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Sushi game cooking game-simulation restaurant game 2.14
This is a simulations sushi cooking restaurantgame,simulationmanagement a sushi restaurant.By cooking the sushicustomerswant,simulations the general restaurant operation process,enjoythe food and the restaurant happy! You need to pay attentiontocooking food time, do not let the food is broken; guestspatienceis also very important, when the Guests wait for a certaintime,you will lose the guests, I wish you a big money in it, becomeawinner!restaurant games japanese sushi
Sushi Evolution Food Clicker 1.13
Find out what happens to an sushi food evolution when theevolutionstarted, combine two sushi to evolve and discover the mostcuriousand funny forms of your favorite food.Break out of thekitchen andexplore the real world, explore the continent event theworld isnot safe for your mutation sushi evolution.HOW TO PLAYIt’ssimplerthen a matching game!• As your Sushi food evolution dropcoins, buynew Sushi to earn even more money• Drag and drop similarSushi toevolve them into new and more profitable Sushi• Also tapthe Sushifood evolution to make more coins Highlights• Fivedifferent stagesand 30 different forms of Sushi food evolution• Acool mix of idleand incremental clicker games like Cookie Clickerand AdventureCapitalist and Tamago.• Three possible endings: findthe right godas you play!Download Sushi Evolution now start yourown journey ofSushi🙂Disclaimer: Don't play this game when u arehungry, you evenget more hungry on playing…! 🙂We love clicker andidle games theway you do! If you have any questions, found a bug oryou have newupgrade ideas, get in touch with us! We appreciate yourhelp a lotand donate it with a 5$ ingame code for free!We take yourfeedbackvery seriously. To get in touch with us, please send us anemail orvisit
Sushi House 2 1.1.1
Become a good chef ! An advanced sushi ! Here you can try andlearn! If you are the kind of person that fancy getting to work onsomedelicious experiments in the kitchen, then this might be justthegame for you! a gripping Time Management game with tonsofdifferent dishes! Take command of the kitchen and demonstratetheskills of a master chef. Follow the cookbook with real-liferecipesand step-by-step instructions!Game Features:1: Japanesewind,germinating character!2: Storm fingertips to enhanceresponsecapabilities!3: More props, allowing you to do morewithless!Technical SupportIf convenient, please includeapplicationversion, your device information and screenshots.If youhave gamesbetter suggestions and comments are also welcome to giveus, we arevery happy to answer and acceptance.The more you giveusinformation, we can better serve you, and more. Thank you!
Sushi House - cooking master 2.2.0
Become a good chef ! An advanced sushi cooker ! Here you can tryandlearn ! If you are the kind of person that fancy getting towork onsome delicious experiments in the kitchen, then this mightbe justthe game for you! a gripping Time Management game with tonsofdifferent dishes! Take command of the kitchen and demonstratetheskills of a master chef. Follow the cookbook with real-liferecipesand step-by-step instructions!One of the best cookinggames!SushiHouse is at your service if you want a break from theroutine mealsand want something different. Prepare yourself ayummy serving ofsushi with the tasty rice, fish and vegetables andflavors of yourchoice. The chef inside you will love Sushi houseand you will learnhow to make sushi on the go!HIGHLIGHTS• Morethan 21 ingredients tocook with, likerice,shrimp,abalone,eel,Octopus,salmon, and more!•Over 28 recipesto learn and cook! GAME SPECIALEven though ‘SushiHouse’ is a gamefor kids, it can be used by parents too. Try PastryChef’s recipesat home and surprize your kids with their favoritedessert from thegame!Join Sushi House !
You are the veritable sushi master! Prepare your own fun sushiwith“Daizu” the skunk! This app is designed to allow children tobecreative by decorating their original sushi. Serve yourdelicious,mysterious or impossible sushi to the people of “TofuIsland”! Howabout creating sushi that is totally original and serveit to yourbeloved guests? Spice it up with tons of wasabi or evensprinklechocolate and gummy bears for those sweet lovers. Feel freeto makeany kind of sushi you like at OH!Sushi and have youradventurousguests try them! Features - Guests will put in sushiorders but youdon’t have to follow them. They love you and willenjoy whateveryou make. - Can make hundreds of different Nigiri,Rolls and Gunkansushi in 3 specialized kitchens. - In the Nigirikitchen, freshnessis key. So you start from catching the fish inthe aquarium, thencut it up and put it on top of the rice. Be boldand pile up fishand wasabi if you want to. - In the Roll kitchen,fire the toppingbazooka and spray the sushi fillings on the bed ofrice. You can gosuper fat of super skinny, any way you want it. -In the Gunkankitchen, top as much fish, meat, candy and popcorn asyou wish. Youcan even take photos and use them as sushi toppings,too. - Now,let’s have the guests eat your creation. Look forward totheirreactions! - There are no rules in this sushi bar. Be bold,sillyand unique! - No third party ads. Safe environmentguaranteed.After all, what child doesn’t like playing with food? Wehopedecorating their own sushi in a fun atmosphere will help themgrowtheir imagination. Itadakimasu!
My Sushi Shop - Japanese Food Restaurant Game 1.0.3
Tapps Games
Are you into Japanese food? NICE! Run the best Sushi Shopandprepare delicious meals that will make everybodyinstantaneouslyHUNGRY! Check the ingredients and get ready to servethe customersdelightful plates of their favorite sushis!In My SushiShop, youwill have to serve your clients with your restaurant’stastyspecialties: Japanese rice, seaweed, kani, salmon, freshmushrooms,spring rolls and much more! Complete the order with somemiso soupand white tea, and make your customers really happy!BEFAST: beefficient in service to earn coins that you can use to buynewingredients and other items to customize your shop. You canalsounlock new ingredients to make your business grow.HIGHLIGHTS🍣Manyingredients to choose from, just like in a real sushi shop andfineaccompaniments: wasabi, ginger, shoyu and so on!🍣Customizableitems to give the store the look you want🍣 Serve weirdand funnycustomers🍣 Addictive time management gameplayHave the besttimebeing a SUSHI MASTER! Come and play NOW!Expand your foodbusiness!My Taco Shop - - Spice up yourtown withdelicious Tex-Mex food!My Cake Shop - -Bake your way to sweet success!Pleasenote! This game is free toplay, but it contains items that can bepurchased for real money.Some features and extras mentioned in thedescription may also haveto be purchased for real money.
Idle Game - Tiny Shark 2.2.4
Tap Tap Tap to clone baby sharks and become an underwater tycoonbyselling 🍣sushi!🍣 Your pet crab will help you tame your sharksandkeep the production going. DON'T LET THE PRODUCTION STOP! Thatisthe only key to survival in this underwater world.Being a tycooniseverybody's dream! Tiny Sharks Idle Clicker lets you fulfilthisdream by letting you become an underwater tycoon!! All you havetodo is TAP TAP TAP!There is a wide variety of sushi that youcansell to the market and become filthy rich. Keep you sushikitchenupdated with researches. Upgrade your Sushis and earn hugeprofits.Your baby sharks will help you become the tycoon of thisunderwaterworld.Spread happiness by selling exotic and delicioussushis🍣🍣🍣 tothe world! And you can do it even when you are offline.Keep yourcoolers ready so that your money keeps flowing even whenyou areaway and offline.This super exciting underwater game bringsa lotof different colours, underwater sharks, crabs, sea horses,andmany more exotic underwater creatures, and of coursedifferenttypes of Sushis.🍣🍣 So why wait? Set up your sushi kitchenalreadyand let the production begin!!Remember to feed your sharks!!Nobodywants to run a business with angry sharks! So make sure youhaveenough lures for your sharks too. And of course, the petcrabswould need your love too! So keep the lures ready, becauseonesimple rule of this underwater world is that happy crabs andhappysharks will keep the business running and money flowing! Makeyourbaby sharks happy so that they swim fast and make sushithateveryone desires. And don't be afraid of the big angry sharksthatcome your way! Tap them to collect rewards and shoo them awayfromyour underwater sushi kitchens!Collect Oysters and Gemswithresearches and use them to upgrade your sushi and kitchens.Thiswill help you progress faster and keep your baby sharks busy.Thereis no limit to how rich you can become in this game. Afterall,being an UNDERWATER TYCOON is what Tiny Sharks is allabout!!8REASONS TO PLAY IDLE TINY TYCOONS!🦈- SUPER DOPE GAMEPLAYJust keeptapping the screen. The perfect idle clicker tycoon game,withoutever feeling bored! Perfect incremental clickergame!🦈-TAP,RESEARCH & UPGRADE Upgrade your empire, make money,doresearches and feel rich! Tap! Tap! Tapped!🦈 CLICK &CASHCasual & addictive gameplay for aspiring capitalists wholoveto click & make Money. Boot the competition in this episodeofidle tycoons!🦈 ADD SWAG TO YOUR COUNTRY’s ECONOMY Not everythingisabout Profit! Can your empire reshape the economy of yourcountry?Take prestige in raiding other economies and be theultimate idletycoon.🦈 UNIQUE VISUALS Feed food to your pets andwatch them runall over town These silly pets will keep your focuson your profitswith amazing 3D visuals and captivating scenery.🦈 BEA BONUS BUFFLots of bonuses with every prestige, will keep youcoming back formore, fulfil your consumers’ appetite and earn bigto become thebiggest Capitalist of this era.🦈 QUIRKY ECONOMY Takefull advantageof this enigmatic economy by clicking on your quirkyempire to makemore and more money🦈 PRESTIGE Use your swag to sellyour producefor more money by gaining more prestige in this quirkyclickergameLay back and enjoy your story to world rescue in thisidleclicker game with an amazing & addictive game-play.Tap likeatycoon and grow and upgrade your city empire to pocket MONEYinthis awesome 3D game! A money simulator like no other!3SIMPLESTEPS TO GROW YOUR TOWN1. Tap to clone - (idle simulator modewhenaway!)2. Research to win3. Upgrade your city empire to bethetownship tycoon story all your friends aretalkingabout!~~~~~~~~~~~ALREADY LOVE THE GAME?Likeus:
Sushi Fever - Cooking Game
Horizon Cube
Become a sushi chef prepare and serve delicious sushi to yourhungrycustomers. Practice your memory skills in this free timemanagementgame. Using variety of ingredients like seaweed, salmonroe, tamago,tuna and shrimp to make plenty of tasty sushi dishes.Discover moreingredients and new sushi recipes as you advance.Upgrade yourrestaurant to make your customers more comfortable andhappy. - Freeaddictive cooking game - Customers with differentpersonality - Lotsof delicious sushi dishes - Interior and kitchenappliance upgrades
Neko Sushi 1.24
-The most cutest sushi in the world! -Game is's justnoteasy!-A wasabi cat fairy will help you every 15 turn!-Meow MeowI'ma cute Neko Sushi Meow Meow~
Sushi Friends - Restaurant Cooking Game 1.0.3
- Original Sushi Friends 1 and 2 - DOWNLOADED OVER 10 MILLIONTIMES!- Welcome to Sushi Friends 3 - Sushi Maker Game Are you asushilover ??? Do you love eating and enjoying sushi in a sushijoint?Why stop there now you can have your own sushi joint in yourpocket!Yes, Sushi Pocket!! Do you want to behind the sushi counterand makesushi? Now you can make sumptuous sushi for all yourcustomers withSushi Friends. Now you own a sushi restaurant inGinza, Tokyo - yourrestaurant is booming and customers are pouringin. Can you copewith the demand or will you buckle under thepressure? Use yourfinger to prepare the sushi according to yourcustomer’s order. Growyour sushi bar and add new recipes to themix! Sushi Friendsfeatures over 200 of the most popular sushidishes from around theworld and we give you the ability to makethem from the palm of yourhand. Each challenging dish requires newskills to master - can youremember them all? ◆ ◇ ◆ Features ◆ ◇ ◆▽Own your own sushi bar!▽Over 200 types of sushi! (All deliciouslyrendered!) ▽Over 20 sidedishes for your customer! ▽Upgrade yourshop with differentchopsticks or background to increasesatisfaction! - Sushi Friends 1and 2 - DOWNLOADED OVER 10 MILLIONTIMES! - The beloved Japanesefood comes to the palm of your hand -in Sushi Friends! SushiFriends is a cool, fun and addictive gamethat puts you in controlof a popular Sushi restaurant. Slice, diceand add the rice - thiscrazy game is fun for the whole family andit’s a game that youdon’t want to miss! Downloaded over 10 milliontimes, Sushi Friendsis one of the most popular sushi gamesavailable on smartphones(Android and iPhone). Don’t miss theexcitement and pressure ofSushi Friends as you keep your customershappy and upgrade yoursushi bar! Serve dishes to your customers asfast as possible -remember: there’s no time to lose, so be asquick as possible! Withover 200 sushi recipes to master, SushiFriends will keep youchallenged for hours on end! Welcome toGinza, Tokyo - yourrestaurant is booming and customers are pouringin. Can you copewith the demand or will you buckle under thepressure? Use yourfinger to prepare the sushi according to yourcustomer’s order. Growyour sushi bar and add new recipes to themix! Unlock differentthemes, displaying the diverse beauty ofJapan and gather uniqueitems, found in a real restaurant in Tokyo.The game featuresbeautiful, 2D graphics with a hint of traditionalJapaneseflavouring! Build your sushi empire today - welcome toSushiFriends! Everybody loves sushi - so why not join the craze?Openyour own sushi restaurant today in Sushi Friends From thecreatorsof the original Sushi Friends comes a whole new experiencein themuch anticipated Sushi Friends sequel! We have taken some ofthebest elements from the original Sushi Friends game and combinedthemwith new elements that make Sushi Friends3 a completelydifferentexperience for any new and existing player. If you lovecookinggames then you will love Sushi Friends! Create and servesdishes toyour customers to make your daily goal - then, spend yourmoneytravelling the world and opening up new restaurants. Conquereachcountry and race against your friends to become the best! WithLovefor Sushi by Sushi Friends Maker Team Please Like Our FacebookPage:
cat's sushi shop 1.2
Cats are easy and fun game to make sushi.Tap the button oftheordered sushi,Let's make sushi as ordered.Sometimes the tunafairyappears.Tapping the fairy is a bonus mode!A simple rule thatanyonecan easily play, it's fun to become addictive!But, since mystomachis decreasing, people who are on a diet should playmoderately.
Ramen Chain 1.7.1
============================================== #1 TIMEMANAGEMENTGAME GETSMAJORUPDATE!!============================================== PROUDLYMADEWITH LOVE IN INDONESIA!!SUPPORT LOCAL DEVELOPERS!! Top 1 FreeAppin Singapore, Indonesia, The PhilippinesTop 3 Free App inTaiwan,Hongkong, Malaysia, Thailand Your Ramen Chain got anInvestmentfrom someone!! Follow the story of our young ramenprodigy insearch of becoming the world’s best Ramen chef, goInternational inthe new update and take your ramen goodness to theWorld!!The BestTime-Management Game of The Year!Hungry and Bored?This is the gameyou will want to play. Get even hungrier whilemanaging your ownramen restaurants! Have you heard about SushiChain? Ramen Chain isthe long awaited sequel of the fascinatingrestaurant managementgame. This is not just about cooking goodfood, but it takes thewell-loved time management game and bringingit up a notch with thesuperb graphics and story line.Learn toexpand a ramen businessthrough games, and indulge in the colorfulworld of ramen. Whatdoes it take to succeed? Learn all the recipes,get to know yourcustomers, have a fast hand, and keep everyonehappy!Features:-Authentic ramen shop experience - Play in 5 citiesacross Japan -Engaging Storyline - Complete your Recipe book andPhotobookcollections - Test your Ramen making skill and share it totheworld - Buy and manage ramen restaurant - Over 100 upgradesdandecorations for your ramen restaurant - 50 challenging levels+mini games - Beautiful hand-drawn 2D art and animations -Greatsoundtrack that always makes you feel goodCome join us andbuildyour own Ramen Chain and be the best Ramen chef ever!!
Sushi food games-cook games world chef sushi game 1.61
This is a cooking simulation game,sushi game food managementgamessushi restaurant game!Cooking story Sushi Master useshealthyingredients and delicious recipes to greet customers with asmilingface, in the game, you can run a number of sushirestaurants,learning a variety of traditional and innovative sushidishes, tomeet the needs of customers! Earn huge profits, buy moreprops toupgrade your kitchen, challenge more levels!CookingFeverRefreshing gourmet action! Cooking guru: Smiling customerswithhealthy and delicious recipes of sushi stories, smileycustomers inthe game, you are a number of executives sushi shop,varioustraditional and innovative sushi menu, customer satisfactionneedsBy! Get rich profits, upgrade your kitchen utensils thanpurchase,challenge many stages!
板長壽司 - ITACHO SUSHI FOOD ORDERING APP is an e-menu mobileorderingapp. It allows users to select their desired food itemsanytime,anywhere and submit orders to Itacho Sushi (Hong Kong) fordine-inand takeaway. Download now and start to add orders to thecart!
SuShi Maker - Japanese Food 1.0
Funny maker
Do you know Japanese? What a beautiful country! So manyawesomefoods come from there, like SuShi!Sushi is the most famousJapanesedish outside of Japan, and one of the most popular dishesamong theJapanese themselves. In Japan, sushi is usually enjoyed onspecialoccasions, such as a celebration.Want some sushi? The mostpopularJapanese dish can now be made anytime anywhere!Select fromyummyrice and different plates to make your sushi. You can makeyoucustom delicious mouthwatering sushi from your stand-o food.It’sup to you to decide whether you want your sushi to bevegetarian ornon vegetarian. Select from various flavors from thebar or choosewhat meat and chicken you want to swipe.
SushiChop 3.4.3
SushiChop is an easy to learn, but difficult to master slicinggame.Your finger is the razor-sharp knife, as you swipe your wayto sushichopping glory!Cut with precision and skill to fill eachtray beforethe timer runs out. Fill a tray chopping the fewestfish necessaryto earn a Perfect Chop bonus, but beware the stinkygreenfish!Product Features: • 2 Game modes! Earn as much as youcan with3 lives in SushiChop mode, then tackle SushiMaster mode,where youare tasked with slicing only the fish that match theorder cards! •Unlockable Kids Mode! Bigger, easier to slice fish,More timebetween trays, and no more stinky fish to ruin yoursushi! •Complete fish challenge modes to earn all 24 Mishellinstars; Earn 3stars for a type of fish for bigger bonuses! • Highresolutiongraphics great for your phone or tablet. That's sometasty lookingsushi! • Online and Offline Leaderboards andAchievements • Awesomepower ups and upgrades to maximize yourscoring and earningpotential! • 7 Unique and powerful blades tochoose from, includingthe popular Jade Blade and Bamboo Blade! •Play for free! Remove adsby purchasing any coin pack! • HeyZapintegration, withleaderboards, check-ins, and social networksharing, to compete andbrag to your friends about your SushiChopconquests!---------------Satisfy your Sushi craving anddownloadSushiChop today. Don't worry, if you lose, you're alreadyat thechoppingblock!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GREATREVIEWS!Thisgame is fun and gets pretty fast and furious. Gets tobe addictive!!I have searched for a game that is as exciting andfun as this onefor a while! Thank you! - NatWhat can I say, thegraphics lookcrisp, the game is entertaining, and game play isvery smooth. Ireally like this simple little game:-) -JohnExtremely addicting.Different weapons, aquatic creatures andgame modes. Much betterthan fruit ninja. - Danielcreating ur ownsushi fast like samuraihayaaaahhhhh-Jonathan--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Cooking Sushi 4
Cooking games for kids, delicious sushi to do together!Provideyouwith free cooking recipes, so you are ready to usedifferentingredients, follow the prompts to complete the step bystep.Beautiful sister is excellent culinary masters, can make avarietyof delicious sushi! ! Followed her to complete, to make theworld'smost delicious sushi!
Jumping Sushi 1.1.3
Gamshy srl
Tired of the usual jumper game? Our sushi are ready to take youinincredible worlds, where you'll jump on soy and wasabi, avoidtheenemy chopsticks, and reach the top!Challenge your friends towincoins, upgrade your boosts and unlock newincrediblecharacters.Taste the hot soup, try wasabi, use the extralife andset a new high score!
Oh!SUSHI 1.4.0
Thank you for 300,000 downloads.We add 10 free levelsin"Stage-B".Here comes this sushi game on android, over500,000downloads in App Store.Check out this simple, but addictivesushigame!!About 'Oh!SUSHI':- Touch and drag sushi to the conveyorbeltfor customers .- Serve as much sushi as you can before timerunsup!- Tap customers with their hands raised to settle theirbill.-Press and hold the sushi to refill.- Check out the manyuniquecustomers!- 60 levels in all!- Try it again in the hightempogame!- with OpenFeint.SD card supported. Only 1.3MB onmainmemory.Any charged items can't becancelled.*******************Morefun games fromRACJIN!!
StarChi with Portals! 1.09
Deadly Apps
StarChi is the adventure of the Star Ninja Chihuahua! Flyingthroughspace to defend the intergalactic rainbow from the evilspaceonigiri! (aka. evil space sushi) StarChi specialized inunorthodoxwarfare and defends the universe armed with ninja starpowered barkattacks and space portals. Barking out ninja starsinto the portalsto defeat the evil space sushi! The space battlelives on every day!Only you can protect us from the alienthreat!Instructions:1. Watchthe power gage for optimal ninja starshooting power2. Press theninja star button on the screen3. Watchthe ninja star fly throughportal to its destinationOnly theStarChi is powerful enough to savethe intergalactic rainbow! Aidhim in defeating his enemies usingthe power of portals!Remember tolike us on facebook and follow uson twitter!Bring your physicsgame skills to this challenge. Thepower bar will tell you how fastthe star will come out, and youmust plan out your attack using theavailable portals. A portal willtele-port the ninja star from oneto the other. This gives astrategic advantage to the StarChi!Topropel the ninja star throughthe sky you must make sure you hitthe right wall. Each wall has adifferent bounce. Green will bouncethe star higher. Yellow willbounce it medium high. Red will notbounce but it will roll.EULA/Terms ofUse:
Cooking Fans - Chef 1.1.1
Cook delicious meals and lovely desserts from all over the Asiainthis FREE addictive time-management game! In the future maybehavea choice of 32 unique locations, from Fast Food andHand-PulledNoodle Restaurant, you will be able to practice yourskills in avariety of settings and cooking techniques. Use morethan thirtymaterials to cook several hundred noble dishes. Try allthepossible kitchen appliances, from Cola makers and Barbecuemachineto sushi roll and teapot. Decorate your restaurants toattract make your customers’ experience morepersonal andmemorable – just like in real life! Upgrade yourkitchen andproduce an even greater variety of delicacy. Oh, and didwe saythat this game is as addictive and as engrossing! Have funcookingand don’t forget to share your delicious meals with yourfriends onFacebook!Features:* More than 20 delicacy to cook using100material*In the future maybe have a choice of 32uniquelocations:Fast-Food, Bakery, Chinese, Pizza, Seafood,Indian,Breakfast Café, Sushi Bar, Ice Cream Shop, Paradise CocktailBar,Corn Dog Van, Café Mexicana, House of Crab, FC BarcelonaSportsBar, Sunset Waffles, Smokey Grill BBQ and so on.* More than80levels to complete* Dozens of upgrades for your kitchenappliancesand interior
Sushi Kytto 1.0.6
Trenapps, LLC
Sushi Kytto offers Asian Fusion, Chinese and Japanese foodstyles.Delicious fresh sushi. Download our mobile app to keep intouchwith us and get information on the go. Get our special offers,seeour menu, contact us, send us your pictures and give usyourfeedback. Share our a mobile app with your friends.
Oba Oba Foods 2.1.23
O Oba Oba agora é Sushi, Burgers e Pizza!!! Faça seu pedido peloseusmartphone ou tablet. Escolha entre nossa variedade de produtosemnosso cardápio. Notas: - Imagens meramente ilustrativas. Osvaloresdo cardápio podem sofrer alterações sem aviso prévio -Esteaplicativo foi desenvolvido pela WABiz - Negócios Inteligentesquedetém os direitos de uso da marca para este fim. The Oba Oba isnowSushi, Burgers and Pizza !!! Place your order for yoursmartphoneor tablet. Choose from our range of products in our menu. Grades: - Merely illustrative images. The menu values ​​aresubjectto change without notice - This application was developed byWABiz- Business Intelligence which owns the rights to use thetrademarkfor this purpose.
Word Sushi 1.0.70
Do you want to play a fun and CREATIVE word puzzles and TRAINyourbrain? Word Sushi, which offers you BEAUTIFUL designs andCLASSICgameplays, must be your best choice of word puzzle orwordsearchgames! Want to start a journey of becoming a real wordmaster?Download it for FREE now! HOW TO PLAY - Swipe the letters tolineup words - Tap the “Shuffle” button to change the order ofletters- Tap "Ask Friends" when you get stuck and get rewards - Tapthe“Hints” button to get clues - Get more hints with coinsbypurchasing or watching videos WHAT ARE FEATURED • More than2000Challenges • 💰Free 1200 coins💰 for the first game •Beautifullydesigned themes like SUSHI, MUSIC, TAILOR, etc. • SUSHI:it makesyou feel "DELICIOUS" & FRESH for each letter and everylevel ofthe game; • MUSIC: the cool elements of music bring youtheimmersing atmosphere of art and future tech; • TAILOR: allthedetails are designed with delicate texture and bright colors;•FREE to get Daily Bonus • Test your limit by playingDailyChallenges • Find words with bonus to collect more coins •Simple& Easy to play, hard to beat gameplay • Totally FREE forallplayers • Suitable for both kids and adults to train wordsearchskills • No network required and you can enjoy word search atanytime Word Sushi is an AWESOME designed word puzzle game, whichiseasier to pick up and much more addictive than any othercrosswordor word search games. Also, it is the best word game forbrainexercising and spelling improvements. DOWNLOAD now tobegintraining your brain and become a real vocabulary master!CONTACT
Steak House Cooking Chef 1.0.8
IT’S THE MOST AMAZINGLY HAPPY COOKING GAME EVER! - SteakhouseFREEon your device – you’ll be playing all day! Cook deliciousmealsand lovely desserts from all over the world in this FREEaddictivetime-management game! Show your stuff and feed the hungrystomachs.You will be able to practice your skills in a variety ofsettingsand cooking techniques. Use more than dozens of materialsto cookseveral hundred noble dishes.Fast-Food, Bakery, Chinese,Pizza,Seafood, Indian, Breakfast Café, Sushi Bar, Ice CreamShop,Paradise Cocktail Bar, Corn Dog Van, Café Mexicana, House ofCrab,FC Barcelona Sports Bar, Sunset Waffles, Smokey Grill BBQ andsoon. Hear them gasp and cheer Have fun cooking and don’t forgettoshare your delicious meals with your friends onFacebook!Continuing enjoyed playing games, it will be veryhungry!★NEW TYPETIME MANAGEMENT GAME, FREE ADDICTIVE COOKGAME★RESTAURANT FEATURESHIGHLIGHTED, UNIQUE GAME INTERFACE!★COLLECTRECIPES AND KITCHENAPPLIANCES AND INTERIOR UPGRADE!★PLEASE TRY TOCLICK ON BILLBOARDOF THE BUILDING & TICKET ON THE FLOOR!★MORETHAN 40 LEVELS TOCOMPLETE
Revolutionize the revolving sushi bar in this fresh new sim!Expandyour menu along with your conveyor belt by designingoriginalcreations to complement more classic fare. But it takesmore thanfine food to win customers over. Show your creative flairnot onlyin sushi but in your business model by offering amenitiesrangingfrom salad bars to sumo rings. Make enough fans and you'llunlockall new ingredients and amenities--and fresh possibilitieswiththem! As your reputation grows, you'll also become eligibleforcompetitions around the country. Hone your expertise alongwithyour fish knives and aim for #1 in the national rankings! --Trysearching for "Kairosoft" to see all of our games, or visit usat Be sure to check out both our free-to-playandour paid games!
Ramen Sushi Bar 1.0.1
Magic Moment
Wanna create your own Japanese food empire ? Looking for anexcitingtime management game ? Wanna understand how such abusiness works inreal life? This APP is exactly what you arelooking for. The gamestarts up to serve a few customers by cookingsome simple ramen. Asyou move up the higher levels, you arerequired to prepare ramenwith more toppings for more customers.Then you also need to preparesashimi, sushi, tempura, tea and sakein time to put them on theconveyor belt to satisfy customers'needs. If the customers wait fortoo long, they become impatientand leave the restaurant right away.You have to meet the currenttarget turnover before moving to higherlevel. Soon you'll find itis extremely challenging and findyourself addicted to it afterall.Let's experience ways of makingbusiness and maximizing yourincome.
Sushi Catcher 1.6
Help out the panda, by using your magical flying Dango sticktocatch as many sushi as possible! See how far you cantravel,without getting hit by all the bamboo traps!CollectPower-ups,Catch sushi and avoid the traps!Sushi Catcher madeby:Development:Patrick KlokgietersArt: Kim Vd Velden
Sushi Blast 1.0
Swap and blast the sushi rolls in this amazing match-3culinaryadventure! Think you can master the matching techniques oftheJapanese cuisine? Download and play Sushi Blast for free andjointhe fun! Match 3 treats of the same type to remove them fromtheboard and win points. It’s a perfect game for sushi andpuzzlelovers who get the best of both worlds in this funmatch-3adventure. Move and link sushi rolls and other combos toremovethem from the board and win points. Slice your way throughhundredsof challenging levels and unlock awesome boosters that willhelpdefeat obstacles and solve puzzles. How to Play- Make matchestoearn points and solve the fun puzzles. - Play through hundredsoflevels and collect different rewards. - Switch and matchsushicombos and rolls to win. - Create special combinations toearnpowerful boosters. - Don’t use the special boosts right awaybutsave your power-ups until you need them. - Createmassiveexplosions by linking 4 or 5 items. - Play and enjoy anaddictivegameplay. - Work out a strategy to clear the board fromall thesushi rolls and reach high scores.Can you get 3 stars onevery funlevel?Give it a try! Sushi Blast game is suitable for allages andcompletely free to play!Download for free from Google Playanddiscover lively designs, colorful items and cool effects.Nointernet connection is required and there is no life limit, soyoucan play as much as you want!
Sushi-bars - the bears' school 1.1.7
[ the bears' school ] Official App published!Jackie will openthesushi-bar.Fresh fish and delicious desserts...Please be anicesushi-bar with your help!- What kind of game? -Such aswallpaperand table,you can change the shop in various ways.When youareready to shop,let's call the visitor.You can buy new clothesandfood ingredients gathered gold medal.Come on, let's make anicesushi-bar!
Yoka Sushi 1.0.5
YOKA SUSHI est le repère japonais de Rabat, Casablanca etTangerpour les inconditionnels de sushi, maki, rolls, yakitori etautreteppanyaki.YOKA SUSHI is Japanese landmark Rabat, CasablancaandTangier for fans of sushi, maki rolls, yakitori andotherteppanyaki.
Ikebana Sushi Bars 1.429.815.2104
Wanna Sushi? Download the Ikebana Sushi Loyalty Rewards Appandinteract with the leading Sushi Bar and Japanese RestaurantsinPuerto Rico! With our new app, you can browse our Menus,getCoupons, and even order To-Go directly from your App! - GetMaps& Driving Directions to our Ikebana Sushi Bar Restaurants -SeeIkebana's featured items & coupons. - Browse Ikebana'sfullmenu. - Join our Ikebana Reward Program - Order online forTo-Goservice. - Sign up for the Ikebana Email Club to be notifiedofcurrent deals, promotions, and new menu items. - Follow us onyourfavorite social networks like Facebook & Twitter. - Mapsupdate- allows the use of your native map application Formoreinformation about our features, visit https://ikebana.onlineAndmuch more!
Sushi Blast 1.2
Swipe Sushi Blast three or more same Sushi is puzzle gameisexciting and easy to play! Enjoy your Sushi Blast fun and showoffthe mania power of blast. Swipe and match delicious mouthwateringSushi Blast. You will get a gift box bomb and thunders tofullstrike. Tap them to make them crush and blast. You need tomatch 3or more similar candy in a row. At each level you havespecificlist of goals that need to be completed. Match, pop andcollectSushi Blast. Tap them to make them crush and blast.How toplay:-Archive the target points to level up.- Eliminate the moreSushiBlast Match quickly can get extra scores.- Sushi Blast match 3ormore identical Sushi Blast match- Swipe three or more sameSushiBlast Match to score points.
Peko Peko Sushi 1.0.4
Hanaji Games
GAME DESCRIPTIONPeko Peko Sushi is a fast-paced conveyorsushipuzzle game for iOS and Android devices. Serve hungrycustomers byshuffling sushi about, racking up high scores bystacking platesand acting quick. Unlock new staff and store partsto change theway you play and make it your own. Download now andhelp Ayamebuild the greatest sushi restaurant of all time!KEYFEATURES-Fast-paced sushi matching fun.- Hundreds of sushi, storeparts, andcustomers to unlock and choose from.- Dynamic weather andcalendarsystem that changes with every play.- Amazing soundtrackand audioto serve sushi to!
Ramen House 1.1.1
Ramen House is a brand new cooking casual game!Build your ownRamenempire,and be the best Ramen chef ever!Description Looking foracooking casual game? This is what you want! Develop expertRamenskills in your Ramen House, a gripping Time Management gamewithcooking different kinds of Ramens! Start with simple Ramensandwork your way to build your own Ramen empire! You have to speedupyour tapping, as the level goes higher the harder it becomes, doitASAP!Features:-Take orders from your customers and make Ramenforthem;-Authentic ramen shop experience,test your Ramen makingskilland share it to the world;-Over 120 challenging levels withamazinggarnishes, desserts and drinks. The more you will play, themoreingredients will appear in the fast-food!Come join us and bethebest Ramen chef ever!This time management game willdefinitelyentertain and challenge you and your family!
DIY Cooking Class - Burger Pizza Sushi and Bakery 1.1.30
WSAD Games
Hey cooking experts lets cook Pizzas, Burgers, Sushi,SweetCupcakes, yummy and icy drinks. Download it and give yourvaluablefeedback.Toddlers, Are you ready to ask you mama to teachyou howto prepare yummy pizzas, burgers, your favorite and yummysweetcupcakes or try this game Cooking Class - Burger, Pizza, SushiandBakery. This will teach you step by step to prepare yummy foodforyourself.A family friendly game for your kids. Cook tastyburgers,yummy cakes, delicious sushi and best chef pizza. Chop Chopandcook and best food in the world by yourself in this mouthwateringfood game. WSAD has been committed towards providingqualitycontent for our users. Kids games and casual games are whatwespecialize in. We try our best to make games that are not onlyfunfor the kids but also teach them some valuable lessons.
SushiHouse 3 1.1.4
Sushi is a very delicious and pretty food. It is from Japan, buthasbeen widely circulated in the city around the corner of thecity.Making sushi is a tedious process, not only To be delicious,butalso nice, of course, you have to be fast! fast! fast! Thisgameallows you to learn hundreds of hand sushi, warship sushi,sushirolls, sashimi. There are also more than 60 kinds of topfish, learna combination of different sushi, but also know avariety of topfish stocks.remember! This game is very difficult!Productionmethods are hand, volume, fire moxibustion, sashimi, theguests arenot much patience. Come on! You will become sushi chefs,after thecompletion of this game, you are the master of cooking!What aboutfood lovers and enthusiasts? Every day there is a goodbusiness!Gamefeatures!· Hundreds of sushi combinationsMore than 60kinds of fish·A variety of cooking methodsThe guest's temper isunpredictable· 200levels waiting for you to explore
Japanese Food Maker Food Games 7.0
himanshu shah
Ready to make some tasty Japanese food? Your favoriteJapanesecuisine is here for you to try your hand at making. CookSushi,Japanese Noodles, Tempura & mouth watering teriyaki bowlsatyour own Japanese restaurant... Features: - 4 famous foodrecipesfrom Japanese cuisine - Lots of tasty toppings, sauces&decorations - Learn the real recipe making steps in cooking! -Youwill enjoy the art of cooking Japaneses foods Turn up the heatinthis Japanese food cooking game as you learn to make lotsofJapanese food.. You'll learn all kinds of fun Japanese recipesinthis game. Each recipe will walk you through the steps formakingdelicious Japanese meals. You’ll be a Japanese Master Chef innotime!! Learn how to make Japanese Sushi. - Slice fresh fish,addwasabi and tasty vegetables. - Arrange the pieces tolookbeautiful. - Decorate with crunchy tempura flakes &slicedscallions. - Whip up gorgeous plates of tempura, fried untilgoldenbrown. Get ready to slice and chop fast when you cook sushi.Addsushi ingredients on a seaweed sheet, roll it and show yoursushimaker skills! Dip Soy Sauce.. Serve Japanese Cuisine..PrepareDough.. Make pieces... Japanese Cuisine is a great conciseway toget enough food to get yourself on a hungry stomach! Based onthefamous recipes, Japanese Cooking Mania game will help you alllearnhow to cook popular Japanese Food..!
I love Ramen 1.1.1
Looking for an interesting time management game? This APP istheright choice. In this game, you not only need to cook ramenwithdifferent toppings according to customers' order, you also needtoprepare sushi, sashimi, tempura,sake and tea in time to placethemon the conveying belt in time to satisfy customer's need.Sometimesthe ingredients may been used up, you need to purchaseadditionalmaterial in time, otherwise, if shortage occurs, thecustomers willbe angry. You start with cooking simple ramen andonly to serve afew customers. You have have developed your skilland move to highlevel, you are required to prepare ramen with moretoppings inshort time. Let's start now to develop you ramen empirearound theworld. Soon you'll find yourself addicted to it.Accumulated yourprofit to expand your ramen empire. This is yourown ramenbusiness! ! Do your best to keep it going!
Cooking Adventure™ 50400
Cheetah Games
THE MOST ATTRACTING COOKING GAME EVER! - CookingAdventure™.Challenge your cooking skills and speed in thisFREETime-Management Game! Check out the nice graphics in the game,yougonna love it! 20+ unique restaurants, from Grill House,Pasta,Coffee Shop, Sushi Bar, Donuts, Mexican House,Korean HousetoVietnamese Restaurant. Upgrade your kitchen appliancesandrestaurant decorations to attract more clients and make morecoins.Hear them gasp and cheer as you try to earn profits ineachexciting episodes! *** LIKE Cooking Adventure OfficialFacebookPage ***Features:*Cute and delicate graphics, you gonna love it! *20+restaurants,1000+ levels, 550 dishes, 700 ingredients, 1000+levels all in thisfancy cooking world. * Collect recipes andhundreds of upgrades foryour kitchen appliances and interior. *Tryto find lucky ball andfortune of Dog Willy in the world map!***Wi-Fi connectionsuggested for best playing experience.*** ***Login Facebook ID,you can experience a more enjoyable cooking game.***If you haveany game inquiries, payment issues, PrivacyPolicy Terms ofService
Sushi Mania: Match 4 1.0.1
Step into the kitchen of a famous Japanese Sushi restaurantandmatch the different food to get the highest score possible inSushiMatch 4 Master. Each level you play comes with a differentscore toreach, and you must reach it in a certain amount of timefor eachlevel.The bigger the combinations, the higher the score,and thatscore is multiplied across each sushi roll you highlight.Acombination too small may get you a points penalty, but if itsetsyou up for an even larger combination, it may bebeneficial.Careful strategy and planning become a hallmark in SushiMatch 4Master. Based on your score for each level up to three starsmay beawarded. Even after you've beaten every single one of thedozens oflevels go back and try your hand at maximizing your starscore foreach level.The ability to retry for a high score and theswatchesof levels that come with the game allow for an almostunlimitedgameplay experience. The HD graphics are breathtaking inSushiMatch 4, and the music keeps you calm and focused onmaximizingyour score. If you're looking for an original matchinggame with agreat theme, download Sushi Match 4 Master. 1.23
Slice fish, don’t slice bombs! That is all you need to know togetstarted with this addictive action game! Your finger istherazor-sharp knife! Cut the fish with precision and skill tobecomeSushiman! It sounds simple? It is not! Try to beat the recordoffriends and show off your skills. How to play: 1. Use yourfingerto cut fishes. 2. Beware of the bombs. Do not touch!. 3. Morecutfish with the same slice, more score! 4. Capture hearts togainlives. 5. More points you earn, you give more coins! Use coinstocontinue game. Features: ★ Totally FREE! ★ Leaderboards forGooglePlay: share your gaming experience with friends. Upload yourscoreand see who is the best! ★You can share your achievementsonFacebook, Twitter and email. ★ It works perfectly inallsmartphones and tablets ★★★ DO YOU LIKE OUR APP? ★★★ Help usandtake a few seconds to rate it and write your opinion onGooglePlay. Your contribution will enable us to improve and developnewfree games.
Sushi Rolls Recipes Free 1.01
Sushi rolls, or ‘makisushi’ in Japanese, are what mostnon-Japanesepeople think of when they think of sushi. Makisushi ismade bywrapping up fillings in rice and nori seaweed. This recipeshowsyou how to make a basic makisushi roll, which can then befilledwith whatever fillings you desire. Master the technique andgetcreative. You can find here popular fresh sushi suchasPhiladelphia Roll with cheese, California Roll, Dragon rollwithshrimps and others...Here you can learn how to make sushirollseasier. We offer you dinner ideas and best recipes byingredientson hand. We understand the joys of cooking and cookingdelights andbring you a diverse range of free dinner recipes toplease anytastes. You will find dinner ideas for all periods andoccasionsduring the year, dealing with different tastes. Thispopular app isone of step by step cooking recipes app. Features:-We created funsushi rolls recipes culinary cooking book will showyou hundreds ofeasy ways to cook your food in Japanese style-Master chef recipesspread across different categoriesnon-vegetarian to vegan,vegetarian, deserts (candy sweet sushi),snacks ( like Oshinkosushi)- You always choose your own specialdrinks & beveragesto dish- Find the List of ingredients withcooking instructions foreach recipe- Cooking book includeinstruction and preparation howto make sushi maki, unagi sushi roll& sashimi & inside outsushi - Beautiful food wallpapers HD-Japanese cooking essentials-Mix up the ingredients in this funcooking game- Learn basic of theculinary arts, including knifeskills, basic cooking methodspreparing sushi, making sauces andemulsionsWe hope kids and adultswill jump at the chance to try thisunique sushi. I had a greattime in the bulk foods section of mygrocery store picking outdifferent gummy candy to include inrecipes. It’s a great way tocombine all your favorite treats andindulge. And now it’s time toplace a slice of fish (preferably nomore than one) on the edge ofthe nori. Let’s lay down together theroll filling, for example aslice of sushi grade tuna or salmon. Youcan add a slice or two ofvegetables, you might want to use a longslice of avocado or maybecucumber for this especially on stops toallow it to roll tightly.
Sushi Rolls - Cooking Game 1.0.0
Sushi is a healthy food choice combining rice and raw fish.Verypopular, the sushi cooking art spread all over the world andyouhave the chance to learn how to cook it yourself!Sushi Rolls-Cooking Game Features:- 3 cooking stages for your littlechef-kitchen animations and sounds for a more realisticapproach-ingredients are on us!- SAFE and EASY to play for kids allages-very comprehensive on-going tutorial to learn the cookingrecipe.-loads of fun for girls and boys!Try it yourself and let usknow howeasy it was for you to prepare your first sushi plate!Youcan getthis android game for free but please rate or review, thatwillhelp us improve our games and make more for all the littlegirlsout there!
Sushi Snatch 1.54
From the developers of "Konbini Story" (over 3 milliondownloads)comes a new casual but challenging puzzle game. Draw aline throughat least 3 sushi to serve them up! How many sushi canyou match ina single stroke? Attract and upgrade customers to earnmore andbecome the #1 Sushi Restaurant! Features:- Easy to playpuzzlegame. What's the longest chain you can make?- Use the coinsearnedwhile playing to unlock and upgrade over 50 uniquecharacters!- NoStress! Take your time to plan your moves with notime limit!- Playwith friends (optional) and earn rewards everyweek!- Playable evenwithout an Internet connection!- 0 calories!Eat all the Sushi youwant!Like us on Facebook for updates andfreebies for Sushi Storyand other Gamenami games> Network ServiceGetFREEdiamonds when you sign up for Gamenami and use this promotioncode> G4SushiJust tap the "G" icon in game to get started!*ExternalStorage permission is used for caching video ads
The Sushi Spinnery Lite 1.1.5
Revolutionize the revolving sushi bar in this fresh newsim!Expandyour menu along with your conveyor belt by designingoriginalcreations to complement more classic fare.But it takes morethanfine food to win customers over. Show your creative flair notonlyin sushi but in your business model by offering amenitiesrangingfrom salad bars to sumo rings. Make enough fans and you'llunlockall new ingredients and amenities--and fresh possibilitieswiththem!As your reputation grows, you'll also become eligibleforcompetitions around the country. Hone your expertise alongwithyour fish knives and aim for #1 in the national rankings!--Inthefree Lite Version of the game, you can play for 2 fullin-gameyears.-- --Try searching for "Kairosoft" to see all of ourgames,or visit us at Be sure to check out bothourfree-to-play and our paid games!
Kenko SushiBar 104.0
Tudo sobre o Kenko SushiBar, cardapios, valores,promocoes,localizacao, e muito maisAll about Kenko SushiBar, menus,values,promotions, localization, and more
Japan Food Adventure 2.2.5
Prepare, cook and serve lots of delectable Japanese dishesandsnacks in this exciting and fast-paced time-management game!Getready for a mouth-watering adventure that's addicting fun!Startoff with a few sushi and soba to sell from your small mini vaninTokyo. Serve many interesting and eager customers that come toyourrestaurant by preparing many kinds of Japanese food anddelicacieslike soba, udon, takoyaki, soup curry, dango, curry rice,omuriceand much more. Serve them quickly to earn big tips. Cooldownimpatient guests by serving them special tea or cola beforetheyget angry and leave. After you have accumulated enough profits,youcan then take a ride to Yokohama and expand your shop fromthere.Travel from Yokohama to Sapporo by boat. Then fly to OsakafromSapporo to serve a whole lot more delicious foods! This isyourvery own ramen chain business! Do your best to keep it going!Enterthe Endless Challenge level and try to get all the top awards!Ifyou love being a manager and manage your own food empire thisisthe game for you! Learn how to cook Japanese food, managecustomersand manage your profits! As you progress through the gameyou willbe an expert at management and speed will come naturally.It's allabout strategy!
Sushi Live 1.3
Sushi comes walking.When I touch the sushi ....! ?All 24 typesofsushi, the background can be selected from 11 types.This app isalive wallpaper app.Icon does not appear in the list ofapps.Fromwallpaper selection screen, please select live wallpaper->Sushi Live.