Top 7 Games Similar to jungle hell rider

Hell Escape Racing 1.3
*** New fun elements added like Zombie Attack, Magnet Power upsandmany more. ***Hop on, to take a ride of your lifetimerushingthrough the shallow grounds of Hell. Make sure your seatbelts areon it’s a bumpy road ahead. Tilt your vehicle back andforth toevade the deadly obstacles on your path. Grab some coins inyourway to get your hands on advanced vehicles. Escaping Hell isnot acasual ride, be bold and fearless if you wanna make it outalive!Features! - Wide range of vehicles to Ride. - Subtle androbustSilhouette graphics. - In-game Cinematic for animmersiveexperience. - Action packed gameplay with challenginglevels. -It's a race for life. - Zombies on the way to stop you.Youcan havechoice of Monster Vehicles like Monster Truck, Monster Bus,MonsterBike and Monster Car etc. Why to wait more. Be a HellRider...!
Evil Hell Rider : Bike racing
Jelly Apps
If you're a fan of physics based bikeracingandHill Climbing Games, then this is the right game for you,thegamehero Mr Skeleton is riding his bike to get away from hell.This bike racing game, you need to control your biketoclimbhills , some really tricky uphills and downhills arewaitingforyou,Enjoy the smooth riding and racing, Make sure to focus inthegameso you can successfully climb hills and race like a pro!
Ghost Racing 2016 1.4
Rambo Lun
★★★ Ghost racing 2016 one of the best ghost rider game2016Gameghost racing 2016 the mixing gameplay of racing and fastracingmakes it a really exciting and challenging game. Embrace thehorrorof Ghost Ride 3D. The Ghosts of the nether realm are aftertheBlaze rider; escape the hell full of killer zombies in thisscarysuper heroes game. Ghost rider different motors and variouspropsfor you to choose!Get weapons on the road to kill the enemyaroundyou moto racing !See how long you will survive in it!Speedracingremember when you ride the motorcycle, everything changed,pastlife was gone. Key Features:✔ Free 100%✔ Realisticsoundenvironment✔ Easy and intuitive controls ultra realistic3Dgraphics and cool animations✔ Special task, let you one'sbloodboils with indignationThank you for download Ghost Rider 2016-fast motorcycle come on,Moto GP speed racing let's get intothiscrazy world
Racing In Hell-Traffic rider
What-Racing In Hell Motor games:Racing In Hell-Trafficrider,awesome traffic racer game so,TO hell WITH YOU, NOW! Are youreadyto traffic with skeletons.Are you ready to trafficmotorbikes.Areyou ready to ride and traffic hell highway.In HellcopsAre youillegal rider.Can you ride your car in hell trafficrush.Can yourace and avoid police car.You can climb into a race carAre youyoung soar hard racerAre you highway rider.Racing in hellbringsyou the most amazing top-speed.feel something at nightsSuddenlyeverything started going wrong. someone is following youand yourfamily is in threat. You should come back home quickly andsee ifyour wife and daughter are fine. Don’t let your fear beat youandarrive Do you have phobia like horror games and want tolurchbecause of horror sounds Sick of endless racing games withthirdskeletons and hell perspective? Racing in hell is the bestmobileracing game you have been seeking. You drive your car incockpitview through the undying traffic and real hell environment.Tiltyour device to drag your car wherever you want,overtaketraffic.what the Hell is combination of killing people,stealingand driving cars, racing and doing all kind of differentwhat itfeels like having just cashed your first paycheck, THEN YOUSHOULDPLAY MOTOR HELL TRAFFIC RIDER,IT'S A MULTIPLAYER GAMEwhatThe"RACING IN" Hell Futures-Awesome graphics-Realturbosound-hellfire-Multiplayer game-zig zag in Hell-hellfirebefore it is too late. -do zig zags -Unlock differentcharacter i.emultiple character- Drive Speed Boats and meet girlson Island whatmore you have ability to swim so dive in the sea-Share with yourfriends-Leaderboard- The fear is a paranormalhorror and creepygame - Live in the horrific horror stories andfeel the screamsounds - If you are a fearless player, you will facewith yourphobias in a terrible and haunted house - Do not lookscared infront of your demon enemy. Because she is like a satan -That devilslender enemy give the creeps - Your evil enemy fled out.Find heror she will come back to haunt you. Because there is noinner angstin - The fear is a paranormal horror and creepy game -Live in thehorrific horror stories and feel the scream sounds-worlds.hellfire is one of the most visually spectacular gameseverreleased on Android. - If you are a fearless player, you willfacewith your phobias in a terrible and haunted house - Do notlookscared in front of your demon enemy. Because she is like asatan -That devil slender enemy give the creeps - Your evil enemyfledout. Find her or she will come back to haunt you. Because thereisno inner angst in -better graphics and real life recordedcarsounds- Upgrade your car to improve performance
Traffic Girl Rider 2016 1.0
get ready to run a race in traffic with girl friend. TrafficGirlRider 2016 is an interesting new game in bike racing.Girlalongside with his boy friend dominate the racing track withherunique and fastest motorbike. It is not easy to ridethroughbecause you need to maintain speed in the crowded track.Overtakecars, trucks and other bikes to win the game. You also needtocollect coin comes in your way to increase your score card. Ifyouare a rider you will definitely love to play this game. Itcontainsall you need in a motorbike racing. So install Traffic GirlRider2016 now and enjoy endless fun on your device. GameFeatures:3unique and endless environments3 Exciting motorbikes tochoose fromReal sounds effects for bikesEndless game play. Day andnight viewHow to Play?Tilt to steer the bike and go as fast as youcan.Support:Spirit fighters believe in developing quality gamesandwaiting for your reviews. Feel free to contact us about anyquery.
Temple Horse Run 1.4
This story happened in an mysterious temple, Leading man ridingahourse run in a temple to save his beautiful princess, Templehorseracing the most exciting RUN game on Google Play. Take controlofyour Favourite HORSE who chooses to remain one of the fastrunninganimals, to be an hero. the Game scene is so mysterious,aancienttemple is waitting for you to adventure.this game isdifferenthorse run game from other horse racing game. it lay asidethe modeof Racecourse, But The ghost is also a horse rider and ischasingyou in this 3d temple horse run simulation game. Collect allthecoins to reach on top of the leader board. The game is filledwithjoyride and a fast racing horse simulator, which will driveyoucrazy. save princess won’t be an easy task for you. A horseriderghost chasing you with his heavy hammer is a scary scene. andthemysterious castle will make you Heart Quiver~ Are you ready totakeup the challenge for Castle adventure? Do you think your horsecanflow free like a wind? If answer is yes, then be ready tofacedifficult challenges ahead the mysterious Castle. GoodLuck!FEATURES1.3D Environment, Interactive Sounds &HDGraphics2.Escape the Temple with your Horse3.Jump to avoidbeingHIT and collect coins4.Realistic terror Game toplay.