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Police Car: Chase 1.4
Oppana Games
Become a policeman, hop into the police car and chasecriminals(offender). *** GAME FEATURES *** - This exciting anddynamic gameis sure to bring you hours of fun.- Car damage isextremelyrealistic. - It's very simple to select a drive mode. -You getrealistic acceleration. - Great graphics. Download and playOPPANAGAMES! And enjoyyourself!
Police Car Driving: Criminal Chase
Police Car Driving : Criminal Chase is adrenaline filledpolicecarchasing games in which you take are the protector of theroadsandit is your job to catch those street racers that trytojeopardizethe safety of others. The police chase is on ! Getreadyto searchand track the car owners who participate in illegalracingand takethem down and bring justice.These game is filledwiththrilling andexciting chases which you will have to complete.Soget ready toburn some rubber and get those over-speeding felonsandfine themfor good. Police Car Driving : Criminal Chase is thenewtrendypolice chase racing game which will keep you glued toyourmobilescreen for a long time.Refreshing challenges await you.Buynewupgrades and get the best quality car to use in the game.Therearemany upgrades that will give you a edge in the game andmakeyouthe best chaser in the game.Download Police Car Driving:CriminalChase now on Google Play Store.If you have anyproblemswithinstallation or playing of this game please reach us onourmailand we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Police Car Lights and Sirens
Police Car Lights and Sirens features an animated police carandpolice sirens at the touch of a button for whenemergencysituations may arise. Choose from 8 selectable policesoundeffects, the loudest police sirens around! Simply tap a buttontoactivate the lights and sirens, tap the police car todeactivate.-Animated police car- 8 Loud police sirens and effects-Clean, easyto use interface- Free!
Elevated Car Driving Sim: LA Police Cars Chase 1.3
Elevated Car Driving Sim: LA Police Cars Chase is a warning callforcriminals, prisoners and suspicious minorities & gangstertown;as Policeman are all geared up in their police cars to chasetheoutlaws & bad guys with the futuristic elevated carpolishummer. Police car with all new polizia car driving elevatedhummerhas made gangster car chase much easier as LA polis cars willnolonger have to wait in extreme traffic. Transit Elevatedcarsimulator helps reach crime destination on time. High techvehicleis a foolproof elevated car. Just push the throttle ofthiselevated futuristic car for high speed acceleration andcreatehindrance on the way of criminal escape on impossible roadswithpolicia hummer modern car driving.Wreck & smash gangstercarswith elevated police carWith Elevated Car Driving Sim: LAPoliceCars Chase set yourself for real gangster & police chasewhereyou can wreck and smash gangster car with fast pace and dosomereal polis car driving vs gangster car racing on streets ofLA.Modern car driving with futuristic elevated car is anadvancementin police hummer technology. Chase bad guys and preventcriminalsescapeLA policia driver duty is to track down thieves,burglars andcriminals on roads and buildings with modern cardriving passing byheavy traffic. Policia cars high tech transithummer is elevatedcar simulator having police prisoner chase, wherethe fastest wayto hunt them is by turning police hummer intoelevated car andthrottle full race of polis car turning it intocrazy elevated car.Don’t let criminals escape from hiddenenclosures of buildings.Driving futuristic car on impossible roadis difficult task, henceit's impossibly hard to control crazyelevated car polizia cardriving which is high tech vehicle.Encounter real time sense ofelevated police car drivingWith help ofElevated Car Driving Sim:LA Police Cars Chase, don't worry abouttraffic jams and traffichurdles. To survive, just prevent elevatedcar simulator fromcolliding with other cars. Elevated Polizia cardriving simulatoris super realistic where police chase gangstercar. LA police caris equipped with auto traffic detection andsensors. Transit techelevator police car driving simulator willgive you real bus driverexperience as you will encounter real timesense of polis hummercar weight and momentum while chasing trafficmob &underwhelming blizzard. After bus simulator games,elevated policecar driving simulator gives a whole new impossibleelevated game2017 experiencing modern car driving in this latestfuturisticcar.With all new Police car driving hummer elevated game2017,become the real polizia driver who is all set to takecriminals andthieves into custody driving elevated futuristic car,chasingtraffic load. So take advantage of this high tech elevatedpoliscar hummer and learn how to chase gangster car and track downthegangster town in extreme elevated simulator policia car.Maintainpeace in LA and brace yourself for the challenges coming onyourway with all new Elevated Car Driving Sim: LA PoliceCarsChase.Game FeaturesMultiple car controls; steeringwheel,accelerometerExplore beautiful 3D Environment Convertspolicehummer into elevated police car to chase traffic mobCarphysicsengine optimized for real driving experience of ElevatedPolice carchase actionNumber of tasks to complete in thismechanicalgame.Intuitive controls, both touch and tiltcontrolsMultiplecamera view, for the optimal viewing experience
Police Car repair and wash 1.0.1
2D Fun Club
Have you ever dream of joining a police car wash saloonandrepairing garage. Here is the best chance for you to fulfillyourdream. Police cars are the most attractive rides andeveryonedreams to travel in these luxury police vehicles especiallykidstake it as the super dream. Police cars are now more classy,modernand prepared with various advanced features and beautifuldesigns.Here in this game kids and little girls are going to have averyamazing experience as this game having learning experiencewhichincludes car washing and repairing.Police car wash andrepairinginclude the car wash, buff the scratches, car paintingwithdifferent colors replacing the tyres of the car, changingthebattery, replace the windows, fix the lights and allrequiredservices to make it ready for a long drive. Kids you cancustomizea simple car into a police car with the help of incrediblechanges.You will be amazed to have a modern style police car atyour ownworkshop after repairing, this repairing cleanup and fixinggamebrings a lot of fun to kids, girls, boys, andeveryone.Littlepolicemen design your own car to perform an actionon city roads.Being a police officer change your car in a stylethat helps inhard duties. Police car wash and repairing are one ofthe bestcleaning and repair mechanic shop for kids and everyone.Here youwill learn to customize your car with latest repairingtools andmodern mechanic accessories. .This police car wash andrepair shopgame will help children & little kids to know how totake careof their car & how to clean and fix it.
Police Car Factory: Cars Maker and Builder Fix It 1.0
Kids Fun Studio presents you the new police car factory gameafterthe success of Car Factory & Maker Simulator and SportsCarFactory. Now play this real little builder game and enjoyrealfactory simulation of designing, decorating and manufacturing acarin amazing factory environment. Police car factory is not justasimple car maker or assembling game, In this game you havetobuild, design and decorate the cop sports car with super coolcardesigner and manufacturer skills. Be the best mechanic engineerandwork in the factory game's workshop to build, fix and repairthepolice cars. A big police car factory is now opened in yourtownand they need expert level mechanical engineer and mechanictodesign and build their sports car for ultimate cops. Heylittlemechanic! starts working in that car maker factory and helpthem inmaking and building dream police cars. The factory's carworkshopis full of modern car making machines and equipment,littlemechanic use all tools to assemble the best sports car fortowncops. Car Body Maker Process First build and fix the policecarsbody. To make the police car body take the raw iron andothermetals in the metal forge department. Where different metalsmixedand heated on high temperature which melts and mix them. Worklikea real blacksmith and pour the liquid in the moulds. Cool downtheliquid until it takes the metal shape. Little blacksmith takethecar body out of moulds for building and fixing it. Car bodymakingis very important part of any car making process as it is themainsupport of the car structure. Cop Car Paint ProcessAftercompleting the car body now it's time to paint it withattractiveand super cool colors. While painting the car's body keepthecustomer's requirement in mind. Paint the cop car with paintliarsto make it shiny and new. Car Interior Designing DepartmentIninterior design department town cop car interior will bedesigned.Use the top designer and car decorator skills to fix thecarleather seats, dashboard, steering wheel, tires and meter.Policecar needs to look proper elite car from inside. Little cardesignerkeep all the design requirements in mind. Mechanic &EngineAssembly Little repairman use best repair and fix it skillstoassemble car doors, windscreen, headlights and bonnet.AfterCompletely assembling the car now fix the car engine. Carengineassembling is the work of best garage mechanics. Fix the carengineand car is ready for quality test. Car Salon Garage Nowwash,cleanup and shine the before it drives on the town roads.Useautomatic washing and cleaning machine to wash and cleanup thecopcar. Good Work! Sports car is ready for drive on city roads.
Police Car Driver 3.13
iPlay Studio
Drive around the city in your police car look for the bad guysthathave escaped the prison. Prisoners have escaped thelocaljail.Crazy Police Car Driver parking takes place inseveraldifferent levels, set in 3D-style. In each level you’ll needtofind a way to park your car. Drive through the different 3Dlevels.Try to park your car as fast as possible to get the highestscoreand try to beat your own time.Crazy Police Car Driver3D!experience with some unique features:- lots of realisticandawesome cars to choose out, car parking has never beenthisawesome- 2 unique areas with car parking challenges each!-Morecars and more parking simulator levels will be released in thenearfuture- Skip levels if they are to hard- If you crash, jumpbackinto time and try again with the time rewind option- Unlockalllevels in the best 2014 car parking game
Monster Car Police Chase - Crime City Driving 1.4
Monster Car Police Chase - Crime City Driving is an ACTIONpackedcar chasing game set in a huge open world city. The monstercarsare high speed and POWERFUL cars, but the cop cars aremorepowerful and strong cars! Perform crazy thrilling STUNTS! Befastbe furious and chase down the gangster squad in their monstercars,killing all mafia in the crime city.Be the FASTEST cop cardriverwith no speed limits in this new police car driving simulatorgameof 2018. Monster Car Police Chase - Crime City Driving has agaragefull of the most powerful cop cars. View a range of policecars inthe garage, each with it’s own powerful features.ExcitingFEATURESof Monster Car Police Chase - Crime City Driving:PowerfulpolicecarsHuge open world with wide open roads Challenge mode -monstercar chasingEndless Patrolling game modeEmergencylevelsThrillingstuntsDynamic camera anglesStunning 3D graphicsNewpolice cardriving simulator game of 2018Realistic gamephysicsSmooth carhandlingRealistic police car sirenComplete levelsand differentMISSIONS to earn money and purchase new cop cars withexcitingupgrades. Dynamic CAMERA angles help you drive better inthe openworld city. Monster Car Police Chase - Crime City Drivinghas anexciting CHALLENGE Mode. Chase, drift, jump, Nitro boost andcrashinto the monster cars to throw them off the road. BewareofEMERGENCY Levels where you have to race against time and reachtheemergency spot quickly.You can even choose to patrol around thebigcity in the PATROLLING Mode. Explore amazing locations aroundtheopen world city in a cop car and keep it free of crime.Get thenew,2018 police chase game: Monster Car Police Chase - CrimeCityDriving!
Clean up police car 3.0.4
Get your police car ready for action with this clean up game.Thiscleaning game lets you be a real police officer preparingyourvehicle for car chases. Here you can tidy the garage, fix thepaintchips, buff the scratches and so much more! Be a truepoliceofficer and clean your car today with this cleaninggame!Features:* Replace the windows and pump the tires ready forrobber chasing.* Buff the scratches and clean the dirt to make itbrand new again.* Spray paint the chips and fix the lights readyfor action. * Tidythe garage to make it look presentable for anypolice force.
Police Car Transporter Ship 1.0.7
NYPD headquarters are calling out for a police transporter whocanmanage transport mission for the entire police force. Thiscartransporter game is not for normal police driver. Thispolicetransporter game is much more than a police car drivingsimulator.It is a combination of police mission games, transportertruckgames and police plane transport games. You will load policesportscars and police bike from HQ to transporter truck and thendrivethe truck to the ship dock as a police truck driver.Subsequently,load vehicles on cargo ship & ship transportvehicles to theother city to assist your force in police transportgames. Thisholistic police driving perspective makes this policecar game oneof the best police games and a fun police game in adetailed 3Denvironment with superb cars, ship & bikes. Ifriding policemotorbike, police cars, cargo ship and trucktransportation exciteyou, Police Car Transporter Ship is the besttransportation gamefor you!You can become the chief officer forpolice transportationin this police car transport game and managefleet movement like noother police driving games or car transportergames. You will be atruck transporter, car driver, bike rider and aship captain &ship tycoon, all in one game. You would haveenjoyed playingdifferent police mission games but a combination ofpolice cartransport games, ship simulator games and trucktransporter gamemakes this part of best police ship games. Sportscar drivingcontrols are better than other police car games &ship drivingcontrols are superior to other transport ship games.Become thetransport life line for the police squad and lead fromthefront.Realistic environment and highly tunes vehicle physicsmakesthis ship simulator and transporter game very engaging.Strategizepolice fleet transportation and execute the plan all onyour own.You are much more than a police car driver or even a shiptycoon.Police cars, police bikes, trucks and giant cargo ships areall atyour disposal for execution of your plan. Sounds exciting?DownloadPolice Car Transporter Ship now!Features of Police CarTransporterShip:- Highly detailed 3D police motorbike models unseenin otherpolice motorcycle games- Realistic police truck, bike andshipriding controls unmatched by any police driving simulator- GPSmapto assist in finding directions- Latest Lamborghini &dodgeviper sports cars unseen in any police car games- Engagingsoundsand animations not seen in any car ship games- Play it withyourfriend around the globe- Detailed ship terminal &cityenvironment unmatched by most ship transport game or policetruckdriving games
Bike Rider vs Cop Car City Police Chase Game 1.12
Drive and play Bike rider vs cop car police chase game in thisbestmetro polis chasing in spectacular city.Feel the adrenalinerushand beat the police.Don’t get yourself hunt down by the copsinthis racing pursuit.Test your balancing skills and fastreactionsto be the grand gangster theft in this vr deathsimulator.Enjoyadventures and ride on super fast heavy bike in thiscop chase gameracing pursuit.Win the chase against cop cars in thissimplestendless thrilling FPS action 3D game.Throw yourself and becarefulbecause police will not hesitate to rush at you.Outrun thelaw,cross through different heart wrenching hurdles of moderncitystreets.This amazing racing pursuit will not just testyourmotorcycle driving skills but will also test your policeescapeplan.Show off your driving skills as a motorcycle rider tomaximumand take control of the cop car city police.Try to escapeandtackle ongoing obstacles to outrun the cops.Drive multiplemotorvehicles and be the new thief stunt bike hero in thisracingpursuit cop car city chase.Put on your swiftness abilityindifferent intense challenging missions.Bike Rider vs Cop CarCityPolice Chase Game Features:◆ Police Car 3D damage effects◆11amazing extreme motorbike, motocross and superbike ◆ Grandescapeplan & modern bike stunts for real driver skills◆Heartpounding soundtrack◆ High quality 3D graphics &immersivegameplay◆Incredible controls for ruthless bike driving infastcity.◆ Surprise interactive experiencesDelight yourselfbydownloading this extreme racing pursuit and grab the toppositionin city crime.
Police Car Chase Simulator 3D 1.5
The best police car driving simulator. Play as furious policewardento chase street racers and outlaws!Become a policeman, hopinto thecar and chase criminals with great fire power! Police CarChase 3Dgives you an exciting 3D race. You have to be a greatdriver andshoot at criminals and destroy their cars.Police CarChase Simulator3DDrive police cars through traffic. Get in yourcar, chase enemies,earn money and buy better cars. Police CarDriver is a new excitingdriving game. Become a police driver,drive with traffic and get thehelicopter backup to help you chaseyour enemies. Drive around thecity in your police car look for thebad guys that have escaped theprison. Prisoners have escaped thelocal jail.Policing racing is areal racing 3d game allows you toexperience the most epic chase onthe road. The criminals are onthe run and you need to catch orshoot them down. Proving you themost customized car, having machinegun and missile installed onit. The drug mafia, land mafia and theterrorists are out there onthe public places, disturbing the peaceof the city. Your duty isto bring the peace back and crack down andenforce the law.Be thefastest police car driver to chase high speedracers on thestreets!Do you want to go fast and have no limits? Nowyou can,drive from a garage full of powerful police cop cars on themostextreme stunts in the world! Drive, boost, drift, roll, jump,andcrash your police car in our all new extreme policedriver'sparadise!Features------ Turn on the police siren- Destroyenemies-High quality graphics- Different cars- City trafficroadsBuckle up,hit the gas and hold on tight; you’re in for theride of thewildest chases. Take down runaway street racers whileavoidingcivilian cars as you chase and weave through traffic.Outrun highspeed felons, outsmart rivals, outdrive buddy police andsmash roadin the most dangerous racing game now!Don’t smash into acitizen’scar. It’s your duty to protect the city premises andarrestcriminals. Extreme car driving, racing, drifting and chasingwithpolice car in this cop chase & smash simulator. Therealchallenging gameplay missions will make you drive withextremespeed on a pursuit against criminals.
Police Car; City Crime Patrol Robber Chase Game 3D 1.0
Police Car; City Crime Patrol Robber Chase Game 3D is thebestpolice driving game as the user will have to performmultiplepolice car driving challenges. Get ready to fight the realgangsterin the Miami city of crime police games. The user will havetoperform various robber chase tasks. Being the policeman of thecityyou are assigned a top secret mission to capture and imprisonthereal gangsters in this crime simulator. The gamefeaturesexclusively designed for newly recruited police officers tolearnamazing driving skills that will help the user to learnthetechniques of driving. Complete levels and different missionstoearn money and purchase new cop cars with exciting upgrades.Apolice driver is not just a simple driver, the cop driver needstobe highly skillful, attentive and gutsy because that policewilllater be chasing criminals in the street. Drive police carsthroughtraffic. Get in your car, chase enemies, earn money and buybettercars. Control your squad car in the streets. In this newestandimproved police car parking game.Criminals and robbers are smartsouser needs to match their level and come up with somethingthatmatches there smartness is the courage and skill. You will notonlybe driving a police car you will also have to chase downsomereally bad criminals. This driving test will help the user tolearnboth of these things. You have to be a great driver and shootatcriminals and destroy their cars. The cones and tracksarespecially arranged for the user to learn various drivingtechniquesthat will eventually be helpful for the user to learnevery trickin the book. Taking the role of the police, you drivearound thecities in a fast racing around the city as you want. Oncethe userwill become a trained driver than user can serve policeforcewhenever force needs him/her. Street racers and criminalsaregetting away with crime so fulfill your duty as a trainedpolicecop driver to chase criminals.Let’s explore some amazingfeaturesof the game :🚔 Realistic Open world city environment.🚔Ultra HighDefinition (HD) Display.🚔 Chase Supersonic fast cars.🚔Accuratephysics in the drive.🚔 Ultra-sensitive controls withsensitivitymeter.🚔 Smooth and easy drive options.🚔 EfficientGame-play withoutany lagging.🚔 High rate of Frames.🚔 Metro citysound effects(SFX).🚔 Specially designed 3D Visual Effects (VFX).🚔Various 3DDynamic Camera angles🚔 Realistic animations and cutscenes.🚔 1stand 3rd Person camera mode.🚔 No internet or NetworkRequired.🚔Super-fast Police cars in world famous tracks.
Marbel Police Station 1.0.2
Educa Studio
Are your fascinated with police cars and police activities? Ifso,this app is for you! Marbel Police Station.Marbel PoliceStationHave different experiences of being different kinds ofpoliceofficers, including criminal police, patrolmen, specialpolice,traffic police and security police. Simulate the realpolicestation, handle all kinds of cases as a police officer!Improve theobservation skills, shorten the reaction time, developthe sense ofresponsibility, and become more courageous.Get readyfor afun-filled police force adventure! The Marbel Cops need YOURhelpto run their police department. From solving crime mysteriestoidentifying suspects, it's up to you to protect theneighborhoodand keep everyone safe! GOOD COP JOB LISTThis is a jobyou shoulddo as a good cop.1. Arrange traffic on the fork when thetrafficlight is broken.2. Arrange traffic at the intersection whenthetraffic light is broken.3. Arrange traffic at the train junctioninorder to avoid accidents.4. Handle accidents on the highway!5.Setthe vehicle in the parking lot.6. Be a great Presidentialguard!7.Ambulance Guard! Between as fast as possible to thenearesthospital.8. There was an accident! Arrange traffic, call atowtruck, fire truck and ambulance as soon as possible!9. There'sacar coming into the river! Call the police helicopter to pickitup!Be a great cop who is always ready to catch criminals.11.Helppeople find their lost items.12. Many children arereporteddisappearing! Let's help find them!Give apropriate game foryourkids. Be aside with them while playing to avoid technologymisused.With Marbel Airport Adventure, kids will not only play, butalsolearn about activities in airport.ABOUT MARBELMarbel iseducationalapplication especially for kids aged 2-8 y.o. ThroughoutMarbel,Kids learn a lot of stuff in fun way. It helps kidsrecognizing anew stuff such as vegetables, fruits, animals,transportations, andmany more. The most interesting is that Marbelhas a lot ofeducational games, such as, pop quiz, memorize, etc. Itwasequipped with cool pictures, great animations, original music,andalso narration to help kids who still get difficultiesinreading.We would appreciate your critics and suggestion. Don'tbehesitate to send it to:#Email:educastudio@gmail.comMoreinformation aboutMARBEL:#Website: StudioImportantThis app can bedownloaded free. All standardfeatures can be played free. However,several features only can beplayed by purchasing the full version.This app also displaysadvertisement. If you do not want the adsappeared, you can purchasethe full version.
Cops Car Chase Games 2018: Thief Run 3D Simulator 2.0
Get ready to see the police cars around you because you are goingtoplay police car chase simulator game. You have violated thetrafficsignal, made the robbery, kill people and smuggled theweapons. Nowyou are wanted and your task is to run away frompolice cars in thispolice car chase simulator game. Can you escapefrom police carswith your 4x4 luxury Prado? Escape police cars bydriving yourluxury Prado and dodging and taking wrong turns andavoid allobstacles and rush your way through city environment aslong aspossible to avoid the certain crash. Police car chase isall aboutthe chase and runs the game. Be a real criminal who isescaping awayfrom police cars squad in the latest police car chasegame. In thislatest police car chase simulation adventure game,drive your Pradocar recklessly to escape from police chasing carsin the crime cityand don’t let the crimpy police officers reach toyou. Become a realrobber and stick with plan to complete missions.In this police carchase, your duty is to violate rules and escapefrom police cars.So, do a bank robbery in this police car chasesimulator game andtook all the money with you, load in a Prado carand escape frompolice cars in this police car chase simulationgame. Your missionsare not complete here yet, rather you have tobecome a real gangsterand king of your city. So purchase somedestroyful weapons frommoney which you robbed from bank and don’tlet the police cars catchyou. There are lots of challengingmissions in this police car chasesimulator game. It’s your duty tosmuggle all the destroyful weaponsacross the dealers in city. Itcould be dangerous for you and it’snot an easy task. So, you haveto be a real criminal to do thisstuff. Smash high speed racingrivals and outdrive buddy police carsin the most dangeroussimulator game 0f 2017. As a criminal yourduty is not over yet.Because, you’ve to have stole a brand newsuper turbo high speedtop secret truck racer. So, put your seatbelts on and foot on theaccelerator and get away from crimpy policeofficers. There aredifferent game-play options in this amazingpolice car chasesimulator game of 2017. Choose your own game-playoption and took achallenge as a real criminal and show the crimpypolice officersthat you are a real king of your city. All you needis to get readyto become a real person who does not allow thepolice officersreach to him and become a real gangster in thisamazing andadventurous police car chase simulator game. GameFeatures• Awesome3d graphics• Beautiful city environment• Smoothcontrols• Nice userinterface• Lots of challenging missions• Lots ofdifferent vehiclesto choose from• Lots of weapons to choose from•Offline Play•Advanced vehicle physics• Realistic car driving andchasingsimulator.• crime city scenes• Exciting Game Play• AwesomeCityRoads• Real sound effects• Realistic traffic • Thrillinggame-play
Police Car Racer 3D 8
Become a police car racer - get in your car, shoot enemiesanddestroy them. Earn points and buy faster police cars andbetterweapons.Features------------ Nice 3D graphics- 6 weapons- 5policecars- Day and night modes- Cool sounds and effects
911 Police Car Roof Jumping 1.8
Drive your racing 911 Police Car around a fantasy citywherehighways are not necessary. Jump from rooftop to rooftop asyoubounce your 911 Police Car around this mysterious terrain.It’swildly addictive and fun! This game has it all! There aremassivejumps, mid-air ramps, outlandish tracks and crazystunts!Experience the thrilling adventure now!911 Police Car RoofJumpingis challenging, roof climbing and stunt racing 3D ParkingandSimulation game. Get ready to drive your off-road racing carinmega city where you have to climb your 911 Police Car on roof.Jumpfrom given platform rooftop to other rooftop and park yourbouncy911 Police Car on given area. 3D flashing arrows will directyou tothe destination.Variety of awesome Jumping Cars, City Busses, 4x4Monster Truck , Army Jeeps and Sports Cars will beavailablesoon.Huge jumps, mid-air ramps and superb tracks areavailable forcrazy stunts. This roof car jumping game is not a hillclimbing ordrift game. you have to drive your 3D turbo stunt PoliceCar andjump over zigzag ramps & also park on the roof.20challenginglevels will make you crazy and addicted, so are youready to doinsane Police Car stunts? Be careful during uniquejumping andparking modes and do all stunts with your crazy cars.Avoid allobstacles and get all Points by accurate parking by usingyoursimulation skills.★★★ Features ★★★✔ Superb 3Denvironment✔Realistic physics and handling✔ Select any of the 4Police carmodels✔ Clock is ticking so be as fast as possible✔ 20Challenginglevels to test driving skills✔ Beautiful animations andCameramotions✔ Driving experience on tough building roofs✔Smoothsteering control with realistic physics✔ Different cameraanglesthat give you more control✔ Amazing background sound toenhanceyour gaming experience✔ Realistic HD graphics with realphysics forbest driving experience
Police Car Stunt Driver 2.2
Game Tap
Driving a police car while performing stunts and jumps on therampsacross the city and offroad town right beside the city. Doflipsand jump from the highest ramp to make a record. Its a nonstop cardriving stunts fun. Become the police car driver and raceyour caron the highway bringing havoc in the city. You are givencity fullof stunts and ramps, perform jumps flips and achieve thehighestmidair stunt reward. Turn on the police siren because youhave theauthority being a police interceptor. Police car stuntdriver isnot an ordinary simulator as you are free to over speedand rideyour car like a maniac. This car driving simulator alsoincludesoffroad ramps and stunts where you can blow out the dirtoff thecar wheels.Gather as many NOS cylinders as you can to unlocknewexciting cars which also include 4x4 SUV rides. Do flips,stuntsand jump off the heights. Drive more KMs to achieve morecustomizedcars to drive. Drift your way into madness.Police CarStunt DriverFeature:- Brand new stunt ramps in the city- Eyecatching 3Dgraphics- Realistic car driving physics- Awesome reallooking carsand SUV models- Extremely addictive gameplay- Best timekillergame- Free to play game
Police Car Wash 1.0.7
bweb media
Get your police car ready for action by taking it to the carwashfor a good clean and repair. Here you can wash your vehicle,repairthe damage that was done previously, change the tires forbetterroad control, as well as accessorize your vehicle. Catch yourfirstcriminal in style with this fantastic car wash game.FeaturesSelectyour police vehicle ready for washing. Scrub, rinseand dry yourvehicle to make it squeaky clean. Fill in the scratchesto make thecar nice and new looking again. Replace the crackedwindow beforerepairing the lights and siren ready for action.Change the tiresto gain better control on the road when chasingcriminals. Catchyour first criminal and take him to prison beforeaccessorisingyour vehicle with a complementary new look.
Police Car Crazy Drivers
Game Pickle
Car driving games have never been thisawesome,until now! Race around the city streets, unlocking newfaster policevehicles to drive and wreck crazy city traffic in theall new openworld car driving simulator!Police Car Crazy Drivers is one of the best car gamesforAndroid!Drive to top speeds, dodge busy city traffic and start racingpastother police cars, taxi's and angry traffic as you unlock newfastreal police cars with unique designs!Wanting to experience a realistic police car driving game? Turnonthe authentic police car siren as you speed past vehicles,performdrifts, flip and wreck your car with real time vehicledamages,witness each bump and scratch with each car crash. Smashinto othercars to get some serious car crashes!Show us your driving skills, pull off awesome car stunts in oneofthe best free car driving games available!This realistic police car driving simulator brings you closer totheexperience than ever before with official real police vehiclesasyou burn tire rubber on the city streets whilst upholdingthelaw!This game brings you massive open worlds for the best cardrivingsimulator game experience! Race around multiple big cities,dotricks and stunts, and cause disorder as the city police! Thisisthe most realistic and extreme car driving game you'lleverexperience!Open world police car driving has never been more intense withmilesof wide open roads to drive on with this open world drivingsandboxsimulator game!Features:- Multiple open world driving simulator cities- Miles of driving roads, ranging from small alleyways to large4lane motorways!- Download and play on Android TV- Unlock new, faster police cars as you play- Authentic and real police issue police vehicles- Realistic car driving game physics- Intelligent city A.I traffic driving- Multiple dynamic HD camera angles- Hundreds of AI cars throughout the cities- Easy to play car driving controls- One of the best police car driving games available!
Crime Car : Real Crime City Driving Simulation 3D 5.0
Games Laft
Crime Simulator is the open world crime simulation game. Theuserwill the role of street thug as the user will start as basiclevelcriminal. The user will get famous and mafia bosses will offertheuser to get him inducted into mafia family. The user will usethemost advanced weapons and firearms, hit the enemy and targets.Theuser has to snatch cars from the citizens, steal expensivecarsfrom the city. The user has to use the best controls incityshootout missions and combat fighting. The user hasmultiplemissions so drive the world famous cars and performmultiple carbased missions. The game has most realistic Trafficroaming aroundthe city, the user can snatch anyone’s bike or car.The user candrive the parked and shoot while driving. The user canbuy businessand make it run smoothly and collect daily earnings.The user willbecome popular among other gangs and mafia bosses willget jealousof the user and plot to murder him but user will surviveand takerevenge from the evil mafia bosses and become new crimelord of thecity.You are a crime driver, your way of car parking inthese cardriving games particularly in our game makes a car parkerof crimescity of fun. The tale of this bank robber’s autodrivingamusement is unique in relation to other bank theftassaultdiversions on the grounds that in this amusement you willdrive acriminal car. This mafia simulator is totally fun oriented,no needof gangster revenge, you just pick your favorite car anddrive asyou please like a gangster. Ride with your crew as you takeonrival gangs who are causing you trouble. You’ll be thrownintoaction-packed missions, chasing down other punks from gangsandshowing them who's the real king of the streets. Complete allofunique missions to become a professional driver and to becomerich.Make your choice between city cars, offroad cars, andspeedcars.Following are some highlighting features of thegame:RealisticPhysics behind car driving.Open World City and Realcrimestreets.Dynamic Camera Angles with various cameraviews.AdvancedSound Effects and multiple visual effects.Variety ofmissions likeshootout, robbery, car driving and multiple othermissions.Pickweapons and cars from multiple locations.Variety ofcars, bikes andweapons.Specialized criminal based and gangstershootoutmissions.World Famous Cities for the ultimate crimecitysimulation.Advanced and high quality graphics.True to lifecarcontrols and in car environment.Police chase and CopSmashMode.Ultimate weather conditions.High Quality gameplay withmaximumrate of frames per second.Highly quality and optimizedgameplaywithout any lagging.
Police Car Driver City 2
Become a real police car driver and transport arrested criminalstopolice stations. Hop into your car, drive through city,avoidcrashes and earn money to buy better cars.Features:- highqualitygraphics- real car sounds- upgrade cars- various police cars
Police Car Driving Sim 1.54
i6 Games
Police Car Driving Simulator is a new, stunt car driving game, gotoextreme speeds and jump off the biggest stunt in superchargedpolice cars, AVAILABLE NOW, FOR FREE!Do you want to go fastandhave no limits? Now you can, drive from a garage full ofpowerfulpolice cop cars on the most extreme stunts in the world!Drive,boost, drift, roll, jump, and crash your police car in ourall newextreme police driver's paradise!Be the best police officerstuntdriver in stunt and drift city. There's no need to usebrakes,nitro boost your police sports cars onto so many of uniquestuntsand tricks to perform the world's most amazing stunts. Choosefroma wide choice of police vehicles and drive wherever you wantinboth cities. With our latest game, you'll get toexperiencerealistic car damage by hitting into obstacles andcrashing cars tosee full body damage. In Police Car DrivingSimulator, do thebiggest jumps, fastest drifts, and accelerate toblistering topspeeds to do difficult stunts like the loop de loop!GAME FEATURES-Dynamic camera angles, witness your amazing stuntsfrom multipleviews!- The best car driving physics- TWO huge openworld cityenvironments, stunt city and drift city,more to comesoon!-Interact with real world objects and surfaces, crashthroughbillboards!- Realistic vehicle damage, every hit and scrapeshownwith each collision - Authentic police car lights and sounds -Hugeselection of high quality police vehicles, all modeled offrealsports cars!- Easy to use driving controls, both touch andtiltcontrols!
Police Car Driving Game 1.04
i6 Games
Race and drive fast remote controlled cop cars through ourmostinsane environment, stuffed full with the most extremeracetracksand stunts throughout the house. Drive where ever youwant andchoose from a wide selection of cool toy police super cars,PoliceCar Driving Game is a fun police car driver racing simulationgame,with a huge environment to drive anywhere in and upgradedpolicepatrol cars to speed around in. !AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOADFORFREE!Want to put the pedal to the metal, drive to top speedsandrace on amazing race tracks and stunt jumps? Now you can!WithPolice Car Driving Game, you can drive fast powerful rc copcars onsome of the coolest stunts jumps! Race fast, speed up withnitro,drift, flip, roll, jump, and smash up your own cop car toseerealistic car damage; the possibilities are endless when youplaythe most amazing car racing games, Police Car Driving Game!
Mr. Blocky Police: Police Car SIM 1.2
Chase the criminals and get them in jail as fast as youcan!InMr.blocky police: police car sim you will be a policeofficerchasingthe criminals! Get in your police car and drivearound thecity tofind the criminal who stole something worthy! Withthechallengingtasks you can play this police game for hours! Ifyoulike policegames then you will sure love our policegamessimulator!Get toplay 3 different game modes containing each40missions!Mr. blockypolice: police car sim will never getboring!Unlock all the fastpolice car vehicles and upgrade them toyourlikings! Police gameswere never this much fun to play! Becomethepolice officer youalways wanted to be and catch all thedangerouscriminals! PoliceGames - Key Features:✔ Chase thecriminals andbring them to thepolice station✔ Unlock all the policegamesvehicles and upgradethem✔ 3 different game modes with in totalof120 missions✔ Don’tforget to rate our police games and giveourpolice games somefeedback
High Speed Police Car Chase: Crime Racer 1.0
Police chase is hard to escape on straight highway road. Thankstothe hurdles and obstacles, jump ramps, heavy traffic andflawedtraffic system now you can escape police chase by drivingsportscar in high speed police car chase. Crime racer islegendaryadventure of cops perusing thieves. Run for your life,beat downcops with speed, precision and control over the racingvehicles.Rip apart the road with jumping over the jumping ramps andstrikingground like thunder. Police chase of criminals like pettythievesis hell of a police chasing game. Smash your way out oftrafficrush. Get best scores for smashing and banging your way outpolicechases. Police chasing on town streets for arresting thefelons isfull of adventure and fun of the simulation. Get racingstart withthe crime racer traffic wrangler. Crash the cop cars withsidesmash and brutal drifting stunts. Get the maximum fun fromthispolice chase game. Feel the adrenaline of the traffic rush andhighspeed police car chase on the highway roads. Scattered trafficallover the highway roads is what makes the journeyimpossible.Excruciating difficulties on tracks to get the policecops off ofyour back. Zigzag among traffic vehicles and make thepolice copscrash like amateur drivers. Criminals’ nitrous inducedpowerfulbeasts of the cars will be hard to catch. It’s is time toDo theflips in the air score maximum jumping scores. Wanted bypolice,getaway drivers like you will never be caught by the police.Policecops firing at your car with heavy artillery. Police chasebydozens of cop cars needs a lot of speeding tricks. Don’t gethuntedby the cops in the open fields. Most amazing police feuds ontheroad with the police, resolve them by escaping the scene. Gameisoffered in two driving modes.1) One way2) Two wayMultipleplayingstyles of the High speed Police Car Chase, Crime racerincludes;•Career Mode: Build a rep around your crime racing stats,surpassmore challenges for rewards• Endless: No missions, justdrivearound and mess with the police• Time Trail: Get to nextcheckpointbefore you run out of timeHigh Speed Police Car Chase:Crime Racerspecial features:• Challenging missions to the unlimitedcount•Steel the enormous number of cars and get the best racingvehiclesfor your garage• Adrenaline pumping racing missions ontrafficridden express highway and city streets. • Pressure on thepedal,reach maximum speed of lightening bullet in police chase. •Highspeed chase of hottest rides.High speed police car chase is notausual racing game. Maximum pressure is on the mind when thepolicechasing thieves on the busy traffic road. You crash and youwillget caught. While the cops pursuing thieves, they have to actsmartto get out of this mess and win the chase of the police withtheextra scores and rewards. Before the gas tank is emptied andtheyarrest you, stop crashing and burning the racing cars, takethemwith safety to the safe points. Avoid ambush, zigzag throughnarrowstreets, limited visibility of the night scenes will get youcaughtin police ambush if you are not being careful enough. Crazyspeedshows on the impossible tracks of the police patrol routesareamazing. Cops pursuing thieves accomplish and achieve thecophonors and validation. This chasing game is great chance fortheshow casing the parking and driving skills. Become the stuntfreakand tear up the traffic sequence with the adventure and theheroicson the road. Reach lightning speed and achieve bestadventuredriver feat in the game. This is the marvelous game in thepolicechase games category.
City Traffic Police Driving 1.04
i6 Games
City Traffic Police Driving is the latest police cardriversimulator where get the chance to drive some authenticallyrealpolice cars!!You're the newest officer on the force and thecity isrampant with crime, people are stealing vehicles and otherpeople'sprized possessions; it is up to you to help those in needto stopthose criminals from getting away, clearing the city ofcrime. Inthis real driving sim, you'll get the chance to drive thestreetsin a realistic police car cruisers, patrolling streets fortrouble,catching robbers committing crimes. Help protect the citybycompleting missions spread throughout the huge open world.Unlockeven faster, more powerful police cars by completing thesemissionsand completing unique challenges!!! ALL POLICE CAR VEHICLESREADYTO UNLOCK AND UPGRADE !! Play game on all Android TabletsandMobile Devices!- Incredible High Quality Police Cars! DriveRealPolice Cruisers and Interceptors- Unlock & Upgrade BetterCar,Faster Engines, Stronger Police Cars! - Explore The MassiveOpenWorld Environment; Go Anywhere Like Airport, Offroad,DowntownCity, And MORE!- Endless Police VS Robbers Game Play;CompleteLoads Of Newly Generated Missions!- Realistic CarSimulationDriving Physics!- TONS Of Collectibles To Find, CollectDetectiveBadges To Unlock Special Police Equipment- High Score andCombos!Build The Biggest Combo Score By Performing Certain SkillsAndStunts1
Police Car Smash 2017 1.1
This is heavy duty police work! Get ready to SMASH crime!Theclichedpolice vs. criminal story gets a brand new twist with thispolicecar crashing adventure. Chase, smash, and catch escapingcriminalsas a cop in a crime-ridden city! Start the engine andgrab thesteering wheel, ‘cause you’re about to restore law andorder! Useyour beefy police vehicle to crash into all kinds ofthugs,gangsters, and thieves. It’s a car showdown! Slow them downbyspeeding down the road and racing your heart out. Once you’vegotthem trapped, fight trouble with your weapon; gun or pistol.Rootout the crooks that pose a serious threat to humanity!Circumventtraffic since you’re the hero of the town. It’s allabout the rushand thrill of doing GOOD. With brand new features,this game is amust play! Astounding urban graphics, and variouscars and newcontrols to try! You must ensure that JUSTICE ISSERVED!Police CarSmash 2017 Features:•Graphics selection fordevice compatibility(high, medium & low)•Vibrant 3D offroadenvironment•Amazingcontrols suits your driving style (touch, tilt,steering)•Extremevisuals and sounds effects•5 super awesomeup-to-date police cars tounlock•Upgradeable car to performdifficult missions with ease•24smashing and crashing levels formaximum thrill•Realistic police carphysics•Interactive map withpolice helicopter to locate fugitivecars **Install the #1 Cop Gameof 2017 Today!!**AboutTapinatorTapinator (Ticker: TAPM) developsand publishes games onmobile platforms. The Company’s portfolioincludes over 250 mobilegaming titles that, collectively, haveachieved over 350 millionplayer downloads. Tapinator isheadquartered in New York. For moreinfo, visit
Flying Police Car Simulator 1.4
i6 Games
Turn on the police sirens and patrol the sky and streets ofthecity. With the latest police game flying car simulator, enjoybothfast driving and realistic flight flying in the futuristicpolicevehicle. Watch the wings transform from the car to take offand flyhigh in the sky. Get straight into the action that is theflyingpolice car simulation! Take control of the steering wheel ofahighly modified police car. Do loops and flips, and tricks,drift,crash, boost, and slide all around the city streets and thewideopen sky above it!Activate airplane flight mode and watch thewingstransform from the patrol cruiser car turn into a uniqueflyingpolice car!! In an instance you went from a top car drivingexpertto a professional airplane pilot!!!!DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!!ONLYONANDROID!!! -Fly anywhere in massive open world cityenvironment,dodge and weave between skyscrapers and flyingtraffic!-Perfect theskill of a flying car and become the world'sbest pilot-Go toextreme speeds with super charged nitroboostsFlying Police CarSimulator is for all gamers, from novices toexperts, flight anddriving simulation game fans, everyone can enjoythe bestexperience in one game!GAME FEATURES:-Beautiful HD Graphics-Reallife racing car modified for flight capability-Huge immersivecityopen world environment-Fun, realistic, and easydrivingcontrols-Interact with flying car AI traffic!-Dynamiccameraangles-Realistic police sirens-Intuitive airplaneflightphysics-Free to play and easy to use
NYPD Police Car Mania: 911 Rescue & Fire Brigade 2.0
Have you ever wished that one day you will do something for thesakeof your nation. That one day you will play your part in theend ofterrorism. If yes, then this game helps you live yourpassion. Youare a police officer. And you have to drive crazilyandaggressively. The terrorists have taken over the city. Theywillkill all the citizens. Before they do anything you have tocatchthem. this is best rescue game. this is best opportunity forthosewho want to be real rescue office. this is real 911 rescueofficer.this is a real ambulance simulator 2018. you can savepeoples thatinjured in criminals attacks. in this 911 rescuesimulator game youperform duty as fireman, rescue officer and realcop. this is a realfireman duties simulator game 2018 This isgoing to be one of thetop police car games of 2018. They will tryto block your way andcan also stop you from moving on. But youhave to be brave and faceall the hurdles with bravery. You havegot a number of levels toplay and stop the terrorists. As you moveon to the next level, thedifficulty increases and the strategy ofthe terrorists become morestronger. This game is more fun than thepolice chase thief games.Police chase thief games are going in anormal trend, but policegoing on a terrorist rescue mission issomething unique. You haveyour own police car, and it is a policeluxury car. Only you havethe right to drive this luxury policecar. Be very fast, but alsotake care of the road rules, do not hityour car with the publiccars. They are fast enough. And there arealso some terrorists carschasing you. They want to stop you fromreaching the terroristsarea. Prove that you are the best of thecops in the town. This isthe police car driving offroad, so bevery careful. You have to saveyour life, because if your life issafe only then you can save yourpeople's life. This is the crimecity and you are a real policedriver. Police car driving bringsbig responsibilities. Because inpolice car driving you have totake care of the things that normalcitizens do not have to. Youare now going on a real criminal policechase. So be ready, makesure you do not get scared from this realcriminal police chase.Because you are a policeman. And policemenare not afraid ofanything. No gangster can escape from your policecar. Go, completeall the missions and prove that you do the bestpolice car drivingand you are the best policeman in the city.How toplay?To play thispolice highway crime Patrol game you have to bevery careful. Thecontrolling buttons are given. To turn left orright there areleft-right arrow keys given on the left bottom ofyour screen. Andthe race and brake buttons are given on the rightbottom of yourscreen. You can also reverse your luxury police carfrom the brakebutton. The red arrow on the top of your carindicates you theright path, where the terrorists are staying. Youalso have to takecare of the time. You need to reach there withinthe given time orthe terrorists will blast all the cars and people.Be fast and bevery careful. Best of luck!Features:• Best gameplay•Interestingfeatures• Challenging missions• Best sound system•Realisticgraphics• Best controllingNYPD CRIME CITY POLICE CARincreases yourdriving skills with high speed police cars. Highspeed police carsused to eliminate the terrorists vehicles. Here isyour mission inNYPD CRIME CITY POLICE CAR is to clear all trafficrouts for publicand the terrorists park their cars to block theroad for traffic.Your task is unblocking the road immediately inspecific timeperiod before any serious terrorist’s activity takeplace. Be braveignite your police car and chase the criminal carsto unblock theroad. There are many levels in NYPD CRIME CITY POLICECAR everylevel is harder then pervious level. Active your mind anddrivingskills to drive police car in high speed, thieves areplanning todo some critical activities on the road.
US Police ATV Quad Bike Plane Transport Game 1.1.5
With so many police transport transport games in the market,it’stime to experience something different with US PoliceTransportGames: ATV Quad Bike in a realistic 3D environment whereyou willexperience driving Modern US Police Car, ATV bike, QuadBike &Police Truck in this Police Bike Transport OffroadDrivingAdventure. Ever thought of becoming a police officer who isalwaysready to fulfill any kind of police car driving and policetruckdriving transport duty assigned? If yes, then it’s the realtime toshow off your Police Car driving & US Police TruckTransportskills where you are given difficult multiple tasks of cardrivinggames and truck driving games on rocky mountain environment.In USPolice Plane Transport best Police games you will be drivingtwovehicles; one Police Bike and the other Police Transporter Trucktostart your driving day. Fly US Police Plane Transport &PoliceTransport Truck to transport police bike offroad policetrucks andbe the best Police Car driver that everyoneenvies. Whetheryou’re an adult or you’re a child download thisUS Police TransportGames: ATV Quad Bike and enjoy the excitement ofdriving of PoliceCar, ATV Quad, Police Transport Truck & ATVQuad on offroadmania. In this US Police Car games TruckTransporter, you as apolice officer will be driving a heavy dutypolice transport truck,Cop Car & Police Bike on curvy roads ofhill city. The offroadrocky mountain track is very dangerous asthere is river flowing onboth sides. But if you handle your policetruck carefully in thispolice car transport games, there is nothingthat can stop you fromreaching your destination. This police truckdriving transport gamegives you this chance to explore stunninghilly areas and rockymountain on police Transport Bike and policeplane while enjoyingrealistic 3D Graphics in US Police ATV BikeGames.It’s a high timeto show off your super amazing police ATVQuad, police car andtruck driving games skill whether it be USPolice bike or heavyduty offroad Police Cargo Truck Transporter.You need to bebalanced and fully focused on your police car driving&transporting duty. This police plane transport drivinggamesadventure will drive you crazy and gives you the best chancetofulfill your cop car driving & Bike Transport Truck Driverdutysuccessfully. Enjoy the most realistic Police Car Driving ATVQuadBike Offroad Simulator game with the challenging tasks of USPoliceTransport Plane games. Police Bike Transport and drivinghugepolice trucks in hilly areas and rocky mountain is real fun&excitement. Load cop cars, police bikes on the heavy dutypolicetruck and transporting them is one of your duty. Indulge inBikeTransport Truck Driver & get on the police bike, ride itonoffroad curvy adventurous paths and reach your destination.Keeprocking as the police Quad ATV rider extreme offroad and CopCarTransport Truck Driver Police games.In US Police Car DrivingTruckTransport, your mission would be to transport cars, ATVQuad,Police Truck, Cargo, Weapons etc. to the desired location. Sogetready to take hold of the heavy duty police truck and policebiketo ride on the roads to fulfill your duty of transportation inthisPolice Car games. Enjoy the best driving simulation in ATVQuadBike OffRoad Mania driving games adventure. No matter whatagegroup you belongs to, download free this US Police TransportGames:ATV Quad Bike to enjoy the thrill, excitement &adventuredriving Police Car games.US Police Transport Games: ATVQuad BikeInnovative Features:• Challenging Police Plane Transporttasks withextreme time limit• US Police Transport Car Driving gameswithRealistic HD graphics • Superb driving games adventure withmostaddictive gameplay
Police Traffic Racer 9
Become a police car driver and catch the bad guys. Turn onthepolice siren, race through traffic, destroy enemy cars, earnmoneyand buy better police cars.Features:- Drive 5 different coolpolicecars- City road- Snow road- One-way and two-way endlesstrafficroads- Realistic 3D police car modelsHow To Play:- Destroyenemiesfor bonus points- Overtake traffic cars for more bonuspoints-Don't crash into citizen traffic cars
Police Car Stunt Simulation 3D 1.0.4
Incredible police car stunt simulation 3d brought out for youbyBest Free Games. Perform jumps and stunts on different 3Dtracksand obstacles. Have as much fun as you can with multiplepolicecars. Hurry up before the fuel runs out. Hit buildings andotherthings on the road. Break glass and be the part of incrediblecitydestruction. You are a cop who is no longer bound by any ruleandyour duty now is to break and wreck stuff in city. Crazinessmightseem a little word after you grab the driving seat. Thispolicesimulator would not only let you drive the real lookingpolice carsbut also roam around the city crashing into 3Dbuildings,destroying things and perform stunts. We made sure itsthe best ofall police car fast paced simulation games and you willlike eachand everything in it.Controls are made too easy for you toracearound the city. Awesome multiple 3D police cars are waitingforyou to drive. Each and every car has real car physics andcardamage with reverse gear function. Realistic engine soundsandenvironment will let you think you are driving the real policecarsimulator game. There are very big jumps, huge ramps,multipleobstacles for this crazy car stunt game. You can buy carswith allthe nos you collected on your way. get in the seat, buycars, breakstuff, collect nitros and get the latest 3D cars withit.Come joinother users to kill your boring time and turn it to funtime.
Cop Hover Car Robot Transform 1.0
Best Ever Cop Hover Car Robot Transform game of 2017Have youboredwith traditional police car chase games? Then you are at therightplace where you will find futuristic shooting battle betweencopsand robbers with modern hover cars and hover bikes. You areafuturistic cop agent robot car transformable into police coprobot.So you have a power to shoot the criminals and gangsters bythehover car equipped with modern weapons or shoot them byconvertinginto police robot. This is not an ordinary hover carsimulator. Itis a futuristic blend of hover car games and car robotfightinggames with the ability of robot car transformation. Modernenemieswith top of the art ammunition are in the town todestabilize thecity, be a dutiful and patriotic cop robot andeliminate the dangerin this cop car game. Download this COP HOVERCAR ROBOT TRANSFORMthe master of robot car games.This car robotgame has a fascinatinggame play. You as a cop agent will drive thehover car in thisrobot car simulator and shoot out the criminals inthe city havingmodern hover cars and hover bikes. Fasten yourseatbelt in this copcar simulator with ability to convert intohover robot unseen inany other robot transform into car games andcop car chase games.You need to be an expert police car shooter tokill the gangsterswhile driving the hover car in this police carsimulator. You willget many interesting features in this singlegame like robot,police car driving and chase, shooting andconversion of car intorobot.So are you ready to brace yourself withthe best of policecar games. It is a hover car convertible into coprobot toeliminate threat in the city. You need to safe the cityfrom thisrobbers and rogues. You are a top class police agent andlives ofpeople are dependent on you. Take charge of this hovercarsimulator and convert into robot car when required to have abattlewith the enemies. So here it is COP HOVER CAR ROBOT TRANSFORMtheking of police car shooting games.
Police Car Parking Game 3D Free 1.0.0
Police car games as car parkingCome and enjoy the police cargameswith new cars as a hard car parking.In this police carparkinggames your duty is to accept difficult police multi storycarparking challenges with new cars and take a ride ondifferentpolice tow truck heavy vehicle that are park on new policestationparking lot which used as a parking area. In this crazy newpolicecar parking free game, we will give you realistic gameplayenvironment and new models with its stunning modern new policecarparking 3d game tasks which make you different from others.Theseextreme new police car games as a car parking 2018, we willgiveyou multiple thrilling adventurous levels for car driving,everylevel become more attractive with difficult car drivinganddifficult for their police car parking reverse parking onshoppingmall car parking lot with new car games. you will park yourluxuryreal police car parking and the blue car parking as car gamesongiven car parking spot without any crash or damagedotherwiserunning level will be failed and your prisoner will be runawayfrom you but the car parking is much better from other carparkingand car driving games. In this multi-story police carparkingsimulator and the police car driving game, we will give youlimitedtime to do your tasks in the big city parking area. Thesemodernnew police parking games 2018 are best for the crazy carparkingdriver, you will take too much fun while playing this expertrealpolice car parking games 3d. In this crazy new super policecarchallenge free game but very interesting, we will giveyoueverything in one platform to become a good car driver for thecardriving games. These modern new police car games areveryinteresting car games, when you will complete your runninglevelfor car simulator, then you will get bonus coins for city car.Youwill also get bonus coins by watching videos as police cargamesvideo. These monster new police car parking games 2018, whenyouwill get enough coins then upgrade your modern new police carswithcar parking adventure. This crazy driver police parking gamearethe best parking games. Hello police man are you ready to joinrealpolice car parking games as an adventure car parking. If yes,thencome and enjoy the car parking games. You will drive yourfavoritepolice car for car parking games with different car modelsandpunished the criminal that are wanted outlaws or prisonerbreakercity car games rules. In this modern new police car drivinggame isnot easy car games with different car driving, you willdrive yourpolice car and park them in the parking lot with your ownparkingskills. These crazy real car games and the police car gamesarevery interesting car games, we will provide you multipleparkinglots; where you have to take new police station parkingwithmultistory parking, city parking and other parking zonesondifferent missions for your skills car parking. In thisexpertpolice games new 2018 with car games, we will give you acharge asa police suit uniform officer with multistory car parkingandcaught all the traffic law breakers, city car theft and otherbyusing your mobile police parking for car parking games withyourown car games. These real modern police parking games areveryinteresting car games; we will give you multiple missionscenarios;where you have to park your modern police car 3d ondifferentparking lot with multistory that we will provide you inthisextreme police us smart car parking game. In the past historythecar parking games, you would have played many real new policegameswith different car games, but these monster new police cargames isbest for you. In this modern new police parking simulatoras a carsimulator show your best real police car parking gamesskills andtake a ride .
Police Car Racer 3D 6.3
Police Car Racer is an amazing police car driving simulatorgame.Youdrive around the city in a fast police car drive aroundthe city asyou want,Drift your fast police car around in the citycrash intoother cars,perform stunts,jumping off ramps,roofs andbuilding,dostunts and destroy police car yourself you can selectdifferent carsYou are totally free to do any thing what youwant,you are police noone will stop you.You can also choosebetween tilt control and arrowcontrols.Features.- Different cars-Easy Control- HD and highquality graphics.- Realistic policecars.- Realistic Environment.-Police siren & police lights-You can crush the car
Police Car Driving Training 1.4
i6 Games
Take control of 3 radio-controlled police cars in a hugeenvironmentwith 2 racetracks, a water basin, and a mogul field!Accomplish alot of variety of missions to become a good copdriver.!! Police CarDriving Training contains 30 levels !!Exampleof missions :- Protectand escort the president- Emergencyintervention and rescue thevictims- Training to keep up withpolice helicopter- Remove all theobjects to clear the road- Catchall the gangsters before theyescape- Take the bridge in the wrongway, and dodge the cars- Finishthe course as fast as possible-Don't hit the pedestrians and drivesafely with your speed policecar- Do all the stunts- Drive offroadwith your monstertruckTotally free, without "in-app purchase" !Youmust have (atleast) a cpu of 1 GHz in order to play without lag.
Police Car Driver Offroad 2018 1.5
Police Games - Take full control of fastest luxury Police cars inahuge and large mountain hill environment. Accomplish a lot ofgreatvariety of missions to become a good and expert driver!!Off-roadPolice luxury car driving contains many levels!!PoliceGamesYou canmake your choice between speed car, city cars andoffroad cars.Thesystem of game missions is based on latesttechnology game play:drive on the offroad road race map and findone of the spots tolaunch a game mission.The minima who mapinstruction provider helpyou to know where the mission’s spotsTheoffroad luxury Police cargames race map is very large, and containsa many interested point.The crazy car game road is beautiful roadto very small road ofmountains, with hill climb.Are you interestedto play a Police carparking games.You can easily Police Cardriving.Enjoy the mountainand hill 3D adventure this is a hillstunt driving. The 3D gamerace hills are full of obstacles. Drivethe off-roadpolice car withsafety .This game is very attractive andhere is no trafficregulation. This game is the best car racing gameand fulfils yourextreme driving requirements with a natural beautyenvironment. Bea 4x4 car, super car or other luxury car driver thisis a realentertainment racing game for all the fast offroad drivingfanswith great idea car game. In this game driver can enjoy theracinggame and racing sound environment.This is an amazingPoliceGames.How to Win the LevelRacing Game winning hierarchy hasno abig issue or science but is simple and great functionality.Driveoffroad cars, Prado or other luxury vehicle in hills andmountain.Accelerate and go now, offroadluxury car or 4 x4car.Offroad luxurycar racer features• Easy to install and free toplay• Many typesPolice cars and ports cars available• Very simpleto select drivingmode• Realistic Physics• Finish the level as fastas possible•Beautiful Off-road environment
Chose your Police Car, Custom it, Prepare your Weapons, ChaseallCriminals, Shoot Them and make the City Better!!!POLICEMONSTERKILL3D is a free Police Chase Game with a Lot of Levels toUnlock, ManyCars to Chose and Many Criminals to Arrest!!!- ManyPolice Cars-Many Weapons to Collect during gameplay- Many Levels-ManyCriminals to Beat- 3D free gameDownload the game for free andhaveFun!!!
Cop Car Police Chase Driving
Gumdrop Games
Join the police squadron in cop cardrivingintense police chases; taking back the criminal filledstreets withyour expert fast police car driving skills! Join inwith policepursuits throughout the city and take your car offroadin the rockymountains with the goal of catching criminals at allcosts!Cop Car Police Chase Driving is one of the latest insanelyfunfree police driving games!Cop car driving has never been this fun! Explore the huge city ordosome offroad driving in your offroad police SUV. Withunlimitedreplay-ability you can keep coming back for new adventuresin yourquest to take down criminals!In this police car driving game you can unlock new cop carsasrewards for exploring the city. Unlock tons of new vehiclesfromfast police cars to tough offroad police cars! Turn on yourpolicesirens and chase down criminals with your police cruiser,don't letthem get away at all costs!Features:- Unlock multiple new police cars to drive- Destructible environment- Intelligent traffic driving throughout the city- High quality graphics- Full controller and android TV support- Fun to play over and over with great replay-ability- Realistic vehicle soft-body damage system- Multiple realistic police sirensExperience a realistic police driving simulation. Put yourselfintothe drivers seat of a realistic police car and take the lawintoyour own hands! You are the law, don't feel like obeying therulesof the road? Well crash into and smash up other cars forfuninstead! Or maybe you'd rather perform crazy high speedvehiclestunts and jumps in your cop car!The huge city is filled with destructible objects for causingchaoswhich you can smash into at high speeds to destroy!Play from multiple camera angles with third person and firstpersonpolice driving or try out the cinematic camera for creatingyourown police action scenes!Download Cop Car Police Chase Driving now and play nowforfree! This massive open world police driving simulatoriswaiting for a skilled police officer like you!
Quick Response Force:Police 1.0
Loft Games
Crime rate is high after San Andreas, Become a police officer inoneof the best police car games. In this police vs thieves game,huntdown the most wanted thugs and help eliminate crimes in thecity.Revive the rivalry between cops and criminals and enjoy thebest ofpolice and thief games. Be the protector of your city inPoliceQuick Response Force, the most adventurous of all policearrestinggames on play store. Drive traffic police car and reportthecriminals to the officer in police station in police andthiefgames. As a sheriff of the city drive high speed police carsin oneof the best police officer games. Drive your offroadpolicevehicles like in police chasing games in one of the superpolicemission games. Make a police arrest in offroad police petrolandreport to police officers for police investigation.In citypolice’scar driver simulator player’s job is easy but policeoffroad dutyis a full risk. 3D police cars parking in policeparking games isdifficult. Join police force like cop school fastbus driver andshow your driver skills. Drive sports cars with fastspeed engineunlike police bike. It’s time for a chase in police cargames andpolice arresting games players to report in the policestation forfinal gangsters arrest and to arrest crazy criminalsfrom the crimescenes. Like traffic police games and police drivinggames needyour parking driving skills on police motorbike. Policecar chasingin chase games need big cars like police limozin. LimoPolice CarDriving is a fast police car racing game which tests yourpolicecar drive training skills in police mobile games. So becomeadaring policeman in this police car simulator, drive trafficpolicecar and chase the traffic offender like in police truckgames.Supper built crime city cop is fun police pursuit game.Believe it.There has never been such a policeman games.Report badguns forCrime City Case in Police Station in 3d police games. Feelthethrill like in swat games. The Quick response Force:Police isnotpolice fighting games, its instead a police training gameslikepolice limo car transporter games. 4x4 off road parking incopdriving games is more fun. Cop Games are famous because ofthethrilling police sports vehicles like in police duty games.Drivefast in police station games. Utimate 3D police chasing raceis anultimate adventure. Get and drive real police limo cartransporter.Turn the police siren on in one of the best racing andshootinggames, close the criminal case. Take control of highwayspeed racercar and enjoy the awesomeness. Limosine will run fasterthan in anypolice horse games so reporting is easy in such policejobgames.Features:• HD graphics for the fans of policemotorcyclegames.• best for lovers of police car chasing game andpolice busgames but there is no police fight • traffic police carvehicles inblack color like in police escape games and policearrest missions•thrilling experience of driving and racing in oneof the policeparking games• Realistic physics controls for drivingspeed policemoto and enjoy limo in our police fighting games•Police chasingcar racing in one of the best City Police Car Drivingseries.Tobecome civil war games hero, join our police academy tobecome areal police car agent. If you have ever joined policedrivingschool or army training school then you will find it a biteasygame. In police training school you get physical trainingaswell asdriving training like in many police jail games.Enjoy limoinpolice transport games. City police games arresting people andoffroad police games were never such before. QuickResponseForce:Police is the ultimate police driving games in one ofthebest police crime games. be careful in Police cop dutytraining.Limousine Police Car Drive is the eventual 3D police carparkinggame so enjoy Police Chase games and tell your friends onfacebook.
Police Car Simulator 2016 3.1
Police Car simulator 2016 is an Open World amazing policegame.Youdrive around the city in a fast police car drive around thecity asyou want,Drift your fast police car around in thecity,performstunts,jumping off ramps,roofsand building,do stuntsand destroypolice car yourself You are totally free to do any thingwhat youwant,you are police no one will stop you.You can alsochoosebetween tilt control and arrow controls.Features.- EasyControl- HDand high quality graphics.- Realistic police car.-RealisticEnvironment.- Police siren & police lights- You cancrush thecar
Police Car Driving vs Street Racing Cars
Gumdrop Games
Police car driving like you've neverseenbefore with high speed pursuits chasing street racing cars!Takedown the speeding race cars and put a stop to the illegalstreetracing.Police Car Driving vs Street Racing Cars is free to playwithminimal annoying ads!The street racers have taken over the streets and it's up to youtoput a stop to their dangerous driving before somebody getshurt!Drive through the huge city without limits and assist otherpoliceofficers with their police duty!Explore the city chasing criminals with a range ofunlockableBritish police cars! Turn on the police sirens and switchbetweenmultiple siren sounds! Once you're finished in the city youcanhead offroad or visit the dockyard to find more criminals!Not ready to fulfil your duty as a police officer? No problem!Thestreets are yours to explore, perform extreme stunts, drifts,jumpsand rolls! Drive your police car to its limits with soft bodycardamage causing huge city destruction as you smash through signsandstreet lamps!Police Car Driving vs Street Racing Cars Features:- Multiple high speed British police cars to unlock!- Fun & easy to control driving physics!- Realistic soft body vehicle damage!- Destructible world with smashable signs, lamps and more!- Multiple realistic police sirens with stinger, wail andyelpmodes!- Multiple dynamic camera angles giving you the bestdrivingexperience!- Optional full controller support!- Play on the go with your tablet/phone or play at home onAndroidTV!- Realistic traffic driving around the city!- Offroad area, huge city and dockyard areas of the maptoexplore!- Drive multiple cars from the Police Turbo DX, PoliceSportsCruiser, Police SUV or Police Moonhawk!Become a real policeman as you chase criminals, stop streetracingand explore the city in your own range of UK police cars!This isthe best police driving simulator with fun to control carsand theoption of first person driving or third persondriving!Download now to play this free police game! Create your ownuniquepolice driving experience in this simulation as you explorethecity, chase street racers and unlock new police cars!
US Police Simulator Crime City Cop Car Driving 1.1
Cop chase in police car games is a sensation for the playerofpolice officer games who likes to be the police officer ofpolicegames in the car city during car chase. Be fast police copsinpolice and thief game and drive police car in crime city ofpolicesimulator. Play your role to stop the bank robbery and otheruscrime as police cop in police car racing. Therearemultidimensional features in this police car drivingincludingchase car, car driving and mafia members. Act like boldcops policein the cops city of police fighting games with fast andfurious usdriving and catch the criminals who are wandering in thecity.Thereare different kinds of strong cars like the 911 policecar ofpolice 3d games to stop the ever increasing police crime. Thecitypolice, policeman and police squad of cops games are unable tostopcity crime of cop car games due to limited resources andcorruptionof some police officials. The old policemen of cop policegamescannot perform city chase of police operation games. You havethischance to pull over the bank robbers as city driver of Miamipoliceof crime games with dashing car police which is under yourcontrolfor police patrol of Miami crime games.This police chasesimulatoroffers your realistic police chasing where you are afterthecriminals in a real like situation of police and chor games.Beingthe police driver, you must take an active eye over theillactivities of the evil doers of police crime simulator. Catchallthe live action of the cop car which is in the form of city carandis entirely different from the driving car of old policeencountergames. The cops car which you are driving during your stayas anofficial of us police is specially for cops chase of police 3dcargames with which you can easily complete the tasks of policechaseafter city driving.Features:Presence of powerful cars toperformthe police chasing action as car driver.Player friendlycontrols toperform what the player desires with all ease.Endlessgame modewith each episode as direction for the nextstage.Realisticatmosphere of actual criminal chase by thepolice.Fully controlledand compact arrangement of episodes with allkind ofguidelines.Natural sounds which create natural andattractingatmosphere.Stunting and thrilling 3D graphics which givereal likeimpression.Challenging levels with crystal clear policecarchasing.Grab this opportunity of becoming the expert car driverinfurious cops driving to catch deadly us criminal as brave citycopin the cops simulator by performing police shooting in theopenworld.
Flying Police Robot Cop Car : City Wars 1.6
Are you flying space car police robot cop material? Downloadourflying space car police robot cop car game and win the citywars.Put your flying space car skills to test as you protect yourcityin this robot cop car game which is unmatched by any flyingspacecar robot police chase game. Your city is at war by evilrobotcriminals and robot gangsters who are committing crimesandfelonies. Your orders are to search and destroy in thisextremeflying police robot cop car game.Want to enjoy thrillingflightsimulation? Our flying space car police robot cop car game istheright choice for you. The gameplay is specially designed forthebest futuristic robot transformation experience and theultimatewing flying space car game. Each level is more extremeandthrilling than the last one as the space car chase getsmoredifficult and your chase skills as flying police robot improveuponlevel progression. Do you think you can become a robotsuperhero?Our flying police robot cop car game lets you become aflying spacecar robot in an unparalleled flying police robot copcarpursuit.Flying space car chase can be cumbersome as the evilrobotsengulf your city in war from all directions. Our futuristicflyingpolice robot will make sure that the city is safe from warbytaking out all the evil robots as space car police robot inthisflying space car police chase game. There are many flying spacecargames available but our police chase game is where you are arealsuperhero defending your city against war waged by evilgangsterrobots. In this space car flying police game you will gettheultimate flying superhero police simulator feel. Thefuturisticpolice gameplay will take your breath away!The evilrobots havewreaked havoc in your city as the commit felony,infractions andcrimes in your futuristic hometown. You as the spacecar flyingpolice robot cop car have the duty to chase the evilrobots and putan end to the city wars. The task is daunting but aspolice robotyou have the power to find evil robot using your robotguidancesystem and take as many robot enemies down as you can in afixedtime. Bring out the space car flying police robot chief in youandchase evil robots in this one of a kind flying policerobotfighting game.Flying police robot cop car : city wars spacecarfeatures:-- Detailed HD Graphics - Real life flying policerobotcop car- Extreme immersive space car gameplay- Fun, frolic,andmayhem with easy flying police cop car controls- Shoot flyingcarAI evil robot traffic!- Honk police sirens- Realistic policeflightsimulator- Free to download flying police gameYou do not havetopay a dime to download our flying police robot cop car : citywarsspace car game! So what are you waiting for? Download ourpoliceflying simulator game now and enjoy extreme police chase inair andon ground. Become the ultimate robot police cop in your cityinthis robot transformation game.
NYPD Gangster Crackdown Police Car Chase Simulator 1.7
Up for some reckless gangster car chase in futuristic NYPD carchaseencounter? This police chase simulator will give you the realfeelof hot police pursuit in futuristic cop cars. Hunt thecriminalgangster squad and take down the crime lord in this NYPDcar chaseencounter game. Drive fast, drive furious and catch theoutlawsdestroying your city and take their crime network downforever. Themafia is known for reckless getaway and real pradoracing with copchase, but they have met their match, which is YOU,in this NYPD CarChase Encounter: Police Chase Simulator game.Yourcity was once ahaven until criminals started getting stronger dueto corrupt localofficials and it is up to you save New York cityfrom the gangstersquad and their crime lord who is a fan of realprado racing. Thegangster squad is fast, and you need to be fast,vigilant andfurious as the gangster mafia is a master of recklessgetaway. Untilnow the city police have been unable to make anyarrests due to theconnections of the crime lord. Even the NYPD hassome black sheepwhich is why you have been transferred to NYPD asthe chief ofpolice as you have a track record of keeping your citysafe andclean of any gangster squad or crime lord.NYPD is lookingup to youas their savior and rescue specialist. Your police chaseskills arewhat you are famous for and you need to put on your topcop hat whenyou are out there in New York city protecting thecitizens from theheinous crimes and heists that these gangstersare committing inyour city. Nothing is safe anymore as these crimemafia are gettingstronger and NYPD has been helpless but notanymore because thefastest cop car driver has just been called tosave the city and putan end to bank robbery, reckless getaway andcops chasing gangsterresulting in damage to the futuristic NewYork city and itfuturistic police cars.Our NYPD Car ChaseEncounter: Police ChaseSimulator gives you the option to choosethe role you want to playi.e. as a top police cop criminal chasingdriver or a crime lordleading a gangster squad to create unrest inthe city and the peopleliving in it. You will have multiple caroptions to choose from foreach role as each futuristic police carhas different features andpowers. The gangster squad cars arebetter as they have loads offinancial strength whereas the NYPD islow on resources and theyhave to chase criminals in the limitedfuturistic cars they have intheir garage.NYPD Car Chase Encounter:Police Chase Simulatorfeatures:1. Futuristic police cars to choosefrom2. Real cop chase3D simulator3. Hot police pursuit4. Option isbecome a member ofgangster squad and challenge the police5. Fastcrime lord cars6.Real prado outlaws7. Choose to play as a memberof city police,NYPD8. Ultimate reckless getaway police car chasegraphics andgameplaySo, what are you waiting for? Download ourNYPD Car ChaseEncounter: Police Chase Simulator game now and chasegangsters squadand their crime lord out of New York as the newchief of police whois best known for his car chase encounter andhave fun in thispolice chase simulator.MoreGames:
Police Car Drift Simulator 1.01
Game Pickle
Drive fast police cars in one of the best car drivingsimulatorgames! Drift real police cars around busy city streets andcorners,explore the massive open driving world environment and findstuntsto jump off to get amazing air time. Walk around in policestationgarage and select any real police car to drive in the allnew openworld police car driving simulator!Police Car DriftSimulator isthe latest and one of the best car drivingsimulators!Each policecar can be fully customized to how you want.Design, paint, stampand move any design onto your personal policecar to how you like.Walk around and see the high quality of eachunique vehicle beforeyou get in an drive in the open citystreets.Experience the mostrealistic police cop car drivingsimulation game, speed pastcivilian vehicles, drift around citycorners or open car parks,flip and wreck your car with real timevehicle damage, see eachscratch and dent with each car crash. Cardriving simulators havenever been this fun, with incredibledriving, pulling off superlong drifts, stunt jumps, and a wholeload more to explore and doin one of the best car drivinggames!Features:- Hugely open worlddriving simulator with city,construction, dockyard environmentsand more!- Miles of roads todrift and drive on- Full customizationfor police cop cars- Personalgarage to walk around and explore-Authentic and real police carvehicles- Realistic car driving gamephysics- Intelligent city A.Itraffic driving - Multiple dynamic HDcamera angles- Hundreds of AIcars throughout the citiesShow offyour amazing drifting and cardriving skills, perform awesome carstunts in one of the best freepolice car driving simulatorsavailable!This game offers massiveopen world for the best cardriving simulator game experience! Race,drift, crash, jump, andflip around huge detailed open city, performtricks and stunts, andhave fun! The most realistic and extreme cardriving game you'llever experience, Police Car Drift Simulator!
NY Police Car Chase: Crime City Car Driving 7.0
Get ready to enter fast and furious action of driving fastpolicecars and complete Police Car Chase missions in this exitingdrivingsimulator! Race to chase gangsters and robbers around thecrimecity at break neck speeds. Unlock exciting police cop carslikepickup trucks, 4x4 jeeps and hot pursuit vehicles to driveandcontrol crime city traffic in the this brand new open worldcardriving simulator! The game features a huge crime citywithbridges, highways and offroad tracks in the suburbs of thecity.Download NY Police Car Chase: Crime City Car Driving andenjoyrealistic gameplay! if you love police simulator gamesthendownload it today!Experience realistic ny police car chaseandpolice driving simulation game, turn on police car chase sirensandlights just like in the real world. Chase vehicles, drift andturnaround tight city corners, flip and wreck your car with realtimevehicle damage, see each deformation like scratches and dentswitheach police car crash. During Police Car Chase, you cantotallywreck your police interceptor and smash into other cars toget someserious car crashes!In this police cop simulator game,drive,chase, dodge, and pull over busy crime city traffic whoarebreaking laws and bothering other drivers. During Police CarChase,You can race and chase down any car in the game, whether NYPolicecar, taxi's, ice cream trucks, and angry traffic to earnrewardsand unlock new faster authentic police cars with uniquegameplay,controls and designs! Discover many Racing Car Pursuitmissions forendless enjoyment. You will encounter gangster squadtrying to robbanks and shops, so use the NY Police car to stop theheist in thispolice chase simulator. If the gangster squad escapes,you will beinvolved in thrilling gangster car chase with just likethe movies!Uphold justice in the crime city in this policesimulator.Gangsters will have hostage so becareful when you damagethegangster car with your NY Police car. Do your duty as theNYPolice, encounter police car chase and become the best inthispolice chase simulator by nabbing gangster squad!Features:🚔Enjoythe open world driving simulator with multiple cities🚔 Nearendlessdriving roads, from mega highways to offroad tracks🚔Realistic cardriving game physics🚔 Traffic driven using A.I in thepolicesimulator🚔 Multiple camera views for NY Police Car.🚔 Driveindifficult traffic for exhilarating experience🚔 Highlyportable,play police car on all devices🚔 Complete missions tounlockpowerful police cars🚔 Detailed and accurate police vehiclemodels🚔Smooth and easy police car controls🚔 No Wi-Fi required inthispolice chase simulatorShow off your expert driving skillsandperform car stunts in the crime city - play one of the bestfreepolice car driving simulators on the market!The game bringsyouvery large open worlds for the best car driving simulatorgameexperience! Race around mega city, perform tricks and stunts,andstop disorder as NY Police! The most realistic and extremeNYPolice car driving game you'll ever experience, NY PoliceCarChase: Crime City Car Driving.Locate and stop Illegal StreetRaces,Underground Races, Track Races and Traffic Races. Chase downallcriminals. Become an expert real police car driver and driveheavypolice cars. Enjoy highly detailed cockpit view of the NYPolicecar, chase the gangster car and earn points. You have to makesurethe roads and the city remains peaceful as you patrol aroundthecrime city. Drive in massive 3D open world city, find mostwantedgangsters and street racers and chase them down. The robberswillbe driving sports cars as you will maneuver on city highways asthepolice force and nab criminals before they escape the crime citysochase them in this police simulator. Gangsters have enteredthetown to create trouble. You have to give car chase and bringdownthe crime. Enjoy cop games? Police car driving games? Then thisisthe best!