Top 49 Apps Similar to Halloween Smash CardboardKhora ApSAction

Merry Snowballs (Mobile, 360 & Cardboard) 1.4
Immerse yourself in one of the bestlookingCardboard games in the store. Merry Snowballs is playableboth withand without a Cardboard headset so you can enjoy it as aregularmobile game. It also supports a 360 degree mode where youcan movethe phone around and shoot.Get to relive your childhood snowball fights in this beautifulandaction packed snowball game - this time with cool gadgetsandpowers you once wish you had!Play through challenging levels with a variety of Gadgets&Powerups like Ice gun, Triple Snowgun, Slow Motion,Blizzard,Lighting and more. Battle against the fierce neighborhoodkids,blow Angry Gingerbread men to pieces and fight your way to theendwhere Bad Santa awaits in an Epic Battle.Being nice is not an option if you want to become THE MASTEROFSNOW!Get your Christmas spirit up and join the fun!
Paroxysm Virtual Reality DEMO 12.0
First Person Virtual Reality Zombie HellGame:Paroxysm.GET THE FULL VERSIONHERE: are stranded, your crew and chopper down.You can’t seem to remember much, and you think there should bemoreof your deceased crew around.Maybe they are around… but they’re different now.They have a hunger for flesh.Can you escape before they find you?Needs a Gamepad.GET THE FULL VERSIONHERE:
Hardcode (VR Game) 0.6.0
!!! THIS GAME REQUIRES A GAMEPADCONTROLLERAND A VR HEADSET !!!IMPORTANT1) Please don't leave 1-star review just to ask a question.Useour forum for a questions: If you can't pass gamepad calibration - use our forumtodescribe your problem: If you use a PS4 controller you may notice an inputlag.It's a known problem of DualShock4 and there is no way to fixit onthe game side. Read more: If you use a Moga controller: Switch your controllerto[B] mode before using it with our game.5) If you have Gear VR device, get HARDCODE for Gear VRhere:http://keys.hard-vr.com6) You can use Daydream View headset, but Daydream controller isnotyet supported.HARDCODE is a 3rd person VR shooter game for mobileVRheadsets like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Homido,Fibrum,etc.FEATURES:- Fast action in virtual reality.- Full use of a gamepad controller.- Single player missions and online multiplayer.COMPATIBILITY:- HARDCODE supports any mobile headsets (Google Cardboard,Daydream,Homido, Fibrum, etc.)- The shooter is compatible with most of bluetoothgamepadssupported by Android.MULTIPLAYER:- The first fun game with multiplayer inside.- The mode makes you fully immersed in one battle withyourfriends.- Multiplayer continuously gets better. I need feedback from youtomake your playing experience super awesome :)I want to bring more fun to the game and work to makeHARDCODEfriendly with other virtual reality displays like SamsungGear VR,Oculus Rift, HTC Vive (Steam VR).For more info on HARDCODE, you may follow me on Twitter: can support me on Patreon can discuss HARDCODE in our public Google Group in our Discord server playing in virtual reality!P.S. First person view is terrible! Please stop asking forit:)
VR Roller Coaster: GALAXY 360 in Deep Space
Multiple VR rollercoaster like experiencessetin outer-space. Feel the speed as you drift through deep spaceanddefy all laws of gravity!Take a shuttle into space and see remote space stations andgalacticstructures from distant civilizations as you take a ridein deepspace.Get the roller coaster VR rides at multiple sites acrosstheuniverse; here are some of the features offered by this awesomeVRapp:👽 Many different rides👽 Works on Google Cardboard and on deviceswithoutgyroscope👽 Ultra High Definition (HD) graphics👽 All rides features unique ambiance and solar systemThis VR game also works without any gyroscopeorcontroller.Defy gravity and experience the infinity of space in this360virtual reality app. Awsome game mode coming soon!Staytuned.Virtual Reality is so much more immersive than a regular mobileappor event TV, seeing is believing as it's best described asmountinga 360 theatre to you head and seeing a total new world cometo lifeas if you were there.Join the ultimate VR team and travel beyond remote destinationsindeep space for the ultimate rollercoaster rush. Pushing theneedleto a new frontier of Virtual Reality (VR) simulators, webuildpixel perfect experiences for you to enjoy with or without aVRheadset (goggles). In VR mode the experience is highlycaptivatingthrough full 360 head tracking and in touch mode youdon't need aheadset and can simply use the VR app through touchcontrols. Oursmart software will allow you to view the VRexperience on deviceswith or without a gyroscope.*) CompatibilityThis VR app is designed for Android mobile phones usingGoogleCardboard. Issues? Please check your Cardboard settings. Youcanusually scan a QR code of your headset to apply settings.Testedcompatibility includes: Fove 0, VR View-Master DLX, CarlZeiss VROne GX, Homido (V2), Nibiru, Xiaomi Mi, FreeFly, VRTX One,Stooksy,Tepoinn 3D, VR KiX, Durovis Dive, Merge VR, Refugio 3D,FIBRUM VR,ANTVR, VR Smartview, ColorCross, VRTRIA. For Samsung GearVRsupport you will have to use either an emulator or simpleuseGoogle Cardboard viewer.
Cardboard Camera
Google LLC
Capture and share moments with virtualreality(VR) photos. VR photos let you experience scenery and soundinevery direction and in 3D, making near things look near, andfarthings look far. From vacation travels to familyget-togethers,capture the moment with Cardboard Camera and reliveit in VR.To experience your photos in VR, place your phone into aGoogleCardboard viewer (
WITHIN 4.9.238
Discover the best VR content from theworld’sfinest VR creators—all in a single app. From gripping talesset inworlds of pure imagination to documentaries taking youfurtherinside the news than ever before, WITHIN brings togetherpremium,story-based immersive content in a variety of genres.DownloadWITHIN and experience the future of storytellingtoday.-Watch popular content like the Mr. Robot VirtualRealityExperience, which brings you inside a key moment in thehistory ofthe hit show’s main character-Works with Google Cardboard and GoogleCardboard–certifiedviewers-Just download the WITHIN app, then download individual videosandinsert your phone into the viewer to watch-Also works on your phone, without a viewer--your device becomesa“magic window” into the 360° VR experience as you move itaroundyou to see the scene-Be sure to use headphones or earbuds for realistic 3D spatialVRaudio-Experience innovative, entertaining, and informative contentfrompartners including Apple, The New York Times, NBC, Vice Media,theUnited Nations, Annapurna Pictures, musical acts like U2, Muse,andSquarepusher, plus much more
Androids Dream (Cardboard VR) 2
Dony Tamazone
Androids Dream is a VR experience, a rideovera cyberpunk city largely inspired by a famous SF movie (atribute).You are in a flying car and you have just to enjoy theride untilyou land on a futuristic tower
VR Center by Homido - Cardboard app 1.0.27
**Samsung Galaxy S 6/7/8 and Note 5/7/8users:please make sure to enable WQHD+ display resolution inSettings> Display > Screen resolution > WQHD+ >Apply.**• Live FeedA news feed featuring the latest content for your virtualrealityheadset; this content can be a VR game, an experience, a 360videoor an article again. The Live Feed will be updated at leastonce aweek, but can be updated on a daily basis depending on thenews andcontent.• TOP 20 and the user voteThe VR Center Top 20 will be reviewed every week based onyourvotes; a ranking of applications and videos will be presentedas aTOP 20 illustrated with icons indicating whether the content isup,down or stable compared to last week. The purpose of this voteisto help us and you find the best content in virtual reality.Unlikethe Google Play and App Store notes, the votes within the appallowyou to skip reviews of the users who accidentally stumble ontoa VRapplication and reference it negatively as a resultofmisunderstanding. Developers and users will thus have a trueideaof the popularity of their experiences.• Apps and Videos categoriesAll the experiences offered in the VR Center are filed bycategory.The catalog will of course be extended during the betaphase and apremium set of the most popular content is alsoplanned.Are you a developer? Do not hesitate to submit your applicationtothe following address:• My AppsIndicated by the small icons at the top right of theapplication,the “my Apps” section allows you to find and launch allthe VRCenter applications already installed on your smartphone.It’s asimple and effective way to find all its contents in thesameplace.This function is available for Android smartphones only.• BookmarksLocated in the side menu, it allows to find all the experiencesinthe live feed as well as in the categories. Each application oravideo card gives you the possibility to mark the content to finditlater in this section, at any time.By dragging an application card to the left, you can accessthiscard or delete it from the Bookmarks page.• Dynamic searchYou can start a dynamic search at any time by typing in thefirstthree characters of the content you are looking for. Theresultswill be displayed instantly in the form of cards, giving youaccessto the experiences.• Facebook ConnectTo ensure that votes are counted and that no votes are doubled,theVR Center uses Facebook’s unique authentication. Only theemailaddress is required for the sole purpose of identifying theuser,no other information from your Facebook account is used.• Sharing through the VR CenterIt allows us to notify an application or a 360 video to be addedinthe VR Center. This function is very simple to use: press theSharebutton and share through the VR Center. After testing orviewing,we may add the proposed content.• Expert modeA space reserved for those who are familiar with morecomplexapplications, technical articles and exclusivetutorials.VR Center is compatible with all virtual reality headsetsforsmartphones including:Homido, Durovis Dive, Freefly VR, Merge VR, Gear VR (via tips),VRBox, Shinecon, Dodo case, Daydream View, Dlodlo, VR One,Cardboard,Noon VR, Bobo VR etc.All of the brand names or product names used are theregisteredmarks of their respective owners.
Fulldive VR - Virtual Reality
Fulldive Virtual Reality is a SocialAll-in-OneVR Platform. It is compatible on both Cardboard andDaydreamheadsets.Note: If you are using Daydream, you cannot access Fulldivebyclicking on Fulldive's icon. Instead, you can accessFulldivethrough the Daydream app and through Daydream'sLibrary.What is Fulldive?Fulldive is a 100% user generated virtual reality (VR) contentandnavigation platform. It is also a social platform that allowsyouto follow what your friends watch, react, and comment on, andshareyour favorite reacted videos. Fulldive allows you to browseandview a new generation of media, such as watching 3D and 360photosand videos, and also browse the Internet like neverbefore.Search over one million videos and play over 500 games in ourVRMarket. Our content is exponentially growing!All of Fulldive’s content is from approved sources such asYoutube,Youku, and Facebook which prohibits adult/mature contentshownpublicly.Fulldive VR app works with any Virtual Reality viewer,includingGoogle Cardboard VR or Daydream headset. Join us, andexplore thefuture of media with Fulldive.Features:➢ YouTube: Stream all YouTube videos in VR➢ 3D YouTube: Stream 3D YouTube videos in VR➢ 360 YouTube: Stream 360 YouTube videos in VR➢ VR Video Player (2D/3D Player): Play all videos on your phonelikein a movie theater➢ VR Browser : Browse anything on the internet in VR➢ VR Camera : Take pictures in VR➢ VR Photo Gallery : Store and access your pictures and videosinVR➢ VR 360 Photo Gallery : Store and access your 360 photos➢ VR Store, Market and Launcher : Browse for new apps and accessallVR applications on through VRUpcoming features:➢ Mixed Reality Apps➢ Fulldive Bolt : Stream your computer screen in VRNOTE:If you are having issue with screen drifting or shifting leftandright, please calibrate your device's sensor by following thestepsin the linkbelow: Fulldive?Fulldive is a virtual reality platform for the masses. Gone arethedays when you need to be sitting in front of a screen to watchamovie. There’s no need to be paying thousands for a 3D TVorprofessional gaming gear to enjoy the movies, video games,andvideos you love.Mission for the FutureOur mission is make the world accessible through virtual reality.Wealso want VR to be available and affordable to everyperson.Technology of the FutureWith a humble and diverse background, the Fulldive teamispassionate about making VR accessible to everyone.Disclaimer:- Since Fulldive content is user-supplied, it may contain matureoradult content.- Discomfort or motion sickness may happen as a result ofusingFulldiveFAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)- I am stuck on the set up/tutorial page. How do I go insidetheapp?Press the "Skip" button on the bottom right of the tutorialscreenor enable screen-rotation on your phone settings- Stuck on the Orange circle.Your phone does not have a gyro sensor. You need to change toaphone that has a gyro sensor to fully use the app.- DriftingGo to your phone settings - and re calibrate themagnet/gyrosensor.- I don't see anything on the application.Uninstall and reinstall the app, but now, you should allowallpermissions. This allows Fulldive to play content from yourphonein VR.For more QA, visit our Forum at:
VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360 (Google Cardboard)
The ultimate VR RollerCoasterexperience. NEW & UPDATED version: one of the mostpopularVR games just got even better with 3D fantasy ride&alien music ride!Samsung Galaxy S8 (+) users please make sure to enableWQHD+resolution for the best experience. Settings > Display>Screen resolution > WQHD+ > APPLYThis game features multiple Virtual Reality (VR) RollerCoasterrides. You're ultimate attraction / theme park VR app isoneinstall click away. Download it now for free.VR no gyroscope?No worries we got you covered. If you have a device withoutanygyroscope sensor please tilt your head left or righttorotate the view. You do not control the vr rollercoaster, butcanview 360 degrees during you ride.Multiple ridesWhy settle for one roller coaster if you can enjoy many? Swingbyyour very own roller coaster park and going to be like beingthetycoon of your own theme park and picking your own rollercoasterride when ever you feel like it!The rides come in different tastes and thrill level from alloverthe world. Pick a more classic cedar roller coaster edition ortakethe fastest high speed crazy ride and discover at what pointyou'llget queasy.We offer both recorded 360 videos of real rollercoaster ridesandNEW an amazing interactive 3D roller coaster ride inafantasy world that will make your jaw drop!The 360 video rides come from real life footage making this arollercoaster simulation that is as real as any simulator can get.Sodownload this free VR game now and have your own attraction parkinyour pocket when ever you feel like taking a roller coaster foraspin. Experience the roller coaster racing down the track attopspeed in full 360 VR.Latest ridesNew in the 2017 a ground breaking new 3D VR roller coaster ridethatinteracts with live music. The all new Alien Music Ride putsyou ana both relaxing and high speed ride that interacts andvisualizesmusic. The track has fast ans slow sections and theblend into theenvironment makes it feel like taking a wingsuiteour for a drive ona alien planet. Musically speaking your going tolove this as youcan first pick a genre including Pop, R&B, orDance en thenstart your ride aligned with the music. Please notethat where theride mentions 3D in the top corner of the tile theride will offer atrue 3d experience, as where it mentions Videothe ride will bestreamed through online video which requires anonline Internetconnection.CompatibilityThe VR app is optimized for Android mobile phones and the useofGoogle Cardboard. We aim to support cheap and high-end devices.Ifyou have issues correctly displaying the ride on yourheadsetplease first check if you enabled the Cardboard setting foryourdevice correctly. You can usually scan a QR code toautomaticallyenable the setting for your headset. Our knowncompatibilityincludes: VRTX One, Stooksy, VR KiX, Durovis Dive,Merge VR,Refugio 3D, ANTVR, VR Smartview, ColorCross, VRTRIA,FIBRUM VR, VRView-Master, Nibiru. Please contact us if you haveanyissues.Furthermore you can use this app to enjoy the rides withoutanyVR headset through touch controls as well.If you like VR apps and games, and specifically thrilling VRRollerCoaster rides then this is a must download for you. 5, 4, 3,2,1... Get into the VR groove and claim your free VRRollerCoaster now!________________________________Find more on your AR / VR Discovery and join us onsocialmedia:- Like us on Facebook- View our videos on YouTube- Follow us on TwitterCopyright 2017-2018 Rabbit Mountain Entertainment Ltd. Allrightsreserved.
VaR's VR Player PRO
VaR's Labs
The PRO version of VaR's VR Player,theultimate VR player with full control and all modes to get themostimmersive virtual reality experience.Featuring:- Head tracking for all devices, with or without gyroscope,withreal time response.- All video modes supported, enjoy any video with yourvirtualreality headset. 2D or 3D, 180º or 360º, side by side, overunderor play like a regular video player with the No VR mode.- Full control, all parameters you need with an easy to use UI.Eyedistance, lens correction, field of view, verticalposition,brightness, saturation or aspect ratio among manyothers.- Streaming. Take advantage of the new built-in network browserwithsupport for SMB and UPNP or enter any HTTP url.- VR Controls, enable in the settings screen to adjust allsettingswith your vision in an immersive way. Even supported inStaticmodes with the auto-lock feature.- Image viewer with support for normal andstereoscopicpictures.- Subtitles in .srt format and multiple audio tracks.- Remove ads option.
EMULATED: Pylons VR 3.0.12
!!!! Make sure that you have acontrollerbefore you download!!!!!For more information about controllersvisit: questions here: updates on v2, follow us on twitter: @Southpac_coEmulated: Pylons VR is the first of the series of VR gamesdesignedfor mobile devices using Google Daydream (Cardboard)technology.Please note that Daydream controller is not compatiblefor thisgame.Game is set in future when humanity exists in a cyberspace. Asanoperative you are assigned a mission to capturecommunicationpylons in a city infested by Vektorbots.Version 1 includes 6 missions with unique maps +Trainingmission.Features:- Story driven game- Advanced, futuristic shooting- Elements of quest- Cyber punk style graphics and environment- Most remote bluetooth controllers supported- Gamepad buttons wiring systemWorks well with:- Google Daydream view (with NFC disabled)- Homido VR- Xiaomi Mi VR Play- BOBOVR- VR BOX- Zeiss One Plus- Freefly VR- FIIT- ShineconHow to playCardboard:1. Make sure that you have the Controller connected andpaired(Connecting controller)2. Launch the EMULATED: Pylons VR and click on"ControllerSetup"3. Follow the instructions on screen to set up yourcontrollerDaydream:1. Daydream controller is not supported so you would need tohave3rd part bluetooth controller2. Make sure that you have the Controller connected andpaired(Connecting controller)3. Turn off the NFC on your phone to be able to launch cardboardappin Daydream View (Playing Cardboard apps onDaydreamView)4. Launch the EMULATED: Pylons VR and click on"ControllerSetup"5. Follow the instructions on screen to set up yourcontrollerEnojy!
iPlay VR Player for SBS 3D Video 5.2
A simple, ad-free, tiny (just 67 kb!)videoplayer that plays 2D and 3D videos suitable for VirtualReality VRdisplays that use mobile as the screen, such as GoogleCardboard.It supports Side-by-Side (SBS) as well as HalfSide-by-Side (HBS /HSBS) format videos. It works on any phone,limited only by thedevice's video capabilities. If you want to useit with Gear VR, donot plug in the usb port.FEATURES- View any video in SBS Mode for VR Headsets- Plays SBS & HBS video with correct aspect ratio- View SBS 3D & HBS 3D as a normal video- Support for external SRT subtitles (same file name)- Can be accessed from your file manager- Mode for normal, non-SBS video- Delayed start mode for time to insert mobile in headset- Does not need gyroscope-enabled phones- Lightweight, Ad-free, No unwanted permissionsA few points to note:- It will play only video formats that are natively supportedbyyour phone (more info below)- It does not play web videos such as those from YouTube.Use our iPlayIT app or iPlay Pro app for that.- It does not use the magnetic navigator controls, headtrackingetc.Use an OTG or Bluetooth mouse instead.- It does not play 180 or 360 degree Full VirtualRealityvideos.Use Google's Cardboard Player for those.- It is a player, not a converter. It cannot saveconvertedfiles.If you are not familiar with cheap VR displays that can convertyourmobile screen into a virtual movie theatre, checkouttheselinks:,news-20644.htmlRegarding Supported Audio/Video formatsThe app does not include any media codecs due to its tiny size.Itsupports whatever the Android OS in your device supports. Foralist of supported formats, refer to the link below: mp4, 3gp etc are universally supported, support forothervideo containers such as mkv, avi, flv etc is dependent onyourandroid flavor. Again Android does not support 5.1multi-channelaudio formats such as DTS and Dolby AC3 unless enabledbymanufacturers. In such cases, you can use any video converterforPC/Mac such as Handbrake to convert the video to an mp4 formatwithstereo aac track.Please mail us ( in case of any doubts.
iPlayIT for YouTube VR Player
iPlayIT is a simple SBS Video Player toplayany YouTube video in Side-by-Side (SBS) format through yourVRheadset. Experience watching them big in a virtual realitymoviescreen!It includes a web browser to pick videos directly from theyoutubesite. iPlayIT needs to be used with Cardboard, Gear VR orothersimilar VR Headsets. It does NOT require your phone to beDaydreamready. If you have a Daydream compliant phone, you can useGoogle'sYouTube VR app instead.It is NOT a Normal Video Player and is not meant for use withvideosthat are already in SBS mode, such as SBS 3D videos. It justplaysnormal YouTube videos in perfectly synced left-rightpairs.Depending on your device capabilities (such as gyroscope), itmayalso play VR 360 type videos as SBS.All content is powered by YouTube and the app does not carryanyvideos or recommendations. It does not require anydevicepermissions.Also checkout our ad-free SBS players for local video (iPlaySBSViewer) and for local photos (iPhotoVR) on Google Play.
VR Abyss: Sharks & Sea Worlds for Google Cardboard
Dive deep into the ocean and experiencethemost stunning underwater thrills without getting yourfeetwet.Shark Attacks, Sinking Ships, and the Coral Reef all inoneamazing 360 Virtual Reality (VR) app!No need to sit in front of your aquarium or fish tank to enjoythebeautiful fish and sea life. This underwater VR app offersyoumultiple highly visual 360 experiences:- NEW Endless VR Diving game mode- Discover the Coral Reef- Go down in a shark cage and see how the sharks makeviciousattacks- See the Orca (killer whale) up close- A sinking ship (was that the Titanic?)Finally you don't need a diving assistant or buddy to become adeepocean diver. Skip the diving school, skip boringclassroomsessions, just dive straight into the Abyss and see whatthe deepocean depths have to offer. This simulator offers the realdeal!Before you know it you'll see sea evolution in all its gloryandwill be fighting off a shark attacks like a pro. So you canleaveyour shark tracker at home because will be head-to-head withashark before you know it.VR game modeThe new game mode is a fast paced endless diving experiencethatwill take you deep under the waves of the ocean. Flip and godivingdeeper into the abyss and see if you can set the newhigh-score. Besure to pick-up those oxygen power-ups to refill yourtanks andwatch out to avoid a shark attack or a wondering seamonster. Noneed to resort to violence, this VR game is aboutmaneuverableskills and you should focus on just diving ahead on apath thatavoids you from fighting a sea battle in which you standnochance.The controls are simple as you can tilt your head left/righttostart flipping is the corresponding direction. Look up/down todivedeeper or float upwards. So if you're in for VR gameswithoutcontroller, then you just found the perfect match. So grabyourdiving gear and join the diving club now!Reap the rewards of the abyss and go deep diving. Best off allyoucan leave your wallet at home and download this VR game totallyforfree. If you like VR games and apps this is a mustfreedownload.CompatibilityImportant notice for Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8users,please make sure to enable WQHD+ resolution for the bestexperience.Settings > Display > Screen resolution >WQHD+> APPLYThis VR app works without a gyroscope so you can enjoy divingintothe endless abyss regardless of the Android device. We supportaversion for Google Cardboard using a compatible viewer* or astereorendered version that works without Google Cardboard andwithout agyroscope.*) Tested Google Cardboard viewers includes: Fove 0, VRView-MasterDLX, Puyo Box, Durovis Dive, Merge VR, Refugio 3D,FIBRUM VR,Cynoculars, ANTVR, VR Smartview, ColorCross, Carl ZeissVR One GX,Homido center (V2), Nibiru, Xiaomi Mi, FreeFly, VRTX One,Stooksy,Tepoinn 3D, VR KiX, VRTRIA. Please contact us if you arehavingtrouble with your viewer, we are here to help or hearyouropinion.Copyright 2017 - 2018 Virtual Amigos. All rights reserved.
Magic VR Video Player 1.2.2
Magic VR
Features1. Light-weight and clean UI, immersive VR experience.2. Full support to 180° and 360° VR video, 3D stereo and monovideocan be supported as well. In most cases, player will choosethebest mode for you.3. Advanced video rendering algorithm to support most popularVRglasses and phones, we are keeping on improving compatibilitywithmore VR devices and phones.4. Support mp4, mkv, mov, flv, avi, rmvb and webm etc videofiles,we optimize performance and battery life to full utilizethehardware capability of different phones. Up to 4k video willbesupported on latest phones.5. Easy-to-use video playback with a VR media controller panel.Youcan use gaze input to control the panel, abluetoothjosystick/gamepad controller, cardboard trigger or even aheadsetwith control buttons will be much more convenient.Please feel free to let us know issues and suggestions, we'lltryour best to solve issues.Email:
Baobab VR - animated VR stories you love 1.0.1
Watch the most popular Virtual Realitystoriesand movies from Eric Darnell (director of Madagascar films)andEmmy-winning Baobab studios. Newest family-friendlyentertainmentsuitable for kids and mothers and fathers alike!Experience filmquality animation and explore immersive beautiful360 environmentslike being inside the story! It’s free to downloadand easy to use- watch 360 videos on your phone or stick in aCardboard headsetfor an immersive VR experience.ANIMATION YOU WILL LOVEFeaturing the voices of diverse cast of Hollywood actorsandactresses, fall in love with our delightful. familyfriendlystories and charming characters whether you are a kid oranadult:• Help an adorable bunny defend our planet Earth frominvadingaliens, featuring Ethan Hawke• Join a wacky adventure aboard a futuristic spaceship withbumblingaliens, careening asteroids and teeth-gnashing space-bugs,starringElizabeth Banks and Ingrid Nilsen (Youtubeinfluencer)• More to come in the future, including a Native Americanlegendabout mellifluous crow rising above his grandeur to savetheforest, starring John Legend Our library of content iscontinuallyupdated so check back often!GETTING STARTED IN VIRTUAL REALITYGetting started is easy! You can experience our beautiful,colorfulstories with or without a headset!• Your phone becomes your personal VR entertainment portal• Slot your phone into your cardboard headset and experience theVRas if you are transported into the story• Don’t have a headset? Watch it in 360 Mode by moving yourphonearound• Share your favorite experiences with your friendsFor any help please contact us at:info@baobabstudios.comABOUT BAOBAB STUDIOSBaobab Studios is the leading VR animation studio. Ourmission:Inspire you to dream by bringing out your sense of wonder.We willimmerse you in fantastical worlds, introduce you tocharacters tofall in love with, and let you interact with thesecharacters. Weare artists and technologists defining the nextgeneration of greatcinematic storytelling.Please review our privacy policyhere:
InMind VR (Cardboard) 19.0.7
InMind is a short adventure witharcadeelements designed for the Google Cardboard. It's alsoplayablewithout any special viewer. Game is totally free, as wellas ournew VR project InCell ( allows the player to experience the journey intothepatient's brains in search of the neurons that causementaldisorder. Submerge into the microworld and experience themiraclesof the human mind.The future is nigh. The humanity is standing upon the brink of anewera where modern healthcare makes tremendousscientificadvancements. With the help of nanotechnologies asurgicalprototype bathyscaphe allows its operator to shrink to amicroleveland travel inside the patient's body.A unique experimental project made by Nival to testtheopportunities of the new Virtual Reality provided byGoogleCardboard.Compatible with View Master, Fibrum, Homido, Lakento,Archos,Durovis and others Cardboard like headsets.
3D Jet Fly High VR Racing Game 7.7
3D VR Jet Fly High it's Endless TunnelVRRacing Game which give you Best 3D VR Game Experience forGoogleCardboard and VR BoxYou can also play with Bluetooth Remote ControlsIts adventure tunnel racing game, its a drift race on 3D skyroadwhich gives you 3D tail drift experience which any sky roaddriverwill love to play.As you will fly your fuel get reduces , you have tocontinuouscollect the fuel power to fly continuously and avoidcolliding withhurdle's coming in way.Whiling flying you will face the different type of hurdle cominginway.You are driving your spaceship on 3d tunnel, its like a 3d SkyPipeor space roller coaster,Once you will start to move in tunnel on 3D sky road, Bydodgehurdle you need to collect the points and power, to go in nextstepas faster as you can.the levels in 3D sky road are depicted with waves high the numberofwaves high is the speed deadly will get the light speed power, magnet power which boostyourjet to move forward faster and collect coin rapidly.once you will get coins you will be able to unlock morepowerfulairplanes, helicopter and jet plans which increase yourtunneltravel speed.By reach at the next level you will get more speed andmoredifficulty in a way on your sky driving road and of coursemoremoney for you to unlock next level 3D will share your score online with your friends, so everyonecansee who is the best in 3D tunnel race and who is? jetflyhigh.....3D Jet Fly High VR Game - Features- VR Game- 3D sky road- 3D Jet- Flying Game- Deadly Race Tracks- Endless Game- 3D Race- Tunnel Race- Vr RacingCheck out other videos too! my Game play channel! us on Twitter at uson more info about all our upcoming titles.Discover our blog at for theinsidescoop on everything 3D jet fly._____________________________________________This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.
ARTE360 VR 1.3.21
ARTE360 is the mobile app from theEuropeancultural network ARTE for immersive and interactiveexperiences in360°-video and virtual reality. Imagine steppinginside a movie,being able to see the scenes unfold all around youas if you werethere. Look around by simply moving the device orswiping. Fortotal immersion the device can be switched into VRmode, and wheninserted into a cardboard VR holder, your phone canbe used as yourown Virtual Reality headset. The content isregularly andcontinuously updated.ARTE360 is the first mobile broadcasting platform dedicatedtodistribute immersive, interactive, narrative cinema experiencesin360 degree and Virtual Reality. ARTE360 is part of the ARTEbrand,a German-Franco TV broadcast station that promotesprogramming inthe areas of culture and the arts.Cinematic VR powered by Liquid Cinema™
Google Arts & Culture VR 1.4.4-0e73d19a
Google LLC
View artworks curated by museums fromaroundthe world with the Google Arts & Culture VR app. Stepinside avirtual gallery to see works by artists like Van Gogh orRembrandt.You can zoom in to see every brushstroke, and hear audioguidesfrom expert museum curators.The Google Arts & Culture VR app requires aDaydream-readyheadset such as Daydream View and a Daydream-readyphone such asPixel. Learn more at of this application is governed by the Google Terms ofService( and PrivacyPolicy(