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Fruit Slice Pro 1.03
Fruit Slice Pro is a free fruit cuttinggame.It can be good exercise the brain's ability. How many timescan youslice these Fruits? Cut the sweet and delicious fruit. As soon youcomplete the level find more fun and interest in this gameand lotof more. It is completely 100% free game for everybody.variouscolors of fruit juice splash into the air, or splash intothe wall,bringing exciting perspectives for the players toexperience. Thereare different types of fruit: banana, pineapple,pear, apple,orange, grapes, watermelon, lemon, strawberry, cherry,coconut,kiwi, lime and peach. You have markers stars. Become a realsamuraifruit.How To Play:Hold the finger in your hand and sweep it in the air towardthefruit to cut and got score. don't cut bomb fruit then you willlostscores, and enjoy especial effect. Do not need to be hurry ifyoumiss the chance do try again and sweep it with good angle andgotthe expertise and lot more. Keep in control to your mind and nottobe a panic if you loss try it again and again.Game Features- Exciting perspectives and visual effects.- Intense and exciting game rhythm. Slice, Dodge the bomb,prettyeasy.- Cool background music and sound effects.
Fruit Slice FREE 1.1
Your mobile phone is boring? Come with us,wewill refresh your phone by a colorful game – FRUIT SLICE! This isagame like the famous game Ninja Fruit, but we have manyinnovationsgive you. You will have a freshness space torelax.We are supported more than 40 languages, stunning graphicsandcatchy sound effect. Your mission is try to cut the fruits,don’tcut bomb, if not you will die. You can challenge and comparescoreswith friends in the world.
Chem Hoa Qua (Chem Trai Cay) 1.0
Chém Hoa Quả 2016 với những trái câyrấtquenthuộc, đồ họa 3D đẹp mắt cùng với kịch bản hấp hẫn chắcchắnlàmhài lòng người chơiChem Trai Cay 3D khác hẳn với các trò tương tự khác đó làchémkhóhơn, nhiều màn chơi hơn đòi hỏi bạn phải thật khéo léo mớicóthểkiếm được nhiều điểm.Game bao gồm những trái sau:- Trái táo chủ đề chính của ứng dụng này màu xanh nhé .- Trái Cam màu vàng óng ả tròn chịa nhất trong những hoaquảsửdụng.- Trái cà chua hay quả hồng gì đó màu đỏ ý chơi sẽbiếtrõthôi.- Trái gì nguy hiểm nhất đó là trái bom.- Noi hoa qua, nong trai, kim cuong trai cayChúc các bạn chơi game vui!Fruits slashingfruitin2016 with the familiar, beautiful 3D graphicswithcompellingscenario certainly satisfy playersChem 3D fruit different from other similar games thatarecuttingharder, much more screens requires ingenuity you canearnmorepoints.Game includes left behind:- Apples main theme of green applications offline.- Left round shiny yellow Orange divided in the fruit used.- Left tomatoes or something red persimmons reviews Playerswillknowit.- What the Left is that the most dangerous bomb.- Noi florist, ranch, diamonds trai cayI wish you happy gaming!
Fruit Master - Samurai Slicing 1.2
PVA Games
The new exciting game will feel likearealninja who cuts fruit. Your task is to shred, divide inhalf,cut asmany fruits, but be careful not to cut the bomb, andwithfruitBanana your score and time in the game increases.Immerseyourselfin the atmosphere of the ancient world of thesamurai,ninja andkung fu. Good luck, young fruit AffairsMasterNinja!
Ninja Pumpkin Dash 1.0
Rabbit Apps
Tired of school, college or work? Youcanquickly cheer yourself up using the Bubble Wrap application.Thebest way to relax and enjoy you too.Ninja pumpkin dashGet in the battle between Ninja and Pumpkin Monster.This Ninja is very angry. He learnt that Pumpkin monster hascreateda nuisance in the city. He must be stopped. So ninja cameout withall his weapons and dagger with dash, and he knows how tokill themonster. He started cutting the pumpkin. But there are somanypumpkins to be cut into pieces. The pumpkin monster has setmanypumpkins on top of each other. Ninja has to be aware aboutthedangers in cutting the monster. There are many dangers in pathofhim and the pumpkin monster.Ninja keeps hitting fruit one by one and smashing it into pieces.Hecame onto this arena with dash, where so many pumpkin fruitsaresetup one on top of each other. Ninja hits the lowest fruitandsmashes that into multiple pieces. Then the upper pumpkinfallsdown and he hits that fruit again and smashes that too. Thisgamekeeps going on like this.But be aware!!! Its not as easy as it seems. This game haslethaldangers also. These dangers could kill ninja at once. Thereare twolethal hazards for ninja.First is time. Yes, the time is draining. You should keephittingand destroying the pumpkins one by one with crazy dash.Don’t stop,don’t rest. Just keep hitting and smashing. If you stopthe timewill drain out and ninja, who is angry with dash, dies!!!So keepcutting the fruit and earn more time. If you keep destroyingthefruit, you will earn more time for you.Second hazard is lethal fruit arms. These pumpkins are notalone.They have dangerous and arms beside them. When one pumpkinisdestroyed the other one falls down, and with this fallsthedangerous arms. This can hit the ninja and kill him instantly.Soalways keep an eye on the lethal fruit arms.Turn into the craziest ninja dash in the history, crushingpumpkinmonster and recharging your energy dash. With ninja, Try tocut andsmash the juicy pumpkins with your powerful sword, while youavoidthe lethal arms coming in your path. Fight the inclement dash,dayand night. Are you willing to drill nonstop in a race againsttimeusing coordination and speed? Then you might have what it takestobecome the craziest dash ninja ever.GAME FEATURES♦ Cool Graphics Along With An Awesome Cartoon Style Character♦ Cute & Nice Environment♦ Sweet Background Music♦ Nice Sound Effects♦ Engaging And Challenging Gameplay
Ninja Cutting Master 3.0
Rabbit Apps
♣♣ GAME FEATURES ♣♣♦ 100+Levels♦ 3 Different Game Modes♦ Amazing HD High quality graphics♦ Great sound effects and musicThis Ninja is taking his final trainings. He need to practicesomemore to be ready to get in combat with the outer furious world.Forthe final training, Ninja needs to go out in the practice arenaandcut the water melons, as more and as fast as he can. Thesewatermelons are scattered in the practice arena with manyotherobstacles and killer hurdles. Ninja has a run in thepracticearena, he has his sword in both of his hands. With theseswords hekeeps cutting the melons into pieces. But there are manykillerhurdles and obstacles in his path. Tap on the screen to makeNinjato jump over these obstacles or he will be dead. If hecollideswith the obstacles or falls in the killer pit.The Ninja will rush to the water melons. You need to tap onscreento make Ninja to jump and pass over the obstacles. In the wayNinjakeeps cutting water melons. There are many obstacles anddangerouspits you need to avoid by tapping on the screen. Use thespring padfor mega jump. When Ninja has a run over the spring pad,it jumpshigher than normal to reach up to the upper floor. He fliesforsome time then continues cutting more fruits.Kindly leave a feedback to help us improve the game...!
Cut The Fruit 1.0
Rabbit Apps
This boy is crazy about fruit. Helovesfruit.Wherever he finds fruit this boy cannot control himselffromeatingthem. The boy is so hungry. To appease his hunger heneeds toeatfruits now. He finds lots of fruit piled up in thehouse. Thisboyhas so strong stick to crush these fruits. He hits onthefruitwith his strong axe and cut it. Boy hits the lowest partandcutthat into pieces. Then the upper fruit fall down andhestrikesthat too and cut that also. This game keeps going onlikethis. Cutthe fruit into pieces one by one.But be aware!!! It’s not as easy as it seems. To cutthesefruitcould be lethal. These fruit have lethal dangersalso.Thesedangers could kill boy at once. There are two lethalhazardsforthe fruit lover.First is time. Yes, the time is draining. Boy should keephittingandcutting fruit one by one. Don’t stop, don’t rest. Justkeepstrikingand cutting because time is draining. If boy stops,thetime willdrain out and the boy dies!!! So keep cutting thefruitand earn moretime. If you keep cutting the fruit, you willearnmore time foryou.Second hazard is lethal fruit branches. These branches arenotalone.They have dangerous and lethal branches. When the fruitiscuts theupper fruit falls down, and with this falls thedangerousfruitbranches too. This can hit the boy and kill himinstantly. Soalwayskeep an eye on the lethal branches.GAME FEATURES♦ Endless gameplay♦ Cool Graphics Along With An Awesome Cartoon Style Character♦ Cute & Nice Environment♦ Sweet Background Music♦ Nice Sound Effects
ninja food 1.0.0
omar hodrob
ninja food is a fast pace fruitscutgame!One slice to bursting the specified juicy fruits! To see whocaninthe limited moves to break through all the barriers!
Slice Fruits 1.0
How Good Are You In Slicing Fruits?Slice as many fruits you can taping your finger.Color thewallwith splash of all the juicy fruits.This is a small fruitslicinggame that will take only about 10 mb space and will giveyouunlimited fun.Two playing moodUnlimited MoodTime AttackHow to PlayTap to slice fruits