Top 49 Games Similar to Snap On

Tangram HD 3.6.5
Pocket Storm
The tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flatshapes,called tans, which together can form various shapes. Theobjectiveis to form a specific shape using all seven pieces, whichmay notoverlap. FEATURES:+ More than 550 designs: people,animals,buildings, numbers, boats, stuff, geometry and so on.+ 2playmodes: regular & masters. + Hints system for masters mode.+HDgraphics.+ Timer.+ Support app2SD (Android2.2+)+ Somuchmore..Note: later categories are more challenging. Note 2:Shapescan be flipped. Select any shape, then click the button onthe topof the screen to flip it.
Shapes Puzzles 1.1
Everybody loves puzzles and want to play with toys likeshapes.Shapes Puzzles is an educational and entertaining game. Itis asimple, fun game for everyone! Easy to learn and to control:-Touchthe screen and drag the shapes on the right place- Interactwithall the balloons on the screen when a puzzle is solved- Whenapuzzle is completed, tap the next level buttonFeatures:-Highquality puzzle game for everybody with shapes- Easy to useandcontrol- Learn to recognize shapes- Simple for everyone- Youwilldevelop your fine motor skills by dragging and droppingpuzzlepieces- More than 35 shapes in the game: square, heart,triangle,circle, hexa and more.- It is %100 free appSimple andintuitive,you will have lots of fun for hours! This educationalgame willhelp you to improve skills in problem solving, logicalandcognitive skills, concentration and memory.Fun and enjoyabletolearn and play with great puzzles. Enjoy it!
Children's Bible Puzzle 1.12
RDB Mobile
The Game Children's Bible puzzle, is designed to introduce aplayfulway, some of the biblical passages. The game aims:Awakening in thechild's interest in the Bible.Play is fundamentalin the developmentof each child. With this in mind we created thisgame, which willhelp to stimulate learning, develop intelligence,logical reasoning,the ability to coordination / visual-motor,attention, visualdiscrimination and retell stories. They can alsodevelop differentabilities of thought as: observe, compare,analyze and summarize.Atthe beginning of each puzzle, the chosenfigure is shown by full, sothat the child observe the figure to beassembled, following theparts will be mixed for the child toassemble the figures of thepuzzle by clicking each square so thatthe part is facing in thecorrect position of the image. Theobjective of this game is tocomplete all the pieces to form thechosen figure.Try to assemblethe biblical images in the shortesttime possible!Good fun!Be kindand compassionate to one another,forgiving each other, just as Godforgave them in Christ.Ephesians4:32"Honor your father and yourmother" - this is the firstcommandment with a promise - "so thateverything goes well you andyou may live long on theearth."Ephesians 6: 2-3
FUNNY FOOD 2! Educational Games for Kids Toddlers!
Educational games for kids Kindergarten learning free apps&Fine motor skills games became fun! A world of 15 learningkidsgames! Learning games for toddlers age 3 5 with smart babyshapesaddress various topics such as: geometric shapes, colors,logic,sizes, etc! 🤗 🎓 Welcome to the world of 15 various childrengamesin Funny Food 2! 🍒 Funny Food 2: 🍐 🍏 PUZZLES - sort out thejumbledfunny foods (Fun learning games for kids 5 years free); 🍕ANGLES,PARTS & WHOLES - cook and slice pizza and then feedcutecharacters; 🛒 FIND & TAP - sort foods into theirappropriateplastic bags (Children’s games for 3 to 5 yrs old, thatdevelopsattention); 🤔 HIDE & SEEK - find the rascals and countthem(Games for children free that develop attention; learn tocountfrom 1 to 5); 🍋🚿 SHAPES - water the magical garden,growvegetables, then harvest and count them; 🚁SIZES - sort food bysizeand load them to the helicopter (Introduces a concept ofsorting bysize for smart kids free); 🍐🤓 LOGIC - find a pattern andarrangefoods correctly in the tractor's trailer (Kindergarten gamesfreefor 5 year old, that introduces to a concept of consistencyandcontinuity); 🚛 SORTING - sort all foods from the conveyor beltintodifferent pickup trucks (develop attention and logicalthinking); 🍒MATCHING - find all the matching pairs (matching gamesfree forkids, attention); 🍉🍴 UNITS & PARTS - slice the foods bytracingthe lines and cook various dishes (Memory matching games forkidsfree); 👠👒👓 CREATIVITY - dress foods in fancy clothing (2 yearoldgames free boys develop creativity and imagination); 🍋 LEARNSHAPESAND COLORS - prepare cookies that differ in color andshape(Introduces to sizes); 🍏🐼 COUNTING from 1 to 5 - feed animalswiththe right amount of food (A kind of puzzle games for kids 5yearsfree that help learn counting and think through math);⚖️COMPARISON - use the scale to weigh the right amount of food;🍓🚰COLORS FOR TODDLERS - kindergarten games free for 5 year old:washfruits and vegetables under the shower and sort them by color.💥FEATURES: 💥 🍒 15 baby learning games for kindergarten and aboveinEnglish; 🍏 Fun sound effects and amazing graphics, free gamesfortoddlers; 🍇 Amusing characters with lots of animationandinteraction; 🍊 Simple interface like in learning gamesforkindergarten; 🍓 Basic skills in learning kids games for children34 yrs free: logic, attention and thinking for kids to thinkthroughmath; 🍐 Parental control; 🤓Explore smart kids games: thinkthroughmath, fine motor skills games! Totally kindergarten learningfreeapps! Keep your child busy with educational games for kids!🌟AboutMAGE:🌟 😍These educational apps for toddlers have been createdbyMAGE, who develops interactive children learning games fortoddlersage 3 to 6. 🤗 With our educational games child will learnthealphabet, letters, numbers and phonics. Our games forpreschoolerscomply with the standards of “Designed For Family”.
LINE Pokopang 6.5.2
LINE GAME presents you with a revolutionary new puzzle game -LINEPokoPang! An official game from "LINE" - the freecall/messengerapp. Monsters have invaded the Animals' village! Joinpink bunnyBONI and his family and friends in eliminating the puzzleBlocksand beating the Monsters! [What kind of game is it?] LINEPokoPangis a simple but addictive puzzle game. All you have to dois jointhe Blocks! Upgrade your Attack strength to get higherscores. Youcan also call for Helping Animals and work together withthem! Ifyou're looking for something innovative, simple andaddictive, thenPokoPang is the perfect game for you! Let'sPokoPang! [How to play]Draw lines to join 3 or more adjoiningBlocks of the same color.The Blocks will explode, firing veggies atthe Monsters! Upgradethe Blocks to improve their Attack strength!Call for the adorableAnimals - they can help you tackle theMonsters! Take your very ownHelping Animals with you, and aim for ahigh Best Score!
What's inside the box? 1.9
Bart Bonte
What's inside the box? A lot of puzzles! Can you solve all 100anddiscover what's in the box? A Bart Bonte / bontegames puzzlegame.Need hints? Use the hint button at the bottom in each level.Thereare 2 hints for each level. With the premium unlock in-app youwillnot get ads before the hints and you will get a skip levelbuttonafter asking the 2 hints in each level. (note: with thepremiumunlock the skip button will appear AFTER asking the 2 hintsin eachlevel)
Coloring puzzle 2.5.0
*** Free to Play ! *** Coloring Puzzle is a free-to-play puzzlegameaccording to Four color theorem! *** Simple Rules ! ***Coloring thepiece of puzzle anywhere you want! Set differentscolor side byside. You can check it correct or not by using thehint function!*** Lots of Illustration ! *** Bears, Sumurai,Rabbit, Astronaut andetc. We hava many variation of the puzzleillustation! *** Newillustration is adding on time ! *** We arewaiting for your idea tomake a new illustration ! Do you feeltried now ? Let's take a breakto play Coloring Puzzle! Enjoy tosolve the puzzle by only setdifferents color side by side. We hopeyou can breath and preventedstress by playing our Coloring Puzzle.
Kapow: Free new games-arcade, chess, puzzle, more 1.24.3
Kapow lets you pick and play from a huge library of excitinggames,without needing to download any separate apps. For free. Andno adseither!◆ Predict and Win - Following the World Cup? Takepartin our World Cup Predictor challenge, and win uptoRs.5000◆ Banish your boredom - Clueless in class? Bored atyourdesk? Stuck in public transport? Play games across genres-puzzles, sports, arcade and zombie games.◆ Daily tournaments-Beat everyone in our daily tournaments to mark your spot at thetopof the leaderboards and earn real cash!◆ New gamesaddedfrequently - Kapow brings you new games every other week, soyoucan play the latest and top casual games◆ Immersive,ad-freeexperience - Play full-screen games without any pesky adsbotheringyour gameplay◆ No data or internet? No problem! -Pick andplay our single-player games even when you run out of dataor can’tconnect to the internet◆ Multiplayer gaming - Duelwith yourfriends on the latest games and enjoy bragging rights ingames likePool, Chess, Word Duel and Wordingo◆ Take anostalgia trip -Play classic games like Tic Tac Toe, Solitaire,Battleships, andgames that will remind you of Scrabble andRuzzle◆ Earn realcash while having fun - Kapow is more funwith friends. Invite yourfriends and earn real cash when they playtheir first game— — —Wantto drop us a line? Have any questions?Mailus [email protected]
2048 Plus 2.9
In 2048 Plus Puzzle you can play different board sizesincludingsmallest 3x3 and biggest 8x8 board sizes. You will enjoyto playthis addictive 2048 Plus number puzzle game. Swipe 4directions(Left, Right, Up, Down) to move tiles and merge numbers.Try toreach the 2048 tile by joining the numbers. Start with 2 thenreach4->16->64->512->1024->2048. You can continue toplayafter reaching the number 2048. - Night and Day mode -Differentboard options: Tiny (3x3), classic (4x4), big (5x5),bigger (6x6)and huge (8x8) - Leaderboard for each board size - Highscore foreach board size - Use any part of the screen for swipe -Classicand modern design - Relaxing game sound - Removing Adsoption -Share with friends and family
Shape Camera 1.2
Geometry Camera is an amazing photo editor created to transformyourphotos into elegant designs with sharp geometric shapes. It isverysimple to use: you can turn your shots into artworks in just afewtaps. Intuitive interface and clean design make the editingprocessincredible fun. Circle, square, triangle, rhombus andothergeometric shapes will help you to transform your photo andmake itunique. Geometry Camera is great for both portraits andlandscapes.Share fashion and hipster photos with your friends onsocialnetworks! Also you can adjust every photo aspect usingGeometryCamera (form) tool • Lot of customized magic mirroreffects. •Brightness • Contrast • Saturation • Blur • Temperature•Shadows/Highlights • Crop • Focus
One Clue Crossword 3.2
Exercise your brain every day with picture crosswords! * Nowwithover 800 puzzles * ONE CLUE CROSSWORD is a new kind ofcrosswordpuzzle. Instead of a list of written clues, each puzzleincludes asingle picture. Every word in each puzzle can be deducedfrom thepicture. In some of the puzzles you'll just need to saywhat yousee - but in others you'll need to think a little morelaterally.It's easy to play, but with 100s of unique puzzles, youmight findit hard to put down! FEATURES A whole new way to playcrosswords730+ puzzles over 46 chapters (with more to come) 230+all-newbonus puzzles to discover as you play NEW - 'Mix-Up'mode!End-of-chapter Guardian Puzzles will test your word skillsHundredsof beautiful photos - people, places, animals and more Useinstanthints to remove unused letters or reveal the next letter ina clueSUPPORT Please select the HELP option from the Options menu(thegear icon in the bottom left of the game screen) if yourequireassistance. If you still have questions about the game orrequireassistance, please email: [email protected] One ClueCrosswordis free to play, but contains optional paid items tounlock puzzlesmore quickly. You can disable in-app purchasefunctionality in yourdevice's settings if you do not want to usethis feature.
Friends Gem : Match 3 Puzzle Adventure 1.8.1
The new adventure begins right now! Let’s explore themysteriousgemstones with Kakao Friends! Put out the swirling flamesby makingwater path and escape with Apeach! Turn the reflector tolight upthe gemstone. Help Tube find its shoe to continue theadventure.Complete the map and find out the Friends’ ruins to getprecioustreasures! Different Friends will help you clear thematch-3 puzzlestages! Enter the world of Friends Gem and enjoy!“All aboutFriends Gem!” First, complete the map by exploring! Clearstages toreveal the map  and find out the different conceptsof theworld. Second, discover the hidden ruins! As you clear outthestages you will be able to find out the various ruins that havetheface of the Friends. Moreover, explore the ruins and getprecioustreasures! Third, collect all the unique costumes!IncludingExpedition, Sweet, Candy, Cookie, Jelly, Ice creamcostumes you canfind all kinds of costumes! These costumes willhelp you clearstages much easier!__________________________________________ Ifyou have anyinquiries, please do not hesitate to contactus.E-mail: [email protected]
Jigsaw Puzzle
Welcome to the ORIGINAL Jigsaw Puzzle app! Enjoy the largest,mostbeautiful collection of puzzles on the App Store, and playFREEjigsaw puzzles every day! Don’t let the imitation jigsaw appsfoolyou. Jigsaw Puzzle is the only app in the App Store made bythejigsaw puzzle experts! Sorting your pieces, moving yourpiecesaround on the board, filling in the edges – it feels justlike thereal thing! Only now you can take the puzzle with youanywhere yougo! We handpick every image to ensure the highest levelof quality.Check out some of our favorite puzzle packs, like Worldof Color,Americana Summer and British Life. We're constantlycreating newpuzzles that we know you will love! Jigsaw Puzzle isgreat forpuzzlers of all ages and experience levels. Just pick yournumberof puzzle pieces and go, it's that simple! CHOOSE NUMBER OFPIECES• 4 to 1024-piece puzzles (iPad) • 4 to 400-piecepuzzles(iPhone/iPod Touch) FEATURES • Over 20,000 beautiful, highqualityimages! • A new FREE puzzle every day!! • FREE downloadablePuzzlePacks • New Puzzle Packs released each week • Earn rewardsbycompleting puzzles! • Use the Jigsaw Credits you earn to getnewPuzzle Packs! • Puzzles from your favorite jigsaw artistslikeJoseph Burgess and Nicky Boehme • Turn your personal photosintoyour own custom puzzles! • Play on your iPhone, iPod Touch,oriPad! • Play large puzzles! • Music soundtracks • Scatter piecesonthe puzzle area • Rotate pieces for a greater challenge•Randomized pieces -- no two puzzles are the same • Work onmorethan one puzzle at a time • Saves every puzzle you've eversolved •Share completed puzzles with your friends • GameCenterleaderboards -- Compete with your friends! • 40+distinctobjectives to unlock LIKE US ONFACEBOOK: Check back oftento see allthe new puzzles we've added!
Escape game : The rooms 1.164
Gameday Inc.
Welcome to the beautifully crafted and absolutely mind-bendinggamewhere you have to explore 13 rooms filled with cleverlogicpuzzles. Let us transport you into this mystery space andprepareto enjoy the satisfying solving action.«13 Puzzle Rooms» isapuzzle, point-and-click, and room escape game all rolled intoone.Explore each room thoroughly, find items to help you solvethepuzzles and uncover the mysteries that'll lead to yourescape.Brilliant brainteasers will have you hooked but that makesit allthe more satisfying to complete.• Neat and realisticgraphics• Easyand natural touch controls• Beautiful soundtrackperfectly suits tothe adventure• A full hint guide to make sure younever get stuck•Some items can be dismantled • Sometimes you needto combine twoitems.What people say about this game:«This game isso wellthoroughly thought-out and captivating that I can't tearmyselfaway from it. I always was fond of quest rooms etc and 13puzzlerooms can partially replace it for me.»«Really coolbrain-teaserthat makes you think, find and sometimes inventdifferent ways tofind your way out of the room.»The locked door isthe smallesttrial you will have to face. So don’t give upeasily!Contactus:[email protected]://
Word Search Puzzle 2.16
If you're looking for the most trendy word search game, WordSearchPuzzle is the game for you! You will enjoy a fun challenge asyouidentify the hidden words and then swipe up, down, left, rightordiagonally to mark them. It's a fun way to hone yourvocabulary,spelling and puzzle skills. The game has 3 difficultylevels fromeasy to hard, you can choose them freely. Need morechallenges? Trythe Blitz mode and Marathon mode and enjoy timepressure. Here'swhat we have: - Easy choosing letters - Unlimitedpuzzles -Brilliant colorful look - 4 different game modes - 4difficultylevels - 50 word categories - Daily challenges - Realtimegeneratedpuzzles - Reverse word selection - Hints to avoidfrustrations - HDgraphics - Elegant animations - Night Mode Forgetpen and paper,you'll never run out of puzzles with this game.
Secrets of the Castle - Match 3 1.23
Solve all the secrets of the ancient mysterious castle andgothrough a lot of puzzles in this match 3 game! In the game youwillfind many levels, obstacles and worthy awards! The rules ofthegame are that you must move the jewels so that you match 3jewelsin a row! But not everything is so simple - in this you willbehampered by obstacles, which not everyone can overcome!Features:More than 500 exciting logical levels! Various obstaclesandbonuses! Completely free genre game three in a row! Nointernetrequired!
Sushi Cat 2.1.011
Armor Games
He's cuddly. He's squishy. All he needs is sushi andlove.Pachinko-style physics puzzle game Sushi Cat is free onAndroid,with 27 levels of awesome fun for everyone. Based on thehit Flashgame series loved by millions, Sushi Cat now fits in yourphone foryou to get your puzzle game fix on the go. In the name oflove,drop your kitty from the top of the screen and watch himbounce offobstacles, nomming delicious nigiri and gatheringpower-ups, tomeet your target goal. Physics never looked so tastyas yourjelly-like blue kitty eats his way across the screen, butbecareful! You only have a few tries to puzzle out how to reachthelevel's goal. With cute graphics, simple puzzling andaddictivegameplay, and squishy physics charm galore, Sushi Cat istheperfect addition to your gaming library. - Make true love happenbyreuniting Sushi Cat with his beloved- Bright and colourfulgraphicswith charm tell a cute, funny story- The perfect blend ofcasualphysics puzzle gameplay... with cats- 27 levels of easy topick uppachinko-style sushi-based gameplay
Block Puzzle Pop 1.0.5
Block Puzzle Pop is a simple puzzle game with no colour matchingandtime limits. Fill the row or column to break the blocks. It isanadditive block puzzle game. The more blocks you break themorepoints you will get.You will surely love this block puzzlemaniagame .Place the blocks in 10x10 row and column.This is aclassicyet innovative game!It is a perfect time passing game andbestrefreshment game for your brain.Key Features ► Round ,SimpleandElegant Design .► Day / Night Mode .► 3 Undo and 3 shuffle ineachNew Game. Undo will cancels your last move and shuffle willbring 3new blocks .► Google Play Games Leaderboard and 15ChallengingAchievements .► Remove all pop up and banner ad bypurchasing theAd Removal In-app.► Save game option is availabletill you quit thegame .Why are you waiting, just start playing andchallenge yourfriends with your new high score.Your Feedbacks andSuggestions arevaluable for us, connect with us on:
Escape From Work 1.1
Can You Escape - Holidays - Out Now!Do you have problemsdefiningyour ideal profession? Welcome to a special program willingto helpyou to find a perfect job for yourself! Enter the secrethouse with15 different rooms and put yourself to the epic test andsee if youare able to escape each and every room in the building.Try outyour skills for code-breaking, puzzle solving and logicalthinkingand see if you have what it takes to escape this specialhouse.Remember that if you get stuck in any of the rooms you havefoundthe perfect job for yourself. But if you manage to escapethroughall the levels your perfect matching job is a professionalpuzzlesolver!↗ AMAZING puzzles!↗ Gorgeous 3D graphics.↗Interestingatmosphere!↗ 15 different locations!↗ Addicting story.↗World classroom escape game!
Cubeology is a 3D picture cube matching puzzle game in whichyouselect pairs of cubes with matching designs. When you matchcubeswith the same design they are removed, and you continuematchingtwo cubes at a time until all the cubes are gone, eitherfor pointsor against the clock. It has 6 different game variations,which canbe played in either a cube layout or a sphere layout, witheitherfree or fixed rotation, making for 18 game variations intotal,from relaxed 'play at your own pace' to nail biting againsttheclock game types. It has separate Google Play leaderboards foreachof the 6 different game types, plus a leaderboard of thetopartifact bonus scores and has a rolling display of the weeklybesttime or score for each of the different game types. Competitionisfierce to stay on top each week. Colourful graphics,catchysoundtrack and addictive gameplay make this a fun puzzle gamethatyou keep coming back to time after time. Includes a zoomfunctionto make it easier to play on smaller devices. Artifactcollectionsystem. Upon successful completion of games you have achance togain gold, artifact fragments or whole artifacts.Collectedartifacts are stored in your artifact compendium and givea bonusto your score when you match cubes with the same design astheartifact. The more your collection grows the greater thepotentialscore bonus. You can also collect gold and artifactfragments,which you can trade for any artifacts you are missingfrom yourcollection. Some artifacts give a greater bonus score thanothers(but have a greater gold and fragments cost), andcollectingmultiples of the same artifact will further increase thebonus itgives. Standard Game --------------------- Remove cubes bymatchingpairs of same coloured cubes until there are none left.Earn extrapoints by matching multiple pairs in quick succession. Notimelimit. Your score in this game can be increased bycollectingartifacts. Timed Game ---------------- Select pairs ofmatchingcubes until there are none left. Initially there is a 15minutetime limit in which to finish the cube. The time limitdecreases by5% every time you successfully complete a game, or itincreases by5% if you fail to complete the game in time. SpeedCube--------------- A fast paced game with a smaller 3x3 cube blockanda 30 second time limit. How quickly can you clear the cubes,quickthinking and fast reactions will be required to toptheleaderboard. Holder of the weekly best score is displayed onmainmenu. Cube Builder ---------------- The idea of this gameisdifferent in that you start off with just a few cubes and moreareadded as time goes by. The rate that cubes are added increasesastime passes and the game is over when the block is fullyrebuilt.Your goal in this game is to keep the block from beingcompleted aslong as possible and in doing so earn as many points asyou can. Asin the standard game extra points are awarded formatching pairs inquick succession. Your score in this game can beincreased bycollecting artifacts. Picture Search------------------- This is amemory version of the standard game,in which all the designs arehidden and are only revealed when youclick on the cubes. If youselect two cubes that match they areremoved as usual, otherwisethe pictures are hidden again. Yourscore in this game can beincreased by collecting artifacts.MatchIt! ----------- With thisversion of the game you have to findand select two cubes that havethe same design as shown at the leftof the screen. You have alimited time to find them and if you runout of time you will lose10% of your current score, and you will bepresented with anotherdesign to find. You can use the PASS buttonat the top of thescreen to skip any that you are struggling to findwithout losingany score, but you only have 5 passes.
Andoku Sudoku 3
Andoku Sudoku 3 is a Sudoku number puzzle game for smartphonesandtablets. The game contains Sudoku puzzles of variousdifficultylevels and detailed instructions. It is aimed atbeginners andexperts alike. Features ✔ intuitive navigation ✔appealing design ✔auto-save running games ✔ unlimited undo and redo✔ enter notes ✔numerous assistance functions ✔ many game variations✔ ninedifficulty levels ✔ cloud synchronization ✔ enter your ownSudokupuzzles ✔ game statistics Game variations Andoku Sudoku 3offersnumerous other game variants in addition to the standardversion ofSudoku: • X Sudoku • Hyper Sudoku • Percent Sudoku •Color SudokuTutorials Andoku Sudoku 3 comes with tutorials thatteach you manysolving techniques. Based on specific gamesituations, thetutorials explain the solving techniques step bystep. The solutiontechniques are ordered by difficulty, rangingfrom very simple(Introduction, Hidden Single, etc.) to verydifficult (XY Chain,Sashimi Swordfish, etc.). Enter your ownpuzzles Would you like tosolve a Sudoku puzzle from your localnewspaper on your smartphone?With Andoku Sudoku 3 you can easilyenter your own puzzles. Cloudsynchronization The game allows you tosave your progress in thecloud. This also allows running games tobe synchronized betweendifferent devices. You can start a game onyour smartphone andcontinue to play on your tablet later!
Block Puzzle Classic Wood 5.6.8
[How To Play] Brick Puzzle Wood is the classic fitting blocksgame.Drag and Drop blocks to fit the board (10x10), when one ormorelines is completed, it is removed, and more space is availableinthe play area. Game over when there is not enough space forblocksto fit [Features] * Endless Time * Various blocks and woodnicegraphics design * Blocks can't be rotated * Simple andattractive *All Free * No WIFI ? No problem! * It' ll take you backto thechildhood Tips: - The more rows are eliminated, the higherthescore is. I believe you will love it and now download!FB: Web:http://capsulemobi.gamesMail: [email protected]
Robin Hood Legends – A Merge 3 Puzzle Game 2.0.2
Merge pieces to solve puzzles & save the town. It’s a FUNnewtwist on merging! Why match when you can MERGE? Join Robin Hoodonher quest to defeat the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and savethetownsfolk! Make combinations of three or more trees, farmhousesand mansions to create bigger and better objects whileearning goldalong the way. The more puzzles you solve, the quickeryou helpRobin on her quest to give to the poor, defeat thetyrannousSheriff and restore order in Sherwood Forest. Enjoy triplethestrategy & fun of your typical match 3 game in this NEWpuzzleadventure from Big Fish Games, makers of the popular gamesCookingCraze and Gummy Drop! MATCH THREE TO MERGE! • Combine threelikeitems to create something new! • Merging four or more piecesgets abonus! • Control gameplay by choosing where merged items areplacedon the board! • Tap to quickly place items for faster,moreaccessible gameplay! • Set an item aside to save it for afuturemerge! DISCOVER FUN & UNIQUE MERGE BOOSTS! • Boostyourgameplay with special items! • Use Crystals, Gems & Mirrorstoevolve and clone merged pieces • Zap away obstacles withLightning!• Meet Little John, who moves items on the board! SOLVEPUZZLES& COMPLETE QUESTS • Challenge your brain with trickypuzzles! •Outsmart water carousels and other level hazards! •Gather wheatfrom the farms & bake bread to feed the hungrypeasants! • Meetcolorful and interesting characters • Collectresources to helpyour neighbors rebuild their homes DEFEND THE LANDFROM EVIL • Theevil Sheriff of Nottingham is destroying the towns!Fight back bymerging to solve puzzles! • The Black Knight iswaiting for you aswell, can you stand up to him? • Save the town,defeat the evilSheriff & rebuild the castle! MERGE 3 ADVENTUREAWAITS! Eachchapter reveals a new challenge to face, and newcharacters tohelp! Step into the story of Robin Hood and her MerryMen in thisgem of a merging & matching adventure game. It’s afusion featfor the taking! Are you clever enough? Big Fish Gamesterms of use:
Tangram King 1.1.5
Complete the puzzles by combining 7 different pieces.[gamecharacteristics] - players can enjoy various game modes.(classic,double, flip, spinning, hard mode) - hours of playingtime withcountless stages . - easy control and user friendlyinterface. -multi-play : support versus mode (1vs1) - support 16languages. -support leader board, achievement and Invite friends.Homepage: YouTube:
Sokoban Original & Extra: Free 1.6.3
Orange Void
Implementation of the classic puzzle game Sokoban. The goal istopush boxes to the storage locations to solve thepuzzle.Features:-Free- More than 650 levels, including the originallevels and fanmade levels- New levels added periodically- Differentdifficultiesand sizes, from very easy to very hard- Cleaninterface- Landscapeand Portrait support- Designed for tablets andphones- Unlimitedundo- Virtual gamepad or swipe controlsApppermission:We do nothave access to your media files. It is just arequirement for Adsto work properly.Help us make a better Sokoban.If you find bugs orhave suggestions, please contact [email protected] character from Old SchoolModernpack. [Copyright](C) Jason PerryMusic from Light-hearted RPGVendorSoundtrack Bundle. Composed by Dmitry Jbanov
numbrus - number merge puzzle 1.1.1
Axel Sonic
numbrus - is an extremely addicting puzzle game.Merge numberedballsto create even larger numbers.You start with a bunch of 0'sand 1's.When you merge them they became bigger not only in theirnumber, butalso size. If a ball touches another one with adifferent number -game over. After a while, your screen becomesvery packed, so youneed to think about your every move. Numbers gofrom 0 to 10. Butwhat if you merge two 10's? Try it yourself andsee!numbrus have twogame modes: normal and challenge. In normalmode your goal is to getthe highest score you can. In challengesyou need to complete avariety of tasks, like to get a certainnumber, do something inlimited time, etc.Features ofnumbrus:●Unique and very addictinggameplay●●Simple controls●●Lotsof different challenges●●Changeablevisual theme with many options●
Can You Steal It: Secret Thief 3.0.1
Be an amazing “criminal” cases expert! Join the best hiddenobjectadventure game to solve puzzles. Observe rooms, discoverhints,seek and analyze clues, find items! Investigate them as aCSIdetective. Can You Steal It is a free, most popular andaddictivepuzzle adventure game with fresh and colorful graphics. Ifyou likehidden objects games, you must love Can You Steal It. It isfull ofchallenging and entertaining mini puzzles. Are you ready tostartyour thief life and help people to steal the items they neednow?Challenge your brain now! Observe the rooms and search fortheuseful tiny clues, examine and analyze the clues to solveminipuzzles. You also can challenge your friends to find out whoissmarter and can find the hidden items faster. Uncover secrets,getkeys, find the hidden objects in the rooms, then you can findthetarget item. Though you are a thief, but you need to think likeanexpert CSI detective. Stuck on a puzzle? Relax, walkthroughvideoof Can You Steal It is ready to help. Pretty simple, you justneedto tap the “Hint” button in the lower right. Walkthrough videoispart of the Pro features. Upgrade to remove ads, play allstagesand watch walkthroughs. Or you also can tap the “Try with Ads-Free” button to get walkthrough video for free. It displaysthewalkthrough of the current puzzle stage. Are you ready forthechallenging and addictive mini puzzles? Download Can You StealItnow! Show your amazing thief skills! Hide your “crimes”, becomeagreat and fabulous thief! People need your help! Features: ❤Prettysimple, play with ease and great fun! Free, noregistrationrequired. Super easy to get started. No complicatedoperationrequired. Just tap the location or objects to investigateand findclues.❤ Enjoy the fresh and cute graphics, enjoy cozy time!Thecolorful cosy little rooms, cute decoration and furnishingsmakeyou feel comfortable and happy! Start to enjoy your leisuretimenow!❤ Challenge yourself or play with your friends, have allthefun!You can challenge those entertaining mini puzzles alone oryoualso can play with your friends! To find out who is smarter andcanfind the hidden objects faster.❤ Solve thechallenging,entertaining and addictive mini puzzles!Even the tinyclues canhelp you to figure out the tricky and challenging puzzles.Toobserve the room, find the hidden objects, completetheinvestigation, solve puzzles! Become an amazing “criminal”.❤Hints& help, watch video walkthroughs for free!Get stuck? Takeease,we prepare the hint for you. Tap the “Hint” button in thelowerright, press the “Try with Ads – Free” button to getwalkthroughvideo for free!
100 Doors Incredible 2 1.7.0
Brought to you by the team who created the award winning 100Doorsseries. We present a sequel of 100 Doors Incredible! Tastethisunique mix of puzzle solving, hidden object searches andmysteriousadventures! Use your natural skills to escape all of thepuzzlefilled rooms. Will you be able to make it through? Millionsofplayers already know the answer! Game features: - ColorfulGraphics- Mind Blowing Puzzles - Game World Map - Collect and EarnHints -Excellent sound effects - Regular updates and new puzzles -PlayAbsolutely FREE Right Now Our brand new puzzle game is takingplacein a magical world, where beautiful creatures andmysterioussecrets are everywhere! Can you pass all of the tests andescapeall of the rooms? Use your phone features (tilt, shake, etc.)tofind hidden objects and solve puzzles, point-and-click allthesecrets! Only your brain and an attention to details will helpyouin this adventure! Follow us on social media to hear more aboutournew games and level releases:Facebook:
Heart Box - Physics Puzzles 0.2.20
Professor Rat created Robby but gave him a weak battery, whichiswhy our hero has to constantly recharge and participate incrazyexperiments. Take the robot through all the experimentalpuzzlerooms of Professor Rat to release him from the charger!Features: ▶Over 180 levels for your brain! ▶ 4 funny game modes ▶20 physicalobjects ▶ Level editor & levels collection ▶ Tons ofskins forrobot! ▶ Realistic physics ▶ High-quality graphics ▶ A lotofcartoons! ▶ Game achievements & leaderboards FollowUs:Facebook: Google+: YouTubechannel: Ourwebsite:
100 Doors Beast Clash 1.0.20
Brought to you by the team who created the award winning 100Doorsseries. We present an incredible new mix of puzzle solving,hiddenobject searches and mysterious adventures to solve. Useyournatural skills to escape all of the puzzle filled rooms. Willyougo be able to make it through? Millions of players already knowtheanswer! Game features: - Colorful Graphics - Mind BlowingPuzzles -Amazing Storylines - Game World Map - Collect and EarnHints - PlayAbsolutely FREE Right Now Our brand new puzzle game istaking placein a magical world, one that you have know since yourchildhood.Help your favorite characters pass all of the tests andescape therooms, all while using your phone features (tilt, shake,etc.) tofind hidden objects and solve puzzles. Only your brain andanattention to details will help you in this adventure! Follow usonsocial media to hear more about our new games and levelreleases:Facebook:
Puzzles Cars Animals Fruits Vehicles 1.0
Everybody loves puzzles and want to play with toys like cow,dog,cat, fish, car, bike, truck, plane and more. Puzzles isaneducational and entertaining game. It is a simple, fun gameforeveryone! Simple and intuitive, you will have lots of funforhours! This educational game will help you to improve skillsinproblem solving, logical and cognitive skills, concentrationandmemory.Easy to learn and to control:- Touch the screen and dragtheanimals, cars, vehicles, fruits or vegetables on the rightplace-Interact with all the balloons on the screen when a puzzleissolved- When a puzzle is completed, tap the nextlevelbuttonFeatures:- High quality puzzle game with animals,cars,vehicles, fruits and vegetables - Easy to use and control-Simplefor everyone- You will develop your fine motor skills bydraggingand dropping puzzle pieces- More than 75 puzzle pieces likecar,plane, truck, cow, lion, dog, cat, fruit, vegetable andmore.Funand enjoyable to learn and play with great puzzles. Enjoyit!
Cat Match Story: Fruit City 5.1
1Race Games
Cat Match is a fun match-3 puzzle game for all ages.The forestholdsmany secrets and mysteries. Help the Cat to escapeInstall thebestmatch-3 puzzle game to your mobile device & start theadventuretoday!Enjoy each and every stage with entertainingchallenges.A gamefor all ages you can play with your friends andfamily.You won’t beable to stop playing the game “cat match”because:● A lot of secretsand mysteries.● Stunning graphics andunique gameplay● Well-lovedmatch-3 puzzle genre.● You won’t bebored during the game!● So manylevels with exciting puzzles●Numerous boosters● FacebookLeaderboards to compete with yourfriends and competitors!●COMPLETELY FREE TO PLAY● UNLIMITEDLIVES!● NO TIME LIMIT
Mosaic Beads Puzzle: Hama Magic 2.4
Mosaic Beads puzzle is a creative game which allows you to learnashe plays. It enhances your mental skills.It helps to developvisualperception skills and hand eye coordination and learn torecognizecolors. Mosaic Beads puzzle contains three type ofboard.Each boardconsist 100+ patterns. The goal of this game is tocopy theselected level reference image by selecting the colorfulperlerbeads from the box and placed it on the right side blankboard. Itis easy and fun game. Now you can draw your own patternswith 12different size of grid. You can also save images to yourdevice andshare with your friends. You can redraw your savepatterns fromgallery and enjoy the game. We do require one newadditionalPermissions to function: 1. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE&WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE These permissions are needed to saveandshare patterns Over 4Lakh+ Downloads! If you have any feedbackandsuggestions on how to improve the design and games features,pleaseleave us a message at "[email protected]" Follow us togetnews and updates: *Facebook:*Twitter:
Block Puzzle : Glow Tentris 2018 1.4
Block Puzzle Tentris 2018 is a simple but addictive classicglowblock game. The goal is to drop blocks in order to createanddestroy full lines on the screen both vertically andhorizontally.Don't forget to keep the blocks from filling thescreen in thisaddictive block puzzle game. Play Glow Puzzle Tentris2018 wheneveryou are free. No need internet. It’s offlinegame.Feature of BlockPuzzle Jewel Tentris :* Train your brain,sharp your mind and isrefreshment with fun.* Simply Drag theblocks, and fill up allgrids.* Various block shape.* Fun, colorfuland engaging graphics.*Easy to play and pleasurable game for allage but it is addictiveand funny game.* Addictive and ChallengingBlocks and Blast throughpuzzles to complete Level.* You can playgames for FREE!From nowon, let's enjoy a simple and addictivepuzzle game!Simply Drag theblocks, and fill up all grids thisaddictive puzzle game BlockPuzzle Blitz !Now, try it and I am sureyou will like this GlowPuzzle Tentris game.
Sudoku 1.029
Are you ready to play the best, ultimate and most rewardingSudokuexperience? Sudoku is here to offer you 35000 differentpuzzles and70 difficulty combinations in one complete package!WithSudoku youcan get immediate access to game variations like standardSudoku, XSudoku, Hyper, Percent, Color or even Squiggly Sudoku. Wedeliverall of that within a refined, appealing and easy touseinterface!If you want to learn how to play Sudoku, we areofferingyou a complete tutorial as well as other special featureslike themost user-friendly Hint System in its category. Sudoku alsomakesthe puzzle solving experience seamless since you can have alot offun as you explore all the possibilities and everything thatyoumight want from an exciting Sudoku game. If you want to haveagreat time while learning more winning strategies in puzzlegames,Sudoku is the right tool to help you with that. Thanks to itshelpyou can get an amazing variety, incredible results and atrueSudoku experience that you just can’t find anywhere else.Don’tletthis opportunity slip through your fingers, give Sudoku ashotright now and you will love the outcome!Features:•Beautifulinterface• One of a kind graphics• Great attention todetail• 35000different puzzles• Great puzzle variations• Tutorial•Easy toplayAnd, as always, we monetize our apps by usingunobtrusive ads,just banners at the bottom of the screen, out ofthe action, withno refresh so they are as static as possible andonly interact withyou when you are truly interested in what theyoffer.Hope you likeit as much as we do, thanks!Please, check if youhad this settingdisabled in the previous version and enabled in thenewversion.Menu - Preferences - Delete Pencil Marks Automatically
Escape the Mansion 1.7.7
Escape the Mansion takes you to a mysterious house on a hill,whereconfounding puzzles and addictive minigames are coming out ofthewalls.Ring in the new year with an all-new pack of puzzles!Keepthe holiday spirit going year-round with Features:↗ 220+trickylevels↗ Addictive mini-games↗ Hint shop↗ Skip any level anytime↗Different themed floors↗ Immersive sound and audio↗Atmosphericgraphics↗ Puzzles that use all your phone’s features↗It’s free!
Little Demolition - Puzzle Game 3.0.4
An explosive puzzle game only available on Android!LittleDemolitionis a physics-based puzzle game where you have to destroyas manyelements as possible to win.In einer Serie von 48beeindruckendenLevels in 2 Welten (weitere folgen) werden SieZiegelstrukturenentdecken. Mit Sprengstoff wie Dynamit, C4 undanderen mächtigenBomben musst du alles zerstören!In this game youwill discoverdifferent types of objects to destroy: bricks ofvarying resistance,glass, wood, boxes, and indestructible steelbars.You like bombs?You like to destroy everything?Come anddestroy as much as possiblein this game!Sandbox mode !!!! Comebuild your own levels in thesandbox mode and share them withplayers around the world!Thesandbox mode allow you to be incontrol of everything, from thebricks to the points required for astar.Challenge the best playersto get the highest score, your namewill be displayed on thedefeated level!The world can't wait toplay on your levels!◉Beautiful graphics◉ Beautiful environments◉Realistic Destruction◉Impressive explosions◉ Powerful and variedbombs (dynamites, C4, orbof destruction ...)◉ Realistic sounds◉Relaxing music◉ Sandbox mode◉Totaly FREEDownload Little Demolitionfor free, the best puzzle gamein destruction! Show everyone thatyou are a master ofdemolition!Will you be able to get all thestars?Available inEnglish and French.
Learn Shapes for Kids, Toddlers - Educational Game
Shapes is one of our educational gamesfortoddlers in which your child can learn shapes and play shapegames.Invite your baby to a fabulous world of shapes for kids toacquirenew knowledge and skills. The game teaches to distinguishdifferentgeometric shapes and compare shapes for babies with thesurroundingobjects in real life.Features of shapes games:- Shape games for toddlers present 7 shapes for toddlers: acircle,a rhombus, a square, a rectangle, an oval, a polygon, atriangle, aheart, a human footprint and a flower.- Study geometry for kids with fun - there are 3 catchy andfunnypictures of objects of corresponding forms attached toeachgeometrical shape. The name of each object in educational gamesforkids kindergarten is pronounced clearly and distinctly bynativespeakers.- Kids learn shapes playing 3 shape games for kids:1) learning toddler shapes of everyday life objects;2) shapes matching games for toddlers to consolidatetheirknowledge;3) awesome shape puzzles games that will show your childthatobjects of complex forms for kids often consist of simpletoddlershapes lite.- Educational games for kids nursery are very colorful and brightsothis is not only learning shapes for toddlers free but alsolearningcolors and shapes as well.- The names of all kids shapes and items can be learned in6languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese,German.Such a game teaching kids shapes and colors preschool isuseful forfuture study of foreign languages.- All our educational games for kids have intuitive interfaceswhichmakes it easy to play even for toddler age 2, for toddler age3 andfor 4 to 5 year kid, of course.- You can download our shapes games for kids for free. Kidsshapesgames free allow to save family budget and get an educationalappof high quality.How to play shape sorting games for kids free:- Learn smart baby shapes. The 1st icon of the shapes andcolorgames for kids leads the young explorer to a deserted land.Pressthe arrows in the top of the screen to switch between kidsshapespreschool and the 3 objects from everyday liferepresentingeach.- Practice knowledge of kids shapes and colors preschool. The2ndgate of the toddler shape games free brings the adventurer toatropical lake shore. Here learning shapes and colours isimprovedby shifting the shape cards into matching cutouts. Ineducationalgames for children a toddler won't be able to muff astroke. Whenthe child manages to fit the shape of the kids shapepuzzle, thedevice vibrates. Word of appraise is heard to encouragefurtherpractice of shapes and colors for toddlers.- Play puzzles to strengthen the knowledge of geometricfigures.Upon going through the 3d portal of learning games forkids, theyoung player learn shapes and colors finding himself on asandybeach, to play an entertaining shape puzzle game. Five riddlesarerepresented here to learn colours and shapes for kids. Firtree,frogling, house, loco train and helicopter will help yourbabylearn colors and shapes. While learning shapes and colors thekidshould drag variously shaped elements to their places withinthepicture. Only after the baby copes with the first block puzzleofthe learning apps for kids, the next one is available,whichpropels interest to play shapes and colors games for kidsfurtheron.The children educational apps for free can be recommended as:- learning games for toddlers age 2;- learning games for toddlers age 3;- learning games for toddlers age 4;- learning games for toddlers age 5.Shape games for kids free like shape builder and shape puzzlescanendow immensely. Our game which is a colors and shapes for kidsappfree preschool is full of adventures and fun. Playing shapesandcolor games for kids will enable to understand the shapedesignconcept and teach to differentiate between basic shapesforchildren, which is also essential for remembering lettersandnumbers.
2048 Classic Legend 1.0.2
2048 Classic Legend game - a simple logically, and a legendmobilegame but difficult to pass puzzle representing a somethingbetween"Fifteen" and the game "Five in a row". Help you relax andhavefun.The playing field is a square 4x4. You need to move andjointhe numbers to get to the "2048" tile (you canproceedfurther).Feature:- Awesome Graphic design- Highscore boardgoogleplay service.- Smooth effect.- Challenge with best score-Optimized for Android.Tips:-Try to make highest block ontheconer.- Push all block to the coner and 1 column.If you havesomeproblem, contact me via this mail: [email protected] new awesome idea, contact us, we can discuss aboutthatTrain,play and have fun with 2048 ClassicThank you so much!Have a niceday with 2048 Classic Legend game
Bubble Puzzle Space 2.1
Favorite Bubble Shooter Space game in a new ChallengingPuzzleversion! Being lost in space, you can find you way back toEarthonly by solving the Space Bubble Puzzle. - Win all the levelsbypopping all the bubbles with limited shots!- More than 400handcrafted pace puzzle levels- Challenging and progressivelevels!-Fireball – pop 7 bubbles in a row to get a Fireball- Bomb –10dropped bubbles in a single shot will earn you a SupernovaBombBubble. - An accurate laser aiming will help you pop thebubbles-Switching bubbles is free!Travel across interstellar, blackholes,the sun and moon. Rule the galaxy and pop all planets andcomets.Space Bubble Puzzle is the classic game with crazypuzzlelevels!Enjoy!All rights of Bubble Shooter™ are owned byIlyonDynamics Ltd.
Block Puzzle 2018 1.1.2
G9Studio Ltd.
"Block Puzzle 2018" is a fun and classic block game!And ourBlockPuzzle is not just that. It is more Simple and addictive! Onceyoustart, you will not stop playing. Just have a try, you willloveit!HOW TO PLAY BLOCK PUZZLE?1. Simply drag the blocks tomovethem.2. Try to create full lines on the grid verticallyorhorizontally.3. Blocks can't be rotated.4. Notimelimits.HIGHLIGHT:* Simple play and easy control* Variousblockshape* Interesting music theme* No limited time toplay*Leaderboards, invite friend joining, share your high scorewithfriend* Play Block Puzzle Jewel 2017 whenever you are free. Noneedinternet. It’s offline game.Please Enjoy this Block Puzzle2018Exciting!!! Take time to give your feedback
Furry Rascal - match3 1.0.9
Join the Furry Rascal on his adventure in this exciting "match3"puzzle game! Eat candy, complete levels, and explore more andmoreuncharted lands! Where will the road of adventure take you?
Sliding Puzzle With Bheem 1.0.2
*** This Free App works both on Phones and Tablets ***Playthefamous sliding puzzle game along with your favorite ChhotaBheemcharacters like Bheem, Chutki, Raju, Jaggu and others.-This isthebest sliding puzzle game on Play Store - In this game, thetilesmovement is very smooth and you can drag each tile easily-Thisgame has 2 models: you can challenge yourself in “Timer” modeorjust lay back and “Relax” while you are solving the puzzle -Youcanplay with pictures from “library” which has your favoriteChhotaBheem characters and his friends-You can also play withpicturestaken from the camera and pictures in the photo albums-There is anoption that shows the numbers in the tiles when animage is toodifficult to solve-There is a preview button that showstheoriginal image while you play- The best three puzzle solverscanmake their name into high scores board
Build a Bridge! 2.4.2
BoomBit Games
**Google Play Most Innovative Game 2017 - Winner** Testyourengineering and improvisation skills in a puzzle game wherethestakes are as high as they get. It is you who willconstructbridges for cars, trucks, busses... And sometimes evenmonstertrucks. Gather your wits and get on with the construction!Duringthe planning phase the game presents itself with a simple,2Dinterface. It is there that you select the best materials foryourbridge and connect the dots to make the most resilientstructureyou can. You can approach each level as a complex puzzle,trying tobe as efficient as possible and get the best solution. Butdon't beafraid to experiment too. You can just go crazy andconstructsomething that looks outrageous but still somehow works.There'sfun in both of these approaches. When you're done, switch tothe 3Dmode and watch a car drive through your bridge. Will it hold?Orwill you watch a spectacular crash? In addition to the normalmodethe game features the easy mode for more relaxedgameplayed,focused on creativity and improvisation. You can alsouse in-gamehint system if things get too hard. With 30 levels plushidden andbonus bridges to construct you will not run out of thingsto doquickly. Game features: - Different materials to build from -Wood,Metal, Cables - 36 levels of increasingly difficult puzzles-Varied, detailed environments full of interactive elements-Multiple cars to test out your constructions - Realisticphysicsengine - Beautiful, stylised art style - Available in 13languages
Word Town: Search, find & crush in crossword games 1.8.6
Like word finding games? A free crossword game withaddictivelandscapes is coming! Search and find hidden words, crushlettersand collapse! Time to enjoy daily brain training with yourfriendsand family. In Word Town, there are 500+ mind challengingpuzzlesto test your spelling, imaginative puzzle themes to boostyourbrainpower, fun cross words to enhance your vocabulary,andattractive city landscapes to fresh your eyes. HOW TO PLAY -Simpleand easy! Just swipe up, down, left, and right to connectlettersand make words. - Every puzzle has a challenging theme,includingtoy, love, fashion, education, games, etc. - Plan ahead topickwords in right order. Restart or shuffle when get stuck. -Searchand find cross words to crush letter blocks and solvepuzzles. -Complete puzzles to unlock beautiful city themes. MAINFEATURES - Aclassic crossword game to connect letter blocks, simpleand easy toplay! - Well-designed puzzle themes, train your brainand sharpenyour mind! - Numerous crossword puzzles, search crosswords andenjoy blast fun! - City themed landscapes to travelaround, makeyour own trip! - Free offline word game, play anywhere!Want a funway to kill daily boring time with your friends orfamily? Enjoy alovely time when eating soup or making cookies? Justdownload WordTown, start to search letters and find words, enjoythe bestcrossword game ever! ================================== Ifyou haveany suggestions on Word Town, please do not hesitate tocontact us.You can either send us a message in Word Town, or emailus at:[email protected] or follow us
Jewel Blast : Temple 1.2.7
Cheetah Games
Easy game play and rules. the ultimate addicting game thatanyonecan enjoy Jewel Blast : Temple! Find and tap 2 or more jewelsofthe same color. Jewels are cleared when their colors match.Trytapping more than 2 jewel to get a high score. Way to work,Wayhome and Anywhere in the subway or Bus, enjoy the game withJewelBlast : Temple! ▶ Jewel Blast : Temple Official Fan Page: - This game supports'한국어','Indonesian', 'Bahasa malay', 'English', '日本語', '中文简体','中文繁體','Deutsch', 'français', 'Español', 'ไทย', 'Русский','Arabic','Portuguese', 'Turkish', 'Italian'. 【Jewel Blast : TempleFeatures】◈ An addictive game enjoyed by people all around theworld! ◈ Playclean, stylish with quality graphic. ◈ Over 1,000special stagemodes! ◈ A brain game that will increase yourconcentration. ◈ NoWi-Fi? No problem! Play anytime without aninternet connection. ◈Supports 16 languages. ◈ A small game thatcan be downloaded by anydevice! ◈ Supports all tablets. 【How toplay Jewel Blast : Temple】◈ Tap 2 or more jewels to match thecolors! ◈ Use hidden items byremoving more than 5 jewels! - Thisgame is acceptable forpurchasing the items partially. Whenpurchasing the items, theadditional costs could be occurred andlimited Consumer Right ofDefense according to the item types. ▶Let's Enjoy SUPERBOX ◀ ☆SUPERBOX Official Website ☞ ☆ SUPERBOX OfficialFan Page ☞ ☆ SUPERBOX CustomerCenter ☞E-Mail : [email protected]
Joy Box: puzzles all in one 1.8.11
Neon Game
This is an addictive puzzle game collection. Game Features: -Easyto learn and master. - Get free daily rewards. - No time limit.Youcan play this game all day. - No wifi required, offline games,youcan play anytime, anywhere. - Compete with players aroundtheworld. - Support more than 20+ languages. Joy Boxcurrentlyincludes: ● Block Puzzle The blocks that have been placedinposition can be moved and rotated by touching them, and if youcanfill all the spaces with blocks, you've cleared that stage ofthegame. ● Connect Lines Connect the color dots! Pair thedifferentcolor dots to fill the entire board. ● Star Popper Justfind thestars of the same color on the board and then click toeliminatethem. The more stars you eliminate and the less stars youleft onthe screen, the higher score you get! Reach the targetpoints andproceed to next stage. ● Color needle You need to seizethe momentand insert the needle into the spinning disc. Be carefulnot to hitother needles. ● More There are more fun games waitingfor you tochallenge. Have fun!
Jewel Crush™ - Jewels & Gems Match 3 Legend 2.9.1
Jewel Crush, match 3 puzzle with addictive and excitingadventure,classic jewels match legend. Match and quest jewels infun gameplayto complete the mission goals. It has a beautiful andcutegamestyle, ideal for girls to play with their families and toplayin anytime and anywhere! Be the jewel stars and unlock thecastlesin this legend game. Designed for the beautiful girls. Easytocontrol, fun to play, beautiful graphics! Just swap &matchwith your finger! How to play: - You have a specific list ofgoalsin each level. - Match 3 or more identical gem-jewels in aline tocrush them. - Match 4 in a row or column to createspecialdirection jewels. - Match 5 in T or L to create specialjewelsbomb. - Match 5 in a line to create special color jewels. -Youmust have the sharpest mind. Learn to use special jewels. - Ifyouhave any difficulties passing a level you can use helpful props.-Combine special jewels to make huge chain reaction to help youpassthe level. Special highlights: * Direction Jewels: it willcandestroy all jewels in a line. * Jewels Bomb: it will candestroyall jewels around it. * Color jewels: it can destroy alljewelswith the same color of selected gem. * Super value gift:Diamondand props power-ups help you pass level * Less moves, MoreStars,Higher scores! Crush all jewels! * Pass the levels and try togetall stars in each level. * Try your best to make supercombinationswith super match! Colorful crushing effects and welldesignedpuzzles for you to play in anytime and anywhere! Features:★Designed for the beautiful girls ★ Easy and free fun toplay,challenging to master. ★ 1500+ well-designed puzzle levels. ★Dailyfree bonus in the games. ★ Helpful magical bossters to winjewelsstars. ★ Games you can play offline. ★ No WIFI? No Problem!★Classic jewels match 3 game. Let's go Matching 3 Jewelsandcrushing never stop! ********** Welcome to join ourFacebookHomepage : In this bigfamily,we can discuss products and optimize products together.
Block Puzzle - Puzzle Game 3.2
Simple but addictive block puzzle - puzzle game ! Block Puzzle-Puzzle Game is the most interesting block puzzle you haveeverplayed! Easy to play and pleasurable game for all age. Onceyoustart, you will not stop playing. Just have a try, you willloveit! Block Puzzle - Puzzle Game is the classical and legendarygame.I'm sure with you that you had played at least one time whenyouwere child. HOW TO PLAY BLOCK PUZZLE - PUZZLE GAME ? • Placetheblocks pieces into board. Once you fill in a vertical orhorizontalline, it will disappear, freeing up space for new pieces.• Gamewill be over if there are no space for any the given blocksbelowthe board. • Blocks can't be rotated. • No time limits.FEATURES •Simple rules and Easy control • Various Blocks andcolorful graphic• Save game • Support leaderboard • Funny soundeffects PleaseEnjoy Our Block Puzzle - Puzzle Game. The More Playand The MoreExciting !