, Google Calendar, GoogleChrome, HubSpot,iCal, iWork, LinkedIn, Moodle, MS Office,Salesforce, Slack,YouTube, Twitter.Sign up for a free trialat:
Big Digital Clock 1.1.1
The digital clock shows the time using the the whole screenwidth.-You can adjust the colors.- Showing the seconds isoptional.- Everyscreen orientation is handled.- AM/PM-mode is readfrom the systemsettings.- The clock can move around the screen topreventburn-in.Thanks to Margaritov for his colorpicker and Torinakforhis 7segment font.
Parallel Space Lite-Dual App 4.0.8540
LBE Tech
Do you have two accounts for instant message applications, tiredtolog in and out to receive double messages form your dualaccount?Doyou have double game accounts, want to keep themsimultaneouslyonline to get dual function and double experiences?Doyou have twoaccounts for the social network, want to separate workand personallife, double experience your entertainment time?As oneof thetop-ranked tools on Android, Parallel Space helps more than90million users log on multiple accounts simultaneously onlineonsame device by virtual system. Also, the Parallel Space Litewillprovide a faster performance to simulate your dual accountthrougha high speed virtual system.Parallel Space supports 24languages,and compatible with most instant message apps, game appsand socialnetworking apps. Get Parallel Space immediately to managemultipleaccounts, protect privacy, and double enjoy the fun of yourdualapp.★Log in to your double instant message apps, double gameappsand double social networking apps• Balance between your lifeandwork easily by the virtual system.• Double game accounts anddoubleenjoy the fun.• Almost all instant message apps, game appsandsocial networking apps are supported for the dual accountinParallel Space. Data from both accounts won't interfere witheachother.★Switch fast between dual accounts with just one-tap• Runtwoaccounts simultaneously on the virtual system, andswitchbetween them fast with one-tap to effectively manage yourdualaccounts.Tips• If you are using the Parallel Space and theParallelSpace Lite at the same time, theoretically you canachievable thatrunning more than 2 accounts at once :)Notes:•Permissions:Parallel Space needs to apply for the permissionsrequired by theapps added in Parallel Space to function normally.For example, ifParallel Space is not permitted to acquire yourlocation, you willbe unable to send your location to your friendsin some apps thatrun in Parallel Space. Parallel Space does notcollect yourpersonal information to protect privacy.• Consumptions:ParallelSpace itself doesn't take up too much memory, battery anddata bywhich are actually consumed by the apps running inside.Details canbe viewed in 'Storage' and 'Task Manager', which couldbe found in'Settings' in Parallel Space.• Notifications: Please addParallelSpace to whitelist or exceptional list of some 'boost apps'toensure that notification of some social networking appsfunctionswell.• Conflict: You cannot run two accounts of somesocialnetworking apps by using a same mobile number. You should useadifferent mobile number to run your second account of those appsinParallel Space and ensure that the mobile number is activeduringyour first login because there will be a verification messagesentto this number.For any problems, please feel free to contact usviathe 'Feedback' feature inside Parallel Space or send us anemailat: dualappgo@gmail.comFollow us on FB for thelatestnews: us onGoogle+Group:
Themes for Lava Iris 351 1.0.3
theme design
Bored from your existing android system and want to trysomethingnew? Install Abstract Theme for Lava Iris 351 Launcher andenjoy acompletely new designed launcher with the latest stylishinterface!! 👉You can’t miss this awesome Abstract theme!!! Applytheme willbe 100% different from others!!! This is all forFREE!!!!! 👉We areproud to made this theme, especially free themedesigned for you! 👉Theme for Lava Iris 351 Launcher makes yourphone to look like thereal Lava phone you want. 👉 This stylishtheme is inspired by thelatest android smartphone, but it can beused with every Androidsmartphone. ✨The Theme for Lava Iris 351Launcher gives you a newunique style, a huge collection ofWallpapers, icon pack. We havealready thought all for you. Allbeautiful skins have been testedextensively and are compatible with99% of the major Androiddevices. You can use it on your SamsungGalaxy, Xiaomi Redmi,Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, HTC or Lenovo! Theme forLava Iris 351 Launchercan be applied to hot smartphones like oppoA57, vivo V5 plus,Huawei P10 Lite, Oppo F3 plus! 👉Beside Theme forLava Iris 351Launcher, we also provide theme for oppo A57, themefor vivo V5plus, theme for f3 plus, theme for Jio phone and someother hot andstylish smartphone themes. And we will keep workinghard to providemore personalized style for you. 👉 What can bechanged with thisskin? - Home screen background; - Drawer screen; -Menu screen; -App icons; - Folder icons How to apply this skin? -Install LavaTheme & Lava Launcher - Install & open launcher- Find yourtheme in Local - Click Apply Button Can I apply it on mytablet?Sure, it has high definition format and can be applied both,phoneand tab! Looking for the best skin for Android to show yourstyle?That's exactly what we provide! All kinds of skins for allkinds offolk! Tech themes, material design themes, cool themes,abstractthemes and more are waiting for you to choose! Designersacross theworld are coming up with new ideas every day! Thanks forchoosingLava Theme & Lava Launcher. If you found it meet yourtaste,rate five stars and share it with your friends. Your supportwilldefinitely inspire us to design more new themes! What aboutthecompatibility with my phone? Looking for the best skin forAndroidto show your style? That's exactly what we provide! Allkinds ofskins for all kinds of folk! Tech themes, material designthemes,cool themes, abstract themes and more are waiting for youtochoose! Designers across the world are coming up with newideasevery day! Thanks for choosing Lava Theme & Lava Launcher.Ifyou found it meet your taste, rate five stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ andshareit with your friends. Your support will definitely inspire ustodesign more new themes! 👉 More theme for Oppo, Vivo,Samsung,Xiaomi/Redmi, Huawei, Lenovo themes like theme for oppoA57, themefor vivo V5 plus, theme for Jio Phone and so on pleasefind in ourhomepage
Secret AppLock 1.0.3
App Lock - Protect appsSecret AppLock is one of the bestappprotector which could protect your privacy. Please use the applockif other people do not want is to see my smartphone.App lockerwillblock the execution of the application of others.App LockSecurityis an app protector which can basically lock yourapplications suchas contacts, calls, e-mail, sms, photos or any appin your phone ortablet.Protect your apps. Only you can run theapp!GalleryLock:Other people will now not see my personalphoto.Lock Apps:Inthe application of the password when theapplication is run, otherpeople can not run the application.Simplelock setting :It ispossible to apply the lock function simply andconveniently for allapplications.Smart App ProtectorApp Lock - AppLocker - ApplicationBlocking
Special Hero Endless Runner 1.0
Stuntman Hero Extreme RunEndless Fun Runner is one of the bestrungame for new android users of 2018. fun with the amazing herorunin the hot volcano adventure, snow and classic oldtemple.different environments and cool animations. One touch gameplaysuitable for all including all users. amazing running gameforsimulator category. This hero endless amazing run is thebestadventure game for this season. It has the best fun run gamewithgreat enhance graphics and colorful scenario. run alongthecraziest scenarios in the fire and snow adventures. collectthegolden coins and booster for performing well. Run and jump alltheobstacles. Special Hero Stuntman Run AdventureAwesome runnergameand endless fun run with greatest adventure. need to focus andfacethe extreme run challenge which you to jump and face somedifferentcreatures in your way. your one mistake can end yourlevel. fun ofamazing endless run adventure through the volcanoesand snow. Run,slide, jump, roll and dodge past any rockets andobstacles thatcome in your way! Collect coins and run for your lifeas thetremendous running fast hero Avoid hitting any type of stoneandfire in your subway like a highway running scenario. Usepowerfulupgrades increase your speed, unlock new levels and growyourcapacity! Different scenarios to run in. volcano, snow, subway,andwater beach! push your speed and jump and slide to for the victory choose your favorite character andcomplete alllevels in your style.If you have anycomplaint/suggestion, pleaseleave us a mail instead:volcanocont@gmail.comFor our upcominggames please visit and likeour - Volcano Gaming StudioTell us whatyou think or check out tips:volcanocont@gmail.comPrivacyPolicy: