Top 48 Games Similar to NY Police Truck Criminal Case

VELOZ Police 3D
Accelerate, Shoot, Reload and ArrestallCriminals as Fast as you Can!!!VELOZ Police 3D is a free police pursuit game with many missionstocomplete!!!it's easy to Play, you must drive the police car, find andarrestall Criminals around the city, you have Machine Guns to helpyouout!!!- Police Cars to Choose- Police Officers to Choose- Different Machine Guns to use- Many Missions- Many Criminals to arrest- 3D GameDownload the game for free and have Fun!!!
Police Car Smash 2017 1.1
This is heavy duty police work! GetreadytoSMASH crime!The cliched police vs. criminal story gets a brand newtwistwiththis police car crashing adventure. Chase, smash,andcatchescaping criminals as a cop in a crime-ridden city!Starttheengine and grab the steering wheel, ‘cause you’re abouttorestorelaw and order! Use your beefy police vehicle to crashintoallkinds of thugs, gangsters, and thieves. It’s a car showdown!Slow them down by speeding down the road and racing yourheartout.Once you’ve got them trapped, fight trouble with yourweapon;gunor pistol. Root out the crooks that pose a seriousthreattohumanity! Circumvent traffic since you’re the hero ofthetown.It’s all about the rush and thrill of doing GOOD. Withbrandnewfeatures, this game is a must play! Astounding urbangraphics,andvarious cars and new controls to try!You must ensure that JUSTICE IS SERVED!Police Car Smash 2017 Features:•Graphics selection for device compatibility (high,medium&low)•Vibrant 3D offroad environment•Amazing controls suits your driving style(touch,tilt,steering)•Extreme visuals and sounds effects•5 super awesome up-to-date police cars to unlock•Upgradeable car to perform difficult missions with ease•24 smashing and crashing levels for maximum thrill•Realistic police car physics•Interactive map with police helicopter to locate fugitive cars**Install the #1 Cop Game of 2017 Today!!**About TapinatorTapinator (Ticker: TAPM) develops and publishes gamesonmobileplatforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 250mobilegamingtitles that, collectively, have achieved over 300millionplayerdownloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York. Formoreinfo,visit
Miami Police Crime Simulator 1.2
Miami Police Crime Simulator brings youthestory of Miami crime & police shooting in Miami gangstercityfor the fans of the Miami crime games. Get ready to fight therealgangster in the Miami city of crime police games. Gangstercrimesimulator has its own set of challenges & police missionsinthe mad gangster city unseen in police crime games. CombinationofMiami crime in crime city games & action scenes from Miamicitygames add this Miami police simulator into the finest ofMiamishooting games. No criminal story is complete without crimepolicechase so crime city simulator you will find all theinterestingelements of police shooting games from duty cops, policecardriving, criminal chase & police vs gangster missions frombestcrime games. It’s time to catch the Gangstar of the underworldandput an end to the reigns of Miami crime lord. Enjoy thepolicechase to put an end to Maimi crime in gangstar town bybusting thecriminals. Being the policeman of the city you areassigned a topsecret mission to capture and imprison the realgangsters in thiscrime simulator, all these interesting featureadds the flavor ofMiami gangster games to it.An ultimate gaming experiences to enjoy features of some Miamicrimegames & to hunt for Real gangster as city cop in madgangstercity. Become a gangstar in Miami simulator to take thegangsterrevenge. Embark on an extreme thrilling adventure aboutpoliceshooting car games in a gangster city to lead the mafia ofgangstercrime games. Crime police simulator is an ultimate funexperience tocater the lovers of very best crime police games& Miamishooting in deadly crime city games is the essence ofMiami PoliceCrime Simulator which add this into the category ofbest gangstergames. Enjoy the Miami crime and police chase realgangster of thisMiami criminal game. The realistic physics &smooth controls forguns are far better than any other policeshooting games.Interesting animations and city environment tocontrol Maimi crimeas a police cop with complex shooting actionand criminal planningmission in crime simulator will make youforget about other Miamigangster games.Miami Police Crime Simulator offers a complete fun package ofmanyMiami crime games, with all the thrill of criminal driving inMiamicity in gangster crime games in order to take revenge fromthegangstar and eliminate the real gansta crime. Have fun withpolicecar chase and police shooting at crime city simulator. Be theCopthat fights against maimi crime to indulge yourself inMiamishooting. Download now!Features:Interesting animation from police crime gamesHighly detailed models of police cars much better than bestcrimegamesIntense shooting missionsInstant Kill Strikes from crime simulatorCollect guns and ammunitionPolice vs gangster jobsRealistic sound effects & graphics
Police Car Gangster Escape Sim 1.0.2
Let’s get ready to chase down the gangstersinyour city. Police Car Gangster Escape Sim is a thrilling policecarracing and action game. In this action packed game you have tobe acop who is chasing and killing mafia members in a big city.Yourduty is to keep city safe from all kind of criminals. Forthispurpose, you have been given high speed police cars. Groupofgangsters have entered in the town and playing havoc with livesandbelongings of innocent citizens. You have to chase down all ofthemand try to control crime level.In this lawlessness and deteriorated conditions, you havebeenappointed as police agent in the area. It’s a great opportunityforyou to become a real champion, by killing all those gangstersandcriminals. This sim 3D is a combo of action and racing. Firstyouhave to drive a police car, reach at a specific location andhaveencounter with criminals. Shoot them all as a sniper. You alsohaveto transfer prisoners from one location to other. As apoliceofficer this is a test for you. You have to show yourshootingskills and survive at any cost.Keep in mind that you are doing a splendid job, and you havetofulfill your duty at any cost. This is an amazing Policecargangster escape sim game, please download this free game andfeellike a real police man.Key Features:• Big vice city environment• Racing and chasing scenes• FPS Sniper shooting• HD graphics and realistic sounds• Variety of police cars with smooth controlsEnjoy this action packed game and give us your valuable
Police Bike Shooting - Gangster Chase Car Shooter 1.1
Games Bow
Police Bike Shooting - Gangster ChaseCarShooterAre you ready to play extreme police bike gangster shootingcarshooter 3d game. This Gangster chase car shooter game is thebattleaction against gangster crime and one of the best policeshootinggame with gangster crime chase experience.Crime mafia is the city and the bike rider are ready toshootgangster and to real gangster bike. Realistic 3d Policeshootingbike shooter are equipped with heavy machine guns to chasegangstercar and to shoot gangster mafia. Realistic 3d bikeshootinggame with expert police shooter and gangster vegas carshootingarena is here now. Crime mafia and gangster mafia areroaming hereand there you need be best bike rider equipped withheavy gun andchase the gangster escape in the bike shooting and carchase game.Police shoot can have fun the real police bike racing 3dingangster chase shooter game theme. Battle is against criminalmafiaand police motorbike should be very care full while ridingracerbike game 3d. Bike game training will also be given to thebestpolice shoot to chase gangster and to experience bike race 3dcargame in gangster bike chase operation 3d. Players must haveplayedmany bike simulator games and endless shooting gangster gamebutreal excitement is here of this free action bike simulatorcarshooting chase gamePolice bike racing game should always be extreme fastingangster escape chasing 3d series. Free 3d Police shootinggameofficer will have unlimited bullets for endless car chaserealgangster shooting 3d era. Bike simulator game should beverycompetent enough to chase gangster shooting bike racer smoothlyincrime gangster chase city. 3d Police chase should have prioractiongame background so he may shoot gangster vegas and enjoyshootinggame. 3d police motorbike racer with prior crime mafia andgangsterescape chase and shooting gangster game experience willmake youthe in police motorbike game 3d series. Real 3d shootergame hasnumber of action and best car game missions. Each levelwithvariety of gangster crime chase mission will amaze the realpoliceshooter extremely in bike racer game and 3d shooting gangstergame.Do not forget the battles is always against gangster mafiaandpolice bike gangster car shooting battle is against all gangsterinthe cityPolice Bike Shooting - Gangster Chase Car Shooter:✓ Real police shooter 3d game✓ Gangster bike chase game experience✓ Real bike racing with gangster survival battle✓ Smooth bike game control✓ Varity of gangster car and best free game level✓ Real 3d police chase car game sound effects✓ Realistic physics of gangster escape chase
Miami Police Crime Simulator 2 1.0
Miami Police Crime Simulator 2 is anotherproudaddition under the hood of city crime simulator by CrazyNeuronStudios. If you love the living the Miami city life of aMiamigangster in police shooting games & enjoy the actionmissions inthe crime city of some Miami gangster games, then thispolice crimesimulator will keep you indulge in the hours ofplaying Miami policechase in gangster city. The real gangstercrime simulator offers aunique gameplay from famous crime policegames & extraordinarymissions of Miami shooting from maimicrime city games for its usersto fully entertain them with policevs crime story. Are you readyfor all the unique challenges atperforming miami crime in the madgangster city from police crimegames in this Miami simulator?Working with cops & running inthe gangstar streets while policecar driving with the intensepolice shooting missions will make thisMiami police simulator; thepart of best crime games. Join the MiamiCrime police to chase thecriminal to destroy the crime lords at aMiami city. We assure youthat the fun of crime city simulator willnot be present in anyother gangster crime games.If you enjoy playing crime simulator games to enjoy drivingthepolice car & having fun with Miami shooting games to becomeacop fighting a real gangster, then Miami Police Crime Simulator2will take you to the adventure from best crime games in orderputan end to the crime empire of mafia lords. Combination of thecardriving present in all police shooting games & theactionthriller of police car shooting in miami gangster games makesthiscrime simulator with complex achievement as the finest of allMiamicity games. Miami police simulator delivers the action fromcrimecity games with the thrilling of real gangster missions &miamicrime of police crime games for users who cherish the gangstarlifein the maimi crime. What make this police simulator, one ofthebest gangster games, are the interesting crime driving andinstantshooting & highly advanced weapons from police shootingcargames. Be the best police cop to eliminate criminal activity&Miami crime during the police chase at the mafia streets intopgangster city unseen in crime police games.Collect weapons from the game play & enjoy easy controls inthisGangster crime simulator. The HD environment is better thanmanyMiami crime games & enjoy interesting police vsgangstermissions & sharp your Miami shooting skills in maimicrime.Download now to have extreme fun to play Miami PoliceCrimeSimulator 2.Features:Challenging levels not seen crime police gamesPolice Cars from gangster crime gamesSuper sounds better than Miami simulatorFight real gangster from gangster townHighly detailed models of police cars during miami crimeCrime lords in mad gangster city
Flying Police Car Chase 1.01
Game Pickle
Want to go fast on the city streets, breakthesound barrier, or even fire homing missiles? Get ready foranaction packed experience. Try out the latest flying policevehiclesin this police car game!Crime is at an all time high in the city and it is becoming outofcontrol. Police have developed new police vehicles to combattherobbers and keep the city safe from crime. Transform yourpatrolvehicle from regular state police car into a flying policecar withthe flick of a switch.Be careful not to lose track of your target or get too far awayfromthem, they'll get away with commuting the crime. It is yourjob tostop them at all costs, chase them down in the air beforethe getout of the city!Easy to fly and drive with quick transforming, you can getaroundthe huge open environment as quickly as possible to apprehendthecriminal. Watch out for other flying cars!Take down robbers and criminals with any method of yourchoice;crash into them, boost, fire heat seeking missiles, gun themdownwith machines guns, and more!
Offroad Police Monster Truck 1.0.2
Drive offroad police monster truck andjoincity police patrol service as offroad police patrol driverandcatch all the city gangsters. Drive police 4wd monstertruck,police 4x4 jeep, luxury 4x4 cars and monster truck withprecisionand earn the respect as professional army 4wd jeep driverand helppolice offroad chase a successful one. Police chase eachand everygangster and gangster escape from highway.Various aspects of driving like army transporter cargo andluxurycar racing, it is possible that you will face car accidentsbutdon’t afraid of heavy traffic just drive your offroad policecarsimulator and offroad police truck transporter and feeltheadrenaline of police car chase in gangsters vs copsdrivinggame.Police is deployed to end police crimes in flying police carsandflying monster jeep against gangsters and city thugs. Alltheamazing monster tricks will be happening in US policetrainingschool and US police driving school. The Gods gangsterschaseagainst criminal gangsters running scenarios of highwaypolicepatrolling and highway gangsters will provide you unlimitedjoy toplay this offroad police monster truck sensation.Features of Offroad Police Monster Truck• Latest offroad Police Monsters Trucks• Detailed Monster Police Car• Drive Police 4wd Monster Truck• Enjoy Police 4x4 Jeep and Luxury 4x4 Cars• Gangsters vs Cops Driving Missions• Play as Army 4wd Jeep Driver• US Police Driving School
Furious Chained Cars Bank Robbery Police Car Chase 1.0.9
Welcome to extreme chained cars simulatorwithcrazy chained cars driving carrying bank vault from bankrobbery.Drive chained cars against ramp and stunt driving on cityroadsagainst the police chase in this chained cars against bollardgame.Breaking chain will lose the robbery heist bounty attached tothecar and joined cars will fail the real robbery crime. Useyourcrazy driving skills of driving stunt cars with mafia crime ofbankheist for stealing money. Take the vault away from the policecarchase and hide in the different points all around in thecity.Complete all the gangster escape challenges in drift racingagainstthe chase of police officer games. Enter this adventure gamefullof action packed content of bank robbery and police car chaseinmuscle cars on city roads with expert driving controls.Unique combination of vault heist bank robbery games and chainedcargames awaits you with real action packed crash racing andstealingbank vault. Stealing from the banks is a highly offensivecrime andstealing bank vault in heist robbery is the top of alland moreoverstealing with chained cars vs bollard adds moreadventure and actionto it. Avoid busting yourself or giving up allthe struggle ofstealing bank vault in heist robbery is not anoption for realchained cars crash driver of car crash racinggames. This game havespecialized control of demolition derby gameswhich allow thefurious cars in this car racing game extra smoothand easy controlsto handle the impossible driving with vault andpolice helicopterchase.Join hand to hand with your mafia criminal partner in thischainedcar game and drive joined cars to each other and completeall theheist missions and dodges the police cars like in policeshootinggames. Stealing diamonds in a robbery is a thing thatneverhappened in the city again and with this respect this sportscardriving and chained cars crash simulator is the first cardrivinggames to offer this kind of extreme police chase car andcardemolition. Your demolition derbies experience will prove tobelike perfect spark for this car crash simulator of policegameswhen you get stuck on the bridge showdown after bank robberyofbank vault with chained cars.Furious Chained Cars Bank Robbery Police Car Chase Features:• Furious cars with strong engine.• Real bank vault robbery scenes.• Extreme escape from the police.• Awesome gameplay in the city.• Real police car chase at the tail.• Smart police AI chases till muscle car busted.Download furious chained cars bank robbery police car chaseandenter unlimited fun of bank robbery with modified cars ofchainedcar games. Stay away from police patrol and keep speed withchainedcars racing till the destination.
NY Police Chase Car Simulator - Extreme Racer 1.3
NY Police Chase Car Simulator - ExtremeRaceris the most interesting 3D police pursuit racer game. Itbasicallytests your driving skills against your competitor streetracers,who are willing to outrun you. You can take theresponsibilities ofa professional Police officer and fight againstpowerful criminalsin the grand city. You will be notified of eachmission and youhave to start chasing the enemies as fast as youcan! Rush towardsthe destination and get out of your vehicle toattack criminals.Shoot them or fight barehanded with the enemiesand take them tothe police station. Buckle up, hit the gas and holdon tight;you’re in for the ride of the wildest chases. Take downrunawaystreet racers while avoiding civilian cars as you chase andweavethrough traffic. Outrun high-speed felons, outsmartrivals,outdrive buddy police and smash road in the most dangerousracinggame now! NY Police crime racing game which tests yourdrivingskills against street racers desperate to outrun you. Becomeapoliceman, hop into the car and chase criminals withgreatfirepower! NY Police Chase Car Simulator - Extreme Racer givesyouan exciting 3D race. You have to be a great driver and shootatcriminals and destroy their cars.The gangsters have taken over the city and are disturbinginnocentcivilians. You have to take the responsibilities of a bravepoliceofficer and bring every criminal to the lockup. You are goingtobecome the best police duty driver that will save the day.Eachmission will provide you maximum challenges to be tackled andyouhave to beat every situation on time. You are free to explorethecity in search of a crime. Your duty driver as a police officeristo keep the city roads a safe place by chasing down the mostwantedcriminals and street robbers. They will try to outrun yourpolicecar chase by driving at high speed and making sharp turns onthePolice Car. NY Police Chase Car Simulator - Extreme RacerHotPursuit is a free 3D police racing games. Action in which youhaveto chase and smash sports cars. Every mission will be a hotpursuitcar chase 3d which will test your car driving and chasingskills.Use your crazy police car lights and police car sounds andforcethe lawbreakers to stop by smashing roads into their cars.Racingagainst Street racer will make you feel the heat of a realcop cardriver that want to perform his duty as best as he can. Youarefree to explore the city in search of bad guys to track downandeliminate.Get inside the latest police cars & drive around the cityinsearch of a crime. You must bring back law enforcement back inthecity with you excellent driving and police skills. Crimepursuitpatrol has various criminals who have taken over the cityspots.They are committing different crimes with their efforts. Youhaveto stop their escape plan and bust every enemy at the righttime.Keep an eye on the running timer and follow theprovidedinstructions to reach crime spot. Use camera controlsaccuratelywhile fighting with super-powered villains. You have yourownhealth bar and the enemy’s health bar. This is the biggestobstacleof the game and you need to work hard to become #1 policecar chaseofficer. Police Driver in this action-packed cop chasingandsmashing cars game. Smash criminal cars that resist arrest.Drivepolice chase sports luxury car through the perilous maze ofmoderncity streets after robbing gold and diamonds from a bigbank.Complete gangster escape missions from police chase car beforetheycaught you again. Be a notorious criminal, make an escape planfrompolice car racer by safe driving in cops and robbers simGame Features of NY Police Chase Car Simulator - ExtremeRacer3D:- Realistic police chase environment with sound effects- Different police car models with modern features- Most of the advanced weaponry to be seen- Ability to become #1 cop in the grand city- Endless gameplay- Best police game among all other Police car games
Bank Robbery Chained Car Police Chase 1.0
Welcome to Chained Cars City Mafia BankRobberygame, where chained cars carrying bank vault from city bankrobbery.Drive fast your crazy chained cars on ramp and drive crazyon thehighway against the city police chase. Drive the robberychained carcarry the bank vault the city police chase cars arebehind you. Thisis time to use your drift car driving skills withcrime of bankmoney robbery. Take the bank vault away from thepolice chase andhide in the different area all around in thecity.Bank Robbery Chained Cars Police Chase game tests your crazydrivingability to drive two-attached bank robber cars on highwayand don’tgive a chance to police chase cars. Enter in thisultimate MafiaChained Car Escape Plan game full of action packedcontent of citybank cash robbery and police car chase in musclecars on city roads.Amazing combination of bank robbery games andchained car gamesawaits you with ultimate crash stunning andstealing bank vault.Stealing from the banks in a highly policesecurity and stealingmoney bag in heist robbery is the best alland moreover stealingwith crazy chained cars vs police chasehelicopter more thrill andultimate to it.This game has smooth car control which allow you to controlanddrive chained cars very easily in this City Highway Mafia CarRacegame. Drive your joint car, done your bank vault robbery jobandcomplete your mission. The game Amazing city environment,realpolice cars sound and HD graphics will amaze you. If youwillcomplete your bank vault robbery job then you can unlock andselectyour favorite chained car.City Highway Mafia Car Race Game Features:● Amazing bank vault robbery scene● Great game play● Chained cars with power full engine● Smart Police Car Chases● Stunning city environment● Smooth control and real sports car sound● Map of whole cityBank Robbery Chained Cars Police Chase does not require anyinternetconnection, you can have fun in the car, during servicesin a templeand in the subway.This game is free to play, but it contains items that canbepurchased for real money and may contain third partyadvertisementsthat may redirect you to a third-party site.If you like Mafia Chained Car Escape Plan, please rate and giveyourfeedback for further improvement of the game.
Police Encounter : Crime City Police Crackdown 1.5
Police Encounter: Crime CityHave you ever dreamed of becoming a cop? To be a hero? Do youlovepolice games? and want to open a criminal case? Do likepolicechasing down city criminals and streets gangsters? Do youlikepolice car chase games & cop’s games and cops driving inthecriminal’s streets. Have you ever wished to be a lawenforcementofficer to encounter the crazy criminals and gangsterson the spotwithout going to criminal case and FIR? Do you want tocatch themost wanted criminals and streets robbers and bring themebehindthe rods of the prison? If your answer is yes then downloadPoliceEncounter and start the action in which you should catchthethieves, robbers, gangsters and criminals. Be thepoliceintervention duty driver to chase and arrest all the lawbreakers,Underworld gangsters conducting illegal business ofdrugs.Perform your duty for the glory and respect to be your nationheroto encounter the underworld mafia on the spot red handed. Sendthegrand gangster and criminals behind the rods.It’s now the timetolaw come and clean up the city!Show the gangsters, bandits,mafiamembers and other outlaws the punishing hand.Use your Cops skill to find the best cars and weapons,differentammunition and advanced military technique. Everything isat yourcommand! Your only task is to eliminate the crime and makethe citysafe for ordinary citizen.Grab the chance to be a city cop in police car gangster escape&chase criminals.Kill Down the godfathers like Pablo EscoberinColumbus State, the biggest drug dealer in the world. You needto bepolice cop and vigilante at the same time to free frenchquarterfrom drugs, illegal weapons, smugglers, grand gangsters andmafiagodfather. Arrest the mafia and gangster and get them inprison intheir criminal case.Keep in mind that you are doing a splendid job, and you havetofulfill your duty at any cost..Root the bad seeds out with anironfist loyal only to the law. Miami city crime is at his peak sogetthe smugglers and mafia down at Miami city .Play As Man'sBestFriend On A Mission scrimmage To Help Rid The City OfCrime!Whether your sniper rifle to kill criminals, contact yournearestyou use your binoculars if you wish.Remember, apart from your job to catch notoriouscriminals,criminals follow the path of the police car and thendescend onyour exact police car, pull your weapon and killcriminals.prisoner transport vehicle used to transfer the prisonersfrom oneprison to another. Be aware the jail criminals they aresodangerous and they can kill you at once you get alone tothemalways keep the deadly weapon. Use the police Bus to gettheprisoners save from attacks. Car chase mode is awesomePolice Encounter: Crime City game featuresEarn cash and points during police pursuitsShow your driving skills and don’t get shaking offBuild up your own car collection of unique and rare cop cars inthisextremeThis exciting and dynamic game is sure to bring you hoursoffunPolice chase car racing action with one of the bestracingphysicsWalk around the streets and clean up the city from Mafia andganglords.Play at Miami Beach & Chicago city Environment forrealfunDeadly Weapons to Hunt GangstarRealistic police radio conversations and many features thatwillamazed you.Open World & tribunal EnvironmentHurry up download now for free , be a cop and get a chance tocleanup the city from criminals and Mafia's with deadly weapons. Asacop your prior duty is to Root the bad seeds out with an ironfistloyal only to the law.
Flying Robot Police Car Driver 1.0.1
Dragon Fire Z
Super fly the Police robot car andbeginultimate metal war. Futuristic robot car is ready to win thecrimewar with Flying Robot Police Car Driver simulator. Enjoyexcitingmissions of police chase & futuristic car game. Robotwarshooting with thrilling crime police robots is the new chapterofcriminal fighting games.Flying robot cars are designed to function as super policecars.Chase and shoot gangsters in your futuristic flying policecar.Gangsters escape after the crime activity and your duty as apolicecop is to chase criminals in your flying car robots. Killtheinhuman mafia gods. Play like an expert x ray robot shooter;getequipped with powerful laser guns and shoot down all gangwarmembers hiding in the city. Enter the new era ofeccentricsummation of police robot cars and shoe your extremedriving andflying car skills with newest x ray robot game.Outstanding robot controls enhance the fun of actionpackedgameplay. Exciting role of police car driver job is toexhibit yourcar flying skills and fly over the skyscrapers to theultimateheight. Give a hard time to criminals escaping from thecrime citygang wars and operating illegal businesses. Robot battleis now onand as cop robot you are fighting evil robots to save thecity andterminate mafia gangs causing terror in the city. Flyingrobot carneeds precise control and police chase mission add thrillin thisflying robot battle.Flying Robot Police Car Driver Features:Flying Police Robot Car DriverFuturistic Battle X Ray RobotsUltimate Laser Gun Aiming & ShootingExciting Police Car Driving gameplayThrilling Crime City Criminal Chase MissionsIncredible Controls & War sound effectsDownload now the newest x ray battle game with flying robotpolicecar chase missions. Play as super powerful cop driver toarrestgangsters escaping the big city crime world.
US Police Chase Human Cop Criminal Chase 1.0
US Police Chase Human Cop Criminal ChaseBeware! The thief, the dangerous gangster and the mostwantedcriminals are on the loose. They have escape Police and areheadingout towards the city to torture the civilians. Police copdutytraining team requires well trained heroes as police officerstochase down thugs and control the domestic violence alongwithputting an end to Human Trafficking.US Police Chase Human Cop Criminal Chase is the best chasinggamescarried out by the NY City Cop community. The civilians are inneedof a special, bright cop to be present in the US cop duty whocanhelp them and protect them from the justice of thesecriminalmafias. The Special Forces require police car driver,motorcycledriver and Amazing Police hero to eliminate the GangsterCity Theftgoing on in the city, investigate crimes and chasecriminals.Get ready to become part of most dangerous crime battle betweentheCops and Robbers. Grab your badge and jump on your police van,allset and ready for the police crime chase, You will be equippedwiththe most modern technology cop cars, police motorbike,policemotorcycle and police bike in this police car thief citychase. NYsuper police stunt driving team will train youaccordingly. USPolice Chase Human Cop Criminal Chase is chasingcriminalssimulator game. You will get the chance to emerge as atrue herowhile fighting with criminal mafias and cleaning thestreets offthese gangsters. All you have to do is to IdentityTheft, raid onthe Gang Injunctions and help the people in this copcriminalchase.You being The Cop Car Driver use your driving skills and speedtocrash the most Wanted Thief vehicles escape. Thesechronicoffenders are Justice Rivals, they are always ready inbreakingbank, looting people’s money, and are also involved in autotheft.City Cop Driver Escape team is offering police trainingcourses inthief pursuit to finally put an end to this emergingcrime sceneand car theft. US Police Chase Human Cop Criminal Chaseis thePolice Chase and hunt down of criminals, the human cop on USpoliceduty is provided proper police training, police gadgetsandequipment’s to carry out cops pursuing thieves operations.LARegional Crime Stoppers are fully focused on the CrackdownonCriminals from all parts of the city, to carry out policepatrolconstantly and lastly to control the theft auto sellinghappeningin some districts.US Police Chase Human Cop Criminal Chase is offering apolicecriminal adventure, where the police pursuits the criminalmafia.Many intruders mixed in the team are helping to escape crimefromthe cop but due to the brilliant crime fighter, all in vain.USpolice modern stunt drivers are making call of cops to carryoutcop training activities. According to the Police Report, thecrimemobster are roaming around the city and managing totransitSecurity Van so they could avoid the cop chase. You have toopt forthe scary drive from the police station, following thecriminal’scars vehicles wherever they go in the crime city. Thepoliceacademy makes you go through tremendous amount of levelsandmissions as the City Car Driver along all sorts of roadsandlocations to test your skills. There is no way the criminalscanhide from the cop.Game FeaturesModern Technology Police vehiclesDangerous and Thrilling missionsIntriguing city backdrops and locationsSmooth controlsHD quality visuals and audio
Police Horse Simulator 3D 1.1
Do you like horse racing games? Or policechasesimulators? Well, here you’ll find both games in one! Chasethefugitive criminals, catch them and transfer them to the prisonwithPolice Horse Simulator 3D!Become a special policeman – brave trooper, police horseman!Chasefugitives and criminals, patrol city blocks and streets andpreventcrime activity! Join the Police Riding Forces and havefun!Ride on the noblest of animals - the police horse!Pushers,prostitutes, robbers, murderers – all of them fill citystreetslike a living flood. The big city has become a pit of thugs,whoneeds to be eliminated. Police forces waging war againstrisingwaves of criminal scum, and you can be the savior of thiscity – ahero, that city needs in. It will not be as easy as youthink,because the criminals can be a lot faster than you in theircars,but your horse riding fast too, so you can stop the criminalscumright there!Use earned money to raise up your horse characteristics, or eventobuy a new one - Oldenburg, Westphalian, Holsteiner andotherbreeds. But to earn money you need to catch criminals, so tryto doyour best and become the best and luckiest police mountedhunterever!So, saddle up your horse and start the chase with PoliceHorseSimulator 3D game!Police Horse Simulator 3D features:Ultimate trooper simulator!Ride on your horse across the city streetsComplete different missions to capture all criminalsEarn points to buy new horse – it could be Oldenburg, Westphalianoreven HolsteinerChase the criminals without doubts and mercy!Be the best police horseman, catch the fugitives without fearandhave fun with Police Horse Simulator 3D!
Mad City Mafia Robbery Master 1.0.3
Do you want to become biggest gangsterofRussian mafia who will eliminate law enforcement to autotheft,fight & exhibit street crimes? Play Mad City MafiaRobberyMaster to perform extreme theft missions and unfold wildestcrimestories on the land of Great Russia.Once you ruled big army of grand gangsters who were skilledrobbersbut they were killed by city police squad in SWAT strike.Buildyour mafia empire once again to take vengeance with counterstrike.Exhibit extreme robbery missions like auto theft, stealingmoney& grand destruction of cars. Team up with powerfulRussianmafia gangs and make strong bonds with underworld criminalsbyexecuting illegal activities in real city. Get involved inextremeauto theft & grand robbery missions on Russian streets.In thisdeadly crime simulator, take revenge from high securitypoliceofficers and rival gangsters by stealing their cars &combatfighting in amazing clash of gangster vs robbers. Drive carsandshowoff furious car driver skills while you overtake schoolbus,extreme trucks and motorbike in survival escape game.Mad City Mafia Robbery Master is all about intense stealing carsinstealth mode, escape police car chase while executing grandrobberyin downtown. Make city escape in robbed car drivingsimulator andsteal atm cash by executing grand bank robbery. Becomethief bossby shooting Vegas mafia gangsters and stealing cars. Sellvehiclesto the black market car dealer and get money to build yourownmafia empire. Unfold wildest crime case in intense robbery gameandsnatch police car in city traffic. Avoid cop car chase inautotheft simulator and best robber game. Go for the biggest heistinsuburban town and spread terror on innocent citizens tobecomepowerful mafia crime lord.Live thug life and face intense car driving challenges incrimecity. Seek vendetta from cops, steal luxury cars and driveawayfrom police arrest. Make money by selling luxury cars inblackmarket & car dealer. Commit robberies in stealth mode butdon’tlet police officer to make criminal case against you.Showoffprecision driving skills, avoid car accidents and rob autosparkedin garage. Outrun police chase and gangster cars to takerevengeand make safe criminal escape. Be ready to explore hugeurbansprawl and become best sports car driver while committinggrandrobberies in real city. As a notorious underworld criminal,getinvolved in gangster brawl and escape chase. In thisamazingrobbery simulator, you will get a chance to enjoycriminaladventures and mess around crime city with local banditsand thugs.If you like playing futuristic robots games, derbydestruction, andgangster clown simulation then for surely you willlove playingthis newest theft car simulator.Features:◆10 challenging stealing cars and grand robbery missions.◆Steal money, car chase & auto theft adventure.◆Test your car driving and car parking skills in intensepolicepatrol scenarios.◆Steal vehicles and sell in black market.◆Realistic city environment with HD graphics &soundeffects.Download Mad City Mafia Robbery Master game right now andexecutegrand theft to become mafia boss & safe gangsterescape.
Police Secret Agent Crime Gang 1.0.2
Let’s Jump into the criminal mafia gang warinthis police secret agent and spy escape secret mission.Operateunder the Police special squad to complete secret missionsinchallenging spy stealth game. Trained as ghost in public placesforstealth operation to steal information. Shoot criminal mafiaguardsand move under Shadows to strike enemies with deadly revenge.Showgunman aim with silencer weapon, assault shooting rifles andsnipergun.Let’s download Police Secret Agent Crime Gang and live life ofspyagent breaking enemy hard time security and disarmed plantedbombsor eliminating criminals for city rescue mission. Shootgangstersquad, carry out theft missions, assassinate mafia criminalgods,abandon criminal’s survival escape mission and win the worldgangwar. Sneak away from an attack & escape like a hero to ruletheunderworld mafia downtown streets. Be prepared to fight&attack your rivals like Russian spy cops agent and specialarmycombat squad. Escape, Run, Fight & shoot to stopdifferentcriminal activities.Police Secret Agent Crime Gang Game Features:• Highly challenging police secret agent missions• Run, Shoot, Criminal escape, master stealth mode• 15 Thrilling and challenging Missions• Real time 1st Person gameplay Controls• Stealth escape & Assault Shooting adventure• Eliminate terrorist trying to planting bomb insubwaystation• Weapons Aim, Shoot and take clear headshots• Amazing 3D City and downtown street Environment
Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Police Squad 1.0.0
Let’s play Police Tuk Tuk AutoRickshawsquadgame with experience in taking responsibility toarrest citybankrobbers. The game objective is to shoot down bankrobbers&control the city crimes re-arresting all jailescapedprisoners.Drive like public transport driver but act like aswatpolice squadto chase the bank robbery gangsters & arrestthemwithin timelimit. The criminals are in the bank and you needtochase or shootthem down. Proving you the most customizedlatestpolice tuk tuk autorickshaw, having machine gun, missile andsireninstalled on rooftop.The bank robbers and gangsters are outthereon the city roads orpublic places. Your duty is to crackdownagainst gangster mafiawhile they will try to escape andstealthbut you have to arrest themback into jail.An exciting gameplay, shoot and smash the cars. A lot oftasksonyour way while chasing the enemies. Beware!! It’s apublicplace,prisoner car will be driving through the city roadsandshoppingmalls so make sure you don’t hit any citizen. Becometherealpolice tuk tuk driver and chase the gangster vehicle.Allthemissions contains stunning and challenging game-playfilledwithextreme police tuktuk rickshaw driving skills likecarchasing,drifting & ultimate stunts adventure. We are sureyouwillenjoy this cool and real Police Tuk Tuk AutoRickshawDrivingSimulator 3D game.Enjoy the best Police Tuk tuk rickshaw adventure gamethatincludesspeed driving, parking, drifting, and stunts whilechasingthe citycriminals. Tuk Tuk Auto is now all set to drive&arrest therobbers. The heavy unexpected traffic vehicles suchastruck andbusses on the roads and the turns gives you arealdrivingexperience. So you are going be a police rickshaw driverinthisamazing shooting, parking simulator & action game.Ignitetostart tuk tuk rickshaw and become a fastest cop cardrivertofollow the criminal’s furiously, chase to kill shootdowngangsterswhile driving a police tuk tuk rickshaw.The extreme Police Auto rickshaw driving Simulator game givesyouthechance to drive something else then the regular rickshaw,bus,car,truck, taxi, bikes simulator games etc. The new conceptofdriving& shooting will test your real driving andparkingskills whilecop’s gangsters chase vendetta. As a trainedrickshawdriver, you canchase, shoot, smash and do some realdrifting onthe city streets butdrive carefully in city traffic toavoidaccident because heavybuses, trucks are on your way. Ifyouhaven’t drive police TukTukthen it is the best chance for youtoexperience the police tuk tukrickshaw ride.First time in city areas you are driving tuk tuk auto andchasingthecriminal gangs. Enjoy TUK TUK drifting and drive as fastas youlike,but drive carefully to avoid hitting city traffic androadsides.Complete the hard time escape mission objectivesagainstprisoners tounlock the next level. Police officer taskincludingdriving, chasing& rickshaw gun shooting assault, eachlevel ofgame will give youthe new mission of driving andshooting.Different tactics tocomplete the tasks or unlock thenextmissions. Racing & drivinggame play is very easyandaddictive. You have to chase & shootenemy cars, with agunsfitted left right of your police tuk tukrickshaw. Just driveyourpolice rickshaw through the traffic andsmash the gangstersandbank robber vehicles.Police Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Squad Game Features:• Police Squad Adventurous & ThrillingAutoRickshawDriving• Chase and Arrest Criminals to Lockup into the Jail• Hours of Driving Fun with Police RickshawDriverDutyAdventures• A Complete Metropolitan City Environment to Explore• Extreme Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Driving Stunts withAdventurousShootinggangsters• Multiple Camera Modes to Enhance Gameplay Experience
Chicago City Police Story 3D 2.3
Chicago city is in need of the bestpoliceofficers !Chicago city Police Story 3D is a third person 3Dactiongame. Rise from a rookie police officer to a respectedchicagopolice man, enforcer, getaway driver and more in this newest3Dcrime game. This crime game has lots of story features, thinkaboutaction packed missions, from taking out all the bad criminals,carchases, shootouts and so much more! All packed in a big free3Dopen world in our crime simulation game.Take out all the chicago city criminals until it’s acriminalfree city !Write your own story in Chicago City Police Story 3D .Youhave full control in what you can do in this free open worldcrimesimulation game. Police games were never this much fun toplay.Take out all the criminal activities in the city, and earnrespectof chicago. Earn your hard money by completing all thedifferentmissions, so you can upgrade or buy bigger and betterweapons inthis police games simulator.Take back the control of Chicago city !Step behind the wheel of your police car and start your routinejob,surveillance is needed in Chicago city Police Story 3D.Huntdown every criminal and get them in jail in this policegamessimulator. Or take a look from above in a big helicopter, andhuntthem down from above! Aren’t you exciting yet for ChicagocityPolice Story 3D ? Download this police games simulatorrightnow !Chicago City Police Story 3D: Police games simulatorstoryfeatures★ Earn money, buy guns and vehicles★ Loads of different story mission types★ Find all hidden packages★ Epic fun crime story gameplay★ Ride on awesome looking motorbikes and in insane fastsportscars★ Set in a 90 style open world, enjoy the music, enjoy thefeelingand story★ Hunt down all the dangerous police games simulatorcriminals★ Character level system, become bigger, strongerPlease give us some support by rating Chicago City Police Story3Don Google Play or following us on:Facebook - - -
Uphill 8x8 Russian Police Chase Water Surfer 1.0
3Dee Space
Prepare yourself for highly thrillingUphill8x8Russian Police Chase Water Surfer where you as russianpoliceor uspolice city cop has to capture city gangsters belongingtovegas cityon 8 wheeler offroad truck or advanced russian suv.Inthis policeadventure game, experience the driving ofoffroadhummer or realisticrussian truck along with latestcentipede truckas trained police copon uphill offroad tracks.Uphill 8x8 RussianPolice Chase WaterSurfer engages in perfectdownhill hot pursuitor realistic policechase from crazy car chasegames with vegasgangster or real gangsterbelonging to vegas mafiagangster squadutilizing driving simulatoror highly advanced crimesimulator andtruck driving or pro watersurfer skills on downhilltracks withendless fun.Uphill 8x8 Russian Police Chase Water Surfer providesyouexceptionalexperience of uphill offroad tracks or highwaytracksbased policechase or realistic downhill hot pursuit from carchasegames withvicious gangster squad leaders including realgangsteror viciousvegas gangster creating panic by hurtinginnocent peoplein moderncity. In this police adventure game,become part ofrussian police orrealistic us police squad andsuccessfullycapture city gangstersfrom modern city whiledisplaying truckdriving or water surfer skillon uphill offroadtracks. Do you likeplaying police chasing carsgames or highlyengaging gangsters vscops driving games then thispolice monstertruck game will fulfillyour requirement. In thiscrime simulationgame, expertly drive 8wheeler offroad truck orcolorful offroadhummer along with russiantruck in each police carchase missionutilizing crime simulator orhighly advanced realphysics drivingsimulator to instantly capturethe gangster squadbelong to vegasmafia. In this police monstertruck game, track theescapinggangster on your advanced GPRS reachtheir in time &instantlyhitting all gangster cars includingcentipede truck or 4x4monstertruck along with american muscle caras police petrol driverorprofessional russian suv driver andrescue the innocent peopleofthe modern city.In Uphill 8x8 Russian Police Chase Water Surfer you willbeengagedin realistic hot pursuit or engaging police chase fromcrazycargames with city gangster belonging to gangster squad ofvegascitywith 8 wheeler offroad truck or high tech based russiansuvfromrussian police along with centipede truck onbeautifuluphilloffroad tracks. In this police adventure game, be apolicecity cop& us police officer fulfill your police carchasemissions bycapturing real gangster or vegas mafia gangstersquad onrussiansuv or advanced russian suv utilizing drivingsimulator orhighlyadvanced crime simulator of offroad hummerondownhilltracks.Features:- Beautifully designed 3D HD graphics from police crimegames.- Top 4x4 police monster truck sounds & effects frompolicecargames.- Highly customized thrilling levels of smashingandracinggame.- Highly thrilling police racing game based play mode.- Highly intuitive controls for making stunts withwatersurferskills & movements from water games.
SuperHero Police Car Chase 1.0
Witty Gamerz
Do you like superhero fighting games orpolicevs thief car racing games 3d? Become a police superhero infightgames 3d police and thief car. This 3D city is invaded bytheMafia, thieves & thugs, become hero in this criminal taleofsuperhero vs supervillains. Welcome to the best uniquethrillingFPS gunship shooting car action 3D game with. Enjoy actiontoarrest city criminals and bank robbers thief in thissuperheropolice car Chase simulation but remember this is notpolice chasegames where you are the criminal. This police vscriminal cardriving game 3d is super-hot blend of police vscriminal gun fightgames. Superhero fighting games were never beenso thrilling. Areyou ready to become a police hero in fight games3d police andthief car with SUPERHERO POLICE CAR CHASE! Extremecombo attackwith police chasing thief games.Game-Play of Superhero 3D Games:Police superhero battle has just begun in city, don’tletpedestrians get attacked, or banks and citizens get robbed.Useyour gunship superhero police battle car to chase the thievesandmafias in police vs criminal gun fight games. In police cargamesracing real escape race you have to win this mafia war tobecome ahero in SWAT police in superhero fighting games.ThisCriminal Chaseaddictive game is all about a police car simulatorfor policepursue missions in which your job to stop the bankrobbers andthieves or thugs. Criminals are stealing cash from banks&shops, and trying to escape with stealing money in police vsthiefcar racing games 3d.You have played police chase games where you are the criminalbutnow its chance to become a superhero police officer. Enjoytheultimate battle of police and criminals with police cargamesracing real escape race and forget other police chasingthiefgames. Fulfill your cop duty and chase criminals in yourgunshippolice car with latest police car chase 3d games. Breakmafiasescape plan and arrest them at the crime site with cheap racecargames with police chase you super game with very verythrilling.Prove your police car driving and shooting skills alltogether.Shoot and kill criminals like American sniper in policecar chasegame. Realistic Shooting, chasing or Racing, FPS andsimulation inone police vs criminal car driving game 3d.Features of Police Car Gun Fight Game:Multiple police vehicles with gunship weapon for comboattack.Drive police car like real superhero of the San Andreas city.Chase in police car, Shoot and kill thief and criminals.Extreme Crime Pursuit and Chase with superhero fightinggames.Police shooting and car chase twist in one police vs thief 3dcarracing top free game.Folks! Beat these supervillains and fulfill your duty which isbringthe peace back and crack down and enforce the law with policecarchase 3d games. Download SUPERHERO POLICE CAR CHASE and becomerealpolice hero in crime town with police chasing thiefgames.
Police Horse Street Crime Chase: NY City Cop Duty 1.0
Be a part of the New York City copdepartmentand get the chance to eliminate the crime factor in yourbelovedcity. This time the fun is going to increase tremendously asyouhave to chase the criminal mafia while riding horse. Thishorserunner chase game is the ultimate fun pack where yourfightingskills and horse riding skills will be tested to removetheterrorists and mafia from your city while helping the New Yorkcitypolice.A war crime chase is going on in the city. Grand city robberyhastaken place somewhere while in some area there has been astreetfight. The innocent civilians are terrified. NY cop aredoingconstant patrols and are trying best to investigate crime butthesituation is worsening. They are in need of a city hero who candosome real time action while doing horse riding. Police HorseStreetCrime Chase: NY City Cop Duty gives you the chance to proveto thepolice cops that you have got some talent and skills underyoursleeves.Police horse criminal chase is not going to be like some easycopechase games. It requires your horse riding skills, yourfightingskills and a true valor to keep off the terrorists fromyour city.The Police Crime city department is on constant alert.Lots ofcomplaints are coming in. Civilians are in a misery. Bankrobberyhas become an everyday crime. A New York cop hero who is afearlessfighter is required to do the chase. Don’t think of PoliceHorseStreet Crime Chase: NY City Cop Duty as some ordinary policehorsegames. You are in for a big thrill and adventure filledsurprise.Horse run games have never been so much fun.A criminal horse chase operation is going on. Wild horse arebeingtrained in the police horse control department. Policeofficialsare being given high intensity trainings. Every step isbeing takento control crime and take action to caught robbers,prisoner,gangster, criminal, bad guys and the terrorist in thisinteractivehorse game. It’s one of those police riding games whereyou are thelone hero provided with an angry horse outside the horseranch andyou have to stop a bank robbery while at times you wouldhave to doa crime chase after an urgent call from the BankCash-in-transitsecurity officials. Police Horse Street Crime Chase:NY City CopDuty is actually a combination of `all cop chase games,car drivingchase games, police chase games and horse racinggames.Its your job to keep the country safe and secure for thecivilians.This crime operation is wholly your responsibility. Asyou say “myhorse game” it’s your goal to make the best out of allthe derbyquest criminal missions. Conduct active crime chaseoperations andconquer the hearts of people. . The horse world derbyquest horseexercise department have left their best horses at yourdisposal.Police Horse Street Crime Chase: NY City Cop Duty is thebest crimepolice chase simulator and cop chase game you cancomeacross.Police Horse Street Crime Chase: NY City Cop Duty offers youaplatform where every step is filled with danger andadventure.Police Criminals chase operations are being carried outin thecity. Metro New York is being patrolled by officers.Criminalrobbery is at its peak. Robbers get cash and snatchvaluables frompasserby. The terrorists have block prisoners jail.Street fightersand thugs are chasing civilians. A police crew isalwaysinvestigating the streets in a cops car. But still the cityis in astate of turmoil. Police chase operations have to be carriedout.You being the Marion star have to ride a war horse. Be a partof USCop and play several police games going on in the roads. Makeyourown police- horse story. Even the horse stable is situated inthecenter of the deadly crime town. So at times getting to yourhorsewill be risky as well. You should know how to playwithdanger.Game FeaturesAdventurous Horse riding situationsBreathtaking City BackgroundsAdventurous Missions and levelsSmooth controls.
Mounted Police City Horse Chase 1.0
Mounted Police City Horse ChaseBecome police officer and arrest the criminalsusingmountedhorse.The city has gone crazy with multiple robbers,terroristanddangerous criminals that you will see in police horse.You willbemounted as a police officer and chase the bad guy bytaking rideonyour police horse. Before you enter in this horsechase arena,wearpolice uniform, take your gun and chase allcriminals inmountedpolice. You will catch the criminals by usingpolice horseand givethem worst punishment in horse for the games2018. You willtakeride on police horse and patrol all the streetsin mountedpolice.You will become horse rider and handcuff all theprisoners,whohave broken the jail by using derby horses in policehorse ofthegames 2018. We will give you realistic horse gamesenvironmentwithstunning police horses range in horse chase. Youwill spreadfearon all the criminals, who are bank robbers, prisonbreakerandother terrorists in horse riders. Become police horses 3driderandtake control on various city locations to getdangerouscriminalsby using your derby horses in police games. Youwill takeunlimitedfun during play this horse sim.In this mounted police city horse chase game, you willputthehandcuffs to escape prisoner and other street criminalwhocreatepanic feeling among citizens. You will be mounted horseoftherider and patrol all the locations to find robbers,thievesorthugs in horse for the simulator. You will takemultiplethrillingand adventurous police missions in city police. Itwill beeasy toplay in initial levels in these horse for the games2017.Take rideon world’s beautiful horses and catch the criminalinhorse for theriding. You will use police horses on off-roadmountedarea; whereyou have to catch criminals and take promotion inpolicegames. Wewill give you addictive horse criminal atmospherewithappealinghorse chase. Your enemies will take walk onmultiplestreets andperform criminal acts in horse for thesimulator. Inthis crimepolice horse chase game, we will give youwide range citypolicewith multiple horses. Show your expertise as apolice officeranderadicate all the bad guys who will break the jailinhorsecriminal for the chase 2018. Don’t forget to use horse’sbitduringride on quest horse in police games. You will getmultiplegameplayscenarios; where you have to learn how to catch thesharpcriminalsby using police horses and other police vehicles inhorsecrime. Wewill give you limited time to accomplish missions inhorsefor thesimulator 2018. If you fail to catch criminal byusingpolice horsethen mission will be failed in police patrol. Youwilltake chargeof the whole city and take care of citizen fromrobbers,thieves ordangerous criminals who create panic surroundingonpeoples inhorse chase. This criminal chase horse simulatorgamegives youin-app to unlock police horses and to removeads.In this police chase horse quest game, we will giveyoumultiplehorse for the riding missions with heartsnatchingenvironment. Wewill give you a chance to fulfill yourdream to takeride on policehorse within the city in police horsefor the games2018. We willgive you smooth gameplay control andvarious button tocontrol yourpolice horse in police games. Createpolice squad andput all theterrorist in jail who are going to robthe bank in horsecriminal.You will use navigation map to checkcriminal location andrun yourpolice horse to catch them in horsefor the simulator. Comeandquickly download this horse riders:police crime chasegame.Mounted Police City Horse Chase Features:• Put handcuff to criminals and robbers• Horse chasing with perfect city missions• A unique concept for horse riders lovers• Amazing horse for the games environment with HD graphics• Play as a police officer to take control of the crimesSo download this mounted police city horse chase game.
NYPD Car Chase Encounter : Police Chase Simulator 1.4
Up for some reckless gangster carchaseinfuturistic NYPD car chase encounter? This policechasesimulatorwill give you the real feel of hot police pursuitinfuturistic copcars. Hunt the criminal gangster squad and takedownthe crime lordin this NYPD car chase encounter game. Drivefast,drive furiousand catch the outlaws destroying your city andtaketheir crimenetwork down forever. The mafia is known forrecklessgetaway andreal prado racing with cop chase, but they havemettheir match,which is YOU, in this NYPD Car Chase Encounter:PoliceChaseSimulator game.Your city was once a haven until criminals startedgettingstrongerdue to corrupt local officials and it is up to yousave NewYorkcity from the gangster squad and their crime lord whois a fanofreal prado racing. The gangster squad is fast, and youneed tobefast, vigilant and furious as the gangster mafia is amasterofreckless getaway. Until now the city police have beenunabletomake any arrests due to the connections of the crime lord.EventheNYPD has some black sheep which is why you have beentransferredtoNYPD as the chief of police as you have a track recordofkeepingyour city safe and clean of any gangster squad orcrimelord.NYPD is looking up to you as their savior and rescuespecialist.Yourpolice chase skills are what you are famous for andyou needto puton your top cop hat when you are out there in NewYorkcityprotecting the citizens from the heinous crimes andheiststhatthese gangsters are committing in your city. Nothingissafeanymore as these crime mafia are getting stronger and NYPDhasbeenhelpless but not anymore because the fastest cop cardriverhasjust been called to save the city and put an end tobankrobbery,reckless getaway and cops chasing gangster resultingindamage tothe futuristic New York city and it futuristicpolicecars.Our NYPD Car Chase Encounter: Police Chase Simulator givesyoutheoption to choose the role you want to play i.e. as a toppolicecopcriminal chasing driver or a crime lord leading a gangstersquadtocreate unrest in the city and the people living in it.Youwillhave multiple car options to choose from for each roleaseachfuturistic police car has different features andpowers.Thegangster squad cars are better as they have loadsoffinancialstrength whereas the NYPD is low on resources andtheyhave tochase criminals in the limited futuristic cars they haveintheirgarage.NYPD Car Chase Encounter: Police Chase Simulator features:1. Futuristic police cars to choose from2. Real cop chase 3D simulator3. Hot police pursuit4. Option is become a member of gangster squad andchallengethepolice5. Fast crime lord cars6. Real prado outlaws7. Choose to play as a member of city police, NYPD8. Ultimate reckless getaway police car chasegraphicsandgameplaySo, what are you waiting for? Download our NYPD CarChaseEncounter:Police Chase Simulator game now and chasegangsterssquad and theircrime lord out of New York as the new chiefofpolice who is bestknown for his car chase encounter and havefunin this police chasesimulator.MoreGames: https://www.gamekraftstudios.comFacebook:
6x6 Police Truck Water Surfer Criminal Chase Game 1.0
Prepare yourself for highly thrilling6x6Police Truck Water Surfer Criminal Chase Game adventure whereyouwill get engaged in exciting police chase missions with offroad6x6truck or realistic police car on the shores of the Oahu beach.Thispolice truck game, allows you to avail opportunity of becomingcitycop or highly trained truck driver which to accomplish cityrescuemissions including successfully chasing real gangster orprovicious vegas gangster belonging to wanted miami crime groupofcity gangsters. In this police vs thief game, you will havetoaccomplish police chase or exciting hot pursuit with colorfulwatersurfer car from engaging water games while revealingexceptionalwater stunts with water surfing abilities to accomplisheverysingle gangster chase. 6x6 Police Truck Water Surfer CriminalChaseGame you will be intimated to execute police car duty forbecomingpolice petrol driver of colorful 6x6 pickup truck or Hightechpolice car along with realistic police monster truckpossessingunique driving simulator or realistic supersonic actionsimulatorwhich is idea to detain deadly gangster from vegas mafiaescapingfrom crime city.In 6x6 Police Truck Water Surfer Criminal Chase Game youwillexperience extreme thrilling play mode while becoming policetruckdriver or city cop which has to perform police car chasedutyadjacent blue sea beach assigned by highly organized crimecitypolice squad. In this police truck game, you willexperiencedriving of high tech GPRS based offroad 6x6 truck orcolorfulpolice car and get involved in thrilling hot pursuit withrealgangster escaping from crime city after committing seriouscrimes.Are you fan of engaging police crime games or highlyaddictive carracing games then you find this police game as peryour uniquerequirement. In this police vs thief game, you will havetoaccomplish various police car chase missions with vegasgangstersbelonging to miami crime with supersonic action simulatorand hightech GPRS based driving simulator. In this police vs thiefgame,drive all water surfer car or advanced police car along with4x4police monster truck from water games aggressively get involveineach police car chase with advanced driving simulator or hightechaction simulator to capture each vegas gangster belonging tomiamicrime.In 6x6 Police Truck Water Surfer Criminal Chase Gamesuccessfullyaccomplish each police chase mission at the shores ofOahu beachwith offroad 6x6 truck or realistic police car along withpolicemonster truck from water games and detain real gangster orviciousvegas gangster from miami crime utilizing city cop or protruckdriver skills in deadly hot pursuit or realistic gangsterchase. Inthis police truck game, expertly drive all high techvideos policetruck or colorful pickup truck along with water surfercar in bluesea with action simulator or driving simulator watersurfing skillsand capture each city gangster.Features:- High quality 3D HD colorful graphics from policecrimegames.- High quality sounds & effects from police car games.- Highly engaging optimized levels from police vs thief game.- Optimized controls for movement on crime city highway&beach- Highly addictive police racing game based play mode.
NY Police Car Chase & Criminal Shooting 2018 1.1
Get ready for Extreme NY Police Car Chase&Criminal Shooting 2018 and traffic shooting police battleexperiencethat takes you to the edge of the action with its epichighwaypolice chase with turrets and guns on the road in thisendlesstraffic shooter game. The fighting mafia criminals are onthe runand you need to catch or shoot them down in an extreme dirtroadtown with turrets and guns in this traffic sniper policebattle.Equipped with the city attack fully charged supercars andcustomizedcars, having machine gun and missile installed on it,the big fightof hitting the dirt road & overtaking doesn't getany moreextreme than this with a free gun and run. The drug mafiawars, mobwars, crime city traffic sniper mafia and the terroristsare outthere in the public places, disturbing the justice &peace ofthe city. Time to take vengeance from crooked cops onheist modes.Execute big bank robbery & auto theft in mafiadriving game.Show guts for grand gangster theft and intriguingdriving missionsin suburban town. Drive sports car from perilousmaze of modern citystreets after robbing gold and diamonds frombig bank. Drive throughbreathtaking environments and obstacles toescape from police cars.Complete gangster escape missions frompolice car chase before theycaught you again. Like a notoriouscriminal, escape from police carracer by safe driving in cops androbbers sim.Become a policeman, hop into the car and chase criminals withgreatfirepower. You have to be a great driver and shoot atcriminals anddestroy their cars. Blown away while drivingrecklessly forsurvival in police vs. robbers’ game. Take control ofrevved upengine and fire up nitro boost to race in underworld mafiadrivinggame. Drive fast to get prison escaped from police car chaseandultimately become real mobster of sin city. Be aninternationalcriminal speeding away from crime patrol squad in thelatest carescape game. Be the perfect police car driver to chaserobbers,criminals and street racers. Have a furious drive on thecitystreets with chasing, smashing and car stunts. Relive therivalrybetween cops and robbers. Street racers and criminals aregettingaway with a crime so fulfil your duty as a trained policecopdriver to chase criminals. Do you love driving fast cars anddriftaround. Time to get crazy with NY Police Car Chase &CriminalShooting 2018 to smash criminal cars. One of the best realcopsimulator games is here.You will also get to collect a lot of pickups on your grandsnakechase of the counter-terrorist enemy’s gangs escaping prisonandchance to be a real action police fastest hero. Beware oftheobstacles!! It’s a public place, mob criminals &counterterrorist gangs will be driving through the desert Vegascitycausing heat, dirt off-road townships, shopping malls,schoolyard,hospitals, public parking, so make sure you don’t hitany innocent.Your duty is fighting mafia & bringing the peaceback andcrackdown, enforce the law and be a real action hero inthis thebig fight & free 3D action car battle endless shootinggame,before the crime city gangsters getaway and stop thetrafficshooter mob wars. This free action racing game is forhardcoregamers who enjoy the top latest Shooting, Racing, FPS,simulationgames.NY Police Car Chase & Criminal Shooting 2018 features- Easy to Difficult missions- Realistic city environment- Cool physics of cars- Machine gun and different types of other weapons- Optimized tilt, steer & swipe controls- Real sound effects and music
Police Motorbike Simulator 3D
Game Pickle
Take to the city streets on a realpolicemotorbike in the latest bike driving simulator game. You arethelatest recruit in the academy and it's your first time on theroadswith your standard issue city traffic police motorbike.!!AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD NOW, FOR FREE!!Experience real motorbike driving like never before, withrealisticphysics, you get to drive motorbike the way their meant tobe. Doall sorts of amazing tricks, stunts, and bike movementsthroughoutthe huge open city.Become the best police bike rider in the city and uphold the lawasyou turn on your siren and wave down traffic drivers breakingthelaw. Real authentic police bikes and siren sounds used to getthereal deal in this amazing new simulator driving game.So rev your engines, put on your motorcycle helmet, put thesirenson blast, and blaze through the city streets as the newestpoliceofficer in town in the all new and exciting motorbike game,PoliceMotorbike Simulator 3D! Available now for freedownload!
Crime City - Police Car Simulator 1.6
Catch all the action, an excitingthief-copchase and all the drama in the latest game police chasegame -Crime City - Police Car Simulator.Fast cars and a loud police siren will make you feel like a realcopon the streets! Crime City - Police Car Simulator is anactionpacked, super exciting police and thief chasing game.Be the fastest cop car driver with no speed limits in youramazingpolice car. Crime City - Police Car Simulator has a garagefull ofthe most powerful cop cars. View a range of police cars inthegarage, each with it’s own powerful features.Complete levels and different missions to earn money andpurchasenew cop cars with exciting upgrades. Dynamic camera angleshelp youdrive better in the open world city.Crime City - Police Car Simulator has an exciting ChallengeMode.Chase, drift, jump, Nitro boost and crash into the thief carstothrow them off the road. But, save your police car fromcrashes!Beware of Emergency Levels where you have to race againsttime andreach the emergency spot quickly.You can even choose to patrol around the big city in thePatrollingMode. Explore amazing locations around the open worldcity in a copcar and keep it free of crime.Exciting FEATURES of Crime City - Police Car Simulator:- Powerful police cars- Huge open world with wide open roads- Challenge mode - police car chasing- Endless Patrolling game mode- Emergency levels- Dynamic camera angles- Stunning 3D graphics- Realistic game physics- Smooth car handling- Realistic police car sirenCrime City - Police Car Simulator is an exciting chase gamethatwill get your adrenaline pumping Be fast be furious andracethrough the highway traffic to chase criminals out of yourcity.This police car simulator game is perfect for all ages and isagood stress buster.
Offroad Police Transporter Sim: Police Games 2018 1.1
Zygon Games
Welcome to Offroad Police Truck Transport&Cargo Helicopter Simulator!!Get behind the steering of most amazing offroad policevehiclestransporter game. Truck and car transportation usinglargetransportation vehicles is very common but do you want to getthereal life experience of transporting police vans and policetrucks?This offroad police truck carrier game is the mostdifficultvehicle transportation game because of curvy tracks andmountainousranges. Start driving a multi truck trailer loaded withpolice carsand police vans. Transportation duty is not very simple,because ofvery long and difficult tracks. Enjoy the driving feel ofvariouspolice vehicles.This Police Truck Transportation game is based on a real lifestoryof famous truck transport hero Phillip. Phillip grew up in asmalltown midst of a mountainous valley. All he saw throughout hislifeis the cargo truck transportation and wood log transportthroughhis village because a shortcut route passes through hisvillage.when he crossed his teenage, he learned professional trucktrailertransport and offroad cargo transport. He then startedhistransporting career and resumed enough to be the besttrucktransport drive of the town. Usually he transported policecargo tohelipad from where they transported these goods to anothercitywith the help of cargo helicopter.OffRoad Police transport truck & cargo helicopter gives youtheultimate real life cargo transport experience which youneverimagined. Apart from police truck transport via truck trailer,youcan have another gameplay mode. You can transport police cargoviaa cargo helicopter. Drive a huge cargo helicopter withbesthelicopter driver skills meanwhile cruise your trailertruckthrough sharp edges on hillsides and sloppy tracks. Feel asthebest truck driver and a real pilot with offroad policetransportgame 2017.Deliver cargo and police trucks to desired locationandtransportation mode in time to complete varioustransportationmissions. Be very careful while driving on hillytracks because youmay lose your balance while enjoying thebreath-taking view ofoffroad hill station track. Fly high to notget distracted by birdsand take off slowly maintaining thehelicopter balance. Enjoy theamazing hill drive offroad transporttruck driving, helicopterflight and riding a cargo trailer loadedwith police trucks.Complete the offroad police transport truckadventure deliver thepolice cars to the transport location.Offroad Police Truck Transport & CargoHelicopterFeatures:- Enjoy flying helicopter as army pilot- Dangerous Offroad Turns and sloppy roads- Make helicopter landing and smooth takeoff- Multi driving experience with pro driver skills- Huge cargo helicopter’s carrying police cargo andpolicevans- Drive heavy truck, police pickup truck to transportpolicecargo- 3d Graphics- Intuitive controls and modified Sound Effects- Offroad Adventure with variety of Transport Missions- Best cargo helicopter physics engine
Police Bike Racing Free 1.4
Feel like a real cop on a realpolicemotorbike! Play the latest police motorbike drivingsimulatorgame!Police Bike Racing Free is an action packed, super excitingpoliceand thief chasing simulator game.Be the fastest police bike rider with no speed limits!PoliceBike Racing Free has a garage full of the most powerfulcopmotorbikes. View a range of police bikes in the garage,eachwith it’s own powerful features!Police Bike Racing Free has an exciting ChallengeMode.Drift, jump, Nitro boost, chase and crash into the thiefbikes andcars to throw them off the road.You can even choose to patrol around the big city inthePatrolling Mode. Explore amazing locations around theopenworld city in a cop bike and keep it free of crime.Complete levels and different missions to earn money andpurchasenew police bikes with exciting upgrades. Each bike ismorepowerful than the other, with many exciting features.Exciting FEATURES of Police Bike Racing Free- Huge open world with wide open roads- Powerful police bikes to choose from- Dynamic camera angles- Challenge mode- Patrolling mode- Stunning 3D graphics- Smooth and realistic police bike handling- Realistic game physics- Endless patrolling game mode- Realistic police sirenPolice Bike Racing Free will let you be the cop you alwayswantedto be! Turn on the loud police siren, race through thehighwaytraffic and catch the bad guys! This police bike simulatorgame isperfect for all ages and is a good stress buster.Police Bike Racing Free is an exciting chase game that willgetyour adrenaline pumping!
Police Shooting car chase 2.1.9
Sunstar Games
Get ready to hit the dirt in this XtremePoliceShooting Car Chase traffic shooting police battle experiencethattakes you to the edge of the action with its epic highwaypolicechase with turrets and guns on the road in this endlesstrafficshooter game. The fighting mafia criminals are on the runand youneed to catch or shoot them down in an xtreme dirt roadtown withturrets and guns in this traffic sniper police battle.Equipped withthe city attack fully charged super cars andcustomized cars, havingmachine gun and missile installed on it,the big fight of hittingthe dirt road & overtaking doesn't getany more xtreme than thiswith free gun and run. The drug mafiawars, mob wars, crime citytraffic sniper mafia and the terroristsare out there on the publicplaces, disturbing the justice &peace of the city. Your duty isfighting mafia & bringing thepeace back and crack down, enforcethe law and be a real actionhero in this the big fight & free3D action car battle endlessshooting game, before the crime citygangsters getaway and stop thetraffic shooter mob wars.You must have played many xtreme racing getaway endlessshootinggames but the excitement of this free 3D action racingdeathmatchdemolition game is that you get a chance of testing yourepicwarfare driving overtaking and shooting bullet skills alltogetherin an explosive way to be a real action hero.So let’s forget asphalt and hit the dirt road and drive like a3Daction hero and shoot like a road warrior to chase downprisonbreaking criminals before they getaway. Police shooting carchasedelivers xtreme exciting car battle demolition gameplay,amazingshooting mechanics and a chance earn the points to upgradeyoursuper cars. Moreover, the game also offers almost an onehandedcontrol system, where the players can easily customizetheircontrols to their liking with tilt or swipe. You will also gettocollect a lot of pickups on your grand snake io chase ofthecounter terrorist enemies gangs escaping prison and chance to beareal action police fastest hero. Beware of the obstacles !! It’sapublic place, mob criminals & counter terrorists gangs willbedriving through the desert vegas city causing heat, dirt offroadtownships, shopping malls, schoolyard, hospitals, publicparking,so make sure you don’t hit any innocent.This is one of the top free games in racing that packs quite apunchwith it solid action packed 3D game play where you cantransformfrom a racer to a killing machine.The mission is called “real racing chase deathmatch”Top game features-Challenging tracks, including Xtreme dirt offroad track-Easy to Difficult missions-Realistic city environment-Cool physics of cars-Machine gun and missile attacks and huge explosions-Optimized tilt, steer & swipe controls-Real sound effects and musicThis free action racing game is for hardcore gamers who enjoythetop latest Shooting, Racing, FPS, simulation games. Neverbeforewill you have found yourself being a real racingshooterPS. We work hard to ensure that our games run properly oneverymajor android phone and tablet. If however you encounter anyissuewhich doesn't let you enjoy our games, please report
Flying Police Motorcycle Rider 1
GT Race Games
Do you love police motorbike riding games?Wantto get into a criminal case? Want to fly your motorcycle likeanairplane? This Game is perfect for you!You can test your airplane pilot skills and motorcycleridingability at the same time.Fly your plane around the world discover new landscapes, Driveyourpolice motorcycle do stunts and drifts! burn theasphaltroad!Get the extreme experience of pirate airplane chase withFlyingPolice Motorcycle Rider.Flying Police Motorcycle Rider is totally different from policecargames.In this game as a cop you're driving a flying policemotorbikerather than driving in city and chasing criminals. turn onsiren,lock on target, launch missile, bombard and takedowncriminals bethe legendary super hero of the world. Enjoy flyingpolicemotorcycle and be the best cop.Flying Police Motorcycle Rider is made for all fans of flyingcargames, free moto driving games, Simulation games andAirplaneFlight gamesFLYING POLICE MOTORCYCLE RIDER - GAME FEATURES:✔ Test your Police Bike Driving Skills✔ Improve Airplane Flight Ability✔ Sports Cop Motorcycle Model✔ Stunning HD Graphics✔ Beautiful Mountains and islands✔ Realistic and dynamic auto physics✔ Advanced airplane flight physics✔ Easy and Free to use✔ No WiFi? No Problem.✔ Offline PlayInstall now and feel the best police airplaneflightexperience!