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Mudslide Cowboy FREE 1.35
Note: For best experience, please playonatablet device with 1GB RAM or close to, as this is afairlymemoryintensive game, and may get a little jumpy oncheaperdevices. Freeversion contains ads.Mudslide Cowboy is about a man with a whip, a lasso &adream.A dream to become the worlds greatest & mostsuccessfulMudslideDrifter. Mudslide Drifting is the honourableprofession ofridinglarge logs down the sides of mountains wherethere is, orhasrecently been, a mudslide, in the hopes of winningwealth, fame- anda damsel's heart, of course.Jasper Jones has been enjoying a lovely evening withLadyJane,picnicking atop Mt. Dangerous, when, suddenly, DastardlyDanandhis motley crew rudely interrupt the dottingcoupleslovelycourting session. How rude!In a typically dastardly move, Dan makes off with LadyJaneandall her lovely, valuable things (she's quite thewealthylady).Now, to save his love and recover her treasure,JasperJones,ordinarily a tad trepidations in his demeanour,mustbecomesomething else entirely...He reaches for a nearby log, ties his bandanna aroundhisface(you know, for mystique.. and to keep the dust outtoo),and,launches himself down the mountain in hot pursuit -- andintotheunknown.Mudslide Cowboy is born.As you rocket down the mountain, guiding MudslideCowboyaroundwith your finger, you will encounter all kinds ofweird&wonderful scenarios. There's also a lot of treasure tobefound andgathering this can be a lot of fun. There will behazardstoo,though! Whip those logs, rocks & arrows out of yourwaybytapping them with your finger. Mudslide Cowboywillautomaticallyknow whether to use the whip or the lasso,dependingon what youtap. So click away! Whipping rocks willsometimes revealgold orsilver, which you will then gather (it paysto whip things,isbasically the point). Each level is unique, withit’s ownuniqueset of challenges & rewards. Enjoy playingMudslideCowboy!