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Calculator ++ 2.2.7
Are you looking for an efficient and easy-to-use calculator?Doyouwant to solve both simple and complex problems?TryCalculator++, amultipurpose calculator app with slick andintuitiveuserinterface! ★ Save your time! • Access additionalfeatures fromthemain screen of the app using gestures. For example,to use«%»slide button «/» up • You don't need to press «=» anymore-resultis calculated automatically • Copy/paste with a singlebuttonpress• App supports both portrait and landscape screenorientations★Personalize! • C++ has two layouts: standard andengineer.Chooseone which suits you best either from the initialwizard orfrom theapplication settings • Set theme you like • Addhome screenwidget★ Do calculations without switching between theapps!Calculator++can work in a separate window floating overotherapplications onyour phone ★ Calculate percentages, squareroots,powers,trigonometric functions! Calculator has a big varietyofbuilt-infunctions and supports adding new user-defined functions★Plot 2Dand 3D graphs! Several functions can beplottedsimultaneously ★Use powerful mathematical capabilities ofthe app:• Docalculations with variables and constants • Usebuilt-infunctionsor add your own • Integrate and differentiate •Docalculationswith fractions and simplify expressions •Docalculations withcomplex numbers The app supports deviceswithAndroid version 2.2and higher and is open source. The appcontainsadverts which areshown on the secondary screens. To removethemplease purchase aspecial option from the applicationsettings.Calculator++ onFacebook: onVkontakte:
Hex,Dec,Oct,Bin(Dev Calc) 2.3.3
The Calculator for Developer Developer Calc includesthefollowingfeatures: ■ Binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal inonescreen ■The maximum value : 0x0FFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ■ Theminimumvalue :0xF000 0000 0000 0000 ■ The large 19-digit displayofdecimal ■Conversion reset ON/OFF
Boolean Logic Minimizer | Kmap 7.0
While learning or doing projects in digital electronics, youmaycomeacross many tedious calculations. That is whereDIGITALELECTRONICSCALCULATOR comes in. Using it, you can do allthe stuffthat youwould do on a regular calculator. However, youcan even doso muchmore that is never possible on a regularcalculator. 💪Harness thereal power of your phone/tablet by usingit to solvethe problems ina much faster and an efficient way. 💪CORE FEATURES● Simplification/ Minimization of a Boolean function○Step-by-Step solutionmentioning Boolean Law used at each step.○Quine McCluskey method orTabulation method ○ From truth tablebyentering minterms and don'tcares. ○ Generate Circuit usingCommongates, NAND Only and NOR OnlyGates. ● Truth Table ○ GenerateTTfrom equation. ○ Create your ownTT and see its equation,circuit,SOP, POS etc. ● KMAP ○ InteractiveKarnaugh Map ( or KMap )forboolean functions of 2,3,4 and upto 5variables. ○GenerateCircuits for KMAP ○ See Truth Table ○ See SOP,POS ●Conversionsamong following ○ Binary, Hexadecimal, Octal andDecimalbases. ○Any two custom bases. (upto a maximum of base 36) ○Binaryand greycode ○ BCD, Excess-3, 84-2-1, 2421 codes (locked)●Calculations ○Arithmetic calculations (+,-,/,*) in any base.(uptoa maximum ofbase 36) ○ R's and R-1's complement ○ CannonicalSOPand POSGenerator from a boolean equation ● Outstanding Design○Custombuild keyboards which help you enter the equationsandnumbers withease. ○ Very user friendly, clean and intuitive UI.○Detailed helpand tips within the app. Please note thatlockedfeatures can beunlocked using virtual currency within app forfreeor using in-apppurchases. So Submit any feedback We would love to hear from you.
Calculator of number systems. Converter. Decision 4.1.3
Simple and intuitive to use converter and calculator ofnumbersystems with a complete solution and decimal fractionsFasttransfer from one number system to another (from 2 to 36)withsupport for decimal fractions Ability to performmathematicaloperations: addition, subtraction, multiplication,division Binarycalculator, ternary calculator, octal calculator,decimalcalculator, hexadecimal calculator. Translation of binarysystems.BIN, OCT, DEC, HEX Complete translation solutionIntuitiveinterface Modern minimal design Dark theme
ChampCalc Scientific Calculator 6.21
Bens Apps
ChampCalc © Scientific Calculator is a powerfulscientificcalculator that supports large numbers and extremeprecision ofmore than 100 digits. The calculator detects and showsrepeatingdecimal numbers (periodic numbers) on the display andinterfaces,and allows to edit them inside the expression. Thecalculator fullysupports complex numbers in a rectangular and polarform. Complexnumbers can be used freely inside the expression, andthey fullysupported by functions. The calculator provides a widevariety ofdomains such as mathematics, trigonometry, logarithms,statistics,percentage calculations, base-n operations, scientificconstants,unit conversions, and more. An advanced programmer'scalculator isintegrated and supports binary, octal, and hexadecimalnumeralsystems. The calculator provides extra functionality suchaslogical operations, bitwise shifts, and rotations. Editingtheexpression in a convenient and clearly way by multi-lineexpressioneditor, and customizable syntax highlighting. Using thecalculatoris simple and convenient, thanks to the friendly andintuitive userinterfaces. And not less important, professional andaestheticlook, high-quality themes, customize syntax colors, andmuch more.Features: • Multi-line expression editor with syntaxhighlighting• Supports large numbers and extreme precision• Supports up to 100decimal digits of significand • Fully supportsComplex Numbers andPolar view • Math, Trig, Logarithmic, Statisticsand more• Trigonometric and hyperbolic functions • Binary, octal,andhexadecimal numeral systems • Logical operations, Bitwiseshifts,and rotations • Statistics calculations by stackentries• Percentages calculations • Using parameters inside theexpression(PRO) • Providing extended information about theresult• Interactive interface for storing and using values• Statisticalcalculator with stack entries • More than 300scientific constants(CODATA) • More than 760 conversion units• Sharing and clipboardoperations • Quick navigation in history ofexpressions• Interactive interfaces for memory and expressions• Angular mode:degrees, radians, and grads • Conversions functionsfor angularmode • DMS supports (degrees, minutes, and seconds)• Configurablenumber format and precision • Fixed, scientific, andengineeringmode • Detects, show, and edits repeating decimalnumbers• High-quality themes • Customize syntax highlight oftheexpression • Integrated user manual PRO versionfeatures:★ Organizing and saving expressions ★ Advanced userinterface ofParameters ★ Advanced color editor for syntaxhighlight★ Trigonometric functions with complex arguments ★ Supportfor thisproject ☺ Download the powerful and advanced scientificcalculatorapp now!
Numeral System Converter + Calculator
Pyro Games
Numeral Converter + Calculator is a simple and smartapplicationforcalculating and converting numbers between numericsystems.Theapplication can count any arbitrary long, decimalornegativenumbers and convert them between systems. App is abletoshow thesolution algorithm. It supports system with bases from 2to36.Main features: * Displays solution * Calculations withdecimals*36 numeral system Languages: * English * Russian * German*Polish* Czech * Slovak
Class Calc Graphing & Statistics Calculator
Test-safe Statistics, Graphing, Scientific andMatrixCalculator.100% Free. No Ads. No “upgrade To Unlock”Functions. AllEquivalentFunctions Of A Ti 84 Calculator, X84, CasioCalculator OrHpCalculator. Paying $100+ For A Ti 84 / TiNspireGraphingCalculator (Or Casio, Or Even Hp) Is Just Silly.Here’s OurLogic:1. We’ve Built A Beautiful, Easy To Use OnlineDigitalCalculatorRight There On Your Phone. 2. The Problem Is, ThatYouCan’t UseYour Phone On Tests, So You’re Stuck Paying $100+ForYourCalculator. 3. With Our Easy-to-use Test-mode Lockdown, YouCanNowUse Classcalc On Tests. Teachers Can Ask StudentsToTemporarilyLock Their Own Devices* Out Of All OutsideDistractionsSuch AsInstagram, Calls And Texts, Keeping StudentsFocused InClass, AndPreventing Cheating On Tests. Students CanLeave TestModeWhenever, And Once They Do, The Teacher Is Notified.ListOfFeatures: Scientific Calculator (Similar To Ti 30, Ti84,TiNspire, X84 Hp Or Casio Calculator): Algebra,AdvancedStatistics,Trigonometry, Calculus Features: Cos, Pi,Average, Ln,Basic Stats,Mode, Percentage, Roots, Sin, Tan, Gcd,IndefiniteIntegral,Modulus, Sin-inverse, Convert Decimal ToFraction,Tangent, TrigInverse, Exponents, Z Score Table, Z ScoreFinderGraphing AndStatistics Calculator (Similar To Ti 30, Ti 84,X84, TiNspire, HpOr Casio Calculator): Graphing, Algebra ,AdvancedStatistics(Stats), Trigonometry, Calculus (&Precalculus)Features: PlotFunctions, Anova, Binomial Distribution,Cdf, ChiSquare Test,Derivative, Histogram, Log, NormalDistribution,PoissonDistribution, Polynomials, Tables, Min, Max,GraphIntercepts,Intersections, Parametric Equations, PolarCoordinates,T Test, ZTest, Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Combinations(Ncr),Permutations(Npr), Factorial, Standard Deviation, Variance,Sort,LinearRegression, Statistics Calc (Abscissae),Function,PolynomialRegression Graph, Exponential RegressionGraph,LogarithmicRegression, Sinusoidal Regression, OneVariableStatistics (1varStats), Two Variable Statistics (2varStats), TDistribution,Geometric Distribution (Works Similar To TiNspire OrX84), ChiSquare Distribution Graph, CumulativeDistributionFunction,Probability Density Function, Box Plots, QqPlots(NormalProbability Plot), Hypothesis Testing, StatisticalTesting,Z ScoreProportion Testing, Interval Testing, HypothesisInterval,TInterval, Integrals, Statistics Tools, Find Vertices OfAGraph,Exponential Equations, Quadratic Functions,LinearFunctions,Linear Equations, Inverse Functions, Asymptotes,RadicalFunctions,Stats Testing, Roots, Conics, Circle,Ellipses,Parabolas,Hyperbolas, Trig Functions, Z Score Table,AbsoluteValueFunctions, Z Score Distribution ExponentialGrowth,ExponentialDecay, Graphical Representation (GraphicCalculator),GraphAmplitudes Matrix Calculator (Similar To Ti 30, Ti84, X84,TiNspire, Hp Or Casio Calculator): LinearAlgebraFeatures:Determinant, Matrices, Inverse MatrixCalculator,MatrixMultiplication, Reduced Row Echelon Form, RowEchelon Form,SystemOf Equations, Transpose Matrix Calculator,AddingMatrices,Exponent Matrix Calculator, Root
Electronics Calculator 4.2.0
Electronics Calculator is a utility application consistingofvariouscalculators, conversions, reference tables andbasicpocketcalculator. Calculators: DC Circuits: • Ohm`s Law •Voltagedivider- resistive • LED resistor • 555 Timer • RL Circuits• RCCircuitsAC Circuits: • Reactance • Impedance • StarDeltaTransformation •AC Power • Decibel Power Supply: •Transformerratios • Rectifiers• Capacitor filter • TransformerefficiencyComponents: • SeriesCircuits (resistor, capacitor &inductor) •Parallel Circuits(resistor, capacitor & inductor) •Capacitors(charge, energystored, time constant) • Inductors (energystored,time constant) •Diodes (Diode current, diode voltage) •Resistorcolor codes(encode & decode 4, 5 & 6 bands) •Resistorcolor codes(encode & decode 4 & 5 bands) •Capacitorprinted codesPhysics: • Coulomb`s Law • Magnetism •Joule`s Law -heatingConverters: • Area (sq in., mm², cm², sq ft.,m², ha, km²) •Angle(Degree, Gradian, Radian) • Temperature (°C, °F,K, °R) •Power(Btu/min, ftlbf/min, hp, W, kW) • Distance/length (cm,in.,ft, m,yd, km, mi) • Number base (binary, octal,decimal,hexadecimal)Reference: • SI unit prefixes • Logic gates •74xx ic •ASCII •Decibel suffixes • RF spectrum
Base Converter 1.6
Base Converter is a convenient tool that helps you convertnumbersbetween bases from 2 to 36, including the common bases likeBIN(binary - base 2), OCT (octal - base 8), DEC (decimal - base10)and HEX (hexadecimal - base 16). - Feature: + Lightweight andworksfast, able to convert floating-point numbers + Nice andmoderninterface, allow choosing light theme or dark theme + Simpleandeasy to use - Instruction: just type the number on the baseyouwant to convert, the result numbers on other bases willappearsimultaneously. - Supporting languages: English,Spanish,Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese,Korean,Vietnamese, Indonesian. NOTE: If you find any problemwithtranslation, please send your feedback via email or reviewcommentsto help us fix it. Wish it would help your work! BaseConverter -Developed by Universapp
Programmers Calculator Pro 8.0
Cheers!! This app is just to show yoursupportfor the developers efforts.The free version of this app also will remain ad free. Pleasebuythis only if you want to Donate.Programmer Calculator is a Beautiful,simple yetpowerfulapplication with Hex Dec and Bin numbers displayedsimultaneously.Flat UI with minimalistic design makes its appearancesoothingwith no visual clutterIt supports Binary Hex Decimal and octal systemsIt supports all the bitwise operations required by adeveloperand still maintains almost zero visual clutter.It provides option to edit Individual bits in abinarynumber.It supports BYTE (8bit), WORD / SHORT (16bit), DWORD /INTEGER(32bit) and QWORD / LONG (64BIT) Signed and Unsignednumbers.It provides Floating Point mode and fixed point mode.It can show IEEE 754 Representation of numbers.
Scientific Calculator 6.7.2
CalcTastic Scientific Calculator is ahigh-precision,feature-richscientific calculator with years ofrefinement andthousands ofsatisfied users. Choose from 5 differentthemes, aconfigurabledisplay and your choice of operation,Algebraic or RPN.CalcTasticScientific Calculator is FREE but comeswith many greatfeaturesincluding a Unit Converter, Fractions,Complex Numbers,AdvancedStatistics, History & Memory Registersand afull-online HelpSection. If you find CalcTasticScientificCalculator useful,consider the PLUS version ($1 USD). ThePLUSversion also includesPolar-Form Complex Numbers, 7AdditionalThemes and a Full-FeaturedProgrammers Calculator.--------------GENERAL - High InternalPrecision - Algebraic (Prefixor Postfix) orRPN Calculator Modes -Expression or Stack Display -ExpressionHistory with 20 Records -Calculator Stack with 20-50Registers -Memory with 10 Registers -5 High-Quality Themes - Copyand Paste -Configurable NumericDisplay (Decimal and Grouping) -Intuitivelong-click featureremoves the need to press SHIFT - Easierto usethan traditionalCasio or HP calculators (11C / 15C)SCIENTIFIC -Rectangular FormComplex Number Support - Real,Imaginary,Magnitude, Argument andConjugate functions - Fractionsand FractionCalculations - ConvertDecimals to Fractions - Degree,Minute,Second Support - Standard,Scientific, Engineering and FixedDecimalNotations - ConfigurableDisplay Precision from 0 - 12 digits-Table of 44 PhysicalConstants - 289 different conversionunitsacross 18 categories -Trig functions in Degrees, Radians orGrads -Hyperbolic Trigfunctions - Natural and Base-10 Logarithms -Percentand DeltaPercentage - Remainder, Absolute, Ceiling andFlooroperationsSTATISTICAL - Factorial - Combinations andPermutations -RandomNumber Generator - 15 Single-VariableStatistics commandsoperateon all stack entries - Quantity, Min,Max, Range, Sum,Median -Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean, MeanSquared - SumSquared, Sum ofSquares of Variance - Sample Variance,SampleStandard Deviation -Population Variance, PopulationStandardDeviation
Scientific Calculator 3 1.8
Scientific Calculator 3 is an easy to useuniversalscientificcalculator app for smartphones, tablets orotherAndroidtouchscreen devices. It evaluates mathematicalexpressionsunderconsideration of the algebraic convention "bracketsbeforepowerbefore point before line calculation". The rounding ofresultsisadjustable between 5 and 15 digits. Available notationsarenormalnotation (NORM), scientific notation (SCI) andengineeringnotation(ENG). Trigonometric calculations optionally inDegrees(DEG:1°=PI/180) or Radians (RAD: 1rad=180°/PI).ScientificCalculator 3provides a large history display, where allinputs andresults canbe checked easily. This calculation history iskeptuntil explicitdeletion. For devices without menu button:pleasetouch the screenlonger than 3sec to invoke the setup/optionsmenu!Functions onmain display: * calc operators: + - × ÷ *parentheses:( ) * squareroot and power of 2: sqrt x² * permutation:n! (inlandscape formatonly or on tablets) * reciprocal: 1/x *percentage:% * plus minussign: ± * memory: MR MS M+ * exponent(optional): ExpScientificfunctions via "sci" button and on largedisplays: * poweroperator:^ 2^ e^ 10^ * square and cube root: sqrtcbrt * naturallogarithmand logarithms of 10: ln lg * constants: pi2pi e 1/e*trigonometric, inverse trigonometric and hyperbolicfunctions:sinasin sinh asinh, cos...., tan.... **Notice:ScientificCalculator 3is based on the Open Source SoftwareArity-2.1.6"Arithmetic Enginefor Java" (Copyright © 2007-2009 MihaiPreda),which is licensedunder the Apache license 2.0.
48sx : a vintage RPN calculator 1.42
48sx : The HP48 sx emulator ! HP48sx is a vintage RPNcalculator.Iused this calc 25 years ago ;-) I love this calc....andnow Icanhave it in my pocket every day ! No nag, no Ad,completelyFREE!Droid48sx is a modified version of droid48 but forHP48 SX,creditgoes to Arnaud Brochard (author of droid48 forAndroid) andofcourse Eddie C. Dost (author of x48 for UNIX). If youcamefromWindows, and like Emu48 (written by Sebastien CarlierandChristophGießelink), you can also get Emu48 for Android (writtenbyRegisCosnier) Droid48sxCHANGELOG=================== where you can getthe oldapk *18 Oct 2019 (Version 1.42) - Bug fixes andperformanceimprovements -Intended to work from Android 2.2 to 10onarmeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a,x86 and x86_64 architectures - Newskin,A..F are the same size ofothers key - Portrait mode only -Newround icon - New name : 48sx *30 Jan 2016 (Version 1.39)-Intended to work from android 2.2 to 6.xon armeabi,armeabi-v7a,arm64-v8a, mips, mips64, x86 and x86_64architectures -New amazingskin, should be more readable on bigscreens - Newaction bar withicons and menu when touching HP48sxscreen - Newicon - Completefullscreen for android 4.4, 5.x and 6.x- Correctedport2 settings- Haptic feedback disabled by default, butcan bere-enabled * 26Jan 2014 (Version 1.38) - Corrected "putprogram onstack" bug -Corrected FC bug on android 4.3 - Correctedrandomfreeze onandroid 4.4 - Data files are nowstoredon/sdcard/Android/data/org.czo.droid48sx/files - Menuisdisplayedwhen touching HP screen - New menu : Savecheckpoint(saves abackup copy of hp48/ram/rom/port1/port2) - Newmenu :Restorecheckpoint (restores the backup copyofhp48/ram/rom/port1/port2) -New menu : Full reset(deletesfirmware/ram and deactivate ports,if calc is still hung,pleaseuninstall/reinstall) * 7 Nov 2012(Version 1.36) - firstrelease
Electronics Calculator Pro 1.8.1
Only available in English. Electronics Calculator Pro isautilityapplication consisting of variouscalculators,conversions,reference tables, pin outs and basic pocketcalculator.The proversion has additional calculators, references,extra infoand allformulas. Calculators: DC Circuits: • Ohm`s Law •Voltagedivider -resistive • LED resistor • RL transient circuits •RCtransientcircuits • Wheatstone bridge AC Circuits: • Reactance•Impedance •Star Delta Transformation • AC Power Power Supply:•Transformerratios • Rectifiers • Capacitor filter •Transformerefficiency •Voltage regulator - LM317 • Voltageregulator - zenerdiodeAmplification: • Slew Rate • Gain | Ratio •Non Inverting OpAmp •Inverting Op Amp • Differential Op Amp •Inverting Summing OpAmpFilters: • RC filter – passive • LC filter –passive • RL filter–passive Semiconductors: • Series Circuits •Parallel Circuits•Capacitors • Inductors • Diodes • 555 Timer • AirCore Inductors•LM 3914 Display driver • LM 3915/6 Display driverIdentification:•Resistor – color bands • Inductor – color bands •Capacitor–printed • Fuse, glass – color bands • Diodes •7-SegmentdisplayPhysics: • Coulomb`s Law • Magnetism • Joules Law-heatingConverters: • Area • Angle • Temperature • Power•Distance/length• Number base Reference: • SI unit prefixes •Logicgates • 74xx ic• ASCII • Abbreviations • Schematic symbols•Ingress protection •Decibel suffixes • RF Spectrum Pin out:•Audio/video o RCAconnector o Jack - TS o Jack - TRS o Jack - TRRSoSCART o VGA oDIN • Computer o USB - type A and B o USB - miniandmicro o Serial- DE9 o Serial - DB25 o PS2 o AT keyboard o USB -C •Gaming oGame/MIDI port • Display o 7 segments o LCD 16 x 2 o LCD16x 4 oDisplay driver – LM391x • Microcontroller o Atmega 8 - DIPoAtmega8 - MLF o Atmega 8 - TQFP o Atmega 328 - DIP o Atmega 328-TQFP oAtmega 328 - MLF o Atmega 2560 o Atmega 8u2 - QFN oAtmega8u2 -TQFP o Atmega 16u2 - QFN o Atmega 16u2 - TQFP o Atmega32u2 -QFN oAtmega 32u2 - TQFP • Miscellaneous o OBD II
US - Metric/Imperial Unit Converter, Innovative UI 6.1
* Converts all commonly used units on 20+ categories (Area,Cooking,Distance, Energy, Flow, Fuel efficiency, Length, Light,Liquidvolume, Pressure, Speed, Digital Storage, Temperature, Time,Torque,Volume, Weight) * All common units for shopping/athome/travellingare available in home screen, no need to selectunits or switchscreens. * Works fully Offline (except for updatingcurrency rates)* No annoying Ads and is completely safe and free *Highest ratedconverter in PlayStore. * Unlike many otherconverters, this appdoesn't need permission to anything on yourphone. Its fully safe.You need not create account or login to useit. * Its light weightand use only very little memory. * Availablein 26 languages *Currency conversion rates (based on EuropeanCentral Bank) * Optionto set your favorite conversion as homescreen * Conversion chartsshown some of the commonly usedunits/values. * Time conversionbetween four US time zones and Timebetween different states * Veryuseful for people from othercountries visiting or living in US.
Matrix Calculator PRO 3.00
Alexander Skokov
It's PRO-version of matrix calculator. Its main task–calculatemathematical matrices. Supported matrix operations:-MatrixInverse. - Matrix Determinant. - MatrixScalarmultiplication. -Matrix Addition. - Matrix Subtraction. -MatrixMultiplication. -Matrix Transposition. - Matrix Rank.Theapplication can work with:- Integers (-2, -1, 0, 1, 2 etc.).-Decimal fractions (1.5, 3.14etc.). - Common fractions (1/2,3/4,7/3 etc.). - Complex numbers(i, 1+i, 1/2-2i, 0.5+2/3i etc.).
Scalar Pro — Most Advanced Scientific Calculator 1.1.17
Scalar Math
🥇 Extremely Flexible & Very Advanced Scientific CalculatorwithUser Arguments Definition, User Functions Definition,FunctionsGraphs, Scripts Programming and many other features.Scalar is muchmore than a calculator. Scalar is a powerful mathengine and mathscripting language, that combines the simplicity ofstandardcalculators with the flexibility of scripting. Thanks toScalar,defining arguments and functions, as well as using theminsubsequent calculations, expressions and functions graphs,hasnever been easier. You will see it shortly after gettingfamiliarwith available screens and options. 🎯 Main features: 🔹Standard& Advanced Scientific Calculator 🔹 Extremelyconvenientcalculator keyboard 🔹 Re-usage of previous calculations,justreference a constant that was created for your convenience 🔹Userdefined arguments, as simple as x = 2 🔹 User defined functions,assimple as f(x) = x^2, f(x,y,…)=2*x+y 🔹 User definedrandomvariables, as simple as rand X = rNor(0,1)+1 🔹 Beautifulfunctiongraphs, set variables, range, expression, interact with thechart!🔹 Scripts writing, personalize and automate you work! 🔹 Richset ofexamples built-in in the app! 🔹 Work saving and resultssharing 👌The definition of user elements has never been easier!Using Scalaryou can easily create user elements, below are examplesof thenatural mathematical syntax: ▶ scalar > x = 2 ▶ scalar> y =2 * x ▶ scalar > y ➥ e1 = 4.0 ▶ scalar > x = 3 ▶scalar >y ➥ e2 = 6.0 👌 There is no need to save the results! InScalar,each result is assigned to an automatically createdconstant, seeexample: ▶ scalar > 2 + 3 ➥ e1 = 5.0 ▶ scalar >4 + 6 ➥ e2 =10.0 ▶ scalar > e1 + e2 ✪ ➥ e3 = 15.0 👌 Userfunctions give hugepossibilities of personalization! Defining userfunctions is justas simple as writing a formula ▶ scalar > f (x,y) = sqrt (x ^ 2+ y ^ 2) ▶ scalar > f (3,4) ➥ e1 = 5.0 👩‍🏫Scalar was created bya mathematician, therefore it has built-insummation and productoperators! Scalar also supports summation andproduct operators,for example the number of prime numbers in therange of 2 to 1000 ▶scalar > sum ( i, 2, 10000, ispr (i) ) ➥ e1= 1229.0 ⚡️ This isonly a tiny part of available options! It isonly a presentation ofa small part of the available mathematicalfunctions. Allimplemented math elements exceeds several hundred.👩🏻‍💻 At Scalar,you can write scripts! 🔹 The ability to writescripts is a uniquefeature among scientific calculators. 🔹 We allknow how scriptssignificantly accelerate work. 🔹 Scalar provides anice scripteditor with syntax highlighting & syntax hints. 🔹Scripts canbe saved and/or shared (pro version). 🔹 Start-up scriptis alsosupported (pro version). 📈 At Scalar you can createbeautifulfunction graphs! 🔹 Visualization is important - no doubts!🔹 Scalarprovides the ability to create highly personalized functioncharts.🔹 Functions graphs are fully interactive: values reading,scaling,zooming. 🔹 Function charts can be saved or shared (proversion). 📳 More details on: 👌 Enjoyusing ScalarScientific Calculator!
Ohm's Law Calculator 1.6.15
Peter Ho
The Ohm's law calculate is used to calculate the voltage,currentorresistor. How to use 1. Enter first variable with checkedmark2.Enter second variable with checked mark 3. Theremainingvariableswill be calculated Note : 1. Please tick 2variables only2. Forthose who need support please email to thedesignated email.Do NOTuse either the feedback area to writequestions, it isnotappropriate and that is not guaranteed that canread them.
Probability Distributions 5.6.3
Compute probabilities and plot the probability mass functionforthebinomial, geometric, Poisson, hypergeometric, andnegativebinomialdistributions. Compute probabilities,determinepercentiles, andplot the probability density function forthenormal (Gaussian), t,chi-square, F, exponential, gamma, beta,andlog-normaldistributions. Some knowledge ofprobabilitydistributions isrequired! If you don't know what a"binomial"distribution is, forexample, this application will not beusefulto you.
Solves – Calculator with History 2021.9.17
Oleg Barinov
This calculator can solve long mathematical expressions and hasthemost required actions. There are percent, root,exponent.Trigonometric and logarithmic functions. All actions areaccessiblein both portrait and landscape mode. The input field hasan activecursor, so you can make edits in any place withoutclearing it.Also, there is a history of calculations. The historycan be placedso that it takes a whole screen, or just about a halfso you canstill make calculations. Tips – To change thetrigonometric unit,tap on the label RAD/DEG (radian/degree) in theupper left cornerof the calculator display. – To use an expressionor the result ofits computation from the history, pull a record tothe left so thatthe icon with the letter "E" or the letter "R"respectively, becamehighlighted. Then release the record. – To adda comment to ahistory record, pull it to the left so that thecomment icon becamehighlighted. Then release the record. – Todelete a record from thehistory, pull it to the right so that thedelete icon becamehighlighted. Then release the record.
Total Calculator-Paid 10.1
★ Convenient and smart calculator with built-in function thatcanusevarious calculator in one app and prevent user's mistakeasmuch aspossible ★ History, memory storage function, Undo,Redofunction ★Supports 7 different calculator themes ★Calculatorbutton sound andfont change function - Integratedcalculatorconfiguration - 1)Simple Calculator 1) GeneralCalculator 2)Engineering Calculator 3)Statistical calculator 4)PrecisionCalculator 5) Date Calculator 6)Unit conversion 7)PercentCalculator 8) Interest calculator (deposit/ savings / loan)
unitMeasure: Offline Material Unit Converter 2020.07.29
★unitMeasure is an intuitive and powerful unit converterappforAndroid. ★ The app contains over 100measurementsspreadthroughout16 categories. In addition, it worksonline andwithoutpermissions. ►Features • Modern, Minimal, andIntuitiveDesign • 4Different Themes (Light, Day, Dark, and NightMode) • Noads, notracking, and no permissions • Results Multi-View(See allyourconversions in one shot, without having to switch eachtime)•Intuitive controls: Save Results to Clipboard (By tapping)andSwapUnits (By Long-Tapping) • Settings: Change themes,enableborders,sort units, Precision Control (You choose how manydecimalplacesto show), disable animations, set default tippercentage&more. • On-the-Fly Conversions (Results are updatedas youtype inreal-time) • Tested on & optimized for both phonesandtablets• Has all the Popular Metric, Imperial, and UKUnitConversions •Under 2 MB in storage size ►16 differentcategories •Length:Inches, Centimeters, Feet, Yards, Meters,Miles,Kilometers,Picometers, Millimeters, Light-years •Volume:Teaspoons,Tablespoons, Cups, Fluid Ounces, Pints, Quarts,Gallons,CubicFeet, Cubic Inches, Cubic Centimeters, Milliliters,Liters,(US& UK Values) • Energy: Joules,Kilojoules,Calories,Kilocalories, Inch-Pounds,Foot-Pounds,Megawatt-Hours,Kilowatt-Hours, Electron Volts, BTUs,Barrels ofOil, Horsepower US& Metric • Time: Milliseconds,Seconds,Minutes, Hours, Days,Weeks, Fortnights, Months, Years,Decades,Centuries • DigitalStorage: Storage: bits, Bytes, KB, MB,GB, TB,PB, Kilobits,Megabits, Gigabits • Mass/Weight: Ounces,Grams,Kilograms, Pounds,Stones, Metric Tons, Tons US, Slugs•Temperature: Fahrenheit,Celsius, Kelvin, Rankine, Réaumur •Area:Square Kilometers, SquareMeters, Square Miles, Square Yards,SquareFeet, Square Inches,Hectares, Acres • Pressure:Pascals,Megapascals, Kilopascals, PSI,PSF, Atmospheres, Bars, mmHg,inHg •Programmer: Binary, Decimal,Octal, Hexadecimal • Angle:Circles,Degrees, Gradians, Minutes,Mils, Quadrants, Radians,Revolutions,Seconds • Torque:Pound-Feet, Pound-Inches,Newton-Meters,Kilogram-Meters,Dyne-Centimeters • Speed: Kilometersper Hour,Miles per Hour,Meters per Second, Feet per Second, Knots,Mach •FuelEfficiency/Gas Mileage: Miles Per Gallon US, Miles perGallonUK,Kilometers per Liter, Liters per 100 Kilometers, Gallonsper100Miles US, Miles per Liter UK • Date Calculations:DateDifference,Date Duration, Time Difference, Time Duration•Calculate Tips andsplit the bill between friends. IdevelopedunitMeasure, because Icouldn't find an app that had anintuitivedesign, ability to viewall the results in one take, workoffline,and be lightweight. Thisapp matches everything that I haveeverneeded within a unitconverter and will fit your needs as well.Formore information andpolicies about the app, you can havealook: Notices • The app isavailableinEnglish, Dutch, Spanish, and German • unitMeasure shallhavenoliability for the accuracy of information provided andcannotbeheld liable for any claims or losses of any damages.
EzCalculator for Android helps you to dobasicand advanced math calculation. This app includes thefollowingcalculators:1. Math Calculator with History2. Fraction Calculator3. Fraction and Decimal converter4. Unit Converter5. Tips Calculator6. Discount Calculator7. Percentage CalculatorThis app does not need any system permission.It's free and no ads.We are Google top-rated developer and we develop highqualityapps..Please report issue or suggestion to the
Multi Calculator 2.9.12
Blue Group
Multi Calculator, top 5 most recommended tools app forAndroid.Aperfect calculating tool specially built for you.MultiCalculatoris not only very suitable for daily simplecalculations,but alsocontains many useful functions withfashionable design.Such asscientific calculator for solving complexproblems, BMIcalculatorfor detecting physical condition, and so on.Downloadthiscalculator, mathematics will no longer be boring. Yourworkwill bemuch better and more efficient than usingtraditionalcalculators.It will be your competent computingassistant, and allthis is forFREE! Perfect Support Performance:√Perfectly supportSamsungGalaxy S8, S8 edge, S7, S7 edge, HUAWEIP10, LG Nexus 5Xetc.√Perfectly support Android 7.1 Key feature:√Standardcalculator,simple but perfect √Scientific calculator√BMIcalculator …Features details: - Can easily carry out thefoursimplemathematical operations, with no extra buttons tointerferewithyour work - Swipe left on the keyboard to usetrigonometric,squareroot, and other scientific computing functionsto help yousolvedifficult problems - The newly added BMI calculatorhelpsyouunderstand and focus on your health - Candisplaycalculationresults in real time on the screen and trackoperationalprocessesat all times - The built-in floating windowfunctionallows it tostay at the top of the screen, so calculationno longerrequiresfrequent switching between apps. - Swipe downwardon thescreen toview history; every calculation of yourswillautomatically besaved for you - Using the uniqueformula-editingfunction, you caneasily modify any content of yourformula - With anumber ofoptions for copying, so you can easilycopy formulas orcalculationresults to other applications - When youswitch tootherapplications during the calculation process, it willstillsave theoperation process for you - Smart percent signoperationthat makesdiscount and tax calculations more convenientand faster
Mobi Calculator : free + totally no ads
Handiness universal percentage calculator for simpleandengineeringcalculations. Ad Free! Mobi Calculator is afreecalculator forandroid for everyone who appreciate greatusabilityandfunctionality. Working with the calculator bringspleasure,sincethe easy to use interface is thought through totrifles. Thisis asimple calculator that will suit both schoolchildrens,students andin work, and for everyday householdcalculations. - noads! - timecalculator - correct percentagecalculator - realtimeresult - thisis calculator with full featuredhistory ofcalculations, commentsand sharing of calculations -classicalmemory feature (M+, M-, MR)- multiple string expressions -bigbuttons and beautiful themes -multilanguage - customizablebuttonson main screen - spends verysmall memory space - highaccuracy, upto 30 digits - HEX/BIN/OCTmode, up to 64 bits inPRO-version -does not require unnecessarypermissions like Internetconnection,geo-position, contacts and SMSIt's not "All in one"tool. Weappending only really essentialfeatures that usable duringworkand everyday householdcalculations. Other features: -calculationmodes: operationpriorities, rounding, etc. - modernMaterial andbattery safe darkthemes - trigonometrical functions,sine, cosine,etc. - radians,degrees calculations with DMSdisplaying mode(degree-minute-second)- logarithmic and otherfunctions - basicfeatures, square/cube/n-throot, power, percentagesIn thePRO-version only: * Ability to storerecords of the history(up to1000, FREE - 50) * Ability to editexpression with up to 7lines onthe screen (FREE - 5) * Additionalthemes (Business, IceCreamSandwich) The list will beincreased! toour translators: Chinese(Simplified) (免费计算器) - Nexus SunChinese(Traditional) - WhaleMajida French - NEVEU Sylvai German -BreazMarius Hellenic -Kaparos Spiros Hungarian - István KriskóItalian -Claudio PerckyKorean - Jo JoonHee(Gomdolius,[]( Polish-acosh(i) Russian(русский калькулятор) - olgapol Slovak (partial)-Loránt Gerencsér([]( Turkish -BurakÇelik (Synertic)Ukrainian -VladBorovik([](
Full Scientific Calculator 1.9.17
This supercalculator contains within itselfthecompletefunctionality of today's high-end calculators. Nofeaturewas leftbehind during development. Featuring anautomaticallyre-sizing,navigable screen with unlimited digitsupport. Its uniquedesignallows you to comfortably writecomplicated equations, whilealsoenabling you to compose short andsimple calculations fast. Youcanhave a result bank of up to 1000calculations of which youcanalways go back and edit. Unparalleledin features, itsone-screenfunctionality makes it one of thesimplest yet powerfulcalculatorsyou will ever have the pleasure ofoperating. Expandedfeature listincludes: • Less than 5MB in size •Streamlined &fast ad-freeexperience • Fully-formatted math thatincludeseverything fromfractions to equations • Quadratic, cubicandquartic polynomialequations with complex numbers • 2nd, 3rd and4thdegree linearequations • Normal and hyperbolictrigonometry,complete withinversion • Normal and inverse cotangent,secant &co-secantfunctions • Unlimited number of digits •Regular, improperandmixed fractions • Sexagesimal/DMS (degrees,minutes,seconds)calculations & conversions • Decimalto/fromfractionconversion • Extremely high precision • Resulthistory upto 1000answers • Integration and differentiation calculusequations•Matrices & vectors, up to 3x3 cellswithtransposition,inversion, power, scalar, diagonal, andarithmetic,with complexnumbers • Algebraic equations • Gammafunction • 34Metric/Imperialconversions • 44 scientific constants •Booleanalgebra, includingNOT, OR, AND, and XOR • Conversionsandcalculations between base 2to 16 • Custom, natural andbase-10logarithms • Easy 4-directionalnavigation • Answer displayindecimal, proper & improperfractions. • Descriptivestatisticsfunctions, including: mean,median, range, midrange,variance, ginicoefficient, sum ofsquares, trimean, skewness,kurtosis, meandeviation, standarddeviation, relative standarddeviation/variancecoefficient,standard mean error, root mean square(RMS),interquartile mean,interquartile range. All answers are in"sample"format, not"population". • Multi-threaded calculations •Scientificandengineering notation • Factorial decomposition •Permutations&Combinations • Least common modifier and greatestcommonfactorfunctions • Modulus/remainder function • Multipleangletypes,including degrees, radians and gradians • Factorials,bothintegerand fractional • Ordinary, cubic and custom roots •Randomintegers& decimals • Plus/minus sign • Absolution •Summationfunction• Product summation function • Answer memorization•Naturalconstants • Frac & Int functions • Percents Want toknowmore?You can consult the brief user manual fordetailedexplanations ofevery feaure. Bug reports, suggestions orfeaturerequests will bereceived at
Calculator (Holo) 1.1.2
When you open Calculator, you'll only see the 4 basicfunctions,andthat's how it should be. By swiping left and right,thepanelchanges and you're exposed to different branches of math.But,ifyou don't need them, it's as if they aren'tthere.Calculatorsupports history, graphing, hex/bin conversion,matrices,and more.It won't solve equations for you, but it givesyou thetools to doso yourself as conveniently as it can. This appiscompletely opensource, and comes bundles with some phonesalready.
HP67 Calculator 2.0
Mike O'Shea
This calculator was a technical marvel whenHewlett-Packardreleasedit back in 1976. This was a time when moststudents andengineersused slide rules to calculate logarithms andsquareroots. Thiscalculator allowed users to do such calculationswiththe stroke ofa key. In addition, it was programmable andhadmagnetic cardstorage before the first personal computers cameout.Prettyremarkable! This faithful re-creation provides both newandoldusers with a way to re-live those days. It is still averyusefultool. Even more so now as you can print and shareprogramsand alsocreate charts! Plus sounds and animation.
RpnCalc - Rpn Calculator
Edward Falk
RpnCalc is the best RPN calculator ontheAndroid Market.It has an interface that users of the HP calculator line willbecompletely at home with, including these features:Scientific modeBasic (large key) mode20 MemoriesKey click (haptic feedback)Continouous memory16-level stack (configurable)Front four stack elements displayedRpnCalc has a sixteen-level stack to hold more data. The frontfourelements on the stack are visible at all times, making itmucheasier to keep track of where you are in yourcalculations."Calculator tape" records your calculations and can be sharedviaemail, bluetooth, etc.See for manualOh, and here's the privacy policy: RpnCalc never collectsanyprivate data of any sort. It never connects to the internet.Itdoesn't even run ads.
Multi-Screen Voice Calculator Pro 1.4.34
Multi-screen calculator with voice input for everyday use!ATNSOFTCalculator lets you: ✓ Instantly enter numbers andmathematicalexpressions using an ergonomic on-screen keyboard andvoice input(currently supports English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese,Croatian,Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian,Indonesian,Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian,Russian,Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese).Just pressthe mic button and speak the expression (for example, 74point 5times 4 plus 37 = 74.5 × 4 + 37 = 335): it will appear onscreenand the result will be calculated immediately! ✓ Make two ormorecalculations simultaneously. To do this, you can switcheditingscreens with a horizontal swipe along the top edge. You cangivenames to screens by tapping the screen number. ✓ Quickly copytheresult to the clipboard simply by tapping it. There is aspecialbutton for pasting from the clipboard (📋). ✓ Allcalculations arerecorded in the calculations history, from whereyou can insert theexpression and result into the editor. Theserecords can beinstantly deleted with a horizontal swipe. Any recordfrom thehistory can be tagged with text by tapping the date ortime. ✓Execute mathematical operations with incredibly largenumbers andexpressions. ✓ Raise to the n-th power or extract theroot of then-th power (for example: 5 cubed = 5^3 = 125; the cuberoot of 27 =3√27 = 3). ✓ Percentage calculations (for example: 200+ 10% = 220;10 % 200 = 20). ✓ Convenient, user-friendly settingsthat can beopened by swiping from the left edge of the screen orusing a menubutton. The settings include: vibrate on click,full-screen mode,keep screen on, and other options. ✓ The result isalways displayednaturally, without incomprehensible E's, dashes,and numbers. ✓Easily work with many memory cells, and easily switchbetween them.You can set a name for each cell, letting youintuitively use thememory for a specific field of activity. ✓Quickly switch themes.Important: For voice input to work withoutthe Internet, theappropriate voice baselines must be turned on inthe Androidsettings. However, voice recognition is more accurateandhigher-quality with an internet connection. If voice inputdoesn'twork, then in the Android settings select: Language &input> Voice input > Basic Google recognition. Get the ProVersionfor Free! We'll be happy to send you a coupon or even a fewonesfor the Pro version free installation in exchange for: –aninteresting article, blog post, YouTube video or any otheritempromoting the application; – or quality translation oftheapplication texts into another language. The applicationhasalready been translated into Dutch, French, German,Hungarian,Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,Spanish, Swedishand Thai. Please feel free to use the contact formto share yourideas:
Fraction Calculator + Math PRO
Fraction calculator withstep-by-stepoperations and algebra.Shows results as you type.Graphical display of expressions with history.Use space to enter mixed number, e.g. 2 1/2Help site with instructions andexamples:http://frac.mathlab.usIf you have a question, send email to calc@mathlab.usPRO FEATURES* Workspaces to work on multiple tasks* Store often used expressions in a library* No advertisementsFRACTION CALCULATOR* Step-by-step operations (option to turn off)* Arithmetic operations (+,-,*,/,÷), hold / to enter ÷* Powers of fractions* Fractions simplification* Fractions with complex numbers* Decimal to fraction conversion and back* Symbolical fractions and operations* Integer roots simplification* Pinch to zoomALGEBRA* Linear equations x+1=2 -> x=1* Quadratic equations x^2-1=0 -> x=-1,1* Approximate roots of higher polynomials* Systems of linear equations, write one equation per line,x1+x2=1,x1-x2=2* Polynomial long division* Polynomial expansion, factoring* Solving inequalities with one variable.Double tap “(“to enter “less” sign.Double tap “)” to enter “greater” sign.* Linear and polynomial inequalities, x^3-4>4* Inequalities with absolute values, abs(2x+3)<=5* Compound inequalities, 1* Rationalinequalities,(x+3)/(x-1)<=0
Unit Converter - calculate and convert 1.27
Simple and easy to use currency and unit converter app tohandleanyconversion you need. With 40+ categories and more than800units andcurrencies you will get a very handy tool. Needmoreconversions,just drop us an email and we will check addingthem.You can alsocreate your own custom conversions directly intheapp. UNITCONVERTER FEATURES: ✓ 41 predefined categorieswithhundreds ofunits. ✓ Offline mode, internet connection isneededonly to updatecurrencies. ✓ Searching for units. ✓Conversionbuilder to createyour own custom conversions. ✓ Keypadwithembedded calculator thatsupports percentage calculations.✓Currency exchange rates fromEuropean Central Bank and otherbanks.Requires internet connectionto fetch new rates. Oncefetched,exchange currency rates areavailable in offline mode. ✓Simple andclear design. Supportslandscape mode on all devices:phones, andtablets. ✓ Unlimitedfavorite conversions for quickaccess. ✓Conversion history. ✓Sharing conversion results by email.✓ Copy /Paste functionality. ✓Display instantly the results whiletyping.No need to press thatannoying "Calculate result" button :).Onlarge screens the resultsare displayed for all units so youcanmonitor all of them at thesame time. ✓ Supportedlanguages:English, German, Portuguese,Spanish, Russian, Romanian,Ukrainian.More languages will be added.Below is the list ofsupportedconversion categories, all convertmetric to imperial unitsandimperial to metric transformations.(convert metric to usunits,convert metric to uk units) ✓ Basicdimension: length(distance),area, volume. ✓ For daily use:currency converter(European CentralBank and others), clothes andshoe sizes for men,women andchildren, cooking weights, fuelconsumption and time. ✓Mechanics:pressure, weight, force, torque.✓ Motion: speed,acceleration,angular speed, flow rate ✓ Chemistry:density, dynamicandkinematic viscosity, mineralization. ✓Computing: data storageanddata transfer. ✓ Energy: power,temperature conversions(Celsius,Fahrenheit), consumed energy. ✓Electricity: electriccharge,electric current, electriccapacitance, electricpotential,electric resistance. ✓ Photometry:luminescence,illuminance. ✓Radioactivity: radiation,radioactivity. ✓ Magnetism:magneticfield ✓ Mathematics: numbers,roman numerals, fractions,astronomydistances. ✓ Other: Typography.* For ad-free versionwithunlimited custom conversions get [UnitConverter Pro]. In caseyouwant to request new units, have aquestion, a suggestion orwantjust to give us a feedback on the appplease send me an or leave a comment ingoogle play storewhilereviewing this unit converter tool. UnitConverter CalculatorPlus©UUCMobile
Degree Calculator 1.0
This app allows you to easily perform algebraic andtrigonometricoperations with degrees, minutes, seconds, radians andnumbers. Ithas next features: history of calculations, hapticfeedback, screensleep prevention.
Geometry Calculator 2.8
Geometric Calculator Calculates plane and solid figures:Triangle,square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezoid,rectangle,polygon, circle, circle, ellipse. Sphere, cube, box,cylinder,cone, truncated cone, prism, pyramid, truncated pyramid,theoctahedron. For every geometry shape there is step by stepmathsolve solution provided! If you either a schoolkid oranundergraduate this math solver toolkit will be helpful foryou!Planimetrics: ~~~~~~~~~~ Triangle - Parties - angles - Area-Perimeter square - Parties - diagonal - Area - Perimeterrectangle- diagonal - Area - Perimeter parallelogram - Diagonals -Area -Perimeter rhombus - Diagonals - Area - Perimeter trapeze -Area -Perimeter quadrangle - Area - Perimeter polygon - angles -Areacircle - Area - The length of the arc - Size of the sector -Thelength of the arc segment - The area of the segment ring - Area-Size of the sector ellipse - Area - Perimeter Solidgeometry:~~~~~~~~~~~~ ball - Area - Volume cube - Area -Volumeparallelepiped - Area - Volume cylinder - Area - Volume - Theareaof the lateral surface cone - Area - Volume - The area ofthelateral surface frustum - Area - Volume - The area of thelateralsurface prism - Area - Volume pyramid - Area - Volume - Thearea ofthe lateral surface truncated pyramid - Volume octahedron -Area -Volume
Numeral Systems: Calculator + Converter 3.3
NumConverter + is the application for the convertation ofnumbersfrom one numeral system to another, as well as to calculatethesum, subtract, division and multiplication of two differentnumberswith different base numeral systems. Advantages:-Convertation ofnumbers with numeral systems from 2 to 36 baseinclusive;-Fractional numbers; -Negative numbers; -Full solutionexample ofinteger and fractional numbers; -Math operations:addition,subtraction, division, multiplication of any number withany base.-Material Design; -Easy and intuitive interface; -Ninethemes;
★ 📱 CALC 10 — Best Windows 10 Calculator App 👍 ★ 1.2.4
This calculator app is all in one calculation app that youneedforeveryday usage. You can set the precision, rangingfrom8-180significant digits (default: 32) (important: precision isnotthedecimal point). The scientific calculator app can calculateinhighprecision and accurate. Solve your mathematics andarithmeticslikenever before. It is bundled with 20 materialcolorstheme,personalize the best calculator app with your favoritecolor.Modeof calculation available: 1. Standard CalculatorappBasicarithmetics calculator app with memory functionsandcalculationhistory. Solve and calculate your dailyarithmetics.Accurate up to180 precision digit. 2. ScientificCalculator appClassicScientific calculator app with old styleoperation. Solveandcalculate your mathematics problems. Accurate upto 180precisiondigit. 3. Scientific Calculator appExpressionScientificcalculator app with a mathematics expressionfield thatyou canfreely edit. Accurate up to 180 precision digit.4.ProgrammerCalculator app For programmers to performlogicaloperationsmathematics, and binary shifting mathematics.Numbersystemsupport: hexadecimal, decimal, octal, and binary.Radixsupport: 64bit, 32 bit, 16 bit, and 8 bit signed integer. Italsohashexadecimal bit flipper layout. *) All calculatorsabovehavememory functions and calculation history. 5. DateTimeCalculationPerforms measurement between twodates/times,andaddition/subtraction from/to a date/time. Accurateup to180precision digit. 6. Currency Calculator CurrencyConverterandCurrency Rates with mathematical arithmetic expressionfieldthatyou can freely edit. The calculation result from willbeconvertedto other currencies. Provider: EuropeanCentalBank 7. InvestmentCalculatorInvestmentCalculator app can calculate your investmentplan withvariouscompound interval and contribution interval. 8.LoanCalculatorLoan Calculator app can calculate your loan planwithvariouscalculation method. 9. Save The Date Save yourimportantdates andthis calculator app will give you the exactdifferencefrom/totoday. 10. Data Transfer Estimation DataTransferEstimationCalculator app gives you a calculation result ofthe timerequiredfor data transfer. Complete Converters All inoneconverter,conversion among more than 200 units, in 21measurements,accurateup to 180 precision digit.: - AccelerationCalculatorConverter -Area Calculator Converter - Data TransferRateCalculator Converter- Density Calculator Converter -DigitalStorage CalculatorConverter - Energy Calculator Converter-Frequency CalculatorConverter - Force Calculator Converter -FuelEconomy CalculatorConverter - Length Calculator Converter -Length(Astronomical)Calculator Converter - Mass CalculatorConverterConverterConverter - Metric Prefix Calculator Converter -PlaneAngleCalculator Converter - Power Calculator Converter-PressureCalculator Converter - Speed Calculator Converter-TemperatureCalculator Converter - Time Calculator Converter-TorqueCalculator Converter - Volume Calculator Converter*)CompleteConverters can calculate in high precision andaccurate.Icons areprovided by Exchange ratesareprovided by
GeoGebra Scientific Calculator 5.0.632.0
Replace your traditional calculator with this easy to use app.Youmay even use it in tests with our special exam mode whichturnsyour phone or tablet into a handheld calculator. Millions ofpeoplearound the world use GeoGebra to learn math and science. Joinus!The GeoGebra Scientific Calculator includes: • Computationswithfractions • Trigonometric functions: sin, cos, tan •Statisticsfunctions • Exponential functions and logarithms We’dlove to hearfrom you: send us your questions or feedback viaTwitter @geogebraor to
Graphing Calculator (X84) 2.2
FREE Alternative to Graphing TI-83, TI-84, TI-89, CasioFX,SharpEL,... If you have experience with Ti-84, GraphingCalculatorisMUST-HAVE App! Graphing Calculator has a formidablereputationofbeing the top alternative to heavy complex hardwarecalculators.Itis suitable for all types of users, whether they arelookingtocarry out basic or advanced mathematics; GraphingCalculator hasitall. It is equipped with a powerful MATH COREadvocated byMATHDISPLAY support, which increases its functionalityby leapsandbounds, making it an ideal choice for engineers, mathstudentsetc.It comes with an in depth User Manual and Tutorial toansweranyquestions you have, regarding the app and to helpyoufurtherunderstand the world of advanced mathematics.◉CALCULATORINCLUDED: ▸ Universal Calculator App ▸MathematicalDisplay ▸Complex Number Calculation ▸ Equations Solver▸ Edit &ExportExpression/Result ▸ History Tape View ▸ BasicCalculations(+, -,x, ÷, ^, √,…) ▸ Advanced Functions(Sin,Cos,Ln,E,…) ▸ Over40Common Constants ▸ Fraction andDegree/Angle Calculation ▸NumericIntegral & DerivativeCalculation ▸ Dual Themes(Skin) ◉2DGRAPH: ▸ Smooth Zoom &Transformation ▸ SupportParametric,Polar & Sequences ▸Intersections, Min, Max &Points TRACE◉ STATISTIC & MATRIX:▸ Create/Edit Lists ▸ 1-VarStatistic ▸Create/Edit Matrices ▸ BasicMatrix Functions (+,-,×,…)◉ ADITIONALFEATURES: ▸ Quadratic EquationSolver ▸ System of LinearEquationsSolver. IT IS THE MUST HAVECALCULATOR !!!!!!! We loveyourfeedback, Thanks a lot ! Pleasecontact us forquestions,bugs/crash reports, conversionrequirements, etc…
go41c 1.2.1
A scientific calculator based on the classic HP 41C. FullHP41Cemulator: - 64 memory registers. - Automatic save andloadofstate. - No modules support. - 'ON' only active on'longtouch'toavoid mistakes. - Master clear supported (use 'pressback'menuwhen calculator is off then press 'ON', then press'back'torelease it). - No sound Avoid checking 'force gpurendering'indeveloper option in android 4.x prefs, this leadstographicproblems. On S5 devices, long press the righthardwarebutton toget the menu. To have more features, get go41cx(sound,modules,printer, ...) for tablet see go41cxt (wand, debug...)Onlinemanual at Pdfmanualat Warren Furlow's site based on Non-Pareilfrom Eric Smith, font by LuizC. Vieira.
RealCalc Scientific Calculator 2.3.1
RealCalc Scientific Calculator is Android's mostpopularscientificcalculator. It has over 20 million downloads andmorethan 100,0005* reviews. RealCalc is designed to look andoperateexactly like areal hand-held calculator. It has all thestandardscientificfunctions plus history, memories, unitconversions andconstants.You can choose from a number of displaystyles andformats. It alsosupports binary, octal and hexadecimalcalculationsand has anoptional RPN mode. RealCalc is easy to use,but has fullhelpincluded in the app. If you like RealCalc, the proversionRealCalcPlus has lots of extra featuresincludingfractions,degrees/minutes/seconds, customizableconversions andconstants,landscape mode, a home-screen widget, a12-digit displayandgreater internal precision. Purchasing RealCalcPlus will alsohelpto support further development. Just search forRealCalc Plusorfollow the upgrade link in the app. RealCalcScientificCalculatorincludes the following features: * Traditionalalgebraicor RPNoperation * Unit conversions * Physical constantstable*Percentages * Result history * 10 memories * Binary,octal,andhexadecimal (can be enabled in Settings) * Trigfunctionsindegrees, radians or grads * Scientific, engineeringandfixed-pointdisplay modes * 7-segment, dot-matrix or standardfontdisplay *Configurable digit grouping and decimal point *Externalkeyboardsupport * Full built-in help RealCalc Plus containsallthesefeatures, plus: * Fraction calculations andconversionto/fromdecimal * Degrees/minutes/seconds calculationsandconversion *Landscape mode * Homescreen widget (now withRPNsupport) *12-digit display * Extended internal precision(32-digit)*User-customizable unit conversions and constants * NewRPNstyles(buffered-entry, XYZT rolling stack) * Samsungmulti-windowsupportwith drag & drop.
Graphing Calculator Ad-Free 3.3.0
Philip Stephens
Graphing calculator, ad free and with no additional inapppurchases. Super fast algorithms allow scrolling and zooming of2Dgraphs in real time, using the touch sensitive screen. 3Dgraphscan be calculated quickly and then viewed from any angle.Graphimplicit equations in both two and three dimensions. e.g.x²+y²=5²or 5x+2y-3z=15. Graph implicitly defined inequalities intwodimensions. e.g. 2x+5y<20. Display up to 5 graphs on thesamescreen. Active analysis of functions, for better graphing of2Dfunctions with singularity points. e.g. y=tan(x) or y=1/x.Fullscientific calculator. Calculate complex numbers andmatrices.Comprehensive statistics functions. Customization of allcalculatorand graph colors. A free version, with advertising, ofthis app isalso available. The Graphing Calculator's functionsinclude: •numerical integration and differentiation of functions,with theresults shown graphically. • find roots, points ofintersection andturning points of functions on the graph. • keypoints, limits ofintegration, etc. can be selected by tapping onthe graph or usinga key pad to enter exact positions. • pinch zoomand scroll all 2Dgraphs using the touch sensitive screen. • drawtables offunctions. • rotate 3D graphs using the touch sensitivescreen. •statistics mode, including a full statistics summarywithconfidence intervals and Chi-square tests, for relevant data.•linear, quadratic, cubic, exponential, power and naturallogarithmregressions. • regression equations displayed graphically,allowinginterpolations to be taken from the graph. • normal,binomial,poisson, student-t, F, Chi-squared, exponential andgeometricdistributions. • probability distributions displayedgraphically,including inverse calculations for the continuousdistributions. •basic mathematics operators addition, subtraction,multiplication,division and powers. • Choose the precedence (orderof operations)for implied multiplication: 2÷5π → 2÷(5×π) 2÷5π →2÷5×π •conversion between decimal and surd answers. • all validfunctionswork with complex numbers, including trigonometric andinversetrigonometric functions. • complex numbers can be enteredanddisplayed in polar or component form. • logic operationsandconversion between bases, including choice of two's complementorunsigned for decimal answers. • inverse, transpose,cofactors,determinant and identity matrix. • indices and roots. •logarithmsbase 2 to 10 and base e (natural logarithm). •trigonometric andhyperbolic functions and their inverses andreciprocals. • 26scientific constants. • unit conversions. •factorials,combinations, permutations and gamma function. •degrees, minutes,seconds, radians and gradians conversions. •fractions andpercentages key. • absolute function. • previous 10calculationsstored and re-editable. • last answer key (ANS) andfive separatememories each for numbers and complex numbers. • userdefinabledecimal marker (point or comma). • choice of divisionsymbol. •automatic, scientific or engineering output. • variableprecisionup to 15 significant figures. • scrollable screenallowingarbitrarily long calculations to be entered and edited andallowingresults larger than the screen to be viewed.
Promega Biomath Calculators 1.1.1
Perform everyday lab calculations with asingleapp. The Biomath Calculators provide a range of functionsessentialto molecular biology experiments, including nucleic acidand proteinconversions, melting temperature, temperatureconversion, molarityand dilution calculations.Nucleic Acid Conversions•dsDNA: Micrograms to Picomoles Converter•dsDNA: Picomoles to Micrograms Converter•Oligos (ssDNA): Micrograms per Milliliter to PicomolesperMicroliter Converter•Oligos (ssDNA): Picomoles per Microliter to MicrogramsperMilliliter Converter•Linear DNA: Micrograms to Picomoles of Ends Converter•Ligations: Molar Ratio of Insert to Vector Calculator•Absorbance Units of Nucleic Acid to ConcentrationProtein Conversions•Protein Molar Conversions Tool•Coding Capacity of DNA CalculatorCalculators & Additional Conversions•Dilution Calculator•Molarity Calculator•Temperature Conversions Tool•Tm (Melting Temperature) Calculations for Oligos
ChampCalc Pro Scientific Calculator 6.21
Bens Apps
ChampCalc Pro © Scientific Calculator is a powerfulscientificcalculator that supports large numbers and extremeprecision ofmore than 100 digits. The calculator detects and showsrepeatingdecimal numbers (periodic numbers) on the display andinterfaces,and allows to edit them inside the expression. Thecalculator fullysupports complex numbers in a rectangular and polarform. Complexnumbers can be used freely inside the expression, andthey fullysupported by functions. The calculator provides a widevariety ofdomains such as mathematics, trigonometry, logarithms,statistics,percentage calculations, base-n operations, scientificconstants,unit conversions, and more. An advanced programmer'scalculator isintegrated and supports binary, octal, and hexadecimalnumeralsystems. The calculator provides extra functionality suchaslogical operations, bitwise shifts, and rotations. Editingtheexpression in a convenient and clearly way by multi-lineexpressioneditor, and customizable syntax highlighting. Using thecalculatoris simple and convenient, thanks to the friendly andintuitive userinterfaces. And not less important, professional andaestheticlook, high-quality themes, customize syntax colors, andmuch more.Features: • Multi-line expression editor with syntaxhighlighting• Supports large numbers and extreme precision• Supports up to 100decimal digits of significand • Fully supportsComplex Numbers andPolar view • Math, Trig, Logarithmic, Statisticsand more• Trigonometric and hyperbolic functions • Binary, octal,andhexadecimal numeral systems • Logical operations, Bitwiseshifts,and rotations • Statistics calculations by stackentries• Percentages calculations • Using parameters inside theexpression(PRO) • Providing extended information about theresult• Interactive interface for storing and using values• Statisticalcalculator with stack entries • More than 300scientific constants(CODATA) • More than 760 conversion units• Sharing and clipboardoperations • Quick navigation in history ofexpressions• Interactive interfaces for memory and expressions• Angular mode:degrees, radians, and grads • Conversions functionsfor angularmode • DMS supports (degrees, minutes, and seconds)• Configurablenumber format and precision • Fixed, scientific, andengineeringmode • Detects, show, and edits repeating decimalnumbers• High-quality themes • Customize syntax highlight oftheexpression • Integrated user manual PRO versionfeatures:★ Organizing and saving expressions ★ Advanced userinterface ofParameters ★ Advanced color editor for syntaxhighlight★ Trigonometric functions with complex arguments ★ Supportfor thisproject ☺ Download the powerful and advanced scientificcalculatorapp now!
BooleanTT - Many things with Boolean Algebra
A lightweight but powerful app to, ● Simplify / MinimizeExpressions● Solve Karnaugh Map ● Simulate Logic Circuits ●Generate LogicCircuits ● Number System Calculations ● GenerateTruth Tables ●Generate SOP & POS ● Learn basic about Booleanalgebra + Manymore features List of features------------------------- ● Simplify/ Minimize ○ Simplify withStep-by-Step instructions - de Morgan'stheorem, consensus ,distributive, absorptive, associative + morelaws available ○Expressions or minterm list using Queen-McCuskeymethod ○ GenerateCommon, NAND Only, NOR Only circuits ○ Share quicklinks ● KarnaughMap ○ Interactive KMap for 2,3,4 variables ○Generate SoP & PoStype answer (Group 1s or 0s) ○ GenerateCommon, NAND Only, NOR Onlycircuits ○ Share Links or Image ○ SaveImage of KMap ● SimulateIntermediate Logic Circuits ○ Gates: AND,OR, NOT, XOR, NAND, NOR,XNOR ○ Extra: Value Nodes, Switch, LEDs ○Powerful simulator ○ Save& Share image of circuit ● Calculator○ Binary, Octal, Decimal& Hexadecimal numbers ○ Basic logicgates & arithmeticoperations ○ Base conversions ● GenerateTruth Table ○ Withmultiple outputs ○ Compare columns ○ Generate SOP& POS fromTTable ○ Save & Share Images & Quick Links ●Generate SOP& POS ○ Interactive Truth Table ○ Generate Sum ofProduct (SOP)& Product of Sum (POS) ○ Generate Common, NANDOnly, NOR Onlycircuits ● Smart Input ○ Built in keyboard for inputBooleanexpressions easily ○ Example Input: A. B+C.D’ = A AND B OR CAND(NOT D) ○ Use Copy-Paste ● Learn basic about Boolean algebra○Learn about logic gates & theorems ● History ○Automaticallysaving all of your works ● Multi-Languages ○ English,Spanish,Portuguese, Sinhala & Catalan available ● Quick Access○ Easilynavigate through the app ● Quick Links ○ Generatedshareable linksfor open activity directly from link Created by : ©R.M.HASHANCHAMARA RAJAPAKSHA All Right reserved Version:
Circuit calc - Electronics circuit calculator 1.21
Anas Abubakar
Electronics circuit calculator is an app designed for electricalandelectronics engineering students and it is also suitableforhobbyist. It is a powerful collection of calculators that makesthejob of an electronics engineer easier. The app is also helpfulforpeople working in electronics and telecommunication field sinceitcontains a lot of RF electronics calculations You canperformcircuit calculations with the app like 555 Timerastablemultivibrator 555 Timer monostable pulse duration. Resistorcolorcode. Resistors in series calculator Resistors inparallelcalculator Capacitors in series calculator Capacitors inparallelVoltage divider LCR impedance calculator LCR resonancecalculatorInverting operational amplifier (Op-amp) Non invertingoperationalamplifier (Op-amp) Difference operational amplifier(OP-amp) LEDresistor value calculator Zener diode voltage regulatorInductorwinding design calculations CR filter calculator LRfilter.calculator Capacitive Reactance Inductive Reactance BJTparametersanalysis Delta to star transformation calculator Star toDeltatransformation calculator Current divider calculator ParallelRLCSeries RLC Transformer turns calculations Flexibility Astable555timer multivibrator, Component values can be calculated byenteringthe required Duty cycle and frequency Ceramic capacitorcalculationPolyester film capacitor calculation SMD resistorcalculator RFcalculator Multi layer inductor design calculatorSpiral inductordesign calculator and many more. More feature willbe added witheach and every update. The app contains ads in orderto support thedevelopment of the app. If you have any suggestion orcomplaintemail us, please.
Graphing Calculator Plus (X84) 2.2
Inception Mobile.
◉ DISCOUNT 20% OFF! Graphing Calculator Plus - The famousCalculatorfrom iOS is available on Android! Designed for use withTI 84, TI 83Calculator. If you have experience with Ti-84,Graphing CalculatorPlus is MUST-HAVE App! Graphing Calculator Plushas a formidablereputation of being the top alternative to heavycomplex hardwarecalculators. It is suitable for all types ofusers, whether they arelooking to carry out basic or advancedmathematics; GraphingCalculator has it all. It is equipped with apowerful MATH COREadvocated by MATH DISPLAY support, whichincreases its functionalityby leaps and bounds, making it an idealchoice for engineers, mathstudents etc. It comes with an in depthUser Manual and Tutorial toanswer any questions you have,regarding the app and to help youfurther understand the world ofadvanced mathematics. ◉ BUILT-INDOCUMENTS: ▸ Basic GeneralCalculation ▸ X & Y Calculation &Intersection of Functions▸ Calculate Local Maxima, Minima... ▸Statistics & Regression ▸Solve Equations & Polynomial ▸Calculate Integral Functions ◉CALCULATOR INCLUDED: ▸ UniversalCalculator App ▸ MathematicalDisplay ▸ Complex Number Calculation ▸Equations Solver ▸ Edit& Export Expression/Result ▸ HistoryTape View ▸ BasicCalculations (+, -, x, ÷, ^, √,…) ▸ AdvancedFunctions(Sin,Cos,Ln,E,…) ▸ Y-Var & Customize Functions (F1,F2, F3) ▸Unit Converter (50 Categories, 1000+ Units) ▸ Over 40CommonConstants ▸ Fraction and Degree/Angle Calculation ▸NumericIntegral & Derivative Calculation ▸ Dual Themes(Skin) ◉2DGRAPH: ▸ Simultaneous Graph ▸ Smooth Zoom & Transformation▸Support Parametric, Polar & Sequences ▸ Intersections, Min,Max& Special Points TRACE ◉ STATISTIC,REGRESSION & TEST:▸Create/Edit Lists ▸ 1-Var, 2-Var Statistic ▸ Linear,Quadratic,Cubic Regression ▸ Logarithm, Exponential, Power,…Regression ▸PropZ,T, SampZ,T, Chi, Interval… Test ◉ MATRIX: ▸Create/EditMatrices ▸ Basic Matrix Functions (Det,Dim,Fill,…) ▸AdvancedMatrix Functions (Inv, Ref, RRef,…) ◉ PROGRAMING: ▸ControlCommands ▸ I/O Commands ▸ Example Source Codes Included ◉NUMBERBASE-N MODE: ▸ 15 Different Bases ▸ Support Up to 64 BitsInteger ▸Binary Operation (NOT, OR, XOR, 2’S,…) ◉ ADITIONALFEATURES: ▸Financial Calculation (TVM Solver) ▸ Geometry &Chemistry App ▸And more will be available in further update! IT ISTHE MUST HAVECALCULATOR !!!!!!! We love your feedback, Thanks a lot! Pleasecontact us for questions, bugs/crash reports,conversionrequirements, etc…
One Calculator - scientific calculator 3.0.22
One Calculator key features: ● Scientific calculator,withcalculation history and RPN mode ● Graphing calculator ●Unitconverter ● Number base converter ● Matrix calculator ●MaterialDesign and ease of use One Calculator is suitable forsolving easycommon calculus and more complex mathematicalcalculations.Detailed feature list: ● Basic Arithmetic ● Definiteintegrals ●Trigonometry (sin, cos, tan, arcsin, arccos, arctan) ●Complexnumbers ● RPN calculations (Reverse Polishnotation/postfixnotation) ● Graphs for X,Y equations ● Measurementunit conversion● Conversion between decimal, hexadecimal, octal andbinary ●Matrix calculus ● Intreactive chronology of operations●Specialized warning of errors ● Support for tablet and smartphone●Themes
MathAlly Graphing Calculator + 2.8.1
MathAlly Graphing Calculator + has all the features of thefreeversion plus: -View Step-by-Step how the answer was calculatedbyclicking on the result (see screen shot). -Parametric andPolarcoordinate graphing. -New All Cartesian graph mode which cangraphany equation even if it can't solve for x or y. -Createcustomkeyboards. -Create custom keys as expressions or functions.-Savegraph setups and screenshots. -Create workspaces to organizeandpermanently save calculations. -Additional matrixoperations:reduced row echelon form, LU and QR decomposition,eigenvalues, andeigenvectors -Graph up to 6 equations (free limitsyou to 3). -NoAds -Since there are no ads, no internet permissionis required. Q.How do I view the Step-by-Step screen for a problem?A. First enterthe problem into the calculator and hit enter to seethe result.Then click on the result. Make sure you are clicking onthe resultand not its input, as clicking on its input will pastethe inputinto the current entry field. Also, Step-by-Step must beenabled inthe settings when the result is calculated. By defaultStep-by-Stepis enabled. If you are not completely satisfied withyour purchaseand you email me at within 14days of yourpurchase, I will give you a refund. Please include yourordernumber in the email. (Google play only gives you 15 minutestoautomatically get a refund, I think this is too short). Youcanonly request a refund once. If you find any bugs or havequestions,please email me. Explanation of permissions: Storage -Needed forapp to be able to read/write to external storage. Thisallows usersto transfer custom keyboards between devices.