Top 8 Games Similar to Christmas Balls

Gumball Rainbow Ruckus
Play as Gumball to help defeat Jealousy and save the town ofElmorein this fun-filled gameJealousy is out for revenge and iswreakinghavoc in Elmore! He has possessed the town folk, forcingthem to dohis bidding and steal the rainbow from the sky,delivering it tohis lair in the sewer. PLAY AS GUMBALL to helpthwart Jealousy’sevil plan and restore the rainbow to its rightfulplace, soaringhigh above the town. Guide the rainbow through theold sewer pipesand back up into the sky across 30 gripping levels.Gumball mustguide Darwin to blockages in the pipework and, armedwith histrusty paintball gun, protect him at all costs while heunblocksand fixes the pipework - waking up any townsfolk underJealousy’sspell.Jealousy will stop at nothing to prevent thembeingsuccessful, blocking the pipes and ordering the possessed townfolkto attack. USE CRAZY POWER UPS! Gear up wisely beforeeachencounter and select power-ups for Gumball to take intobattle.Gumball Rainbow Ruckus is an awesome game from CartoonNetwork, thecreators of The Amazing WorldofGumball!**************************This game is available inthefollowing languages: Arabic, English, French, Italian,Japanese,Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.If you'rehavingany problems with this app, feel free to contact Tell us about the issues you're runningintoas well as what device and OS version you're using.
Balance The Ball 1.6.88
Grand Updates:1- A complete face lift is done to improve the "look andfeel"2- Multiple regions added with different physics parameters3- A new balance ball added with ICE physics4- 6 new levels added with snow tracks and improvedbalancegames5- Remove ads option available as in app purchase6- Leader board added to see your rank in balance 3d world7- A new ball balance added with Rubber physics in night sky world.Balance the Ball provides fantastic game play andaccuratephysics for balance ball enthusiasts. A genuine 3D world isusedinstead of isometric view. Move around in space using abeautiful3D ball and collect all the coins while controlling theballbalance. There are multiple levels in this balance gamewithincreasing difficulty levels.How to Play:Chose a level of your choiceUse right D-Pad to control the movement of 3D BallUse left D-Pad to control the view of game worldKeep the Balance and save the ball from fallingGame Ends if the Ball fells downFeatures:- Full 3D Graphics- Real world physics- 3D Space object in background- New levels added regularly- Run on a large selection of devices
Farm Bubble 131.1.3
Shoot so that fruits and vegetables fall into clusters of 3 ormorefruits or vegetables. For example, strawberries forstrawberries,blueberries for blueberries, apples for apples and soon. Theresulting groups of identical elements will burst anddisappear.Try to burst all the fruits with vegetables to go to thenextlevel.
Bubble Ball Marble Pop 2.2
🌟 MOST ADDICTIVE MARBLE BALL GAME OF 2018 - AIM, FIRE, POP! 🌟 Goonan ADDICTIVE marble pop journey based in the ancientEgyptianpyramids with Bubble Ball Marble Pop. Aim, fire and pop allthemarbles because this game is the best bubble shooter game tohavefun! Simply aim, point and shoot the similar colored marbleballsand create bubble shooter chain reactions to eliminate thelongbubble lines using your marble gun. Match 3 gameplay meetsmarbleshooting in Bubble Ball Marble Pop, making it a game perfectforrelaxing and killing time! Download this game right now to havefunand relax! 🌟 600+ LEVELS With 600+ levels filled with bubbleballpop excitement, you will keep playing Bubble Ball Marble Popandfind yourself immersed in challenges of varying difficulties! 🌟FUNGAMEPLAY Fire the bubble balls using your marble gun and matchthemto eliminate the whole line using a series of marble popreactionswhich will increase your marble journey score. 🌟 TWODIFFERENT GAMEMODES Experience 2 different level modes as youadvance through thegame - Pop The Marbles and Rescue The BubbleBall, which will takeyou on a marble journey. 🌟 SPECIAL POWERUPSAND UPGRADES Earn bonuspoints by using special marble pop powerupssuch as fire balls,extra moves and bubble group eliminators. Shootat the similarcolored marbles and eliminate the bubble chains usingyour marbleshooter gun. So, what are you waiting for? DownloadMarble BallBubble Pop - Bubble Ball Blast right now and go on abubble shootermarble pop mania!
Corn Bubble 28.1.3
Create chain reactions and shoot down the corn balls. Try toknockdown as many balls at a time to move on to more interestinglevels.
Glowing Balls-Shooter 1.3
Glowing Balls a new style of BubbleShooter.Easy to play, hard to master. Challenge yourself with thecomputeropponents!The most Arcade-packed game is here! Try this game now! Defeatyourfriends and beat their high scores. Reign victorious in thismegaepic Bubble Shooter that only the best can master it.thesuperBubble Shooter be the first to master that Glowing game.Have fun! Eliminate all the bubbles before they reach the bottomofthe field.FEATURES:+ Colorful glow graphics.+ Smooth and responsive game play.+ Realistic physics.+ Quick play mode.+ Support for all Android devices .
Elola Bubble 27.1.6
The classic game of marbles, you can choose 2 game modesare"standard" or "arcade". Game rules are very simple, createacombination of 3 or more balls and knocking them going tonewlevels. The game has over 1500 challenging levels.
Bubble Crush Shooter 2.4
Moe's Studio
Bubble Crush Shooter is super fun and very addicting game. It'salsoa great way to spend time on a bus or train and so on.Theobjectiveis to match the balls in groups of 3 or more in order toclear them.Clear all the balls to clear the level.Bubble Crushbased off of theopen source game, Frozen Bubble, but it's veryunique at the sametime. With over 1000 levels, Bubble Crushsimulates an endless gameplay. Moreover, the game prides itselfwith rich HD graphics, whichare optimized to look great on allphones and tablets.