Top 40 Games Similar to Real City Dog Simulator

PetBacker - Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Boarding 1.3.69
PetBacker connects loving dog walkers, sitters, boarding&groomers with pet owners just like you in all major cities&can help you get a loving trusted Pet sitter who can boardyourdogs & cats in moments after you make a request. PetBackerletsyou share and show off your dog & cat photos or hiretrustedPet Sitter for boarding, minding, walking, grooming,spaanddaycare. The concept is simple, use PetBacker to get people totakecare of your pet when you not available, or earn extra moneywithyour love for animals. If you own or adopt a pet before &aregood in taking care of animals, Petbacker makes it safe andsecurefor parents and sitters to communicate without revealingphone infountil hired. It's safe too with Pet Parents &sittersidentities verified. Payment for Sitter is guaranteed asPetparents pay PetBacker in advance & the payment isreleasedwithin 7 days at the end of the job. PetBacker aims tocreate acommunity for pet parents, lovers, and petfinder to carefor eachother pets, which can be kitties, doggie, hamsters, fishesor evenreptiles like snake. PetBacker is especially useful whengoing toairport for a holiday & looking for minders to takecare orfeed your pets. We work with Veterinarians in some area sothat PetSitters can contact them during emergency. Download PetBackertoday, don’t let your cats & dog rover around or becomemadpaws by caging them, give your cat & dog a vacay too. ForPetOwner ---- Find Pet Sitter, Dog Walker for Pet Grooming,Boardingor Daycare--- • If you want pet sitter or home pet hotelnearby, wewill match to you instantly. With 1 tap all nearby PetSitters& home pet hotels will apply for your job via Text. Skippethotels & kennels. ---- Finder for Pet boarding &walkies--- • PetBacker takes your "Request" & sends aswoofopportunity to these Pet Sitters, Dog Walkers, groomers whomeetyour criteria to work on your request & those whoareinterested to work will reply you, saving time from searching&filtering. Send your dogs for walkies today. ---Compare thePetSitter, Dog Walker, Daycare & Pet hotels owner--- • Nolongersearch through pages of dogs, cats & petfinderclassifieds; youwill get the best & trusted Pet sitter provideroffering thebest quotes immediately with private chat. Eachapplicationincludes an estimated price, previous customer review,ratings& profile. ---Hire the right Pet Sitter & careprovider-- •View ratings & reviews left by peers & get thebest, withDog sitters, Dog minders and Dog walkers being verifiedwith Social& Id. When you're ready, greet, meet & hire therightdogbuddy. No more cattery or dog kennel, give your kitties&doggie the vacay with amenities & facility likeindooraccommodations or home garden, even overnight with dog &catlover in their bed rooms as guests. Make reservation forapampering spa with treats too. We have connection with vetforveterinary care & vaccinations. Exercise your dogconvenientlywith our dog walkers & walkzee. For all Pet Service& CareProviders: ---We source potential pet jobs for you--- Bethe catand dogbuddy when owner going on holiday, get genuineleadsanywhere. •OnDemand platform: Pet parents who need you canfind youimmediately with a single tap, even if they don't knowabout you.Every potential leads will be matched & sent to youdirectly bypetsodia. •Sitters Directory: dog & cat parents canfind youeasily by looking for jobs you have done with your very ownpage•Jobs Directory: be proactive, let the dog & cat ownersknowyou can shake a paw or use a dog whistle. For All PetLovers:--Borrow my doggy and make extra income -- • If you know whydogswag or cats meow, able to paw shake, play fetch, use a dogwhistle;join us and be rewarded with jobs related to pet boarding,petminding, doggy daycare, pet sitting, wag walking or signup asourdog backer, dog buddy, doghero to work part timeastrustedhousesitter, dog trainer, dog groomer or dog translator!
Dog Walk - Track your dogs! 1.2.3
Track the daily walks with your beloved dog! Record theroute,distance and the duration of each walk to see all theexercise yourpuppy gets each day. Take photos of your walks andshare your greatexperiences with friends and family. You can alsolog where yourpuppy made a pee or a poo. Based on that pee markeryou can seewhere your dog usually goes potty :). The Dog Walk Appis a greatway to create lasting memories! Also a very helpful ifyou are adog walker and want to record the activities for theowner. ***Easy interface *** Simply tap on the start button and youare readyto track your walk. Dog Walk takes care of the rest: Itshows youthe exact distance, the duration of your walk and yourcurrentposition on the map. With a single click of a button you canadd apee or a poo. In case you have more than one dog, simplyselect thedog (or dogs) that made a poo or a pee. *** Take pictures*** Doyou like taking pictures? The Dog Walk app enables you tocaptureyour dog's best moments while enjoying the outdoors. Take agreatpicture of your pet and share it with friends and family! ***Pee& Poo *** See exactly where your pet goes potty. You canseethe pees & poos on the map. *** Share *** You can alwaysshareyour completed walks with your friends to let them know wheretheycan find a nice dog walk route. As a dog walker you may alsobeinterested in sharing the walks with the dog owner. *** Stayfit*** Walking your dog keeps you fit. With the Dog Walk App youcansee if your walks are getting longer or shorter, which isusuallyan indication of your own fitness as well. Whether you are adogwalker or just want to save your precious moments with yourpuppy,dog walk is the right app for you. (Continued use of GPS inthebackground can reduce battery life dramatically.)
Time To Pet
The Time To Pet mobile application is a companion app forpetsitting and dog walking companies registered with Time To Pet.Theapp can be used by both staff members and clients tosupplementtheir pet sitting software. Staff members can use the apptoquickly review their scheduled events, complete services andsendupdates to clients. Clients can use the app to view andsendmessages, update their profile, review and request servicesandview and pay invoices. Companies must already be registeredandhave an active account on Time To Pet in order for theirstaffmembers and clients to be able to use the app.
JW Library
JW LIBRARY is an official app produced by Jehovah’s Witnesses.Itincludes multiple Bible translations, as well as booksandbrochures for Bible study. BIBLE • Choose from variousBibletranslations. • Compare all available Bible versions bytapping averse number. • View the associated material by tapping afootnotemarker or reference letter NAVIGATION • Swipe left or righttoquickly navigate your current publication. • Place bookmarks atanyverse or chapter to quickly resume your reading. • Use thehistoryfeature to quickly access recently read content. • Findwords orexpressions in your current publication with the searchfeature. ©Copyright 2020 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society ofPennsylvania
Weather XL Austria PRO
Exovoid Sàrl
An easy-to-use app to stay informed of weather conditions inAustriaand around the world. Gorgeous animations of weatherconditions Seeat a glance the next weather condition change -Hourly forecast -Weather forecast for the next 10 days - Fast,beautiful and simpleto use - Detailed forecasts for rain, snow,wind and storms - Daily:dew, UV index, humidity and air pressure -Highest and lowesthistorical values - Satellite and weather radarmap animations -Optimized for both phones and tablets - LiveWallpaper - Weather innotification area and temperature in statusbar - Great widget foryour home screen And it’s all free. Try itnow ! -- Privacy Policy& Terms of use : We do not collect anypersonal information. Inorder to use our apps, please accept ourprivacy policy and reviewconditions for third-parties such asadvertising partners.
Naver Papago - AI Translator 1.5.7
Whenever you need translation during your travels, business tripsorwhile studying a language just bring Papago, a smart parrot whocantranslate multiple languages for you. ▶ What does‘Papago’mean? In Esperanto, Papago refers to a parrot, a bird withlanguageabilities. Papago supports 13 languages : Korean,English,Japanese, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Spanish,French,Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Russian, German and Italian. ▶Mainfeatures 1) Text Translation Real-time text translation forphrasesand words 2) Image Translation Automatic recognitionandtranslation of text in the image by taking a picture andpressingthe button 3) Voice Translation Real-time voice translationto bothtext and audio 4) Offline translation Can translate even inoffline5) Conversation Translation Simultaneously speak in eachother’slanguage when talking one-on-one with a foreigner 6)HandwritingTranslation Handwriting translation that finds thecorrect word andtranslation when you write using your finger 7)Website TranslationAutomatic translation for all content when youinclude the URL of aforeign website 8) Papago Mini Automaticin-screen translation byPapago Mini when you copy the text in anyapplication 9) DictionaryDictionary information provided to checkadditional meanings otherthan initial translation results 10)Global Conversation Basicexpressions available without a networkconnections Be confidentanytime, anywhere with your translatingpartner Papago! PapagoFacebook Like : PapagoInstagram Follow : ▶Required app permissions:· Microphone : allows voice/conversationtranslation. · Camera :allows image translation. · Save : savespictures taken. · Contacts: You can use NAVER login · Phone : Forsafe use of NAVER, Device IDmay be checked for functions such asverifying the logged in deviceand changing the login status. ▶Optional app permissions (you canuse the app even without allowingthis permission): · Location :Better translation results areprovided based on locationinformation. ※ Available for Android 4.2and up only. ※ Available onPC and mobile.※ For app-related issues anderrors: Contact No.: 1588-3820178-1, Green Factory,Jeongja-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si,Gyeonggi-do, Seoul
Buluttan - Weather of Turkey 2.5.3
After a long time of waiting, Buluttan is back with a brand newuserinterface! Your feedback in the past 6 months has beentremendous;we have listened it all. Check out the ‘What’s New’area to see thenew features! The Facebook page buluttanbildiriyorreaches thousandsof people each day with its accurate weatherforecasts. It now hasan official app on the Play Store: Buluttan!Buluttan lets you checkthe hourly and weekly forecasts of anyneighborhood in Turkey, sharethe current weather conditions withother users, get notified of anyextreme weather events and readthe latest posts inbuluttanbildiriyor Facebook page! - Hourly andweekly forecasts for950 neighborhoods of Istanbul and for everydistrict of the 80cities in Turkey - Daily push notificationsdelivered to your phoneproviding the upcoming weather forecastsfor your location - Extremepush notifications letting you knowabout a possible sharptemperature drop during the day, approachingheat waves & coldspells, rain alerts after a period of sunnydays and wind alertsthat might affect your daily life - Ability toshare the currentweather conditions with other users of the app;providing commentsand attaching a photo - Being up to date withthe latestbuluttanbildiriyor Facebook page posts thanks to theinstant pushnotifications Buluttan is constanly working to improveits algorithmusing machine learning so that it can provide you thebest forecastout there!
Translator PROMT.One + dictionary & phrasebooks! 20.1.314
PROMT.One ( is an online andofflinetranslator, a dictionary with transcription and phrasebookswith anopportunity to synchronize favorite translations betweenyoursmartphone and PC. Register to use all the features of ourfreeversion and get more opportunities both in the online serviceandin the app with PREMIUM subscription! FREE ONLINE VERSIONOPTIONS -3-in-1: translator, dictionary and phrasebook - Speech andtexttranslation in “Dialog” mode - Translation of text in imagesandphotos - Instant translation in any app - 18 profiles foraccuratetranslation - Voice input and pronunciation - Roamingtrafficsaving mode - Synchronization of settings and favoritetranslationsbetween devices PREMIUM OFFLINE SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS -7-day freetrial period - ADS FREE app and online service -OfflineTranslator, Phrasebooks and Dictionary - 7 popular languagesareaccessible for offline translation: English, French,German,Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portugal - and 20 languages arealwaysaccessible online *PREMIUM subscription is tied to youraccount. Itis valid both in the app on different devices, and inthe PROMT Oneweb version! THE MOST ACCURATE TRANSLATION PROMTadvancedtechnology provides high-quality translation. The app hasbeenalready set for the most popular topics: languages study,scienceand education, correspondence and online networking,engineering,business, purchase, travel, sport, health. TRANSLATIONIN “DIALOG”MODE Speech translation in dialog mode allows you tocommunicateeasily at any time and place. Choose the languagesforcommunication, speak your native language and receive atranslationof your dialog partner speech. TRANSLATE IN ANY APP Justcopy theselected text fragment, its translation appears in thenotificationarea. Context menu is also accessible for work withtexts in anyapp for Android 6.x and elder versions. PHOTOTRANSLATIONTranslation of text directly from camera or from galleryphotos.Just select a text fragment or a word at the image. SPEAKANDLISTEN It is not necessary to type text, just pronounce aphraseand listen to its translation. It is convenient at thetravelabroad and during foreign languages studies! STUDY LANGUAGESEASILYUse the app as a full-fledged dictionary containingtranslations ofwords from different subjects areas, informationabout parts ofspeech and transcription. You also can listen how aword and any ofits translations are pronounced. More informationavailable on thewebsite: grammar, declinations, conjugations,examples oftranslations and collocations. Quick links areintegrated intoapps. SAVE ROAMING TRAFFIC Special mode which allowsyou tominimize mobile web traffic when you translate duringtravelabroad. DON’T TRANSLATE THE SAME TEXTS TWICE The last50translations are saved in “History” and accessibleoffline.Favorite translations are saved forever, even if youcleared the“History”. TRANSLATION FOR POPULAR LANGUAGES English,German,French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Finnish,Japanese,Arabian, Turkish, Catalan, Greek, Kazakh, Chinese, Korean,Dutch,Hindi, Ukrainian and Russian **Internet connection isnecessary fortranslation in a free version.** Required Permissions:• Microphone- for speech translation • Camera – for translation oftext fromimages Subscription Terms ofUse: Did you like ourapp?We are very glad! Leave a comment about it in Google Play andhelpothers to choose our translator. This is the best way to thankus.Don’t give us a poor mark immediately. If the app didn’t meetyourexpectations, please contact us at and wewillimprove the product for your special benefit! For moreinformationvisit ourwebsite:
Epic Heroes War: Action + RPG + Strategy + PvP
Epic Heroes War is a real-time strategy game, onlineside-scrollerdefense combines RPG. Build up a powerful army andslaughter enemyhordes in quests and battles with other players! Keyfeatures: ★ Anunique game, not duplicated with other games on theStore ★ Lot ofheroes with unique skills ★ Lot of campaign levels,Online PvP,Domination, Challenge, Heaven & Hell map ... ★ LocalBosses ★Nation War ★ World Bosses ★ Auction ★ Boss party ★ GuildWar ★Arena ★ Real-time strategy PvP 1VS1 battle.
Geography Quiz - flags, maps & coats of arms 1.4.94
The best Geography Quiz. Thanks for more than 600 000downloads!Flags of the World has changed to Geography Quiz with alot of newlevels. No. 1 in Trivia games. Our app is absolutely freeand asthe only one have 3 modes: flags, maps and coats of arms. Doyouknow where is Egypt? Do you remember national flag of Jamaica?Haveyou ever seen symbol of Iran? With World Map you can learnthelocations of all the countries around the World. In our gameyouwill find 6 continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, North America,SouthAmerica, Australia. With our quiz game you can learngeographyevery day and everywhere. We are going to add more citiesandcapitals of the world in our educational app. If you haveaproblem, use clues: - Discover 1st letter - Removeunnecessaryletters - Show 1/2 country name - Show correct answerFeatures: ★180 flags of the world ★ 120 popular country maps ★ 100coats ofarms / emblems ★ 20 exciting levels ★ Every level have 20puzzles ★Helpful clues - hints system ★ 1 hint every 4 correctanswers ★Detailed statistics ★ Comfortable keyboard ★ Frequentupdates ★Source of knowledge ★ Small size of the application ★Great funThis is more fascinating and interesting than Logo Quiz.Challengeyourself to guess all the countries. Test your knowledge!You canfind us on Facebook. Like us!
HiNative - Q&A App for Language Learning 8.1.1
Lang-8, inc
Over 5 Million Users Worldwide!! Have you ever wondered how tosay"I love you" in another language? Find out on HiNative! Askanyquestions about English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish,French,Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Italian, andover ahundred other languages and dialects. Get answers to yourquestionsfrom native speakers in a matter of minutes. Spread thelanguagelearning love by helping other users learn your nativelanguage.Welcome to the friendliest, most helpful languagelearningcommunity in the world, where you can ask whatever you wantandlearn for free. The #1 online language learning app forlanguagelearners. Over 2 million registered users worldwide. GooglePlay'sBest of 2017 Features Audio Uploads - Want to checkyourpronunciation? Curious about a certain area’s accent? Needsomehandy phrases for your upcoming trip abroad? Just recordyourquestions and ask. Let the world hear you! Question Formats-Asking questions made simple. All you need to know are thewords,phrases, or sentences that you need help with, andHiNativequestion formats will do the rest. We automaticallytranslate yourquestions into other users’ native languages. Learnhow to speak alanguage without knowing how to speak it in the firstplace!Pictures - Not sure how to write something? No problem!Sometimes apicture is better than words. Upload images of signs,menus,labels, and even that rad Chinese character you’reconsideringgetting a tattoo of. Just snap a picture and ask away!Ask AboutCountries & Cultures - Traveling soon? Moving abroad?Asknatives the important questions that only locals can answer.Getinformation about local customs, famous landmarks, thecheapest(but tastiest) restaurants, or even opinions on currentevents. Youcan also ask questions which are not on a dictionary ortranslator!Over 110 Languages to Learn - You can ask about English(US),Japanese, Korean, Spanish (Spain), French (France),SimplifiedChinese (China), Russian, Arabic, Spanish (Mexico),Portuguese(Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Traditional Chinese(Taiwan),German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian,Turkish,Vietnamese, English (UK), Spanish (Columbia), Polish,Norwegian,Indonesian, Malaysian, Klingon, and many more! Unlike adictionary,web search, or translation software, HiNative providesyou withcustomized example sentences, responses to yourfollow-upquestions, and tips to improve your pronunciation. Askaboutvocabulary, how to write and speak, pronunciation, grammar,and getgreat tips from native speakers. You can even practiceyourlistening comprehension! HiNative brings the entire world toyourfingertips, wherever you are. It’s never been this easy toconnect,help, and learn. Try HiNative today and change the way youstudylanguages for the better. ====== HiNative is run by thecreators ofLang-8, one of the most popular language learning siteson the web,with over a million users worldwide. Lang-8 - Please send feedback and comments to:support@hinative.comUse HiNative on the Web at: Come say Hi on:Facebook - Twitter-
SayHi Translate 4.3.6
Instantly speak another language, for free, with SayHi TranslateonAndroid! Have a conversation in two languages and hear yourvoicetranslated instantly. Featured App by: NBC Today Show,Lifehacker,Gizmodo, TUAW,TechCrunch******************************************** + With SayHiTranslatefor Android, you can translate to and from the followinglanguages:Afrikaans, Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese(Cantonese- Traditional), Chinese (Mandarin), Catalan, Croatian,Czech,Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Fijan, Filipino, Finnish,French,German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong Daw,Hungarian,Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian,Lithuanian,Malagasy, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish,Portuguese,Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Samoan,Spanish,Swahili, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Tongon, Turkish, Ukrainian,Urdu,Vietnamese, Welsh + The following languages have dialectsupport:Arabic: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait,Libya,Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, UAE,YemenEnglish: Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, South Africa,UK,USA French: Canada, France Italian: Italy, SwitzerlandMandarin:China (Simplified Chinese), Taiwan (TraditionalChinese)Portuguese: Brazil, Portugal Spanish: Argentina, Bolivia,Colombia,Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala,Honduras,Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico,Spain,Uruguay, USA, Venezuela + Beautiful: We gave SayHi a simple,modernlook. + New navigation: Tap the menu button to accesssettings andmore. + Languages at your fingertips: Quickly changelanguages,choose male or female voices (where available), and speedup orslow down the rate of speech + Hold to type: Hold themicrophonebutton to quickly bring up a keyboard. + Copy &share: Tap andhold on a translation to copy or share yourconversations easilyvia email, SMS, Facebook, or Twitter. +Localized in many languages+ Accessible: Android Talkback issupported, and improvednavigation for accessiblity. + Perfect ifyou want to learn a newlanguage, travel to a foreign country, orchat with people whodon't speak your language. + Internetconnection required to useapp, microphone permissions are requiredfor voice translations,push notification permissions are requiredfor helping you discovernew languages while traveling and receivingthe latest updates fromthe SayHi team. + Privacy policy and termsof use:
ELSA Speak: English Accent Coach 5.5.7
ELSA is the ultimate English speaking practice app forEnglishlearners. ELSA, your English Language Speech Assistant,coaches youto speak English like an American. Powered byaward-winning speechrecognition technology, ELSA figures out whereyour pronunciationsmistakes are and shows you how to improve.800,000 people used ELSAto improve their pronunciation score by 40%in under 4 weeks.ELSA's Features - Get a curriculum tailored toyour speaking level,so you can focus on the right words. - Learn tospeak over 2000 ofthe most popular English words with perfectpronunciation - Findout exactly which sounds you spoke areincorrect - Receive feedbackon how to move your tongue and lips tocorrect your words -Practice common phrases used in everyday life,like at work, duringinterviews, and while traveling - Practice in arelaxed environmentwithout fear of embarrassment in front of otherpeople - Track yourprogress and come back to practice any wordsyou’re still stuck on- Get results, fast! 27 hours with ELSA isequivalent to a semesterof university course in America to gainexcellent pronunciation andreduce accent. Improve your speakingskills to prepare for theTOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC. Speak confidentlywith your friends, boss,colleagues, tourists. Internationalrecognition from - #1 EducationApp on ProductHunt - One of “7can’t-miss apps” - Mashable - Winnerof the world’s largest startupcompetition SXSWEdu Launch 2016 -Winner of “The Best DigitalLearning App” by Reimagine Education2016
Doggy Logs - Dog Walk GPS Tracking 3.1
Offer a premium GPS tracking service and increase trust withyourclients by keeping them connected to their furry friends!Trackyour dog walks and automatically email or text the dog ownersasummary afterwards! Show them where you went with aninteractivemap including photos, notes, distance and time. Your dogwalkemails can be branded with your own logo and businessinformation.Features include: • GPS track your dog walks • Check-inmode forhouse visits • Group walks with multiple pick ups and dropoffs.Each dog's walk time will be tracked individually. • Notes(duringor after a walk) • Photos (with optional watermarked date&time, location and company logo) • Checklists • Pee &Poobuttons • Tag photos and notes for dogs - owners will only seetheinformation for their own dog • Email notifications with yourownlogo and branding • Text message notifications • Pick-up&drop-off notifications • More customization available onourwebsite: • A fun and easy-to-use interface •Freefor up to 2 dogs At Doggy Logs we love animals and want tokeeppeople connected with their pets. We offer dog walkers afunsolution to make that possible!
***** Already Ranked #1 among Word Games in 44 countries*****Enroll in Word Academy to unlock hundreds of grids made upofhidden words. The words in each grid have a theme and order:thegame starts off easy, but the size and number of words increaseasyou play, and the order becomes more important anddifficult.STUCK? That's not a bug! If you can’t connect the lettersit’sbecause you have solved the words in the wrong order. In thatcasestart over using the reload button and try to solve the wordsin anew order. SCIMOB, the creator of 94 Seconds, 94 Degrees and94%with more than 50 million players worldwide, brings you itslatestgame and brain workout, Word Academy!
Hangul study (Korean) for foreigners 2.09
Hangul study (Korean) The educational program forlearningHangul(Korean). It contains up to a wide variety of wordcards, andsimple grammar. Educational programs for studying Hangul!- Listento the soft voice of a professional voice actor,We enjoystudingHangul! - In addition, lifetime free app! - To a varietyofeducational content, as well as periodic updates! Hangulclassroomcan contain the following information. Level 1. DependingWrite:allows you to practice for the Hangul writing under theorder.  - 1, 2, 3, 4   - ㄱ,ㄴ,ㄷ,ㄹ  -ㅏ,ㅑ,ㅓ,ㅕ   - 가,나,다,라 Step 2. Words card:sorted by theme,you can familiarize yourself looking at thingsthrough the wordcards that contain the actual photos directly intothe eye. -Animal cards, food cards, object cards : Card order byrandom, thestudy is not bored. - All cards will be regularlyupdated content.- All cards are vividly hear the voice of aprofessional voiceactors, allowing a three-dimensional learning. -If you want to seeand things along, do not hesitate provides theability to directlypaint the grill. Please raise the creativity ofchildren. Step 3.Studying grammar: simple, but as I studied Hangulcontainsessential grammar and sayings. - Investigation, spelling,saying:Since each theme every issue syntax provided at random andrelievesboredom during learning. - Studying the grammar stagebefore thestatement is also recorded by professional voice actors,learningcan be fun. Additionally, I wish I had this feature! Forthose whosay, Through my blog it has received an opinion freely.Thank you.
Quran With Urdu Translation 1.1
This is Quran With Urdu Translation Mp3 Tilawat Audio App WhichisFree for All android Mobiles.This App is very easy and also youcanListen Quran Majeed Everywhere Without Internet Connection.WeAddedPause Button in this app to Stop the Audio Anytime andthenContinue it by clicking on Resume Button.There are many namesofthis app which are Urdu Quran Majeed Audio Offline also HolyQuranWith Urdu Audio Mp3 Free also Quran Mp3 Offline WithUrduTranslation also Urdu Mp3 Quran Offline with Translation AudioalsoUrdu Audio Quran Mp3 Offline also Urdu Quran Android App Freesothat you can install it.This App is very Smooth and perfect forallandroid mobiles.
Hindi Status - DP Image, StylishText, Name Meaning 3.2.26
This app have grand collection of Hindi Attitude Status in HindiandEnglish language. Love Status in Hindi has each and every partofthe latest attitude quotes with emoji texts. You never get outofstatus for WhatsApp. This app provides the best attitude statusforWhatsApp. Main features attitude shayari app 😎 👉 Cool font:Fontplays a major role according to one's mood. Good and stylishfont isalso necessary. So we have added a bold and stylish font tothisbest attitude quotes. 👉 Clean design: UI of this app is cleanwithred color. Since color also shows sign of your mood so weadded redcolor in the app design. 👉 Attractive texts with emoji:WhatsAppStatus with emoji looks pretty cool attitude status forboys. So weadded love attitude status for WhatsApp Hindi withemoji. Maincategories of Best quotes in Hindi. Here are some themajor Hindiattitude status 2020. Latest love status will be addedin newupdates too. Royal attitude shayari for boys 👦 Boy attitudestatusHindi - Thousands of boys attitude status 2020are on theirspecificpage. How to use this app 🤔 First install the app. Open itand youwill get:- Every category on the front page. When you clickon anyof the categories, it will take you to the next page whereit showsall related things. Just scroll and read. To share, justclick onany share button. How to Share, Copy, make your attitudestatus forWhatsApp? Sharing: There are major social share buttonincluded. ForWhatsapp status: If you want to share any status forWhatsApp, youhave to click on the WhatsApp icon. It will take youto list of yourcontact where you can choose whom to send. Copy: Tocopy a text youneed to click on copy icon under the text. When youclick on copyicon, it copies the text to your clipboard. Afterthis, you canpaste it anywhere. Set your DP Pic Set DP: You canset your statusas your DP Pic. Categories : Hindi Attitude StatusAttitude StatusIn Hindi Latest Attitude Status 2020 Best AttitudeStatus NewAttitude Status In Hindi 2020 Killer Attitude Status..Boy AttitudeStatus.. Girls Attitude Status.. Anniversary Status..April FoolStatus.. Love Status.. Birthday Status.. BreakupStatus.. CrazyStatus.. Cute Status.. Dirty Status.. EngagementStatus.. ExamStatus.. Friendship Status.. Funny Status.. GirlsBoys Status.. GoodMorning Status.. Good Night Status.. KissStatus.. Life Status..Missing You Status.. Romantic Status.. SadStatus.. ** Hindi Status** Anniversary Status.. April FoolStatus.. Attitude Status.. LoveStatus.. Birthday Status.. BreakupStatus.. Crazy Status.. CuteStatus.. Dirty Status.. EngagementStatus.. Exam Status.. FriendshipStatus.. Funny Status.. GirlsBoys Status.. Good Morning Status..Good Night Status.. KissStatus.. Life Status.. Missing You Status..Romantic Status.. SadStatus.. Stylish Text - You can explore yournew stylish name. Itwill use as your unique Name style forInstagram, for WhatsApp, forFacebook etc.. - You can generate yourname as emoji and send asmessage. My Name Ringtone - You can createyour name ringtone usingthis tool. You can set as your callerringtone, Notification tone.This is very cool tool. My Name Meaning- You can generate yourname meaning using this tool. It bringssmile on your face. You candownload this as image and share on anysocial media platform.Disclaimer: All trademarks mentioned belongto their owners, thirdparty brands, product names, trade names,corporate names andcompany names mentioned may be trademarks oftheir respectiveowners or registered trademarks of other companies.Thank You...
Dog Hotel – Play with dogs and manage the kennels 2.1.5
Open your own dog hotel! DogHotel invites you to manage a brandnewresort, put your dog sitting skills to the test and learn howtorun a successful doggy hotel business. Look after all thedoggiesplaced in your care. Granny Edith's pug needs to lose someweight,beefy Lucky the Labrador wants to join the fire departmentandlittle Lizzy the Poodle wants to learn her first tricks. Makesureall the dogs have a nice time in your hotel and that theyreturn totheir owners happy. Care for Up to ten Different Dogs As afresh,young pet boarding manager, you take control of your very owndoghotel. You'll find dog-caring tasks waiting for you there.Makesure your dogs are satisfied, pet them, groom them, keeptheircages clean and when they get hungry, and don’t forget to feedthemwith highest quality nutritious and delicious dog food! Mastertheart of dog grooming! Pick up your dog brush and make theirfurhealthy and pretty - wash them when they get dirty, dogcleaningjust got fun! Play with your Dogs On the Lawn Gainexperience bydog walking and improve the fitness of your furryfriends on theobstacle course. Guide your cute virtual dogs overobstacles,through tunnels and across wobbly tree trunks. VariousTypes ofCute Dog Breeds Prepare to meet all sorts of four leggedfriends -Have fun with the playful pugs, groom the cute Beagles,pet theloyal Labradors, and jog with the agile AustralianShepherds! Be anattentive dog sitter and keep a close eye on theirbehavior - everyone has its own unique personality and needs! Extrafeatures ★Complete exciting missions. Each dog has its own storyand presentsyou with challenging tasks! ★ Expand your boardingkennel anddecorate it to your tastes with pirate baskets or amagical shower!★ Pet and play with your dogs, or watch them playtogether on thelawn! Get DogHotel today and open your own dogresort! Support Ifyou have questions or problems related to the appor in-apppurchases, please feel free to contact us via our
Zulu Bible zulu
We are happy to present this wonderful bible in Zulu version, Ihopeit is to your liking and that you continue to enjoy and dogood, asGod did
com.swotwords.lite 6.0
Do you want to learn a foreign language quickly? A uniqueprogramfor memorizing words will help you to do it. The mainsuccess oflearning a foreign language consists in the most rapidvocabularyreplenishment: you should repeat words time and again.For thispurpose people often use the notepads, what is notalwaysconvenient. New app "My Dictionary: polyglot" combinesseveralfunctions and advantages: • 90 kinds of dictionaries(English,German, French, Spanish, etc.); • 8 types of training:word search,writing the words, searching for a translation,comparison of thestudied words and its translation; • Automatictranslation of anadding word; • Evaluation of learning the words; •Completelylearned words can be hidden or deleted from the main listof study;• Short statistics, that shows the dynamics of learning;•Pronunciation of a word; • Quick search of words andtranslationsin the dictionary; • Tags for words, search by tags,training bytags; • Transcription for words and usage examples; •Archivingdatabase and fast recovery from a backup file; • Imageeditor forwords; • Import from Excel (XLS and XLSX); • Export toExcel; •Notifications (also for other devices like smartwatch); •Set ofwords from server; • Synchronization with the cloud withtheability to use one database on different devices; • Ability tousemultiple databases of different users on the same device; •Nightmode. This app allows you to expand your vocabulary fastenough.Its main advantage is the availability of 8 differenttrainings forlearning. 90 kinds of dictionaries include the mostpopular worldlanguages, such as English, German, French, Spanish,Italian,Chinese, Portuguese. As a result, it is possible tolearnsequentially or simultaneously speaking several languages. Theappprovides a unique opportunity to learn multiple words per dayandit is the fastest way to learn the language because vocabularyisthe basis of a quick study. The more new words you learn,thebetter you will understand your interlocutor, and the easieryouwill communicate with him. Of course, the grammar isalsonecessary, but we recommend to learn it after learningvocabulary,at least the basic words. Otherwise learning a foreignlanguagewill be much harder, longer and more boring. This app willbeespecially useful for those who read foreign literature,visitforeign forums and sites. Finding a new unknown word in thetext,the user can simply add it to his dictionary, see thetranslation,and then learn with the help of training. Usuallywithout adictionary people forget a new word soon, and seeing itagain theyhave to look for it once more. During the app’sdevelopment thecomplexity of "manual" search of translation and thepsychologicalaspects of learning of words, including the lack offree time, weretaken into account. So: Having met in the text anunknown word,just go to the app, enter a new word in the dictionaryand see thetranslation. If it’s necessary, add it to the list ofstudiedwords. During studying the program shows the level ofmastering thewords (in percent). When the word is learned, it isenough to tick"Studied" on the appropriate word and it ceases toappear intraining. Learned words do not appear in the list fortraining, butremain in the dictionary that allows you to find themquickly whenit’s needed. Thus, the application “My Dictionary:polyglot” is aninvaluable aid in learning a foreign language.Anyone can verifythis on his own and learn any foreign languagequickly enough.Differences from the paid version: • The presence ofadvertising. •Free upload of up to 300 images to the cloud (up to600 in paidversion). • Free sharing up to 3 sets of words for allusers (up to9 in paid version). • A slightly more expensivesubscriptions forunlimited upload of images to the cloud.
French Learning App - Busuu Language Learning
Join 80 million Busuu users waiting to help you learn French!Becomea member of the busuu community and have your speaking andwritingexercises corrected by native speakers. Plus, you can helpothers inyour native language! FEATURES ★ Learn French basics withvocabulary& grammar units, audio dialogues, language games andinteractivetests. ★ Submit practice exercises where nativespeakers will helpyou perfect your skills. ★ Set yourself apersonalised goal toensure you are reaching your learningobjectives. ★ Personalised tofit your style of learning, ensuringyou become proficient in theshortest possible time. ★ Learn themost important 150 topics and3000 words, specific languagetraining. ★ Test your knowledge withfun quizzes and word games tosee how much you have learnt. SUPPORT& FEEDBACK Languagelearner, are you having problems or do yousimply just want to helpimprove the product with your feedback?Please, visit our helpcentre at contact us directlyat We are more than happy toanswer all thequestions and solve any issues, so make sure youcontact us beforeleaving your rating. MEDIA NEWS Forbes – “Quicker,Smarter, Better”New York Times – “easy to use & feels cheerful”Google – “MustHave App” BBC – “easier way to learn” FOLLOW USLanguage learningis not only about practice, make sure you followus on social mediaand on our blog. We will share a lot of tips,tricks and languagegames! Facebook: Twitter: https://blog.busuu.comWebsite: OTHERINFORMATION Our French languagelearning app is available inEnglish, French, Spanish, Portuguese,Italian, German, Polish,Japanese, Turkish, Russian and Chinese asinterface languages. It’savailable in all countries, and regardlessof whether you're usingyour smartphone, tablet or computer.Learning French is easier thanyou think, so download the busuu appnow and start working on yourFrench pronunciation, grammar andvocabulary right away!
Malayalam Quran 2.0
Assalamu alaikum, This is the First Malayalam Quran TranscriptforAndroid, to read the meaning of Qur'an in malayalam languageandyet understand Islam to its fullness. Translation is the choiceofwords described by human in their own mother languange.Translationis not version of al-Quran. Original Al-Quran is inArabic languageand it has no other version. If you see and hear thearabic onethat is Al-Quran. It is the same like it was 1400 yearsago. Neverbeen changed and preserved by Allah swt. To make itclear, this isnot quran. Merely, a translation. Al-Quran wastransmitted to us ina chain starting from the Almighty Himself(swt) to the angelGabriel to the Prophet Muhammad saw in form ofwahyu.So, let usstart now, open your heart, insha allah, you'llfind thetruth.Version 1.0===============-Simple and easyuserinterface.-Option to download and play the audio file of theQuran.-For that, permission to write to the SDcard is need.-Thedownloaded file will be kept in "QuranAudio" folderinsideSDcard.-Once downloaded, that file will be used to play theaudiotranslation of the corresponding chapter.-User can swipeleft/rightto navigate chapters.Version 1.1===============-Unlimitedbookmarksfeature.-Goto Ayat option.Version2.0===============Included QuranversesAction bar feature for latestAndroid versionsDisclaimer:Information provided in this App isintended for research andeducational use only. Distribution ofreligious material isrestricted and or prohibited by law in certaincountries, and mayconstitute criminal offences. The owner of thisApp does notendorse the propogation of any religion or doctorineand is notliable for the actions of individuals who may choose todistributethis content.
Hindi Dictionary Offline Spring
Sohid Uddin
This Hindi Dictionary has the facility of searching bothfromEnglish to Hindi and Hindi to English.and English toEnglishmeaning with example. Relevant and important words arelisted andsynced with search that gives advantage of a word book ofHindi andEnglish. Search History, Store Favorite, Display Word Ofthe Day.List of Synonyms and Antonyms with details Englishdescription.Searching words through voice, Pronunciation ofEnglish, Detectingtyped language automatically. How to use somemain features InstantScanning features: At first you have to enableinstant scanningfrom display settings or home screen , During usingbrowser or anyother application please select the word or words andthen presscopy. You will see instant meaning of this word withoutopeningdictionary. English Grammar: We provide some importantgrammarchapter like tense , sentence , voice narration etc. WordQuiz: Ourquiz have 24 level, You have to complete one by one. Forwronganswer you will be asked again on the end of the level. MixerMCQ:This is like real exam. You can change number of questionandquestion type also. Word Category: We divide important word into60categories.You will find it from drawer. You can changecategoryposition by dragging.We include verbs, idioms and phrasessection.Backup & Restore: You can take backup and your favoriteandhistory word in sdcard.and can restore it later. How to setLiveWallpaper: From left drawer please click live wallpaper optionandyou will see word with meaning on your home screen. Youcancustomize this wallpaper screen. you can change color, fontsizeand also position of word. Quotes: We provide a lot of quotesthatcan change your life.
Learn Japanese Free 2.2.8
"Learn Japanese Free" include over 5000+ phrases with65categories(Greetings,How are you,Meeting,I loveyou,ThankYou,Hotel,Numbers,JapaneseHotelphrases,Health,Restaurant,Weather,Clothes,Describingpeople,Loveand Romance,Japanese Expressions,Goingout,Questions,Airport...)serve the purpose at tourists and businesspeople visiting Japan"Learn Japanese Free" include over 200 grammarlesson Quiz gamewill improve word and phrases ... All of them isFREE util tomorrowCan not require internet
Telugu word game 1.2
ెలుగు నేర్చుకోండి, ఆడండి ಮತ್ತು ಆನಂದಿಸಿA swadeshi Telugu wordgame.Play this Telugu game and have fun.Over 5000 trickypuzzles,questions, GK quiz and brain teasers.Score more and sharewithfriends and loved ones.
Tamil Bakthi Padalgal Amman Devotional Songs 9.0
* புகழ்பெற்ற 15 அம்மன் பாடல்கள் * 15 Popular amman devotionalsongs* Easy controls * No internet required * Audio controls toForward,Rewind, Next, Previous, Loop etc. * Contains lyrics of 108Ammanporti * 108 அம்மன் போற்றி வரிகள்
Maps of All Countries in the World: Geography Quiz 2.2
Guess all 197 independent countries of all continents bytheiroutline maps! Geographic quiz over all regions of the Earth:fromEurope and Asia to Africa and America.Do you confuse IrelandandIceland, or Sweden and Switzerland? Or do you believe that youarea geography expert? Then collect all stars in this game!Themapsare divided into two levels of difficulty:1) well-knowncountries(Level 1) - New Zealand, Netherlands, Nigeria, etc.2)exoticcountries (Level 2) - Maldives, Equatorial Guinea,MarshallIslands, etc.The third option is to play with “All Maps”.Inthe newversion of the game, you can study each continentseparately:1)Europe (51 states) - Austria, Spain, Czechia.2) Asia(49 states) -Vietnam, Israel, Indonesia.3) North and CentralAmerican (25states) - United States, Jamaica, El Salvador.4) SouthAmerica (13states) - Uruguay, Argentina, Chile.5) Africa (54states) -Morocco, South Africa, Ethiopia.6) Australia and Oceania(15states) - Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Federated StatesofMicronesia.Choose one of several game modes and find the mapofyour country: * Spelling quizzes (easy and hard).*Multiple-choicequestions (with 4 answer options). It’s important toremember thatyou have only 3 lives.* Time game (give as manyanswers as you canin 1 minute) - you should give more than 25correct answers to geta star.A learning tool:* Flashcards - browseall maps withoutguessing.The app is translated into 23 languages,includingEnglish, German, Spanish and many others. So you can learnthenames of the countries in any of them.The app doesn'trequireInternet connection and works offline.Test your geographyknowledgeand find the map of your state!
Find the Word in Pics 23.2
Find the Word in Pics Hundreds of levels, hours of fun. The goalofthis puzzle game is to find the feature the four pictures haveincommon and write it underneath it to unlock the level andwincoins. Coins are useful to buy hints, and can be gained byeitherwaiting or solving levels. This game is highly addictive,bewarned! It seems easy at first but before you know it youareshowing it to people asking them to help you out! Will you be uptoit? Can you unlock them all? ...AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, WHAT'STHEWORD? ;) MULTIPLAYER ! PLAY WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY ! HUNDREDSOFLEVELS (MODE CLASSIC/FOOD AND COUNTRIES) UNLIMITED SKIPS!CAN'TFIND IT? GO TO NEXT LEVEL ! SUITS ALL AGE GROUP, CHILDRENANDGRANDPARENTS INCLUDED ! FACEBOOK INTEGRATION
UApps Studio
In KhawabNama App you can find meanings of dreams/ Khawab andknowthe meaning of your dreams and every kind of khwab . Collectionofthousand of dreams in this book you can easily find the meaningofyour dreams. Not only meanings now you can read and know anythingabout dreams /Khawab in one app. Background of Khawab/Dreams,Falnama and Qayafa e Taqdeer is also added in this khawabnama appwhich is vey unique feature. This App is tell theaccurateinterpretation and meaning of all kind of dreams and khawabinpoint of view of Hazrat Yousaf A.S. . Topic covered inthisKhawabNama Hazrat Yousaf (A.S) > Khwab Ki Tabeer (HazratYousafA.S.) > Khawabon ki Tabeer with Alphabets order >Khawab KaPas E Manzer > Haqeeqat-e-Khwab Ahkam-e-Ilahi ki roshnimein> Khawab ke barey mein Hazrat Muhammad Sallalaho alehewaalehewasalam(Peace Be Upon Him) ke irshadata. > Khwab kemutaalqbazurgan-e-deen ke irshadaat. > Taabeer-e-Khawab aurmuslim ulmaki koshish > Falnama > Jism se Qayafa Tadeer >SacheyKhwab q atey hain aur bohat kuch.... KhawabNama Hazrat Yousaf(A.S)is a complete and authentic khawabon ki tabeer book of itskind .Features Full Page navigation and Topic Navigation Zoom InZoom OutView of pages Share it with Friend Feature Added
Khmer Weather Forecast 1.7
Rotha Apps
Want to know weather in Cambodia today? Want to receive newsofclimate in Cambodia?Khmer Weather Forecast is going tohelpyou.What does Khmer Weather Forecast give to you?- keeptrackingdaily weather information for you- get weather ofCambodiaprovinces and capital city- alert notification to you ifthere is anews of climate in Cambodia- get data following Ministryof WaterResources and Meteorology- view in three days forecast.
English Hindi Dictionary, News Vocab(Kitkatwords) 5.1.0-alpha-23
Offline English Hindi dictionary. A very simple and easy touseEnglish to Hindi Dictionary and Translation App. Also, thisapphelps you to improve your vocabulary to confidently speakEnglish.It allows you to add words from leading Indian newspaperswhich youcan memorise anytime anywhere? KitkatWords brings you thislearningopportunity right at your fingertips!Our goal is to helpyouenchant a sound vocabulary. Try it now, it's working formillionsof existing users.SHORT NEWSBrowse through bite-sized60-wordshorts to get updated on the latest news in a short time.Each newsstory has one or the other word which a user is not awareof. Thisis the only easy-to-use App which delivers the day to daynews andat the same time helps users hone their English vocabulary,therebybettering their fluency in the language and also giving themaproper understanding of the usage of words with thecorrectcontext. Another important characteristic to be noted isthat theEnglish words will have their Hindi translations aswell!MEMORIZEWORDSExpand your vocabulary with lightning speed, viathe mostconvenient method we all are familiar with. The appfacilitatesusers to create a wordlist of his own choice while bysiftingthrough the news which is sourced from the leading nationalandinternational newspapers. Also enables them to memorize theirwordslist anytime anywhere. ASSESSMENTUsers take personalizedadaptiverevision vocabulary test to assess their performance.Assessment isdone in a multi-choice format. Assessing yourknowledge with thehelp of this offline android dictionary will helpyou improve yourvocabulary. You can choose the correct words from alist of wordsas per their Hindi Meaning to assess yourEnglishvocabulary.ENGLISH TO HINDI DICTIONARY AND TRANSLATIONThisApp,which is also an English to Hindi dictionary, provides meaningsofwords, the definition of words, pronunciations, synonyms,antonyms,and examples of the meaning of the words that you search.It is oneof the most popular free Dictionary over the internet. Andwhat'sironical? No internet connection is required for using it!Hindiwords are displayed in Devanagari script in a simple andeasymanner along with reference images. Download the app and tryityourself.This comes as a boost for the people who are preparingforcompetitive exams. Students who are preparing for exams likeCAT,MAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT, SSC, Bank PO, BBA, BBS, BCA, CET, GATE,IAS,IBPS, IELTS, IES, TOEFL, UPSC etc. will find kitkatWordsextremelyvaluable as it the best English vocabulary builder andanyone canlearn words on the go.So does questions prop up in yourhead? Don'thesitate to ask! Customer satisfaction is incrediblyimportant tous. If you have any questions or comments, please sendus an emailat You can alsovisit: We hope you will like it andshare yourfeedback on Google Play Store feedback section.Using therightvocabulary is an excellent tool for communicating in a betterway we wish you a happy learning experience with our English toHindiDictionary Android app!
English Pronunciation 2.2.0
★ Pronunciation is one of the important steps to speakEnglishbasically. This App will help learners, especiallybeginners. whohave difficulties or questions on how to pronouncewords properlyand how to distinguish the various English sounds. ★EnglishPronunciation plans for all levels of learner with a varietyofbasic lessons, advanced lessons and pronunciation tips. Withourapp, you will have a great time to learn about Englishphoneticsand sounds. You also practice pronunciation skills by wordorsentences together with listening and speaking skills. FEATURE★Various lessons: step by step pronunciation lessons withbasiclevel (vowel sounds, diphthong sounds and consonantsounds),advanced level (linking word, stress and intonation) andmanyinteresting pronunciation tips. ★ You can listen and practicebothBritish accent & American accent ★ Easy topracticepronunciation exercises: - Pronounce English and voicerecording tocompare - Listening and writing Words - Writing Englishphonetic -Writing English words with English phonetics ★Interactive PhonemicChart with high quality audio. Just installEnglish PronunciationPractice app to enjoy, pronounce Words andimprove your Englishcommunication. ★ More information:Website: ★ Follow us and LearnEnglish evenmore: Facebook: G+:
Moniusoft Calendar
Moniusoft Calendar helps you manage events in your life. Youcancreate your own notes and set reminders. Your notes are safeonyour device. No one has access to your notes unless you wanttoshare them with your friends. You can use the application evenifyou don't have access to the Internet. Features: - Creatingyourown notes. - Repeating events every specified period (days,weeks,months, years). - Setting reminder alarms. - Configurableremindernotification sound. - Marked public holidays in differentcountries(to choose from). - Sharing via various channels (e-mail,SMS,Bluetooth, ...). - Importing and exporting your events to afile. -App widget with agenda of the day. - Configurable first dayof theweek: Monday or Sunday. - Customizable appearance.Severalpredefined themes (light, dark and translucent). -Languageselection regardless of the system settings.
Learn Spanish free for beginners 4.5
🇪🇸 How to Learn Spanish 🇪🇸 The Spanish game for beginners ● Free
 ● Lessons and exercises to practice ( read, writeandspeak ) this language by yourself ● 4 activities and exam -testfor each topic. ● 36 topics and 3 levels Basic: Alphabetletters ,Numbers , Colors , Verbs , Food … Intermediate: Week Days, Animals, Clothes , Body … Advanced : Sports , House , Christmas ,Music ,… 500 words with image and audio , to study vocabularyNativeSpanish pronunciation ( Spain ) Learning Spanish fast at homewithour course in your mobile / tablet You will not need anSpanishEnglish translation or a dictionary anymore! LearnSpanish,English, Portuguese, French, German and Italian with ourapps Oneof the best games to learn languages Copyright: IMPORTANT:We areowners and have copyright of all sounds words Images havebeenobtained under licensed Creative Commons CC0
Read Gujarati Font - View in Gujarati Automatic 6
Shivam Soft
Your Phone isn't support the gujarati language? If you arereceivinga message as a blank squares? Now, you don't need toworry any more.We developed an application that will help you toread your gujaratifont message. This app will translate yourmessage in gujarati font,and you can read your messgae instantlyon your screen, Just in 3simple steps. Read Your Gujarati fontMessage in 2 Simple Steps. *Download and Open this app Once. *Just Select and copy theunreadable message. * That's it. Nowyou'll see your Gujaratimessage on your screen. INSTALL THISAPPLICATION AND OPEN IT ONCE TOWORK PROPERLY. Features: *Instantly On Screen Translation. Youdon't need to switch to otherapp to translate the message.Instantly Translate your messgae OnScreen. * Instant Share Message.Share Your translated message toany one from the same screen. *Instant Save of Translated Message.You can also Save yourtranslated gujarati messgae, that you'lllike to View or Share itLater.
English with Lingualeo
Lingualeo LLC
Lingualeo is a convenient, effective, and free service forlearningEnglish. Over 18 million people all over the world useLingualeo.No advertising in the application! Gamification and aseriousapproach We use modern learning methodologies, combiningelementsof gamification with high-quality content. We emphasizelearninglanguage basics. Personalisation A personal program is puttogetherbased on the learner’s level, interests, goals, and age.VarietyWord trainings for expanding vocabulary and gamifiedtrainings fordeveloping reading, writing, and listening skills.Tangibleprogress Language learners can see their progress andadjust thespeed of development for specific skills. Accessibility Awideselection of free content, exercises, and courses. Apremiumversion is available for more learning options. Master yourEnglishwith Lingualeo!
Mermaid Princess: SPA Makeover 1.1
Ice Beauty
It’s time for a watery and magical adventure with thegorgeousmermaid and all of her sea friends! Take the mermaid totheunderwater spa for a cool and refreshing seaweed mask.Exfoliatewith pure sea salt and moisturize with special skintreatments.When the mermaid’s skin is looking great, take her tothe oceansalon for a fun makeover. Play with lots of different haircolorsand use cute underwater themed tools to do her makeup, likespecialclam shells and fluffy sponges. Try on eye shadow and prettyeyeliner in lots of different colors. Go for rainbow looks ormaybeall natural and sun tanned. All choices are beautiful andtotallyup to you!Finish her look by choosing a shiny tail and fin.Pickfrom lots of color and styles, and then add a special top.Completethe look with jewellery including pearls, diamonds andsparklingseaweed! She’s going to look awesome as she swims throughthe seas.Product Features: - Underwater spa, salon and dress up forthepretty mermaid- Lots of clothing and mermaid tail options- Tonsofmakeup choicesHow to Play: - Tap to choose accessories, makeupandclothes- Swipe and drag to use salon tools and apply makeup -Taprefresh to try new looks and play again
Cat & Dog Online: Pet Animals 1.9
Foxie Games
Get ready for the ultimate cat and dog simulator. Start off asavirtual pet (kitty or a pup) and roleplay in a huge onlinecitywith other animal lovers. You can role play and form clansandbattle other players from around the world, or just jump onthecouch for a lazy nap!ROLEPLAY IN FREE ONLINE MULTIPLAYERStartyouradventure in the front garden of your new home in the city!Makefriends with other friendly cats and dogs, explore the virtualcitytogether and form a clan. Remember, you are stronger in a packthanby yourself! You can even gossip to your online friends in chatasyou role play this immersive MMO!Who said a kitten and apuppycan’t get along?BUILD A FAMILYBuild a life with your friendsinthis simulator by starting a doggy or kitty family! CAT ANDDOGBREEDSThis sim allows you to choose from all sorts of cutefelineor canine animals. Husky, Dalmation, German Shepherd and ofcoursea puppy and a kitten are all available to adopt!START ACLANStartyour very own clan and invite your friends to join! Agreeon wherethe clan’s home will be, and then go out together as apack. Youcan venture out together to explore or take on other clansin epicPVP battles! When you win a battle, you will collect loot tolevelup your cat or dog in true RPG style!ROAM THE STREETS OR FINDAHOMEBeautiful 3D graphics! You can play as a stray androamoutside, or find a nice cozy house to call home. Lay on thesofa,jump on the bed or stroll around the garden. If you’reanadventurous puppy, or it’s too jam packed inside, you canventureinto the wild and go exploring. But make sure you bring afriend incase you get lost – and beware of the Wolf!PERSONALIZEANDCUSTOMIZEChoose a name that’s all about you! You can customizeyourpet with beautiful trails and sparkling effects that show offyourpersonality!UPDATES: Foxie Games are planning lots ofstableupdates to make the game even more fun. Expect even moreanimals toadopt and role play with! PLAY FOR FREE! Guess what? Youcan playthrough the whole game without paying any real money!However, Cats& Dogs Online contains upgrades that can bepurchased for realmoney.Visit our official website
LEO dictionary
Leo GmbH
The application offers access to the LEO dictionaries,languagecourses and Survival Kits as well as the vocabulary trainerandforums. Dictionaries LEO’s online dictionaries are always uptodate (no updates necessary). ★ English ⇔ German (814,000entries)★ French ⇔ German (261,000 entries) ★ Spanish ⇔ German(212,000entries) ★ Italian ⇔ German (206,000 entries) ★ Chinese ⇔German(199,000 entries) ★ Russian ⇔ German (314,000 entries)★ Portuguese⇔ German (103,000 entries) ★ Polish ⇔ German (70,000entries) WithLEO you can do more than just look up the meaning of aword in adifferent language. LEO also provides: ☆ noun and verbtables ☆ real voice audio pronunciation (nospeech synthesis)☆ definitions☆ grammar and etymology, as well as other informationrelevant tothe search term(s) including ☆ orthographically similarwords☆ possible base forms for inflected words ☆ links toforumdiscussions containing the search term(s) Language coursesandSurvival Kits Learn a new language and find your way round in anewcountry. With LEO’s language courses and Survival Kits youcanlearn nine languages and find out about different customsandcultures – on your desktop or mobile device (also offline).Thelanguage courses and Survival Kits can be purchased within theapp.Vocabulary trainer Use our free vocabulary trainer tocreatepersonal word lists and improve your vocabulary. We use atwo-waysynchronization method, which means you can access all yourwordlists on your mobile devices or on your desktop, all you needis afree account. Forums Connect with other users and get helpwithlanguage-related questions that are not answered by thedictionary.To participate in the forums all you need is a free useraccount.The app contains adverts which you can choose to removebysubscribing to our ad-free version. For a detailed descriptionofall features, please visit