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Dino Bash - Dinosaurs v Cavemen Tower Defense Wars 1.2.40
Tilting Point
Dinosaurs and their eggs are under attack by hungry cavemen andonlyyou can save them in this action-packed dinosaur defense game.Jointhe Jurassic battle!Lead the dinosaurs in a Jurassictug-of-warbattle against primitive humans to defend your dino eggfrom theirmerciless appetite! Build ground defenses, deploy aerialattacks,and summon dinosaurs to avoid extinction!A JURASSIC BATTLEFOR THEAGESUnleash an army of T-Rex, Triceratops, Raptors, andmore savagedinosaurs and defend your precious egg from hungry,hungrycavemen.AMAZING WAYS TO DEFEND YOUR EGGSummon volcano bombs,icerocks, hidden traps, vicious blizzards, and decoy eggs againsttheseinvading fools. Aim and strike!UPGRADE YOUR FORCES! FEELAWESOMEABOUT IT!Strengthen your dinosaurs, upgrade your arsenal,reinforceyour defenses, and laugh - or panic - at the cavemen’sstubbornattacks.REWRITE HISTORYHelp the dinosaurs avoid extinctionin 100hand-drawn levels of primal tug-of-war defense. Cavemen haveneverlooked this beautiful.__________________________________WhileDinoBash is completely free to play, some extra in-game itemswillrequire payment. You can turn off the payment feature bydisablingin-app purchases in your device’s settings. The eventsdepicted inthe game are not historically accurate. Any resemblanceto realdinosaurs, living or extinct, is purely coincidental.Jointhecommunity:
Mad Caveman 7.2.3
Back to the stone age, let's be a caveman.Simple game play.Justjump run and throw your weapon to kill dinosaurs. Collect Coinsandhave fun.Nice GameEasy ControlGood MusicThis addictive and fungamewill have you hooked from the beginning!Your goal is to jump onthenecessary blocks without falling down... Sounds easy?It'snot!Every level brings more challenges but also tricks youcanperform to reach your goals!With amazing graphics and effectsgetready to use your logistics skills to the max!Readycaveman?Goooooo!!!!
Caveman Adventure 1.12
STEM Studios
Caveman Adventure !!! is a 2D action-adventure side scrollgamedeveloped by STEM studios. It brings the memories of our oldkidgames like Mario and Islander game, with improved graphicsandsound effects. The story follows a caveman's kids are taken byadinosaur and the caveman starts to search the kids in thedinosaurworld. Our caveman have to face a lot of wild dinosaurs intheJurassic jungle. In its pacing and structure, cavemanadventuregame is similar to a old Mario and adventure island game,with 4worlds that contain plot twists. The game itself consists of20stages, and the adventure is continued by 4 specialworlds.Together, caveman adventure make the best adventure game ofthemonth. Additionally, powerups and the effects in thecavemanadventure game makes the gameplay exciting and addictive.cavemanadventure is a simple 2D game with relaxing music andaddictivegraphics. even a small kid can play this simple run game.cavemanadventure has support for almost all android devices. Don'tworryabout the space in the phone, this exciting caveman adventureisjust 5 MB almost all can afford for some entertainment.Goodluck!Features1. Have Four different adventure worlds.2.1 HaveOneperfectly designed fly background.2.2 Have One perfectlydesignedcave background.3. Have 20 levels to reach the BossDinosaur.4.Have lot of enemy Dinosaurs in the land5. Have 20Dinosaur birds.6.Have 1 Boss to defeat.7. Have checkpoints to savethe progress inthis adventure world.8. Have cool sound effects& backgroundmusic.9. Support SD card installation.
Caveman Dino Rush 1.0.7
Oh my God! All the girls of the village were kidnapped by thatthugsof those cavemen! We can not leave them in their hands,poorthings!Go out in search of the lost girls and run throughjunglesand canyons inhabited by deadly prehistoric primordialbeings,scary dinosaurs like the terrible T-Rex, and face the damngang ofscoundrels cavemen!Equip the armor, grab your preciousweapons likethe boomerang, the spear and the axe and face thedanger withouthesitation. Use the weapons to hunt cavemen andcreatures!In caseof extreme need you can always count on twoarchaic magic itemsalways at your disposal: the Dino Crystal thatallows you to ridemany dinosaurs such as Triceratops orTyrannosaurus to charge anddevour your enemies without mercy, ortriggers providential MeteorShowers to exterminate every dinosauraround you!★ Features ★-Complete all the 40 missions and save allthe Girls!- Equip avariety of weapons and smash to pieces all themonstrous enemies!-Ride Dinosaurs to eat the cavemen or triggerpowerful MeteorShowers to eliminate hostile Dinosaurs!!- 3Dgraphics of thehighest quality and in Full HD!!!- Collect coins tobuy severalitems and power-ups in a well assorted virtual store!-SupportsGoogle Play Games: compete with players all around theworld thanksto leaderboards and achievements!- Supports bothsmartphones andtablets!For any question about this game contact
Tapazoic: Tap, Run & Scratch 1.3.10
Eons ago, heroic tales were written of the survival ofthescratchiest. Be a part of the prehistoric legend!Prehistorictimes.Nothing to do but kick around some rocks, Tapazoic'sfavoritehobby. One day, our caveman hero kicks a rock a little tooharddown a slippery slope, loses his balance, falls into a deepholeand knocks himself out. He awakes much later, to the rumblingof avolcano. In a state of panic, he picks up a rock and beginsrunningback and forth, scratching at the walls of the hole,desperatelytrying to find a way out before the volcano turns himinto ashes.​Do the walls contain the key to freedom?****GAMERULES:Simple tapcontrol! With each tap on the screen, theprehistoric cavemanchanges direction while running. You have toscratch a wall on theleft or right side to gain points. Oh, andavoid fallingrocks.****Features:• 8 bit prehistoric graphics &sounds•Simple gameplay with single tap control• Google playleaderboard•Golden crown for the #1 player• Different outfits todress yourcaveman• Different prehistoric themes you can play in(Summer andIce age)• Supports all devices with screen resolutionsof 320x480to 1440x2560 pixelsCan you beat the best caveman and wina goldencrown?Test your reflexes by scratching as many walls as youcan.Your favorite prehistoric caveman Tapazoic iswaiting!OfficialTapazoic's facebook page:©Funstrict
Stonies 1.32.004
upjers GmbH
Stonies – Become a Stone Age LeaderExperience the earliest eraofhuman history and explore the Stone Age game Stonies. Inthisexciting game app, you will teach your prehistoric kin tohunt,make fire, and build their own village with countlessdifferentbuildings. Lead your Stonies through the undoubtedly mostfatefulepoch of human history. Discover a world full ofdangers,challenges, and gripping tasks. Help your Stone Age gamepeopleprogress from primitive cavemen to settled villagers inthisextraordinary life simulation. • Fell trees, smash rocks,andharvest fruit• Produce weapons, wooden figurines, carving rocksandother great items• Expand your village and build numerous hutsandbuildings• Experience a graphically unique Stone Age game withmanyoriginal animationsExtraordinary Experiences inPrehistoricTimesCraft hunting weapons such as wooden spears andhunt downrabbits and deer to ensure the survival of your clan.Stonies is aone-of-a-kind life simulation for your smartphone ortablet. Anamazing tycoon game awaits you. Complete excitingmissions withyour tribe. Dive into the prehistoric times andexplore the ruggedwilderness with your cavemen. Teach themcountless skills, such asworking leather and wood, and expand yourtribe’s primeval power inthis Stone Age game. To the Stone Age!Playthe gripping mix of lifesimulation and tycoon game now andaccompany your Stonies throughtheir prehistoric life. Prove yourskill as a Stone Age leader inStonies. All you need is a mobiledevice and a stable internetconnection! Let’s go!
Mr Caveman 1.10
Asaf Gibor
Mr Caveman is an 2D run & jump game with a retrodesign.-Usejump to evade enemies, tap the "hit" button toneutralizethem!-Play as Mrs Caveman & Mr Caveman's friends bygettinghighscores!-Collect coins to gain access to exciting and newworldenvironments!-Use upgrades to increase your chances ofsurvival.
JURASSIC DASH - Dinosaur World 1.1.3
Travel in time to a caveman land where dinosaurs rule theEarth.Run, jump, dodge, shoot and kill everything that gets in yourway.Ride a giant Pterodactyl through the skies and drive aprehistoricracing car. Buy lethal Jurassic weapons like the PebbleGun, theDra-gun Flamethrower, the Birdzooka and many more – butbeware!There are many obstacles that cannot be destroyed likebeehives,tar pools or those darn carnivorous plants...Along yourpath youwill be able to gather mounds of gold to improve yourskills, yourweapons or even your apparel... What’s your limit,youtroglodyte?This fun dinosaur game has been created for you whoistired of battling against zombies, vampires and other monstersandprefer to fight triceratops, T-Rex and velociraptors, so......“Runlike a monster through this caveman world and crush theangrydinosaurs!!!”
Prehistoric Run Racing 3.44
Welcome to the prehistoric caveman ‘s world! Pick your top bestcarand race in a stone age jungle! Try 4 super fast ancientcars:Formula 32B7, Rubble, Saber-Tooth and Bone-Rock!Race andenjoytraditional fauna and flora of this prehistoric world! Meetlots ofcavemen, dinosaurs, huge insects, mammoth, sabretooth andotheranimals. Play 12 exciting prehistoric jungle racing levels andhavelots of fun in fast a driving, high jumps and cool flips!Racein anadventurous prehistoric cavemen world!Get 4 cars for free:Formula32B7, Rubble, Saber-Tooth and Bone-Rock.Complete 12racinglevels!Have fun in fast driving, extreme stunts, adventurousflipsand high jumps!Meet unique prehistoric jungle animals asmammoth,dinosaurs and sabretooth!Enjoy colorful game graphics andplayfulmusic.Have fun in surprising gameplay and easy controls!Unlockmore than 100 different cars!Educational value:Even thoughthe gameis easy enough to be played by anyone, it is also funandaddictive! This game is special for its easy, simpleandkid-friendly control - with just one finger. Moreover, thisgamehas a great educational value! It teaches about theprehistoricworld and various animals species and it helps to learnnew skillssuch as problem solving, quick decision making,creativity andflexible thinking, fine-motor and working-memoryskills,self-control and hand-eye coordination. Discover more funwith TinyLab Kids!Website: Like us onFacebook: Follow us onTwitter: Follow us onInstagram: Follow us onPinterest: Meet us onGoogle+: Subscribe usonYoutube:
Caveman Bubble Shooter Classic 1.0.2
Welcome to the best online bubble shooter saga of alltime…..Caveman Bubbles! Caveman Bubbles is a strategy adventuretoblast as many eggs out of the sky from your cute little cavemanaspossible. This quest follows a journey through the life ofacaveman and his impossible effort to protect his villagefromfalling eggs. The strategy is to match at least 3 or more eggsin arow to pop them until their are no more left! Play withyourcaveman on your tablet or phone. This game is free and is funforchildren,adults, girls, and boys alike!- 120 deluxe levels-EpicGameplay- Non-stop funDownload NOW and enjoy hours ofaddictingplay!
Hungry Dude 1.16
Let's go back to the Pre-historic Age, and look how thecavemansurvive from the dangerous that’s lurking all around. Helpthe cavedude in his quest for food, help him defend againstsabertooths andcollect keys to advance to next level. In thisplatformer you willfind a beautiful scenery with clever designedlevels and severalangry bosses. Tips.- Try to jump over the cliff-Double jump tojump higher- Collect drumsticks for energy/hunger-Get as manysunstones as you can, you’ll need themFeatures.- Musicon/off-Effects on/off- 5 beautiful maps with 5 levels in each:Forest,Cave, Savannah, Swamp and Desert
Dinosaur Evolution 1.3
The little dino was sent back on earth after being arrestedbyaliens for genetic experiments which makes it developed itselfbyeating other creatures. The more it eat, the more itdevelop.Alienshave traveled to the earth in Jurassic era and hunteddinosaursboth eggs and growths such as Triceratops, Raptor or theking ofthe dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus. They selected the best ineachspecies by letting them fight or battle each other until theyfoundthe survivor. Then they used the dinosaur's genes to modifyandbreed for the best dinosaur specie. The experiment was notasexpected because most of the dinosaurs are weak so theyweretreated as pets or showed in a zoo or safari park foralienchildren or kids. Some of them cannot control. They attack ordashaliens and got them injured. Therefore they were killed. Somewasused in Realistic Adventure Simulator Game for the aliens whoarefond of hunting and some have been converted into robots. Inthefinal experiment, aliens mixed all dinosaurs’ breeds togethertoget the ultimate breed but the result was a weak dinosaur.Thealiens gave up on them and left them in the forest or jungle onanisland on the earth without knowing that these dinosaurscoulddevelop itself by eating!!!! On this island filled withmanydangers, this tiny dino could be killed at any time. In ordertosurvive in this world, it needed to develop itself to theultimateform. Adventure of little dinosaur's food hunting hasbegun.★★★ HOWTO PLAY ★★★- Hunt various kinds of dinosaurs in theisland- Absorbnutrients for evolution★★★ APP GAME FEATURES ★★★- 15Steps ofdinosaur development - 12 kinds of dinosaurs to hunt forfood-Evolution System- Beautiful scenes and effects- Free foodfromwatching video
Caveman Run 1.2.20
《Caveman Run》 is a story of parkour games, the hero in the game isanaughty and crazy boy, the story took place in one day intheprimitive society, the little boy learned that dragon motherjustgave birth to the egg, so hungry of his belly, just broke intothedragons' den bravely picked up the big dragon egg, rushed outofthe dragon cave, being chased by the dragon king...In theoriginalforest all sorts of strange poisonous flowers, wildanimals, birds,insect ants, colourful grass,wood stab, and so onhave become aprimitive way of dangerous obstacles, of course, theboy also cancollect all kinds of equips to enhance the abilities ,and goldcoins. Craving for the dragon egg dinner? Hurriedlyactivity onyour finger, simple operation, convenient jump at atouch, muchmore challenging tasks and breathtaking scenes, use acrazy stuffto help you run list!The game features:★You need to payattentionto the wood stab will kill you★You need to pay attentionto theoccasional small monster★You need to pay attention to nearbyhave awild boar can ride to speed up★Use crazy stuff to challengeagreater distance★In the store you can buy upgrade thestrengtheningability for the next round of the dominant crazy baby
Caveman Feast - Paleo recipes 3.0
Fat-Burning Man
The #1 Bestselling App Caveman Feast contains over 200award-winningPaleo recipes by George Bryant, head chef atCivilized CavemanCooking and Abel James, host of thewildly-popular Fat-Burning ManShow. Whether you call it Paleo,real food, low carb, low sugar,grain-free, gluten-free ancestral,nutrient-dense, primal or wholefood - the important thing is thatthe Paleo diet is a healthier wayof eating. The list of benefitsis enormous: ● Weight loss ● Moreenergy that doesn't vary wildlythroughout the day ● Improved sleep● Clearer skin ● Betterdigestion ● Improved fitness ● Reducedallergies. The list goes onbut it's better to try it for yourself.The 200+ Paleo recipesincluded will help satisfy your cravings fordelicious food. InsideCaveman Feast you'll find healthy breakfasts,filling main meals,tasty desserts and snacks. Recipes include: -Perfect paleo burger- Healthy caveman cookies - Blueberry espressobrownies - Grilledbuffalo shrimp - Smoked avocado lime pork chops -Apple dijonburgers - Homemade healthy mayonnaise - Caveman crunchbars - Sweetpotato pasta - Beasty BBQ sauce - Caveman shepherd'spie The quickand easy to follow recipes are by George Bryantof George regularlyprovidesdelicious recipes to an eager audience of nearly 100,000Facebookfans. He made his first steps towards healthier living whenhe wasfirst rejected from the US Marine Corps for being overweight.Aftera 4 month transformation, the recruiters barely recognised himandsigned him up instantly. Since then, no matter where he isbeingdeployed, George continues to follow the Paleo diet foroptimumfitness and wellbeing. George works in collaboration withAbelJames who runs Abel's podcast, "TheFat-BurningMan show" talks about Paleo living and is regularly thenumber 1Health Podcast across the world. Abel has been featured inMen'sHealth, Popular Science and Wired Magazine. He has includedbonuscontent inside the app that you can sign up to. This includesavideo introduction to the Paleo lifestyle and interviews withPaleoexperts. Check it out as a free bonus for your purchase!
Caveman's Tale - Reach the top 0.9.1
Dare to travel 40,000 years ago, and help the caveman ofhisextinction in this challenging adventure in threedifferentworlds.Get ready for a difficult challenge in theprehistoricworld. Test your skills as you open up by jumping, untilreach thetop where the cavewoman is frozen and needs yourhelp.Simple easyone-finger game that will keep you entertained forhours!GameFeatures • Action Adventure Platforming! • Play up to 12fulllevels!• Enjoy 3 different worlds with elaborate scenarios!•Helpthe caveman of extinction!• Custom art and unique design! • Youcanreach the top if you are good enough!• Get the challenge ofgettingthe 36 stars hidden in the 12 levels• Free to play, withvoluntaryadvertising.• Challenge yourself reaching the top!•Calculate fineyour jumps or fall into the voidWe are an small groupof passionateindie game makers.Carlos Muñoz: Art/IllustrationJaimeFalomir: GameDesign/AnimationJulia Rosich: UX/UI DesignKike Mestre:SoundDesignLuiz Arthur Santos: Development EngineerCheck oursite:www.twistedfingersgames.comAnd follow us on Facebook tostaytuned:
Caveman Runner - Stone Age 1.0.0
Welcome to the Jurassic Age Of Dinosaurs where there are norules.In this endless runner platformer game as caveman run anddestroyas many Dinosaurs as you can. Collect Coins and become thebestcaveman runner in Stone Age Town.Simple game play. Just jumpandthrow your weapon to hunt Dinosaurs and bring home the baconforyour wife because she is hungry and starving for some food. Thisisno chicken hunt is about wild life to run and hunt foryourlife.Dash along the Stone Age Road as the fastest sprinterandDodge or Smash The Angry Dinosaurs.Throw Away your Caveman Clubtowhack a dino and use Stone age Jumping Power to cross thecrossystoneage platforms and Go up up skyward! Challange YourFriends bybeating their Best Score To Be the Best Caveman RunnerinTown.Addictive Gameplay with Endless Loot CollectingCoinMania!Beware The Purple Mushrooms they can be helpful orworkagainst you!Try to Stay Alive as Long As You Can to ReachTheHighest Score!Become the best Caveman Ninja Runner in town inthisamazing game using your reflexes.HOW TO PLAYSimply Hit UpArrowButton To Jump and The Weapon Button At Right Corner Of theScreenTo Throw Weapons at Dinos.FEATURESGOOGLE PLAY GAMESERVICES:Achievements & leaderboards9 Challenging Achievementsto Unlockduring gameplay.Be The Best Smasher in town and reach thehighscorein Leaderboards between your friends or world.-As acaveman destroyand Smash The Enemies with Your Jump Power ToSurvive in thisSmashing and Juicy Madness.-Exciting and AddictiveFats PacedAction Gameplay just like old school arcadeclassics.-Will take youback to your nostalgic days playing 2d 8bitaction platformer gamesin Amiga and Commodore.- VIBRANT CARTOONSTYLE GRAPHICS: Strike,hit and throw your weapons at the habitantsof the stone age.-MUSIC TO SMASH TO: Enjoy the Fun Music DuringGame Play.- COMPETEWITH FRIENDS: Take down as many enemies as youcan and BecomeNumber 1 At Leaderboard!
Angry Caveman Run 1.2
Angry Caveman Run , is a 2D Endless runner game developedbyCreative Toons. The story follows a caveman runs andkillsdinosaurs in the dinosaur world. Our caveman have to face alot ofwild and different types of dinosaurs.Angry Caveman Run is asimple2D game with addictive graphics. even a small kid can playthissimple run game.Our caveman is so angry on dinosaurs as theyaremaking jungle so noisy.Caveman need to throw bones tokilldinosaurs and need to jump to avoid obstacles like stonesandspikes and make the jungle peaceful place for his family.AngryCaveman Run is very addictive and time killer game forgamers, youwill like this for sure.Good luck and have fun !
Caveman Fall down 1.1
Caveman. Falling down as far as you can! try to skip fromtheVolcano exploding and Rampaging dinosaurs !.its ClassicFalldowngame with great graphics and enticing gameplay.This game isasimple, Easy to play and really entertaining. touch screenortilting your mobile device (depends on selected option) tocontrolthe Caveman .You have to Run fast to Escape Evil deadlyExplosionVolcano and Hungry Rampaging dinosaurs. Fall down throughthe holesand avoid the dinosaurs. Help Caveman run away as you cantry tofound the Meat to Give you the power and speed to Killthedinosaurs and run faster.if you love Falldown games you willlovethis game. It’s the STONE AGE and Volcano is exploding, thefiregot the dinosaurs and make them crazy. they run everywhere andcankill you. the Caveman Needs Your Help to Run away. This is nowalkin the park this is a Volcanic eruption,There are two typesofworld, one inside the volcano and one outside(depends onselectedoption). try to get highest Score points by staying aliveas longas possible.Caveman Falling down Featured:- So simple game,fastgameplay.- Beautiful and Colorful Characters.- Addictivegameplay.
Dino Prehistoric Bird 0.88
Head to the exciting adventure of prehistoric park worldofPterodactyl where you encounter other raid dinosaurs andcavemen.Dive into this fun game with beautiful graphics and greatmusic.Fly through the island jungle filled with deadly rocks andwatermonsters. Eat water jacks and worms to refill your health. Youhaveto snipe into the water, because fishes can swim away.Theapplication contains randomly generated obstacles. You haveachoice of two different modes out of which the one called"Fly"contains a unique controlling. There is a link to Facebookwhereyou can share results with your friends The game is free.Every kidloves Jurassic dinosaursThe principle of this wild game issimilarto other run games, but here you fly. The whole world isrenderedfrom 3D scene, so it gives more realistic appeal. Life inthis erais one big venture rush, that means no paradise. You becomeadefender of your whole life. You will fight an everyday battletosurvive, escaping from one danger to another. You have to getacraft to became skilled enough to finish the level.
Caveman Boggo's Adventure 1.02
Morieli Games
Lead caveman Boggo in the prehistoric world full ofadventures.Caveman Boggo's adventure is a classic platformer - jumpand rungame, where Boggo has to jump, run and defeat his enemies,in orderto survive in the stone age environment. Although dwellingin thestone age caves, the world around Caveman Boggo seems tohaveevolved and modernized. The enemies, as well as helpingobjects,became civilized too. Dancing gigantic dinosaurs, guitarplayingturtles, cactuses or gigantic worms, these are a smallselection ofcreatures, living in the prehistoric environment ofcaveman Boggo.In order to master the challenges in this classic 2Dplatformer,brought by the civilized world, the Neanderthal Boggohas to jumpand run, penetrate platforms, overcome multipleobstacles, anddefeat complex enemies. Destroy the obstacles, and instone agedwelling enemies, including dinosaurs, giant flies andinsects,worms, climb on snakes, avoid touching spikes, jump onwoodplatforms, Hot Dogs and mushrooms, run fast and carefully,travelaround in the forests with huge plants, caves and meadows oftheoverwhelming, modernized, prehistoric world of cavemenBoggo.Thecave dweller does not have to explore the dangerouscivilized worldalone. He always carries his vegetable weapons withhim, which helphim to clear all the obstacles and master hischallenges. Carrots,Potatoes, Tomatoes or Broccoli, the veggieweapons are alwaysaccompanying the troglodyte. His strong belief inthe finger godgives the Neanderthal the power to manipulate andmodify most ofthe objects and enemies, using his finger, as well asactivate someweapons, and prove himself in the dangerousprehistoric world. Useyour fingers to destroy or displace theobjects, paralyze or damageyour enemies, to unleash powerfulattacks, as well as to chargeyourself and obtain extra healthpoints. What makes Caveman Boggounique?Caveman Boggo is a 2d ActionPlatformer game, offering allfeatures which you are used to fromother Platformer games. Incontrast to other Jump'n'Run games, itoffers a new feature"Nudge". Touch your enemies, and some dynamicobjects, using yourfinger, and you will see how they change. NudgeBoggo and obtaintemporary health points, which make it easier tosurvive in thewilderness. The game offers furthermore a hugeselection of veggieweapons, which can be found inside the game orcan be bought byfruit coins which you can collect while playing.The game is freeto play. It does not require any payments in orderto finish thelevels. The game offers in App purchases though, whichimprove theuser experience.Overview- enchanting full HD graphic- 18huge,prehistoric levels for jumping, running and exploration- over10complex enemies with AI, including dancing dinosaurs, musicplayingturtles and much more- over 30 dynamic objects and powerups- 7different vegetable weapons + 2 finger weapons-penetrableplatforms in stone age environment- high variety oflevels,including exploration, jumping, labyrinth and arena levels-breathtaking adventures- complex final challenges- the nudgefeature-multiple hours of gameplay and funCaveman Boggo's Adventureisoptimized for multiple devices, but it is recommended to play itonhigh performance devices in order to achieve best possibleuserexperience.Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook toalwaysreceive status updates and notifications about gameupdates:'tforgetthat only the strongest, cleverest and the most skilled oneswillsurvive in the wilderness. Be strong, be fast and thoughtfuland youhave nothing to fear!
Monster Caveman Ride Dinosaur 1.0
Monster Caveman game in the Stone Age. Run and Jump to Help himtoget out of there!But be careful there are obstacles such asrocksand volcanoes!★ more fun with five worlds★ classicarcadeplatformer for you★ easy but challenging levelsThe game isverysimple, click on the screen to start walking with dinosaurstohunting meat - deer and sate for caveman, and finish allthelevelsFeatures :+ 5 worlds to locked+ 100 challenging levels+2Dgraphics+ Choose hero+ A fun game to pass the time.Downloadnowcaveman dino and see for yourself! This isn't like any otherhuntergame.
Dino Squash 1.1
Free Spirit
Hungry caveman needs to gather food his clan. But the dinosaursarein his way. Help caveman squash huge dinosaurs to gather foodfortheir dinner by rolling boulders on them.NoticeableFeatures:1.Mind engaging and tricky gameplay.2. Refreshing and eyecatchingart.3. Fascinating world of fantasy.4. The caveman,dinosaurs andthe environment takes you to a beautiful prehistoricera.5. SimpleUI and a cheerful mood surrounding the game.
Dino T-Rex 1.36
Dino TRex from an easter egg game of Google Chrome offlinepage.Verysimple, pure fun.Just enjoy Chromeasaurus rex ;)
Hunt or be hunted! Embark on the dinosaur hunting expedition ofalifetime to kill the ultimate game in Dino Hunter:DeadlyShores.HUNT DINOSAURSJourney to a hidden, untouched Jurassicislandand kill the most ferocious animals in history. EncounterJurassicbeasts long thought extinct, from the docile stegosaurus totheterrifying T. rex.VISIT EXOTIC Jurassic LOCATIONSKill dinosaursinlush and dangerous Jurassic environments like theshipwreck-strewncoast, overgrown jungle and dinosaur boneyard!EQUIPPOWERFULWEAPONSLoad up on firepower with destructive weapons liketherocket launcher and shuriken crossbow. You’ll need apowerfularsenal and an expert shooter strategy to killthesedinosaurs!MASTER A UNIQUE SHOOTER CHALLENGE SERIESProgressthroughvaried shooter series to win rifles, shotguns and assaultrifles.Make your kills and complete them all for evengreaterrewards!EXPERIENCE AMAZING GRAPHICSDynamic shadows, hi-restexturesand realistic Jurassic models all combine to make this oneof themost beautiful dinosaur shooter games on yourmobiledevice!High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!“It’s as if GluMobilewas listening in on my mind as I imagined how good DeerHunter 2014would be with dinosaurs.” – Kotaku “… I am totally,absolutely,100% completely behind blasting dinosaurs with gunsuntil theyexplode, and happily that's exactly what Dino Hunter:Deadly Shoreswill let you do.” – AppSpy “Dino Hunter: Deadly Shoresdishes uptons of behemoth-shooting action. It’s an easy game toenjoy.” –Gamezebo “Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores is a solid shooter.Thedinosaurs in the game are very well detailed and the gameallowsyou to jump right in…” – ModojoPLEASE NOTE:- This game isfree toplay, but you can choose to pay real money for some extraitems,which will charge your Google account. You can disablein-apppurchasing by adjusting your device settings.-This game isnotintended for children.- Please buy carefully.- Advertisingappearsin this game.- This game may permit users to interact withoneanother (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat,messaging)depending on the availability of these features. Linkingto socialnetworking sites are not intended for persons in violationof theapplicable rules of such social networking sites.- Anetworkconnection is required to play.- For information about howGlucollects and uses your data, please read our privacy If you have a problem with this game,pleaseuse the game’s “Help” feature. FOLLOW
Dino Robot Battle Field 3.30.0
Tyranno Red (Tyrannosaurus), Tricera Blue(Triceratops),PteraGreen(Pteranodon), StegoGold(Stegosaurus),SmilodonBlack,Tyrannotops (combine type),Lightning Parasau(Parasaurolophus),Knight Ankylo (Ankylosaurus),Deep Plesio(Plesiosaurus),Tyranno Heavy shooter (combine type),Stegoceras,Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, TyrannosaurusSoldier,Pachycephalosaurus,Spinosaurus, Ceratosaurus,mammoth,Giganotosaurus,T-Rex Almighty(combine type),Mosasaurus,Microceratus,Proganochelys, Allosaurus, T-RexHighway(combinetype),Euoplocephalus, Gallimimus,Amargasaurus,Therizinosaurus,Amarga Allo(combine type),TerminatorT-Rex(bosstype),Styracosaurus, Kentrosaurus,Compsognathus,TemityrannoComthus(combine type),Quetzalcoatlus,Blade Stego(boss type),Seismosaurus, Scutellosaurus,Mosa Plesio(combine type), T-rexCops, Triceratops,Megalosaurus,Dr.Ptera, Tyrannotops MK2, NinjaVelociraptor,Ankylosaurus, Dark Euoplo,Baryonyx, Triceramus, NinjaParasau,Rhamphorhynchus, Stegosaurus, ApatosaurusWho is thestrongestdinosaurs in Battlefield ?!▽Update◎ Nov. 03. 2017 (Ver.3.30.0)○DinoRobot-Add Parasauraptor○Main Story-Degeneratescientist○Dino RobotStory-Parasauraptor◎ Sep. 22. 2017 (Ver.3.29.0)○Dino Robot-AddStegosaurus-Add Apatosaurus○Main Story-BlackUnion Dark Ninja○DinoRobot Story-Stegosaurus-Apatosaurus◎ Jun. 30.2017 (Ver.3.28.0)○Dino Robot-Add Rhamphorhynchus○DinoRobotStory-Rhamphorhynchus◎ Jun. 09. 2017 (Ver. 3.27.0)○DinoRobot-AddNinja Parasau○Dino Laboratory-Add Microceratus○DinoRobotStory-Ninja Parasau◎ Mar. 12. 2017 (Ver. 3.26.0)○DinoRobot-AddTriceramus○Dino Laboratory-Add Mosasaurus○DinoRobotStory-Triceramus◎ Apr. 21. 2017 (Ver. 3.25.0)○DinoRobot-AddBaryonyx○Dino Laboratory-Add T-Rex Almighty○DinoRobotStory-Baryonyx◎ Apr. 07. 2017 (Ver. 3.24.0)○Dino Robot-AddDarkEuoplo○Dino Laboratory-Add Giganotosaurus○Dino RobotStory-DarkEuoplo◎ Mar. 17. 2017 (Ver. 3.23.0)○DinoRobot-AddAnkylosaurus○Dino Laboratory-Add Mammoth○Dino RobotStory-NinjaVelociraptor-Ankylosaurus◎ Mar. 3. 2017 (Ver.3.22.0)○DinoRobot-Add Tyrannotops MK2-Add Ninja Velociraptor○DinoRobotStory-Tyrannotops MK2◎ Feb. 17. 2017 (Ver. 3.21.0)○DinoRobot-AddDr.Ptera○Dino Laboratory-Add Ceratosaurus○Dino RobotStory-T-RexHighway-Megalosaurus-Dr.Ptera◎ Feb. 03, 2017 (Ver.3.20.0)○DinoRobot-Add Megalosaurus○Main Story-Blade of Ninja○DinoRobotStory-Blade Stego-Mosa Plesio-Triceratops...◎ Sept 15th, 2015(Ver.1.0)○Dino Robot Battle Field Open.
Talking Spinosaurus 1.41
Talking Spinosaurus Karl repeats everything you say with afunnyvoice.Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Karl. Heisespecially fun for children of all ages.Play withSpinosaurus:-Talk to Karl and he will repeat everything you saywith a funnyvoice.- Recording a video of Karl and share tofriends.- Jigsawpuzzle in there.- My hand is too short.- Well, youare powerful.-What's this.- Running is not for me- Disturb mysleep.- Poke hishead,wing or belly.Simulated with Spinosaurus:-Complete variousdinosaur missions.- Fight with other dinosaurs.-Find food, toavoid powerful enemy attacks.- Hunting otherdinosaurs.This is afree app,if you like it, Share to your friendsplease
Triceratops - Dino Robot 1.2.3
"Triceratops is firefighter, belong to Duble Target in T-rexcity.Heis known really close to spinosaurusMove together inemergencysituations, they shows the excellent teamwork."Assemblethe partsare scatteredTry assembling a large and powerful robotdinosaur"Triceratops".After assembling You can use a varietyoftechniques.if you review and comment new dino robot, we willmakeit soon.
Talking Plesiosaur 1.70
Talking Plesiosaur repeats everything you say with afunnyvoice.Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Plesiosaur. Heis especially fun for children of all ages.Play with Plesiosaur:-Talk to Plesiosaur and he will repeat everything you say withafunny voice.- Recording a video of Plesiosaur and sharetofriends.- Jigsaw puzzle in there.- How dizzy head.- I hatethelittle things!- Bad taste.- Nobody found me- This isdelicious.-Poke his head,wing or belly.Simulated with Plesiosaur:-Completevarious dinosaur missions.- Fight with other dinosaurs.-Find food,to avoid powerful enemy attacks.- Hunting otherdinosaurs.This is afree app,if you like it, Share to your friendsplease
Jurassic Hopper: Crossy Dinosaur Shooter Game
The ultimate Dinosaur survival gameformobile.▪ Compete with friends for highest online score!▪ Dynamically created levels (never play the samethingtwice!)▪ Challenging scenarios!▪ Destructible environments!▪ Awesome roster of cool characters with unique abilities!▪ Many clever road crossing dinos!▪ Seriously Fun obstacles!▪ Tons of funny characters!▪ Share videos or photos of your best moments!Welcome to the most terrifying endless road crossing game intheworld!Super challenging, but fun for any age!*** Extreme Road Crossing ***This game packs tons of the things you've come to love aboutendlesshoppers but ups the ante x 2! Jurassic Hopper improves uponourother crossy style games with dinosaurs that will hunt you downanda fully destructible tropical park! We guarantee that this isthescariest, most fun, most challenging crossy style game in theworld!Sure there are cars, dirt road, rivers and logs, but nowthrow int-rex, velociraptors, dilophosaurus, triceratops and afullydestructible environment!*** A World of Dinos ***It's the revival of the Jurassic Era. Your find yourself trappedina park turned jungle. The rulers of this jungle are none otherthanthe terrors of the pre-historic age. Run through the electricpenof the Velociraptors! Slice through the jungle avoiding theburningacid spit of the Dilophosaurus! Hop through the park quicklytoavoid the stampeding Triceratops and the herds of Gallimimus!Canyou survive a world overrun by dinosaurs?*** Compete with Friends ***Compete with your friends online for the highest score andprovethat you are the greatest survivor of them all. Check yourscoreregularly and improve your game. Show your friends who therealhero is. Climb to the top of the online Google Play leaderboardandlet them marvel at your greatness. As you level up and improveyourroster of characters you'll become unstoppable!*** Funny Characters ***There are tons of funny characters to unlock! Each one has theirownunique ability. Throw machetes as Bob the Hunter or mow downdinoafter dino with the Mercenary's machine gun. Each time youplay yourcharacter will gain Experience Points moving you fromlevel 1 to 2to 3 and so on. Levelling up will unlock newcharacters with newabilities. Unlock all characters to completeyour survivalteam!This is a super fun, lovingly crafted game. And best of allit'stotally free!Welcome to the world's crossy-est dinosaur survival game!
Dino Jurassic Craft: Evolution 1.34
Dinosaur World Craft Exploration:Lite - an exciting gameinprehistoric cubic universe where you build, construct, create&craft - using blocks - in world! Dinosaurs (t-rex[tyrannosaurus],triceratops etc.] all around you! This lite pocketmine blockycraft game, inspired by the popular cube & voxelbased pocketedition creative games, lets you craft dino world! Nodragons andno survival - just prehistoric reptiles! Teenage boysand girls arewelcome! Craft & build a perfect cube dinosaursworld!Exploration of world is here! Construct anything you want!Play ina creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep intothe cubedino world.Craft, and explore! Exploration of randomlygeneratedcube prehistoric worlds, islands. Build and create amazing&perfect things from the simplest of homes to thegrandestconstructions! Start the adventure with “Dino JurassicCraftExploration”! This game will bring you only joy and relax!Nodragons and survival world craft mode. Just cube jurassiccraftworld/island and your infinite creativity! Very quick andeasy. Allfor free! This pocket edition (exploration) game contains:blockplacing, cube world, real time world craft generation. Buildadinosaur world!Craft & Explore the cube world! Inthisincredible and totally free game you can destroy all theblocks,collect resources, survive and build beautiful &perfectBuildings. This pocket edition game (PE) contains a largenumber ofdifferent blocks with which you can craft your owncubeworld/Island! High resolution textures, very convenientandthoughtful game control, High FPS, without compromise! Soplungeinto the fantastic world of ‘Dino Jurassic Craft: Exploration&Evolution’ - with new cube worlds and adventures! Place blocks/cubes move voxels, dig and mine! Go beyond your wildestdreams,make your own cube jurassic world, mine, castle or city!Great gamefor adults! And teens! Transform the surface in a 3Denvironment inJurassic Jungle! Build shelter, fight, grow and useblocky craft.The only limit is your imagination! Start a cube worldcraft!Coming soon:MultiplayerCrafting itemsT-Rex defenceBuildingcraftmodeSurvival exploration modeDay & nightCube blockycraftWorldCraft StorySkyblock free modeStory mode WeatherStatsandinventoryDifferent worlds (hell, heaven, lair)If you areinterestedin similar games such as our cube girl craft world gameplease seeour other games.1. Create & build in a prehistorictimes!2.Beware of dinosaurs! T-Rex is here!3. Plunge into a worldfull ofdanger
Jurassic Run Attack - Dinosaur Era Fighting Games 2.11.5
Escape with the T-Rex in an apocalyptic environment to savethedinosaurs of the jungle destruction in this dinosaursurvivalsimulator! The Jurassic fighting reptiles cannot extinguishinthese dinosaur games for kids!Choose between the fouravailableT-Rex in this free dinosaurs battle game for free with themissionin the Jurassic Era to bring them as far as possible. Helpyourdinosaur fight to survive in these dinosaurs battle andJurassicsimulator games! Enjoy our apocalypse free dinosaurfighting gamesfull of carnivores and complete missions toexperience thedinosaurs fight of the Jurassic Era evolutionsimulator. Feel thespeed of the dinosaur attack on your phone inour dinosaur gamesfor kids! Collect coins in this dino game!This isa dino gameadapted to all ages, but the children will enjoy thisdinosaursurvival simulator about dinosaur evolution in a veryspecial wayin this dino zoo. They will learn about the reptile anddinosaursevolution in this free dinosaur battle simulator.FreeJurassic RunFight Battle Simulator & Dinosaurs evolutionfeatures:★ Enjoythe Jurassic environment of these dinosaur fightgames!★ RealisticT-Rex free dinosaur survival simulator!★ AmazingT-Rex graphics ofour dino zoo!★ Dino fighting games Adapted to allages!★ T-Rex runwith easy commands!★ Dino Game Fight ThematicMusic!★ Free attackdinosaur games for kids!If dinosaurs are yourpassion and you’lllike to control the dino zoo in a Jurassicdinosaur survivalsimulator, don’t miss out this amazing free attackdinosaur gamesfor kids!Show the world that the meteorites cannotstop yourdinosaur fighting and that you’re perfectly familiar withtheevolution of the dino zoo life from the Jurassic Era in thisdinogame!By installing this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy:
Jurassic Rescue Free 1.1.1
Come help your dinosaur friends escape! They have been lockedincages, scattered all over the landscape, and are counting onyouand the Tyrannosaurus Rex to set them free! Children, togetherwiththe T-Rex set off on a trip across the country to savethesedinosaur friends!In this game your children are at thecontrols ofthe T-Rex, navigating through the forest to rescue thebeautifulPterodactylus, then head for the mountains to save theawesomeChasmosaurus. Next you’re on to the desert wherePachycephalosaurusis awaiting your help, and don’t forget theProtoceratops! Wait! Becareful of the Raptor!Jurassic Rescue has 4different and beautifulscenes, along with 7 interesting dinosaurspecies. If your child isa fan of dinosaurs, get this fun gamenow!Feathers• 4 game scene•more than 40 interactive animations todiscover• Great for toddlersand preschoolers, ages 2-5• Nothird-party advertisingChildren loveit and parents trust thisYateland designer's vision!
Tyrannosaurus Rex Simulator 3D 1.0.9
The most exciting battle of the king of dinosaurs ,Tyrannosaurusrex or T-Rex has begun in a faraway island full withdangerous fromfierce , scary and frightening dinosaurs in manyspecies . Only thestrongest one will survive and become theultimate king of thedinosaurs . To play this game is just tocontrol T-Rex to fight orattack via joystick . This is realisticsimulator game of dinosaursfighting for survival has begun !!!Inthis dangerous island is fullof fierce and frightening dinosaurs inmany species or clan in theJurassic and others such as Carnotaurushave sharp teeth for bitingand tearing flesh meat , Stegosauruswith spikes on its tail fordefence , Velociraptor or Raptor isclever and nimble , Spinosaurushas a high spines like sails andmany more living life in thejungle or in the desert in this island. The strongest one willsurvive in this land vs . It is necessaryto hunt , kill , eatingthe enemy as much as you can to become theultimate dinosaur andalso have to eliminate the giant boss in eachzone . Tyrannosaurusrex or T-Rex means tyrant lizard . It is alarge carnivore dino anda fierce predator lived in the Northwest ofNorth America . Itwalked on two powerful legs and has big headskull . It is relatedto bird hunters such as eagle , falcon or hawk. Moreover , it isalso famous as the lead character in a movie or agame. Many peoplein the world know about it which makes T Rex isthe main characterin this free game .★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★- Controlthe character byjoystick to kill of enemies- Upgrade the ability-Fight boss ineach zone.★★★ GAME FEATURES ★★★- Smooth realisticcharacter control- Missions and upgrade abilities and system- Thelegend ultimatecharacter - Three beautiful world scene ( the jungle, the desert ,the boss room )- Enthusiastic music , noises andsounds- BeautifulUI , button , animation and effect
Talking Tyrannosaurus 2.21
Talking Tyrannosaurus repeats everything you say with afunnyvoice.Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with TalkingTyrannosaurus .He is especially fun for children of all ages.PlaywithTyrannosaurus:- Talk to Tyrannosaurus and he will repeateverythingyou say with a funny voice.- Recording a video ofTyrannosaurus andshare to friends.- Jigsaw puzzle in there.- Howdizzy head.- I hatethe little things!- Bad taste.- Nobody found me-This isdelicious.- Poke his head,wing or belly.Simulateddinosaurs:-Complete various dinosaur missions.- Fight with otherdinosaurs.-Find food, to avoid powerful enemy attacks.- Huntingotherdinosaurs.This is a free app,if you like it, Share to yourfriendsplease
Dino Robot- Tyranno + Tricera2 1.2.0
Assemble the parts are scatteredTry assembling a large andpowerfulrobot dinosaur "Tyrano Red and Tricera Blue".Afterassembling Youcan use a variety of techniques."Tyranotops andTricerano,strongerwith invention developed Dr.Ptera.'We willprotect Storm Dragon'"ifyou review and comment new dino robot, wewill make it soon.
Wild Dino Robot Survival Simulator 3D 1.2.0
Start the robot dino revolution being this heavy t-rexanimalmachine! If the everyday life is boring for you now, checkthemechanical adventures of the real prehistoric-like robot –dinosaurt-rex! Join massive battles, create your own family (‘causewhynot?), gather useful batteries and show your dominance in WildDinoRobot Survival Simulator 3D game!CHECK YOUR NEW CYBER DINOLIFE•The futuristic world is waiting for you! There are not onlymightyrobots, but the simple animals too, and they are all fightingfortheir territory;• Here’s your mechanic dino virtual pet, andtodayyou’re going to pass through all the stages of its life;•Mate(there are some other mechanical t-rex ladies special foryou),create your own shelter and raise your little cyberreptiles!DEALWITH VARIOUS QUESTS AND CHALLENGES• You can start yourgame withsome exploration quests, ‘cause you need to learn moreabout allthese forests and plains around you;• You’ll meet someanimals onyour way – just fight with them, or make friends,everythingdepends on your personal choice;• When you’ll be ready tocreateyour own family, just lead your mate to the shelter and bereadyfor some family life quests!FIND STUNNING WAYS TO BECOME THEBEST•Find the yummy batteries to feed your family and yourself anddon’tforget to follow your personal indicators – it’simportant;•Health, hunger, energy – you can power them all up usingthe pointsearned from various missions and quests;• Enjoy theopportunity tocustomize your colorful robotic dino made in HQ 3Dgraphics – youwon’t be upset with the colors!Robot era is amazing!Get ready tofeel like a real ‘prehistoric’ dino robot, roam theforests andplains and do everything you wish in Wild Dino RobotSurvivalSimulator 3D!Privacypolicy:
Ultimate Lion vs Dinosaur: Wild Adventure 1.0
Witty Gamerz
Play the combination of cheetah tiger lion vs wild animals butthistime face Jurassic beast T-Rex with dinosaur predators and winthebattle of survival in 3D safari jungle. You must have playedtigervs dinosaur and lion vs tiger in the jungle adventure but thislionvs dinosaur is a complete simulator for the lovers of lionfightinggames. Play as a wild lion and start hunting of T-rexakatyrannosaurs rex and other dinosaurs types likeSpinosaurus,velociraptors, Dilophosaurus and other mighty beastsincludedraptor, Ankylosaurus and many more. Ultimate Lion vsDinosaur: WildAdventure is a combination of lion hunting games2018. Attack onangry dinosaur with full power with the help of clanof lion andfind lioness for the part clan and mate. Other lions inthe clanwill help you because you will be the alpha of group ofwild beastsin RPG mode of gameplay.Control the beast in all itsfury and helpit survive by chasing, attacking, fighting and eatingother animalsand forget other tiger vs dinosaur and lion vs tigergamessimulator. Get ready for the adventure 3d of angry lionattack& t-rex dino. Wild lion vs dinosaur fighting adventure ishere!Enjoy the astounding jungle animal simulator with actionpackedmissions of animal fighting. Ultimate lion fight withdinosaurhunting simulation gameplay. Attack and fight against thesuperdinosaur clan and tear down the giant tyrannosaurus with helpofclan of lions. Angry lion claw strike can hunt down dangerouswildanimals in one strike. Lion vs lion fight game quests arealsoincluded for more jungle fighting attack fun. Stay alertandfocused the forest lion revenge is on and it chase & huntthemin super dinosaur in the real adventure game.Features inUltimateLion Vs Dinosaur: Wild Adventure • Realistic forestenvironmentwith family, building clan of lions & brutalfighting withdinosaurs.• RPG style jungle fighter battle gameplayin actionsimulator 2018.• Complete lion attack animals quest basedsim.•Vibrant 3D graphics & cool background music in lion vsdinosaurgames.• Thrilling prey hunting challenges in wild safari.•Attack& hunt prehistoric wild dino with the ferocity of ajungleking.Take control of a ferocious lion that pounces andattacks itsprey to retain the energy and power. Fight with otherlion in thelion vs lion fight game and forget other ordinarycheetah tigerlion vs wild animals. This simulator game about lionvs dinosaurgames has multiple fighter action missions. Play as wildliondefending its kingship from the violent tyrannosaurus Dino. Getthebrutal jungle rampage and start wild jungle adventure,killaggressive animals and keep hunting the wild dinosaurs. HuntenemyJurassic dinosaur and dominate the landscape. DownloadUltimateLion Vs Dinosaur: Wild Adventure and enjoy the hunting andattackquests for wild animal simulation game lovers.
T-rex Cops - Dino Robot 1.2.0
T-rex cops is responsible for security officer, belongDoubleTargetCombine T-rex Cops, currently achieving 100% ofarrest.Andtry to use various skills!if you review and comment newdino robot,we will make it soon.Thank you for play!
Jurassic Dinosaur: City rampage 2.3
Dino Go
Welcome to Jurassic : Dinosaur city rampageYou will play asT-Rexwho will destroy all city in the world. Even the strongestarmycan't stop you.The Jurassic Period is reminded by cooldinosaurs:Velociraptor, Triceratops, Dimorphodon, Pteranodon,Ankylosaurus,Stegosaurus.You yourself will destroy popular citiesall around theworld such as New York, London, Tokyo. Let's breakobstruction, eatcitizens, kill policemen, destroy buildings, tanks,airplanes.Nothing can prevent you, in addition, you can callanother teammatedinosaur to help when in difficult.You can controlthe dinosaurmove around, jump, climb up and down the buildings andrampage veryfreely. No cars or citizen can escape your wildjaw.Many things foryou to discover:- Many cities to rampage, manybuildings to break.-Upgrade dinosaur's strengthen.- Play as manydinosaurs- Buy somedinosaurs that can support you.- Collect items,diamond bydestroying the buildings.- Destroy army.And many otherattractivethings for your experience. Let rampage all the cities
Precopter 1.25
Precopter takes you back to the prehistoric times to relivethechallenging life of an air-cab driver.* Give a ride to thecavemenwith your Air-cab,* Decide between speed and safety,*Collect powerups,* Always re-think your way and strategy,Inthisaction-strategic game you should fight against the time runningoutand the durability of your taxi. Be smart and quick. Severalpowerups will help you during your travel.This game brings retrostylegameplay of UGH! or Prehistorik. All of the 30 differentlevelscontain new features and challenges. You have to face thegravity,avoid or use waterfall physics, find the shortcuts evenunder thewater, or simply brake new way through the walls -everythingdepends on you.You’ll experience that with replaying thelevels youcan figure out better and better convey strategiesearning you muchscore to beat your records.Have a good ride!
Repair!DinoRobot - Deep Plesio 1.0.2
"Deep Plesio of the Storm Dragon, guarding the eastern seaofT-rexCity!Lightning Parasau of the Black Union, which must passthroughthe East Sea to attack T-rex city,is planning terribleoperations..."Please repair the broken Deep Plesio to helpDr.Ptera.
Spinosaurus Simulator Boss 3D 1.0.14
Spinosaurus lived on the island in a land filled with manyferociousdinosaurs . There is just only the strongest will survive. To playis just control Spinosaurus through a joystick to fightor attackthe dinosaur as enemy to strengthen itself . The freegame is asurvival battle and simulator with dinosaur and realisticgraphicsworld which man , woman , children and adult can play .Onthisdangerous island is savage and scary angry dinosaurs habitatformany species , clans of the Jurassic Cretaceous and otherperiodsuch as Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex , which was named as theking ofthe dinosaurs , Triceratops has horns to attack , Raptor iscleverand nimble , Carnotaurus have sharp teeth for biting andtearingflesh and many others which live in the jungle or a desertin thisisland . The player mission is to combat , kill andeliminatedinosaur boss in each zone which live in areas surroundedby flames. Dinosaur boss are stronger, fiercer and bigger thannormaldinosaurs . To eliminate it and you have be stronger ,evolution orbe the ultimate form only . Spinosaurus meaning spinelizard , whichhas a narrow beak filled with conical teeth sim vsanimal life .They are carnivore , viviparous predators (reproduction by layingeggs ) hunter and they hunt in the water formost of the time whichis the main character in this free fightingsimulator world game.★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★- Control the character byjoystick to kill ofenemies- Upgrade the abilities - Fight boss ineach zone.★★★ GAMEFEATURES ★★★- Smooth realistic character control- Missions andupgrade abilities and system- The ultimate character- Threebeautiful world scene (the jungle, the desert , the bossroom)-Enthusiastic music , noises and sounds- Beautiful UI ,button ,animation and effect
2017 Dinosaur Simulator 1.6.0
Explore the prehistoric world with our dinosaur tyrannosaurusrexsimulator and play with different type of dinosaurs inthisdinosaur simulator!!Imagine reviving the Jurassic Period withourbest tyrannosaurus rex simulator! Experience a survival dinoattackin a jurassic dinosaur race in this tyrannosaurus rexsimulator!Start fighting in a survival dinosaur simulator!Inthistyrannosaurus rex simulator you will have to deal withdifferentsort of jurassic dinosaur attack trying to pull you out ofthejurassic dinosaur simulator. Dodge every dino attack and wininthis in this dinosaur simulator game against fearsome dinoattackcompetitors! Revive the free wild safari dinosaur life andjoin usin a jurassic dinosaur race in our dinosaur simulator!- Inthischallenging dinosaur simulator you need to be real fast: Getyourfavourite jurassic dinosaur and start racing in thistyrannosaurusrex simulator!- Addictive tyrannosaurus rex simulator:Enjoy therealism of this jurassic dinosaur simulator!- Easy mobilecontrolduring the jurassic dinosaur simulator: Choose yourfavouritejurassic dinosaur!- Appropriate for kids and adults wholovetyrannosaurus rex simulatorEnjoy this free dinosaur simulator!Stayalive as long as possible in this dino attack jurassicdinosaursimulator!Twitter:
Fire Jumper 1.0
Fire Jumper is a very challenging game based on a wild cave manwhohas to survive the game scene by jumping over fire in ordertoachieve the high score. This game is build in a such a way thatitgets tougher and tougher with respect to time.It's a perfectcomboto check your reflexes and killing time.Dear Viewers, I'm astudentand new in developing games, your liking for this game willgo along way for me.Hint* :- try to jump faster as you go forward;)
Wild Dinosaur Simulator 2017 1.0
★★★ Gigantic Wild t-Rex ★★★Explore the huge city with yourJurassicwilds 3D Dinosaur. Race and Smash the cars driving onthestreets.Don't worry, this dinosaur does not eat people. Hejustlikes to play around with them. Everyone could play this game.Goback to Jurassic age to destroy the modern city and manymoreexciting locations to hunt. Feel the Real 3D Environment★★★MissionObjectives ★★★In this game, you have to rescue yourlittle'sbrontosaurus, hit multiple barrels, trees and destroy thepetrolpumps in order to complete your level. You find great funwiththese wild tyrannosaurus Rex, ankylosaurus,carnotaurus,spinosaurus, stegosaurus and velociraptor. ★★★ DinosaurSimulatorGame 3D Features ★★★✔ Easy to take Control on Dino.✔Realistic HDGraphics✔ Play with various free dinosaurs✔ Completetheobjectives✔ Realistic game play and cool soundWe welcomeyourcomments, rating and feedback.
Dino Robot Jump2 1.0.3
Dino Robot Jump!Broke artificial intelligence tanks andunmannedhelicopters.Avoid jumping buildings!Achieve the highestscore onthe battlefield!Tyranno Red,GiganotosaurusVelociraptor,Compsognathus,Tyranno Cops, TerminatorT-rexCompete for the bestscore.Touch the screenAnd jump! Be thebest dinosaur!
Talking Tyrannosaurus Rex 1.3.7
Funny Talking
**Talking Tyrannosaurus Rex repeats everything you say with afunnyvoice.**Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with TalkingTyrannosaurusRex . He is especially fun for children of allages.**Play withTyrannosaurus Rex:- Talk to Tyrannosaurus Rex andhe will repeateverything you say with a funny voice.- reallysweet.- look at mydancing.- have a sleep.- Poke his head, Arm orfeet.
Dinosaur Era: African Arena 1.1.4
You're a hero survivor walking in an incredible and hugeafricannatural environment, where your mission is to stay alive. Inthisexciting dinosaur game only one winner, you or your enemies-ruthless bloodthirsty dinosaurs.You don't have to be adinosaurdigger and dig the ground in the search of dinosaur bonesandfossils, in this epic video game of the dinosaur apocalypsethedinos aren't extinct. Dinosaurs were created from DNA, andfurtherdinosaur evolution is now going. These dino creatures areformedfrom eggs long ago and are enormous. Dinosaurs among us.Thesereptiles and their animations are as real. Become anultimateheroic dinosaur hunter, strike the dinosaurs, catch yourprey!Becareful, because in this dinosaur safari adventure with amix ofaction and danger not only you're hunting, but also you'rebeinghunted. It's not a dino zoo jurassic park, it's dangerousandbreathtaking terrain, inhabited by the dinosaurs alsocalleddragons. In this adrenaline game you have no car, andbeastseverywhere. The survival guide is simple: hit and smashthesehorror villain lizards.You're a dino hunter or prey inthisexciting dinosaur hunting safari game? Play and you'llfindout.This dinosaur sim starts from the home base. In this dinoworldquest your mission is to destroy a certain amount of huntingon youprehistoric predators at every level. If you'll survive in afightthanks to your battle skills of the assassin, then foreachcompleted level you'll get a new more powerful gun inyourweaponry. In this hunter age, craft your way to the fullweaponsarsenal to have a choice of weapons and to increase yourchances ofsurvival. 15 high powered weapons of different types areavailable:pistol, grenade, machine gun, sniper rifle, submachinegun, lightmachine gun, carbine, shotgun, flamethrower, grenadelauncher,rocket launcher (bazooka).Hunt and look at thephoto-realisticdinosaurs, from small to giant, from herbivores tocarnivores, inthis fabulous simulation. This outstanding high-endshooting gamegives you the wonderful opportunity to explore anddive into theimpressive super dino adventure. The game scene has agreatdinosaur land of the lost world far from city, with manydinospecies, each has a specific roar sound. Carnivorous: dinosaurkingTyrannosaurus (T. Rex), Velociraptor (Raptor),Allosaurus,Carnotaurus, Spinosaurus. Herbivorous: Triceratops,Apatosaurus(Brontosaurus), Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus andParasaurolophus!Youcan rescue your life by a speed run racingyourself from dinosaursor attack them in this dinosaur war. Do notstand still, fire andreload your weapon's charge, it isn't adinosaur puzzle. Move, atthis time your damage value from a clashwith the ancient monsterswill gradually decrease. If you need totake rest after activebattles on this survival arena, make a breakusing pause mode,where you'll be completely invisible.This game isdinosaursimulator. In this superior extreme survival game there are15levels with increasing difficulty. 15 weapons with increasingpowerto expand your arsenal. Big dinosaur animals that'll haveadinosaur rampage and that'll chase and attack the enemy, whichislocated on their territory. They can hear your noise. Andthey'llbe quick, deadly and ruthless to you.Enjoy the dinosaurhuntinggame 3D in the gorgeous african savannah map with bushes.Discoverthe inspirational beautiful location of a wild nature ofthe age ofextinction like in movies or wallpapers, hunt and gatheryourweapons, and try to pass all levels.Astonishing 3D graphicsinhigh-definition (HD) and amazing immersive gameplay of this appareproviding a dramatic live experience and are helping you totravelinto the fantastic dinosaur world of your dream, right onthescreen of your mobile device, including phone and tablet!
Dinosaur GO 2.3
Dinosaurs are a diverse group of animals of the cladeDinosauriathat first appeared during the Triassic period. Now theycomethrough the wormhole around us. Do not worry, they arenotdangerous. They want to learn how to talk from us. Quickly gooutand catch your dinosaurs. Dinosaurs out of the ancient and nowroamthe streets of your city! Some of them - TyrannosaurusRex,Diplodocus, Duck-billed Dinosaur and Flying Pterosaur. Inthissimulation you have to find and catch the hidden dinosaurs inthereal world with the help of radar and camera smartphone. Moveoncity streets, parks and squares, even inside buildings and withthehelp of the radar is disguised dinosaurs. Use the powerballcatchdiscovered the dinosaurs, so he gets to your phone. Collectthemall in your collection.How to play:Go out of the house, lookingforbubbles to take the circle.Near the circle, so that dinosaurscomeout.Use the powerballs to collect dinosaurs.Find thewindmillbuilding to get more powerballs.Features:- AugmentedReality Game-Excellent graphics- Very good sounds- Less wearbattery- Easy touse- Very funny- Ideal for the younger children.The dinosaurs alsoappear inside indoors- Totally freeDinosaur GOuses augmentedreality technology, and requires you to move aroundto finddinosaurs. Now go out for find and catch your dinosaurs !