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Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List
Out of Milk
Shopping List, Pantry List & To-Do List in a small,intuitiveand easy-to-use app. With Out of Milk, your Shopping Liststayswith you everywhere you go and you'll have it on-hand onceyou'reready to go grocery shopping. The Pantry List allows you tokeeptrack of your pantry items (spices, essentials, etc...) so thatyoualways know what you have at home. The To-Do list helps youkeeptrack of any other items on your daily list. ★ Creatingshoppinglists, syncing and list sharing is completely FREE ★ Whattheexperts are saying: 'The Out of Milk app is straightforwardandoffers three main list functions: shopping, pantry and to do.'WallStreet Journal '#1 of Top 25 Apps For Moms' Babble 'Top10Most-Used Shopping Apps' Nielsen 'How To Simplify yourgroceryshopping on Android' CNET 'Grocery List Apps That MakeShopping,Syncing Lists Simple' Mashable Our Features: ★ Multipleshoppinglists ★ Sync and share your shopping lists with others inreal-time★ Access your lists online from anywhereon ★ Save time by grouping itemsintocategories ★ Easily scan or enter items in your shopping lists★Make a To-Do list ★ Shopping list history remembers items ★Pantrylist lets you inventory anything so you always know what's inyourpantry ★ Share todo, pantry and grocery lists by text or email★Move or copy items between shopping list and pantry list ★Displaysgrand total and running total on your shopping list ###PermissionInformation ### For detailed information regarding thepermissionsused by Out of Milk Shopping List,visit
Bring! Grocery Shopping List 3.34.5
Bring! simplifies grocery shopping for millions of people.Withshared shopping lists, integrated recipes, loyalty cardsandindividual shopping suggestions, Bring! helps users aroundtheworld save time, money and energy while organising theirgroceryshopping. Try it out now – it's free! ★Two-time winner ofGooglePlay «Editors' Choice» Award★Recommended by Android PIT,AndroidCentral, TechCrunch, Android Police and many more★ LATESTUPDATES:💳 Save all your loyalty cards in your Bring! wallet now 💳THEFEATURES: ★Create and share shopping lists with yourfamily,colleagues and friends. ★TOP: Send clever, ready-mademessages toinform your contacts that you are going shopping or havechangedthe list. ★Create shopping list templates for any occasion –athome, in your office, holiday cabinet or for travels withfriends.★Add your own photos to the items on your shopping list toalwayslet your friends know what brand to buy. ★The Bring!catalogueincludes many hundred articles. If something is missing,you justadd articles yourself. GOOD TO KNOW: ★Bring! is optimisedforsmartphones, tablets and smartwatches, and is compatible withthevoice agents Alexa and Google Assistant. ★Collect & sendsupercool 🍩WhatsApp Stickers🥦 #WAStickerApps. ★The Bring! App canbedownloaded for free. YOUR FEEDBACK: We are keen to know whatyouthink & need when you do your daily groceries. Your inputswillhelp us steer Bring! in the right direction and create thebestshopping experience for you. Contact: feedback@getbring.comWecan't wait to hear from you, Your Bring! Team
Maple Media
Are you out of milk? Need to make a trip to the store? 🍎🍇🌽SuperSimple Shopping List is the most simple shopping listappavailable! * To add an item to your shopping list, press the+button. Type the item and select a color. That's it - shopsimplywith this free shopping list app. * Edit, add, and deletemultipleitems on your list, as well as label them with colors tokeep yourshopping list super organized. Your weekly grocery tripsjust goteasier with this free shopping list organizer. In thisshoppinglist app, a variety of Colors are used to representCategories,which are all customizable to your needs. Whether it'snames ofgrocery stores, celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries,holidays),or shop sections (dairy, vegetables, drinks), you’ll beable tocreate a checklist that’s suited for you. While shoppingwith SuperSimple Shopping List, you can also cross off items as youpick themup. Just tap the item to check it off. You can also shareyourgrocery list with your friends or family and sync betweenyourdevices. Easy, fast, & free shopping list organizerwithreal-time sharing: - No more hassle. ❌ - No moredisorganization. ❌- Shopping simple ✅ Note: When you install theapp, it will benamed "Shopping List”. Download Super SimpleShopping List FreeToday! We hope you enjoy using our simple grocerylist app tosimplify your grocery shopping process! For support,please emailus at
OurGroceries automatically keeps your family’s grocery list insyncwith the latest changes—on every family member’s phone orwebbrowser. Highest-rated grocery list app! (4.7 stars in thePlayStore as of May 2019.) “Our Groceries Shopping List is one ofthevery best grocery list apps for Android.” — Joy of Android“It'ssimple to setup, free to use and it's integrated with GoogleHomeas an Assistant app.” —CNET “I can only say one thing aboutthisapp, it is awesome.” — Fishers Android App Reviews “Ilovetechnology, but I also love simplicity. I've found the best ofbothin OurGroceries.” — The Kitch review “After more than a yearofusing OurGroceries, we have been very satisfied.” — Anne vs.Homereview “So far OurGroceries is my app of choice.” — AndroidMomreview “It really shines when dealing with multiple familymembersor roommates that are responsible for splitting up thegroceryshopping.” — Talk Android review Every change to yoursharedshopping list is visible in seconds. See items being checkedoff asyour partner shops! • Share your shopping lists withfamilymembers, even if they have an iPhone. • Share your recipestoo; addthem to your shopping list with one tap. • Add items usingyourAmazon Alexa device, such as the Echo. • Add items usingyourGoogle Assistant device, such as the Google Home. •Convenientshopping with your Android Wear watch. • Add photos toitems(premium version only). • Add items by scanning barcodes(premiumversion only). • Ad-supported, but upgradable to turn offthe ads.• iPhone and web versions are also available. Keywords:MyGroceries
com.buymeapie.bmap 3.5.23
Best grocery shopping list ever!
Shopping list voice input
TK Solution
Never again note chaos ... An easy-to-use shopping list app. Youcancreate your shopping lists directly by speaking. It is possibletocreate multiple lists,e.g. for various shops. Functions: • Twovoiceinput modes, single or multiple items • Drag and drop a list•Manage multiple shopping lists • Synchronisation between devices•Strike out while shopping • Notifications for lists • Shareashopping list • Import text split by lines • Recipe modus •History• Change the typeface, size and color from fonts • Changeabackground Have fun with this intuitive shopping list app ...Forquestions or comments please contact me
My Shopping List 10.3
Manage your shopping list as simple as possible! A fastandefficient application, with a Material Design. VoiceRecognitionfeature ! Best shopping app of the store in manycountries. Did youever forget your shopping list at home ? Now it'sover, because younever forget your phone. Get rid of your post-it.Your shoppinglist is now in your phone or tablet. Add items withyour voicethanks to a great recognition. Manage as many lists asyou want toprepare the week shopping, Saturday diner, gardensupply, etc...*** FREE ***
Shopping List - ListOn Free 1.7
Probably the easiest, the quickest and attractive shopping listinthe whole Play Store… ListOn will make your supermarket visitsmuchmore efficient, with:✔ Allows quantities and prices for anyitem.✔2 visual styles to choose, with personalized sounds.✔Uniquemanagement system among sliding sections for greaterflexibilityand control.✔ More than 600 suggestions of items to makeyour listsquickly (English only).✔ Items classified by categories.✔Multiplelists.✔ Share your list via WhatsApp, Line, E-Mail and SMS,orimport items that have shared with you.✔ Import/Export lists toSDcard.✔ 100% free.Therefore if you go to the supermarket, tothestreet market, to a shopping centre, as a greengrocery onthecorner, try carrying ListOn, and you will see you’ll neverforgetanything. ListOn is going to help you to remember each one oftheproducts you need and store them in your own virtual pantry.Forthe next time, you should just have a look to your pantry andmoveproducts into your list just pressing on them.ListOn let youadditems, erase and move them to the pantry in order to recoverthemfor the next shopping time. Everything it, on a friendlyandintuitive interface, giving you the possibility to chooseamongseveral visual themes in flawless finish. Furthermore, whileyou’reintroducing a new item, ListOn suggests you before-createdwords inorder to not write too much. Food, snacks, babies,drinks,butchery, home, frozen products, cold cuts, fruits andvegetables,bakery, dairy, pets, perfumery and fish are included.Take note ofyour next recipe on ListOn and let it to became yourideal cookingassistant.You will also be able to, just in a click,share yourshopping list with your relatives and friends throughSMS, e-mailor whatever system available on your Android, as well asWhatsApp,Line, etc. ListOn will send the list immediately in orderto notlose neither a product. Having your shopping needs on datewillhelp you to keep control on your outgoings and save infutureshopping times. What’s more, ListOn is completely free andit’scurrently available in English, German, French, Spanish,Portugueseand Italian.
Color Checklist 1.8
Kenzap Ltd
Color Checklist is an extremely simple and easy to use todolistapp. Perfect for storing multiple long shopping lists. Controlwhatyou need to buy and have already bought. Use checklist asyoureveryday reminders and set notifications. Features: -Check/Uncheckitems, products from list - Color customization. -Organizechecklists by color. - Status bar notifications (PUSH) -Font sizeand style adjustment. - Different sorting methods. - NoInternet orGPS permissions, so no third party that can upload yourprivatenotes. - Edit text files sent from other devices and savechangeslocally.​ - Set reminders. - Global search through allnotes. -Backup/Restore notes. FAQ: Q: How do I put a checklistwidget onthe home screen (sticker)? A: Under the home screen holddown yourfinger on an empty space once the new window arise choosewidget.Find Color Checklist from the list and position it on yourhomescreen. Q: How do I rename my checklist, change color or font?A:Open desired checklist. Under the top right corner of yourscreenfind three vertical dots menu. Click on menu and findappropriateoption from the list. Depending on your android versionmenu listmay show up by pressing options button down on your screenor phonepanel. Q: How do I password protect my lists? A: Open mainappwindow where list of all notes is located. Long press ondesirednote and wait till new options menu show up. Selectpasswordprotect. Q: How do I enter master settings? A: Open mainapp windowwhere list of all notes is located. Under the top rightcorner ofyour screen find three vertical dots menu. Depending onyourandroid version menu list may show up by pressing optionsbuttondown on your screen or phone panel. Q: How do I find backedupchecklist notes? A: All you backed up notes are stored in asinglefile. Which is usually located here: "/data/KenzapChecklist"orhere: "/Android/data/com.kenzap.checklist/files"
Yummly Recipes & Shopping List 4.1
Yummly is your smart cooking sidekick, offeringpersonalizedguidance every step of the way. From reciperecommendations justfor you, to handy tools and helpful videos,Yummly has everythingyou need to improve life in the kitchen.Experience what millionsare enjoying on the web, free on yourAndroid device. ★ 2 million +recipes from the best of the best👨‍🍳👩‍🍳🥇 An endless supply ofrecipes to fuel your next cookingadventure from Yummly’s testkitchen and top sites like AllRecipes,Epicurious, Food52 tosmaller food blogs and everything in between.Every week, thousandsof new recipes are added to Yummly for you todiscover and Yum. ★Discover recipe recommendations, just for you 🍽️Set up your tasteand nutrition preferences and we’ll only serve uprecipes thatmatch. As you use Yummly, like magic, it learns aboutyour likes(and don’t likes). Yummly will provide you with foodreciperecommendations every day that you are sure to love. In a bitof afood rut? Let Yummly help you out with a cornucopia oftastysuggestions for cooking. The more you Yum, the better it gets!★Step-by-step guided recipes 🎬⏲🍴 Let Yummly do the thinking foryouwith our step-by-step recipes, including video tutorials,timers,and more handy tools to make cooking a breeze. ★ Collect,save, andorganize your favorites 💾 Saving your favorite recipescouldn’t beeasier. With the simple tap of a “Yum” button, yourfaves arestashed for safekeeping in a digital recipe box. Oncesaved, createcollections for easy organization and viewing whencooking andgrocery shopping. ★ Personalized diets & allergies🍉🍊🌶️🍍🥑🍓 Areyou eating vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or gluten free? Doyou have afood allergy to dairy, peanuts, or seafood? Simply hatecilantro?Yummly has you covered! We scour recipes from across theweb andautomatically filter out recipes based on your tastes,allergies,and diets. ★ The most powerful way to search for recipes🔍 Whywaste time sifting through the wrong recipes? Our uniquesearchfilters allow you to find the perfect recipe. Filter bycuisine,nutrition requirements (for calories, carbs, fat, orcholesterol),cook time, technique, and more. ★ Recipe schedulingfor easy mealplanning 📅⏰ Schedule a recipe to the exact time youwant to eat andit's instantly added to your calendar. You'll evenget a gentlenudge when it's time to start cooking. ★ Add entirerecipes to yourgrocery shopping list 🗒️🛒 With one click you can adda full recipeto your shopping list. Yummly automaticallycategorizes yourshopping list by both aisles and recipes to makeyour trip to thegrocery store a snap. ★Use voice commands to keepyour screen cleanNavigate hands-free through our step-by-stepGuided Recipes withYummly Voice Control. Just say "Hey Yummly" toactivate voicecommands so you can move through recipe steps, seeingredients,start timers and more. Download the free Yummly apptoday. Let’sget cookin’!
Shopping Memo - Checklist 1.22.4
Dan's Inc
Have you ever forgotten what you wanted to buy whenshopping?Haveyou ever bought too many things unintentionally whenshopping?Asmart shopping habit is to make a shopping listbeforeshopping.This little habit of creating a shopping checklistwillsave you valuable time and money.Instead of using a penandnotepad, try the 'Shopping Memo' app.When you think of the itemyouwant to buy, simply create a shopping list on yoursmartphone.Thencheck out the list you wrote down while shopping.Sothis smart"Shopping Memo" app will analyze your shopping habits andlet youknow.All of this is free.Simply create a shopping list andenjoyall of these benefits.
Notepad - Notes with Reminder, ToDo, Sticky notes 1.2.1
Lemon, Inc
Notepad is a simple and lite weight app that allows you tocaptureand organize your notes. It gives you a quick and simplenotepadediting experience when you write notes, notepad, to dolist,checklist, shopping list, reminder, memo, and widget. You canalsoexport your notes to Google Drive or to external storage (SDcard).Our simple Notepad application makes it easy to write notesatanytime & anywhere. *TAKE NOTES* - Add quick notes indifferentways - Quickly and easily to create a new notes - Captureyourthoughts wherever you are - Quick notes from notification -Edityour notes into a checklist view *ORGANIZE NOTES* - Organizeyournotes by color (color notebook) - Organize your noteswithdifferent labels - Categories: Organize notes in categoriesandaccess them easily - Searching notes and checklists *REMINDERS*-Set reminder to your notes, no longer missing you importantthings- Pin notes as notifications *GROCERY LIST & SHOPPINGLIST* -Checklist notes for To do list & Shopping list at thegrocerystore. (Quick and simple list maker) - Anticipates andnotesthoughts for you and adds them to your to do list *CUSTOMIZEYOURNOTEBOOK* - Colorful notes & Checklists with default andcustomcolors *SEND YOUR NOTES AS IMAGE* - Sharing of notes withbeautifulbackground - Export notes as image and share it withothers orsocial networking site *HOME SCREEN WIDGET* - Sticky notememowidget & put your notes on your home screen - Add 2x2 or4x4notes widgets to launcher - Simple, powerful & beautifulwidgetto keep your notes always at hand *ONLINE BACKUP* - Backup&Restore your notes to Google Drive - Restore your memorywithGoogle Account *NOTEBOOK IN DAY-TO-DAY LIFE* - Be up-to-datewithyour daily tasks. - Sketch down your creativity without anysecondthought. - Effectively plan your travel, weddings, partiesusingNotebook. - Use notebook as your daily journal. Our notes apphassimple use experience that allows you to quickly create andsaveyour notes content. While supporting backup to the GoogleDrive.Take your notes at anytime & anywhere organize dailyroutinesin an easier way.
com.shoppinglist 2.1.7
Shopping List is the most easy way to organise your shoppinglists.It is minimalistic, intuitive and easy to use, it keepsyourgrocery shopping list without bothering you with complexfeatures.The development of Shopping List is supported byadvertisement - itcosts you less than a coffee to remove it :)Features include: •Multiple shopping lists • Add products to theshopping lists •Share lists by text, email, WhatsApp etc. • Markitems in yourshopping list as "bought" or "in shopping cart" • Dragand dropproducts to reorder them as you like • Edit items on thelist(long-press on an item and click the edit icon) • Save timebyusing suggestions as you start typing a product name •Suggestionsare personalised • Manage the list of suggestions(directly whenthey appear) As you start typing a product, ShoppingList shows upsuggestions that you can add very fast to the yourshopping list.It comes with a bunch of popular suggestions for youto start with.All products you enter in your shopping cart willlater beavailable as suggestions so that you will save time whenpreparingyour shopping list. Add multiple shopping lists to keepproductsyou will buy in different stores separated. Requestedpermissions:This app requires access to internet since it is arequirement forthe ads in the app. *** Suggest new featuresat By among the first ones to try outnewfeatures and help us improve, join the Shopping List BetaTestcommunity on Google+at Help with translationsat
Shopping List 1.2.3
Simple app to manage shopping lists.Create shopping lists andaddprodutcs you want to buy.Nevertheless, keep a record of pricespaidfor purchased products.Contact: vansuita.jr@gmail.comBuy MeaCoffee
Shopping list 0.0.10
"My Shopping List" - is the most convenient and easy to useshoppinglist on Google Play.This minimalist, intuitive applicationthatremembers what you need to buy.Forget the paper leaves andnotes isthe last century. With our app shopping trip has becomemuch easierand more enjoyable!The application is very easy to use,just starttyping the name of the product that you need and the appwillautomatically give you a huge list of recommendations whichhaveapplications in memory.A simple click on a list item youzeropurchased product.Our application will be indispensableandwonderful decoration for you and your phone, as well asfacilitateshopping.Features of the app:• Beautiful and intuitiveinterface•Simple input products• A large number of tips• Createmultiplelists• Search the list by date• Edit list items• Verysimple andclear operation with a list• Ability to choose language•Automaticgrouping of products on the list
Shopping List S 2.28
A simple and convenient shopping list that was chosen bythousandsof people around the world. Benefits: - works quickly andeasily -maintaining several lists at the same time - translation ofplaintext in the list with daws - drawing up the whole list byvoice atonce - synchronization between devices (fast connection byQR code)- high rating of the application (Google Play) More detailsaboutthe functionality can be found in the manual, which isintegratedinto the application.
ini - Grocery Shopping List 6.1.2
When we make a grocery list, we put the same things on it, overandover.ini helps reuse shopping lists to save you time andeffort.Weconsulted experts in housekeeping and formed basicshopping lists.Based on them, create your own shopping list:- forhome and officeuse;- for important events; - for cooking yourfavorite meals.Tickthe things you need from different lists, thenopen the combinedshopping list at the store. Turn onsynchronization and:- sharegrocery lists with your friends;-organize shared shopping;-automatically get your shopping lists ona new phone and tablet.iniwill synchronize any changes within lessthan a second.Enjoyshopping with ini!
ListOk - Smart shopping list 1.4.5
ListOk is very convenient and advanced shopping listwithsynchronization in real time, which enables you quickly andeasilymake a list of needed products to buy. Make a shopping list,shareit and discuss the purchases with your friends and family inlist'sinternal chat. This application will facilitate yourshoppingtrips, and will be indispensable and wonderful decorationfor youand your phone. Features of ListOk: - List synchronizationinreal-time - Share your shopping list and be sure that anychangesare instantaneously seen by others. - Unlimited number oflistparticipants - Add your own products or choose them fromproductsdatabase - Edit your lists with friends and family -Internal chatfor easy discussion and planning your shopping trips -Create, editand sort the categories of products - App remember allchanges thatyou do with goods - Specifying the amount, cost, andproductdescriptions. - Edit the products in your shopping list -Send ayour lists via SMS, mail or by other installed applications-Ability to copy shopping lists - Voice input - Beautiful appthemes- Add product photos to the items on the shopping list, soyoualways buy the right brand
To Do List 3.121
Splend Apps
What is SplenDO? SplenDO is smart task list for everyday use. Itistruly usable with great user experience. No matter who you areandwhat you do - you will be better organized! At home, at work andinyour free time - you will focus on really important things!SplenDOis powerful in its simplicity and convenience of use. KeyFeatures• User friendly task management • Grouping tasks in handytasklists • Smart home screen widgets show instantly what to do•Intelligent notifications exactly when you need them • SyncingwithGoogle that just works More Details • Adding tasks via voice•Notifications use sounds, vibrations and built-inspeechsynthesizer (TTS) • Icon widget - icon with optional today'sandoverdue tasks counter • List Widget - resizable widgetdisplaysupcoming tasks • Status bar - component (in thenotifications area)keeping you up to date • Quick Task Bar - to addsomething hotquickly • Support for recurring tasks • Time forshopping? Need toadd many tasks at one go? Great, batch mode ison-board! • Supportfor tasks without a due date, all-day-long tasksand tasks at aspecific hour of the day • Bidirectionalsynchronization withGoogle Tasks • Many useful configurationoptions • Predefined tasklists • Actions on group of tasks (bulkactions, long-clickselection support) • Integration with sharing onAndroid - sharingtasks with other apps and receiving shared data •Creating tasksfrom the content of system clipboard • SplenDO isfree to downloadand use • Splend Apps support and more! About Us • • Our PrivacyPolicy: • ContactUs: Follow Us •Twitter: •Facebook: •Google+:
Recipe Calendar - Meal Planner 3.34
Harmonic Soft
This meal planner saves your time cooking! It's easy to use:choosea meal plan, go shopping with a grocery list, and cook yourmealsusing step-by-step directions. You'll like our foods!Wantsomething special for dinner? Find a better recipe and updateyourtoday's meals. Choose a weekly plan which best fits youbycomplexity and style. Our healthy diets includelow-carb,vegetarian, low-calorie, and even paleo menus. Decide howmanypeople will eat and which meals will they have, and updateyourschedule as appropriate. Have any dietary restrictions?RecipeCalendar remembers them and recommends you only safe recipes.Ifyou're a beginner cook, use a simple menu with well-knowndishes:eggplant with bacon, chicken broth, or fried pork withnoodles.Want something more interesting? Use complex suggestionsand tasteoutstanding recipes provided by best cooks in the world!Care abouthealth, fitness, and losing weight? Choose one of ourdiets forweight loss and follow it - the fitness meal plans arebased on thereal nutrition statistics collected by a caloriecounter app. Theweight loss statistics proves: followers of ourhealthy diet plansdefinitely lose pounds! Can't find anythingattractive amongpredefined menus? Use the planner to schedule yourweekly mealsyourself. Recipe Calendar includes more than 5000recipes: simple,dietary, vegetarian, low-calorie, children, andmuch more! You caneven create your own recipe, use it in yourfuture menus, and shareit with thousands of other users. Here aremore great features ofRecipe Calendar: Selecting meals $2 or lessper serving and readyin 20 minutes. Is that ever possible? RecipeCalendar is the onlyapp which estimates the recipe price andprovides you with frugalrecipes. Other possible selection optionsare the cooking time,diet preferences, and meal type. Your mealplans and favorites aresynchronized across all your devices. Use aphone to go shopping,and tablet for meal prep. Your data are storedon the server andwon't never be lost. 200K community of mealplanners. RecipeCalendar is a social and community-driven app. Findfriends andshare recipes and meal plans with them, or become acontributor andadd your own recipes or plans to the projectdatabase. InstallRecipe Calendar now, save your precious time forthe choice ofdishes, and plan your diet with us!
Shopsly - Grocery list 1.2.9
Wonder why is Shopsly - Grocerylist so special?It includes Grocery list, spendingtracker, shoplist history,food prices and many other greatfunctions combined in one app. Andyet it is very easy to use.Clear and easy to use design Easy to usedesign is in our opinionone of the most important things in grocerylist. That is why wedeveloped Shopsly, but it is still built withfunctionalities thatare essential for the user. Geo location of thestore &reminder when it's time to go shopping No need to useother apps.Integrated reminder will let you know when it is time togoshopping and location map will lead you to the store.ImplementedSpending tracker Check complete history of your shoppinglists,when, where and at what price did you buy your products. Viewyourweekly, monthly and yearly spendings shown in beautiful chart.Makemultiple grocery lists and share them with your family Make asmanyshopping lists as you like and share them with your family soeachone of them will know which products have been purchased andwhichstill need to be bought. Colorize your products to findthemquickly Choose between several playful colors for yourproducts.
com.minhtinh.grocerylistapp 2.0.7
Need to Buy - Grocery List - Will not forget when shoppingwithGrocery list. We often remember what to buy and go to themarket orgrocery store. Then we forget to buy something when returnhome. Orwe note into the paper and then forget to bring it whengoshopping. This is a simple app to make list item that we needtobuy. - Very little screen, easy to make a grocery list. - Takeyourphone and go to the market, grocery store or online grocerystoreto check while shopping. ⇒ We will not forget to buysomething, orbuy too much than we need. Need to Buy - Grocery Listwill make ourgrocery shopping quick and efficient. ★ Having agrocery list whenshopping saves you time and money ★ Keywords:simple grocery list,simple shopping list
Keep shopping 3.9
This application is a useful and simple application for yourphone!«Shopping» allows you to make a list easily becausespecialsuggestions and to calculate a value of all yourpurchases.Features of the app:* Widget* Synchronization* Allowsquantitiesand prices for any item* Support for the productcategories*Multiple shopping lists* Start to input the item, andyou’ll seethe list of suggestions* Deletion of items with onetouch* Supportfor different currencies: dollar, euro, rouble,hryvna and owncurrency* Support for the most common languages :English, German,Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian* Ability tokeep the screenon continuously* Suggestions edtorIf you have aproblem, just emailus at
ClicFlyer: Weekly Offers, Promotions & Deals 2.3.9
ClicFlyer is an app that is transforming the shopping experienceforpeople like you in KSA, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman&Egypt by creating a single platform with easy access toweeklyoffers catering to your family needs, from all theleadingretailers. Our aim is to bring to you huge savings on yourweeklygrocery bills while making shopping easy and fun. Browseflyers,learn about offer discounts, directly search and saveoffers,create your own shopping list and locate stores to grab thebestoffers. You can plan ahead, even before stepping into thestore. Webring to you the latest information on the offers toensure younever miss a great deal again. With ClicFlyer you canfind groceryoffers online when it suits you and where it suits you- regardlessof whether you're at home, on the road or out shopping.If lookingfor a specific item, you can use the search function andquicklycompare offers across the various flyers online. For easyaccesswhile shopping, you can save offers and add items to theshoppinglist with a quick sign up process. Also, share your savedofferswith your family and friends so they can save money too. Inshort,with ClicFlyer, you save time and money, as the app givesyouaccess to the largest selection of grocery retailers onlineandhelps you get an overview of the country's many offerings. Youcanfind offers in a number of ways: Trending Offers - Check outmostpopular offers in your city Retailers - Browse latest weeklyflyersand thousands of offers from your favorite retailersCategories -Click on various categories to check latest offers youare lookingfor List of features: - Mark your favorite retailers sothat theyare always first. - Find offers with best discounts on theflyerusing the discount slider. - Save your offers for easy accesswhileshopping - Simplify weekly shopping with Shopping List. Add,editand find offers easily. - Tap on offers for additional info -offerperiod, offer price, similar offers - Learn about retailerstoresand use mobile maps to get to the closest branch - SearchOfferswith smart suggestions. - Customize your offer search bysorting& filtering on retailers, categories, and Brands - Shareyourfavorite offers with your friends & family - Stay updatedwithalerts for new flyers, nearby offers or expiring offers andmore!Feel free to contact us at
This is a simple check list for organize your life. We arepursuingauthentic simplicity and comfortable control. Features: -Rearrangethe order with drag and drop - Delete with drag and drop -Voiceinput - Home screen widget No ads. No frills. No confusingdetails.Does not require any permission. Does not require anaccount. Forshopping list, todo list, task list, memo, reminder,etc... It's upto you.
Todo list 2.6.1
With this "Todo list" App you can: - Create folders, tasks,subtasksand comments; - Set priority to each task; - Use Reminderwith"Repeat" options; - Use Filters like "Folder" and "Calendar";- Useit as a Checklist or a Grocery list; - Enjoy efficiencyandsimplicity in action with "Todo list" application. Please,leavecomments. Let's make "Todo list" better. Feel free to contactme ifyou have any issues or questions. e-mail: zamgizi@gmail.comMichael
Mercador - Shopping List 1.0.12
WGP Apps
Mercador is a app elaborate with intention to provide a toolsimpleand full for create and manage shopping lists. Whit theMercadoryou can create several shopping lists with your items,addingspending limits that help control the final price of yourbuy. Ispossible share your shopping lists with contacts and bye-mail andaccomplish others various activities inapplication.Functionalities: Management of shopping lists (Create,Edit andRemove); Management of products (More than 400pre-registeredproducts); Management of categories; Management ofunits ofmeasurement; Control shopping list spending with alertsdisplay;Quick addition of items to the shopping list; Sharing theshoppinglist by email, whatsapp, messenger, etc...; Displayingpurchasingreports (PRO Version); Displaying shopping list itemsreports (PROversion); Export shopping list to Excel (PRO version);Currencychange settings and automatic saving of the shopping list(PROversion). Trace the shopping list item by holding it down for afewseconds.
Shopping list — Lister
The synchronization keeps your lists up-to-date acrossmultipledevices. In addition, you can create groups for differentevents,create multiple lists per group and invite multiple members.E.g.for family, roommates, office, wedding, vacation, partyplanning,etc. To briefly clarify, each group has its own chat withpictureand text messages. Helpful if you don't know which shampooto buy?Or who will bring the barbecue charcoal after Max hascancelled atshort notice? With the group chat you can rely on thefact that themessages are sent to all group members. You don't haveto create agroup in WhatsApp first. Or worry about whether everyoneis onWhatsApp? Or Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Viber. Here's howyoucan create long lists quickly: (see picture #3) • Suggesteditemsfrom your master list appear after you type two letters. Clickonit to add the desired item. • Select items from the master listandadd them with one click. • Create a shopping list of items youbuyregularly, select all items with one click and add them tothepreferred list. Display shopping lists eithercategorized,alphabetically sorted or manually sorted (see picture#4). Eachshopping list can have its own sorting. In the supermarketyou donot have to scroll the list, because if you sort the itemsintocategories and set the category order for the supermarket,theitems will appear one after the other as you go throughthesupermarket. Crossed-off items and whole categories are placedatthe end of the list (see picture #5). Create recipeswithingredients, directions and pictures. With a few clicks you canaddall ingredients to a shopping list (see picture #6). Addpicturesto items to always buy the right shampoo, cat food orcoffee. Doyou still have something to do? Write it down in the tasklists.There are 4 different designs including Dark theme, 4 fontsizesand 6 fonts to choose from. Additional features: • Ifnecessary youcan edit the master list (including categories, units,stores) inthe management menu • The shopping mode enlarges thelines andmakes it easier to cross off items in the supermarket •Reminders •Barcode scanner • Resolve inputs with quantity andprice, e.g. 500gtomatoes 2.99 • Edit all items of a shopping listin a single view• Customize layout in settings, e.g. hide/showprogress bar,hyphens, select single-line layout • and much more!Convinced? Tryit out! If you have any questions, please contactsupport by emailat
Shopping List 1.0.32
This application is a useful and simple shopping list foryourphone. Do you often make shopping lists? If you do, this appmadeexactly for you! This is useful and simple way of making outashopping list on your phone. You can input items from keyboard,addfrom database, filled by you, by barcode scanning and evenusingyour voice! Also, you can mark out important purchases in thelist.You just have to tap an item to mark it as "bought". We hopethatthis app will expand your phone and make your shopping easier.
Grocery List - Multi markets 0.02.20
This application allows you to manage shopping lists fromdifferentsupermarkets and activity related to a specific task. Wecan: -Create as many shopping lists as you want. - Create, modifyordelete stores and their items once created. - Copy, partiallyortotally, lists another store minimizing typing new items. -Enteramounts if desired. - Set size and color of text andbackground. -Use three types of lists. - Keeping the screen ondisplay andbrightness dimmed during purchase. - Includes a list ofpreloadedproducts to be selected when generating a new list.Developed forAndroid version 4 and above. It is available inEnglish, Korean,Spanish, Basque, Catalan, English, German, French,Italian, Russianand Portuguese. It is operative for Smartphone andTablet.
Grocery list - Lista Simples 9.0
Bruno Alencar
Organize your grocery shopping every month. If you are looking foraquick way to build your shopping list and have it always onhand,download the Simple List! Here's how the Simple List can makeiteasier: • Quick addition of products. • Total calculationofpurchase.
"Shopping list" is an application that helps you organize,sharewith others, and manage your shopping or grocery lists usingyourphone. Easily add new items you need to buy, set quantity, andpicka category. When organizing your products, you can addprices,pictures and barcodes to items you need to buy! In store,just openyour list and tick off every item you bought. Depending onyourpreferences, items are marked as "bought", moved to the end ofthelist or deleted from list. Synchronize your Shopping listwithanother person. Let one person enter shopping items on onephone,and see them appear on another one! Coordinated shopping atitspeak! If the other person has not installed this app, you cansendyour list via text message or email. Advanced features toenhanceyour trip to purchase groceries like management of itemswith samename across different lists from one place and more...Highlights:* Categories * Instant synchronization between twophones * Barcodescanner * Remembers what you put on list once,reuse it again *Backup and restore your data * Many customizingpossibilities * Appdesign for quick manipulation Privacy: We takeyour privacy veryseriously. Our app never saves your data to ourservers unless youuse Synchronization feature. If you useSynchronization feature,your data is stored on our servers inanonymous way and ispermanently deleted after no longer than twomonths time. Datastored on our servers is only used to enableSynchronizationprocess and is not and will not be used in otherpurposes. Requiredpermissions: * SD card access is used to allowyou to backup yourshopping lists, products and preferences. *Internet access is usedfor synchronizing with other users.
OI Shopping list 2.1.3
OI Shopping List is a powerful application which makes it easytocreate and manage checklists. OI Shopping List makes it easy toadditems to a list, check the item off, and remove it from thelist.The application can track separate prices for each store thatyouuse, and features a high level of customization. Font size,sortorder, list columns, and list cleanup behavior are allsettingscontrolled by the user. All of these features are broughttogetherin a crisp layout that is customizable through a variety ofthemes.The source code of this free and open source applicationisavailable at: Thisapplicationis ad free and does not require the internet permission.For thecomplete list of changes and a list of frequently askedquestions,please visit: You can help toimprovethe translation into your language atLaunchpad: *Add, edit and delete lists. * Create, delete, and checkitemsquickly and easily. * Variety of themes. * Customizable fontsizeand sort order. * Keep track of separate prices for each store.*Customizable list columns. International versions: IO قائمةالتسوق,Lista de cumpărături OI, OI Alışveriş listesi,OIBoodschappenlijst, OI Einkaufsliste, OI Lista Zakupów, OI ListadeCompras, OI Shopping List, OI Shopping list, OI lista dellaspesa,OI Список покупок, OI списък за пазаруване, OI шопинг листа,OIسېتىۋېلىش تىزىمى, OI 購物清單, OI 购物列表, OI 쇼핑 목록, Ol Seznamnákupů,Popis za kupovinu, Λίστα αγορών OI Shopping list, لیست خریدOI
Grocery Tracker Shopping List 11.88
Grocery Tracker Not just another shopping app, It's acompletegrocery management system! GT is an easy to use app thatcan beused to create Shopping lists for use at the store. But itdoesn'tstop there. GT provides many powerful features to handlemostpower-users needs. You can manage your groceries (or anything)frompurchase, to knowing what's on hand, to building recipes andmenus.In fact, many small business's use it to manage theirbusinessinventory. Features: - Create multiple shopping lists withcustomcategories and user defined Sorting per List. - Trackyourinventory, shopping history, item prices, and coupons. -Createrecipes and weekly menus and link to your products. -Alwaysavailable "Reorder List" shows just what you need. -Displayindividual product costs and total shopping list price,includingcoupon discounts and taxes. - Share shopping lists,inventory andyour product catalog between devices. Take the time tolearn it,it's worthit!-------------------------------------------------------ImportantNote Regarding Permissions Please note that theGrocery-Tracker apprequires access to the following services tooperate properly: *Camera: This permission is for scanning barcodes with your cameraand taking product pictures.. * Storage: Thispermission isrequired to allow database back-ups and storage ofpictures. *Network Access: This permission is required to accessonlinedatabase of products and allow sharing ofdata.-------------------------------------------------------Pleasevisit: for helpandinstructions! Questions: ***Pleasecontact developer directly with any feature requests orissuesfound. Issues left in the Android Play Store do not allow metorespond and resolve them for you.
Fiksiki Supermarket Shopping Games for Kids 2.0.0
Supermarket mania games for toddlers 3 years ol - shoppinggirlSimka goes to grocery store cash register in games forkids!Mysupermarket food games for free for kids! 🤗Get ready forsomeshopping fever in the grocery store with tools department!TheFixies love inventing things and they need a lot of tools. Willyouhelp them and buy some in the supermarket games?🔧🔩⚙ This isfunnychildren games for 5 years free and also a great way oflearningmotor skills, how to be attentive and how to count. Inthebeginning of kids learning apps for age 2 free you will getashopping list with different tools you need to buy. ✔✔ The taskissimple - go to the grocery store appliances department (if youlikegrocery store games and market games for girls), grab toolsfromthe shelves and put them into the shopping cart. If you tookanextra tool, don't worry, you can put it back on theshelf!Interface is simple for children games for 5 years free. 👍🏻If youare sure where the certain tool is, speed up the cart andfind itfaster! As soon as the cart is full with all tools fromtheshopping list, you will go to the cash register games and payforyour purchases. Be careful, count attentively to pay no extramoney(learning money app for kids) :) 💰💰 Features of market gamesforgirls and boys:🎮 This is what makes this game so special! -Popularshopping mania mechanics with supermarket cashier - Shopgames forgirls and supermarket games - Kids learning games free fora 2 yearold - Learning money app for kids (true kids learning appsfor age2 free) - Shopping games for boys and girls (grocery gamesforfree) - Learn shopping for kids (children games for 10 yearsfree)- Cartoon games girl and boy Our games for children under 4yrs areuser-friendly 💯. Even the smallest kids will be able to playontheir own in this market games for kids free! Interface inthisshopping game for girls is colorful and beautiful withfunnycharacters! Joy for kids - rest for parents! There are a lotofshopping games for boys and shopping game for girls! Buttheyusually are too difficult for small toddlers. This shoppingmaniaincludes games for children under 4 yrs. Shopping for kids isadifficult action. Let them try it in this market games freewithsupermarket cashier. 🌟More from DevGame Studio:🌟 ▶“The FixiesQuestStory of Hidden Objects” - not kitchen games cooking but ariddlegame for kids ▶“Fixiki: Endless Running Games” - cool runnerforkids of all ages ▶“Cake Bakery” - free baking games ▶“FixiesTown”- games for toddlers 1 year old and older ▶”Fiksiki GamesShopping”- market games free for toddlers 3 years old (shop gamesfor girlsand boys) ▶”Fiksiki games coloring pages” - colorbook forkids 💌Ifyou have any suggestions and questions about our childrengames for10 years free, send us an email: support@devgameou.comStay tuned: Ourwebsite:
My Recipes Cookbook : RecetteTek 4.2.2
Find a recipe has never been easier! RecetteTek is a realcookbook2.0 for all food lovers. The application allows you tocreate yourrecipe library and manage them easily. You can gatherall yourfavorite recipes in one application. Add your own recipesor importthem directly from the Internet . RecetteTek has a searchengine toeasily find and import recipes from most cooking WebSites.Yourrecipe is not provided for the right quantity? Change iteasily!Thanks to the different filters available (categories,ingredients,tags, favorites) , you will find recipes as quickly asa flash.Bring with you your shopping lists in order to not forgetanythingat the supermarket. Create as many shopping lists as youwant. Fromthe recipe , add the ingredients directly into the listof yourchoice. You can use your tablet in order to not to have totouchthe screen when you are cooking. You can not make yourdecision inall your recipes? Shake your device, RecetteTek willchoose arecipe for you. RecetteTek will make you forget your piecesofpaper ! Cooking will be a pleasure . The application is freeandwithout limitations :-) Features : * Search engine ofrecipesintegrated into the application * Add recipe, modifytheingredients , steps and photos, rate your recipes * Sort andfilteryour recipes by category * Search by ingredients , convenienttofinish the leftovers from his fridge! * Add favorite recipes*Manage your own categories * Share your recipes by email *Backupand restore your recipes (You can also share your recipeswith yourfriends! ) * Create your shopping lists from recipedetails *Change the quantities (automatic calculate) * Search bytags * Planyour recipes week by week * Remove ads and watermarks(premiumoption) * Export HTML (premium option) * Sync with GoogleDrive(premium option) How to import a recipe? > By usingtheintegrated search engine > Since your browser sharing thepageto the application RecetteTek > Entering the url address oftherecipe in the import function of the application You can useyourcomputer, the recipes generator (.rtk) available on our websitetoquickly import your recipes follow the news of theapplication : Twitter: Facebook:
Grocery Shopping List - rShopping 2.4.16
rShopping List includes a sample grocery list of over 300commonlypurchased items but can be used for other types ofshopping. Youcan add your own lists, stores, items, and labels orreplace thebuilt in ones entirely. Synchronize Lists Across Devicesor With aPartner The optional paid Shop With... subscriptionservicesynchronizes selected lists to the cloud and acrossmultipledevices. You can even synchronize lists with a partner whouses adifferent account. Reminder When Near Stores Enter theaddress orGPS position of the store and select Remind When Near toget anotification as you approach the store when you need to pickup afew things. Remembers Prices The last price entered at eachstoreis remembered. rShopping List has a warning when you are abouttopurchase an item that was less expensive at anotherstore.Eventually, rShopping List can predict the total cost of yournextshopping trip. Arrange Lists Efficiently Many sorting optionsareavailable. You can arrange stores and labels by up tothreedifferent options, each ascending or descending. You can evensavea favorite set of sort options for quick recall later.In-StoreBasket An optional "Basket" may be used while shopping tokeep arunning total of the items you have selected so far. Checkoffitems while in the store and when you are done shopping, usethe"Checkout" menu item to quickly mark all of the items inyourbasket as purchased. Item Details Items may havebarcodes,pictures, prices (for each store), aisles (for eachstore),priorities (for each store) and more. Items may also betagged withany number of "Labels" defined by you. Barcode ScanningrShoppingList is compatible with several barcode scanning apps,including: ●ZXing ● ixMat ●Goggles ● Pic2Shop ●QuickMarkBarcode ● Barcode Scanner ●QR Barcode Reader ● andmore Barcodes may beassigned to more than one item and multiplebarcodes may beassigned to each item. Scan a barcode and theitem(s) with thatbarcode instantly appear(s). Quickly Make a ListPress the buttonto the left of an item's name to indicate whetherit is needed (ared X), purchased (a green check), or in the basket(an orangebasket). Powerful Search For fast searching when a listof items isdisplayed, tap the Search Here button at the top of thescreen orslide out your physical keyboard (on some Android phones).Hide theClutter, See only Needed Items Tabs at the top of the itemlistshow and hide items that are needed, in the basket,and/orpurchased. More than one of these tabs may be chosen at anytime.See this video: Handy ShopperReplacementrShopping List is a good choice for those who missHandyShopperfrom the Palm days. Android Exclusive This is a nativeAndroidapplication. It is not one ofthoseported-from-a-fruit-named-company apps. It is responsiveandsupports many Android specific features such as WearOSnotifications and a powerful search. Additional Features:★Homescreen widgets ★ Homescreen shortcuts ★ Scan a product toaddto/remove from a list ★ Price calculator with conversions ★Couponindicator ★ Multiple stores ★ Attach labels to stores ★Re-useableitems ★ AD FREE!
Organizy Grocery Shopping List 2.17.0
Organizy Ltd.
What is the problem that must be solved by a truly greatshoppinglist app? Making the buying of products a snap! And that'sexactlywhat you will get when you use the Organizy to assist youwith yourshopping. Use Organizy to: ⇒ Quickly add products to yourlist withthe help of our auto-complete feature – you will bepleasantlysurprised to see just how diverse and complete theOrganizy'sinventory is. ⇒ Strike out items from your list usingonly one hand– leaving the other free to take products off theshelves and putthem into your shopping cart. ⇒ Save time by usingthe ideal routein a store to get your shopping done quickly andefficiently –Organizy automatically groups the products on yourlist accordingto sections/isles of a store. ⇒ Choose to see the"must-buy"products at the top of your list – this is especiallyhelpful forlong shopping lists. ⇒ Have no fear of accidentallystriking out anitem on your shopping list. You will find theOrganizy intuitiveand well-thought out. Once you use Organizy, youwill wonder howyou ever got along without it! == Support Links== (formerly known asa Tote Bag grocery list app)
Mighty Shopping List Free
Mighty Pocket
Notes and usability tips for the new v4.0: Grocery Shopping List is so much morethan a grocery listapp. This is an incredibly powerful, highlycustomizable,full-featured grocery manager that you will use allthe time. Itdoes everything short of cooking you dinner. As for itsextensivefeatures, it allows for multiple shopping lists, masterlists, andfull customization. It accounts for price, quantity, andtaxes. Ithas a coupon indicator, aisle customization, intelligentvoicerecognition, Favorites lists, an accessible history, and acatalogof preset items. It even syncs with other lists, backs up totheCloud, scans barcodes, and stores recipes. The app streamlinesyourgrocery experience, taking all the work out of it. You'llnowalways have your grocery list and key recipes with you, savingyoutime and effort. It turns your shopping experience into themodelof efficiency. And new features are on the way, such asPantryManager, Meal Planner, Tasks, and more. You'll wonder how youevergot on with the groceries before this app. Features: * MealPlanner† * Pantry Manager † * Todo lists with reminders † *Multipleshopping lists * Price / Quantity / Taxes * Couponindicator *Aisle (shopping categories) customization * Intelligentvoicerecognition * Barcode Scan † * Undo * Favorites * History *Catalogof products in (your language). * Master shopping list*List-specific favorites * Search * Backup to SD Card *Designthemes * Configurable Tabs † * Screen/Rotation lock †Premiumfeatures: * Sync shopping lists * Backup on Cloud * Recipes*Photos of items, shopping lists, recipes * Compare store prices*Premium design themes * Basic Web UI†Available in Free version with enabled Ads NOTE: keep Freeversioninstalled on your device while upgrading to migrate allgrocerydata to Full version. After successful migration Freeversion canbe uninstalled from your handset. DO NOT uninstall theFree versionbefore migration because the existing data will getlost. Found abug? Have a suggestion? Please contact us will help us make the app even better.Join our Beta testingteam at
TK Solution
Never again note chaos ... An easy-to-use shopping list app. Youcancreate your shopping lists directly by speaking. It is possibletocreate multiple lists,e.g. for various shops. Ad-free proversionFunctions: • Two voice input modes, single or multipleitems • Dragand drop a list • Manage multiple shopping lists •Synchronisationbetween devices • Strike out while shopping •Notifications forlists • Share a shopping list • Import text splitby lines • Recipemodus • History • Change the typeface, size andcolor from fonts •Change a background Have fun with this intuitiveshopping list app... For questions or comments please contact
Key Ring: Cards Coupon & Sales 8.19.11
Key Ring
Never carry loyalty, membership, or library cards again! Key Ringisthe app for loyalty cards and savings while shopping. Plan,save,and organize by carrying your cards, stores’ weekly ads,coupons,and your shopping lists – all in one app.  No moreforgettingyour reward cards at home or holding up the checkoutline while youdig through your wallet. Give your key chain,wallet, or purse arest and digitally store those loyalty cards.    • Savingmoney at the store is effortless when youhave your shopper cardshandy      • Easily earnyour loyalty rewards byscanning your card from your phone    • Your cards aresafely backed up in the cloud with a freeKey Ring account Discountsdon’t stop with your reward cards, sowhy would we? Saving is eveneasier with circulars, coupons, andother deals right at yourfingertips. You’ll find the best saleswith weekly ads for storeslike Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens,Kohl’s, Michaels, andmore.  If you like to plan ahead, youcan build shopping listsfrom the circulars and coupons you find.    • Shoppinglists can be shared with family members orfriends     •Add pictures to your shopping list toensure you get the right itemwhen you’re shopping     •Real-time syncing betweenaccounts means you always have the mostupdated list whether you’replanning at home or shopping at thestore Who Recommends Us? KeyRing has been featured in Real Simple,Martha Stewart Living, FamilyCircle, and on the Today Show as an“app for all ages.”  WhyShould You Use Key Ring?    • Always carry your loyalty,membership, and library cardswithout weighing down your key chain,wallet, or purse    • Discover great savings withcirculars, coupons and dealsfrom hundreds of stores in the U.S.    • Easily browseweekly ads and see what’s on sale fromyour phone     •Find and redeem coupons while you areshopping     • Pinyour favorite deals directly fromcirculars to save them for later    • Create and shareshopping lists so you won’t forgeta deal at the store FeaturesInclude:     • Barcodescanner: Add your loyalty cards byscanning the barcode    • Loyalty card database: Supportfor over 2,000 barcode andnon-barcode loyalty, membership, andlibrary cards     •Remote cloud backup: Never worry aboutlosing your loyalty cardsagain     • Favorites: Put yourfavorite reward cards andcirculars at your fingertips    • Discounts: Weekly adsand coupons on your phone so you can savewhile shopping    • Shopping Lists: Stay organized andplan your shopping tripbefore you go to the store     •Sharing: Share loyaltycards, savings, and shopping lists withfamily and friends    • Notifications: Always remember touse your reward card orget reminded of sales with alerts aboutlocal savings (Optional.Continued use of GPS running in thebackground can decrease batterylife.)  Download today to plan,save, and organize!
Tasks: Todo list, Task List, Reminder 1.34
Tasks is a beautifully simple, free todo list, task listandreminder app that will help keep your busy life organisedeveryday.No matter who you are or what you do Tasks can help! Getstarted inno time, quickly and easily add new tasks as you think ofthemusing quick add, via a shortcut (Android 7.1 and higher) orevencreate from another app by sharing with Tasks or import yourdatafrom Wunderlist Note for Reviewers If there is a feature youwouldlike or you require an issue to be resolved please email meand Iwill gladly help. A beautifully simple todo list app Tasks isasimple todo list app that emphasises simplicity and ease ofuse.Whether you want a shopping list, grocery list or you justhavelots of things to remember Tasks is built for you. With Tasksyoucan build powerful lists, colour code them and then managethemwith intuitive gestures like drag and drop to re-prioritiseorswiping to delete. Use reminders so that to-dos can be deliveredatthe right time and with actionable notifications there is noneedto open the app, simply mark a task as done or snooze forlater.Have your say Tasks is designed to be beautifully simple touse.This app is in active development with the most popularfeaturerequests / suggestions added. So if you want to shape thefuture ofTasks just give us your feedback.
Daily Notes, Notepad, Note 1.9.9
Daily Notes is a simple and handy notepad app.Take notes,addreminders, email, message, shopping list, photos and notes,videosand notes to prepare you a fast and easy audio recording andnotesis a notepad.Daily Notes is easier than any other notepadandreminder application.-- Features --* Sticky Note widget* Ortoprepare a shopping list of things to do* Preparing a programonCalendar* Note encryption and locking* Backup memory card* ListorGrid view* Note on search* Reminder System* Convert notes to Txtorpdf.* Save txt or pdf files as notes.* Note that your SMS,e-mailor to share via twitter-- Description --Daily Notes, Text,Photo,Video, Audio Recording and checklists form of note-takingsupportsfive different formats.You can add notes as you want fromthe listwhen you open the application notes.Your notes will besaved withthe record button or the back button when you havefinished yourediting.Warning: If you experience any problems withthe upgrade tothe Premium version, you can follow the directions toSettings /Feedback / AboutBuy and fill out the form and send ittous.PermissionsWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE* To save files such asphotos,videos, audio recordings you created intheapplication.RECORD_AUDIO* To add a voice recording toyournote.GET_ACCOUNTS* To purchase a premium version or to backuptoGoogle Drive.CAMERA* To add a photo to your note.Notepad,Notes,Color, colors photo, voice, video, Note, daily, shoppinglist,calendar, notepad, notes, note
Pakka: Healthy Meal Plans, Recipes & Shopping List 2.4.8
PAKKA is the smart way of healthy living. Use this app forthefollowing purposes: Create your personalized health plan offoodand exercise for your specific fitness goals. Or follow ourexpertrecommended plans to achieve different goals of bodyfitness,general health, ailment recovery or regional flavours.Createhealthy shopping list and share it with your partner/ friendwho isout in the market. Once they purchase an item and mark itdone, youcan see that in your mobile immediately. Thus, you canensure noneof the items on your list get missed. Choose healthySouth Indian,North Indian recipes that get cooked in the time youcan spend, thedieting objective you want and the way you wish tosizzle yourtaste buds. Just apply your preferences in the filter.Pakka appwill display recipes of your choice. Order nearby grocerystores inyour locality. Simply share your grocery shopping listwith anynearby smart super/hypermarket. They will inform you oftheir priceand availability. Once you confirm order they willprepare youritems and deliver to your home. Buy combos the smartway. Explorethe healthy combos available under Dry Fruits and Nuts,Breakfastcombos, Organic Grocery combos, Healthy Snacks andCookwarecategories in the app and purchase it in one click, whichcan savecost and as well as time. - No more face ingredientsunavailabilityfor lack of meal planning. - No more carry paper-penin the bustleof grocery shopping market. - No more use books andnotes to writeor prepare new recipes. - No more waiting in thesupermarketcounter to buy groceries. - No more travel longdistances to grabcombo offers. Use Pakka App and enjoy the smartway of healthyliving. Download Now!
AddIt - Shared Shopping List 2.58
AddIt - Shared Shopping ListSharing your groceries list neverbeeneasierAddIt is a friendly shopping list app With Add it youcan:*Share easily your lists with friends and family *More than2000built in products*Sync your lists between devices*Customizeyourlist by picking your favourite color*Watch the last updates ofthelist*Manage your lists *Easy sort your items*Search in yourlist*Fast editing your items*Sending alerts to list membersWithSharinga shopping list you could manage your shopping home in asmart andconvenient, simply add the shared shopping list and therest of thelist to see the product you have added to a shoppinglist, forconvenience, you can see the latest updates of shoppinglists andknowing who added what.Also, you can create as manyshopping liststhat you want, and share shopping lists withdifferent people.We'dlove your opinion, if you find problems let usknow by email!
Cinnamon Grocery Shopping List 1.5.9
Gary Wong
Cinnamon is a beautiful and efficient grocery shopping listapp.Cinnamon has features that are guaranteed to improve yourgroceryshopping and grocery list building experience. Here aresomeamazing features that make that possible:• Sync and shareyourshopping list with others. Shopping lists sync within meresecondsof each other.• Bundles allow you to group multiple groceryitemstogether and add them to your grocery list all at once. CreateaBundle for your weekly grocery staples, create a Bundle for alltheingredients you need for a recipe, the power is in yourhands.•Keep track of what you already have and never buy the sameitemtwice. Purchased items are automatically sent to your Pantry.Onceyou've used up an item in your Pantry, you can send it back toyourshopping list with a single swipe.• The "Next Time" feature isasection in addition to your Buy List and Cart. You can senditemsthere that you have decided to buy the Next Time (out ofstock, tooexpensive, etc) so that you only keep items that you needto buy inyour shopping list. The items will be sent back to yourshoppinglist on your next shopping trip. (Enable this feature inSettings)•Add items to your grocery list via barcode scanning orvoicerecognition. • Organize your grocery list by using thepredefinedcategories or create your own.• Sort your grocery listanyway youlike.• Keep track of the total price of all the items inyourshopping cart.• You can enter the amount and unit of thegroceryitem directly when adding.• Automatic unit conversions.•AndroidWear smartwatch support.• And many more for you to discoveron yourown!
Plan Meals - MealPlanner 1.4.35
One Absolute
MealPlanner will make planning meals easy and fun. Mealplanningshould be quick and simple. Meal plans are organised fromweek toweek. Meal Planner has it all covered. ✔ Plan meals easily ✔Createdifferent weeks so you can plan meals ahead of time ✔ Simplermealplanning user interface makes it easier than ever ✔ See whatyouare eating each week at a glance ✔ Create and share recipesMealplanning is an important part of every day family life.Mealplanner helps you stay organised with what to prepare and cookeachday.
Mighty Grocery Shopping List Full 4.0.151
Mighty Pocket
Notes and usability tips for the newv4.0: Grocery Shopping List is so muchmorethan a grocery list app. This is an incredibly powerful,highlycustomizable, full-featured shopping list that you will useall thetime. It allows for multiple grocery lists, pantry lists,todolists, master lists, and full customization. It accounts forprice,quantity, and taxes. It has a coupon indicator,aislecustomization, intelligent voice recognition, Favorites lists,anaccessible history, and a catalog of preset items. It evensyncswith other lists, backs up to the Cloud, scans barcodes, andstoresrecipes. You'll wonder how you ever got on with thegroceriesbefore this app.We offer 30-day Money Back Guarantee sofeel freeto give a try to all the Premium features. Contact regarding refund if needed.Features:*MealPlanner* Pantry Manager* ToDo lists with reminders*Multipleshopping lists* Price / Quantity / Taxes* Coupon indicator*Aislecustomization/reorder* Intelligent voice recognition*Undo*Favorites* History* Catalog of products.* Masterlists*List-specific favorites* Search* Backup to SD Card*DesignthemesPremium features (Full version only):* List Sync*Backup onCloud* Barcode Scan* Recipes* Photos of items, lists,recipes*Compare store prices* Configurable Tabs* Screen/Rotationlock*Premium design themes* Basic WebUIhttp://my.mightygrocery.comNOTE: keep Free version installedonyour device while upgrading to migrate all grocery data toFullversion. After successful migration Free version can beuninstalledfrom your handset. DO NOT uninstall Free version beforemigrationbecause the existing data will get lost.Found a bug? Haveasuggestion? Please contact us at Thiswillhelp us make the app even better.Join our Beta testing teamat
Simple Shopping List 3.3
Bored about long configuration for a simple shopping list?Thisshopping list app only does exactly what it says: *Immediatelyready to start * You don't need to configure the marketwhere yougo to buy * You don't need to not create an item database