Top 2 Games Similar to Color Hitter Free

Color Tower Pro 1.2
Tanu Kush
Color Tower game idea is adoptedfromclassicblock building puzzle game Stackopolis.If youlikeplayingstackopolis you will love Color Tower.Color Tower is a colored block building game. In thelowerleftcorner a blueprint is given in each level that needstobeconstructed.You can move a brick by selecting it with a tap and move ittotheanother place by tapping where you want it to go. In thiswayyoureplace the bricks until you have constructed the plan asshownonthe blueprint and there is no Time Limit.You can play thegameatyour own pace.Its a great time killer for those who just want torelaxandcomplete the puzzle, and a perfect challenge for those wholiketocomplete it faster than others or in less movesthanothers.Compete in speed or accuracy or both with yourfriends.Rules:1) All the bricks in a column in the final blueprint will beofonecolor.For example if top brick in a column in thefinalblueprintis of red color and there are three bricks in thecolumnthen allthree of them will be red.2) You can not put more than 5 bricks in a column at anygivenpointof time.3) There is no Time limit in any level.GamePlay:1) Tap a brick to select it and a selected brick willbedisplayedwith green boundaries.2) Move the selected brick to another place by tapping whereyouwantit to go.3) If you have selected a brick by mistake, tap itagaintodeselect.4) Replace the bricks until you have constructed the plan asshowninthe blueprint.5) You can see number of bricks in each column byclicking"ShowNo.'s" button below the blueprint.Features:1) 20 Challenging Levels with beautiful patterns.2) Ultra Casual or as challenging as you want it to be.3) Universal build.
Color Mania
Play this colorful game Colors Mania to see how efficiently youcanfind a color among so many.All you have to do is to matchthedisplayed color with the moving colors. Complete the taskbeforetime runs out. So hurry up and finish the 3 challenging modesofthe game.