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Word Search Games in english 9.5
Do you like word search? This letter puzzle game will surpriseyou.Edujoy’s word search game is easy to play, ideal for hours offunentertainment while training your brain. It is suitable forbothadults and children, resulting in an educational andenrichingexperience as you play. It has different levels ofdifficulty,making it perfect for anyone who is on the lookout forwords on aboard. Easy: Perfect for little kids. The board is 6x6 soit's easyto find the words and solve the puzzle. In addition, thecluesystem helps you find a new word when the child is stuck.Medium:The board is built 9x9. As you move up in the game thelevelbecomes much more difficult and challenging than the last.Hard:The board is 12x12 and each game is harder. This level is madeforplayers who are looking to test and train their brain withaclassic puzzle game. Extreme: Only the bravest may face thislevel!A difficult feat for those up for the challenge. Do youthinkyou'll be able to beat it? Our app is a classic mental gamefor allages. Find the hidden words! 5 levels of difficulty for allages -easy for children all the way up to extreme for adults. It isalsoavailable in several languages, which ​​makes it ideal forlearningnew vocabulary in other languages. If you are learning:Spanish,English, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish,Turkish… thisis the game for you! You will never want to playanother wordsearch game and end up referring it to your friends!Every time youplay it's a new experience due to our generatingsystem thatcreates a brand new, random puzzle game. By doing this,it makes itchallenging for you every time and allows us to keep youwanting tosolve the puzzle. So, you will never get bored! The wordsearchboards are created with many fundamental topics: food,animals,cities, countries, transport, home, colors, sports… Are youreadyto solve hundreds of fun-filled puzzles? In addition, the gameisintegrated with game services making it a social experiencewithyour friends and family. This system allows you to compareyourskills and results with others and millions of people aroundtheworld. Rankings and achievements included. The classificationisbased on the time needed to complete a level. So the fasteryouare, the higher you rank. Through your achievements, you cantrackyour progress and know how you are doing as time passes by.Unlockall the achievements and eventually you'll become the masterofpuzzles. Thanks to you, It’s very important for us that youshareyour opinions so we can improve based off the feedback wereceive.If you have any questions or suggestions please contact uson oursite or through our profiles on social Facebook:
Word Search Puzzles 2.0.3
Get ready for WORD SEARCH PUZZLES - the top FREE word searchgamefrom IceMochi!Increase your vocabulary and have fun doing itwiththis addictive word search game.★ Different themes andcategoriesfor your different moods!

★ Stretch your vocabulary witha "VocabChallenge" puzzle or two!★ Infinite, unlimited play withrandompuzzles! 
★ Replay categories to beat your own high-score!★TabletsupportForget the pen and paper - You'll never run out ofpuzzleswith WORD SEARCH PUZZLES!WARNING: Playing this game maychallengeyour brain and improve your brain power ☺
Word Search Puzzle 1.16.201
Do you like brain games or puzzle games? Word Search Puzzle isaclassic word search game! Swipe to match letters. Find therightletters into many different words. Word Search Puzzle Features•Fun to get new words by combining letters • Thousands oflevelswaiting for you! • Free undo and hints! • Different gamemodes andvarying objectives keep each level sweet and fresh! •Leaderboardsto compare best times with friends! • Classical andCool but soSimple word puzzle game. • Solve the daily puzzles toearn coins. •Totally free for play! • Words can be horizontal,vertical,diagonal and even backwards. Exercise your brain and testyoureyesight.
Word Search 1.3
WORD SEARCH PUZZLE★ Increase your vocabulary and have fun doingitwith this addictive word search game.1.- There are 8 itemstochoose from:- Animals- Countries of the World- Historicalfigures-Cities of the World- American presidents- Trademarks-Languages-Kids2.- Has 7 levels of difficulty:- Very Easy- Easy-Normal-Advanced- Hard- Expert- Crazy3.- Support horizontal andverticalorientation.4.- Available in many languages (22):English ,Arabic ,Catalan , Czech , German , Greek , Spanish , French , Hindi,Hungarian , Indonesian , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Dutch,Polish , Portuguese , Russian , Thai , Tagalog , TurkishandChinese.5.- Has two game modes:- List of words (words to findtheslopes shown)- Without helpForget the pen and paper - You'llneverrun out of puzzles with WORD SEARCH PUZZLES!
Word Search Free App 1.6
Marco Meyer
If you start a news game then every time you will get a randomlistof new words to search. Also you can switch the language inthegame if you want to learn new words in another language. OurWordSearch is a very good pastime
Super Word Search Puzzles 1.75
A word game which is fun, enthralling and highly addictive! 😃SuperWord Search is definitely a joy of getting addicted! Become awordsleuth. Pick up your choice from thousands of theme. Findtherelevant words from the maze effectively. We are bringing youthewidest range of themes ranging from films to fashion, books totheanimal kingdom and much more. Super Word Search gives you achanceto immerse yourself in the wide world of words.🤓 Pick uptheletters from the maze to complete the incomplete words andstories.Grab the Hints, and get rid of all your confusions. Decodethehidden words in wordfinder from the board below and mark itoutfrom the maze. Earn loads and loads of points to become thesole‘expert of words’. Available in fourteen internationallanguagesmaking it a global-favorite addictive game! Games inEnglish!🎮Wordplay in quickest possible time, quintessentialGerman!😀 Boardsand design presented in French elegance!💃 Search thewords in yourvery own Portuguese!👯‍♀️ A game board as delightful asBengalicuisines.😘 Challenge your brain with Hindi words.🤩 Conquerall thegames like the Spanish naval fleet!👩‍✈️ Refined Italianwordsgiving you enhanced knowledge!🤴 Step up your word mania withDanishsymphonies!🎙 Earn stars shiny as famous Finnish glassware!🌠SmartIndonesian levels to bring the best word specialist out ofyou. 🔮Now also available in the jewel of Scandinavia - Norwegian.🚢Dip inthe delightful beauty of Swedish words.🧚‍♂️ Pleasant depthsofIrish musical words.🎼 Designs and crisp interface that willtakeyour interest in language a notch higher. Race with thetime,search your words faster to win more and more gold stars. Weareconstantly updating the dictionaries and integrating newlanguagesin the word maze. 🎭 Sharing is the ultimate joy! Share thegamewith your friends and let them know about the fun they areactuallymissing! Unscramble the anagrams together and earn more andmorepoints. Arrange a tournament 🏆and get together with SuperWordSearch, an ideal activity adding color to your brain! Withmultiplelanguages, we bet you won’t find another word game thatembracesthe world with such magnanimity. For every word enthusiast!Anaddiction too good to let go! Super Word Search is truly one ofthebest puzzle games in the arena of word game! 🎲
Educational Games. Word Search 3.0
Do you like Word Search? Kids will love this game! Word Searchforchildren is designed for children from 5 years old, helping themtolearn to read and write words, or improve their reading andwritinglevel. This game is a classic mental challenge for children.Findthe hidden words! 3 levels of difficulty, from very simpletochallenging. Edujoy's word search is perfect for hoursofentertainment and for training your mind. DIFFERENT LEVELSOFDIFFICULTY This game has different levels of difficulty,whichmakes it perfect for any child to find words on the samesubjectwithin a complete chart of letters. Simple level: The gridis 5 X 5so it is easy to find the words and solve the puzzle. Inaddition,the track system helps the little ones continue with thegame evenif they get stuck. Middle Level: The grid in this case is7X7.Ideal for slightly older children as the difficulty beginstoincrease. Difficult level: The grid is 9X9 and the games begintoget complicated. This is a level aimed at children who havealreadyplayed word search previously. GAME FEATURES *This gameiscompletely free * The game offers hints so children can usethemwhen blocked with words. * Words in 6 languages. This gameisavailable in English, Spanish, Italian, French, PortugueseandRussian. * 15 word categories: Choose between different themesofdrawings and words: food, animals, professions, sports,numbers,and more. * Hundreds of words to play for hours. * 3 levelsofdifficulty for children of different ages. * Pronunciation ofeachletter and word so that children learn to read easily. * Helpstodevelop fine motor skills and coordination by moving the lettersonthe board. You will never play the same word search!Infinitepossibilities! Our system of creating random games makes italwaysa challenge for you and your mind. Thus, your kids will neverbebored and they will always have a challenge. A lot of themes:food,animals, transport, home, colors, sports, etc. Are you readytosolve hundreds of fun letter puzzles? This game tests theingenuityof children and helps them learn new vocabulary andassociateimages with words. On one hand, children will learntodifferentiate letters from the alphabet and on the other, beableto form words and relate them to objects. In additiontostimulating intelligence and attention, children review thelettersof the alphabet and their writing, while learning new wordsindifferent languages. PRONOUNCE WORDS This game offersthepossibility to hear the sound of each word proposed. In thisway,children will learn to read and spell all words in 6differentlanguages and to identify their sound. This app can beused by kidswith dislexia or other learning difficulties, helpingthem toimprove their reading skills. EDUJOY EDUCATIONAL GAMES Thisapp ispart of an educational games collection created by Edujoy inorderto help kids develop new intellectual and motor skillsfromelements of their environment. All of our games are createdbyprofessional educators and psychologists in order toprovidepedagogical content, necessary for the intellectualdevelopment ofbabies and children. We love creating educational andfun games foryou. If you have any suggestions or questions, feelfree to send usfeedback or leave a comment.
Word Search 1.23
WORD SEARCH Welcome to the best word search application forAndroidauto-generated letters: 1.- Has two game modes: - Normal :This isunlimited time mode. You just need to find the all wordslisted. -Blitz : 30 seconds with a 7-second add. You have 30seconds at thebeginning of game. Every word you found will give 7extra seconds.You need to find all words listed before running outof time. It issimilar to chess blitz mode. 2.- There are 19 topicsto choosefrom: - All Words - Animals - Body - Clothes - Colors -Countries -Cities - Food - Fruits & Vegetables - House - Math&Numbers - Positive Words - Dictionary - Hollywood - Dance -Music -Sport - Brands - Famous People 3.- Available in 13languages: -Danish - German - English - Spanish - Italian - French- Portuguese- Dutch - Norwegian - Polish - Finnish - Swedish -Turkish 4.-Difficulties: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard,Insane 5.-Your scores will be saved into Google Play Game Serviceand youwill be able to compare your scores with other players. 6 -You canchange theme and enable/disable show grid option. 7 - Youcan startquick match with random players, you can invite yourfriends toplay word search. If you can not finish the game, do notworry,when you get back, you can choose to start a new game orcontinuethe game as you left it.
Word Search 1.2
Word Search is a classic word puzzle game. It is classicandaddictive. If you love to play word search games, you mustlovethis one. Word Search Features .3 different game modes..Endlesslevels. .The Game will be automatically saved, you canstart withyour last puzzle progress. .This word puzzle game issuitable forall ages. .30 word categories. .It is a offline wordsearch game,so do not need wifi while playing. How To Play WordSearch .Selecta word category you want to play with. .Wait a momentWhen the wordgenerator generates a puzzle .Search and find all thewords hiddenin the word grid. .Then go on next puzzle. Please Enjoythis WordSearch game and you will love it!
Word Search Gujarati 1.1
Gujarati Word Puzzle is an easy and fun game to improve theGujarativocabulary . It is based on the simple principle offinding hiddenwords from a grid of multiple characters. As youfind the hiddenwords in Gujarati Word Search Game, your vocabularyenhances andyour Gujarati Lexicon improves. So what are youwaiting for ? PlayClassic Word Search Puzzle which will test,mystify, and enhanceyour Gujarati vocabulary skills.InterestingFeatures : • FirstGujarati Word Search Game • Quick & Easy ToUnderstand &Play• Interactive Audio Visuals Experience •Increase and Improveyour Gujarati Vocabulary • Three DifferentLevel To Choose From :Easy / Medium / Hard Play Gujarati WordSearch Game Now !
Word Crossy 2019 : Free Word Search Puzzle 4.0
RBGA Canvas
DOWNLOAD the latest word puzzle game – for FREE! "Word Crossy :FreeWord Connect " is an exciting puzzle game for TRUE WORDgeniuses!This modern word game combines the best of word searchingandcrosswords for tremendous brain challenging fun! You’llneverexperience a dull moment after you try this most addictingwordpuzzle game! Play this crossword puzzle once and you won’t beableto put it down! HOW TO PLAY "Word Crossy : Free Word Connect "?-Correct swipe the letters horizontally, vertically,diagonally,forwards or backwards to form a specific hidden word.-Find as manywords as possible to unlock levels and earn extrabonus coins.-Fill in every block with a word! Earn coins when youdiscover starwords. - Have difficulty coming up with the word? Youcan use coinsto buy a hint to help sovle the level. When you getstuck at adifficult level: - Click to "Hint" button to open aletter inletter box. - Click "Shuffle" button to shuffle letters,thenperhaps you find it easier to recognize the valid word. -----GAMEFEATURES ----- • 4000 Levels • Simple and Easy to play,challengingto master! • Beautiful HD graphics • Daily bonus rewards• Supportboth Phones and Tablets. • Free 100 coins payments, at thefirstgame Are you ready to discover hidden words? Embrace yourbrainpower to discover words. Thanks for playing and have fun with"WordCrossy : Free Word Connect "
Complete The Words 1.11
Complete The Words is a new type of word puzzle game. It mixeswordsearch and crossword. You need to find missing letters onwords,place them correctly and complete the crossword. If you likea wordchallenge, you'll love Complete the Words. 1.- There are 11topicsto choose from: - Animals - Countries - Cities - Food -Fruits& Vegetables - Famous People - Hollywood - Music - Sport-Brands - Dictionary 2.- Available in 13 languages: - Danish-German - English - Spanish - Italian - French - Portuguese -Dutch- Norwegian - Polish - Finnish - Swedish - Turkish3.-Difficulties: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Insane4.-Your score will be saved into Google Play Game Service and youwillbe able to compare your scores with other players. If you cannotfinish the game, do not worry, when you get back, you can choosetostart a new game or continue the game as you left it.
Word Finder - Word Connect Games 1.3.6
Magic Arts
Do you love word connect & word link game? Do you enjoyplayingword search & word puzzle games for FREE ? ★★★ JOIN USNOW!PLAY the most ADDICTIVE cross word game for FREE ★★★ WordFinder-Word Connect is the top-rated most popular word connect,crossword and word link puzzles game. This word puzzle games areplayedby millions of word connect & cross word lovers. 1000+wordlink and cross word games are ADDICTIVE and FUN! Enjoy thisamazingcross word & words connect games, Word Finder -WordConnectGames. You will LOVE it! As a cross word, word link, wordsearchand word connect game, Word Finder - Word Connect Games,isabsolutely the best time killer and cross word gameswithincredibly addictive word connect, word link and wordsearchfeatures! Word Finder: Word Connect Game Main Features: ➤Easy toplay: Word link and word search difficulty will increasealong withlevels. ➤ 1000+ levels: Word Connect spelling games andbrain gamesis exciting and challenging ➤ Share word link: Enjoy ourwordconnect & word search games with friends and family! ➤FREEword link games: Exciting daily word search & word boundgamechallenge! ➤ Play word games offline: Play word connect &wordlink anytime & anywhere. ➤ Saved word levels: Same levelWordconnect games can be played again! ➤ Beautiful UIdesign:thoughtful word letters & word search design in WordFinder -Word Connect. ➤ Unlimited FREE word finder hints: Endlessfreehints in Word Finder - Word Connect Game! ➤ Special wordgames:Many special word link and cross word for bonus and earnmorecoins! Perfect word game for word link & cross word lover!WordFinder - Word Connect is the most popular word search, wordlinkand cross word game among all brain games. JOIN our WordFinder,cross word & word connect game, become a word finder andwordconnect game pro! There are many word search & word linkbraingames out there, but our word connect & cross word braingamesare simple and fun. Since word games in Word Finder -WordConnectGame covers different levels, our cross word, word searchand wordconnect game is suitable for everyone. Word Finder, wordconnect& word link game is easy-to-play word link & crosswordgames. Just simply swipe the word letters and combine themintodifferent word link! The word connect game process isextremelysatisfying. You can get rewards in word link once you makecorrectword connect, word search or word link! How to play WordFinder -Word Connect Games: • In Word Finder, you can link wordsvertical,horizontal, diagonal and even backward. Word link is soeasy now! •Simply swipe your finger over letters to form hiddenword link& word bound • If it’s correct, the cross word willshow up onthe top. If not, you can redo the word search • Fill inevery blockwith cross word, you can earn coins when you accomplishthe wordlink & cross word level • Get hints in difficult wordconnectgames! Finish all the cross word & word connect easily!WordFinder - Word Connect Games is a new way to play word bound,wordlink and word connect game. Enjoy playing our Wordgrams:wordsearch & word link game. Word connect and cross word are agoodword game for both adult and kids, share word search, word linkandword connect games to your close one! Words puzzle gamewillsurprise you! As kid, they can enjoy word games and practicewordspelling skill. As adult, word connect & word link game isfunand relax. Word link and word connect games help yourliteracy;cross word & word link brain games improve yourmemory; Wordlink games release your inner self and kill your boringtime. Wordconnect & word link game contains good balance ofboth fun anddifficulty. Link word and spelling word is so easy nowwith WordFinder - Word Connect Game! ENJOY Word finder – WordConnect gamefor FREE! Have a great time playing our most loved wordgames -Word Finder – Word Connect Game!
Worchy Word Search Puzzles 1.6.0
Abichus OÜ
WORCHY: The world's best word search puzzle has arrived, withanawesome art! Start playing and meet WORCHY, the lovely pencilthatwill join you in this adventure. Play the most exciting wordsearchpuzzle of the world. Are you able to find all the words?Countlesspacks of words with over 500 levels, all for free!Thousands ofdifferent words to be found! Get WORCHYS to open newBOXES, findHIDDEN WORDS and win LETTERS to complete the alphabet.Fiveoriginal game modes ★ NORMAL: Find all the words on theboard,horizontally, vertically, diagonally or upside down ★ ARCADE:Eachfound word adds time to the level timer ★ SHUFFLE: Each timeyoufind a word all the board will mix up ★ RUSH: Find the wordmarkedbefore its time runs out ★ GHOST: Letters disappear soquick...Four different board extras ▶ HIDDEN LETTERS: Try guessingthemissing letters to find the words in the board ▶ HOLES:Sometimesboards will have holes. There will be no letter in those,so not toworry to try selecting them ▶ JUMPING STAPLERS: they willmake itmore difficult, they are a little bit naughty... ▶ DOUBLELETTERS:Some letters are a little bit confused. You can only selectthewords of the puzzle when they have the correct letter! Dailyandchallenging QUESTS! Come back every day to discover a new oneandmake sure to complete them to get your reward!Increasingdifficulty ... Remember to use the POWERUPS if you getstuck! Theyare very helpful! ◼ Time ◼ Hint ◼ Shuffle Over 40 GooglePlayACHIEVEMENTS that you can share with your friends You willneverplay the same puzzle: There are infinite boards! Worchy, yourwordsearch game with huge dictionaries and thousands of words.Shareyour games and your achievements with your friends on FACEBOOKandTWITTER
Worchy Picture Word Search 1.2.0
Abichus OÜ
With exquisite graphics, 5 different game modes &entreatinglyaddictive word puzzle challenges, Worchy! the world'sbest wordsearch puzzle is back with a new adventure! He has beentravellingaround the world and taking some pictures of differentmonuments.Complete the levels to reveal the picture and save it inyouralbum. Train your brain with one of the most fun word searchgames,anywhere you are, anytime you want! HELP WORCHY WITH HISWORDFINDER PUZZLES Worchy! has been travelling around the world andisready to show you all the nice pictures he's taken, so get readytojoin the lovely pencil in this adventure! Help Worchy! withthesepicture word search puzzles and become the ultimate wordpuzzlemaster! Can you find all the words in these word searchpuzzles?All clues are in the pictures! Countless packs of picturesandwords, all for free! Thousands of different word find puzzlestoplay! Train your brain with Worchy! 5 DIFFERENT GAME MODESThisword search puzzle game featured 5 original modes for you tochoosefrom: ★ NORMAL: Find all the words, clues are in the pictures★ARCADE: Only 1 out of 4 pictures is the correct to find, guess it★SHUFFLE: Each time you find a word the whole board will mix up★RUSH: Find the words before everything gets too blurry ★MANYBOARDS: It might be that not all words will appear at oncePLAYDAILY CHALLENGING QUESTS & WIN MEDALS Worchy! is a picturewordsearch game full of exciting daily and challenging QUESTS!Comeback every day to discover a new one and make sure to completethemto get your reward! Furthermore, these brain training puzzlesaredesigned with increasing difficulties! Remember to usethepower-ups if you get stuck, they are very helpful: WordHints,Letter Hints, Shuffle, and so many more! Also, there are morethan40 Google Play achievements that you can earn and share withyourfriends. WORCHY! FEATURES ✔️ Train your brain with the bestwordsearch puzzles ✔️ Help Worchy the pencil solve the word puzzles✔️All clues you need are in the pictures ✔️ Huge collectionofpictures and words ✔️ Tons of different word finder puzzlesandboards ✔️ 5 different word finder game modes: Normal,Arcade,Shuffle, Rush, Many Boards ✔️ Daily exciting quests to earnrewards✔️ Created with progressing difficulties ✔️ Variouspower-ups tohelp you when you’re stuck ✔️ Over 40 Google Playachievements ✔️More than 500 word finder levels to enjoy ✔️Multi-language support✔️ Fun for all ages ✔️ FREE to play - - - - -- - - - - - - - - -Enjoy Worchy! Everywhere, the best word searchgame right now! Youjust need a couple of minutes and you will neverplay the samepuzzle: there are infinite boards!
Hi Crossword - Word Puzzle Game 1.2.2
Best brain training games! Connect letters & search wordstokeep mind sharp! New crossword puzzle games for braintraining!Boost your brain power with 2,000 free puzzles! Simplyconnectletters to build words. Play crossword with friends and seewho canfind more words! Hi Crossword is a brand new word gamecombiningword search with crossword gameplay. All you need is toconnectletter blocks and find hidden words.This is a leisure gameto playeven while making cookies. Use your spelling skills tocomplete thelevels and enjoy the beautiful scapes by the sea! Takebold movesto start your word trip now! WHY WILL YOU LOVE HICROSSWORD? Easyto Play: Swipe letters to connect word, so easy! New& FreshLook: Well designed interface, bonza! New crosswordstyle, make theword crossy! 2,000+ Challenges : It is easy to startbut hard tocontrol. Challenging but fun, sharpen mind! Never feelbored! 100%Addictive: Play crosswords with friends, brainstormtogether! Youcan play offline puzzle games anywhere! NOTES "HiCrossword" isfree to play, but you can purchase In-app items likecoins.****************************************** If you haveanysuggestions on Hi Crossword, please do not hesitate to contactus.You can either send us message:, or email******************************************Download and enjoy itnow!
Infinite Word Search Puzzles 3.83g
Infinite Word Search earns its name in this classic free wordsearchgame that features over 130+ categories of word find puzzlestochoose from, each with multiple levels of difficulty andmultiplegame modes. There are almost endless free word puzzles!Simplychoose the category you find most interesting and start yoursearch!Find words by tracing your finger over the letters, eitherby movingup, down, left, right, diagonal, and even backwards!Words arehiding everywhere in our puzzles. Because we love playingword gamesso much, we created several different modes to solvepuzzles. We putYOU in control of the type of gameplay you wouldlike to experience.In the Progression game mode, test your wordsearch skills as youhunt your way through thousands of puzzles,with varying levels ofincreasing difficulty. If you prefer a morecasual experience, tryout Infinite Mode and solve each word searchpuzzle at your ownpace. Infinite Word Search provides you plentyof ways to solvethese word puzzles, so don't feel like you'relocked into playing itone way only! If you're interested incompetitive play, InfiniteWord Search Puzzles also includes aMULTIPLAYER game mode! You cannow play word search games withfriends or the app will selectrandom opponents for you, in realtime! Play your friends ChristmasMorning! You better be quick inthis multiplayer mode, though,because it's a race to see who canfind the most words! How to playa multiplayer Infinite Word Searchgame: *Quick Match Word Search -With no log in required, quickmatch will allow you to immediatelyjump into a game with a randomopponent! Sign in to Facebook to saveyour progress and show youropponents who's boss! *Play wordsearches with friends - By logginginto Facebook you can directlychallenge your friends in head tohead word search battles! Live atthe top by earning more pointsthan your friends! The perfectinteractive word game to play withyour friends and family.*Leaderboards - Multiplayer wins will becounted on the new"Multiplayer Wins" leaderboard. If you're aplayer who logs in viaFacebook, you will be able to alsoparticipate in the PremiumMultiplayer Leaderboard. Can you beatyour friends in word searchand rise to the top? How about theworld? What are you waiting for?Download Infinite Word SearchPuzzles today, decide if you want tochallenge yourself or playwith friends - then enjoy a virtuallyunlimited amount of singleand multiplayer Word Search Puzzles!
Bonza Word Puzzle 3.0.4
"Bonza puzzles are instantly addictive!" - Will Shortz(CrosswordEditor, The New York Times) "It’s an idea so simple Ican’t believeit hasn’t been done yet." - Mark Serrels, Kotaku Bonzais a newtype of crossword that has become an instant classic. Itmixes wordsearch, jigsaw and trivia to create something completelyfresh. Ifyou like a word challenge and you enjoy pushing boxesaround withyour fingers, then you'll love Bonza Word Puzzle. FREEDAILYPUZZLES Every day you'll be able to solve a new free puzzle.Someare based on current events, others are designed by theBonzacommunity. BONZA PUZZLE CREATOR Create your own customBonzapuzzles and challenge friends.
WordWhizzle Search 1.4.7
*** WordWhizzle Seach is the new hit game from the makers ofthepopular word games WordBubbles & WordWhizzle! *** HelptheWordWhizzle Professor and become the top word search expertbyfinding hidden words in a grid of letters... Swipe lettersup,down, diagonally, and across to build words as you andtheProfessor tackle the ultimate vocabularychallenge!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sevenreasons why you should try WordWhizzle Search: • Free! Itcostsnothing to play! • 2700+ fun and challenging levels! • As youplay,the difficulty level increases along with your skills! •WordWhizzlesharpens your vocabulary and tests your puzzle prowess!• SolvingWordWhizzle Daily Puzzles gives you free hints! • Showoff yourskills and play WordWhizzle with friends on Facebook! •Easy toplay, but hard tobeat!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Doyou have what it takes to help the Professor conquerWordWhizzleSearch? Play for free right now!
Word Search - Mind Fitness App 1.4.4
The WordSearch game consists of two thousand levels ofverbalvariety. All you need to do is find the hidden words andevolvefrom an atom to a human. Will you become the Overmind byfilling upall the squares with words? The point of the game is tofind thehidden words on the letterboard. Select the letters withyourfinger and find all the words needed to pass each level. Thegamesupports 6 languages and for every language, we have preparedmorethan 2000 levels! Even the best word game players will havetheirwork cut out for them. If you get stuck on any level,don'thesitate to use the hints. You can receive free hints bysolvingthe daily level. Develop from an Atom to the Overmind,goingthrough the whole branch of mental evolution. Thedifficultygradually increases, alongside your experience. You canlogin intoour word game via Facebook and play together withfriends, followtheir progress and impress them with your results.The game isperfect for those who like to solve word puzzles andcrosswords,compose words out of letters. This is like a word finderpuzzle,but on a mobile phone. The word search trains your brain andbuildsyour vocabulary. Please send questions and
Word Search 7.6
Word Search is the best word game free available on Google Play :★Fully free ! ★ Unlimited games ! ★ 4 difficulty levels ! ★400hidden words ! ★ and many other really nice things todiscover...So go ahead, it's completely free ! Download it quicklyand havefun now !
Crossword Jam 1.202.0
Word Jam - A word search & word guess brain game. WordJam isafun and relaxing word game in a crossword-style format made forthesmartest brains!  Swipe the letters to find and guessthehidden words in a crossword-style grid Word Jam - A wordsearchword guess brain game is the first of its kind. Solve theanagrampuzzles as you travel around the world in the Crossword FoodTruckunlocking new levels. Guess and search letters on the wordplate tofind different word recipes. Solve the anagram puzzles bysearchingfor all the words to make your way to a new country. Asyouprogress in the game, anagram puzzles get trickier andtastier!Word Jam is a free word search brain game that testsyourvocabulary, spelling, word guessing and anagram puzzlesolvingskills - just search and guess the words! Get a fun brainexercisein your free time and improve your vocabulary! If you are awordgame lover and like to play brain games to improve yourvocabularyor simply enjoy word search games to casually swipe andguess thehidden words, Word Jam - A Word Search & Word GuessBrain gameis the perfect choice for the best brain game lovers! Howto Play:The rules are simple. Search and swipe the letters on theplate toguess the hidden words Game Features: • FREE TO PLAY GAME–Download this for FREE and play without wifi. • "EASY TOLEARN"HARD TO MASTER – The easy game play gets you going from thefirstword search anagram puzzle and keeps your brain engaged forhours.However, the game gets trickier as you progress withmorecomplicated words and tougher levels. • CHALLENGING PUZZLES –Freeanagram puzzles range from 2 letters to 7 letters. It startseasyand gets challenging quickly as you progress further. •IMPROVEYOUR VOCABULARY – Search & find hidden words or guessthem fromthe same set of letters. Flex your brain muscles in yourfree timeand improve your spelling skills all while increasingyourvocabulary by discovering new words. • PLAY ANYTIME – Nointernetor wifi needed for this game. You can play offline too forfree! •SYNC YOUR GAME PROGRESS – You can login using Facebook tosync yourgame progress across various devices. So, why wait? Playthe gamenow and start guessing the hidden words! FEATURES: • Searchandguess the words from mixed letters. • Guess new words usingthecrossword grid and develop your brain, anagram puzzlesolvingvocabulary skills. • Feel a sense of achievement as you goaroundthe world, to become a word chef! • Simple and Easy! • Dailybonusrewards • 250 free coins to get you started! • Great exerciseforthe brain • Supports both Phones and Tablets. • FREE Update! -Easyto learn and fun to master gameplay - Enjoy playing thegameanytime, anywhere. No wifi required to play the game - Morethan100s of levels with thousands of anagram puzzles. Updates willberegular and free! NOTES • Enjoy the game with variousdevices(Phones and Tablets). • "Word Jam" contains ads likebanners,interstitials and videos. • "Word Jam" is free to play, butyou canpurchase in-app items like an ad-free account andattractivepackages. 2.2.6
If you're looking for new games for mind sharpening andbraintraining, then Wordful is the one for you! There are580well-chosen levels to test your vocabulary and spelling.Beprepared to face the challenges in numerous blocks of letters.Thegame starts easy, but soon you'll find the real braintrainerswaiting ahead. You need to swipe the letters to make validwords.The game is not only a spelling test but also a challenge tothinkoutside the box and find the seemingly "impossible" words.Startnow to train your brain and hunt the words in our fun,addictiveword puzzles, and play with friends to see who's the realwordgenius! We have: - 580 brain training well-chosen levels. -Fluentgame play and pleasant interfaces. - Daily exercise to keepyourbrain alert. - Best choice to sharpen your mind and killboredom!To play Wordful: - Swipe the letters to build words. - Youdon'tneed WiFi to access the game. - Progress through levels andbecomethe word master!
Word Champ - Free Word Game & Word Puzzle Games 7.3
Enjoy word connect games and word puzzles to solve ? Try thepopularword connect game - Word Champ , to increase your wordknowledge ,train your brain and challenge other word game playerwhile playinga word game. Word Champ - Word connect game is a fun,challengingword game. Find all hidden words in given letters andconnect themanyway you like to find the word! Unlock new themeswith new levels,earn new hints by solving daily word puzzle andChallenge playersaround the world to play a word game. How to playWord Game? - Swipethe letters to build a correct word. - Find asmany words aspossible to unlock new levels and earn extra bonuscoins for hiddenwords. - Accept Unique Seasonal Challenges andfinish them beforetime. Multiplayer ★ Challenge your word gameskills against othersworldwide ★Top the leaderboard and earnrewards ★ Be the master ofweekly leaderboard Word Games Features:★ 1500+ unique Word puzzles.★ Free 200 coins to start word game. ★Easy, Simple and addictivewords connect game! ★ Spin Wheel to earnfree coins. ★ Daily bonusrewards ★ Simple and beautiful themes andgraphics ★ Swipe theletter to connect each word ★ Increasing levelof difficulty withevery level. Easy to play, but hard to master. ★Play offlineanytime and anywhere. We are all ears, please do letus know whatyou think. please do drop us a mail KeepPlaying and Keep having fun playing wordgames. Brain Fun.
Word Search - Crossword Puzzle Free Games 3.5
Word search, Crossword Puzzle Solver, mystery crossword puzzle,wordfind, word seek or crossword solver is a word game thatconsists ofthe letters of words placed in a grid, which usuallyhas arectangular or square shape. The objective of this wordpuzzle is tofind and mark all the words hidden inside the box. Thewords may beplaced horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Oftena list of thehidden words is provided, but more challengingpuzzles may let theplayer figure them out. Many word searchpuzzles have a theme towhich all the hidden words are related. Thepuzzles have, likecrossword puzzle and arrowords, been verypopular in the UnitedKingdom, and - also in common with theselatter puzzles - have hadcomplete magazines devoted to them. Wordsearch are commonly foundin daily newspapers and puzzles books.Some teachers use crosswordsolver as educational tools forchildren, the benefit being thatyoung minds can learn new wordsand their spellings by intensivelysearching for them, letter byletter, in the word puzzle. Wordsearch puzzles are often used in ateaching or classroomenvironment, especially in language andforeign language classrooms.Some teachers, particularly thosespecializing in English as aSecond Language (ESL), use word searchfree as an instructionaltool. Other teachers use crossword solveras a recreational activityfor students, instead. ★ ★ ★ Features ★★ ★ - Word search for 9languages. - Many topic: animals, kids,countries. - Easy, medium ordifficult mode. - Enable or disablesuggested words. - Select numberof words. - Records to save yourtime when you win. Crossword Puzzle- Word Search is a word gamesfree but you can learn more words fromit. Play and learn now withCrossword Puzzle - Word Search !
Bible Word Puzzle - Free Bible Word Games 2.11.17
Play this fun Bible word game! DOWNLOAD this easy Bible WordPuzzleGame NOW for FREE!🙏🙏🙏 It is a word connect game that you willlearnBible words, unlock Bible verses, pass Bible quiz and solveBiblepuzzles with friends and family. Bible Verse Collect starts asaneasy word game but gets difficult as playing more word puzzleandBible quiz challenges. 😎DOWNLOAD Bible Verse Collect, theeasy,yet, ADDICTIVE word connect game, for FREE! How to play? -Connectletters to build a valid word - Search for all the hiddenwords toget tons of free extra coins - Shuffle it or get a hint tofindvarious words - Take a screenshot and play with your familyandfriends on Facebook! 🍀Why Bible Verse Collect? - AfeaturingBiblical word puzzle game - Play word games Free andOFFLINEanywhere anytime - Play word puzzle games with friends andfamily💓Features - Collect words and verses to unlock word games andbiblequiz - Daily rewards and free coins every day - Over 900levels toplay word games free - Challenging Bible quiz and fun wordpuzzles- Bible word games are perfect for kids and Bible quizdesigned foradults 👉Bible Verse Collect👈 is a word connect game forkids andadults. The more words found, the more fun it gets. Itstarts easybut gets harder! Play Bible Verse Collect, solve wordgame puzzles,share Bible word game experience with friends! GetBible VerseCollect for fun Bible word games! Bible Verse Collect isperfectfor word games fans, word connect addicts, and word puzzlegamemasters!📖 Play Bible word connect games and word puzzles nowinBible Verse Collect. The good way to study the Bible andlearnBible words while playing bible quiz game! Bible VerseCollectincludes Bible educational games, Bible word search games,andBible games for adults and children Bible Verse Collect is freetoplay. Enjoy word games and solve word puzzles in BibleVerseCollect. 💌Keep in touch with Bible Verse Collect Send Follow ourpage: Visit ourwebsite:
Word Beach: Fun Relaxing Word Search Puzzle Games
Best game to learn English! Play new word games in Word Beach🏖️!Word jumble and brain games fans will love these hiddenwordpuzzles. Unscramble words and connect letters to test yourpuzzle& vocabulary skills. The word search doesn’t end onceyou’vecrossed words off your word list - there’s still more tofind! Findhidden words in one of the best word scramble tropicalgames outthere! Word Beach is a relaxing tropical vacation on yourphone.Unscramble letters to find words to test your vocabularyskills!Find hidden words in the word puzzles in your fruit plate,as wellas even a few secret ones. The spelling games start outeasy, butyou’ll soon be solving challenging scrambles to crosswords off!These vocabulary games take you deep into the jungle tofind moreand more challenging word puzzles! 🌴 Play word games toconnectletters and unscramble jumbled words! Find words and testyourbrain in Word Beach, from the makers of Pictoword! Word BeachWordScramble Games Features: Free Word Puzzles - Unscramble Words:Findand unscramble letters - Find Words: Unscramble to findsecretwords - Word Search: Find words in the list to complete thelevel -Spelling Games: Cross words off your list to fill Polly’sSmoothieRelaxing, Tropical Games - Word search: Letters will appearon yourfruit plate all mixed up! - Tropical Locations: unscramblewordsand solve puzzles in exotic locations - Vocabulary game: fillthesmoothie with the words you find Find Hidden Words -UnscrambleLetters: Keep connecting letters until you find them all!- WordGuessing Games: Swipe letters to spell & unscramblewords! -Spelling game: scramble the letters for a new perspective!Find theWord - Create Words: Connect the letters to create words. -WordSearch Challenge: Find hidden words, cross them off your list,andadd to your hidden list! - Word Unscramble: Swipe and connecttounscramble words - Jumble Word Game: See what you can makefromthese jumbled letters! Word Puzzles - Word Challenge: Come backtochallenge yourself daily and receive huge rewards! - Wordpuzzlegot you stuck? Use your coins to ask for a hint! - Vocabularygameswith no time limit: Don’t worry about the time - none ofthepuzzles have time limits, so there’s no pressure. - NewPuzzlesGames: Puzzles are added all the time! If you love fun wordgamesdownload Word Beach and become the unscramble master! WordBeach,from the makers of Pictoword, is the best puzzle word gameoutthere! Read/write storage permissions is used whentakingscreenshots. Privacy Policy- Email usat for any questions.
Word Search 4.98.98
Uysal Mehmet
WORD SEARCHWelcome to the best application of word puzzle gameforAndroid:1.- There are 25 items/categories to choose from: -Animals- Body Parts - Capital Cities - Buildings - Business - Cats- Dogs- Birds - Clothing - Country names - Doctror / Medical Terms-Emotions - Flowers - Foods - House - Jobs - Kitchen - Military-Music - Science - Seasons - Sport - Vegetables - Fruits-Vehicles2.- There are two game modes - Classical word search-Blitz Mode (Surival mode, 60 seconds counting down and gain+10seconds for each word you found)3.- Has three levels ofdifficulty:- Easy - Medium - Difficult5.- Available in manylanguages: -English - Turkish - Spanish - Italian - French -Portuguese -Russian - German - Finnish - French - Azzerbaijanese -Polish -Indonesian - Catalan6.- Eight different colorful themes -Red Theme(Default) - Green - Navy - Blue - Amethyst - Pumpkin-ConcreteGAMEThe board fits the your phones or tablets screensize.Different designs for phones and tablesFind the hidden wordstofind and are marked with different colors. If you want to seeyourfavourite color, pick your color and start to playSCORECompletethegame quickly as much as you can. All categories, game modesandgame levels have their own scores. You can challange withyourfriends. Your score will save automatically in googleplayservices, and you are able to know your position.Moreover, forallcompete on equal terms, regardless of the size of yoursmartphone /tablet, a list of different records depending on thenumber ofcells of the board is established.ENDLESS PUZZLEYou willnever everfinish the game, when you restart, new board with newwords will begenerated.SUPPORT US - We are open to have newwordlists andlanguages. If you can provide us a dictionary in anylanguage, wewill able to addtogame.Facebook
Word Search 1.2.5
In this Word Search game for free, you will play from easy 5 x5games up to bigger challenges as you advance! ★ Available in16languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian,German,Italian, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian and more.★Leaderboard (Social and Everyone) available so you canchallengeyour friends ★ Original help system for improved gameplay.Whileyou search a word, the game will help you finding the rest ofthem.★ 10 Achievements from Google Play Games ★ You will never getboredwith this game! Endless levels! ★ You will never lose yourcurrentgame, the game is automatically saved so you can continuerightwhere you left off. ★ Available for your mobile phone, 7inchtablet or 10 inch HD devices and small or low resolutiondevices!
Tamil Word Search Game (English included) 2.2
Word search game is completely free, created to help kids,studentsand adults to learn English & Tamil words in a fun way.It isalso a brain game and addictive to play. How is our gameunique? ★All English and Tamil words are handpicked by our team. ★Unlimitedrandomly generated word puzzles. ★ For Tamil - 100categories with2500+ unique words are available. ★ For English -200 categorieswith 4500+ unique words are available. ★ Simple andfast interface.★ No hints or cheats will be given, as we would liketo keep theword search game challenging. How to play the Game?Swipe yourfinger horizontally, vertically, diagonally in forward orbackwarddirection to find out the hidden words from the grid. Ifyou lovedthis game, share it with your friends. Contact us for any feedback.
Word Search 3.0.2
In this Word Search game for free, you can play from easy 5 x5games for kids up to extreme challenges of 20 x 20. Choosethedifficulty of your Word Search puzzle! ★ Play more than20different categorized puzzles: animals, cities, foods,sports,transports, music and more. ★ Available in 16 languages:English,Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, German, Italian,Swedish,Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian and more. ★ Daily WordSearchpuzzle: every day you will find a different puzzle with themostimportant ephemerides and events that happened on that date.★Timed Multiplayer Game 1 vs 1 with the puzzle size you want★Create YOUR Word Search game, select the words you want and senditto your friends through Whatsapp, Hangouts and others! ★WordSearch puzzles with different difficulty levels, from small 5 x5to 10 x 10 normal or large 20 x 20 perfect for tablets! ★15Achievements and Leaderboard (Social and Everyone) from GooglePlayGames ★ You will never lose your current game, the gameisautomatically saved so you can continue right where you left off.★Original help system for improved gameplay ★ Choose the numberofwords and types of help for greater challenges ★ You will nevergetbored with this game! Endless possibilities! ★ Available foryourmobile phone, 7 inch tablet or 10 inch HD devices and small orlowresolution devices!
Word Search Game : Word Search 2020 Free 11.8
Do you love playing word search? Here is the right app for you-Nithra word Search. We are proud to present thiseducationalentertainment tool. This Word search games app is acompletely freeapp which keeps you engaged for an hours with hecticentertainment.This app is not only designed to focus onentertainment and joynessbut also it helps to enrich your EnglishVocabulary and recollectGeneral Knowledge with levels. This Wordsearch Game puzzle freecan be played by all without any agedifference with levels. ‘Wordsearch puzzle game’ app is mainlydeveloped not only to identifythe given words but also to learn newwords through this our freeword search puzzle. ‘Word search gameApp or search word app haswell designed friendly user interface. Itis a free word searchgames where players can find and play thisWord puzzle game bychoosing different categories. Free wordsearches classic puzzlegames have the option to play and guess withword with help ofhints, which helps to find the words based on thegiven letters.This letter puzzle game allows you to play byscrolling the lettersup, down, left, right, diagonal in all eightdirections. You needto find the word or all hidden words given inthe grid. Thisincrease your vocabulary and will be a good exerciseto your brain!This word find games even challenges the real wordexpert! You willhave fun shaping your mind and improving yourspelling andvocabulary skills through our Multi-player Word SearchOptionprovided in this wordsearch for kids app. Your brain willthank youfor the workout on playing this free word search game! HowTo Playthis sopa de letras? Swipe over the letter board to find theword.You can swipe horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwardorbackward direction, i.e., one can swipe in all 8 directions.Swipeover the full word to get highlighted. The finded wordsarehighlighted in different colours. Have difficulty played upwiththe word? You can use a hint to help work it out. To get hintfor aparticular word, Click on that particular word in the list atthetop. Faster you find the word, higher will be the score. Findthewords rapidly to get a tremendous score. Find all the words inthelist in a level to go up a level. You can switch over betweenanyof 3 main categories: General, categories and Challenge How toPlayMultiplayer game? You can also play Multiplayer game bychallengingyour opponent in this word search maker app. Initially200 coinswill be provided for both challengers. Winner will beawarded withcoins for finding words and also get reward of 200coins from therunner. Features of this word search puzzles game: 1.Completelyfree word search game app 2. Word puzzles game help youto learnnew words daily 3. More than 5000 words to play on to sharpyourbrain using the word puzzle game 4. This word search builderhas(30+ categories) to have great word search play 5. Numerouslevels(350+ levels) under each category to check and improve yourEnglishknowledge 6. Search the words step by step, say 5*5,6*6,7*7…………12*12 (Numerical letters refer the word length) 7. Thiswordsearch puzzle game provides multiple colorful themes selection.8.Daily word challenge available in this puzzle word games. 9.ThisFind words game is a powerful brain teaser for all ages. 10.Replaycategories to beat your own high-score! 11. Letters gridadjustsautomatically to your device in this Find the words fromgird 12.You can search the Words with MULTIPLAYER GAME Option! –Anadvanced level of Word Search Game 13. You can challengeyouropponent with 200 coins and find words faster to be the winner!14.This word hunt game has multiple color theme selection OurWordSearch will surely challenge your brain’s rapid glimpse overtheletter board, especially our challenge Category. Word searchorfind words game is perfect for both words connect and searchwordgames fans.
Word Search 3.15
Love word search games? You'll be impressed with our app! Findmorethan 12,000 words by solving theme based puzzles. Get bonuspointsfor finding words with only their first letter revealed!You'llneed to solve the easy levels first to unlock the tougherones. Thethemes are what makes this app interesting, instead ofautogenerated word search levels. You can spend countless hoursfindingwords! It's perfect with your daily cup of coffee. We aresure youwill love the option of asking friends for help if you arestuck.The tough levels are challenging! ★ Features + Find morethan150,000 words by solving 1000+ word search puzzles + Playinmultiple languages - English, French and Italian. + The app andALLlevels are free. No nag screens / constant offers to purchasecoinsetc. + Brilliant new interface works wonderfully well onallAndroid phones and tablets + If you're stuck, easily tap onthehint button to ask your friends on Facebook. Also see wordmeanings+ App is super fast, uses 42% less memory, and little to nodata! ★Now with Bonus words ★ + Bonus words are theme related wordsthatonly show you the starting letter and the word length. Forexample,a bonus word clue may be C(6), and in a Business relatedtheme, theword could be CLIENT. Finding these hidden words givesyou extrapoints to unlock tougher word search levels quickly. ★Feedback Gotsuggestions or just want to say "Hi"? We would love tohear fromyou! Please send in your comments -and we will get back within 24 hours.Happy solving!
🍩 Word Cross Cookies Connect: Word Search Game 1.4
🍩 Word Cookies Connect gives you time to discover hidden wordsandbuild as many words as possible!🍩 In Word Cookies Connect,swipethe letters horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwardsorbackwards to form a specific hidden word.🍩 Word Cookies Connectissuitable for all ages, help the children play whilelearning,improve vocabulary and spelling.🍩 Word Cookies Connectwithbeautiful graphics, crisp colors, vivid themes andappropriatelyentertaining gaming sounds.🍩 Entertaining, upbeat,unpredictableand challenging! We are sure that you’ll love WordCookiesConnect!🍩 HOW TO PLAY- Swipe the letters to form a specifichiddenword.- Find as many words as possible to earn extra bonuscoins.-With words containing stars, if you find it, you will berewardedcoins.- If you have difficulty, use coin to buy a hint.🍩Features:-Over 40 packs, 800 attractive levels.- Free 300 coins.-Constantlyupdated.- Simple, easy, and addictive gameplay!- WordCookiesConnect with adorably enjoyable HD graphics.- WordCookiesConnect's the stages with increasing difficulty.- Incrediblesoundeffects.- To get more coins, you can use the money to buy orwatchcommercials.- Daily bonus rewards.- Many beautifulthemes.-Supports 7 different languages.- Shop with lots ofincentives.
Word Search - A free game with infinite puzzles 4.2.9
Search and find all the words hidden in the puzzle. If you foundaword, select it to remove it from the list of searchedwords.Connect the letters to select a word. The game is finishedwhen youfound all 25 words. In this search word puzzle you canchoosebetween 8 levels of difficulty, play with or without timerandcompare your scores with your friends and people around theworld.All puzzles are automatically generated by the app forendless fun.You can also play in different languages to improveyour languageskills and learn the correct spelling. ⭐NEW⭐NEW⭐NEW⭐There are 5new search categories to choose from. So you can searchonlyanimals, colors, food and drink, geography, plants, orcombinedifferent categories. This update can you found in thesettings forthe English language. Features: ♾Infinity puzzles 🌍14languages(English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian,Swedish,Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Polish,Russian)🏆GooglePlay Games: Leaderboards and Achievements ↕️8 differentsearchdirections ⏱️Play with or without Timer 🏅Offline high score🤚inEnglish there are 5 new search categories to choose from(Animals,Colors, Food and Drink, Geography, Plants) 🔓You can unlockthisfree app to play without advertisement and with unlimitedhints.
Word Search Puzzle 2.20.2
If you're looking for the most trendy word search game, WordSearchPuzzle is the game for you! You will enjoy a fun challenge asyouidentify the hidden words and then swipe up, down, left, rightordiagonally to mark them. It's a fun way to hone yourvocabulary,spelling and puzzle skills. The game has 3 difficultylevels fromeasy to hard, you can choose them freely. Need morechallenges? Trythe Blitz mode and Marathon mode and enjoy timepressure. Here'swhat we have: - Easy choosing letters - Unlimitedpuzzles -Brilliant colorful look - 4 different game modes - 4difficultylevels - 50 word categories - Daily challenges - Realtimegeneratedpuzzles - Reverse word selection - Hints to avoidfrustrations - HDgraphics - Elegant animations - Night Mode Forgetpen and paper,you'll never run out of puzzles with this game.
Letter Smart-Word Search Peak 1.1.2
How many words can you find? Search the alphabet board and twistthejumble letters to spell as many words as you can! It's notanimpossible task but it will challenge the real word nerd!LetterSmart is a brand new anagram puzzle game. It starts out veryeasybut gets tricky quickly. Lower in size but higher inquality,Letter Smart is so addicting that you may get hooked on itandcan't even stop. Would you rather have a try? Take bold movesandstart your journey now!Several reasons you should getLetterSmart:- SMART training game to fit and elevate your brain.-WONDERtrivia game to warp your mind.- BONZA family game to bringyouendless fun.- FREE idle game to play with chums andfriends.-SIMPLE fun game even for kids learning abc.
Word Search Ultimate 2.8
Havos Ltd
This is by far the most flexible word search app on themarket.Multiple configuration options create a game thatexactlycorresponds to your device and your expertise. Play with anEnglishword list or choose one of 23 other languages. Designed forfungames from the smallest mobile phones up to the largesttablets.Bored of seeing the same words appear repeatedly?Frustrated atlooking for bizarre words that are not even English?Struggled withgrids that are inappropriate for your device ordifficult to read?Word Search Ultimate solves all these problems.You can configure:1) Grid size Specify exactly how many columns androws to use (from3 to 20). Even non square grids (e.g. 12x15) arepossible. 2)Screen layout Choose how much screen space for the gridand howmuch for the word list, using our unique movable split bar.3)Difficulty of the game Specify approximate proportion of wordsthatare written diagonally, backwards or vertically (e.g. allownodiagonal or backwards words, ideal for introducing children toWordSearch). 4) Difficulty of the words Specify the size ofthedictionary to generate a game, from the 500 most common words(goodfor kids and language students), up to 80,000 words. 5)Maximum #of words Choose the maximum number of words to find in onegame,from 1 to 150. This will provide enough words to fill a 20x20grid.6) Minimum & Maximum word length This helps avoidsearching formany small words (a common problem in word apps). Alsouseful forspecifying really difficult games (e.g. set both minimumandmaximum word length to three). 7) Highlighting Mark thealreadyfound words, or keep the grid unmarked and easy to read. 8)Wordlist layout The word list can be arranged in columns foreasyreading, or close to each other to minimize screen space.9)Language Choose the language of the word list, from a largerangeof downloadable dictionaries. 24 languages are currentlyavailable(see below). 10) Orientation Can be played in portrait orlandscapemode. Just rotate your device and the displayadjustsautomatically. 11) Word categories Choose the words to findfrom arange of categories; e.g. animals, food etc. This app givesyou theultimate power to play the game just the way you want. Eachgame isassigned a difficulty level from 0 (easy) to 9 (very hard).Thedifficulty level is determined by the settings. Eachdifficultylevel maintains the high scores (measured by fastest timetocomplete the game). The game displays the best 20 scores foreachdifficulty level. Compare your high scores with others aroundtheworld by using Google Play's "Game Services". Other featuresuniqueto this app: 1) Two methods of selecting words: (i) theclassicswipe (ii) by touching the first and last letter of the wordfromthe grid. 2) Game aid if you are having difficulty. You canchooseto reveal a word that you cannot find. 3) View the definitionofthe word from an online source (e.g. Wiktionary), optimizedforviewing on a small screen. 4) When you play with a word list inaforeign language, the word definition will (where possible) beinyour own language. This is great for language learning!AdditionalFeatures planned for a future version of this app: 1)Blind mode.The word list is hidden. Instead you must find the wordswithin thegrid. Useful in combination with word categories. 2) Playagainstothers. 3) Give us feedback on other features you would liketosee. Dictionaries available are English, Spanish,Portuguese,Russian, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Indonesian,Bulgarian,Croatian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Polish,Romanian,Serbian(Latin), Serbian(Cyrillic), Slovak, Slovene,Swedish,Turkish, Ukrainian and more coming later
Word Connect- Word Games:Word Search Offline Games
Do you enjoy word puzzle games? Here comes the perfect wordgamesfor you! Word Search games has never been so challenging.NewCrossword Puzzle Word Games is available NOW. Enjoy thebestcombination of word searching and crosswords. The WordConnectgames is loved by over Millions of users worldwide! Come andFindall hidden words! DOWNLOAD TODAY for FREE! New Feature:NewCrossword Puzzle Word Game is Available NOW. HOW TO PLAY:Slide& drag your finger over the words to solve puzzles. Gamegetstrickier as you progress. The game’s brain teasers testyourvocabulary, lateral thinking & puzzle solving skills.FEATURES:★ Daily Gift ★ Hundreds of Word Puzzle Games ★Automatically saved★ Play OFFLINE in anytime and anywhere with notime limits ★ Free& easy to play, challenging to master wordgames ★ Word Gamesdesigned for all ages, perfect for kids &adults! ★ Word gameswere created by person, not by computer, tomake sure word puzzlegames are always interesting and fun. Wordsearch is perfect forboth word connect and crossword puzzle wordgames FANS! Start YourWord Games Daily Brain Training NOW! Thereare thousands of wordgames on android but this word connect isunique and fun. Wordgames can be easy or hard but this word connectgame suitseveryone. Some word games may drain your brain but thiswordconnect remains good balance of fun and difficulty. You willfindmany similar word games but this word connect will standoutforsure. Word games are fun but this word connect game is evenbetter.For all word game lovers, this word connect is truly whatyoudeserve. Word games for the young, word games for the smart,wordgames for the fun. Word puzzle games uplift your literacy;wordpuzzle games improve your memory; above all, word puzzle gameskillyour boring time. Build your word connect knowledge; improveyourword connect skills; beat the word connect challenges.
Word Search Magic 1.1.8
App Holdings
Word Search games has never been so challenging. Chloe needsyourhelp to pass through the Worderland realm and become awizard.Search and find all the words hidden in the magic scrolls,castspells and win levels in exciting word searchpuzzleadventure.Worderland features:★ Three game modes★Enchantinggraphics★ Hundred of magical word search levels★ Collectbonusesand cast spells to help you on your quest ★ 6 AchievementsfromGoogle Play Games ★ Free & easy to play, challengingtomasterThe rules are simple. You need to find words hidden inagrid. Slide & drag your finger over them to solve thepuzzle.The puzzles get trickier as you progress. The game’s brainteaserstest your vocabulary, lateral thinking & puzzle solvingskills.It’s a great way to challenge your brain & learn newwords.Doyou enjoy the word puzzle games? Here comes the perfectgame foryou, Worderland:WordSearch!Contact:
Word Search Online 5.7.3935
As everyone knows, Word Search is famous for classicalcrosswordgameplay! Now you can play with global opponents andfriends inWord Search Multiplayer Online! Start the real time1-ON-1 wordbattle! Easy to play, slide the letter to find allhidden words inthe grid, beat random players and friends worldwidetry your best!Features: • Online multiplayer mode: PvP globalplayers and friends• Rematch your opponents who defeated you •Classic mode: 70+categories of puzzles • Challenge mode: Challengefunny wordslevels • Relax mode: 4 different difficulties from easyto hard •Support forward and reverse word sliding • Day and nightthemes:Two colors skins protect your eye • Various of funny emojistochoose from • Show the highest score on leaderboard • Recordyourperformance in personal profile • Update the word puzzlesregularly• Colorful vision feast Enjoy the fast-paced and addictivewordgame. Embrace your brain power with the time killer. The greattoolto train your brain and study more words!
Word Search 6.1.3996
Teewee Games
Word Search is ranked as top 1 in New Free Games amongseveralcountries now! Word Search is a Classical crossword gameforAndroid! The game is easy to play, slide the letter up, down,left,right, diagonal in any of the eight directions. Search andfind allhidden words in the grid. Increase your vocabulary andexerciseyour brain! Features: ✔ 30+ Categories of puzzles ✔ 3 modesto killyour spare time: Topic, Story, and Relax mode ✔ Createuniquepuzzle play with friends ✔ Multiple colorful themes ✔ Dailywordchallenge ✔ Automatically saved ✔ Available in 14 languages✔Powerful brain teasers for all ages ✔ Infinite playwithautomatically generated grids WordSearch is completely FREEtoplay! Support - Welcome to provide us new words-list inanylanguage, we will put them in the game.
WordSearch Hindi 1.0.17
Charvita LLC
Word Search is a classic word game of finding hiddenwordsdiagonally, horizontally or vertically.Word Search Hindi-Adaptation of classic game for Hindi language. How to play? Listofhidden words are displayed at the bottom. Category is displayedinthe brackets. Find one word at a time. Just move your fingeracrossthe board to select the word. Be sure to not cross intoneighboringletters. Once found the word is crossed out indicatingthat theword has been solved. After all the available words arefound, agreen arrow indicates a successful finish. Click on "+" toget anew set of challenge.You can choose a wide variety ofwordcategories. It makes the game fun and interesting. It's freetodownload. Try today!!Tag: Word Search Hindi Game Fun ShabdhKhojKids Learn India
Word Crossy 1.0.7
Word Find
✧✧ Crossword, to be word finder! Do word find with your friends.✧✧✧Interesting crossword puzzle ✧Crossword is a super wordspuzzlegame! Crossword may be easy at first, but it will get harderandharder with processing. Crossword is more challenging. What’smore,playing Crossword can exercise your brain and make yousmarter! Ifyou like crossword puzzles and word find, you should trythis cutewords game, Crossword! In this game, you can improve yourspellingskills and word search skills, I believe you will becomethe bestword finder. In a word, you need to do word find and fillall gridswith words letters.✧ Rules of crossword ✧Crosswordcontains a lotof words puzzles. In Crossword, some scattered wordsletters willbe given on the circle board first. You need to do wordsearch andrecognize those words which are spelt by these wordsletters inyour mind sensitively and quickly. Second, you shouldconnect wordsletters into the correct words. Finally, click thewords lettersand fill them into a crossword puzzle! Completingabove three stepsmeans that you have successfully handle simpleCrossword! Don’trelax, more exciting crossword puzzles are waitingfor youchallenge!✧ Experience of crossword ✧In addition to dointerestingword search and crossword puzzle, you can also getcoins. Whenfacing difficulties, you can use coins to get hints andsolve it.Complete more words levels and become the best word finderin ourword search game. Enjoy classic crossword puzzles and funwordsearch games theme designed. Simple page design and excitingdailycrossword puzzles can let everyone to obtain more fun intheirspare time! To train your brain through crossword puzzleeverday,the super word finder is you!✧ Crossword game features✧•Many wordlevels are waiting for you to challenge.•Crossword whichis easy toplay.•Word challenge, from simple to difficult levels.•Competewords game with your friends and share your best scoreseachother!•Keep your brain being immersed into a funny wordchallengingstatus.✧ Fascinating crossword puzzle ✧Crossword is themost noveland coolest word find game, we hope you enjoy our wordpuzzle game.Play words game and do word search with your friendsand family toimprove your vocabulary, active your brain cells. Youcan becomethe most glorious word finder by crossword puzzles!✧Crosswordplayer feedback ✧We attach great importance to yourfeedback, youcan write something in the scores. Your comments willbe readcarefully. Besides, if you have any suggestions orquestions,please contact us through Facebook page.Thanks forparticipationgood time!FacebookPage:Https:// Crossword puzzle and Start a new words game tochallenge forfun!
Word Connect - Word Games Puzzle
The world's #1 HIT word connect app! The MOST addictive wordgamesEVER! DOWNLOAD the latest word puzzle game for FREE! WordConnectis an exciting puzzle game for TRUE WORD geniuses!Concentrate tofind all hidden words in given letters and connectthem anyway youlike to catch the word! It starts off as an easyword game andbecomes challenging! You will have fun improving yourvocabularyand spelling skills. Your brain will thank you for theworkout! HOWTO PLAY? - Correct swipe the letters horizontally,vertically,diagonally, forwards or backwards to form a specifichidden word. -Find as many words as possible to unlock levels andearn extrabonus coins. - Fill in every block with a word! Earncoins when youdiscover star words. - Have difficulty coming up withthe wordgames? You can use coins to buy a hint to help sovle thelevel.WORD CONNECT FEATURES: ★ Daily bonus rewards ★ 100+ packs,2000+levels, ★ Free 300 coins at the first word search game.★Difficulty increases along with levels. Easy to play, but hardtobeat! ★ Feel achievement with increased leaves of the word tree.★You can also get more coins purchasing or watchingadvertisingvideos ★ Play OFFLINE in anytime and anywhere. ★ Allgrids aredouble-checked to make sure they are solvable! ★Applicable to AnyAges! ★ FREE Update! This is a perfect word gamesfor word connectfans,Download, and enjoy the word puzzle game !Play the wordconnect now, you will find it so addictive and justcan't put yourphone down. We really value your feedback, you cansay what's onyour mind when you rate the word games. Your commentswill be readcarefully. Thanks for playing word connect! Good timesin the wordgames! There are thousands of word games on android butthis wordconnect is unique and fun. Word games can be easy or hardbut thisword connect game suits everyone. Some word games may drainyourbrain but this word connect remains good balance of funanddifficulty. You will find many similar word games but thiswordconnect will standout for sure. Word games are fun but thiswordconnect game is even better. For all word game lovers, thiswordconnect is truly what you deserve. Word games for the young,wordgames for the smart, word games for the fun. Word puzzlegamesuplift your literacy,word puzzle games improve your memory,aboveall, word puzzle games kill your boring time.
Crocword: Crossword Puzzle Game 1.162.8
Help Professor of Words Science Ph.D. Croc solvecolorfulcrosswords! Search words by swiping or clicking, buildwords fromthe combinations of letters! Earn coins for solvingCrosswordPuzzle, use clues to find crossword answers! Workout yourbrain inour addicting word puzzle game with hundreds of challenginglevels.✜ Warning! The gameplay is very addicting! ✜ Guess all thehiddenwords using provided letters. Can you solve all the puzzles?✜Extra words will give you bonus gold! ✜ Your friends will makeyourdaily prize even bigger! ✜ Ask your friends for help! ✜ Gameisavailable on every platform: Facebook, Android, iOS &Amazon.Have fun playing Croc Word with your family and friends,suitablefor all ages!
Word Search: Crossword 9.0
This is one of the best word search games. Word Search:Crosswordsupports 17 languages and 11 grid sizes! Word search game(alsoknown as word find, word seek, word sleuth, word puzzle, sopadeletras, wordbrain or buscar), is simple but fun. Findingwordshidden in a chaotic grid, connecting them with colorfulpenciltouch, is a great gaming experience to many of us.WordSearch:Crossword can help increase your vocabulary and empower yourbrain.By playing Word Search: Crossword, you may improve yourmemory andresponse much to your surprise!★ FEARTURES:***Support 17languages,including English, Türkçe, Deutsch, Español, Čeština,Dansk,Ελληνικά, Suomi, Français, Magyar, Italiano, Nederlands,Polski,Português, Română, Pусский, Svenska.***Support 11 gridsizes,including 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8, 9×9, 10×10, 11×11, 12×12,13×13,14×14, 15×15.***Allows sub-string, or Word in Word.***Bigworddatabase. Word databases in 17 languages, each with up to5000words to pick from.***Varying pencil colors to choose.★ HOWtoPLAY:Word Search: Crossword is easy to play. To play WordSearch:Crossword, you have to find the words hidden in the grid. Ifyoufind a word, just connect the letters up, down, left, right,anddiagonal. Welcome to Word Search: Crossword! Wish you abigwordbrain! Happy playing!“Word Search” caller ID helps youidentifynumbers real-time while the call is happening - even theones notin your phone book. No more number guessing or avoidingunknowncallers – “Word Search” caller ID prepares you for the call.Ifyour local pizza vendor doesn’t pick up the phone whenyou’recalling, “Word Search” caller ID will suggest alternativenearbyplaces. You can always adjust your caller ID settings inthesettings menu.
Word Search 1.3.0
Rottz Games
Word Search puzzle game!Find words on puzzles of severaldifficultylevels: Easy, Medium Hard and Insane (tablet only). Onharderlevels it takes a genius to find the words and solve it onlessthan one hour - a true word searching master!There are hundredsofFREE word search boards available to you, and we update withnewfree puzzles continually! Currently there are English, SpanishandPortuguese boards.Contact us about Word Search #1atword.and@rottzgames.comFind 'em all!
Word Crossy - A crossword game 2.3.6
Betta Games
Word Crossy’s Second Anniversary is Coming! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY andaheartfelt thanks to all our players! We are simply amazed bytheincredible outpouring of support we have received over the lasttwoyears. To celebrate the Second anniversary, Word Crossy isbringingAdditional levels, missions, rewards, and excitement!-Golden Piggymode: Collect as much Golden piggy as possible andbecome a WordMaster! -Limited time event: Complete the set tasks toobtain hugeamount of rewards. Only at the Second anniversary event!-SuperTournaments: Compete against other players every weekend.Higherthe rank greater the rewards! -5700+ Levels: An endless arrayoflevels that are suitable for all players. Train your BrainandSharpen your Mind! Word Crossy is a relaxing Word game whereyouconnect letters together to form words on a crossword-styleboard.Learn while you play! With over 4,600 levels and thousands ofwordsranging from simple to complex, Word Crossy will help youbecome atrue Word Master. Daily Challenges and Super Tournamentsallow youtest yourself against even greater challenges whileearningfantastic rewards! No Time Limits, No Pressure. Gameplayoccurs ata leisurely pace - without any time limits or pressure -making ita great way to comfortably pass time. Spell out wordsamidstbeautiful backgrounds and tranquil tunes to bring serenity toyourspare time. An enjoyable blend of Word Find andCrossword-stylegames Innovative gameplay modes, appealing visuals,a variety ofgameplay features, 5700+ challenging levels, and muchmore.Features: 1080p HD Visuals: High resolutions graphics provideanexquisite visual experience Built-in Dictionary: Learn newwordsand expand your vocabulary while you play! DailyChallenge:Complete levels to earn Stars which can then be exchangedfor MindStones. Butterfly Mode: Catch butterflies and become a WordMaster!New Visual Design: Constantly optimized UI and gameplayprovideusers with a better gameplay experience. Don’t miss out onthe gamethat’s already been downloaded by over 18 million players!Note:Word Crossy is free to play, but you can also make in-apppurchasesto help you enjoy the game even more.