Top 49 Games Similar to Last Day Commando Survival

First War On The Earth 1.1
War Of Trend
Waooo!!! Let's come and become the part of the best game of thiserafirst time. This surgical combat mission game will give youultimatesurvival shooting fun which no other extreme snipercommandoshooting game ever gave you. In this anti-terrorist armyforceshooting game you have to kill enemy in a wonderful terroristgunfire mission shoot spider Battle environment. This is modernfirecombat army shooter mission frontline gun target rivals gameplay.Under world kill gang war shot, 2017 will on you so you haveto gofind elite mafia shooting master 3D or destroy thatdangerousGodfather terrorist criminal mafia before they open superstreetcrime assassin shooter you dead. It has amazing god fathermafiagang crime 3D android soldier with cool multi player policecrimeshooter and border wars of US special sniper commandowarriorsimulation.
Real Commando Secret Mission 3.0.1
Elite Assassin sniper 3d shoot Hatcom Inc. proudly presents anewfps world war army game for you. The intense graphics andcatchystory line is going to make your free time more thrilling.The 3Dgaming experience will take you to a whole new level of funin thisfps world war army game of 2018. You have to play the roleof acommando in this game. Your duty is to serve your country andkillthe enemy in this fps army war game. You need to be very braveandskillful in this game. There are dozens of strategic missionsinthis world battle combat game. You have to complete all missionstobecome number one commando. The gameplay of this worldwarfrontline game is very thrilling and adventurous. You willstartthe mission on the terrain of enemy in this game. Initially,you donot have any weapons in this frontline game. All you have todo isto fight on your own in this game. You also have to stayhiddenfrom enemy sight in this fps world war army game. The elementofstealth will make it very easy to complete missions of thisgame.Even you are unarmed, you can kill your enemy in this onemancommando game. However, it is recommended to use guns inallmissions of this game. Also, you have a pistol as your side arminevery task of this frontline warfare game. You will earnmoneyafter completing each operation in this game. You can buynewweapons including AK47 and UMP5 gun. Moreover, you have asniperrifle as well for stealth missions in this game. Alloperations arevery thrilling, you need to make a strategy to playthis one mancommando game. Because the enemy force you are dealingwith ishighly trained and professional in this game. The controlsof thisfps army war game are very handy. You have a joy pad tocontrolmovement of the player in this game. There are crouch, standstancebutton along with flip button in this world war frontlinegame.Furthermore, your health bar and remaining bullets arealsohighlighted in this game. There is also an option of auto shootinthis frontline game. You just have to aim the enemy and itwillfire on its own in this frontline warfare game. In addition,youcan also change the gun by tapping the gun icon. All of itmakesthis world battle combat game very entertaining among theplayersof every age. Best of Luck…!  Features: Realistic 3Dgraphics.Sniper gun shooter missions A huge range of assaultRifles.Realistic assassination missions. Real in-game sounds.Differentlocations and backgrounds. Difficult levels and stages tocomplete.If you have no wifi, you can play, absolutely free. Soquicklydownload this interesting game of 2018 offered by HatcomInc.available on Google Play Store on your android smart phones.
City Sniper Shooting 2018: Free Shooting Sniper 1.0
Aim, Acquire And Engage! An Enduring Sniper Shooting ExperienceToSharpen SkillSTRATEGIZE YOUR PLAN AGAINST YOUR ENEMIESThiscitysniper game is based on various city sniper missions. Youarecommando chief in this City sniper shooting 2018: freesnipershooting games where you will have to follow modernsurvivetechniques to complete your police sniper missions. Therearevarious other sniper mission games 2018 but none of them isholdinga challenging game play like in ours game play. Get yourselfnowthis amazing sniper game and show your talent to win overthesepolice games 2018. You will be given sniper 2018 gun tocompleteyour city missions against the enemies which have invadedyourarea. If you were looking for shooting games 2018 where youcouldenjoy sniper shooting experience then this is your chancehere.This city sniper shooting games play is offering mission basedgamelevels for you, where you will follow next level aftercompletionof your first. Get yourself a gun like city sniper 2018and startyour missions to wipe your enemies. Download now thisSnipermilitary shooting: free sniper games and show what youhaveabilities to make strategies for defend yourself.SNIEPRYOURENEMIES WITH YOUR MISSIONSYou are a sniper shooter in this3dsniper games play. You would be given a city sniper 2018 gunforcompletion of your police operation missions. Our Snipermissiongun shoot: sniper shooting games is basically a one man armygamein which you would a solo chief of your actions and mission.Withthese features our game stands among the city sniper shootinggamescategories. There are many shooting games 2018 where you showyouractions but no game is where you can find realisticbattlescenarios. In this Sniper shooting real operation: freeactiongames you will complete your city sniper missions with yoursniper2018. If you are fond of police games 2018 where you canmakestrategies against the gangsters then this offline action gameisfor you. When you start playing this amazing sniper game thenyoumust be careful about your limited ammunition and follow themodernsurvive techniques. CONTROL THE AREAS WITH YOUR SKILLSYou areincharge of territory and your duty is to make sure of peace inyourcity. You are given few soldiers and multiple guns like snipergun,police gun and few military guns. In this Sniper citymilitaryshoot: city sniper game you will play the role of askillful snipershooter to control the wrong activities of yourcity. In his citysniper shooting games play you will make a finestrategy beforestarting your any mission against your targets.Sniper shooting wasyour dream in any realistic situation which iscoming true withthis Military sniper city actions: new sniper games2018. You werelooking for amazing adventure of shooting in theseshooting games2018 but now your wait is over. Now all you will dois take yoursniper 2018 gun and will start roaming the city to winover yourenemies. Basically you will experience the game play ofpolicegames 2018 category with your various sniper guns. You willbe incharge of every action in this amazing sniper game withmodernsurvival instincts of yours. Features:• realistic/thrillingsnipermissions• multiple and multi role sniper rifles• 3dstunninggraphics of city• smooth controls and challenging gamelevels• nointernet connection required• no obstructive ads whileshooting•detailed sniper gunsHave fun playing these excitingMilitary snipercity actions: new sniper games 2018 offered byGaming Globe. ThisSecret mission military sniper: sniper games 3d2018 is not only afree game but is also an offline game. Fun islocked in the installbutton.
Counter Terrorist Shoot 2.0
Doing Studio
===== Best First-Person Shooter Action Game ==== Welcome toplayCounter Terrorist Shooting Game! Multiplayer characterfightinggame, a scene up to 5 players. You can train your shootingskillsand improve your weapon operation ability. Only goodoperationalcontrol in the war game mission in order to play thepower of avariety of weapons. In this first-person shooter game,you canunlock and open all maps. As a member of unity to play thesoldiersassault effect. Action shooting game, only aim and shoot,and themodern enemy tough soldiers, assault soldiers, commandersfighting.Just fire with your guns and kill the enemy, let us startto playthe world's greatest military attack game. Command thenationalarmy , brave battle! Modern Shooting Combat Assault Games,FirstPerson Shooter and Shooting, Action Shooter BattleCampaign.Trigger sniper rifles and assault rifles in a realistic3Denvironment, shoot crazy, and then get more items and weaponsfromthe award. Counter Terrorist Shooting all functions: ●Shootingweapons, special weapons, heavy weapons, assault rifles,main andauxiliary weapons ● AK47, MP5, M4 rifles, Shotgun, Sniperrifles, ●Mission mode, Defuse bomb mode, zombie mode ● Realistic3Denvironment, high-quality 3D graphics, Download CounterTerroristShooting Game, Modern Shooter Fighting Game.
Respawnables - FPS Special Forces 7.6.1
The special ops shooting madness and third person shooterthat’llmake you forget any other AAA TPS combat! Feel theadrenalinethrills of combat action and counterattack fighting inthis MMORPGand become a real sniper of the special forces! Getready for thewar action with your gun and join now this multiplayerFPS shootingbetter than a battle royale. Have you chosen your MP5shooterweapon? Rise, shoot, counterattack and respawn! Join thisthirdperson shooter and MMORPG counterattack adventure! Playthisshooting game offline or online for FREE: Complete challenges,joina special forces squad, counterattack or just play with yourgun!Become whoever you want: thumper gun man, sniper, specialopssoldier, shooting target expert, rifleman, marksman, war veteranorjust a combat soldier in this online third person shooter fullofmultiplayer shooter war action! Choose your weapon in theammoarsenal: gadgets, shotguns, rifles, firearms, thumper gun,MP5machine guns… Join different special ops troops teams anddefineyour beat'em up strategy and tactics for the action TPS fighttodefeat the rifleman rivals attack and counterattack theopponentarmies in all the battlefields and ground! If you like 3Depicspecial ops games, you will love this multiplayer game withPvPmode. Get ready for the snow in the battlefield and ground!Willyou become the last man standing? OFFLINE THUMPER MISSIONS: -Morethan 185 single military troops action quests. Choose yourriflemanshooter! - Test all the weapons in your ammo inventory andplan thecounterattack offensive in these multiplayer shooter PvPgames! -Avoid the traps in this action FPS battle combat! Fight atday,return to your fort to seek safety at night! - Practice yourTPSstrategy offline to defeat your enemy on the online PvPgamesONLINE SHOOTER, MULTIPLAYER BATTLE SIMULATOR AND THIRDPERSONSHOOTER: - Special forces AAA game and thumper warmatchmakingMMORPG - Two shooting combat ARPG modes for unknownplayers: Freefor All & Team VS - Play with allied teammates ona 3D waraction struggle. Will your special ops army survive? RISEYOURRIFLEMAN WAR HERO AND SPECIAL OPS MILITARY TROOPS WEAPONS: -60+customization skins and fight items with action FPS, specialops,rifleman and sniper attributes. Some weapons may be as big asaniceberg! - Loot 30+ special ops weapons to attackandcounterattack: Choose your guns, equip a grenade, use ahuntingrifle, a MP5 machine gun, a thumper gun or any othermilitary gun -Fighting boosters and rifleman war gadgets. Winnertakes it all! -Jump into sniper fight maps with a battle pass forsingle firstperson action games or retreat at night to your fortSPECIAL OPSAND HACK-AND-SLASH COMBAT FEATURES! - Quality 3D actionthirdperson shooter combat style with unique skins - Play against100players with smooth FPS MMORPG controls. Act like a robot andshowno mercy! - PvP epic game: In-Game multiplayer shoot'em upandrifleman counterattack achievements - Struggle withFacebookfriends and allies. Get the largest number of frags! If youlove ahack and slash ARPG shooter and third person shootermultiplayer orepic combat games, this action TPS MMORPG will makeyou forgetabout any other online shoot'em up you played before!Bring thevictory in this MMORPG TPS similar to a battle royale.Take yourheroes out of the fort-castle into the battlefield atnight! Crafta fort, equip your special forces with skins and markyour targetlike in a battle royale. Start shooting in this thirdpersonshooter multiplayer online for mobile devices and be the lastmanstanding in these winter! After our anniversary, our goal istoreach the season 7! Please note: These third person shooterPvPepic game are free to play but extra content can be purchasedwithreal money. To restrict in-app purchases, adjust the settingsonyour mobile device.Facebook:
Mountain Sniper FPS Mission: Shooting Games 2018 1.0
Play this Mountain Sniper FPS Mission: Shooting Games2018Thismountain sniper FPS mission: shooting games 2018 is abouttomilitary war in the mountain environments. You would not beplayedsuch type of sniper game as yet. After completing the firstmissionyou will come to next mission. If you would not havecaughtyourself from the enemies; you will caught and mission willfail.Then you could not start next deadly mission. You could reloadyourrifle many times during the war. If you love sniper games thenthismountain sniper FPS mission: shooting games 2018 is truly bestforyou. You should finish all the enemies during the battlemission.This is a time to proof yourself that you are a commander.Showyour shooter skills and complete all the missions. You canenjoythis shooting game with an expert commando shooter. Youareequipped with modern rifle, gun and pistol. This snipershootingpak army: shooting games with gun will give a differentchance toplay something else than the other boring type free gungames.Ifyou have quick aiming and shooting skills then find yourenemies.After finding your enemies; eliminate them quickly. Useyourpowerful sniper rifle with best ammunition and sharp bulletstoperfect shooting. If you are a skillful commando man then youcanshoot all the gangsters in the limited time with your sharp guninthe snow environment.In the history of 3d games thissnipershooting pak army: shooting games with gun is a best game.Youcouldhide yourself because if you show yourself then your enemywill getyou. Do you really love FPS free sniper games? Then thissniper 3dgame is best for you to play. You are a sniper man, finishyour joband prove that you have special warfare skills.Unlike otherfreeshooting games this sniper shooting military war: fps gamesofflineis good. Are you ready to survive all the missions of thisshootergame? If your answer is yes then be ready to face all thecriticallevels of this sniper game. You have limited time tocomplete allthe interesting missions. You should prove yourselfthat you are asniper hero in this action game in the mountainenvironment. Thismountain sniper spy mission: action games 2018 isfull actionpacked game and it is totally free to play for playstore users.So,why are you waiting; now download and play thisgame.MountainSniper Military Shooter: FPS Games Free Features:Manyenemies toengage for targetMultiple camera anglesUn limited weaponslikerifles, pistols and guns etcRealistic environment likemountainsand snow etc3D and HD graphicsReload guns optionsHave funplayingthis exciting gun shooter real soldier: new sniper gamesoffered byKnock Solutions. This mountain sniper covert mission:sniper games2018 is not only a free game but is also an offlinegame. Fun islocked in the install button.
Elite Military Base counter war 2040 Mission 1.1.9
Commando Strike Jungle Shooting War 2040Commando StrikeJungleShooting War 2040 Game with the thrill of shooting beststrike War!Commando Strike Jungle Shooting War 2040 is a new game.Enjoykilling your enemies with modern sniper shooter in arealisticbattlefield strike environment. As an Elite Military BaseCounterWar 2040 Mission best command you have been assigned toclear thejungle location full of terrorist and enemies, completechallengingstrike missions to clear the area from dangerousenemies. The gameconsists of the best shooter command and advancedDigital radarsystem will help you to notice each and every movementof yourenemy. You are supposed to kill all enemies with powerfulanddestructive weapons & guns. Aim and kill the enemiesbeforethey kill you. Best Commando Strike Shooting War 2040 isasacrifice of your time while shooting, fighting andterrorizing.Special command force terrorist strike war team mustget rid of thethread by shooting all the enemies, which is thekilling enemy'steam. Commando best sniper Strike Jungle ShootingWar 2040 is areal strike war game. It is a challenge to completeyour commandstrike mission. Enemy has taken care of your countryand they maketheir camp and trouble in this jungle shooting. It isyourresponsibility to shoot all enemies before they kill you andtakeback your country. Enemy is quick and alert. You do not haveenoughmodern weapons you have to shoot down your enemies beforeyour bestmodern weapons ends. Commando Shooting more enemies meansmorestrike chances to survive into the army command mission. Mayyouhave played Shooting games or army games before, but thisepicbattle game will give you a bump with stunning war 2040 actionsandeffects in it Commando Strike Jungle Shooting War 2040 isashooting war action game that is all about shooting, armybattle,mission strike and survival. Stunning game graphics, flatcontrolsand addictive game play will take you to real life battlestrikewar 2040 zone. You are equipped with weapons rifles, machinegunsand sniper gun. Use these guns to become an assassin strikeshooterand kill all your enemies. Be careful, there is danger oneverystep. You need to shoot down your enemies as soon as you canshootyour jungle shooting war. You have a wide range of advancedweaponsto shoot down your enemies. The game is fully actionfightingpacked. Clear best shot your dangerous enemies rapidly.This is themost obvious opportunity to test your expert commandostrikeshooting abilities. Take a look of the final battlefield ofyourbest Commando Strike Jungle Shooting Warfare and make your mindtokill the enemies or else die for your commando dignity. You havenochances of mistakes. You are well trained in such conditions.Youhave tasks strike Command Operation form real enemy Force. Aimatyour enemy and shoot in one shot. Take fewer chances to shootdownthe enemy. FEATURESRealistic Army Battle andSmoothControlsAdvanced Military Weapons and Wonderful GameplayExcellentGraphics Stunning Sound EffectsRealistic CommandShootingEasy tapto shoot and kill the enemiesRealistic 3D snipershooterBattlefield environmentBest sniper rifles, assault rifles,railguns and many modern weaponsGather components to upgradeyourmilitary arsenalThis Commando Strike Jungle Shooting War 2040gameis based on full of action and shooting in jungle. DownloadthisCommando Strike Jungle Shooting War and check you 're fightingwarskills. Now download this Commando Strike Jungle Shooting War2040and give your best feedback on this game.
Shoot Hunter Gun Fire 1.0
Shoot Hunter Gun FireAs a top killer, the commander calls youtoinfiltrate dangerous targets And clear all the terrorists. Firetothe enemies through the fierce bullets, Shoot them all to berealelite soldier. You are equipped with sniper rifles,machineguns,pistols and grenades. Powerful weapon is a fatal blowfor theenemies. You are a well-trained tactical team member,proficient ina variety of weapons skills, ready to kill the shot!Combat againstand eliminate all those who endanger people aroundthe world.Visitmore locations in the Hunting Action to eliminateterror and fightagainst terrorist organizations. Find the bestsniper position, aimand make all fatal kill shot. You can getrewards from a variety oftasks, Complete mission to get morerewards and better weapons.This is a high risk of confronting theworld of terror battlefrontline! Action Now Join our assault teamand began tofight!Crazy Kill, get more rewards, complete themission, get morerewards! Unlock the weapons and improve Fighting,get more resultsand rich rewards! You will get some free weaponswhen you firstplay the game. Slide Move, Click Shot, Switchweapons.- UniqueFantastic scene, high-quality 3D graphics- Stunningmusic and soundeffects- Best fun 3D FPS games, free snipershooting- FirepowerWeapon - Easy touch operation, zoom in and outto identify yourtargetThe brave warrior began to act, ready toattack, ready tokill shot . Now is the time to pick up arms tofire!
Commando Adventure Assassin 1.19
Commando adventure assassin is real war game. Its reallychallengefor you to complete your mission. Enemy has taken yourland andthey make their camp and making trouble in your country.You areonly last person left from your force. It’s your challengeto killenemies before they kill you and take back your land fromenemy andbecome a hero. They already got information about yourmission andthey are ready to kill you. Enemy is alert. You don’thave enoughammo you have to stole enemy weapon and use on them andcompleteyour mission. You have different varieties of weapon andbest luckfor mission. Commando adventure assassin is an army basedgame andis all about army soldiers attacks in which you will getexperienceof shooting to protect your country from their attacks.Simply fromstart to end of level your mission will be to remainalert forenemy strikes and kill them as soon as possible. Therewill bedifferent controls to control your army fighter. To achieveyourtarget you, as an army man can run in the war zone and killenemyat any time. Automatic radar system is provided to facilitateyoutrace exact location of your enemies. so you have to followthatRadar to find out enemies. Be careful, enemy army soldiershiddenin mountains can attack on you at any time and yourlittleignorance can lead you to death. Enemy army commandos canattack onyou from different directions left, right, front, from thetop ofmountain and also from check posts so you would have completelookon all sides to stay safe. 4 different types of guns withunlimitedbullets are available you can choose according to your ownchoice.If one magazine ends then your fighter automatically loadsanothermagazine. If you are not comfort from your weapon then youcan alsosnatch advance guns from enemies by killing them like AK-47andother type of guns. With the passage of time your powerwilldecrease so as fast as possible you have to complete yourlevel.After completing one level you will be allowed to play innextlevel. Thrilling sound of enemy guns will ultimately keepyouactive. You can focus on target by using aiming facility. Byusingaiming facility you would have to set your target and fire.You canalso target enemy soldiers sitting in their check posts.Your lifeis very important to accomplish the mission because if youdie thenmission failed. To resume the game click resume button andTo playfrom start click on Play again button. Features! • Secondpersonshooting game. • Challenging mission. • Different varietiesofweapon. • Use modern radar to identify enemy location. •3Dstunning graphic. • It’s totally free game and easy to play. •Moveforward, backward, left or right with joy stick control.•Excellent adventure environment. Hope you like this gameinstalland enjoy update will be soon with more missions and givemepositive feedback and best of luck……………
Frontline Sharpshooter Commando 3d 1.0
Action Hive
WELCOME to sniper 3D Mountain FPS shoot games many task arewaitingfor you be fast! Run and gun while you discover modern realsnipercombat shooting 3D commando army mountain battle simulator isafast paced challenging and army real shooting city sniperstrikegame. Be fast If you miss your intention of modern armysniper 3Dcity shooting then you will become the army gun kill cityshootingadventure! The strategy of army modern helicopter shot war3D. Theexpulsion modern gun army survival attack game so beconscious becareful to play this sniper war city shoot commanderattack gamezombie hunter mountain shooting fun in this sniperultimate cityarmy extreme shooting games. Action gun military armyshooting 2017is a army commando city shooting mission 2017 games ofhavingamazing major action features and real army kill man shooting3Dmethods. It contains various collection pellet and types ofgunsand sniper secret kill army shooting 3d games for kids. Inthiscity secret crime kill shooting 3D games. We have your playernamedsurvival kill gangster army shooting is a heavy gunship armystrike2017. He is on a mission of army operation target shootingmissionwhich he encounter with major man terrorist city targetattack 3D.This real sniper army military shooter 2017 has theability ofmajor run and gun killing of army hunting city snipershootchallenge with different weapons. He is the best army soldiercityattack mission simulator at his country and the criticalrealstrike city attack 3d gave him the title of army countermilitaryshooter adventure because of his accurateness andexactitude. Incity modern army counter sniper 3D shooting have tosurvive for anextended age of time distance. Sniper gunshot funchallenge isreside in your country. Only angry men killer city armyshootingangry men killer city army shooting are the best soldierwithhighly prepared street army secret target shooting 3d.Supercommando army real shooting legend duty is to quick attack thebasecamp of your army city attack legend duty. Go behind theenemylines as a real army city shooting 3D This fps ninja armyshootertarget 3d game can save your time for searching sniper mengunshotfun challenge dangerous men killing free shooting in theangry menkiller city army shooting. This is perfect for those ofyou who arelooking for angry men killer city army shooting: zombiehuntermountain shooting fun in the world with various types ofweaponlike sniper, AK-47, stain gun, bomb, majestic, short gun,mine fordestroy sniper ultimate city army extreme shooting. Inaction gunmilitary army shooting 2017 your way into the heart ofreal armykill man shooting 3D. Sniper secret kill army shooting 3dcoverpoints to navy army gun action shooting
Sniper Arena: PvP Army Shooter 1.0.3
Sniper! Enter the arena and become the #1 SHARPSHOOTER inthisthrilling ‘sniper vs. sniper’ LIVE COMBAT game! Competeagainstmore than 500K SNIPERS worldwide, climb the leaderboard, andENJOYEVERY BATTLE in this premier mobile experience! Feel thepureadrenaline rush, and lifelike combat emotions in the heat ofthebattlefield, right in your hands on your mobile screen. Jumpintothe action and join the battle right away, it’s FREE TO PLAY!•Enjoy breathtaking 3D GRAPHICS: the world’s best SNIPERRIFLES,superbly realistic and authentic in every little detail, and4spectacular combat locations with authentic sniperfiringpositions, beautifully designed in terms of game logic andthebalance. • Try intuitively easy controls - SWIPE, ZOOM,SHOOT!Compete in 3 game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch,andDomination with up to 8 real opponents on the map, whoevershootsthe most enemies wins the round. • Develop your SNIPERCAREER, fromrecruit all the way to the rank of Phantom, with avariety of dailytasks and a detailed ranking system. Unlock andupgrade modernPROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT: sniper rifles, ammunition,camouflage andspecial equipment. • Ally with your friends andcreate anUNSTOPPABLE SQUAD! Lead them to the top of theleaderboard, defeatother teams and win territories in Dominationmode. This gamerequires stable INTERNET CONNECTION to play. Thegameplay involvesreal-time online match ups with players across theglobe, sharedserver for any mobile device, and LIVE-CHAT. For moreinfo and allthe latest news checkout:
Sniper 3D Gun Shooter: Free Shooting Games - FPS
Celebrate Halloween with our limited-time updates! AIM andSHOOT!Download now for free one of the best FPS shooting games.Clashwith the criminals on different scenarios. Sniper 3D Assassin®in 7words: great gameplay, awesome visuals and entertainingmissions.And best of all? It's a free fps game to pass the time!Defend thevictims from kidnappings to bomb attacks: hostagesurvival iscritical! Features: - Ultra realistic 3D graphics andcoolanimations - Hundreds of thrilling missions - Play inmultiplebattlegrounds, from huge cities to beautiful beaches - Tonsofletal guns and mortal weapons - Addicting FPS gameplay - Easyandintuitive controls - Free game: play it both on your phoneandtablet Forget those dumb, repetitive shooting games. Here,yourduty will include racing against time, explodinghelicopters,killing zombies and quite a few shots in slow motion.Survival isnecessary! But can you solve the puzzle, save thevictims and killonly the right target hidden in the crowd? Can youstop the unknownvirus from spreading? Will you take out theassassins in time? Youreceived the call for duty of saving thepeople. Don't let theircreed on you be in vain! The best firstperson shooter (fps) actiongame! Be the best sniper in everyenvironment! The combat is real,and you can be the hero. ● Hundredsof missions: "Alpha, Bravo,Charlie, do you copy?" Find the target,aim, shoot. Save the statesecrets from the rogue agents and spies,and stop them fromspreading a terrible virus. Do you have theskills? Help yourcountry in the massive nuclear competition. ● Thehostages arewithin the enemy fort. Will you storm in through theopen, or sneakup at nite? ● El Diablo, the criminal king pin, iscreating havocin the city - will you end this rebellion? ● Theenemy is racing totheir target: don't let them reach it in time! ●Don't leave anyzombies alive!! Are you prepared for all the actionand adventurein this awesome fps shooting game? Can you guaranteethe survivalof the human race? ● Unlock awesome weapons and upgradethem withevolutions in the arsenal: Buy the best Sniper rifles,assaultrifles, shotguns or pistols that exist with the gems youearned inthe game! Upgrade the ammo, the grip, and the calibre togetbullets that inflict more damage, have better range,scope,stability, or zoom. Will you choose the hunting rifle, theawesomeassault mp5, a Glock or a Colt in the armory? ● Play itanywhereSniper 3D does not require you to be always online in orderto havefun. You can enjoy it offline in the subway, while flying ona(real) plane, in the car on the road. From time to time, it maybenecessary to download additional (free) content online. ● PvPmodeTry out the pvp mode: prepare your gun and hunt your enemy. Thepvpmode will test your speed in killing and hunting. Take long andyouwill be dead. Follow the rules of your training and act! Youcannow join up with other players from around the world. Becometheimmortal sniper you were meant to be! ● Limited data usage Ourgamewill not consume tons of data from your mobile plan that you'dwantto use instead to surf the web, watch online videos and listentofree music. Have fun with limited data usage. ● DisclaimerSniper3D Assassin® is a free game but it contains mature contentandoptional in-app purchases for real money. You may want to keepawayit from your kids and younger boys Sniper 3D Assassin® isbroughtto you by Fun Games For Free.
Sniper Killer Shooter 1.1.4
Now you have a new mission! A terrorist group has occupied theScity, hijacking innocent passengers as hostages.As a goodmercenaryand your mission is to eliminate all the terrorists andrescue thehostages.Here you need a cool head anomaly analysis andfast,aggressive, accurate shooting techniques, allow your head tocalmdown, to enjoy this challenging game now!★★★ Features:★Levelgamemodes:Game mode for an unlimited levels and there starratingsystem that lets you keep cool in the end, to try how strongyourability, how far can break it!★A variety of game scenarios:avariety of different game scenarios, there are docks, CitySquare,waste warehouse.★Rich weapon system: can be a variety sniperrifle,pistols, submachine guns and grenades replacement.★Fullenemyexists: the enemy is everywhere, some in hiding in thegroundbehind the building, and some hiding in the roof, whichrequiresyour keen eye to detect and eliminate them.★Flexible battlemode:The battle can be purchased or supplemental medical kitsfallingHP, by upgrading the defense and attack players get theability tostrengthen, to experience the unique process offightingfun.★Simple operation: Full touch screen operation, so youjustmove a finger, you can quickly capture the enemy's shadowandshooting, is very simple.★★★How to play ★Touch screen toentershooting mode.★Slide the screen can be rotated to movetheperspective.★Click the icon to the right of the "F" button tofire,rotate icon to switch between different weapons.★Click thebuttonon the bottom right corner of the cross circle amplificationcan beswitched sight; clicking character icons can be standing,squattingposture switching.★Click the icon in the upper rightmedical kitscan add HP, click the icon for the grenade grenadebombing.★Afteramplification mode into sight, By adjusting lever forthe rightdistance from the lens zoom.The main interface can beselected forthe game map, arms purchases, mall gold to buy the gamesensitivitytesting, game content sharing.
Shoot Hunter-Gun Killer 1.1.5
One Man. One War. Now You Are Sniper Killer. *There you playthegame was the fantastic 3D FPS game .As the sole survivingspecialforces of a renegade attack against a ruthlessterroristorganization, you are stranded on the battlefield andhell-bent onpayback. You must use all of your specialized skills tosurvive theonslaught of the enemy forces and avenge your fallensoldiers.Facedwith this situation of you have no choice but tograsp thenettle.From the M16 to AK47 and sniper guns, as you haveaccess toa variety of light and heavy weapons, as well as powerfulgrenadetoo!In the battle you will be sent to different locationstoperform the difficult task.Such as IceWorld,Desert,City.GameFeatures: **Fight in difficult terrain You will facedifferentenvironmental challenges spacing case.But nothing can stopyou todestroy the enemy's confidence. **Providing advanced weaponryManyfull power firearms will be available to give a fatal blowtoterrorists for you.AK47,M16,WA2000,AWP,M400. The number ofenemiesand the AI you face are different depending on your selectedtasksin each level.In short, the more the enemy killed, the morerewardyou get.What are you waiting for, let's take a journey andstartkilling.
World War in Pacific: FPS Shooting Game Survival 1.0.7
"World War in Pacific: FPS Shooting Game Survival" is thebestfirst-person shooting game based on military war arena. Learnrulesof modern war as fps war shooter in ww2 game and defendyourcountry's front line of control. Trained army soldiers in asniperadventure and action of world war sniper adventure in a bestfps in3D environment. Download free epic online games for boys in2018fps games A deadly assault 1st person shooter with a specialforcewar shooter commando, fight for survival in thriller actionpackedfps shooting games, the war game with a unique visual ofmiddleeastern style. WW2 super sniper equipment includes AK47 ammo,MP5super sniper rifle guns, M4 hand grenades, Dragunov SVDandmilitary area map to locate German enemy base in the missionofworld war 2 shooting game for boys in 2018 There is a callofshooting with gun as a special sniper warrior who can fightfornations’ legacy in best ww2 game. Take part in finalwarfareagainst enemy countries like a fearless war hero in onlineww2game. Begin critical strike in the war with modern allies onfinalbattleground. Keep moving in best war shooting game and neverstopfiring while invading enemy's territory. Rule of war features:-Epic fps games in which shooting 3d style - Middleeasternenvironment, fps shooting with gun - Challengingfirst-personshooter levels - Variety of guns, pistols & assaultrifles -Engaging sounds & background noises - Download best fpsgamesfor free - fps multiplayer & online shooting games Forsurvivaluse modern battle weapons in realistic battleground thissniper shooting 3d game of 2018 get the weapon withintheenvironment and health box after a sniper shoot in sniper 3dgamefor boys in 2018 "World War in Pacific: fps shooting GameSurvival"Take stealthy footsteps to patrol in final combat warBeware offurious jungle animals who can attack anytime Pick latestweaponsto shoot: AK47, MP5, M4, M16, Barrett .50 Cal Call for warsniperduty awaits: Command warriors in battlefield Aim, target&shoot opponents in Modern world war gameplay Rival squadhasattacked your safe zone, so be ready to strike and get backyourbase camp. Eliminate enemy soldiers by fps shooting inthebattlefield in a secret mission of enemy assaults. Follow rulesoffrontline war 2 and lead your army squad like the band as abrotherto survive in the end of war game. so download "World WarinPacific: FPS Shooting Game Survival" and start playing thisepicfree online fps games offline. Choose sniper from theweaponselection and use super army war commando sniper forceshootingskill in this shooting game 3d 2018: Best of Luck World WarPacificSoldier! in epic free online game
Navy Gunner Shoot War 3D 1.1
Navy Gunner Shoot War 3D Navy Gunner Shoot War is a freeactionfilled gun shooting game with modern navy strike war fight.Thisgun shooting action game has plenty of challengingcriticalmissions & a beautiful breathtaking 3D sea environment.Thisfree to play action game provides you the chance to proudlyserveyour duty with the best commando sniper soldiers & elitewarfighters of navy, military officer, air war force & armyincasual combat rival offense. Embark as hunter on a specialcombatmission with army sniper force to destroy as warrior at theenemyterritory & compete with the deadly criminals gangsterenemy inorder to save your city for survival in arena. A chance foryou toexperience the intense war in fast action game &firepower inattack of ship in the true manner & to be a truewar herowarrior of navy military & secret agent elite leaguesquad.Let’s play & strike in the naval game to blow away evilenemyin city shooter war. The evil enemy has attacked by firepowerinyour marine naval base and trying to play hide & seek sowiththe help of one of the largest tactical shooter air craftcarrier.Battle in sniper free at the enemy with courage to defeatgangster& terrorists enemy by deadly trigger of shooting guns.Thegangster deadly criminals enemy is about to enter in your seawaterto attack your city with full combat equipment & modernweaponsalong with sniper fight. They need to be outbreak beforetheyinvade the whole country with combat & intense war. Enemyisbacked by the pump gun, snipers, apache helicopters, F16aircrafts,navy warships, battle ships, modern weapons & gunsincludingarmy sniper shooters, the best rifleman & marksman.Yourultimate duty is to protect your city & fellow militaryofficercommando soldiers on the land to control combat & in theseafrom the ruthless enemy forces. Being equipped with thelatestmachine gun and rocket launcher you need to strike &destroytheir air craft carrier, eliminate rival soldiers, anddestroymotor boats, warships and fighter. You’ll be performing yourdutyon the frontline flying planes wings in the heat of action. Youareexpected to defend the frontier at all cost in fast actiongame.Your survival depends on your accurate aiming &shootingskills. To counter opponent’s attacks & strike backhard alsomatters a lot. There will be waves after waves of rivalsoldiersenemy, special gun forces, navy battle ships & gunshiphelicopters shooting at you that won't let you settle down.Combatfearlessly with shooting firepower to win this war and tosave yourcity & country for survival. Your success is what’sgoing tomake you the best army sniper gun shooter, gunner,rifleman,marksman & a true soldier military commando hero.Loosing hopein this gun battle is not acceptable; you need to winat any cost.Don’t be afraid, they are not made of steel. Whoeverwins is thewarrior, will be remembered forever. Top game features:Immersivebreathtaking 3D environment Challenging & addictivegameplayPlenty of gun shooting action filled missions Amazing soundeffectsFollow us at facebook to be aware of bestgames: PS. We work hardtoensure that our games run properly on every major phone andtablet.If however you encounter any issue which doesn't let youenjoy ourgames, please report it to [email protected]
Death Race ® - Shooting Games in Racing Cars 1.1.1
Genera Games
The Best Shooter in the Death RaceDo you have what it takestocompete in this mix of weapons and adventure games? The onlyruleis to arrive at the goal alive. Choose the fastest vehicle,themost devastating weapons and the most powerful defenses,yourenemies will have no mercy! Start the action in your car!Shooterin racing cars, live the movie Death Race in the best freeshootinggame. Official game of the movie Death Race - ShooterGame inRacing Cars, fight for your freedom in one of the best freeactiongames on the race track between speed and big explosions.Enterthis amazing shooting simulator and shots brutally destroyingyourrivals!The race of death is to destroy the cars shooting, theycannot against all your weapons... the deadly race with weaponsisabout to begin. Play as the protagonist of the film,competeagainst the rest of runners to reach the goal in thisofficialgame, just one more VICTORY! The most action-packed car andactiongame you've ever seen! Thought for real drivers wanting toshoot.Download it for free on your smartphone or tablet and let theshowbegin. The race track is waiting for you! Choose thefiercestcars and the most powerful weapons to protect you whilefightingother snipers in this shooting race. Drive powerful cars,shootgreat weapons, play with realistic graphics andspectacularexplosions, START THE DEATHRACE! GAMEFEATURES: INCREDIBLE GARAGEYou can choosebetween cars of allkinds and modify them! Among sports cars,trucks, SUVs and muscles,we have more than 12 cars waiting to betuned and increase yourMORTAL LEVEL. Choose among all the amazingskins, modify theircolors and share your new car onFacebook! POWERFULARSENALBecome a car killer with the highestfirepower! Choosebetween our weapons and equipment: missilelaunchers, assaultrifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns ...and many more!Have you tried slow motion to kill yourenemies? POWERFULBREAKERSDestroy the rules! Tired of playingclean? Equip yourselfwith our power-ups and finish your opponent inseconds: X-rayshighlighting your weak points, increasing damage toyour weapons,improving your defenses or carrying all the ammunitionyou can. Thefirst ones are FREE! GAME MODESDriving with DEATHRACE styleshooting. The ultimate shooting car game!Relive thecareers of themovie with our HISTORY MODE and get your FREEDOM!Doyou likeprizes? Compete in the CHALLENGE MODE, win 5 races in a rowand youwill get a good booty, the greater the difficulty, thebetter thereward!Every day 3 DAILY RACES await you, overcome themand extendyour benefits!Scale positions with the RANKING MODE, willyoumanage to overcome all the levels?SHOOTINGSIMULATORImportantDeathRace is not an online shooting game / shootgames online orcontains multiplayer shooter mode, it is not aracing game as suchit is an action and adventure games where youwill find a simulatorof shots on top of racing cars. Of the bestshooting games you willfind! (Shooting games withoutwifi) FEEL THE MOVIEAwesome 3Dgraphics and realistic circuits!Among millions of jumps, drifts,explosions, weapons, power-ups ...Top best action games with a mixof the best adventure games sinceyou'll live themovie! VISITUS: shooting games?In Death Race you will have to help win theracein a shooter game where everything depends on you. One of thebestaction games awaits you in the race of death.
Sniper Shot 3D: Call of Snipers 1.0.7
Mouse Games
Intercept, eliminate and extract. It’s time to hone yourshootingskills and orchestrate the perfect assassination. The timefordiplomacy is gone. The time for drastic action is today. Asacovert special ops soldier, you need to carefully scouteachlocation, unravel the intricately woven level design, andthenstrike with impeccable timing. Aim your gun and shoot to killnow!BECOME THE ULTIMATE FIRST PERSON SHOOTER! Game Features: -100+missions full of engrossing action - Breathtaking 3D graphicsandintuitive easy controls - Hundreds of different weapons tochoosefrom (including sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns andmachineguns)
Yalghaar: Counter Terrorist Shoot - Action FPS 3.2.1
ONE NATION, ONE ARMY, ONE WAR. The fate of futuregenerationsdepends on this top military commando operation. Get achance torescue hostages, neutralize hostile attacks, diffuse bombsandmines, eliminate enemy gunners and snipers in this moderncombat.Take down miscreants in front-line battlefield with powerfulgunsin this FPS shooting game. Equip yourself with state of theartmilitary weapons and lead your army to glory in this armyadventureshooting game. Chase enemy boss and show them the way tohell inthis action packed best FPS shooter game full of thrill.Combatagainst militant groups in realistic graphics. Yalghaar isanext-gen army warfare game in which you have to survive as aspycommando while coping with the bunch of enemy alliedforces.Perform the most intense military commando operationsandaccomplish multiple thrilling tasks by performing stealthstrikes.The use of AI is at its peak in this commando shooting gamewhichhas made this sniper game a masterpiece. Gear up withlatestweapons as a spy commando. Use silent moves only, else youcoverwill be blown in no time. The militant forces arepatrollingeverywhere, so beware of them. You are a master ofstealth, killenemies and counter terrorism in this offlineadventure shootinggame. There are no rules in this battlefield.Risk your life inthis fast paced army FPS gun shooting game, fightfor domination!You are a ruthless terrorist hunter. Strike yourblow in this oneof a kind Pakistan's first modern warfare FPSshooter game. This isa strategic RPG with extreme gun shootingaction and militarywarfare tactics. As an elite commando shooter,you are assignedmultiple secret missions to save the world frommilitants. Selectyour weapon wisely as per situation and find somecover whileshooting at the terrorist force. This top FPS game fallsin thecategory of best shooting games due to its brand newactionmissions. Also, you will surely enjoy the high-qualitygraphics andrealistic animations of this commando shooting game. Inthis armyFPS game, you are an elite commando and when duty calls,you standsecond to none in eliminating hostiles in combat. Waragainstterror is in full swing and your company of heroes needs youinthis Battlefield. Lead your squad in this realistic 3D FPSshooter.Shoot em up! Live the life of an SSG elite Commandoequipped withGrenades and Sniper Rifles in this war on terror, youare on asecret mission behind enemy front-line. The Yalghaar:CounterTerrorist Shoot - Free Action FPS Game Features: ◉ Powerfulclassicinfantry weapons to choose from including machine guns, submachineguns, shotguns, sniper and pistols. ◉ Tactical militaryadventuremaps set in a realistic environment. ◉ Serve Justice, earnmedalsand unlock powerful guns. ◉ Encounter variety of threatsincludingstealth, gunners, snipers and bombers. ◉ Compete againstthe Leaderboard and make it to the top among other high caliberplayers. ◉Earn medals and raise you ranks. ◉ Highly challenging andintensewarfare action. ◉ A lot of thrilling missions with newgameobjectives. ◉ Excellent enemy AI and physics-based game play.Ifyou like “Yalghaar: Counter Terrorist Shoot - Free Action FPSGameFeatures”, please try our other games by visiting ourpublisheraccount. And don’t forget to rate and review.
Gun War: Shooting Games 2.8.1
Offline shooting game, small size but not simple, just downloadandenjoy it! Game feature: - 15+ Multi-languages - More than124exciting shooter tasks, including 6 special game type -50+featured scenes and maps. - 50+ weapons, epic weapons waitingforyou. - Weapon upgrade system, even ordinary weapons also havetheopportunity to upgrade. - Unique mercenary and team system. -WorldChampionship leaderboards, together to challenge gameplayersaround the world. EASY TO GET STARTED: - Optimized formobiledevice operating, smooth controlling and exciting battlesound,experience the console game shooter fun! - Flexibleartificialintelligence behavior so that each enemy is unique!Compatibilityand support We're continuously working (hard) so thatall Androiddevice run the game smoothly. Please report any issueyou mayexperience by email us. Disclaimer Gun War: Shooting Gamesis afree game but it contains mature content and optionalin-apppurchases for real money. You may want to keep away it fromyourkids. Give us 5 stars rating for encouraging us to improve thegamecontinuously.
Sniper Fury: Top shooting game - FPS 4.2.0c
The time to take action and strike back is now! We’re callingforthe best sniper in the world to take aim at evil, whereverithides. There’s no room for remorse, so shoot to kill… THEMOSTSTUNNING OF ALL SNIPER SHOOTING GAMES • Unbelievable 3Dsnipergraphics that probably make this the best game for FPS gunfun. •This isn’t one of those ordinary gun games. You’ll use your3Dsniper shooting game skills against soldiers, vehicles &more!• “Bullet time” effects that blow all other FPS gun gamesaway.Watch your amazing sniper shots from your top games. •Weathereffects unlike those in any other shooting game around.MODERN& FUTURE FPS FIREPOWER • Take your gun game to the nextlevelas you shoot 3D sniper rifles, railguns and more. • Upgradeyourbattlefield arsenal to strike fast and hard at the heart ofevil! •Custom options make your best games even better. PVPMULTIPLAYERBATTLEFIELD • Steal resources from players in this PvPMultiplayershooting game. • Build a strong shooter squad in what isprobablythe best game in its category. EASY TO PLAY, TOUGH TOMASTER • Likeall the best games, Sniper Fury rewards you forjoining these freeand action-packed events in this gun game. •Connect to our FPScommunity for content, contests, rewards &more top games! TAKEAIM AT THE BEST FPS LEAGUES • Earn a highenough score and aim toenter the top game league and unlock thebest rewards! • Be thebest assassin there is in this shooting gamewhere only the best ofthe best reach the top. CLANS • Join a 3Dsniper Clan with othertop game players. • Trade, chat & sharetips with yourClanmates to strengthen your fellow assassinshooters. • Establisha home base for your 3D sniper Clan to unlockbattlefield perks! •CLAN WAR: The best games are those whereClanmates become friends.GEAR SETS: As you play your gun games,collect shooter gear tounlock unique powers to strike back atopponents. PROTOTYPEWEAPONS: Rush the battlefield with the latest,moststate-of-the-art hitman / assassin tools you could ask for inanyshooting game. IMPROVED BULLET SKINS: Try the new bullet skinstokill your opponents in style in one of the top games around!CLANLEADERBOARDS: Check your Clan’s FPS victories and shoot to thetopto win your gun games! This is probably the best game for fansofFPS action, shooting games, gun games, being a hitman, anassassin,launching a furious strike on the battlefield, war, andany of thetop games for free multiplayer fun! The most amazing ofall 3Dsniper FPS shooting games. So don't forget to rate us as oneof thebest games on the Play Store. You can download and play thisgamefor free. Please be informed that it also allows you to playusingvirtual currency, which can be acquired as you progressthrough thegame, or by deciding to watch certain advertisements, orby payingwith real money. Purchases of virtual currency using realmoney areperformed using a credit card, or other form of paymentassociatedwith your account, and are activated when you input yourGooglePlay account password, without the need to re-enter yourcreditcard number or PIN. In-app purchases can be restricted byadjustingthe authentication settings within your Play Storesettings (GooglePlay Store Home > Settings > Requireauthentication forpurchases) and setting up a password for eachpurchase / Every 30minutes or Never. Find out more about the game-- __ Visit our official siteat Check out the new blogat Don't forget to follow us on socialmedia:Facebook: Instagram: Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy: End-UserLicenseAgreement:
Mission IGI Battlefront: Army FPS Shooting game 3D 1.4.05
The New Games
Get ready for a fun and addictive FPS sniper challenge actiongameto take on the biggest retaliation of all time. This one ofthebest Sniper elite FPS Shooting Games includes all types ofSpecialForces survival warfare of gunnery legends and Army snipershooterscenarios and wipe out Ops missions. In this epic tacticalbattlesimulator use amazing arsenal such as shotguns, rocketlaunchers,hand grenades, ballistic missiles, hand held shotguns andrifles.Our hero is a stealth special ops operative and a US armycommandoswat team specialist fierce battle shooter. In this actionpacked,adventure filled game you will encounter military trainedassassinswho are war specialist and deadly assassins. As a bravearmycommando aim and shoot your way through elite dangerouscommandosin this fun thriller action packed fps game. show yourbattleprowess by becoming the ultimate battle strategist.SPECIALTROOPERSFORCES GROUPIn this one of best combat of sniper shooterwar games,Agent Jason Dash is a top US IGI Commando Marine Corpsand aspecial ops trained sniper, also known as the Chris Kyle ofthe newera of war of legends. The Strike IGI Combat Agency got someleadabout a deal of heavy nuclear missile weapons between twoterroristorganizations on an industrial site from their militants’commandand control center. The terrorist red alert threat is on itsway.Gunnery Sergeant of Green Beret, Agent Jason Dash is assignedthewipe out retaliation and terrorist hunting mission to destroythedeal and conquer over all the terrorists and the head ofterroristorganization. Halting the heavy nuclear missile dealbeforecompletion will not be an easy mission in this arena, asthewarrior terrorist organization is very vigilant and will breakanambush onto Marine Corps IGI agency, if its identityiscompromised. There might be an uphill slam battle fromthere.BATTLEIN EPIC FPS SHOOTING GAME PLAYIn this one of the bestepic games ofshooting, ready your assault gear of sniper shooter tobattle inthe most intense shooting survival showdowns, combatingterroristorganizations in a fast paced FPS exchange, where yourAgent JasonDash, the IGI Commando Marine Corps Sniper is equippedwith a megadamaging sniper rifle and a dexterous shotgun andhandgun for swiftattacks, you also have to take out all the RPGlaunchers. You haveto recover the nuclear missile arsenal fromgoing into the wronghands. Your shooting skills and trooperssurvival instincts will betested in this wipe out retaliation FPSShooter Game.This game isone of the best sniper rifle and militarytroopers Ops strategygame which has lots of ultimate action ofsniper shooting andassassin thrill missions against deadliestmilitants. From sniperwar city to urban army sniper and fury of thesniper in the desertambush, it has many different new scenarios andslam warmissions.One of the Best Army Shooting GamesIn this newsniper gameof legends, play in 5 epic challenging levels, whereyour sniperspy will tasked to crush the terrorist organization’sattempt toaccomplish weapons deal. The progressing danger levelswill phasethe commando sniper of Special Forces with more dauntingtasks,taking on army tanks with RPG bazookas to engaging in afinaleambush battle with the terrorist organization leader of thebiggestand most dangerous militants group, as he attempts to takeyou downwith his massive machine gun in this mastermind militarystrategygame. GAMEPLAY FEATURES Exquisite FPS weaponcontrolsWeaponSwapping Action of SoldiersAmazing, dangerous anddifficult secretagent elite mission first person shooting game7Objective basedlevels Intense smash and shooting action
Cover Fire: gun shooting games 1.10.6
Genera Games
Download now for free one of best offline shooting games onmobiles.Your duty is to lead the war and become the best shooterand snipershooting! Try the new free zombie event! Shot and don'tleave anyzombies alive!! Are you a survival hero? New mode: SniperFPS Ops.We have changed old skirmish missions for this new mode.Defeat allenemies before the time runs out. Each target adds 3seconds tosurvive COVER FIRE FEATURES - A New 3d FPS Shooterexperience. Jointhe resistance and command like a professionalsniper. Take actionand survive on the frontline. Shoot to kill inspecial ops andsurvive in this 3d sniper shooting game 2018! -Modern control thatbring you an fun and addictive combat. Shoot toKill and release thefury of this war! You received the call forduty of saving thepeople - HD Graphics with destructiblebattlegrounds. Shoot over atrain, shooting missions onhelicopters, control drones, etc -Become best sniper in the onlinetournaments mode, shooting with nonstop action against otherassassins players. Don’t stop shooting inoffline missions with thecommando and sniper mission game. - Supplyyourself with a hugereal arsenal. You have never seen so realisticguns in shootergames: pistols, shotguns, rifles, snipers… feel likea realfrontline commando! - Face the battlefield fromdifferentperspectives. Alternate among your mercenaries inrealtime, findthe ultimate combination to win the battle in theultimate killinggame. - Set up your assassin squad with theirunique skills:hacker, sniper, assault man... Unlock new epicssnipers andshooters like the bazooka-man or the gunslinger! Haveyou ever seenan inflatable dinosaur on the battlefield? -Take thecontrol of thebattle and become the best shooter in the mostaddictive 3d sniperfps shooting game. Download the app free now andreceive unlimitedfree updates! In Cover Fire ( CoverFire ) you willbe the shooterwho lead a squad of veterans through sieged cities,deserts andfields taken by guerrillas, and defeat all kind ofenemies anddefeat victims from hostage in this war survival game inthe bestgameplay on mobile. As the leader of the rebellion, youwill facethe army of the enemy corp: elite soldiers, lethal specialunits,mechs with impenetrable shields, powerful tanks… Take thecontrolof the battlefield, deal with the conflict as a real warmachine.Become the legend of this world war in the most addictivefpsmultiplayer. - Free shooter and sniper experience. Take cover,aimand shoot. Don’t let the terrorists own the world in the bestfreeshooting game ever! - Challenging Story mode. FightagainstTetracorp and lead a mercenary riot on every mission. Bestgameplayin the most engaging shooting game ever. - Feel the newexperienceunique in shooter games. Press the screen, pull thetrigger andshoot!. Destroy and annihilate all the bad guys withyour powerfulweapons and your well-assembled team of heroes!Limitless shooterfps action! Welcome to the Resistance. Welcome toCover Fire (CoverFire ) Cover Fire is a free game but it containsoptionalin-app purchases for real money. You may want to keep awayit fromyour kids and younger boys VISITUS:
Sniper Shoot Kill 1.0
Sniper Shoot KillSniper Shoot Kill is the most popular FPSsniperaction game in 2017In the game you will play a specialidentitysniper shooter, your task is to penetrate into theterrorist base,destroy the remaining terrorists, effectively combatbrutalterrorist activities, you will use your superb shootingskills toprecision Lock the sniper target, snatch them, hide intheforefront of the fight against terrorists, locate the bestsnipershooting point to clear the terrorists.There are manydeadlyweapons in the game to choose from, M4, MP5, P90, SNIPE, AWP,M1911use these armed to arm themselves as an excellent sniper,alwayskeep calm aiming, shooting fire, killing all enemies.Theenemy isambushed in a different obstacle after moving latent,assault orshooting. As the elite of the elite sniper, responsive,correct useof weapons, lock the target, precision shooting. Youneed and elitesniper with the fight against terrorists, and so on,and quicklydownload the shooting sniper, prove your own sniperability!Whenyou enter the game, free of charge M4 and M1911weapons, choose thelevel to start the task, the sniper enemy can berewarded, thefirst double head gold coins reward, complete the taskreward more,use M4, MP5, P90, SNIPE, AWP, M1911 And other weaponsand equipmentinto the terrorist base, in a limited time to kill allthe enemies,complete the task, get better and more advanced weaponsreward.FPSaction shooting sniper game- High quality 3D graphicsscreen,challenging difficult sniper missions- Reduce and pinpointtargetsaccording to radar- Shocked 3D music and sound effects-Smoothstimulation of the fight into the sense of substitution-simpleoperation, easy to use
Military Sniper Strike Attack with Commando Kill 1.2.4
*** Amazing Commando Action ***War against the criminal enemieswiththe latest powerful weapons on the battlefield. Army sniperdesert3D shooter is the best realistic and unique action shootinggame.Get ready to play front-line combat action game. Performextremestrike and attack the military base. It is great assassingame forthose who love action, surgical and war games. This is anamazingaction game for everyone. As an elite killer, suppose youare amilitary commando trained with both sniping and combatskills,assassinate enemies and finish the job. The terrorist hastaken overthe special force camps, full of equipment in thebattleground. Yougot to take back what has been lost. *** ShootDown Criminals***Army has trained you for the secret mission likekilling somerebel crusade warrior or remove enemy assault from theground.Military sniper shooting is not a boring game, everybodylikesshooting and action game. This is the best chance for abettershooter to test your sniper shooting abilities. In thiscombatoperation and thrilling assassin game, you are a welltrainedmilitary commando group to eliminate the antagonist.Eliminateenemy’s mafia bravo forces that stand in the way of apeacefulworld. You have your team consisting of many commandos andsoldiersfor fighting at different adventures. You should instructa surgicallesson to every single cruel psychological militant inthis strike.*** Advanced Sniper Rifles ***Sniper may face fullyarmed terroristshidden behind the walls but you must make anassassin strike like acrazy sniper. Don’t lose focus, once theyuncover themselves to makesure to put a bullet in their head. Weassign you very importantmission. Aim and shoot! make an assassinstrike on bad guys andaccomplish missions prove you are a masterhunter. Leave no enemybehind. They will shoot the enemies and getaccess to the nextlevel. New military battle agent war 2017 gameis full of unlimitedthrilling and challenging actions. *** ProtectYour Nation ***Inthis game, your mission is to destroy the enemyas they invaded onyour land. There are many striker levels in thisaction game. Theenemy’s camp is in the desert real island andsnowy city. So youshould use your best online sniper shootingskills to shoot. Armyourself with deadly assassin strike sniperweapons, assault rifles,machine guns and the latest military gearto complete covert combatmissions deep inside enemy territory!Prove yourself as an elitefront line Champion Striker byincreasing marks on Hunting Log.Howto Play- Touch screen tonavigate through the axis.- Watch for yourAim with an acutesight.- Take head shots to kill your enemies.- Usethe full zoomoption to have the clear view of targets. Missions:-Distanceshooting simulator with snipers and other guns.- Shootingin narrowstreets and near shooting inside enemy military bases.-Defendingposition missions where enemies are attacking and you haveto stayalive and defend the position.- Battles where you win onlyif youkill all enemies. Features:- FREE shooting game.- Lifelike3Dscenes.- Simply aim and shoot.- Challenging missions.- Autobulletloading.- Single sniper war.- Play anytime anywhere.- NoWi-Fi noproblem.- Easy and user-friendly Interface.- Extra RewardsforHeadshot.- Multiple Environment.We continuously update ourgames.Your suggestions & reviews would be a great pleasureforus.Sniper Victory is yours!Join us onFacebook:
Frontline Fury Grand Shooter V2- Free FPS Game 1.0.7
Get ready to shoot & kill in this thrilling free FPS 3Dactionpacked frontline grand hero shooter incredible game. This isaspecial ops mission of evil enemy’s assassination that will letyouexperience & use battle survival & gun shooting skillsinintense & eventful war environment. You are the bestarmyshooter of the country so be a military commando army soldierherowho has to hold aim & target in this ultimate silentkillersniper special ops shooting mission. You are well equippedwithmodern weapons & advance combat guns like assaultrifles,machine guns, sniper rifles, smg, m4a1 & other killerexplosiveequipment like grenades & flashbangs that can be usedto killruthless enemies & criminals. Be a true incredibleshootinghunter in this brutal killer war to assassinateterrorist,gangsters & enemies hidden around to bring back peaceof yourcity. In this free to play grand elite incredible shootergame of2017 hunt, hold aim & target ruthless enemies to provethat youare the best army shooter, rifleman, marksman &assassin. Youhave been well trained by military army navy for thisgrandmission. A secret agent from commando military force hasnotified& alerted that vice terrorists, gangsters & mafiaarehidden in the outskirts of the city. It’s time to prove &useyour best frontline sniper hero gun strike shooting skills&abilities for this ultimate battle to secure your frontier.Youwon’t have an easy path to walk on so face every challenge asaskilled army shooter with fury & rage in this criticalspecialops shooting mission. There are different base camps ofevilvillain terrorists which are located in outskirts & withinthecity. Get ready to combat shoot, strike with your duns&grenade bomb attack every single brutal enemy in thisbattlefield.Let’s show your ultimate commando sniper shootingskills inrealistic grand war of 2017. The killer lethal terroristsareequipped with modern weapons & guns to counter shoot forcitydestruction. As a war hero it’s your duty to make your cityfree ofcrime & evil enemies by strategically fighting &using yourbest combat sniper assassin shooting skills to overcomecriticalterrorism. Once again experience the thrilling &adventurousFPS shooting in this war mission where you will havemany hurdles& obstacles on the way but be a true military armycommandohero to defeat enemy & win this war for your city &people.In this free to play action filled shooting 3D game holdaim,target & hunt as a super stealth army hero kill brutalviceterrorist, gangsters & mafia. This is a war againsttheterrorist who are hidden in their secret base camp. Soassassin& destroy all terrorist zones by using explosivematerials likebombs & gun strike for survival. You have tofocus & be anaccurate shooter in this anti-terrorist battle.Counter enemyattacks & strike hard to ensure your survival& win thiscombat like a true war hero. Features: • Variety ofmodenr weapons& guns • Challenging 3D First Person Shooting(FPS) gameplay. •Thrilling & exciting missions. • Immersive 3Denvironment
Last World War Heroes-Frontline Commando 1.4
Last Sniper Combat Commando-Elite Mission is Free and Bestelitedangerous commando combat mission Shooting Frontline FPSMountainStrike commando counter 2017 game which is full of EliteCommandoAdventures and exciting Combat Army Sniper Commandomissions. FPSelite dangerous commando combat mission The LastSniper CommandoMountain Strike 3D Elite Frontline-Mission Shootinggame iscommando counter 2017 Realistic 3D Elite Combat Sniper FPSgame.Let enjoy the commando counter 2017 Adventure Strike ShootingEliteMissions and all modern Combat Sniper Commando realisticlevels inelite dangerous commando combat mission. You act as aCombatSpecial Elite Army Forces Commando and attack against anEliteCounter Terrorist squad which is all about Elite CommandoAdventureThrilling 3D Shooting actions and Elite battle-fieldCommandoStrikes Sniper Zone elite dangerous commando combatmission.LastSniper Commando-Elite Frontline Mountain Combat GunShooting Gameconsists of commando counter 2017 3D clash, battlezone each withdifferent elite dangerous commando environment combatmission.Combat Frontline Shooting FPS Elite Commando MountainSniper targetShooting Game with advance and dangerous, elite gunsand weaponselite dangerous commando in combat mission. FPS MountainSnipertarget Strike Commando Elite Frontline Gun Shootingcommandocounter 2017 game war action Adventure killer is real 3Dbattlestrike game commando counter 2017. As an Elite FrontlineCombatCommando, complete Commando Army Action fight and clear theareafrom wicked enemies elite dangerous commando.Advanceelitedangerous commando FPS Gun Controller use to make flat andeasycontrol in this combat mission. It does really confront for youtocomplete all gun Shooting Elite Commando Combat Missions. Facedofthis situation, you have no any other choice but fightagainstCounter Terrorists. You must use your elite dangerouscommandoentire expert skills to stay alive the assault of theCounterTerrorist commando counter 2017 enemy forces and takerevenge.Inthis Mountain Sniper target Strike Combat Commando Action3D EliteFrontline Shooting War game you have to survive andcomplete alltargeted Commando Elite-Missions commando counter 2017as an elitedangerous commando and Army Commando FrontlineElite-Soldier. Youhave to kill all the enemies with assault weaponsand you have tobe very careful with elite dangerous commandoandCounter-Terrorist. Use your Commando Sniper skills to stay aliveinCombat War Elite Strike Zone. Counter Terrorists are too strongandequipped with Modern and advance weapons. Enjoy differentandexciting levels in this 3D Battle Shooting Strike game.This isaFPS Last Sniper Elite Mountain Commando Frontline ShootingMissionsCombat elite dangerous commando game killer is real 3Dbattlestrike game. It is challenge for you to complete allFrontline gunShooting Commando Elite-Missions. You can enjoyexciting LastSniper Mountain Strike Commando Combat adventureassassin FrontlineShooting 3D elite dangerous commando game withModern battle zonemission. Features:• Best Elite Commando ActionSniper Shootingskills.• 3D Adventurous War environment.• Highquality soundeffects • Enemy Check posts to destroy in GunShootingElite-Missions.• Radar/Map Vision to locate theCounter-Terroristsposition to kill.• Simple and very easy Gameplay.• Easy and smoothcontrols to shoot with 3D Sniper Shooter inBattlefieldenvironment.Download The Last Combat Frontline SniperShooting FPSElite-Missions Action Shooting War game and checkyou’re bestfighting war skills. What you are waiting for! Enjoy thebestcontrols and graphics.
Frontline Critical Strike: New FPS Shoot War 1.0.1
Frontline Critical Strike: New FPS Shoot WarBe a part of thebestfree to play FPS game to become elite shooter in this war.Beready& prepare yourself for the counter shooting war mission inthemodern free FPS action game. You are a frontline bravestrikecommando & shooter who has unique abilities to be anAmericanfire hunter for assassin of deadly criminals enemies. Inthissniper mission games of revenge shoot for survival in free toroamenvironment. This shoot assassin 2017 is a critical countersniperteam with shooting firepower in simulation game. It is allaboutbeing the best incredible sniper hero who has to defeat byshootingevery vice terrorist, gangster, mafia lords & enemies.You havebeen selected as assigner warrior to complete a specialfull combatshoot strike mission to attack with your elite sniper,assaultrifles & modern gun weapons. As a stealth force commando&sniping warrior shooter you need a strategy to battle withthegangster strike & other criminal terrorist enemies. This isacounter critical terrorist first person shooting free to playgameso be a deadly commando fighter by counter shooting strikeonterrorist & war criminals to defend your city. It’s time tobea special warrior in this eventful terrorist games offrontlinesniper war since a lot of terror in counter blaze ofterrorist gunshooting that will occur to protect & secureyourself in battleof combat arena.The ultimate thrilling &adventurous criticalterror shoot war is about to begin in 3dcounter shooting strikeenvironment. If you love to play &attack with fightersfirepower in sniper mission of shooting gamesthis is the rightchoice for you. In this crisis action fightinggame play the viceterrorists will be expanding their territory onoutskirt area totake over. So being a special warrior strikeshooter soldier defeatyour protagonist gangster strike enemies tosave the city &world for survival from counter terrorism. Youare ready to behunter as an elite modern commando hot sniper gunassassin to shoot& fight in frontier revenge war. The deadlycriminals,gangsters & ruthless terrorists are combat &attacking yourterritory zone but don’t worry you’re well equippedwith the modernweapons like pump gun, shortgun, pistols, sniperguns, rifles &ammunition materials in war time to eliminate& escape sniperof evil enemies. You will confront & useyour sniper shootingwarrior guns & plant bomb to destroy theterrorist zone. Thissuper amazing & realistic Frontline FPSstrike mission demandsyou to be hunter army sniper to prove &show your best sniping,shooting & commando survival skills.ThisAmerican criticalsniper mission is to strike in 3D shooting freeaction game thatoffers you to experience real time rescuing fromcounter sniperteam in terrorist gangster strike missions. It is acrisis fightingcausal combat revenge war of secret commando hero vslethal deadlycriminals terrorist enemies. For the ultimate survivalin counterterrorism you have to shoot enemy to complete allmissions &will be able to upgrade your shooting weapons as youprogress. Inthis free to roam battle situation be like a hunterstriker &shooter to don’t escape the enemies from arena.
Spider vs Gangster Sniper Shooting 1.2.1
Blockot Games
One of the hardest sniper assassination mission as you arebeingsent to assassin gangster and mafia. Incredible monsterwarriors,war criminals, crime lords have taken control over newmiami cityand turned it into a forbidden city where nobody isdaring to go.As a universe defender and an incredible hero it isyourresponsibility to fight this future war against globalterroristand dark hero, eliminate the terrorist and become asuperhero. Ifyou love 3d sniper games and free shooting games thenspider vsgangster assassin grand shooter fury battle is theultimatenon-stop action packed one of the best free games. This isastealth shooting game where you have been sent on ashootingassassin mission for gangster assault with an ultimatesniper gun.Deadly criminals have hired mafia to hunt down superspider herowho has already destroyed monster city once when he wassent on awar rescue mission to perform rescue duty in the battlezone. Thatarmy rescue mission had a tough fighting where cityfighter, flyingspider and flying mutant ninja warrior also tookpart and usedtheir strange mutant superhero powers to crush mafia.This is anultimate elite sniper assassin critical mission whereenemy is notaware of your presence. Try to eliminate them all withready aimfire method. Try to shoot enemy using only one shot as itwill dothe maximum damage. Who's the super hero? It's a great timeto letthe world know that you are a super action hero in the lastbattleof fighting mafia and monsters in extreme crime. Beinganincredible superhero, command your army of flying heroes inthisspecial operations forces anti terrorist war. This is asecretmission of gun shooting where you have to shot fire fromadistance. You have taken special military training and you wereapart of swat team. Training of army is always tough as youlearnmodern counter attack, army combat. You are the best sniperheroever produced as your shooting accuracy is just amazing. Youhaveone bullet shot which can eliminate monsters and villains fromadistance without making any noise. You are a bravo special agent,amodern sniper shooter and you have taken part in armyshootingcompetition to show others that you are a bullet force ofgun warand mobile battle strike. You can call for air strikeforassistance.In this epic heroes war, hero forces are going tojoinfor anti crime fury battle. This is counter terrorist open warwithshadow hero. You are a hero cop and a good soldier in thismissionof heroes in survival city. You are a newyork superhero andhavetaken part in so many heroes battles, that's why people callyoumr. incredible. If you are looking for new supehero games,fightinggames and offline games then adventure awaits you in battlearena.So what are you waiting for Mr. Incredible, hold your gun andgofor a mafia wars in the battle city. Use your strange mutantsuperspider boy powers and shooting skills in this escape mission.Bestof luck and enjoy Incredible Monster vs Super Spider Herogame.Features★ Stunning 3D Environment ★ Numerous sniping scenariosandoffline mission types★ Realistic bullet time effect and slowmotion
Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot 1.3
Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot is an epic FPS shooting game. Inthiswar, terrorists lurk in a war-torn city. The brave commandohasaccepted the difficult mission of going to the city to destroytheterrorists. This mission is very challenging, in thebattlefield inthe face of brutal enemies, to protect themselvesand destroy theenemy.This is based on the modern shooting gamecommando mission,through a series of missions to complete thefinal war. The goal ofeach game mission is to fight againstterrorists, destroy everyenemy, and survive in the mission.Toattack in silence and the mostdeadly way to combat the terroristattacks against terrorists.Eliminate the next goal in themission.As an elite commando member,the government has providedyou with advanced weapons and equipment.Terrorists are planningterrorist attacks. You are assigned to aspecial counterterrorismmission by the counterterrorism agency.Through your superbfighting skills, kill the terrorists, and saveinnocentcivilians.This action shooter has a variety of challengingmissionsand a variety of interesting features. These features makethisaction shooting game quite unique, fun and addictive.In thiswar,your duty is to fight, shoot, kill, complete the mission. Inthiswar game, prove your shooting skills, fight against theenemy.Accept the mission, now download this exciting actionshootinggame.Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot Features:- HD 3Dgraphics-Realistic 3D shooting battlefield environment- Simple andsmoothoperation- a large number of advanced powerful weapons-Radarvision positioning the enemy's position- Challenges ofincreasinglevels of difficulty- Best quality attractive soundeffects- Playanytime, anywhere
Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS 2.18
FT Games
A dangerous vaccine has developed a powerful virus thatmutateshumans into zombies. This lethal virus spread out causingzombiesoutbreaks and people are in immediate danger of a gorydeath. Humansurvivors must fight in a war to the death... Turnyourself into azombie shooter, make the streets your battlefieldand make your waythrough numerous challenging levels in this GooglePlay’srecommended shooting game! Kill the target in this zombiegame anddefeat the frontier. Achieve the best headshot! Challengeyourselfinside a zombie apocalypse world in this online FPSstrategybattle! Train your gun shooter skills as a survivor infront linefighting for your survival: Enhance your arsenal ofammunition andweapons and face monster zombies shooting as an elitesniper hunterwith the best guns and rifles in this dead zombie RPGFPS actioncombat game! This lethal war has only one target, stopthe zombieapocalypse. Save the frontier! REALISTIC FPS SURVIVALHERO BATTLEExperience a real zombie war: ZOMBIE FRONTIER 3 actionshooter gameprovides excellent graphics in a fully realistic 3Dapocalypseonline world, unmissable if you are a fan of FPS actionand armytactics games. Take on the role of a survivor against theundeadzombie targets and shot as a sniper hunter your way tovictory withmore than 120 levels! A horde of fighting zombies isupon you! Testyour sniper shooter tactics skills in a last standwar strategymission and survive the dead monster's apocalypse! Livetheexperience of a squad of elite military soldiers incombat!DIFFERENT UNDEAD ZOMBIE TARGETS AND WEAPONS ZOMBIE FRONTIER3 isplaced in a 3D shooting FPS RPG walking zombies apocalypse with5boss battles, 60 sniper special forces missions, and 2 DLCmap,many support levels and regular special events acrossnumerousbattlefields. Choose from more than 30 different guns withwhich tohead into combat. Kill your assassin enemies with an MP5,AK47,Desert Eagle, FN SCAR, HK 416 or a powerful grenade or bombandmany more shotguns and rifles! There is not enough arsenalorbullets at the frontline battlefield arena. The strategy istotarget the undead enemy squad and go for the headshot! Surviveatany cost in this shooting FPS battle! Upgrade ammo andattackassassin weapons of your sniper arsenal to increase yoursurvivalbattle chances in the battlefield arena in this actionshooterfighting RPG. The dead zombie apocalypse may have happened,butthere is no reason to give up the mortal battle: You are ashootinghero survivor against the undead in this online FPS! FIRSTPERSONACTION SHOOTER - MORTAL BATTLEGROUND ARENA Plan yourfightingstrategy and army tactics. Prepare for the dead monstersassault.Fight, attack and shoot-out as a sniper hero hunter in thiszombieattack action apocalypse FPS RPG and feel the adrenaline ofthebattle. Keep your finger on the trigger of your gun, aim andshotto ensure your survival in this realistic first person shooterwithimpressive sniper special forces arsenal: The undead mustbeeliminated in combat! Defeat every enemy squad in thisstrategylethal war! Take part in this shooter game and become asurvivorhero fighting against the undead plague in a FPSbattlefield! Themonster apocalypse is here. Will you escape orshoot your way outas a survival hero in this lethal zombie invasionbattleground?
Counter Terrorist Grand Shooter FPS 1.0.3
Counter Terrorist Grand Shooter FPS I’m sure you will takecountlessfun during play this world best shooting game. Let’sstart to takethrill of missions that are full of action, so armyis going toprovide you with various super weapons and guns thatwill be helpfulto win the terrorist wars. We’ll be provide yousnipers & riflesthat are used against the terrorist whodestroy the peace of thecountry. Use military weapons such aspistols, grenades and sniperin this missions that are on assassinwar. As an elite commando youare expected to kill all the enemies& successfully clear themilitary camp in this counterterrorist. Secure the army base andalso save your city or countryfrom dangerous terrorists in thissniper game. Counter TerroristGrand Shooter FPS Features: • Actionfilled thrill with fps game •Simple, user friendly and smoothgameplay control • Immersiveshooter HD graphics • Various weaponsand guns to choose • Plentyof shooting missions to keep youentertain • Real HD sound effects
Commando Missions Combat Fury 2.1
Jhatka Gamers
Commando Missions Combat Fury is a best shooting game withCommandoadventures look and Sniper real killing thrill with Snipershootingin different mission attack on army base attack or likeMilitarycamp invasion or on Army cargo Military gunship War attackgame butthis game is more fantastic than one of its kinds. It isacombination of all the above mentioned games. The numberofambulation and front line real best kommando technique used inthisgame that means the one shooting the opponent first is theonechampion in action. Bring your inner commando fury on you areavery loyal and passionate best commandos on the mission tokeepyour country and city safe from anti- peace and criminalmindedterrorists. Commando Missions Combat Fury is an amalgamationof allmission juegos seguros based games you are going to act likeanexpert shooter a sniper and a commando at the same time.CommandoMissions Combat Fury 3D FPS action game extreme actionpacked gameenvironment full thrilling Hi-tech shooting weapons.mission gunsknock out enemy. Mission hard risky enemies artilleryPlay upexciting elite man missions. Gun automatically ammunition.enemiesterritory War rescue Strike against the global terrorismwithdeadly weapons The frontline real best brave and shooterswithheavy guns and tankers. No matter you are in military or notbut itis your golden chance to experience the best shooting andcoachinggames. You are armas going to lead your troops to build astrongand efficient frontline squad action shooter. Act as aspecialsniper attack attack the terrorists and criminal around yourcityand make them leave your city by attacking their hub andcentralpoint of criminal activities. action free game fury landHeavy gunsbattlefield fight game. Increase more levels for you.
Super Army Frontline Mission - Freedom Force Fight 2.7
At ease soldier! This is Super Army Frontline Mission -FreedomForce Fight! You are a glimmering hope against dictatorsandtyrants; the world is in disarray and the Shotoclan has takenovermajor cities. The world is calling for a counter terroristunifierto take on these headless hydra. You were once part of USArmySpecial Forces classified Experiment, XCA. Chosen as the eliteofthe elite and graduated from the military boot camp; you arenowtasked to engage and defeat the Shotoclan and their minions.JoinOperation Liberation to free the world of tyranny, destructionandopression. Super Army Frontline Mission - Freedom Force Fight isafree to play and win hyper action game that takes it's cuesfromhyper casual games. Included is a simple control schemethatenables smooth easy controls for on the go action anywhereandanyplace; that doesn't require all hands control at everytime.Console quality graphics; and multiple missions withchallengingboss fights will keep you on the edge. Add multipleweapons andskins to your inventory and customise your gamingexperience!Features - Multiple Weapons and Upgrades - Expendableitems such ashealth, armor, quad damage, grenades and much more! -Multiplechallenging missions - Boss fights
Counter Terrorist 2 Machine Gun Shooting Strike 1.0.5
Counter Terrorist 2 Machine Gun Shooting Strike battlegroundsisCritical Sniper Shooting Counter Army Modern FPS FreeShootingGame, Welcome to Counter Terrorist 2 Machine Gun ShootingStrike,battle ground Army action game the glorious journey resolvetopeace . It is a military assault shooting game with a lotofmissions. Loaded with mission of war shooting games. The gameisloaded with assault rifles, sniper rifle, shooting guns,machinegun and rocket launcher to destroy counter terrorism. Amodernrules counters strikes and attacking simulation royale gameof gunwars. survivor royale Gun fight along AI bot as fellowsoldier forcounter fire to engage enemy make this a thrilling wargame amongfree shooting war games.Attack enemy like world warheroes inbattleground pc games, like a WW2 out super soldierfightingcountry in battlefield. modern weapons in modern warfaregame.fight along your army soldiers as super war hero inultimatecounter terrorist strike sniper attack , a blood shed warzone.this critical strike mission is deadly war strategy to endthisblazing battle. As war shooting hero, with super militaryweaponand skills you are the only war winner player. strike forceheroeson strategic enemy hideouts as fronltline counter gamewarrior.USMilitary department sniper as army agent along policesniper duel,assassin terrorist with sniper shoot. save hostage incriticalshooting. the best multi bots multiplayer fps shootinggame. swatstrike as army combat shooter on enemy in battle strikeforce.critical attack on multiple enemies with machine-gun andhandgrenades count game. As soldier of special war forcesdeathfighting become war superhero fps shooteranti-terrorist.awesomefps gunner, blitz of guns, grenade and fixingparachuting battlepatch and customization teammate survival inunknown insidiousbattle. become awesome shooter attacker. eliminateenemy in realenvironment graphics with kill weapon.addicted fpsdangle withcustomization sniper rifle , fight war along teammateand assassinenemy through silencer gun shoots. purchase guns instorereloading, start, tilt, to play well this war alliance offlinefpsshooter game. use grenade in missions, play offline tokillterrorist clan , easy controller,defuse bombs, multi_modesenemysiege counter terrorist game. Counter terrorist 2 machinegunshooting strike gun war shotguns game. Loaded with sniperguns,assassin weapons like sniper, attack & assault rifles,machineguns and medical kit to survive in battleground duringthemissions! You will have range of weapons like Mp5, Deserteagle,M9, AK-47, hand grenades, rocket launchers, Stw-25, Sniper,RPGmedical kit and more terrorist battle.Choose among the aboveshotguns range, do an assault attack or a sniper attackshooting.Modern weapons for modern counter attack. Weapons for 3dsniper warso let’s play. It’s an action thriller shooting game forsuper gunshooter games player to play the AI bots based combataction FPSgame. get rid of ridiculous terrorists. kill clumsy enemyand flatsuper strike of bullets. Do tact and thick attackkillinggames.involve bot soldier in the cross fire. You are seersupersoldier, be a hero fight for your men.kill terrorist likedikshooting. fight and prove your a mensch. user assault guns toshootterror beast. beasts fights to spread panic and fear ,letsdemolish them all for peace. thrilling terrorist huntingshootingsimulation for FPS games players. Fight and be a supershootinghero of your team.As a player you are fps army war soldier,on amission to counter terrorists. In this counter terrorist openwar,you have a soldier support at beginning, and can built acounterattack squad on the go by unlocking more fighting bots.Fightwaralone, do attack, fight like survival hero and win the war inthisshooting survival arena. free fire power with machine guns,superweapons collection free shooter game no wifi needed.
Sniper Ops 3D - Shooting Game
Download the best sniper 3d shooting game for Android -completelyfor free! Sniper Ops 3D is a fun and free app that putsyou incharge of fighting terror. Become one of the most deadlyarmyassassins and take out all of your enemies. Sniper Ops ModernKilllets you wage online war against terrorists and deadly badguys!Counter the terrorists attacks, and strike! Sniper Ops is thebest3D Sniper Shooting Game on your phone because it charges youwiththe mighty responsibility of fighting a global war on crime.Becomethe ultimate shooter and protect all of humanity. Not yourordinarygun game, the Sniper Ops Shooting Game is a war and FPSgame that’saddictive and ultra-realistic. Features: ● Realistic 3Dgraphicswith outstanding animations ● Take your pick of weaponsincludingsniper guns and rifles ● Hunting and killing missions towage waron terrorists ● One of the best free assassin games onlineever ●Help police and the army clear all terrorists from aterritory ●Earn rewards with this app by completing missions ●Amazing gunbattles to destroy real enemies ● Unlock tons of newsniper rifleslike the legendary Dragunov! ● No internet connectionrequired!Typical hunting and killing games are boring. Tired ofshootingdeer, elephants, lions, or any animals in your onlinegames? Go forthe real enemies who are creating terror all over theglobe.Download The Best 3D Sniper Shooting Game and join millionsofonline players who are using their sniper skills to make theworlda better place. The Best 3D Sniper Shooting Game offersongoing newcontent all the time and it gives you the chance to bethe hero inmany virtual cities. This modern combat game allows youto raceagainst time to prevent WWIII and go up against the bestrivalsthat you may have never thought you’d face in real life. OurBestSniper 3D Shooting game has a loyal following of players whosayit’s the top sniper game for Android. Read the reviews andgetshooting yourself. The Best 3D Sniper Shooting Game isanabsolutely free assassin shooting game that has quickly becomeoneof the top games for Google Play. Download it for yourAndroidtoday! Please note: ● New content (more modern weapons,regions) inthe works! ● Tell us what features or weapons you wantto see inthe game! We are always looking for honest feedback! Wouldyourather customize your assassin or kill other contract killers(akamultiplayer)? ● If you like shooting games, please rate usandsupport further development! ● If you like this game evenmore,please purchase something! Disclaimer Sniper Ops 3D containsmaturecontent and it is not recommended for young children.
Mountain Sniper Simulator: Shooting Games 2
Let's play this Mountain sniper simulator: shooting gamesIt’stimeto strike with terrorists and shoot all of them. ThisMountainsniper simulator: shooting games is one of the unique gameon theplay store. This shooting game has mountains dangerousenvironment.Get ready yourself to fight a war with enemies in thissniper game.You have many fighting and shooting skills to play thisbest game.You would not be played such type of new shooting game asyet. Showyour sniper gun free skills in this snipping game. In thehistoryof action games this sniper shooting game is best for yourandroiddevices. You will shoot all the criminals with one shot at atimein new games 2018. You have unlimited bullets to kill thefoesmountain games. You are a contract soldier and it is your dutythatkills all criminals one by one with your gun shooting games.Yourmilitary camp is completely under the gangsters. ThisMountainsniper simulator: shooting games will give a differentchance toplay something else than the other boring type free gunfightgames. If you have quick aiming and shooting skills then findyourenemies in real games 2018.After finding your enemies; killthemquickly. In the history of new game this New snipercommandoadventure 2018: action games is a good fight games. Useyourpowerful sniper rifle with best ammunition and sharp bulletstoperfect shooting skills. If you are a skillful commando manthenyou can shoot all the city gangsters in the limited time withyoursharp gun shooter in the snow environment. If you face anyenemythen you are trying that you army shooting kill them. Youshould aperfect fighter games. May you will need to real fight withanycity enemy games. After completing the first level you willpermuteto the next level. You have limited time in this Mountainstrikeassassin shooter: free games. You should kill all thegangsterenemies in given limited time with your powerful sniperriflegames.If you could not kill all criminals in given time thenyourlevel will fail. Are you ready to survive all the army missionsofthis Shooting FPS mission 3D: sniper games? If your answer isyesthen be ready to face all the counter targets of this snipershootgames. You could hide yourself because if you show yourselfthenyour enemy wills real shooter you. Do you really love FPSfreesniper games? Then this 3d assassin game is best for you. Youare asniper assassin, finish your job and prove that you havespecialkilling skills. Why are you waiting? Download and play thisSnipershooting city battle: new games. Good luck!Features:Multiplecameraviews, Multiple rifles to unlock,Many skillful soldierstounlock,Many commando missions to unlock,High quality andaddictivegraphics,Difficult to play.It’s totally free toplay.Quicklydownload and play this game. Don’t forget to play thissniper 3dgame. Have fun playing this exciting commando shootingfuturisticsniper: secret sniper games offered by Gaming Globe. Thismilitarysniper mountain shooting: FPS games is not only a free gamebut isalso an offline game. Fun is locked in the install button.
SWAT Shooter 1.0
Swat Shooter is a challenging FPS shooter.In the game youwillincarnate the elite commando elite players, in order to fighttheferocious terrorists, you will fulfill the task of the Commandotoyouyour shooting missions, terrorists hidden in every corner oftheworld, you will penetrate one by one in You will be in thedrydesert, in the terrorist control of the subway center andthecruise on the confrontation, you have to at all costs tocompletethe commando to give you the mission, I believe you As themostelite shooter in a deadly commando, you will break down thestrongcounterattack of the terrorists, which is to better proveyour bestshooting skills. I'm sure you will not let theorganizationdown.The most deadly elite striker who will be anunprecedented waragainst terrorists, what are you waiting for, I amsure you are Isready to pick up the weapons in yourhands.Features:* shootingweapons* A variety of assault rifles andsecret weapons for playersto choose* artificial intelligence AI*Three game modes, allowingyou to start at any time rhythm of thehot shooting journey* Googleglobal ranking list* All-roundsimulation of realistic scene modeof war* first-person shootercontrol .* anti-terrorist shootingassault game
High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!Lead the charge on D-Day asthetip of the spear in the largest Allied invasion of WW2! Defeattheoccupation forces and take back France; storm the beaches,clearthe trenches and liberate towns as you battle throughthecountryside of Normandy.SEE AND FEEL THE ACTION!Experiencetheultimate 3rd person shooter with stunning console qualityvisuals,precise controls, advanced physics, destructibleenvironments andfull voiceovers. Jump into the heat of battle andpush your deviceto the limit!HUGE SINGLE-PLAYER CAMPAIGN!Experience5 separatecampaigns with 145 separate missions based on the actualbeachlandings; Juno, Sword, Utah, Gold and Omaha. Destroy powerfultanksand cannons to allow allied forces to advance. Grab astationarygun and unload against fortified positions. Man theAck-Ackanti-aircraft guns to take down bombers and their escortsbeforethey can release their payloads.RUN THROUGH THEWARZONE!Battle yourway into the heart of enemy territory! Runthrough the battlefielddodging mines and leaping barriers as youmove to the next coverpoint to avoid enemy fire. Emerge fromdestructible cover points toengage waves of enemies!COMMAND ANARSENAL OF DEADLY WEAPONS!Taketo the frontline with an array ofclassic weapons from World War 2.Grab a historic rifle to take downenemies accurately or, if youprefer, a machine-gun to unleash ahail of bullets. Call inArtillery strikes against entrenched enemysoldiers or shoulder abazooka to reduce a tank to rubble. PLEASENOTE:- This game is freeto play, but you can choose to pay realmoney for some extra items,which will charge your Google account.You can disable in-apppurchasing by adjusting your devicesettings.-This game is notintended for children.- Please buycarefully.- Advertising appearsin this game.- This game may permitusers to interact with oneanother (e.g., chat rooms, player toplayer chat, messaging)depending on the availability of thesefeatures. Linking to socialnetworking sites are not intended forpersons in violation of theapplicable rules of such socialnetworking sites.- A networkconnection is required to play.- Forinformation about how Glucollects and uses your data, please readour privacy policy If you have a problemwith this game, pleaseuse the game’s “Help” feature. FOLLOW [email protected]/glumobileREAD_CONTACTS – The gamereads yourcontacts only to allow you to invite your friendstoplay.getLine1Number - This permission was accidentally includedbutis not used by this game. We will remove in an update innearfuture.
Metal Soldiers 2 2.6
Lock ‘n Load! Get your weapons ready for the ultimate actiongame.Metal Soldiers 2 combines the adrenaline of platform-stylegameswith the action of 2d shooters. Use the pad to move around andtapto jump and shoot. Use different guns and grenades too!Getyourself into a Battle Tank, a Power Mech or even a Helicoptertobattle the rebel forces throughout 15 challenging missions.Becareful though, the rebels got some serious new equipment.Engageinto amazing tank battles or in ground-to-airtank-helicoptercombats. There is a lot of shooting to be done withthe newvehicles and enemies. Blow up all enemies in Metal Soldiers2! Killthem all in this amazing shooter game. What are you waitingfor?Download Metal Soldier 2 now and let the shooting begin!Features:- New mission mode. - Use MS2 vehicles. - Battle againstenemytanks and choppers. - Different characters to choose. - Lotsofenemies to fight. - Classic weapon designs. - Amazing gameplay.
Commando Adventure Mission 2.9
Commando Adventure Mission is the first person shooting actiongamethat is all about shooting and survival with your strategy.Enjoythrilling commando adventure mission based game withmoderncommando combat zones. Enemy has taken your land and theymaketheir camp and making trouble in your country. You are onlylastperson left from your force. It’s your challenge to killenemiesbefore they kill you and take back your land from enemy andbecomea last commando sniper shooter. Digital radar system, whichyouhave, shows the locations and movements of enemies. Theyalreadygot information about your mission and they are ready tokill you.The mission you are given is very hard and risky, enemiesandartillery Play up to exciting elite one man missions. Thegunautomatically reloads when you run out of ammunition. As anarmycommando, use your specialized sniper shooting skills tosurvive inan offensive attack of terrorists. You can move thesniper anywhereand tap to shoot the enemies and Gunship Helicopterswith varietyof weapons and limited time. Be-careful, there are somesoldiersalso attacking you in radar range.In this Commando SniperShootingyou have assigned adventurous shooting missions withincreasingdifficulty level. You have just been dropped in a veryhostileenemy territory with a large force to attack for your lastsurvivalattempt. Gather up your first weapons and ammunition forthisbattle and become a last commando sniper shooter. Stunninggamegraphics and smooth game play will take you to reallifebattlefield zone. If you’ve quick reflexes and excellent aimingandsniper shooting skills then find your way out of enemy’sarmyplace. You are equipped with advanced weapons assaultrifles,machine guns and sniper gun. Use these guns to become aassassinshooter. You will welcomed enemy assault shooter rangersand yourmission is to kill all of them.Encounter the commando warzonemissions in this free first person shooter game. You mighthaveplayed games like Commando game, Commando adventure,Sniperkilling, Sniper shooting, Commando mission attack, Armybaseattack, Military camp invasion, Army cargo, Military gunship,Warattack game, but this commando adventure mission game is reallifebattle zone with advance multiple weapons and differentbattlezone. It is a whole pack of mission based, heavy gunship,militaryattack base game. The number of ambulation and frontlinecommandois enormous, FPS ( First Person Shooting) is the besttechniqueused in this game that means the one shooting the opponentfirst isthe one champion in commando action.Commando AdventureMissionFeatures:- Best FPS (First Person Shooter) Game- Realistic3Dsniper shooter Battlefield environment- Radar vision to locatetheenemies position- Challenging missions with increasingdifficultylevel- Great 3D beautiful graphics and environment- Facechallengesand improve your commando sniper shooting skills- Extremequalityengaging sound effects - Modern weapons including LightAutoMachine Gun, Pistol or RPG (Rocket Propelled Gun)- Efficientweaponcontrols and smooth movements- Easy tap to shoot and killtheenemies
Modern Sniper 2.00
Candy Mobile
Aim and Shoot! Modern Sniper is #1 first person shooter gamethatwill blown you away!An over-the-top shooter in every sense,ModernSniper takes you on a whirlwind tour of the criminalunderworld.You are a modern sniper ready to play your part indangerousattacks and silent assassin missions. Eliminate a mob ofenemies atstreet level or take out the single high-profile target.Withaccess to an inventory of sniper rifles and assault rifles,youwill rely on your marksman skills to finish the work. Go fortheHEADSHOT now!Game Features:- Over 50 crime shooter missionstocomplete- Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics- 6 unique maps andstunninglocations- 7 different real-world weapons to choose andupgrade
Sniper Force Shooter: Freedom Gunner 1.0.3
Sniper Force Shooter: Freedom GunnerGet ready for the bestsnipershooting FPS first person shooter experience.Prepare yourselftoenter as the best army sniper military shooter commando soldierinthis 3D FPS free to play action game. You have no limitationsinthis destructive stealth mission of brutal killing ofvicegangsters, terrorist special forces & deadly criminalswithyour modern sniper rifle guns. This free to play 3D game willletyou experience a totally different shooting environment &letyou use your combat war fighting, shooting & stealth skillsforsurvival. It is your duty to hold aim & shoot toassassinatethe hidden enemies & deadly criminals around theoutskirts ofcity who are ruthlessly destroying your city peace. Beready to usea variety of sniper shooting guns in this realisticbattle, a waragainst deadly criminals & shooters to be a truemilitarycommando army sniper shooter hero.Your enemies arespreadeverywhere to attack the entire city with modern weapons&guns. Get ready to counter shoot these lethal terroristspecialforce & deadly criminal assassins with your amazingsnipershooting gun. This game is a reality like experience ofsnipershoot fight as a military commando army soldier shooter onaspecial ops mission in the heat of war action. Yourprimaryobjective in this special ops mission is to kill all thedeadlycriminals which won’t be easy as they are also equipped withmodernweapons, gun & sniper shooters. But that shouldn’t be aproblemfor you as you are an elite military commando sniper &armyshooter with all the required stealth, survival & warcombatskills to win this war & successfully complete thisspecial opssniper mission. Get yourself in a stealth action mode tocounter,attack & kill the gangsters in this dangerous battle.Therewill be barrels around which you can blow off & use toyouradvantage to kill all the deadly criminals. You are highlyequippedwith latest sniper guns so be a true war hero to end thisgenocide.Detect and find every single deadly criminal from hiddenlocationsto end this battle & win this war. Time is verylimited sodon’t allow your enemies to escape or counter you attacksor strikeat you. This action packed first person shooter FPS gamewill giveyou a realistic sniper shooting experience. As a true warhero& the best sniper assassin shooter it is necessary for youtoensure your survival & win by killing all the deadlycriminalsin this dangerous environment. The game has variousmissions tocomplete with increased difficulty at every stage. Noteveryonegets a chance to show their sniper shooting skills, beready tomake a difference by shooting & saving your city &people.
Critical Strike Shoot Fire V2 1.4
Doing Studio
New commando shooting game came! Fight on the battlefieldbravely,destroy the terrorists.Critical Strike Shoot Fire is arealisticand unique action shooter game. You are a cold-bloodedkiller, as acommando sniper, you will protect your city from thethreat ofterrorists. Use your powerful sniper weapon to destroy theenemy.In this game to show your shooting skills, enjoy the thrillofsniper. Use your superb sniper skills to shoot every goal andgiveyou a real war experience. Accept the task and find the bestsniperpoint to take action to eliminate all goals. In this game,aim anddestroy. The final war action began! Seize your sniperrifle,search the rest of the city enemies, and destroy them,complete themission.Features:- first person shooter game- Realbattlefieldenvironment- Smooth control- Excellent graphics- amazingsoundeffects- realistic shooting effect- Advanced sniper rifle-SmartAI- Play anytime, anywhere
Counter Terrorist Sniper Attack Army Shoot Strike 1.5.1
Play modern fps shooting game free, counter terrorist attack gunwargame & combat strike free shooting game with powerfulweaponsfor counter gun strike on enemy. enemy strike the city,moderncombat strike force deployed for counter gun strike on theenemies.A blazing sniper shooter commando will accompany youduring firstanti-terrorist counter terrorist strike mission inthis counterterrorist attack gun war game.This Counter terroristattack shootinggame is best among rest of free army shooting gamesand snipershooting simulation games and it have powerful weapons,team ofpowerful AI bots. Counter terrorist attack commando actionand wargames, forces of war to fight modern warfare in CounterTerrorist2018 army gun shooting 3d Game. Counter attack likeaction hero.kill terror beast, its modern warfare. You are asecret agent, killenemies by counter terrorist attack.Show yourcounter terroristcommando skills learn in the assassin forcetraining, be a bravesoldier , fight for your country like gunshooting hero.cross gunfire like legends anti terrorism countersniper strike killer incounter terrorist open war game. assassinthe frontier war soldierswith sniper way playing counter terroristopen war death games.soldier fight in fps games black operationsat mid nights, blood& chaos in dead warfare and killing duringswat strike majorreal gun attack in 3d game play. shoot assassinenemies at frontierwars and battlefield give an immense countersstrike skill.Soldiergames player love to play counter terroristattack gun war game, awar against terror. play this war on terrorshooting game and winthe war with blazing sniper and major gunstrike. swat strike withcover fire from AI bots and rival fire inmodern combat counterattack. Protect yourself and fellow soldiersduring counterterrorist attack. pickup guns from enemy, pickupmedical box topower up and protect combat players from counterterrorist firingsduring the missions. counter terrorist attack2018 gun war shootingalong counter sniper shooter team to endterrorism with Soldiersteams. counter terrorist 3d multiplayershooting and fps shootergame is fun shooter to destroy rebel campswith swat strike onglobal counter attack. fittest army action andarmy assassinterrorist action games 2018 .Commando counterterrorist attack killthe terrorist in this sniper arena in thebattlefield army withcommando group with blood & chaos. war ofcolony is art ofconquest, it will kill the terrorist soldier openwar in swat strikegun war games. gun war tactical shooting rivalswarfare strike waron open war counter terrorist & gun strikeshoot killer gamewith terrorist counter soldier squad strike andcounter terroriststrike in battle zone. Kill your enemy, let themscream.Hit themwith gun bullets like super war hero. take actionwith army traininggames, kill shot like bravo shooting man. Rangerbots ready tofights among you. Earn Cash and buy new ranger,collect life powers,collects new weapons during war, fight alongmodern war bots, buildmodern army for next mission. GameFeatures:Realistic 3D simulationand challenging missions toaccomplishMulti Weapon game Realisticcombat action Enemies’destruction with hand grenadesAddictive gameplay and environment.
Commando Adventure Shooting 3.5.8
Tulip Apps
Commando adventure shooting is a thrilling sniper shooting gamewitha lot of fun and adventure. Play the most demanded commandoshootinggame being a spy commando and be ready for the realbreathtakingventure. Face the extreme counter war while survivingin thedeadliest jungles and forests. Use your special gorillacommandoskills to cope with all the troubles and show your extremesnipingpowers to win all the stealth wars. You have to do multiplejobsbeing a spy commando. First of all, disable the watch towersecurityby using your sniper guns and then breach the base campsilently.Just use the stealth movements and avoid any directconflict withenemy soldiers to complete the spy mission withoutany trouble.Commando adventure shooting game allows you to boostyour snipershooting skills by giving you an access to the latestand modernassault guns. Enjoy the awe-inspiring and entertainingsnow terrainwhile experiencing the most accurate shootingsimulation ever. Be aprecise sniper shooter, as the precision is akey factor to succeedin all gun shooting games. The more you areprecise, the morechances of winning the sniper mission. As amember of SSG force, youare well equipped with all the advanceweaponry to perform thesecret surgical strikes. Be ready for theextreme warfare in the midof enemy territory and show your enemywhat you are capable off. Thecommando adventure shooting gamecomprises dozen of sniping missionsin the multiple beautifulterrains. In each mission, you have tocomplete different gameobjectives by using the modern equipment.Use the satellite radarnavigator and detailed computer map tolocate the enemy hideouts.Just sneak past the enemy patrols andtake the stealth walk withoutalerting the enemy commandos. You canhave multiple weapons at thesame time. Use the sniper telescopiczoom to take long range gunshots and the assault rifles for theclose range combats. So, gearup and brace yourself for the mostrealistic gun battles for thefirst time in real 3D mode and enjoythis sniper shooting game forfree.   How to Play: With Game pad: -Complete user guide andtutorial for playing game with game pad isprovided within thegame. Without Game pad: - Control the commandomovements using thevirtual joystick on half left of your devicescreen. - For aiming,swipe your finger across the right side of thedevice screen. - TapFire button located at right bottom to fire thebullet. - Presszoom to have a telescope sniper view of enemies. -Tap on gun iconto switch the weapons. - Use the map to have thereal-timesatellite view of place. - Find the enemy hideouts byusing theradar navigator. Top Features of Commando AdventureShooting Game:- Best military commando shooting game ever. -Astonishing 3Denvironment and real animated sniper gun fire view. -Adventurouscommando game with user friendly GUI and controls. -Good qualitysound effects and real gunshots fire sound. - Mostrealisticshooting simulation ever. If you like the commandoadventureshooting game, please try other games by clicking “MorefromDeveloper” or by visiting our publisher account. And don’tforgetto rate and review.
American Block Sniper Survival C20i
Aeria Canada
IMPORTANT: Some users are experiencing issues restoringin-apppurchases. We are working on fixing the problem. If youencounterany troubles with in-apps, please contact [email protected] so that we can help you solve yourproblem.Thank you! **** INTENSE GAME PLAY **** Launch a fun,fast-paced 3Dmobile gaming experience upon downloading thisaddictive FPS game.Strike fast and defeat enemies in this combatchallenge. Collectammo and HP pickups as you advance. The advantagewill decreasethough, as the number of enemies increasessignificantly. Thisultimate battle offers the option to go at ithand-to-hand or witha range of melee and firearm weapons. Thechoice is yours. Chooseyour difficulty, earn power-ups bycompleting quick tasks andunlock levels on the mission map select.**** SNIPER DEFENSE ****Test your marksmanship in this exciting newmode, where you defendyour tower against waves of enemies. Theywill be coming in left,right and center and you will have to spotthem quickly and pullthe trigger to stop them all. Features: Pixelcube graphicsMultiple levels to unlock and explore Precision aimingRadar mapHealth meter Multiple difficulty settings Plenty ofclassic weaponsto try
Counter terrorism gunner is an epic FPS grand battle royaleshootergame. Step on battleground in 3D action packed snipershooting ww2game will allow you to experience the most challengingtricks tocounter the terrorist in battlefield & be the last manstandingin the gun game. This sniper ultimate 2017 gun shootinggame isbased on modern warfare battle royale games of Americanspecialsniper warrior, so heed your call of duty and get ready fora warof the worlds. The American shooter special sniper warriorsareback now to take revenge from gangsters & deadly cityfightersin this grand battle because they have ruined the peace ofAmericancity. Counter all terrorists by the help of commando sniperteam tobecome universe defender in this gun shooting game.Dangerous &breathtaking environment of battlefield will let youfeel thethrill of modern counter attack but be brave to eradicateenemieswith furious sniper shooting attack ww2 game. In thisultimatecritical mission, you need to modern counter attack ofruthlessterrorist's battle games with advance modern weapons&munitions as an American sniper warrior to earn your medalofhonor. Become a real commando sniper gun shooter in thisbattleroyale by using your superb the gun game shooting skills&abilities to survive in American sniper battlefield. Startultimateconflict against the incredible gangster city fighters inthissniper offline game. You have to aim and fire accuratelytoassassin them on their spot in this battle royale to be thelastman standing. Just dodge them at battlefield & don’t letthemescape at any cost. The civilians of your city relying onyoubecause you are the last hope of them in this assassin 2017war.So, let’s pick up your ultimate sniper gun to attack theglobalterrorists & gangsters in secret places of battlefield.Be slowand bend down on your knees to crawl in the field of battlegroundfor silent attack by sniper rifle. Shoot all the hiddenenemies whowere freely sneaking in the city and now trying toescape for theirsurvival. Find the accurate hidden locations ofglobal terroristsin battlefield with the help of your secret mapfor furious attackon them. Chase the shadow of gangsters &target them withoutany fear in this shooter mission combat arena.Complete all intensechallenging missions & stick to the end toplay its all mission& become a real sniper shooter in thiscombat arena countergame. You are an elite sniper hero &mountain sniper warrior ofthis critical strike. Every shootermission requires army snipergun shooting skills & training.Since you are encircled by theenemy terrorist squad who are trainedby the American snipershooters so be careful as a sniper huntersolider in this countergame. You are a great army sniper hero &a special Americanshooter. Show your army training high skills anddefeat theterrorism from this modern warfare & sniper assassinactioncombat. Relish this amazing addictive gun shooting gameplaywithlethal environment of counter terrorism strike. Waiting forwhat?Enjoy this modern battlefield fight & combat withgunfireskills and defeat the adversary of criminal sniper assassintoexchange fire with Special Forces of enemies.
Elite Killer: SWAT
Aim and Shoot! Leave no squad mate behind in this actionorientedfirst person shooter game! Elite Killer is the #1 realistic3D FPSgame available on Google Play. You are a well trained elitememberof special weapons and tactics teams. Equipped withsub-machineguns, sniper rifles and stun grenades, you will navigatesecretmissions across the globe to eradicate the evil syndicatethatstands in the way of a peaceful world. It is time to load outyourfirearms and get your 5 star FPS fix! Let the bullets fly now!GameFeatures: - Boasting spectacular graphics and blisteringactionsequences - 30+ real world weapons and 100+ challenginglevels indozens of worldwide themes - Local Mission mode and onlinePvP mode