Top 46 Games Similar to Castle Jigsaw

Toy Crush Pop Cubes Smash
Toy Blast Pop Cubes Crush is new toys blast casual game forfreewith 900 LEVELS and NO LIVES SYSTEM play as much as youwant!THEULTIMATE MATCHING PUZZLE GAME WITH UNIQUE MAGIC POWERSANDBOOSTS!Join the fun world of staffy and help collect herprecioustoys!Match three or more blocks of the same color to clearthelevel and collect the toys from where they stuck. But becareful!It is not that easy to save all the toys while your movesarelimited! Your talent in solving puzzles will be your besttoolwhile playing this super addictive game. No more crushingcandies,breaking diamonds, crunching cookies or farming. Bust theblocksand enjoy this colorful adventure!Discover Any’s world tomake hersmile. Play with the sweetest toys that will drag you toAny’senjoyable world. Crunch all the same colored cubes by usingvariousboosters such as brick-busting blasts, rechargeablepower-ups andmany more!Tap to Blasting, keep tapping to Win theLevel!Just tapto play, show your reaction speed and eliminateskills!Click on any3 same adjacent cubes and take on this smashingfascinating cubeblasting trip in Cube Blast!FREE click match-3 cubegame on GooglePlay is here. Click on any 2 same adjacent cubes andtake on thissmashing fascinating cube blasting trip in CubeBlast!How to PlayToy Blast Pop Cubes Crush:Tap 2 or more adjacentcubes of the sameto blastAchieve required score to pass levels, notime limitThemore cubes get blasted each move, the higher score youwill getTryyour best clear all cubes, you will be rewardedEasy toplay andpleasurable game for all age. Simply Drag the blocks, andmatch 3cubesFrom now on, let's enjoy a simple and addictive puzzlegame!Once you start, you'll be hooked.You can play Toy Blast PopCubesCrush games for FREE!Toy Blast Pop Cubes Crush is toys blastandblock cubes crush Puzzle gameSo Download now Toy Blast PopCubesCrush for free and start playing and enjoying Toy Blast PopCubesCrush gameBlocks cube Puzzle is the exciting new Toy BlastPopCubes Crush puzzle game Drag the different blocks into placetomatch the puzzle. Sound easy? Blocks cannot be rotated andeachlevel has only a single, unique solution. Play multiple levelsofincreasing difficulty, or go up against the timer to solveendlesscombinationsthere are many toy in this game so play and havefunwith them
Toy Pop Crush 1.6.5
toy pop crushToy Pop Crusht comes the ultimate puzzle gamewithunique gameplay and endless fun!Match two or more blocks ofthesame color to clear the level and collect the cakes from wheretheystuck. But be careful! It is not that easy to save all thecakeswhile your moves are limited! Your talent in solving puzzleswillbe your best tool while playing this super addictive game. Busttheblocks and enjoy this colorful adventure!Excellent andaddictingmatch 3 breaker blast game! Don't waiting for collapsepuzzle todownload logic puzzles games which are the best choice forallpeople to enjoy training brain puzzles.● Stunning graphicsandunique gameplay● All kinds of cutest toys; cars, rockets,dolls,stuffed animals and many more...● So many levels withexcitingpuzzles● Numerous boosters along the way to help●Spectacularrewards and extra bonuses unlocked after levels passed●Easy andfun to play but challenging to master in this toy crushfreegameJoin the wildest adventure of your life and have a blast!
Forest Mania - Pop & Match Lovely Pets
Forest Mania is a deliciously sweet match-3 casual game. Swap,Swipeand match 3 or more same magic animals to master the fun ofcasualmatch-3 game.Forest Mania Key Magical Spells- Addictiveandirresistible match-3 gameplay- Unlock appetizing anddelightfulforest map- 201 perplexing and puzzling forest levels-Charming andcute AnimalsTopped With- Challenging but fun obstacles:Rocks, Iceetc.- Wonderful arsenal for props and power-ups- Enjoyhigh qualityvisuals and exciting special effects- Attention: PlayForest Maniacould lead to strong desire for cute animal!Have awonderful rest.Play awesome Forest Mania filled with amazingfascination now!
Jelly Bears Crush
Match tasty jellies in this sweet 3 match puzzle adventuregame.Help Bernie, the bear, gather as many jellies and catch hisjellybears friends.With Jelly Bears Crush you are in for a lot offun:*Addictive and lively match 3 game.* Super yummy and cutejellybears* 200+ challenging and fun to play levels, more comingsoon*Super fun combo boosters: the Jelly Bomb, the Rainbow Jelly,theCrazy Lollipop and many more. And that's not all:* Dailyrewards*Login with Facebook and play with your friends* Spin theWheel forfree goldWhat are you waiting for, lets start theadventure!Install now and have fun!Jelly Bears Crush is completelyfree toplay, but some optional items require payment.
Let's Cook (Unreleased)
Sweet match 3 fun is waiting in thisgamethatpairs puzzles with real recipes! Solve addictivepuzzleswhilecollecting ingredients to cook actual dishes. Jamthroughpuzzlesto gain fame as you host your own reality show. Blastaroundtheworld, cooking across Europe, Asia and more.Tasty recipes, addictive puzzles and fun challenges await!Canyoumaster the challenge and become the top chef in this funNEWmatch3 game?We want to hear what you think about the game! Let around the world• Cook tasty Italian dishes like tiramisu and risotto• Match 3 pieces to cook dishes through Rome withotherlocationscoming soon!Boost Cooking Skills• Blast game pieces with fun boosts, like the tenderizer,cleaverandknife set• Juicy puzzle combinations to discover & solveCook real dishes and share with friends!• Match your way through cities learning to cook real recipes• Recipes can be shared with friends to make the dishesinreallife• Delicious match 3 puzzles combined with recipes you willwanttocook!Tasty & Unique Play• Game play is fun & food-themed• Match next to onions to peel them• Drop ingredients to the bottom of the board to get itcookinginthe pot• Recipes require solving unique puzzle challengesFun Daily rewards and challenges• Play every day to get big rewards!• Sweet gift boxes can be opened each day to earnboosts,resources,and gold• Compete against friends to see who can get thehighestscoresPlay through tons of levels!• Play over 150 game levels in each city starting with Italy• The locals need your help as well! These bonus levels willhelpyougrow your show'spopularity• Complete all three tiers of each level to earn moregoldandresourcesSweet match 3 puzzles are waiting for you in thisaddictivenewpuzzle game. Learn to make amazing dishes from aroundtheworld!Start cooking up some fun today!
Curse of the Pharaoh - Match 3
Curse of the Pharaoh is a match 3 puzzle game in the ancientEgyptjewel world, and is one of the best and most popular egyptgames.An adventure with jewels and gems!Crush the ancient Egyptaroundthe pyramid and the empire of the pharaoh. Egypt games likeCurseof the Pharaoh are the cradle of dazzling puzzle games forfree andyour unique adventure! The jewel world is full of gems andjewelgames to play. Special rewards and bonuses when you arelegendaryfor the pharaoh. Princess Cleopatra will be on your sidewhen yougo on your adventure through the pyramid in this empireofgems.Curse of the Pharaoh is one of the ancient Egypt gamesthat’snever annoying. Crush free games with gems in this jewelworld ofmatch 3 puzzle games. Start dazzling and blast jewels as areallegend in the jewel world for the pharaoh. This adventure willbesurprisingly addictive and fun to play! Are you ready to crushandhelp the pharaoh in his ancient Egypt empire?Features of Curseofthe Pharaoh:- Free match 3 puzzle game- Enormous amount ofuniquelevels- Beautiful empire with colorful surrounding- Match 3or morejewels in the jewel world- Classic matching puzzle game withatwist- Ancient Egypt jewel world full of jewels and gems-Pyramidadventure with Egypt games- Cradle to crush shiny gems-Colorfulgems with vivid colors- Calming match 3 puzzle adventure-Multiplelanguages- Social integration via Facebook for yourfriends- Gemgames with shiny jewels and gems- Jewel crush gameswith freepuzzles- Logic puzzleCome into these ancient Egypt gamesand crushthe curse of the pharaoh! Be a legend, be a hero! Matchjewels inthis jewel world and go on an adventure in the empire ofgem games.Are you in? Let’s get a blast!
Pirate's Gold Match 3
Dive into the new match-3 smashing fun pirate game, swap itemsandwin levels! Pirate’s Gold Match 3 is an awesome online match3puzzle game, set along the beautiful beach and featuring somecoolgraphics and items. Discover precious jewels, skulls andbones,pirate treasure and coins. Explore the enchanting world ofpiratesand try to find the lost pirate jewels.Take a break duringthe dayand make lines of at least 3 figures in this relaxing andfunonline puzzle game. Play through hundreds of levels andcollectdifferent rewards. Download for free today and join this funpiratematch 3 adventure! Match the pirate pieces and crush linestocomplete levels in this match 3 free game. Play this new match3game today, and experience hours of endless fun!Enjoy hundredsofadventurous levels filled with exciting items, boosters,surprises,puzzles and challenges. Explore a ship full of match 3puzzles,create your own pirate treasure map and advance throughamazingworlds, while collecting shiny pirate jewels. Complete themissionsthat are set at the beginning of each level and useuniquepower-ups that will help you overcome the differentchallenges -it’s one of the best matching games you’ll everencounter!HOW TOPLAY * Move and match 3 or more pieces the samekind to blast andwin points. * Earn and unlock awesome boostersthat will help youget through difficult levels. * Try to use fewermoves to reachhigh scores.* Travel through hundreds of awesomelevels and solveall the fun puzzles.* Clear the board and advancealong the piratemap! * Improve your matching skills and enjoy asmooth and mostaddicting gameplay. * Achieve level target withinlimited moves. **Create massive sea explosions and win points:**-Match 4 pirateitems to get a striped figure of this color andcreate a lineblast.- Match 5 items in an L or T form to get apowerful piratebomb that will explode all items around it. - Match5 items in arow to get a special colorful bomb that can burst allitems withthe same color, and will create a pirate crush!- Connect2 specialboosters to create even greater explosions! Play today thefun andaddictive Pirate’s Gold Match 3 game, complete the missionsandfind the hidden pirate treasure! Create lines of at least 3itemsin this challenging and fun online puzzle game. Playthroughhundreds of levels and collect prizes. Play this incrediblepiratematch 3 online puzzle game for free, and discoverincredibleadventure anytime you wish to play - no WiFi required.Jump rightinto the new match-3 adventure, match the treasurepieces, andcomplete levels. Download this cool game today and enjoyfun piratesails with incredible graphics and shiny pirate jewels.Join thepirates in their enchanting hunt, and match items to findhiddentreasures. Don’t wait any longer to join this fun match-3piratecrush adventure!
Jewel Classic Star
jewel classic starExperience endless fun,match 3 gamePlay themostpopular puzzle game of the century with powerful new gems.You’llfind cascades of fun as you test your gem-swapping ability!Createelectrifying special gems like Flame gems, Star gems, andSupernovagems, collect flashy Bejeweled gems and achievements, andtodazzling heights in the leaderboards – all while enjoyingfantastichigh-definition graphics! Features:- We have two GameModes: Arcade& Classic.- Arcade Mode: more than 290 challenginglevels- TimeMode: There is no time to waste which can help you losefatCan’tstop playing Jewel Classic Star? Get the latest news, tips,andconnect with other jewel games on the web, Facebook, and the freedom to play your way in a beautiful worldfilledwith surprises, explosions, and unique challenges.
Fruit Crush
Adventure in this wonderful fruit garden.Crush the fruits tocollectthe much exciting tasks are waitting for you.useyour wisdomto complet the missions.get 3 Stars by every missionthen you willget gifts!GAME PLAY• Swipe to match 3 or morefruits.• Collect thefruits, crush the frozen fruits to make thetasks!• Use the toolswisely • try to get 3 Stars by every missionthen you will getgifts!FEATURES• MATCH-3 CLASSIC PUZZLE GAME- Morenew colorful anddelicious fruits. • LOTS OF CREATIVE EXCITINGCRAZY MISSIONS- Over400 creative missions, full of fun and amazingchallenges!• RELAXINGRHYTHM - Lovely animations and joyfulbackgound music• TIME FREE- Notime limit, Play wherever &whenever• WIFI FREE- No internetconnection requirements
Block Puzzle
Block Puzzle is a new match three colors and pop the blocksgamewith unique and special game play like never before! themission isto match puzzle blocks that can create boosters andcomplete theblock puzzle levels, with 900 LEVELS and NO LIVESSystem like inother match 3 games, play as much as you want andenjoy this greatblock blast and pop game like you wont believe!yourtarget in thegame is to blast the blocks and solve the levelpuzzle, the moreblocks you pop the better boosters you will getthat will help toto solve the puzzle and bring down all the toy toblast.the game ischallenging, it look easy at start to help youlearn it butafterwards you will have the think hard and consideryour tactics,we promise you that you will have the best timeplaying and as youprogress you will enjoy it more and more, thereis nothing betterthen solving the puzzle blocks and smashing allthe cubes.HOW TOPLAY:just tap on 2 or more nearby cubes from thesame color andmake them blast to the quest pop.tap on 5 or more andget a rocketpop booster.tap on 7 or more and get a quest popbomb.tap on 9 ormore and get magic rainbow bottle that change cubesto differentcolor.tap on 11 or more and get the ultimate magicquest pop orbthat will electrify and toy blast all cubes from thesamecolor.combine boosts to get super magic effects that will helpyousolve the pop puzzle in no time.if you get stuck on a levelyouwill find many free gifts on your journey, as you progress youwillcollect magic chest that will give you crushing surprises suchashammer blaster, magic wand stick, rainbow crush brush and manymanycoins if you want to buy them on your can also spinthelucky gift wheel and win surprises so when ever you getstuckremember you can always use the special boosts and completethelevel by just solving the block will find manyspecialelements in the game:the snow frozen ice cube that preventyou fromblasting the toy cube.the cloud mania block that spread andgrow tonearby blocks.the wooden craft boxes that will pop and crushwhenyou tap near them.the lock chain that will contain in jail yourtoycube.and many many more!so what are you waiting for? join thepartyand play the best game of your life, you wont be sorry!
Pet Puzzle: Match 3 Games & Matching Puzzle 1.0
Join this puzzle adventure in the match 3 games to findtheantiquity in the jungle. Let's go with the archaeologisttodiscover the mystery of the wood and rescue the lovely petsthatare kidnaped by monsters, compete and share the fun in thejourneyto your friends, show your best strategic moves to gethigherscore.How to play Pet Puzzle: Match 3 Games & MatchingPuzzle🐶🐱 Swap or swipe 3 pets in a line to blast them.🐱 Match 4Pets in asquare to make a pet frenzy.🐱 Match 5 Pets to create acolorfulpet.🐱 Connect 2 special pets to create a super specialblast.🐱Collect fruits by moving them to the last row.🐱 This petgames is amatch 3 games free with bonuses. You can get 5 more moveeach levelby watching an ad.Pet Puzzle: Match 3 Games &Matching Puzzle 🐶Features: 🐱 Beautiful graphics and effects🐱 Thisis the best match3 puzzle games for free, play online, offline& no internetconnection is required! 🐱 Easy and fun to play,but challenging tomaster: focus on your strategic matching andconnecting!🐱 PetPuzzle is a type of match 3 games free withunlimited lives toplay.🐱 Stay tuned: more levels and cutecharacters surprises are onthe way!🐱 You can chat with otherplayers on game. That's great,right?Pets Puzzle information:🐱 PetPuzzle is a free match 3 puzzlegame with in-app purchasesavailable🐱 This pets legend is aaddictive way, match 3 puzzlegame.🐱 Pet adventure is a pet popmatching games for adults.🐱 Over200 well designed levels and morewill come.Play Pet Puzzle: Match 3Games & Matching Puzzle 🐶today. It's free!
Find the differences 150 level
Download Find The Differences 150 Level for FREE and play themostexciting spot the difference classic puzzle game on yourdevice.The objective of this picture game is to see if you can spotwhat’sthe difference between two similar images. There are 5differenceson each pair and you only need to tap on the differentparts tomark the spot. Do you think you have what it takes to beatall 150levels of this picture puzzle by yourself? Try this game nowandsee if you have the perfect attention to detail and sharpeagleeyes!This picture game is a fun and relaxing game all at once.Weall need a break now and then and there are times when we areinthe mood to play something simple and easy while stillchallengingenough so we don’t get bored. Find the Differences 150Levels is anawesome relaxing puzzle. The rule is pretty simple:spot 5differences between 2 similar images to win each level bytappingthe spots on your device. However, you also need toconcentrate andfocus to find what’s the difference between thepictures becausethey are very similar. You need sharp eyes to winthis picturepuzzle. There is no time limit to this game, so you cantake yourtime and find the difference one by one. Find theDifferences 150Levels will engage you in fun activity for hours!With 150 levelsyou play, you will have plenty of picture puzzle toplay. You canalso replay the levels you like to see if you can spotthedifference faster this time. Enjoy the beautiful images whileyouare playing and zoom in to see the details if you fail infindingthe hidden differenceseasily.==========================================FIND THEDIFFERENCES 150LEVELS TOP FEATURES:==========================================•FREE TO PLAY! Play ourspot the difference app anytime and anywhereon your device forFREE.• BEAUTIFUL IMAGES. You will find plenty ofdifferent highquality images in this game that will make findingthe differencemore enjoyable.• SIMPLE RULE AND GAMEPLAY. Find 5differencesbetween two similar pictures and tap on the spots tomark them.•HOURS OF FUN. With 150 levels to play we provide youwith hours ofentertainment and fun gaming experience. • ZOOMABILITY. If youcan’t find the hidden differences easily, don’tforget to zoom in toget better view of the picture puzzle. • NOTIME LIMIT. Our picturegame is the perfect relaxing puzzle becauseit does not rush you tofind the solutions within a certain timelimit. Take your sweet timefinding the 5 differences and justenjoy this game.==========================================Thispicture puzzle issuitable for kids and adults. Everyone can playthis classic puzzlegame because our pictures are suitable for allages. Bored at theoffice during break time? Want to kill timewhile queuing for yourcoffee or waiting for the bus? This is aperfect relaxing puzzle toplay. There is no commitment, noleveling up, and not even timelimit. Our objective is to make youenjoy yourself for a while forFREE. So, what are you waiting for?Try our Find the Difference gamenow and get hooked in finding theset of 5 differences on eachlevel. Find the Differences 150 Levelsis created by TANapps. Westrive to bring the best gamingexperience for our users and we arealways trying to improve ourgame. Contact us through our email(email address) if you find anyissue with our app. Please leave arating and review to show yoursupport for our game.
Glow Neon Bubble
glow neon bubbleglow neon bubble is classic casual puzzlegamereally fun to play in all time your activity bubble mania.thisgameis really simple just make combinations of 3 or more bubbleswithsame color to make them fall down/crush and Clear all thebubblesto win game. This game have deluxe beautifull color glowingbubblesready to play for you bubbles maniaGlow Neon Bubblepuzzleadventure is one of the most popular fun journeygamepop/burst/fall down neon bubbles object game! Another optiontoplay game when you bored. one of the number 1 legend Puzzledeluxemania game on the world.How To Play:- shoot/poke bubble withtapyour screen.. and directed at least 3 bubble to makethemburst/crush- mark your target with same colorbubble-bouncing/bounce bubble with Tap the Pole at right or leftside yourPhone or tablet- clear all bubble to finish level and playanotherfun bubble puzzle in this game- clear all bubble as fast youcanbecause you have limited time to burst bubble
Jewel Crush - Jewels & Gems Match 3 Legend
Jewel crush, match 3 puzzle with addictive and excitingadventure,classic gem matching game.Match and quest jewels in fungameplay tocomplete the mission.It has a beautiful and cute gamestyle, idealfor girls to play with their families and to play inanytime andanywhere! Be the jewel stars and unlock the castles inthis legendgame. Designed for the beautiful girls.How to play:- Youhave aspecific list of goals in each level.- Match 3 or moreidenticalgems in a line to crush them.- Match 4 jewels in a row orcolumn tocreate special direction jewels.- Match 5 jewels in T or Ltocreate special jewels bomb. - Match 5 jewels in a line tocreatespecial color jewels. - You must have the sharpest mind.Learn touse special jewels.- If you have any difficulties passing alevelyou can use helpful props.- Combine 2 special jewels to makehugechain reaction to help you pass the level.SpecialOnesDirectionJewels: it will can destroy all jewels in aline.Jewels Bomb: itwill can destroy all jewels around it.Colorjewels: it can destroyall jewels with the same color of selectedgem.Super value gift:Diamond and props power-ups help you passlevelLess moves, MoreStars, Higher scores! Crush all jewels!Passthe levels and try toget all stars in each level.Try your best tomake supercombinations with super match!Colorful crushing effectsand welldesigned puzzles for you to play in anytime andanywhere!Features★Designed for the beautiful girls.★ Easy and freefun to play,challenging to master.★ 1000+ well-designed puzzlelevels.★ Dailyfree bonus in the games.★ Helpful magical bossters towin jewelsstars.★ Games you can play offline.★ No WIFI? NoProblem!★ Classicjewels match 3 game.Let's go Matching 3 Jewels andcrushing neverstop!
Bubble Shooter
Classic bubble shoot eliminate shooter game, exquisitepicturequality, fun levels, no wifi, free, best time to passthegame!Welcome to the happy life of a dinosaur mom, cutedragonbabies hiding in the depths of bubble jungle, slide yourfingers,eliminate colored bubbles, pop, pop, look, baby dragonswere youfound.How to play:- Aim and match the bubble you want toshoot inthe bubble.- Match 3 or more same bubbles.- Remove bubblesto findcute baby dragons.- Click on the props in the game, the useofprops allows you to easily through the game- The game will giveyouthe stars based on your performance in the game, the higherthescore the more starsfeature:+ High quality and good music+ Nowifican play+ Completely free+ Well designed level, not only funbutalso a lot!You can download it for free for your kidsorgirlfriends or old parents.I wish you a happy life here!
Toy Puzzle Blast: Logic Cubes Pop Blocks
Play super collapse puzzle game and blast the cubes! 900 levelsandno lives!Match 3 or more cubes of the same color to clearlevelsand solve the challenging puzzles, enjoy your dashing dishToyPuzzle Blast: Logic Cubes Pop Blocks is a fun and addictingpuzzletoy games available now for FREE on Google Test your skillswithhours of blasted blocks crushing fun! Color Blasting supercollapseTap to play Match 3 or more adjacent cubes of the samecolor tocreate a cube crush. TNT bomb: explode around cubes JellyPop:explode same color cubes to make big toddler toy and rescueyourbirds.Spinner Move: add 5 moves will get chance completedremaintarget on pop games.Gummy Shovel: splash one cube to createpopblast.collapse blast: crush vertical and horizon pop bricksandrush cookie.Box Blast: crunch blocks same color This collapsetoystory games is the best time killer, time waster game foreveryone.The main feature in Toy Collapse:Brilliant, colorfulscreen,wonderful sound effect, challenging and funny gameplay withmanycollapses900 ducky levels and diamond dash modeupdated.Collapselevels to get cube gifts and candies.We’re updatingdiamond dashevery month, with loads of new features coming.Crush 4bricks tocreate rocket and 5 cubes to create TNT bombMany free toyattachedwith your memory: toy box, pet toys, Rubik, balloon,stitch, andmore.Minigames: Spinner game, spin wheelAmazing blockpuzzle gamewill improve your resolve ability. Some target like petrescuewhich make you crazy.Bust the blocks and enjoy thiscolorfuladventureThese awesome boosters will help you crush thecubes andblasting blocks to complete levels.Cube Blast is a fun hitpuzzlegame with hundreds of free levels and unique boosters andgraphics.Join the colorful puzzle adventure and crush allthecubes!Excellent and addicting match 3 breaker blast game! Haveablast blasting all the cubes!
Fruit Cubes Puzzle
fruit cubes puzzleFruit Cubes Puzzle is an exciting gameaboutexploding colorful blocks and making crazy matches in a wildworldof amazing characters!- Perfect gaming experience.- Easyandcompletely free game.- Very friendly to ladies.- Play gameanytimeanywhere even there is no internet.- 1300+ levels.- Juicyandcolorful game world.
Block Puzzle Classic 1.7
Block PuzzleBlock Puzzle Classic is one of most addictivepuzzlegames!No WIFI need, no time limit, just drag the block intoboardand create vertical or horizontal line to crush block.FEATURESOFBLOCK PUZZLE- Leaderboards support.- Simple but addictivePuzzleGame.- A innovation of Jigsaw Puzzle game.- Challenge yourfriendsin the Puzzledom.- Easy to play and pleasurable game forallage.Start a new game now. This will be your favorite freepuzzlegame.
Fruit Mania - Match Puzzle
Fruit Mania - Match Puzzle is a match-3 puzzle game withdifferentplay modes!Swap and group 3 or more same fruits to collectthem.Use powerful props to help you pass levels easier!FruitsManiaFeature:- More than 200 hundreds levels to crush- Fresh andjuicyfruits to splash- Powerful boosters are prepared for you-Perfectmatch and amazing combinations- Eliminate more fruits tomake amagical fruits- Exciting experience and fluent animations-Playwith friends and enjoy yourselfSplash the fruits in FruitMania!Download in Google play store and start your wonderfuljourney now!
Block Puzzle Classic 2018
Block Puzzle Classic 2018 is a wood style block game. Easy toplay,Difficult to master. More wood blocks, more score. Try it andyouwill love this block puzzle game.HOW TO PLAY BLOCK PUZZLECLASSIC2018-> Drag the wood block to fill block grid with onerow orone column-> The wood blocks can not be rotated->ClassicMode - Fill the grid with wood block and no limits-> TimeMode -Crush More Blocks and Get More Score in two minutes-> BombMode- The Bomb will blast when Count is zero-> Hexa Mode - Fillthehex grid with blocksFEATURES OF THE BLOCK PUZZLE CLASSIC2018->Sweet sounds-> Beautiful blocks-> Four Game Modesand no timelimits-> With Beginner's guide, easy to learn->Completelyfree-> Support leaderboardsPlease Enjoy Block PuzzleClassic2018 and you will be hooked!
Toy Crush Blasts Cube
Toy Crush Blasts Cube is new toys blast casual game for freewith900 LEVELSTHE ULTIMATE MATCHING PUZZLE GAME WITH UNIQUEMAGICPOWERS AND BOOSTS!♥ ♥ ♥ Join the fun world of Any and helpcollecther precious toys!Match three or more blocks of the samecolor toclear the level and collect the toys from where they stuck.But becareful! It is not that easy to save all the toys while yourmovesare limited! Your talent in solving puzzles will be your besttoolwhile playing this super addictive game. No more crushingcandies,breaking diamonds, crunching cookies or farming. Bust theblocksand enjoy this colorful adventure!Discover Any’s world tomake hersmile. Play with the sweetest toys that will drag you toAny’senjoyable world. Crunch all the same colored cubes by usingvariousboosters such as brick-busting blasts, rechargeablepower-ups andmany more!Tap to Blasting, keep tapping to Win theLevel!Just tapto play, show your reaction speed and eliminateskills!Click on any3 same adjacent cubes and take on this smashingfascinating cubeblasting trip in Cube Blast!FREE click match-3 cubegame on GooglePlay is here. Click on any 2 same adjacent cubes andtake on thissmashing fascinating cube blasting trip in CubeBlast!How to PlayToys Blast : Crush Block Cubes:Tap 2 or moreadjacent cubes of thesame to blastAchieve required score to passlevels, no timelimitThe more cubes get blasted each move, thehigher score youwill getTry your best clear all cubes, you will berewardedEasy toplay and pleasurable game for all age. Simply Dragthe blocks, andmatch 3 cubesFrom now on, let's enjoy a simple andaddictive puzzlegame! Once you start, you'll be hooked.You can playToy CrushBlasts Cube games for FREE!Toy Crush Blasts Cube is toysblast andblock cubes crush Puzzle gameSo Download now Toy CrushBlasts Cubefor free and start playing and enjoying Toy Crush BlastsCubegameBlocks cube Puzzle is the exciting new Toy Crush BlastsCubepuzzle game Drag the different blocks into place to matchthepuzzle. Sound easy? Blocks cannot be rotated and each levelhasonly a single, unique solution. Play multiple levels ofincreasingdifficulty, or go up against the timer to solveendlesscombinationsthere are many toy in this game so play and havefunwith them
Toons Toy Blast Crush puzzles-pop the cubes
WELCOME TO THE FUNNIEST CARTOON PUZZLE ADVENTURE!Toons ToysBlastCrush puzzles the ultimate puzzle game with unique gameplayandendless fun!Enter a crazy cartoon world starring Cooper Cat,WallyWolf, Bruno Bear and enjoy loads of whacky and challenginglevels!Blast cubes, create amazing items and overcome obstacles topasslevels and get the highest scores! Solve puzzles to help theToongang as they travel around magical worlds! Join thewildestadventure of your life and have a BLAST!FEATURES:● Completetons ofchallenging levels and unlock new episodes!● Play withunique gameobjectives and dozens of entertaining obstacles!● Entera crazycartoon world with animated Toons!● Unlock whacky boosterssuch as;Hammer, Boxing Glove, Anvil and much more!● Compete withyourfriends and beat their high score!● Sync your game easilybetweenyour phone and tablet!● Easy and fun to play yet challengingtomaster!THE ULTIMATE MATCHING PUZZLE GAME WITH UNIQUE MAGICPOWERSAND BOOSTS!♥ Join the fun world of Amy and help collectherprecious toys! ♥ Match two or more blocks of the same colortoclear the level and collect the toys from where they stuck. Butbecareful! It is not that easy to save all the toys while yourmovesare limited! Your talent in solving puzzles will be your besttoolwhile playing this super addictive game. No more crushingcandies,breaking diamonds, crunching cookies or farming. Bust theblocksand enjoy this colorful adventure!Discover jagu’s world tomake hersmile. Play with the sweetest toys that will drag you tojagu’senjoyable world. Crunch all the same colored cubes by usingvariousboosters such as brick-busting blasts, rechargeablepower-ups andmany more!Toons Toys Blast Crush puzzles Features:●Stunninggraphics and unique gameplay● All kinds of cutest toys;cars,rockets, dolls, stuffed animals and many more...● So manylevelswith exciting puzzles● Numerous boosters along the way tohelp Amy;vacuums, drills, buckets, paintbrushes, tnts, rotors andso on...●Spectacular rewards and extra bonuses unlocked afterlevels passed● Easy and fun to play but challenging to master ●FacebookLeaderboards to compete with your friends andcompetitors!●COMPLETELY FREE TO PLAY
Toy Crush
Toy Crush is the most fun and addicting matching game on theplaystore!With so many enjoyable levels, unique features andboosters,Toy Crush is a must-have game on your Android device. Playnow forfree and enjoy loads of challenging levels! Swipe and match2 ormore adjacent cubes to complete missions and clear levels.Createpowerful combos to get awesome gifts and to explode all theblocks!Join the color blasting adventure and have a blast crushingandbursting all the colorful bricks! Fan of puzzle games? Can’tgetenough of exciting brain teasers? Then this tap game issimplyperfect for you! Get it now for free and test your puzzlesolvingskills with hours of block blasting fun! The Best PuzzleBlockGameMatch 2 or more adjacent cubes of the same color tocrush.Tap,crack and collapse bricks. Reach high scores andwinlevels.Complete the different missions and collect toys.Yourmovesare limited, so you better use them wisely!Breaking cubes isthebest way to pass the time! Grab Toy Crush from the play storeandstart blasting these colorful tiles. Toy Crush Features● Taptoplay! Connect 2 or more adjacent bricks of the same color tocreatea cube blast. ● Plenty of fun levels filled with cool puzzlesandchallenges that will train your brain. ● Cool items andtoys!●Eye-catching graphics and colorful designs. ● Amazing boostsandgifts that are pretty helpful along the way.● Easy to learnandplay. ● Free to play and totally addictive!● Excitinggameplay,just pick up and play! ● Awesome and relaxing game to playwithfamily and friends.** Unlock awesome rewards and boosters:Match5or 6 blocks to get a rocket.Match 7 or 8 tiles to get abomb.Match9 cubes to earn a color wheelRockets, bombs and colorwheels willhelp you smash the blocks and beat the challenges. Cantapping 2 ormore bricks get even more fun? Play now and find out!Crushingcubes is absolutely free and totally addictive! TIP: Eachnew levelhas a different target you need to reach, so you betterplan yourmoves carefully. Find the largest amount of cubes toconnect andcreate greater effects and explosions!Break all thecolorful toycubes in this super fun tapping game. Click and tap onany 2 ormore adjacent blocks of the same color to explode them andwinpoints. Play anytime and as much as you want, nointernetconnection is required. BLOCK POP FUN Try to clear a levelwithfewer moves to get a higher score. Remember, the more blocksyoupop, the higher score you will get! You can restart anylevelwithout having to wait for lives, as they are unlimited!Completethe challenge that is set at the start of each excitinglevel,clear the board and pop all the colorful tiles. Enjoy playingToyCrush and solve all the fun puzzles! Get this game for freefromGoogle Play and experience the ultimate puzzle block blast! Taponthe screen to crush cubes, unlock awesome boosts and gifts andplanyour moves to finish levels! Liked the game? We would love togetyour feedback! Let us know what we can add to make yourgameplayeven more enjoyable and earn your 5-star review.
Bubble Shuffle
Download and play the most addictive bubble popping game onGooglePlay - for FREE! Solve all the awesome puzzles, and enjoytheonline game today. Clear the board and advance along the map,winamazing rewards and enjoy fun new elements and features. Thisisthe perfect game for all you puzzle fans who want to trainyourbrain, match colors and pop bubbles. Game Features: •Addictinggameplay, once you start – you simply can’t stop playing.•Awesomerewards and cool puzzles. • Exciting features and elements.•Completely free to play!• Enjoy hundreds of awesomepuzzlelevels.How to Play:• Drag your finger to move the laser sightinthe direction of the bubbles. • Lift your finger to take a shot.•Match 3 bubbles or more of the same color to pop the combo andwinpoints.• Hit and pop all the colored balls to clear levels.• Pop7bubbles in a row to get a FIREBALL that will burn every bubbleonthe way. • Drop 10 bubbles or more to get a BOMB that will takeoutsurrounding bubbles. Bubble Shuffle is the best online puzzlegameyou can play anytime and anywhere, no internet connectionisrequired. Download today, match 3 colors, hit balls and win.Beatall the challenges and overcome obstacles. Join the bubblepoppingfun now! This awesome game is seriously fun and superaddictive!
Magic School – Mystery Match 3 Puzzle Game
The Magic School will lead you to the mystery puzzle quests.Youwill find five magic skills in the charmingwonderland.Broomstick,Cauldron,Mystery Gloves,Exploding CrystalandWizard Hatwill give you ability to pass through the charlengingquests. PLAYFUN!Find the hidden fiends!This is a brand new freematch-3 puzzlegame designed by Yunbu, the creator of Birds Mania,Fruit Smash andCrazy Candy Bomb.GAME PLAY• Swipe to match 3 or moremagic stones.•Collect the magic stones, crush the skill book andfree the lovelybats!• Wisely use the mysteric bat and powerfulboosters, gethigher score!• Try to get 3 star stage clear and getthe rewardedof magic boosters!• Pay attention on the number afteryou crush themagic stone. Good strategy is your wisdom choice topass thelevels!FEATURES• MATCH-3 CLASSIC PUZZLE GAME- Mystery andsplendedatmosphere . • NUMEROUS OF CREATIVE LEVELS- Over 100creativelevels, weekly updated new levels!• MAGICAL THEME- Mestrygraphicand magical backgound music• TIME FREE- No countdown, Playin yourpleasent pace• WIFI FREE- No internet connectionrequirements• PLAYWITH FRIEND- Facebook sync your game progress andplay with yourfriends
Best Fiends - Puzzle Adventure
Celebrate Spring with our limited-time offersJoin over80,000,000people who are already playing this top-rated FREEpuzzleadventure! Enter the world of Minutia and collect cutecharacters,level them up and defeat the Slugs! With more than 2,000levels,enjoy hours and hours of fiendish fun!STORY:The littlecreatures ofMinutia lived in peace and harmony until the meteorsmashed intoMount Boom, bringing with it a strange force thattransformed theSlugs who lived there into an army of greedy,greenery-gobblingpests.Now, the Slugs are taking over the world,munching a paththrough Minutia and sliming up everything theytouch!But a braveband of heroes is fighting back! Left alone whenthe Slugsconquered most of Minutia, these unlikely champions are onan epicquest to solve the mystery of Mount Boom and beat back theSlugadvance.To get to Mount Boom, they’ll need to become… theBESTFIENDS!FEATURES:* FIENDISH PUZZLES Casual puzzle gameplay thatiseasy to play, hard to master.* COLLECT & LEVEL UP Build ateamof Best Fiends and discover their special powers!* THE BEST OFBOTHWORLDS Line matching puzzle game with RPG characterdevelopment!*DAILY EVENTS Play and win something new every time youopen thegame!* COMPETE AGAINST YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS Win massiverewards!*IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE Dazzling graphics and finger-tappingmusic!*WATCH ANIMATIONS Discover awesome Best Fiends videos!* STAYTUNEDMore levels, characters, gameplay and some surprisescomingsoon!PLEASE NOTE! Best Fiends is completely free to downloadandplay but some game items may be purchased for real money.Todisable this, turn off the in-app purchases in yourdevice’ssettings.Privacypolicy: ofService: Best FiendsonFacebook Best FiendsonTwitter Best Fiendson Best Fiends onInstagram Best Fiends onPinterest Best Fiends onSnapchat!
Fruit & Cat Match 3
fruit & cat match 3 is a fun match-3 puzzle game for allages.It’s the cutest cat game in the match 3 puzzle gameworld!Installthe best match-3 puzzle game to your mobile device& start theadventure today! Enjoy each and every stage withentertainingchallenges!A game for all ages you can play with yourfriends andfamily. create as many juicy boosters as you can toclear lots offruits at the same time. Simply slide your finger anddiscover thejoy with lovely cats in fruit harvest story
Cube Crush: Collapse & Blast Puzzle Game 1.0.5
Cube Crush: Collapse & Blast Puzzleisanunique cube collapse puzzle game!Just tap on any 2 or more adjacent cubes of the samecolortocollapse and collect the toys. Be not mindless! It is noteasytocollect all the toys while your moves are limited! Butdon’tworry!You can crunch all the same color cubes by usinguniqueboosterssuch as rocket booster, rainbow bombs, rainbow brushandmanymore!How to Play Cube Crush:● Tap on 2 or more adjacent cubes of the same colorcreateasuccessful collapse.● Reach high scores and complete the unique missionstocollecttoys.● Be not mindless! In each level, your moves are limited.● Use unique boosters and gifts if you meet some hard levelandfeelmindless.Unlock Unique Boosters of Cube Crush:● Tap on 5 or 6 adjacent cubes to collect atransverserocketbooster.● Clear 7 or 8 adjacent cubes of the same color to createapopbomb.● Tap on 9 to 12 adjacent same cubes to create a RainbowBomb,tocollapse all cubes of one same color.● Clear 13 adjacent cubes at the same time for aRainbowBrush.You Will Find Many Unique Elements in Cube Crush:● The frozen ice cube that prevent you from blasting thecube.● The cloud block that spread and grow to nearby blocks.● The wooden crafty boxes that will pop and crush when youtapnearthem.● The mindless lock chain that will jail your cubes.This cube collapse puzzle game is the best way tokillmindlesstime!Download Cube Crush now for free and test your puzzlesolvingskillswith hours of block blasting fun!Get in touch with Cube Crush:●Facebook-● Email -
Easter Sweeper - Chocolate Candy Match 3 Puzzle
Spring is in the air! Get in the mood for Easter with thiswonderfulmatch 3 game! Play over 1000 mesmerizing levels filledwith manychallenges. Collect the golden eggs, fill your basketwith chocolategoodies and get the Easter bunny out of the magichat. Clear theremaining ice, make the spring flowers bloom andcollect the firstbutterflies. Eat the cookies, uncover the tastycakes and fire offthe explosive candy canes!Easter Sweeper willkeep you engaged untillong after Easter!There are no lives tolose, and you don't have toannoy your friends to progress. Play aslong as you want. This gamewill fill your holidays with lots ofpleasure!Swap, drag and sweepthe sweet Easter pieces, like theEaster eggs, the chocolatebunnies, the creamy cupcakes, the candystars and green springleaves. Make matches of 4 or 5 to createpowerful bombs andpower-ups. And use the magic wand to collect asingle piece. You'llbe rewarded with cookies, cakes and lots ofchocolates!Be sure toshare the fun with your facebook friends.Invite them and competewith them in the leaderboards and on thelevel map!If you likeholiday themed match 3 puzzle games, clickand match, swap and matchor any type of casual match 3 puzzle gamethen Easter Sweeper is theperfect game for you!Check out ourfacebook fan page for morematch-3 goodness:
Jewel Mash
Jewel Mash is a free match 3 puzzle game from makers of FruitBumpand Jungle Mash, now with jewels! Match and pop jewels indazzlingcombinations in fun game modes! Jewel Mash is free to play,butsome in-game items and extra moves can be bought to help youbumpthose match puzzles quicker.Game Features:- More than 300deluxematch 3 levels- Perfect match for tablets or mobiles- HDgraphics-Many pirates to meet and battle- Power gemsAll aboard, anda hugethanks for playing Jewel Mash!
Match Cooking 3
Have you ever played such amazing match 3 puzzle game?MatchCooking3 is the game which you will be addicted to.Collectvegetables andmeat to make a great dinner with your friends!- Morethan 200exciting levels- Delicious and well-designed vegetables-Four kindsof powerful boosters- Match 3 or more vegetables tocollect-Interesting music and effect- Use less moves to get higherscore-Easy to play but hard to be masterDownload the Match Cooking3 inGoogle Play Store for free! Come and be a master of chef withyourfriends!
Ice Princess Diamond Match
ice princess diamond matchice princess diamond match is theultimatematch 3 game taking place in the magical ice worldkingdom. Startyour adventure today, move and crush jewels andexperience hours ofendless fun. Access thousands of beautifullydesigned levels filledwith gorgeous jewels and plenty of funsurprises.- move and match 3jewels in a line to remove them- beatall the challenges and winhard levels- complete the missions!-collect all the sparkling gemsbefore you run out of moves
Pharaoh Cube Quest
pharaoh cube questPharaoh cube quest is the best puzzle blastgameon the play store!Join the fun now and match 2 or moreadjacentcubes to complete missions and clear levels. Download forFREE toyour android device and experience hours of endless to play- click on any 2 adjacent cubes ofthesame color to blast.- play through hundreds of colorfullevels.-overcome obstacles and achieve high scores.- clear thechallenges.-complete the mission each new level presents.- makepowerful combosto unlock boosters that will help you blast thecubes.- plan yourmoves and clear the board.- play with friends andfamily forfree!boosters:- match 5 or 6 cubes to get a rocket.-match 7 or 8cubes to get a bomb.- match 9 cubes to earn a colorwheel- combineboosts to get bigger effects that so you can solvethe puzzle in notime.
Bubble Shooter
Play the classic and most addictive bubblepopgame for FREE, match 3 colors and clear levels. Don’t miss outthisfun relaxing game! In this good old version you need to aim&shoot, to drop & burst all bubbles. Train your brain withthisoriginal puzzle as you blast balls online or offline -anytime!Bubble Shooter is the best FREE app available on GooglePlay.Ready to start the action?Aim, match and smash all the balls in this relaxingcolor-matchingadventure. This incredible shooter is simple and easyto learn,perfect for both adults and kids to enjoy!Put your strategy skills to the test! Compete against friendsandfamily and see who can reach the highest score and get 3 starsonevery level. Earn coins while you play and use them to getcoolboosters. Use your logic and puzzle solving skills to completethefun missions and clear the board, and make sure to collectspecialdaily bonuses.Download NOW the Best Bubble Breaker Game & StartCrackingBubbles!Play the Classic Game Mode - So Simple, So Fun.Match 3 balls to blast and clear the board, complete themissionsand win coins & awesome rewards. Tap on the screen todrag thelaser aim and lift it to take a shot. It’s important toform astrategy according to the different bubbles layout in eachlevel.Shoot and pop all the colored balls in this fun free game,aimcarefully and hit the target! Work your way through allthedifferent challenges and puzzles, solve the brain teasers andwinlevels.Enjoy the Arcade Game Mode – Never get bored!Pop the balls in this cool retro mode, and rediscover theclassicarcade experience straight on your Android device. Advancealongthousands of fun puzzle levels as this addicting game getsevenmore challenging. Enjoy the best retro gaming experienceanywhereand whenever you want, no internet connection is required.You canstart any level over and not have to wait for lives, as theyareunlimited!Try the Puzzle Game Mode and Discover the Ultimate BubblePoppingFun!This shooter is a thrilling balloon popper free app withthousandsof challenging puzzles to master. Shoot the colorful ballstoadvance to the next amazing puzzle level, train your brain andtestyour matching skills while playing this addictive, casual gameforfree.Hurry up and join the balloon crushing mania, but be careful -onceyou start popping bubbles you simply can’t stop!Retro game, new featuresWe took the classic arcade game and added some new featuresthatyou’ll definitely love.FUN FEATURES:★ 2000 + Exciting levels, with more added all the time.★ New elements and great prizes.★ Brand new effects and sounds.★ Collect awesome daily rewards.★ Connect to Facebook and share the fun with friends!★ Stay in the loop: now you have the option to send a directmessageto support.★ Leaderboard, challenging achievements.★ Clear obstacles and beat the challenges.★ Colorblind mode – so everyone can enjoy fun matching gamesforfree.★ Pop 7 bubbles in a row to unlock the fireball.★ Drop 10+ bubbles at once to get a bomb.★ Play anytime and anywhere, no WiFi connection is required!What are you waiting for? Warm up your fingers and startpopping.Experience this fun casual shooter and explore thousands ofamazinglevels filled with puzzles and surprises. Get the bestonlinecolor-matching app and enjoy a smooth and addicting gameplay.Withso many exciting levels, powerful boosters and awesomefeatures,you simply won’t put it down!Get ready, take aim and shoot the balls!!Download and play this fun arcade game for free. It’s theperfectapp to play without wifi! Every 2-3 weeks, we add newfeatures andnew levels. Come and join the fun!Bubble Shooter is a completely free to play, but someoptionalin-game items will require payment.Follow us for updates and fun surprises!Visit our FBpage: channel:
Wood Puzzle - Zen Blocks
★★★★★ Wood Puzzle is FUN, simple and 100% RELAXING guaranteed!Getyour BEST puzzle today and train your memory!◉ Wood Puzzle -ZenCalm helps you relieve stress◉ Wood Puzzle - Zen Calm helpsyouimprove your memory◉ Wood Puzzle - Zen Calm is the relaxing funyouneed◉ Wood Puzzle - Zen Calm is the only game thats also abrainworkout◉ Play before you go to sleep and you will improveyourmemory for the next day◉ Its fun and good for you!HelpfulReviews:"Been Playing for a year and my memory is much better!" KatS."Super Addictive, No Money Necessary, No Levels - Loveit!"Hattie909"Wood Puzzle is LOTS and LOTS of fun. Play iteveryevening before sleep." Luuuc86
Knittens: Sweet Match 3 Puzzles & Adorable Kittens (Unreleased)
Play the newest match 3 gamewithadorablekittens, colorful yarn, and sweet puzzles. Match ballsofyarn,drop cat toys and pop rows of fish cookies to solvepuzzles.Findfree gems by completing side quests. Match sweet treatsto fillupthe cat bowl and get help from your kitten. Match 3 gamesdon’tgetany cuter than this!For any feedback, comments, or to report issues thatyouencounterduring gameplay,pleaseemail:knittensfeedback@bigfishgames.comFurry Match 3 Fun!• Kitty cuteness overload. Choose your puurfect kitten tohelpyousolve levels.• Match sweet fish cookies for your kitten, and be rewardedwithaspecial boost• Play fun levels with new & unique challenges• Drop cat toys, spray moths & pop pillowsSweet Boosts!• New power ups & boosts to earn• Bloom powerful flowers• Blast rows of sewing buttons• Pop pieces of special yarn toys• Match three or more cookies to fill the cat bowlPlay Craft-themed Side Quests• Kittens like to play too!• Win toys for your pet to play with• Match big to win gems!• Blast special quests• Burst wedding balloons• Collect clothing patterns• Knit clothes for your petCustomize your Kitten• Match 3 or more balls of yarn to collect that color• Knit hats, sweaters, scarves & more• Special outfits provide power upsYour cat needs you to knit an array of PURRFECT clothing inordertocomplete special event quests that will make them themostfabulousfeline. Each completed puzzle brings you closer touniquepatternsto knit and clothing for your cat to wear. Grab yourkittytreatsand knitting needles and prepare for match threefunwithKnittens!FACEBOOK: @knittensgameINSTAGRAM: @knittensgame
Pop Cubes - Toy Match 3 & Blast
Once you pop, you can't stop! The most popular classic PopStargamein Pop Puzzle Quest style!Simple Magic Pop gives addictive andfunpop game experience!★ Features of Puzzle Quest:✓ New Block style-5 Styles of blocks.✓ Save & Load your poker gamesscenario.✓Poker graphics design, 5 pop color.✓ One minute blockpuzzle popgames to collect chips.✓ Pop star to score.✓ 1010! boardblockpuzzle.★ How to Play Puzzle Quest:✓ Just tap two or moreblocks ofthe same color pop star on 1010! board.✓ There is no timelimit,but each stage has target points to proceed to nextstage.✓Magic-poker can help you to change the color of a blockduringplaying.★ Tips on Scoring Pop games:✓ The more blocks youpop, themore score you will get in Puzzle Quest.✓ Try to pop allblocks on10x10 puzzle game, you will get a lot of bonus.★ Time ModeofPuzzle Quest:✓ Play block puzzle and collect chips on 10x10puzzlegame.✓ Redeem coins with chips.✓ Win weekly tournament popgamesprizes, the first 20 get prizes.✓ Play with Facebook popstarfriends.✓ board 1010! puzzle game.Join 300+ million popstarplayers in this board 1010! block puzzle pop game!Please letusknow if you have any question about this block
Toy Crush Blast Cubes Match
New release with total 300+ fun levels now available! Downloadfreeand have a try?Toy Crush is a best click match 3 blast game oftoyblocks! We have designed hundreds of fun levels in this epictoywonderland.Beautiful artwork will make you fully entertainedwhilesolve puzzles.Download free and have a try!Play with yourfamilies& friends via Facebook.GAME FEATURES:- Top-1 tiergraphics,amazing effects and animation!- Hundreds well-designedlevels!- Anew and unique game-play of click match-3 game!- Travelin theamazing fairy world with various themes as you play!-Completedifferent targets to win the level before you run out ofmoves!-Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to finish alllevels!-Beautifully vivid HD graphics!- Take on your friends tocompete forthe best score and see who can switch their way to thefattestonions ever! - Rechargeable boosters, extra moves andspecialpower-ups to help with those challenging levels!- Playwithout anInternet connection!- Connect Facebook as you will andget freecoins to invite your friends!Toy Crush is a fun clickmatch-3puzzle game for all ages which will delight you withcolorfuleffects and interesting puzzles. Click two or more to makethemdisappear. Multiple levels, locations and interesting mechanicsaresure to keep you entertained.Toy Crush is completely free toplaybut some in-game items such as extra moves or lives willrequirepayment. You can turn-off the payment feature by disablingin-apppurchases in your device’s settings.Play Toy Crush today andjoinmillions enjoying the latest touch craze!
Halloween Magic Match 3
Play now this fun new match 3 game for adults with a HalloweenMagicMatch 3!Solve magic puzzles, unlock brain puzzling levels andenjoyhours of fun in this highly addictive match 3 game! DOWNLOADFORFREE and challenge your brain now!Match 3 games have never beensofun: help the cute little Witch advance through this new puzzlegameby solving puzzles presented by the powerful Wizard! Get readyandjoin millions of boys, girls and adults in this brand newmatch-3puzzle game!Halloween Magic Match 3 is FREE to play withFREEupdates including new levels, obstacles, treats, and moreeveryweek!JOIN THIS PUZZLE ADVENTURE- Match your way through themagicworld of Witch Puzzle- Match enchanted items from Halloweensuch asskulls, pumpkins and poisoned apples to clear the board-SpecialLevels: super hard puzzles, great for brain training-CompletelyFREE to playConnect social and play with friend, helpthem, sendthem more live or send request to them. With everyfriend youinvited, you will receive an certain coin, play withfriend, morefun, and more exciting.Thank you for downloading ourHalloween MagicMatch 3 game and scoring a lot of stars in ourgame. And we suggestwe develop in the next version.
Juicy Puzzle
Juicy Puzzle is a yummy fruit puzzle game with thousands ofcolorfullevels, fun boosts, and bonuses - all for FREE! Improveyourmatching skills and enjoy the smooth gameplay in thisrelaxingpuzzle game. The yummy adventure starts now! Swipe andcrush tastyfruit and make exotic fruit matches.Challenge friendsand familyand see who can reach the highest score and get threestars onevery level, it’s fun and entertaining for both kids andadults.Journey through colorful settings, swapping and matchingfruit,complete all the different missions and beat challenges.Swipe andcollect strawberries, bananas, berries, oranges,raspberries, andblueberries. Join the fruit blast mania and let thefun begin! 🍌🍓Sweet Features:* Thousands of juicy levels to enjoy. *Exploreexciting new fruity flavors! * Delightful graphics anddesigns. *Swap and blast the fruit to win points and unlock morefun levels.*Discover FREE REWARDS and cool power-ups. * Loads ofaddictivepuzzles. * Easy and fun match 3 game for the whole familytoenjoy!🍌🍓 How to Play* Swipe and match 3 or more yummy fruittoremove them from the board. * Complete the challenge set atthestart of the level. * Achieve level target within limited moves.*Solve all the awesome match 3 puzzles and win levels. * Matchandcrash your way to sweet victory! * Discover thousands ofjuicylevels filled with sweet fruit, juice boxes and deliciousshakes.Ready to start matching? Download Juicy Puzzle board gamefor FREE,train your brain and your fingers and beat all thechallenges. Playthis amazing game online or offline and let the funbegin!
Toys Pop Blast
Toys Blocks Blast is a new cubes blocks pop game with uniqueandspecial game play like never before! the mission is to bringdownthe toy blocks to blast and complete the levels, with 900LEVELSand NO LIVES System like in other match 3 games, play as muchasyou want and enjoy this great cubes blast and blocks pop gamelikeyou wont imagine!when have trouble solving the blocks puzzleyouwill find many free gifts on your cubes pop journey, asyouprogress you will collect special magic chest that will giveyoucube crushing surprises such as toy hammer blast, magic toycubesstick, rainbow block crush brush and many many coins to spendinthe can also spin the toy boosts wheel and winsurprisesso when ever you get stuck remember you can always use thespecialboosts and complete the level by just solving the toyblockpuzzle.HOW TO PLAY:just tap on 2 or more nearby cubes from thesamecolor and make them blast to the quest pop.tap on 5 or more andgeta rocket pop booster.tap on 7 or more and get a quest popbomb.tapon 9 or more and get magic rainbow bottle that change cubestodifferent color.tap on 11 or more and get the ultimate magicquestpop orb that will electrify and toy blast all cubes from thesamecolor.tap on a boost to activate it!combine boosts to getsupermagic effects that will help you solve the pop puzzle innotime.the goal is to blast the cubes and solve the levelblockspuzzle, the more cubes you pop the better boosters you willgetthat will help to solve the blocks puzzle and bring down allthetoy cubes to you progress you will encounter specialcubesto pop:the snow frozen ice block that prevent you from blasttoycube.the cloud rescue cube that spread and grow to nearbyblocks.the wood craft box that will smash and blast when youpopcubes near it.the block chain cube that will contain in jailyourpet toy block and you will need to rescue them.and wholelotmore!the game is challenging, it look easy at start to helpyoulearn it but afterwards you will have to think hard andconsideryour tactics, we promise you that you will have the besttimeplaying and as you progress you will enjoy it more and more,thereis nothing better then solving the puzzle blocks and smashingallthe cubes.this will be the best game you ever played, starttheblock smash and cubes puzzle solving, you wont be sorry!
Witch Crush Puzzle
witch crush puzzlefree diamond match 3 puzzle gameswap to match 3ormore similar shiny jewels in a row. At each level you havespecificlist of goals that need to be completed. Tap diamonds tomake themcrush and unleash amazing power up!As your journeythrough thelevels advances, you will see all sorts of differentenvironmentspass in this magical world full of mystery.- freematch 3 puzzlegame- enormous amount of unique levels- beautifulempire withcolorful surrounding- match 3 or more jewels in thejewel world-Cclassic matching puzzle game with a twist
Witchdom - Candy Witch Match 3 Puzzle
Witchdom – Candy Witch Match 3 Puzzle Game: 1Gamez comeswithanother enticing halloween puzzle game Witchdom. Join and Playthisfun filled witch game and experience the magical candyworld.Explore all the fun candy levels and run through youradventurousjourney by completing witch puzzles with your strategicmoves.Match 3, 4 or more similar properties and complete the levelsinthis mysterious world. Create special properties bymakingcombinations of more than 3. These special items help you tofinishthe candy witch puzzles very quickly.Match and play withuniqueproperties like pumpkins, hats, half-moons, pots, witchcandies andmore. Collect various magical powers like the magicskull, powerbroom, monster hand and gas pots by playingstrategically forcombining more than three properties at the sametime. Wheelspinning helps you get lucky power ups to use in thegame play andcomplete the challenging levels. Play like a wizardand stand-upamong the fun halloween witch games match 3 lovers.GAMEFEATURES:✔Completely FREE TO PLAY and in-app purchases to get extrapowersand moves.✔ 500+ spectacular unique levels – with and full offunand amazing tasks.✔ Fantastic unmatched graphics that youhaveunique halloween match 3 puzzle gameexperience.✔Attention-grabbing simulations which will bring youinto themysterious magical witchdom world.✔ Amazing magicalboosters,well-designed power-ups help with the challengingstrategiclevels.✔ Move and burst as many as matching items to driveto thenext level.✔ Connect with your Facebook account to challengetheadventure journey with your friends.✔ Easy and fun to play,yetchallenging to fully master: all with strategic matchingandconnecting!No more waiting! – Install now and experiencehalloweengames for girls & candy games like matching 3, 4, 5games💁 Needsome help? Contact our support team❤ Like uson Facebook:
Bubble Shooter: Mummy Adventure
Bubble Shooter: Mummy Adventure is a classic free bubble game.Thelovely bubble shooter puzzle game! Clear all the bubbles onthescreen to complete the puzzle level, and try to get more scoreoneach puzzle.How to play:- Tap where you want the bubble.- Tomatch3 or more bubbles to make them burst.Exciting Feature● Matchthreeor more cute and lovely bubbles to complete level!● Match asmuchas you can before you run out of move!● Easy to play, butchallengeto master!● Unlock different powerful items and boostersto helpyou get a high score!The best bubble puzzle adventuregame!Throwbubbles and match colors to pop and drop your waytovictory!Download Bubble Shooter-Mummy adventure in the GooglePlayfor free!
Jewels Crush- Match 3 Puzzle
Try to blast as many jewels as you can to get greatexplosion.Compete and share the fun with your family and friends,show yourbest strategic moves to get higher score.Key Ingredients✦336 newand sparkling jewel levels in different map scenes: QuartzCanyon,Amethyst Oasis, Jewels Mill, Sapphire Citadel, GemsIsle✦Challenging but fun obstacles: mud, ice cube, crystal, stone,etc.✦Swap to match 3 or more jewels of the same✦ Match 4 or moregems toget special bonus✦ Use powerful props to enjoy explosivefun✦ Reachvarious targets to level up✦ Addictive and everlastingmatch 3gameplayGet ready for an epic puzzle matching adventure withJewelsCrush!
Toon Toy Crush
toon toy crushPlay toon toy crush , the best free match 3puzzlegame!Welcome to the toon toy crush, the best free match 3game withthe greatest challenges! Download it right now to stepinto thistoy world filled with cool puzzles. Start this unlimitedfree funcrushing, swapping, switching, popping and matching 3 ormore toysin vertical or horizontal lines to blast, pop or crushthem.Reasonsto Play:- 300 puzzles to solve, all possible to beatwithoutspending a dime- allows you to earn gems instead of alwaysbuyingthem- tons of fun, can play online and offline- theentertainmentis endless, unlimited, and best of all it’s free-amazing graphicsand cool backgrounds- awesome sounds and catchymusic track- fastpaced classic toy match 3 game