Top 50 Games Similar to UnpuzzleX

Unpuzzle 1.2.3
Clear 150 levels piece by piece in a relaxing puzzlegame.I'vecreated Unpuzzle as a calming experience for all playerstoenjoy.Good difficulty and learning curves guarantee a way toteachyou toplay without annoying tutorials. There are no timelimits,nopunishments for mistakes, no wrong solutions, and therealways isaway to proceed. And yet, 10 additional mechanicsprovideenoughchallenge even for puzzle fans as they are combined.So ifyou feelstuck - use a hint, skip the level, or just close thegame,take abreak, and continue from where you left off once youareready.
UnpuzzleR 1.5.4
With no way to get stuck, this is one of the best relaxing gamesyoucan download. There is always a next step, and if you can'tfind it- use a hint, or even skip the level. In addition, yourprogress issaved after each successful move, so you can just relaxand enjoythis calming experience. Take a break whenever you wantand comeback later to continue from the same place. You won't needto readexplanations and tutorials for any of the 15 piece types,you'lllearn just from playing. It starts as a super simple gamewith onesimple idea, but unfolds into more and more interestingyet alwaysrelaxing experience. Another thing which makes greatrelaxing gamesis a good difficulty progression. The game willnever feel too hardor unfair, but there will always be enoughchallenge to keep it fun.Some more difficult levels alternate witheasier ones to create theoptimal relaxing game experience. Can'tsleep at night? Want torelax before bed? Now it's even moresoothing with the night mode.Dark colors in this mode willpreserve your eyes. And with such acalming and relaxing game flow,it can become one of your favoritenight games! UnpuzzleR mainfeatures: - Unique and simple game idea- Soothing music - Gooddifficulty and learning curves - Night gamemode with calmingcolors - 15 unique puzzle piece types - Relaxinggame experience
Connect Me - Logic Puzzle 3.1.8
Viktor Bohush
The basis of this puzzle game is simple: you need to connectallblocks, either by moving them or rotating them, there are 6typesof blocks and a total of 1000 levels. enjoy it! CONNECT ME -LOGICPUZZLE FEATURES: • 1000 levels of varying complexity. •Varioustypes of blocks. • Square, hexagonal and triangular levels•Beautiful and simple UI. • Intuitive gameplay. • No time limit.•Compact size. Connect all blocks by matching their links toeachother, to solve the level! There are 6 types of blocks: •Redblocks can not be rotated or moved. • Green blocks can beplacedanywhere but can not be rotated. • Blue blocks can be rotatedbutare stuck in one place. • Orange blocks can both be rotatedandplaced anywhere. • Purple blocks can be moved only horizontallyorvertically but can not be rotated. • Brown blocks can be movedonlyhorizontally or vertically and can be rotated. Connect Me -LogicPuzzle will get you to move, turn and join the blocks untiltheystick together. Tease your brain and have tons of fun withthispuzzle game!
Conceptis Hashi 1.6.2
Hashi are addictive bridge-connecting puzzles which were inventedinJapan. Using pure logic and requiring no math to solve,thesefascinating puzzles offer endless fun andintellectualentertainment to puzzle fans of all skills and ages.Each puzzle isbased on a rectangular arrangement of circles, whereeach circlerepresents an island and the number in each island tellshow manybridges are connected to it. The object is to connect allislandsaccording to the number of bridges so that there are no morethantwo bridges in the same direction and all bridgesareinterconnected enabling passage from any island to another.Tocreate a bridge simply swipe your fingertip between twoislands.The game also features highlighting options, helping see inwhichdirections bridges are allowed and whether an island segmentisabout to become isolated. To help see the puzzle progress,graphicpreviews in the puzzle list show the progress of all puzzlesin avolume as they are being solved. A Gallery view optionprovidesthese previews in a larger format. For more fun, ConceptisHashiincludes a Weekly Bonus section providing an extra free puzzleeachweek. PUZZLE FEATURES • 90 free Classic Hashi puzzle samples •30extra-large puzzles bonus for tablet only • Extra bonuspuzzlepublished free each week • Multiple difficulty levels fromveryeasy to extremely hard • Puzzle library continuously updateswithnew content • Manually selected, top quality puzzles •Uniquesolution for each puzzle • Hours of intellectual challengeand fun• Sharpens logic and improves cognitive skills GAMINGFEATURES •Concurrently playing and saving multiple puzzles • Puzzlelibrarysorting and hiding options • Graphic previews showingpuzzlesprogress as they are being solved • Unlimited Undo and Redo•Highlight allowed bridge directions • Highlight bridge segments•Optional bridge error warning during gameplay • Check puzzle•Track puzzle solving times • Backup & restore puzzleprogressto Google Drive ABOUT Hashi have also become popular underothernames such as Bridges, Chopsticks and Hashiwokakero. SimilartoSudoku, Kakuro and Slitherlink, the puzzles are solved usinglogicalone. All puzzles in this app are produced by Conceptis Ltd.- theleading supplier of logic puzzles to printed and electronicgamingmedia all over the world. On average, more than 20millionConceptis puzzles are solved each day in newspapers,magazines,books and online as well as on smartphones and tabletsacross theworld.
Favo! 3.8.0
flow Inc.
Favo! is a new puzzle game which you won’t be able to put down!Therules are quite simple and the game play is stress free! [Goalofthe Game] Link the three elements (red, blue, and green) ontheboard to collect as many points as possible! When there is nomorespace left on the board, it’s game over. In order to enjoythisgame to the fullest and get a high score, mastering thecorrecttechnique and maintaining a balanced collection of elementsis key.[How to Play] - Slide the element panels with your finger tomovethem. - Tap the panels to arrange the order of the elements.[LevelUp] When one of your collected element gauges is full, theelementwill level up! You will get a Merge Panel of the sameelement as abonus! [Merge Panel] Let's put a merge panel next topanels of thesame color. You can merge all connected panels atonce! [Combo]When you match more than one color at once, you canget a bonus! -2 color match = double points!! - 3 color match =quadruplepoints!!!! [Challenge Mode] The challenge mode is the modewhereyou can defeat monsters! Get rid of them by shooting thecollectedelements at the monsters. Let's try to win the prizeswhich arenewly designed merge panels together!
AuroraBound - Pattern Puzzles 2.5
AuroraBound is a relaxing and addictive puzzle game, whereyoumatchpuzzle blocks together to discover beautiful hiddenpatterns.Canyou solve them all? Features: - Easy for anyone to pickup andplay- 1000s of unique puzzles to explore - A beautiful andserenevisualstyle - Soothing, dynamic background music -Gradualdifficultycurve for a satisfying experience - Hint system tohelpyou out ifyou get stuck - Optimized for both tablets and phones-Translatedinto 16 languages
Aurora Hex - Pattern Puzzles 1.7
Aurora Hex - Pattern Puzzles is a relaxing and soothingpuzzlegame,where you match puzzle pieces together to discoverbeautifulhiddenpatterns. Can you solve them all? Features: - Easyforanyone topick up and play - 1000s of beautiful patternstodiscover - Apeaceful and relaxing visual style -Gradualdifficulty curve for asatisfying and relaxing experience -Hintsystem to help you out ifyou get stuck
PiyoPiyo 1.3.0
flow Inc.
Merge same icon and color tiles to evolve your eggs tothenextlevel. The key to make built-up tiles is to merge severaltilesallat once, which will get you a wildcard tile that canmergeanycolor tiles. But, when the board becomes full, it’sgame-over,soyou should be careful not to be too greedy. This gamehasverysimple rules, and there is no time limit. Everyone canhavefunplaying. [Features] - Auto Save - Next Tile Notification -Undo-Score Ranking - Star Button (Tiles change to the wildcardbyusingstars.) - Remove Ads (Purchase Item)
Levels - Addictive Puzzle Game 2.8.1
flow Inc.
Upgrade blue panels, defeat red panels, and swallow yellow panelstoachieve high scores! Can you upgrade your panels to level 9?This isa highly addictive puzzle game. How to play: - Merge thesame bluepanels - Defeat the red panels of the same level or lower- Swallowyellow panels to get points - Yellow panels can beupgraded too.Swallow them to get more points Tips: Red panels areyour enemies.You cannot upgrade them but they will upgradethemselves. The higherlevel the yellow panels are of, the morevalue they have. (You willget more points) When the panels arestuck and you cannot move andof them, the game is over. There isno time limit in this game. Takeyour time and enjoy. Hope you getto level 9 soon! Detailed info:Only three kinds of panels in thisgame! - Yellow Panel =>Treasure  - Red Panel =>Monsters in your way. You cannotmove them and they will upgradethemselves. - Blue Panel => Yourwarriors. They will help youachieve the treasure and defeat theenemies. [How to play] Matchthe panels of the same level and colorto upgrade them! Increasethe value of the panels. [Thunder Stone]When the panels are stuckand none can be moved, you can use thethunder stone multiple timesin each game. When the thunder comes,red panels will become level1 yellow panels. [Hidden Panels]Sometimes you might find somepanels with unique patterns. How manyof them can you find? Maybethey will bring you good luck?
Orixo 5.1.1
Orixo is a relaxing, mind-bending, minimalist puzzle gamethatoffers over 320 hand-crafted levels to immerse yourself into.Abeautifully meditative soundtrack accompanies you inyourdelightful experience. How to play: Fill the grid by draggingyourfinger over cells with a number inside of it. The numberrepresentsthe number of cells it will fill. It can fill in one ofthe fourdirections (up, down, left, right). If a cell is alreadyfilled, itwill fill the next available cell in the direction youchose.During the drag, the cells that are going to be filled willbehighlighted. Features: - 320 hand-crafted puzzles - All levelsarefree and accessible from the start - Hints are available tohelpyou find the solution to some levels - Game progress issavedautomatically Don't hesitate to contact us if you find anyissuewith the game or if you simply want to send us your feedback,it isgreatly appreciated.
Tents and Trees Puzzles 1.6.26
Frozax Games
Place a tent next to each tree in this original puzzle game!Numbersaround the grid tell you how many tents must be placed oneach rowand column. Be careful, tents can't touch each other.Solve alllevels with logic only: no random moves! FEATURES: -Hundreds oflevels - New exclusive levels every day - No rush: playat your ownpace, start a level and complete it later - Unlimitedfree hints -No wifi? you can play offline - Multiple grid sizesfor varieddifficulty - Ability to zoom in and move the grid forsmallerdevices - Landscape and portrait modes to play on any phoneortablet Follow us to get news andupdates: Twitter:
Conceptis Slitherlink 1.9.1
Slitherlink are addictive loop-forming puzzles which wereinventedin Japan. Using pure logic and requiring no math to solve,thesefascinating puzzles offer endless fun andintellectualentertainment to puzzle fans of all skills and ages.Each puzzleconsists of a rectangular lattice of dots with someclues invarious places. The object is to connect the dotssurrounding eachclue so that the number of lines equals the valueof the clue andthe lines around all clues form one continuous loopwith nocrossings or branches. Empty squares may be surrounded byanynumber of lines. The game features 2-finger tapping for quickzoom,auto complete clues setting and a link segment highlightingoptionto help to avoid creating separate loops. To help see thepuzzleprogress, graphic previews in the puzzle list show theprogress ofall puzzles in a volume as they are being solved. AGallery viewoption provides these previews in a larger format. Formore fun,Conceptis Slitherlink includes a Weekly Bonus sectionproviding anextra free puzzle each week. PUZZLE FEATURES • 120 freeClassicSlitherlink puzzle samples • Extra bonus puzzle publishedfree eachweek • Multiple difficulty levels from very easy toextremely hard• Puzzle library continuously updates with newcontent • Manuallyselected, top quality puzzles • Unique solutionfor each puzzle •Hours of intellectual challenge and fun • Sharpenslogic andimproves cognitive skills GAMING FEATURES • Concurrentlyplayingand saving multiple puzzles • Puzzle library sorting andhidingoptions • Graphic previews showing puzzles progress as theyarebeing solved • Unlimited Undo and Redo • Auto complete clues•Highlight link segment • Quick zoom using 2-finger tap •Checkpuzzle • Track puzzle solving times • Backup & restorepuzzleprogress to Google Drive ABOUT Slitherlink have also becomepopularunder other names such as Fences, Loop the Loop, Loopy,Suriza,Dotty Dilemma and Number Line. Similar to Sudoku, Kakuro andHashi,the puzzles are solved using logic alone. All puzzles in thisappare produced by Conceptis Ltd. - the leading supplier oflogicpuzzles to printed and electronic gaming media all over theworld.On average, more than 20 million Conceptis puzzles are solvedeachday in newspapers, magazines, books and online as well asonsmartphones and tablets across the world.
ZHED - Puzzle Game 7.3
ZHED is an instant classic puzzle game. Based on a simplemechanicit builds onto increasingly complex puzzles that challengeyou to alevel you would not imagine. No timers, no clocks, no starsand notricks, just pure puzzles for you to enjoy. It's theperfectbrain-teaser that lets you train focus, concentration andmemory.How to Play ZHED? Tap a square and select a direction(upwards,downwards, to the left and to the right). See how thesquare reactswhen they intersect with each other, and build a pathto fill thegoal square. When you finished, the next level will showup! Youcan undo moves or restart levels as much as you want. Howmanylevels are there? There are currently 5 free level packs withatotal of 100 challenging and curated levels. How to save mygameprogress? Make sure you are connected to internet, andyourprogress will be saved automatically! Do I need to pay anythingtoplay this game? It is 100% free, but you can buy or earn hintstohelp you solve harder puzzles. NOTES ZHED​ containsoptionalrewarded video ads. ZHED​ sells hints and extra level packsasIAPs. Please read the PRIVACYPOLICY Like us onFACEBOOK Send us yourfeedback,we appreciate it. Enjoy :)
Conceptis Nurikabe 1.5.0
Nurikabe are addictive island-forming puzzles which were inventedinJapan. Using pure logic and requiring no math to solve,thesefascinating puzzles offer endless fun andintellectualentertainment to puzzle fans of all skills and ages.Each puzzleconsists of a grid containing clues in various places.The objectis to create islands by partitioning between clues withwalls sothat the number of squares in each island is equal to thevalue ofthe clue, all walls form a continuous path and there are nowallareas of 2x2 or larger. Each island must contain one clue andbeisolated from other islands horizontally and vertically. Thegamefeatures a highlighting option to help see if a wall segmentisabout to become isolated, and an island size counter to viewhowmany squares belong to an island. To help see the puzzleprogress,graphic previews in the puzzle list show the progress ofallpuzzles in a volume as they are being solved. A Gallery viewoptionprovides these previews in a larger format. For more fun,ConceptisNurikabe includes a Weekly Bonus section providing anextra freepuzzle each week. PUZZLE FEATURES • 90 free ClassicNurikabe puzzlesamples • 30 extra-large puzzles bonus for tabletonly • Extrabonus puzzle published free each week • Multipledifficulty levelsfrom very easy to extremely hard • Puzzle librarycontinuouslyupdates with new content • Manually selected, topquality puzzles •Unique solution for each puzzle • Hours ofintellectual challengeand fun • Sharpens logic and improvescognitive skills GAMINGFEATURES • Concurrently playing and savingmultiple puzzles •Puzzle library sorting and hiding options •Graphic previewsshowing puzzles progress as they are being solved •Unlimited Undoand Redo • Highlight wall segments • Show island sizecounter •Check puzzle • Track puzzle solving times • Backup &restorepuzzle progress to Google Drive ABOUT Nurikabe have alsobecomepopular under other names such as Islands in the Stream andCellStructure. Similar to Sudoku, Kakuro and Hashi, the puzzlesaresolved using logic alone. All puzzles in this app are producedbyConceptis Ltd. - the leading supplier of logic puzzles toprintedand electronic gaming media all over the world. On average,morethan 20 million Conceptis puzzles are solved each dayinnewspapers, magazines, books and online as well as onsmartphonesand tablets across the world.
Starlight X-2: Cosmic Explorer Stars Puzzle 1.1.9
Frozax Games
Solve the puzzles in the free cosmic stars puzzle and enjoythemiraculous cosmic view. Hi Captains! 🏆 Bored solvingJigsawpuzzles, want to try some new addicting games? We are here tohelp.Solve our planet puzzles to illuminate planets by usinglogic.Place asteroids and connect stars in the correct order.Learnhundreds of informational facts about cosmic space andgalaxies. Ifyou are a big fan of how our universe works, StarlightX-2: CosmicPuzzle is a perfect cosmology planet star game for you.Solveunique puzzles every day and unlock beautiful pictures ofspace atthe end of each level. Time to be the Cosmic Explorer!!! 👍FEATURESLearn unique facts about space & cosmic stars. Play atyour ownpace. Unlock challenging levels every day. The best part ofourcosmic game is you can play it offline. Get the whole gameforFREE! You’re never forced to pay! It’s free! No registration,nohassles, just download and play. Beautiful graphics withthefuturistic starlight space grid puzzles. Unique spacepuzzlelevels. Exclusive space facts. Intuitive interface andtouchcontrols are designed to be played even by beginners. Awidevariety of starlit light puzzle levels free of ads. 👍 HOW TOPLAY ➡Position the stars ⭐ accordingly to illuminate the planets🌎properly. ➡ Stars radiate light horizontally and vertically.➡There must only be one star in each row and column. ➡ Theremustonly be one asteroid in each row and column. ➡ Asteroids blockthelight radiated by the stars. Ready to take themesmerizingstarlight adventure cosmic challenge? Install Now!!!Follow us toget news and updates: Terms of use: policy:
Hashi Puzzle 2.1.3
Hashi is a challenging logic puzzle. Connect the islandswithbridges so that all islands on the grid are connected as onegroup,but make sure that the values on the islands correspond tothenumber of connected bridges! Bridges can run horizontallyorvertically, bridges cannot cross each other, and there can beoneor two bridges between islands. Each puzzle has only onesolution,which can be reached with logic reasoning, no guessingneeded!Solve Hashi puzzles to challenge yourself, to relax, totrain yourbrain, or to kill some time. This logic puzzle provideshours ofchallenging entertainment! With puzzles ranging from easytofiendish, it offers something for both beginners and experts.Areyou up for the challenge? Can you solve them all?Gameplayfeatures: •  Clean and attractive interface •  All progressissaved •  Undo/redo •  Hints •  Timer (can be switched off) • Zoomand drag grid on smaller devices App features: • Extensivehow-to-play explanation •  Works offline •  Puzzles infourdifferent difficulty levels •  Puzzles with different gridsizes • Supports dark theme •  List of recently played puzzles • Progressoverview •  Eight different color themes About Hashi isagrid-based logic puzzle that can be solved by logic only,similarto Sudoku or Kakuro. Hashi is also known as HashiwokakeroorBridges. The puzzle is invented by Nikoli, a Japanesepublisherthat also invented the most popular logic grid puzzle ofall:Sudoku. With Hashi, they have developed another puzzle that isatleast as challenging and addictive as Sudoku. All puzzles inthisapp are produced by brennerd.
Globesweeper - Minesweeper on a sphere 1.5.0
Use logic to clear tiles while avoiding mines. Choose fromtinyoneminute globes to colossal hour long marathons.Withhexagonal,square and triangle game modes this unforgivingpuzzlegame willkeep you coming back for more. Globesweeper is atwist ontheclassic minesweeper game. Use the numbers to work outall thetilesthat are safe to reveal but be careful one mistakerevealing aminewill cause the whole globe to detonate and you willhave tostartagain! With hexagon, triangle and classic square gamemodes,5different globe sizes and 4 difficulty settings you canbeplayingon anything from tiny hexagonal globes made of 92 tilestocolossaltriangle globes with 20,480 tiles. Play intraditionalorguaranteed solvable mode where you never have toguess.Gainachievements to unlock all 14 themes including planetEarth,theMoon, Mars, stylish gold, ruby, emerald and sapphire. Canyoubeata colossal globe?
Futoshiki 3.5
What is Futoshiki? Futoshiki is a funny logic puzzle gamefromJapan. In this game you need to fill all cells with numbers.Somecells can be filled initially, the rest is filled by theplayer.The game is very similar to the game "Sudoku", but it hasadifference. On the playing field, in addition to numbers, theremayalso be signs (more, less). The sign between two cells meansthatone number is greater than the other. A correctly filledsquaremust satisfy the following three conditions: 1. The numbersin eachline should not be repeated. 2. The numbers in each columnshouldnot be repeated. 3. If there are signs (arrows) on the field,thenthe condition must be met. (One number is smaller than theother).Levels. In the program you can choose 6 difficulty levels(4x4,5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8 and 9x9). The larger the square, themoredifficult it is to go through. If you play Futoshiki for thefirsttime, we recommend that you start with a 4x4 square. At eachlevelof complexity you will be offered 2000 unique game levels.Thehigher the number the more difficult. (Level 2000 is themostcomplex). How to play? To change the value of a cell - firstselectit, and then click on the numbers at the bottom of the screentoput a number in the cell. You can put several numbers in onecellat once, but the level is considered passed, when in eachcellthere is only one number. If you want to remove a number fromthecell, select it and click the corresponding number in the bottomofthe screen.
Kropki Puzzle 2.0
Kropki is a logical puzzle game. In this game you have to filltheplaying field with numbers, initially all numbers are missing.Fillthe field so that the following two conditions are met: *Allnumbers in the rows must be unique. Every number in the rowoccursonly once. * The same rule for columns, all numbers must beunique.Also there are additional conditions, on the field there arewhiteand black dots: * If there is a white dot between two cells,thenthe values ​​in these cells differ by one. * If there is ablackdot - then the values ​​differ by half. For example (1 and 2,2 and1, 2 and 4, etc.) * All possible dots on the field arealreadyexposed, this means that if there is no dot between the twocells,then their values ​​can not differ by one and can not differbyhalf. Note: For numbers 1 and 2, there may be both white andblackdot in neighbour cells. Because both rules are observed. Intheprocess of the game, for your convenience, you can put morethanone number in the cell, and in after remove the numbers that donotfit. The level will be considered passed if all cells have onlyonedigit and all the above conditions are met. In the program youcanchoose one of six difficulty levels. If you've never playedinKropki. Try to start from the first level on the 4x4 difficulty.
Join Blocks: 2048 Merge Puzzle 1.0.77
JOIN BLOCKS Get hooked on Join Blocks, the #1 Free RelaxingNumberPuzzle Game!. Shoot and merge number blocks up to 2048 andmore!The Join Blocks app was designed out of love for onlinenumberpuzzle games.🧩 Just install it and start shooting numbers -2, 4,8, 16, 32, 64, so as to merge them by twos or threes. 🧩 Asfast asyou say “Merge!”, you’ll see similar blocks merging into x2numberson the merge puzzle game board, while your high score willallowyou to unlock all the super helpful Join Blocks tools,includingthe super fun smashing hammer!🔹🔷 🔨 Get ready for animmersive,casual, free number game experience that will help you totrainyour mind and relax anywhere you may be.<\b> The JoinBlocksgame is free and intended for players who highly enjoy 2048mergegames, x2, 2 D or 3D block puzzles - but it can be a good fitforthe entire family - it’s a mind game that’s easy to play, funandchallenging at the same time! 2, 4, 8, 16 ... 1024, 2048, 4096…possibilities to connect the number blocks are infinite, sothatyou will not get easily bored for sure! While shooting thenumbers,aim at collecting as many “diamonds” as possible - they’rethe keyto unlocking the tools that help you reach the top oftheleaderboard! HOW TO PLAY JOIN BLOCKS - Tap the screen &shootnumber blocks in the order of their appearance - you canplayanonymously or use your Facebook profile - Connect similarnumberblocks in a line, vertical or horizontal - Collect diamondsand usethem wisely on additional tools to advance in the game - Themore“diamonds” you collect, the higher your position in the JoinBlocksLeaderboard JOIN BLOCKS - GAME FEATURES 🔷 Simple and moderndesign,user friendly interface, colorful number blocks - allturning yourJoin Blocks experience into a smooth and fun puzzlegaming one. 🔷Addictive and innovative game play - the challenge ison you andyour logical, mathematical, skills, so are you ready tomaster thenumber merging puzzle? 🔷 Additional Tools - use them toswap numberblocks, revert to your previous move, or smash theblocked numberswhen there is no other merging solution left. 🔷Leaderboard - proveyour mind skills, see how your score measures upto other JoinBlocks players. 🔷 No time limit - take as much time asyou needwhen choosing how to strategically shoot new numbers, makesmartmerger moves, not fast ones. Join Blocks is definitely a superfun,classic, addictive block puzzle game designed to keepyouchallenged and entertained. You will not only enjoy hours ofblocksmerging fun, but it will also improve your cognitiveabilities suchas attention, concentration and logical reasoning.Install JoinBlocks, start playing and merging numbers for free,score high andshare your experience with your friends or challengethem to beatyour score - thus there is even more entertainmentadded to thisalready fun-to-play merge puzzle app! Don’t forget torate andreview us, we’re looking forward to your feedback. EnjoyJoinBlocks!
Conceptis Kakuro 1.8.1
Kakuro are addictive logic puzzles best describedasnumber-crosswords. Using pure logic and simpleadd/subtractcalculations, these fascinating puzzles offer endlessfun andintellectual entertainment to puzzle fans of all skills andages.Each puzzle consists of a blank grid with sum-clues invariousplaces. The object is to fill all empty squares usingnumbers 1 to9 so the sum of each horizontal block equals the clueon its left,and the sum of each vertical block equals the clue onits top. Inaddition, no number may be used in the same block morethan once.The game includes zoom for easier solving of largepuzzles, as wellas helpful features such as showing possible sumcombinations in ablock, showing the sum remainder of a block, andusing pencilmarksto make temporary placement of numbers in thegrid. To help see thepuzzle progress, graphic previews in thepuzzle list show theprogress of all puzzles in a volume as they arebeing solved. AGallery view option provides these previews in alarger format. Formore fun, Conceptis Kakuro includes a WeeklyBonus sectionproviding an extra free puzzle each week. PUZZLEFEATURES • 120free Kakuro puzzle samples • Extra bonus puzzlepublished free eachweek • Multiple difficulty levels from very easyto extremely hard• Puzzle library continuously updates with newcontent • Manuallyselected, top quality puzzles • Unique solutionfor each puzzle •Hours of intellectual challenge and fun • Sharpenslogic andimproves cognitive skills GAMING FEATURES • Concurrentlyplayingand saving multiple puzzles • Puzzle library sorting andhidingoptions • Graphic previews showing puzzles progress as theyarebeing solved • Unlimited Undo and Redo • Enlarge, reduce,movepuzzle for easy viewing • Pencilmarks for solving hard puzzles•Autofill pencilmarks mode • Show Sum Combinations feature •ShowSum Remainder feature • Check puzzle • Track puzzle solvingtimes •Backup & restore puzzle progress to Google Drive ABOUTKakurohave also become popular under other names such as Kakkuro,CrossSums and Tashizan Cross. Similar to Sudoku, Hashi andSlitherlink,the puzzles are solved using logic alone. All puzzlesin this appare produced by Conceptis Ltd. - the leading supplier oflogicpuzzles to printed and electronic gaming media all over theworld.On average, more than 20 million Conceptis puzzles are solvedeachday in newspapers, magazines, books and online as well asonsmartphones and tablets across the world.
Number Mazes: Rikudo Puzzles 1.4.1
Rikudo Games
Rikudo is a logic puzzle game which is easy to understand but canbevery hard to solve. The goal is to find a path ofconsecutivenumbers in a honeycomb grid with hexagonal cells. Eachpuzzle is anumber maze with a unique solution. Rikudo is anaddictive numberplacement puzzle mainly about logic. However whatmakes Rikudospecial is its visual and intuitive nature. Hours offun and braintraining ahead: ★ An animated tutorial to learn thebasics ★ 320free puzzles of various sizes and levels ★ An evil modeto spice itup ★ Some puzzles in action mode ★ Leaderboards andachievements ★A pepper mode to get harder small puzzles ★ Hints tolearn the mostadvanced solving techniques Cloud synchronizationacross devices isavailable with Google Play Games. The game canalso be playedoff-line and does not take much space (<15 Mo).The game becomesad-free for any in-app purchase. Rikudo is producedby anindependent developer.
Block Puzzle! Block Puzzle Games & Tetris Games 1.24.2-21070579
The best free, simple but addictive block puzzle game to trainyourbrain and relax is here! You will never feel bored whileplayingit. This block puzzle game, 1010 game or Tetris game isanaddictive block puzzle game, created by a group of puzzlegamelovers, aiming to provide the best free block puzzle games foryou.It's easy to play anytime, anywhere. Match blocks to fully fillthelines and columns and get them eliminated. The clearer theboardis, the higher score you will get in this block puzzle game.How toplay this block puzzle game - Drag and drop the block intotheboard - Build lines and/or columns to eliminate the blocks -Tryyour best to eliminate as many blocks as you can to get ahigherscore and challenge yourself 🥳 - If there is no room on theboardfor given blocks, the game will be over 😟 Features of thisblockpuzzle game - Blocks could be eliminated after completing thewholehorizontal or vertical lines. - Blocks in various styles. Tonsofdifferent shapes of blocks are waiting for you to moveandeliminate to keep the board clear. - Various themes - Light,Dark,Wood, Diamond, etc. You can easily change the mode toaccommodatedifferent environments with a simple click. - Easy touse withsmooth animation and UI design, simple to play. -Challengeyourself, never stop. Keep trying to beat your high scoreandachieve the higher one. - Play anytime, anywhere, no limit.It'stime to train your brain and kill the boring time. If youareinterested in playing block puzzle games, this app will be thebestchoice for you. We highly value user experience and willkeepworking hard to deliver a better app for you. Welcome to theblockpuzzle game world! 👐 PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService:
Kakuro Plus. Cross-Sums. For beginners to experts. 1.4.3
More than 2800 grids of the best puzzle-gameavailable.Moreaddictive than Sudoku, with even simpler rules. Forhours ofplay,whether you are a beginner, or an expert at Kakuro.Kakuro(alsocalled Kakkuro, kakro, cross sums or カックロ), is a logicgamethatconsists of filling in a grid of numbers, in the same wayasacrossword puzzle. If you enjoyed Sudoku logic, you'llloveKakuro'spuzzles As with Sudoku, the rules of Kakuro are simpleandcan belearned in a few minutes. All you need to do ismakesimpleadditions to put your logic to the test. Kakuro Plusoffers11different game levels and 200 puzzles per level: Itwillprobablytake you more than a couple of hundred hours, and a lotoflogic toget these 2200 puzzles finished. As with Sudokuorcrosswords, eachpuzzle has a unique solution. It is up to youtofind it using yourlogic and perspicacity. This version of Kakuro++allows you : • Toaccess all the 2200 Kakuro puzzles. • To beginandprogress, somepuzzles have been specially designed forbeginners.Their smallsize and difficulty levels is suitable forfirst-timeplayers. • Toaccess grids of any level. The 11 gamelevels providea smoothprogression, from beginner to logic expert. •Annotate thetable,to record assumptions and move forward incomplicated cases.• Togo back: there is a "UNDO" button to cancelup to 100actions.Don't be afraid to test your assumptions anymore.• Toenjoy highdefinition graphics for maximum readability. If yougetaddicted tothis game, you can add new puzzles of differentlevels.Thisversion of Kakuro ++ adds unique features: • Anautomaticdeletionof unnecessary assumptions, when one of them is nolongerlogical.• A help system, which offers you severalpossibilities: •Check ifyour grid has errors, without showing themto you. Thisallows youto remove a doubt, without providing you withthesolution. • Showyou where the mistakes are. • Give you ahint,which will allow youto move forward in difficult cases. •Avisualization of allpossible combinations of a clue. A colorsetshows you the possiblelogical values. The Kakuro rules: • Yourgoalis to fill in thegrid with numbers from 1 to 9 like acrosswordpuzzle. • The cluestell you the amount to be reached ineach groupof horizontal orvertical boxes. • As with Sudoku orcrosswords, youwill win whenthe game board is fully filled, withoutany mistakes.Feel free tosend me your comments (via the app) sothat futureversions will beeven more attractive. Good Kakuro to allof you!
Conceptis MultiSudoku 1.9.4
Top Sudoku app in Japan! Play four different MultiSudokuvariationsin a single app. Start with the easier 2-Grid puzzles andadvanceall the way to the huge challenging 5-Grid puzzles, alsoknown asSamurai Sudoku. Each variant has a different overlappinggridconfiguration and provides a unique twist of brainchallenginglogic. With its diverse variations and straightforwardno-frillsgame design, Conceptis MultiSudoku brings a new dimensionto Sudokumobile gaming - on both smartphones and tablets. To helpsee thepuzzle progress, graphic previews in the puzzle list showtheprogress of all puzzles in a volume as they are being solved.AGallery view option provides these previews in a larger format.Formore fun, Conceptis MultiSudoku includes a Weekly Bonussectionproviding an extra free puzzle each week. PUZZLE FEATURES •72 freeMultiSudoku puzzle samples • Variants include 2, 3, 4 and 5gridpuzzles • Extra bonus puzzle published free each week •Multipledifficulty levels from easy to hard • Puzzle librarycontinuouslyupdates with new content • Manually selected, topquality puzzles •Unique solution for each puzzle • Hours ofintellectual challengeand fun • Sharpens logic and improvescognitive skills GAMINGFEATURES • Concurrently playing and savingmultiple puzzles •Puzzle library sorting and hiding options •Portrait and landscapescreen support (tablet only) • Graphicpreviews showing puzzlesprogress as they are being solved •Pencilmarks feature for solvinghard puzzles • Autofill pencilmarksmode • Highlight ExcludedSquares option • Lock number on keypadoption • Unlimited Undo andRedo • Show conflicts during gameplay •Check puzzle • Track puzzlesolving times • Backup & restorepuzzle progress to GoogleDrive ABOUT Conceptis MultiSudoku havealso become popular underother names such as Samurai Sudoku,Combined Sudoku and GattaiNanpure. All puzzles in this app areproduced by Conceptis Ltd. -the leading supplier of logic puzzlesto printed and electronicgaming media all over the world. Onaverage, more than 20 millionConceptis puzzles are solved each dayin newspapers, magazines,books and online as well as on smartphonesand tablets across theworld.
Conceptis Sym-a-Pix 1.7.0
Sym-a-Pix are exciting logic puzzles that formwhimsicalpixel-artpictures when solved. Challenging, deductive andartistic,thisoriginal Japanese invention offers the ultimate mix oflogic,artand fun while providing solvers with many hoursofmentallystimulating entertainment. Each puzzle consists ofagridcontaining dots in various places. The object is to revealahiddenpicture by drawing a block around each dot according totherules.‎The game features a unique fingertip cursor whichenablesplayinglarge puzzle grids with ease and precision: to draw awall,movecursor to the desired location and tap anywhere on thescreen.Todraw multiple walls, press and hold fingertip until thewallisdrawn and start dragging to neighboring walls. To helpseethepuzzle progress, graphic previews in the puzzle listshowtheprogress of all puzzles in a volume as they are beingsolved.AGallery view option provides these previews in a largerformat.Formore fun, Conceptis Sym-a-Pix includes a WeeklyBonussectionproviding an extra free puzzle each week. PUZZLEFEATURES •42 freeSym-a-Pix puzzles in Basic Logic and AdvancedLogic • 8extra-largepuzzles bonus for tablet only • Extra bonuspuzzlepublished freeeach week • Puzzle library continuously updateswithnew content •Manually created by artists, top quality puzzles•Unique solutionfor each puzzle • Grid sizes up to 50x75 (65x100fortablet) •Multiple difficulty levels • Hours ofintellectualchallenge andfun • Sharpens logic and improvescognitive skillsGAMING FEATURES• Exclusive fingertip cursor designfor solvinglarge puzzles •Concurrently playing and saving multiplepuzzles •Puzzle librarysorting and hiding options • Graphicpreviews showingpuzzlesprogress as they are being solved • Portraitand landscapescreensupport (tablet only) • Unlimited Undo and Redo•Auto-solvestarting points option • Auto-complete symmetricalwallsoption •Error checking option when a block is completed •Checkpuzzle •Track puzzle solving time • Backup & restorepuzzleprogress toGoogle Drive ABOUT Sym-a-Pix have also becomepopularunder othernames such as Tentai Show, Galaxies and ArtistBlock.Similar toPicross, Nonogram and Griddlers, the puzzles aresolvedand thepictures revealed using logic alone. All puzzles inthis appareproduced by Conceptis Ltd. - the leading supplier oflogicpuzzlesto printed and electronic gaming media all over theworld.Onaverage, more than 20 million Conceptis puzzles are solvedeachdayin newspapers, magazines, books and online as wellasonsmartphones and tablets across the world.
Piczle Lines DX 1.4.6
Score Studios
The follow-up to the highly praised prequel Piczle LinesDXoffershours of addictive, mind-bending logic-puzzle fun!Createpictures(PICture puzZLE) by connecting the right dots.Withanever-expanding puzzle mode, as well as a gripping storymodePiczleLines DX will keep you entertained for hours andhours!PiczleLines DX is absolutely free, with 60 puzzles foryourenjoyment, anextra 20 if you can find the secret to unlockingthemand a varietyof paid-for and free puzzles bundles available inthein-game storefor those who want more!
Garam - Logic puzzles 2.2.3
Garam is an addictive math logic puzzle with basic equations. Itcanbe both easy for beginners or really hard for experts. Therules aresimple : fill in the blanks with one digit so that eachequation iscorrect vertically or horizontally. Two digits numbersmust be readon two squares. It is a cunning math puzzle game andan excellentbrain teaser. It has a real learning curve and playersconstantlylearn new skills to solve the hardest puzzles. It'saddictive, fun,exciting and provides a huge satisfaction for acasual player. WithGaram, maths are beautiful. You will find : -tons of grids to solve(more than 1000) sorted by 5 differentdifficulty level and 5 extraones - a scoring system and experiencepoints - a time attack modeto up your solving speed once everygrid of a difficulty level havebeen solved - a huge variety ofreasoning You can hide thechronometer to play these math riddlesin a more relaxing manner andhave more fun. The puzzle grids aremeant to deliver a unique kindof experience in the solvingprocess. Intuitive, fun and addictive,Garam math riddles are meantfor you! This app is brought to you bythe creator of Garamhimself.
XSection 1.04
Master different methods and solve puzzles. * More than100tasks:from basics to challenges * 11 chapters to explore*Built-inglossary with geometric terms * Step-by-step instructions*Easy touse XSection is a trainer of solid geometry problemsolving.Itteaches you how to perceive 2D representation ofpolyhedra,lines,and planes from 3D Euclidean space. All theproblems can besolvedwithout complex calculations. The app containsthe requiredtheoryfacts and explanations. If you forgot adefinition, youcaninstantly find it in the app’s glossary. XSectionis a perfectwayfor students to practice before tests or exams andto improveyourspatial imagination. The app will not allow you tocreateanimpossible object: for example, to "intersect" skew lines(whichisa typical error when constructing cross sections onpaper).Thebest way to learn to solve math problems is to solve themalot.Main topics: - Prisms, cubes, parallelepipeds, andcuboids-Pyramids and tetrahedrons - Diagonals of polyhedrons-Crosssections - Diagonal sections - Parallel andcentralprojections -Method of traces - Method of inner projectionXSectionfollowsEuclidea - Pythagorea - Pythagorea 60° series ofourgeometricgames. With these apps you can become a realGeometryGuru!Starting from the 8th chapter levels are unlockedat4-hoursinterval. But you can buy an IAP that removesthisrestriction.Send in your inquiries and stay up-to-date onthelatest XSectionnews at
Eureka – Are you up to the brain challenge? 2.1
If you think you are smart, think twice! Eureka is therightbraingame to tell if you are a real genius! Featuring morethan50mini-games to challenge your brain skills(logic,memory,creativity, speed, reflex, focus, etc.), Eureka istheaddictivebrain challenge your brain needs to go from dumbtogenius. Are youup to the challenge? Eureka is full ofbrainteasersand funmini-games that you can enjoy forever. Eachbrain game willbedifferent from the previous, so you can enjoyoriginal,creativeand unique puzzles specifically designed to pushyour brainlimits!Are you smarter than your friends are? Do youthink outsidethebox? Can you pass more than 50 different brainytrickymini-games?Eureka is the brain challenge you need! GAMEFEATURES: •Diversegameplay to keep your brain activated for hours •Each levelis adifferent brain game • Simple to learn and easy tounderstand •Funyet challenging brain challenge • Improve your focusandbrainskills with diverse mini-games Accept the brain challengeandproveyou have a creative mind! Infinity Games aims to providethebestgame experience within its titles. We loveshowcasingnewminimalist puzzle games and making people think whilerelaxing.Doyou like our work? Connectbelow:Facebook:
Conceptis SumSudoku 1.7.1
SumSudoku, also known as Killer Sudoku, are addictive logicpuzzlesbest described as a cross between Sudoku and Kakuro. Usingpurelogic and simple add/subtract calculations, thesefascinatingpuzzles offer endless fun and intellectual entertainmentto puzzlefans of all skills and ages. Each puzzle consists of a 9x9Sudokugrid containing areas surrounded by dark borders. The objectis tofill all empty squares so that the numbers 1 to 9 appearexactlyonce in each row, column and 3x3 box, and the sum of thenumbers ineach area is equal to the clue in the area's top-leftcorner. Inaddition, no number may be used in the same area morethan once.The game includes helpful features such as showingpossible sumnumber combinations in an area and pencilmarks to maketemporaryplacement of numbers in the grid. To help see the puzzleprogress,graphic previews in the puzzle list show the progress ofallpuzzles in a volume as they are being solved. A Gallery viewoptionprovides these previews in a larger format. For more fun,ConceptisSumSudoku includes a Weekly Bonus section providing anextra freepuzzle each week. PUZZLE FEATURES • 90 free SumSudokupuzzlesamples • Extra bonus puzzle published free each week •Multipledifficulty levels from easy to very hard • Puzzlelibrarycontinuously updates with new content • Manually selected,topquality puzzles • Unique solution for each puzzle • Hoursofintellectual challenge and fun • Sharpens logic andimprovescognitive skills GAMING FEATURES • Concurrently playing andsavingmultiple puzzles • Puzzle library sorting and hiding options•Portrait and landscape screen support (tablet only) •Graphicpreviews showing puzzles progress as they are being solved•Pencilmarks feature for solving hard puzzles • Autofillpencilmarksmode • Show possible sum combinations option • Locknumber onkeypad option • Highlight Excluded Squares option •Unlimited Undoand Redo • Show conflicts during gameplay • Checkpuzzle • Trackpuzzle solving times • Backup & restore puzzleprogress toGoogle Drive ABOUT Conceptis SumSudoku have also becomepopularunder other names such as Killer Sudoku, Sumdoku and Sumoku.Allpuzzles in this app are produced by Conceptis Ltd. - theleadingsupplier of logic puzzles to printed and electronic gamingmediaall over the world. On average, more than 20 millionConceptispuzzles are solved each day in newspapers, magazines,books andonline as well as on smartphones and tablets across theworld.
Conceptis Block-a-Pix 1.6.1
Block-a-Pix are exciting logic puzzles that formwhimsicalpixel-composed pictures when solved. Challenging,deductive andartistic, these puzzles offer the ultimate mix oflogic, art andfun while providing solvers with many hours ofmentally stimulatingentertainment. Each puzzle consists of a gridcontaining clues invarious places. The object is to reveal a hiddenpicture bydividing the whole area of the grid into rectangularblocksaccording to the rules. The game features a unique fingertipcursorwhich enables playing large puzzle grids with ease andprecision:to create a block, press and hold fingertip on a clue,wait untilcursor fills the square and start dragging to neighboringsquares.To delete a block, double-tap or use the eraser buttonabove thepuzzle. To help see the puzzle progress, graphic previewsin thepuzzle list show the progress of all puzzles in a volume astheyare being solved. A Gallery view option provides these previewsina larger format. For more fun, Conceptis Block-a-Pix includesaWeekly Bonus section providing an extra free puzzle eachweek.PUZZLE FEATURES • 46 free Block-a-Pix puzzle samples in color• 4extra-large puzzles bonus for tablet only • Extra bonuspuzzlepublished free each week • Puzzle library continuouslyupdates withnew content • Manually created by artists, top qualitypuzzles •Unique solution for each puzzle • Grid sizes up to 50x75(100x65for tablet) • Multiple difficulty levels • Hours ofintellectualchallenge and fun • Sharpens logic and improvescognitive skillsGAMING FEATURES • Exclusive fingertip cursor designfor solvinglarge puzzles • Concurrently playing and saving multiplepuzzles •Puzzle library sorting and hiding options • Portrait andlandscapescreen support (tablet only) • Graphic previews showingpuzzlesprogress as they are being solved • Unlimited Undo and Redo• Errorchecking option when a block is completed • Check puzzle •Trackpuzzle solving times • Backup & restore puzzle progresstoGoogle Drive ABOUT Block-a-Pix have also become popular underothernames such as Shikaku, Shikakunikire, Block Pix andBlockbusterPaint doku. Similar to Picross, Nonogram and Griddlers,the puzzlesare solved and the pictures revealed using logic alone.All puzzlesin this app are produced by Conceptis Ltd. - the leadingsupplierof logic puzzles to printed and electronic gaming media alloverthe world. On average, more than 20 million Conceptis puzzlesaresolved each day in newspapers, magazines, books and online aswellas on smartphones and tablets across the world.
Merge Block Puzzle - 2048 Hexa 1.5.4
Infno Games
Merge Hexa Block - 2048 Puzzle is the most addictive and anewsimple hexa block 2048 puzzle game. Just play it to relaxyourbrain. Be focus on merging 4 or more hexa blocks intoquadruplelike (4 hexa, 16 hexa, 64 hexa,256 hexa,1024;8 hexa, 32hexa, 128hexa,512 hexa,2048 hexa), and you will find it more funnyandexciting. You jion the hexa blocks and get the 1024 or 2048tile!Be ready for a new challenge by the Merge Hexa Block - 2048Puzzlegame. How to play Hexa 2048: - Tap and move the hexa block totheright place, merge 4 or more same hexa blocks into a largerhexablock. - The more combos,the higher score you'll get! 2048HexaGame features: - Easy to learn and play, but be careful, itsnot soeasy to be a great master. - Globle Ranking, win your ownHexa cup!- Cute hexa heads for you. - Various of boards, a newgameplaydayly. - Real-time Duel, Fierce Confrontation! - Smoothoperation,perfect experience on Android. 2048 Hexa Game Modes: -Classic ModeAppropriate sized hexa board make the game easy toplay, and also,it's a perfect hexa mode to train your skills! -Block Lock ModeDrag hexa block to merge. Make three "7-hexa" blocksmerged willcause BLAST! - Extreme Mode Huge board, more hexa blockswould dropat once. Even the largest Number 2048 won't disappear.More fun andchallenge included in your happy playing. - Dayly BrawlUpdate abrand-new stage or difficult gameplay in weeks. Makeyourself enjoythe fun of unexpected puzzle. - Multi Player ModeDefeat thechallengers and get your reword COINS! 2048 Hexa blocksis quitdifferent from the normal hexa block you played before, sobecareful of your opponents! Merge Block Puzzle - 2048 Hexa is suchafunny 2048 merge hexa block puzzle game that you can playitanytime and everywhere, so just download and start to play!
Conceptis SeaBattle 2.3.4
SeaBattle puzzles are a single player version of theclassicgamemany of us used to enjoy as children. Using purelogicandrequiring no math to solve, these addictive puzzlesofferendlessfun and intellectual entertainment to puzzle fans ofallskills andages. A typical SeaBattle puzzle consists of a10x10gridcontaining a hidden fleet of ten known ships. Theonlyinformationis numbers telling how many ship segments are ineachrow andcolumn, and some given ship segments in various placesinthe grid.The object is to discover where all ten ships arelocatedin thegrid. The game includes a pencilmarks feature toplacetemporarywater or ship segments when solving very hardpuzzles, andahighlight excluded squares feature to help see wherecertainshipsizes can be placed. To help see the puzzleprogress,graphicpreviews in the puzzle list show the progress ofall puzzlesin avolume as they are being solved. A Gallery viewoptionprovidesthese previews in a larger format. For morefun,ConceptisSeaBattle includes a Weekly Bonus section providinganextra freepuzzle each week. PUZZLE FEATURES • 120 freeClassicSeaBattlepuzzle samples • Extra bonus puzzle published freeeachweek •Multiple difficulty levels from very easy to extremelyhard•Puzzle library continuously updates with new content•Manuallyselected, top quality puzzles • Unique solution foreachpuzzle •Hours of intellectual challenge and fun • Sharpenslogicandimproves cognitive skills GAMING FEATURES •Concurrentlyplayingand saving multiple puzzles • Puzzle librarysorting andhidingoptions • Portrait and landscape screen support(tablet only)•Graphic previews showing puzzles progress as they arebeingsolved• Pencilmarks feature for solving hard puzzles •HighlightExcludedSquares option • Unlimited Undo and Redo • Showconflictsduringgameplay • Autofill Water option • Show errorsduringgameplayoption • Check puzzle • Track puzzle solving times •Backup&restore puzzle progress to Google Drive ABOUTSeaBattlepuzzleshave also become popular under other names suchBatallaNaval,Bimaru, Yubotu and Batoru. Similar to Sudoku, KakuroandHashi, thepuzzles are solved using logic alone. All puzzles inthisapp areproduced by Conceptis Ltd. - the leading supplier oflogicpuzzlesto printed and electronic gaming media all over theworld.Onaverage, more than 20 million Conceptis puzzles are solvedeachdayin newspapers, magazines, books and online as wellasonsmartphones and tablets across the world.
SWITCH or NOT? – logic puzzles & logic problems 1.4.0
Robin Blood
A game of logic with the most unusual & tricky questionsthatrequire creative approach. Looking for a game that isbrilliant,creative and strange at the same time? Now you can becomea logicmastermind by solving the most unusual and tricky logicpuzzles youhave ever seen! Logic puzzles contains tricky brainteasers thatincorporate use of memory, attention and the ability tothink inunconventional ways. This is the first version of abrilliant andunusual logic puzzles that tests your attention andability tothink outside the box. - Very simple and addictivegameplay - 100+logic puzzles - 94 logic problems designed todevelop your IQ,memory and intelligence - 24 logic puzzles on speedto improve yourcognitive abilities - Achievement Boards - CognitiveScoreEvaluation - High quality and lovely minimalistic graphics-Stylish and minimalistic design combined with intuitive controls-One finger touch controls CREATIVE LOGIC PUZZLES &ABSURDSOLUTIONS! You do not need to be genius to play SWITCH orNOT.However if you are genius, you're more than welcome to try :)Thereare more than 100 unique and funny logic problems. What youneed isto try various creative approaches to reach the solution.THINKOUTSIDE THE BOX SWITCH or NOT is an addictive free IQ game andfindout if you are genius like Einstein or not! This crazy game isaningenious puzzle with a series of funny brain teasers andabsurdsolutions that you will never ever think before. FEATURES -Worksoffline so you can solve logic puzzles wherever you are. -Unlocknew creative logic problems - Exercise your brain withintellectuallogic games and boost your mental capacities - Improveyour memory,concentration and mindfullness. EVALUATE COGNITIVESKILLS SWITCH orNOT is a fun based brain training game designed toimproveattention, flexibility, visual and spatial processing andmemoryskills. The more you solve the logic puzzles, the more youwillraise up critical cognitive skills that are designed to boostyourproductivity and creating alternative solutions for the dailylogicproblems. Try to advance your mental core abilities, challengeyourfriends, compare your performance and motivate each other.Astronger working memory enables quicker learning and animprovementin brain connectivity. By playing this game you will notonly havefun, but you will also update your mental skills andcognitiveabilities - Improve your memory - Train your creativity -Increaseyour visual processing - Prove your ability of problemsolving -Train shape and color coordination HOW TO PLAY Followtheinstructions carefully. Some questions may be tricky or needadifferent approach to solve. Those small logic puzzles willhelpyou to power up your attention, focus thoughts on a specificitem,train spatial thinking and improve your mental skills atall.TRICKY LOGIC PUZZLE GAME Could you be a genius, are yousmartenough solve all the test to beat your friends to get thethinkhighest IQ outside your game? Try this innovative logicpuzzles toimprove your speed of think and try to figure it outsidethecircle. As you can see people commented that theircoginitiveskills were challenged, they were forced to thinkalternative waysto solve logic problems, so their reasoning abilityprogressed.Enjoy brain training game and improve your cognitiveabilities.
Bonza Jigsaw 3.1.2
From the makers of Bonza Word Puzzle. Bonza Jigsaw hastakenapartthe jigsaw formula, then reassembled it! The result is acleanandelegant revamp of a timeless classic. Solve jigsawpuzzlesthatfeature stunning images from around the globe.Austrianalps,Canadian creatures, Danish dance and Brazilianbeaches.Exploreexotic regions and discover new cultures, embracethediversitythat makes our world unique and preserve the valuesthatbring ustogether. ACCESSIBILITY The portion control systemservespieces insmall chunks, making puzzles easier to manage. GAMEMODES6 ways toplay (Standard, Rotation, Blind, Patience, MirrorandBlitz).VARIED DIFFICULTY Some puzzles are super simple andothersare morechallenging, find your perfect balance. PUZZLEPACKSFeaturinghundreds of puzzles from around the globe, level uptounlock newpacks. CHALLENGES Collect golden regions andunlockspecialchallenges. DAILY FEED New content updated everyday,including aDaily Puzzle and a Daily Quiz. BONZA JIGSAWPREMIUMSubscribers geta Bonus Daily Puzzle, a Bonus Daily Quiz andaccessto Daily PuzzleArchives.
Happy Pixel Puzzle: Free Fun Coloring Logic Game 3.6.9
Happy Pixel - Free Nonogram Coloring Puzzle Game, also namedasblock pixel puzzle is a 💯 free classic-unique nonogram artgamethat challenges you to discover the hidden pixel art picturesbycoloring the blocks. You can free download the brain game foryourAndroid phone. Happy Pixel Puzzle offers you dozens ofcreativepictures that are covered by numbers. Train your brain onsolvingthe pixel puzzles and find these pixel arts whenever youwant tokeep your mind active or pass your time in a pleasant way.🧠Let’sdiscover the mystery of nonograms! ❤️ ❗️How to play HappyPixel❗️Let’s start with the basic rules and logic behind thepicture crosspuzzle! Every puzzle in the Happy Pixel Nonogram gameis a pixelart. All you get at first are blocks and colored numbersin some ofthem. You have to use these colored numbers as hints.Start withone number, drag the correct square or rectangle thatcontains theexact number of cells. The square or rectangle isfilled with thecolor of this number. This can be very tricky. Youhave to thinkabout the shape or position of all blocks. All cellsof a puzzlehave to be filled. After all blocks are colored, asurprising pixelart picture will be finally revealed. Key Features✓💪 Tons ofcompletely free pixel puzzles, starting from easy todifficult 🍁 ✓💪Solve the puzzles and uncover the hidden pixel-artpicturesanywhere ☘ ✓💪 Detailed guidance for beginners of thisgame🏝️ ✓💪Intelligents and unlimited hints: tap the hints buttonwhenever youhaving trouble finding the block 🌈 ✓💪 Happy Pixel comesin 4difficulty levels, easy, medium, hard and expert, perfect forPixelPuzzle beginners and advanced players! 🌟 ✓💪 Offline game:don’tneed to worry about the WIFI or data networks 🔆 Happy Pixelalsooffers ✓💪 Both challenge and relaxing mode for users ✓💪 Youcancreate your own “art gallery” with the pictures you findaftersolving the puzzles ✓💪 Simple but functional interface ✓💪 Youcanfind the beginners’ guide in the app at any time ✓💪 Undoyourmistake steps without limitation When you first open ourHappyPixel app, you see a complete tutorial on how to color theblocksand discover the hidden pixel-arts. After experiencingseveralsuccessful trials of solving the puzzles, you can have a trytochange the game mode to challenging mode and acquire yourownfeeling of accomplishment by breaking the recordscontinuously!This is a coloring puzzle app for nonogram gamelovers.The puzzlesof our free Happy Pixel app are completelylogical and creative,which can train your brain and stimulate yourinitiative to someextent. In addition, the way to solve the puzzle- coloring theblocks by numbers also adds more fun for thepuzzle-solving game. 👍Happy Pixel is a representative NonogramGame, a super welcomedkind of game type at present, which can helpyou consume the time,offer you enough entertainment and at the sametime, sharpen yourmind and logical thinking. You don’t need to setaside special timefor solving puzzles, just open our happy pixelapp whenever youwant to kill the time and wherever you are instead.There is noneed to worry about the situation of no WIFI eitherbecause Happypixel is a 💯 offline game and your daily game progresswill beautomatically saved. It’s really an entertaining andaddictivebrain game that can help you relieve your stress andanxiety inyour life. Train your brain and improve your IQ withHappy Pixelnow!
Cubeology is a 3D picture cube matching puzzle game in whichyouselect pairs of cubes with matching designs. When you matchtwocubes with the same design they are removed, and youcontinuematching two cubes at a time until all the cubes are gone,eitherfor points or against the clock. It has 6 differentgamevariations, which can be played in either a cube layout or aspherelayout, with either free or fixed rotation, making for 18gamevariations in total, from relaxed 'play at your own pace' tonailbiting against the clock game types. It has separate GooglePlayleaderboards for each of the 6 different game types, plusaleaderboard of the top artifact bonus scores and has arollingdisplay of the weekly best time or score for each of thedifferentgame types. Competition is fierce to stay on top eachweek.Colourful graphics, catchy soundtrack and addictive gameplaymakethis a fun puzzle game that you keep coming back to timeaftertime. Includes a zoom function to make it easier to play onsmallerdevices. Artifact collection system. Upon successfulcompletion ofgames you have a chance to gain gold, artifactfragments or wholeartifacts. Collected artifacts are stored in yourartifactcompendium and give a bonus to your score when you matchcubes withthe same design as the artifact. The more your collectiongrows thegreater the potential score bonus. You can also collectgold andartifact fragments, which you can trade for any artifactsyou aremissing from your collection. Some artifacts give a greaterbonusscore than others (but have a greater gold and fragmentscost), andcollecting multiples of the same artifact will furtherincrease thebonus it gives. Standard Game ---------------------Remove cubes bymatching pairs of same coloured cubes until thereare none left.Earn extra points by matching multiple pairs in quicksuccession.No time limit. Your score in this game can be increasedbycollecting artifacts. Timed Game ---------------- Select pairsofmatching cubes until there are none left. Initially there is a15minute time limit in which to finish the cube. The timelimitdecreases by 5% every time you successfully complete a game,or itincreases by 5% if you fail to complete the game in time.SpeedCube --------------- A fast paced game with a smaller 3x3cubeblock and a 30 second time limit. How quickly can you clearthecubes, quick thinking and fast reactions will be required totopthe leaderboard. Holder of the weekly best score is displayedonmain menu. Cube Builder ---------------- The idea of this gameisdifferent in that you start off with just a few cubes and moreareadded as time goes by. The rate that cubes are added increasesastime passes and the game is over when the block is fullyrebuilt.Your goal in this game is to keep the block from beingcompleted aslong as possible and in doing so earn as many points asyou can. Asin the standard game extra points are awarded formatching pairs inquick succession. Your score in this game can beincreased bycollecting artifacts. Picture Search------------------- This is amemory version of the standard game,in which all the designs arehidden and are only revealed when youclick on the cubes. If youselect two cubes that match they areremoved as usual, otherwisethe pictures are hidden again. Yourscore in this game can beincreased by collecting artifacts.MatchIt! ----------- With thisversion of the game you have to findand select two cubes that havethe same design as shown at the leftof the screen. You have alimited time to find them and if you runout of time you will lose10% of your current score, and you will bepresented with anotherdesign to find. You can use the PASS buttonat the top of thescreen to skip any that you are struggling to findwithout losingany score, but you only have 5 passes.
Split it Right 0.53.1
Popcore Games
The task is simple: fill up the test tubes with the right amountofwater. What could go wrong? But this is in fact a verytrickyproblem - you have to use the different test tubes to makesure youhave enough liquid for the different sized containers. Toget itjust right, you’ll have to pour and unpour the samecontainers manytimes in the exact right order. It’s a classic logicproblem, andonly the sharpest brains will get it right. Are youready for thechallenge? Get ready to massage your brain cells anddownload thisgem of a game! You can Split It Right right now!
KAMI 2 2
State of Play
Sequel to #1 puzzle game, KAMI The calming, addictive puzzle gameisback! With over 100 hand-crafted puzzles, and with over onemillionplayer created puzzles created worldwide, Kami 2 takes youon amind-twisting journey that combines logic and problem-solving.Canyou achieve perfection? Flood each puzzle with a single colorin asfew moves as possible to claim a 'Perfect' sticker. But watchoutfor subtle new tricks and fiendish surprises. Want even more?Beatthe global Daily Challenge, earn a winning streak and compareyourscores to other players. Test yourself on thousandsofuser-generated puzzles, uploaded daily. Get creative and takeonthe world. Craft your own KAMI designs using the PuzzleBuilder.Design and share your creations, send them to your friendsandchallenge the world to beat your score.
Hexio 3.5.1
Hexio is a relaxing, mind-bending, minimalist puzzle gamethatoffers 96 meticulously designed levels to immerse yourselfinto. Abeautiful piano soundtrack accompanies you in yourdelightfulexperience. Features - 96 hand-crafted puzzles - Alllevels arefree and accessible from the start - Option to purchasehints tohelp you find the solution to some levels - Game progressis savedautomatically Don't hesitate to contact us if you find anyissuewith the game or if you simply want to send us your feedback,it isgreatly appreciated.
Star Battle Puzzle 2.1.3
Star Battle (also known as "Two Not Touch") is a challenginglogicpuzzle. Place two stars in every row, in every column, and ineveryregion, but make sure that the stars do not touch! Each puzzlehasonly one solution, which can be reached with logic reasoning,noguessing needed! Solve Star Battle puzzles to challengeyourself,to relax, to train your brain, or to kill some time. Thislogicpuzzle provides hours of challenging entertainment! Withpuzzlesranging from easy to fiendish, it offers something forbothbeginners and experts. Are you up for the challenge? Can yousolvethem all? Gameplay features: •  All progress is saved • Undo/redo•  Hints •  Timer (can be switched off) App features: • Extensivehow-to-play explanation •  Works offline •  Puzzles infourdifficulty levels •  Supports dark theme •  Eight differentcolorthemes •  List of recently played puzzles •  ProgressoverviewAbout Star Battle is a so called object placement puzzle,similarto Trees and Tents and Battleship. The puzzle is relativelynew,created by Hans Eendebak for the 2003 World PuzzleChampionship.The puzzle is also knows as Two Not Touch, under whichname it ispublished in the The New York Times. All puzzles in theapp arecreated by brennerd.
SudoCube – Block Puzzle Jewel Games Free 4.701
Rejoy Studio
SudoCube is a classic addictive simple Sudoku Wood BlockPuzzlegames. Drag the different shapes Qblock jewel into the boardtoblitz, so that each square of different jigsaw block can fillanyof the nine grids in the board. How to fill more brick intotheboard is the key of the wood block puzzle games! Once theblocksare placed on the board, they cannot be moved. It's a bestbraintraining arcade blockgames for boys and girls that needs youtothink how to properly place the blocks to get moreeliminationpoints. The block game challenges you to fit blocks ofdifferentshapes into a 9×9 grid, rows or columns. This Sudoku blockpuzzleis a real classic, no time limit and totally free. How toPlay thisBLOCK PUZZLES MASTER: ★ Drag and place the blocks in theboard tomake blocks of different shapes can match any of the ninesquareson the board. ★ Every time you fill a Nine-square grid orfill anyone of the horizontal or vertical rows of the board, theblockjewel will be crushed. ★ When the block satisfiesmultipleeliminations at the same time, a higher score can beobtained. ★Game will be over if there is no room on the board forgivenblocks. ★ Reward scores for each step and every row or columnofblocks you eliminated. ★ Get as many scores as you can tobecomethe best block crush. Features of PUZZLE GAMES: ✔️ There isno timelimit, and totally free. ✔️ The cubes can not rotate. ✔️CompleteDaily Challenges and get unique emblem. ✔️ Classic woodblockpuzzle game as fun as Sudoku. Drag the cube into the boardtocrush. ✔️ Dragging the blocks to be eliminated by combining it.Therules are clear and easy to understand. ✔️ No WIFI? No problem:theblock puzzle is a stand-alone arcade game. You can play thisfunnygame online or offline. ✔️ rules simple, easy to control,soaddictive. ✔️ Multiple color themes for choose. ✔️Differentpuzzles are waiting for you to challenge every day. If youlikejigsaw block games, or block hexa puzzles, then SudoCube isthebest for you. Let's enjoy this top free and easy blockgamestogether!