Top 24 Games Similar to War For Super Goku Boy

Devil Fighter Dragon X 34
Devil Fighter Dragon X with a lot of transformation. We supportmorethan 100 transformation for all of characters and 30 bosses.If youneed a devil fighter with very strong power then this is agame youneed to download what support almost nice skills you willknowkamehameha, spirit bomb, final flash, dragon recall ...Fightinggame with one boss per stage is a very simple gameplaywhat anyonecan play in the first time they see In game devilfighter dragon xyou will choose one in five characters of dragonX, each characterhave a collection of super skills. Each skillwill have thedifferent power and damage, the player need tocombine them to havethe best fighting effect. We support 22transformation level foreach character. Each transform will helpthe hero have the higherpower and health, and refill their powerand health. If you cantransform to 22 level transformation thenyour power will be verystrong, you can defeat any boss if you knowhow to fight. We supportpower, strong, health and devil fighterdragon x also support giftbox, senzu bean what can help herorefill health, refill power,increase power, maximum power,protection mode ... FEATURES - Eyecatch nice graphic - Easy toplay game play - Many characterssupport - Many bosses support -Game play service for leader boardand achievement - Many superskill support
Battle Of Super Saiyan Heroes 1.0.8
Incarnations become a hero saiyan rescuetheworld.Many skills like Ki Blast, Kamehameha, Dragon Recall, BigBangAttack and Monkey King Recall ... and many more coming.Please become a Super Saiyan defeat the enemy.Thank you for playing. Enjoy.
God of Stickman 2 1.5.7
W N Yume
Enter into the arena and fight for the survival. If you loveplayingGod of Stickman 2 games then this is the game which willamaze youwith the swift handling and amazing features. God ofStickman 2 is agame of skill and need you to be really fastreactive to knockoutyour opponent. Fight using a dynamic combatsystem and unleashdevastating wrath attacks while freelynavigating the battlefieldusing intuitive controller It is totallyfree. Let's enjoy! God ofstickman 2 was inspired by "Stickman"promises to do the mostexciting games in this genre. How to playGod of Stickman 2 : Killbosses (piccoloz, friezaz, super buuz, kidbuuz ....) and collectballs FEATURES - Easy and Simple to play -Cool transform effect -Cool skill design and effect
Dragon Galaxy Warrior 1.1
Dragon Galaxy Warrior is a classic Shoot 'em up style gamefeaturinganime / manga style characters.You are the Galaxy Warrior- thefirst lieutenant of the Planetary Defense Forces of theVegioplanet.The invasion of the evil lords from a distant galaxyhasbegun, and your one and only objective is to defend yourpeople.Your defeat means the destruction and slavery of yourplanet'scitizens.Grow stronger as you defeat countless waves ofenemies -every fallen enemy gives you more, and more power. Youwill needit, as every new wave is stronger than the former!Everyfew wavesyou will face one of the evil lords - be prepared, for hispowersare far beyond his minions!Don't be scared though! As yougainpower and progress further, you will learn how to harnesstheancient techniques of your tribe - mystical auras and KIenergystrikes!Dragon Galaxy Warrior features:- 3 kinds of auras,whichenchance your character.- 3 kinds of super KI strikes todecimateevil invaders.- 2 different basic attacks (with ranks!) -decidewhich one suits you more.- 3 characters statistics - health,armorand KI energy - rise them as you wish.- Countless waves ofenemies,gets harder as you go!- Online leaderboards!- Auto-Save -everytime you clear a wave, the game autimatically saves - you donothave to worry about losing your progress!End of the briefing -go,get them, Soldier!
Goku Dragons
Goku needs Balls to get the new dragons. Contribute to helpGokucollect Ball as much as possible.Just tap and hold to makedragonsfly up.Goku will have a new Dragon when a high score isreach!
Tap Saiyan 2.1
Singkong Labs
his name is Go Geek, a loser , computer maniac and bullyingtarget.he never know that he inherited saiyan blood from hisancestors ..son goku from dragon ball z universe help him toexplore his truepower by tapping your screen until you reach theultimate supersaiyan transformation
Dragon Z Proud Saiyan Warrior 1.0.3
Ah Man! Finally the best DB fan made gamebasedon the Legend of Buu Saga is out. However, the game takesplace in afantasy world (exclusive from Z GT Kai) where Vegetawill train hardin order to beat Goku by becoming a Super Saiyan 3.Be a Man andunleash the full power of the prince in the galaxy toattack anddestroy your opponents at Ultra Sonic Speed. Theultimate destiny ofSuper Prince lies in your hands.KEY FEATURES--A perfect DB style fast battle system true to the manga.-Play as Majin Vegeta.-Beautiful stunning graphics.-Land and Air battle.-An epic story line to follow.-4 beautiful levels to clear with multiple stages.-Different types of enemies and bosses to fight.-Collect all the seven magic balls.-An epic battle with eternal rival.-Create your impact among Heroes in the Leader board.CONTROLS-X- Final Flash (Powerful technique to take down enemies in onego.It will consume the whole Final Flash Gauge and thus can notbedone when not fully charged.)Y- Sparking (Restores Final Flash Gauge by consuming some energyandprovide defense against most of the attacks.)A- Fight (Just hold the button to keep fighting with PunchandKick.)B- Transmission (Very useful in final battle with Goku to dodgehisattacks. It also consumes some energy.)The Green colored meter that appears above player is Health,theYellow colored meter is Final Flash Gauge and the purplecoloredmeter is energy. Energy is consumed each time you use FinalFlashor Transmission technique and can not be replenished beforethecompletion of a level. So it is advised to use it wisely.NOTES--Bardock and Goku (Kakarot) are playable in two othergamesdeveloped by me. See more games by this developer.-In future other Warriors like Gohan Piccolo Trunks and fusionslikeVegito Gogeta Gotenks from the popular anime series may getfeaturedin upcoming games as playable characters so don't be angryor punchyourself or decide to take revenge by posting attackcomments onthis game xD.-The game does not feature evil characters like Frieza CellBrolyCooler Omega Shenron or any other Villain from theseries.-This game is inspired by Shin Tenkaichi Butoden BudokaiRagingExtreme Xenoverse Bout Royale Another Road DimensionLegacy.★★ ❤ ★★ Do not forget that my application 👊 Dragon Z ProudSaiyanWarrior👊 is totally free and it's ultimate fate depends onyou dearpeople!!! Please share it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,Tumblrat once!
Saiyan Sky Battle 3D 1.2
Saiyan Sky Battle 3D is base on the prime character SuperSaiyanloved by million players over the world.This is theinterestingaction game with many kind of Kames and Enemies withsmooth movingand transforms.The saiyan will transform throughlevels up and thehealth, kame, power and skills will be upgraded tobring you to afanstatic feeling of the flying battles.With cooleffects andbosses, specially for dragon boss will make you lovethem more andmore.Each kame type likes Fire, Electric, Ice andHolly Missiles,Tripple Attacks, Tornado, KameZoko, KameBall ...upgraded by levelsto help you defeat the enemies moreinteresting.We'd prepared foryou more levels with a lot of coins toimprove your skills time bytime.FEATURES- Easy to play and controlsimple- More than 5 levels-Cool fight effects- Cool enemies andbosses- Smooth moving and gameplay- Cool transform types- Thousandschallenges over levels-Multi-color actor skin supportWe love tohear your feedback to makethe game better. Please contact us:-Facebook page:
Dragon X Adventure: Warrior Z 1.1.4
Play the most EXCITING game on the Play Store. Be a Hero Dragonfora day and defeat all the enemies!You are Legend, you have powerofdevil's dragon ball, please save our beautiful dbz planet!HOWTOPLAY:* Defeat the Enemy with skills Z, you can jump or doublejumpto avoid obstacles as well.* Be careful with Bosses, theywillappear and attack you.* Press Left button to jump or doublejump.*Hold down Right button to build up power for a larger blast.*Collect 7 Gems / Ball to use larger blast without holdrightbutton, just tap and tap.* When the enemy die, HP will drop,don'tforget getting it. * Collect Gems to buy life, you can buy inshopalso.FEATURES:- Totally FREE.- Friendly user interface.-Wonderfulskills dbz.- Easy to play: run and fly and shoot to skillenemies.-Leaderboards to challenge your friends.- CatchySoundtrack.
Creepy Ball Super 1.2.5
-Creepy Ball Pixel available now on Google Play!- Are you readyfora completely original battle? Creepy Ball Super is anamazingfighting game with an animation worthy of the best currentanimes.Totally brand-new characters, incredible attacks, awesomestory...what are you waiting for? Start your epic fight right now!Geku,Vegetal, Kikiriki, Frecerk, Biggs and Beeeeeeh are ready forthebattle! Get Super Saiyajin mode, use Super Powers, do randomflips,etc
Craft Saiyan Hero Dargon Boy 1.0
Download Craft Saiyan Hero Dargon Boygamenowto start playing!Survival Hard with Challenging New Map levels for Androidnow!You can tap anywhere on the screen to your man to jumpandtouchdouble to jump higher!Be careful charm on the road by creating damage and collectasmanydragon ball as you can, you are a heroes!Find secrets and unlock extras to get the most out ofthegame.Saiyan superhero need your help in this side scrollingadventuretimethrough challenging levels of running and jumping.FEATURES :- Attractive main character- Easy to play- 100+ Challenging Levels Select- 5 Different Game ModesEnjoy the game & do leave a feedback that willhelpusimprove...!
Super Kaio Goku Tap Super Z 1.0.1
There is the belief that there arespecialballwhich, if can collected 7 piece, to grant the user onewish.youwill save the Earth from the invader wants to usurp.The game talk about the adventures of conquerorsSongokuanddestroy rivals: Warrior, Weapons, Fize, Shen,… withmoreskillslike KaioKen, Ki Blast, Kamehameha, Dragon Recall, BigBangAttackand Monkey King Recall ...[How to play]- Collect seven balls to pass each level.- Collect beans to recover hit point.- Clear missions in some level.- Tap to attack.- Hold to charge or fire skill.- Hold to using Kamehame or Ki Blast[Features]- Ki Blast.- Kamehameha.- Spirit bomber.- Super Saiyan.- Charge your power until the red bar reaches the gauge'smaxtotransform.- Use Directional Pad to move / fly.- 120+ different enemies wave and 15 stages.- More than 50+ Fighter famous such as golden frieza,vegeta,trunks,god beerus.
Super Dragon Warriors Heroes 1.1
super Dragon warriors power HeroesAdventuresis a classic platform game that combines old school gameplay withmodern playability.In the wonderful world, Saiyans come with you. Let's goonadventures with Saiyans warrior Heroes together.Your task is to control the super Dragon warrior power to wipeoutSoldiers and enemies super Ninja and overcome the game stagewithcollect ball diamond for get high scores and earningstarfallThe game follows the adventures of Saiyan, a super power Heroes,whofalls into a miracle world of Dragons. The world is scenicbutdangerous. Along the way, Warrior makes several friends andbattlesa wide variety of villains, and becomes the top martialartist inthe universe.★ Classic platform game style.★ This game is for kids and adults★ Over 10 different kinds of monsters★ Beautiful and friendly user interface★ Easy gameplay and intuitive controls★ Coin collection to power up your character★ Rankings for you and your friends
Dragon Dash 1.0
Wizz Games
Dragon Dash is a game that I have worked onforquite some time now. In the game you play a character thatissimilar to goku from dbz (dragon ball z). The warrior is tryingtoget to Namek, a planet beyond earth. To reach his goal he mustfly, jump , slide and even defeat his enemies with his powermoves.When playing Dragon Dash you can buy upgrades to yourcharacter andyour power moves. The enemies look like a simplifiedversion ofCell from dbz (dragonballz). They shoot a lazer so avoidthem atall cost. You can also destroy spikes coming from the floor,fly ona cloud and enjoy a wonderful 2D Platformer at the same time.FEATURES:- 2D Graphics- 4 Epic Levels- Nice Sound- DBZ!Save the World in this Epic App for Android. Be a Sayian , aHero, a Dragon.Have Fun in This Cartoon Mario Style 2 D Game!The Anime Action Adventure Awaits!Enjoy the Game.
Power Level Warrior 2 1.2.0d
From the maker of Legends Within and Power Level Warrior. Fightyourway trough challenges! Collect power point balls and for yourdragonwarrior to customize your stats and unlock supertransformationswhich will further increase your power level. Havea ball whileplaying and training your dragon warrior!NEW GAMETheFinal PowerLevelWarrior system- Number of moves to unlock and master- Numberoftransformations to unlock- Number of energy attacks to unlockandmaster
Super Goku space Z 1.0
welcome to the world of this game you gonna help Goku jump Saiyan over theobjectsandto the top in to play ? : just tap in the fletch to jumpandtoshooting.Download my app now.Features:1) Jump on the top of enemy to defeat battle dragon.2) Super Saiyan Hidden warp world and many cool looking level3) Goku, looking character that will make the game morefunandEasy.Enjoy the best game about in the Play Storethe game is 100% free to play.
PPSSPP Gold - PSP emulator 1.9.4
Play PSP games on your Android device, at high definition withextrafeatures! PPSSPP is the best, original and only PSP emulatorforAndroid. It runs a lot of games, but depending on the power ofyourdevice all may not run at full speed. Buy this Gold versiontosupport development. There is also a free version. No gamesareincluded with this download. Dump your own real PSP games andturnthem into .ISO or .CSO files, or simply play free homebrewgames,which are available online. Put those in /PSP/GAME on your SDcard/ USB storage. See for more information.
Undertown Chase - Ben 10
Help Ben and Rook escape from the clutches of the galaxy’smostdangerous hunter in UNDERTOWN CHASEACTION-PACKED GAMEPLAY!Testyourreflexes on the wildest chase ever! Help Ben and Rook escapefromKhyber’s pet, Zed, as they face impossible odds anddangeroustraps. Tap and slide your way around traps and out of thejaws ofyour nemesis!IT’S HERO TIME!Use Ben’s Omnitrix to turnintopowerful alien forms: Smash through obstacles as CannonboltandShocksquatch. Use Rook’s Multi-tool and special plumber trainingtoslip past your pursuers and bring them to justice!EXPLOREBEN’SWORLD!Jump, slide, shoot, slam and burst through severaldynamicstages. Make your way through the rooftops of Bellwood,blitz pastthe dangers of the sewers and finally face your hunterson the meanstreets of Undertown!Help Ben escape Khyber through thisUNDERTOWNCHASE!********************* This game is available in thefollowinglanguages: English, French, Italian, Spanish (LatinAmerican),Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Turkish, Arabic,SimplifiedChinese, Korean, Japanese If you're having any problemswith thisapp, feel free to contact us Tellus about the issues you'rerunning into as well as what device andOS version you're using.********************* PRIVACY INFORMATION:Your privacy is importantto us at Cartoon Network, a division ofTurner Broadcasting System,Inc. This game collects and usesinformation as described in CartoonNetwork’s Privacy Policy linkedbelow. This information may be used,for example, to respond touser requests; enable users to takeadvantage of certain featuresand services; personalize content;serve advertising; performnetwork communications; manage andimprove our products andservices; and perform other internaloperations of Cartoon Networkweb sites or online services. Ourprivacy practices are guided bydata privacy laws in the UnitedStates. For users residing in theEU or other countries outside theU.S., please note that this appmay use persistent identifiers forgame management purposes. Bydownloading this application, youaccept our Privacy Policy and EndUser License Agreement, and yougive permission for such uses forall users of your device. ThePrivacy Policy and End User LicenseAgreement are in addition to anyterms, conditions or policiesimposed by your wireless carrier andGoogle, Inc. Cartoon Networkand its affiliates are not responsiblefor any collection, use, ordisclosure of your personal informationby Google or your wirelesscarrier. Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy:
Trump on Top 1.5.1
IDC Games
Warm up your knuckles and get ready for the final fight oftheelections! Choose between Donald Trump’s bloc and thedemocraticone led by Hillary Clinton and show us who the bestpatriot is.Play against the machine or challenge your friend withthe 2players mode. Will you be able to win this bloody fight fortheWhite House? Find out now!Tournament modeDefeat all theenemiesthat want to push you away from the White House and becomethe mostpowerful President of the United States in history.Fightimpersonating Donald Trump or choose the democratic bloc ifyouprefer. Use your flying super powers in order to make yourenemy’shead hit the ground and bite the dust. Each time you winanopponent will be unlocked so you will be able to play withhimlater on. Who needs elections with such fighters?2 playersfightinggameFight against your friends or enemies on the samedevice! Takepart in exciting multiplayer combats and use everythingyou learnedin the Tournament mode.Lots of fightersAre you ademocrat or arepublican? It doesn’t matter! Fight with or againstDonald Trumpor one of its many versions, or choose Barack Obama,HillaryClinton, Johnson the rapper, Clovin the Irishman, Frank theobese,Pancho the Mexican mariachi... And so on up to 20powerfulfighters. Will you be able to unlock them all? HIGHLIGHTS•20fighters to unlock. Put yourself in the shoes of politiciansjustlike Donald Trump, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, or in theshoesor Mexican citizens, Irishmen and even aliens, and soak thering inblood.• Single and 2 players mode: play against the deviceoragainst a friend with this 2 players fighting game.• Crazyflyingfights. Become a Super Saiyan from the very first moment.•Controlwith a single finger. Easy but challenging gameplay.•Multiplestages. Crazy fight in the desert, at New York, WashingtonDC andeven in the moon.• Two difficulty levels. If you think youare sogood try the difficult level!• Completely free game with noin apppurchasesHOW TO PLAYThe objective of Get on Trump fightinggame isto make your opponent’s head hit the ground or the manyobstacleson the stage. Both fighters are permanently connected bytheirhands so you will have to find the way to win the position.Luckilythe fighters can fly so it won’t be so complicated. Thebestfighter in two rounds wins. 2 players mode uses thesamecontrols.Play this fighting game and make America great again!
Death Fighting Tiger 3D 1.2
The tournament of chosen warriors begins! Join it and win – orbeflushed away like a small obstacle! Do your best – kick, smashandstrike your way to the top of the hill with Death FightingTiger3D!Lord Lightning, The Elder God of Thunder has summonedmanycrafty fighters to his island. Here you can find frostghostlywarrior, atomic mutant, battle princess exiled from herownKingdom, aging movie star with his curvaceous bodyguard andmanyothers. Only the best fighter could beat his way to the victoryandbecome a winner of Tiger Claw Tournament!Face differentenemiesusing different fighting styles including Taekwondo, MuayThai,Kung Fu, Boxing and other and overcome all of them with thepowerof your own fighting style!Earn points to unlock new levels ofyourprogression and buy new kicks and punches! Upgrade yourpower,speed, and accuracy or unlock new strikes and fightingstylesgetting points for each winning.Check contest and survivalmode –fight against enemies and defeat them to earn points orsurvive onthe ring as long as you can! Become the strongest fighteron theearth playing Death Fighting Tiger 3D action game!DeathFightingTiger 3D features:Ultimate action fighting game infantasticalstyleVarious strikes and fighting styles to tryPowerfulenemies tostruggle againstContest and survival mode – beat yourenemies toearn points or survive on the ring as long as you canEasyandsmooth controlsEnter the ultimate contest and gainunprecedentedcombat experience! Start the toughest fight ever! TryDeathFighting Tiger 3D right now!
Mighty Heroes:Sky Battle 1.0.3
Mighty Heroes: Sky Battle is an epic casualandrpg game that you and your friends will enjoy.On the planet called Flame (because the first living creatureswerephoenix and dragons) the world is divided in four regions, eachoneruled by powerful and evil servants of the Supreme LeaderLordPhoenix.You and your friends have discovered an ancient secret, the gemsofpower!! these gems give to the one who own them anincrediblepower. The first ones that you found were fallen from thesky butthere are others hidden around the world !!In your journey to Free the people, you need to find all gemsinorder to be able to defeat all Lord Phoenix's servants andmaybeone day be powerful enough to fight Lord Phoenix. In youradventurean unexpected ally has joined your team, Supreme Leader'sson,Phoenix!!!Now that you team is powerful enough you can start fightingsomeevil bosses!!*In this game there are 5 available characters. Each one has3different special attacks that are unlocked at level 5,25 and50respectively. Each time you complete a stage you'll getsomeexperience points, once you have enough you will achieve anewlevel. At level 25 and 50 you will unlock warrior and knightmodes,that are harder ones but will give you moreexperiencepoints.*How to play:- Tap the right side of the screen to use your energy (right arm)orthe left side (to use your left arm).- When you are fighting a boss you have a fixed time to defeathimor you will lose.- Once you have inflicted enough damage to the boss you willunlockthe use of one Special Attack.- Once you have completed a stage you will get exp points andwhenyou have enough you will achieve a new level withthatcharacter.- This game includes leaderboards for each character's level, soyoucan compete with other people to see who achieves the highestlevel!!If you like manga style, saiyans and Ki attacks you will liketheseheroes and their powerful attacks!!Start Now this awesome adventure and compete withyourfriends!Download it now Totally FREE!
Shadow Kung Fu Battle 3D 1.1
Trigger Team
The true Way of Ninja is the Way ofShadow!Hide in the darkness and strike from behind!Be a ninja warrior avenging for his clan, fight againstdifferentpowerful opponents, crush your enemies and have fun withShadowKung Fu Battle 3D!Kick, punch, jump, and slash your way to victory! Usedifferentfighting styles, earn points to raise up your fightingskills orbuy new strikes and punches to ensure your victory onthebattlefield!Devastate your enemies without mercy as a real ninja! Attackfromshadows, fight against mighty opponents and enjoy theatmosphere ofthe oriental action game with Shadow Kung Fu Battle3D!Shadow Kung Fu Battle 3D features:Interesting and addictive gameplayHighly detailed but Anime-like graphicsCustomize your fighter with swords, nunchaku, armor suits, orbuynew punches, kicks, and strikesWide range of ninja warriors to choose as your fighterSimple and intuitive controlsEmerge from the shadows, strike like biting snake and be thewinnerat this endless Shadow War of ninja clans with Shadow KungFuBattle 3D!
Street Ninja - Shadow Fight 1.0
Firevil Games
Are you crazy fan of Ninja film and gamelikeninja rua, ninja turtle ?You love magic eye Sharingan on ninja history ?This is game for you : Street Ninja - Shadow FightBegin the adventure with ninja boruto team and friendsYou will be able to play as a real Sharingan ninja. Here youcanbecome a Ninja Shinobi. Pick the people you trust then defeatthebosses. Become the ninja master shinobi of your dreamstoday!If you're looking for a graphically stunning beautiful recreationofthe Ninja world, then this is the game for you!Explore the real world of Ninja, learn the ultimate jutsu andbecomethe strongest Ninja.Not same ninja turtle (ninja rua). This is fighting game onstreet.You are real ninja, not mutant ninja. You must combat withmanyenemies on street to live.You have many skill and Magic Eyes Sharingan eye skilltofight.Now. download free game now !Features :★ Amazing game control★ Good Quality Graphics★ many enemies obstacle★ Easy to control.
Anime War 2.0.4
Same Gameplay style as Battle Of Ninja, butnewcharacters, new awesome skills. Now, you can not only play asninjafrom konoha to become hokage and fighting again akatsukigroup, butalso can play as famous characters from another greatmanga like DBZwith strongest Super Saiyan such as GoZ, VegeZ ....You will havechance to use cool skills like Blast, Kamehameha,Bigbang Attack,Dragon Recall …. beside old skills like rasegan,sharingan,rinnengan and chidori. Game has designed as shadowstyle. The coolsaiyan transform effect and many bosses what youwill love the wayto fight if you love drgon ball z.Let play this game, transformed into best ninja and dragonsaiyanheroes!!!How to play:- Tap left / right to attack. You only can attack enemies inarange.- Try to use ultimate Jutsu and skills to kill all enemiesandcollect coins to unlock new heroes.If you like this, please comment and review to show your opinionssothat we can make better games.For any contribution, please feel free to contact us viaemail:popcorn.hunva@gmail.comLike our fanpage to get more information and tips aboutgameplay: fun!!