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Lonely Wallpaper 1.0
No need to hide being lonely... let your wallpaper reflect yourtruefeelings!You are not alone in your loneliness! The sadnessandisolation that you feel are echoed in the heartwrenchingquotesfeatured in these wallpapers. Connect with quotes and sayingsthatreflect the true nature of the pain and loneliness in yourheart.There is no reason to deny or hide your emotions; it isbetter tolet them show and be open about the emptiness you feel. Sobe openand let your wallpaper be a testament to your innersuffering!Whenyou are feeling sad and lonely, the last thing youwant is somecheesy cheerful wallpaper rubbing it in your face howmiserable youfeel. Instead, choose wallpapers that are made forwhen you arefeeling lonely. These somber backgrounds won't try tocheer you up,instead they will give you permission to feel just theway you do.Loneliness and heartbreak are experienced by manypeople, as you'llsee from all the quotes featured in thesewallpapers. Whetheryou've just broken up with a boyfriend orgirlfriend, or arechronically sad and alone, these wallpapers aremade to match yourmood.
Sad Lonely Painful & Hurt Love 2.5
Sad Lonely Painful & Hurt Love Free App is aninspirationalcollection of Feeling Lonely Quotes about SadnessFeelings, feelingHurt after Losing A Friend and you Feel Lonely Sadafter love breakup. Sad love quotes with pictures and messagesimages to help youfind comfort when all you feel is pain throughtimes of sorrow andunhappiness. There is nothing worse than beingin love orfriendship alone. Almost everyone has suffered painfuland sad whenfalling in love. Share broken heart quotes, sad lovesaying andexpress yourself.We have compiled the best collection ofSad andBroken Heart Picture Quotes and Status with beautiful Imagesbestmatched for every occasion related to Love FriendshipGirlfriendboyfriend and people around you. You can share thesephoto Quoteson any social Media website including Facebook TwitterInstagramTumblr as well as on mobile phone chatting andcommunications Appssuch as WhatsApp and Snapchat etc. Choose thebest quotes for yoursituation and share them now. You can also savethese picturequotes as photo in your mobile. It just takes a singleTap. Goahead and show your Attitude. Never go in lack of words forsharingyour pain. Do not leave your sadness untold. Move on!Sadlove andfriendship quotes with pictures and messages images to helpyoufind comfort when all you feel is pain through times of sorrowandunhappiness. An amazing collection of Feeling Lonely QuotesaboutSadness Feelings, feeling Hurt after Losing A Friend and youFeelLonely Sad after love break up. Share broken heart quotes, sadlovesaying and express yourself. If you’re Feeling Lonely ormissingsomeone, feeling Sad and broken heart, never go in lack ofwordsfor sharing your pain. Do not leave your sadness untold. LovePainsadness happiness excitement joy and even Break up may be thepartof life but how such an important feelings of your life stayunseenand untold from those, who must know about it. Choosehearttouching break up Picture quotes images and Sayings toprovidestrength in tough times to overcome a breakup and help tomove onin life. They say that breaking up is hard to do, and thesebreakup quotes can help you get to a healthy place and put thepastbehind you. Love starts with a hug, grows with a kiss, andendswith a tear. Instead of crying over your ex, you should spendtimelaughing over silly breakup quotes. Wipe those tears away soyoucan move on with your life.Express what you are feeling andwhatyou have learnt from your past relationship and experiences.Showyour attitude by sharing these amazing quotes and let everyoneknowthat how strong you are. We have compile all flavors ofcategoriesof Breakup and Move on quotes such as:First BreakupQuotesBreakupRecovery Advice Relationship & BreakupsayingsRecovery QuotesRelationships sayingsBreakup Moving OnAdviceBefore or After ofDivorce or separationFunny BreakupQuotesSad and Painful break upand move one QuotesFeeling lonely andMissing You after breakupFixing things in life and livingExperienced a painful breakupMoving on after break upCheating inLoveMoving On InspirationalQuotesMany breakups may seem like theend of the world, but with alittle inspiration and motivation itcan be easier than you thinkto move on with your life. It's achallenge just to drag yourselfout of bed after divorce or a badbreakup. If you’re Feeling Lonelyor missing someone, feeling Sadand broken heart, never go in lackof words for sharing your pain.Do not leave your sadness untold.Take a moment to check. Choose thebest quotes for your situationand share them now.
Sad Wallpapers 1.4
Very "Sad Wallpapers" For all fans of Lonely - BeautifulSadHeartbroken Photo Background Graphics Illustrations - Best Art"SadPictures" Crying Free Download! Sadness is an emotionalpainassociated with, or characterized by, feelings ofdisadvantage,loss, despair, grief, helplessness, disappointment andsorrow. Anindividual experiencing sadness may become quiet orlethargic, andwithdraw themselves from others. An example of severesadness isdepression. Crying is often an indication of Alone.People dealwith sadness in different ways, and it is an importantemotionbecause it helps to motivate people to deal with theirsituation.Some coping mechanisms could include: getting socialsupport and/orspending time with a pet, creating a list, orengaging in someactivity to express sadness. Some individuals, whenfeeling sad,may exclude themselves from a social setting, so as totake thetime to recover from the feeling. Choose among hundreds ofCoolImages for ladies of all ages and experience the bestphonecustomization ever. Awesome Backgrounds for Samsung GalaxyNoteTablet • Amazing Sad Photo of Love And Sad Girl ImagesPhotographyGallery Full HD High Resolution Widescreen For MotorolaNexus.Check out this Funny New App today! - Big Bonus Joke AnimalsAndFantasy Colorful Color Pics For LG & HTC Phone Free!NiceFeatures OF "Sad Wallpapers" Application: - Full supportforlandscape mode.- Compatible with 99% of mobile phones anddevices.-Optimized battery usage!- Fully supports horizontalorientation-Add to favorites- New Wallpaper are added daily –collect themall!- You can save or Share "Sad Pictures" to Twitter,Google+,Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble, Instagram Or Line withyourGood Friends or whole family. Best Mobile Apps 2016 and APKFreeDownload!- Hi Quality Unique Wallpaper HD For AndroidSmartphoneMoto X. Beautiful Backgrounds can easily fill you withadorablefeelings of happiness.
Creator 1.0.29
Creator offers funny and cute materials to help you to designyourown plans and notes. Simply add backgrounds & stickers,edittext, customize your post-its. You can also made it banners,webposters, birthday and wedding invitation cards, social mediapostswith Creator.
The Best Life Quotes 4.4
★★The best quotes and statuses App ★★ These are the Best LifeQuotesand statuses for you.✔ Daily quotes notification.✔ Sharequote as atext or picture..✔ Mark your favorite quotes.Quotes andstatuses arecategorized into following categories :★ Best LifeQuotes★ Best LifeQuotes Short ★ Accuracy★ Some Times★ Happiness★Forgiveness★Experience★ Smile★ Attitude★ Action★ Positive★ Strong★Goal★Mistake★ Confidence★ Change★ Failure★ Give up★ Yourself★PresentFuture Past★ Time★ People★ Proverbs★ Fake People★ BeingThankful★Hard Times★EncouragingMore Quotes and Status categorieswill addedsoon
Life Status Motivation quotes 2.0
life status motivational quotes (यही तो है जिंदगी) - Thisappdescribes 1) the exact meaning of Life 2) How to live Life3) Howtothink positive always4) How to take Life seriously5) How tobehappy in stress 6) How to overcome depression7) How toenergizeddaily8) How to maintain relationships in real world9) Howpeoplelives in Real in world10) How to handle any bad situation inLifeAlso it has below functionalities1) Good Morning Status2)GoodNight Status3) Motivational Status4) Inspirational status5)dostistatus6) Friends Status7) Real Life stories8) positivethinkingstatus9) Relationship status10) Family status 11) SocialStatus12)Be positive status, 13) Keep Smile status14) Be HappyAlwaysStatus15) Be ready to fight Status16) Welcome the worldstatus17)All festival wishesh messages like dasara, diwali,dipawali,Christmas, xmas, sankrant, 31 december, happy new yearmessages,chaturthi, aarti, shlok, God pray ...etc18) Shayari onLife 19)Life philosophy 20) jindagi ki baatein21) mann ki baatYouwill geteverything related Life in this app.You can simply copy andpasteanywhere , on any social networking site...
Festivals Greeting Cards Maker 1.7
Festivals Greeting Cards Maker and eCards Designer is a Freeappthat allows you to Design & Share beautiful greetings ofallmajor festivals holidays and observations celebrated worldwideandsend to your loved ones in 3 easy steps from our FreeCardTemplates as easy as: * Choose designs from ourpre-designedProfessional looking templates * Select Greeting Titleand bodymessages content * Enter To and From Name details and sharesendemails WhatsApp Facebook or download to your mobile phone.Design& Share Festivals Greetings Wishes Cards & FreeBeautifulHolidays eCards With a number of free layouts to choosefrom and alibrary packed with awesome images, creating the perfectgreetingeasy. You can customize your cards in many ways for apersonaltouch, such as: * Change the images and Upload your ownimages orbackground. You can also use the photo of the person. *Change thefonts and choose from verity of inbuilt fonts that wehavepreloaded in our app. You can also choose font colors as peryourchoice. * Change the background and stickers from our libraryoruse an image. * Change the colors of your text boxes and texttoadd extra cosmetics to your card. For all festivals fromeverycorner of this world, we have compiled a great collection ofeCardsso that you can wish them on this special day. Some ofthefestivals names are: * New Year ( Happy New Year Greeting Cardsofall types moods and nature ) * Christmas (X-Mas Cards of cutefunnyformal jolly and romantic mood and themes) * Valentine’s Day*Diwali * Halloween * Friendship Day * Kiss Day * Holi * Hug day*Good Friday * Easter * Eid * Mother's Day * Father's Day*Thanksgiving day * Raksha Bandhan * Onam * Pongal * Chocolate Day*Weekend * Janmashtami * Ramadan * Eid-Ul-Fitr * Bakri Eid*Eid-ul-Adha App is amazing Collection of Sweet Happy FestivalsandHolidays Messages and Wishes Quotes for Friends familybrotherdaughter mother father and for everyone else. PrimaryCategoriesare as follows: * Cute Photos * eCard images * Emotional*Festivals greetings and wishes * Formal * Funny & naughty *GetWell Soon Cards * Greetings with cute emotional funny naughtyandromantic etc nature * Just simple sweet artwork birds puppiescatsdogs flowers kittens or other animals etc. * Love Greeting&messages ecards * Messages to express your feelings *NotesPictures * Quotes and Poems * Relationship Emotion andoccasioneCards * Romantic etc * Sorry Cards and messages * Thankyou Cards* Wishes for all connections and relations * wishes Quotesonbeautiful photos * Anniversary Wishes greetings *BirthdayGreetings wishes & messages * Congratulation Cards andmessagesThis App has really Big Collection of wishes and greetingswithbest messages and Quotes Images for all relations and socialorprofessional connections: * Advance * Belated * Boss * Boyfriend*Brother * Brother-in-law and anyone else. * Classmate *CuteNaughty and Funny * Dad * Daughter * Daughter-in-Law *FamilyMembers and Relatives * Father * Father-in-law * For a Couple* ForFriend * For Her * For Him * For Husband * For Wife *Girlfriend *Grand Daughter * Grand Son * Husband * Love andRomantic * Miss You* Mom * Mother * Mother-in-law * Naughty andFunny * Nephew * Niece* Parents * Sister * Sister-in-law * Son *Son-in-Law * Teacher *Wife You can share and post these cards onwhatsapp facebooktwitter linkedin instagram or Gmail etc in justsingle tap. You canalso set these messages your status or can emailthem or downloadgreetings as picture to your cell phone or mobile'smemory cardetc. You can also save the design as photo in JPG PNGpictureformats to your mobile phone or memory card for later usepurposes.Go ahead and spread the happiness!
Wedding Invitation Cards Maker Marriage Card App 1.9
Wedding Invitation Cards Maker Free app allows you to Design&Share your own custom Invitation for all type of marriagefunctionsparty in just 3 easy steps from our Free Card Templatescollection.App is equipped with themes and templates for all offollowingwedding and married life functions invitation cards: *AnniversaryParty * Engagement Party * Marriage Function * ReceptionParty *Wedding Anniversary * Anytime Party Choose a wedding carddesign,and customize it with our FREE wedding card maker tocreatebeautiful wedding invites with Unique Designs &Templates.Designing and sending invitation with our app is as easyas: *Choose designs from our pre-designed templates * SelectinvitationTitle and body messages content * Enter Name Date TimeVenuedetails and share send emails or download to your mobilephone.With a number of free layouts to choose from and a librarypackedwith awesome images, creating the perfect party invitationeasy.Create your own party invitations with our invitation makerfor alltype of wedding partying occasions. App allows you tosharedesigned Party invitations on facebook twitter Google whatsapporGmail in just single Tap. You can also save the design as photoinJPG PNG picture formats to your mobile phone or memory cardforlater user purposes. Choose a wedding card design, and customizeitwith our FREE wedding card maker to create beautifulweddinginvites and Add you information about wedding like Name DatePlacevenue etc create Wedding Invitations instantly. With a weddingcardmaking application on hand, you can create a weddinginvitationcard instantly.
Party Invitation Card Designer 2.7
Party Invitation Card Designer Free app allows you to Design&Share your own custom Invitation for all type of party in just3easy steps from our Free Card Templates collection. Designingandsending invitation with our app is as easy as: * Choosedesignsfrom our pre-designed templates * Select invitation Titleand bodymessages content * Enter Name Date Time Venue details andsharesend emails or download to your mobile phone. With a number offreelayouts to choose from and a library packed with awesomeimages,creating the perfect party invitation easy. Create your ownpartyinvitations with our invitation maker for all type ofpartyingoccasions such as: * Anniversary * Anytime Party * Babyshower *Bachelor Party * BBQ * Birthday * Bridal shower * Brunch*Christmas * Cocktail Party * Dinner Party * Family reunion*Graduation Party * Halloween * House Party * Housewarming andnewhome * Professional Events, Business milestone job promotion*Diwali Holi celebrations * Response cards * Retirement *Sleepover* Sports & Games * Reunion party * Summer & PoolParty *Thanksgiving Party Invitation Card Designer app allows youto sharedesigned Party invitations on facebook twitter Googlewhatsapp orGmail in just single Tap. You can also save the designas photo inJPG PNG picture formats to your mobile phone or memorycard forlater user purposes.
Positive Attitude Image Quotes 2.5
This Free Android App is amazing collection of Image Quotesaboutattitude positive thinking and happiness to bring positivityinlife that helps you discover and save creative ideas.Positiveinspirational attitude quotes to refresh the spirit andboost theemotional and mental level by changing the inner attitudesof mindsand soul. Positive thinking is a mental and emotionalperceptionthat looks on the bright side of life and expectspositiveoutcomes. Inspirational Quotes Pictures and MotivationalThoughtsAlways pray to have eyes that see the best in people, aheart thatforgives the worst. Each Quote has been handpickedcarefully andyou can share these quotes on whatsapp Facebookinstagram etcwebsites in just single Tap. You can also email QuotesImages orDownload Picture Quotation as photo in your mobile phonestorage.
Kids Birthday Invitation Maker 1.7
Kids Birthday Party Invitation Cards Maker Free app allows youtoDesign & Share your own custom Invitation for thebirthdayparty of your birthday girl or birthday boy. Kids BirthdayPartyInvitation Cards Maker and Designer Card generator to InviteGueststo all type of Birthday functions party in just 3 easy stepsfromour Free Card Templates collection. Designing andsendinginvitation with our app is as easy as: * Choose designs fromourpre-designed beautiful and professional looking templates *Selectinvitation Title and body messages content from pre-loadedmessagesor write your own * Enter Name Date Time Venue details andsharesend emails or download to your mobile phone. Choose from ourFreePrintable Birthday Invitation Templates for Kids and createyourown kids Festive birthday party invitations for boys and girlsevenif you're not a designer. Share send email Print or downloadinjust one tap. Invite as many children as you want to abirthdayparty with virtually any theme or design you can think of.Kidsbirthday invitations feature fun designs and colors to Sendsome ofthe best kids birthday party invitation wording to invitepeople onyour child's B'Day party. Create custom kids birthdaypartyinvitations to celebrate your child's special day. With anumber offree layouts to choose from and a library packed withawesomeimages, creating the perfect party invitation easy. Createyour ownparty invitations with our invitation maker for all typeofpartying occasions such as: * Inviting your friends andrelativesto your own Birthday Anniversary Party * Prepareinvitation cardsto invite guests to your kid's birthday. (You canalso mention thename of your son or daughter on invitation card) *CreateInvitation cards for the birthday anniversary party of MomDadBrother Sister Grandma Grandpa or any other family members *Babyshower * Brunch * Cocktail Party * Dinner Party * Familyreunion *Response cards Birthday Party Invitation Card Designer appallowsyou to share designed Party invitations on facebook twitterGooglewhatsapp or Gmail in just single Tap. You can also save thedesignas photo in JPG PNG picture formats to your mobile phone ormemorycard for later user purposes. Choose a card design, andcustomizeit with our FREE Birthday card maker to create beautifulinvitesand Add you information about Birthday like Name Date Placevenueetc create Birthday Invitations instantly. With a Birthdaycardmaking application on hand, you can create invitationcardinstantly.
Make Party Invitation Cards 1.5
Full Pack of Party Invitation Maker app provides facility todesigncustomized Party Invitation Cards for any occasion. ThisFreeandroid app is useful for creating verity of invitation cardsforany party occasions such as:* Anniversary Invitation Card*BirthdayInvitation* All Wedding functions* House Warming Party* AnyGeneraloccasion Party* Golden Jubilee* 50th Marriage Anniversary*KittyParty* Kids Birthday* Bachelor Party* Dinner Party* FarewellParty*Lunch Party* First Anniversary* Pool Party* Office Party*SchoolParty* College Party* Annual Day Party and so on.Appprovidesfacility to create personalized invitation card and shareit withyour friends family members and friends via Gmail WhatsappFacebookIntagram Twitter and other social media websites or sharingapps.Party Invitation Maker app provides facility to createbeautifuland attractive invitation cards using pre-definedtemplates. Appprovides option to add or edit Invitation card titlemessage timedate and venue as per your requirements. You can alsochange fontcolor size and shape with different font style. Now youcan easilydesign various type of party invitation card in uniquestyle withParty Invitation Maker app.Software Features:1. Send andsharedesigned Invitation Card in just single tap2. You can addstickerson your Invitation Card.3. You can add text message toyourinvitation card with different font color size andstyle.4.Provides facility to change background and color of yourinvitationcard.5. Create personalized invitation card withpre-designedtemplates available in the app.Design and sendattractive PartyInvitation Card to your friends family memberrelatives and lovedones.
Birthday Invitation with Photo 1.00.24
Birthday Invitation cards with photo and invite yours lovedones.Birthday invitation template to create invitation cards. Youcansave or share the final card. Birthday invitation with photohasunique features: 1. All work in single screen. 2. Full viewcanvas.3. Share birthday stickers to social apps. 4. Share birthdayQuotesto social apps. 5. Set Greeting as wallpaper. 6. Quotes tochoose.Help: 1. You can apply intermediate changes by clicking on"ApplyChanges" button. 2. Messages can be personalize byhandwritingmessages, to do this just touch on signature icon.Message can beundone also. 3. User can apply effects to image suchas sketch,touch on star icon. 4. Messages can be put in differentfonts andcolors, touch on T icon. 5. Sticker can be applied onimage, touchon rose icon. Birthday invitation can be used as:- 1.Birthdayinvitation cards 2. Birthday Quotes 3. Birthday invitationcardswith photo 4. Birthday Messages 5. Birthday Stickers 6.BirthdayWallpaper 7. Birthday Wishes 8. Birthday Photo invitationcards 9.Birthday Images 10. Birthday Photo Invitation Cards manymorefeatures... Please mail us before rating low so that we canclarifyor fix issue.
Positive Thinking Quotes Full 2.5
Positive Thinking Quotes Full Pack Free Android App isamazingcollection of Picture Quotes about attitude positivethinking andhappiness to bring positive energy in life that helpsyou discoverand save creative ideas.We have compiled thiscollection ofpositive thinking quotes messages and proverbs toboost youremotional and mental energy level. Positive thinking is amentaland emotional perception that looks on the bright side oflife andexpects positive outcomes. Inspirational Quotes PicturesandMotivational Thoughts Always pray to have eyes that see the bestinpeople, a heart that forgives the worst.App includes all flavorsofpositive attitude quotes and messages with beautiful photosaboutall phases of life about positive thinking including:*Positivemind and thinking* Attitude and choices in life* Believeinyourself* Time and Money* Dreams and thoughts* Negativity vsHope*Happiness and kindness* Experience* Gratitude and beingthankful*Success and successful people* Happy and strong*Optimistic anddeterminedEach Quote has been handpicked carefullyand you canshare these quotes on whatsapp Facebook instagramTwitter LinkedInGoogle Plus etc websites in just single Tap. Youcan also emailQuotes Images or Download Picture Quotation as photoin your mobilephone storage or in your SD Card Memory.
Photo to Pencil Sketch Maker 1.6
This is a Free android app for Photo to sketch drawing andpaintingeffects conversion in your mobile phone in just single tap.Thisfree Sketch Photo Maker tool allows you to create: * PhotoToPencil Sketch Effects converter * Convert photo to linedrawinglike Corel draw adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator *Convertphoto to painting or sketch or line drawing and pencilsketchdrawingin just single tap * Allows you to make Smooth PencilSketchSepia tone Sketch Smooth and Hard pencils effects * One-tapautoenhance with awesome photo effects, filters and frames *PhotoEditor with additional tools such as Fun stickers Colorbalancebrightness contrast color temperature and saturationadjustments *User can add text Resize or Crop photo and can adjustthe size ofthe picture with different aspect ratios. * You can makeSepia toneSketch Black Board Drawing Oil Sketch Effect Wax CrayonPencilBlack Board Effect and other pencil Sketches * Instant phototopencil sketch conversion Making skech drawing or painitngeffectswith this app is really easy and quick: 1. Select Image frommobileGallery or Load photo mobile Camera. 2) Choose the skechorpainting effects and photo filters of your choice. 3) Let theappdo wonders for you to create Real Artistic sketchautomatically.You can also apply additional tweaks to make it morereal. 4) ittakes just a single tap to share photo on social mediasuch astwitter facebook Google+ gmail instagram linkedin etc withfamilyand friends on social connections. You can also share viachatemail or bluetooth etc. You can also save the designed image toSDCard or internal memory of your mobile phone storage for laterusepurposes. Photo to Sketch maker is an Application that canmakeyour photo like a real sketch. Just pick a photo frommobilegallery or camera and make sketch of it easily in just singletap.We have included a number of preloaded sketch styles andfilters inthis application.
Apologize and Sorry Images 1.3
Ollite Apps
Saying I am sorry and asking for forgiveness is one of themostdifficult things to do. When you hurt someone heart it makesbothof you suffer the same pain. The only thing to make it betteris toask for forgiveness for your one ones. It is better to begforforgiveness than to ask permission. Don’t let your ego destroyyourrelationship. Saying your apology directly from your mouth isnotan easy thing to do. Saying “I am Sorry” or forgive me will beeasywhen using this Apologize and Sorry Images app. You may usetheseapologize quotes to your husband, wife, girlfriend orboyfriend.Beside that it can also be use if you hurt your parent orsiblingfeelings.This app will be very beneficent for you especiallythosethat feeling very sad because of hurting someone feeling.Sayyou’re your sincere sorry and apologize using thing this appstheseapology quotes will be heal the receiver feeling. Theseapologizequotes are selected from the best Apologize Quotesavailable inGoogle. Save your relationship using Apologize andSorry Images,don’t just keep quite. Send this apologize cards toyour belovedone. All of this I am sorry cards is uniquely design byus and youcan’t find these designs in Google but here. Besidesthat, thesecards can also be used as your wallpaper.No matter howbeautifulthese greeting cards are, user should understand that asincereapology is to admit that you had done wrong and that you’refeltsorry for what you’ve done. These sorry cards are only usedtosupport you, but never the apology itself.
Evite Invitations & Guest RSVP 4.2.1
Evite brings people together to celebrate your most importantlifemoments, from kids’ birthdays to happy hours. We makecomingtogether face-to-face effortless and even more memorable foryouand your loved ones every day. Throwing a party? Use the app to:•Choose from thousands of new free and Premium digitalinvitationsfor occasions big and small, organized by event categoryandkeyword search • Create invitations in minutes: customizeeventtitle, time, location, and host message simply by tapping•Personalize free design templates with photos from yourphotogallery, or fully customize Premium invitations and envelopes•Send invitations via text message or email by choosing rightfromyour phone contacts or Evite contacts • Track RSVPs in realtime(including confirmation of who has viewed your invitation) •Sendmessages and polls to guests directly or in custom groups,allorganized in your Message Center • Invite more people, updateyourevent settings, or control notifications at any time Invited toaparty? Use the app to: • RSVP (including for your plus-ones!)afterreceiving your text or email notification • View event detailsandstay up to date on the go – you’ll never miss an update •Messageback-and-forth with your host and other guests, all in yourMessageCenter • Post comments, “like” posts, upload photos, andaskquestions before, during, or after the event in theinvitation’sprivate event feed • Come back to relive memories onthe eventinvitation at any time Let’s make your next event amemorable one…because Life’s Better Together.
Mobile Investigation Forensics Report Maker PRO 3.2
Free App to examine and analyze your mobile phone or otherAndroidcell phone Devices like a Professional ForensicsInvestigationexperts and Prepare detailed report about your mobilecontents.This is the pro Edition of our previous app and hasadditionalfeatures of Excel Backup and Advance items selection etc.DataDoctor Mobile investigation app scans and reads your cell phoneandprepares report of following parameters: * SIM Card Information*Device Information * Display Details * Network & Bluetooth*CPU & Processor Details * Phonebook Contacts * SMSTextMessages * Files & Directory structure * Export SMSTextmessages Backup in PDF or Excel File * Export and savephonebookcontact in just single tap. * Export Backup ReportsFullInvestigation Report is generated in standard PDF Documentformat.Backup features are additional perks in PRO release. You cansharethis PDF file is just single touch Tap or can download toyourmobile phone storage or memory card for later use purposes.
Tips Tricks for Android Phones 2.2
Tips Tricks for Android Phones is a free android app andCompilationof Tips and tricks related to using your android mobiledevice likea boss and making most out of it. All includesinformation and Helpfor Android Phones and Tablets Tips &Tricks Optimizing DevicePerformance Memory Data usage Speed etc.How to use your backupsaved on mobile device internal storage orSD Card or saved Googledrive and how to restore it.Added Followingnew Topics in this newrelease:* Android Useful Tricks* AddInternet Speed Indicator* AddOwner Info* First Few things to Do*Gesture Setting to improvePerformance* Google Now Commands* ManageMemory* Optimizing DevicePerformance* Other General App Tips*Privacy and Security* ReduceYour Mobile Data Usage On Android*Speed Up Android* Use Of OTG*Using Google Now* Get Longer batterylife on your smartphone* SAVEBATTERY BY TURNING OFF POWER-DRAININGAPPS* TURN OFFBattery-Draining Services* ADD HARD-TO-TYPE WORDS TOYOURDICTIONARY* Get Warnings When You're over Your Data Limit* GetYourLost Phone Back* Magical Tips and Tricks* Miscellaneous*RemoteAccess From Android Device* Remotely Delete Android PhoneData*Search With Your Voice* Set Quick Responses For Missed Calls*Set upautomatic phone unlock when you're at home* Some MoreAndroidTechniques* Tips for Solving Screen Freeze Problems* Tipsto keepyour Android device malware free* Tips To Protect YourPhone If ItGets Stolen* Useful Contact Dialing TipsSome of thetopics coveredin this app are:* Android useful Tricks* OptimizingDevicePerformance* Manage Memory* Reduce your Mobile Data usageonAndroid* Speed up your Android* Clever Use of OTG (On TheGo)Cables and USB Drives* Gesture Settings to improvePerformance*Google Now Commands* Miscellaneous Tips* Using GoogleNow* Addinternet speed indicator* Add owner info* First few thingsto do*More techniques and Tips and many moreThis is a read only appandmakes absolutely no changes to your mobile device. It is safe!
Emo Wallpapers 1.0
eBook Apps
Sometimes life is tough. Sometimes we feel lost and alone.Sometimeswe just need to surround ourselves with images that matchourfeelings. The wallpapers in this app won't try in vain to cheeryouup or make you just like everyone else. The somber black andwhitepictures and words in these apps reflect the pain andloneliness ofhuman existence. If you're feeling emo, why hide it?Go ahead,surround yourself with music, art and expression thatshow yourfeelings. Download this app to gain access to beautiful,chillingbackgrounds that will reflect your true emotions.
Tips for life 1.0
Here you will find the application of life has taught me a lotofbeautiful and expressive phrases and where a lot of judgmentthatcan draw them:Tips for lifeHow to put a target for your lifeHowtobe happy in lifeWisdom in lifeChange my lifestyleI overcomelife'sproblemsDeal with the pressures of lifeHow restraintSuccessinlifeHow do I get what I wantHow to excel in your lifeHow do Igetpositive energyAlso, easy to use application that can be usedbysmall and large party alike can share these tips withyourfriendsAnd in the fourth I wish write your remarks to improvethisapplication in the future.thank you.
Sad & Lonely Painful Quotes 2.5
An inspirational collection of Feeling Lonely Quotes aboutSadnessFeelings, feeling Hurt after Losing A Friend and you FeelLonelySad after love break up. Sad love quotes with pictures andmessagesimages to help you find comfort when all you feel is painthroughtimes of sorrow and unhappiness. There is nothing worse thanbeingin love or friendship alone. Almost everyone has sufferedpainfuland sad when falling in love. Share broken heart quotes, sadlovesaying and express yourself. You can share these quotes imagestoyour WhatsApp facebook twitter etc social media accounts injustsingle tap. You can also save these picture quotes as photo inyourmobile.
Sad Broken Heart Picture Status Photo Image Quotes 2.6
If you’re Feeling Lonely or missing someone, feeling Sad andbrokenheart, never go in lack of words for sharing your pain. Donotleave your sadness untold. We have compiled the best collectionofSad and Broken Heart Picture Quotes and Status withbeautifulImages best matched for every occasion related to LoveFriendshipGirlfriend boyfriend and people around you. You can sharethesephoto Quotes on any social Media website including FacebookTwitterInstagram Tumblr as well as on mobile phone chattingandcommunications Apps such as WhatsApp and Snapchat etc. LovePainsadness happiness excitement joy and even Break up may be thepartof life but how such an important feelings of your life stayunseenand untold from those, who must know about it. Choose thebestquotes for your situation and share them now. It just takesasingle Tap. Go ahead and show your Attitude. Move on!
Sad Broken Heart Photos Quotes 2.6
Sad Broken Heart Photos Quotes Full Pack is a Free App ofcollectionof Feeling Lonely Quotes about Sadness love Feelings.There isnothing worse than being in love or friendship alone. Sadlovequotes with pictures and messages images to help you findcomfortwhen all you feel is pain through times of sorrow andunhappiness.Many breakups may seem like the end of the world, butwith a littleinspiration and motivation it can be easier than youthink to moveon with your life. It's a challenge just to dragyourself out of bedafter a bad breakup separation or divorce. Wehave compiled the bestcollection of Sad and Broken Heart PictureQuotes and Status withbeautiful Images best matched for everyoccasion related to LoveFriendship Girlfriend boyfriend and peoplearound you. If you’reFeeling Lonely or missing someone, feelingSad and broken heart,never go in lack of words for sharing yourpain. Do not leave yoursadness untold. Share broken heart quotes,sad love saying andexpress yourself from amazing collection ofFeeling Lonely Quotesabout Sadness Feelings, feeling Hurt afterLosing A Friend and youFeel Lonely Sad after love break up. Theysay that breaking up ishard to do, and these break up quotes canhelp you get to a healthyplace and put the past behind you. Lovestarts with a hug, growswith a kiss, and ends with a tear. Insteadof crying over your ex,you should spend time laughing over sillybreakup quotes. Wipe thosetears away so you can move on with yourlife. Sad love andfriendship quotes with pictures and messagesimages to help you findcomfort when all you feel is pain throughtimes of sorrow andunhappiness. Love Pain sadness happinessexcitement joy and evenBreak up may be the part of life but howsuch an important feelingsof your life stay unseen and untold fromthose, who must know aboutit. Choose heart touching break upPicture quotes images and Sayingsto provide strength in toughtimes to overcome a breakup and help tomove on in life. Expresswhat you are feeling and what you havelearnt from your pastrelationship and experiences. Show yourattitude by sharing theseamazing quotes and let everyone know thathow strong you are. Wehave compiled all flavors of categories ofBreakup and Move onquotes such as: * Relationship & Breakupsayings * Break upQuotes Moving On and Recovery Advice * Before orAfter of Divorceor separation * Funny Breakup Quotes * Sad andPainful break up andmove one Quotes * Feeling lonely and MissingYou after break up *Fixing things in life and living * Experienceda painful break up *Moving on after break up * Cheating in Love *Moving OnInspirational Quotes * Lonely Painful & Hurt Love *Sad BrokenHeart picture Quotes * Pain hurt alone Quotes *Girlfriendboyfriend Trust Love break up and patch ups * SadnessHurt &Broken Feelings * Losing a Friend or love You can sharethese photoQuotes on any social Media website including FacebookTwitterInstagram Tumblr as well as on mobile phone chattingandcommunications Apps such as WhatsApp and Snapchat etc. Choosethebest quotes for your situation and share them now. You canalsosave these picture quotes as photo in your mobile. It justtakes asingle Tap. Go ahead and show your Attitude. Never go inlack ofwords for sharing your pain. Do not leave your sadnessuntold. Moveon! If you’re Feeling Lonely or missing someone,feeling Sad andbroken heart, never go in lack of words for sharingyour pain. Donot leave your sadness untold. Take a moment to check.Choose thebest quotes for your situation and share them now.
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Forgot the security PIN or password of your Android or other typeofphones? Do not panic, there’s always a solution. Mobile Phoneunlockhelp is a free android App that guides you to clear almostall typeof security locks and password of mobile Phone. AddedFollowing newTopics in this release: * Remove Pattern Lock *Remove Password Lock* Recover or Remove Memory Card Password * allPhone PasscodeRemoval * How to Enable and Disable screen lock PinNumber * EnableAndroid Device Manager (ADM) * Recover forgetAndroid Phone's PIN *Using Android Device Manager * Track yourLost Android Phone *Secure Android Device * Using Smart Lock *Trusted Devices * Unlockon Body Detection * Unlock on faceDetection * Unlock using TrustedPlaces * Optimizing Performance *Unlock all phones without Computer* What to do if you Forgetmobile Profile account ID or Password *What to do if forgettingMobile ID configured in your device *Unlocking or Roaming * CellPhone Unlocking Tips and Tricks * Locateyour Phone with Google *All Phones Tips and Tricks * Things younever know your cell phonecould do Some of the topics include: *Remove Pattern Lock * RemovePassword Lock * Remove Memory CardPassword * Recovery SD CardPassword * Passcode Removal * How toenable reset or disable screenlock PIN number * Enable AndroidDevice Manager (ADM) * Recoverforgotten PIN of Android Phone *Using Android Device Manager Appincludes additional informationabout switching resetting andclearing various phone locks andpasswords such as: * Slide lock *Face password lock * Voice Lock *Pattern Lock * PIN * Body TouchLock * Smart Lock Added Followingnew sections: * Remove PatternLock * Remove Password Lock * Recover/ Remove Memory Card Password* Passcode Removal * How to enable anddisable screen lock PINnumber * Enable Android Device Manager (ADM)* Recover ForgotAndroid Phone's PIN * Using Android Device ManagerADM * Track yourLost Android Phone * Secure Android Device * UsingSmart Lock *Trusted Devices * Unlock on body Detection * Unlockusing Facedetection * Unlock using Trusted Places * OptimizingPerformanceThis App is a read-only help document and makesabsolutely nochanges to settings and configuration of your device.It's Safe!
I Miss You Image Quotes 2.5
The Free android App of best “I miss you” Missing You QuotesandSayings of all nature and emotions. All quotes images andPicturesof our, I miss you messages and sayings collection, havebeencarefully selected for quality of content and beauty anduniquenessof post on any platform. Our Missing You quotescollection includesfollowing emotions and situations categories:*Romantic Happy andRomantic Sad* Long distance relationships* Afterbreak up regretfeelings* Recovering and learnt to move on afterbreak up* Sadnessloneliness and sorrow* Husband and Wife*Girlfriend and Boyfriend*Feeling cheated* Anger and unhappiness*Pain Regrets and alone*Heartbreak Woe* Sleep time Missing youmessage Idea for SMS Textmessages* Random I muss you Picture QuotesMessages for him and Forher* Missing you messages to say Good night* Cute funny and SweetI miss you messages for beloved* New Lovejust began and couplesinto relationship recentlyYou can share theseQuotes images asPhoto on any social media such as Facebook TumblrTwitter andinstagram etc in just single tap. You can also sharethese amazingPicture Quotes on all type of chat messengerapplications such asWhatsApp Snapchat and Viber etc. Besides this,App allows you toSave download to mobile device memory, memory cardmemory as wellas share these via Bluetooth.Start expressing yourfeelings.Awesomeness it just few Taps away!
Lonely Boy Wallpaper 3.2
Lonely Boy Wallpaper, Sad Wallpaper, Feel Alone, BoysImages,Sorrow, Loneliness, Emptiness, Breakup, Free Wallpaper,Missingsomeone Key Features: Offline app No need internetconnection afterdownload Share with whatsapp, facebook etc. Set aswallpaperDisclaimer: All Images are used in this app under theCreativeCommons CC0 license. That means there is no copyright issueand allimages are copyright free.
Citations de Cœur Brisé 2.6
Français ( French ) App Vous cherchez un moyen d'exprimer vosvraiesémotions déprimées et les sentiments de Broken Heart?L'applicationBroken Heart Quotes & Proverbs contient unegrande collection decitations, de paroles et de proverbes de coeurcassé pour exprimervotre cœur cassé, éprouvant des larmes et lasolitude. Maintenant,vous pouvez vous exprimer et ce que vousressentez à tous avecBroken Heart Quotes & Proverbsapplication qui vous aidera àguérir votre coeur brisé. Are youlooking for a way to express yourtrue sad depressed emotions andfeelings of Broken Heart? BrokenHeart Quotes & Proverbs apphas great collection of broken heartquotes, sayings and proverbsto express your broken heart feelingpain tears and loneliness. Nowyou can express yourself and what youfeel to everyone with BrokenHeart Quotes & Proverbs app thatwill help you to heal yourbroken heart. Si vous rencontrez unemauvaise phase de votrerelation, votre rupture ou votre cœur brisé,la vérité est que celava s'améliorer avec le temps. * Soyez gentilavec vous-même. *Croyez en vous. * Soyez reconnaissants pour toutce que vous avezencore. * Laissez les raisons pour changer votrevie. If you aregoing through a bad phase of your relationship,breakup or brokenheart right now, the truth is it will get betterwith time. * Bekind to yourself. * Believe in yourself. * Bethankful foreverything that you still have. * Let find the reasonsto changeyour life. Broken Heart est plein de douleur, mais il peutvousrendre courageux et ceux que vous déménagez, vous donneraunemeilleure façon de vivre votre vie. Voici quelques catégoriesdecitations: * Cœurs brisés et citations d'amour tristes *Tristescitation d'amour et proverbes * Tristes cœurs de coeur casséet desénonciations * Des citations et des proverbes inspirés parcoeurbrisé * Citations du coeur cassé et de la relation * Éclairciretdéplacer des devis * Des citations de relations tristes *Citationspour lui * Citations pour elle Broken Heart is full ofpain but itcan make you brave and ones you move on it will give youa betterway to live your life. Here are few quotes categories: *Brokenheart and sad love quotes * Sad love quotes and proverbs *Sadbroken heart quotes and sayings * Inspirational broken heartquotesand proverbs * Broken heart and relationship quotes * Breakupandmove on quotes * Sad relationship quotes * Quotes for him *Quotesfor her Caractéristiques du logiciel: 1. Téléchargez etenregistrezles citations et les proverbes en français. 2. Ajoutezvos devispréférés dans la section des favoris. 3. Vous pouvezutiliser cetteapplication hors connexion. 4. Partagez et exprimezvos sentimentsvia SMS Gmail Whatsapp Facebook Twitter et d'autressites deréseaux sociaux. Comprenez comment guérir et faire face aucœurbrisé avec l'application Quotes & Proverbes BrokenHeart.Software Features: 1. Download and save Quotes & ProverbsinFrench. 2. Add your favorite Quotes in favorites section. 3.Youcan use this app offline. 4. Share and express your feelingsviaSMS Gmail Whatsapp Facebook Twitter and other socialnetworkingwebsites. Understand how to heal and deal with brokenheart withBroken Heart Quotes & Proverbs app.
Sad Lonely Painful & Hurt Love Messages & Quotes 2.39
Just Status
👫Show your attitude by sharing these amazing quotesonwhatsapp,facebook etc and let everyone know that how strongyouare. We have compile all flavors of categories of Breakup andMoveon quotes such as:👫 💔First Breakup Quotes 💔Relationshipsayings💔Recovery Quotes 💔Breakup Moving On Advice 💔Before or AfterofDivorce or separation 💔Funny Breakup Quotes 💔Feeling lonelyandMissing You 💔Experienced a painful break up 💔Cheating inLove💔Moving On 💔Pain hurt alone Quotes 💔Sorry messages and status💔SadBroken Heart picture Quotes
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MSG91 app enables you to send SMS in Bulk to your audience onthego. Any country, any mobile, SMS delivered instantly. How theMSG91app works is really simple: 1. Signup-> and get demo SMS. 2. Login withyouraccount in App 3. Create campaign 4. Start sending SMS in BULKtoall your contacts, or phonebook created from web panel.What'smore? 1. Edit Phonebook. 2. See today's, previous day's orpreviousweek's summary. 3. If you are an API user, you can see yourday'sactivity in 'summary' 4. Buy credits from app itself. 5.ResellerManagement (Balance Add, deduct and manage client option)AboutMSG91 MSG91 works as a communication bridge betweenseveralorganisations by providing them enterprise messagingsolutions.MSG91 has a client base of 10,000+ brands and start-upsworldwide.
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Sözlerimizi sosyal medyada durumolarakayarlayabilirsinizAyrıca;*Kopyalayabilir*Durumolarakayarlayabilir*Paylaşabilir*SMS ile gönderebilir*İnternetüzerindepaylaşabilir*Tüm Sosyal Mesajlaşma programlarıilepaylaşabilirsiniz.*İnstigram::laf.sokucu.1Not:Diğeruygulamalarımıza da göz atmayı ihmaletmeyin.You can set theconditions mentioned in our socialmediaAlso;* Can Copy* You canset the status* Can Share* You cansend SMS* You can share theInternet* All you can share with SocialMessaging programs.* Iİnstigra :: laf.sokucu.1Note: Do not forgetto take a look at ourother applications.
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Our bulk SMS application is the top communication app in Nigeriaforsending text messages in mass. EbulkSMS enables everyonesend,schedule, and customize their bulk SMS messages with anychosensender name to anyone both locally and internationally.EulkSMS appuses your 2G, 3G or WiFi (if available) to send bulk SMSeasily.You can create your free account right within the app.Features: -Free bulk SMS units when you signup - Delivers bulk SMSto DNDnumbers - Bulk SMS Scheduler to send SMS for automaticfuturedelivery - Instant loading of all phone book contacts oncomposeSMS page - Search phone book contacts by name or phonenumber - Useany name of your choice to send bulk SMS - Onlinebackup option ofyour phone book - One click instant sending of bulkSMS to allphone contacts - View, copy, and resend Sent messages -Saved /Draft messages - SMS templates for special events - Autosavemessages in draft while composing your bulk message -Displayaccount credit balance on compose SMS page - Buy bulk SMSonlineand offline options - Set a default sender name to auto fillthesender name when composing a new bulk message - Up to 6pagesdelivered as 1 long SMS - SMS delivery to all GSM networksinNigeria at 1 unit per SMS We would love to hear from you Ifyouhave an complaints or find any bugs within the app please letusknow by clicking on "Send email" under developer at the bottomofyour screen.
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Key features of this app are, 👉 Manage attendance ofstudents,nowyou have no need to maintain bunch of registers 👉Automaticallysends SMS to the parents of absent students 👉 Sendfees reminder tothe students 👉 Send sms to individual and wholeclass 👉 Send testmarks to the parents along with highest and lowestmarks of theclass 👉 Share marks through any app available in yourmobile 👉Export and Import data in CSV format ( can be opened inMS-Excel )👉 Send sms through Mobile carrier or Online ( To send smsonlineyou have to purchase online messages for pricing policy feelfreeto contact us.) 👉 Helps in publicity of your instituteusingpromotional bulk SMS. 👉 Its a simple and handy school/collegeandcoaching class management application. Note : This app is freefor1 Month only, after that you have to purchase this app, ifyoudon't want to buy this app then please don't review as bad apporgive a single star. For demo video (how to use this app) clickonthis link : Disclaimer : We donotcollect or share any personal information and this app isnotavailable or target any EU country. ⚠ Warranty : We arenotresponsible for any data loss in this app, please exportyourdatabase every 10 to 15 days.
Depression Quote Wallpapers 1.0
Some people think if they just tell you to 'be happy' they'llsolveeverything. These wallpapers are for those of you who knowthat'snot true.There's a certain bitter comfort in recognizing thatweare not alone in our sadness. In this app, you will findwallpapersthat reflect your broken emotions, assuring you that youare notalone in feeling lonely. These wallpapers featurepowerfulphotographs full of sentiments such as despair (a lonelywinterday) or bitter irony (beautiful flowers in muted colors).With eachimage comes a striking quote about despair, lonelinessordepression. Everyone's pain looks a little different, butwhetheryou are numb inside or feel sharp stabs of destructiveangst, thereare plenty of quotes that will speak to your brokensoul. Thesewallpapers will not try minimize your hurt, but willremind youthat a community of sad people like yourself does exist.Considerit a brief does of self-therapy...
Citations Triste & Proverbes 2.6
Français ( French ) App The Quotes & Proverbs about SadnessinFrench app has wonderful heart touching sad quotes collectionthathelps you to get out from the sad phase of your life. Therearevarious types of sad quotes that may help you to remove yourpain.You can express your emotions in words that make you cry andhelpyou to bring your pain out and feel relaxed. * Best ways toremovesadness * Focus on the good things * Be grateful fortheexperiences * Give yourself time to heal * Start to laugh again*Don’t forget to eat but not too much * Remember it will getbetter* Talk to someone who cares * Hard times won’t last foreverLescitations et les proverbes concernant Tristesse enapplicationfrançaise ont une merveilleuse collection de citationscaptivantesau cœur qui vous aide à sortir de la triste phase devotre vie. Ilexiste différents types de guillemets tristes quipeuvent vousaider à éliminer votre douleur. Vous pouvez exprimervos émotionspar des mots qui vous font pleurer et vous aider à vousénerver etvous sentir détendu. * Les meilleurs moyens de supprimerlatristesse * Concentrez-vous sur les bonnes choses *Soyezreconnaissants pour les expériences * Donnez-vous du tempspourguérir * Commencez à rire à nouveau * N'oubliez pas de manger,maispas trop * Rappelez-vous qu'il va mieux * Parlez à quelqu'unquis'en soucie * Les temps difficiles ne dureront pas pourtoujoursEvery man and women has his or her secret sorrows which theworlddoesn't know and often times we call a person cold when he orsheis only sad. Here are the categories: * Sad quotes that makeyoucry * Emotional quotes about friendship * Quotes about sadnessoflife * Loneliness Quotes about love and pain * Quotes aboutsadness* Famous sad quotes * Sad quotes saying and proverbs AppFeatures:1. Download and save French Quotes & Proverbs aboutSadness. 2.Share your sad feelings and emotions with your friendsfamilymember and love one via SMS Whatsapp Gmail Twitter FacebookGoogle+and other social networking sites. 3. You can add yourfavoritequotes in favorite section and share easily. 4. Nointernetconnection is required. Quotes & Proverbs about Sadnessapphelps to express your sad feelings. Chaque homme et chaque femmeases chagrins secrets que le monde ne connaît pas et souvent,nousappelons une personne froid quand il ou elle est triste. Voicilescatégories: * Tristes citations qui vous font pleurer *Descitations émotionnelles concernant l'amitié * Citations surlatristesse de la vie * Solitude Citations sur l'amour et ladouleur* Citations de la tristesse * Citations célèbres et tristes* Descitations tristes disent et des proverbes Caractéristiquesdel'application: 1. Téléchargez et enregistrez French Quotes&Proverbs about Tristesse. 2. Partagez vos sentiments etémotionstristes avec votre membre de votre famille et aimez-en unpar SMSWhatsapp Gmail Twitter Facebook Google+ et d'autres sitesderéseaux sociaux. 3. Vous pouvez ajouter vos citationspréféréesdans la section favorite et partager facilement. 4.Aucuneconnexion Internet n'est requise. Quotes & Proverbessurl'application Tristesse aide à exprimer vos sentiments tristes.
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Multi SMS Sender (MSS) application is used to send one messagetomultiple users at the same time. In which send a messagetounlimited users by their message plan. This app store thehistoryof sending a message with their status (is sending orfailed).Contacts can store contacts as their favorites. Key pointsare: ●Send long text message more than 160 characters. ● Managegroups. ●Send messages to those numbers that are not in your phonebook. ●Manage Signatures. ● Show message sent history. ● To resendthemessage that was not sent Just click on that message that wasnotsent from history. ● To copy a message from history just longpresson that message. ● Show multiple contact number from acontacts. ●Importing System Groups. ● Add contact to favorites. ●Searchcontacts. ● Accepting text from other
Daily Motivational Quotes 1.1
MTPH Software
We all know that the daily inspirational readings and thedailyinspiration quotes could really help us in having a better dayatwork, in our school or in our private life. They can giveyoupositive energy and thoughts and the drive to always do yourbestin life. That is why we created daily quotes with strongemotionalmessage. We work day and night to find the perfect quotefor peoplethat need inspirational quotes. With the right andsuitable quote,anyone can do great in life and emotional living.Wemade sure thateach day every user gets a new positive quotes o bemore inspiredand motivated. This inspirational app is designed tomotivate youstep by step, make you strongest and find the true pathto peaceand success in life. It provides you the daily dose ofmotivationby showing inspirational quotes with soothingbackgrounds. Eachscreen is unic and make you to discover amazingplaces as well.Each daily inspirational reading is carefullyselected and thought.Your everyday will be more inspirational fromnow on. You can readdaily warn to guide you during the day, becomemore inspirationaland happier. Each daily inspiration reading comeswith a way toapply it to your life.* Share the quote with yourfamily andfriends* Share the daily message on Facebook, Twitter,Email, SMS*Famous, relevant, popular and inspirational from famouspeople*Save your favorite inspirational quotes to read later*Inspires youto succeed in your lifeGet from this app, positiveinspirations andkeep smiling during the day!At the end here is anmotivationalquote and example of one of ours positive dailyquotes:“Start bydoing what's necessary; then do what's possible;and suddenly youare doing the impossible."-Francis of Assisi
Sad Love Quotes
Broken Heart - The Most Painful Feeling The Question: How tobelievein love. Broken heart, pain, tears, loneliness are the partof lifewho is failure in love. It is very difficult to tolerateheart painwho has loss his/her love. Whole world look like selfish&artificial. If you are sad in love and can not find the rightwordsto express your emotions then this is an application for you.It hasquotes, sayings with deep feelings of heartache that let youcomeout of sorrow and feel better day by day! So, express yoursadnesswith the best collection of sad quotes by famous authors.KeyFeatures:- # Set alarm to share the desired quote with anyone#Lively themes to express your feelings # Combination of tears&heart pain # Use Background as wallpaper of your Mobile Youneed toinstall it! Sad Love Quotes is the app that will help youdeal witha broken heart. Quotes, thoughts, sayings and feelings onheartacheso that you can feel better and better every day! Ourapplicationwill help you tell the whole world (or just yoursoul-mate) whatyou feel.
Success Tips & Success Quotes 1.0
Ritesh Patel
Looking for motivation to improve the quality of youlife?Lookingfor tips that can change your life? Success Tips &Quotescontains the proven tips to be successful in all aspects ofyourlife, be it personal relations, career or your passion. Thereare1000 reasons to move ahead in life and reach for your goals.Ihaveprepared this collection of wisdom together to help youstaymotivated and focused. All we have to do is stay motivated andkeepacting on our goals. I hope this application will give you anextrapush to reach for your goal and achieve success and alltheachievements life has to offer.
Sad Quotes Images 1.0
Very "Sad Quotes Images" For all fans of Lonely - BeautifulSadHeartbroken Photo Background Graphics Illustrations - Best Art"SadPictures" Crying Free Download!Sadness is an emotionalpainassociated with, or characterized by, feelings ofdisadvantage,loss, despair, grief, helplessness, disappointment andsorrow. Anindividual experiencing sadness may become quiet orlethargic, andwithdraw themselves from others. An example of severesadness isdepression. Crying is often an indication of Alone.-Compatiblewith 99% of mobile phones and devices.- Optimizedbatteryusage!quotes Images- You can save or Share "Sad " toTwitter,Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble, Instagram OrLine withyour Good Friends or whole family.- After you save set DponWhatsappsad quotes in hindisad quotes about painsad quotesthatmake you crysad quotes with imagessad quotes about love andpainsadquotes about friendshipsad quotes in malayalamsad quotesinpunjabisad image of boyfeeling sad images free downloadsadimageswith quotes in hindisad quotes images for whatsappsadwallpaperwith quotes in hindisad love quotes with images freedownloadsadimages with quotes in tamilsad love quotes andsayingssad wallpaperin hindisad wallpapers with quotessadwallpapers for whatsappfreesad wallpaper downloadsad images hd inhindisad hd wallpapers1080psad wallpaper with shayarisad lovequotes in hindi forboyfriendsad wallpaper in hindisad wallpaperswith quotessadwallpapers for whatsappfree sad wallpaper downloadsadimages hd inhindisad hd wallpapers 1080psad wallpaper withshayarisad lovequotes in hindi for boyfriendalone status forwhatsappalone statusin hindifeeling alone status for facebookleaveme alone status inhindii am alone but happy quotesfeeling alonestatus inenglishalone hindi shayrialone status in marathi
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New TRENDS ofJewellery Designs, Hairstyles for Men andWomen,Dresses ,Footwears , Purses and Accessories.Healthy and TastyFood,Latest Styles of Wedding Decoration, Band, Photo-Movie,Catering,Sweets, Fruit Baskets and Furniture.All Wedding MaterialIn OneApp.Key Features*Small app size*Low memory footprint*Lowbatteryconsumption
Men's Motivation 1.3.1
Best inspirational, love, motive images and quotes forpeople..CREATE A LIFE....(that feels good on the inside.. not onethat justlook GOOD on the outside).. * A huge collection ofMotivationQuotes ... * Each & every quotes of this app ishelpful as thebooster. * Whether you need some inspiration,something to lift youup a little, or just love reading motivationquotes ... *"motivation quotes" can make your day brighter, craft asmile onyour face, or even lift up a little ..... * It containslove, lovefailure, motivation for being success in life, wakingwithinspiration, millionaire sayings, etc.......? * By using theapp (change your old life & start a new life with a lot ofsuccess.* Just read this motivational quotes & achieve positivemindstate to face any situation. * Quotes & images of this appwilldefinitely help anybody to get "MOTIVATION"... App features:(try"motivation app" now, you can enjoy all these lovablequotes...?) *Best motivation quotes * one touch share withWhatsApp, Hike,Instagram, Facebook ...... etc? * Quotes can beeasily copied withone touch. * Less battery optimized. * Savepictures. * Simple userfriendly designed. Disclaimer : All picture& quotes are takenfrom social media.
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SA Group Text is the most efficient way to send group messages.Youcan add recipient names and phone numbers in an Excel file. Youcanenter static or personalized text messages right in theExcelspreadsheet. For example, if you enter “Hi {first name}, ...”in amessage, the app will take the first name of the recipientsandpersonalize the message, generating text such as “Hi David, …”,“Hi Michael, …”…SA Group Text is also an easy way to sendtextmessages to the contacts on your Phone. Just pick groupsorindividual contacts, type in a static or personalized messageandsend it.Who uses SA Group Text ?★ Small Businesses★ReligiousGroups★ Retail★ Nightlife - Bars & Nightclubs★Restaurants★Banks/Financial Institutions★ Insurance Companies★Event Marketers(With hundreds (or even thousands) of peopleattending yourevents)★ Traditional Media★ Schools★ Social Groups★Real EstateWithSA Group Text you can :★ Import group Text from anExcel file viaUSB/Email.★ Create your own groups in an Excelspreadsheet and sendmessages to them.★ Inserttags({nickname},{firstname},{lastname},{nickname},{company} etc)inyour text message in order to create personalized messages.Whenyou use this function, each message has a personal touch.Forexample: Dear {firstname}, Welcome to our dinner party.★ UseanyExcel-compatible applications to create your group textmessages.Be sure to save as an Excel 97-2003 Workbook.★ Send SMS toas manyrecipients as you need within your Excel file ★ Create aformattedExcel file easily. The file can contain only two columns :Mobileand Message. You can find more example spreadsheets on theapp’swebsite.★ Create flexible group SMS in your spreadsheet.Forexample “{family} Family – Practice Tomorrow at 5pm forlittle{kidname}!” becomes “David Family – Practice Tomorrow at 5pmforlittle Johnny!”. The names change over and over again.★Scheduleyour messages you want to send at a specific time. ★ Setthe timerange of when you want your text message to send.★ Supportfor DualSIM devices (Android 5.1 or later).★ Pause and resumeschedules.You have to long press the schedule to accesspause/resume option.★Import and send more 10,000 personalizedmessages in one time.★Send unsent messages. If the app isterminated while sending groupsms, the app can continue the sendingschedule after you launch theapp.★ Make send report and replyreport.★ The lite version allowyou to send 120 messages each time,The full version has nolimit. ★ If you provide the recipient'semail address in theexcel file , the same message will be sent totheir email address.In order to send messages via email, you havetoa. Enable send mailin the app’s setting page.b. set up an emailaccount to sendmessages from it.c. add “Subject” and “EmailAddress”in the excelfile. you can see the file sample-mail.xls in the appfordetail.Due to SMS limitation, each app can only send 100messageswithin an hour. You need to install SA Group text plug-into extendthe SMS limitation.After download plug-ins, please go toyourphone’s settings, then go to app manager, grant Send SMSpermissionto these plug-ins.
25000 Best Quotes 1.0.7
25000 Best quotes from various authors and categories.* NoInternetneeded.* Copy to clipboard* Share* Text to speech.*Search*Favourites* WidgetPlease mail us if any issues. We will fixthem atthe earliest.Best Quotes, Brilliant Quotes,InspiringQuotes,LoveQuotes. More than 25000.FreeJoinus:
Life Lessons 7.4.10
Alakazam Apps
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Auto SMS Scheduler / Sender 7.3.8
Auto SMS Scheduler / Auto SMS Sender - send SMS automaticallytopreset list of recipients at a scheduled time ●●●USE FORSENDING●●●★ Birthday SMS Wishes, ★ Holiday SMS Greetings ★ SMS tocontacts indifferent Time Zones ★ SMS Reminders -medicine, pillreminder, todo reminder, team reminder ★ SMS Remote control overGSM forcontrolling any device that accepts commands via SMSmessages andreact on it by performing a task, like security system,open thegate, turn on the lights, heating or air conditioning. ★Dailydeals, coupons, events etc. ★ Auto SMS notifications ★ Sendkissday and love auto sms ✔ Multiple SMS schedulers ✔ Addmultiplerecipients - bulk sms sending ✔ Select recipients fromcontacts ✔Schedule different message to be sent to different peopleat thesame time ✔ List of scheduled sms, deactivate or rescheduleany orall of them ✔ Send same message to multiple contacts ✔ AutoSMScould be sent by date or week days ✔ Status bar notificationsaretriggered for sent messages and delivery reports ✔ History ofsentand delivered messages is available (menu – “sent messages”screen)✔ Track the delivery status of sent messages – Sending,Sent, Error✔ Customize your auto sms text. ✔ Reuse a message whichis alreadysent ✔ Option resend unsent messages ✔ Allow sendingdifferent smstypes: long sms - No message length restriction,repeat automatedsms ( recurring ) ●●●SEE ALSO●●● Auto SMS Scheduler/ Sender Pro ✔ADS - FREE ✔ MMS message - record personalized voiceor even videomessage or attach images to your text (or bundle themalltogether).
myMobKit 0.8.50
IMPORTANT---------------------1. If the app is notworkingcorrectly, maybe the app permissions are not grantedcorrectly inyour device. Go to Settings->Apps->Permissions togrant allthe required permissions.2. Email and other deviceinformation arecollected and used by the app for the listedfeatures below.3. Thisapp uses Accessibility services.Mobile appwhich has the followingfeatures- Built-in web server to access yourphone.- Use your phonecamera for surveillance.- Use your phone forbulk SMS sending.-Remotely view and control your phone through theweb controlpanel.- Remotely start up surveillance feature usingSMS.- Controlaccess to the app through lock pattern.- Motiondetection and facedetection using different algorithms.- Triggeralarm through SMS oremail at configured interval and triggers.-Save detected images tocloud storage or attach in email.- Abilityto disguise the cameraand close the app when device is touched.-Turn your phone intowebcam or remote surveillance camera using anyapplications thatsupport DirectShow API, e.g. Skype or VLC MediaPlayer. Moredetailsat phone into a SMS gateway - support REST APIs for SMSsendingand receiving. More detailsat to manipulate contact, photo, video and audio.- REST APIstosend MMS.- REST APIs to capture photo- REST APIs to make phonecall-REST APIs to read sensor data- REST APIs for vCard andvCalendar-REST APIs for USSDFor more details, checkout