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CVS/pharmacy 5.9.0
CVS Pharmacy
Staying healthy. Saving time. Spending less. The officialCVSPharmacy® app makes them all easier. Here’s how: Checkout.Easier.• Get ExtraCare® deals, pick up scripts and pay in a singlescan. •Enjoy 1-tap Rx checkout after the first time you prepay foryourprescription. Running errands. Easier. • Pay for yourprescriptionsin app and choose to have them delivered once they'reready at thepharmacy. Saving money. Easier. • Get app-only dealsand access allof your offers when you link your ExtraCare card. •Opt in tonotifications so you never miss a deal. Receive photo andRxupdates too. • Pre-shop local store sales with myWeekly Ad. •Enjoyfree 2-day shipping on app orders (restrictions apply).Refillingand picking up prescriptions. Easier. • Order refills andtrackthem on the go. • Scan a barcode in the app for easier,privatepickup. Turn landscape to sign. • View your prescriptionhistory. •Check for drug interactions and information. Printingphotos.Easier. • Order prints from your phone or Facebook forsame-daypickup (select stores and products). Family health care.Easier. •Find a nearby MinuteClinic® walk-in clinic. • View waittimes andhold a place in line (restrictions apply). • Checkservices andinsurance. To access all of these great features,please be sureyour device is running the latest OS. We supportAndroid versions5.0 and higher. Please note: Continued use of GPSrunning inbackground can decrease phone battery life.
Farmácias de Serviço .net
1000 Empresas
The web site Farmácias de Serviç brings the reliability ofit'sservice to the Android platform. Now you can get the ondutyPharmacies in Portugal, with their respective location andcontactinformation, always available on your Android phone.Features: -Set your home town for a quick access to its on dutyPharmacies -Search for on duty pharmacies all over Portugal - Getthe list ofthe Portuguese pharmacies closest to you, using yourdevice'slocation - Get a list of pharmacies organized by theirstatus,including those only open during regular business hours -Contactthe pharmacies directly from the App For more information,go to:
Netmeds App – India’s Trusted Online Pharmacy App 7.7
With Netmeds app, getting the medicine you need is simple.Downloadthe easy-to-use Netmeds App to conveniently order yourmedicinesfrom anywhere, at anytime. Just tap the App, upload yourrequiredmedications, and your order will be delivered anywhere inIndia.Running out of your vital medicines can wreak havoc on yourhealth.Use the Netmeds healthcare app to Order/Refill YourMedicines,Consult a Doctor Online, Store Your Medical Records,Track YourOrder, Rate Items, Check Reward Points, Refer YourFriends &Earn or Contact Us on the go! Netmeds App key featuresFind belowNetmeds App’s features that ensure a quick, easy,anduser-friendly ordering process while saving you more! BuyMedicinesOnline – Doorstep Delivery We’re proud to be the onlyonlinepharmacy to deliver to any location in India. Download theNetmedsApp to shop ‘faster’ for all your medicines at the touch ofa fewbuttons. Money-Saving Medicine Deals – 24/ 7/367 You get toscoresubstantial savings on your online medicine purchases throughoureveryday Amazing offers: Doctors Online 24x7 | FREE Follow-up Consultation Haveanurgent medical question? With Netmeds App, you caninstantlyCall/Chat with top specialist doctors online across Indiafromanywhere, at anytime. FREE Access to Health Information Geteasyaccess to the reliable medicine information @ yourfingertips.Plus, explore a wealth of trustworthy healthinformationthat’s designed to help you make better decisions aboutyourhealth.  Timely Medicine Refill Reminders When you arecloseto running out of your regular medicines, Netmeds willsendyou a message to restock your medicines. It’s easy to orderyourrefill medicines – Just one click and your refill order isdone.Find All About Your Order Conveniently track your order statusinreal time, straight from the palm of your hand! Securelyaccessyour order history or view reward points/notifications inYourAccount on the go. Shop with Ease & Save Your TimeJustinstantly upload your required medicines & leave the resttoour dedicated pharmacists - they’ll reach out to you promptly.OurAwards Ranked as ‘Asia’s Most Promising Brand2018’ byInt+ WCRC International. Named ‘Best DigitalHealthcare Start-up’by ET Now World Health and Wellness Congress in2019. Recognised byET Now World Health and Wellness Congress as‘Digital HealthcareCompany of the year’ in 2019. Voted as one ofthe 50 MostInfluential e-Commerce Professionals of India byE-commerceSummit and Awards 2019. Won Global Adjustments’ IndiaLiving Award– named as ‘Business Innovator of the Year’ 2018.Winner of the ZeeBusiness Dare to Dream Award - named as ‘Emergingcompany of theyear’ 2018. Awarded ‘Game changer of India ’ byEconomic Timesin 2018. Named as ‘Asia's Most Promising Brand’ –WCRC in 2018. Inthe News Find below some of our topheadlines: Netmeds App is brought to you by NetmedsMarketplaceLimited, founded by Dadha Company – one of the oldestpharmacies inIndia, trusted for quality medicines since 1914.Netmeds continues alegacy of 100 years of success in thehealthcare industry, providingcustomers with a superior onlineshopping experience, which includesease of navigation and absolutetransactional security. Netmeds, India’s first-ever megaonline pharmacy,offers a complete range of medicines andover-the-counteritems, including vitamins, diet/fitnesssupplements, herbalproducts, pain relievers, mother careproducts, beauty careproducts, and many more.  Netmeds’mission is to provide thepeople of India with convenient &affordable access to theireveryday medicines.
Express Scripts 11.2.1
Managing your medicine is easier when our app does it for you.Thenewly designed Express Scripts app lets you easily and quicklyfindeverything you need for your medicine. It’s like havingaknowledgeable pharmacist in your pocket. Find a preferredpharmacy,refill your prescription and check your orderstatus—anytime,anywhere. Whatever you’re looking for, find itfaster on theExpress Scripts mobile app. • Order refills for you oryour family• Track orders • Start automatic refills • Access IDcard You musthave an Express Scripts prescription benefit planthrough yourhealth insurance or plan sponsor to use this app. Thisapp and/orsome if the features described may not be available forall plansor benefit types.
Medicaments au Maroc 1.3
Cette application vous permet de connaître le prix devotremédicament avant de les acheter dans les pharmacies, en plusdutype, la composition et la famille de ce médicament, etvoustrouverez tout ce chemin facile et simple et sans Internet.Thisapplication lets you know the price of your medication beforeyoubuy them in pharmacies, in addition to the type, compositionandthe family of this medicine and you find everything easy andsimpleway and without the Internet.
Familiprix - My Pharmacy 2.1.6
The Familiprix My Pharmacy app is a new way to manage yourhealthand that of your loved ones. It’s like having your pharmacistatyour service all day long. Wherever you are, you can getyourprescriptions and those of your family refilled. Say goodbyetoforgetting something important—My Assistant is there to remindyouthroughout your day-to-day life. Our system of reminders willmakesure you don’t forget to take your medication, refillyourprescriptions, or make an appointment with your doctor to getnewones. In a few easy steps you can send your pharmacist a photoofyour prescription as you’re leaving the doctor’s office. Andtheapp’s geolocation system makes it easy to find the pharmacynearestyou. Keep your Health Profile up to date with a photo ofyourhealth insurance card and your contact information. It’s alsoeasyto manage your dependents’ files right there on yourprofile.Looking for more information on a disease or medication?Find it inthe app’s Health Zone or Prescriptions section. TheFamiliprix MyPharmacy app is a safe and secure way to make yourlife easier!
BETTY Pharmacy 1.0.5
Are you taking your vitamins regularly? When is your nextmedicalexamination? BETTY Pharmacy is an application for you – theactiveperson with a dynamic daily routine, the athlete who followsahealthy diet or a patient with chronic disease. We are here tohelpyou not to miss the regular intake of food supplements,medicines,preventive medical examinations and regular visits to aspecialist!We'll take care of all this and your good health will nolonger beso stressful and tiring.
 BETTY Pharmacy will remind youabout yourmedication whether it’s a short-term treatment or a longtherapy.We will make sure that you don’t miss your daily dose ofvitaminsor your blood pressure pill. The ladies can be sure theyhave theirbirth control pill on time. All you need to do is select“Addreminder for taking medicine”. Then, enter a name, dosage andatwhat hours you should take it. You have a dentist appointmentafterthree weeks? No problem! Enter in the "Alarm" section andselect"New reminder for medical examination". “Take Me” is a afeaturethat you should try right away if you want to get aprofessionaladvice, great service or simply find the closest BETTYpharmacy inyour country. If you’re on a business trip or vacation,theinteractive map will show you the closest pharmacy and suggestyouthe most convenient route to it. What more do we offer? In theappyou will find: - Wide range of our own BETTY labelproductsproduced by the best European manufacturers and carefullyselectedfor us and our customers; - Useful information for eachproductfrom our label offered by all BETTY pharmacies; - A specialsection“Recommendation of the month” that will give you a list ofseasonalproducts at a special price that you can find in allBETTYpharmacies; - Interview with a popular person from the latestissueof our BETTY magazine, useful health tips and manyinterestingarticles. That’s not all! - If you want to learn moreabout us andwhat we can offer, you are welcome to visit forBulgaria, for Serbia, forBosnia and Herzegovina and for Macedonia!
All-night Chemist's Canary 1.1.20
Quickly find the all-night chemist's anywhere in theCanaries.Indicates the province, island area and displayed thepharmacy nameand address where we can pinpoint your location on amap, telephoneor share information by courier. The informationdisplayed ispublished by the College of Pharmacists of Santa Cruzde Tenerifeand the College of Pharmacists of Las Palmas so we arenotresponsible for possible errors and misinformation that mayappearafter confirmation.
Prix des Médicaments Pharmacie
L’Application offline qui vous permet de connaitre le prix deplusde 15 000 médicaments vendus en pharmacie sans vous déplacer.Pasbesoin de connexion internet ! Vous pouvez aussi envoyer lesprixpar SMS, Email, etc… Le prix de chaque médicament est donné enFcfaet en Euro(€). Pour toutes demandes de Partenariat ouRemarquesconstructives, n’hésitez pas à envoyer un mailà The offline application that letsyouknow the price of more than 15,000 drugs sold in pharmacieswithoutmoving. No need for internet connection! You can also sendpricesby SMS, Email, etc ... The price of each drug is given inCFAfrancs and Euros (€). For inquiries Partnership orconstructiveremarks, please send an email
Farmacias Ahora! Zaragoza 1.3.2
Application that lets you know which chemist's around you areOPENNOW!. This app provides optimal results 24 hours a day and 365daysa year, taking into account all chemist's in the city ofZaragoza,including chemist's on duty and those with extendedtimetables(data from 'Official Chemist Association of Zaragoza').It is notworth memorizing complicated schedules and dutytimetables!Theapplication shows over the city map the openedchemist's around theuser on real time, and also in a list orderedby distance. It alsoprovides useful information for eachestablishment including theirtelephone, address and today's andregular timetable, allowingcalls to chemist's directly from theapplication. A list of usefultelephone numbers is also availableand users can generate routesby car or on foot to the desireddestination.
medicine.medsonway 3.1
With our Medsonway: Online Medicine Delivery App, you can nowordermedicine online at your fingertips. One of the top-ratedMedicinedelivery app on Google Play Store brings the discountedpharmacy toyour home. Our users have made us the best medicinedelivery app inPune. Avoid the long queue at medical store andbuying expensivemedicine. With our app, you can now order medicinein just threesteps and your medicine will reach to you within 24-48hours.Moreover, we promise a discount on your medicine. To startorderingyour medicine, simply search for any product you wish tobuy,choose the quantity and place the order. We will keep you intheloop every hour where your medicine is and at what time it willbedelivered to you once the orders are placed. We totallyunderstandthe risk of ordering medicine online, however, we canpromise youthat we are a fully certified vendor, where everythingwe do adhereto the necessary government compliances. Our authenticsupplierswith the help of our team ensure top quality and easyaccessibilityof medicines. Do not wait for Sunday to visit Pharmacystore, wehave now made it possible to order medicine online in Puneat yourfingertips. Our Vision: To be the largest, most successfuland mostuser-friendly chain of online pharmacies with a pan Indiapresence.To work together with our business partners and offereverydaymedical products and services that help our valuedcustomers leadhealthier, happier lives. Why You Should ChooseMedsonWay: OnlineMedicine Delivery App 15% off on your ordersAuthentic MedicinesM-Coins Reward Loyalty Points AssuredAvailability Easy MonthlyRefills Live Order Tracking Free HomeDelivery Within 24-48 HrsMultiple Payment Options(CASH/CARD/ONLINE) No Minimum Order Orderyour Medicine in JustThree Steps: UPLOAD PRESCRIPTION OR SEARCH& ORDER ENTERDELIVERY ADDRESS AND PLACE ORDER GET A CALL FROMOUR PHARMACIST TEAMFOR ORDER CONFIRMATION Most Simple Way To OrderMedicine In Pune •Using our Medsonway App take the picture of yourmedicine and placean order through our app • We will send you livetracking of yourorder status through SMS and push notifications. •‘My Orders’section on the app have all details of your order. •For any queriesour customer care are always there your solve yourproblem. FeelingLazy? Just give us a call on 020 48521122
Mc Pharmacy 2.0.0
Mc Pharmacy App The following improvements have been made totheMerchant Application : 1. Pharmacies get notified whencustomersplace an order. 2. Pharmacies can update the order statusandimmediately the customer gets notified about it 3. Pharmaciescantrack "Completed" orders, to help estimate sales, volume, etc.
Pharmacy-One 0.1.26
Pharmacy One Company has developed a new mobile applicationforcustomers to contact all its branches around Jordan and reachitswide variety of services, including: • Searching for medicinesandchecking and locating drug availability across branches •Sendingprescriptions to branches to save time on customers andensure thattheir requests are ready before they arrive to thebranch • HelpingPharmacy One customers organize their medicineintake through anin-app schedule that also sends reminders • Theapplicationprovides the largest health guide in Jordan, includinglists,contact details and information of all physicians, hospitalsandhealth facilities available around the country • Theapplicationhas a chatting service for customers to directly contactPharmacyOne staff from different departments • App users canobtaininformation relevant to the drugs available at Pharmacy One,suchas description, ingredients and instructions for use •Theapplication helps customers locate the nearest PharmacyOnebranches, and obtain the contact details and address of eachbranch
BM Pharmacy 1.5.13
BM Pharmacy App The following improvements have been made totheMerchant Application : 1. Pharmacies get notified whencustomersplace an order. 2. Pharmacies can update the order statusandimmediately the customer gets notified about it 3. Pharmaciescantrack "Completed" orders, to help estimate sales, volume, etc.
com.marg.pharmanxt 2019_08_13
PharmaNxt - Free Pharma Helpline Download/Search Banned ItemListFor Retail Chemist : This app is very useful forChemists,Pharmacists and Medical Stores. Chemists can search fromover 3lakh Items with their salts and composition, its substitutesandnearby suppliers on the basis of its selected location. 3LakhMedicines : Just type the medicine name and get all therelatedinformation. No, doubt we have the biggest database and itkeepsincreasing by the time with the help of Marg Compusoft Pvt.Ltd.,40% distributors & 60% retailers are using MARG softwarefortheir Inventory & Accounting management. We are planningtoincrease this database to 5 Lakh+ medicines in next 6 monthsbyupdating all local medicines with the help of MARG CompusoftPvt.Ltd. Substitutes : Helpline will show all the possiblesubstitutesfor the item searched. The search will also showsubstitutes sortedon strength, unit and m.r.p. of the item. Forexample if the userhas searched a 50mg tablet, the helpline willshow all the 50mgtablets with same composition. This is followed bysame compositionwith different units like syrup, capsule etc. Thesesubstitutes maybe 50-90% cheaper than what you’re searching.Information: Useralso gets Information of salts and how it workswith expert'sadvice. Side Effects: Know about the medicine's sideeffects, ifany, for a particular state of the patient likepregnancy etc.. ForDistributors & Wholesalers : Distributorscan feed theircomplete profile with the companies they are dealingin, so thatthe Chemist can get information. This information can befed For Manufacturers : ManufacturingCompanies canfeed their complete information with itemsmanufactured, their saltcompositions and distributors, so thatchemist can get information.This information can be fed Search Keyword :Pharma Helpline, PharmaceuticalHelpline, Pharma Info,Pharmaceutical Info, Drug Helpline, DrugInfo, Drug Information,Drug Index, Medicine Dictionary, MedicineInfo, MedicineInformation, Medicine Helpline, Medical Index,Medical Dictionary,Medical Info, Medical Information, MedicalHelpline, drug guide,medicine guide, medical guide, pharma guide,drug guide, Marghelpline.
Dikir Farmasi 1.0
CPF Kelantan
Features : * Introduction to Dikir Farmasi.* Dikir Farmasisongsplayer.* Links to "Sketsa Wokyoh, Samad & Said" Youtubevideos.
Medicamentos 1.2
ArminCL Devs
Extenso catalogo con medicamentos, instrucciones y dosis.Navegaciónpor nombre, droga o acción.Vademecum.Fuente: ManualFarmaceutico deMDs Ediciones.Extensive catalog with medication anddosageinstructions.Browse by name, drug oraction.Vademecum.Source: Manualof MDs Pharmaceutical Publishing.
GPC Mobile 11.6
GPC Mobile is a simple and convenient application for GPCPharmacyChain customers. It does not require any additionalregistration,just download and run it.Features:• Receive news aboutGPC eventsand promotions.• Search GPC pharmacies located near youor in yourcity.• Get the information about medicals available atGPC PharmacyChain.• Find out what services are offered by GPCExpress Clinics.•Check out collected points on GPC loyalty card.•Place a call tothe GPC hotline.• Shoot, upload, print out photos inthe GPCPharmacy Chain.• Pill reminder - create and manage remindersthatalert you when it's time to take your medications andvitamins.•Electronic hedge card (new)• Register new electronichedgecardThank you in advance for using GPC Mobile Application.Youractivity helps and motivates us to improve the quality ofourservices.
Istanbul Pharmacy on Duty 0.0.1
You can reach to all the pharmacies in Istanbul in the fastestandthe right way, the name, phone, address information ofthepharmacies of the day for the district you are looking for; Youcando a quick phone call and you will find the pharmacy on the mapandyou can access transportation information from thenearestway.Districts;Adalar, Arnavutköy, Ataşehir, Avcılar,Bağcılar,Bahçelievler, Bakırköy, Başakşehir, Bayrampaşa, Beşiktaş,Beykoz,Beylikdüzü, Beyoğlu, Büyükçekmece, Çatalca, Çekmeköy,Esenler,Esenyurt, Eyüp, Fatih, Gaziosmanpaşa, Güngören, Kadıköy,Kağıthane,Kartal, Küçükçekmece, Maltepe, Pendik, Sancaktepe,Sarıyer,Silivri, Sultanbeyli, Sultangazi, Şile, Şişli, Tuzla,Ümraniye,Üsküdar ve Zeytinburnu.
Cyprus Pharmacy Guide 6.3.2-42-2019.01.07
Cyprus Pharmacy Guide for ANDROID The Cyprus Pharmacy Guide isamust-have app for everyone living in (or traveling to) Cyprus.Itincludes a geotagged directory of all pharmacies in Cyprus,alongwith an always updated list of on-call pharmacies. Theapplicationdata (pharmacy directory) are stored on the device soyou can enjoythe application even without an active Internetconnection.Features: - Includes all pharmacies in Cyprus - Showson-callpharmacies - Click on a pharmacy's address to view it on amap orget directions - Click on a pharmacy's phone number to dial-Search for nearby pharmacies - Easily share specific pharmaciesviaemail, SMS, etc. - Native UI for English, Greek, French andGermanlanguages - Search functionality (see screenshots) For moredetail,please view our webpage:
BFA Santé 2.1.3
BFA Santé met à votre disposition, les centres et lesspécialistesde santé et les pharmacies du Burkina Faso.Trouver lesinformationssur les cliniques, hôpitaux, pharmacies et les médecinsn'a jamaisété aussi facile.Localiser une clinique ou une pharmacieestdevenue plus simple.Accédez facilement aux:- Pharmacies degarde(Ouagadougou, Bobo, Kaya, Tenkodogo)- Cliniques (OuagadougouetBobo)- Médecins du Burkina.les autres villes du Burkinasontajoutées au fur et à mesure.BFA Health offers, centers andhealthspecialists and pharmacies in Burkina Faso.Find informationonclinics, hospitals, pharmacies and doctors has neverbeeneasier.Locate a clinic or pharmacy has becomesimpler.Easilyaccess:- Drugstores (Ouagadougou, Bobo, Kaya,Tenkodogo)- Clinics(Ouagadougou and Bobo)- Doctors in Burkina.othercities in Burkinaare added to progressively.
Antibiotics 3.0
It contains: 1 -Almost all the antibiotics, wellclassifiedaccording to their mode of action. -Each antibiotic isdescribedaccording to its: *Description, *Pharmacology, *Dosage&Indication, *Side effects, *Effect on pregnancy and Lactationandlastly *Patient education. -Diseases and Guidelines. Theguidelinesare published by Kerry L. LaPlante, professor ofpharmacy,university of Rhode Island, Kingstone, adjunct professorofmedicine. and reviewed by many other doctors.
Pharma Guide MCQs 1.0
Dhshan Pharma
* Pharma Guide® MCQs App is a soft edition of Pharma Guide®MCQBook, the App and book contains more than 1000 MCQs about basicandclinical pharmacology.* Pharma Guide® is a basic andclinicalPharmacology book developed by Pharmacist Dhshan HassanDhshansince 2011.* Pharma Guide® MCQs book; is a one of theserieseditions of Pharma Guide® Book contains only MCQs withillustratedanswers. * MCQs main references; - Pharmacology (12th& 14theditions) PreTest Self-Assessment and Review-LippincottIllustrated Reviews: Pharmacology (6th Edition)- Katzung&Trevor’s Pharmacology Examination & Board Review 11thEdition.-Pharmacology Test Prep; Mario Babbini and Mary Thomas,2015Edition.* Answers references; Pharma Guide® Original. * ThisApp issuitable for;- Medical students; for faculty exams.-Postgraduatestudents; for evaluation exams (such as; USMLE, NAPLEX,FPGEE,PEBC, APEC and others)* This App provides you;-Edutainment.-Competition by collecting points.- Self-confidencebefore theexam.* App features;- MCQs are arrangement accordingchapters- MCQsare arrangement according question level; Easy (*),Medium (**),Hard (***). - Answers are summarized after finishing.-If you needanswer illustration; post the question screenshot fromyour phonescreen to Pharma Guide Developers group on Facebook.- Youcan sendFeedback.- You can see and join to App global score.- ThisAppprovide you a help during play; by1) Delete two answers.2)Anadditional 50 seconds.3) Skip the question
Farmasi 2.0
Gérez toute votre activité Farmasi à partir d’une seuleapplicationL’application FARMASI vous permet de : - Parrainer unconsultant -Consulter vos statistiques - Suivre vos objectifsmensuels -Accéder au plan marketing - Visualiser le derniercatalogue enhaute définition - Gérer votre réseau Ne ratez pas lesnouveautésFARMASI en restant connectés avec les notificationsPush(évènements, promos, challenges…). Manage all your Farmasiactivityfrom a single application The Farmasi application allowsyou to: -Sponsor a consultant - Consult your statistics - Trackyour monthlygoals - Access the marketing plan - View the latestcatalog in highdefinition - Manage your network Do not miss Farmasinews and stayconnected with Push Notifications (events, specialchallenges ...).
app42867.vinebre 9.2
Con esta aplicación podrás obtener beneficios exclusivos y accederainformación de tu interés. Conocer precios orientativos(sindescuento) gracias a la pagina K@irosArgentina( Ademas realizar Pedidos Online,utilizarnuestro Whatsapp, y otros beneficios mas. With thisapplication youcan obtain exclusive benefits and access informationof yourinterest. Know indicative prices (without discount) thanksto thepage K @ iros Argentina ( Also makeonlineorders, use our WhatsApp, and other benefits.
Pharmdex 1.2.1
Pharmdex serves as an alternative to pharmacologydirectory,pharmaceutical representative and an online pharmacyknowledgebase. This app is aimed at students, healthcareprofessionals andpharmaceutical industry.With our regularlyupdating database, westrive to provide our users with up to dateknowledge of drugs andtheir different features. Though this is notan alternative to textbook and is not supposed to be used like one,we have certifieddoctors looking after the database and editing andchangingoutdated entries. Our aim is to provide our users withquickestaccess to pharmacology nomenclature so that they never goblank intheir daily work.
Digidaroo 3.71
Tenth window software company has been in the business of(providingsoftware solutions) for the past (3 years). We haveawell-established track record and our software and serviceshavealways met with great customer satisfaction. You can reviewsome ofthe projects that were successfully implemented by ourcreativeteam at the end of this introductory.We would like to offerourability to create multi-platform softwares to any one whoisinterested to get the attention of wide variety of smart phoneanddesktop could start any business model or an ideawithour team or this could be the best marketing strategy foranybusiness which you might already have. Multi-platformtomorrow’sideas today.
Faso Pharmacies 0.3.3
This app allows one to locate pharmacies (whether on duty or not)inBurkina Faso (currently Ouagadougou, Bobo Dioulasso andKoudougou).They are sorted, from nearest to farthest and displayedon a map.One can also dial their phone number, or share the listwithfriends.--Quick User Guide--1. Set global parameters: yourinsurance(if any) and whether you want to conduct your search onallpharmacies or duty pharmacies only. Depending on day and time,themost appropriate option is automatically set by default.2. Findthenearest pharmacies (default: 5) by tapping on the magnifyingglass.This uses GPS.The Group button displays all pharmacies inany givencity (no GPS, no distance, and no search resultslimit).Tapping themap icon displays your search results on a map,one red marker bypharmacy. Tap the marker to get the pharmacyname. Tap once more todial. If GPS was used, a blue dot shows yourcurrentlocation.Finally, tap the share button to share the listwithfriends.More details on follow us onFacebook: yourpharmacy notregistered? Did you spot an error? Need morefeatures?Drop-me anemail:
com.pocketprep.ptcb 4.7.0
The Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE®), created bythePharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB®), assessesknowledgethat is critical to pharmacy technicians. The content isorganizedinto nine knowledge areas. The PTCE® is a two-hour,multiplechoice, computer-based exam. Candidates have one hour and50minutes to answer 90 questions. Pocket Prep’s pharmacytechnicianpractice test app is a powerful exam simulator thatallows you tocreate customized practice tests with detailed answerexplanationsfor every question. View your results and exam historywith just afew taps. Study anywhere, anytime without Internetconnectivity.The app utilizes the “spacing effect” to enhance yourlearningcapability. You’ll space out your studying into shorter,moreproductive study sessions which allow your brain to retainmoreinformation. Simply tell the app how many questions you wanttotake, enable the timer, and filter exam content to createtheperfect study experience. PTCE® Exam Prep Features: • Twopracticemodes: Simulation and Study • Automatic test saving andretrieval •Detailed historic results analysis • Optimized forphones &tablets • In-app messaging to our experts • Question ofthe Day •Study reminders • Exam day countdown PTCE® Test KnowledgeAreas: Wetake each exam and break it down into knowledge areas sothat youcan filter your study sessions based on your needs. -Pharmacologyfor Technicians - Pharmacy Law and Regulations -Sterile andNon-sterile Compounding - Medication Safety - PharmacyQualityAssurance - Medication Order Entry and Fill Process -PharmacyInventory Management - Pharmacy Billing and Reimbursement-Pharmacy Information Systems Usage and Application Why studywithPocket Prep? Our team of writers and editors meticulouslycraftpractice questions and detailed answer explanations with youinmind. Your success is our success. We’re dedicated to bringingyouthe best content that will help you achieve more. Our appisupdated with the latest exam standards and is ready for2018testing. Free With Download - 60 free practice questions - 30freebonus questions through social media - 14 days of free Questionofthe Day Premium Upgrade - 800 total practice questions withPremiumupgrade - Priority email support - The Premium upgrade isaone-time purchase and not a subscription! Since 2011, PocketPrephas been the leader in mobile test prep and has helped overfivemillion students and professionals achieve more. You’redestinedfor success. Pocket Prep will help you get there. PTCE® isaregistered trademark of the Pharmacy Technician CertificationBoard(PTCB®) and administered exclusively by the PTCB®. Thismaterial isnot endorsed or approved by the PTCB®.
com.gomedii 1.16.1
GoMedii is All-in-One integrated Technology platform which helpstobetter manage chronic illnesses, prescription management&creates a continuum of care with a patient-centric approachunderthe supervision of Doctor & healthcare experts. TheTechnologyplatform enables various stakeholders (Patients, Doctor,Pharmacy,Diagnostics, Healthcare experts) to work as a unit for abetterpatient outcome with 1 stop solution of medicines, labservices,nutrition advice & products, Lifestyle coaching, andclinicalcounseling. GoMedii platform also enables the Doctor tooverview alarger section of his patients. GoMedii is a completehealthcareapp for all your medical needs: - Chronic IllnessManagement -Prescription Management - Buy Medicines Online - BookAppointmentwith Doctors - Consult with Doctors Online - LatestHealth Tips -Manage Health Records & History - 4 Hrs MedicineDelivery -Nutrition Advice & Products - Lifestyle coaching -ClinicalCounseling Services: 1. Chronic Illness Management Care inneed isthe best healthcare indeed. GoMedii provides the goldstandard carefor acute to chronic conditions like- Diabetes,Cancer, HeartDisease, Kidney Diseases, and Asthma. 2. PrescriptionManagementSay goodbye to the hassle of forgetfulness andconfusions. Keepyour prescriptions at one place; stored andaccessible. 5. BuyMedicines Online With GoMedii, you can easily buyprescribedmedicines online without going anywhere. You just need toopen theapp and order the required medicine which you need. 4.BookAppointment with Doctors Focused to improve quality of life.Weprovide emergent healthcare with instant appointment bookingwithbest available doctors. 5. Consult with Doctors OnlineGoMediiprovides an opportunity to connect with the doctors as well.Youcan easily consult with our best and experienced doctors online.6.Latest Health Tips Health doesn’t end or begin with treatment.Itstarts with yourself, gets a specialized care plan for yourselftoprolong sure. 7. Manage Health Records & History Beinghealthyis not enough in modern times, be health secure by securingyourhealth records in safe hands with end to end encryption. 8. 4HoursMedicine Delivery With GoMedii, you can easily get yourmedicineswithin 4 hours, just by tapping on a few buttons – Withoutanyhassle of driving/traffic/parking and the best part is thatyounever have to wait in line again. 9. Nutrition Advice&Products With GoMedii, you can also connect with ourexperiencednutritionist; you can talk to them comfortably and tellabout yourhealth and your diet. 10. Lifestyle coaching You can alsoconnectwith our professional counselor who guides you about yourlifestyleand suggests some therapies, yoga, gym, etc. 11.ClinicalCounseling GoMedii gives you clinical counseling as well.You canask them about what to do if you are facing anyhealth-relatedissues.
inguin - online pharmacy 1.2.1
Inguin, a most trusted healthcare app which provides anonlineintegrated healthcare delivery system for end users andhealthprofessionals. You can order medicines and others healthproductsusing inguin app in few clicks. Save up to 25% on medicinesand 15%on other health products. Features:Buy medicine online-inguin isyour online pharmacy store. Not getting what you want?Just uploadyour prescription using inguin app and order all type ofmedicines,healthcare products and we will get it to you. Selectyourmedication and we’ll show you all information includingsideeffects and doses. Upload prescription- Download inguin appandupload your prescription in three easy steps: open yourapp,capture prescription image using the camera, and upload it.Ifyouhave multiple prescriptions, don’t worry. You can uploadmultipleprescriptions in one shot. You can also edit yourprescription toselect medicine according to your order size. Nominimum ordersize- There is no minimum order size required to placeyour order.Cost effective - Offers and discount are available asper your timepreference. So, you can easily save up to 20% on yourtotalmedications bill.Free and quick home delivery- we doinstantdelivery at your doorstep without any delay with ZeroShippingCharges on all healthcare products and medicines. You justneed toplace your order, and we'll do the rest!Health tips- Inguinalsohelps you to live a healthier life by providing regularhealthtips, precaution, time to time disease awareness, andinformativearticles.Order tracking - You can also track your orderusinginguin app.Inguin follows very specific procedure to checktheauthenticity of prescription. We deliver medicine aftervalidatingprescription. Currently, we deliver medicines inBangalore, Delhi,Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Chennai.Ultimate goal ofinguin is toenable everyone to access health care services in asimple andefficient way at their fingertips
ANA GPAT/NIPER Pharmacy Education 1.6.19
This App connects the candidates to ANA GPAT/NIPERPharmacyEducation Users are given sets of PINs & Passwordswhich theycan use to login, and make use of the selective servicesactivatedby ANA GPAT/NIPER Pharmacy Education. All services mightnot beavailable for all users. Call US : +91-9860390781 |+91-9890222776
Pharmind 3.2
Pharmind is an android app that can help pharmacists,pharmacystudents, physicians, nurses to improve theirmedicationinformation at anytime and from anywhere with moreinterestingactivities included within it. Pharmind also provideseducationalplatform that facilitate the communication betweencommunitypharmacists, hospital pharmacists, clinical pharmacists,under andpostgraduate pharmacy students, clinical researchers,pharmacistswork in pharmaceutical industry, administrativepharmacists andother health care providers via internet, where theycan sharetheir knowledge, expertise and provide valid medicationinformationfor other health care providers and patients accordingto thelatest evidence based information and global guidelines.
com.stefanoandreetta.farmaciediturno 3.1.1
Open Pharmacies is a tool to search and find open pharmaciesnearyou and get informations about opening hours, view the positiononthe map, phone number and address of London, Dublin,Liverpool,Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham, Newcastle, Windsor,Sheffield,Glasgow and al the other countries of England, Wales,Scotland andNorthern Ireland. The app is free and actually supportsGreatBritain and Italy.
SwipeRx - Connecting Pharmacy Professionals 4.5.0
mClinica Inc.
The largest pharmacist exclusive community in Asia SwipeRx is aFREEapplication and the largest community of pharmacyprofessionals inAsia. Thousands of professionals have alreadyjoined SwipeRx tocollaborate with their fellow colleagues, stayup-to-date with thelatest news and announcements from thepharmaceutical industry, findimportant drug information and takeaccredited CPD educationalmodules directly on their mobile phone.FREE FEATURES (*features mayvary in different countries) ★ NewsKeep up with the latestpharmacy-related news, articles, andofficial announcements fromassociations Get new insights andinformation from your fellowcolleagues ★ Collaboration Askquestions and help your fellowcolleagues by answering questionsrelated to the pharmacy practice,patient service, and businesschallenges. ★ Education and CPD/CPESwipeRx collaborates withassociations and universities to providefree education in the formof online CPD modules for SwipeRx users.Now you can earn CPDcredits anywhere, anytime. Free accreditedCPD/CPE modules are nowavailable in Indonesia, the Philippines, andMalaysia. ★ DrugInformation Search from an up-to-date andcomprehensive list ofregistered drugs in the country Find importantinformation andcompare drugs within the palm of your hands. ★ JobOpportunitiesFind exclusive job opportunities for pharmaceuticalprofessionalsfrom the top pharmaceutical companies as well aspharmacies andhospitals. JOIN THE COMMUNITY Web: Facebook: PROBLEMS? FEEDBACK?The moreyou tell us, the better SwipeRx gets. Email:hello@swiperxapp.comAvailable in English, Bahasa Indonesia, BahasaMalaysia, Khmer,Thai and Vietnamese. PrivacyPolicy:
Ask Apollo — Consult Doctors, Order Medicines
Apollo Group presents Ask Apollo, a unified mobileapplicationbringing all services of Apollo group companies underone umbrella.Ask Apollo Mobile app is your one stop destination forallhealthcare and wellness needs. Book Doctor appointment,healthchecks, order medicines or consult a doctor virtually all atyourfingertips. Ask Apollo helps you find your nearest Apollohospital,clinic, pharmacy or diagnostic services so that you canreach outto us seamlessly. With Ask Apollo you can:- * Book AnAppointmentfrom a large pool of Gynecologists, Pediatricians,Dermatologists,Cardiologists, Oncologists among 220+ specialties atApolloHospitals, Clinics, Cradle, Spectra and fertility. *Virtualconsult with your Apollo doctor through Video, Voice orEmail *Order medicines online with Free doorstep delivery *Schedulehealth checkups at diagnostic labs and Apollo diagnosticcentersnear you * Schedule a Homecare visit * Access your medicalrecordsanytime and anywhere * Manage OneApollo membership programandHealth Credits Book An Appointment * With Ask Apollo, youcanschedule doctor appointments near you at Apollo Hospitals,ApolloClinics, Apollo Spectra, Apollo Cradle, Apollo Fertility,ApolloSugar and Apollo Dental. * With a comprehensive list of4000+Apollo doctors, our doctor’s app helps you find your rightdoctoras per your preference. Search as per doctor’s experience andbookyour appointment as per your convenience. Our superspecialistsinclude doctors spanning across Cardiology,Gastroenterology,Neurology, General Surgeon, Cancer Care, FertilitySpecialist,Pulmonologist, Nephrology, Urology, Neurosurgery among220+specialties. Apollo Hospitals: Apollo Hospital Chennai,ApolloHospital Hyderabad, Apollo Hospital Kolkata, Apollo HospitalDelhi,Apollo Hospital Bangalore, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital andothers.Virtual Consult * You can talk to doctors online throughvideoconferencing or connect with them via voice call or email,nomatter where you are in the world. * Connect instantly withApollogeneral physicians to address your primary ailments. Oursuperspecialists include Gynecology, Urology,Psychiatry,Gastroenterology, Neurology among 100+ specialties.Online MedicineOrder * With Ask Apollo, you can order medicines byuploadingprescription or choose from wide range of products invariouscategories like Vitamins and supplements, Baby care,Personal care,Health foods and OTC. * Through Apollo Pharmacy’slarge network ofmedical stores, you can refill your medicines. Wealso provideother medicine information like drug ingredientinformation,treatment uses and medicine substitutes. HealthCheckups /Diagnostics * With Ask Apollo, you can book Thyroid,Vitamin D,Diabetes and other pathology tests right from the comfortof yourhome. * You can book all your diagnostic investigations suchasGlucose, Thyroid profile, CBC and other blood tests instantlywitha single touch! * Book Preventive Health Check packages tosuityour requirements Homecare * Ask Apollo gives you the accesstoApollo’s medical care professionals which consists ofhighlyqualified Doctors, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Clinicalcaregiversand Bedside attendants guided by a team of experts ineach of thesetherapeutic areas. Locate Apollo Centres * Search andlocate ApolloHospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies and Diagnostic centres* NavigateApollo locations on Google maps to help you find andreach yourselected unit easily OneApollo Program OneApollo programis India’sLargest Integrated Healthcare program offering a one stopsolutionfor all medical and healthcare needs. One can register onAskApollo app and get complimentary OneApollo Membership. AskApolloapp allows you to access your OneApollo account and redeemyourOneApollo Health Credits. We’d love to hear your feedbackat''
Apotek 1 3.2.6
Apotek 1
Official app for norwegian pharmacy company Apotek1. Onlyavailablein norwegian language.
Nasser Pharmacy 1.6.44
Nasser Pharmacy Online: Search within 10K+ products using textorvoice, or barcode search. Learn more about products with ourrichdescriptions and medicine leaflets, available in Arabic/English.Shop with a simplified step-by-step checkout process. Learnmoreabout products with our rich descriptions and medicineleaflets,available in Arabic/ English. Shop with a simplifiedstep-by-stepcheckout process. Submit & collect MedicineInsurance Request,save the time spent in waiting for insurancecompanies’ approval,just take a picture of your medicalprescription through Nasserpharmacy app and submit your documents,you will receive an SMSwhen your medicines are ready. No longqueues, no hassle. Request apharmacist consultation appointment tolearn more about yourmedicines, drug-to-drug interactions or if youare seeking healthadvice. Request products when you can't find whatyou are lookingfor, beneficial if you are new to Bahrain and don’tknow localmedicine names, use the app to send us a picture of yourmedicineand we will suggest the alternatives and if it must berevised by adoctor if it needs a prescription. Beauty consultation,are youwearing the right makeup for your skin?  Discoveryoursignature look for gorgeous eyes.  See which productsyoushould be using.  Discover the hair color you were meanttohave   book an appointment with Nasser pharmacy and letusintroduce you to the international cosmetics brands. Newmothers?Browse the leading international mother & baby carebrands.Smoker? Book an appointment now and discuss the bestmedication andtimeline to quit smoking with any of our pharmacists.Healthcalculators allow you to quickly access your healthinformationlike BMI, Pregnancy due date, daily vitaminsrequirements, anddaily calories needed. Like, Comment and Sharefeatures allow youto create your favorites list, comment onproducts and shareproducts with friends across various social mediaplatforms, E-mailand  WhatsApp. In pharmacy check-upsavailable, book anappointment online to check the availability inour branches, forour 5 minutes check-ups (cholesterol, bloodpressure, iron level,blood sugar and skin analyser). Store locatormap tool allows youto find the nearest store to you, get directionsor directly placea call to the selected branch. Applicationfeatures: Languagessupported (Arabic / English). Currency supported(Bahrain Dinar,American Dollar, Kuwaiti Dinar, Saudi Riyal, QatariRiyal, EmirateDirham & Omani Riyal). Online payment gatewaysupport creditcards. Users’ profiles (sign up form, sign up withsocial media,orders history…) the users account are valid and our applications on IOS &androidplatforms. Advanced search techniques with text, voice andbarcodethe search results are listed as product or categories.Search bybrand, product name, product code or barcode. Easy accesstoproducts thought search, category browsing manufacturesbrowsing,country of origin. Beautiful list and grid views forproductsin both manufactures and category supported by Powerfulsuperfilter for advanced search. 360 degrees images for mostproducts.
Czech Pharmacies 2.6.3
Do you travel to the Czech republic and do you want to haveallCzech prarmacies in your phone? Are you looking for pharmacy intheCzech republic? This application is right for you. :-)
Hagyard Mobile Formulary 1.2
Hagyard Pharmacy was conceived and designed by equineveterinariansand is staffed by licensed pharmacists and personnelwith extensiveknowledge of equine healthcare. Located directlyacross Iron WorksPike from the famous Kentucky Horse Park, HagyardPharmacy isrecognized throughout the industry for our equineknowledge andexpertise. When you purchase medications from HagyardPharmacy youget a quality product and much more - you get thesecurity of morethan 130 years of veterinary practice experience.Take a look atour history to learn more about Hagyard Pharmacy'sfounding anddevelopment over the years.Years of continuallymonitoring the useof various medications and formulations onliterally thousands ofhorses has contributed to the knowledge andexpertise of Hagyardveterinarians and pharmacists. Therefore, theyare available tooffer assistance with recommended dosages andapplications whichmight not be available elsewhere.
PHARMAPLUS – A Pioneer in Pharmacy Coaching has beenprovidingvalue-based professional education with excellent guidancetoseveral Pharma students since 2007. Our Team involves ALL INDIATOPRANKERS (GPAT & NIPER) with Expertise & Experience forAllPharmacy Entrance Exams. PHARMAPLUS has developed a veryusefulFREE ANDROID APP FOR PHARMACY ASPIRANTS!!!This FREE APP isuniquebecause it provides diverse utility for everyone,includingB.Pharm, M.Pharm and Pharma Research students. It allowsGPAT TestPractice Online, with useful FREE Content (No Payment) toprepareyourself for Masters / Pharm-MBA into Pharmacy Field.THISFREE APPis our New Digital Learning Initiative and we dedicate thisto allthe Pharma People!!A brief introduction to the APPfeaturesincludes:* FREE TEST PAPERS (More than 500+ FREE MCQ EXAMS- AICTEFORMAT)* FREE Notes (Study Materials for Pharma EntranceExams)* P+Guide (The P+ Team is passionate to guide you to makeyourSuccess)* P+ Insight (Delivering Pharma Updates - Course&Events) * P+ Reward Points & Invite Features (HappySharingwith Friends)* P+ Delights (Student Benefits from RewardPoints) *Report Card (Your Completed Test with MCQ Solution)ThePAPER-21 canbe opened by entering the CODE: AIRGPAT2016.In case ofany queryregarding APP, kindly send your contact detailstogpatpharmaplus@gmail.comWish you a wonderful APPExperience!!Formore Information, kindlyvisit:Website:http://www.gpatpharmaplus.comFacebook: / 9998368175 /8806301133
PTCE Practice Test 2019 Edition 1.9.5
Do you want to pass the Pharmacy Tech Exam (PTCE) on yourfirstattempt? The Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam(PTCE®),created by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board(PTCB®),assesses knowledge that is critical to pharmacytechnicians. Thecontent is organized into nine knowledge areas. ThePTCE® is atwo-hour, multiple choice, computer-based exam.Candidates have onehour and 50 minutes to answer 90 questions.Pharmacy Tech Exam Prepprovides many training questions for peoplewho want to take a testand pass Pharmacy Tech Exam. We take eachexam and break it downinto knowledge areas so that you can filteryour study sessionsbased on your needs. - Pharmacology forTechnicians - Pharmacy Lawand Regulations - Sterile and Non-sterileCompounding - MedicationSafety - Pharmacy Quality Assurance -Medication Order Entry andFill Process - Pharmacy InventoryManagement - Pharmacy Billing andReimbursement - PharmacyInformation Systems Usage and ApplicationFEATURES: - Over 800questions to practice with. - Realistic: Justlike the actual test,our practice tests are based on the officialtest. - Detailedexplanations: When you make a mistake, the apptells you right awayif your answer is wrong and why. Youunderstand and remember everywrong answer. - PersonalizedChallenge Bank: a test that'sautomatically made up of your missedquestions from all yourpractice tests - New questions every time:To keep you focused, werandomize questions and answers each timeyou start a practice test.- No registration required - Practicereminders - Track and monitoryour progress. Analyse yourperformance and find out when you havereached test standard.Disclaimer: This application is not dedicatedfor any kind ofprofessional certification, it's just a tool toassist students& professionals to expand their knowledge &in-depth theirexpertise. We'd love to hear from you. Please sendyour feedback
Pharmacology Quiz 3.0
This app presents key important facts on pharmacology ofdrugclasses in memorable note cards. Memorizing these pharmacologynotecards will give you a leg up on knowing most of the mechanismofaction for majority of the drugs. Also included in this appareover # 130 questions on drug pharmacology. These quizzes arebrokendown into random 10 question segments. I hope this app helpsyou inyour pharmacy education. Please check out our companion app:DRUGINFORMATION FLASH CARDS
Drug Explorer Pro 2.43
Drug Explorer Contains Drugs Present in Egyptian Market (IncludeNew& Old Price) Search & Links To Important Sites ForClinicaland DIC Pharmacists Search For Similar or AlternativeDrugs (ThereIs Also Cheaper Only Option ) Contains Drug Images(Requireinternet) Contains Prescription Pricing and You Can SendThe PricedPrescription Via Whatsapp in Text Or Image Format (VeryImportantFor Pharmacies) Multi-Search : You Can Search By Any TwoInformationeg. Trade Name & Dosage Form ( you can select anytwo searchtypes) Contains Drug Bookmarks : You Can Add Any Drug toBookmarkList Drug Exploere Pc Version:
Comedz - Your Trusted e-pharmacy. 1.0.10
Comedz is your complete health App that helps you to buymedicinesonline. With Comedz App, you can just upload theprescription ortype in the medicine name and we'll show you themedicine & thecheaper substitutes. Very easy to use app usingwhich you can ordermedicines and general products conveniently. Tostart shopping,simply search for the products you wish to buy,choose the quantityand place the order. We will inform you when themedicines areready for pick up. Check the availability of themedicines and thenScan a prescription and upload it for a quickmedicine order. Get acomplete history of your previous orders andinvoices. Add productsto the wish-list and get a quick access toorder the same.ComedzApp key features – Benefits for You‘24/7’:Flexibility: FlexibleApp to order medicines from any partof the world, for your familymembers in India. Instantly uploadyour prescription and clearyour doubts on medicines by asking ourpharmacists - to get thebest out of your medicines.Offers:E-WALLET to ease thetransaction flow. APPLY COUPONS and GETAMAZING DISCOUNTS on yourmedicine purchases. Take advantage of a5% special discount on'OTC/Non-Prescription items'.Online Payment:Accept Bill Paymentthrough Credit/Debit Cards online.Invoice:Detailed TransactionStatement including Invoice Copies for ClaimSettlement.OrderStatus: Conveniently track your order status inreal time,straight from the palm of your hand!Promotions:  Swiftlysee thevery latest promotions that we have to offer you.Privacy:Assuredsafety of your personal information, with the latestsecuritytechnology (SSL) in place.Support: Quickly email us orWhatsAppyour query, no matter wherever you are! In-BuiltMessagingPlatform to keep in touch with our support center.Downloadthe FreeComedz App - A pharmacy for all your needs!Have questions?Pleasecall our customer support +91 9133991243 or email or contact our customer support executivesthroughonline chat available on our website
PSP - My Pharmacy 2.0.1
PSP Group’s App “My Pharmacy” makes easier to search andshophealthcare products online, know the deals before you shop.“MyPharmacy” will assist you to keep your health and beauty safe.MyPharmacy features: • Product Search – Search forhealthcareproducts online • Products – Easily access online all theproductsyou need, search and shop online • Pharmacies – Find a PSPpharmacynear you • News – Get all information about PSP Group’spromotions,sales and events • Exclusive Brands – Find PSP Group’sallexclusive brand products • Health History – Note your andyourfamily members’ prescriptions • Pill Reminder – Easilytransferyour prescriptions to My Pharmacy. Create and managereminders thatalert you when it’s time to take yourprescription,over-the-counter medications and vitamins • PillCalculator –Calculate the pill quantity you need for health cure •Loyalty Card– Create a Loyalty Card’s account online to collectpoints(“smiles”) • Favorite Products – Mark frequently usedproducts •Pharmacy Call – Call to a pharmacy professional to getinformationabout healthcare products There is no charge to downloadPSPGroup’s App “My Pharmacy”. ************************* Mypharmacy,psp, tsamali, wamali, medikamenti, aftiaki, aftiaqi,aptiaki,janmrteloba, shemaxsenebeli, kalkulatori, aftiaqebi,barati,gimili, profili, favoritebi, magazia, kosmetika,medikamentebi,wamlebi, teqnika, chemi ojaxis barati, danishnuleba,chemi ojaxisaftiaqi, recepturuli, ararecepturuli, receptoruli,arareceptoruli,axlomdebare aftiaqebi, online aftiaqi, recepturuliwamlebi,sachuqrebi, N1 aftiaqi, psp jgufi, PSP mobile, medicine,medicines,health, healthcare, products, pharmacy, pharmacies, pill,drug,drugstore, drug-store, online store, online pharmacy, psponline,drugs online, pill reminder, pill calculator, medicaltechnics,online pharmacies, cosmetic brands, cosmetics, healthhistory,recipe, recipe calculator, psp card, favorites, psp callcenter,psp app, psponline, Georgian drug stores, Georgianpharmacies,pharmacies in Georgia, psp group, prescription, onlineshop,pharmaceutical, beauty
com.emedstore_medical 1.3.0
Start your "Online Pharmacy" within 2 days at the lowestpriceguarantee to grow your business worldwide. EMedStore: Winnerof"Highest Online Pharmacy Platform Provider" in 2016, 2017&2018. "Best Healthcare IT Company 2018" by StartupIndiaOrganization. We have developed 300+ Pharma Apps in 27countries inmultiple languages, we have an experience of more than5 years inthe field. We are experts in Online Pharmacy mobile appdevelopmentand pharmacy e-commerce website development. EMedStore:“GlobalPharma IT Company” is the India’s 1st and most popularmobile appdevelopment company for Pharmacy to increase their salesand expandbusiness instantly. If you are in the Pharmacy business,you havecome to the right place for making it bigger and expand itacrossthe nation. Why A Pharmacy Shop Needs Business App in 2019? -ToMake Pharmacy Online Presence Worldwide - To Manage AllDatabaseDigitally - To Get More Medicine Orders - To SecureExistingClients - To Display Offers & Schemes of Products - ToDeliverExcellent User Experience - To Get 100% Refill Orders fromChronicPatients - To Attract New Clients - To Create Your PharmacyBrand -To Expand Geographical Reach - To Automate OnlineMarketingActivities Finally, to be a Just A Click Away from AllYour Clients& Patients Can Buy Medicines from Anywhere 24x7.Make yourpharmacy app like 1mg, netmeds, yscart, medidart, CVS,bookmeds,mchemist, medsonway, pillofy, pharmeasy, zigy, medplus,merapharmacy, buy drug pharmacy, etc. you can make your pharmacytoonline pharmacy. EMedStore is a new online shop for the pharmacytoreceive payment online, the display offers to all customers,tosend an automatic reminder for monthly medicines, patients cansendprescriptions via app & much more to get in touch withallcustomers from anywhere all the time. Why is EMedStorebeneficialfor Your Pharmacy Business? According to the recentstatistics, thetotal number of people who use the internet willcross a mark ofover a billion in Asia Pacific by 2018. If we lookat the recentdata and predictions for Indian markets, 240 millionpeople will bea part of the online market by 2019. This indicatesthat 70.7% ofthe entire population that uses the internet in Indiawill actuallyopt for shopping online. It is the perfect app forpharmacy ownersto open up new shop (24X7) to deliver a betterquality of serviceto their customers/patients by saving their timeand provide homedelivery of medicines. To expand your pharmacybusiness Call onIndia +91 97377 12429 / 079 4800 1671 Forinternational +91 9824728969 AnyPharmacist (Medicalstore owner) can use EMedStore, no specialtechnical expertise isneeded. Features of Online Pharmacy: ★ Search& Buy Medicine ★Upload Prescription ★ Medicine Refill ★ Offers& Discount ★Send Feedback to Pharmacist ★ Find A Doctor ★Medicine &Appointment Reminder ★ Call Us Button ★ Medical StoreDetails ★Online Payment ★ Category wise Medicines ★ About Us ★Share App ★Order History ★ Manage Account ★ FAQ ★ Terms &Conditions ★Privacy Policy ★ Book Lab, Ambulance, blood, etc. ★Many Morecustomized features as per your requirements....★YourPatients/Customer Can Do Upload prescription to place orderwithmedical or pharmacy store. Search Prescribed Medicine orOTCMedical(category wise or by search) Products. Can selectaparticular product and add it to medicine cart. Can place anorderwith valid customer details. Can track placed order throughouttheprocess. Can communicate with a pharmacist for any questionsorqueries by submitting 'Ask A Pharmacist'. Can Add andmanageScheduled Medicine refill by enabling/disable state. CanAddMedicine reminder with valid details to never do forgottakingmedicines on time. Call on India +91 97377 12429 / 079 48001671For international +91 98247
illCare Pharmacist in your App 2.0.3
Designed for all of us that we had at least once in their livesawayfrom home, perhaps with the pain that was ruining ourvacation,looking for the most appropriate medicine and the nearestpharmacy.How many time we opened the reserve in search of medicinethat wouldease our pain suddenly, without knowing which one tochoose amongthose present?Now there's an app for that too.illCare, conceivedand curated by a pharmacist, helps you to findthe counter medicalremedy suitable for treating the symptoms ofyour illness. Whereveryou are! Once you've downloaded the app andread and accepted thedisclaimer, we are in the main screen. Atthis point you just haveto write the initials of the symptom /illness or aching part of thebody or of the active healing. Atthis point we will show illCarediseases linked to what wedescribed. Identified the cause of ourpain we accede to the nextscreen where you can indicate theseverity of pain (mild, moderate,severe). illCare will indicate theactive ingredient and the photoof the counter medication healing,dosage, interactions andcontraindications and usage advice. "ToPharmacy" function willguide us to the nearest pharmacy. illCaredoes not replace theadvice of a doctor or a specialist, but at anytime and wherever weare providing first aid to our illnesses!Inorder tu use thefunction "Pharmacies in the area" the app uses theGPS
Drugs (Classifications,Dosage & Dictionary) 1.0.7
Classification of drugs is an android application for thepharmacyand medical related individuals. it is very user friendly.itcontain following drugs classifications 1. Drugs ActingonAutonomic Nervous System Cholinergic Drugs, AnticholinergicDrugs,Drugs Acting on Autonomic Ganglia, Adrenergic Drugs,α-AdrenergicBlocking Agents, β-Adrenergic Blocking Agents, Drugsused forGlaucoma 2. Autacoids and Related Drugs HistaminergicAgonists,H1-Antagonists, 5-Hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) Antagonists,Drugs forMigraine, Prostaglandins (PGs) and theirAnalogues,Antipyretic-Analgesics and Nonsteroidal AntiinflammatoryDrugs(NSAIDs), Antirheumatoid Arthritis Drugs, Antigout Drugs 3.Drugsfor Respiratory Disorders Drugs for Cough, Drugs forBronchialAsthma 4. Hormones and Related Drugs Anterior PituitaryHormonesand Related Drugs, Thyroid Hormone, ThyroidInhibitors,Antidiabetic Drugs, Corticosteroids, Androgens andRelated Drugs,Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction, Estrogens and RelatedDrugs,Progestins, Oral Contraceptives, Uterine Stimulants,UterineRelaxants 5. Drugs Acting on Peripheral (somatic) NervousSystemSkeletal Muscle Relaxants, Local Anaesthetics 6. Drugs ActingonCentral Nervous System General Anaesthetics,PreanaestheticMedication, SedativeHypnotics, AntiepilepticDrugs,Antiparkinsonian Drugs, Antipsychotic Drugs, Drugs for ManiaandManic-Depressive (Bipolar) Disorder, Antidepressants,AntianxietyDrugs, Opioid Analgesics, Complex Action Opioids andOpioidAntagonists, Central Nervous System Stimulants, CognitionEnhancers7. Cardiovascular Drugs Antihypertensive Drugs,Antianginal Drugs,Drugs for Peripheral Vascular Diseases, Drugs forCongestive HeartFailure, Antiarrhythmic Drugs 8. Drugs Acting onKidney Diuretics,Antidiuretics 9. Drugs Affecting BloodHaematinics, Coagulants,Anticoagulants, Fibrinolytics,Antifibrinolytics, AntiplateletDrugs, Hypolipidaemic Drugs, PlasmaExpanders 10. GastrointestinalDrugs Drugs for Peptic Ulcer,Antiemetics, Drugs forGastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Laxatives,NonspecificAntidiarrhoeal Drugs 11. Antibacterial DrugsSulfonamides,Cotrimoxazole, Quinolones, Beta-Lactam Antibiotics(Penicillins,Cephalosporins, Monobactams, Carbapenems),AminoglycosideAntibiotics, Tetracyclines, Chloramphenicol,Macrolide Antibiotics,Lincosamide Antibiotics, AminocyclitolAntibiotic, GlycopeptideAntibiotics, Oxazolidinone, PolypeptideAntibiotics, UrinaryAntiseptics, Antitubercular Drugs, AntileproticDrugs 12.Antifungal, Antiviral, Antiprotozoal and AnthelminticDrugsAntifungal Drugs, Antiviral Drugs, Antimalarial Drugs,AntiamoebicDrugs, Drugs for Giardiasis, Drugs for Trichomoniasis,Drugs forLeishmaniasis, Anthelmintics 13. Anticancer DrugsAntineoplasticDrugs 14. Miscellaneous Drugs Immunosuppressants,Chelating Agents,Locally Acting Drugs on Skin and Mucous Membranes,Antiseptics andDisinfectants, Ectoparasiticides, Vaccines, AntiseraandImmuneglobulins