Top 16 Games Similar to Bird Hunter Pro

Die For Metal Again 2.1
SinSquid Games
What`s better than loud Heavy Metal,video-gameviolence and intense headbanging? Nothing! This game hasitall.This is the sequel to Die For Metal, and it brings more brutalHeavyMetal music, dark atmospheres, oceans of blood, and 45 cruellevelsto conquer in the name of Metal!=== Soundtrack ===The soundtrack contains music from the legendary Dark MetalbandNovembers Doom and Death Metal band These Are They, as well asalot of Thrash Metal, Power Metal and Metalcore.=== Story ===Rob Grinderface exploded while trying to listen to the newGoryWardeath album. It was just to heavy. But there was no moreroom inhell for him, so now he has to fight his way through adarkafterlife to earn his place in hell.=== Gameplay ===Fight your way through harsh and dark environments, killingenemiesof Metal, swim in blood, and avoid the hundreds of deadlytraps andobstacles. Pound your axe around like a trueMetalhead.Open new brutal tracks as you progress, and never turn the soundoffyour phone!=== Features ===- 45 levels- 3 Worlds- 3 Bossfights- 16 song brutal Heavy Metal soundtrack (including NovembersDoomand These Are They)- Lots of dying and killing- Death counter- The best theme song you've ever heard.Stay Metal \m/
Robbery Bob
Introducing the Man of Steal…Play as Bob, the hapless burglar intent on changing hisways.Unfortunately for Bob, however, he's going to be forced into afewfinal jobs before he's allowed out of the criminal life.• SUPER SNEAKYSneak past security guards, residents and sleeping bulldogs asyourecover the loot in each stage. Use your ninja-like skills tohidein some tight squeezes and avoid detection.• THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOODYour sticky-fingered missions will take you through alocalneighbourhood, Downtown, and even through some secret labs.Can youget a perfect on every one?• LOOT YOUR HEART OUTBob is going to have to pinch everything from secret documents,toold pairs of clothes, to those always hard-to-findTVremotes!• CRIME IS A FUNNY OLD GAMEGet engrossed in the comical storyline featuringhilariousanimations, a fun script and a genuinely twistingnarrative.
Bank Robbery Grand Theft City 1.6
Bank Robbery Grand Theft City is anultimateescape route to getaway from Police arrest. Enjoy thethrill of acar racer and City bank crime in one game play. Be thecunning Bankrobber in the crime town and stay siren alert whilerobbing. Stealmoney within the time limit. Drive fast and manageeasy escape fromthe Police chase in open city environment. Boostyour drivingskills through your well planned getaway fromCops..The best police chase game is here. Experience new hiestandadvanced driving controls. Play this newest Grand Theft gameandplot your runaway from aggressive cops.Robbery job here is very challenging. Robber will drive car tothecity bank. For the time limit robbers can disable camerasandsecurity alarms. If security alarms are not turn off, robberwillget arrest. Thief will rob money on gun point from the peopleandcashier. Stay siren alert during this Bank Theft crime. Rushinyour car and getaway from the police arrest. Cops will keeponchasing you. Only speeding the drive can save you fromgettingarrest. Your driving skills can help you to rush towardssafedestination. Drive car to the marked destination and get awayfromchasing cops. Finally robber will manage to successfullyescapefrom chasing police and Mission Complete!Enjoy thrilling escape missions and getaway from the crimealertarmy.Features:10 Levels with real 3D city environmentMultiple getaway carsNewest heist and unique escape missionsSmooth car driving controlsAmazing HD graphics 
Bird Hunting League 1.0.1
Tech Valley
In the environment, there is a jungle with bushes surroundedbymountains or city with high buildings. There are number ofhuntingbirds like Crow,sparrow,pigeon,seagull, eagle will be shownonscreen.Select birdcyou want for hunting. You are a hunter whoshootand kill birds. You can see around and aim from your snipergun toshoot the birds. If your fire is missed. You are equippedwithSniper gun and, you have to survive with your accuratefiringtactics. If you missed specific number of fires then gamewill beover, the game is over.To get more unlock hunting birds you have to hunt more birdswithinshortest time. And, to hunt more birds you need best andaccuratefiring skills, focus on the object, make a quick and sharpdecisionin this action game. You need best sniper shooting skillsinjungle.FEATURES:* Real 3D graphics and environment.* Best sniper gun for accurate shooting.* No connectivity required while playing.* Multiple hunting birds* Real Bird Hunting feelings* Addictive, loving & fun.* Sounds On / Off button display.* Multi-touch enabled.Note: The Safari Bird Hunting League game is just for fun, thegameplay doesn't mean to hunt or kill birds in reality.
Agent Smith World Assault 1.0.25
Get ready to be a top secret agent inthisaction packed 2D platformer. Take on the role of Agent Smith,hisnation's top secret agent! Take help from your allies bycompletingvarious missions for them and obtaining the clues to helpinlocating the rouge agent who shot the Admiral, poisoned Smithandstole the blueprints of a top-secret weapon. Do you have it inyouto find and stop the rouge agent and get back the stolenblueprintsbefore the poison does it's job?! Download Now!Game Features:-1. New Game in the Agent Smith series2. A Side scrolling action platformer3. Loads of Enemies and Objectives to complete4. Multiple levels in locations spanning the whole world5. Easy to use controlsInstructions:-Controls:Walk Left/Right: Press 4/6Attack: Press 5Diagonal Jump Left/Right: Press 1/3Break/Hold Boxes: Press 5Push Boxes: Press 4/6Straight Jump: Press 2Jump attack: Press 2 and Press 5Non Playing Character Interaction: Press 5Mana Power (invincibility): Press 0Activate Levers: Levers gets activated with player's touchGame Pause: Press Left Soft KeyLevel Map View: Press Right Soft Key* *Permissions:- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data&progress.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data&progress
Singham Returns – Action Game 1.0.28
The Official game for the Blockbustermovie‘Singham Returns’ of 2014 by Rohit Shetty Production &AjayDevgan Films.Play as Bajirao Singham in the official game of Singham Returnsandfight against corruption in the City of Mumbai!Get ready to go on a hero’s adventure as you run through thestreetsof Mumbai. Jump over obstacles, flip cars, ride a Bulletand bashenemies into the ground to become the unstoppable force ofjusticein this free, fast paced, action adventure game. Immerseyourself instunning environments of Mumbai city as you journeythrough fromsuburbs to the city hunting down crime. Throwbriefcases, basketsand even coconuts at enemies or whip them withyour Police Belt tosweep away evil from your beloved city.Let loose the inner Lion and become Singham!Game Features:• Official Game of Singham Returns.• Simple & intuitive Controls.• 5 stunning and beautiful environments of Mumbai City toplaythrough.• Endless mode to test your reflexes.• 5 epic boss battles.• Throw Bins, Traffic cones, briefcases and even Coconuts totakedown enemies.• Hop on a police Bullet and Zip through the city lookingfortrouble.• Whip out your belt and unleash a whirlwind ofspecialattacks.• Unleash your fury with the Singham Mode.Get all the latest updates, tips and tricks about SinghamReturnshere:• Avoid obstacles by jumping.• Collect Coins to buy items or upgrade power-ups• Pick up various objects scattered throughout the level.• Battle enemies while you run, attacking them with the Raw powerofSINGHAM!• Wipe out the source of corruption in epic boss battles!* Permission:- ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: To determine your location for regionbasedoffers.- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data&progress.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data&progressGet in the know! Receive all the latest news from RelianceGames,plus game updates, videos tips & more…Visit us: http://www.reliancegames.comLike us: us: us:
Border War FaceOff Game 2.0.6
The war has begun and your country needsyou.Play as a courageous soldier defending our borders from anenemyinvasion in this action packed game. Keep your aim sharp andtakedown the enemy insurgents. It’s time to teach the enemy thatone ofus is more that enough for an entire army of theirs!Instructions:Your aim is to shoot down the enemy soldiers trying toinfiltrateour borders and make your country proud!Press keys, 1 to 6, to shoot at the enemies depending upontheirposition.Press 8 to reload.Shoot the health and shield icons to gain health and withstandtheenemy attack.Game Features:1 Radiant graphics2 Intuitive game play3 Different Level changes for interactive game play* *Permissions:- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data&progress.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data&progress
Border War Defence Patrol 1.0.9
Borderwar Defence Patrol is a towerdefencegame. It is the future and it is World War 3. The player isthelast line of defence for his country. The enemy forces arepouringin and the base has to be defended at all costs tillreinforcementsarrive.This game will not support Android Tablet.Features:1 Futuristic turret with blinking lights/random details2 Cannon fire feedback animation - light flash toindicaterecoil3 Multiple levels with progression and predefined objectives4 Paratroopers with modern rectangular parachutes5 Increasing speed of the paratroopers / some specialparatrooperswho will come down very fast at regular intervals6 Increase in the number of bomber jets as the levelsprogress7 Modern helicopters and jets alongwith more modern lookingenemysoldiers8 Explosions with falling debris9 HUD to have a minimal look as per the themeInstructions:1 The user is in-charge of a turret tower positioned on thebottomleft of the screen.2 The user can move the turret in a 90 degree angle.3 The enemies are of two major types:4 Ground Units - Tanks, Soldiers, Mortar Launchers5 Air Units - Paratroopers, Bombers, Jet-fighters6 The user has to move the turret up and down to aim and fire attheenemy.
Krishna aur Kans 1.0.15
The demons have kidnapped all the villagekidsand are hiding out in Putna's den. All the parents of thechildrenhave approached Krishna to help them find and rescue thechildren.Will Krishna be able to save all the children includinghis friendsfrom the evil demons? The fate of the kids hang in yourhands. HelpKrishna save the kids by killing the demons. Downloadnow!This game is not for Android tabletInstructions:Use the slingshot to hit the demons as they appear out oftheirhiding places.Game Features:1. Official game of the movie Krishna aur Kans2. Many exciting levels and demon killing action3. Simple Control scheme* *Permissions:- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data&progress.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data&progress
Pixel Smash - Bird Hunting 1.8
Simple and fun game Pixel SmashHunting Bird!A simple touch!Amazing physics!Become the best hunter3D Pixel , Retro, 8bit Style Graphic Game# This game that dont need wifi and play offlinewithoutinternet.# This game is pixelstar game's 3d pixel tap racing game.----------------------------------This is not an official Mojang app. This game is not associatedorconnected with Mojang AB and its game Minecraft - Pocket Edition.Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it is not endorsed byoraffiliated with the creator of this game or its licensers.
City Sniper Birds Hunting 1.01
World’s most favorite Hunting Game!Nowavailable free for Android!This City Sniper Birds Hunting is very thrilling andeasy.Thefeatures of games are much more understandable.Now you can builds your hunting skills like staminaandconcentrations.Hunting is mostly a passion which belongstoRoyal people.We here brings to you the real bird hunting experience everwithstunning city and jungle environments, Sniper guns and Zoom foraperfect shotwith a thrilling bullet effects.
Wild Hunter 2016 1.0
Hold your breath ! Aim and shoot !!missedbecause you are not yet the best hunter in the region. Yes,if youhave missed than start cold snow hunting with best deerhuntingregions and sharp shooting skills . Its time for gettingready tobe best wild hunter in the wild animal jungle and get thetitle ofbest jungle sniper hunter of 2016. A real Wild hunter 3D.Its start from last of 2015 of Wild Hunter 3D , a group ofbestafrican animal hunter ( its the same group those concurreddesertanimal hunting region as the best desert hunter in dangerousdeadlylion hunting regions ) start the best hunting games of 2015in theend of year . Hunting games start from russian hunting on 4x4suv .Lots of wild hunter start real hunting mission in the deadlywolfhunting regions and in the ending of mission asian hunting teamgotbadly injured that makes sad . Enjoy Wild Hunter 3DAfter lots of injuries in Wild hunter 3D! it has beendecidedthat wild animal hunter 3d will be equipped assult rifleslikemachine gun , special sniper hunting weapons . hunter canoptimizehis or her firearms , magazine , barrels , and selectmodern 3dweapon for his hunt. So it makes wild hunting games of2016 moredeadliest and start new shooting games pro missions andnew deerhunting regions . A real Wild hunter 3D .In the snow hunter missions of Wild hunter 3D ! hunters arenowgetting the most brutel challenging hunting mountain andjungleregions. Now , you have to target the wild animals like lion, wolf, deer , bear , fox , elephant , and prove yourself as thewildhunter 3D.Last region of the missions need a trophy of best bird hunterofsnow . So be ready for sharp shooting on skies to be best hunterof2016 in wild hunter 3D .Dont forget to rate our game. we'll love to get your responseandimprove the game according to your feedback.
Bodyguard Action Game 2.0.6
Bodyguard is an 'all action'side-scrollingadventure game where you are in charge! Take on therole of a loyalbodyguard and protector of a business tycoon’sdaughter, as youkeep her safe from harm. Find and punish variousenemies ofBusiness Tycoon Daughter and her father using all yourskills. Areyou ready to be the ultimate protector?This Game will not support Android Tablet.* *Permissions:- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data&progress.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data&progress
Hawk The Super Hero Game Tab 1.0.10
"Help Hawk, the super hero protectthecitizensof the city from Dr. Chaos' evil plans. Play as thesuperhero Hawkand destroy the enemies by blasting them to oblivion.Useyourspecial abilities to thwart Dr. Chaos' evil plans."Game Features:1. Official Hawk - The Super Hero mobile game2. Exciting levels with loads of different power-ups3. Discover new powers of Hawk as the levels progress4. Simple Control scheme5. Variety of enemies to battleInstructions:Controls:Press 5/Ok - FirePress 0 - Secondary attackD-Pad/2, 4, 6, 8 - NavigationSelect triangle to access the in-game pause menu.Use the # key in the Name Input screen to delete thecharacters.Hawk -The SuperheroCopyright Zapak Mobile Games Pvt. Ltd.
Bird Hunter Pro Tab 3.0.1
Get ready to help Rob who is on amissiontoblow the birds who have planned to destroy his farms! Youhavetohelp Rob by blowing up birds using darts. Try to blow asmanybirdsas required to go to next level. Darts do not carry overfromlevelto level. Look out for special birds, eggs and havefundiscoveringwhat they all do. Some objects may help or blockyoufrom yourtarget. You will have to complete 50 levels to winthegame.InstructionsUse up navigation key or left navigation key /joystick or use 2or4key to rotate dart anticlockwise.Use down navigation key or right navigation key/ joystick or use8or6 to rotate the dart clockwise.Press and hold the central navigation key/ joystick or 5 keytosetpower of the throw.Release the central navigation key/joystick or the 5 key tothrowthedart.Left soft key for pause menu and right soft key toresetthegame.