Top 46 Games Similar to Baby Zombie foot Doctor

Horizon 1.1
Avoid obstacles while you maneuver through the unpredictableworldof Horizon! Make barrel rolls, collect gems and travel as faraspossible.◉ Complete 100 Challenges◉ Rank up by gatheringXP◉Collect 40 Ships (including Secrets)◉ Receive Daily Rewards◉Unlock25 Trails◉ Compare your Highscore with playersworldwideDownloadHorizon now!
Catch Color 1.4
Catch color game is a simple arcade game. The mainplayingaestheticswould be to put the falling color ball into thepipe.Dynamics willbe the falling color balls and player left andrighttouch on screenfor to move the pipe bar. HOW TO PLAY catchcolor:-Match thedot(Ball) color with the pipe color - Tap leftside onthe screen tomove pipe bar left side- Tap right side on thescreento move pipebar right sideFEATURES OF catch color:- Freegame-User-friendly game- Suitable forallagespeopleHOMEPAGE, interstitial ads and video ads..Thanks youandenjoy catchcolor game!
Chilly Snow 1.3.3
Acid Cousins
Chill and slide as far as possible on this endless powder snow!
Stack Jump 1.4.8
How high can you climb? Jump to stack blocks and build thebiggesttower imaginable! Improve your highscore in endless mode,completethe 36 challenges and unlock all 20 characters!
Rolly Vortex 1.7.7
Roll quickly, be alert, manage your way through the obstacles,scorehigh and challenge friends
Twisty Road! 1.9.9
How long can you stay on the Twisty Road? Roll along the roadandshatter glass for points. If you're courageous​ enough, jumpoffthe road to skip ahead. Be careful and don't fall for too longorgame over!
Partymasters - Fun Idle Game 1.2.6
Do u wanna be the new popular R’n’B star? TAP-TAPOLICIOUSgamestarring the famous Lol Vein from Bowmasters. 
 Dunk intheatmosphere of awesome dancers, cool money boosters, real hype,andall of your fans partying with you! Make the bestpartynow!
 – 40+ awesome characters
 – Super-duper boosterstomake THE TOP-SHOW
 Dress up, follow the star way ofLolVein, tap-tap, PARTY-UP! 
One of the best free clickergames!
Glitter Maio 1.7
Glitter Maio è un gioco favoloso realizzato dall'idea di PyzzaLabeLilly Meraviglia.Vola evitando gli ostacoli, mangia carote,sbloccai divertenti personaggi tratti dall'universo di Lilly escopriquali sono i loro poteri speciali! (:Glitter Maio is afabulousgame made the idea of ​​PyzzaLab and Lilly Wonder.Flyavoidingobstacles, eat carrots, unlock fun characters drawn fromtheuniverse of Lilly and find out what their special powers! (:
Dashy Crashy 1.14
Dangerous driving, luck & reflexes. Let's DASHY CRASHY! [HOWTOPLAY] • SWIPE to change direction & speed • Don't crash :(•Clear goals to unlock new cars Thanks for playing! • ENDLESSroadtrip • Unlock 80+ GAMEPLAY CHANGING CARS • Easy SWIPE controls•Crazy CRASHES • Outrun FRIENDS cars with Google Play! DashyCrashy<3 *GAME OF THE WEEK* - Touch Arcade *GAME OF THE WEEK* -PocketGamer
Zig Zag Colors 1.0.1
Are you ready for an thrilling adventure in space?Avoidtheplatformsflying at you and collect the platforms of therightcolor to earn asmany points as possible.Very relaxingandenjoyable music in the game
Offline Medical Dictionary 1.0.7
Free Offline Medical Dictionary app containing over 150000 wordsandtheir pronunciation , definition and synonyms formedicalpractitioners and students to look up the definitions andtechnicalterms in a second. The easiest way to know aboutmedicalterminologies. A complete Medical dictionary , A perfect allfordoctors , students to know about different definitionsandtechnical terms in medical science . Now No internet Requiredforword searching . Its time to get the medical dictionary,offlinenow. You can search in 2 ways - Search By Word / Initials -SearchBy Alphabets Features - Over 150000 words with theirdefinitionsalong with synonyms - Ideal for use by medicalpractitioners andstudents - BookMark Favourite Words - A to Zformat for wordsearching - Share Words Definition to Social Media -RegularUpdates - Complete support - Clear and Concise Thismedicaldictionary app will help you in your career also and itsfree asand offline. Write us at [email protected] forsuggestions andfeedback for improvements. Follow us on [email protected]
Event Horizon - Frontier 2.2.3
Event Horizon: Frontier is an arcade base defense game. Thestoryunfolds in the "Event Horizon" game universe. Your task istoprotect a space station from alien invaders using a varietyofunique spaceships and limitless upgrade options. FEATURES:*Hardcore dynamic battles * Over 80 individual spaceshipswithoptions for modification * Over 160 guns and modules JOINTHECOMMUNITY Get in touch with thousands of other Event Horizonfanson our official website and social media profile!Facebook:
Yo Mama - Games 0.97
Play through a collection of Yo Mama inspired games!Leaderboardsreset every week and prizes are awarded to the topplayers!Morecontent and games to come, stay tuned!*Notes*This newversion has adifferent currency system, we have tried to carry overyour oldtoken counts, but if your tokens do not carry over, emailus yourusername, email address, and the previous token amount andwe willfix it :)
Hop 1.3
Bounce off tiles and make as many hops as you can inthismind-blowing arcade action! Touch the screen and drag left orrightto guide the ball from tile to tile. Don’t miss the path!Makeinsane combos and beat your friend's scores! What is yourbestscore?
Main Teka Teki Silang 2.0
AF Media
TTS adalah singkatan dari kata teka-teki silang. Istilahteka-tekisilang apabila disingkat yaitu menjadi TTS. Akronim TTS(teka-tekisilang) merupakan singkatan/akronim resmi dalamBahasaIndonesia.TTS is the abbreviation of the word crosswords. Thetermcrossword puzzle which when shortened becomes TTS. AcronymTTS(crossword) is an abbreviation / acronym official in Indonesian.
Wolf on the Farm in color 3.4
Wolf on the Farm in color – Now on your mobile phones! Enjoyplayingthe good old game “Wolf on the Farm” You will recognizethis melodyat once, these characters will make you smile... Wolfon the Farm –millions of people know this catch phrase Features: •Fascinatingpuzzle for all ages; • Simple and easy-to-use controls;• Gameplaythat absorbs you for hours.
NemID code app 1.7
The NemID code app supplements the existing NemID code cardenablingyou to use NemID directly on your smartphone and tablet.The NemIDcode app supports your access to online banking,, and all other websites where you would useyour NemIDcode card. The app is, after initiation, accessed with afour-digitcode or fingerprint recognition. For security reasonsthe NemID codeapp can not be run on rooted smartphones andtablets. The Danishbanks and the Danish public sector areresponsible for the NemIDcode app. The NemID code app is developedby e-nettet A/S. Nets A/Ssupplies the infrastructure. For supportplease visit:
Live Portrait Maker: Guys 1.21
Angela He
From the creator of Live Portrait Maker - create your ownanimated2.5D guy 😊・ 。 ∴。*Features 💝:❍ Tap to look 👀❍ Style from 55facialfeatures & 26 outfits😍❍ 12 dynamic, cool effects 😎❍ Save,load,and take notes on your creations 🖋❍ Save a picture or gif toyourgallery 👍❍ Casual, sweet 😇 or devious 😈 looks!・ 。❍。∴。 * ・゚*。❍。・  ・*゚。   *  ・ ゚*。・゚❍。。    ☆゚・。°*. ゚*  ゚。·*・。 ゚*    ゚*.。☆。❍。・。    * ☆。・゚*.。     * ❍。 ゚・。 * 。     ・   ゚☆ 。This smol thingwas created byme, Angela He (again! :0). Reach me at twitter(@zephybite) ortumblr ( Thanks for checking itout!・ 。 ∴。*
Campionando 2.1.9
Finalmente Campionando è scaricabile sui vostricellulari!CampionandoaLivorno nasce nel 2009 occupandosi deicampionati dellaprovincia di Livorno... poi, con il passare deltempo, diviene unpunto di riferimento per tutta l'attivitàgiovanile e per il calciodilettantistico della Toscana. SuCampionando puoi trovare, a pochiminuti dal termine delle partite,risultati, marcatori, classifichee cronache; è possibilecollaborare con la Redazione inserendodirettamente dall'app tuttele informazioni relative alle gare.Finally Sampling can bedownloaded on your mobile!CampionandoaLivorno was founded in 2009taking care of thechampionships of the province of Livorno ...then, with the passageof time, it becomes a reference point for allyouth activities andamateur football in Tuscany. On Sampling canfind, just a fewminutes from the end of the matches, results,scorers, standingsand news; you can collaborate with the Editorialentering directlyfrom the app all the information related to theraces.
Sling Drift 2.11
Fast action drifting with your car around an endless race track.Onetap easy to learn controls with addictive gameplay. How far canyougo?
Cric Informer-Tips for dream11,probable 11 3.1.2
1.Get real time cricket news,probable11,playing11, live scoreandfantasy cricket tips. 2.Best app for getting tips forDream11.3.Wecover all cricket matches from domestic cricket likeRanji matches,T20 blast, all ODD cup,big bash, CPL, SPL, IPL, BPLto allInternational match. 4.Get match info in both HindiandEnglish.5.Ultimate cricinformer app.6.Track all cricket eventsat aplace
MAXstream - Stream Live Sports, TV Shows & Movies 1.2.6
MAXstream features: • Information Dashboard • Linear Channel•Extensive OTT VOD Catalogue from Tribe, Catchplay,HOOQ,Nickelodeon Play, and VIU. • Search all Movies, TV series,andsports • Subscription to wide range of packages • Stream VODforBest Quality Movies Get and dive in MAXstream Apps easilyusingTelkomsel Mobile Number Information Dashboard • CheckVideoMAXQuota information • Purchase VideoMAX Package • Choosefavouritegenre as your preference • Language Preference Content •LinearChannel (More than 20 Channel) • VOD Content (Brata, Pulang–Pulang Ganteng, And Many Title will come) • ExtensiveCataloguefrom Tribe, Catchplay, HOOQ, Nickelodeon Play, and VIU •RecommendMovies, TV series, and Sports based on genre preferencesSearchFind information and links from thousands of Movies, TVseries, andsports in MAXstream by searching artist, actor, title,year orgenre Contact Center or Feedback • • Call Center by dialing 188 •SocialMedia Facebook ( • Social mediaTwitter(@Telkomsel).
Ohio Lottery 6.2.7
The official app of the Ohio Lottery. This app providestheinformation Ohio Lottery players want most, including: -Currentand past winning numbers for all draw games - Jackpotamounts -Ticket Scanning - MyLotto Rewards - Random numbergenerator - Infoon instant games (scratch-offs) - KENO drawingson-demand -Retailer locator - Contact info and more Lottery playersaresubject to Ohio laws and Commission regulations. Pleaseplayresponsibly.
Joywear 1.1.3
Joywear application can work with Oraimo's smartbracelet,withintelligent use to manage your daily number of steps,sleeping, itcan also remind calls in daily life, SMS messages,social networksreminder,it can even co-work with your smartphone totake photos.
Line 1.0
-1200 Levels-Best fun game-Highly AddictiveHow to play:-Tapthescreen to shoot the small ball the big black ballHave Fun
Westland Storage 1.0.0-24-55ca2b5
The Westland Storage application is designed to help you workwithyour finances, wherever you are. The application gives youaccessto unique features that are not available on the website. Andalsogives to you bonuses. Just download and log in to your account.
Emergency Hospital:Kids Doctor 1.2.8
Emergency medicine is a very important profession. Whensomethingwrong has happened, ambulance and traumatologist are here.Doctorneed to make decisions very quickly, because you need totreat thepatient urgently. And when the urgent operation is needed,doctormakes it at once. He saves the lives of all his patients. Andtodayour beloved Hippo presents new game from the EducationalKidsGames. It is so called Hospital Game. And you are themostimportant traumatologist here. So what are we waiting for?Let’sgo! Ambulance is on its way! Somebody fallen from the window,caraccident or fallen building crane? Don’t worry! Our Hippowilltreat and save all her patients. But to make it in time, youneedto hurry up to the place where accident happened. It isalsoimportant to drive a car properly. And when you are at theplace,you will do urgent operation. Doctor will make out splinters,putplasters, salve with iodine and give jabs. And there are nottheonly tasks we need to do. Developing game Hippo Hospital iscreatedfor kids and will teach them a lot of interesting andusefulthings. Our Hippo Hospital is a free game. We are happy togiveyour kids happiness and positive emotions. Follow Hippo andstaytuned. We are preparing new exciting adventures for boys andgirls.There are a lot of doctors in the hospital, and you willtryyourself in every of them very soon.
Know your balance, your actual subbscription infos and be up todatewith the current status of your Telenor subscription.
A realistic offroad experience which has different hard levelswithdifferent obstacles. - Multi game mods - Advanced contols -Highquality graphics - 70 different hard levels with realisticphysics- Landscape maps & Missions - Free ride mode - Vehicleupgrades- Lot of 4x4 & 6x6 vehicles Are you ready for adifferent andrealistic offroad experience?
CodeApp - Add Country Code (Jamaica) 1.0.20
ArrowEX, Inc
For users in Jamaica, you can use the app to add +1876 area codetoyour numbers. This is a requirement effective May 31, 2018becauseof the introduction of the new +1658 area code.CodeApp alsoallowsyou to easily send one touch codes to such as (*120#, *140#).Theseshort codes are known as USSD codes. 2.5.2 is one of the largest transport portals inLithuania.Here you will find thousands offers - cars,motorcycles,agricultural machinery, rims, tires, audio equipment,parts etc.Also you can check your road traffic rules skills, readarticles,reviews take part in car enthusiasts forums.
Goodreads Beta (Unreleased)
This is the beta version of thenewGoodreadsAndroid app—a redesigned, faster experiencefordiscovering,tracking, and sharing books from yourAndroiddevice.The beta app is still a work in progress. You may notice somebugsormissing features. You can continue to use your currentGoodreadsappalongside the beta app.Please share yourfeedback:[email protected] read every piece of feedback, but we aren’t able torespondtoeveryone. If you have questions, check outourFAQ: hope you enjoy the new app!
Jungle Monkey Jump 1.1.0
Jungle Monkey Jump is simple high jump game.How high can youclimb?Come and Challenge!!!36 challenges level and 15 charactersarewaiting for you!!Download Jungle Monkey Jump Now!Jump High!!
تقویم ۹۷ 10.4.0
negin studio
🐓تقویم سال ۱۳۹۷ 🌞تقویم شمسی 📅تقویم فارسی ⏰اوقات شرعی 🌏رویدادهایروز🔁تبدیل تاریخ ✨قطب نما ✔️قبله نما
JY UFO 7.0.1
This APP function: 1.Remote control the four axis aircraftbymobile. 2.Display the real-time video which taken by the cameraonthe aircraft,video data transmitted via 2.4G WiFi protocol.3.Takethe photo and video record on mobile. 4.Support 720P RemarksThisAPP uses (android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO) permission tocollectsound data with a microphone for voice-activated airplanes,withoutsaving sound data for other purposes
View C R P F. Pay 1.0
इस एप्लीकेशन की सहायता से आप अपनी सैलरी अपने मोबाईल मे देख सकते हैं
iGranth Gurbani Search 4.0
Kirpa Apps
iGranth is a Gurbani Searcher app that let's you search SGGS,BhaiGurdas Ji Varaan, read Nitnem Banis and SGGS.
Assamese Calendar 2.1.04
Assamese Calendar is an utility application designed inAssameseLanguage . It helps you with your daily needs andrequirements. Itis now easier to track Assamese date and year withOutscar AssameseCalendar App. It Includes the important socialevents , days tocelebrate rituals etc. Assamese Calendar comes withbuilt inwidgets . They widgets are beautiful and fits perfectly inyourhome screen. One of the widgets contains a clock that showscurrenttime. Please note , the clock widget may not show timeproperly ifyou use task cleaner / memory booster or other Apps ofsamecategory. For best results put Assamese Calendar in the ignorelistfor such applications. Please install Assamese Calendar inyourdevice and let us know about any bugs / issues that you mayface.We will be happy to address your needs. Regards, Team Outscar
KSA Helper 1.9
The best Helper of all Pravasi in KSA Breaking KSA NewsBreakingKerala News Live News Channels Gulf TV Programs MalayalamTVPrograms Extra Features ------------- 1 - Check How Many SimWithYour iqama 2 - Check Re-Entry Visa Status 3 - Check iqamaExparyDate 4 - Check MOI Available Funds 5 - Check Traffic Fines 6-Check iqama color 7 - Check Health Insurance 8 - CheckVehicleInsurance 1.6.3
Fast Brands
Playful ir tiešraides spēļu šovs tavā telefonā, kurā uzvarētvarpilnīgi ikviens. 12 spēles jautājumi ar atbilžuvariantiem,ierobežots laiks un reāla naudas balva. Playful is alive game showon your phone, which can completely defeat anyone.Game 12 multiplechoice questions, limited time and real moneyprize.
eyetime 1.20.0
eyetime is the messaging system of the future thatwillrevolutionise personal and corporate communication. Withinnovativefeatures and worldwide connectivity, eyetime is scalableto coverall your needs. The app will take your connectivity toanotherlevel, whether via voice call, video call, file or mediasharing,voice messages or any number of incredible furtherfeatures. Withthe unique social life app, which unites manyfunctionalities foryour everyday life, you can individualise andpersonalise yourcommunication and be entertained with on demandcontent. eyetime isthe perfect companion for those who wish to beindependent andfollow their dreams and interests in a globalcommunity, whilestaying connected to the world around. Design theapp the way youlike and let it represent your style. Discover andshare topics andcommunities you love. The app will continue todevelop according toyour needs. Catch the first wave of the futureof social life!
Club SIM 1.6.7
Tear-off your SIM card now! - No contracts, Super fast network-24/7 Full Online Registration, Direct mail to your home Selectatleast one of Pack below to get start >> You get a fullmobileservice without any crazy contracts or weird rules. You canchoosethe services you want – voice, data, whatever you like, andjustignore stuff that you don’t need, or don't want to pay for. Yougetall kinds of unlimited fun, you can play all the games you wantandwatch whatever you like without worrying about running uphugebills.
Screen Time for Kids 5.2.9
Screen Time for Kids works in conjunction with the ScreenTimeParental Control App on your child's device. This appusesAccessibility services. Screen Time requiresaccessibilitypermissions to monitor and limit daily screen timeusage. This isimportant to support all children, including thosewithpre-diagnosed disabilities, from creating or aggravatingsocial,learning and other behavioural disorders. Feedback If youhave anyproblems please take a look at our help pages, or contactus viathe contact page of our website, since we cannot always helpyou ifyou post questions in the reviews. app uses the DeviceAdministrator permission.
Balls Control 0.10.14
Attract balls by their colors! Brand new idle game: - Free to play-Awesome meditative sounds - No aggressive taps - Chill gameplay-Powerful bonuses - Endless colors & upgrades
Word Collect - Free Word Games 1.142
DOWNLOAD the best word games FREE in WORD COLLECT! Word Collecthasexciting word games Free Word Nerds! Word Collect starts as aneasyword game and gets harder as you level up! ENJOY WORD GAMEPLAY!-Connect letters in any direction to form the hidden word matches!-Find as many words as possible to level up and earn bonusrewards!- Fill in every word block jumbles! Earn bonus coins whenyoudiscover hidden words! - Can't figure out the word jumble?Usecoins to get a hint and win the level! FEATURES: - Dailybonuscoins for free hints! - Daily Challenge gives you more freewordgames, more free bonus coins and more FUN EVERY DAY! - Over900+Levels to play word games free! - Free 500 coins at the firstwordgame login. - Easy to play and difficulty increases as you go!-Play OFFLINE or ONLINE - anytime, anywhere. - Whether you wantwordgames for adults or word games for kids, Word Collect is thebestfree word game! - For word games free single player mode,downloadWord Collect Word Game Now! Get Word Collect for the bestwordgames free for word game fans, word search addicts, and more!Playword games now in Word Collect- it's so addictive! Having anissuewith these free word games for android? For immediatesupport,contact us at [email protected] Thanks!
SW360 3.0.15
* Support panoramic IP Camera, 180°360°and 720° super wideviewangle * Support digital Pan-Tilt-Zoom * Easy smart wifi setting*Support log in with Cloud Technology * Support motion alertCloudPush message * Support real time multi-channel live view *Supportsharing function * Support remote playback * Local recordingandplayback * Support two-way audio talk * AP mode, supportusingwithout internet * Support version updating automatically