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War Strategy 2.1
Widow Games
MAIN FEATURES:🎮 ON-LINE MULTIPLAYER FEATURE! Play againstthousandsof players on-line, regardless of the device (Android oriOS)📱Local Multiplayer vs A.I.Play alone against theArtificialIntelligence!📱 Local Multiplayer vs other players(pass-and-play!)Create games of up to 3 people (and up to 6 if youbuy the Premiumversion!) and play against your friends on yourdevice, like on aboard.Each game is different, there are always newchallenges!+ 2GAME MODES: 🌎Fight for WORLD DOMINATION or 🎯Try to bethe first toachieve your SECRET OBJECTIVE🔓 More than 25unlockableachievements!+ RULES Similar to those of the well-knownstrategyboard game with ROTATING TURNS, so that fights are even andnobodyhas disadvantages!+ COMPATIBILITY Available for Android andiOSdevices: phones and tablets