Top 44 Apps Similar to LegislateMe

ICIS 1.27.0
Keep your finger on the pulse of global commodities markets.Gainseamless access on your mobile devices to the latest news,pricingdata and market analysis. · Stay informed withone-touch,at-a-glance access: Get push notifications and instantupdates onthe latest essential news, prices and analysis – updatedaround theclock for your chosen markets. · Get straight to whatmatters:Customise your view on the app to show pricing data andnewstailored to your needs and interests. · Save time: Benefitfromseamless cross-device synchronisation between the ICIS.comhomepage and the ICIS Mobile App. ABOUT ICIS ICIS is a globalsource ofIndependent Commodity Intelligence Services. We connectdata,markets and customers to create a comprehensive, trusted viewofthe global commodities markets, enabling smarter businessdecisionsthat optimise the world’s resources. Over the past fourdecades, wehave cultivated deep expertise in downstreampetrochemicalssupported by our ever-expanding reach in the energyand fertilizermarkets. Today we are one of the world's largest andtrustedchemicals market intelligence provider. We exist to helpbusinessesmake strategic decisions, mitigate risk, improveproductivity andcapitalise on new opportunities. At ICIS, we makesome of theworld’s most important markets more trusted andpredictable byproviding data services, thought leadership anddecision tools. Asresult of our unmatched global presence, wedeliver targetedconnected intelligence to influence thousands ofdecisions acrosssupply chains every single day. Drawing upon ourlegacy, we arealso in a unique position to leverage big data andanalytics aspart of RELX, a FTSE15 data and analytics company withover 30,000experts across 40 countries. With our intelligence, weshape theworld by connecting markets to optimise the world’svaluableresources. For more information, please visit
Princeton Mobile 2.0
Princeton Mobile is a complete, feature-packed rewrite. Itisdesigned for anyone who wants on-the-go information or wantstostay connected to Princeton University. Features include:Newsstories Public and student events Real-time shuttle informationThecampus map Dining locations, hours and menus ThedirectoryMedia-rich walking tours Course listings The librarycatalog,locations and hours Sports news, schedules and scores Andmore!
GSMtasks 2.10.1
GSMtasks is a system that will allow the company to manage itsworkmore efficiently. * Complete overview - Overview of all thetasksthat need to be completed - visualized on a map with orderoffullfilment. * Realtime updates - Realtime updates to the statesofthe tasks - watch the daily tasks get completed in real time.*Drag & drop management - Easy drag & drop managementandassignment of tasks in the management or calendar view. *Routeoptimizations - Once all the tasks have been entered thesoftwareoptimizes the driving route of the car to minimize timespent anddistance traveled. * Driver’s mobile app - The mobile appwill bewith the driver all day and give him updates about the worksthatneed to be completed. * Digital documents - The documentsaredigitally attached to the tasks and the driver can review themonhis application. * Clients’ signatures - Once the task iscompletedit’s possible to have the client sign off on the workbeeingcompleted. * Complete analytics - Time spent driving, timespentloading/unloading. How much milage has been drived while on atask.
Breezeway: Property Care & Maintenance Operations
Breezeway is a mobile solution for intelligent propertycareandmaintenance. Combining custom checklists,automatedworkflows,data-driven property inventory with simpletaskmanagement thatstaff will use, Breezeway helps managerscoordinateinspections,cleaning and maintenance tasks and improvethe qualityof theirback office operations. Enjoy seamless rentalturnovers andshowcare for the properties you manage. WithBreezeway, youcan:Schedule tasks based on property turnover orfrequencyCompleteproperty inspections and include condition, photosandcommentsBuild the property inventory and maintenancerecordsAddmaintenance work, with itemized costs and photosCommunicatewithyour team on specific tasks Breezeway is integratedwithleadingproperty management software including HomeAway,Streamline,RNS,VRM, Barefoot and BookingSync. The Breezeway app isavailabletousers with a PRO account for free.
AB magazine 3.0.0
Accounting and Business addresses critical issues facingfinanceprofessionals. It includes high-profile interviews,topicalfeatures and analysis, practical guidance and technicalupdates.Dedicated sections focus on the corporate, practice andpublicsectors. It also offers articles with CPD units andcareersguidance. Regional feeds are available for Africa,ASEAN-ANZ,China, Europe-Americas, Ireland, Middle East-South Asiaand UK.
SWN Direct 3.1.1
SWN Direct is an emergencynotificationapplication with integrated voicealerting/conferencing, messagingand file management for BusinessContinuity, Disaster Recovery andCrisis Communicationsprofessionals.
PitchBook Mobile 2.18.1
PitchBook’s accurate, comprehensive public and private market data-on your mobile device. Our mobile app puts the entire world ofVC,PE and M&A at your fingertips, ensuring you haveon-the-goaccess to the industry news and financial data you need totrackactivity in your space, conduct due diligence and easilyconnectwith dealmakers. Instantly get in-depth information on: • VC&PE firms • Limited partners • Funds & performance •Deals,valuations & exits • Private company financials •Publiccompany financials • Strategic acquirers • Series terms &debtterms • Active advisory firms • 1.7 million professionals •Andmore Plus, discover opportunities before competitorsandimmediately know when a newsletter or report publisheswithcustomizable mobile alerts. What users are saying: “Awesome.Whatused to take hours, or was impossible to find, is now atmyfingertips and takes two minutes!” “Great app for PE andVCanalysis. Love it.” “Great extension of the full Platform. Whenonthe go and you hear about a company that just raised a big roundora deal that just happened, it's great to jump into the app andseewhat PitchBook has on it.” Have questions, problems orfeedback?Reach out at
Bahá’í, Lights of Guidance 1.7
Lights of Guidanceis a widely used reference book and compilation of lettersandWritings covering the Bahá’í perspective on most issues. LightsofGuidance was compiled by Helen Bassett Hornby and publishedfirstin April 1983. Within the book, major areas covered arelistedalphabetically, within each major section are sub-divisions,suchas Local Spiritual Assemblies, Annual Conventions, etc. The1988edition of the book, for example, lists 2163 letters and notesatthe front, making it easier to find particular items in themainbody of the book. The 1988 edition consists of 640 pages.Further information on the Baha'i Faith can be foundhere:*** If you have ideas or you find a problem, please send meanemail, see contact below.
ODIGOLIVE is a business mandated collaboration tool fordistributedworkforce that helps with instant collaboration forincreasedproductivity and streamlined communication based onthehierarchical structure of an organization. Designed keepingthepain point of managing field force workers in mind,ODIGOLIVEoffers a unified platform that empowers your leaders andteams toconverse in real-time for ideating, reporting, learningandtracking purposes. Salient Features & functionality1.Attendance Management ● Automated attendance withgeo-tracking,geofencing, and built-in verification with facerecognition 2. LeadManagement ● Streamlining potential leads withreal-time alerts tosales reps in the vicinity ● Automation forproviding live updatesof the sales processes to the managers ●In-built customizableengagements for sales calls with audio/videooptions ●Location-based lead broadcasts for speedy deal closures 3.DripLearning ● Automated collaboration tool foron-the-job,non-intrusive training and seamless interaction betweenthe learnerand the trainer ● Provisions for instant interactionsand feedback● Secure assessment and access to the reading progressof learners4. Team Collaboration ● Efficient task management ●Hierarchicalmessaging for sharing options with specific teammembers ● Securemessaging for exchange of multiple file formatswithout any risksof duplication or downloads 5. Data Collection ●Geo-tagging andtime stamping of every data feed for the audit trailof activities● Hierarchy based reporting system for quick downloadsof reports ●Real-time entries for synchronized data acquisition
CurrencyFair Money Transfer 3.2.4
Sending Money has never been easier, cheaperormore satisfying.- Save up to 90% on money transfers compared totraditionalbanks- Trusted by over 100,000 customers- Best online provider for sending £10,000 to Europe –Which?Magazine (January 2016)Whether you’re an expat, overseas property buyer or a businesswithFX needs, CurrencyFair can help you get better exchanges ratesandbig savings today."CurrencyFair gives me control over my currency transactions. Icanwatch the rates live on the website and exchange when itisfavourable to me. The process is extremely fast from exchangetodeposit into my bank account." John Pike"It was a no-brainer. We switched straight away. Cannot faulttheteam, the service or offering and would highly recommend toanyonewho needs to handle multi-currency receipts, paymentsortransfers." Jerry Pett, ThymometricsOur exchange rates consistently beat not only the banks,butdedicated currency exchange companies too. You can even get aratebetter than the “interbank” itself (the “real”exchangerate).Get better exchange rates on the following currencies:
-- Exchange Euro (EUR), Australian dollar (AUS), Canadiandollar(CAD), Swiss franc (CHF), Czech koruna (CZK), Danishkrone(DKK),British pound (GBP), Hong Kong dollar (HKD), Israelishekel (ILS),Hungarian forint (HUF), Norwegian krone (NOK), NewZealand dollar(NZD), Polish złoty (PLN), Singapore dollar (SGD),Swedish krona(SEK), UAE dirham (AED), United States Dollar (USD)and SouthAfrican rand (ZAR).CurrencyFair is perfect for:
- overseas property buyers- expats- students studying abroad- businesses who deal in foreign currencyAnyone who has the need to exchange currency will benefit fromusingour platform, and will be delighted with the savings – exceptyourbank, of course!

How do we get the best exchange rates?- CurrencyFair is a peer-to-peer exchange system (also knownas‘money matching’). - We use local accounts to send/receive your funds, thusavoidingthe huge costs of international bank transfers.- You deposit into our local bank account and request a transfertoyour desired currency- We match you with someone looking to transfer money intheopposite direction- You both get a great bank-beating rate, avoiding costly andunfairinternational exchange charges
- Say goodbye to hidden feesandexpensive exchange rates that banks and other transfercompaniescharge for you to send your money abroad.
Goalsetter: Family Banking 4.4.2
Goalsetter is the free mobile banking app and debit card forthewhole family that focuses on educating the nextgenerationwith fun, culturally-relevant financial quizzesthat willstart them on their path to financial freedom. Nomatter if you'rea teen wanting financial independence, or a parentwanting to startsaving with their kids - we have features andaccounts forevery need. Did we mention there are no fees? Teens andkids can: -Get your own Debit Mastercard - Send andreceive moneyinstantly - Earn money for each friend yourefer - Playfinancial quizzes based on memes and pop-culture - Savefor thegoals you want - Never have to worry about missing yourallowance -Shop Online Parents can set up amazing features thatcan: -Round-up your kid's change on every transaction to save fortheirgoals - Start auto-allowance, so you never have to worryaboutremembering to give them their lunch money - Turn onthe"Learn Before you Burn" rule and their card will turn off Sundayatnoon if they haven't taken their financial literacy quiz fortheweek - Give your kid's a weekly budget and help them stick to it-Link your kid's chores to their allowance; so you can approveinapp if they did their chores, and they'll only receiveallowanceonce you do AWARDS *Winner of JP Morgan Chase FinancialSolutionsLab 2018*
*Winner of Morgan Stanley Innovations Lab 2018**Winnerof FinTech Innovation Lab 2019* SAFETY AND SECURITYGoalsetter uses128-bit encryption and is backed by the biggestnames in thefinancial industry. We do not store any of yourpersonalinformation and do not move money without yourauthorization.Cashola Prepaid Debit Mastercard is issued byMetaBank®,N.A.,Member FDIC pursuant to license by MastercardInternationalIncorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark,and the circlesdesign is a trademark of Mastercard InternationalIncorporated.Fees may apply. See terms and conditions for details.
myWeichert 2.6.4
The myWeichert app is your mobile connection to your myWeichertCRMand the fastest way to make the calls that keep yourbusinessmoving. You don’t have time to babysit your laptop. ThemyWeichertapp gives you a personalize dialer with calls servedupautomatically to you every day based on the leads and contactsmostimportant for you to call today. You can also use it to reachoutto groups of leads from your hashtags or any other set ofpeople.Hit go, and talk on bluetooth while you run around town. Weget it,you’re balancing a lot, so your tech needs to be mobile withyou.Try it out, and you’ll never go back.
Flowdock 2.2.6
The Official Android App Of Flowdock Flowdock is the centerofgravity for team communication that helps teams make theirregularwork a by-product of collaboration through organized chatand ashared integration inbox. It replaces IM or IRC chat in yourteam'sworkflow and frees your mailbox from automated emails.Withintegrations to over 80+ tools, you’ll always stay up-to-datewithwhat your team is doing. Flowdock allows you to: - Conversewithyour teams in Flows and organize your conversations by threads-Have private conversations with your team mates when neededwith1-1s - Stay on top of your updates across flows and 1-1s withinapp notifications and customize the notifications as needed -Beexpressive with emojis across flows and 1-1s - Collaboratewithyour team members by sharing files across flows and 1-1s -Buildyour own on going knowledge base with the power of hash tags-Effectively search for content that you need with help of hashtagsthat you maintain - View all your integrations in one placewithshared integration inbox and converse with your teams on theinboxitems to effectively get your work done - Get attention fromonlypeople that matter with @@subgroups Flowdock integrates withyourfavorite tools, including Trello, Git & GitHub,PivotalTracker, Zendesk, Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo,Capistrano,Heroku, Redmine, FogBugz, Basecamp, BitBucket, Kiln,Mercurial,Nagios, Pingdom, Hudson / Jenkins and many otherprojectmanagement, issue tracking, wiki, version control,monitoring,deployment & continuous integration systems andservices. NOTE:To use the Flowdock app, you need to have a Flowdockaccountavailable at: For feedback orfeaturesuggestions, check out our Uservoice pageat For support, reach out to oursupportteam at
PocketSmith 3.3.2
PocketSmith is an Android companion app for PocketSmith. Getcontrolover your money. See all your bank, credit card and loanaccounts inone place. Live Bank Feeds keep PocketSmithautomatically updated,so you can see where your money is going.This app requires aPocketSmith account. Learn more and sign upat APP FEATURES - Stay on top ofyourspending activity - Categorize your transactions on-the-go -Addnotes and labels to your spending to record your memories -Viewall your account balances at a glance - View and edityourtransactions We're constantly improving the app to help youmakebetter decisions on-the-go.
Planon AppSuite 2.1.26
Smart and easy to use mobile applications are keyintoday’send-to-end business processing. Not just in fieldserviceexecutionor order handling but also in administrativeandfinancialprocessing, compliancy checks, inventoriesandinspections,customer communications and many more. PlanonAppSuiteis aninnovative repository of mobile apps that areseamlesslyintegratedwith the Planon Universe platform. Thisplatform offersintegratedsolutions for corporate real estatemanagers, maintenancemanagers,facility managers, professionalservice providers andtheircustomers. Planon AppSuite includes agrowing number of appsto rundifferent business processes. For thesupported versionsandconfigurations please refer to thelinkbelow:
Sesterce – Split bills 2.7.10
Stan Kocken
Sesterce allows you to easily split bills for a group of friends,acouple or roommates. Add all the expenses and Sesterce settlesitup! Designed by roommates, great for couples, and vital for agroupof friends on holiday! ★ SIMPLE: splitting bills has neverbeen sosimple ★ COLLABORATIVE: each member can join the group, addanexpense and keep track of all the bills on his phone or computer★ANONYMOUS: no email required ★ SECURED: all shared groups canbeprotected with a password ★ OFFLINE: in vacation, you don't needanInternet connection to split a check Key use cases: • Keepingtrackof your household budget • Split a bill / check with friends•Organize expenses during a trip (holiday, week-end…) andfollowyour budget • Expenses with roommates (rent, utilities,bills) •Repay friends (birthday, bachelor party, trip) • Check whoshouldpay what to whom But that’s not all! Sesterce has many morefreefeatures! SELECT THE SHARE FOR EACH MEMBER For each expense,selectthe number of shares for each group member CREATE YOUROWNCATEGORIES Add the categories that fit your needs to keep trackofyour expenses VIEW STATS Check the budget by category and bygroupmember CONVERT FOREIGN CURRENCY In vacation in a foreigncountry,add a bill and Sesterce will convert it to your currencyEXPORT ALLDATA With Sesterce you can share a spreadsheet file(.csv) of allthe groups expenses
Tower Federal Credit Union
It’s safe, convenient, fast and FREE.Towermembers must sign up for FREE Home Banking at www.towerfcu.orgtologin to the app.BANK 24/7Manage all banking transactions on the go. It’s like having aTowerbranch at your finger tips at all times. Use it to checkyourbalances, transfer funds and more.FEATURES• View account balances and transaction histories• Transfer funds between your Tower accounts• Pay bills• View and activate your cash back offers• View rates• Deposit checks• Locate a surcharge-free ATM or a Tower branch near youSAFE AND SECURETower Federal Credit Union’s Mobile App uses the latestencryptionmethods available, combined with SafeLog sign-insecurity.Your mobile device carrier's Internet access and textmessagingrates may apply.Federally insured by the NCUA.For more information about Tower Federal Credit Union’sMobileApp, visit learn how we protect your privacy, pleasevisit
iSmartgate Access 1.9.1
Download the iSmartgate app to open or close your garage doororgatewith your Android. The iSmartgate App works withtheiSmartgatedevice that can be purchased TheiSmartgate app will connect your Androidtothe iSmartgate device viayour Wi-Fi home network orinternet.Product details: •This APP (whenused in conjunction withtheiSmartgate device) will open up to 3garage doors •GoogleAssistantcertified product. •Apple Homekitcertified product.•Garage doorstatus alert: Shows if your garagedoors are Open orClosed •Clean,Intuitive and User FriendlyInterface •Real TimeVideo (no cameraincluded in the iSmartgatestandard pack)•Unlimited number ofusers can download the app andoperate a singlegarage. •AccessManagement. •Compatible with allGarage dooropeners* *Notcompatible with Chamberlain® or Liftmaster(Security+2.0)
GoshenWells 2.8
An eReader built specifically for Christian books andotherChristian materials. GoshenWells brings thousands ofedifyingChristian ebooks to your digital doorsteps, givingyouopportunities to use your mobile devices to read ebooksanywhere,anytime and access bible references in your preferredtranslationwith one-touch without leaving your book. GoshenWells’ebook storeallows you to search and download books to your devicesbased onauthors, publisher, genres such as faith, family,fiction,children, healing, Holy Spirit, “For Men”, “For Women”,biblestudy, missions, prayers and lots more Your ebooks are storedinyour digital library within the App, which automatically syncsyourebooks across devices. The App also has the feature thatenablesyou to mark up any sections of your ebooks with highlightsandnotes
SpendCatcher by MobileXpense 4.3.13
Stay productive anytime, anywhere. Don’t wait for your receiptstopile up to treat them. Do it in real-time withMobilexpense’smobile App. Designed for large and small companies,the compliancewith VAT rates, legal and fiscal regulations in eachof ourclients’ operating countries enables the users to managetheirexpenses with no fuss. *This app is an add-on toMobileXpense’sexisting solutions. It will only be accessible forexisting userswho activated the mobile functionality* Onceactivated, justdownload the App on your Iphone device to benefitfrom all thefunctionalities that you are already using on yourcomputer. ThisApp enables users of Mobilexpense to: - Enter andedit expenses,manage attendees - Enter mileages (**use Google Mapstoautomatically calculate your mileage) - Enter and edit allowances-Upload receipts (**take pictures of your receipts) - Create,submitor cancel reports - View the pending expenses - Approve orrejectexpense reports and travel requests from other users ** Onlyforour customers who asked us to activate this functionality
Djangui 2.1.3
Djangui seeks to solve a current and challenging problem thatexistsin Africa. Which is how to offer financial services likesmall loansat scale to people with low income. Djangui offers adigitalplate-form which keep focus on peer-to-peer savings systemwithmillions of users called Tontine. It helps you to manageton-tinewith friends and family´s members worldwide. The appoffersfollowing functionalities: - service for pay contributionmoney -loan service between members - manage full finance of atontine
DahabPlus 4.2
DahabPlus is powered by Dahabshiil, the trusted onlinemoneytransfer service for sending money quickly and securely tolovedones. It is fast and flexible solution. Secure deliverySecurity isparamount and knowing your money is in safe hands iscrucial.DahabPlus, powered by Dahabshiil, uses industry-leadingtechnologyto ensure your transfers are protected by the bestpossiblesecurity measures. We even offer a money-back guarantee!Flexibleoptions Everyone has their own preferred method for sendingandreceiving money, which is why we created a solution withtheflexibility to suit your needs. Trust and convenience are attheheart of our service – we want to make money transfers assimpleand stress-free as possible. • Cash pick-up • Bank deposits•Mobile payments • eWallet DahabPlus will let you manage,yourDahabshiil accounts, and eDahab wallets at the same time. Youcanbuy SOMTEL services like airtime, internet and muraad onDahabPlus
Workast - Organize your work 1.5.0
Workast, Inc.
Workast is the best project management platform for Slackteams.Workast helps teams manage projects, tasks, events, clientsandto-dos easily. Use your Slack account to sign up in less thanaminute and keep track of work in both Slack and Workast,creatingtasks quickly and seeing what needs to be done wherever youlike towork. In fast paced conversations, tasks often get missedand workleft undone. Workast helps record and track action items sothatwork is never forgotten about again. Team members know exactlywhatneeds to be done and feel more organized, less stressed andfocusedwhen they have their work in Workast. What can you do withWorkast:- Add a task for projects, reminders, ideas, to-dos andrequests -Create and manage projects, clients, customer requests,daily workand ad-hoc tasks - Add due dates, assignees, followers,files andadditional information to tasks - Comment on tasks or makechangesto existing tasks - See all the tasks assigned to you so youknowexactly what needs to be done - Keep track of all the tasksthatare due today so you don’t miss any work - Review all theworkyou’ve completed in Workast and your accomplishments - Getnotifiedof any task updates and changes - Create and manage tasksdirectlyin Slack Free to download and unlimited usage: - TryWorkast outfor free - Upgrade Workast for larger teams and advancedfeatures
Relay - Business Banking 1.30
For your business, the “small things” aren’t small. That’s whyRelayis banking that works the way you do. Effortlesslycollaborate withteam members, manage payments and issue corporatecards - all fromyour bank. Business banking made easy - finally!Relay is bankingthat works the way you do. It’s intuitive anddesigned to beflexible to your needs. Sign up online in 10 minutesand enjoybeautiful banking on iOS and web. Automate your billsWith a fewclicks, you can setup payments to vendors via ACH, wireor check.Import bills from Xero or QuickBooks Online and pay themfromanywhere using the Relay iOS or web apps. Spend smarter withRelayMastercard debit cards Instantly issue Mastercard for you andyourteam. Set spending limits and track your expenses. Take backcontrolof your expenses and increase visibility into spending.Streamlineyour business with thoughtful integrations Relaydirectly integrateswith the software that powers your business,including Bench, Gusto,Transferwise and many more. Software-levelcustomer service from abank Enjoy customer service that listens,helps and hopefully makesyour day better! Relay is built byentrepreneurs for entrepreneursand we know the difference greatcustomer service can make! Bankingthat gives you peace of mindWe’ve partnered with Evolve Bank &Trust and Mastercard todeliver banking that is as secure as it iseasy to use. Depositsare FDIC insured up to $250,000 and cards areprotected againstunauthorized use.
SPOTIO | Field Sales App 2.6
SPOTIO is a mobile-first solution for outside sales teamstoeliminate guesswork, and focus on the highest impact activityinthe field. The platform provides outside sales teams withthevisibility they’ve been missing to increase sales performanceandimprove team productivity. Integrate SPOTIO with your CRMandprovide your outside sales team with a mobile solution thatworksthe way they do. Capture critical sales activity data and senditback into your system of record as it gathers business insightstoenable your sales team to work smarter in the field. ***TARGETEDSALES PROSPECTING *** Intelligent pipeline generation:On-demandprospect data to keep your pipeline full Calendarmanagement:Intuitively set, manage, & update appointments inthe fieldFilter prospects by attributes that matter most to yourbusiness sotime is spent with the best prospect *** SALES ACTIVITYTRACKING*** Capture critical sales activity and get clearvisibility onwhat’s happening in the field Close business on thespot within-app e-contracts Field data entry: See a full history ofeveryaccount in real-time *** SALES TEAM MANAGEMENT ***Executiveinsights: robust field specific analytics andreportingcapabilities (best times to prospect, number of meetingsit takesto close, etc.) Sales leaderboard: Measure performanceofindividual sales reps, teams, or your entire fieldsalesorganization Sales rep accountability with real-timelocationverification ***SALES TERRITORY MAPPING*** Robustterritorymanagement designed to fit your business (by zip code, byhand)Territory permissions so they right roles see the rightinformationOptimize sales routes for maximum time efficiency Whyfield salesreps love SPOTIO: Easy to Use - Spotio recognized thatit’s datawas only valuable if it was used. The platform is designedwith a“3-tap” methodology so that most of its key features canbeachieved in 3 taps. It Just Works! - SPOTIO increases fieldsalesrep productivity by 46% and reduces turnover by 14% Repscanoptimize their routes in the fields to make the best use oftheirtime Fill Your Pipeline - Access targeted leads in your areaWhyfield sales managers love SPOTIO: Real Time Visibility - Seewhatyour team is doing in real time The Metrics that Matter-understand where you need to increase training and effort togetbetter results Market Penetration - fully saturate your marketwithsmart territory management Shorten Sales Cycles - easily workwithyour team to move deals through the pipeline faster ReduceTurnover- good reps stay when they are enabled with the tools theyneed tobe successful **NOTE - You do not have to have a CRM asSPOTIO canoperate as a standalone solution**
Pleo 3.16.3
Work can be hard. Paying for things at work shouldn’t be. Pleohelpsforward-thinking teams buy what they need to do their jobsbetter.It means people feel more valued, more trusted – and freefromexpenses reports and paying out-of-pocket. [Taxis. Tacos.Tools.Whatever your business needs, Pleo it.] Our mobile app givesyou thepower to: Get instant notifications when you buy somethingwith yourPleo card Capture receipts and categorise purchases in afew secondsTrack and review your spending Make any changes youneed to yourcard, like blocking it or changing the PIN
Nalco E-data 2.10.4
Nalco Water
The Nalco Water E-data mobile app provides a simple, practicalwayfor both sales associates and customers to capture andtracksystem-specific data quickly and securely. The E-data mobileapphelps customers ensure water systems are performing optimallyandhelps to proactively identify when corrective actions shouldbetaken. The Nalco Water E-data app makes it easy to: • Captureandrecord water chemistry, inventory and water meter data forsystemsnot connected to automatic instrumentation • Trigger alertsandnotifications for results outside of preset limits •Measurebacteria counts consistently and accurately in as little as15minutes with the Rapid Bio Intelligence total aerobic bacteriatestkit • Capture results with or without an internet connectionTheworld’s leading provider of water treatment andprocessimprovements, Nalco Water partners with customers whoseekinnovative solutions for water and resource constraints. AsanEcolab company, we’re perfectly aligned with the corporatevisionto be the global leader in water, hygiene and energytechnology andservices, providing and protecting what is vital.
ChartBills - Bills Reminder 2.1.0
The Fin App
Chart Bills is designed to work in a simple, fast & easymannerto save your time in managing bills, no unnecessary featurestomake things complex. • Add unlimited bills. • Set recurringbillwith flexible options. • Bills automatically listed in propermonth& categories. • Get notified for upcoming and overdue'sbills.• Simple check to mark a bill as paid/ done. • Review historybillup to last 6 months. • Switch between light and dark mode. •Applock available via passcode.
TechBank 4.6
We're all about giving back! When you shop at your favouritebrandsworldwide through TechBank, we receive a commission and shareitwith you in Bitcoin & CCRB. TechBank is aEuropeanheadquartered trusted ecosystem to SHOP, EARN & TRADEusing thedecentralised web in over 140+ countries. Open abeautifully simpleapp-based global multi-currency account now andclaim $5 worthBitcoin, as a welcome bonus in minutes not days. NoCards - No Fiat- No Fees. Buy, Sell and manage your crypto over 60popularCurrencies in one place. We have built a fully functionalandsecure platform to manage your crypto portfolio. Our liveAppdirectly connects customers with local and international brandsbyallowing users to spend crypto with ease using ourcutting-edgetechnology. The retailer API connected with the Appissues instante-codes, which can be scanned at checkout or redeemedonlineglobally at major brands. TechBank Loyalty Program Big andsmallmerchants anywhere in the world can now start a cryptoortraditional loyalty programme in minutes using our APP. Canyourisk losing your customers because you don’t have aloyaltyprogram? The Pareto Principle states that on average,roughly 20%of a business’s customers account for 80% of itsrevenues. Whilethe actual breakdown varies depending on yourbusiness model, yourmost loyal customers always account for most ofyour future freecash flow. Most business leaders also understandthe value ofloyalty programs, at least in theory. Nearly anyone cantell youthat it costs more to acquire a new customer — five to 25timesmore, depending on who you ask — than to keep an existing one,andloyal customers tend to spend more with a brand than newcustomers.In other words, building a loyal customer base shouldhave asignificant impact on a firm’s bottom line cash flow andprofit.The TechBank shopping platform and ecosystem is notaproof-of-concept - it's been fully-functioning since Jan 2017whichis why we already have numerous testimonials from people alloverthe world who have already shopped and saved with TechBank.Checkour website
With the advent of mobile devices, ourworkhabits have changed.Indeed, more and more enterprise applications must beaccessedthrough mobile platforms.Users want to access their workstations easily without havingtoremember several different passwords.To help them access easily their workstation(s) andenterpriseapplications, Evidian has created an application formobiledevices: QRentry.QRentry enables you to access your applications with yourmobiledevice. Your applications are launched in an integrated webbrowserwithout having to sign-in.QRentry allows you to use your own mobile device to log ontoWindows:* Nothing to memorize. Just flash the QR Code and QRentrywillauthenticate you through the network.* You have several workstations and do not want to enter apasswordfor each of them. QRentry enables you to control yourworkstationsand open their Windows sessions.QRentry allows you to use your own mobile device to log ontoWindows until normal access is restored. In this case, QRentryisan emergency access solution extremely easy to implement andveryefficient:* Nothing to memorize. QRentry will provide you with aone-timecode.* Your workstation is disconnected from the network? Yourmobiledevice does not get a signal? QRentry works anyway.You can also use QRentry to store personal data: Wi-Fikeys,license number, private passwords... QRentry securely storesthemin your own mobile device.QRentry only works with Evidian Authentication ManagerandEvidian SSO Web Portal. Please, don't install or post acommentabout this application if you don't have one of theseproductsinstalled.For more information about Evidian, visit
A simple, secure cybersecurity solution in the palm of yourhand.This LoginTC app works with LoginTC-enabled digital assets(VPNs,websites or applications) to protect your logins viatwo-factorauthentication in three easy steps: receive, decide,unlock. Usersreceive an administrator-issued Activation Code toestablish acredential in the LoginTC app. The app, which acts as acredentialmanager, allows users to store multiple tokens for accesstomultiple LoginTC-enabled assets and accounts. Access requestswillpop up on your phone via wireless push notification. Approveordeny with the tap of a finger!
Accountancy Futures magazine 1.2.2489.893
Accountancy Futures explores the critical issues facingtomorrow’sfinancial professionals. Produced jointly by alliancepartners ACCAand Chartered Accountants ANZ, the magazine takes aforward-lookingview on issues such as ethics, technology, trade,regulation,corporate culture, audit, tax and regulation, looking inparticularhow changes in one area might impact another. Primeministers, CFOsand auditor generals from around the world are amongtop-levelinterviewees featured on its pages.
Fiskl Small Business Invoicing 3.16.10
Fiskl Limited
Manage your business’ day to day finances like a pro!Entrepreneurs,small businesses and start-ups can now easily domobile invoicingand time entries on the go. Stay organised, boostproductivity andsave time with Fiskl. No trial period necessary,Fiskl’s LifetimeFree Account is free forever! Just download andstart invoicing. TheFree Account is limited to one user and isavailable on any device,whether you are at your desk or on the go.Fiskl is the companionapp for the Fiskl web platform– a day to day financialproductivity application for freelancers,entrepreneurs and smallbusinesses. Use Fiskl to: - Invoice locallyor internationally -over 150 currencies supported and 60 invoicelanguages - Createrecurring invoices and payments and let us doall the work - Quotelocally or internationally - Know yourbusiness status - at a glancebusiness dashboard - Easily reviewand plan for your day - Manageexpenses - instant mobile expensescanning with automated textextraction - Track client time on thego - Track mileage (with Mapsintegration) - Manage products &services - Organise your tasksand calendar We are 100% mobile
Old National Bank
Mobile banking allows you to complete financial transactionsfromthe convenience of your mobile device: check balances,transferfunds, pay bills, locate branches and ATMs, or contact us.Ourmobile banking app provides the ease needed to manage yourfinancesfor your everyday life. Old National Bank's Mobile BankingAppprovides quick, easy, and secure access to your accounts –anytime,anywhere. Customers can access their important Old NationalBankfinancial information securely, right from their fingertips.•Account Balance • Account History • Transfer Funds • DepositChecks• Pay Bills • ATM / Branch Locator • Contact Us Banking onthe gowith Old National Bank's Mobile Banking App is safe andsecure.
Currencies Direct: international money transfers 5.92
Transfer your money across the globe easily, securely, and atthebest rate without the hassle and fees (hidden or otherwise)thatyou’d have when dealing with a bank. Whether you need to getmoneyto a family member, pay an overseas bill, or are buying ahouse,our app makes it as simple and straightforward as possible sothatyou can do it all on the move, with zero worries. -Transferringmoney is simple, easy, secure, and can be done at thetouch of abutton - We don’t charge you any fees – hidden orotherwise – whenyou transfer money using our service - Our ‘RateAlerts’ tell youwhen your selected currency hits your perfectexchange rate,allowing you to trade when it’s best for you - Weprovidebank-beating exchange rates (we compare against the bankseverymonth using the International Money Transfer Index IMTI™)-Thousands of people trust us every month to help themtransfermoney across the globe - Unsure of the specifics or need alittlemore help? Our offline service (over the phone) can helpguide youthrough the foreign exchange process and make sure you getthe bestbang for your buck
Ingeteam Solar Monitoring 2.0.6
Ingeteam’s application to monitor solar PV plantsandself-consumption systems, with or without batteries. TheINGECONSUN Monitor application enables immediate access to all thedataregarding energy generation, consumption and storage, shown onadaily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Furthermore, the usercanalso remotely monitor the status of any alarm that the systemmayshow.
UNFCU Digital Banking 2.2.3
The UNFCU Digital Banking mobile app allows you to securelymanageyour UNFCU accounts from your smartphone or tablet: • Viewthecurrent balance and transactions conducted in the last 90 daysforeach of your UNFCU savings and checking accounts, creditcards,loans and mortgages. • Make UNFCU loan, credit card, andUSmortgage payments. • Borrow against your line(s) of credit.•Transfer funds to other accounts at UNFCU or at otherfinancialinstitutions. • Apply for a new loan or track the statusof anexisting application. • Securely deposit checks with apictureusing Remote Check Deposit. To access your UNFCU accounts onthisapp you must first enroll in Digital Banking at then log in with the username and password that youcreate.Note to current UNFCU Mobile Banking users: After youdownload thisDigital Banking app, please uninstall the UNFCU MobileBanking app.
FieldNET 21.8.2
FieldNET® by Lindsay puts you in total control. Gain fast,easyaccess to your entire irrigation operation. As yourfullyintegrated remote irrigation management tool, FieldNET letsyouview and control your systems from virtually anywhere. It alladdsup to less time in the field, more efficient utilizationofresources and greater control of your operation.-----DASHBOARDFEATURES----- The dashboard design offers a moreuser-friendlyexperience with improved access, visibility andcontrol. •Real-time monitoring and control of pivots and laterals •Pivotstatus icon and performance indicators • View current positionofequipment • Pump and accessory control • Start, stop andchangeequipment direction • Set speed with percent rate,applicationdepth, or full circle time • Enable/Disable auto-reverseandauto-restart • Enter service stop location -----EQUIPMENTLISTFEATURES----- View important operational information fromtheequipment list so you can validate the performance ofmultiplemachines quickly without having to drill down to theequipmentdashboard. • View RTU communication status • Stop multiplepivotssimultaneously • Pivot status icon and performance indicators•Search for equipment by type, name, or group -----MAPFEATURES-----Get a high level overview of the entire operation ordrill down andlook at performance data for specific systems. If theinformationpresented in the quick tray requires action, simplyclick and betaken to the dashboard immediately. • Customizable mapview • Stopmultiple pivots simultaneously • Pivot status icon andperformanceindicators • Search for equipment by type, name, orgroup -----ENDGUN FEATURES----- FieldNET takes advantage ofsatellite imagery andthe touch capabilities of the mobile device togive users numerousways to interact. • Edit end guns over asatellite image of thefield • Enable/disable end guns at the touchof a button • Use thenudge buttons for maximum precision •Interactive touchcapabilities make adjustments easy ----ADDITIONALFEATURES---- •Demo mode to try the app without a FieldNET account •Efficientalert delivery with push notifications • Customizable withlightand dark themes • Customize alert and delivery preferences
Softworks Self Service App 6.0.12
Softworks time and attendance, scheduling and absencemanagementmobile app allows employees to clock in and out on theirsmartphones wherever they are and includes their GPS location. Toenablethis application your business must already useSoftworksSolutions. Using Softworks Mobile Employee Self Serviceemployeescan; • Clock In or Out (with GPS location). • View rosters/workschedules. • Book absences and holidays/vacations. • Viewbalancedetails in relation to leave entitlements, clocking historyandcurrent flexitime balances. • View Team Calendar. • Receiveemailalerts when requests are made, approved or rejected. Linemanagersand supervisors can easily view their team’s time sheetsandapprove or deny absence requests with the click of a button.
#1 Crew-only payroll app that lets you send or spend moneyanywherein theworld. Choose from multiple ways to send money home.-Send toyou or your family member’s bank -Send cash for pickup to130+countries -Send to a bank every payroll Keep your moneysecure.-Protect your money with our secure video selfie login-FDICinsured and protected by Visa/Mastercard Zero Liability Gethelpwhen you need it. -Message support directly from the app -Getyourquestioned answered 24 hours a day, 7 days week