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Mobile electrician 4.5
This is a free version that contains advertising. You can buyGooglePlay the full version to support the developer and get ridofadvertising banners. The app includes: Ohm's law for DC Ohm'slawfor AC LC Resonance Y-Δ Transformation Electrical EnergyCurrentDensity Ideal transformer AC circuits Connection ofcapacitorsCapacitive reactance Run a 3 phase motor on a singlephaseCapacitive Voltage Divider Capacitor Charge / EnergyCalculatorConnection of resistors Voltage divider LED ResistorDecode thecolor bands resistors Encode the color bands resistorsWheatstoneBridge Calculator Decode alphanumeric value Encodealphanumericvalue Conductor Resistance Conductor length Conductorsize Voltagedrop Electrical resistivity and conductivity Maximumlength ofconductor Calculate Amps Calculate Power Calculate kVA (3Phase)Calculate Power Factor(3 Phase) Calculate efficiencyCalculate ofthe motor slip Calculate motor torque Individualcompensationthree-phase induction motors Calculate motor power forcentrifugalpump Calculate motor power for piston compressorCalculate motorpower for the fan Three-Phase Motor VoltageUnbalance Three-PhaseMotor Current Unbalance Allowable ampacitiesfor wire(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE) Wire Size Calculator(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)Motorprotection(PUE) Maximum circuit conductorlength(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)Maximum circuit ampacity(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)Conduit FillCalculator(NEC) Minimum levels of short-circuitcurrentShort-circuit current at the secondary terminals of aMV/LVdistribution transformer Calculate fuse Power of heatingelementHeating Element use Nichrome Leakage current Calculationsizing agenerator for your home IP Code Appliance classes Force ofanElectromagnet Electricity Cost Calculator Calculation ofelectricalloads applying demand factor UPS Battery size calculatorUPSBattery runtime calculator Conversion Wire sizesConversionVA-W-VAr and calculate Reactive Power CompensationConversioncos(φ)-sin(φ)-tg(φ) AWG Conversions Conversion of unitsoftemperature Conversion distance Conversion units ofpressureConversion units of flow Conversion units of volumeConversionvoltage Conversion units of energy Conversion SIprefixesConversion Weight Time Units Conversion Power UnitsConversionCalculate number cables that fits in a pipe Cable ReelCapacityLength of cable on a reel Inductive reactance cableCalculate theweight of the metal in the cable Cable weight byformulas WiringColor Codes Length of a Hanging Cable Power lossesin cableSolitaire domino 15 Puzzle Print ScreenshotsMathematicalcalculator Percentage calculator Online and offlinehandbook Searchin the handbook, help, Wikipedia, Google Save theresult of allcalculation in HTML format, and then view and send.For eachcalculation is given a separate help Viewing informationaboutinput fields Dark and light themes application. If you liketheapplication, please rate it.
Electrical Study हिंदी में 6.8
Electrical Study in Hindi Mobile App में ITI EclectricianतथाWireman Trade के महत्वपूर्ण नोट्स तथा प्रश्नोत्तर का समावेशकियागया है। यह आपको न सिर्फ शैक्षणिक परीक्षाओं बल्किप्रतियोगीपरीक्षाओं जैसे AVVNL, RPSC, SSC, Railway, UPSC,Electricity Boardआदि में मददगार साबित होगा । इलेक्ट्रिशियन पर सरलभाषा में औरसंक्षिप्त जानकारी देने का प्रयास किया गया है। ElectricalStudy inHindi Mobile App is useful for ITI Electrician, Wireman,BEElectronic, Electricals exams, Railway exams, SSCExams,Electricity Departments Exams, Technical Helper Exams,LinemanExam. Electrical Engineering Questions and AnswersinHindiELECTRICAL STUDY in HindiCELL & BATTERY THEORYinHindiSAFETY THEORY in HindiWIRING THEORY in HindiCAPACITORTHEORYin HindiBASIC ELECTRICAL THEORY in HindiMAGNET THEORYinHindi****Contants:» Safety Accessories» Totally closed fuse»Safety Precautions» Electrons, protons » Advantages&Disadvantages of A.C & D.C» Types of electricity » WhatisElectricity » Current, Voltage & EMF » Troubles of leadacidbattery » Characteristic of lead acid cell » Identification offullcharge battery » Difference between primary and Secondarycell»Advantages & Disadvantages of A.C & D.C » Cell andbattery» Chemical effect of electrical current » Magnetic field incurrentcaring conductor » Ohms law and Kirchoff's law» Resistance»Conductor and semi conductor » Capacitor / condenser » Work,power,energy » Characteristics of magnet » Difference betweenpermanentand temporary magnet » Magnetic lines » Classification ofmagnet »Electromagnet» Solenoid coil » Faraday's laws » Magneticflux,pole, circuit, saturation » Types of magnet » Electromagneticinduction » Fleming's right hand & left hands rules ,Lenz law» Magnetic field in current caring conductor » Edycurrentयह एपबिना इंटनेट के भी इस्तेमाल की जा सकती है !if you likethis app plzrate it five stars on google play-----------electricalinterviewquestions in hindielectrical engineering objectivequestions by j.bgupta free pdfelectrical engineering interviewquestions andanswers pdfelectrical questions in hindiobjectivequestions inhindiiti electrician objective type questions answersinhindiobjective questions and answerselectrical objectivequestionand answer in hindi pdfआईटीआई इलेक्ट्रीशियन क्वेश्चन पेपरइनहिंदीiti question paper in hindi electricianiti paper inhindiitiquestion paper electricianiti fitter question paper inhindipdffitter theory questions and answers in hindiiti questionpaper2015 pdfiti paper 2016-----------Great app for QuickRevisionGreatapp for Solving QuestionsFree Educational Apps fornationBySurendraTetarwal and Suresh Ola (tetarwalsuren)9413236018(Whats AppNo)surensikar@gmail.comElectrical Study in Hindi has beentheinclusion of important notes and Q & A ITI EclectricianandWireman Trade in Mobile App. This is not just academicexaminationsrather competitive examinations will prove helpful insuch AVVNL,RPSC, SSC, Railway, UPSC, Electricity etc Board. Insimplelanguage, an electrician, and has attempted to give abriefdescription. Electrical Study in Hindi Mobile App is usefulfor ITIElectrician, Wireman, Bay Electronic, Electrical axams,railwayaxams, SSC axams, electricity departments axams, technicalhelperaxams, lineman exam. Electrical Engineering Questions andanswersin HindiElectrical Study in HindiCell & Battery TheoryinHindiSafety Theory in HindiWiring Theory in HindiKpasitr TheoryinHindiBasic Electrical Theory in HindiMagnet TheoryinHindi****Kantants:»Safety Accessories»Totally closedfuse»SafetyPricosns»Electrons, protons»Adwantages &Disodwantages OF Akk& Dikk»Types of Electricity»What iselectricity»Current,voltage & Mf»Troubles OF LEAD ACIDBATTERY»CharacteristicNegative lead acid cell»Identification OFfull batterycharge»Difference Between Primary and SecondaryCell»Adwantages& Disodwantages OF Akk & Dikk»Cell andBattery»ChemicalEFFECT OF Electrical Current»Magnetic Field inCurrent caringconductor»Ohams Law and Kircof'SLaw»Resistance»Conductors andsemi-conductors»Kpasitr /condenser»Work, Power,Energy»CHARACTERISTICS OF Magnet»DifferenceBetween Permanent andtemporary magnet»Magnetic Lines»ClassificationOFMagnet»Elektromagnet»Solenoid coil»Faraday'S Loz»Magneticflux,pole, circuit, Saturtion»Types of magnet»ElectroMagneticInduction»Fleming Men's Right Hand & Left Hands rules,LenzLaw»Magnetic Field in Current caring conductor»Adi currentThisisthe Internet without the app can also be used!If You Write ThisappPlz rate it five stars s Google Play-----------ElectricalInterviewQuestions in HindiElectrical engineering objectiveQuestions B JkbiGupta Free PDFElectrical Engineering InterviewQuestions andAnswers PDFElectrical Questions in HindiObjectiveQuestions inHindiITI Electrician Objective Type Questions answersinHindiObjective Questions and AnswersElectrical objectiveQuestionand answer in Hindi PDFITI Electrician Question paper inHindiITIQuestion paper in Hindi ElectricianITI paper in HindiITIQuestionPaper ElectricianITI fitter Question paper in HindiPDFFitterTheory Questions and Answers in HindiITI Question Paper2015 pdfITIPaper 2016-----------Great app for quick RavisionGreatapp forSolving QuestionsFree Educational Apps for NationBSurendraTetrwaland Suresh Ola (Tetrvlsuren)9413236018 (WattsAppNo)सुरेंसीकर@जीमेल.कॉम
curso.electricidad 26
Learn Electricity, Automation, Pneumatics, Refrigeration,MechanicsTHE BEST APP OF THE CENTURY TO LEARN ELECTRICITY Developyourselfas a professional, you will learn theoretical andpracticalfundamentals. Perform AWG conversions from mm - mm2 TAKEEXAM -TEST TO MEASURE YOUR ELECTRICAL KNOWLEDGE Maintenance ofIndustrialBoilers Pneumatics Automatism Refrigeration Calculatorsto makeyour work easier: - Convert kW to kVA - Convert kW to kWh -ConvertkW to A - Drop Voltage (General Cable and other brands) -CableType and Cable Number - SolarGis (Solar Calculation) -CalculationSolar Consumption - And much more THEMES TO BE DEVELOPEDIN THEAPP: - Automation - Electrical Contactors - Color code-Calculation of Loads - Cable Gauge - Intelligent Systems -Ohm'slaw - Apparent power kVA - Horus Smart Homes - History - WhatisMateria? - PDF Solar Panels - PDF Electrical Circuits -PDFAnalysis of Circuits - Technical manual - Interpretation ofplans -Electric charges - Electrostatics - Coulomb Act - KirchhoffLaws -Conductive Materials - Insulating Materials - Ways ofGeneration -Power Source - Solar energy - Wind power -Hydroelectric -Electrical Risks - Signage - Fire extinguishers -Electromagnetism- Grounding - Exothermic Welding - Symbology -Alternating current- Continuous Current - Electrical circuit -Circuit Series -Parallel circuit - Single Switch - Double Switch -Three Way FourWay - Definition of Intensity and Voltage -Capacitors - Capacitorsand Capacitance - Generator - Multimeter -Ammeter - Photocell -Motion sensor Smart - Protection - Ballast -Motor connection -Engine Configuration - Electric motors -Installed potency -Servomotor - BTicino - Installations, Channelsand Maneuver andProtection SOLAR ENERGY FUNDAMENTALS - Types ofPhotovoltaic SolarEnergy Systems - Solar Photocells - How does asolar panel work -How Much Does Solar Energy Cost? - Differencebetween Solar Paneland Solar Cell - Light! No batteries, no fuel orsunlight - WhatYou Need to Know About Solar Energy - Battery Life -Energy saving,solar power functions - Solar Water HeatersAUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC -Introduction Mechanics - Engine operation -Distribution system -Lubrication system - Refrigeration system -Power System - Ignitionsystem - Ignition timing - Diecel Motors -Alternator repairElectricity is a physical phenomenon and isrelated to theattraction between two particles. "The force ofattraction betweenelectrons and protons" Subscribe to the channelor
com.hnib.smslater 3.1.1
✔ Send a text message (SMS) at a later time even when you'reasleep,busy or away from your phone. ✔ Reminder - an intuitivereminder appthat will never let you miss a thing. ✔ More than 100Kusers loveand trust Do It Later to make their lives better.Features ●Schedule text messages (SMS), emails, phone calls,social networkstatus updates (Twitter) and personal reminders. ●Automaticallysend text messages at a future time, the selectedtime can be exactor within a time frame. ● Dual SIM support. ●Multiple options forscheduling delay frequency (hourly, daily,weekly, monthly,annually) ● Report results with “Sent” and“Delivered” statuses. ●Sending message to multiple recipients. ●Alert on task completion.● Dual theme interface (light and dark).● Choose text messages frompredefined templates. ● Input messageusing speech recognition (textto speech). ● Various other settingsto personalize your experience.The app is localized in: English,Portuguese, French, Italian,Russian, French, Polish, Indonesian,Bengali, Arabic, Macedonian,Sinhala, Romanian, Hindi, Malayalam,Vietnamese, Hungarian, Danish,Swedish. Many thanks to Mr. JoaoPires, Mr. Adi Vențel, Mr. AlAlkadi, Jared Logan, Максим Калугин,Giacomo Paita, Gerhard, Nithin,Ole Jmi, Bilal Hijazeen, David,Rizky Lim, Petre Risteski, Faid,Densi, Jenny, Norbee, Christoffer,Edin for their contributions toimprove this app. ✦ ✦ Twitter:✦ Facebook:
Learn Electronics Basics 9.0
ap developers
Learn Electronics app teaches you basics idea about theelectronics& it's concept. Electricity is basically vastsubject & canbe defined as the set of physical phenomenaassociated with thepresence and flow of electric charge.Electronics includes varioustopics like current, volt, power,capacitor, conductor, resistance,resister, diode, triode, arduino ,firewire, mosfet, proteus,tesla, solar etc. Electronics alsoincludes instruments likemultimeter, ammeter, voltmeter,potentiometer etc. It is alsoessential to know about battery &it's types as aa, aaa,lithium, alkaline. In electric study, solarsystem is alsoimportant. Most of the electrician can use this appfor thereference. Important Topics Included : - Electricity&Electronics - Voltage - Electric Current - Electrical Charge-Electrical Field - Watts -Power - Resistance - Ohms Law -Capacitor- Diodes - LED - Multimeter - Voltmeter - Ammeter - solarsystem -solar panels - Types of solar panels - Arduino, Tesla(upcoming) -Firewire (upcoming) - Battery & it's types as aa,aaa, lithium,alkaline (upcoming) Electronics app is useful forstudent,electrician, engineering field, electrical field ,professionalsetc. We frequently update our app with new chapters.If you likethe Learn Electronics Basics app kindly give us goodfeedback.
Smart Announcer : Call, Time & Battery 4.5
Smart Announcer provides hands-free option for Incoming calls,Smsand notifications for Android platform. Same feature canbeextended over to Incoming SMS messages which can also beannouncedor Read. Features: # Provides hands-free experience,givingflexibility to respond to calls or texts. # It announces thenameof person calling you , if saved. Same feature can be extendedtomultiple apps which are used for text or messaging or call.#Global Enable/Disable in widget/App main screen to controlallfeatures. # App is interoperable with for an unknown contact ,thenumber would read out. # Gives option to set number ofrepetitionsfor announcements. # Battery announcer with LevelAnnouncements andcharging announcements. # Data announcer withConnectivityAnnouncements like connected, disconnected. # Optionofannouncements in local language ( if supported by system ). #Modebased announcements silent mode option. # Option to tune theVoiceas per user requirements like Pitch, rate. # UI beautifullydesign.# Time Announcer enriched with lot of options which usercancontrol. # Supports App widget which helps user to controlon/offoption for Call , SMS , Time and Application announcer fromthehome screen. # Notification announcements from the applicationsaresupported from and above android version 4.3 only. Note:ThisApplication uses the Android Notification Service to processnewnotifications only if you grant permission to do so. It doesnotcollect the contents of notifications in any form. Specialthanksfor Translation German by Belalinda Methoxha Hungarian byPeterSzeremy Romanian by Peter Szeremy
Fake Video Call : Girlfriend Fake Time Simulator 1.6
Fake video Caller helps you to select a caller from yourcontactlist or enter new contact. One can also select time forcalling andset up multiple fake calls for different timings.Turnfake call afriend and show a friend or someone you know, they willbesurprised! you can choose different callers of the girls! Arealblast and a voice straight out of the tube! Listen to the voiceofa cute girl!Girl Friend Video Call Prank lets you set up aFreeVideo Call with gorgeous looking Lady and she will talk onVideoCall pretending to be your girlfriend saying exactly what youwanther to say.Friends teasing you about not having a girlfriend?Notanymore since now you can trick them into thinking you have agoodlooking babe. The real difference is that there will be arealperson on the video call talking to you , not just a voice, soitsway more believable. Feature:- - Show your face on the videochatscreen using front camera!- Incoming call and Outgoingcallscreen!- Simulate a fake video screen!- Simulate a fake videoandfake caller id!- Invite friends via facebook and whatsapp tojoinfake video call.- Change your voice to Deep Male in fakevideocall.- Change your voice in fake call to Female.-Supportshigh-quality video!- Schedule a fake calling!- Customizefakecaller name, number, picture, and video!Fake number to videocallsomeone works like an alarm clock, you just have to set thetimeyou want, chose a name and select if you want vibratorornot. Enjoy and please keep in mind this is a prank apponlyand no real person will be calling you. its arecordedvideo. ATTENTION: This is not a real but only animitation ofthe call!  The app does not any harm and is onlyfor fun!ThankYou!!!
Electrical engineering Books 7.0.0
Helpful Books
Electrical engineering is a field of engineering thatgenerallydeals with the study and application of electricity,electronics,and electromagnetism. This field first became anidentifiableoccupation in the later half of the 19th centuryaftercommercialization of the electric telegraph, the telephone,andelectric power distribution and use. Subsequently, broadcastingandrecording media made electronics part of daily life. Theinventionof the transistor, and later the integrated circuit,brought downthe cost of electronics to the point they can be usedin almost anyhousehold object. this application contains relatedattachmentsabout electrical engineering clearly and easilyunderstood. SupportLanguage: - العربية - Deutsch - English -Español - فارْسِى -français - italiano - 日本語 - Nederlands - polski
Fake Call GirlFriend 1.0.8
Sink Apps
Fake Call is an awesome app, you can generate fake incoming callstopretend that you have a call from friend, Boss, Mom, DadandGirlfriend etc. You can record and select caller voice to showthatits a real incoming call, It allow you to set delay time forcall,you can also select any contact no from contact list. It hasCoolGraphics, Easy to use and you can select caller picture onclickingCaller Icon. This app is just for fun, joke, and make foolyourfriends and family members. Feature: => AttractiveGraphics=> Easy to Use => Incoming Caller Voice => SelectCallPicture => Set Delay in Call => avoid awkwardsituations=> Totally Free. Don't Forget: To rate us, we willappreciateyour feedback. Note: This app is free and supported byAds.
com.schiller.herbert.calcparaeletronicafree 3.1.7-free
This app helps students and enthusiasts to buildelectroniccircuits. Containing the most frequently used functionsin thisfield and many other resources it's a great reference bookforstudents and engineers. Check the full list of tools below...ManyThanks! Enjoy! Calculators: # Ohm's Law - Direct Current-Alternating Current # Resistors: - Colour Code - By Value -SMDResistors - Series & Parallel - Voltage Divider -CurrentDivider - Standard Values - SMD Marking Code # Inductors: -ColourCode - Standard Values - Series & Parallel - Reactance(Xl) -Resonance # Capacitors: - Standard Values - Series &Parallel -Reactance (Xc) - Resonance - Marking Code # RLCImpedance: - Series/ Parallel : RL, RC, LC, RLC # VoltageRegulator: - 78xx & 79xx- LM317 & LM337 - Pinout #Operational Amplifier - Inverting -Non Inverting - SummingInverting - Differential # IC-555 - Astable- Monostable - Frequency- Pinout # Delta-Star Conversion # Battery- Average Life Time -Capacity # Converters - Number Converter(Dec, Bin, Hex, Oct) -Temperature Converter (Celsius, Kelvin,Fahrenheit) - ScientificNotation Converter - AWG & SWG -Voltage Converter (Peak, PeakTo Peak, Rms) - Current Converter(Peak, Peak To Peak, Rms) - PowerConverter (Db To Watts) - Degrees- Radians - Hp - Kw - Bit - Byte #Wavelength - Frequency - Length# PCB Trace Resistance # StepperMotor # Antenna Power Density #Led Resistor Value # Transformers #Zener Diode - Voltage Divider -Selector - Models # AWG -Characteristics - Conversion - VoltageDrop - Table Wire Size -Table Amperage # Karnaugh Map # Filters -Passive : High Pass &Low Pass Full list of Pinouts: RaspberryPi / Arduino / RJ-45 /RJ-11/14/25 / Fiber / USB 1.X/2.0 / USB 3.X/ PDMI / Serial RS232 /Parallel Port / Firewire / ATX / EIDE / ATA/ SATA / Ps-2At / CarObd-Ii / Car Audio Iso / Car Trailer /Display Port / HDMI / DVI /Vesa / Scart / S-Video / VGA / Audio /RCA / Audio Din / Midi / XLR/ SD Card / SIM Card / LM7xxx / LM3xx/ IC555 / 7 Seg Display / LCDScreen / LED / Transistors Lists: #Resistivity (Materials) #Circuit Symbols # Radiowave Frequency #Abbreviations # Db Values #Ascii Table # Logic Gates # FusesCategories # AWG Wire Size # AWGAmperage # SWG Wire Size # ScreenResolutions # IEC 60320 #Resistors Standard Values # CapacitorsMarking Code # InternationalSystem Of Units Theory: # Basic TheoryAnd Formulas Guides: # BlockDiagrams # Circuit Diagrams #Electricity # Series And Parallel #Voltage And Current # Meters #Multimeter # Oscilloscope # AC / DC #Analog And Digital # PowerSupply
Real Caller Name Announcer 1.3
Auto Caller Name Announcer With Dialer Caller Name Announcerforincoming calls & outgoing calls in androidMy Name TruecallerAnnouncer when call comes, Real Caller Name detector withoutlookat screen that whose call is it!Smart caller name identifierforandroid. free caller name speaker for android withbeautifullooks.The best thing about Caller Name Announcer is ourapp is FREEto download and use!Perfect phone caller nameannouncement if youare in need for such an app.Its Free Announcerfor Incomingcallers.When it will be Useful?Caller Name Announcerspeaks everything while some one is calling you.It can contact& dial call& no need for duplicate contacts because itsshow clearly thatavailable or not.customization contacts widget ofyour mind power.establish best contacts apps with beautiful allfunctionalitiesbased on will identify it with outlooking to yoursmart phone.Best caller name announce by androidfree free app for give True name caller announcerduring callcomes.Caller Name Announcer announces the name of theperson who iscalling your number. It will announces Who messagedyou!My CallerName Announcer is highly applicable while driving,eating, andcooking or your phone is out of your reach. if callername does notexist then it will speak caller number so it becomebest numbertracker app for android. Features 1) Caller NameAnnouncer - CallAnnouncer(Incoming/Outgoing) calls.- SMSAnnouncer.- Speaks out thecaller name clearly in between theringtone reducing its volume.-Flash light Announcer. It meansflashlight will be blinking if callcomes.- Count down AnnounceCaller Name.- Supported PhoneLanguages: English Caller NameAnnouncer, French Caller NameAnnouncer, German Calls nameannouncer, Japanese caller announceretc.- Phone Mode: Normal Modes,Silent mode caller name announcer,Vibrate Modes announcer.- SpeechRate: Slow/Fast.- No need forinternet connection.- Free Auto CallerName Announcer. 2) Dialer -Full Screen Contact Dialer Theme.-Create stylish phone contactalong with photo.- Android keypad fromthe App.- Create New Contactand add into list.- View list ofcontacts.- Change background oftheme.- Add contacts to FavoriteList - can able to search &dial true caller name from thecontact list.- Recent List View.-Change ringtone of incoming calls,and set ringtone I caller callertune for android.- Save contactinto sim or phone memory.- EditContact details along with photo.-Supported Kitkat 4.0 + contacts,Lollipop 5.0 & + contacts,marshmallow 6.0 + contacts andNougat 7.0 contacts.Note: Somedevices might not be supported thisapp.
com.SpeedDial.OneTouch 1.40
Speed Dial Widget is very useful for user that always strugglingtodial any contact number. In this app, you can add unlimitednumberof your important contact and add a widget on home screen.Justwith a one tap you can call to your loved one. It's very usefulforKids and Elders Kids who are not able to read yet, can easilycalltheir Mom and Dad by touching their photos. Elders or Userswithbad eyesight. can easily identify Contact with Photo and Callit.Features 1) Just one tap and do Actions : Phone Call , SMS,WhatsApp message, WhatsApp Call , Skype call, Facebookmessenger,Google Duo Video call. 2) Choose what to do on single ordouble tapon contact like Call or Message. 3) You call &message to allyour selected contacts from home screen using appwidget. 4)Categories your contacts into groups like Family,Business, Friendsetc 5) You can add each group widget into homescreen 6) Changeshape of Contact List photo's. 7) Choose app colourtheme or yourchoice. 8) Dual SIM Support 9) Dial pad
180 - Caller ID & Block 2.1.26
180 Mobil AS
Tired of telemarketing calls? The app helps you with this :-)Alarge registry with a list of numbers related to telemarketingisnow included in the app. If you are contacted by a number thatisverified as a sales/market research number, a popup willinformyou. With more than 1,500,000 downloads of the app (iPhone&Android) you can now download the brand new version of 180.The apphas been adapted to all Android phones (including Android7+).-------------------------------------- We welcome with information about specific errors innumbers,addresses, missing numbers, etc., so that we find and weedout allsources of errors. We also welcome suggestions fornewfunctionality and other improvements to the sameaddress:-)************************************ Privacy /explanation ofpermissions on the phone: Phone conversations Usedsolely tocapture the incoming and outgoing phone number and forperforming alookup in 180 Your location Used to lookup services andbusinessesnearby (show nearest) as well as the "Take me there"function ifyou want a navigation map to your entry. In some casesyourposition is also used to display relevant ads based onyourposition. Your messages Exclusively used for lookups ofsender'sphone number. Your personal information Read and write toyourcontact list is used for displaying the contact's name in the"Seewho is calling the feature" and to store an entry in thecontactlist (if the user actively wants to save/update a contact).Networkcommunications Used to check Web-services communication,forlookups on unfamiliar numbers, and forlooking up businessesandpeople in the app. Services that cost money You can a choosetocall an entry from the application. No conversations takeplacewithout your consent. System Tools Used to display informationwiththe "See who is calling" feature.
OHM - A virtual science centre 1.1
OHM – A knowledge app about energy and electricity What exactlyisenergy and how is energy transferred from one form to another?Haveyou thought about how dependent you are on electricity inyourdaily life, or how quickly our society has developedafterelectricity was discovered at the end of the 1800s?Electriccarshave revolutionised the automotive industry over just a fewyears,and the transportation sector is next. High-speed charging ofanelectric ferry is not as easy as you might think.OHM is anexcitingand interactive way to learn about energy and electricity,and howour society has developed since the dawn of electricity, andnotleast to catch a glimpse of what an electric future wouldlooklike.StatnettThe future is electric
Love Caller Screen 5.0
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"Love Caller Screen” is a free dialer screen to change the themeofoutgoing or incoming call screens to smart photo screens whichformbeautiful love caller interfaces. Forget your default boringCallScreen, now you can have for free your custom caller screenforandroid with best love background themes. You also can dialspeedyany number from contact list and show your call screen dialerwithphoto id. If you are a romantic person this is yourapplicacion!Features: - Create your screen caller theme withbeautiful lovebackgrounds. - Identify who has call you by callerphoto. - Changebackground of theme. - Change ringtone of incomingcalls. - Thereare many options to customize as per your needs. -Full ScreenDialer theme. - Whenever incoming calls come then callerscreenwill appear and will show options like accept the call orrejectthe call unwanted. - This app is workable for all of yourdeviceeven it you have lower version of android. - You can activeanddeactivate your love call dialer so you can use yourdefaultandroid Love Call Screen Dialer. Download now for FREE andmakeyour calls will become more attractive.
Uxpp.UC 3.9.6
NateOn UC is all about mobile life. You can send instantmessages,SMS, e-mail, whatever you want to send. Moreover, you canmanageyour scattered contact list simply at one point. NateOn UC isfreeto download. Copyright ⓒ SK Communications. All rightsreserved.
Emoji Contacts Manager - Emoji Photo 3.3.8
You can manage your friend's name, use different emoji to markthem,for example: use heart emojis to identify your lover, suchasHoney💗💕❤.Smart Emoji Contacts Manager make the most ofyourcontacts list with the best contact apps for Android.Thecontactsapp makes your phone more beautiful, colorful anddiverse!Why mycontacts can be different, each friend said that thisis quite toforce,You look at the user's address book using thecharm of Emoji,quite fantastic, right?-Like: Home😘BigFamily🏠🎧Makor🎤Jody🃏TangShuai👓YOLO🤒🐔Jiji_pi🐔Letter Boy💌🍭CT🍭JokerFan🀄Fish👊🌾Lea❄FruitShop🍉🍇Dad👨Mom👩GrandPa👴GrandMa👵Boy👦Baby👶Store💍Casino🎲Cake🎂Peter🐯Mall👠💄Darling💗SunShine☀️😂😛😜😝🤢🤔💩The best Emoji app, let my address bookeasilydifferent.Change Name with emoji, my Contacts app lets youquicklylocate your friends through Emoji Photo, or know yourfriends'hobbies.??Can't increase Emoji inside the contacts inSamsungphone, or Galaxy series??To use the Contacts app, we havebeen usedin almost all Android phone are tested.Contacts Managersupportsautomatic emoji contact sync to all contacts, such as SIMContacts,WhatsApp Contacts, Google Contacts, Phone localContacts.Easy toimplement, in our contacts app to modify thefriends of theContacts of Emojis, in your address book will stillappear.Like:-Use Emoji Contacts Manager, add emoji to your WhatsAppcontacts.Similar to our perfect emoji contacts book.- And then youturn onWhatsapp again and you will find each contact with the mostlovableEmoji.The same thing, only the IM contacts in the addressbookshow, Emoji Contacts Manager can help you contacts morebeautify.+Open WhatsApp, Hangouts, Viber, Email and more directlyfrom yourcontacts!+ We will try to support more IM contacts in thenewversion.+ Contacts Manager supports for automaticallysynchronizingEmoji to your Contact.Emoji Contacts Manager (Free touse) is asimple contact manager.- Keeps your contact list safe andsecure.-If you switch or lose mobile phone, don't worry! The Emojican syncthe contact with your Phone.- Looking for a reliable way tomanageyour Contacts on your Android device?- The following theBestAndroid Contacts App may just help you.- Download this Contactsappto color mu contacts with emoji photo.- Change name withemojis,like Tom🐯, So different.- Customize Friend Emojis -SupportSnapchat.- Add Emoji to my Contacts Name. Shop🍉🍇- Put EmojisonContacts For Galaxy. Casino🎲- Put Emojis on AndroidContacts.Store💍- Birthday reminders to your friends Add Cake🎂Itlikes anEmoji Photo editor, you can add all your favorite emojis toyourContacts app and bring them to life! Support Google ContactSync& iCloud Photo Contact Sync. The emoji is also syncwithcontacts.Contacts + emoji is a true all-in-one emoji contactsappthat makes it easy to connect with friends and know unwantedpeoplevia add emojis.Copyright owned by Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd. Allrights reservedCopyright owned by Google Inc. AllrightsreservedCopyright owned by WhatsApp Inc. All rightsreserved😉Emojis Me🤡 From now on, my contact list will be specificandinteresting, just like a fairy tale!😝 Emoji your lifeUse emojiisthe way to express your emotions.Personalize your own contactswithemojis or emoticons.🤔 WhatsApp Contacts + Emoji, USE it!😜GoogleContacts + Emoji, USE it!😛 Contacts manager Emojis, USEit!Usingemojis is a popular way to express your emotions.☀️🌟Use😝Emojis🌈color our World🌎! 2.6.4(634)
Open source Jabber (XMPP) client with multi-account support,cleaninterface. Free (as in freedom!) and ad-free, Xabber is thebestand most popular Jabber client for Android. It is built toprovideusers with a simple, fast and secure messaging basedoninteroperable open standards. Xabber is also available forabrowser, with an iOS version coming soon. Features ★Modernmaterial interface and great user experience ★Devicesynchronization ★ Dynamic history loading ★ Multipleaccountsupport ★ Compatible with all standard XMPP servers ★SendingImages and Files ★ End-to-end encryption to protect yourprivacy ★Rich notification settings, including key phrases (withregularexpressions, no less!) ★ Efficient power management WithXabber,you are free to customize the interface to a great extent,searchand organize your contacts and even export your chats.XMPPFeatures Xabber supports many extensions to XMPP protocol,calledXEPs (XMPP Extension Protocols): RFC-3920: Core RFC-3921:InstantMessaging and Presence XEP-0012: Last Activity XEP-0030:ServiceDiscovery XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat (partial) XEP-0048:BookmarksXEP-0054: vcard-temp XEP-0059: Result Set ManagementXEP-0078:Non-SASL Authentication XEP-0085: Chat StateNotificationsXEP-0091: Legacy Delayed Delivery XEP-0115: EntityCapabilitiesXEP-0128: Service Discovery Extensions XEP-0138: StreamCompressionXEP-0147: XMPP URI Scheme Query Components XEP-0153:vCard-BasedAvatars XEP-0155: Stanza Session Negotiation XEP-0184:MessageDelivery Receipts XEP-0191: Blocking Command XEP-0198:StreamManagement XEP-0199: XMPP Ping XEP-0203: Delayed DeliveryXEP-0221:Data Forms Media Element XEP-0224: Attention XEP-0237:RosterVersioning XEP-0280: Message Carbons XEP-0297: StanzaForwardingXEP-0313: Message Archive Management XEP-0333: ChatMarkersXEP-0359: Unique and Stable Stanza IDs XEP-0363 HTTP UploadXabberis under active development and is regularly improved. CheckXabberBeta for early access to new features. Support policy Let’sget therecord straight: unless you are using our paid services, wedon’towe you anything. The software is provided as is, with nowarrantyand no guarantee to work with all ill-configuredservers/networkson every device with non-stock Android crippled byphonemanufacturers. We do, however, have great sympathy for anydecentperson who requires support, and we do try to help. You justhaveto ask nicely. If you are rude, make demands, feel entitledtopremium service or lecture us how to behave, we kindly ask youtouninstall our app and be gone for good. We won’t be saddenedby1-star review and we’ll likely leave a sarcastic reply.Gettingsupport ☆ Read F.A.Q. on our website,’ll be amazed how many issues are alreadycovered! ☆ This is the best way to get techsupport. Be nice,and we’ll do our best to provide you help. Please,describe yourissue in detail. If possible, attach screenshots anddebug logsthat would help us understand what went wrong. ☆ Please,DON’T askfor support in Google Play reviews! Reviews are by far theworstway to reach out to us for tech support. XMPP is afederatedprotocol, which means the network consists of thousands ofserverswith different settings, and that there are multiple pointsoffailure. We can’t conceivably know what went wrong from ashortmessage, our replies are limited to 350 characters and themediumdoes not support back and forth exchange of information.Sourcecode of Xabber is availableat under GNUGPLv3license. For more information visit orfollow@xabber_xmpp on Twitter. mail Mail App - A Truly Mobile Email ExperienceSpeed,convenience, protection and power. Now you can bring all thegreatbenefits of your webmail account to your Androiddevicewith our official mail app. Enjoy 24/7 access to yourinboxwherever you are—view your entire list of contacts, checkyourmails and reply to messages all from the comfort ofyoursmartphone. Experience real email mobility with the mail.comfreemail app for Android. Features overview of the mailapp: -Available on all Android devices - Powerful protection thankstoencryption security technology (TLS, SSL) - Full screen mode,pinchto zoom, and many more convenient functions - Sendmultipleattachments in all your mails - Stay focused with the newquietmode feature - Fingerprint lock security (Android 6 only) Onceyoudownload the mail app you’ll have all these greatfeaturesat your fingertips. That’s why we always say that our appis morethan a digital inbox—it’s the easiest and fastest way foryou toliberate yourself from your desktop PC and finally discoverabetter way to mail on the move. Stay in the loop With justoneclick you can access your address book, inbox and folders.Activatethe battery-friendly ‘Push email’ function and your devicewillfetch your mails automatically throughout the day—you’llreceive aninstant notification on your home screen when new mailarrives inyour inbox. When it comes to email, everything you needto know isnever more than a glance away thanks to the mailapp.Personalize to your heart’s content The app isflexible bydesign, meaning you can tweak its many functions to suityour needsand lifestyle. Set a custom alert tone to notify yourselfof a newmail, or if you prefer a quieter mobile mail experience,activatethe silent vibration notification tab. You can also changethe wayyour mail list appears—simply hit the ‘Compact Mail List’tab toget a simplified view. is an email client that putsitscustomers first—so download our free mail app today. 100% atyourconvenience Our app is packed full of clever, handy featuresthatsimply make life easier. Clean up your inbox at lightningspeedwith the ‘Empty Trash’ and ‘Empty Spam’ buttons, and accessthemost important areas of your mails instantly with theFloatingAction Button: The pen icon presents you with a blank mailin theblink of an eye, and the magnifying glass icon lets yousearch yourmessages for when you need to find an old mail withouthaving tocomb through your entire inbox. Recording importantinformation isalso a breeze with the screenshot function. Our freemail appfeatures are not only there to save you time, they alsogive youpeace of mind. If you have an Android 6 smartphone you canactivatethe fingerprint lock function for added security; for allotherAndroid devices you can create a PIN code to protect access toyourmails and account. And finally, take advantage ofthecustomizable ‘Quiet Time’ feature—it lets you determine settimesthroughout the day so that our mail app won’t notify youwithringtones or a vibration alert of incoming mails. The mail.comfreemail app: 100% at your convenience. We’re happy to hear fromyouGot an idea or comment regarding our email client service? Weloveto hear from our community and value your input. Simply clickthe‘Feedback’ tab in the ‘Settings’ area of the app toenteryour thoughts or questions and hit send. Enjoy your free mailappcourtesy of
Electrician training 1.05
If you want to learn everything related with electricity,bothamateur and professional, download this app. You will findallkinds of lessons on how to understand and work withelectricity.Learn to be an electrician with our courses andlessons. Discoverall the secrets about the electricity that youwill be very usefulboth in your home and in your work. Do you havea plug spoiled anddon't want to spend money on an electrician? Solearn your self torepair it with this app. Repair lights that donot work, shorts, oreven make the electrical installation in yourhome. And for themore experts, we have advanced lessons, includingautoCAD lessons.
My Contacts - Phonebook Backup & Transfer App 8.1.13
My Contacts App helps you to backup, restore and save allyourprecious contacts! Also, you can easily transfer all yourcontactsfrom one phone (Android / iPhone / feature phones) toanother phonewith just one tap! My Contacts can also backup yourSMS so thatthey are safe and accessible from any of your devices.It’s an easyapp that keeps your contacts and SMS safe and secure!The easiestand the only contact saving app that supports both smart&feature phones! You can even access your phonebook fromanywhereusing our web interface , where youcanmerge/remove the duplicate contacts and create a cleancontactlist! → Your contacts are saved! even if you lose or breakyourphone! → Easiest way to Secure your contacts - Just OneTap  →Backup, restore to ANY(!) Smart-phone without any worry.Completelysafe, secured and fast.  → Keep you SMS safe andaccessiblefrom any of your devices with the SMS backup option ★☆★Features★☆★ → Safe & secure contact backup. → SMS Backup -Let's youbackup your SMS and makes then easily accessible from anyof yourdevices. → Auto sync option, makes it easier. Just keep theapprunning in the background and it will take a daily backup ofyourcontact list. Or you can manually sync with the Sync nowbutton. →Small in app size with very low data usage (in kbps) →EasyTransfer of contacts from one mobile handset to another. →Simpleand to the point app and it does as it says!! Have you everlost orbroke your phone and lost all your contacts and SMS? Worriedhow tocontact them back and find their numbers?? We have a solutionforyou! Now you don’t need to worry about losing contact numbersandSMS of your loved ones! Whether you want to factory resetyourcurrent mobile, Lost or broke your phone, upgrading to newmobileor switching from Android to iOS, just download My ContactsAppwill make sure that you get all your precious contacts backwithyou forever! ★☆★ This is how it works: ★☆★  → how tobackupyour contact list and SMS: 1. Download the My Contacts app onyourphone 2. Create account by sign up or Login if you already haveanaccount 3. Press ”Copy contacts” in the app 3. Your contactsarenow safely stored! 4. Activate SMS backup and let the app keepyourSMS safe → How to Transfer contact list from one phone toanother:1. Download the My Contacts app on your OLD and NEW phones2.Signup or Login with your id on the OLD phone 3. Press”Copycontacts” on your OLD phone 4. Now, Signup / Login on the NEWphone5. Then press ”Copy contacts” on your NEW phone – Voila!!it’sdone! You can edit your contact list easily on the webat Customer Care: We love to hearfromyou – so feel free to contact usat: For iPhone / iPadversion: from iPhone / iPad and restore on Android device)"ContactsTransfer Web Tool” If you have an old phone, try out our"ContactsTransfer Web Tool” at https://www.mycontacts-app.comSupportedLanguages: My Contacts App is available In English,Serbian,Swedish, Thai, Bangla, Malay, Burmese. More localizedtranslationsare coming soon!
it.Ettore.calcolielettrici 7.4.0
Electrical Calculations is the best app in the electrical sector,ithas many calculations that can help you in your work. It cannotmiss in your smartphone! Wire size Calculation of voltagedropCalculation of current Calculation of voltage Calculation ofactivepower Calculation of apparent power Calculation of reactivepowerCalculation of power factor Calculation of resistance Maximumwirelength Current carrying capacity of insulated conductorsCurrentcarrying capacity of bare conductors Current carryingcapacity ofbusbar Conduit fill Sizing the circuit breakerAdmissiblelet-through energy of the cable (K²S²) Operating currentReactanceImpedance Power factor correction Power factor correctionoftransformer MV/LV Capacitor power at different voltageEarthingsystem Short circuit current Short-circuit current min(approximatemethod) Short circuit current with transformersubstation Conductorresistance Calculation of the cable temperaturePower losses incables Resistor color code Inductor color codeResistor colors fromvalue SMD resistor code Capacitor code Inductorcode Fuses Sumresistors Sum capacitors Resonant frequency Voltagedivider Currentdivider Zener diode as voltage stabiliser Resistanceto reducevoltage Resistance for led Battery life Primary/Secondarywindingof transformer Antenna length CCTV Harddrive/BandwidthcalculatorTemperature sensors (PT/NI/CU, NTC, Thermocouples…)Analog signalvalues Joule effect Fault current of strings Motorcurrent Motorpower Motor voltage Motor power factor Motorefficiency Motor fromthree-phase to single-phase Capacitor startmotor single-phaseMotor speed Motor slip Maximum torque Motorfull-load currentDiagrams of the three-phase motor (6 leads)Diagrams of thethree-phase motor (9 leads) Diagrams of thethree-phase motor (12leads) Insulation class of the motor Δ-Yconversion Powerconversion AWG/mm² conversion table SWG conversiontable Sectionconversion Length conversion Voltage (Amplitude)conversionsin/cos/tan/φ conversion Energy conversion TemperatureconversionPressure conversion Ah - kWh conversion VAr / µFconversion Gauss -Tesla conversion RPM - rad/s - m/s conversionTorque conversionByte conversion Angle conversion Fuses applicationcategoriesUL/CSA fuse class Standard resistor values Trippingcurves Table ofcables reactance Table of resistivity andconductivity Table ofunitary voltage drop Dimensions and weight ofcables IP/IK/NEMAprotection classes Atex marking Appliance classesCCTV resolutionsThermocouple colour codes and data ANSI standarddevice numbersElectrical symbols Electricity around the world Plugand sockettypes IEC 60320 connectors C-Form Sockets (IEC 60309)Nemaconnectors Wiring color codes SI Prefixes Units ofmeasurementPipes dimensions Ethernet wiring (RJ-45) Pinout Ethernetwith PoERJ-9,11,14,25,48 Pinout Scart Pinout USB Pinout HDMI PinoutVGAPinout DVI Pinout RS-232 Pinout FireWire (IEEE1394) PinoutMolexPinout Sata Pinout Apple Lightning Pinout Apple DockConnectorPinout DisplayPort Pinout PS/2 Fiber optic color codePinout ledPinout Raspberry PI Pinout ISO 10487 (Car audio) PinoutOBD IIPinout XLR (Audio/DMX) Pinout MIDI Pinout Jack PinoutThunderboltPinout SD Card Pinout Sim Card Pinout display LCD 16x2FormularyApp multilanguage: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian,Czech,Danish, Deutsch, Dutch, English, French, Greek, Hebrew,Italian,Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Magyar, Malay,Nepali,Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,Serbian(Latin), Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish,Swedish,Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.Fulltranslatorslist:'t use the Evaluation System for reporting bugs. Instead,pleasecontact me directly. ******************FAQ:
Call Block
Call Block is the best call blocker app to identify phonenumbersand stop any unwanted calls. This free call blocker app forAndroidhelps you to block calls you receive from unwanted numbers,even ifthe number is not in your contact list. Using our hugedatabase ofover one billion numbers, the Call Block app’s caller IDpreciselyidentifies callers from all over the world. You willinstantly beshown detailed information about any call you receiveand will beable to use the call blocker function to block thenumber andprotect your phone immediately. Take back control of yourprivacywith this essential app to block calls – stop spam,telemarketers,and other unwanted calls as soon as the phone rings.The advantagesof Call Block: • Caller ID: Each time you receive acall you willinstantly see who is calling. • Call block: You willbe able toeasily block calls or block numbers. Avoid the scams,sales,frauds, telemarketing, surveys and similar calls. •Blacklist: Youcan add any unwanted numbers to your personal“Blacklist”. You canalso block a range of numbers with certainfirst digits. • You willalso be able to add the caller to yourcontacts list or send them areply SMS directly from the caller IDscreen. • Instantlycustomized: Easy access to settings if you wantto customize theapp. • Quick and easy to use: Just download thisfree call blockerapp and have all the functions added to your phoneright away.
Mobile Electrician Pro 4.5
Basic electrical calculations on your mobile phone. The PROversionof Mobile Electrician doesn't have any ads. The appincludes: Ohm'slaw for DC Ohm's law for AC LC Resonance Y-ΔTransformationElectrical Energy Current Density Ideal transformerAC circuits RCsnubbers Connection of capacitors Capacitivereactance Run a 3phase motor on a single phase Capacitive VoltageDivider CapacitorCharge / Energy Calculator Capacitor to reducevoltage Connectionof resistors Voltage divider LED Resistor Decodethe color bandsresistors Encode the color bands resistorsWheatstone BridgeCalculator Decode alphanumeric value Encodealphanumeric valueConductor Resistance Conductor length Conductorsize Voltage dropElectrical resistivity and conductivity Maximumlength of conductorCalculate Amps Calculate Power Calculate kVA (3Phase) CalculatePower Factor(3 Phase) Calculate efficiencyCalculate of the motorslip Calculate motor torque Individualcompensation three-phaseinduction motors Calculate motor power forcentrifugal pumpCalculate motor power for piston compressorCalculate motor powerfor the fan Three-Phase Motor VoltageUnbalance Three-Phase MotorCurrent Unbalance Allowable ampacitiesfor wire (NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)Wire Size Calculator(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)Motor protection(PUE) Maximumcircuit conductorlength(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE) Maximum circuitampacity(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)Conduit Fill Calculator(NEC) Minimumlevels of short-circuit currentShort-circuit current at thesecondary terminals of a MV/LVdistribution transformer Calculatefuse Power of heating elementHeating Element use Nichrome Leakagecurrent Calculation sizing agenerator for your home IP CodeAppliance classes Force of anElectromagnet Electricity CostCalculator Calculation of electricalloads applying demand factorUPS Battery size calculator UPS Batteryruntime calculatorCalculation of transformer rating Conversion Wiresizes ConversionVA-W-VAr and calculate Reactive Power CompensationConversioncos(φ)-sin(φ)-tg(φ) AWG Conversions Conversion of unitsoftemperature Conversion distance Conversion units ofpressureConversion units of flow Conversion units of volumeConversionvoltage Conversion units of energy Conversion SIprefixesConversion Weight Time Units Conversion Power UnitsConversionCalculate number cables that fits in a pipe Cable ReelCapacityLength of cable on a reel Inductive reactance cableCalculate theweight of the metal in the cable Cable weight byformulas WiringColor Codes Length of a Hanging Cable Power lossesin cableSolitaire domino 15 Puzzle Widgets Print ScreenshotsMathematicalcalculator Percentage calculator Time calculator Onlineand offlinehandbook Search in the handbook, help, Wikipedia, GoogleSave theresult of all calculation in HTML format, and then view andsend.For each calculation is given a separate help Viewinginformationabout input fields Dark and light themes application. Ifyou likethe application, please rate it.
UrbanClap Beauty & Home Services 7.1.33
UrbanClap is India's largest home service app. Through the app,youcan order reliable home services - everything from a beauticiantoa make-up artist, plumber to a cleaner, yoga trainer to aninteriordesigner etc. Our list of services is given below - BeautyandWellness: Salon at home, Spa at Home, Party Make-up, BridalMakeupHealth at Home: Yoga Trainers, Fitness Trainers,Nutritionists,Physiotherapists Repairs: Electricians, Plumbers,Carpenters, ACrepair, Washing Machine Repair, Refrigerator Repair,RO or WaterPurifier Repair, Microwave Repair, Geyser Repair,Chimney and HobRepair, Air Cooler Repair, Inverter Repair, MobileRepair, LaptopRepair, Tablet Repair etc. Cleaning and Pest Control:Home DeepCleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, KitchenCleaning,Carpet Cleaning, Car Cleaning, Pest Control Home Projects:InteriorDesigners, Home Painters, General Contractors, Architects,Packersand Movers Other Services: Tutors, Chartered Accountants,Lawyers,Photographers, Party Planners, Tax consultant etc PrivacyPolicy:
com.circuitjam 1.03
Meet Circuit Jam, an amazing new puzzle game from creatorsofEveryCircuit. We’ve gamified circuit learning, making is superfun,challenging, and rewarding. Packed with sophisticated graphicsandsimulation technologies, this app makes electroniccircuitsremarkably interactive and approachable. There are over 100puzzlesthat will take you for a fun and exciting ride. No... nogettingdeep into formulas or equations... just cool circuit gamesthattake you from the very basic to keep-you-up-all-nighters. Youwilllearn about voltage, current, resistance, capacitance anddeclarevictory each time you win! ★ Challenge yourself with over100puzzles ★ Discover 10 essential circuit components ★ Checkyourhomework answers ★ Invent your own circuits in sandbox ★ Getreadyto smile as you learn The objective is to build circuitsthatgenerate electronic signals of some shape. You will get tomakeconnections, set component values, and operate switches tosolvethe puzzles. Circuit Jam will also teach you how to add anddividevoltages and currents, work out equivalent resistanceandcapacitance, and use Ohm's law and Kirchhoff's laws. Asyoucomplete puzzles, new sandbox components are unlocked. Sandboxmodelets you build any circuit you can imagine out ofunlockedcomponents. With sandbox you can simulate examples inclass,animate textbook circuits, understand how they work, andcheckhomework answers. Or maybe you'll just have a brilliant ideaandinvent a new circuit. Five exciting puzzle collectionsareincluded, and the first one is FREE! Essential components canbeunlocked by solving puzzles: • Resistor • Capacitor • Lamp•Switches • Voltage source • Current source • Voltmeter•Amperemeter • Ohmmeter
Electrical MCQs 2.5.0
Electrical mcqs app covers almost all topics ofElectricalEngineering. We provide you chapter wise test session andoverallmock test to enhance your preparation. By usingelectricalengineering mcqs application, you can prepare yourelectricalengineering related jobs test. You can also prepare youelectricalengineering interview questions. This Electrical MCQsapplicationwe provide you 10000+ questions and answers. You canfind past examtests of electrical engineering. If you find anyproblem relatedquestion and answers please report us and Kindlyshare yourfeedback with us... This app covers electrician questionsandanswers both electrical interview and electrical mcqs. Chapterwiseoffline and online objective test electrical engineeringandelectrical test questions and answers. This app coverselectricalexam questions and answers for free. basic electricalandelectronics engineering questions and answers for freshers andforexperienced personals. Electrical aptitude test questionsandanswers and basic electrical engineering question andanswerobjective type questions in electrical engineering fordiploma andsub engineer electrical mcqs. Helpful for electriciantest diplomatest interview preparation electrical engineerinterview questionsand answers. electrical engineering testquestions answers alsohave power system mcq with answers powersystem objective questionsand answers. electrical engineering quizand general electricalquestions added. Also helpful for electricianinterview technicalquestions ,electrician question, electricalengineering technicalinterview questions, mcq preparation forengineering competitiveexams and electronics interview questionanswer.
Call Log Monitor 3.1.1
Fully featured Call Manager with Dialer, Contacts and OptimizedCallHistoryCall Log Monitor is the most complete and stable Dialer&Call Log replacement app. Take full control of your callhistory.Call Log Monitor key features◆ Optimized database for fastloadingand organizing your Call Log.◆ Browse, Group, Filter andSearch thehistory. Instantly!◆ Fast, intuitive Dialer with T9search and SpeedDial.◆ List of Contacts, Favorites and FrequentContacts.◆Meaningful statistics, per contact and per entire callhistory.◆Fast switch between Dialer, Call History, Contacts andFavorites.◆Auto-delete call logs◆ Insert fake calls to CallHistory◆Beautifully designed UICall Log Monitor PRO features(available forupgrade)◆ Unlock Infinite Call History (recordedfrom the moment youinstalled v3.0+)◆ Backup and Restore yourInfinite Call Log◆ Lots ofcolor schemes. Detailed list offeaturesOptimized Call Log- QuicklySearch all the Call Historywith an ultra-fast algorithm- Group byContact, Date, CallDirection; groups are Collapsible / Expandable-Sort the callhistory by Contact, Date or Call Direction- Removeunwanted callseasily by selecting one by one or an entire group-Apply filters byentry type (voice call / text message), dateinterval or calldirection- Quick actions appear if contact photo ispressed- Swipeleft/right actions (call/text message)Dialer- Quicksearch by phonenumber or by name using T9 keys- Speed Dial buttons(long press todial)- Long press 1 to dial Voice Mail- DTMScodesList of Contacts-Have easy access to all your contacts-Quickly search by contactname- Navigate through long contact listsusing the letter scroll-Quick actions pop if you tap the contact’sphoto- Swipe left/rightactions (voice call/text message)Favorites-Large Contact Photos-Long Press to Call- Tap once for QuickActions- Favorites group andFrequently called contactsAuto deletetext messages and callhistory entries- Delete call log immediatelyafter call ended- Addcontacts, groups or unsaved phone numbers toyour message / calldeletion rule- Setting to keep deleted records(auto deletevault)Fake Call from anyone to your call log- Createfake callsinto your history- Use any contact, number, date,duration- Selectincoming, outgoing or missed for the type of fakecall insertedinto your call logOther- Display relevant statisticsfor each useror for the entire call history- Export log to CSV orXML fileformats- Password protected sensitive settings- You canhide theapp icon (Warning! Using this setting makes the appcompletelyinvisible. Dial #9999 to bring it to front again.)We’realsooffering our users great support and we always look forwardtoimprove our products based on our customers’ feedback. So feelfreeto contact us or send any inquiries product’s home page: ourcompany's website:
i Dialer OS 10 - Contact Book 1.1.10
i Dialer OS 10 is a new phonebook app for your phone. The designofthis phone book is beautiful and an attractive UI Design. Soit’slook very professional and a cool thing if you want somethingnew.During missed call time a Callback dialog provide an optionsforCall Back, Message and Block Call for that person. You can seehowdifferent to the default contact app on your phone. verybeautifullayout ui design and many cool function on contact book.Wantsomething new on your phone, then i Dialer OS10 is some thingyoushould try. Main Features : - Fast and Easy smart T9 DialerwithOS11 theme and Cool Photo Dialpad. - For frequently usedfeatures:Favourites (Favorites), Recents, Contacts, and Keypad. -RecentsAll and Missed Calls logs with information. - Call blockerto blockcaller. - Callback to quick and easy way with differenttypes ofavailable useful options like message, block calls etc. -Show allthe contact list, add edit or modify some. You can doalmosteverything with numbers and contacts. - Add or Edit Contactswithsimple interface. - Settings to Turn on/off features.-International number format. - One tap to call. - Long press toany1 to 9 number and use Speed Dial With Photo ID option. - ContactOS10 working fine with Android 7.0 + ( Nougat ) How to Use?: 1.Openan i Diler OS10 Contact Book app. 2. The app willautomaticallyload all contact of your phone into your app. 3. Allcontact inyour phone book will be loaded including facebook andskypewhatsapp contact. 4. Turn on/off callback dialog option. 5.Edit ormodify and share contact easily. If you have any problemsorsuggestions, please feel free to contact us !
Electrical Calculations 22.0.
Features : 1- public conversions - Weight,length,power,voltage,-electrical charge,numbers, - frequency and others conversions.2-lighting calculations. - Watt-lumen conversions. -Lux-Lumenconversions. - Watt-Lux conversions. - Candela-Luxconversions. -Candela-Lumen conversions. - Lux-FootCandelaconversions. - Colortemperature. - Types of lamps. - Lampsproperties. - Ballast typesand connections - Types of Ceiling. -Lamp color coding. - Efficacyof lamps. - Switches diagrams. - Roomindex calculator. -Utilisation factor calculator. - CIBSE lightingLUX levelrecommendation. 3-Power Calculations: - Average powerdemand ofbuildings. - power consumption table. - power factorcalculator. -Watt-VA calculator. - Amp-KWatt-KVA calculator. -Kwatt to ampcalculator. - Types of electrical loads. - Line-phasecurrentconversion. - DC efficiency calculator. 4-Power cables : -AWG/mm2conversions - Voltage drop calculator. - cable sizecalculator. -Temperature correction factor - Ground temperaturefactor - Soilcorrection factor - Thermal resistance correctionfactor - Cabledepth correction factor. - Cable distance correctionfactor. -Cable grouping correction factor. - Cable construction. -Voltagedrop for low voltage cables - PVC vs XLPE cables. -Selecting apower cable. - KA short circuit current -Copperconductor-PVCinsulated - KA short circuit current -Copperconductor-XLPEinsulated - KA short circuit current -Aluminiumconductor-PVCinsulated - KA short circuit current -Aluminiumconductor-PVCinsulated 5-Transformers: - Introduction. -Construction. - Coolingtypes. - Liquid vs dry transformers -Technical specifications. -Transformers calculations. 6-CCTV : -Surveillance. -Purpose-considerations,securing. - CCTVstrengths,limitations ansoperation. - system diagram. - DVR -Monitoring,Resolution andchips types. - CCTV lenses - LUX -Attachments. - CCTV lensescalculators More features are waiting foryou to explore . Feelfree to contact us ,to ask us and to provideus with features youneed and how do you like it look like .
Write SMS by Voice : Voice Text Messages 1.3
Write SMS by Voice: Voice Text Want to convert voice to textwhilewriting sms messages? This sms messenger provides you apowerfuland easy in use voice sms messages input system. Write yourSMS byusing your voice! Now it's very fast and easy to write andsendyour messages with Write SMS by Voice app! Write SMS by Voiceappprovides you the powerful and easy in use system to write yourSMSby voice.This application flexibly configured to your needs andhasthe most complete functionality. This app convert the voice totextusing the Google Speach Recognization API. After getttingtheresponse ( voice text ) from google voice api this willapplicationwill show you the voice text on app screen. Then onclicking themessaging button you will be able to send sms toselected peoplefrom contact list. No writing just speak and sendmessages. Amessage could be a form of sms to send to the mobilephones of yourdear ones with a lovely thought invoking yourfeelings andexpressions. It’s a thing that lasts so long. Allmessages are 160characters or less, so are the perfect size toshare with friendsor your beloved via sms. Write Sms By Voice appmakes you moreconvenient in texting the messages usingvoice. FEATURES:  - Create SMS by voice and comfortablyedit them. -Saves your time by capturing your voice as a message. -Usesaddress book to select appropriate contacts. - Able to sendmessageto several contacts. - Ease to use. - Share in Social sitesas welPlease remember to speak slowly and clearly. In order to usethisapp you need to install "Google Voice Search" and haveworkinginternet connection. Thank You…………….!!!!!
Electrical Grid Station Construction: Building Sim 1.1
Sablo Games
Welcome to electricity house construction andelectricitydistribution smart grid construction game in which youwill build asmart electric grid system or powerhouse to generateelectricityand then distribute electricity in the New York City toenlightenthe city. To make this grid system construction possibleinsimulation world this US electric grid stationconstruction:building sim game with fully automatic and advanceconstructionmachinery has been developed for electricians to havepower plantconstruction experience well by sitting in their homes.You have todistribute electricity door to door in all the cityhomes. Yourmission in this UK electricity distribution game is toend loadshedding in a simulator New York City.All the electricalgridstation construction work is divided into different levels.Youjust have to build solar power plant step by step till theend.Start power generation and new energy systems crafting byjustinstalling this game. First you have to park excavator andmobilecrane on trailer. Take trailer to modern electrical gridsystemconstruction site. Use heavy truck for this task of US powerplantsystem construction. You have to drive excavator fromconstructionsite and park near highlighted area. Dig the area byusingexcavator with smooth and realistic controls. Now driveconcretemixture to dig area. After that you have to place thepillars byusing mobile crane. Next you have to make structure oftower bydrag the parts of tower and place them on marked area. Nowplaceelectrical transformers by using crane and truck. Drive truckandpark on marked area. Multiple electrical transformers you havetoplace in the city. After that you would have to place towers intheAmerican city by using tower crane, spread wires in the cityontowers which leads the electricity to transformers and thenintothe city homes. Generate electrical energy from the nationalgridsystem and transmit it to transformers for power supply. Innextversions you will construct underground power supply structuretoavoid environmental effects. Modern construction and powersupplywires with advance Isolation transformers this game will giveyoureal time shut down load shedding. High voltage powergeneratingsystem is here with fully manual construction andelectricitysupplying system. Enjoy the unlimited fun of generatingelectricpower and placing electric towers in the city here in thispowerplant building game.Features of Electrical GridStationConstruction Game:- Construction and building electricalgridstation simulator- Electric towers and transformers cityplacement-Advance machinery to transport electric utility- Manyhours of freefun of electric house construction- New York city tosupplyelectricity- Smooth and realistic machinery controls- Simpleandeasy electric house construction gameplay - Light bulbsforelectricity consumptionNow don’t wait just install thiselectrichouse construction game and enjoy it free. Construct yourownelectric house for power. Give your valuable feedback afterplayingthis game.
Yo Call Screen & Emoji Contacts-theme changer 1.0.16
Yo Team
Do you begin to be bored with the outdated and old call screen?😞Now don't worry about it! The Yo Call Screen & EmojiContactsis a replacement full caller screen for your android fullcallscreen!👏Customize the call screen themes your phone notifiesyouupon incoming screen call!It also provides video call screenforyou, which means that you could upload your own video or gifandset it as a caller screening!Besides, it supports fancy lockerwithwonderful wallpapers.Your screen background shows the coolestandhigh-definition wallpapers which bring visual shock toyou!!What'smore, it can add funny emoji into contacts’ nickname.And show thefull screen photo like OS 10. Now download this popularapp and getone day VIP user for free!!✔ == -Cool Features== - 1️⃣【Very easyto understand user interface. 】 you can set to customizetheandroid full call screen theme for your smartphone in justverysimple steps.💎【 Call screen for incoming calls.】There arevariouscool and cute caller ID screen themes! Choose a theme youlike andpreview it directly. Convenient and fluent operation makesyouamazing!Far away from the boring call screen now!🌟【Coolandfantastic themes for your choice.】Once you choose a theme onthe“Home” interface, set it for someone or for all only dependonyourself, really flexible and smart.👌【 Set personalized themeforindividuals.】In our incoming call screen you can view yourcontactslist clearly, categorical according contacts’ initialletter.Justneed one easy step,you can call to your loved one.😃【 Addfunnyemoji into contacts’ nickname.】Not like other call screenapps,thisis the special function.There are different kinds of funnyemojiwhich can be added to the contact’s nickname.Smilingface,Flowers,Stars,hearts…many many signs to show yourspecial loveto your friends or family! Contacts’ remarks are nolonger dull butfull of interesting.Add colors to your busy lifejust for someemojis!📷【 Upload pictures or videos】Use your ownphotos or videosas call screen if you like. Not confined to themesweprovide.📱【Fancy locker with beautiful wallpapers.】All ofwallpapershave CC0 (Creative Common Zero) license, we collect and . You could find thesourcelink url of all wallpapers in App.❤【 Customize callerdesign】Design screen details on your own. Avatar, name &number,answer& hung up action and call identity areallsettable.Everthing is for you own!🌼【Customize the theme asyoulike.】Set individual theme for special person if you like. Alistclearly shows what themes and emoji you’ve set for contacts.Changeor cancel anytime you want. ❓【Tell Us What You Think】Want toknowmore about the software? use the “About” option.Want to give usanyfeedback, feel free to reach us any time. Use the“Feedback”option.We are gratified you “Share” the application toyour friendswith your good experience.So what are you waiting for??Downloadthis cool Yo Call Screen to use the fancy and cool incomingcallerscreen on your android phones and make your friends go crazyseeingscreen on your Android!! Do not forget to share this coolandroidfull caller screen to your friends and make them a part ofthisfun..!!Let us start the wonderful experience in the Yocallscreen& Emoji Contacts-theme changer!🚀IntelligentCallerIDfunctionality added. CallerID service now assist you toidentifycallers - even the ones not in your contact list. Thisfeature isoptional and you can disable at any time in the settingsmenu.
Lemon Cleaner 1.220
Pro Freeware
Keep your Android phone clean, safe and fast by usingLemonCleaner!With 20+ features inside: remove junk, boostmemory,speed-up game, reclaim space, manage auto-runs, monitorthetemperature of CPU and Battery, detect similar photos andoptimizethe big photo. Now you can become the Master of your owndevicewith the ultimate cleaning app for your Android!When youuse,it maycontain ads ,please understand us.With Lemon Cleaner, youcan keepyour Android phones always running like new:*• One tap toboostyour Android phone's performance.• Clean the cache of 5,000+APPsand junk files to recover storage space.• Kill background taskstofree up system RAM and extend battery life.• Manage/uninstallallof your APPs and APK files.• Speed up your mobile games forbettergame experience.• Monitor the temperature of your device andcooldown it as you want.• Manage the service, event and auto-runsofyour android system.• Detect and clean the similar photos tofreemore space.KEY FEATURES:• One-tap Boost - Convenient&Effective: Check & Clean up & Speed up & OptimizeyourAndroid device for better performance with just a simple tap.•AppManager - Organized & Orderly: Uninstall unwanted Apps&Remove unused APKs to free up the storage space; Easy to moveAppsto SD card and move Apps to phone internal storage.• MemoryBoost -Fast & Responsive: Kill your undesirable backgroundrunningtasks and release RAM to speed up your Android device andextendbattery life.• Junk File Cleaner - Clean &Refreshing:Eliminate hordes of junk files that riddle your deviceby quicklyemptying cache and residual files to release valuablestorage spaceand to prevent slowdowns.• Privacy Manager - Secure& Safe:Manage the permissions of all of your APPs and allow youto removethem all; Enable or disable your start-up APPs andservices on yourphones; Automatically erase your secure data thatleft on theclipboard.• Similar Photo Cleaner - Detect the similarphoto inyour device and remain the unique one to free upmorespace.Supplementary privacy provision:Lemon Cleaner newly addstoget mobile phone state,calls and contacts authority.It ismainlythrough the contact list for you to identify all the numbers,andblock known spam calls and the numbers that you do not wanttoanswer. The app will never upload and store your contacts andyourcall history.
Save contacts 1.7.2
Get selected data from the phone book with just a couple ofclicks!Any format is available for viewing on almost any device, beit aphone, tablet or computer. You can edit most of the formats inyourfavorite programs. The application will allow you to customizeyourfolder/file settings and select the necessary data types(phones,email, and others) with the contact content preview.Theapplication creates files in txt format and in theGooglespreadsheets, from which you can immediately download thefollowingformats: ► Xlsx - excel format ► Ods ► Pdf ► Html(zip) ►Csv Youcan view txt file it on any device. If another programcannotdisplay the file, or there are some unreadable characters -try tochange the encoding in the file settings next to the filename. Theprogram provides the ability to restore contacts from atxt file ora Google spreadsheet. Due to the fact that it is quitedifficult torecognize the content in text files - the applicationcan only readnames, emails and phone numbers. You can write a fileand loadcontacts from it to your phone. Use one of two formats-single-line or multi-line. Single-line - each contact starts withanew line and there are no empty lines, there is a “:” afterthename and there are “;” between the phones. An example of afile:Name 1: phone number 1; phone number 2 Name 2: phone number 3Name3: phone number 4; phone number 5 Multi-line - a first line isacontact name, contacts are separated by empty lines: Name 1Phonenumber 1 Phone number 2 Name 2 Phone number 3 Name 3 Phonenumber 4Phone number 5 The app can restore numbers if there are nospacesor other unusual characters in them. The exception is USSD,whichare recognized by the program, for example, *111*21#Theapplication allows you to configure each component separately:►Contact list settings - select writing style, fields andremoveduplication by merging fields. Preview allows you to see howtochange the text of a single contact immediately. ► Restoresettings- enable checking of existing contacts. ► File settings -enter thecommon name, select a folder, select encoding of the textfiles(UTF-8 or UTF-16), add the current date to the file name andselectdate format To save contacts wait for the load from thephonebookand press the green button, which is located in the bottomcorner.You will see the info window at the bottom of the screenafter thecreation of the file would be completed. A system alertappears torequest permission to use the phone book and memory card.Withoutthis, the application will not be able to load contacts andsavefiles. Personal data is stored only on the user's device anditwill not be transferred to third parties.
Scary Ringtones
Magi Ent.
Download the most scary ringtone app on the market, withscarysounds and ringtones for your phone. This fearful collectionofringtones includes the most downloaded scary sounds andringtonesgrouped together in one easy to use application. Simplytap a scaryhorror themed button to hear it's sound. Save any soundas a scaryringtone, notification or alarm. - Top downloaded Scaryringtones -Cool animated buttons - Free - New sounds added! -Perfect forhalloween Download these free scary ringtones andsounds.
Sound Effects 1.3.5
Have fun with realistic sound effects! Sound Effects is an appwhichoffer hundreds of cool sound effects. This application forAndroidis perfect to spend some good time with your friends.Theapplication includes various features: SOUND EFFECTS LIBRARY:Enjoymore than 200 high quality sounds. EASY NAVIGATION: Quicklyfindwhat you are looking for by browsing through relevantcategories(such as: animals, horror, disgusting, weapons, birds,etc.).INTUITIVE INTERFACE: Use gestures to switch betweencategories andpick among the many available sounds. We havesimplified the app inorder to make it accessible to everybody, witha clear interfaceand big buttons. USEFUL KEYBOARD: Use the keyboardto animate yourconversations, stories, videos (streaming) andpodcasts. Quicklyaccess your favorite sounds with the keyboard.TRANSLATIONS: Theapplication is translated in various languages(such as english,spanish, french, etc.), so everyone around theworld can use it. *To learn more about the features, pleasevisit IMPORTANT NOTE: If youhavesound problems, please check the audio volume of your device.NEEDHELP?Visit ON: you in advance for yourcomments.
MobileRecharge - Mobile Top Up 2.9.15
Top up any prepaid phone in the world with MobileRechargeapp.Recharge mobiles in over 135 countries, with more than 430+mobileoperators available, including Airtel, AT&T, Claro,Cubacel andNauta, Digicel, Lime, Movistar, MTN, Orange, Telcel,Tigo,T-Mobileand many more. Send credit to your friends andfamily’s mobiles.It’s fast, easy & secure to add minutes to aphone. DOWNLOADFOR FREE and get: • Lowest price for internationalmobile top ups •Access to operators in over 135 countries • Instantprocessing •Pay with any major credit/debit card or PayPal • Allinternationalcredit/debit cards accepted regardless of cardcurrency • Accessfrom any Android device • Topup phone contactsdirectly • Onlineaccess to orders and invoices ADDITIONAL FEATURES:• Direct accessto phone contacts list • Frequent bonuses availableon Promotionspage • 24/7 Customer Service by chat & emailFREQUENTLY ASKEDQUESTIONS 1. What is a mobile recharge? Mobilerecharge is aservice that allows you to send credit to any mobilephone in theworld. It is fast, simple and reliable! 2. How can yourechargemobiles internationally? To recharge a mobile abroad, justfollowsome simple steps: Select the country where you want tosendairtime Choose the operator of the mobile number you wanttorecharge Enter your Contact's phone number, Nauta account oranyother details necessary, or select it from your phoneContactslist. If you don't have the number or other necessarydetailssaved, you can enter them Select the top up amount Log in orCreatea free Account in order to proceed to payment Pay with anymajorcredit or debit card or PayPal account. 3. What mobile numberscanI recharge? You can send minutes to any prepaid mobilenumbercovered by our list of operators like Airtel, AT&T,Claro,Cubacel, Digicel, Lime, Movistar, MTN, Orange, Telcel,Tigo,T-Mobile. Just select the operator, enter the number you wishtotopup and proceed to send credit. 4. Do you have anymobilerecharge promotions? Get tens of daily promotions that willdoubleor triple the topup to any Airtel, AT&T, Claro,Cubacel,Digicel, Lime, Movistar, MTN, Orange, Telcel, Tigo,T-Mobile orother operators’ prepaid numbers. You can check all ourmobilerecharge promotions on our Promotions section. 5. Can Icontact youanytime? Yes, you can. We offer 24/7 Customer Support.In case youcouldn't find the answer to your question in our HelpCentersection, you can email us anda representative will getback to you as soon as possible. OurCustomer Supportrepresentatives can answer all your questions inboth English &Spanish. Top up a mobile fast & easy withour FREE app forMobile Recharge! For more than 10 years, hasdelivered secure and reliable services tohundred of thousands ofcustomers. For any questions, please emailus
Google LLC
Back up your contacts and sync them across all your devices •Safelyback up the contacts in your Google Account to the cloud •Accessthe contacts in your Google Account from any device Keepyourcontacts organized and up to date • View your contacts byaccount(e.g., work vs. personal) • Easily add contacts and editinformationlike phone numbers, emails, and photos • Getsuggestions for addingnew contacts, cleaning up duplicates, andmore Contacts is currentlyonly supported on devices runningAndroid Marshmallow and above
Motor Control Circuits 1.2.9
Peirazo Apps
Motor starting methods is a mobile application dedicatedtoindividuals in the field of electrical technologies to helpthemunderstand the various methods use for starting inductionmotors.To use this application, a basic knowledge electricaltechnology isrecommended. This application is structured in tothree separatetabs (All circuits, single phase symbols, three phasesymbols) TheAll circuit tab which contains a list detail view ofvariousstarting circuits with explanatory for each method. Theother twotabs contains a list of single phase and three phasesymbol of alldevices in both EU and US/CAN standards used in theapplicationrespectively.
Unlimited Friends Search for WhatsApp 1.6
Lisa Studio
Search friends for whatsapp is an app which search number fromthehuge collection and add in your contactsFeature☣ No requirementofauthentication just search contact and all contact will be addedinyour phone.☣ Chat with that added number and make new friends.☣Wehave people with 200+ countries.☣ Select countries from youneednew friends so depending on that country search number willstartand get whatsapp number contacts.☣ Select gender in whichgenderyou are interested so depends on that search numberwhatsappcontact will be added.☣ Select the how many friends youwant to addin your contacts in between 150-1000 depend on thatsearch whatsappnumber execute.☣ Mostly all contacts are live inwhatsapp so youcan chat with them and share your interest withthem.☣ After addingall contact just refresh the contact list inwhatsapp so you willfind contact name with "Search@" prefix whichare added by SearchFriends for Whatsapp application.☣ If you wantto new contact thanjust delete the old contacts by pressing deletebutton than re-addfriends by depending your intrest.☣ If you haveany queries thanread help page from menu.☣ Make new girl/boyfriends by addingwhatsapp number from any country is very easy.☣Talk with peoplewho don't know user so its new experience foruser.Notes : ☣ If youfind any problem with intellectual propertyviolation or DMCA rulesbreak than please mail us☣ We are notaccessing your contact andsaving but we are adding new contactsfor that we required ContactAccess permission your contact is safeso please allow thisapplication to access contact permission.
Directory electrician pro 2.0.3
Appendix reference electrician - is an application which willhelppeople whose profession is connected with electricity,electriciansfor beginners and for ordinary people who areinterested in theknowledge of electricity and electrical safety.Theapplicationincludes:1. calculator which will help calculate thecurrent, theload, the section of copper and aluminum conductorscables withdiameters of copper and aluminum conductors cables aswell as it'spossible to calculate both in single phase and threephase. Allvalues ​​are given nominal rather than the maximum.2. DLtests inthis section will be tests on electrical tolerance fordifferentgroups.3. Schemes and this section will be publishedvariouscircuits connecting various devices, electrical equipmentand soon.4. Tips, here will be collected tips fromelectricianspractice.5. Cable, here you will find information oncommoncables.Tests are available on group 2 11 admittance ticket 3groupadmission tickets 30, a group of 4 to 19, admissiontickets,tickets for admission May 20 group.In the future, the fullsupportof the application, adding new entries in all sections,create newpartitions, create dynamic connection schemes, and so on.D.Allquestions, suggestions and vozrozheniya can discuss the linkbelowin my blog.For personal questions write email just the linkbelow.Ihope my application will help you a pleasantuse.Sincerely,Alexander Kuskov.
Electrodroid - electronics in your hand 4.8.1
ElectroDroid is a simple and powerful collection ofelectronicstools and references.  This is the free version,whichcontains ads; you can also buy from the Market the PRO versionofthe app to support the developer, unlock more features and getridof the ads.    The app includes:  • Resistorcolorcode decoder (3-6 bands);  • SMD Resistor Code; •Inductor color code decoder;  • Ohm’s law calculator; •Reactance/Resonance calculator;  • Voltage divider; •Resistors ratio, value/series/parallel;  • Capacitorchargecalculation;  • Operational amplifier;  • LEDresistorcalculator;  • Adjustable voltageregulator/LM317calculator;  • Heat dissipation;  •Battery Lifecalculator;  • Inductor design tool;  •Voltage Dropcalculator;  • PCB Trace Width calculator;  •SimpleFilters calculator;  • NE555 calculator;  •PowerCalculator;  • Decibel Converter;  •FrequencyConverter;  • Analog-Digital Converter;  •Y-ΔTransformation;  • Port pin-out (USB, Serial,Parallel,Ethernet, RJ, SCART, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, VGA, VESA,Display Port,FireWire, Jack, RCA, Audio DIN connector, XLR/DMX, ATXPower, PCperipheral connectors, EIDE/ATA, SATA, PS/2-AT, MIDI/Gameport,Apple 30-pin, Apple Lightning connector, PDMI, OBD-II,25-pairphone cable color code, Color Code for Fiber Optic Cables,MIDIconnector, ISO connector for car audio, Arduinopin-outs);  •Resources (USB specification, Resistivity table,Table of standardresistors and capacitors, Capacitor marking codes,AWG and SWG Wiresize, Ampacity Table, Symbols and Abbreviations,Circuit SchematicSymbols, SI Units prefixes, Battery info, Booleanlogic gate andalgebra Theorems, 7400 info and pinout, ASCII codes,Batterieslist, Coin Batteries, 78xx IC, ChipDB IC pinouts,SwitchInformation, Decibel Table, PIC ICSP/AVR ISP, SMD PackageSize,Radio frequencies);  • Full support for EIA resistorseriesfor all calculators;  ...and more to come!   Theapp has also support for plugins to expand functionality oftheapplication (e.g. PIC and AVR micro-controllersDatabase,simulators, parts search).    If you like theprogram,please rate it, and buy the full version to supportthedevelopment.  Electrodroid PROlink:  For FAQ and full change-log, visit  TheAndroid robot in the logo ismodified from work created and sharedby Google and used accordingto terms described in the CC BY 3.0License.
Countdown Timer & Stopwatch & Caller ID 1.1.3
Leon Zhang
A simple countdown timer and stopwatch and caller ID, to use it asacountdown timer set the timer to anything other than 00:00:00andpress start-; to use it as a stopwatch clear the timerto00:00:00(default) and press start+.It works when you switchtoother apps or your screensaver goes on. It still works oncalculatetime even if you turn off your phone, while providing youwith agreat caller ID feature.The caller ID feature identifiescallersfor you - even the ones not in your contact list. Caller IDresultsare shown after calls and also allow you to save thecontactdetails directly to your address-book.FEATURES* Timer* Stopwatch*Built in Caller ID function to identify unknowncallers.UnknownCaller Identification - Countdown Timer &Stopwatch &Caller ID will show caller ID of people who call youeven if theyare not listed in your contacts.Avoid Spam Calls,Telemarketers, orFraud - By learning who’s calling you through ourcaller IDfunctionality, you can avoid answering spam calls orfraudcalls.Missed Call - Find out who called you with option tosave thenumber with one tap or to call back.Completed Call -CountdownTimer & Stopwatch & Caller ID will list the numberof who’scalling you and talking with you. Afterwards, you can callback orsave the number.No Answer - List the number of unansweredcalls andcall back or save the number.You can disable or adjust thecallerID functionality to your preferences in the app menu settingsor inthe after-call screen settings at any time.
Mini LED Scroller 102.6
This is an useful application Display your input letter like aLEDsignboard.Mini LED is a electronic display app insmartphone.Mini-LED has definite interface so that everybody canuseeasily.You can decorate beautifully your font andbackground.AlsoYou can apply various color, pattern andeffect.Express freely allof your thinking.We are also supportingtablet PC.Please writereview ! Then we are going update it !How touse ??• Catch a taxi•Concert cheer• Confession• Propose• Apologyand Find People•Placard• Candle and Ribbon• ETCOption and Effect•Font and Colorand Size.• Back ground color, Border Color and Background Shape•Font Effect, Screen Effect and Border Effect • Catch ataxi,Concert cheer, Confession of love and Apology• Save and Load-MINILED facebook : : Playingand Enjoy.
Electrical Study App in Hindi 1.0
Learn Electrical Study in Hindi for all types of CompetitiveExamsand government exams such as AVVNL, RPSC, SSC, Railway,UPSC,ElectricityBoard,TSPSC,APSPSC,TNPSC,OPSC,MPSC,HPSC,JKPSC,SPSC,BPSC,KPSC,UPPCS,TPSC,CGPSC,KPSC,WBPSC,APPSC,HPPSC,UKPSC,APSC,GPSC,MPPSC,RPSC,GoaPSC,JharkhandPSC,NPSC,PPSC,TPSC,Engineering Jobs,BSTC,State PublicServiceCommission, Central Govt Jobs,TET,SSC CHSL,UGCNET,CTET,IBPS,UPSC,Teaching Jobs,Police Jobs,Railway Jobs,GATEEXAM, BankJobs (PO & Clerk),SBI Clerk,RBI Assistant,PSU Jobs,ArmyJobs,NDA,CDS, Defence Jobs, Air Force Jobs, IndianNavyJobs,Government Jobs 2017 – 2018,Sarkari Naukri and variousothercompetitive and recruitment examinations. You can also findnotesand MCQs in Hindi.Topics included in this app are:-SafetyAccessories- Totally closed fuse- Safety Precautions-Electrons,protons- Advantages & Disadvantages of A.C & D.C-Types ofelectricity- What is Electricity- Current, Voltage &EMF-Troubles of lead acid battery- Characteristic of lead acidcell-Identification of full charge battery- Difference betweenprimaryand Secondary cell- Advantages & Disadvantages of A.C&D.C- Cell and battery- Chemical effect of electricalcurrent-Magnetic field in current caring conductor- Ohms law andKirchoff'slaw- Resistance- Conductor and semi conductor- Capacitor/condenser- Work, power, energy- Characteristics ofmagnet-Difference between permanent and temporary magnet- Magneticlines-Classification of magnet- Electromagnet- Solenoid coil-Faraday'slaws- Magnetic flux, pole, circuit, saturation- Types ofmagnet-Electro magnetic induction- Fleming's right hand & lefthandsrules , Lenz law- Magnetic field in current caring conductor-Edycurrent- ELECTRICAL STUDY in Hindi- CELL & BATTERY THEORYinHindi- SAFETY THEORY in Hindi- WIRING THEORY in Hindi-CAPACITORTHEORY in Hindi- MAGNET THEORY in HindiYou can use thisEbook forITI Electrician, Wireman, BE Electronic, Electricalsexams, Railwayexams, SSC Exams, Electricity Departments Exams,Technical HelperExams, Lineman Exam. Electrical EngineeringInterview ObjectiveQuestions and Answers in Hindi
Motor Rewinding 1.8
Peirazo Apps
Motor Rewinding is an application for individuals who wishestolearn how to recoil or repair an electric motor. To usethisapplication, a basic knowledge of electrical technologyisrecommended.The application is made up of seven steps that makesupthe whole rewinding process.
EveryCircuit 2.21
All joking aside, this time you will understand howelectroniccircuits work. "I stumbled upon some serious gold""This app takes design to a whole new level ofinteractivity" -Design News Build any circuit, tap play button, andwatch dynamicvoltage, current, and charge animations. This givesyou insightinto circuit operation like no equation does. Whilesimulation isrunning, adjust circuit parameters with analog knob,and thecircuit responds to your actions in real time. You canevengenerate an arbitrary input signal with your finger!That'sinteractivity and innovation you can't find in best SPICEtools forPC like Multisim, LTspice, OrCad or PSpice (trademarksbelong totheir respective owners). EveryCircuit is not just an eyecandy.Under the hood it packs custom-built simulation engineoptimizedfor interactive mobile use, serious numerical methods,andrealistic device models. In short, Ohm's law, Kirchhoff'scurrentand voltage laws, nonlinear semiconductor device equations,and allthe good stuff is there. Growing library of components givesyoufreedom to design any analog or digital circuit from asimplevoltage divider to transistor-level masterpiece. Schematiceditorfeatures automatic wire routing, and minimalistic userinterface.No nonsense, less tapping, more productivity.Simplicity,innovation, and power, combined with mobility, makeEveryCircuit amust-have companion for high school science andphysics students,electrical engineering college students,breadboard and printedcircuit board (PCB) enthusiasts, and hamradio hobbyists. Create anaccount to unlock the full functionalityfor a limited time. Thefull version will employ all of yourimagination, and all thescreen area of your tablet. JoinEveryCircuit cloud community tostore your circuits on cloud, accessthem from any of your devices,explore public community circuits andshare your own designs. Theapp requires a permission to access youraccount for authenticationin EveryCircuit community. Thanks toProf. N. Maghari for technicaldiscussions, feedback, and help withdesigning circuit examples.Features: + Growing public library ofcommunity circuits +Animations of voltage waveforms and currentflows + Animations ofcapacitor charges + Analog control knobadjusts circuit parameters+ Automatic wire routing + Oscilloscope +Seamless DC and transientsimulation + Single play/pause buttoncontrols simulation + Savingand loading of circuit schematic +Mobile simulation engine builtfrom ground-up + Shake the phone tokick-start oscillators +Intuitive user interface + No AdsComponents: + Sources, signalgenerators + Controlled sources, VCVS,VCCS, CCVS, CCCS +Resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers +Voltmeter,amperemeter, ohmmeter + DC motor + Potentiometer, lamp +Switches,SPST, SPDT + Push buttons, NO, NC + Diodes, Zener diodes,lightemitting diodes (LED) + MOS transistors (MOSFET) + Bipolarjunctiontransistors (BJT) + Ideal operational amplifier (opamp) +Digitallogic gates, AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, XOR, XNOR + Relay +555 timer+ Counter + 7-segment display and decoder Next: + MorecomponentsIf you like it, please rate, review, and buy!
Annoying Sound 4.9.5
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