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Spooky Realm - Mini Shooter 2.1
Get ready for an incredible and mini shooter journey throughahaunted and spooky world with our star Ray who has to rescuehisGrandma from hideous beasts in an unusual Dreamworld.JoinLittleStar Ray and get ready for the spookiest Halloween withSpookyRealm Mini Shooter ! Our war hero is determined to bring downthemaster of the menacing minigore army of ruthlesssupernaturalbeasts. GAMEPLAYAre you ready to clash withsupernatural pharaohs,little kid frankie, saw champ and the magicaland powerful lichking? On their Master ‘s command they swarmed theghostlydreamworld and fight till they are slaughtered. Equipyourself withsuperb and incredible weapons in this stunning game ofminicreatures & minions. Earn candies and become a superb miniherowho rescues his grandma from the wicked brain eater zombie& amenace of the ruthless spider army of the dark minigoreworld inthis spooky kids game where you have to fight in adreamworld.Afree action packed 3D game where you take command ofour Star Ray’slife and help him rescue his grandma from Boogeyman’shorrificghouls and other freakish dreamworld creatures. With ourherolittle Ray, enter his spooky kids dreamworld and travel to themosteerily haunted places as you move from on outworld lookinglevel toanother. Unlock the spooky worlds that belong to the darkminikingdom & clash with haunting ghosts.MISSIONYour mission istoslaughter the spooky minigore army of the outworld withyourincredible magical toy guns like sniper & shotguns andtakedown various bosses like the lich king. Like every army base,thesefreaky ghouls, ghostly boogeyman and horrific demons have aboss inevery level. Kids do not underestimate their fighting skillsasevery ruthless attack of these mini beasts brings down yourhealth.Beware! Choose from a variety of cool toys like weaponsshaped likerifles, sniper & shotguns. Earn experience bykilling the minibeasts and earn gold coins on winning the wars andmoving to thenext level. Call your friends for this mini shootertreat &earn daily rewards and unlock treasure chests. Unlocksuperb toyweapons. FEATURESCute 3d graphics, spooky music, varietyof weird,nightmarish & horrific creatures, fast-paced hauntedstoryline& stunning Gameplay, with alien world, snow world andmany morefreaky things, like unusual weapons with differentshootingeffects, make Spooky Realm one hell of a game! Spooky comeswithChristmas gifts.Stop Waiting and Download Now for FREEthespookiest game !!--------------------Privacy Policy: for assistance orinquiries.Feedback:Share your feedbackatappinteractive@gmail.comFOLLOWUS:Facebook: all of your comments andsuggestions !
カコタマ◆美少女陰陽師RPG 2.4.3
時は太正16年。文明開化の夜明けを感じさせつつも、妖怪や陰陽師といった不可思議なものが、わずかに残っている帝都に、突如として現れる謎の二人組。妖怪を【悪衣】と呼ばれる怪物に変えてしまう二人組に立ち向かう若き陰陽師【柊余白(ひいらぎよはく)】。そして、大切な友達を悪衣に変えられた、小さな妖怪【チミマル】。帝都から陰陽師を追い出し、文明開化を促そうとする【欅歩生(けやきあゆむ)】。謎の二人組の正体と、その目的とは?それぞれの想いと感情が交差する、大正風ロマン活劇、ここに開幕!◆敵を囲んで攻撃! 新感覚妖怪アクション! 画面内に散らばる魔石を囲んで、ストック! 動き回る敵を指でなぞって囲んで、ストックした魔石を一気に解放!!◆【囲み】テクニックを駆使して、戦いを有利に運べ! 同じ色の魔石を同時に複数囲む【ペア】を作って、与えるダメージをアップ! 動き回る複数の敵を同時に囲んで、まとめて攻撃! 敵の動きを見極めて、囲む順番を構築! 自分のテクニックと、頭脳を駆使して、勝利をつかみ取れ!◆美麗な妖怪のカードを集めよう! 有名絵師も続々参戦! むりりん氏、こぶいち氏を筆頭に、大勢の有名絵師が参戦! カコ☆タマの世界で妖怪たちを、怪しく、美しく描き上げるぞ! ◆ゆずソフトとのコラボも続々展開! さらにさらに! ゆずソフトの歴代キャラクターもカード化決定! コラボクエストも展開予定!本製品に関するお問い合わせはこちらsupport@mail.kako-tama.comTimeFutoshiTadashi'16.While feel the dawn of civilization andenlightenment alsothings mysterious, such as monsters andOnmyouji,Slightly in theremaining imperial capital, duo of mysterythat appears insuddenly.Confront the duo that would change into amonster called[shabby clothes] the specterYoung Onmyouji [hollymargin (hollymargin)].And, an important friend was converted intoshabby clothes,a small monster [Chimimaru].The expelled Onmyoujifrom the ImperialCity, and Engaging Our cultural enlightenment[Keyakifu-sei (Keyakiwalking)].And the duo of the identity of themystery, and itspurpose?Each of the feelings and emotionsintersect, Taisho-styleRoman fighting scene, opening here!◆ tosurround the enemy attack!New sense specter action!Around a magicstone scattered on thescreen, stock!to surround the enemy to movearound and traced with afinger, stretch and release the stock wasmagic stone! !By makingfull use of [enclosed] technique ◆,advantageously carry thefight!Surround multiple magic stones ofthe same color at the sametime by creating a [pair], and up thedamage that would give!byenclosing multiple enemies moving aroundat the same time, we arecollectively attack!To assess the movementof the enemy, to buildthe order in which the surrounding!And yourtechnique, by makingfull use of the brain, to take grab thevictory!◆ Let's gather thebeautiful specter of card! Famouspainter one after anotherwar!Muri-rin Mr., led by Mr. Kobuichi,many of the famous painter iswar!The specter us in the world ofthe past ☆ Tama, suspicious,raise draw beautifully!◆ alsocollaboration with Yuzu soft thrilleddeployment!Even further!Successive character of Yuzu software alsocardeddecision!Collaboration Quest also plan to deploy!Forinquiriesabout this product, click