Top 7 Games Similar to charizard adventure

Charizard Dragon Fighter 1.0
Charizard Dragon fighter is a funny 2Dgame,youcan play with charizard Dragon and pass the levels. you’vetopassthe obstacles and wins the levels.Try to avoid all the obstacles by jumping on them and winthecoinsand gold.With the latest one-touch simple control, it is easy foreverybodytoplay charizard game adventure !Share this incredibleadventurearcaderunning game with your friends and familytoday!Reach the highest score and compete your friends withcharizardgoand enjoy your time.How To Play:- Tap to jump and double tap to double jump .- ide and race in the road- Collect more coins as many as you can .Features:- easy to play and free.- High-quality graphics.- Different Game Modes .- 100+ Challenging Levels Survival .- very small APK file size to download in short time.- Lightweight Game .- Free kids , girls and boys games .- mobile games, phone games and tablets !>> BE THE FIRST TO END THE GAME CHALLENGE <<After downloading this amazing game of charizard GAME PleaseRateus★★★★★.Good luck for this adventure.
Squirtle Smash adventure 1.0
super squirtle Smash adventure isaclassiccalplatformer with awesome graphics and one of thefunadventure gamesqnd runing ,The game is played in more than4different worldsGiving more fun to play.You must help skwiro to collect a lot of balls togaingreaterstrength to overcome various obstacles and monsters ineachtripand jungle , The hero in this game is one of thebestfriendsraichu and charizard and super pikachu and bulbasaurTheyare allon one mission to fight the bad guys.How to play squirtle Smash adventure 2017just follow the arrow and you can run before and can play the game like a super ben in jungle and4differentworlds .Features+ Beautiful graphics and Simple+ Game suitable for children and all ages+ Play for all ages+ free game+ Music and sound effects+ Phone and Tablet support+ more than 4 different worldsI hope to Enjoy game super squirtle Smash adventure andshareyourfreinds , Are you ready to complete the game!
Charizard Dragon Jump Aventure 2.0
charizard dragon jump adventure is a new2Dgamefor fun, you can play with charizard Dragon and pass have also to pass the obstacles and winsthelevels.This Game is FREE !The game takes place in the jungle so that the herosupercharizardwill overcome enemies and jump over obstacles tocollectthelargest possible number of pokeball And gain a lot ofstrengthandenergy to continue this adventure.Try to avoid all the obstacles by jumping over them and getahighscore.Challenge your friends and family by beating your credit scoreasyourun through the intimidating forests and castles of theamazonat topspeed while dodging the on-coming obstacles.This game is dedicated for you and for all the fans oftheherocharizard!Help our dragon in this journey in the depth of the oceanandforestrich of different monsters and animals save hislife.This game is for all ages and easy to play you have just toTaponthe screen to jump and double tap to double jump .** Game features:-Easy Control of the game by clicking on the phonescreenortablet-Extremely smooth controls-High Quality Graphics!-Many Of Characters: Pokemonman, zard Boy,Chari-Man,CharizardDragon-Simple and addictive game for all ages-100% FreeCharizard Jungle Excursion in the temple is extremelyfun,addictiveand can keep your amused for hours! A fairytaleuniversepacked withadventure, traveling islandsDownload Temple charizard dragon endless running adventureJungleforfree today and share game with your best freinds.
Super Bulbasaur Run Game 1.2
Bienvenue dans le monde desjeuxamusantsd'aventures de Super Bulbasaur Gratuit.L'idée principale de ce jeu est d'aider le héro superBulbasauretami de pikachu à recueillir beaucoup de pokeballs etdesurmonterles différents obstacles sur son chemin.Notre héro bulbasaur et camarade de charizard dragon setrouvedansune aventure dangereuse dans sa route vers le temple àcôté delamer et a besoin de votre intelligence pour accomplir samissionetsauver sa vie.Êtes-vous prêt à aider super bulbasaur Pour gagner ettriompherenapportant beaucoup de pokeballs?Bulbasaur run adventure est un jeu de course et de sautpourpasserdes moments agréables en famille.Dans sa route à côté de la ville le frog bulbasaur va fairefaceàbeaucoup d'obstacles comme des camions d'ancienne générationetdestours de contrôle qui vont l'aider à augmenter sa vitesse etàlaréduire.**Caractéristiques:-Belles images de haute qualité-Différents niveaux de jeuJ-eu pour enfants et tous les âges-belle musique-Jeu gratuit-Beau fond de haute qualitéPour jouer c'est trés simple il suffit de Cliquer sur leboutonPLAYpour commencer et appuyez ensuite sur l'écran dutéléphonepoursauter et surmonter les obstacles.Maintenant il ne vous reste qu'à télécharger cenouveaujeud'aventure Bulbasaur run et profitez bien avec vosamis!Bonne chance à vous dans cette mission aventureuse etn'oubliezpasde laisser vos suggestions!Welcome to the worldoffungames Super Free Bulbasaur adventures.The main idea of ​​this game is to help the super hero andfriendofPikachu Bulbasaur gather many Pokeballs andovercomevariousobstacles in its path.Our hero bulbasaur and fellow charizard dragon is inadangerousadventure in his way to the temple next to the seaandneeds yourintelligence to accomplish its mission and savehislife.Are you ready to help bulbasaur great to win and triumphinbringingmuch Pokeballs?Bulbasaur run adventure is a racing game and jumping forapleasantfamily time.In its road next to the city the frog bulbasaur willfacemanyobstacles as of old trucks and generation of controltowersthatwill help increase speed and reduce.**Characteristics:-Belles high quality images-Various levels of playJ-had children and all ages-beautiful music-Free game-Beautiful high quality backgroundTo play it's very simple just click on the PLAY button tostartandpress the phone screen to jump and overcomeobstacles.Now it only remains you download this new Bulbasaurrunadventuregame, and enjoy with your friends!Good luck to you in this adventurous mission and do notforgettoleave your suggestions!
Super Pikachu Jumping Adventures Game 1.0
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Bienvenue dans le monde des jeuxd'aventuresetde saut des super pikachu run adventuremagnéfique!Super Pikatchu jumping Adventures est un Nouveaujeud'aventuregratuit et trés amusant, L'idée principale de ce jeuestd'aider lesuper pika héro de recueillir beaucoup de piéces etdesurmonterles différents obstacles sur son chemin.Si vous êtes un fan de courir et sauter des jeux amusants,vousêtesdans le bon lieu!Ce jeu de plateforme en 2D vous offre un agréablepasse-tempsavecsuper pikachu adventure dans la jungle.Dans ce jeu d'aventure de notre héro pikachu vous alleztrouverungraphique visuel à couper le souffle et des commandessimplespourse balader avec l'ami de super charizard adventures etdebulbasaurgame dans la nature! Vous allez courir, sauteretcollecter despièces à travers différents niveaux.Notre ami le super pikachuu jumping and running adventuresdanscetteaventure passionnante court rapidement pour réussiràrecueillir despokeballs Et essaye de ne pas tomber dans lesmainsde sesennemis.Êtes-vous prêt à aider super Pikachu à terminer sa missionetàgagner dans cette aventure passionnante et ramassertantdepokeball?**Caractéristiques-Belle musique pour les enfants-Jeu gratuit ne nécessitant pas d'achat-Beau fond de haute qualité-Jeu pour enfants et tous les âges-Différents niveaux de jeuPour commencer le jeu c'est trés simple il suffit de cliquersurlebouton Start et pika va prendre l'élan pour sauter etcourirencollectant des pokballs et surmontant les risques.Télécharger ce jeu gratuit de Super Pikachu jeud'aventureEtprofiter bien et n'oubliez pas de le partager avec vosamis!etbonne chance!Welcome to theworldofadventure games and jumping super Pikachurunmagneficadventure!Super Pikatchu jumping New Adventures is a free adventuregameandvery fun, The main idea of ​​this game is to help thesuperheropika collect many pieces and overcome various obstaclesinitspath.If you are a fan of running and jumping fun games, you'reintheright place!This platform game in 2D offers a pleasant pastime withgreatPikachuadventure in the jungle.In this adventure game our hero Pikachu you'll find avisualgraphicbreathtaking and simple controls for walking with afriendof greatadventures and charizard bulbasaur game in thewild!You'll run,jump and collect coins through variouslevels.Our friend the great pikachuu jumping and running adventuresinthisexciting adventure quickly short to successfullycollectPokeballsAnd try not to fall into the hands of hisenemies.Are you ready to help super Pikachu to finish his mission andtowinin this exciting adventure and collect so many pokeball?**Characteristics-Nice music for childrenFree -Game requiring no purchase-Beautiful high quality background-Game for kids and all ages-Various levels of playTo start the game is very simple just click on the Startbuttonandpika will take the momentum to jump and run collectingpokballsandovercoming risks.Download this free game Super Pikachu adventure game andenjoywelland do not forget to share it with your friends!andgoodluck!
Bulbasaur jungle adventure 1.1
Bulbasaur jungle adventure Is a freesuspensegame specially made for you and all the children of theworld wholove the hero frog bulbasaur and his distinguished friendssuperpikachu and charizard and Squirtle Against evil.hero bulbasaur In a dangerous adventure in the jungle anddifferentworlds on a mission to collect pokballs Are you ready tohelp superbulbasaur To win the job and bring a lot of pokball,There are wildanimals seriously want to overcome our friend theFrog bulbasaurAnd prevented him from completing the road in thejungle.Bulbasaur jungle adventure run It is a game of running andjumpingfunTo achieve more power you have a lot of balls and collect coinsandovercome obstacles and various risksFeatures+ multiple world and nice ghraphics+ support phone and tablet+ new lokk main caractér bulba+ Free game do not need to purchaseDownload the game Bulbasaur now and share friends and familyfunfree
Magikarp pika pika 1.0
During a wonderful magical journey tosavetheworld, collect some coins, money, diamonds and treasuresandfindmany secret doors to collect more money!pikachu+The aim of this game is for babies and babies, onechild,adults,children, and your kids! So, every family will beablepokémonmagikarp to play a great time this father'sgame?Achild!eeveeWith this amount of money, you will be able to passsomedifficultlevels that you do not know how to pass. This will beagreat helpin this game magikarp.magikarp jumpThe last stage of this world, you will find many alienmonsterthatwill throw some bullets, and the man needs toavoidpokémonmagikarp them and be very careful!charizardWill be the second phase of the World Games, we are waitingforyoubehind the Big Evil! Ota leads you in the face! There isnodoubtthat his battle is better than simulation.dragoniteAnd overheating, addictive and a quick game experienceThe game is easy to play with one touch controls magikarpjumpA lot more levels are coming.magikarp shooterAnd different challenges, 0 1 amazing worlds, mysteriousand300levels of runningAnd beautiful, stunning and smooth graphicsGreat music and intense sound effectsThe size of the APC file is small to load in a short time.Q. How far can you run? You can overcome the leaderEnjoy this wonderful trip and! We have a lot of fun and feelfreetoleave us a good rating, please ??.